Newspaper of Evening Star, July 19, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 19, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAK. LOCAL IlSTELLIQEirCE. S?cu!*b Trial or Hkhb?*t ? Fourth Dav. The indisposed juror, Mr. Owens, was suffi ciently recovered this morning to be able to resume bis place io the jury box. At 10 o'clock the prisoner was brought in. Some delay wai occasioned through the wit* ne??es for the prosecution not being in at tendance, and it vu suggested by the Dis trict Attorney that the hour to which the court adjourned had not been understood by the witnesses. \ Gabriel Dtvmois til called to the stand.? Is the cook at Wiltard's; the rule atWil lard's is that after 11 o'clock the cook cannot five any breakfast without an order from the office ; on the 8th of May, past eleven o'clock ? waittr came and asked for breakfast for a fan tie man ; witness refused, it being past the our; witness want to his private room for his own breakfast; heard plates breaking, bat did not pay attention ; in a few minutes heard the detonation of a pistol; went to dining room; saw Herbert with something white in his hand like a napkin or handker chief; Herbert ran after Thomas and Patrick Keating ; witness said two men is too much for one, and ran after Patrick Keating to push * im away, saying, "Save! save!" Herbert pat the pistol, to Tom Keating's breast, and after two or three seconds, fired; the blood flew out in a stream like from a bullock ; fol lowed Herbert out in the street to see where be went Cross-examined.?But three persons were engaged when witness entered the dining room; the reason he went into the dining room was because he heard the detonation of a pistol; wis in his little room at the time he heard it; if it bad been the detonation of a cap he would not have beard it; deceased was stand ing with bis hands thrown up when he was shot. | Witness illustrated the position of the par ties at the time of the shooting; described Herbert as standing ereot. | Charles Quinn called ?As he went into the dining room Herbert was seated at the break fast table; Herbert said " bring my breakfast d?d quick ;" witness cannot say if he spoke to deceased or him ; saw Herbert strike de ceased with his hand in which was b napkin or something white ; deceased went to a table and picked up something ; Herbert picked up a chair; Put Keating came in ; witness went out, and when he returned Thomas Kest* ing was shot; couldn't say if Herbert struck deceased with his hand or the napkin ; struck fcim in the face. Cross examined?Did not go to the kitchen to tell Pat Keating of the affray; the onlv blow witness saw was the one Herbert struck with the napkin in bis hand Jerry Riordan called.?Mr. Herbert and another gentleman came in about 11 o'clock and ordered breakfast; Herbert said " fetch me some breakfast d?d quick;" got a part of it and went for more, but cook said he could nt have it without an order; went to second-bcad waiter and asked Herbert's name; didn't lik*- to ask Herbert himself, because he spcke so angrily the first time; went to office for order; heard a noise, and when he returned saw the affray; saw Herbert seiie Pat Keat ing and shoot him; is sure he heard the first shot, and saw the smoke of it. CrOss examined.?The first words Herbert used was, " be cff d?d uuick and get tome breakfast " The defence objected to a question of Mr. Preston why witness did not ask Herbert di* reetly his name. The Court decided that what influenced the waiter's mind could not be introduced as ev idence. Ma. Preston stated his purpose to be to show Herbert's manner, and the state of mind he was in. Witness testified that Herbert addressed bim angrily, and that he did not dare to go to him to ask him his name; is positive that he saw the smoke of the first shot; Herbert was standing erect when he fired; witness took deceased out of the room; Tom Keating had nothing in his hand at the time of the shot; the cook separated the parties after the shot was fired; only the four were struggling to gether when witness returned from the office. | Witness pointed out on the diagram the posi tions where the two shots were fired.] One of the colored men in the kitchen gave witness the first part of the breakfast; there are three colored men and the French cook in the kitchen A question of the prosecution, as to the number of persons in the room, was objected to by defence. The Court decided that the rule was, that no question can be asked on re-examination by the prosecution except in relation to mat* ter touched on by defence. Mr Preston contended that the defence could not narrow down the questioning to one particular squad of persons in the room. Mr. Bradley Eftid be bad been careful to confine his questioning to the action of this particular group The Court ruled that the question could not be put. < A juror (Mr Owens) asked why an order -was requisite for the last part of the break fast and not the first. The witness replied that he supposed Mr. Herbert was hungry, and wanted some more. <<ireat laughter ) The Court explained to the witness what the juror wished to know, and the question being asked again, the witness replied that be supposed the h<Jur was getting later all the time (Kenewed laughter.) The witne-s was further questioned by mem bers of the jury in relation to the getting the breakfast James (Jutnn testified to seeing the affray ; left the room at the time he he%rd the report of a pistol and saw the smoke ; left them and met Devenois as he was going out; did not see the pistol. Cross examined ?At the time of the shot there was a clinch and a general scuffle ; chairs were uplifted ; Pat Keating was clinched with Herbert at the time ; witness heard the shot; did not see anybody fall, or any blood ; thought it best for him to leave, as there might be re volvers about; Pat Keating and Herbert were vlinched as tight as they could be at the time witness left the room ; lom Keating was a lit tle ways off. Thomas BrodeneJc called ?Saw Herbert strike deceased with a chair, and afterwards struck him with a pistol; witness ran out to tell Mr Willard there wai a fuss in the dining room, and when he oarne back the man was ?hot. John ttiely was called but did not appear. [The counsel for prosecution here retired for conference, as to whether they should close here or go further, j On their return, the District Attorney called William, Sekergtr.?Yf at Willards' on 8th of May; was up stairs in ladies'* ordinary; heard noise down stairs, and went down; met Patrick Keating coming out of the room with his hands on his head, asked him the matter; he didn't answer, but ran; went in dining room, saw three or four men near pantry door; beard pistol, and saw the blood on a man's breast; saw one man walking down the room holding up another man; the French cook was then standing near the pantry door; could'nt say who the men were near the pantry door; was two steps in the room when he heard the noise of the pistol; was in the north end of the room; Devenois was standing about one yard from the plaee where the shot wa^ fired; is positive that he met Pat Keating outside the room. Cross examined.?As soon as the shot was fired the two men went out, passing Devenois; witness first mentioned that he saw the affray on the same day to John Knbright; several days after talked to Pat Keating about it; saw Enbnght in ths room at the time of the affray; | witness described the position of En bright wnen be saw him] Eubright was not standing still all the time ; Enbright was not n.ore than two yards from the men who were fighting; did not see Pat Keating until some dajs after the affray ; no one advised him to come as a witness ; Keating told him be want* ed him as a witness; bad not contributed to pay counsel; could not see who shot the pie* tol there was no struggle going on. Much interest was luanitested during the examination of this witness, as in the examin ation of the witness who followed bim, as this was their first appearance on the stand. Hobert SchicartMf called.?Was at Willards' on business; was waiting at the offioe and heard a noise in breakfast room, which noise was suceeded by another heavier one; went to diung-rooa; saw something going on like a fnelee; saw the cook come in; knows the cook, because all his business is with him; saw the oook Dear the parties when the pistol was Ired; as soon as the pistol was fired the crowd around witness fell back; witness entered and 0aw a man standing with his hands to his breast; two gentlemen came np the room towards witness; one of them had a pistol; die man walked out on Pennsylvania Avenue and walked across to a brick bouse ; saw the French oook in the street at that time; at the time the shot was fired witness saw De venois make amotion with bis bands; when Devenois was in the middle of several per sons ; saw one of the men leare the group about the Una of the shot; this man was running ; he ran awaj after Devenois came in ; witness thinks he ran liter the pistol was fired ; did not sae any Ught going on at the time of the shot; did not see any one pressed down ; wit noss was standing in the south door at the time ; was at Wilfards on business. Cross-examined.?Is the first time he has been on this stand; witness mentioned to his brother about the transaotion as soon as he got home; spoke to Pat Keating, he thinks, the same day about it; bad a consultation with Charles Werner; told Werner that if Herbert was beaten by three or four waiters he would have done the same as Herbert did; did not Me Herbert beaten himself, bat thought from blood on bis nose that he had been beaten ; doesn't remember what time he told Werner this; is satisfied it was within three days after the affray ; when the corpse passed the house of witness, on its way to the infirmary, he ran up the steps and saw Patrick Keating with it, with a Clue eye, and asked him how begot it; thinks he spoke to no other of the waiters but1 Keating; from the noise he thought there was fight going on, but when he got in, tbere wss none of it; he got his impression from the noise that there was a fight going on; told Werner he saw the affray; he tola Werner that if Herbert was beaten by the waiters he would hare done as Herbert did; then several per sons there would'nt let him say any more; cook was verJ near the party when the shot was fired; did not see any chairs used; has had conversation with Mr Werner very often; witness thought there had been a fight be eause the parties looked as if a little fighting had been going on; when Werner told wit ness that he (witness) had said he could do as Herbert did, he got excited and said u No, Charley, you are mistaken;" he had said that if it was so, that Herbert had been beaten by waiters, he would have done as Herbert did; the persons who stopped witness from talking at Werner's, he thinks, were Germans; the remarks witness had made to Werner were not made upon what witness saw himself to take place, Dut upon what he supposed had taken place; at trie time the Bhot was fired the cook appeared as if trying to separate them; did not notice what the others were do ing. but noticed the coek from bis dress; there wad a scuffling when he went in, but no noise of throwing. The defence objected to a question as to who had summoned the witness on a former occasic a. The Court here took a recess of twenty minutes up to the time we go to press J*o Ray Caught, over the left ? This morning a young man was taken to the Guard House by a county officer, who appeared to be delighted when he announced to Captain Mills that this man was Ray, the prisoner who escaped from the jail The Captain looked at the prisoner and then at the officer, as if doubting the correotness of the statement. The bystanders began to laugh ; the Captain and the prisoner smiled; the officer looked confused, and was completely confounded, when one of the bystanders remarked that the prisoner was not John Ray but Patrick Rady, who resembled Ray about as much as a horse does a sheep. The officer explained that a man pointed him out as Ray, and be thought he was justified in taking him. R >dy laughed at the officer's mistake, and advised him not to be too fast in making arrests Rady went to bis work, and the officer left to be laughed at by his friends who were delighted with the mis take, as it turned out to be harmless. SkRiors Accidbst?Yesterday afternoon, a colored boy named Wm. Shorter was ar rested by Officer Parham and taken before Justice Offutt on the charge of shooting a small boy, a son of Dr. MoConnell, with a pis tol. Several witnesses, all email boys, were examined, and they entirely cleared the boy Shorter of any intention of shooting McCon nell He had a pistol and was going about with the boys exhibiting it He raised the hammer of the pistol and it slipped from his band and discharged the load in McConnell's face. It was stated at the office that one of the boy's eyes is certainly destroyed. The Justice dismissed the case with a lecture to children, and there was a crowd of them at the office, upon the impropriety and danger of carrying deadly weapons; and to parents up on the necessity for care in the proper train ing of children ; and to the prisoner upon the result of his folly. I*suraxbe Aobkcibs?Yesterday, Mr. D. A. Hall appeared before Justice Hall to an swer the charge of acting as agent of an in surance company without a license. The wit nesses not appearing in this case at the proper time it dismissed. Mr Hall then remarked that after to-day the officers would let bim?ct. At the same time ke drew from his pocket his license, and showed that he had complied with the law. Several other cases remained to be tried under the Corporation law, which will be found in the act approved December 11, 1848, to license, tax, and regulate agencies of insu rance companies. This law requires the agent to obtain a licebse, and every violation sub jects the agent to a fine of forty dollars. No person having a license for one company is authorised to act for another without obtain ing a license to aot for that company. Fisb Stocx ?Our friend Vanderwerken passed through Washington this morning with a very fine lot of new stock for bis omnibus line These horses were bred in western Pennsylvania, are ictive, clean-limbed, sound and serviceable They must prove quite an addition to the effioiency of his present teams, on which the comfort of the good folks of the District of Columbia depends so muob, more especially in the present state of the weather. We hear that he n soon to place a new set of coaches on his routes. National Thbatrb ?Fun fur tin Mil' /ton.?Our community is fairly hungry and athirst for something in the amusement line, and will see, with satisfaction, the announce ment in another column of the Grand Dra matic Festival on Monday night at the Na tional. Fun reigns predominant for the night as is the sort of entertainment best adopted to the season. See the fine bill offered. Skillfully Exbcctbd.?We saw at Hoods', yesterday, a very beautiful specimen of Amer ican manufacture in the way of an embossed and very richly chased silver tankard; a present to the Hon. Preston S. Brooks from sundry citisens of Talahatcbie county, Miss. Col. Bennett, a representative from that State, we hear, is soon to present it to Mr B. on their behalf. We do not know that we ever saw more exquisite workmanship of its kind any where than that bestowed on the tankard in question ? Tme Absob Cabb Dismissed.?Yestsrday atternoon, Augustus Ford, oolored, was taken before Justice Stevens for a further hearing on charge of arson The examination resulted in an order from the Justice that Ford should gir# security to keep the peace six months No one could identify Ford as the person who made the incendiary attempt, but it was sho wn that be had made threats, and the suspicion rested upon him Tbb Good Will Exccrsiob od Monday will precisely meet the views of all our citisens who are longing for a chance to escape, for a few hours, from the dust and heat of the city. We can conscientiously commend the Good Will Club to our readers as a gentlemanly pleasant set of young fellows, who will do their utmost to glte satisfaction. Mad Doo.?Yesterday, considerable excite ment was oecastoed on Twelfth street, near H, by the appearlnce of a dog supposed to be miui Efforts were made to secure him and at length he w ^caught ? rope nadUed to a earl, and dragged out of the city t? be killed and buried. Watch Rxtcrks.?William Trevnu,druok; reprimanded and dismissed. Benj Wheatley, colored, disorderly. No witnesses appearing, he was dismissed. The following casos were disposed of by Justice Hollingshead : William Farron, riot; case dismissed. Amelia Butler and Mary Quinian, assault; security for peace Ben jamin Martin, assault and battery ; security for peace POLITICAL ITEMS. The Boston Evening Ledger, on Thursday, placed Fillmore and Donelson at the head of their editorial columns, and will support them in the coming election. The State Central Committee of Massachu setts hare issued nn address, recommending that the Whigs of that State avoid committing themselves for the present to either of the candidates for the Presidency, and urges a thorough organization, with a view hereafter of eoncentrating their strength, if found ne cessary, upon that one of the candidates who shall appear most unobjectionable to their principles The address closes with the aver ment that the first great Whig principle is nni wavering fidelity to the Union and Constitu tion ot the country. The Hards and Bofts of New York city are now fairly consolidated, by the joint action of the two General Committees. The prelimina ry steps of this movement were taken some time since. It was expected by some that at the last moment one of the parties would back down from proposed coalition. Slight discon tent was manifested by a few at the plan of union submitted, but the dissatisfaction was overrulod The meeting, however, was along and somewhat exciting one, lasting till nearly midnight, and terminated in the election of Mr. Lorenso B. Bhepard as chairman on the joint committee. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gbobobtown, July 19,1858. The City Councils were in session last night. and transacted considerable business ; but the crowded state of our columns prevents its pub lication to-day. The examination of the f am ale department of the public school came off yesterday. The pupils generally acquitted themselves in a manner which gave satisfaction to those present, and reflected credit upon the teach ers. A large number of handsome premium books was distributed among the little Misses at the close of the examination. Most of the Board of Guardians was present. Owing to the interruption to navigation upon the canal, caused by the land slide near Cumberland, trade upon the same has been very slack during the week. We learn, how ever, that the repairs of the damage was com Eleted on Wednesday evening. A large num er of boats are expected between this and to-morrow night. The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Rest yesterday amounted to about 200 head, near ly all of which was purchased by district butchers at S3 25 a S4 50 on the hoof, equal to $6.50 a S9 net. Lambs S2 50 a S3 25 per head. Old sheep very scarce and inferior. Spectator DIED, On the li-th Instant, W. W. OURRAN. H la funeral will take place this afternoon, at 5 o'clock His friends and those of the family are r- spectfully Invited to attend, from his late resi dence, Capitol Hill, north hide. On the 17th Instant, WILLIAM, son of Fran cis and Jane Ward ? On the 18th instant, ANN ELIZABETH, on ly child of Prof Wm. E and Harriet L Jillson, aged 1 month and to days. Funeral this afternoon at 6 o'clock, from the residence of Prof. J , corner 14th and K sts. On the 15th Instant, ALEXANDER MORAN formerly of Charles county, Md. On thelSth Instant, HARRIET, aged fourteen months and 13days, daughter of W. H. West, of the Treasury Department In Columbia, 8 C , on the 15th ln*t, RUTH, the loved and only daughter of Benjamin P and Emma J W Ilk ins. In the 5th year of her age. C^IDER VINEOAR ? ?f Fifty (50) bbls. pure juice of the apple, for sal*. Apply at LocuU Hill Farm, 7th st road, ntar the first toll gate. Jy 17-1 w* IV E!? About 100 tons transparent ICE, frozen from pure spring water for sale, either as it Is or deliv erable in the city. Apply at Locust Hill Farm, 7th street road, hear the first toll gate Jy 17- lw?> SOMETHING USEFUL AND IHEAt* ? Clinton's Alcohol Cook, a desirable article for families or batchelors' halls, for sale whole sale and reta 1 at jy 17-at LAMMOND'3, 7th st. NAVY YARD MR GASZYNSKI BEGS LEAVE respect fully to Inform the Inhabitants of the eastern section of the city that he will open a school for dancing in the Anacoitia Engine House on SAT UKDAV EVENING, the 10th instant at 4 and 7 o'clock p. m. The parents of children who have not as yet entered, and all lnterestel are in vited to att; nd The latter hour is for adults only. For terms apply at the hall 1q the evening, or at the drug store of F. S. Walsh. jy 17-3t* GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF BONNETS' WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, IN ORDER to accommodate the Ladies and to s;ll ^ out our entire stock of Summer Goods, Bon nets. Flowers, Ribbons, Ac., come to offeryP^J to sell patent Bonnets worth $1*2 at $5. Bonnets worth S5 to S2 50. Also, Travelling and Straw Bonnets, Ac. Call before purchasing e'sewhsre, to save your money CAROLINE PRIBRAMS DAUGHTERS, Pa avenue, bet. loth and 11th sts , Jy 14 -2w* , NOTICE^ f^EN WALTER JONES AND CHARLES LEE JONES have removed their office to No. 506, E street, between 3d and 4th streets. Charles Lee Jones will practice In the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts held in the District of Columbia. Gen. Walter Jones, though mostly retired from general prac tice, will unite with nlm and do his best to ad vance the success of clients by written statements and arguments, and by all other needful and proper exertion" jy?-3m M KDIl AL ( AKD. Dr. h perabeau, german homeo pathlc physic-an, has the honor to offer his services to the Inhabitants of Washlagton and vicinity. Office and Residence on I street, No. 188, be tween 80th and 21st streets. N B?Homeophathlc medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with the greatest care, for Fever and Ague, for Bllous and Bowel complaints, Ac., Ac. in 16-3m THE VIROINIA SPRINGS. The following are the terms ot Board at BURNER'S WHITE SUL PHUR SPRINGS, Virginia, viz: Per week 9b vd Per month t:J0 00 jy 10-lm WE WILL COMMENCE FROM THE date of this advertisement to run off the en tire balance of our stock of Summer Silks, Silk and Berege Robes, Organdy and Lawn Robes. Twisted silk Robes, Figurrd and Plain Bereges. French Lawns, Printed Organdies, rich Figured Ohallles, Foulard Silks, Chally de Lalnes, Light Figured Mouslaines, ai d o'her kluds of Summer Dress Goods at prime cost for cash Our assortment of the above goods Is perhaps much larger than that of any other house In this city; consequently the Inducements we offer to Surcbasers at this season by putting our goods own at cost are very great, and should be taken advantage of by all who buy for cash and who wish to dispose of their money to the best advan tage. Now is the time to get great bargsins for cash, and our house is the place Every one is Invited to call. Those who wish to get the best bargains should come immediately. We have a great many ether goods not mention ed above which we will tell equally cheap for e?sh. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO. jy 9-lOt corner Penn. ave., and 9th street. BLACKISTONE'S PAVILION. This place o f resort will be open on the 3d day of July for the ac ^ cemmodatlon of visitors. The subscriber has engaged a first rate CotlLlon Band fordfiili the season, and with his large and spendld Ball Room offers vast lnd -cements to the lovers of the dance His table will be constantly supplied with all the luxuries of the Potomac, and his Bar with the cholest liquors. This Is known to be one of the healthiest places on the river, being situated between Blacklstone's and St Catharine's Islands. Thers will be a celebration on the 4th of July, and Ball and public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, 2tth July, Thursday, 7th August, aud Thurs day 21st of August. The steamer Alice Price will land passengers during the walerlnz season on Tuesdays and Fri days going down, and will stop for passengers on Wednesdays and Saturdays, on her return trips. Board?flper day for a week or longer; 91,26 less than a wlbk je25-2in GEORGE W. BLACKI8TONB. ? AUCTION gAT/fig By A. GREEN. Auctioneer XTALUABLE BUILDING LOT NEAR th. w On FRIDAY tht the 24th instant. I .ball sell, ln front of tht 1,^! i?e* at 6 o clock p. m , a beiutlful Building I m fronting on 8th street ??, b?w?.? K ?outh, next Lot south of Odd Fellow.' Hall, near Navy ^ ard, bHng lot No 8 In Pquar? No Wfi it "?-ft il te*t 2* lnche., running back with a .Ide alley to a 30 feet a'ley 109 feet 1 inch, con taining about 4 500 square feet

Title Indisputable Ten".: One-fourth cash; balance In ?, If and 18 months, for note, beorlng Interest fnem day of ^ f!?* 8lTen * doed of trust taken. Jy 19-eodts A. OREKN, Anct. A. GREEN. Auctioneer. f^OOD TWO-STORY BRICK HOlUR oi . V A?cllo?._On MONDAY, the ! ' J *ha11 *l,? '? front of tbe Mtmlw*. e.loc*.p;,ni * Part Lote No" 1#. in subdivision of 8quare No 537, having a front on #i!Se.*wT81^'?7'*** 6 lnche* running back 113 feet 10 laches to a wide alley, with theim Srovemento, which are a good twoatory Brfck oa?**nd kitchen, .table for three horses, and nay loft, wood .bed. This property Is handsomely situated fronting on the east side of 4^ street west, between Vir ginia avenue and south E street ***hJ btlanr? two, and tbreeyear., the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from day of \i io o. ed K,v#n and * dcf~d ?* trust taken J7 1> 2t A GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. PXCILLEXT HOUSEHOLD AND Kitrh dav th ?re at Aucli*??On THUR - DAY, the ilth instant,! shall sell at 10 o'clock a m , at the residence of Z W McKnew, Esq , rt*1 ??.rjh? b?tween First and Second bis. Mechanics' Row, near the Trinity Furaiture* viz*? eUl M80rtraent of nearly new Mahogany spring seat Sofa and Lounge Wo pa lor and rocking Chairs So s'idebaa'rcf *** ^ Tabl?* Oo dressing and other Bureaus Do dining and other Tables Fine walnut Bookcase and cherry Wardrobe ra^rob' cottage, and ether G?U fledr offi? Cafle"Seat arm lnd other Cbalr? Wash Closets, pine Wardrobes Hair and shuck Mattresses Feather Beds and Bedding China. Glass and Crockeryware Ivory handle Knives and Forks ClocEs and Mantel Ornaments Window Shades Three ply stair and other Carcets Matting and Oilcloth "ablator and other Stoves V\ Ith a good assortment of Kitchen Requisite. ? AU ?um? under *25, cash; over a credit of two and four months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. 1 he House is also for rent. It contains nine conveniently arranged rooms, wide passsages *nd t #. t aKf1 1116 Uouse' and cistern in In fm?f ^ ihe,e !! a pump of excellent water mi ivf it thf d,??r- on the premises un til the day of sale, or of the subscriber. jy 19-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ttALE C en tl By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. A TWO-STORY BRICK Hee.e Island.-On WEDNESDAY EVE IS I Nb, tbe 23d Instant, at 6 o'clock. I will sell on PhI'iTh Plrt ?f LOt ,n J,9U'?re 231. ? two ?tofy Brick House, contain ng six rooms and a kitchen, and wood house, all in good condition. cT,t;rrnS,*sr,mo,>!'o',nd bISkesms*1 on I4th "? bKw?n ^ne'tblrd casb ; the balance in # and 12 months. Jy 16~Ct A. GREEN, Auct. 'WALL THA T VALUE THEIR SIGHT ISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective sieht, caused by age, sickness, and particularly from .clou,,y "elected, to bis superior ^PfcCTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground bv himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril Ii!ii J^?W"ency' 8U,ted Pr#cl8elY and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the ev?. Very numerous a'e the ill eflect? caused to the precious organ of eight from ? be commencement of using glasses ln not belc? precisely suited, by tbe useoF.n Optometer aSf R!aeJ;lce,?'ma?y years enables him to treas ure the focal d tea so of tfceeye*!, and such class ^ that are absolately required will be furnished with precision and satl.-factlon JOHN TOBIAS ac now ledges the very llbe ra e.couragement a!ready obtained, a:.d further that tave n?t yet avalltd'hemsel?es of his aid ' P?"ons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and state how manv lcch I Prtl,t wl,h tlelr spectacles, Ji h?e P 38 w!11 ImP ?Te 'heir Innumerable testimonials to b? reen ; and ref j erences given to many who havt. derived the greatest ease and comfort from hi* glasses. Circulars to be b;-d gratis, at his otllce No nL%F'nK"'rX r;rR, KT- ^rfe dZ^jrom Odd Fclloict> Hall, vr staibs. tk ? Noiroii, September7, 1^54 ? } Spectacles you made for m* suit verv well, and seem fo have improved my sight more than any other I have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. Mr1 T?wi.kf H?1!;l^?ctacle? ob'ained frrm J k! ' a flnd tbem of <?re4t assistance to niy aiKht. and corresponding with hlsdescrl Hon tiH^n " 1 rcco"imend him as a skillful op llcJan HENRY A WISE . b*'n ,n<luced by a friend to visit the er tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of trv ing h s glasres, I was furnished by him with a pair silg^tiy colored blue, which have afforded me more relief and gratification than any 1 have ever tried. My alght, originally very tood wIS injured by writing and reading at ^gLt', fre quentlv to a very late hour; but with the aid of the^e glasses I can s'udy almost as lute as ?ver and that too without the pain I have previously suflered. JOHN WILSON, Lute Commissioner (ien'l Land Office. December 11, lt54. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three ,anw Uke ^reat Pleasure in say ing that l ira much pleased with tbi m. I have been much benefitted by them May 5th,lSSfl. UEOR. P. SCARBURGH. recommeuclecl to Mr. John Tobias as a | skillful optician ; and as I have eyes of remark uliaritv I was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend them by inspec tion and some slight measurement, and he ha. m'rably* * ?f ^P?013?1*8 that suit, me ad | July 11, 185?. A p. BUTLER. Mr i ipW,LsiH9m)N.C,Jan.J7, 1851 that thi : w s,r~1 ?m happy to say that the Spectacle, wi.lch I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. Froraaa inequal ity in the visual ranee of rav eyes, I have hereto found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focat distance it afford* rne pleasure t5 state that, by the aid of your optometer, thl. diffi culty bas been happily obviated so that the glasses you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my eye. of any 1 have ever yet used Very respectfully, yours, R B DRANE, Rector of St James' Pailsh D**a*tm?n* o? Intirio*, May 7, 1?53 r rom natural defects and the unequal ranire of my eye., 1 have been compelled to use glasses for ?<Thral.vfar* 1 ,,ave tried different opticians ^si hout obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my "Ince Mr. Tobias made two especially for me, which I have found to hpr|?*TehP2f?Ctlr BY the use of hl" optometer he is enab ed to adapt Glasses minutely to the ey?. I moet chettfuily recommend Mr Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses and bear my testi mony a. to hi. .kill as in optician X HENRY E. BAI.DWIN, Assist. Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. _J!: ?o~^PERA GLA8SES of great variety, * MICROSCOPES, WATCH ?li I. GLASSES, and many other articles In this line at very low prices constantly on band. Jy 18-ly 7 SELLING OFF AT REDUCED PRICES* A LOT OF SWISS AND CAMBRIC COL Sleeves, and Bands. AUo, English Thread and other fine Lao*s Our friends are requested to bear I n mind that our .lock Is larger than desirable at thla senson, and the above goods must and will be .old very low. Call and try u.. R. C. STEVENS, No 18 Pa. avenue. N. B.?We have )u.t received fifty pieces of Black Brussels Laces, from half-Inch to eight ineh*. ln width, very cheap. R. C. S. jy 15-lw 7 LADIES, REMEMBER! ^HIS 18 THE LAST OPPORTUNITY yon -1- will have of procuring those, cheap setts of Swiss cambric and double cloth at less than coat R. C. STEVENS, jy 15-Iw No. 16 Pa. avenue. AUCTIOM BAIifcO tsii aftkrwoom awd to-moebow. By A. GREENs Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF TALC ABLI Balldiag Lets at the ceraer ef 34 street west ??< If street with at Aastlea.?On SATURDAY.the 10th Instant, I shall sell, on the Ereraises, at 6 o'clock p. m . four beautiful Solid ig Lots, situated at the eoraer ef 3d street weet, and H street south, having a front on H street of 160 fret, and on 3d street ef 91 fret 7 lac bee. con taining between IS and 16 thousand square feet; all the lots run back to a 30 fret alley This property is very handsomely looated and will be sold In lots to salt purchasers. Terms . One-fourth cash: the residue Inst*, twelve, and eighteen month*, the purchaser to gl?e note* frr the deferred permeate, Wring In terest from day of sale. A deed givea and a deed of trust take?. By order of the Trustee. Jy 14-eoAds (Organ) A GREEN, Auct. By JAS. C. Mcttl'lRE, Auctioneer STORK FIXTURES, GLASS CASES, Large Leeklag Glasses, 1st Perfamerr. Brashes, Ac., fcc.-On MONDAY MORN ING, JulvSlst, at 10 o'clock, 1 shall seU at store No.?, Pennsvlvanla avenue between llthand 12th streets, to satlsfvclalm for rent ? 2 French plate Looking G asses, * Walnut Show case*, 2 aprigbt cases, Lot of tne Perfumery. French Engravings, Dresiing Tables, Waah Sinks, Ac , Ac. Terras cash JAB. C. McGUIRE, jy lb-it Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. National lime kilns and three Lets ef Groand at Aaetien.?On THU KS DAY, the 24th Instant, 1 shall tell in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m , the property known as the National Lime Kilns, with the three lots on which they stand, telng lots No. 8,3, acd 4, in square No. 124, containing about 30,000 square feet of ground, on which are four fine lime kilns, with commodious sheds and every other conven ience This property Is at the corner of north D and 20th streets wwt and New Yqjk avenue. Title indisputable. Terms: One-fifth cash: balance in 4, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 months; the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from the day of tale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. , A. GREEN, Jy 15 d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IX NEW HOUSES AND LOTS ON THE Island at Anctisa.?On MONDAY, the S 4 good rooms each, and will be sold separate with the ground on which thev stand. This property fronts on the east side of 3d street west, between south F and G streets. Terms: One-third cash; balance In 6, 12,'and months, for notes bearing inter'st f/om day of sale A deed given and a deed of fust taken Title indisputable. A. GREEN, Jy H-d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VERY DESI. rahle Brick Owelliag-honse oa Tenth, aear V street ?On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, July a3d, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of b deed of trust, duly made and re corded the subscriber will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, the north half of Lot numbered 16, in Square numbered 347, having a front of about 25 feet on Tenth street west, be tween E and F streets north, running back that width 100 feet 1 inch to an alley, together with the buildings and Improvements, consisting of a handsome three-story and basement Brick Dwel ling, containing In all twelve rooms, finished in the most superior manner, with water and gas throughout. There is also attaciicd a Stable aad Carriage-house. The buildings were erected by an experienced builder for his own residence, ana no expense was spared In the erection to make them comfortable and substantial. The present occupant time ex pires In September 1, ISM Terms : One-fourth cash; the residue in #, 12, and 18 months, with Interest, secured to the sat isfaction of the Trustees SAMUEL REDFERN, Trustee jy 10-eofcds J. C. McGUIRE, Anct'r. TRUSTEE'S SALE. IN PURSUANCE OF A DECREE PASSED by the Circuit Court for Prince George's coun ty, sitting as a Court of Equity, in the case of Re becca Edmonds and Samuel Edmonds, rj. Wil liam E Edmonds and others, the undersigned, as Trustee, will expose to public sale on the prem ises, on THURSDAY, the 24th day of July in*t , at 11 o'clork a. m , If fair, if not en the next fair day thereafter the Real Estate of which the late Rev William Edmonds died cLied and pos eessed This property lies in the village of Bledens burg, and contains about one acre of land, to which is attached an excellent garden, abound ing wiUi chr ice Fruit, a large and ecmmodious frame Dwelling, in good repair, and necessary outbuilding*. Situated in a retired acd eligib e part of the village, convenient to the chaly. eate waters of this place, which are highly efficacious in chronic affections of the stomach, containing, by analysis, sulphur, iron and magnesia, It is ad mirably adapted to a mo.?t pleasant private iesi dence; and tno e desiring to purchase such, and to establish their health, are particularly request ed to attend the sale The terms of sale, as prescribed bv the decree, are: Five hundred dollars of t-e purchase nu ney to be paid in i ash on the day of sale, or on the ratification thereof by the court; and the res idue in equal instalments in one and two years thereafter, to be secured by tbe notes of the pur chaser, with security, to be approved by the Trustee, bearing interest from the day of sale. On the payment of the whole purchase money, the Trustee is authorized by the decree to convey the property in fee to the purchaser Jy 17 eo?t N. C. STEPHEN, Trustee. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. SALE BY ORDER OF THE ORPHANS' 4Jeart of Fishing Tackle, Seines, Boats Its., aKAactloa ?On WEDNESDAY, tbe 23d July, IfcM, I shall sell, by order of the Orphans' Court, tbe fishing tackle. Ac., belonging to the estate of Thoms w Perkins, deceased Sale to commence at 10 o'clock a m , at the residence of Mr. Honry Perkins, at Blue Plains, known as the head of Fruier, ahout four milei from the Navy Y ard bridge, near the Po'omao. consisting of the following articles, vlx: 1 large new Seine, Ropes and Corks 1 Seine, Ropes and Corks, which has been used 1 keel bottom Boat, with 10 Oars 2 Scows, 2 Look out Boats 4 Capstans, 3 new reams, 2 Lanterns 23 Tin Cups, Pots, Ovens, Kettles, Buckets Lot Carpenter's Tools, Chest, Wood Bowls, Ac Terms : All sums of and under ?50 cash; ov?r #50 and not exceeding S100 a credit of 60 and 90 days; over $100 2. 3. and 4 months for notes In all cases of credit, satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest from day of sale MARY A PERKINS, Administratrix jy 15-eoAds __ A. GREEN, Auct By J AS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. UNRESERVED SALE OF EXTENSIVE Assortment ef Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods?On TUESDAY MORNING, July 28d, commencing at 10 o'clock, (andcontinuing from day to day until the whole i? disposed of) 1 shall sell, at the store of J as L White, corner of 8th s reet and Market Space, all his stock in trade, containing? Shirtings, Checks. Boy's wear, Flannels, Sheet* lng and Sheeting Linen, Tickings, Huck-4 aback Towels, Ac. Embroidered Han'krchiefs, Collars, Chimetettes, Sleeves, Swiss and Cambric Inserting, Linen Cambtic Jaconetts and Tarltons Great variety of plain and fancy Dress Trim mings Bonnet Dress and Trimming Silks, Satins Col'd end white crape Shawls, woolen do Assorted plain and pla^} Merinos and Delaines Black and white Bereges and Tissues Black Alapaca, Llste Thread and Cotton Gloves Milk and Linen Handkerchiefs, Threads, Knit ting Cottons Mant lias and Capes, Hosiery, Ac. Together with many other goods not necessary te enumerate. The sale will be resumed each afternoon at I o'clock. Terms: 125 and under cash; over that sum a credit of 30,00, and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes bearing interest JAS. C. McGUIRL, Auctioneer, jy 16-d (Union 4. Organ) TO HOUSEEEEPERS. WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM th? citizens of Washington that we are prepared to receive all their second band Stoves for storage, repair, new line and clean them all in good order fur foil use, and put them up when called for, at a moderate cost. Send thera in w?n next door to C. Woodward's o^d stand. No 310 Penn. avenue, betweon 10th and Uth street Jy 15-<t C. WOODWARD A SON. Gauze merino shirts?for gen tlemen, with long and short sleeve, of all sizes, ranging in price from 75 cents up. A fu'l assortment will be found at LANE'S Gent'a Furnishing Store, jy 15 424 Pa avetue. CASHING TALELE, a large suppl y: ? a Reels, Rod*, Sinkers, and Flsh'ng Basket at 490 Seventh street (JeP) 9. FRANCIS UMBRELLAS ?OFFERING THEM AT great barge!ns at_ (jy 8-tr) ELLIS'S RUAUH TRAPS, MOUSE TRAPS, RAT TRAPS at G- FRANCIS'S, jy 17 490 Seventh st. i I rSLBORAPHIC rows FROM THE ASSOCIATED PEKSS 'by IfOl'SB fftlNTMe tklmkapii. Obiequiee and Details of the Railroad Ac. cident. Philadblpbi4, Jnly 19 ?Cootriba taees are now being midi for the relief of the safforem by the late railroad disaster Over $1*66 hove been received at the Enquirer office Ker Dr. Mori arty de tire rod to oration oyer Ae remains of Father 6heridan. thin morning at St Michaai ? chnrch to an overflowing an* dience The cofflns containing the unrecognised bodie.< were arranged in the aisles of the church The coroner has commenced hie in* Te:?tigation?. ? ? - Steamer Burnt?Loee ef Lite. New York, Jnly 18?Advices received her* from Kingston, C W.. report the barninc ef the steam propellor Tonto on the 17tb, off tba the nine mile Point. She is a total loss. It is presumed 12 lire* were loet Among them were Captain CaMpboll, and Mr. Henderson. Baltimore Markets Baltimori, July 19 ?Flour is dull and ftn obanged Howard street and Ohio 96.75; City new Mills $7. Wheat is slightly lower, and receipts are large Good to prime red $1 4ba$l&6, and good to prime white 91 Mail 70. Corn?White corn is 1 oent lower; eel ling at 66?67e. Yellow is a trifle better, telling at6la65c. The receipt" of grain have been heavier during the nast. than on the provioas waak. The new wheat is of an nsnally fine qaaHty. Corn ha# been in active demand duntg tbl week for shipment Daring the week ending an Friday 12.239 bbls , of floor have bean in spected. ? Hew York Markets. Niw Yon*. July 19 ? Floar has advanced; sales of 10 000 bbls; good State 96 19; super fine Ohio 96 20; standard Southern 97 SO Wheat is higher; sales of 47,000 bashels ; western red 91 56 Corn is dull, sales of 16, 000 bushels; Southern mixed tie. Pork is drooping, sales of 360 bbls ; mess 921 62. Beaf is flrm; sales of 2i$ bbls ; Chi o;igo re-packed 911. Lard is baoyant, sales of 250 bbls at 12|e Whisky?nothing done Financial New Yore, July 19 ?Stocks are higher. Chicsgo and Hock Island 93}; Michigan South ern 97J; New York Central 92! ; Pennsylvania Coal 102*; Beading 90?; Virginia 6's 93, Mis souri 6's 65} ; Illinois Central bonds 92 Sterling exchange is active. UMKK DISH COVERS. FLY BRU(*HE?, V? Feather Dusters, Basketa. Satchels, Oarpet Bag*, Ac , at the House-lurnlsh'.ng Ptore ?#u 7th street^ Jy 17 G FRANCIS. POTOMAC HBRRIItO 100 bbls. No. l Potomac Herring, packed os pressly for family use In store and for sale low by WILLIAM M. CRIPPS. 61 Louisiana avenue, l.etwsen 6th JetS-eoiar and 7th streets. GOOD INTESTnENT. OH AAA DOLLARS OF THK OITY OF fciUjUvVJ Sbeboyan. (Wisconsin) Coupon Bonds, eight per cent interest, payable In New York. These Bonds are abundantl? secured, be ing guaranteed by tbe Sbeboyan and Mls?1i?s1pp1 Rail Road Company, In addition to tbe faith of the city of Sheboyan. having been issued to aid In the construction of said Hoad. Wc Invite capitalists to call and examine the statistics and condition of the city ef Sbeboyan, and tbe character of the Investment Also, Alexandria Coupon Bond*; and Corpora tion of Washington Stock, for sale by SWELNYTrITENHOUSE, FANT.kCO , jy 17-eolw Bankers LADIES' RIDING PONY.?FOR SALE. at the Union Hotel Stables, a tlior ough-ured, spirited, but gentle riding pony, of fine style and only three < eais EHI old Price very low Also, I North-?^i_2^> ern Horse, quick, gentle and thoroughly broken to harness or saddle Also, one Boggy and Har ness, and one pair of bay carriage Horses thor oughly boken to harness or saddle, good stvle and action, spirited and very gentle, suitable for family purposes All to be s-?ld very low Ap ply to HIRAM WRIGHT, Unkn Hotel Stables, Georgetown. Jj 17-Iw Notice.?all persons having bills against either of tbe offices o * the first and second Comptrollers of the lm?inr, the Com missioner of Customs, the flrsl^Mrd. fourth and fifth Auditors of the Treasury, tbe Treasurer of the United States, the Register and Solicitor e( the Treasury, and the Light House Beard, for Stationery. Blank Books, binding or other con tingent expenses, are hereby notified and rrqueat ed promptly to present the same for payimnt In duplicate properlv receipted, four days before the end of everv month. In order that they may be Included In the disbursing agent's account for the month In which they may be returned?oth erwise pay menu mav be delayed to the end of the next succeeding month I. D. COLMISNIL, jy 6 2w Disbursing Clerk. ICONOMY IS THE MOTHER OF WEALTH. THE LORD SAID, ?? LET THERE BE light, and there was light."?The gas com pany says we will supply you with light, tut we will not give it to you free, under four dollars per thousand feet, according to their calculatlcn. but not according to what you consume, and subject to their arbitrary- powers of monopoly. The subscriber, having possession of tbe pa'ent right for the valuable olacovery of tbe patent Benzole gas light, of a recent discovery, haa In troduced It In his store, No 474 Pennsylvan a avenue, where it Is now on exhibition and can be seen both day and night; alsc numerous testimon ials of Its quantities and rfi lenry by persons that have it in use In almost every section of tbe Unl ted States. It must be seen to be appreciated, This Benzole gas machine will generate more gas and at about one-fourth of the coat of coal gas, one-half leas tean oil, candles, or any other mate rial In use for light. It will not cost over one and one fourth of a dollar per thousand feet; you are not aubjoot to the Inconvenience of being'presented every month with a bill, ard If not paid your ^as Is abut ofi; no mistake in tbe metres, for tht-re Is cone Tlie whole apparatus takes up less apace, and Is free from ail noxious odors For public and private bul'.dings or dwellings this new generator of gas has not its equal, and for the country Is Invaluable. The subscrlDer. now having, In connexion with other gentlemen of thla city, made application to Congress fi?r a charter to form a compa* v for the manufacture of tbe said machines in this city, and to give them everv attention, will have opem d at his store No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue, a aub ?crlptlon hook for stock at ten dollars fflO) per ?hare; also one at tbe banking house of Messts Suter, Lee A Co ,on 7th street, and begs to Inform the public in general that a large portion of the stock being subscribed for, tie books will be closed Immediately on tbe re elptof their charter from Congress. Capitol stock $5o.WO, to go Into operation when '2U per cent Is paid In Stockholders to be supplied with machines at cost JONAS P LEVY, Jy 17 eo6t Sale of United States Land near Richmond, in the State of Virginia. ORDNANCE OFFICE. > WasmROToll, June S3.1856. f PROPOSALS IN WRITING WILL BE received at this office till noon of the *vd day of July next, for the purchase, for cash, of a cer tain piece or parcel of land, with the buildings thereon, lying ou James river, In the county of Chesterlie d, about twelve miles above the city of Rl^hmocd, and known as Beilona Arsenal. Thla land was purchased by the U nlted States from William Trabue and wife, and Mary Reddy. by deed bearing date Slat of Sep'ember, 1815 and 1* described in said deed aa?beginning on the bank of said river at a s/camoie tree and running thence S. 16 deg., W. 6 chains 43 llnka to a atone marked U. 9 ; tnencr N 90 deg., W 9 chains, to a stone marked U. S ; thence 9. 44^ deg.. W . W chains*7 ?'.nks. to a 'tore marked L. tf ; thencs 8. 5? deg , E ,4? cbklna 45 links, to a stone marked U. S.; tkenr? S 75 deg.; E. fiO rk*1" f5 links, to a stone marked U S; thence N deg , E 40 chains 10 links, to a sycamore m oi the bank of *aid river; and thence aloag the southern shore of said rtver. as tke same wein ders.25 chains IS links, to ths> beginning, oon talnlnu twentv-*even and a half seres. The above property will be sold to the parson offering the h1ebs?t Prl<:*.fk?' ofiV; shan be satisfactory tolhe Secretary of V\ ar , C^i2TS3.?5???i^ March, HfcuJiprtl. '?*. conveying to snch person, kla helm, and asslgr.-. forever, iQ4 the right, title, and interest of tbe United States In said premises . The proposals must be sealed, and endorrea <. proposals for Beilona Arsenal " HENRY K CRAIG, Colonel of Ordaaaoo. The Intelligencer aad Star, and the Richmond Enquirer, and Kxamlner. will pibllsh 'he twice a week till *'d July, and ooejoopy of ?be l?per containing U mu.t be seat to ^* Office with the bill je*? *awt?July