Newspaper of Evening Star, July 17, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 17, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A SHIIfQTOlf C ITT: THURSDAY J?lr IT, lS5b IET Advertisements should bf handed In hy It ?'clock, in., othfnrii* they may not appear until the neit day. SPIRIT OF THE MOBBIHO PRESS. The Union eopies from the Lancaster Intel ligmrer a repudiation on the part of its editor of the St. Louis Democrats imputation that its editor and Mr. Buchanan endorse the sen timents of it's (the Intelligencer's) St. Louis correspondent relative to the Benton and anti Benton difficulty in that State. This repudi ation came by no means too soon, as its longer delay bade fair to result in wide-spread mis chief for Mr. Buchanan. The Intelligencer, referring to the manner in which a jury was yesterday selected in the trial of P. T. Herbert for the murder of Thorn aa Keating, says: " In two instances, namely, those of Mr. Lord and Mr. Owen, it was admitted without hesitation that they had both formed and ex pressed opinions < n the subject, and Mr. Owen yet further acknowledged that the opinion he bad so formed and expressed he still retained. The District Attorney took strong exception to allowing persons who had thus avowed them selves to sit upon the jury, but the Court over ruled the objection, taking the words of the {arties tbst they should not be swayed by any ias, so as to prevent their rendering an im partial verdict." WA8HI10TOH HEW8 AND GOSSIP Th* Mask Dropping Off.?It ia now under stood to be reduced to a certainty that the friends of Fillmore in Pennsylvania design uniting with those of Fremont in the support of a single electoral ticket, whose votes, as an electoral college, ar*> to be pledged to be given for Fremont, if that may be the best policy l>y way of cesuring the defeat of Buchanan. The ?eheme was arranged in this city by the spec ulating clique?the dealers in Maraposa claim stock, in special treasury favors, Ac , Ac ? who are the chief managers of the Presiden tial campaign on the part of that " entorpri? ing young man " It baa been acceded to with gTeat alacrity, we hear, by the Fillmore leaders of Pennsylvania, and will doubtless be carried out with equal seal by the Fill more masses of the State?it being against the constitution and regulations of ?' the order" for subordinates in the lodges to disobey the determinations of their chief authorities. The question of interest in this connection ia, however, how will the friends of Fillmore in Maryland and other Southern States relish the announcement of this news? Are they, too, willing to aid in the election of Fremont with all his odious political surroundings, in order to defeat Buchanan* The fact that they eontinue to countenance the idoa of giv ing Mr. Fillmore the votes of Southern States by way of defeating the choice of Mr. Buch anan under such circumstances, will amount to making them practically, co conspirators with their Pennsylvania brethren in this mat ter. We warned them not long since that the union between the Northern Fillmore forees in the House and the Republican party mem bers on all questions of practical import, against the rights and interests of the South, was complete. To be sure, some of them voted against the Topeka constitution of Kan sas; but bad ihere been the slightest hope that their unanimous support of it would have given that measure a triumph in the Senate, it is well known here that they would have voted for it with as much alacrity as on the day before yesterday they voted to carry out the bebe3ts of abolitionism in expelling Mr. Brooks and censuring Mr. Keitt What hope, after those votes, can sane men at the South have, that they?the peculiar friends and immediate representatives of Mr. Fill more? will not, in all issues so vitally affecting the rights, interests and honor of the South, persistently court the favor and sucoumb to the demands of the fell spirit of abolitionism ? They talk fairly enough to the South in their ?peeches designed to cheat the Southern Know Nothing masses into aiding in the election of Fremont in the belief that they are really aiding to elect Mr. Fillmore. But whenever they can strengthen the cause of " Freedom in Kansas" by acting heart and soul with the Republicans, in their votes, they hesitate not so to do. It is almost time that the very blindest Kuow Nothing partisan in all the Southern States should see through the flimsy veil of pretended nationalism worn in the House hall by Mr Fillmore's Northern friends, only by way of inducing them (the Southern Know Nothings) to aid in the consummation of the ?ehemea of abolitionism with reference to Kan aas, even if in so doing they (of the South) shall at the same time submit themselves to be used in electing John C. Fremont to the Presidency of the United States The Victory?We yesterday remarked in cidentally that the victory in the final dispo sition oi !h? report of the Select Committee on the Brooks and Sumner fracas, was really with Preston S Brooks One must see behind the curtain here to comprehend the full force of that averment. He must also have been a wit ness of the scene in the Hall duringthe delivery of the three great speeches of Messers fcd Bundson, Brooks, and Keitt?than which no other three as intellectual and as high-toned oratorical efforts ever before ounsecutively marked the proceedings of the House of Repre sentatives. The South may well be proud of them, and take them as cherished exponents of southern principles, southern views on the question of the union of the States, on that of the integrity and honor of the South, and also on that of individual duty, and right and wrong in the acts of individuals in ordinary affairs; for they are replete with sentiments and ideas that will be hailed throughout the whole South as those which should form the rule of the conduct of honorable men in pri vate as well as public affairs. Every point made by these three distin guished gentlemen in the course of their re marks fell with tremendous effect on the cause of their adversaries ; because they car ried with them conviction of the superior po litical morality (integrity.) devotion to the con stitution and sense of the obligations of jus tice, honaaty, and sound patriotism on the part of the South, as compared with the North, which throughout the session has been mani festing in the conduct cf those claiming to be her peculiar ehnmpiona, a first determination to carry through her purposes against, around and over law and solemnly guarantied rights, and, a second determination, to seek gimsy, bare less excuses for so doing, * W9Mk barefaced as that on the exposure of their utter fii'fity and shameless mendacity, those who bad bee"* fng*g*d urging them turned pale in the eight of all present, with fcfright and mortification. W? never saw the humbuggery of the claim of the North to superior attainment?, learning^ Sto., more completely exploded than in the discussion on this subject. While classio grace and lore and well poised sarcasm, as sharp as the finest Toledo blade, ran through the efforts of these three gentlemen, scholarly and powerful reasoning, carrying conviction not only of the injustice sought to be perpetrated upon them -individually, but on their sec tion, marked the speech of each of them, greatly superior to anything falling from the lips of the antagonists who sought to over whelm their cause by mere multiplicity of words. The speech of Mr. Keitt was indeed m fitting reply to that of M*- Burlingame, I who has doubtless learned from it not only the folly of essaying to disouss history in a hall of Coagress, upon the flimsy knowledge of it com mon to the half educated persons who have managed to obtain control of the minds of the even less educated masses of the North, but also that of assailing gentlemen perjonally in debate, only by way of showing one's Consti tution that one can sling slush in tho hall in times like the present, when the House takes upon itself to shield those who seek to obtain notoriety after that not very commendable fashion. False Statements.?It seems that naught but falsehood, direct and palpable, will serve the purpose of the Republican party in its present strait. A Washington correspondent of the New York Trihunt signing himself H , does his best to earn their gratitude by his achievemonts in that lice. Thus, he represents Mr. Edmundson as having in his late speech appealed to the sympathy of the members to ward off the vote of censure on him essayed for political effect to be extracted from the House. He also tells tho Trikunt,s readers that at the conclusion of his speech, Mr. Brooks was actually embraced and kissed ly sundry ladies of his auditory' We need hard ly add that these statements are wholly desti tute of truth. The "Navy Reform Board" Question at Length Settled.?Yesterday, the Senate are understood to have confirmed the nominations of Commanders G. J. Pendergrast and W. C. Nicholson, who obtained their present rank through the action of the late Retiring Board These nominations were sent in early in the session, and action on them was suspended until the Senate should settle the Retiring Board question, so elaborately discussed for months past The opponents of the Board strenuously objected to action on any of the nominations resulting from their recommenda tions. The confirmation of these two shows that the long struggle is over. The Cleveland (Ohio) Custom-Hotue, Post Office, and United States Couit Room?.? Yesterday, the Secretary of the Treasury awarded the contract for the construction of this building to W. J. Warner, his bid ($*3,500) being the lowest. His competitors are Baid to have been the Messrs. Latham and Millingcr, both of whose tenders were considerably above that of Mr. Warner. The Promotions in the Navy.?The Sen ate is still in executive session as we go to press. It seems to be understood around the Capitol that they are engaged in acting on the Presidents nominations for promotions in the Navy, resulting from the action of the late Naval Retiring Board. List of Patents issued from the United States Patent Office for the week ending July 15, 1856?each bearing that date : Warren S. Bartle and Ebeneser Vaughan, ef Newark, N. Y.?For straw cutter. Alvin Barton, of Syracuse, N Y ?For im provement in ploughs. Moses Bemiss, of Lyme, Ohio?For improve ment in corn planters Arthur Burbarin and B. F. Simms, of New Orleans, La ? For electro-magnetic fog bills. Patented in England August 17 1855. Benjamin F Bee, of Wareham, Mass?For improvement in means for controlling feed water apparatus of steam boilers. George Blanchard, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in nutmeg graters. Thomas G Boone, of Brooklyn. N. Y.?For improvement in rope machines P. C Cambridge, jr., ef North Enfield, N H -For improved method for turning orna mental forms. Ira Carter, of Malone, N. Y.?For improved marble snwiog machine. ^ Marines P Crape, of Humboldt county, t-a' ?For improved machine for striking un burnt brick Joel Dawson, of Barnesville, 0.?For im proved self setting tail block for sawing mills. S M. Echolo, of Lafayette, Ind?For im provement in fire backs of fi e places Henry H El well, of Meriden, Conn.?For improved doorknob Cotton Foss, of Paine8ville, O.?For straw cutter. Charlee W Glover of Robury. Conn ? For improved cutting device for harvesters A M George, of New York, N. Y.?For improved stone dressing machine. Victor M. Griswold, of Lancaster, Ohio?For improved collodion for photographic pictures. .Thomas J Godman, of Madison, Ind.?For apparatus for slaughtering hogs ! Moses G. Hubbard, of Penn Yan, N Y ? For improvement in the frames of mowing and reapirg machines. AC Ketchum, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in railroad car wheels Julius J Koenig, of Chicago, 111 ?For ma chine for composing and distributing type. Giles Lang iell and Marcus A. Root, of Phil adelphia, F*a. ?For mode of tinting photo graphic pictures. Oren Moses, of Malone, N. Y.?For straw cutter. Lucius Paige, of Cavendish, Vt ?For im proved sash lock. John Rich, of Kingsbury, N. Y.?For im provement in ploughs. Cyrus W. Saladee, of Columbus, 0.?For improved three wheeled pleasure carriages. J G biemers. of St. Louis, Mo ?For im provement in the adjustment of mill stones Ueo. H boule, of Jersey City, N. Y.?For improvement in fire arms John J Speed, Jr., and John A. Bailey, of Detroit, Mich ?For improvement in making seamless metal tubes Geo. W Swift, of Oxford, 111,?For im provement m machines for threshing and cleaning grain in the field. 8 Hiram Tarbox, 2d, of Tremont, N. Y -For improved cattle stall. Peter Teal, of Philadelphia, Pa.-For im provement in detachable shaft coupling Hiram Thompson and Rioh'd. Q. Tuson, of heads'1011' ?For improvement in mop , -11 *?rrey, of Buffalo Grove, Ill.-For washing machine. Thompson, of Greenfield, Mass - JohTlT^ in, mowin* machines ?f "f^D, MaSS.-For improvement in car coupiinj, John C Bnggs,0f Concord, N H ?For im provement in the mode of resulatinv c?l p?mJulum ?f time theMI" . Dodge, of Dummertton, Vt J.',,. improved mode of charging cannon Oliver F. Grover of Mfddletown, Conn _ For printers composing stick. Wilderick Joseph Von Kammerhueler, of Washington, D. C.?For improvement in cen trolineado. W. F. Shaw, of Boston, Mass.?For improved apparatus for heating or oooking by gas. Friedrich Emil Schmidt, of New York, N Y. For improvement In preparing vegetable dye stuff. John W. Truslow, of Lewisburg, Va ?For improvement in fender? for fire places Wm. Wickersham, of Boston, Mass.?For improved filtering medium Jeremiah S. Sensagy, of Chambersburg, Pa., assignor to himeelf and Geo. H. Merklein, of same place.?For improvement in lard lamps Reissue ?Pierpont Seymour, of East Bloom field, N. Y.?For improvement in sewing ma chines. Patented May 7,1845. Preston Bennet and John Kendrick, of Prov idence, R. I , and Lyman A. Cook, of Cum berland, R I , assignors (through J. M nnd S. F Stanton) of Humphrey M Glines ?For improvement in machinery for filling seine needles Patented October 2. 1855. David G. Olmstead, of Vicksburg, Miss., assignee of R A. L McCurdy, of Sabine Par ish, La.?For improvement in cotton gins. Patented June 20, 1855. Design ?Winslow Ames, of Nashua, N. H For design for box stove plates. Additional Improvement.?Jaaob W. Good win and Moses C. Hawkins, of Edinboro', Pa. For improvement in wind pump. Patented April 8, 1856. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 16th of July, there were of Treasury warrant* entered on the books of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt.... For the redemption of Stooks.... For the Treasury Department... For Customs War warrants received and en tered War repay warrants received and entered. Appropriation warrant CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the debato on the bill to increase the efficiency of the arms, (muskots, Ac ,) of the Government of the United States was con tinued by Mr. Jones, of Tenn., in reply to Mr. Hale. In the course of his remarks he argued the importance of adopting the bill, in spite of any outcry upon the score of econ ' my, from the present defenceless state of the country. Recent occurrences had shown how precarious is our dependence upon a safe and certain transit across the Isthmus to reach cur Western coast; and, if a war should un fortunately arise with any foreign nation our Pacific possessions would be left to their own resources. How formidable those are may be conjectured from the fact that the Govern ment has not in California at present suffi cient ammunition for ten rounds. If all the guns necessary for our defenco even between ^cw York and New Orleans were mounted, our arsenals do not contain ammunition enough for twenty-five rounds to each gun The inadequate state of our means was forci bly shown by the declaration that more am munition was spent at Sebastopol in forty eight hours than is now owned by the United States Government. Experiments are in progress, Mr. J. pro ceeded to say, to determine what arm to se lect of the many submitted to their adoption ? for instance, th(,*e of Colt, Sharpe and Jen nings. Whichever one wiu chosen, a great expense must be incurred to furnish the army !t,waii asked by biH to give 51,200 000 to change into Minie rifles the eight hundred thousand stand of arms now in pos session of the Government, but useless in com parison with the greatly improved weapon of late years The small sum of three dollars per musket would furnish an arm equal in efficiency to any in the world. Mr. J. contended, then, that the bill was in fact an eionomical one. and he might advo cate it also as a peace measure ; for if it were known that, with cur great population and wealth, we were in a prepared condition in all that relates to our military and defensive resources, other nations would pause long and 'ieliberato cautiously before they would seek a quarrel with us or attempt any infringement of our rights Upon the conclusion of his re marks the further consideration of the bill was deferred to next Monday ; and, after an executive session, they adjourned. In th# House, Mr. Reitt, at the conclusion of his speech, announced that he had for warded to the Governor of South Carolina his resignation. The report of the Elections Committee, oust ing the Hon. J. C. Allon, of Illinois, and awarding his seat in tho House of Representa tives of the Lnited States, to Wm. B Archer, was taken up. and its adoption was advooated by Mr. Washburn, of Maine tleman^lIeD' *1,inois' reP,ied tbat gen And, then, after resolving to allow the con testant to address the House in reply to Mr Allen if he saw fit so to do, they adjourned. Preceedlags ef Te-Day. In the Senate, to-d>y, they went into an executive session at half past 12 m. The only business of importance transacted in their Chamber previously was the introduction of a t0 J??* *nd ftulen(i the several patent laws, by Mr. Seward. In the Houge, the Illinois contested elec tion case was again taken up immediately after reading the journal, and Mr. Allen (whose seat is the one in question) continued and concladed his speech began yesterday Mr Morton then took the floor and wa3 ad'irersiDg the House in faror of the report when wo went to pres3 A Perfumed Breath-What lady or gen tleman would remain under the curse of a dis agreeable breath when by using the "Balm oj a Thousand Flowers" as a dentrifioe would not only render it sweet but leave the teeth whito as alabaster' Many persons do not know their breath ij bad. and the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention it. Pour a single drop ef the "Balm on your tooth brush and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year. For sale at Shillington'p, agent for Washington, and all Druggists. Naval ?Orders have been received at the Gosport Navy lard to get the frigate St. Lawrence ready for sea immediately, to join the suuadron on the coast of Brazil, as' the flag-ship of C.-mmodore French Forrest, who succeeda Commodore Salter, and to relieve the savannah, now on that station. There are now five ships of war fitting out at Gos ort, vii Xue Roanoke, the Colorado, Pow HTtn'i^&r,ti'!n'..and Lawrence The Norfolk Herald says: " We are glad to of*ti!J1 J ? Paj ?f- tb? mcehanic8 in some of the departments in the Navy Yard has been increased, by order of the Navy Depart ment, and thatcflorts are being made uAave the machinists pay increased, in which de pTjeT' "? 4 ?f "aodi ? STR0SGMi5DEDW0MANi8M.-The strong mind ed sisterhood are determined not to let inen ty rants have a monopoly of the electioneeriag ; for we ste an address has just been put forth by Mrs J. Cook, Mrs Plumb, Mrs Griswold. Mrs Eliza Burnot, Mrs Adeline T Swift and others, asking " material aid" to enable them to effect the repeal of all laws " making dis tinction on account of 6ex " They also rec ommend the holding of county meetings to chooEe delegates to a general convention at Columbus, Ohio, next winter. The sum of money solicited is quite modest?only S25. Hot.?A Cincinnati paper gives the follow ing instance of the effect of heat in the pork city: "A steamboat was at the wharf dis charging lead. A negro would start with a bar on his shoulder, but before he could get to the dray the lead would melt and run over the freewiler, making it necessary to cut him out with a coal chissel!" Whew' The Quebec Mercury is out in an arti cle enjoining the Canadian Parliament to pass a law by which all the distressed runaway slaves in Canada may be returned back to the United States. . jy The Limerick Chronicle says that three persons recently returned from New York, de clare they positively saw John Sadlier there a few weeks ago in good health, $7,444 30 3.604 L9 17,998 61 70,544 99 69,679 37 13,424 57 5,000 00 PERSONAL. v ?V,Tbw-.,.?WJ^#d' ?8(V' of Albany, N. Y., is at Willards Hotel ....The Empress Eugenie bus nearly, or quite recovered the use of her legs. .... Commander Ingle of the IT S. steam wfnard?errima0' " iD Uli8 City' ,t0PPinK ....Mm. Dawdle says that one of her boys don t know nothing, and the other does. The question is which is ahead ? ? V" Ib ~ foJlowing oontains the Alphabet: ' John P Brady gave me a blaok walnut box of quite a small site." ?i/"u ve8f7w DvR .A!len A Co.,have leased the "iorfolk Varieties" for the ensuing season which will be opened about the middle of September. ... . Ricbter ssys, " No man can either lire piously or die righteously without a wife " Another says to this, ?? 0, yes! sufferings and severe trials purify and chasten the heart." .... Mis>s Celia Logan is now detained at the Mammoth Cave, Ry , in consequence of a sprained ancle, occasioned by one of the steps in a stairway in the cave giving way as she was ascending. .... A bear belonging to a Circus Company escaped from his cage at 8aratoga, and showed fif?bt, when the keeper thrust an iron bar down his throat?ending the contest, and it is thought the life of the bear also. .... '' Two days ago." writes the Paris cor respondent of Le Nord, " there died at Ver sailless, in comnle obscurity, a personage who has a name in history?Count de Bombelles, who after Napoleon I, aid the Count de Niep perg, was the third husband of Marie Louise." ....The Utica Telegraph contains the fol lowing marriage notice: By , Mr E Davies to Miss M Morris?all from the Lunatio Asylum. The editor says, it came in a queer note, and it may not be genuine, but the quarter

enclosed certainly was. ? ???The London Weekly Times says that Thackeray complains of the flunkeyism he met with in New York, more especially from one editor, who always dropped in at the Clar endon Hotel just as he was going to dinner: he bored the author of Pendennis so, that ho re solved not to come to America again until he hears of his persecutor's burial. .... The erratic course of the London Timer, respecting this country, and in relation to all public questions, is explained by the facttba* three-fifths of the paper are owned by the Rothschilds, and hence it is made a more stock jobbing instrument. The Times seised upon the little flurry about Mr. Dallas, and !tu* r'^cul0u9 exaggeration, to enable its banking owners to buy stocks at a reduced price, under a momentary panic, which they did, and made ?10,000 by the operation. POLITICAL ITEMS. Ex-Governor Washington Hunt, of New x ork, one of the most popular men in the State has come out for Fillmore. ? H.?" 0ecar F* Moore. says the Providence 1 ost, the present republican member of Con gress from the Ross district in Ohio, has de clared himself against Fremont, and will take the stump for Fillmore. Mr. Moore is a Know Nothing whig, and was elected as such. *remont an<^ Johnston meeting was held at Worcester, Mass., on Saturday evening last, to lorm a club. A discission ensued as to the title of the club?whether it should be Fre mont and Johnston, or simply Fremont. The o? !ero!lta of JohD8t?n prevailed, by a vote of *0 to a4. Ex-President Van Buren's letter has caused considerable dissatisfaction in the South The Richmond Whig oommeoces a violent per sonal attack with : ? If there is a man within the limits of the republic who is cordially ab horred and detested by the intelligent and pat riotic men of all parties at the South, that man is Martin Van Buren." GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gborgbtowh, July 17, 1855. The excursion of the Young Catholic's d Society, to Pye's L?ndi.| yest.rd.,, was one of real pleasure to every person who went The spacious steamer Powhatan was loaded to her utmost capacity, there being not less than six hundred psrsons on board. The boat left our wharves at about eight o'clock, v "? w*nt' &ft" 8toPP'nK ?t Washington and tort Washington some time, reached the point of destination about one o'clock, p. m Here the time was spent in such diversions as pleased the various tastes of the company About half-past four the boat left the wharf at the Landing, and, after proceeding some distance further down the river, returned, reaching Georgetown at about sunset Among a promiscuous oompany of such numbers it would be but reasonable to expect some un kindness of expression or dissatisfaction to occ"f'' ?ut*e ar? haPP7 to say we are jet to see the first person who was of the party who was not perfectly-delighted with the trip. We have been on many excursions of a simi lar character, but we confess we have never as yet seen one whioh gave such universal satisfaction. The chief pleasure of nearly all on board the boat seemed to consist in contrib uting to the pleasjro and comfort of others lhe excursion of Logan Tribe, I O R M I?-! ^it<? Pavilion, on board the steamer Washington, we learn from persons who wore along, was not one whit in puint of pleasure behind the above. Doubtless no two excursions that ever went from our city ever gave such universal satisfaction. Not the slightest accident occurred with either party during the day. of^rt,?ati0D ?f the ?nanci*l condition of the Georgetown gas light company by the to be i^fllast> 8how? the concern to be in a fl. urishing condition. A dividend declaredPln?nt for,the ?"t six months was declared, and a resolution passed fixing the salary ?t the President at $500 for the present We learn that the American coal company clll , *? locate their depot in ou^ city and have leased the Louaoona coal dock ^al T?h?1 8t Wh,?h 10 unload ant* -^ip their coal. The company we learn, intend invest ing about one million of dollars in the trade dredtts8 00 ?anaI fr?m ?n? 10 two hun" Ladies, beware of the temptations which are daily being held out at W. H Hurdle* corner ot High and Gay streets, and at R H ?t Sj No 104 Bridge street Each of tlie?e nff ^a:{COmtD:>dat,ng merchants are running j J?ei.r exten8,vo "tock of seasonable dry goods at cost?many at a sacrifice, and if you disregard our advice and yield to the tempta tions, and once get among the multitude of beautiful and cheap articles, at either place at rn? tfc compelled to sacrifice naiea contents of your portmon ho? i3TUh8?le88 ,for U1 8a*that 11 ia -corchtng hot. ihe continual draw of ''Old Sol" and his concomitants upon the liquid portions of poor humanity, and the demand at Mr J H bmoot s for fans, and at Arny A Shinn's for cooling drinks, is an evidenco of the fact iNu change in the markets. Spectator. Dreadful Accident.?A dreadful accident occurred on the plantation of Dr. A G Bov kin near Sm.thfield, Va , on Sunday niX last. It seems that while some of the negroes were engaged in ordinary duties, a camphene amp was upset, and the flames soon caught the clothes of four of the party, all of whom ^injured'hat AL k ? condition is very eritical The kitchen, m which the accident oocurr^' was entirely consumed. u* occurred, Glass-blowers' Conventio* _r?? .a: ?s? ?=?.??. nssg uniform Measures were taken to seoure a throuSoufth;1 fr" ?f priCe' G,a,a B1?""s Trlde Un^onHf V?10n' for which purpose a formed ??lety Wag *?ommenbed to be k!T? children were born on the steam St T nn 0.1:^ ?D ? WP fr0m N?w Orl.UI to comp"' ????? ?kw _ OTICE ?the MEMBERS of the attiSi S.,U C,ub ar? b?reb7 notified to EVKNi^W,me,lln? of the Club 0B FRIDAY nfcN1.NG> July 18th, at HaimonyHaU. By order i J. A. BaKKR, 8?. Pataatc Pa*liaa, > Ptl?*T Poijtt, July 11,1A56 J ,MY ADVERTISEMENT TO THK (ffeot that exc rslou parties would not be allowed to land at this place rot se<m'ng to hare been generally understcod, this ta to ({lve further notice that'this rale, forced upon me by circumstances, which It la unnecessary to detail, la positive. and that steamboat owner* will be held responsible for a vtoiaion cf the same. jy 16-3t W.WD1X, Proprietor F WASHINGTON INFIRMARY ? - Persons requiring Hospital a'endance are Invited.aa usual, to the Washington Inflrn.arv. which Institution In under tbe professlona charge of the facaltv of the National Medical College, and fa provided with a resident physician, several medical assistants, and competent nurses The following resolutions of the Board of Direr tor* are publ'shed to correct any mlsarprehenalon that mav exist In regard to the usages of the Institution In relation to patients: Retolvd That we invite the medical profaaslon generally to place In tbe infirmary anv patient or patients that they think may be benefited by hos pital advantages, nnd treat them as their private patiaats, subject of course to the discipline ef the house Rtsolved, That daring the term of service of the attending physician and surgeon, his service* are given gratuitously to whatever patients mav enter the common wards of the Inf rrrarv ; but It Is ex, acted that persons plarlnp themselves under his care as private patients should remunerate him as in sttendaace elsewhere Rnolvtd, That any phys'cian or surgeoi at tached to tbe Inflrmary wno may be it quirt d by a patient In the iaatl utlon to render bi? profes slonal services, who at the time Is not In attend ance.upon the inmates of the institution for such prrlcd as is allotted to him In the division of tie t rm of service with his colleagues, shall have llbertv to charge 01m asunder the conditions at tending the ordinary relation between patient and physician Rexolrrd, That It wou'd be an act of gross In justice to tbe profession t > recclveinto the Infirm ary and attend gratuitously any patient where cir cumstances would enable him to render compen sation for medical services to physicians out of the Institution. THOMAS MILLER. M D. Jy ld-3t Curator Washington Infirmary. >THE POTOMAC CLUB RESPECT _ fully Informs their friends that the Boat for the Fal s leaves Hitter's wharf at 7 o'clock or MONDAY, the ilst ln?t Omnibus** leave Northern Liberty Market and corner of 10 h street and Penn avenueat6# o'clock. Tickets limited, and obtained from members of the club cnly. JAMES JIRDINSTON, ^jy 15-3t? President Potomac Club. ,CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE - Persons declining housekeeping or hav lng a surplus of Household effects will find It to their advantage to give us a call before deposing of the same. We are prepared to buy their en tire stock of Furniture, (In large or amalt qusntl ties,) and thus tav? them the trouble and expense incident to a public auction New Furniture ex changed for good second-hind articles BONTZ * COOMBS, Extensive Furniture Dealers, No 309 Seventh street, near 1. Jy 13-lm ,NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER beirs _ leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENS WARE before purr.hatlng elsewhere, as by so doing ihey will save from 14 to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower th*n the loweet at 309 Pa avenue, between #th and 10th streets Jet-6m JOHN McDKVITT Roach traps, mouse traps, rat TRAPS at 6. FRANCIS'S, Jy 17 490 Seventh tt (1IDER VINEGAR ? -> Fifty (50) bbl*. pure Juice of the arple, for sal-* Applv at Locust Hill Farm, 7th st road, near the first toll gate. Jy 17-lw* liriRC DISH COVERS FLY BRUSHES, v v Feather Dusters, Baskets, Satchels, Carpel Bags, Ac , at the House-furnishing Store. 499 7th street. jy 17 G.FRANCIS. Ic'eTH About 100 tons transparent ICE, fr zen from pure spring water for sale, either as it is or deliv erable In the city. Applv at Locust Hill Farm, 7th s'reet road, near th? fi'st toll ea'e. Jv 17-1 w* SOMETHING Ikiri'L AND tHbA".? Clinton's Alcohol Cook, a desirable article for families or batchelors' balls, for sale whole sale and retail at jy 17-3t LAMMOND'S, 7th st JUST RECEIVED?10,000 OF THOSE SU rerlor little CIGARS, which hive been pro nounced the best three cent Clirars in the city Als?, 25 cases Claret Wine, St Jullen Medoc JOS. W DAVIS, It* Cor. 9th ard E sts NAVY YARD MR GASZVNSKI BEGS LEAVE respect fully to Inform tbe inhabitants of the eastern section of the city that he will open a school for dm' ing In the Anacoitla Engine House on SAT URDAY EVENING, the l&ih Ins'ant, at 4 and 7 o'clock p. m The parents of children who have not as yet entered, and all Interested are In vlt?d to attend Tbe latter hour Is for adults only. For terms apply at the lull In the evening, or at the drug store of F. S. Walsh. Jy 17-3t* LADIES' RIDING PONY?FOR SALE, at the Union Hotel Stables, a thor ough-bred, spirited, but gentle riding pony, of fine style and only three veara old. Price very low Also, 1 North ern Horse, quick, gentle and thoroughly b-oken to harness or saddle Alao, one Boggy and Har ness, and one pair of bay carriage Horses, tbor oueh'y b-oken to harness or saddle, good stvle and action, spirited and very gentle, suitable for family purposes All to be sold very low An ply to HIRAM WRIGHT, Union Hotel Stahes Georgetown. Jy 17-Iw GOOD INVESTMENT. on nnn dollars of the CITY of AiU^UUV/ Sheboyan, (Wlaoonsln) Coupon Bonds, eight per cent interest, payable In New York. Thei?e Bonds are abundantl- secur?d, be ing guaranteed by the Sheboyan and Mississippi Rail Road Company, in addition to the faith of the city of Sheboyan, having been issued to aid In the construction of said Koad. We invite capitalist* to call and examine the statistics and condition of the city of Sheboyan, and the charac'er of the lnve?trrent. Also, Alexandria Coupon Bond*; and Cerpoia tion of Washington Stock, for sale by SWfhNY, K1TE.N HOUSE, FANT, A CO , Jyl%eolw Bankers. NEWTON'S HOTEL, ALEXANDRIA. TA. THE PROPRIETOR BEGS LEAVETO IN form hU frl n *s and the public tl?*t ^ this house hasju?tben thoroughlyreno>a ted and greatly imprevrd ; end Is r ow un-JliliM. surpissed by a- y slna'ar establishment in the | country either for ekgance or rubstantial comfort The Bedding and Furniture, generally, are new throughout, and of the best kind Baths, also, have b^en added and wl 1 be In readiness To these grestly Improved means of administering to thecom'ort and accommodation of his guest he will a ways add his own unremitting exertions, and those of the best Assistants and Servant! that can be had His House offers Inducements not found else wh?re to travellers visiting the Virginia Spring ; as you c n enjoy a comfortable night's re*t with out tbe uncomfortably early start required either from Washington or Bai imoie. Travelle scom lng to this hou>e are cautioned airal nst contracting with any one connected with 4 Whaley'a Omni bus Line," either at the Derot In Washington, or Baltirtor-, or on brard the^teambots. as they are In no wuy ? onureted with Newton's Hotel. My own Omnibuses and toose of ?' Hugh Latham' will always be In readiness at the landlrgs with attentive porters and careful drivers, to convey passangersind baggage to the Hotel jy 17-eolm At.BERT G NEWTON. ECONOMY IS THE MOTHER OF WEALTH. The lord said, "let there be light, and (here was light."?The gas com pany says we will supply you with light, but w? will not give it to you free, under four dollars per thousand feet, according to their calculation, out not according to what you consume, and subject to their arbitrary powers of monopoly The subscriber, having possesion of the pa'ent right for the valuable) discovery of the patent Benzole gas light, of a recent discovery, has In troduced It In his store, No 474 Penosylvan a avenue, where it is now on exhibition and can be seen both day and night; also numerous testimon ials of Its quantities and efl l?*m y by persons that have it 1 a use la almost every section of the Uni ted States it must be seen to be appreciated This Benzole gas machine will generate moreg?> and at about one-fourth of the cost of coal gas one-hair less tean oil, candles, or any other mate' rial in use for light. It will not cost over one and one fourth of a ?dollar per thousand feet; you are not subject to the inconvenience of being presented every month with a bill, aod if not paid your gas 1? shut off no mistake in the metree, for there la none Tbt whole apparatus take* up less apace, and la frwe from ail noxious odors For public and private buildings or dwelllnga this new generator of gas rh,eD., Jt^^l 'and country is Invaluable. The subscriber, now having, la eonnexian with ciOl Ken"emen th'.s city, made application to Congress for a charter to form a com pa- y for the .Tha "t H tbe 11,4 machines in this city, and to gl ve them eyerv attention, will have opened P?nn?yl?aaia avenue, a sub scrlption book for atock at ten dollsrs (flO) t er share; also one at the banking house of Messis ft- L' . ' ?n ~th street, ard begs to Inform the public in general that a large portion of the ?J00* being subscribed for. the books will be cloe ed Immediately on the re elpt of their charter rrora Congress. Capitol stock *50,0*0, to go into operation when 20 per cent la paid in. Stockholders to be supplied with machine* at p L?VY ?fa* AMUSEMENTS rtirit or smrasto* Rfamfd Seat* c*n?? Boxes and ?arqnstte So cents Family Circle and Galleries t* rents GRIND DRAMATIC FE8TIVAL: ONE NIGHT ONLY! The celebrated Comedians, Mr. H. A. Perry, and Mr. John 8. Clarke, Supported by a powerful Company. Oa MONDAT EVENING, July <1, 13*, The celebrate 1 comedy of LAUGH WHEN TO J CAN Gossamer, the Laughing Philosopher, MtlA PERRY Mist Gloomly Mm tiermoa Bonus...... Mr Kills Aftsr which. THE TOODLIZ8. Mr. Tocdles Mr. J 8 CLARKE Mrs Toodles Mr? G?rmon Mary Acorn....* Mis* Parker The Box Sheet will be open on Mondav fom ? to 3 o'clock Jy 17 WAISTS. Y W W WANTED?A SERVANT WOMAN TO TO general ho sework None nerd apply but thoae who can brine good rrommerd?Moi?? an *o honesty. Ac. Apply st 363 6 street between 'Sih and I4ih it* niUNG GENTLEMEN ACQUAINTED _L with the Dry 6oods trsde Two wanted, situation permanent Pay liberal PKRftt A BROTHER, Central Stores, weat building, op posite Centre Market. Jy 17-3t* WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG Man a* copyist or ass1*tatt book keeper In anv kind of business. Plesse answer by not# ?*E W .McG," Jackacn Hall, 460 Pennsylvania sve nus. Washington jy 17 3f ^ rANTF.D?TO R KMT, r?)R 4 MONTHS . . or longer, a small furnished Hous*. cen trally situstsd Address "B." rare of Mr Toch er, letter-earrler, City Post Office. Jy 16-3ie Wanted?wiluam orimslky, Rirh ard Pabb?. John * nellsh and James Itabbs to call at mv office, No. 154 Brider street, 6forke town, or address me s lettrr, and they will Lear of something to their advantage. Jy 18-3f RICHARD P. JACKSON. rANTED?TO HIRE A GOOD FEMALE . _ Cook,:Washer and Ircner. A slave , ferred To one tbat can coins well r?r on met d*d good wages will 1? given Enquire of RICH ARD PETT1T. No. 43Second and Market street Georgetown jr 15-3t? A YOUNG LADY, COMPETENT TO IN strurt tn English French and Moslr, desl-es a sl'uatlon South or West as Governess letters addressed to "C A F,'" Harper's Ferry, Va. Jy !S-eo3f WA N T E D?A WOMAN TO DO THE general housework of a small family. To an Industrious and capable person good wages will be given Applv st No 7 Maine avenue, between 4# snd 6th sts , Island. Jy IS 3t* Millers wanted.?a firj*t anduT cond Miller wanted Immed'ately. Goe<t wa*es will be given Apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, Georgetown Jv l*-lw WANT E D ? WANTED- WAN TED-TO tnd persons in want of the followicg ar ticles : Preach or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or sqnare Oil Paintings, large and small Marble -top Breckett Tablea, In bronze or gold. All klnda of Pictures framed, and anv slxe Looking Glasses. or other work In the gliding line done to order with dlsratrh. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to sntt the times, for cash N.B.?Old Work Regllt,and Looking Glaas Plates lnaerted. 855 Henna avenue, opposite Klrkwood Eonse. 1# JOHN WA6NER BOARDING. Board in georgftown ?mrs. hkp burn, No. 113 West street, nesr the belgh's, hss two large an-4 airy room* which she desires to let with beard on accommodating terms. Jyu-iw ONE LARGE ROOM AND ONE GOOD sized single room, suitable for a family or a single person, can be rented with or without board on the mo?t reasonable terms The situation is pleasant for the summer, and w^ll adapted for a family with children ; having a large yard attach ed to the Dwelling A pply to No. 46- 10th street, between D and E streets Jy? 2w* Mrs. bannerman, corner of oth and E streets, has several good Rooms va cant, which she effers with board on reasonable terms. She can accommodate several table board* era. Jy 11)-tf Board,Ac ?mits bat*:s,on the s w . corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street la prepared to aocoramoda'e gentlemen with rcorr ?, with or without board Everv erorts?lllbemede to render those comfortable who may fevor her arlth their patron are. at>s?tf FOR SALB AND RENT. fans riaar rasa rot othes nonets ]_ For rent?a well finished and comfortable brick dwelling House on I St.. opposite Franklin Square. Apply at No 3.'3 1 street between 13th and 14th jy 17-1 w* FOR RKNT?THE LARGE THRhK STO ry basement and attic houss on F. between l*th and 13 h streets, formerly o^cupi'd by the Misses Tyson This bouse has been newiy paint ed and put In perfect order, containing gas fix tures and bath room, with a large cistern of Ut tered water tn tbs yard. Apply at the Drug Store of NAIRN A PALMER, corner 9th itreet a?l Pa avenue. jy 17 A BEaL'TIFUL COTTAGE HANTS?>ME ly furnished, dls:snt four miles from Alexan dria and six from Washington city, will be rented until the first of October 1 will a so hire my Cook with the house Pes e*slon given Irru -di ately. Address E S PLUMMER, Marshal House, Al'-xandila, Va. jy lS-3t Restaurant, with large boaru I lng House snnexed. for iett or ssle, opp? *lte the Market House In Alexandria, Va , re medy kept by MrGontgtl. Being rec nily re paired, painted, aud papered, with gas ard wa 'er pipe*. An active i-er*on to tahe charge of he Restaurant department and another the boarding could not fall to make mor.ey. It wl<l be renttd separately or jointly, or sold at a bargain LLOYD AGO., jy 15-3t* 15th st., Washington. D. C. For rent?the house, AS Fl'K nlshed. at the northwest corner of Loulslane avenue and Hxth street. A pply to CUTR BERT P WALLACH, on the premises jy 12-e<3t A LARGE FRONT ROOM?WILL SUIT for a gentleman and wife, or four gent eroen. with board, on 1 street, between <>th and 7th sts. north, No 501 Terms mcderate. jy lv-eo3t* Furnished rooms to rent?two handsome rsriors and several chambers suit able for families cr single gentlemen, mith or without boar??. Apply at J. P. CRUTCHET'S, corner 6th and D streets. Jy 15-eo&* House for sale.?a fine new modern built house on K street; fronting Franklin Square, containing 13 rooms and a fine basement, kitchen, Ac Gas, hot and cold water throughout the bonse, with ba*h room. Ac In quire of H A. W1LLARD, at W'illarda' Hotel JeSI lm ft | rv REWARD. ? LOST, A PACKAGE vl" market Jno. France, Baltimore The finder will receive the above reward by leMlrg It the office of the Klrkwood House. The Package la worthless to any one tx epttheowner Jy 16-*t* PRESENTS FOR THE CHILDREN ?AT LAMMOND'S, 7th street, can be fout.d Le largest and moat beautiful collection of Tovs la he city, and at low prices. jy 16-3t FDR RALE?TWO SODA FOUNTAINS*? first rate?one draw pipe, Ac. To be sold very low. Enquire at RIDGELV8 Drug Storp. Jy 16-3f Pa.ave bet 1ft.h and 'JOth sts. SHIRTS, OAI ZK I NUERAHIRTa, LIN - en snd Cotton Drawers, Col ars. Gloves, Ho siery, Ac . selling off at very reduced prices, K> doss out presaat stock. WALL A STL PH EN?. Jy 16-3t 3? Pa av bet. 9th a d iO.A sts_ ^RAVELING TRUNKS AT ALL PR1 1. ses?Citizens and a'.ranfers wishing to supply themselves with j good soMeath-r or packing Trunks. riat Boxe*, Va'lses, Carpet Bags, or Satchrla, will fiad at our sale*-rooms the mo>t i sataoslve variety, st low prices, to *? Is t frcaa. WALL A STEPHEN?', jylMl Sfifa ir bet. ?lh axd lU h su.