Newspaper of Evening Star, July 23, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 23, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. [TOft TB? 1141, The following line* relate to a rerolution passed it a Kn?w Nothing lodge In Massachusetts, to rorae on to Waahlng'onin a body to protect their Senators, Ac , snd to the motion made In the Massachusetts Legislature to provide each of their Senators and Representatives with a revolver: The"ft>olsM with their old raps and new bells. Are coming South to cut a few swells. Hurrah.' It take# three hundred "Dew tolls" To whip 0<u South Carolinian. Three hundred ' what a band of heroes, To brave the worst of southern Neroe, And sternly march rompsot in three rows, To charge th? South Carolinian. Three hundredoh, Thermopylae ! All after years will grieve to see, Thy sun '' put out" lngloriously, ' Aecause of a South Carolinian Away Marathon ' Salamis ' Sure Wate'loo's no touch to 'his, Three hundred bells will hit?or miss, That fitMditk South Carolinian. The Saints have mercy ? what a fuss! Colts, too, revolving in the murs, Fie! what a e ha me to riddle thus A handsome South Carolinian. " Dew tells !" bv all your warlike nurture, Have pity f aid by all the virtue That lies in hollow gutta percha, Oh, s^sre the Sonth Carolinian. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Willarda' Hotel?J. C. A H. A. WILLiKD. W Mower, Ark G Rose, ly, A serv't, Pa P 6 Davis. A ly, do T Balrd, Md Miss Davis,do G Vanderman, N Y Miss C J Davis, do J C Putnam, do W J Abbott, NY H D Jlrltton Va 8 Keene, NY J trtajea, N H W Shrewsbury, Md T J (rlppcn. do J Flicker, Ind HE Pruden A ly, 8 C 8 M I eunock, Vt J Dai a, do J White, U 8 C, T 1 WG Adams, NC N B Pearces U 8 A S W Guard, Mich T H Yeathan, O TP Ackley, do L Anderson, do W F Reynolds, U 8 A G W Newman. Pa C 8 G Wright, G 8 Rawaon A ly,*N Y J 8 Gamneli, Mass J M Howe, Mass 6 W Baega, N Y HJBrazee,NY J E Dulape, Va J h Lindiey, Va H Suliiv.nt, Mass C E Hereford, Mass J Pile her, do Miss Hereford, do C Crouse, Miss W K Trewsdale, Md A J Haynes, N Y R Kinley, do F E Gil more, Va H Junk A fam'v W A Leonard, p* Mrs Brooks, N Y TPShel*on,do Mr Kobertson, Cuba C St.rges A ly, Va J T Walton, Ala B J Bateman, Ten J 8 Browning, ly A chll,G Lemargh, Md do J G Hannet, Ca R H Slough A ly,do R Roihgeb, do J Relly, Pa W Carper, Ten F Engle, Mo J C Wesser, Pa B FUzhugh, Md D J Sllbey, N Y Hon N J Waterberg, Miss Kempe, La NY HonD Stuart, Ills W K Marovln, do J Cable, N Y J R Snewden, Pa W C^Cable. do Mlse Dabcev, O E J Herton, do Naiisnal Het?l.?w*. eur. J J Finley, Md B N Beaver, O ? A 'tsart. NC Mr Browne, Mass D R Mcintosh, do J 8 Black^urne, SC Mo M???KSBuckburne,do DG Wells. NY J McCoy, La W Soldshorough. Md W B Stansburv, SC A 6 Robinson, NY E W Talbott, Tex VV StJohn. Ct T R Henwood, ly, Va M Olney, do W H Bailey, SC C J Ceen, Wis W Coles, jr. Va C H McCormlck, 111 W Kerr, fam, Pa T *2*2?,NY GP Kane? M4 J J Halden, Md J Shower, Md W F Talbott, Le A J Anthony, NY L Noel, Mlse J H Hodges, Va A Johnson, Mo T K K Cobb, fam, Oa J Moore, NC FBNicol, NY V Brent. Md Mr Parish, fkm. NY M'ss G Brent,slat re,La E F Northam Cal J B Ma ghee, W V Hey ward, Va ? B Joaiu, Mo J Trumbull, Mass O N A Sirbuaa, Md Dr J p Parker. Miss L R Marshall, Misa J O Rhiner, NY R R Reed, Pa J W Duckworth, do Browne' TTeiel.?t. p. A v. brow*. F. A Marge. Va W 8 H Baylor, Va J K Magruder. Ind J P Cox A ly. Iowa Mrs Gea Gaines. La W Pouitern, Mo TGKean. Va ZH Look, Ind A G Haley, Misa M A Lawrence, do T 8 Henning A ly, O C Ash ton, O Mrs C Pratt, La J Waa?werth, do W Elliott, O J P felmond*. Pa J L Wit-hell A ly, Pa G Randolph, do J Henry A daughter,N YS D Filter, Va Miss 8 llklfis, do C A Purdy A sister, N V D K Wallace, Mass F H Osborne, Md H Doherty, do J LMagulre. do ? do Co,n CV anderbll t, N Y W Welch, do F Work, do C HubbardJr, do D B Allen, do W T Hardiry, Md M Morion A daughtr.Pa D B Wilcox, Ct J Newton jr, NY J R Buckingham, Va C V Croes, do W E Webster, do 8 M Hvnt, do E H Gilmer A ly, Ala C Diggs, Md KirkwasJ Hsnee?j. A A. h. kukwood. E J D Haven, USN H R Casans, fam, Cuba Wm Johnson, Ga T 8 Casans, do A M Danworth. O R 8 Leberra, do fam Lewis, DC W P Blakey, do M Parks, Va BV Beaver, O M C Watkine, USN J B Maghee, A Beach* Miss C J McDougal, USN J J P Prnder, NC R B Steward, Cal T P Cramp, Va Jas Thrift, Va E McE'roy, do KOV^MENTS OF 0CEA3 STEAMERS Nmmt. Lissii For n*f New York....Liverpool...July 10 A''1?* New Yofk....Ll?erprol...July *3 Lebanon New York.... Liver pool. ..July ?4 Fa.ton New York....Havre......July 26 rioM ifiopi Krieaeon Liverpool....New Yok...July 9 Persia Liverpool New York...July 19 City of Bait... Liverpool.... Philadelphia. July 10 The California steamers leave New York on the th and 20th of each month. The Overland Mail* to India and China. We have often been asked for information in re gard to the departure of the Mails from England to China. The following maybe interesting to those who have correspondence with the East: The mails leave Southampton on the 4th and 20th of each moath, and arrive at Gibraltar about the 9th and 26th of same month; arrives at Malta about the 14th and 90th of same month j arrivesat Alexandria about the if th of same and 4th of fol lowing month. Leaves Suez about the SOth or 81st of same and 5th er <ith of following month; arrives at Aden about the ?;h or 26th of same and 10th or 12th of following month Leave* Aden about the *Hh er 27th of same and ChL?a Ac f?r Bomba'r> %nd Hth to 13th for "?**? arrives at Bombay about the 3d to #th and 1Kb toflst of following month. P. and O. steamor arrives at Point de Galle about the ?th or 7th and ttd to aad of following nK*th; leavee Point de Galle for Pulo PenanS the same day, If the steamer has already arrived which takes the mail on : arrives at Palo Penanj? about the 12th or 13th andaeth and 20th of follow ing month; arrives at Singapore about the 13th or i?th and 31st or 1st of following month; leavee Singapore about 12 hours after arrival; arrives at U?BC Hong about the 28d or 24th and 8th or 10th of following month, leaves next day for Shanghai. Two malls leave England?one on the 8th and * I ??nth?Via Marseille*, and arrive at o "iiaU tbout H*? ??n"; timeae the Southamp PiiHS!Tai!,l7?^T V RB? Periodicals, A Stallrnery, Standard Works, Balm of 1 000 Flowers, Ac. Call at ?aim ox i,uw FERGBfiON'S, 7th at.. J1 9 next to Lammond's. TH* VIRGINIA SfRINUB. The following are the terms of Board at BURNER'S WHITE SUL PHUR SPRINGS, Virginia, vlx: Per week 00 Per month tiO 00 Si 10-lm WHY PURCHASE PIANOS FROM Irresponsible traveling agents, when you can get in Washington cityjT^^^n the very best quality at prices which will b* guar antied to be as low aa any the country from JOHN F. ELLIS'S Always on hand, from 90 to SO Pianos of everv siyle and floish Second hand Planoe taken lit azebange Pianos for rent, Ac n?Is1308- b^w?*n ?th and 10th ?U., near Savings Bank. jy gj ' HARPER'S MAOAZlliE FOR AUGUST. n AThe DevU'a Pulpit, by RevTo^n Rouseean's ConXeeslon, first period tranalated Helen Lincoln; a tale by Carrie Capron bvTK.,^;rtt^1dwl"ek ?i,*u )r" MANC* TAYLOR. ECONOMY IB THE MOTHER OF WEALTH. The lord said, ??let there bk light, a?d there wm lifht "-The g?* com pany say* we will supply you with Hgh*. will not el*e It to you free, under four donars F?T thousand feet, aeoordtng to their not according to what you consume, ?a suojeoi to their arbitrary powers of n0000.?01^,^. The subscriber. baring right for the nluable, dlro*?L?;,?\Pst?nt Benzole gas light, of a recent discovery, has in troduced It in his store, No^ 474 Pennsylvan_a avenue, where It is now on exhibition and can be seen both day and night; also numsroustestimon ials of It* quantities and effl lency by persons that have itin use In almost every section of the Uni ted States It roust eeen to be appreciated. This Benzole gas machine will generate more gas and at about one-fourth of the cost of coal gas, one-half less tean oil, candles, or any other mate rial ia use for light. It will not cost over ore and one fourth of a dollar per thousand feet; you are not subject to the inconvenience of being presented every month with a bill, and if not paia your gas Is shut off; na mistake in the metres, for there ia none The whole apparatus takes up less space, and is frse from all noxious odors For public and private buildings or dwellings this new generator of gaa ha?not Useoual,and for the country is Invaluable. The subscrloeT, now having, In connexion with other gentlemen of this city, made application to Congress for a charter to form a company for the manufacture of the eaid machines in this city, and to gi ve them evprv attention, will have opened at his store No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue, a sub ? scrlptlon book for stock at ten dollars (#10) per share; also ene at the banking house of Messrs. Suter, Lee A Co , on 7th street, and begs to Inform the public in general that a large portion of the stock being subscribed for, the books will be closed immediately on the re elDtof their charter from Congres*. Capitol stock $50,0'>0I to go Into operation when 90 per cent is paid In. Stockholders to be supplied with machines at cost JONAS P LEVY, jy 17-eoflt BLACK I STONE'S PAVILION. -IS PLACE OF RESORT WILT open on the 3d day of J uly for the ao *pHI8 PLACE OF RESORT WILL BE comn. __ has engaged a first rate Cotillion Band for^CL the season, and with his large and spendid Ball Room offers vast lnd cements to the lovers of the dance His table will be constantly supplied with all the luxuries of the Potomac, and his Bar with the choiest liquors This is known to be one of the healthiest places on the river, being situated between Black! stone's and St Catharine's Islands. There will be a celebration on the 4th at July, and Ball and public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, 2lth July, Thursday, 7th August, and Thurs day 21st of August. The steamer Alice Price will land passengers during the waierla* reason, on Tuesdays and Fri days going down, and will stop for passengers on Wednesdays and Saturdays, on her return trips. The steamer Columbia will also land p*ssenfcurs on Wednesdays going to, aad on Sundays re 1 turning from Baltimore. Board?SI per day for a week or longer; SI,25 less than a week jeas-am GEORGE1. W. BLACKI3TOMB. United States Patent Office, 1 Washinotor, July 8, 18*1. | ON THE PETITION OF JEPTHA A WIL KINSON, of Suffolk county, N Y., praying for the extension of a patent granted to him on the 4th day of January, 1853, for an Improve ment In '? Printing Presses," for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place on the 23d day of September, 165? : It Is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Monday, the 15th day o# Sep tember next, at 12 o'clock m.; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to ?le in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be used at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted In accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be closed on the 8th September; depositions and other papers re lied upon as testimony must be filed in the office on or before the morning of that day; the argu ments, if any, within seven days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Union, Intelligencer, and Star, Washington, D. C.; Republican, Baltimore, Md; E'ening Argus, Philadelphia, Pa ; Day Book. New York, and Post, Boston, once a week for three succes sive weeks previous to the 15th day of September next, the day of he?ring. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P- 8.?Editors of the above papers will please send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this notice. jy 9?Iaw3w PROPOSALS FOR WOOD AND t'OAL. Orrici Secretary of Senate U. S., ? July8,1fl;e. \ SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RR ceived at this office until 12 o'clock m on Sat urday, the Mth instant, for furnishing and deliv ering in the vaults ef the Capitol, on or before the trat day cf November next, one hundred tons (of 2,240 lbs.,) of best anthracite white-ash coal, In lumps not less than three nor more than six inch es in diameter, and entirely free of slate or other foreign substance. Also, for one hundred and twenty-five cords of best hickory wood, to be measured at the expense of the contractor in the Capitol yard, rawed in two pieces, and properly picked away In the vaults; the whole to be subject to the inspection and approval of the Secretary of the Senate. Security for the faithful' performance of the contract for furnishing the above article-, ?o the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Senate will be required Proposals may be separate, and should be en dowed "Proposals for Wood," and 'Proposals for Coal," and directed "To the Secretary of the Senate, at Washington." Jy 9-law3w rNo. 5G2 J Notice of removal of the land OFFICE FROM LEBANON TO CEN TRE, IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA?In accordance with the provisions cf the art of Con r rass entitled "An act authorizing changes in the lo<jation of land offices," approved March 3, 1853, it 1* hereby declared and made Known that the land office for the sale of public lauds at Leban on, in the State of Alabama, will be removed'to the town of Cemtre, in the said State, from and aft-r the thirty-first day of J uly next. Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton, this 17th day pf June, A. D. 1-56. By order of the President: THO.o. A HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Olflce. i* 18-law0w CROSSE A BLACKWELlu. Purveyors by Appointment to HerMajesty tne Queen. JUST RECEIVED I ROM LONDON AND new opened at the subscribers store? Cra se 4 Black well's assorted pickles Mushroom Catsup. Saho do Walnut do, Bayer's Relish Beef Steak Sauce, Julia Say Sir Robert Peel do, Heading do Lea A Perrisses Worcestershire Sauoe Essence Anchovy Caes Jeletin", Anchovy paste Herring do. Jars Table Sa:t Lhchnom Chutney Orange Marmalade and other Jelleys at No 474 Penn avenue JONAS P LEVY V 'ae? liquor, Segar and Qrocery Store. Jy 19-lw 7 WORMWOOD CORDIAL. general depot for the sale * Of the celebrated WORM WOOD CORDIAL the cm# of <;*1*bnit*d Bltt-rs, so well known for i tli aummer complaints, constantly on hand and for sale at wholesale prices, by ? JONAS P LEV Y, Gn*>mU?*VeaUe' Wln*"' Li9u0"S Segars, and Groceries. jy 11-aw FRENCH CHINA. fHAVE RECENTLY IMPORTED, PER A ship Consul, direct from Vleixon,i>? V-fl^casksof plain white,< rlc*>lydecorated 1KENCH* CHINA, which, together with iny former I vo5 ' renfd*r"1,m)r,a*so''tin*"t complete, and en JJi-? "low ** any house in the United Having on hand a very large stock, I am Dre pared to sell to the trade at the lowest New /ork list prices ..V Pr#Mnl reduced rates families will find it decided economy to uae French China C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer Jy 8-ecd anl Importer, Iron Hall. J^TRKCE'VED, LONDON ART JOUR. NALand other Books, PeMod.cals aad Pa FERGUSON. - . ^>t to Lamrnond'a, 4S6 7th at. , PER iff D medical card. R H. PERAUEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physic an, has the honor to offer hla services to the Inhabitants of Washisgton and vialnlty. Office and Residence on 1 street, No. 186, be tween 20th and 21st streets. N. B?Homoophathlc medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with the greatest care, for Fever and Ague, for Bllous and Bowel complaints, Ac.. Ac. m l<V-3m WIRE ?ISH COVERS, round and oblong all slzea, for sale low by Je9-tr o. FR ANCTS. 490 7th street. L. i. MIDDLETON, DEALER IN ICS, Qfflc* and Dspat?Southwest ?mj?r of F aad , Twelfth streets. fcb*7tf AYERS PILLS Anew and singularly success ful remedy for the cure of all bilious dis eases?Costlveness, Indigestion, Jaundice, Drep sv, Rheumatism, Fevers, Qout, Nervousness, Humours, Irritability, Inflammations, Headache, Pains, In the Breast, Side, Back, and Limbs, Female Complaint*, Ac., Ac. Indeed, very few are the diseases which a purgative med'eine Is not more or less required, and much sickness and ?offering might be prevented If a harmless but effectual Cathartic were more fteelv used No person can feel well while a costive habit of body prevails; besides It soon generates serlou* and often f*tal diseases, which might have been avoided by the timely and judlcoas use of a good purgative. This ts alike true of Colds, Feverish symptoms, and Bilious derangements. They all tend to become or produce the deep seated and formidable distempers which load the hearses all over the land. Hence a reliable family physic is of the first importance to the public health, and "N" has Deen perfected with consummate skill to meet that demand. An extensive trial of its virtues by Physicians, Professors, and Pa tients, has shown results surpassing any thing hitherto known of any medicine. Cures heve been effected beyond belief, were they not sub stantiated by persons of such exalted positions and character as to forbid the suspicion of un truth. Among the eminent gentlemen who have testi fied In favor of these Pills, we may mention: Doct. A. A. HAYES, Analytical Chemist of Boston, and State Assaver of Massachusetts, whose high Professional character Is endorsed by the Hon.EDWARD EVERETT, Benatorofthe WnltfVi States ROBERT C. WINTHROP, Ex-Speaker of th? House of Representatives ABBOTT LAWRENCE, Minister Plen , to iv "gland tJOHNB FITZpARiCK, Catholic Bishop rhe^L??! ?SO If- {. ?? HILTON, Practical Chemist of New York City, endorsed by ^' MARCY, Secretary of State, i tberlche8t ma? In America. * Co., Proprietors of the Metro politan Hotel,and others. These Pills, the result of long investigation and study, are offered to the public as the best and mofct complete which the present state of medical science can afiord They are compounded not of the drugs themselves, but of the medicinal virtues only of Vegetable remedies extracted by Chemical process in a state of purity, and com Dined together In such a manner as to insure the best results. This system of composition for !?.m ine? ba* 1,6611 'oun<1 ln Cherry Pectoralaad Kills both, to produce a more efficient remedy than had hitherto been obtained by any process The reason Is perfectly obvious. While by the old mode of composition, every medicine is bur dened with more or less acrimonious and iojuri* ous qualities, by this each individual virtue only ? nM* (?es red *nt the curative effect is present. All the inert and obnoxious qualities of each sub stance employed are left behind, the curative virtues cnlv being retained. Hence it is self evl dent the effects should prove as they haseprjved more purely remedial, and the Pills a more pow erful antidote o di-ease thad any ether medicine keown to the world. rhey operate by their powerful Influence on the internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate It Into healthy action?remove the obstructions of the stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the body, restoring their Irregular action to health, and by correcting, wherever they exist, such de rangements as are the first origin of disease. .?Hr!pa7?,?L C. AVER, Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Mass. Price 25 cents per box; five boxes for 81. ? v.zl;.l,rk<iIL,MAN> Washington, and by I all respectable Druggists. ap8-4m TUP If a:V| lOKKLCT'l A'jPJF AND CHKAP ?ADDLE, HARNESS AND TBUNK STOBS, Seventh st , opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. MESSRS. TOPHAM, HBn^iate of Philadelphia, and ^^^^NORFLET of this city,. .? respectfully announce to heir friends and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens', and'HaVWETSi C^VKRs> COLLARS, Hors-e,Spoke, and Dust BRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-c6mBS, SPONGES, ?C..aC. 9 *}} material used will be the best that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, we feel confident that dnr-T^m^n01 fljrpassed, either for style or r?r?? y'v Uy onreraittlng efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of public patronage. Pasticular attention paid to covering Trunks repairing aliklr.dP ?f work. K SaddleTs- tools constantly on hand, nsv 7?tf ALWAYS SO!>lKTHI!*? NKVTT READ THIS, OLD AND YOUNG' Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative ^7"ILL RESTORE fiRAY HAIR TO OR1 on >?'5 ^S?i0r **rmanently; made to grow up on bad heads; reraove all dandruff or Itching ?, ,^Lal1 dl86a3fcS ofthe *calp: and If m^d once Xnn lZS .Y??* Tt*nl*rlYi wil\ prevent ho hair ?re or,fallln?? ^ an Imaginable age Reed the following testimonials, and we ?L??U ? ? ' (*ay" "** Wav?ly Magazine ) ?"niu? wh0"6 ton,c we "ay, Tarns back to Its colorthe Hair that was gray. SOMETHING WORTH KNOWING '_Bv hlir?,^^80' U'00d:8 Ha1r Restorative', gray hair can be permanently restored to its orizlnal color The subjoined certificate was receded ^npfiMK**011 f^ons, Gardner, Me., and is but one of the many instances that are dally comine to our knowledge of its wonderful effects It ? L inn^errX?^lematlC31' but a ^'evident truth! HnHtrmld ?Uf comnQunlty ??*? testify.?B m! m. u r? SanDiinR, Me, June22,1852. ties of Pr?!fT\V???arr?,r: 1 haTeus?d twobot tmwL?i?i' ^ood ? Ha,r Re?toratlve, and can y a v ?reatest discovery of tie as? for lfl wan.g.^dnCh/nKlng the Halr Before using It I was a man of seventy. Mv hair nnm _. Ulned Its original color. You Mn rammed it to the world without the leittnr umv cnil was one of the worst kind ' y Yours res peotf ally, DAN'L N. MURPHY .. tk?. 0?4 "f hZfr'ra admired Iti wonderful cftct. My hair was bscomin^, as 1 thought, prematur^iv gray; but by the use of the " R%?tor?l??^i" Lai resumed its original color, and, 1 ha^Tno d S permanently so s/dn^Y BRKESE ' Kx-Senator United States. HAIR KESTORATIVE.?la oarcolumrs to day will be found Prof. Wood's advertlsenien' of "J'01**to which What It has done, we have witnessed upon sev oral of acquaintances In St. Louii? Hu gray met our view, black or brown as th? might be, being the color of sari v manhood ? aad as cneand gltwayas silk and don?rtHSPllCatl0n than tho' inV ofhin,ap?aH0lber*i WU1 U not saui fo anyof our readers whose "frosty prows^w^ once like the " raven locks" of Lothlel's w chief, if they will try It We think ? %wVlik? mil. ConstitutionS, Ocl fi* &S THE GREATEST DISCO VERY OF THE ?ny Eci^t? lives, or anything of kind to, udlce against most of them ' Rut * ^*Y? a pre >els us to invite attention to the Com" >rofessor Wood's Hair Restorative rA**rnent <>' uvenile to require anything of the klnrt Ve *<KI nstancesof its use have eorm, to Ju?knowiX which almost assures ns that it is a remedy against the hair becomlnL ^ J Vwe,<Jn gray. Itis not a "HairDye " b^t n?!?V.U y Plication, as directed, the effect is prod^.^1 ap" the skin, which to-inus out th? nil^"u,ce<l upon l?lr, without ',Z J&. 1*1" ~lore3 natural appearance. xVe have wwn a ^lOMy and Broedw?r, N?w York'Ud n4PMe"I!j N? LouIb, Mlstoorl ' '",1114 g, by Peel Ic Stevens. Clssel, in Alexandria Agent, Phlladelphla, Pa^18' General^hol??al? MR w" ?? n^!ANO FORTE CLAS8E8 Apply at GBOIiGKrnIPL'B$S'sr'Mi?sIe n 3?'syiv,nls av?n?i, 8 ?usle Depot, ? i m?r 14itf HOMEOPATHIC PHYgHI?rK4Vi 8VBOBOH Cor?.r i3tk'.ct' and sVw KS' ' Carter's Spanish Mixture THE ?RKAT PURIFIER OWTHE MLOOD BEST ALTERATIVE KNOWN MOV A FABT1CLB OP MKBCCBY I* IT *11 AS Infallible remedy for Scrofula, Kind's Evil. Rbeumat 1 win. Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions. Pimples or Postules on the Face. Blotchea, Boils, Ague and Few, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ringworm or Tetter, Scald Heald, Enlarge ment and pain of the Bones and Joints, SaR Rheum. Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, and all diseases arising from an Injudicious use of Mercury, Imprudence In Life, or impurity of the Blood. THIS great remedy, which has become so rap Idly and so Justly celebrated for Its extraordi nary efflcacy in relieving and curing many of the most obstinate and terrible forms of disease with which mankind is afltcted, is now ottered to the public, with the confident assuranoethat no Mm* ical discovbbt ever made has been so eminently suocessfal in cur in# Scbovvla, and all disbasbs

or thi Blood,as CARTER'S SPANISH MIX TURE The proprietors are receiving by every wmli most flattering and astonishing details of cure* made in all parts of the country, and in most cjses where the skill of the best Physicians had bt-e* rled in vain. Its power over the Blood is truly remarkable and all diseases arising from impurity of the great Sut o? Lit* have been relieved ana cured with out a single fhllnre, out of the thousands who have nsed It. Carter's Spanish Mixture contains no Mercury, Oplam, Arsenic, or any dangerous drugs, out is composed of Roots and Herbs, com bined with other ingredients of known virtue, and may be given to the youngest lufant or most de bilitated invalid, without the least possible hesi tation. We have only room for short extracts from the volumes of testimony In our possession, and all from gentlemen of the highest respectability, well known in their various localities. Please read to yourselves. We take greet pleasure in calling the attentloa of our readers to the merits of Carter's 8panlsh Mixture as a remedy for diseases of the blood. It enjoys a reputation In this elty unequalled by any other preparation.??)??/* Dtipmtck, Richmond The Hon John M. Botts,of Va.,sayBheoonsld era It a matter of duty to add his testimony to the virtues of Carter's Spanish Mixture, pbox act pal psbsohal obsbbvatioh of its remarkable enra tive powers for the diseases in which it is used. We have been cured of a violent and protracted Liver dlsoase by Carter's Spanish Mixture. We know it to be all it professes.?Editor Boutkttdi Dtmotrmi, Pittraburg, Fa. We have found from persoaal trial, that Car ter's 8pahlsh Mixture is a truly valuable mcdl? cine? Ed. Vtrgtnntj Initptndtnt, Vt. if RE AT CUKE OF SC RO FULA.?A press man in our employ was cured of Scrofula of a viz ulent character by a few bottles of Carter's Span ish Mixture, after everything else had failed. Oth er cures which have come under our own observa tlod, proves to us conclusively, that Is really a val uable medicinal agent. We take great pleasure in calling the attention of the afiMcted to its mer its ?Richmond Utmublittn. SYPHILIS.?1 have seen a number of cures of Svphill* performed by Carter's Spanish Mixture I believe it to be a perfect antidote for that horri ble disease. E. BURTON, Com. of Revenue for city of Richmond. LITER DISE ASK.?Samuel M. Drinker, of 'he firm cf Drinker h Morris, Booksellers, Rich mond, Va., was cared of Liver disease ef several years standing by saly throe bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture. OLD SORES, ELVERS AND OBSTINATE ERUPTIONS ON THE SKIN.?$e<9 the cure of Mr. Harwood, and others, detailed In our Al manac The number of such case* cured by Car ter's Spanish Mixture, precludes the possibility of inserting them in an advertisement. EFFECTS OF MERCERY.?See the ears of Mr. Elmore. He was eaten up with Mercury and could obtain no relief, until he took six bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, which perfectly restored him to health and vigor. NEURALOl A? Mr. F. Boy den, formerly f the Astor House, N. Y.,but more re-^ently propri etor of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, was cured of Neuralgia by Carter's Spanish Mixture. Since that time, ne says he has seen It cure more than c hundred cases of the disease in which it Is u*ed He never foils to recommend it to the aaictod. RHEUMATISM.?Mr. John F. Harrison, Druggist, of Martinsburg, Va., writes of the sin gular cure of a violent case of Rheumatism. The patienteouid not walk. A few bottle* entirely cured him. * SCROFULA.?Mr. Harrison also writes of a Eeat cure of Scrofula, In the person of a young ty, (of three years standing,) which all the doc tors could not recch. Six bottles made a cure of ACT. S*.?%!LIS~0r K T Hcndle, of Washing ton, D. C , who cured an obstinate case of Syphl lis by Carter's Spanish Mixture, ?*vs "It acts spe cially on the Blood, Liver and Skin and Is prompt and eflcieut In it* results." Dr. John MInge, formerly of the City Hotel, Richmond, now of Alabama, says he has see* Carter s Spanish Mixture administered in a num ber of cases with a-itonishlngly good effect He recommends it a* "the most effaclent alterative li ?sc." SALT RHEUM AND 8CR0FULA? Mr. JosJRobinson,of Wooster, Ohio, was cured of ^crofnla and Salt Rheum of three ywars standtoc by only three bottles of Carter'* Spanish Mixture' WM. 8. BEERS A CO., Proprietor*, No. 304 Broadway, New York. Prloe 81 per bottle, or six bottles for S3 For sale by CHA8. STOTT, Washington, D C., and Druggists generally *et 1 ? i* the greatest MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF THE AGE. Dr. RJENNEDT.ef Rsxbnry, aai discovered in one of our coxmor psstpsb ? . ?w*"* a remedy that cures E/ERY KIND 6 F HUMOR; PKOX TUB WORST SCROFULA. DOWN TO A COM Hmon pimplb. E HAS TRIED IT IN OVER ELEVEN hundred cases, and never felled except In two case?*, (both thunder humor ) He has now in hit possession over two hundred certificate* of Its vir tue^ all wfcbln twenty miles of Boston. ? Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing son **outh. One to three bottles will cure the worst kimq 0? pimples on the faoe. Two to three botties will clear the system el D113S. Two bottle* are warranted to cure the won canker In the mouth and stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to Mr* the rorst case of Erysipelas. One to two bottles are warranted U car* all kumor in the eves. Two bottles ere warranted to cure nuts lag of the ears and blotches among the hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to care eerrast Bad running ulcers r One bottle will cure scaly eruption of the skla. Two to three bottles are warranted to cure tha Porat case of ringworm. Two to three bottles are warranted ta aare the lost despcrste case of rheumatism. Three to four bottles are warranted te aare thi s&lt rheum. Five to eight bottles will aure the worst eases el scrofula. . cxperieaoed from the firsi battle, and a perfect cure is warranted when thi above quantity is takoa. .vF . 57' * riddled over a thousand bottles o< this in tac vicinity of Boston. I knew the effeel "Jn ?wy case So sure as water will extln KUlsh fire, so sure will this cure humor. I aevw soM a bottle of it but that cold another; after i trial It alwars fpeaks for Itself. There are twi V1,'.8 berb lfc?! OPP?1? ^ me surpris ing, flret that it grows in our pastures, In ar>m< P'.Hfe plentiful, and yet iai value ias nevei n ta?^n until i discovered It in lbtft?seaond uis. it luiiid euro all kinds of humor. Ib ONter to give soma idea of the suddea rlu and great popularity of the discovery, 1 will stat< that Ib April; 1S53,1 peddled it, and sold about I K!uS^^'yyrt ? APrt1'18M' ' ?0U IM< Some of the wholesale Druggists who havebeei a business twenty and thirty years, say that ia ft!"?. ^4 0/ paleat Wdiiclnes was evei like It. Vhere is a universal praise of it from al quarters. . practice I always kept it strictly foi humors-but since It* lntrwluction as a genera family medicine, great and wonderful virtaei have been found in it that 1 never suspeoted Several cases of epileptic fits?a whicl b^l'fpwaf,om^.a!d<0lred ^cursble,ha^e been cured ^' wkat ? naercy if it will provi effectual In all eases of that awful malady?then are but few who have seen more of It than I have I know of several eases of Dropsy, all of then aged people cured by It For the Various dlsaasei of the Llvs'i Blek Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma Fever and Ague, Pain in the BldeVDtoeases of th< Spine, and particularly la diseases of the Rid' noys, Ac., the discovery haa done more good thai any medicine ever known. No change of diet rver necessary?eat the bos you can get and enough of it. u**?Adults one table spoonfu P? over t?n years dessert spooa ful?Children from five to eight years, tea spooa ^-8 00 directions can be applicable to all con rlir1 sufikient to opemte on the boweL iwica 9l day. ? .. XAirrPACTrBBB BT w fL?J!AIjD kbnnedt, IPs. 120 Warrtm ttr$U, Roxburp, Moil. , , Pbicb, Owb Dollab. Agents ?ff^W York City, C. V a'SHS- 81 U?*lay^ot; c. BT. RING !? A R AD. SAND8.100 Fultoi o ^^^adelphia, T. W. DYOtV A SON8 B*0*N A BROTHER. CAN BY | a An Alexandria, PEEL A STEVENS. by 411 ??poctable Druggists in thi ?u utwSis sitaJteprtrrU(><*- ?* 5 ? t *4 A* raiTATB UOICU TUATUI philosophic AtriiSr <nr marriaoe, ?T a. I. It A CROIX, D ?? I ALBANY, N. Y.. 0?Uf4 Litk tgrmpk* m*d Fl*u?. Pitei oiilt Twiitt-Fiti Cbrts. Bent Free of Postage to all part* of the Ualon CHEAPEST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED? and containing nearly double the quantity of read ing matter In that of the FIFTY CENT OR^OL LAR PUBLICATIONS. It treats cn th*> PH VSIOL OGY OP MARRIAGE, and the Secret Infirmities and Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting from ex? ceases, which destroy the physical and mental pow ers. with Observations on _ _____ Marriage. Its dntlea and disqualifications, and their remedies; with Lithographs,Illustrating the Anatomy and Physiology , and Diseases of th? Re productive Organs of both sext*. their structure, uses, and functions. A popular and comprehen sive Treatise on the Duties and CausalUes of sin gle and married life?happy and fruitful allli mode of securing them?infelicitous and Infertile ones?their obviatlon and removal ? lm porta a hlntsto those contemplating matrimony, thatwlll overcome objections to It; none, however, should ~ this Important step without trat consulting Its *?commentaries on the diseases and modiea) ? treatment of females from Infancy to old an, each c?*e graphically Illustrated by beautiful lithogra Shlc pUtes?nervous debility, its causes and sure. y a nrooeas at once so simple, aafe. and effectual that failure Is 1 rapossible?rules for dally manage ment?en essay on Spormatorrhoa. with practical obsefvatlons on the safer and moresucoMmul mode of treatment?precautionary hints on the evils re sulting from empirical nractloe?an eesayon all diseases arising from Indiscretion, with plain aad simple rules by which all persons can eure them selves without mercury?remedies for those self Inflicted miseries and disappointed hopes so un fortunately prevalent In the' young. It Is a truth ful adviser to the married ana thosecontemplating marriage: Its perusal Is particularly recommends ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition, and who are conscious of hav ing hazarded the health, happiness, and privilege to which every human being is enntled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per copy, 01 Five Copies for One Dollar. Mailed, free of post age, to all parts of the United States ?^A.^?Thos* who Prefw may oonsult Dr. LA CROIX upon any of tee diseases upon which this book treats, either personally or by mall. Medi cine sent to any part af the Union aecordlng to di rections, safely packed and carefully secured from all observation. Address Dr. M. B LA CROIX, No. 31 Maldea Lane, or Post Office Box 57? Albany, N. Y. 1LT Office open dally,from lamtotpa. and on Sunday from 3 u^il 5p.m. 07" Offioe REMOVED from No.? Beaver st. *31 Mmtdm Lmmt, Ai *>?**, Ntw Fsrb. *>?? DOCTOR HOOFL AND'8 CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS ratraaan it Dr. C. M JACKSON Philadelphia, Pa., WILL *FF?CTtJALLT CCBX LIVER COMPtAiNT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, CHRONIC OR NERVOUS DE blllt*. Diseases of the Kidneys, sod sll Dis ease* arising from a Disordered Liver erStomsch The proprietor, in calling the attention of the public to this preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adapt* tlon to the diseases for which It is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the teat o' a ten years' trial brfore the American people, and Its reputation and sale la unrivalled by any slrrilar preparations extant. The testimony In its favor given by the most prom inent and well known phvsl.-iansand individuals in all parts of the country Is Immense, and a care ful perusal of the A man%c, published annually by the proprietor, and to be had gratis of any of his agents, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy is really deserving the greet cel ebrity it has obtained. Principal office and manufactory No. ?8 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa. READ THE FOLLOWING: Moigastow!!, Va , August 4, ISiS Or C. M. Jackson?Dear Mr:-The sales of the Bitters are Increasing, *n<t what tpeaks vcl ume? 1 n tfcelr favor Is th > t all who have used the m speak higb'y of their effects No medicine tbat 1 sell give* such general satisfaction, and the de mand fori; exceeds all precedent; snd I assrre you it affords me peasure to sell such a remedy. Our physicians no longer scowl at it, butare com pelled to acknowledge Its intrinsic value, and i te great* r part of thrm have had iragnanlmlty tuf fl f?lpnt ' n let; eaMn f K ol * rN?..l.. Ji.i.. a . . Sreatf r part of them nave bad vra^nanimity suf dent 'o lay aside their prejudlcleaand prescribe It in their practice. Respectfully yours, F. M. CHALFANT. For sale bv storekeepers and druggists in every town and village In the United Sta:ea. Price 75 cents j>er bottle it,ZfiwpP,ILcAN'WMhlB?ton>11,1(1 JUHN ?. K1DWELL, Georgetown, Agen's. Je7-?m IISGKE'S Improved Sawing Machines. To which was granted the Highest Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. rpilE IMPROVEMENTS IN THI8 MA a chine has simplified them In many respects, and they arecapabfcof executing twice tl^ amount of work they did formerly In any given time They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect: a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be s??wn bv any of these machines by s simple change of needle and thread In such a manner that tEe closest scrutiny cannot detect a fhult. Manufacturers, planters and families will And them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to g?t out of order. * . h*vet machines with guages attached, foi binding hats, nap-fronts, gaiters, Ac. c?tton, Needles, Ac., constantly on hand, at the lowest rates. of infsrmation regarding Sew ing Machines will please address I. M. SINGER A CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N B-?We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral Persons who have been Induced to purchase inferior machines under the pretext of bain* oheap, will And this a benefit Indeed. Boar 10?tf -ml IRON HALL BOOT, SHOE, A Thill ESTABLISH ' MENT -I have this day reoeived a large asscrt ment of l adles' and Gentlemen's Iron and \Vcod| frame Trunks J also, Bonnet Box es, Hat Cases. Carpet Bags, of all styles. Ladies' new style Gaiters, all colors: and black, bronxe, and eolored Gaiters, with and without tips, ft SI Mlssos', Children's, and la rant i Shoe*, all styles, bents, Boys,and Youths Patent Leather and French Calf Boots and Shoes from 91 to S6. Call and examine my siock before purchasing ei!e??er?- 8- p- BOOV* R, Iron Hall, 13 tr Pa. av., bet'n 9th and 10th ats. cm minus linns. BUY AND SELL F0RXI8X AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DRAFTS On All Parts of United States and Xnropc, COLLECT DRAFTS On All parts of United States and Europe, DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR ?1 OR UPWARDS' BUT AND SELL BONDB, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER, investment paying i?tr aad ever, fer sale. LAND WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have foi ? i w w^*^A^TSofalldenominatkms Lajid Warrants looated In Iowa. Wisconsin oi M??S2 ? WCUUBB BROTH^S?"'01 jan J3~tf Bankers, opposite the Treasure |UAT RECEIVED? Beoteh Herrings Fresh Peaches and Apricots Prune Cordial Levy's oelebrated Bitters Bwhou Maocvonl Freak Teas, for sale by 474 Pa P. LEW, JelLtf ' ' Ll<laoraad Segar Store. RAa W AND CURRANTS. ?VmmmQ.f?pply Of Ne 1 RAISINS and CUR H A lVlia C 7 UI IKAIOIIXBI K AUTS, being recrtvid in etore to day ??,/ Z M P *1N?, " 11 Cor. Vsrmenr ave and I el. p,l?EHV.D0|Ne?n?A BEAUTiFUl . Jast received and for sale by JyJ 1 M V KINQ S<LnT,uCR^l>*,> ?*?" T? RTL* ^MJU Pare served every day at 0. SAUTIfcR'S Information for Trtvtltri IXUIIII05 BOATS FVR THE WHITE HOUSE rATJLIOtl. The steamer# thos collfer or 6KOR6K WASHINGTON _ JT-k. can be c bartered for mMI? er ee-JttiSuflMk lect parties to the White Doom I'svllloa, Fort Washington. Mount Vernon or any place on ths Potomw River. For farther particular* apply to the Captain* ot the Boat* or to the President of the Company. ap 17-tf rASHINNTON BRANCH RAILRUAdT t^HANGK Or MOrRS.-0?us< i dtr. the 23d Hi?tant. the Trains will LeaW Wa*%Kto? ?t ? wrf i* ? ? 1?? *)n Sunday at 4* p. *? Laeve Baltimore atUrail)(l ?lu4lul ?V P ? O* Suaday at 4* * ? mats?tr V ? PAI?01*B A???? OBAHGK ft ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD W ."WTK Great Southern Mail Lino f T W I r ? D A IL V (SVXDAY NWHTS EXCEPTED> Between Washington City and the Sooth! VIA: ALEXANDRIA. CORDONSVILLE, AND RICHMOND Leave Waabingtea at 6 a a aa< T p. aa. Fare from Washington to Richmond 15 14 OMNIBUSES an A BA66AGK WAGONS will be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con vey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE. >'?? ?/ Caaegs, to STEAMER flMORGK ? -Mr?*. PAOE.for ALEXANDRIA.a dla afiKZtt^^'. tar.'- e of all mllea, allowing ample time for MtaJs. Ticket* procured on the eoat. Expedition and Comfort are eeeured by ttle Route.asltlsacoRTtffvoas imtor rttivcttfi LAtLaoiB rioi ALEXANDRIA TO RICH MOND THROUGH PASSENGERS aad BAGGAGE carried without cost to the Depot of the Petersburg Railroad. Information of Route end Loat Baggage ob tained of JAME5 A EVAJVS. feb 11 Affect, Alexandria. Va FOR HARPER'S FkRR V, i Fu Cktsmp?*k* f < Okio C?n*i. THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS! . The new and splendid packet. BOAT ARGO. Capt. Cua. H MaaaiLL, will commence making Rtgulmr Tnpt between GEORGETOWN and the above Point, on Mon day, March 27th, IBM. The Boat will lea re the wharf of W F A F G Rltter. Georgetown. D C ,e?ery Mordav, W ed aeeday, and Friday morning. ate o'clock Returning, ahe will leave Harper'* Farry every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morulag, at o'clock! Threat h Tickets. #2.20. To Ltttburg fl 92%,tn-luthug tki Stcgt from Edward*' PVrrjr Famllle* Intending to visit the Virginia Spring* the coming season will fnd thi* by far the most safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Capon, Shanondaie, White Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate rate*. A coach will alwava be In readlnesa in George town to convey paasengers to and from the Itoat Par farther particulars Inquire at the store cf W. HA H G RITTF.R, Georgetown, and G. W. CUTSHAW. Harper's Ferry, Va. marl8?tf THE FEW YOBK AND LIVERPOOL" UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS.; THE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINK are the ATLANTIC Capt Fldrldce. BALTIC Capt Comstock. ADRIATIC Capt J as West. These ship* having been built by contract ex prenely for Government aervice, every care has been taken In their e??stnactlon, aa af?o in th*lr englnea, l> lneuae strength and speed ; and their accommodations for i>a.aaengert are unequaled for elegance and comfort Price of passage from New York 'o Liverpool In first cabin. #130; In second do., #75 From Liverpool to New York, 30 and 20 guineas An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No bertha can be ??cured until paid for. Tie shh>s of this liae have Improved water-tight bu'k h?ed?. ar.d to avoid danger from Ice will not crops ti e Banks north of 42 degrees, until after the 1st cf August. ? B d T S ^ v r P A IL I "?i Ftom A'i? York. Prom l&so. iaj?. Saturday Apr. 26 Wednesday... May it Saturday May 10 Wednesday....May 20 Satnrday May 94 Wednesday....June 11 Saturday June 7 Wednesday....June 25 Saturday.......June21 Wednesday ....Jol? 0 Saturday July 5 W?*dne*dav .... July ? Saturday July 12 Wednesday....Aug. A Saturday Aug. 2 Wednesday....Aug 22 Sat-.-day Aug 16 WTedne&dav....hept. 3 Saturday Aug 30 Wed ne*da\....Sept 17 Saturday Sept. 13 Wednesday ....Oct. I Saturday Sept 27 Wednesday Oct. 15 Saturday Oct 11 Wednesday... .Oct. 2# Saturday Oct 25 \V edne*dav....Nov l< Saturday Nov. 6 Wednesday....Nov M Saturday Nov. 22 W?dnes?iay....Dec. 10 Saturday Dec. 8 Wednesday ....Doc. 24 Saturday Dec. 2? For freight or passage apply to KDWAftD IT COLLINS A CO., 56 Wall atreet. New \ ork. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool STEPHEN KENNARD * CO., 27 Austin Friars, London B 6 WA1NWRIGHT A CO., Parts The owners of these ships will not be account able for gold, *llver, bullion, speele. jewelry, pre cious stones. or metals, unions bills of lad'ng are signed therefor, and the value thereof expressed therein. n. 1-tr BY BAILB0AD DIRECT TO THE WEST. Time betrcit'i Watitrgton and Wh**linp but ITi hours! Burning Time between W&ohington and Cincinnati 27 hours!! TI10CSE T1CKKT* AND I18G161 CHECKS TO IB ? an in WAsninsTon. rpHE BALTIMORE~AND OHIO RAIL A ROAD having greatly 1mr*oved lu Western connections, now otters tbe fai.est inducements to Traveler* between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and ail jortions of U.e WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST. The tonne tlon between the Trains from Wash lngton and the Trains bound West frcm Ba tl more Is alwaya prom: tly made at the Washington Junction fiate'y ia ed the Relay House) ? ml ee from Baltimore. This 1* the on y change of s^r* required between Washington and the Ouio river. !? checked U>rougn to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and rechecked and trans ferred there, (with the r assergers) without <1 arte, for those hodlng Through T1 kets for ?olnts iie yond The ronne ting trains leave Was lngtoa dalty at 6 a. m and 4j{ p. m. On Sundays at the later hour on y. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from Wbeeilag, dtred ronn?< fi?n is made with ti>e train* of CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, running from Be lair, ob the Ohio, through Carolfridg*. Zaarsville. and Newark, to COLl'MBU^. These tra'.a* corned at Newark with the car* of the N ewark. Man*?*" * and Sandusky Ral<road for Handaaky, Toledo, Detroit, Chi ago. M Lou la, etc. At COLUMBUS UieC O. Kallro d trains con ned with the fast trains of the LtUie ificn-i K. u road to Xenia. Cincinnati. LoulsvU e, etc. At XENIA ion Litt e Miami Ral road>corne tlon 1* formed with the train* through Dayton, to Indian ai-oli*, Torre Haute. Lafa^otte, c?l. ago. Kock la'and, 8t. Louis, Carle, etc Cy Passengers hod ;ig Through Tickets for Memphis, fickiburg, SmUhrt, Are QrUmr.s, et* , wlilcn are also sold at Wastiington?are trans ferred at Cin Innatl, to the Mai pteamers on the Ohio. Ticket* for Evansvl>le, Oario, and 8t. Louis are sold by the river route. IET Fer CLEVELAND, ard via C eve and to To edo, Detroit, Chl? ago. etc, tickets ?re sold, when Ute Is aa>lgab:e between Whee leg and WellsvMc (forty ml ei; where a tonneitlon with the C eve and and Plttebarg Hal road is made. Travel'r* are r'-quested to notice that whi e thl* 1* the only route affording Through Ticket* and Check* In Washington, it is a so tiie sl*>rtr-*t, most speedy, and dire t to nearyalthe leading nolata In Die gj?it West The distance f'om Washington to Cincinnati Is but 663 mi ?s, being about 1(W mi'es shorter thaa by any other route ' FARE, BY THROl tiH Tli KIT, IH'M WaSH I NOT'IN :?To Whee lag, *2 50: Co um bos. #13 65; Dayton. #15 20 Cln Innatl, fl6 ; Loulsvlt'e, by rai rood, |1? B, bv ateamer frcm dm innatl, #12 00; Indiana- o is," #17 00: Cleve land, #12 50; To edo. #10 8u, Detroit. #15 20: Chicago, #20 65and #19 00: St Lorls. r* 50 and #25; Mem: Ms, ri6; New Or eans. #21, ?t. lT7-FeR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S FERRY, MARTINSBUFG CUMRt Fl AND, BERKLEY SPRINGS. BEDFOF D S f R 1 N 6S, PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, end FAIRMONT, ger* may leave Washington at 0 a. m or ?n For the minor way stations be'weea ore and Wheeling, take 0 a. A>' train frcm Wast lngton. lET" For train* to and from Ba'tlmore, Annap *** ei?cla advertisements iLT Far farther InfarmaGon. Thrmurh T1 keta, et ^, aprly to TBOMAS H PARSONS, Agent, at waahlnfton station WM. S WOODSIDF. 1 Master of Trans, orts'lca, more* I_u B. 4 0. Raliroad, Ba.uoMM* k,&r Wast