Newspaper of Evening Star, July 14, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 14, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A SH1HGT0I CIT T: MOWDAY J?ly 14, To Political Clcbs.?Political clubs will find the arrangement* of the Star office for printing thoireircnlars, addresses, argument?, pamphlet*, Ac., as complete as those of any other printing ofhoe in the United States. They may rely npon having such work done at the Star office in a satisfactory manner as to style and price, and in the shortest possible time. Be sure to give us a call before making Arrangements elsewhere. None*.?Those charged with the manage ment of clubs, societies, and all other associa tions are notified that in order to insure the insertion of advertisements or notices of any description in the Star, payment must be made for them when offered, or an arrangement for the payment for the same provided for. There are now on file in our counting room many advertisements, not inserted, because our terms have not been ccmplied with. This rule must be imperative 8PIBIT OF THE MORNING PBESS. Ihe iHtMigtnctr republishes certain State papers bearing on our relations with Britain recently communicated to Parliament, and, in so doing, takes occasion to say? " The British Ministry laid before Parlia ment on the 28th ultimo various additional papers and despatches in regard to British and American affairs; amongst them Secretary Jnarcy s despatch communicating the fact of the dismissal of the Minister and Consuls of x>ngland,a letter from Mr. Crampton to the J of Clarendon, dated London, June 1?, and Lord Clarendon's reply to Mr. Marcy. This last-named despatch we now insert from the English papers. It will be read with pleasure m his country?notwithstanding the increased regret it will inspire that the rea sons were unavailing which are so respectfully but cogently submitted in opposition to the inexorable course adopted by our Government in the expulsion of the British Minister-be cause in tone and manner it copies so well the excellent temper and conciliatory spirit of Mr. ' Jostifactory despatch" as to cany within itself an assuaging leniative for any remaining imtation which the transaction might have created. We place this style of conducting national controversies amone the cardinal virtues of statesmen, and we think our Secretary of State has done honor to the Administration of which he is a member by the propriety which has distinguished him in this important path of official duty." With reference to the closing scenes (occur rences) of the Herbert trial, the Intelligencer wa? Ho? PthiIemonT Herbert he ,ar* on ^urday afternoon. eiati?nVrgUrnCnt-0fuMr Brewer> the ***> v.1 ' U c?8? with the District Attorney, having been continued and concluded on Sat! J morning, was followed by the address ? er'"J Walker, which occupied about iuiskedhJ n? ^ de,iver/? "d distin Suence ^ u ability, and elo ?idein ?? BradleJ followed on the same side in an argumentative speech directed chiefly to the details of the testimony and a compansonof the cred.bility of witnesses for e8' Tbia 0CC0P*?d about an hour and a quarter Mr Key, L by his right h Plcadl?f* His address was not eicel.ed by any that had preceded him in closeness of analysis, force of deduction, or conJc,U9?on' towards its close k C0ULS?' on the other side Sft/rJ? i ?n i vtve with exceptions, larit!? ?*pl*nation?, showing the se irb!through Which the Dis 2 PufUi?8 lteir theory of the ease The ability of Mr. Key's effort, des pite his admitted personal friendship for the Lllinr'w^ k? pam- ?f bi8 P<?iion thus aribiLg, was such as to impose on the defence oi * ** of instructions SfSaS* hlhe Jar*' which J?dge MW t2 <iC"r' ?' ?"* Wt?ch We iLi- instructions, we have rea^in to believe, would not have passed the ly the DUt"Ct A?orney h*d Itrtrith i 80 Ule' aDd hia physical strength le? exhausted than it wa* by the strenuousness of his exertions, the beat of the room, and the tedium of the long trial." Ihe instructions referred to will be lound in our local columns. The Vuxon shows that the last hope of the Kepubhcana-of being able to make even tte semblance of a contest in November? rests upon the success of their purpose of defeating the Senate Kansas pacification bill, and ex poses the weakness of their plea against it be cause some of the abolitionists of the Terri tory are now in prisen, and others fugitives from justice, and therefore cannot participate in the voting to take place under the bill, by showing that they are so situated on account of having perpetrated murders: arsons, rob beries, Ac., which ail civilised societies alike condemn and punish, and Hot for violating the famous black code of the Territorial Legisla ture. The Union also says, with great force, if facetiousness : wbl?BrUL1F?f MT"?i?8.-It is a mystery j . j frena0Iit bom; how he was educated, whether for a Catholic priest or Protestant clergyman ; whether he is now a Catholic or Protestant; whether be is the real C?kq?ercr ?* C*1,forni* or only a pretender Whether he is the greatest adventurer aud ex plorer of the K^cky mountains, or whether ??Vntitl?d to that honor; whether he is more Know Nothing than Black Republican, or whether he is either ; whether he is the richest man in the world, or whether Mariposa is worth anything; whether he is ,k ? caudldat? for th? presidency, or whether it is not in fact < Jessie > lt ? /' T" *Ter tbou6bt of or nominated for the presidency, and equally a mystery how any sensible mau can tmnk that he hu any chance for an election " * Book Noticb.?From Joe Shillington we have "The Martin's of Cro' Martin," by Charles Lever, published by the Harper's. From a cursory glance it appears to be distin guished by much of the dash and brilliancy to be anticipated in anything from the pen of the author of 14 Charles O'Malley." We will read it and 14 report progress." PERSONAL. ..?-Mrs. Luey &tone-BIackweli has taken up her residence at Viroqua, Wisconsin. .... Mrs. Lucy Smith, the mother of the prophet Joe, died recently. ....The Minister of the Netherlands is on a visit to the Consul-General of that Kingdom at bis residence, Henry street, Brooklyn, N Y .... It was not Mrs. Caroline H Butler, (now Mis. Lain*,) the author of 4 The Old Farm House," Ao , whom J B. Head, Esq , has lately married, but her daughter .... George Law was on Monday evening last, unanimously expelled from the Know Nothing lodge to which he belonged in the Twenty-first Ward of New York city. ....The Providence Journal, in reporting a vote tak^n on a railway train, adds the fol lowing sage remark 44 Our own experience i?, that it is decidedly easier to elect men in railroad ears than by the roundabout mode pointed out by the Constitution." .... Arrangements have been made with Mr Harriet Beeoher Stowe, for separate edi tions in England, France and Germany, of her new novel, now going through the press of Messrs Phillips. Sampson A Co., of Boston. So that the book will have simultaneous issue in the four great publishing cities of the world ?Boston, London, Pads and Leipsic. WASHINGTON NEWS AMD GOSSIP. The Coarse of the Miasourians?The Re* publican party press are just dow furious oyer the very proper manner in which the people of Missouri are treating all armed bands es saying to pass through their State on their way to participate in the civil war in Kansas. That way if, simply, disarming them. With in the last month, while no such bands have essayed to go into the Territory from the South, the military authorities of the United States there having in obedience to the President's proclamation disarmed and dispersed all such bands of both parties falling in thtir way; and the people of the South having refrained from efforts to go there under these circumstances to take the side of their friends in their present need. Not so with those of the North, however. Chicago, Worcester, Massachusetts, and a re gion of Illinois, have each subsequently sent thither companies of loafing fellows incapable of earning a decent livelihood at home, or of raising the means of paying for their own transportation thither. They sent them out with blessed Sharpe's rifles in their hands, prayed over, bragged over, and hucsaed over, as usual The avowed purpose of sending them was that they might aid the abolition ists of the Territory in resisting the law and plundering, burning and murdering That those who sent them thither on such an er rand should dream that the citizens of Mis souri would permit them to pass over their State in the present condition of the Terri tory, is only evidence of the fitark madness of the anti-slaveryites. No armed bands trav eling for any purpose whatever in such times have a legal right to pass over the territory of Missouri without the consent of its authori ties. The proclamation of the President makes it morally the duty of Missouri to take due care that no companies go from or through her ter ritory to participate iu the existing civil war. To us the wonder is, that the Missourians have been able so to restrain themselves as to do no personal injury to the members of the three companies of abolition recruits they have stopped on their way to the Territory: whose Beecher-blessed rifles and revolvers have been taken away from them, to be re stored at a time and place agreed on, so ar ranged as to make it certain that if they choose to persevere in the effort to go to Kan sas to fight rather than to till the soil or trans act other peaceful business there, they must take another route. All who desire to go through Missouri, whether from North or South, and who go unarmed and with the signs about them of the purpose of settling and laboring as peaceful citirens, arc, of course, permitted to pass unmolested. Above we present the Star's readers with the truo history of the vory last adopted theme for the Kansas roorbacks of the New York Tribune, Times, Herald, ft id owne \ genus. The Prospect ?Our advices from all quar ters satisfy us that, though everywhere the opposition are contending with desperation and with all the means they can possibly devise or raise, they are to be overwhelmingly defeated. The only slavebolding States in which the Know Nothings havo aught but a shadow of effectiveness for making a real battle when the voting comes on in November, are Delaware Maryland, Kentucky, and Louisiana ; and in Kentucky and Louisiana they are surely des tined to be overwhelmingly defeated They have hopes of carrying Delaware and Mary land, and are therefore struggling desperately there. In thirty dajs from the present wri ting, it will be plainly perceived in those States that votes for their Fillmore electoral tickets are merely votes to strengthen Fre mont; when thousands, who would gladly ad here to Fillmore under other circumstances, will, of course, abandon him. The great mass of the opposition in Maryland, however much they may be attached to Mr. Fillmore, will pursue no course in the approaching election likely to strengthen the hands and purposes of abolitionism. The difficulty in the Democratio party in New York has been entirely settled. The llard masses have very unanimously sig nified their determination to take the bit in their mouths, scouting the advice and authori ty of their State centra! committee, and uniting with those who have called a State convention in accordance with and obedience to the terms indicated by the Cincinnati convention. It is very evident that the Hard State conven tion soon to assemble in Syracuse will gladly accept the arrangements to be made there at the same time by the regular Democratic State convention, as it is well known that by that time they will not have an average of ten constituents to each delegate present; while from quite half the assembly districts of the State there will not be a single delegate on the ground. The Fillmore party of Connecticut will cer tainly have an electoral ticket of their own, which will receive thousands of votes, though the Republicans in Washington, for effect, are pooh-pooh-ing the idea that more than a hand ful will support it. As for California, Pennsylvinia, and New Jersey, the contest in cach of these States is a more bagatelle, all of them being certain for Buchanan by majorities as overwhelming as those which Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi will give. Our friends in Tennessee are calculating, certainly, on eight, if not twelve thousand majority there. By the end of the October elections. Fremont and his woolly horse, and Fillmore, with his well spoken speeches cn slavery while his northern friends in the House are intriguing with the Republicans to prevent the entrance of Kansas into the Union as a slaveholding State, if its inhabitants are so minded, will be literally nowhere. The Non-payment of Interest ?The New York Day Bool -famous for ferreting out and exposing questionable transactions in Wall street?says that the "Co" of the firm of Palmer, Cook A Co , of San Francisco, California, is no other than John C. Fremont. The house of Palmer, Cook A Co., is, as we explained a few days ago, the agent of Cali fornia for pajing the interest on her debt. The D,iy Bool avers that the State has paid his interest into the hands of Palmer, Cook * Co , to be paid by them in New York to ?"d"?" 00 tki' and tb.t i?,to,d ? it to tb. bond holder., 1 Co> tb. K.p?blic.n Dooiinmtioa for Mr. Fr.mont, ,?d f?, otller incidentals connected with that gentleman's cenvass for the presidency. In this wi?y the Day Bool accounts for Mr. Fremont's late tribulation in Wall street, where be " shined it ' for soinp days, endeavoring in vain to rfisc f60,000 on his own credit to moct the indebtedness of his business house to the Cal ifornia bondholder?, whose money, held bj hia house in moet sacred trust, had been spir ited aw ay, the Day Book allege*. This is bad financiering all around, bearing oat the revelations of the late James King of William, whioh were supposed to have had m?ch to do with originating the conspiracy ending in his murder by the hand of Caaey. Hon. Warren Winslow.?During the do bate upon the subject now before the House of Representatives (the Sumner affair) the Hon. Warren Winslow made an able argument de nyiog constitutional power in the premises. This, we believe, was his first oratorical effort in Ihe House, of which ha is an effioient and deservedly esteemed member. In the com mencement of his remarks, he spoke calmly and eloquently of the agitation now existing in the country, and, in a spirit of fervor, point ed out the duty of every lover of not a mere section, but of the entire, our common coun try. His language was chaste, and flowed with grace and earnestne&s from the lips of this statesman from the "Old North (Carolina) State." His voice and manner were in entire accordance with the language in which hia high-toned sentiments were expressed. He commanded the attention of all the members present; a compliment which the auditors at the Capitol especially?considering the (>noise and confusion" which usually prevail?can not fail to appreciate. Return of the Vincennee.?The U S. sloop of-war Vincennes has reached New York after the remarkable passage of only seventy-four days from Tahiti, Sandwich Islands. She has been one of the vessels engaged in the explor ation of Bebring's Straits, the North Pacific, Ac , ordered by act of Congress in 1853. All are well on board her. The following is a list of her officer*: ?Commander, John Rodgers, (commanding expedition); Henry K. Stevens, John Van McCollum, John Scott Fillebrown, John H. Russell, Beverly Kennon, Lieuten ants; Wm. Wrier, Fleet Surgeon; W. Brenton B?ggs> Purser; Earneit R Knorr, Commo dore's Secretary and Draughtsman; Arthur Witxleben, Assistant Draughtsman; William Stimpson, Zoologist; Charles Wright, Botanist; Edward M Kern, Assistant Artist; F. H Bierbcwer, Commodore's Clerk; Thos. Niblo, Purser's Clerk; Anton Schoubcrn, Assistant Astronomer; James H. Owens, Carpenter; Richard Berry. Sailmaker. A Miotake ?" Examination or Assistant Engineers ?The Secretary of the Navy has ordered a Board of Chief Engineers of the Navy, to convene at Washington, on the 17th of August next, for the purpose of examiniug assistant engineers for promotion, who were absent from the country at the last examina tion ; and also candidates for admission into the engineer corps of the navy. The latter must be not less than eighteen nor more than twenty-six years of age, and must produce good letters of character, Ac." The above extract from the Baltimore Sun of this morning, involves a mistake. The Board above referred to adjourned some time since until the 19th of August proximo, when they are to re-assemble in this city to exam ine the candidates for promotion only, who were not alio to attend during their recent session. No candidates for admission. The Charge to the Jury.?More feoling exists in this^ommunity with reference to the charge given to the jury in the Herbert case than we ever before saw manifested on any similar subject. It teems to be the univeral theme of conversation among all classes of our fellow-citiiens to-day. The reader will find them in our local columns. The U. S Storeship Relief, Jas W. Cooke, Lieutenant commanding, arrived at New York on Saturday last or yesterday, from the Bra lilian station, for which she sailed last from the United States for our squadron there. The Current Operation! of the Treasury Departmant.?On Saturday, the 12th of July, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt.... $13,268 58 For the redemption of Stocks.... 23,395 57 For the Treasury Department... 3,431 45 For the Intorior Department 13,020 61 For Customs 22,565 61 War warrants received and en tered 21,773 26 War repay warrants received and entered 2,128 9 2 On account of the Navy 124.822 95 Repayment on account of the Navy 2,216 00 From miscellaneous sources 716 00 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS The Senate did not meet on Saturday last. In the Houie, on that day, after we went to press, the resolution from the select commit tee on the Brooks and Sumner affair being under consideration, Mr. English offered a substitute for it censuring Mr. Brooks and at the same time expressing the disapprobation of the House of speeches in Congress assailing individual members or States. The debate was then continued by Messrs. Boyce nnd Etheriige. Mr. Quitman moved to confino further de bate on the subject to fiiteen-minute speeches. The motion having been agreed to, such speeches were delivered by Messrs. Nichols, 1 aylor, Stuart, Branch, Tyson, Knapp, Wood ruff, Savage, and Oliver of New York. Mr. Houston then moved to recommit the whole subject, with instructions to report that the House have neither authority to determine what are the Senate's privileges, nor power to punish their violation. The debate was further continued by M?s?rs Kunkel, Damrcll, Campbell of Pa., Hall of Mass , Durfee. Purviance, and Leiter, who contended the House bad jurisdiction, and by Me?srs Bowie, Reade, Florence, and Letcher, who took the opposite side of the question ; and then, at 9 o'clock, the House adjourned. PreraedlBf ? of Ta?Day? In the Senate, to-day, a bill to amend the charter of the town of Georgetown was taken up and passed. Mr Hale introduced a resolution directing the Publio Buildings Committee to inquire into the expediency of stopping the work on the dome or the Capitol for the time being, and seeking for a satisfactory plan for that work in accordance with good taste, and up to the standard of modern improvement, Ac ; resolution agreed to. Two or three private bills were then passed ere they adjourned. In the House, Mr. Sapp moved to fuspend the rules for the consideration of a Senate bill for the relief of Norwood McClelland, master of the steamboat New World ; motion subse quently withdrawn. Mr. Clingman moved to suspend the rule to take up from the Speaker's table the Senate's joint resolution, fixing Monday, the 28th o' July, as the time for the termination of the present session. Mr. Dunn demanded the yeas and nays on that motion, which being ordered, the rules were not suspended?veas 110, nays 91. Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, moved to postpone the further consideration of the resolution for the expulsion of Mr. Brooks, and to cen sure Messrs. Keittand Edmundson on account of the Brooks and Sumner fracas. Messrs. Houston and Mr. McMullin oppose< that motion. Mr. Meacham moved the previous question on the resolution and amendments. While the House was in the act of dividing on this question, Mr. Campbell of Ofcio, asked leave to offer a substitute for the original res olution ; ruled out of order The call for the previous question was then reconsidered bj the House, and the main question was ordered. Mr- Edmundson, by leave, then addressed the House in explanation of his alleged con nection with the assault of Mr. Brooks upon Mr. Sumner, in which he was engaged as the Star went to press. The "Yellow Vest" Difflculty.* We give below the oomments of the leading London papers upon the last diplomatic em breilment, vi*., the rejection, at the Queen's levee, of the West Point Professor with the yellow vest: {Frem the Loudon Times, June *5 j w^b?D lh? Americans learn manners? Who shall tea^h our transatlantic cousins how ?*PJ" one of them who tried on Wednesday, m defiance even of an etiquetta modified to suit his countrymen, to parade his republican person before tbe Queen at ber levee, in a frock coat, black neckcloth and vellow waistcoat. The thin? itself was trivial, but the object unmistakable. He wished to have it to boast that he had compelled the Queen to fcrego the usages of hercourt in this especial behoof. He tried to accomplish this national feat under the wing of Mr Dallas, who, when appealed to, supported hia coun trymen and left the palace in a pet Well, '"".j1; we "oppose ber majesty will oontinue to hold levees in spite of Mr Dallas' displea . 11 " worth while to confute the absurd pretensions of people who, with the most irritable touchiness in regard to themselves, combine the greatest disregard of all decorum towards others. The Queen of England says to her subjeots and to strancers who visit her in her own house, " I am hapnv to see you on all state occasions, but if y'u come, you will find me gorgeously arrayed to do you honor-return the compliment, then and come in your best." She tells her guests in fact, ?s hundreds of ladies and gentlemen in this country are in the habit of telling their friends, " This is a 'full dress party/ * thereby lmnlying that all who do not choose to observe the rule had better stay away What should wo think of a fellow in private life who, after accepting an invitation to a set dinner, at which every body else wore full dress, presented himself in a shooting jacket and shepherd s plaid trousers? In all proba bility, should such a portent appear on the honeon of a gentleman's hall, it would never rise to the upper regions of the drawing room, for the butler would infallibly show him to the door. Now, this is what the Queen's mas

ter of the ceremonies very properly did iu the case oi an American who. in a frock coat, vel lew vest, and black neckcloth, choso to present himself at her Majesty's levee yesterday. He knew the usage of the oourt. and be perfcrred to with hold from the Queen and her august company the compliment which every gentle man would have rendered Our American cousins must really learn the good old pro verb abont -doing at Rome as they do at Rome, and though they may live at home in the enjoyment of all liberty or license of dress or undress, they must, when they visit these communities, either disguise themselves and their republican prejudices in decent attire on occasions of state solemnity, or forego the greatest delight on which a true republican can feast his eager eyes?the sight of a live Queen on her throne. (From the Lordon Atlas, June ?8.) On Wednesday Her Majesty held a levee, ac companied with all the pronip and state be longing to such occasions. The gentlemen blazed in uniforms or displayed the quaint oddities of court costume. Into this gay re gion of old-world magnificence, garnished with folly enough to make the old world happy a small party from the new world endeavored to make their way. In consideration of the severe simplicities of republican Washington tbe court sticks of gold and silver have long received instructions to admit American di- I plomatists tailored in tho common evening ' way. I Notwithstanding this, Mr. Dallas wore a ' court dress, but one of his attaches had a mil itary uniform, consisting of a frock coat, white waistcoat, and black stock ; and, unfor tunately, the hearts of G-old Sticks and Silver Sticks were stirred within at tho horrible sight, and a general presentation of sticks warned off the intruder from the royal ground Mr Dallas regretting the error which had been committed in the belief that an official military dress was quite correct, retired with good temper; and Her Majesty on hearing of the indiscretion of her'Sticks' sent a mesfage to admit the uniform without delay The message arrived too late, and the party had Next morning the Times, ever ready to mis lead, had an impertinent and misrepresenting article on the subject, and tbe whole tribe of gents and " snobs" assumed that an in tentional insult had been committed, and were greedy for retaliation and war Happily the matter is very simple and straightforward, l ho real facts make those who indulged in an ungentlemanly readiness to impute rude nesa to the American minister look supremely ridiculous. Mr Dallas and his attache have nothing to regret, and the good sense and the kind feeling of the Queen have been agree ably shown. 6 ' Hie incident has demonstrated that the im ortance of clothes has not declined The reechee of Mahomet constitute the great standard of Turkey; a blacksmith ? apron and a Phrygian cap have figured largely in his Ih?y \? a m th? Times< tb? clothes of the attache will descend peifcefuliy to the Bhosen people, and no Sartor Resartus will have to tell of dire convulsions or even of por- I lentous protocols upon the coat the vest or the cravat of this diplomatic invader of St. James s habilimental laws. [From the London Newa of June 28. j ] The conduct of the Queen on the occasion Df the contretemps at the levee was exactly what might have been expected from her ex ;ellent sense and presence of mind When informed by Lord Clarendon of what had hap pened, her Majesty at once replied : ?? Let the gentleman be admitted ; I shall be hapvv to receive htm in any costumeI [From the London Post of June 27 ] I Every body is by this time aware of an oc currence that took place at her Majesty's levee on Wednesday. As it evidently arose sut of the indiscretion or ignorance of an in dividual, we abstained from giving publicitv to this unpleasant affair; and we are the more satisfied with having taken such a course, as we have now reason to believe that the United states Minister lost no time in offering apolo getic explanations and that these have been accepted. J POLiriCAL ITEI&8. A meeting of theHard Shell committee was lDg,ln Aoad1em7 Horace P Clark, in the chair, when it wag agreed to unite with the Softs in one organisation com posed of three Hards and three Softs from 1?> in^f ?*Vng S eenernl committee of I ln Ji .f r ?,xteen delegates and tho same umber of alternates were chosen to represent this city at the Hard State convention, which is to be held in Syracuse on the 30th The . of feeling prevailed, and the meeting ai journcd at 11 o clock ?New York Day Bool ? ,Ttho Democratic conferees of the 19 th dis trict of Pennsylvania have unamously nomi nated Col. AlexanderMcKinney forCongress. John CoTode* """""""P"""*" Nbwfodhdlajcd Telegraph -The subma N^fo!fn^0t^ gr5P5 c*bIefor New York, Newfoundland and London Telegraph Com anlr "?? in Bucc?"fullj leid acroes the PoJi v -r L*wrenc?. between Cape Ray Cove, Newfoundland, and Ashley Bay, Cape Breton, a distance of eighty-five miles Mes sages are now being freely and instantaneously transmitted from shore to shore. The com pany have now seven hundred men at work on the line in Newfoundland and at Cap* I creton, and it is confidently expected that the line will be completed and in successful oper ation from New York Us St. John'a by the 1st of September. It is also expected that the great ocean line between 8t. John's and the city of London will be successfully laid within one year, and thus the two oontinents of Amer ica and Europe will be telegraphically united. ty The Portsmouth (Va ) market houre was entirely destroyed by fire on Friday morn ing last?caused, it is supposed, by incendiar ism, the fire having first been discovered in the Major'* office. I. o. O. F.?THE RESULAA :Quarterlv Communication of tbe R W. Gnnd Lodge of the Dls'rlct of 1 , U C*1 '*>*>>* Will he held at Odd Fel lNfi 5.1 lali. "!?!?? THI Monday) EVEN ING, the 14th instaat. at 7# o'clock JrM * THOS BAN69. Grand Ser'y. TUESDAY, THK TRAGEDY OP T * th# Matyr. one of thooe bloody and thrilling Incidents in history that art dom occur, wil be p rformed by several voutks, wh? have already duilne th? year rh?vn their proiciency In this kind of perform\nce Ttia chancers In thla piece ar- Dlorletlan, Tbasiu?. Galcrius, ablus, Stat ill us, and Luca ciu?, ?nd Six Guatd* Thla will be tb? laat play of this soam>n by the*# you-hs Admittance 25cent*. Jy 1? k t UNION G UARDS ATTENTION.?A Am of the Corpa will Like place THIS 5? V EVENING In rega>d to the funeral of ade n n ceased member The m< tnl? rs an* requeu es to b? punctual in thelrattend nee Bvordercf Ji CAPTAIN REESE ^-^vNOTICE.?THR REGULAR monthly . '~r meeting of tt>e Ge rgetown Democra'lc Ablation win be held at Forreat Hall MON*. DAY EVENING, July 14th, at 7 o'clock. All the membra are requeued to be punctual. Hy order of the President: J>' '*-* E\ KROUSE, 8<c K"S^NOT|CB ?THE OiTIZENSOF MA ryland, temporarily resldlr.g In the Dl? triet are requested to me-t on MONDAY next at !.-? 2?*. P m ?t the n>orrs of the llllnola Club, j iiS?' purpoae of organization. It _ _ _iCASH PAID FOR FURNITURE Peraona declining hou ekeeplng or hav ing a surplus of Household efl>cts will find it to their advantage to give us a call before deposing of toe same. We rre prepared to bu/ their en ?? VOC^ furniture, (In large or small quantl ties,) and thus ?av? them the trouble and expense lacidenj to a public auction New Furniture ex I ?econd-hand article a. BONTZ .w ' Furniture Dealers. No J69 Seventh street, near I. Jvl2-im l2^.?.I/,5TON HIGHLANDERS, AT TENTION?A specM meeting of the company wl'l be held at the armory- on jiuoMMy evening, tk* mh??? at 8 o clock precisely. The Company ha ring made a change in their uniform coat, as regards style and color, all members are rrqeested to be present: those a sen' will be considered suspend il aiir lr narT>M struck from the company f0 , Membes hiving arms or other property be longing to toe U.?* , whom this order may effect, will pieae return tbe same to the armory wl h out further notice. By order of Capt. J Watt Jy l*-3t# feEO W FLOOD, Sec. ' t*^?lRALLY, DEMOCRATS, RALLY'? ?w^r^T.te,ia1k*?r Dtfm?c?tlc Association of the District of Columbia will meet on MONDAY N16H r at thalr headquarters. They Invite all friends of the Constitution and Union to attend, as distinguished spenkera will bold forth Come one, come all. DANIEL RATCLIFFE It M-td President. OWNERS OR HARBORBR? DOGS?Notice is hereby given U residents in tbe Fourth Ward who are owners cf does to ob tin licenses immediately according to law, otherwise they will be lln-d and the ani mals destroyed JAMES A. COOPER, HENRY YEATMaN, . ,, o ? JOS?PH P HOUGH, Jy 11?3t Police Ottctrs of Fourth District. ?-^^A M E E T I N G OF THE SIXTH Ward Democratic Association whl be held in Anacostia Hall on MOND&Y EVEN ING neat, 14th Instant, at 7* o'clock A n business of urgent importance will be laid bo'ore tbe meeting every member is earnestly re qnested to attend. LhM'L GAD D it* Jyll-3t . Secretary. ?-rSft,NOTICE -THE SUBSCRIBER begs l?ve to cailthe attrutlon of tbe public to his stock of GiASS ai.d y UEI'NSWAR E before purchasing elsewhere, as by so lolng ihev will save from 15 to 25 per cent. 1 Toilet and iMnner Sets l iwer thin the lowes' at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th "tracts Je9-6m JOHN McDEYlTT jMUTl'AL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION.?The monthly meet lag of this association will take place at Temper ance H nil on MONDAY, the 14ih Inst 6?tock hcldcrs are requesttd to be punctual In their attending rs bui-lness of im?o;tan< e will be la d bef? re them Persons wishing to take stock In the Associa'ion cv. do so on the fnllowl^^ terms There has b-?n nlre meetings, and nine d liars a share has been paid In?persons not having the r^ady money to pay in the back payments c~n give their no'e on drmard for the payments ut o July, th^n keep on with tbe regular mon.hly pay men s of Si per share, ai d pay interest irontLly on their note at the rate if * per cent, per an rum jy 10-eo3t CHAS. VVILSON, Secretary. NOTICE. RB DONALDSON, DENTIST, WILL BE ? absent from theelty until the bth of Au &ustj Jy 14-3t FROM THE METROPOLIS ^ fctnhies thli morning a Dark Bayfi\__ HOkSE sev-relv scared and rnwe'l. A suitable leward will be paid for his lmim3fi?e return jt# L^on HUSTON?THE SUPERIOR FIRST ? clssa Clipper Schooner SYLVAN! S ALLEN, Sears, has arrived and w.U havp quick d spatch for the above port. For Freight a jply to , .. ? HARTLEY 4 BROTHER, Jy 101 Water st., 6eoryelo*n. | OST?A CERTIFICATE OF STOCK . , 9o, for 4ve share*, held by Mecbar - ics Lodge 1 O O F , in the Union Building A?socidtion. Notice Is hereby given that appll cation will b? made for a renewal of 'he 'ame . JOHN PAXTON, jy 44-3: Trustee Mechaulcs' Lodge. WE IP" IWTlf INVITE THE v v attention of Ladies and Gentlemen If they have in their pcss-esn'on old Gold, Sliver. Dia nmids, Jewels. Ac , to dispo<e of will find it to tutir benefit by calling at our store, or leaving no tlce, stating na re and location The highest cash prices will be paid for it M UOFFA A CO , Jy 14-41* 317 Pa. av. bet 6th and 7th,s tide. COAL AT S* 87* PER ton FOR ONE WEEK ONLY' 1 WILL RECtlVE ORDERS THIS WEEK to furnish ^ hite Asn Coal at the above price, to t?e delivered from the veswl, in quantities not ltsa than live tons j and Red Ash at Sft 12k Der ton of 2,240 ibs. F L MOORE. Jy 14-eo3t west side ?th, bet. D and E sts. MACKEREL! mackerel! a? hbls new No 3, Large 10 X hbls do do *5 bols d? medium 10 X bhls do do Now landing per Schooner Sylvanus Allen and for sale by HARTLEY A BRO , ^ * "3* Georgetown. UK EAT reduction in thepriceof BONNETS! WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, IN ORDER to accommodate the Ladles and to s 11 out our entire stock of Summer Goods. Bon- 4S^ nets, t lowers, Ribbons Ac , corns to olTr JM to sell patent Honnets worth S1'2 at $5. Bo-inets worth 95 to #2 50. Also, Tiavelllng and Straw Bonnets, Ac. Call before purchasln ' elsewhere, to save \ our money CAR O i.IN E PRIBRAMS DAUGHTERS, Pa avenue, bet 10th and Uth sts , jy 14-2w* PATENT MACHINE STAMP. For STAMPING CARD?, ENVELOPES I-etters, Bill Heads. Ac , Ac. This machlre possesses advantages over anv ot'ier now in o*e The inking and stamping pads bt log combined.'1 and the die so arranged hat another may be sub stituted far it Orders may b? left w th ELVANS A THOMPSON, No 326 Kenn avenue, where the machine mav be scea. Embossing presses made to order. Designs elcbtrotyped H W* ARE NOW SELLING V f Lubln's Soap at $4 j r do*, regulai price #6 Cleaver's Honey do l do do l so Farina Cologne (sing) 2 do do 4 . Do do 2 50 do do 3 50 Lublu's Extracts 6 do do 9 Bay Rum 6 do do 7 sa And a J other kinds of Toilet Articles at aama rates ?D^fri!nlnued c1tartBR our present business we wouid be thankful for ell persons lndebud to ua to clone their accounts as soon as possible T. GALLIGAN A f*o Jy 14-eo3t 370 Pa av. under Browns' hotel. PALM LEAP PANS AND MOSQUITO J^T.??PE.yEP-1000 PALM LEAF FANS an^"uo0,^ ? ttj whlte> yellow, pink 10 dozen Gauze 8hirU and Drawers 100 doz n Lidles' Thread and Cotton Hose luo dozen men and boys' Thread and Cotton half Hose 110 ladies and gents' Thread Gloves 5 d zen Gnss Skirts Men and Boys' Bummer Wear of all kinds, at re duced prl es Also, a large stock of ladlea' Dress Gwcds, con sisting of Plain and Figured Bereges. P'aln and Figured Lawns, Challey de Lalaes and Ginz hami, at co;t, to make room for Fall Soods ^ GEO F.ALLEN, if M-** fs. avenue, next to 18th st. WANTS WANTED ?A GOOD COOK ?A WO A nurse, and iran wiitngi'd to the carp of horse*. Apply it No. C etrct, between 4 H indttk itrceti ' It* WANTED?TWO GOOD HARNESS band*. and one boy t? learn theaaddl' , bar rrw ard trunk b wlr?? Good we em snd con stant rmplovmni glwa Apply at U 8. Jobn ston's Mo. 44V I'tnu avenue, between ?i? and 5tb streets l* A NURSE WANTED -ApTly" NcT~STS Pth street, near N'ew Vort sveaae Jy 11 WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOR. Wuk and Iron. U whomgcod wage* wl'l begtvrn. Add?es? Box No. 10 Star Ofcee jyl4-3t* WANTED?TWO BILLIARD JAI.OON to i (?*p game at tbr Billiard Pal* on corner of 13th street and Pena avenue jy 14 a ? MILLVRS WANTED?A FIRST AND* cond Miller wanted immediately. Goed varit wlU br firm At ply to HARTLEY A BROTHER. Gesrgetown. Jy 12-lw WANTED-A SERVANT MAID,SCOTCH cr F.rglisb prefemd, who ran brlr g good reference*, will bear of a pood ard i??rmsm nt si' uitlon bv calling at 16H Twenty-second st-eet ard Pmb vWinl?aT?in?j Jy l2-2t* W A N T F. D?A GOOD COIORFD GIRL for hire, ca< able of doing bou?ework and some washing. A s'ave woald be prefrmd Apply to Mr* FISCHER, C street, next door to Mr Georee Parker's. jy U-*t* W r AN TED-A YOUNG LAD IN A WINE, Liquor and Grocery Ptore, tbat can brlsg good recommendations. None other need spply A note addre*?ed to Box 313 Post Otbre, w(ll have attention. jy 11-tf W rA\TED?A WOMAN TO DO THE house - . work of a am.<ll family, a abort distance In tbe country To a competent person good ?ages will he given Address Box 7, giving namr and residence. Jy 10-*a WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER and ironer for a a mall family, to realde In tbe Navv Yard Enquire at Mra. WALK! R S, |fi Missouri avenue JyS-10'* WAN TED ? WANTED?WANTED? TO And persona In want of Ike following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture F re me*, round, oral cr square Oil Painting.*, larrr ard small Marble-top Brackett Tables. In bronte or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any site Looking Glasses, or other work In tbe gliding line done to order with d'.sratch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Bracketts, suitable for ahelelrgj Ac , on ha*d. Terms moderate tc suit the tlmes, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regllt,?nd Looking Glass Plates inserted. '255 Henna, avenue, opposite Klrkwoo^ House, dec 19 JOHN WAGNER BOARDINGS _ Board in gecrgetown -mrs. hi- p bu'n, No. 113 W?nt street, near the telgbts, has two large an 1 airy rooms which she d?lies to let with b:ard on accomoKdating terms. Jy 14-1W CCOUNTRY' BOARD ?PIX OR EIGHT per s sons, In families, c>n be accommodated with good board at Mr WM PAYNE'S, in the Im mediate vicinity of Bailey's X Roads Alexar drla county, V? , six mile% from both W a'bi?c ton aud Alexandria Everv comfort Injured Plt ua Ion perfectly healthy Terms mo'erate Jy lt-3t Mrs. bannerman, corner of oth and E streets has several good Rooms va cant, wh'ch sh? offers wjrh board on re*sona? > terms. She can accommodate several table hoard ers. Jy V-ff Board,Ac?mrs. bates,on the s. w. corucr of Penn*ylv?.nla avenue and 9th street Is prepared toaccorrimodii'ecentletDen wltbro- rrs, nth or without board Every ^ffhrtwlllhemade to render those coir.fortnble who may favor her with their patronage ?tf TOR SALE AND RENT. [six timer rxea roa otrii wottcks ] For rent ?thehouseon twelftA street. No 41*. between I and K street, con taining 9 rooms, with gas and g?s flxirpsall com plete For re-m? apply to J. W. FI1 /Bl 'iH , on the corner of 14th G str. et. jy 24- to For sale?a beautifully pitta ted farm cf about 76 acres It la In a t?o- d 'Ute of cultivation, excepting about 15 acre?, which are wellltlmlered with ta-d wood I here Is on the place a small dwelling, and 8 s'abie and one of tbe flnest springs in theconnty. with watei through tb-' whole farm It ta situated 1-1 ties from Washington, and within a mile and a ci f of Colesvllle in Montgomery county Md. For terns. Ac., addres, '* Union Ofllce " Jy 12 3t? McLEOD For rent?a well F'NIshed and comfortable brick dwelling bow e on I street, ppo lte Franklin Square. Apply at No 3?.3 I street, between 13 and 14th july 11-lw* TO LET-A CONVENIENT TWO PTORY and attic Frame Horse, on llth street *'M, between H and I ttrests no th. Enquire of .'NO P HILTON, No. 375 Fourteenth street west be tween L and M street north ; or, on F st eet, n?*8r Cbubb Brothers' Banking House, ever B M. Reed's Wine Store. Jyll-lw For rent?the desirable store. No Seventh street, opposite Certre V ar ket, fi'ted up with shelving counter. g?s fixture^, awnlrg, Ac. Possession given Immediately Apply to ROBT. C BROOKE jy&-*f For rent?the two new three story Brick Houses on 7th street, oppr-slte Centre Market Persons wishing to open a Res taurant cannot fled In tbe city a more eligible lo cation. R H LAS KEY. Jy 7-'2w No. 38 Lousiani avenue. ONE LARGE ROOM AND ONE GOOD sired single room, eultabie for a faml.v cr * single person,can be rented with or without board on the mo>t reasonable terms. The situation Is pleasant for the summer, and w<>11 adapted for a family with children; having a large yard attach ed to the Dwelling. Apply to No. 46? ll?th street, between D atd E streets jy 7 2w* House for sale?a fine new modern built house on K street; fronting Franklin Square, containing 13 rooms ar d a tine basement, kitchen. Ac Ga?, hot and cold water throughout the house, with ba'h room. Ac In quire of H A. WILLARD, at Wlllards* H<tel Je 23-1m CENTS FOR A ROINO TRIP YOU CAN BUY BLACK AND COLORED Calicos and Lawns, fast colors, for li * cen*s Hosiery and Linen Tow Is at 6 4-4 beached ar.d brown Colton at 6w at W R HURDLE'S, High street Georgetrwn All Goods at cost for cash. Jy 12 lw Ac REWARD ? LOST OR MISLAID. ON Kpd yest*rday, (Frldav) the 10th ln?tan:. on my way from First street and Ma sachusetts a^nue to the corner of Fourth nrd M streets, or from there to the corner of 13lh and G, a POCK tT BOOK, containing S45; one $20 note, and 'be ba ance 95 gold pieces Any petson tindlrg the abo>e orentlcned money and returning It to J? bn Holbln. or Johnson's Row, between Flr-t end north C?J>itol streets, on M :i>aachusetts avenue, will reoe've the abeve reward tv 12-3f JOHN HOLB1N. SU.u.nat't A.^f OAI Zt UNU-K GAR. meats far gentlemen.?\\ eInvlieattention of Gentlemen In want of Sislk, Lisle Thread, Merino, or Cotton Under Garments, for the pres ent reason, to our ?uperlor stock We are deter mined to ae 1 them from this dav forth at rtduced prices, as we wi.-h to piepare for the fall trade. Give u<> a call and buy cheap GEO H B WHITE CO.,Gent'a Furnishing Stere, 332 Pa. av , bet. 9tb fctd 10th sts. Jy 12 v a .? u Hands on voir po< ret-hoorr, THE WHITE HATS AME ABOUT - We have a very line assortment of Fashion able W hlte Beaver and Felt Hata. of all ?ualltte? and prlc s, to which we respect _ iilly Invite tbe attention of all In want \* e of ter them at reduced prices. Call at GEO H B WHITE A CO.'S Fashionable Hat. Cap, aid Gent's Furnrahlng Establishment, 33* Penns l vania avenue, between 9:h and 10th sts. jy 12 BLACRIITON E'S PAVILION. This place of resort will be open on tke3d day of July for tbe ae ^ conniodaiion of visitors. Ibe sulscnber has engagtd a first rate Cotlliloa Band foi JSdL the season, and with bis large ard spend.d Ball Room ctters vast lud cements to the lovers of tbe d?nce His table will be cois'antly supplied with all the luxuries of tbe Potoma ,ar.d Lis Bar with tbe cholest liquors This Is known to be one of tbe tea'ihVs* places on the Titer, being situated between Black stone's and St Catharine's Inlands. There wilt be a celebra len on the 4th of July, and Ball and public Cotillion Parties on 1 burs day, 2ith July, Thursday, 7ih August. and Thurs d y 21s' of August. i bestaamer Alice Price will land pas? enters during tbe waie'la< reason on Tuesdays ai d Fri days going down, and will stop for p**s?" j.ers on Wedne? and Saturdays, on her return trips. Board?tl per day for a week cr lease'; ?!, * leaa than a week je2$-2m GEORGE. W. BLACKleTONE.