Newspaper of Evening Star, July 18, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 18, 1856 Page 2
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I: YEN TNG STAR. * *fllT T s ? RI DAY July 19. 195?. IJjf* Adverttscrf.enU should be banded In ky Vi o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear unMI the next day. Noticx ?Those charged with the manage ment cf club?, societies, and all other aasocia ? tiers are notified that in order to insure the insertion of advertise meat* or notices of any desciip'kn in tbtStar, payment must be made for them when < ffercd, or an arrangement for the payment for the same provided for. There are now on file in our counting room many advertisements, not inserted, because our terms havo not been ocmplied with. This rule must be imperative. ?PI7?TT "Y THE MORNING PRESS. The Union urges Mr Ball's committee to extend its investigations into the transactions of the Treasury Department under the last Administration, if its purpose be really to ferret out public abases, intimating that it will thus fird enough to make it quite sick of its job in hand. The Jntel/igenetr deplores the growing sec tional animosity, and quotes the prophetic and persuasive words of Webster against that fell spirit was ammo* akws led eossip The Trial of P. T. Herbert.?The readers of the Star will boar witness to the scrupulous care with which we have endeavored to steer this journal clear of a course upon the subject of the#h< micide of Keating, by Herbert, that might by any chance serve to defeat a fair tr.alof the accused. We have pursued that course under a deep sense of our responsibility as the conductor of a public journal penetrat ing into almost every household in the District of Columbia and for many miles around, as well as into thousands afar off accustomed to regard its statements of occurrences in Wash ington as being, except in the few instances in which we make corrections, positively and un qualifiedly true Yet we also feel, as we should, the respon sibility resting upon the Star as one of the guardians of the true interests of this commu nity, which are involved in nothing more cer tainly than in the rigidness with which both law and justice are administered without fear or favor, by the courts of the District of Colum bia We had hoped that we should have felt at Ij^erty to abstain from making a single edi toria! comment upon this trial during its pro gress; but the labors of those who are now seeking to vindicate the accused in many ways, have imposed on us the disagreeable du y of expressing our views?not upon the quta:ionof the gailt or innocence of P. T Herbert?but on collateral subjects bearing on the trial. A counsel for the defence, in opening yes terday, commented with great severity upon the c urse cf the press with reference to the afTiir, including, in plain terms, the press of this city, whose publications concerning it have, as far as we have seen, been marked with e xupukus forbearance, under the cir.-um starces. To the press he attributed the great excitement existing here with reference to the mutter. It strikes us that features connected witb the tri-1 are more fairly chargable with h v eg originated the more than usuul itter e. I it that has been manife-ted by the Di? trtflt public. These are firs', the manifest difference made ry the officers of the law in the treat ment of the accused when first arrested, and that of ether prisoners he Id under charges of the same grade. Next, the extraordinary ar ray of "distinguished" influence in the court rooms during the original examination and the subsequent trial, calculated, if not de signed, to deftat the return of a verdict with out fear or favor. Next, again, the course which the court conceived to be its duty to pursue throughout the trial, ending in the in structions given to the jury, which have al ready been severely commented upon by the press of the country, and which have been veiy generally disapproved by the legal pro fession, as invclving ideas of the law by no meats likely to render human life more safe thun heretofore in this community And next, a^ain, the fact that these instructions went to the jury without a protest from the prosecution A scrupulous determination to abstain from doing au^ht that can possibly improperly influence the result of the trial compels us to say no more of the?e instruc tions at this time. Again : Circumstances connected with the ?election of the jury now trying the case are far more calculated than any possible com ments cf the press to excite the mind of this public with reference to the trial. Eleven of the jurors are understood to be members of the Know Nothing party Two of them de clared, on being questioned by the Court, that they had foimed opinion* as to the guilt or innocence of the accused and had eipressed those opinions; while one cf t-cm proclaimed that at that moment hia expressed opinion was retained ; which means if meaning i-ny thing, that his mind was bi assed on the case. One of the jurors is un derstood to have been a visitor of the accused in prison and an active sympathiser with him He submit that all these things legitimately account for the extraordinary manner in which public attention is fixed on this trial, without seeking for other reasons to that end. Again : friends of the accused have used some of the newspapers of Washington in his behalf. Even tc-day we find in the Onion an earnest appeal, evidently for his acquittal, to much of which we do not feel at liberty to allude in detail, because it touches points which we cannot discus* without justly aub jecting ourself to the charge of having undu ly influenced the current trial There i> a statement in that eommunicatlon, however, which it is due to this public that we should notice. It is as follows : "If Mr. Doubois had consented to appear in court he could only have corroborate^^ testimony for the defence. This ffcntl?m?n b.. ...bori.M I>r O M Woo,US! *". in this city, to contradict ,M tkr wj."* Mtatemmt, with which bis name hss bee^ in any manner connected Delicacy on the part 5*' fronds has prevented the publication of Mr. Dubois' statement durine the pendency of the trial; but at the proper time it will be made public." Of this we have to say that, without pre tending to dispute the accuracy of its repre sentation of what M Dubois told the gentle man named above, of which we know nothing except what the writer states, we are very sure that bis original representations of the ? fi ir t gentlemen of Washington do not war rant the conclusion with reference to what Ma testimony would be if appearing on the wit ness stand, to which the writer in *be Union has arrived I Knowing well that a hue and cry will b? raised against ns for thus discussing this af fair, we hare to say to the public that our sense of duty to th? cause of law and justice in our midst, and that only, has been our guide throughout it. ? The Mockery ?Some days since we took occasion to expose the Know Nothing charac ter of the late bogus Old Line Whig State Con vention held at Baltimore, Md., whereupon some Know Nothing correspondent of our tal ented, truthful and ingenuous neighbor abused us and epithetised us roundly, for misrepre senting that precious gathering Feeling very sure that rome bona fide Old Line Whig of Maryland would sooner or later lift the flimsy veil of false pretences with which the Know Nothings were endeavoring to cover up thair tracks in the management of that affair, we preferred not to notice our gentle and amiable neighbor's correspondent at that time. The lion. Senator Samuel II Berry of Upper Marl boro, who was elected a delegate from Prince Ueorga to that Convention, appeared on the day before yesterday in the Planter's Advo cate over hia own name, and thoroughly ex poses the mendacity, impudence and hum buggery of the effort to create the impression that it proved to be aught but a Know Noth ing expedient to deceive the bona fiie Whigs ttf the State into the support of Fillmore and the principles of Know Nothingism. We there fore proceed to quote him as a sufficient reply to the Know Nothing who assailed us through the columns of our immaculate and even-tem pered neighbor. Thus; describing the success ful efforts of the Know Nothings to pack the jounty meeting* selecting delegates, he says : In many, indeed in most of these, it appear ed that there were present persons notoriously identified with this new party, in such num bers as in many instances to control the ac tion of the meeting, as a consequence of which many delegations were sent, either instructed to endorse a particular candidate, or else composed of persons previously pledged to bis support. The irregularity of which proceed ing must have been apnarent to all real Whigs, upon two considerations; for, firstly, memners or adherents of other parties had no right to control the*e meetings, and, second ly. the sending for men already pledged or instructed for a particular ticket, and resolved it all hazard to have that ticket endorsed, defeated the primary and original object of the whole movement, wh:ch, as I have stated, wad for the purpjso of free and unbiased con sultation aa to the course proper for Whigs to pursue. " Upon arriving in Baltimore it was evident that these irregular proceedings had been carried to such an extent, as totally to aet at defiance the very object of the Convention, it being clear that the adherents of the '? Amer ican' party and the supporters of its nomina tion had secured the entire control. Believing, therefore that the meeting would not he prop erly a Whig meeting, believing that it would iepart from the principles already laid down by the first meeting, (April 29th.) and that its action would. consequently, bo an entire do sertion and betrayal of the Old Line Whirrs of the S ate, I declined to attend its sittings. And it is because these fears have been con firmed by its action, that I refuse to endorse, in any purticular, what it has seen fit to do. Many of the counties were not represented at all Mmy had but oue delegate present, and not a lew even of the delegations that were present were composed of persons who cared not a fig for Whig principles in comparison with the aforesaid " American" dogmas they bad seen fit to adopt. "I oppose its action, therefore, in the first place, because it was properly constituted, but was controlled l>y the members or adherents of another party to secure their own onds. I c-ppose it, in the second place, because of the resolutions it adopted, and its endorsement of Mr Fillmore. The resolutions, by their im plied coincidence with Mr. Fillmore a present position, fly directly in the face of the position taken by the preceding meeting of the 2V?th of April, and by their studied evasion of the ex siting question ol the day. their denunciation if the democratic party as sectional, because of its efforts on behalf of southern rights, and their failure to endorse the Kansas bill, for which the South now contends, they utterly tail to meet the views of southern Whigs upon these questions " The Contested Election Case.?The Repub lican managers in the House have decreed that the Hon. Mr. Allen, of Illinois shall be ousted from his seat as a representative in Congress, and that one of their own party sha.l take his place. The reason for this de termination is to be fjund in the fact that by ejecting such a change, tho vote of Illinois will be secured for Fremont in case the Presi dential election goes to the House. Under such ciroumstauces, a very slim pretence of illegality in the election of Mr. Allen, is suffi cient as tho ba*is on which to found the pro ceedings through which they are striving to Wuik ??ut their end. So far as the question of right is concerned, one might as well whistle psalms to dead horses as argue it to them in their present strait concerning the next Presi dency. If this determination was theirs only? the evil would be slight in its effects. But Mr. Fillmore's northern friends, or at least enough of them to secure the triumph of their plot?for it is neither more nor less than u plot?have determined to aid theia V\ hile the Southern Know Nothing leaders and newspapers are tickling the imagination of their followers with Mr Fillmore's Albauy and Rochester speeches, hie northern guard in the House are plotting with the Republi cans a scheme like this, to, if possible, insuro the election of Fremont over Buchanan. \ erily, the Know Nothing leaders must re gard the Know Nothing masses in Maryland. Louisiana, and Kentucky, as not only the most stupid of the stupid, but as being utterly lost to all sense of self-respect and self-preser vation. Nought but such an impression con cerning them can superinduce the belief that they will continue to strengthen the bauds of Mr Fillmore's northern fuglemen here, for working out the triumph of such coalition for such purposes. Mr Burwell.?Mr. Wm.M. Burwell, late editor of the Washington Organ, has resigned his seat in the Virginia Legislature, because he oannot longer act with the Know Nothing party against the election of Buchanan and Breckinridge His published letter of resig nation is able and interesting, and shows that those in the South who under any pretence seek to draw the South from the support of Buehanan and Breckinridge, are pursueing a course that must lead, if sucoessfal, to thede stmction of the rights and interests of their section of the confederacy. We shall to uxor r jw endeavor to find rpaoe wherein to refer more at length to this able latter. The Way of All (Know Nothing) Fl#?h - The proeeedingA of the bogus Old Line Whig State convention, reoently in session at Rich Bond, \ a , were as amusing as those of its late counterpart in Baltimore, and identical in tenor ; in other words, it was composed al most entirely of persons who, while steadily and *pjutin* Know Nvnhingua, for years past, do not heaitate to admit t*?M they retain their former Whig sentiment* on all the old question?^'Vsue. A resolution pWgtfcs the members to be Whigs and not KmNTNothings, was very an ceremoniously voted down, or hannifuggted out of the way, it will be perceived from the accounts of their proceedings now beiog pub lished in naarlj all the newspapers The onlj solution of this aotion is, that, otherwise, the entire Know Nothingism of the gathering would hare been exposed to the gaie of those whose votes are designed to be entrapped by the act of the Know Nothing leaders in stook ing the delegations to these so-called Old Line Whig conventions. The Million to Mexico ?We are satisfied that the paragraph being published, sajing that John Forsytb, E*q., of Mobile, Alabama, haa been nominated to the Senate to be the American Minister to Mexico, vice Minister Gadsden, resigned, is prematura. Yet we be lieve that Mr F. bids fair to be selected for that so important position. We are very sure that no better or more acceptable appoint ment could be made. Mr. Forsyth is a gen tleman of high character and rare abilities, possessing much of that perspicacity, readi ness and acuteness of. intellect for which his father the late John Forsyth of Georgia, was so distinguished when In the public service Though comparatively young, no other man ol hij times has more thoroughly impressed him self on the popular mind in his own section of the confederacy. The Naval Promo iona ? The Senate are understood, yesterday, to have confirmed nearly all of the large batch of Naval pro motions growing out of the law for tho forma tion of a Retired List, &c. in the Navy of the United States. This bears out what we have published concerning the probable result Of the long senatorial controversy over the action of the late Naval retiring board. The Secretary of the Navy left Washing ton yesterday for the Fauquier White ?u' phur Springs, Va., where tho condition of his health makc9 it necessary that he should so journ for a short season. Monetary and Commercial.?The foliowirg quotations of bonds, stocks, and land warrants were furnished us to-day (July 17) by Swee ney, Rittenhouse, Fant <fc Co., bankers : 1,000 j it 14 7?H iojh @ iojh 110 BOND8 AND CITY STOCKS. p.r. I Washington Corporation < per cent. $100 10S @104 Georgetown do 6 do 100 96 (4 #7 Aleitadrit do C do 100 85 (A 86 couroir*. St. Loot! City B?n1s 6 per root. ex lot. 1,000 T9 <3 80 Cincinnati do 6 do do l.ftfo 89 W 90 Loui?ville do 6 do do 1 000 79 u so Lcuisvlllo do 6 short b'di do l'ooo 9J (3 92V Fredericksburg 6 do do l'ooo so si Mom phi 1 4(i 6 do do 1,000 66 it New Orleans do 6 do do 1,090 76 (4 77 Pltuburg do 6 do do l|ooo "5 (A 76 Burlington do 8 do do 1,000 *8 Qt *3 San Francisco do 10 pay N. V. do 1,000 103 fig lot San Francisco do 10 pay 8. F. do 1,000 96 (4 97 Sacramento do 10 pay N. Y. do L'NITKD STATED STOCKS. Loan of I860 6 per cent. Loan of 1862 6 do . Loan of 1867 ? do _ 11^ <? lis Loan of 1848 6 do _ ? 115*; u, 116 Loan of 1868 (Coupons) (do 116 a 117 Loan cl 1866 (Texas ind.) 8 "do 106 ^ 107 RAILSOAD BONDS. Baltimore k Ohio 6 p. ct. 1886 ? 83 % 83), Beading 6 do i860 ? 91 91S Orange k Ale*. A do ?7S (2 77 Illinois Central 7 do ? 1 93 O 93t, Illinois Central IFreeland) 7 >lo ? 103 (g loj bank stock. Bank of Metropolis 106 (3, 106 Bank of Washington ! 7S 80 Patriotic Bank _ ?6 u f>0 Farmers k Mech.'s' Bank, Georgetown 70 (i. 71 Bank of the Old Domlulon, Alexandria ? too (g 101 Bank of Commerce, Georgetown, (uone ? for sale 1 | INSURANCE STOCKS. Firemen's (noue In market) ? Franklin (none In the market) ? Potomac do do i ? | STaTK STOCKS. Virginia 6 per cent, ex Int. _ ) 93V @ 94 Maryland ? do _ 95, @ a6 , Missouri ? do do ? I f>6 (Sj 86W Kentucky 6 do ? 104 S 104), I.oulalaaa 6 do j ? ! ?a w.v. Tennsiiife 5 do ? ? 95 9i> ^ California 7 do ? ;?? (4 70), ' i RATES OP P0KBI6N BASK NOTES. Dlsc't. Dlsc't. Eastern States.,. J Richmond....... | New York State. * Norfolk | New York city... par Petersburg | Pennsylvania.... j Fredericksburg.. | Philadelphia .... par Winchestor j New Jersey J N. W. States .... 1* Delaware j Kentucky li Maryland j Tennessee 2i Baltimore par North Carolina... 2 Virginia......... | Other S. States .. Ia2 LAND WARRANTS. lftO-acre warrants, per acre....?0 9ft ?$0 98 80 do do do .... 97 a 99 120 do do do .... 93 a 95 60 do dQ do .... 92 a 94 40 do do do .... 1 10 a 1 12i ?? ? The transactions in stocks for the past week have been large, but the market generally has been heavy, with a little recovery of firmoeis on yesterday. There seems to be no reason for this heaviness, and wo think pricos must advance. The demand for money is somewhat in ex cess of the supply, and, although no absolute pressure exists, rates are perceptibly higher. The quotations are on call 6 to 7 por oent ; for sixty and ninety day paper 7 to 8 per cent. This state of the market is caused, in part, by the combined heavy shipments of specie to Europe, and the temporary falling off in re ceipts from California. The New York bank statement for the week ending July 12th, shows a loss of $2,035,827 ; the loans and dis counts have increased $480,454; the depbeits have decreased $1,231,790, and the circula tion $231,715. The specie list of Wednes day's steamer was over $1,000,000, and a large shipment by the Baltic to-morrow is antici pated. LAND WARRANTS have advanced 3 cents per acre sinoe oar last report It is now confidently believed that the bill pending before Congress to make land warrants receivable on the reserved sec tions of railroad grants, and at the public land sales, will become a law thit session This belief has caused holders to decline sell ing at present rates, and has given firmness to the market, which makes the demand con tinue in exoess of the supply, producing a consequent steady rise. Should the market reach $1 per acre, the limit put upon large amounts lying in the market, the supply mugt be in excess of the demand. We advise all who have wa- ants to send them to market to be sold on the passage of the bill referred* to, as we are confident prices will be higher immediately on its passage than at any sub sequent period. We understand that the Governor of Iowa has called a special session of the Legislature to maka a disposition of the grants of lands in that State, whioh will be the means of speed ily bringing those lands into market again, and tend to enhance the value of warrants. The Current Operation! of the Traaaury Department .?On yesterday, the 17th of July, *"Med - Snr !ie r?d?mPtlo? Stocks.... $3,308 80 For the Treasury Department... 4,330 84 tor the Interior Department...,? 2,097 78 War warrants received and en tfl Tttd ....... 9 70* ts Fr uy Customs JjgJ ? Frcai iiiscclUnoous-ourees V 1* On aoeoant of Um Navy... ^ 00 COMGBESSIOHAL PBOCEIDHTGI. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, at the conclusion of their Executive session, the bill to repeal so much of tha act approrad March 3, 1855, as provides for the ercction of an armory in the city of Washing ton. waf discussed by Mestrs. Brown. Piti patrick, Jones of Tenn , Case, 13 rM bead Clay, Qeyer and Pugh, whan, on the question af its engrossment no quorum voted?yeas 18, nays 13?and then they adjourned. In the Home, the debate on the Illinois contested election case was continued by Messrs. Norton, Miller, and Cadwallader. The previous question was then oalled and seconded, with the understanding that Mr Stephens is to be allowed to speak on the sub. ject are closing the debate. Various bills, resolutions, Ac., were then introduced and referred or otherwise disposed of ere they sdj.nrned PreceedlBg* ?' Ta-Day. In the Senate, Mr. Yulee introduced a bill to have printed matter, hereafter sent in the mails, prepaid; referred. On motion of Mr Pearce, the bill to carry into effect the act entitled 41 an aot to provide for tha accommodation of the courts of the United States for the district of Maryland, and for a post office at Baltimore city, Maryland." approved February 17, 1855, was taken up; and it was passed. The bill to repeal the act for the construe tion of an armory in the District of Columbia was also passed?yeas 20, nays 16 Mr. Crittenden was advocating the passage if the bill for the relief of the heirs of the late Col John Harden of Ky ., when the Star went to press. In the Home, to-day, immediately after the reading of the journal, the Illinois contested election case was again taken up, when Mr. Stephens addressed the House iu favor of his minority case Mr. Archor (the contestant for the seat) availing himself of the privilege voted to him by the House, then addressed them in favor of his claim. Nr.w Music?From Ellis' Piano and Music establishment we have received. 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.... Gov Marmaduke and family, of Mis souri, are at Willards'. .... Judge Guion and family, of Louisiana, ? in this city, stopping at Willards'; also, Gov. W. W. H. Uavis, of New Mexico. .... Gov. Wise, of Virginia, and a party of friends arrived at Norfolk on Wednesday, bound to Cape Charles on a fishing excursion. .... Wm. W. Curran, Esq , formerly of An napolis, Md , but for many years past t>upnrin teodent of the reportorial corps of the llouse ?jf Representatives, died this morning. .... The report that Mrs Ljdia Child, the mthoress, had died in Europe, is contradicted It is said she is now liting near Boston, ani has never been in Europe .... In the Griswold divorce ease, the Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia, has decided igaiost the application of the libellar.t (Rev. Rufus W. Griswold, D. D.) to complete the record by the substitution of alleged copies. }H7"Brown'a Aromatic Essence af Tarkey RHtBAKBiifrt" from unplrmnt taste. 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I commenced nslng the reg ular rear e lies of the profession, but the disease stubbornly resisted all my efforts. The reputation of Carter's Spanish Mixture having reached me,and being person?lly aciniluted with your*elves, I determined to give it a trial. I did an, and iu a short time its good effect* were evident, and three bottles cured htm. As an act of jostiee to suffering humanity. I cannot with hold nif testimony to Its virtues a* an alternative and pv mpt purifier of the blood, and ttk* pleasure Iu recommending it to the profession and the public generally. Jy 1 lm Tours respectfully, O. BUTCHER, M. D. ICTWm. A. Batchelor'a Hair Dye.?Gray, Red. or Rusty Hair dyed Instantly to a Beautiful and Natu ral Brown or Black, without the least injury te Hair or 8ktn. FirTBEW Medals aki> Diplomas have been asMrded to V ia. A. Batchelor since 1M?, and over i?,00? applications uave been male to the Ha r of his patrons of his famous Dye. Pr^udlc-against Dying the Hair and Whiskers U unjust, as It would be against covering a bald bead with a wig. Wn. A. Batchelob'o Hais D*b produces a color not to be distinguished from nature, and is wabbamtkb not to tnj?re In the least, however long It may be continued. Bold in all cities and towns of the Tnlted State*, by Drug gist* and Panry Goods Dealer*. *JT Th i Genuine has tha name and address upon a steel plate em.-raving, on four sidee of each bottle, of WILLIAM A. BATCHKLOB, 3?3 Broadway, New York. ?y For sale by CHAS. 8TOTT, Pennsylvania arsnus. ap 7? eo4m ID* Important ta the Ladtea!?Dr. Da POKCO 8 FEMALE PILLS.?The coiablnaMos or Ingredi ent* Iu the Pills are perfectly harmless. Their efllcacy ai d merits ere base 1 upon an extensive practice of over thirty years; and, where the directions have been strictly fol lowed, they have never failed to coriect all Irregularities, relieve painful asd difficult ineostrnatton. (particular!*,) at the change of life. They will cure the Whites, aud remove all obstructions arising tr m cold, exposure or any csnsee; an t mat be need su--ce* .fully as a Preventive. Osll apen the agent, and get a ClrcuUr for particulars frss. Prl e $1 per box, wit* full dlrectlooe. Bold wholesale and retail bv CUAS. STOTT, Druggist, Pennsylvania avenue, BAM VKL B. WAITR, 63s Seventh street, Washington. D. C.; and R S. T. CIS^KL, Oeorgetawn ; to wlr m all orde-? n ust be ?'?nt, and tUe PI'ls will b* se t ct uAdtuUeUf, by inall, to ladtea who enclose ? h*m one dollar. N. R?Bee signature ou U>s box; to waatsrMt It is fbr |f?y. J*Mf .CONSTITUTION *L PIONEKI ASSOCIATION OF THF. FIRST WARD ?There Will be ? meeting of thl? Aim elation, THIS (Friday) EVENING. atPo'elk Bvlnmoflmportuct req ;lres the pre*BCf of wry member. lt? WM D. SF.RR1N, Pec. THE MAtx I .AND DEMOCRATIC C^ub of the City of Wi?h'n)jt?n having completed their organization the Exe~*illve Con ml t tee will bere?f?er he In se*?ion every even!' g, at their room*. No. *71 F street, soutb tide. oe*r 13th stre't All persona, whether Marvlard-rs or not, desirous of securing the elector*' rote of the Mate for Buchanan and Breckinridge are lavlted to attend and onroll themalv? no mem ber!. By order: jy 17-3t? 1SAAC WLL1AM3, Rec_Sec CARD OF THANKS-The under ?icMd, Committee of Ar.a*gemci>u or the part of Logan Tribe I. O R. M. tender thetr s ncere thanks to the ladles and gentleir'n of Georgetown, Washington, and Navy Yard far their kind patronage on the Eieurslon glwn h> them to the VN Lite House Pavilion on the 16th Instant. Mr. Samuel L Davis, Floor Manager. ?nd Mr George Chamberlain. Aaai>tant Kloor Manager, will also rcept our thanks for their valuable ser vices on the occasion W e also return ou* thanks to the members of Scott*! Band for their superior m-wlc Cart Corson will accept ou thanks for his at tention to the safety and comfort of his passen gers Mr Win Coke for his superior refresh? ecu furnished in his usual style. Jarob F Stanb, RCunnlngbam, Wm A Yates George Collins, Jacob Shoemaker, Jno I Hilton, John WlUIsms, Jno Paxton. GionesTown, July 18, 183i. (Organ) .NOTICE ?THE MEMBERS OF the Western Hoee Active Association most respectfully announce to their friends and the 6uhllc generally that tliey will give their thl'd rand Cotillon Party at the Pioneer Hall, corner of 24th and K streets, on THURSDAY, July 91. 18M. Tickets FIFTY CENTS?admitting a gen tleman and ladlrs Committee s/ ArrnngemeMtt. F N Ho tzman, W De laway, T J Parker, J H Big*-, W K Baker, J R Staging G W Edward', Jy 18 FTTh Potomac Pavilion, > Pi!t*T Poiit, July II, 1856 > MY ADVERTISEMENT TO THF effaet that excraion parties would not b.* allowed to land at this place rot aeemlng to have been generally understood, this is to give further notice that this rule, forced upon me bi circumstances, whloh It Is unnecessary to detail, is positive. and that steamboat owners will be held responsible for a viola ion c* the same jy 16-3t W. W DIX, Proprietor. .CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE - Persons declining hou?ekeeplng or hav lng a surplus of Household effects will And it to their advantage to give us a rail before dltposlng of the same. We ere prepared to bur their en tire stock of Furniture, (in large or small quantl ties,) and thus ?ave them the trouble and expense Incident to a public auction New Furniture ex changed for good second-hand articles BONTZ * COOMBS. Extensive Furniture Deal era. No 309 Seventh street, near I. jy 12-lm .NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER bees leave to call the attention of tbe public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENS WARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing ihey will save from lfc to 25 per cent Toilet and Dinner Sets l<%wer th*n the lowost at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, je 9 ?m JOHN McDFVITT. SCAVENGER'S NOTICE THE FIRST dl?trtct of th? Third Ward consists of all that portion of the ward w?*t of the middle of 7th st. wast Notice can be left in the bf xes at the Cen tre and Northern Liberties' Markets. jy 17-3t? JOHN MACK Si't REWARD. RAN AWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER living wtr B'sdershnrg. Prince Geo county. NEGRO BOY CHARLES, be 1m about 16 years of ag?, bright copper color, and is rather small frr hlsage. wal s brisk. and 1?-raund sh'u'.dered, his ? lothing not recol lected, wore away a leg-horn hat with a high crowu His relations reside in Washington cltv; has a brother who Is free, calls himself Jo; FletcVer. I will give the f bove reward, no matter where taken if secu'ed In 1*11. The public are warm d a?alnrt hiring or giving employment to the de scribed boy. as 1 have no doubt he will mi>e tie eff rt. A. H BERRY, jy l8-2t* Prince George's Com ty TO ALL THA T VALUE THEIR SIGHT 11 B r R A WISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suff*r with d-fectlve sleht, cau.-ed by age, sickces7, and fa'tlcalariv from glasses Injudiciously selected, to rls superior SPtCTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground bv himself to a tiue sp* erlc&l accuracy, and brl liant transra encv, su'tert prorls ly and benefl cially to the wearer accoiding to the concavity o convexity of the eye. Very numerous a e the 111 effects c - uh. d to the precious organ of sight froir 'he commencement of using glasses in not being precl-ely sult? d, by the u-e < f ?n O. tome let: ar d the practice of many years enable* him to h e*. u;e the focal disease of the eve*, and su h glass es that are absolately required will be furnished with precision and satlnfactlon JOHN TOBIAS ac nowled^ea the very libe ral encouragement at ready obtained, ai d finther solicits the patronage of those that have not yet availed heruM-Ues of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by tt)d ing th? glasses in use, and sttte how many Itch es tfcey can read ch s print with tbelr spectacles, can be rupp.led with such aa will imptove ihtlr sight innumerable testimonials to b^ seen; and ref erences given to many who have deilrrd the greatest <a?? and comfort fiom hli glasses. CliCnlar* t > be bed gratis, at his office, No 31J SEVENTH STKLtT, three do<rx jtom Odd Fellows' Hall, vr st&iis. NoaroLk, Sepieinber7, HT4. Sir?The Spectacles you mad'1 for me t>uit ver> well, and seem to have improved my f^ght mase than any other I have lately tried. L1TT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles cb'alned frc m Mr. Tobias and find them of great aaslstance to my alght and corresponding with hladescl tlon of the focus. I recommend him as a skillful op tician. HENRY A WISE Having be?n induced by a friend to vi?Pthe o? t^blishment of Mr Tobias for tte purpose of try lag his gla;te?, I was furnished by him w ith ? pair slightly colorid blue, which nave afforded me m: ie relief and gratification than any 1 have ever tried My slgLt, originally \ery good, was injured bv writing and rending at night, fre qnentlv to a very late hour; but with the aid of tbe?e glasses I can s udy almost aa late as ?ver, a> d that too without the piln 1 have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON. I.afe Commissioner Gen'l Land Office. Dec:-ntber 11, it36 1 have u?ed Mr Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, ?cd take great pleasure In say lng that i am much pleased with them. 1 have been much benefit.ed by ttem GEOR. P. SCAKBURGH. May Sth, 1^55 1 was recommended to Mr. John Tobias aa a ski Iful optician ; axd as 1 have eyes of remark able peculiarity, 1 was gratified to find that Mr Tobias seemed to comprehe.d them by Inspec tion and some slight measurement, and he has mede me a pair of Spectacles that suits me ad mirably. A. P. BUTLER. July 11, 1856. Wil Mine tor, N. C., Jan. *7, 1851 Mr. J Tobias: Dear Sir?1 am happy to sat that the Spec acles w lch 1 obtained irom you lest week are entirely sa'lsfa to'y. From an inequal ity in tbe visual range of m, eyes, I have be etc found great difficulty In getting glastes of the proper focal distance It affords rne pleasure t stste that, by the aid of your optometer, thla diffi culty has been happily obviated so that the gJass< s you furnished me are dec dedly the best adapteo to my ey'S of any 1 have ever vet used Very respectfully, yours, R B DRANE, Rector of St James' Pailsh Dipaitmi^t or Iktiiioi, May 7, 1855 From natu-al defects and tbe unequal range of my eyes, 1 have bten compelled to u?e glasses for several years. I bave tried different optician* without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes I our months since Mr Tobias m^de two pairs especially lor me, which I have Kund tc serve me perfectly. Bv the use of his optometer he la enab ed to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. I most cherifu ly recommend Mr Tobias to al htvlng occasion to use glasses and tear my testi mony aa to his skill as an optician HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. P. 8 ?OPERA GLASSES ff great va lety, TELESCOPES * MICROSCOPES, WATCh MAKER GLASSES, and many other articles in this >lne at very low prices constantly on hand jy 18-ly COAL AT S5 S7X PER TOR FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! I WILL RECEIVE ORDERS THIS WEEK to furnish white Ash Co*l at the above prlo ?. to be delivered from the vesaei, in quantltl * no 1? si tlan five tens ; atd Red Ath a'. SS I2>? f?r toa of i,*4U lbs. F.L. MOOKE, jy 14-eo3t wast side 9th, b?c J> and E all. AMU8IMEITTS p . ?*lcM or : R?fi?fd .. Hoxesaad Prnrqw, '???, cirt. ;;;; SSIS 0 B A IV D DRAMATIC F *8TIVAl OXB NIGHT OXLT' The oel'brsted Coifd'tM Mr. H. A. Perry, and Mr. John H. Clarke Supported by a powerful Cempao* Oi MONDAY KVENINoTiuly Ji, The celebrated c medy of ' ' LAUGH WHEN YO J CAW Goaaamer, ?*<* l-au^hng Phliosop'* r Ml- 6l~mlr \r?g After which, THE TOODLT2R. Mn Mf J 8 Cl-A*|tt ?IL ? "iff Aconi,at(a( .... Mim PaiW WAlfTS. tyANTFD-AT T?K NATIONAL HOTFi ' T 3 gocd Ironers, tinned lately. f,, L??T-THI8 MORNING, on F HTR>iTt between 9th and 14 tb i HA Vovkt J.? .. . I'allfd J Jft?? rtH iTto 2!i be rewrded by leaving it ,t tbla rffl e 7^ WAfcTED?A WOMAN TO DO THE m? eral homework of a a all family at 181 H street, between 21 t and 2id /y If &? WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUMe Man as rop\1st or assl?taBt book ke*r?r< od,?f.b,IwlM*" "*?'? "?*" *?v Bote "K W Mc?.'? Jarksrn Hall Restaurant 460 Pennsi' vania avenue, Washington. ' jj Young gentlemen acquainted wPh the Dry Goods rrade Two wanted -ituatlon permanent Pay liberal PtRR\A BROTHER, Central Htore., we?t bn Id In? or poslte Centre Market jy 17 llf ANTED?TO RKNt ToK^ MONTHS ? * ?r longer, a small furnished Hons em trally situated Add rem -Rcare of Mr Tnrk" er, letter-earrler, Cl:y Prat OAce. jy ||^? llf ANTED?WILLIAM GR1MSLEV Rt,w . ?rd l)abb?, John tnrtt*hand Jarre* balba to rail at tnr oRre, No. 158 Brldpe street. George town, or address me a letter, and they wiu t?*r of ?om*thlng to tbe'r adnntigf IT RICHARD P. JACKSON MILLERS WANTED-A FIRST AM).; cond Mll!er wanted immed!afelr Gasd M rvTH^B^r ,Tea A0ply 10 HaRTLKV A BROTHER, Georgetown. ?y W AN TED-W AN~rED?WANT! H_TO J7 find persons la want of the foiir,w:a~ ar tlclea: h French or German Looking Slaim Portrait or Picture Frames. round, ovtl or at dim Oil Palntlnge, larre and small S ,r# Marble-top Bracket Tables, In bronxe or eo'd All kind* of Pictures framed, and an? ?i*e Looking Glasses, or other work in ihe fflduj line done to order with di* *tch * Alao, a lot of e? t-lron Trarketta, suitable for a'a!S&X'c!!b"4 rajS^""* ??*!?,.n L?oku? *55 Penna avenue, cppoalte Klrkwood Reuse 4ec 19 JOHN WAGNFR ' I BQAMrirgj I O^ARD IN GEORGETOWN ?MRS. HFP u burn. No. 113 We?t atreet, rear the b?tfih<? f"* *,ry ro?'1" wblrb ?*?datna to .et with beard on accommidating tmue jy 14-1 w* " /k\E LARGE ROOM AND ONE GOOD ,' ?,Ird ?'"??? wm, fnltab'e for a 'air ilv rr n single perMi.can be rented with or wlfhctr beard n tbe n?a*onr.ble 'erm? 1 he Hfnatlca is . lea?ant for tbe aim m?-r. ard w*ll a^ert^ for a i'V ^ li r!>,11dr' n; br,r'nr B larpr- V?rd a rarh ^d tothe Dwelling Apply to No *6- loth ?t--e? between D at d *? streefs - jj HfRS. BANNERMAN. CORNER OF *TH . rn^. ?-'f1Tr" >,*, B^veral pood R ooa * va cant, which eh* (tT-rn with bourdon fea^onaKe terms, cm ictommodatf aererii tablf bosrd. Jy |?-tf OOARD,Ac-MRS BA1*;s?,ON THES H PcnavlTenla a*enne and ?tb st'oet wft?T*7^" "**?;*R??Ueine n wl ?h roc ir.?. wfth rr without kw^-d. Ltci-v effort will be mede ? comfortable who may ftrrt tn with their patronEre. T apttltf FOR 6ALfi AlfD PEirr ~ jnaaw^. ro. OT?. WIItiTT pOR RENT-A VF.RY dksirabifand G .tSES? ??,<d f?:;/ *torT Pr Ck Houm. ra 12 b and l jth **??? An f, T," 33#' tb?- corner cf G and I'th ?treeu. Jt# ?T,HE KLI ,3SG PART OF * nili k T? pn?Br d vestie? t. GfrrKt own. n,w occupied by Mr. W etenLall, "eweller Pomtm od Riven about the Is* of Au^uat A.phon ."? premise*, or to A HYDE._ Jy lS-3t? POR RENT ?THE HOI'SE AND Fl'Rvl ^.?i^irk0nJfcenHe,KilU of G-orgetawn. now oc cupied by M BolUeau, of the Frt-nrh IxraMna, ppoalte Col. \\ m Kobtnson4s. will be ren ed to a good tenant. Po*ae*>lon giv*n about t^^ n id "^U*t APPJ>'to A HYDE, 1?2 W?tk. ington street (|nl) Jy ,?-j ? UOUSE FOR RENT ?NO 5T5 M bTREET b m north two doora from the corner of Tik It has B rooms, front and back alley, wr*od'oua*r nd ravel yard. For terms apply to tke subscribe nest dco* Jy POR RENT?A BRICK HOI'HE ON I ? street, between ?th and 7fh. it han 9 roocr?. a P ,3? t, to a 30 foot alley paved Tbe rent will fcf j!8r| per annum. It ha^ brer. ca!u>d and papered lately For terms a. plvto C KEK . A''i collector for Gas Company K?v feit a?or jy ltf-Jt* FOR RENT?A WELL FINISHED AM? crm^ortnble br:ck dwellh tr House < a In, oopo.-lte FrarkMn fqnare. Apply ?t No T3 I ?treet between 13th an4 14th jy 17-1W POR RKNT?THE LARGE THREE t?TO ,!>..ry^aIenl*nd ?t?=fcou, cn F. b^twten IT! ... ?trcet* formerly c cur id by the Ml Tyson This kotise ha> been new y point ed and put In perfect order, containing g%? fli ? ures and bath room, with a larce extern of 81 ? th* Apply at tie Dra|i ^tcre of NAIRN A PALMER, corner (th .treet and Pa avenue. jy p ? arge warehouse to rent?thk warehouse on flxth s*teet. Ve'w??n rt:in*?l vaniaand M'ssoutl avenuri, Is for teut It Is a commodious brick building, wi h tin roof, it fronts rn Sixth street and rua? b^ck to a 3?> fe?r Bll^f. For futher part'cu'arg lnqul-e of A GREEN, No. 396 seventh street JylC-ecSt House for hai.e?a fine new m dcrn built hou?e on K street; fronting Franklin So '>are, corUln?rg 13 rooms and a fine basement, kitchen, Ac Ga?, hot and cold water throughout the Lou?e. w>th ba h room *e In qwlre of H A. WILLARD, at Wlllards' Hotei Je23-lm Roach trapi, mouse traps, rat TRAPS at G FRANCIS'S, Jy 17 490 Seventh rt plOKR VINEGAR ? , Fl?y (50) bbls. pure Ju'ce rf the arple, f t sal-. Appivat Lorn t bill Farm, 7 h M road near the Arat toU gate Jy 17-lw* IIrIRK DISH COVERS FLY BRUSHES, ? f F eather Dusters, Baskets, Satchels, Orrei Ba^* ?c ? ?l House-lurnlsking ^tore. 4? ? Tth street. jj 17 G FRAN* IS. I c e:? 1 About 1?0 tons transparent ICE, fr lea ^ water for sale, either ?? it Is or dHI? ?>t able lathe city Apply at locust HIU F-nr. -th Btreet road, near the flrat toll gate Jy 17-lw# OOMEIHIHG UHriL AMU 4 HRA*.? ^ Clinton's Alroho! Cook, a deMnble article far families or batrhWors' halls, for sale whole wlf and reta 1 at Jy 17-at LAMMOND*S, ?tk st NAVY Y'KD MR GA^ZVN^K1 BK?S LEAVE reswrt ful y to Info'm tie Inhabitant* of theean>rr section of ihe ??tjr that U will cpeu a ?chool foi laaclrg In t??e A< aco.ilt Engine hous- cm t at UKDAY VENING, the ISth In.aS 7 o'clo k p m Tbe parenu of chlidiea wt< have not ax vet er.teied, and all interest* Win For terms app> at the h.U lu ,te ew?, i at ih< drug store of F. S. Wa sh K,.01 P*i?tSrfi!^~t^? suua Fountains 'ats?s?e draw tin* t ? w very low. Enquire at ' ^ b< JvlS-JtS '8 D .y * oy. jy p?. ?w bet. aU a$.