Newspaper of Evening Star, July 22, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 22, 1856 Page 2
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KVENING STAR. AaHINOTOH CITY: ? ? ?? TlKBOAY July 88, 1M?. The late delivery of a portion of oar edition of yesterday was caused bj the de rangement and breakage of the pres>, and not from tbe negligence of the carriers. SPIRIT OF THB MOBBING PBB8S. Tbe Lmon urges the country to read true accounts of the outrages in Kansas, and in sist* that much the greater portion of them are tbe work of tbe " Free State" partj. In another article on tbe same subject tbe Union republishes tbe deposition of the Hon. Daniel Mace before tbe Kansas Investigating Com mittee, prefacing it with tbe following re marks : y The much-controverted question as to the origin of these trouble* is put to rest by the deposition of Hon. Daniel Mice, which is ap Esnded to Mr. Oliver's minority report in the ansas-election cate It is proved distinctly by this deposition ihat the idea of defeating the true object of the Kansas act, which was to enable the bona fide settlers in the Terri tory to determine for themselves, and perfect ly uncontrolled by extraneous influences, the character of their domestic institutions origin ated with the members of Congress who had opposed the bill, and immediately after tbe bill was passed. The first Kansas Aid Society was formed in Washington city, and embraced most of the members of Congress who had on posed the Kansas bill, and the avowed object was to procure voters to go to Kansas who would at all times oppose the introduction of slavery into tbe Territory. The Massachu setts Aid Societies were the first fruits of tbia congressional organisation to defeat a law of Corgress To give more efficiency to the Mas sachusetts project, a charter of incorporation was obtained, and the prospect of making money was held out as a stimulus to adventu rers. In this way fanaticism and avarice en tered into partnership, and gave the impulse to the sectional agitation which is now con vulsing the confederacy from its centre to its circumfercnce. The movement, which it is now found bad its origin in Washington, pro. voked similar associations on the borders of Kansas and afterwards in Kansas itself. There is now no difficulty in fixing the truo respon sibility for all the outrages which have been perpetrated in Kansas." The Intelligencer's editorial columns are filled with news, Ac., to-day. W Ad&INuiGN S2WS AND 00881?, No Dual.?All those in and around the House hall were, this morning, under terrible excitement over the current rumors of a duel between the Hon. Messrs. Brooks and Burlin game. The se connected with the press, sup posed to know what had taken place between these gentlemen, were hunted down, as it were, by troops of Honorables. We saw tne luckless wight ot a Republican party letter writer, rushing through the lobby with at least a dcien solicitous gentlemen at bis heels; and were outself questioned on the subject by some two hundred (more or less) of all parties. To set the matter at rest, we have to say that tbe result of our efforts to get at the bot tom of the affair, is that we are satisfied that no iuel has taken place, as reported. We feel assured that the last published card of Mr. burlingame resulted in a correspondence be tween Mr Brwks and that .gentleman, and that the former, list evening, placed himself beyond the rea?h of arrest under the anti duelling law cf tbe District; and further, that t be replj of Mr. Burlingameto Lis note having rendered a hostile meeting between them im possible or improper, Mr Brooks returned to h;s i< dging3 this morn:pg; when be was arrest ad and bound over Gov Bell, of Texas (of the H'.u?ej is his security. The Fillmore Demonatrations of Tester, day.?The Southern readers of Know Nothing proclivities, if really honest in their desire to preserve tbe rights of the South, as we believe a vast m^rity of them to be, should scan with close attention the speeches delivered in the House hall yesterday by Messrs Haven and Dunn?tbe two immediate Congressional exponents of Mr. Fillmore himself. The de livery tf these speeches was caused by the failure to consummate the coalition to which we refer in another article to day. They were marked by great indignation against the Re publican party for its impracticability, as manifested in its refusal to raise the new war cry of Mr Fillmore?the restoration of the Missouri restriction?on which that distin guished gentleman has distinctly and formal ly placed himself in these oratorical efforts of his two exponents named above There is much, indeed, in Mr. Dunn's exposure of the want of good faith on the part of the Rcpub. licans, in professing to be roused to despera tion by the repeal of the Missouri restriction, and then refusing plumply and flatly to adopt Mr Fillmore s platform in favor of its resto ration as the purpose to be contended for in in the canvass now began. His bitter taunts fell with crushing force upon their want of integrity of purpose as manifested in this matter. He proved the sincerity of Mr Fill more anl bis immediate friends in taking their stand on the restoration of the Missouri restriction, by boldly advocating the policy of leaving the Government without supplies, to the end of so exciting the Northern popular mind as tbat the North will surely give over verwhelming majority to the only man who (according to him) can insure peace to the country?Mr. Fillc re-which ia to be done by that gentleman * election, and the conse quent prompt restoration of the Missouri re striction, according to Mr Dunn, as aforesaid. To all of this, Mr. Haven said amen; declar ing in bis speech that the election of Mr. Fill, more, and the restoration of the Missouri re striction were, of all things, tbe very best thing, that the country can do for its own fu ture. Such, i> few wordf, i. tie gill of ,be of U.,? ??p<,?euu of Mi||ard ? ' " Wi" be MUmM, heads the Fillmore electoral ticket in Indiana and proposes to take tbe stump the moment the session terminates We are curious to see how far the programme, which they virtually announce as the policy with reference to tbe alavery question to be pursued by Mr Fill mores administration in case of his election to the Presidency, will be received by the Know Nothing party in the South, it strikes ?? that kittons (in politic!) seven days old ean ?e? clear enough into it to comprehend that it involves tbe use of them (of the South) only to strengthen the cause cf '-free Kansas," of Mr. U..?g. c. t|l, cial guardian In tLe House. Internal Improvements by the General Oevernment -As we predicted on the ena, jneot ?f the three internal improvement bills ***** 0Terth? Residential veto, Con grew (the Secate) have already again gone to work to ruhh through another batch of them ore tbe terminal on of tbe *???*,,? The House will of coarse find means to reach them in ime to make them laws as the three originals were made laws, if two-thirds rotes can be ch ained for them. We, however, do not believe :hat this will be so easily accomplished, now :hat the opponents of the system are aware that it is proposed to initiate thus, 'he con struction of at least two hundred v*orks of the kind, ere the present Congress comes to an snd; which, ere thej are completed, will prob ably cost the tax payers of the country at least fifty millions of dollars. The idea of reducing the aggregate of duties Tom customs just when such a system of in ernal improvements by the General Govern ment is being entered upon,i. preposterous. hy, on the contrary, the revenues of the Government will in two year, require to be increased, as a matter of course. If he Government is thus to do everything by *ay of making harbors and navigable rivers "here Providence has made but muddy frog ponds and pule-ing creeks and runs, to suit the ?equirements of speculators in paper-town lots n all quarters of the new States, the present rates of duties on imports will soon prove wholly inadequate to that end. As for reve lue from the remaining public lands, that is tn obsolete idea; as, going for tho most part to ud the construction of railroads made through hem, those disposed of after the old fashion "ill hardly realise more for the national treaa ary than sufficient to pay the cost of keeping up tho paraphernalia of the present land of ice system of the United States. If any fair and just conclusion may be irawn from the existing determination of Con gress with reference to internal improvements t>y the General Government, it is that we are (ntering upon an era of magnificence in the conduct of American public affairs, which, fbile it will doubtless astonish the Old World, fill gripe and grind those who earn with the weat of their brows the money they will be .'ompelled to pay into the national treasury in ?xtra indirect taxation to furnish the means ? clear out the rivers and creeks, and pier icoop and dam the frog ponds, bordering which Messieurs, the speculators in Government lands, have farm tracts and town lots await, mg purchasers. So we go ! The Coalition-We mentioned a day or iwo since that arrangements had been entered into between the Fillmore and Fremont man agers of Pennsylvania to run but a single op positions electoral ticket in that State, as well as a single opposition ticket for State officers Tt is very certain that all the preliminaries bad been agreed on, and the New York Tri bune thereupon set up a shout of joy. But, alas! tho slip has taken place between the :up and the lip. Yesterday evening it be jame certain in this city that all their fat is again in the fire. A disagreement has taken place in the arrangement of the details of the joalition, which has ended in a bitter quarrel between the managing men of the two inter ists in Congress, leading them to denounce sach other without stint to-day. The coali :ion was to have embraced other States beside Pennsylvania? Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and New Jer ley. Ihe Fillmore lenders demanded that the restoration of the Missouri restriction? now the shibboleth of Mr. Fillmore himself should be the basis of the platform of their united fgrces. To this tho Fremonter* de murred; as they could not cxpcct to prevail on the ultra anti slavery men of their respec tive States to go with them unless agreeing to go further in their professions against the in stitution of slavery as it exists in this coun try. The Northern Fillmore leaders believe that their brethren in Maryland, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee, are willing to adopt that position for the sake of electing Mr. Fill more. Or, in other words, to take ground in favor of the restriction of slavery in the Ter ritories of the I uited States; and that if asked to swallow Mr. Fillmore standing on a plat form which accedes any more than that to abolitionism, they (of the South) will proba bly rebel. Thus, the proposed coalition ha; suddenly come to an end; the difficulty being altogether concerning the degree of abolition ism to be manifested in tie future position of the united opposition Good News ?We have very late private advices from Maine, Iowa, and Indiana, which satisfy us that those who hope to defeat the triumph of the Buchanan ticket in those States are reckoning wido of tke mark. These let ters were predicated on the expectation that a single Opposition electoral ticket will be run in the two States last named above. If under these circumstances there is no longer a ques tion as to the result in them, how much more certain is the triumph of Buchanan therewith the proposed coalition abandoned, as it was formally yesterday, by the leaders here en gaged in endeavoring to consummate it. The plan of the two opposition parties in these States, ?s throughout the whole North, will be to head each other off by bidding each higher than the other for ?' free Kansas" votes. To this complexion have they come at last! The End of the Sewion?The proceedings of the House yesterday upon the Senate's new Joint resolution, fixing the 11th proximo tor the termination of the session, led us to the eonclusion that they will not separate to day without fixing upon a day; probably the 18th of August, which will afford time for the consummation of most of the remaining real public business of the session P. S. The Senate will undoubtedly conour in the action of the House this morning, fix ing 12 m. of the 18th of August proximo, for the termination of tho session. Confirmed ?The nominations of John For syth, of Alabama, to be the United States Minister to Mexico, and Walker Feme, of Alabama, to be his Secretary of Legation, are said to have been confirmed yesterday by the Senate without opposition, as we presumed they would be. .kATriV*d ~~Mr C* Vand?rl>?lt's new steamer, the anderbilt, said to be the largest steam ship in the world, arrived at tho Washington ^avy Yard this morning. Tho Current Operating of the Treaaury Sipartmont.-On yesterday, the 21st of July, there were of Treasury warrants entered on tho books of the Department? For tho redemption of Stocks.... SJ6.88I IS For the Interior Department 6,688 ofi Pot Customs 72,077 64 War warrant; received and en tared 81,443 2i War ropay warrant- received and entered 11,432 40 Interior repay warrants reeeiveo and entered 5,632 2i From Customs ?... I2l,4i? 74 Froauuscellaneoucsources 10,614 V3 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the bill to secure greater efficiency in the arms, (muskets,) Ac , of the Government of the United States, was amended so as to re dace the aggregate of appropriates under it to SI,800,000, and passed. On motion of Mr. Bayard, the bill making an appropriation for the improvement of the Delaware Breakwater was taken up, and after being debated by the mover and Messrs. Ham lin, Clayton, and Seward, was passed. Mr. Cass introduced a joint resolution fixing the time for the termination of the session at noon on the 11th of August, proximo; which was adopted. On motion of Mr. Hamlin, the bill making Appropriations for certain public works in Maine, was taken up and passed. On motion of Mr. Seward, the bill making an appropriation for the construction of a har bor at Margvette, on Lake Michigan, was taken up and passed?yeas 21, nays 12. Also, the bill for the improvement of the harbor of Manitowoc, Wisconsin?yeas 23, nays 11. And then, after discussion on the bill for continuing the improvement of the harbor of Racine, Wis . at 4 p m. they went into Ex ecutive session ; and when throwing open their doors, they adjourned. In the Honee, at the termination of the speech of Mr. Watson in favor of the resolu tions reported by him from the Electious Com mittee; onsting Bird B. Chapman frcm his seat in the Hall as the delegate from Ne braska. and installing in hi* stead Hiram P Bennott? Mr. Clingman moved to suspend the rule to take up the Senate's joint resolution fixing the time for the termination of the session at 12 M of the 28th of July inst.; rule not sus pended?yeas 107. nays 57; not two-thirds. Mr. Sage moved to suspend the rule to take up the bill to improve the navigation of the Hudson from Trov down; rules not suspended On motion of Mr. Stanton, the rules were suspended, and he introduced a r^olution fixing the daily hour of meeting for the ba' ance of the session at 11 o'clock a. in.; which was agreed to. Mr H. Marshall of Ky., reportod from the Judiciary Committee a bill to establish an uniform naturalization law, and *> repeal all existing laws on the subject; which was com mitted. The Senate's joint resolution fixing the time for the termination of the session at noon of the 11th of August, prox , having been re ceived? Mr. Smith, of Tenn , moved a suspension of tho rules to enable him to submit a motion that the House take up the said resolution. Mr Dunn gave notice that, should the mo tion prevail, be would move to amend the res olution by adding thereto the following: Vtovided, That on or before that day an act shall have passed both Houses of Con gress, and received the Executive sanction, for the settlement of the troubles in Kansus, and which shall contain, amongst its provi sions, one re-establishing, in terms or in sub stance. in the said Territory, and also in the Territory of Febraska, the restriction against slavery as it was imposed by tho eighth sec tion of the act of the 6th March, 1820, where by the State of Missouri was admitted into the L nion. Mr Meacham also gave notice that should an opportunity offer he would move the fol lowing as a substitute for the resolution of the Senate: Resolved, (the Senate concurring,) That this Congress take a recess Lorn the 4th day of October, provided that no extra mileage be paid any member, or any per diem, during the recess The question was then taken, and the mo tion to suspend the rules was agreed to?yeas 120, nays 46 Mr D unn moved to lay this resolution on the table; not laid on the table?yeas 55, nays 165 Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, moved to substitute in it " the 2d of September" for " the 11th of August." Mr C argued that the state of the public business was such as to make it imper ative to continue tho session until the time designated in his amendment The amendment of Mr C was next op posed by Messrs. Haven, Greenwood and Gid dings. Mr Dunn then taking the Aoor said that he came into thia Congress with very high ex pectations that the Missouri compromise would Le restored, and he exceedingly regretted that they had grown smaller and smaller until they were entirely dissipated. He was now perauaded that there would be no peace in the country until it should be restored, either in substance or in fact. The prohibition of slavery within the Territories of Kansas and Nebraska was a thing to be done, or there would never be pea:e. He spoke this not in a spirit of taunt or of threat, but as a sober truth. Alluding to Kansas, he declared that until that question was settled the appropria tion bill should never pass by his vote. He would never give a dollar for any purpose until the great question of individual safety connected with Kansas affairs was settled. [Cries of "good, good.''] That was the only way in which to Insure compliance?stop the wheels of Government In the course of his remarks, he stated that he did not intend to support Mr Buchanan.* He ahould feel as great a difficulty in going for Col. Fremont. In bis opinion, the only man who could give any promise of peace in the adminstration of the Government was he who hailed from New York and lived there and not he who lived there and hailed from California. Mr. Lester moved to lay the whole subject on the table ; motion lost. And then the question being on the motion of Mr Greenwood to strike out the 11th and insert the 18th of August, thty adjourned. frae??dli|i ?( Te?l>ay. In the Senate, to-day, Mr. Butler intro duced a bill to change the system of paying members of Congress from tho per diem and mileage to an annual salary. After transacting other usual morniDg busi ness of no general interest the bill to protect American discoveries of Guano Islands w?a taken up and was discused by Messra. Mason, Seward. Clayton, Hale and Toombs, ere the Star went to press. In the Houte, the notion to amend the Senate s resolution for the termination of the season on the 11th of August, by atriking that time out and inserting the 18th of August, was agreed t?; and, as amended, the said resolution was passed Mr. Fuller of Me., denounced as unfound ed a statement ot a Washington correapondent of the Now York Tribune, wherein he was represented as having declared hia determi nation to voto against the contestant in the Nebraska contested election case, in pursu ance of an arrangement in a Democ ratio par ty caucus, ao Mr Phelps also branded as untruo all said in the letter to which Mr. Fuiler had referred, concerning the proceedings in the caucus of the Democratic members to which referred The Nebraska contested election case was then taken up. and Mr. Jewett addressed the Houao in favor of the right of Mr Chapman to the aeat in dispute. PERSONAL. .... Prea ident Fillmore is at the Monteagle House, Suspension Bridge, on a visit to the Falls. .... Miss Metta Victory Fuller, who writes for tho papera, has been married to O J Vic tor, an editor in Sanduaky .... The London Illustrated News has a let ter dated New York The writer speaks of " Senator Brooks, of South Carolina.'' Prob ably neither he nor hia letter haa ever been ten miles from St. Paul'a. .... Harper's Magazine for August elves from the ?' Editor's Drawer," a moat trLicai little bit of romance regarding an early lo-e affair of a distinguished statesman, whom the reader has no difficulty in recognising aa Hon. Jamea Buchanan, of Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Pennaylvanian thu8 rude ly spoils the romance : 44 We have read the atory aa copied by the editors of the Poat from Harper's Magaaine, and we nasure them that it ia the groaseat and iao?t gracelesa fabrication. Both themselves and tho editor of llarper'a Magaiiue have been imposed upon. There nover wa? a uioru i unfounded romance. We forbear pointing out egregious blunders where all ia distorted and wrong; and have only to express the hope that in reference to subjects which are neces sarily no part of the public concern, and the discussion of which cannot by any possibility affect the existing relations of Mr Buchanan to his countrymen, there will be that manly forbearance which even the most unscrupu lous opponent cannot always overlook. .... The Paris correspondent of the N. Y. Evening Post says : " Two incidents have of late ocourred which have excited much horror and disgust. A priest at Versailles has been arrested for having given drugs (to produce abortion) to a servant girl whom he had se duced , and the Grand Vicar of Aix has been detected in perpetrating an unnatural crime with a soldier. Both culprits were with diffi culty saved from the exasperated people. '? The theatrical world has been alarmed by the sudden disappearance of Madeline Bro bau This charming actress married some time since the grandson of Mario, no relative of the famous tenor, but soon got tired ot her husband, and obtained a legal separation, de corpse et biene He, however, is still in love with his own wife, a strange idiosyncrasy in Paris, and runs after her every where. To avoid his pursuit, sho has bolted ; having' previously obtained tho permission of her old admirer, the Emperor. No one knoWs whither she has fled?the next steamer shall tell you destiny of Europe and Madeline Brobau. POLITICAL ITEM8 A largo number of the ladies of Fall River, Mass , have organized themselves into an as sociation which they style the "Jessie Circle." Mr. Louis Thurman. of Richmond, Ky . has taken the Fourth degree of Know Notniugism He writes: This is to notify all whom it may concern that 1 have taken the Fourth degree in Know Nothingism, and intend from now, henceforward and forever, to vote as I please. Gov. Adams, of bouth Carolina, has ordered a new election to be held on the 28th inst., in the Fourth Congressional district, to fill the vacancy occasioned bv the resignation of Hon. Preston S Brooks. The Columbia South Car olinian says: "We have no doubt that Col. Brooks's course will be endorsed by his con stituents, and he will be returned ntvune cotitrd/itcevte to the position which ho is emi nently entitled to occupy as a true and tried representative of South Carolina." An elec tion has also been ordered in the Third dis trict, on the same day, to fill the vacancy oc casioned by the resignation of Hon. L M Keitt The Boston Black Republican papers have been quite jubtlant over a olaimed adhision of the Germans of that city to Fremont. How the story got afloat is told by the Boston Pilot:

''On the 23d ult , the German Turners had a picnic to tho number of three thousand As they were enjoying themselves, a red faced corpulent man got up and began to make a Fremont speech, when a nimble fellow got behind him, with a sharp instrumant cut off the tails of his coat, and that portion of his pantaloons which presented the broadest sur face, when the laughter of tho au licnce and the discovery of the accident to tho orator that he was not wanted in that crowd.?Urn. Journal. td^^ome half-educated Philosophers (says tho New York Times) are gloating over the discovery that cockroaches were made to de stroy bed bugs, und are publishing the fact that the two, like the small-pox and m?ssles, can t co-exist We have already a stack of letters from boarding house keepers'denying the alleged fact We don't publish them be cause as they give names and numbers we r-uspectthat they are only adroit puffs. The true use of cockroaches, ife all truly wise peo ple have known for years, is to flavor old Bur gundy. JO" Brown-* Essence tf Turkey Khu BAUB ?"Turkey Rhubarb undergoes a rljld inspection by U'.verumsnt. All piece* which do not pass exami.iafon are tia^nt l!i? . are which renders this Rhubarb free from defects, tends greatly to enhance its price. The largest por tion of rhubarb consumed is Ind an ; though inferior to the iurkey. Its com cheap: ee*gi\e? It *h<? prefer*i-.c* The medical properties of Khcbarb are (tculiar and val itrHJrk' ?"* or tw" et?!>"oiifnlU of BROWN s K9sf.Nf K, taken before meal* in a glars of w ineor water is a good tonic?Increases the appetite, and promotes C!<es:|nn. SolJ by i. U. UiMmau and J. N. Callan jy 22-Iwi ? 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Punctual attendance is requested as an election for officer will take place JAMES ESPEY, President. JNO. M. THORNTON, Sec'y. jy 22 2t? ii; SHAMEFUL?THE UNDER^IGN ed feels himself in duty bound, in ven dication of his character to state, that Mr. Henry Llesburger, who occupies a stand in the Centre market, directly opposite inlne, has on Saturday lant during my absence.which was caused by the death of < ne of my children, O'cup'.ed my a'and (over which my name Is painted) for the purpose of telling Lemonade, after I eipresaly told hliu that 1 could not have any business done there that day. after the child died I make this statement to disabuse the minds of my friends, who mav charge me the want of proper feelings and self respect to have my place of business kept open under such circumstances 1 ha~e taken tho necessary steps to have this matter duly attended to before the proper authorities, jy2i 3l*EUGENE SCH W1NGHAMMER ATTENTION UNION INFANTRY ? The members are hereby request d to attend i meeting of the Corpxon WEDNESDAY KVENING. July23',at 8 o'clock precisely, at their armory, 297 D street, between Pith and i3th streets A full and punctual attendance la necessarv as b laine* < of importince will be trana acted. By order of Capt Lassellb jy 21-Ut* L. WELLS, Pect. ^^-?^KALLY, YOUNG DEMOCRATS! ? The younu men of the District wishing to join a Young Men's Democratic Association are invited to meet at Dem>?cratic Headquarters, south side Pa avenue, between Dth and 10th sta., on TUESDAY EVENING next, at8 o'clock, jy 19-St* ^CASH PAID FOR F URN ITU HE.? Persons declining housekeeping or hav ing a surplus of Household efl'ects will find it to their advantage to give us a call before diaposing of the same. We ^re prepared to buy their en tire stock of Furniture, (in large or amall qusntl tlea,) and thus ?ave them the trouble and expense lnclden* to a public auction New Furniture ex changed for good second-hand articles BONTZ A COOMBS, Extensive Furniture Dealera, No 369 Seventh atreet, nearj, jy jg_jm ?THE MEMBERS OF the Western Hose Active Association most respectfully announce to their friends and tbe public generally that they will give their third ?rand t 'otlllon Party at tbe Pioneer Hall, corrnr of24th and K streets, on THURSDAY, July M, 1856 Tickota FIFTY CENTS?admitting a gen tleman and ladles. Committee of Arrnucements. F N Hotzman, W Dellaway, T J Parker, J H Blgga, W E Baker, J R Spalding. G W Edwards, jy 19 FTTh ?-^J^NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER bega leave to call the attention of the public tohla stock of GLASS and QUEBN^WARB before purcha-ing elsewhere, as by ao doing ?hey will save from lk to 25 per cent Toilet and Mlnner Seta lower than the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 8th and 10th etreeta. je 9-6ir. ' JOHN McDBVlTT. RE WARD.-STRAY ED OR STOLEN f " on the 3d of July, aaorrel MAKE,fl\_ blind In her left eye; her fore top and A*^V mane down to the point of her neck baa Men trimmed The above reward will be paid on her delivery to me at No. 49o 3d street, between B and C streets, Island. jy?-3t? AUGUSTUS THOMAS. BFRNARD OILLBi A!l HISTORICAL F, embracing the period# of tbe Tex as Revolution and the Mexican War. bv the Hoi. Jeremiah Clemens, of AUbimx: price one do!lar. jy 82 franok taylor. CiAME TO THK STABLE OF THE SUB ' scrlber. a brown Mare, with blaxe ?V_ face and white hind leg*. W horver ewns /*Oa the snme will pa? damages, and prove prorertv, and take her awav. ROGER AI)AMS(.N , ?y22-3te No. 1M Fourteenth-at .bet !H'f STRAYED AWAf.-ON FRIDAY LAST, J uly 18th. a red grev and white n ixed fMBfcy COW; ha* one horn broken off and marks on her back. Whoerer will bring aaid cow to me will be liberally rewarded JOHN M MAY, jy High street, Georgetown, D C Lost?on Monday, between the Capitol and Wlllards'.adou f-y^fpi ble EYE 9LABS, shell frame*^^ and red morocco case TLe floder will receive two do'la rs reward, and oblige the own r by leav ing It a: Wllla'dt's. If LAllies ELASTIC BELTS, FRENCH working and moravian ? otton, Linen Flour ishing Thread, India Rubber Comb*, HMr and Tooth Brushet. with a general assortment of Fancy Notions and Toys suitable for presents, for sale low bv LAMMOND, jy23 3t * Seventh street MAD. MOUNT'S CONSUMPTION DBS* TROVER. THIS INVALUABLE REMEDY CAN BE had at No 339 G strtet. between Elever.tb and Twelfth south side, oratttc'.t's Apotherary corner rf 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue References: Re* Mr Phelps and Rev Mr Register, Foundry church; a ad certificate f.> m the Kev J Hanson jy 22-lm* HARPER'S MAGAZINE FOR AUGUST. The Devil's Pulpit, by Rev Robert Tayior, B A Rousseau's Confession, first period translated Helen Lincoln; a tale by Car le Capron Chamber's American Literature, Historical, Biographical and lent cal The Kingdom which shall not be destroyed bv Kev J Oswald. jy22 FRANCK TAYLOR. i - ?! S, A CARD. THE UNDERSIGNED WOULD RESPECT fullv Inform his former patrons and, the public generally, tha*. he ba?resumej^ business nthls old stand cn F street, be tween 10th and lith street* He further states that he has se ured th- l>est wcrkmen ; he can confidently a sure ?hn?e wbcruiv patronis him, that all orde.s will be promptly executed ii. the nea'est and mott approved style. SAMUEL J. DATCHER, jy 23-31" Fashionable Boot Ma'^er. NOTICE TO OUR. PATRONS. WE RETURN OUR THANKS TO THOSfc customers wbo have ?o promptly come for ward and f ettled tbeir accounts; and to those who still hive bills reraa clng unsettled they are earnestly requested to close them by 5:h day rf next month, as it Is very important to u* that all accounts should be closed to 1st July. COLLEY A SEARS, jy 22-irtd 523 7th-st , 3 doors north Pa av. P. ? OVKR'x BOOT, SHOIC, AND ? TRUNK ESTAB LISHMENT ? I hav on hand the largest and most extensive assort in n? o ?*entlemen?' and Ladles' Sole I eath er Travllng Trunk.ironl and Wood Frame! Packing Trunks, Vail ees Bonnet Boxes, new style; Carpet Bsg? of ill styles and qualities Also, a general assortment of Ladies', Gents', Boys', and Misses Shoes, all colors and stile*. All* wishing to purchase any of the above articles will find It to their advan tage to examine ray stock before purchasing else where Call at S P HOOVER'S, Iron Hall Penn. ave , bet. Wth and loth jy ?2 streets. CLOSING OUT OUR STOO!R OF SPRING AND SUMMER goods at great sacrifice rather than take th*m over to the next season We call spcclal attention to our stock of? Fancy Dress Silks ard Silk Robes French Lawns and Organdy Muslins Plain and Printed Bareges, Cballey Deleln Barege De Laics, Plain Silk acd Lace Mantillas. >hawls and S arfs Witti many verv desirable articles sui'abla fjr the present season, which will be sold la many instances at less than the actual cost of importa tion A FULL SUPPLY NOW IX STORE. r*uperlor Murtlng Linea and Cottons :-hee Ing In all grades, Tab e Linens > apklns, Torn tings in great abundauce Uauz and Flannels, Russia i>lap<rs todcien White A.lendale Counterpanes, a very desirable arti< lefor summer u e Plaid Camb.l s. and Muslins Einbr."iderle-s Plain Swiss Muslin, w'th a general as sort me at cf white go. -Is of the best class yy 6oo<s cut off cannot betaken back. All article w&nanted to prove as represented COLLhi A SEARS, jy 22-2weo Si-1 7th st., 3 doors north Pa. a* FIRST OBAND EXCURSION OF THI FIRST WARD Pioneer Constitutional Asocial ion. THE MEMBERS OF THE PIONEER CON stltutlonal Association respect . . fully announce to their friends of^__^_^I_* Washington. Georgetown. and Alexandria, tfcat tbey wilt give their first grand excursion to the White House Paviliion on WEDNESDAY, July 30th. The Committee of Arrangements p'.<dge themselves that no effort villi be spared to ma^e this one of the most pleasant Excursions of the season. Scott's Brass and String Band is engaged for occasion The Refreshment department is in the hands of an excellent caterer The steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock, a m.. Washing ton at 9, Navy Yard at 10 and Alexandria at 10)$ The second boat will leave Wa?bing*on at 2 o'clock p. m , Navy Yard 2Jf, and Alexandria at 2 The last boat will leave the White Houte at 11 o'clock, p m. Tickets?? "NE DOLLAR, admltlng a gentle man and ladles?to be had of any of tbe Commit tee or members of the association. Committee of Arrangernettts. W E Spalding, B Kandom, W T Dove, F T Wilson, D C Lee, W y letter, W Rlggles, A Carrol. W R Greble R C Booth, J McDermott, 8 C Mlckuin, C. William*. jy 22-eo4t* A PLEASANT TRIPTO P1NEY POINT AND BLACKI*TONE'S PAVILION. T THE REQUEST OF A NUMBER OF t. gentlemen, the swift steimer _ >ik * GEORGE WASHINGTON will?gg?^? | leave Washington on SATUR DAY, July 26tb. ?? 3 o'clock, p m , ai d Alexandria at 3^, airlvir g at Plney Point at 10^ p m ; 'eturning, leave the Point on Monday at 4 J) m , thus giving pas^en gers two days at tbe Point with the loss of only -?<rc buislness day This trip la well snlltd for Members of Congress and others vrho can spare but little time from business You can have ? view of the noble Potomac see: ery for sixty miles hy daylight Col Dix will rociu and board the passengers for 91 per day. with tin** Bathing and olenty of all tbe delicacies of the season Iff* Wm Ccke will furnish meals on the boat Pass ee on the b -at, round trip tickets to and from Plney Point, THREE DOLLARS; single trip tickets to or frcm Piney Point, S2 50 Tick ets can be had of Geo A Thos Parker A Co , or on the boat. The beat will stop at Martury's wharf at I 5 p m for passengers going from that place, and [.will lar.d at Blackistone's Pavilion going and t eturning. Coaches leav Browns' Hotel r.r.d Klrkwoc4 House at 2JK for the boat The boat will make a t.-lp to Point Look-out. jy 22-5t JOB CORSON, Captain. United States Patent Office, > Washington, July2l.lSM. | ON THE PETITION OF G W A E B ROBINSON, of Boston, Massachusetts, praying for the extension of a patent granted to them on the 30th of September, 1943, for an lm provement in steering apparatus for vessels, for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the 30th of Sep'ember, 1856: It la ordered, that tbe said petition be beard at the Patent Ofllce on Wednesday. 34th of Septem uer next, at 12 o'clock m.; and all persons are no tilled to appear and show cause. If any they have, ' why aaid petition ought not to be granted' Persons opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Ofllce their objections, specially ?et forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing ; all testimony filed by elihor party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the ofllce, which will be furnished on application I The testimony In he ease will be closed on tbe 8th of September, depositions and other pa pers relied upon as testimony must be filed In the ofllce on or before the morning of that day; the ar guments, If any, within ten days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Union. Intelllgencerand Evening Star, Wash ington, D C ; Republican, Baltimore. Maryland; Pennsylvanian, Philadelphia, Pa ; Day Bock, New York. New York;and Po?t, Boston, Ma e.; once a week for three successive weeks previous to the S4tb day of September next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. * ? Editor*of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Pattnt OAce, wfth a paper containing this notice. jy 22 ?UWJw WANTS. Wanted?t?o good ha*\k?< band* and one boy to Inn the *?ddl o Business Apply at H S Johnston ? No <*, P? s?e , bot 4 j|f and ? str?-eta 11 ? WANTED ?A GOOD COOK -ONF. U H? ha? been erTtpleved either In a hotel or re- - tvifant. Also a woman to ? rub and do bou~ work App yat POTENTINI'S, No g* Penn avenue. i?iwrfn IQtb and 11 rtrw't JytS-tf WANTKD?A MIDDLE AGKD U hT| F voroan wbo can make ter?elf nsefnl assisting to dothedomesti - wort of a small fami ly Liberal nm will be given Pucbawman ?a above described can obtain a gocd home ?,v applying on the corner of 12th and O street* north ?*-ferenc?* required )? *1 It* Wt2t"P~* young man to i.kakn ***. Watch, Clock and Jewelnr buMs??* One BJJJd ^ekailwu prefeired Enquire of^ ?tree*. Georjietow; W WANTKD-WANTED?TO tlcles per*?D" lB WMt ?* f?Uow,iig ar Preach or German Looking Ola**** Portrait or Picture France*, rcticd, cr?; c.t .... Oil Paintings, large and *ma l ' Wl,ai* War hie-top Brerkett Tables, In hrocte or gx <3 AH kind* of Pictures framed, ai.d ar.v -Im Looking Glasses, or otb<?r work In the cltflr.e line done to order w'.th d1*r%trb. ^ Also, a lot of cast-Iron Brackets, citable for sriss# a*"*- ten" - ??? *u" *55 Penaa avenne, opposite Klrkwood House *?19 JOHN WAGNER BOARDING. MRS. BANNKRMAN, CORN ER OF 9TH ?nd E street*, baa *?*eral ^ond Room* vs. -ant. wb'ch *be offers with board on reasonabV terms She can accommodate several table board CT>- JylO-tr Bf?ARD,*c -MRS BAW.S.ON THKB W. comer of Pnuylwola avenue and ftii stieet !a nrepered to accommodategentleinen wl tb roor ? srfth or without board Every effort will b* nmd u> render those comfortable wko may ffcvor ter ?1th their patronage spS?tr FOR 8ALB AND REICT. [*.. m.TmiroaoTH.MOTC] For rent-a well finished an cc rafortable brick dwelling House on 1 *t opposite Franklin Square Apply at No 3:31 street. between 13th and 14th. jy 17-lw* For RENT?the I.ARGE THREE ST< ry bas?m*nf and attic ho-:** on F. between mh and 13;h streeta. formerly occupied >#tLe Misses 1 yson This house Las been newly p-lnf. ed and put in perfect order, containing iras fir. '?res and bath room, with a large cMern of t ?erod vr?w ?n ths vard Applv at the Drup s?- -e of NAIRN A PALMER, cetfcer ?:h met ard Pa avenue. jy J7 UOUSE FOR SALE ?A FINE NEW ** m dern built house on K Hreet; fronting rrank'ln Square, containing 13 rooir* and a ftr?? bs em-nt, kitchen, Ac ba.'. hot and cold wa<? r throughout the boase, with baih room. Ac q?i?rf " A W1LLARD. at WlUards' Hotel jeSl-lm P|R RENT-SEVERAL HANDSOME l a,, lors and Chmmbeni, with board. 8MI fH '8. *i3J F street aov t7?i: OOB.NIO!,^ PATENT GROATS A^U aa Barley, for ch Idren'a food, diet for invalid.. and for rnllnarv purpose* Also, lav an.l Mar tin s Lit^L ID BLACKING For sale br , tt, iAS. H SHEKEL!.. jy 21-3t 27V F street, corner 13th DLitKBERRT, LAVKNUKR, ASP p WILD CHERRY BR ANDY, and I ewi? sitting's celebraud ST(?MACH BITTi H* foraaleby JAS. H SHEKELL, *79 F street, corner 13th MAS* BOOR LOST. ? PASS BOOK OK ?L account be ween Ma-cellu* Mareeron and U M Crlpp*, which *te finder will p'oas* re-urn to. . . WILLIAM M CRtpps p! Louslanaave ,bet fth and TCh f** tyMir rum Trow ?? Irresponalble traveling a^ent* W? V~ when you can get in \\ a-bin^'on citxHTrn the very b?.t quality at prlots which ?111 b*guar F? EL LI^;J>iow"anythecoi?ntr> ^om JOtiN Always on hand, from 20 to V) Pianos of even s.yleand finish Second hand P'.aaoa taken 1 exchange Piatos for rent, Ac Remember?No 3PG, between 9:h and K tb ??- . near Savlrg* Bank THIS TYEEkS ARIilYAL ? ? AT THE WOOD AND C O A L DEPOT 1 CARGO OF RED ASH COAL F<'K > Grates 1 car-o of Red Ash Coal, for Rante, } White do. for Furnace, 1 do d> do. for Radlatr ra. ?fr w;,nt of coai-ieavib* <?*-** Will find them promptly cttended to The best article guaranteed f J a W >1 GALT. N. W corner 12 h and C ^trce ?, No 517 * ?a kept under cove r. inr Iba to the ton. . \\?fd f?r the wlnte: can now be laid In at ftt^ry pilc#. Jy 21-tf yENTlLATINO H ati!?S T E V k N 9 , Browns Hotel, ha* this day received V r*. case* ventilating H A1S from ?? B?ebe " ? 111* Saleaiooiu. Brovok' Hotel, D?prp?^T ~ v?8T A BLAC* TERRIER PL P. about three months old lt>.? o, ^ars and tall are clipped, and it h*d on a >lic>. leather Collar, With a silver pla'e forth- name A suitab'e remard will be paid to :K.7etUrnlaK 11 US*1 1 t>lrt*t' betveeV 17-b tnd lPtlr. Jv 19-3t ceVKR?' round and ?blong all sizes, for sale low by . Je 9tr ?? FRANCW,4<t7th tir?et pi>R L'OHT LITER at LRE, Period! ,?*. FKROOSON'S, TttB. J" ne?t to Lrmmo id's QERARD, THE LION KILLER Rachel and the New World | Tangletown Letter* Camp Flrea of the Red Men. at . FKR?,U?ON"B, JC to Lammond. 4*<J 7th strs.t. WORMWOOD (ORDML. THE GENERAL DEPOT FOR THE SAL* and . * W OOD CORDIA L The ' ' Wf,n kn ? I'" k.r^ L r rm''rcomPlllBt'1' constant'v >n hard and for rale at wbolesaV prices, tv I ? . JONAS P LEVY, Gnico its****0*' W,n""? Liquors, Sogsr*. acd crroco.iea, jy ll-tw meoical card. ~ L)Krv.?k? PIVRABEAU, GERMAN' HOVKO i;,,f PMc:?' Lm tb** to offer L1^ vicinity Inhabitants of Washington ai.i tiilai/hi, ?"ldfnc* on I street, No lv l tween /oth and 21st streets the nB~H-WM*Phttblc medicines for sale, wbli h ^ f^pLP l'PT. hlmw,:f the gre?- t v"V'~" great reduction in the price of BONNETS ! W?' ri,K UNDERSIGNED, IN ORDER * v to accommodate the Ladies and to * n out our entire ?tock of Summer <ioods ^n- & to se\i b?r8 4c 'co,,i*" lo oU'r^M worth Worth #'2 at Bonnet* BonneU Ar TraTflllBK and Straw ?o CAROLINE PR I K R AM S DAL'GHTl R< jy 14.2wO*VenU*' Wt 1UUl "" lllh ? CROSSE A BLACkWClL. Purveyora by Apooiatment to HerXsjca t Jtne Queen UST RECEIVED FROM LONDON AND now opened at the subscriber* storv? Cro ?eA BiackweU's assorted pickles Mu broom Catsup Saho do Walnut do, Saver's Relish Beef Steak Sauce, Julia Sav Essence Anchovy S*l t? S*?*. J?letlne, Anchovy paste Hemng do, Jars Table SaT Luchnom Chutney "? "Sn? ptrJ" "? jy 19-lw 'uo'' and Grocery Store GA.1ifEw!,l!>eil8ll,etb a"11 ? ot_ * btv* juit opened a further Gauxe Merino ahlrts aLd Drawers Do cotton do do Do silk do do draw. supply Making our assoitment complete" A _ * ALIO? A KM4 askortatnt of Ladie*1 Gauntl^tfi wiih fv ltt 'W STEVENS'S BakMro^L', 17 Rrovku. Hiit?l