Newspaper of Evening Star, July 21, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 21, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAH. LOCAL rNTZLLIGENCZ. Secopd Trial or Hrrbrrt ?Fourth Day. I'pon tbe re assembling of the Court after its :e'oess on Saturday, tho District Attorney an D. unced the United States rested the CJi?? there. Hon. Jiwit* Bishop was called for the de fence ?Was at Willards' on the bth of May; entered the houso by the Fourteenth street door, ?nd on parsing the door of the dining r^m ??* Herbert seated at one of the dining yoGin table?; passed on to the office, and while 5UdJ'i?s there, heard a noise in the dining riM,ia indicating a fracas; hurried back to the dining room and saw a number of persons en g,ged in a fray; witness was near Hie end of the I< ng table when the pistel was fired; jj of opinion that when the pistol was dis charged, there were at least three persons be fiJes 31 r. Herbert engaged in the struggle; Herbert seemed to be pressed down by at least three persons who were pummelling him: jaw no cessation of the struggle up to the time of the shot; has an indistinct recollec ti"G of seeing some person in a white dress when the parties were scattering after the ?hot; the crowd seemed to scatter instantly alter the pistol was fired; Herbert came out wiih a pistol in his baud; he did not put the pistol in his pocket at once; he seemed much exhaused and with blood on his nose; thinks be should hare seen if Herbert bad fired de liberately. -Did not 8?? the trigger pulled; did not see the pietol at all until after the shot; saw a man stagger back and ex claim that he was shot; will not say the cook wa^ not present previous to the shot; at the time the smc ke cleared off saw the cook pres ent, or a fatty sort of person who might be the c >ok, is certain three persons were pressing upon Herbert: the cook was not one of the persjr.s bold of Herbert; thinks be can testify at that time some one struck Herbert a dIow, i.* satisfied that one person was striking Herbert; the blow was struck with the fist; saw the wounded man fall; did not go to his assistance, because a young man connected with the house ordered the room to be cleared; witness turned first and walked down the room with Mr. Herbert to inquire about his disas ter; when he turned to go towards deceased the room was ordered t? be cleared. Some complimentary allusion to the witness lJ ^?r". I'^ston at thid point afforded an op portunity for Mr. Walker, with prompt legal acutecefs, te rue and thank Mr. P. (in the boaring of the jury) for hia compliment to the reliability of their witness, Ac , Ac. The ijuict tact with which this was effected in duced a smile upon the part of tbo audience, and there was a still further relaxation of the lacial muscles when Mr Preston promptly re sponded that the compliment was paid to the position of the witness, (M C ,) whieh should be one of intelligence, and he bad no doubt wa> so. in this instance. Similar episodes and keen professional en counters through the day, occurring between tho experienced legal fencers pitied against each other, served to relieve the monotonous course of evidence worn somewhat threadbare by repetition. While remembering the gravity of tho occasion, and the decorum proper to if, > 'ie au'lienje, the connsel. and the Court itself soerned to find a temporary relief from physi cal discomforts, and the strain upon the atten tion in these suddenly-arising and sharply contested conflicts. Questions, quietly put on one side to witnesses, with the design of elicit ing dangerous admissions, were promptly in tercepted by the other, and the objootion to the question would be argued on either side with consummate skill and readiness Dis tinctions the most delicate aad subtle were sprung upon their opponents by either side, and as promptly encountered; the Judge meanwhile having the difficult task to execute, of extricating the facts of the case from the sophistical entanglements, in which counsel managed to involve them The cross-examination of Mr. Bishop being resumed ?He thinks that at the time of the firing of the pistol Devenois was within three or four yards of the party, and seemed to be approaching the partios, who were separating; saw a tall gentleman strike a waiter with a chair; eould not identify the waiter struck. Arno/J Harris called ?Was at Willards' on the morning of the affray; was sitting on a sofa in the vestibule conversing with a friend Mr. Duponte;) heard a noise as of the break ing of crockery; on entering the dining-room saw several persons collected near the end of the long table; advanced half the way down and hailed; heard the report of a pistol; did rot see any other parties engaged in a fray at the time; saw in the hands of one person what witness thought was a knife; Gardiner struck this person with a chair; cannot swear posi tively that it was a weapon this person had; it struck witness at tho time that it might be a kr.ife; almost immediately after h? heard the report of a pistol; saw Herbert come around the table immediately after the pistol was fired, supported by Gardiner and an other person; at the time of the shot saw sev eral persons on one person; could not recog nise that person, thei O was no cessation in the struggle fr<>m the moment witness entered the room until the pistol whs fired; did not see the c<? k separate the parties; thinks if one so dressed had separated them be should have seen it; at least three persons beside Qardiner were engaged in the melee; Qardiner was a little to one side; did not see any blow bit but the one struck by Gardiner with tho chair; did not see Herbert before he emerged from the group Cross examined ?The pistol was fired not many seconds alter Gardiner dealt the blow ; does not know wbethee it was a knife that the man hit by Gardiner had in his hand ; some person in the centre of the group was the ob ject of attention ; thinks if this person had been on his feet he (witness) would have seen :is much of bim as of the others; does not kn. w whether the cook was there or not; the cook might have been in the melee; saw a pistol in Herbert's hand as be passed down the rocm ; saw a person go off towards the side of the room who appeared to be hurt; the per son struck by Gardiner in the group appeared to be a waiter. I'pon the conclusion of the testimony of this witness the court adjourned at twenty minutes past three, p m. FIFTH DAT. The court met at 10 o'clock this morning, and immediately upon the opening of the doors the room was filled to its eapaoity. At half pnet ten the prisoner was brought in. C i,<t. A J. Smith called for defence ?Was at Willards' on the day of the affray; did'nt see the first of it; was smoking a cigar in the nassage and heard an immensecraah; went into a:nin?-room, and just as entered heard a pis tol fired; saw two squads of people engaged in a struggle; at the time of the snot, saw one person draw off from the crowd as if hurt; did nt see the smoke of the pistol; when wit ness got up to the crowd they still had hold of Herbert; witness demanded them to relieve him. which they did; there were three or four persons beating Herbert with plates; witness raised bis stick, when he ordered them to let Herbert go; after the pistol was fired, the struggle still continued; don t reoollect ?eeing a person of the description of French cook, saw very little of the affair; at least three persons were engaged in the straggle with Herbert, and witness thinks foar; Herbert was in a re cumbent position; does not recollect whether Col. McKay joined them in the dining-rcom or a< they were going out; Herbert seemed very much exhausted after the affray; the worst blow seemed to be upon bis nose, whieh was blackened and bruised; was with Herbert when be went out of the room. Cross-examined.?Heard the pistol just as he got in the door; went np to the parties in the struggle ; Herbert was iu a recumbent po sition and being beaten with plates after the firing of the pistol, by three or four persons ; thinks Herbert got about fifty or sixty blows with plates. The man shot drew off, and left about three persons engaged with Herbert; tLey seemed to be making down towards the pantry door; Herbert and Gardiner were in the breakfast room before he left to smoke his c'gar; they were sitting there while witnee* *a.? eating his breakfast; everything was per fectly quiet at that time, observed them at least five n.inulcs while eating his breakfast; gave them a easaal salutation ; passed out in to tfce pa?sage to smoke a cigar ; t *>k a seat st tLe right of the clerk's office. | Witness here p- in ted out his position on the diagram ] Tfie'ffice was between witness and dining ">' m ; did not immediately start to his feet I on hearing the crash ; titartedfon the second | crash ; beard the crack of a pistol, but does not remember smelling gunpowder; heard the Siatol ju.?t before he got in the dining room oor ; might have been a yard from the stepa of the dining room door when the pistol went off; there was no shot fired after witness en tered the*room ; heard only one report of a pistol ; don't know how Herbert was standing at the time the man was shot; he was in a re cumbent position after the man was shot; as witness passed down the room the parties were moving from him; the man who had been shot bad drawn out from the party in the struggle before this withdrawing movement; immediately after witness entered the room he saw this wounded person retire from the crowd; after the man was shot saw the per sona engaged with Herbert beating him with plates; there was broken erockery enough to indicate five hundred blow.*, but will not say how many there might be; don't recollect seeing Cel. McKay in the room; the object of witness was to stop the affray; had no feelings either way; it is clear in the mind of the wit ness that tho blows were going on after the shot; Herbert was still exerting himself, do ing the best he could; the wound on Herbert's nose was not a dangerous one; would call it a W' und rather than a scratch; went over with Herbert to his room; lett him at the door aud returned to the hotel; thinks Mr. Willard could tell better than himself how much crock ery was broken; there was only one explosion of fire arms; saw two groupR as he entered the room, and the one that attracted his eye was one near the pantry door; judged by ap carance there were as many as fifty or sixty lows: saw about as many blows upon Herbert of plates after the shot as three men could in* flict in three minutes; could not say if he saw fifty or sixty blows; there might have been fifty or sixty Captain Dupont called ?Saw the last part of the affray; was sitting in the vestibule on left aide of office; heard a loud noise like fall ing of plates; went to dining room; saw a number of persons in a great commotion, and shortly after that a pistol was fired; was not near enough to the group to diatinguiah per sons; one person was not erect; several others were around; another person was picking up a chair; cannot say if the one recumbent was contending with the others; the person with a chair struck another, and almost immediately alter the pistol was discharged; cannot say if | the pistol was discharged while this ono was in a recumbent position. Mr. Preston here objected to a question by Mr. Bradley, as calculated to instruct the wit ness as to what he should say, and fortifying his objection by quotations from Mathew's Digest of Criminal Law, page 153. Mr. Walker followed, citing from Qrecnleaf, section 434. Mr. Bradley suggested that other witnesses for defence had been asked precisely the same question without objection from the other side Mr. B quoted from Roscoo's Criminal Evidence, page 167. Mr Preston urged that the law guarding against leading questions would be utterly useless if auch questions oould be put. What was the use of excluding witnesses from the court room if counsel for the defence were to be permitted to recapitulate to the witnesses for the defence what had been testified to by the witnes?es for the United States? The Diatrict Attorney followed, quoting fr?>m Greenleaf, and contending that the wit ness had alreaJy stated be could not testify whether Herbert was in a recumbeat position or not, because bis attention was directed to wards another quarter. The Court decided that, as a general rule, the counsel for defenoe cannot ask leading questions, but may enable a witness to under stand what the question is in controversy; and, accordingly, the question could be put. Saw no occurrence take place like a sepa ration of the group; does not recollect sAing any person in the costume of a cook Cross examined- Was standing within tho I room at the time of the shot; did not stay, as Major Harris remarked that it was no c*e to stay and be shot accidentally, and they wont out; to the best of his recollection the* pistol shot put an end to the conflict; ia near-sighted; three gentlemen passed out by witness, one of whom, Major Harris said, was Phil Herbert. The Court here took a recess of twenty minutes. The District before Cokgress ?In the House, on Saturday, in the course of the day 's proceedings, Mr. Mencham, from the Com mittee for tho District of Columbia, reported Senate bill to relievo the Corporation of George town for the payment of bills for making roads west of Ruck Creek, with the recommendation that it do not pass; and it was laid on the table Al.?o. from the same committee, reported adversely on the petition of tho Washington and Alexandria Railroad Company, p-aying for the privilege of laying a railroad track across the Long Bridgo, and on the petition of Isaa.' Scaggs and others, citizens of Prince George a and M >mery counties. Maryland, praying for Congresa to make free that portion of the Baltimore and Washington turnpike road which lies within the limita of the Dis trict of Culumbia, l y purchasing the same. Mr. Goode, asked tho consent of the Home to move to set apart Wednesday and Thurs day r.ext for tbe consideration of businesa re Utii.g to the District of Columbia; but ob | jeetion was made. Exquisite Cookery ? Zittell, the partner of our neighbor Potentini, turna out to be one of the rnoet accomplished artistes dt cusine in this country. It will be recollected that not long since M. Potentini added a first ela?s ladies' restaurant to his confectionery estab lishment, placing it inythe hands of Zittell, who oame to this city from Richmond highly recommended b/ the gourmands, for whose good taate that city has for half a century been famous We sneak from the card in say ing that there is no hou*e in the country where one is more certain to obtain edibles, delica cies. or substantial of tbe season cooked more palatably or served in better taste, though everything is conducted there quietly and without pretension. The establishment is not only for the accommodation of ladies but of gentlemen also. Many of the most noted lov ers of good eating among us having found it out, are already patronizing it regularly. We advise all who really love good eating to test their capacity. Family- Qcaskels.?Yesterday afternoon a fight oocurred in that portion of tbe Fourth Ward known as English Hill, in which one man was badly beaten. Captain Milla hap pening to bo near, ho was informed of the oc currence, and on going to the house he found a man named McQueen lying on the floor ap parently in great misery, who gave the Cap tain the names of tbe persons who beat him ; but his wife said it was no " law business, merely a quarrel between brothers in-law." The Captain replied that all such family quar rels were breaches of tbe peace, and he ahould have them attended to A physician was nent for, who decided that the man was not dan gerously injured. The officers were directed to get warrants for all tboae whose names were given. Fqced is the Canal ?Yesterday morning, a gentleman who was training a dog in the canal at Twelfth street bridge, discovered a bundle in the water, which he pulled ashore, and, upon examining it, found that it con tained the body of a new-born white male infant. It had been placed in a figured lawn pillow case, belonging, no doubt, to a shuck lounge. A suspender had been tightly fas tened around tbe neck of tho poor infant, and a half brick in the ease, no doubt to sink it to the bottom. The Coroner had a jury sum moned, and a verdict was returned according to the facta ? Ax Importer?There is a boy who is in the habit of soliciting charity in the vicinity of Eleventh atreet, and probably in other parts of tbe city. His age ia probably about eleven yeara, and hia right hand apparently paralysed, lie bega in the moat plaintive tor?e?*aya hia mother ia poor, and that he is enable to work. His statement is false and he is an imposter A physician in this city examined his hand, and found be had the perfect use of it. H. I.iqt est ?This morning an inquest waa held at the intersection of Rhode Island ave nue and 18th street, over the body of an in found there by a colored man yesterday. The jury returned a verdict setting forth that the child was ef premature birth, and placed on that apot by some person or persons un known, thai whether it esmo to its death by violence or otherwise they are usable to de termine, and it is in such a condition *f to render the color and sex indistinct. ? mj?WAL ^,|I?ATRB will be opened to night, by Manager Ford, for a grand dra matic festival, when our theatre-going citiiens will hare an opportunity of witnessing the really good Mting of thoso fine comedians. H. A. Perry and John S Clarke, who will be th.fToirl 7 lhVeicelleDt stock company of the Theatre, Baltimore "Lau*h when yon Can," and ? The 'foodies," are the 5" KCf !he and they will, i?rn? *W * g? and fashionable au' it^V|!7 b0dJ !t?ULd *>61 obIi?ed * th? spif fed leasees of tho National for affording ua wmething in the amusement line in these lull, stagnant times That the fun will be abundant to-night, cannot admit the shadow of a doubt, when tho comic abilities of the company are taken into consideration. Attbmtioh !? We are requested to call the attention of our young Democratic friends to the advertisement found in another column, sailing upon them to rally at the headquar tcrs of the Jackson Democratic Association on Tuesday evening next. The present crisis calls every patriot, whether old or young, to show their devotion to the Union and the Con stitution, and it gives us pleasure to see that prising generation of Washington are up aniMoing in the great cause. Chargb or Larccnt.?Last week Michael Casey was sent to jail for further hearing on a oharge of larceney of money belonging to two men who were boarding in his house At the lurtner examination sufficient evidence was produced to cause Casey and his wife to be neld to bail for their appearance at court by Justice Hollingshead This house is located m Hog alley ? PuBLie Schools.?The fourth district school, U"..u chV?? of Mr- John E. Thompson, will be examined to-morrow afternoon?the examination to commence at 3 o'clock, p. in. rhe examinations of this school have long been celebrared for interest and attractive ness, and we presume will draw a large num ber of spectators. Fight on the Avs.vdb ?Yesterday a fight catne off on the Avenue between come parties who are to bo arrested. Some little blood was shed, and a head or two bruised. The dam age to the parties was not worth considera tion,^ but the violation of law and decency will reccive the attention of officers. Kkpairr on tho pump, corner of Ninth and v/streets, are earnestly requested; that beinz the only one in the square. as w , (COICMURICATan. Mr. Editor : I had tho pleasure on Friday afternoon of attending the annual examina tion of ?he female department of tho Fourth awywt ?chool, in charge of Miss Millburn. nnd, although not a stranger to such scenes, 1 was never more gratified. This school has lor several yeart ranked among the best of ?>ur public schools, an<l I question very muck if any of tho private schooig of the city of the same grade would surpass it. Miss Milbucn appears to have infused into her scholars so much enthusiasm in their stu '11?3, and they seemed so thoroughly to un derstand what they had been taught, that the very searching examination to which they were subjected appeared more like an agree able entertainment than a severe ordeal. (>ne great secret of Miss Milburn s success as a teacher is her thoroughness Judging from what I saw, I should say that her rule was, never to lot a lesson pass till it was fullv comprehended. This should te the rule o"f every teacher. The pupils wero examined in nearly all the studies taught in tho school, and answered the most difficult questions put to them with a promptness that was really surprising, espe cially m mental arithmetic. In reading, their emphasis and the intonation of the voice showed that they were not simply pronouncing words but giving expression to thoughts I was glad to see so large an audience in at tendance, and the interest manifested in the exercises. 1 wish that every member of our City Councils, and of Congress too, could have seen what has been accomplished in this school. Of all our institutions there is none that presents such strong claims to the pat ronage of the city and General Government as the public schools; and it is gratifying to know that these claims have been recognised to some inconsiderable extent. A general dif fusion of knowledge, and the proper cultiva tion of the heart as well as the intellect, is the only safeguard of our institutions This is tho only conservative power that will watch over our liberties, and guard them from fraud, in trigue, corruption and violence ? Watch Rktlrns.?Western lock-up?Cases returned July 20th, disposed of by Justice Drury: Ma/tin Antoncy, disorderly; work house 30 days. Samuel Polk, colored, out af ter hours ; fine and costs. Wis. Parker, col ored, do ; do. Central station, before Justice Stevens : Aaron alias Pink Coakley. colored, disorderly; fiuo and costs George Washington Gaines, colored, do ; do. To day ?Michael Lamb, drunk and disor ? y? workhouse 30 days. Chas. iJynes, colored, out after hours ; costs and dismissed. IdP" There are 300 visitors at the White Sulphur Springs, Va , 80 at the Red Sweet, and 20 at the Blue Sulphur. - All are filling up rapidly. ? About ninety Mormons, driven out from Beaver Island, arrived at Chicago last Wednes day, in a state of destitution. Others were landed at Milwaukie and Racine. They were compelled to leave their property behind them. &r a small piece of paper or linen mois tened with spirit of turpentine, and put into a bureau or wardrobe for a single day, two or three times a year, is a sufficient preservative against moth. Miserable Wretches ?Young ladies with new bonnets on rainy Sundays. A witnoss in a bribery case. A young doctor who has cured his first pa tient, and has no prospect of any more. A star actrees with her name in small let ters on the bill A confirmed novel reader who finds the ca tastrophe torn out. ITT Impirtait te the Ladles!?Dr. ilu roaco's KRM A I.K PILI.S.-The combination of Ingredi ent* n the Pills are perfectly liormloM, Their efficacy and o.erlU are haae 1 upou au extensive practice of ottr thirty and, where the directions have been strictly lowed, they have uever failed to correct all Irregularities rellete painful and dlfflcnlt menstruation, {particularly (at the chance or life. They will cure the Whites, and remove all obstruction! arising from cold, exposure or any cau**? ?nd way bo used eucceeifnlly as a Preventive. Call anon the agent, and set a Clrcnlar for particular! free. ,J*rn I.*1 ?.kTX\J~ltlluU <1lr#c"on?- Bold wholesale and uVti.. ? ,CHA8- "TOTT, Druggist, PennayIvanla avenne hi! -J?'? AITK' 514 Seventh etreet, Washington, D. C ; and K S. T. CIHSICI., Georgetown; Us whom all orders ronst be eent, and the Pi lie will be sent confidentially, by mall to ladjee who enclose them one dollar. ' I*. M.?See signature on the bo*; to conuterfelt It la for 17 Je ?tf OiSO, On the list Instant, ADA B., daughter of W. tL CamPb?H, *g<*<i 3 years and 9 months f5e?d8iu,d re'atlonsare respectfully Invited jo attend the funeral to-morrow afternoon the 22d instant, at 3 o'clock, from her late residence No 371 nth street west. ? on the ? ,n8tan?, S\RAH HARRIET, Infant daughter of John W , and Sarah Jane Whttill, aged one year and two months. The funeral will take place thia afternoon at 0 o'clock, from the residence of her father, on Mar ket street, between Third and Fourth Thefilends of the family are invited to attend. * CM LI KK VINEGAR ? J Fifty (50) bbla. pure Juice of the apple, for "als. Apply at Locust Mill Farm, 7th st road, mar the first toll gate. jy i7_jw# Iff IRE DISH COVERS. FLY BRUSHES, ? f Feather Uuste;s, Baskets, Satchels, Carpet Bags, Ac., at the House-furnlshlng Store, 490 7th ?treet. jy 17 O. FRANCIS. N Potomic Pavilion. J^lt?. OT ICE.-EXCURSIONS BY STEAM _ . boat between the 0th of J uly and 15th of Sep tember being offensive to my pal<on?, 1 duly give notice that they will no longer be permitted to land W.W.D1X, jy 8-'2w Proprietor. Ladies ridijig POJiir.?for bale, at the Union Hotel Stables, a thor- ^ ough-bred, spirited, but gentle riding pony, of fine style and only three ^ea ? old. Price very low Also, 1 Norths em Horse, quick, gentle and thoroughly broken to harness or saddle Also, one Buggy and Har ness, and one pair of bay carriage Hones, thor oughly btoken to harness or aaddle, good style and action, spirited and very gentle, suitable for fhmUy purposes A11 to be sold very low. Ad 6y to HIRAM WRlttHT, Union Hotel Stables, eorgetown Jy 17-lw AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer VALUABLE building lot AT AUG ? tlea.?On SATURDAY, the 26th instant. I ?hall sell in front of the premise* at 8 o'clock p m . part of lot No. 1, tn square No 71. frontirg 60 feet on New Hampshire avenue. net'tothecor ner of M street north, running back at iheaverage depth of 75 flpct. The above described lot is a little no th east of the circle ; the flag will designate the place. Terms: One-third cash ; balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing Interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title Indisputable. A GREEN, jy 81-d Auctioneer. By A. 6REEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Building Lot at the earner of A street north, and **th street east at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the25th Instant, 1 shall, In frantof the 8remises, at 6 o'clock p. m., lot No. 1, in square lo. *96, having a front on north A street of 82 feet, running on the line of 9th or Garrison street east

69 feet 4 Inches, containing 5.538 feet 8 inches. This property is handsomely located being a corner lot in a rapidly improving part of the city, East of the Capitol. Terms : One half cash ; balance in 12 months; the purchaser to give a note for the deferred pay ment bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed oftrust taken. Title indisputa ble. E. WHEELER. Trustee jy 21-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Good three rtorybrigk house and Lot at Aactien.?On TUESDAY, the 29th Instant, i shall sell in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p m , north part of lot No. 28 in square No 251,fronting 21 feet on 13th street west, between north H and I streets, running back 9o feet to a wide alley, with the improvements, which are a good three-story Brick House, con taining nine conveniently arranged rooms and a wide passage through the house, wood shed, Ac. in the yard Terms: One-third cash; balance in A, 12 and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. The above mentioned property is har dsomelv located on the same square of the Demenou build ings. A.GREEN. jy 21-eodAds Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Excellent house hold and Kitch. en Faraitare at Auction.?OnTHUR ? DAY, the 21th Instant, 1 shall sell at 10 o'clock am, at the residence of Z W McKnew, Esq , on D street north, between First and Second sis. west, east of Mechanics' Row, near the Trinity Church, an excellent assortment of nearly new Furniture, vir: Mahogany sprint; seat Sofa and Lounge Do pa'lor and rocklnv Chairs Do marble top Pier and Sofa Table* Do Sidebaard Do dressing and other Bureaus Do dining and other Tables Fine walnut Bookcase and cherry Wardrobe Mahogany, French, maple, co:tage, and other Bedsteads Oak and maple cane-seat arm and ether Chairs Gilt Pier Glass Wash Closets, j,ine Wardrobes Hair and shuck Mattresses Feather Beds and Bedding China. Glass and Crockery ware Ivory handle Knives acd Forks Clocks and Mantel Ornaments Window Shades Three-ply stair and other Carjets Matting and Oilcloth Cooking, Radiator and other Stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms: All sums under #25, cash ; over .<25, a credit of two and four months, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing intere. t. The House is also f>r rent, it contains nine conveniently arranged rooms, wide pa?s*eges and re lar ; water through the House, and cistern In t yard; and there Is a pump of excellent water 1n front of the door, inquire on the premises un til the day of sale, or of the subscriber. jy 19-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. SALE OF A TWO-SIORV URKK House ?n the Island ?On WEDNESDAY EVE NING, the 23d instant, at 6 o'clock, I will sell on the premises, part of LotVA, In Square 231, a two story Brick House, contain ng six rooms and a kitchen, and wood house, all in good condition, containing about 1200 feet of ground. Title lndlsputab'e. The property Is situated on 11th st , be.ween B and C streets. Island. Terms : Ore-third cash ; the balance in 6 and 12 months jyl6-6t A. GREEN, Auct. TO ALL THA T VALUE THE III SIGHT WISHKS TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all thst suff.-r with defective sight, caused by age. sickness, and particularly from glasses Injudiciously selected, to bis superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES carefully ground bv himself to a tru.- sp'-erlcal accuracy, and bril liant transparency, suited precls"ly and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous a e the ill effects caused to ibe previous organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not b?8ng precisely suited, by the u-eof ?n Ot tometer ; and the practice of many years enables him to treas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are absolately required will be furnished with precision and satwactlon JOHN TOBIAS ac <nowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that have not yet availed themselves of his aid Persons that cannot conveniently call, by sand ing the glasses in use, and state how many inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied wl^h such as will Improve their sight Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest easa and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be had gratis, st his office, No. 512 SEVENTH STREET, three doors jrom Odd Fellows' Hall, vr stairs. Norfolk, September 7, 1^4. Sir?The Spectacles you made for ms suit verv well, and seem to have improved my sight more than any othar 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL. I have tried a pair of Spectacles ob'alned from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my sight, and corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful op tician. HENRY A. WISE. Having bc?n induced by a friend to visitthe or tabllshinent of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ing his glasfe*, I was furnished by him with a pair sligtitly colored blue, which nave afforded me more relief and gratification than any i have ever tried. My sight, originally very good, was injured bv writing and reading at nigbt, fre quently to a very late hour; but with tbe aid of tne?e glasses 1 can s'udy almost as late aa *ver, and that too without the pain i have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gen'l Land Office. December 11, 1655. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleasure in say ing that 1 am much pleased with them. 1 have been much benefitted by them May 5th, 1856. GEOR. P. SCAR BURGH. 1 was recommended to Mr. John Toblaa as a skillful optician; and as I have eyes of remark able peculiarity, 1 was gratified to find that Mr. Tobias seemed to comprehend them by inspec tion and some slight measurement, and he has m-ide me a pair of Spectacles thu sulta me ad mirably. July 11, 1856. A. P. BUTLER. WILMIR0T05, N.C., Jan.37, 1851 Mr. J Tobias : Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectaclea which I obtained from you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in the visual range of my eyea, 1 have hereto found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance It affords me pleasure to state that, by tbe aid of vour optometer, thla diffi culty has been happily oovlated so that the glasses you furnished me are dec dedly the best adapted to my eyes of any 1 have ever yet used. Very respectfully, yours, R. B DRANE, Rector of St James' Pa'ish Department or Interior, May 7, 1655. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, 1 have been compelled to use glasses for several years. I have tried different opticians a ithout obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eys Pour months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. Bv the use of his optometer he is enab ed to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. I mostche^ifuily recommend Mr Tobias to all hiving occasion to use glasses and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sec'y to siga Land Warrants. P. S.?OPERA GLASSES of g?st mj&v. TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATCH MAKER GLASSES, and many other artlclea in this line at very low prices conatanlly on haad. Jy i?-iy C? E! About 100 tons transparent ICE, frozen from I pure srrlng water for skle, either as it is or d?Uv erablelntfe city. Apply at Locust Hill Farm, 7tk street road, new tie ftrst toll gate. Jy 17-1 wa AUCTIOtT BALES THIS AFTgBNOON ASP TO-MOIBOW. Br A. GREEN. Auctioneer. (^f)OO TWO-STORY BRICK HOl'SK * and Lei at Aactloi<?On MONDAY, the 21st Instant. I shall sell, in front of the pre-rises, ?ta* o'clock p. m . part Lots No* 16, and 17, in subdivision of Square No 537, having a front on 4K street west cf 17 feet 6 lrches, tunning back IIJ feet 10 itc hes to a wide allev, with theim Brovewenu. which are a good two stoiy Brick louse and kitchen, stable for three horses, and hay loft, wood shed. This property is handsomely situated fronting on the east slip of ?treet west, between Vlr gluia avenue and south E street Terms: $400 cash; balance In one, two, and three \ears, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from day of sate A deed given and a deed of trust taken, jy 19-2t A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. SIX NEW HOISES AND LOTS ON THE Island at Audio*.? On MONDAY, the 21st lnstint, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m, Lots 8. 9, and part of Lot 7, In Square No 5*5, with the improvements, which are six new two story F rame Houses, containing 4 good rooms each, and will be sold heperate with the ground on which thev stand. This property fronts on the east side of 3d street west, oetwe* n south F and G streets Terms : One-third cash ; balance in 6, 12. and 18 months, for notes bearing Interest day of sale A deed given and a deed of trost taken '0ltle Indisputable. A.GREEN, jy 14-d Auctioneer. By J AS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Unreserved sale of extensive Assortment ef Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods?On TUESDAY MORNING, July 224, commercing at 10 o'clock, (andcontinuing from day to d*y until the whole Is disposed of) l shall sell, at the store of J as L White, crner of 8th s reet and Market Space, all his stock in trade, containing? Shirtings, Checks. Boy's wear, Flannels, Sheet ing and Sheeting Linen, Tickings, Huck aback Towels, ice Embroidered Han'krchkfs. Collars,Chimeiettes, Swl*s and Cambric Irsertlng, Linen Cambtic Jaconetts and Tarltons Great variety of plain and fancy Dress Trim mings Bonnet Dress and Trimming Silks, Satins Col'd and white crape Shawls, woolen do Assorted plain and plaid Merinos and Delaines Black and white Bereges and Tissues Black Alapaca, Lisle Thread and Cotton Gloves ?llk and Linen Handkerchiefs, Threads, Knit ting Cottons Mant lias and Capes, Hosiery, Ac. Together with many other goods not necessary tc enumerate The sale will be resumed each afternoon at 4 o'clock. Term* : S25 and under cash; over that sum a credit of 30,60. and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes bearing interest J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer, jy 16-11 (Unlon&Organ) By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. National lime kilns and three Lots ef Ground at Auction.?On THURS DAY, the 24th instant, 1 shall sell in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m , the property known as the National Lime Kilns, with the three lots on which they stand, being lots No. 2, 3. and 4, in square No. 124, containing about 30.000 square feet of ground, on which are four fine lime kilns, with commodious sheds and every other conven ience. This property is at the corner of north D and 20th streets we*t and New Vo:k avenn?. Title indisputable Terms : Or.e-llfth ea?b : balance In 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, and :JG months; the purchaser to give notes for the deferred p?.>ments, bearing int? r*-st from the day of sale. A deed givea and a deed of trust talen A GREEN, jy 15 d Auctioneer. T By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. P.USTEE S SALE OF HOTEL FL'K ? nitnre, liar Fixtures. Unexpired Lease, fcc , at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the J3d July Instant, I shall sell, at public auction, at 10 o'clock a m . at the Green Tree House, on i'enn avenue, between 2d and 3d streets west, by vlr tue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, dated the fltn day of J une, 1656, an<l filed for record In the Clerk's otfire of the county of Washington In the District of Columbia, on the 9thday of .?uly, la56 all the Household Furniture, consisting of a gen eral assortment of Chamber and Hotel Furniture, with the Bar Fixtures. Also, the unexpired term of Lease of the premi se*. which has to run about 18 months. Terms cash. CHARLES WALTER, Trustee. ly 16-e- 'ds A OR KEN, Auct By A. GREEN. Auctloneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OK VALl ABLE I Im proved Property at Aarttea.?On MON DAY, the 14th day cf July, 1*56, I shall sell, on the premises, et 5 o'clock p in , by virtue of a deed of trust from Fred rick Hagar to the sub scriber. bearing date on the 30th day of Septem ber, 1837, ar.d duly recorded In Liber w. B , No 136, folios 466 to 370. one of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, Lots Nos 6 and 7, in fquare numbered 32, having a front on north F street of 125 feet, and on 25tb street 51 feet, with the improvements, which i-re a good frame dwelling house, containing twelve rooms, wide passage, kitchen, and cellar und' r the whole. Also, a fine stone ice-house, 30 by 25 feet, and 23 feet deep, with two-stories above the ground, used for other purposes. Also, a brick and frami slaughter and store house, two stable* and carriage house, smoke and lumber houses, and a tine assortment of fruit trees In full bear ing, and well of excellent water, with pump In the yard. The above described property is handsomely located at the corner of F street north and 25ih st west. . Terms: One-fifth cash; balance in 6, 12, 18, and 24 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, satisfactorily endorsed, b?ar ing Interest from the day of sale, and a deed giv en when all the notes and interest thereon are pa'd Should the purchaser fail to comply with the terms in five lavs from the day of sale, the Trus tee reserves the right to resell by giving six days' notice of sues, re^le in the National Intelligen cer. HENRY NAYLOR. Trustee. jel9-2awAds A. GREEN, Auct. The above sale is postponed until TUESDAY, the 29!h Instant, at 11 o'clock a in , at the Auction Rooms of A. Green, corner of 7th and D streets, No 526. jy 15-2aw&ds A. GREEN. Auc'loneer. By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. rpRUSTEES' SALE OF BEAUTIFUL A Country Seat.?By virtue cf a deed of trusl from Geo T. Massey, as trustee.and Ann Brown, be.iring date on the thirteen h day of December, 1*53. and recorded in Liber J . A S. No 6" folios 503, 506, 507, 508. 509. and510,oneof the Land Re cord 4 for Washington county, in. the District ol Columbia, the undersigned will sell at publ'c auc tion at the auction store of J C McGulre, to the highestbidder.on THURSDAY* AFTERNOON, J une 26th, 1*56, at 6 oMock p m , the following highly lrrprovedand beautiful country property, viz : All that piece or parcel of ground lying in the county of Washington and Dls rlct aforesaid. b*? lng a | artn'the land whereof Anthony Holmead. seuior, died seized, and part of the tract called " Pleasant Plains." and part of the land which Ant'iony ilolmeaa, jr., conveyed to Boltzell and Mayhew, which thev conveyed to John Plckrell, the piece or parcel cf land aforesaid, lying on the east of the Washington and Rockvtlle turnpike road, containing 5 acres and one sixteenth cf an j acre, more or lees, being Lot No. 2 of Geo. Taylor's I subdivision, and beginning for the same on the east side of the said turnpike road, at the end ol 76.42 perches measured southerly from the Inter section of said road with the Rock Creek church road, to a road or private way called Taylor's road, leading from the said turnpike road to an other part or the said tract of land owned by said George Taylor, and running thence with the raid Washington and Rockvllle turnpike road north three decrees, west 28 46 perches to the Lot sold to J C. Lewis, thence at right angles with the said turnpike road 26 46 perches, thence at right angles w, tip the said last line, and parallel with the sa'd first line S? 46 perches, and thesceat right angles with the said last mentioned line and parallel with the said second line 2s. *6 perches to the line of the said turnpike road and the place of beginning, being the same lani and premises which was conveyed to the said Ann Brown by John F. Shanetts by deed dated April l?!h 1853, and duly recorded Together with the imptove mentand appurtenances, which may be seen by visiting the premises. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in 6, 12 18, and 24 months; to be secured by deeds of trust on the premises. Unless the terms of sale becom plied wlihln live days from day of sale the Tro? tees reserve the right to resell at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyance* at the purchaser's ex pense ERASMUS J. M1DDLETON.) ^ RICHARD H CLARKE, C Trustees. m2l-2awts ?AS. C McGUIRE Aue.t'r CT'The above sale la unavoidably pest poned until SATURDAY, July 26th, s me henr and place. ERASMUS J. MIDDLETON, ) T , P1CHAKDH CL\RKK, '{TrusUes. le 27-2a*ts J. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. WTO HOUSEKEEPERS. R WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM th? citizens of Washington that we are prepared to receive all their second hard S:o\es for storage, repair, new Une and clean them all In g*od order for fall use, and put them up wbtn called for, at a moderate cost Send them In sorn next door to C. Woodward's 'old stand. No. 318 Penn. avenue between l*?h and lltb street, jy 15-6t C. WOODWARD A SON. TELEGRAPHIC lTEWB FSOM THE ASSOCIATED PS ESS BY MUl'SK PRINTINO TELKWKAPH Extensive Conflagration PuiLAPCLratA. Jalj 5!.?The large sewing and planing establishment of Naylor k Co , Broai street. below Wallace, vu destroyed by fire about six o'clock this morning AH the floors were ocupifd hy different tenants The low is estimated at *15.000 most of which was insured. ? Later from Havana Nbw Yoek, July Jl ?The guaker City from Mobile on the 5tb, via Havana arrived this morning She left Havana on the eve ning of the 16th. There was no political new? of importance. The clipper ship W arhawk, from $wav>w landed a cargo of 563 coolies and 42 died oi the passage, froM suicide and disease The yellow lever prevails to extent in th? environ* of Havana, though there has been but few cases in the city. Gen. Concha U down with the fever Sugars are lees active. Stock on hand 250,000 boxes Exchange on New York and the eastern cities 6la7j diaoount. On London 4a3 premium The Quaker City brought 150 pi?m|trs Baltimore Markets Baltimoek, July 21 ?Flour is steady How ard street and Ohio fft 75; new City kiills 57 Wheat is uncharged ; good to prime red ?1 50*^157, andgood to prime white SI 80* $1 65. Corn is very irregular; white u selling at60a65c., Yellow 62a64c. Hew York Xarketf Nsw York, July 21.?Flour is dull; sales of 8.500 bbls; good State (ft 10; superfine Ohio $6 20; standard Southern ST $0 Wheat i* firm: sales of 2<I.OOO bushel* south ern red SI 70; Southern whi'e Si fU). Corn has advanced, sales of 36 000 lu.-'je!*; Southern mixed 61c. Pork has declined; sales of 2^0 bbl; mess S21 50 liecf is firm; sales of 250 bbls ; Chi cago re-packed til. Lard is buoyant; s*1e? of 200 bbls at 12Jo Whisky is drooping; sales of 100 bbls.; Ohio 40c. Financial New York, July 21?Stocks are dull Il linois Central shares 105J; New York Central V>2J; Pennsylvania Coal 102!; Pending 9H; Virginia fi's V3); Missouri 6's 85i; Illinois Central bonds 92) Sterling exchange is dnll. ROACH TRAPS, MOUSE TRAPS. RAT TRAPS at C. FRANCIS'S, Jy 17 4M> Seventh at. Notice all persons having bin* against either of tfce offlr#** of the firs' and second Comptrollers of the Treasury, the Com inl?-sioner of Customs the first. third, fourth and fifth Auditors of the Treasury, the Treasurer of the United States, the Register arid Solicitor of the Treasury, and the Light House Hoard, for Stationery, Blank Books. binding or otb?*r con tingent einenaes, are hereby notified and r quot ed promptly to present the same for pavnvnt in duplicate properl* receipted, four day* before the end of every month, In order that they mav b? Included iu the dlsb'Tslnr agent s account for the month In wbich they a y t?e returi ed?c-th erwlse p tymcnt* uiay be dclaytd to the end of the neit succeeding month 1. 1) COLMISNIL. jy6 2w Disbursing Cltrl . (ill tAT 11 EDUCTION IN TI1E Tit 14 EOP IION1ET9 ' WE. THE UNDERSIGNED. IN ORDER to accommodate the Ladles and to s?ll out our entire stock of Summer Goods, Boa- sZTj rets. Flowers, Ribbons, Ac .come to oQ-t^^v to sell patent Bonnets worth $12 at *5 Bonnets worth <3 to f2 50. Al?o, Travelling and Straw Uonnets, Ac Call before purchasing e s?*where, to save your m~ ney CAROLINE PRIBRAMS DAUGHTERS, Pa avenue, bet. 10th and 11th sts , jy ll-2w* CROSSE It BLAt KW LLL. Purveyors by Appointment to Her Majesty tne Queen JUST RECEIVED FROM LONDON AND now opened at the subscribers store? Cro-se A Blackwell's assorted pickles Mu broom Catsup Saho do Walnut do, Ssyer's Relish Beef Steak Sauce, J nils Sey Sir Robert Peel do, Reading do Lea A Perrlsses Worcestershire Sauce Essence Anchovy Caes Jeletlne, Anchovy paste Herring do. Jars Table Salt Luchnom Chutney Orange Marmalade and other Jellev* at No 471 Penn avenue JONAS P LEW, Wine, Liquor, Segar and Grocery Store, jy 19-lw t^AUZE UNDERSHIRTS AND DRAW ? * ers?We have Just opened a further sup;!y of? Gauze Merino Shirts and Drawers Do cotton do do Do silk do do Maklug our assortment complete. ALSO ? A good assortment of Ladies' G&untletts, with our usual supply of choice Extracts, Soups, Co lognes, Ac, at STEVENS'S Salesroom, jy 19 Browns' Hotel _ BLAC It I STONE'S PAVILION. This place of resort will bk open on the 3d day of J uly for the ac commodatiou of visitors The siibscrlkx-r has engaged a first rate CotiLlon Hand for* the season, and with his large and spendid BalJ Room offers vast Ind cements to the Iwvers of th< dance His table will be constantly supplied with all the luxuries of the Potoma1*, and his Bai with the cholest liquors This is known to be one of the healthiest plac<i on the river, being situated between Blacklstone'i and St Catharine's Islands. There will be a celebration on the 4th <rf July and Ball and public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, 21th July, Thursday, 7th August, and Thur? dsy 21st of August the steamer Alice Price will land pe5se1. cn during the watering season on Tuesdays atd Fri days going down, and will stop for passengers or Wednesday* and Saturdays, en her return trips Hoard?SI per day for a week or longe ; ?l,*ii less than a week J?'>S9m GEORGE W BLACK I STONE. G T NOTICE. EN WALTER JONES AND CHARLES LEE JONES have removed their olllce U No 106, E street, between id and 4th *tre?*ts Charles Lee Jones will practice In the Supreme Court of the United States and all other conr* held in the District of Columbia Gen. al'.fi Jones, though mostly retired from general prsc tlce will unite with him and do his best to ad vance the success of clients by written staterr ect* and arguments, and by all oiher needful and proper eiertlons. Jy 5-3m ECONOMY IS THE MOTHER OF WEALTH. HE LORD SAID, "LET THERE BK _ light, and there was light."?The fciis com pany says we will supply you with Ugh', but we will not give It to you free, under four dollars per thousand feet, according to their ealculati' n fc'K not accord log to what you consume, and tubjeel to their arbitrary powers of monopoly The subscriber, having possession of the pa em rjohtfor ti e valuable, d'.s-overy of the paten: Benzole gas light, of a recent discovery, has In troduced H In his store. No 474 Pen. sylvan a avenue, where It is now oa exhibition and can be seen both dav and night; also numerous testimon ials of Its quantities and em len y by persons thai have itlt use in almost every section of the Ur-i ted States It must be seen to be apprei latrd This Beniole gas machine will generate m r-; ai and at about one-fourth of the cost of co*' gas, one-half less tean oil, candles, or any other mate rial In use for light. It will not cost over oae and one fourti of a dollar per thousand feet; you are not si.bject to the Inconvenience of being presented every monfb with a kill, and If not paid your gss is shut ; no mistake in the metres, for there Is none I lie whole apparatus tak*s up less space, snd is fr*e from all uoxious odors For public and pMvste buildings or dwellings thia new generator <-t rss has not Its equal, and for the country Is Inva: The subscriber, now having, in connexion| *' h other gentlemen of this city, made app. < a or1 to Congress fjr a charter to form a comia-A fo. tne manufacture of the said machines In this ty. and to give themeverv attention, will have op? 1 ed at his store No. 474 Pennsylvania *7^'u'' a ^ scr!ption book for stock at ten doll-.s t f U ) | er share: also ouc at the banking house ^of Me't s. Suter L? c A Co , on 7th street, ard begs to Info, in the public In general that a Urge portion of the st?k being subscribed for, the boofcs will be r.lofed immediately on the re elpt of their ? barter from Congress Capitol stock *50 0^0, to go Into operation when 20 pe- cent Is paid In Stockholders to be supplied with mschlnesst cost JONAS P LEVY, jy 17eo6t POTOMAC HEKRINO ? 100 bbls No. I Potomac Henine. packed m presslyfor family use. In store snd for sale low by WILLIAM M. CRITPS. ?1 Louisiana avenue, >???'??? Jeto-eomt and <th Street"