Newspaper of Evening Star, July 25, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 25, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. froi Shall patriots bend to frotlons And let the ?' Union slide?" 8hall patriots give their boon away, And all their country's pride * Shall thia fhir land baptized in blocd. The blood of noble sires T Shall traitor* stand where patriots stood With all their hallow'd Ires ? ' Shall craven sobs see all these slide, And raise no arm to save, The progress of dark treason's tide, That sereepa oar hopes away ? This mighty curse and last disgrace, Can never blight our land, The offspring of a hero raoe, Are freedom's armor band. Porerer ware our az re field, O'er freedom's wide domain, Onr stars aad stripes forever shield, Our cause, onr laws, our reign. L. The White Hat On S**ng Atktd tk* Rtmon ?/ Wtaring On*. You ask me the reason i wear a whits hst: ?Tis for ligktntti I wear it, what think you of that? So light is its weight, that no head-ache I me, So light its expense that Jt wears me out twe; So light Is Its color that It never looks dusty, So light though 1 treat It, It never " rides rusty j?' So light in its fashion, its shspe. and its air, Be light in Its sit. its fit, and Its wear; Bo light la Its turning, Its twisting and twining, Mo light in it? beaver, Its binding and lining; Bo light to s figure, so light to a letter, And, if light my excuse, you may light on a better ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Willsrds' Hotel?J. c. A h. a. willard. F F eg (ran A ly, Pa PMColton.NY T Newairk, do A Broussea A ly, 2 clld, C L Holly. N H A serv't. La J K Crawford, Ten Muster J white, do J W Suydam, do ED White, do J H Price, Maw 8 D McNew. do P M Cooper, Texas DrTK McNew, do W Beach A ly. La R Anderson. USA T J Gonagal, NY T Thomson, Md O N Ely, Ga J M Culbertaon, Ills . J McNalr, La AM Holbrook, La J D Long A sister, N T Miss Fansteck, Po G P Dixon, do Miss J Fanstock, do L J Bayre, Va W P Hire A If, Mo J Sustavut, .Md P F Frazee, 8 C W B Axtell A ly, Va DrCHMlot, do Miss Draper, do Miss 8 V Radollfi', do Miss Robinson, do W 8 Murray, do T Wllber, Mass J H Merley, Mo G J Pulver, Kv T Lyman, Texas W J Waree, O II Hewlltt, 8 C B W Stage, Md H L Halbett, Mass R Sherman, J T De Land. O W French, Mass W Garaple,do T B Scbrum, NY 8 G ample. Mo B SlUick, do Mrs Wblffin, N Y V\ Duxbury, Del B J Downer, N C C Chamberlain, NY KB Nash A ly, do G W Loeee, Ark J 8 Howell, S C J Graham, Ct Major ED Patton, J P Fisher NY J R Read, do L Janln. La G W Kimball A ly, (J 8 P A Hargous consel, St Helena A J Cochran, Va R Whitman. N J J Barrass. do BP Barrett, Md R Peer, ly A chli'd, Pa J Newland, Pa T Ward. Md H Klncard A ly do R A Hasklns, do SFloyaAly NY 8 Grummon, Fla Gen lerran, N G R Carter, Ky R Pembo, do W K Perinli A ly, Pa H WlnchesterAson,Md Mlas Perlne, do B F Winchester, do Master J Ferine, do Capt Sllefleld, N J National Hotel.?M'Jt. GOT. E J Hall, Md B Mitchell. Md J G Waters, do R Wallace, Va JnoYoung,do JTSmlth, NY L L Morse, Va J Duncan, Mi*s J Rutherford,ly, Ga K M Wharton, Va M C Blanchard,ly, Ala T B Jorlan, ly, Ala H S Seymes, ML?s M lss E do J H McMahon, Tex T Scovell. ly, do R Sterling, ly, Tenn A A Marshall. Va Miss C D Sterling, O M Buford, Ala T Hang hay, ly, fnd E E Brocket, Va P 8 Gerald. Ala D Clark, Md E C Lucas, Md H C Kuykendale, Va J H Johnson, NY T D Hall, ly, Wla G Bsler, La J F Waters. Md R H Banllff, do 8 6 Jones Ala Dr W Wall, do RE Randall. Pa J Buhler, fam, do J T Sprlgg, N Y Dr J J Oolt. do T W willlara?on,ly, Pa R P Wan, Md F Norvell, Mich J D Bowling, do P J H Grott, do J T H'gelns Md D Bacsett, MT 8 C Griffith, Pa Hon P Howe, NY 8 T Stuart, Va T D Kingsbury, Ark Browns' Hotrl.?t. p. A m. brows. A Lock man, Md Mlas Harner, H Johnson, do J B McLean, Ky J Longfeit. Va PA Talioferro, Va H Goodrich, do Mlas 8 8 'faiioferro, do JasDew, do Miss J Broeka, N Y T Dew, fane, do H Wendall. NC J Locket', do J V, alker, Ala L Scrivener, do L BUhop, Mich J J Jonas, ladles, Ga J S Gray, fam. Pa G Bronson, do M M Mitchell, ly,NY W F Harris, do E A Marge, ly, do 6 Harding, Pa J Z De Hsven, Pa J R Webster, Md G ACajv, Va A F Schwartze. do G H Sawyer, O N U Rama y, NY Mrs T Forman,fam,Cal W M Puwpay, Ky J James, do J S Habson, W J Elliott, ly, Ind A Inge, Mra HutcMnson, do T Christian, Mlas S W Jons ton, Kin Klrkwood House?J. A A. u. KIRKWOOD. R G Camp, La P Comb, gon.Md W P Alsten. Me C T Craft;, do J Mureney do R Josselyn, Mlsa A Denney, Va Miss E A Josielyn, do J G Eckly, Ala R Miller, ly, do T L Caratuns, O Miss Mllier, do Col B R Harrison, Ga J L W Bullcck, do N Wall, Mo Mr James, son, La t L Rust, Cal MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN 8TEAMBBS JYsois. L?a??* Dsy Baltio New York....Liverpool...July lfl Africa New Y of k.... Liver pool... July '?J Lebanon New York....Liverpool...July ?\ Fulton New York....Havre July 20 raoM ssaoFs Ericsson Liverpool....New Yok. ..July 9 Persia Liverpool New York...July 14 City of Bait. ..Liverpool. ...Philadelphia. July 16 The California steamers leave New York on the ?th and 20th of each montb The Overland Vails to India and China. We have often been at>ked for information in re gard to the departure of the Malls from England to China. The following may be Intereatlng to those who have correspondence with the East: The inalla leave Southampton on the 4th and SOth of each month, end arrive at Gibraltar about the vth and 25th of aame month ; arrives at Malta about the 1 ith and 30tb of sante month ; arrives at Alexandria about the 18th of same and 4th of fol lowing month Leaves Suez about the 'JOth or 21at of same and 6th or Ath of following month; arrives at Aden about the 2?tb or tttith of same and lOthor 12th of following month. Leaves Aden abo ;t the 26 th or 27th of same arid day of arrival for i;<>iubay, and 11 th to 13th for China, Ac Indian Navy steamer arrives at Bombay about the 3d to Sth and 19th to '21st of following month. P. and O. steamer arrives at Pelnt de Galle about the Sth or ?th and 22d to 23d of following month; leaves Point de Galle for Pulo Penang the same day. If the steamer has already arrived which tskes the mail on; arrives at Pulo Penang about the 12th or 13th and 2fcth and 29th of follow ing month; arrives at Singapore about the 13th orltth and 31st or lat of following month; leaves Singspore about 12 hours after arrival; arrives at Hons Kong about the 22d or *lth and bth or 10th of following month; leaves next dayfor Shanghai. Two malls leave England?one on the eth and SOth of each month?via Marseille*, and arrive at Alexandria about the same time as the Southamp on mail. T7H>R LIGHT LITER AT(JUK, Periodicals, -T Stationery, Standard Works, Balm of l.ouo Flowers, Ac Call at FERGUSON'S, 7th st . jy 9 next to Lsmmond's. THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS. The pollowing are the terms of Board at BURNER'S WHITE SUL PHUR SPRINGS, Virginia, vlx: Per week Per month. ...SiO 00 Jy 10-lm FASHIONABLE LIFE, BY MARY H. F Eastman The Kingdom which shall not be destroyed, by Re> J. Oswald Hand-Book of American Literature* Historical, Biographical and Critical The War Path, by J. B. Jones The Nortn American Kevltwfor July DeBow's Review for July John Halifax, Gentleman. Jy_? FRANCK TAYLOR. TOAlin?SELLING OFF AT A GREAT sa r erilee, at JOHN F. ELLIS'S. Thomas W Rtiimos, et ?/,) In the Circuit I Court for Prince mt. . George'* Coantv William D. Bowix, j?* * Court of and others J Equity. THE OBJECT OF THIS ?"??J2 I cure a decree for the coalTe2?n(.COTn?, in Real Estate, lying ind 1 the State of Virginia, which was purena*a Dy James Robinson, late of ?ld fjgjj! | mln oden and Foptaia, his wifs, late of Prince 9 Th? BmUft2ii<KtUfa?os Robinson, late of Wood county, ?? th# 8tat* VirJftaia. ln M* Ufa-time purr^?d of Benjamin Oden and 9ophia his wife "ate of Prince George's county, c-rtaln d?1 R.tate. lyintf and beiig on the little Kana wha River, in wo~d county, ln the State of Vir ginia containing two hundred and flfty acres. at and for the sum of one thousand dollars. That the said James Robinson paid the whole amount of said purchase money to the said Benjamin Oden and Sophia, his wife. But the said Benja min Oden anH Sophia, his wife, both departed this life without having executed to the said Rob inson a deed of conveyance of said land, leaving the following heirs and 'egal representatives: William D Bowie, Sr., the former nusband, and Oden Bowie, William D. Bowie, Jr . Catharine Swann, and Christiana McKenzle, the wife of Colen McKenzle, the children of Eliza^ a de ceased daughter of the said Benjamin and Sophia, Eleanor West, wlfeof Arthur P. West,and Maria Jackson, both daughters of the said Benjamin and Sophia, Richard O. Mulllkln, Mary E. Cla grtt, wife ef Charles Clagett, Sophia O. Calvert, wife of Washington Calvert, Margaret Allloe Shoultze, wife of Francis S. Shoultze,and Eliza beth Mulllkln, the onlv children of a deoeased daughter. Sophia Mulllkln, Thomas H. Clagett, theformer husband, *nd Henry O Clagett, Wil liam Bowie Clagett, Thomas Claeett and Julia Clagett, the only children of Christiana, who Is also a deceased daughter of the said Benjamin and Sophia. That the said James Robinson also departed this life sometime in the year eighteen hundred and flfty, leaving the following heirs and legal representatives: Thomas W. Robin son, Alfred Robinson James M. Robinson, Sarah Ann Morehead, wifa of Samuel Morehead, Prls cllla Robinson, Sophia Stagg, wlfeof Edward D. Stagg, Peter T Hanarman, Sarah A. Trlplett, Franklin Trlplett and James Robinson, who are desirous to procure a valid title to said land. That the said Eleanor West, Thomas H. Clagett, Henry O Clagett, William Bowie Clagett. Thos Clagett, Julia Clagett, Francis S Shoultze and Marearet Alice, his wife, reside out of the State of Maryland, and that the said Elizabeth Mulll kln, Thomas Clagett and Julia Clagett are In fants, under the age of twenty-one years. Prayer for a decree appointing a Trustee to make a con veyance of said land, and order of publication against the non-residents, and for the appoint ment of a commissioner to assign a guardian to said Infant defendants to answer said bill of com plaints. It Is thereupon adjudged and ordered that the comp alnant oy causing a copy of this order to be inserted ln some newspaper published at Wash ington city, once a week for four successive months, before the 1st day of November next, give notice to the said absent defendants of the object and substanee of this bill and warn them to appear In this Court, in person or by solicitor, on or before the first Monday of November nest, to answer the premises and show cause, if any they have, why a decree ought not to pass as prayed CHAS S. M1DDLETON, Clerk of the C. C for Prince George's County. A true copy?Test: je27-F4m CHAS. S. M1DDLETON, Clark. FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES. FOR SALE. AT THE NURSERIES OF the subscriber, at Llnnaen Hill, and onOA 14th street, in Washington, a largeand woll'SW ?elected assortment of FRUIT and OKN A-? MENTAL TREES Amongst them 12 to 15 thoasand APPLE TREES, well-assorted and of fine growth, at f20 per hundred. 15 to 20 thousand PEACH TREES, forming a complete assortment, at (13 50 per hundred, or fl00 per thousand. 5,000 to 7,000 PEAR TREES, dwarfs and stan dards. A few hundred DWARFS of extra size. W 1th a general assortment of PLUM, CHER RY, APRICOT, NECTARINE, andQUlNCE TREES. Also, CURRANTS, GOOSEBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, STRAWBERRIES, Ac of the most approved kinds. The stock of ORNAMENTAL TREES is ex tensive and fine. Amongst those of large size for streets and lawns are many thousands of such as American and European Elms and Lindens, Tu lip Trees, Aspen, Abele, and other Poplars; American and European Horse Chestnuts; Sugar, Silver, Scarlet, and Norway Maples; Mountain Ash, Green and White Ash; several varieties of Oaks and Magnolias; Weeping Willows, Golden Willows, and many others. Ornamental Evergreens and Shrubbery. Great exertions have been marte to make this department complete; It now contains from thirty to forty thousand Firs and Pines of choice varle ties, a portion of which are of extra size. Persons wishing to embellish their grounds and {proprietors of public cemeteries will And it to heir advantage to call and select such as maf an swer their purposes. Persons residing near, when it is desired, can have Trees delivered, with balls of earth to the roots, which they will find to glvethem a decided prefewnce over trees transported from a (flstance. Job gardeners will be supplied ft a reasonable discount J6SHVA PIERCE, mar 14?wtf [No.508 ] Notice of withdrawal of lands la Louisiana. ? In pi rsuance of the act o Congress, approved 3d J une, 185?, making a grant of land to the State of Lou slana, to aid lnthe construction of certain raliroids ln said State, In structions have just been give;* to the local land officers to contlnu* the reseTvat'on from sale and location of the following de*cri,>ed lands ln their respective districts, as probably falling within the prescribed limits of selection, until otherwise di rected. as heretofore ordered by telegraph on the 31st or May last, viz: Office at Natcbitochss, all the lands in the district, except as follows : Townships 7 to 13, inclusive, of range 4. Townships W to 13, Inclusive, of range 5. Townships 9 to 14, inclusive, of range 6. Townships II to 14, inclusive, of ranges 7 and 9, and Townships 13 and 14, of ranges 9 and 10. Offlse at Monbok, all the lands ln the district situated in townships 15 to 90, Inclusive, which lie west of range 7 east; and in townships 11 to 19, inclusive, between range 6 east and the Mis sissippi river. Otfice at Opblousas, all the lands in the dls trlct situated north of tne base line and west of the principal meridian, together with the fol lowing : Township 1 north, of ranges 1 and 2 east Townnhips I to 6 south, inclusive, of ranges 1 and 2 west Townships 1 to 4 south, inclusive, of ranges 3, 4, and 5 west Townships 1 and 2 south, of ranges 0 and 7 we?t Townships 1 to 8 south, Inclusive, of ranges 1 and 2 east Townships 2 to 11 south, inclusive, of range 3 east Townships 2 to 13 south, inclusive, of range 4 east Townships 4 to 14 south, inclusive, of range 5 east Townships 4 to 15 south, inclusive, of range 6 east Together with all the townships east of range 6 east, aad south of township 5 south. Offlce at Gbbknbbubo, all the lands In the dis trict situate between ranges 2 east and 10 east. Otfice at New Orleans, all the townships sit uated between ranges 2 east and 12 east, and east of the Mississippi river; and the following lying I vfnt of the Mississippi river, viz: Townships 13 to 19, inclusive, of ranges 12 and 13 Townships 13 to lt|, inclusive, between ranges 13 and 17 * Townships 12 to 18, Inclusive, between ranges 16 and 2U, and Townships 12 to 17, Inclusive, lying east of I range 19 ' * 1 Given under my hand, at the General Land Otfice, at the city of Washington, this 19th day of I June, 1856. THOS A. HENDRICKS, je 20-lawflw Commissioner. N [No. 560 ] OTICE FOR RESTORING CERTAIN LANDS IN WISCONSIN -Notice is here by given that the land otfice at Minxbal Point, Htkvbns's Point, and Mbnasha, in the State of Wisconsin, will be open to sale and location of any of the lands In said districts which were subject to entry and location at the date of their recent withdrawal by notice No 560, on and after Monday, the 4th day of August next, sxcept the fo1 lowing townships, the reservation of which ttxll be continued, viz : Offlce at Mimbpal Point; Towasbips 11 to 14 loelinlvi, of ranges 1 to 8 east, inclusive. Offlce at Stbvbns's Point : Townships 15 to t2, Incioslve, of ranges 2 to 6 east, inclusive. Township 15 and 16 of range 7 east: and Township 15 of ranges east. Offlce at Mbnasua : All the townships lnthe district situated between township M and the Michigan State line, In ranges 13 to 20 east, in clusive. * Given nnder my hand, at the General Land Of flce, at the city of Wa?blngton, this 24th day of June, 1656 THOS. A HENDRICKS, Je 25-2* w6w Commissioner. L. J. MIDDLETOII, DEALER IN ICE, Office and VepoI?Southwest corner of F aad Twelfth streets. Set 27-tf Information for TtrvItr. EXCURSION BOATS FOR THE WHITE HOUSE THE 8TEAMERS TBOS. COLLYER OR GEORGE WASHINGTON . Ik. can be chartered for pnbllo or ?e-1 can oe chartered for pnbllo or se-jfe$3iH? lect parties to the White Hoaae Pavilion, Fort Washington, Mount Vernon or any place on the Potomac River. For further particulars apply to the Captain* of the Boats or to the President of the Company, ap 17-tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGB OF HOURS.?On and after Mea day, the 33d tautaat, the Trains will Leave Washpgtoa at ? and a. m., aad 3 and ^)n Sunday at 4 ? p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4# aad ijf a. a., aad S aad On Sunday at 4y i. m. a?83?tr x K. PARSONS, Ac?al JRANOE * ALEXANDRIA~BAIL&OAT. JSm hwah Great Southern Mail Line! nr- twice daily -w 18UNDAY NIGHTS EXCEPTED) Between Washington City and the South! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, CORDONSVILLE, AND RICHMOND. Leave Washington at 6 a.m. aad 7 p. m. Fare from Washington to Richmond.......S3 M OMNIBUSES and BA6BA6E WAGONS vlll be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con fey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, Frtt of Vkargt, to STEAMER GEORGE - PAGE, for ALEXANDRIA,a dls ance of six miles, allowing ample tim^>^_ Tickets procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfort are secured by this Ioute,aslt is a continuous linbov first class iailhoad ffox ALEXANDRIA TO RICH MOND. THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE tarried without cost to the Depot of the Petersburg Railroad. Information of Route aqd Lost Baggage ch ained of JAMES A. EVANS, feb 11 Agent, Alexandria, Va. rO R HARPER'S FERRY, bflb^-JTrrrrA Via Cktsaptakt f W*^-JTTTmi Ohio Cmnal. bHHB THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS! THE NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET BOAT ARGO, Capt. Chas. H. Mkerill, jrlll commence making Regular Trips between GEORGETOWN and the above Point, on Mon lav, March 27th, 1858. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. HA. H. 8 Sitter. Georgetown, D. C., every Mondav, Wed lesday, and Friday morning, at 6 o'clock. Returning, she will leave Harper's Ferry every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at ? )'clock. Threagh Tickets, S3.3*. To Littburg SI tnrludmg tks Stags from Edwardt' Firry Families intending to visit the Virginia Springs :he coming season will find this by far the most iafe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Japon, Shanondale, White Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate rates. A coach will always be in readiness In George town to convey passengers to and from the Boat. For further particulars inquire at the store of W. H. A H. G. RITTER, Georgetown, and G. W. CUTSHAW, Harper's Ferry, Va. mar 18?tf THE HEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL -JfljlL UNITED STATES ?&9mELi*I A1 L STEAMERS.: T HE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINK are the ATLANTIC Capt. Eldrldge. BALTIC Capt. Corns lock ADRIATIC Capt Jas. West. These ships having been built by contract ex pressly for Government service, every care has ?een taken In their construction, as also in their ?ngines, to insuv strength and speed; and their iccommodations for passengers are unequaled for slegance and comfort Price of passage from New York to Liverpool n Irst cabin, #130; in second do., S75. From Liverpool to New York, 30 and 20 guineas. An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. The ships >f this line have Improved water-tight bulk leads, and to avoid danger from ice wlllnot cross he Banks north of 43 degrees, until after the 1st )f August. raOFOSID DATIS OF SAILTN0 from y*y York From Livsrpool ISM. 1H58. Saturday Apr.34 Wednesday....Maf 14 Saturday May 10 Wednesday....May 2? Saturday May 24 Wednesday....June 11 Saturday June 7 Wednesday....June 35 Saturday June 31 Wednesday ....July 9 Saturday July 5 Wednesday....July 33 Saturday ..July 19 Wednesday....Ang. 6 Saturday Aug. 3 Wednesday....Aug. 30 Saturday Aug 18 Wednesday....Sept. 3 Saturday Aug. 30 Wednesday....Sept. 17 Saturday Sept. 13 Wednesday ....Oct, 1 Saturday Sept 37 Wednesday ....Oct. 15 Saturaay. Oct 11 Wednesday ....Oct. 3b Saturday Oct 35 Wednesday....Nov. 13 Saturday Nov. 8 Wednesday....Nov. 36 Saturday Nov. 33 Wednesday....Dec. 10 Saturday Dec. 6 Wednesday ....Dec. 34 Saturday Dec. 30 For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO , 56 Wall street, New York. BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., 37 Austin Friars, London B G WAINWRIGHT A CO., Paris The owners of these ships will not be account ible for gold, silver, bullion, specie,Jewelry, pre vious stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof expressed ihereln. m 1-tr BY BABROAD DIRECT TO THE WEST. Time botroee.n Washington and Wheeling but 174 hours I Banning Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 honri!! THEOCSH TICKETS AND BA06A0K CHECKS TO BF HAD IN WASHINGTON. THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having greatly lm- roved its Western conne-tlons, now otters the fullest Inducements to Travelers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MORE, and a'I portions of the WEST, NORTH WEST, and the SOUTHWEST The onne tion between fie Trains from Wash lngton aud tlie Trains bound West from Balti more Is always prompt1 y made at the Washington Junction (lately ca led the Relay House) 9 ml'es from Baltimore This is the only change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river Baggage is checked througj to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and reche.-ked and trans ferred there, (with the i assengers) without charge, for those holding Through Tl -kets for :oints be yond. Theconne ting trains leave Washington daiiy at 6 a. m and 4# m On Hundays at the later hour only. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from Wheeling, Hired connection is made with the trains of CENTRA L OHIO RAILROAD, running from Be'lalr, on the Ohio, through Cambridge, Zanesvllle, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains roanect at Newark with the < ars of the Newark, Mansfield and Handusky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chi ago. i*t. Louis, etc. At COLUMBUS the C O. Rallroid trains con ned With the fast trains of the Little Miami Rail road to Xenla, Cincinnati, Loulsvil e, etc. A X KM I A Inn l.mi* *4? i ?-'?? -? viuvmiiau, i.ouisvii e, etc. At XENIA (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian* a polls, Terre Haute. Lafa)ette, Chicago, Rock Is and, Ht. Louis, Carlo, etc Passengers ho ding Through Tickets foi Memphis, F'ickihurp, Natchez, New Orleans, eU., which are also sold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cin Lnnatl, to the Mali Steamers on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansvllle, Cario, and 8t. Louis are sold by the river route. Ipr For CLEV RLAND, ard via Cleve'and tc To edo, Detroit, Chicago, etc, tickets are so!d, when the Ohio Is navigable between Whee ing and Wellsvllle (forty miies) where a connection with the C eveand and Pittsburg Railroad i? made. Travel'rs are requested to notice that while thli is the only route affording Through Tickets and Checks in Washington, it is also the shortest, most speedy, and dire t to near y a'I the leading points In the great West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati is but 653 ml es, being about 100 ml'es shorter tban by any other route! FARE, IIY THROUGH TICKET, FROM WASHINGTON:?To Whee ing, S9 50: Colum bus, ?13 85; Dayton, 815 50; Cincinnati, ?18 00; Louisville, by ral road, ?18 65, by steamer from Cincinnati, #18 00; Indiana oils. S17 50; Cleve

land, S13 50; To edo, SIS 80: Detroit, ?15 30; Chicago, ?30 S3nn?i ?io . ?.. i nr.L>ciKiuit and harper'8 FERRY. M AR TIN SB UR 6. CUMBERLAND, BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS, PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, and FAIRMONT, passengers may leave Washington at ? a. mo? 4| p m. For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a. m. train from Washington. For trains to and from Baltimore, Aanap oils, etc., see sueclai advertisements. |fy For further Information, Through Tickets, etc., apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent, at Washington Station. WM. 8. WOODSIDE, Master of Transportation, inarch 1?tf B. A O. Railroad, Baltimore. AYER S PILLS A new AND SINOULARLY SUCCESS ful renwdy for the euro of all bilious dto Costlveness, Indigestion, Jaundice, Drop* mm WAS WW WWW* mm w' WILL RESTORE 8RAY HA1K Klnal color p?rmanently; mad** t on bald heads; remove all dandruff > ?v, Rheumatism. Fevers, Gout, Nervousness, Humours, Irritability, Inflammations,Headache, Pains. In the Breast, Side, Back, and Limbs; Female Complaints, Ac., Ac. Indeed,very few are the diseases which a purgative medicine Is not more or less required, and much slcknem and suffering might be prevented If a harmless but effectual Cathartic were more freely used No person can feel well whilea costive habit of body prevails; besides it soon generates serious ana often futal diseases, which might have been avoided by the timely and judicoits use of a food purgative. This Is alike true of Colds, Feverish symptoms, and Bilious derangements. They all tend to become or produce the deep seated and formidable distempers which load the hearses all over the land. Hence a reliable family physic is of the llrst importance to the public health, and this Pill has been perfected with consummate skill to meet that demand. An extensive trial of Its virtue* bv Physicians, Professors, and Pa tients, has shows results surpassing any thin? hitherto known of any medicine. Cures hsve been effected beyond belief, were they not sub stantiated by persons of such exalted positions and character as to forbid the suspicion of un truth. Among the eminent gentlemen who have testi fied in favor of these Pills we may mention: Doct. A. A. HAVES, Analytical Chemist of Boston, and State Assaver of Massachusetts, whose high Professional character Is endorsed bv the 1 Hon EDWARD EVERETT, Senator of the United States ROBERT C. WINTHROP, Ex-Spsaker of the House of Representatives ABBOTT LAWRENCE, Minister Plen , to England * tJOHNB. FITZPARICK, Catholic Bishop of Boston; also Dr. J. R CHlLTON. Practical Chemist of New York City, endorsed &y Hon. W.L MARC V, Secretary of State. WM. B astoR, the richest man In America. ?. LKL. AND A Co., Proprietors of the Metro politan Hotel, and others These Pills, the result of long investigation and studr, are offered to the public as the best and most complete which the present state of medical science can afford. They are compounded not of the drugs themselves, but of the medicinal virtues only or Vegetable remedies extracted by Chemical process In a state or parity, and com blned together In such a manner as to Insure the best results. This system of composition for medicines has been found In Cherry Pectoral and Pills bAh, to produce a more efficient remedy than had hitherto been obtained by any process Ihe reason la perfectly obvious. While by the old mode of composition, every medicine Is bur dened with more or less acrimonious andlnjurl ous Qualities, bv this each Individual virtue only that is desired for the curative -effect is present All the inert and obnoxious qualities of each sub stance employed are left behind, the curative virtues onW being retained. Hence it Is self evi dent the effects should prove as they ha*epr. ved more purely remedial, and the P,lls a more pow erful antidote 'o disease thad any other medicine keown to the world. They operate by their powerful influence on the internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it into healthy action?remove the obstructions of the stomach, bowels, liver, and ether organs of the body, restoring thelrlrregular action to health, and by correcting, wherever they exist, such de rangements as are the first origin of dlstass. Prepared by Dr JAMES C AVER, Practical and Analytical Cheml?t, Lowell, Mass. Price 25 cents per box; five boxes for #1 Sold by Z. D fclLMAN, Washington, and by all respectable Druggists. ap 9- 1m ALWAYS SUMBTMIHM NEW! READ THIS, OLD AND YOU NCI! Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative HAIR TO OKI to grownp . . ? . or itching: destroy all diseases of the scalp: and if used once or twiee a week regularly, will prevent the hair from becoming gray or falling, to an imaginable age Read the following testimonials, and we defy you to doubt, (says the Waverly Magazine ) Success to the genius whose tonic we say, turns back to Us color the Hair that wa? gray. SOMETHING WORTH KNOWING By using Professor Wood's Hair Restorative, gray hair can be permanently restored to its original color The subjoined certificate was received from Johnson A Stone, Gardner, Me , and is bnt one of the many instances that are dally coming to our knowledge of its wonderful effects It is no longer problematical, but a self evident truth, as hundreds of our community can testify ? Bos. tCM ritnlw, .? t, ? ?a*Dma, Me, June 22, 1852 tlMo# p^2Tw?!ifarD,r: 'haTCnRfd twobot Prof. Wood's Hair Restorative, and can y 5 t It1*?1?*1 discovery of the age for restoring and changing the Hair. Before using It I was a man of seventy. My hair has now ?t tained Its original color. Vou can recommend it to the world without the least fear, as ray case was one of the worst kind ' Yours respectfully, DAN'L N. MORPHY , *. Can,TLB, 111., Jnne 27, 1853. I lave used Prof O. J. Wood's Hair Restora tive, and have admired Its wonderful e??ct. My hair wu becoming, as I thought, prematurely gray; but by the use of the << Restorative" it hai resumed its original color, and, I have no doub" permanently so SIDNEY BREESE Ex-Senator United States. RATIV E.?In our columns to nfl1 ' Wood's advertisement of to ^hich we call attention ' we have witnessed upon sev eral of our acquaintances in St. Louis, ilalr once ir,ayv.^?^r.vlewJblack or brown as the case might be, being the color of early manhood: and M ine and glossy as silk, and that without any ether application than the Restorative. If it has done this upon others will it not do the same fo? anyof our readers wi?8e ' frosty prows^were Iocks,, of L?t?el, chief if they will try It. We think MO-JaXstm irillt Constitutional, Oct. 5. 1853. -/ac*o? AurE uREdTEST~i>~ISCOVERYOFTHE AOE.?It seldom occurs that we notice under any circumstances, patent medicines re^tora a"Vbl.iS of lb, kind, for Judice against most of them. But candor enm pels us to invite attention to the advertlwment^f Professor Wood's Hair Restoratlw We are too juvenile to require anything of the kind, butsom? wh^h^mLt18 U8e have come to OIJr knowledge which almost assures us that It Is a sovereign remedy against the hair becoming premature!v gray. It is not a " Hair Dve " hnr ' plication, as direr ted, the el lect Is prot^iced upon the skin, which brings out the orltrlnni hair, without Mlffne.?, ,>? K natural appearance. We have seen twrnftf. ik rn" ~v?od^N/;r ??' ?^2$ by Peel tc Stevais ' el> ln A1?**?drla Agra^hlideT/hit, PaNS' fieaenlfe GREAT REDUCTION IM THE PRICE OF BOOTS AND GAITEBfl facturer, a flrst rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at #3 62. full as good as those usually sold at 85 or *6: a;d a French Calf Patent Leather GAITEH at S3 50, as good as any at 85; a flrst rate Calf Gaiter at g-2 50,thei.e are the best goods that Is (or ever were) sold ln the District for the price; for the proof, come and ?ee . _ p0rofit0cKrlIedTfer,n!l.p0,ltlve:T cash- N? extra ? M to offwt bad debts. Call at the nefrPenn.?* ?AT s*ORE, Seventa street, ? ?,a*y'ViU*la ?venue. ? m ZVil ANTHONY, Agent. C0^^0011* PEHRY'S EXPEDITION So osd?^ "j? Expedition of an American the commlni and Japan, undei from ^bl ^ ? . of, c?m?<Hiore Perry, compiled L H?wk. [>? , note" and J?nrnals by Francli price *5 L W-' Profui?1y illustrated; tor^ ,n the Llto ot Washing th?'on w,th the Narra ive History o| p,eken Ju" , TAYLOR A MAURS'S -jy_lx" Bookstore, near 9Ui street. DEN AND POCKET KNIVES, 8CISSOR8 * Kazors, Strops, 8having Soap and Cream' selling off to disoontinus thebusiness, at ' JOHN F ELLIS'S, Jjr 5-tr 301 P*. avenue, bet. 9th and lath its. Carter's Spanish Mixture THE GREAT PURIFIER OFTHE BLOOD BEST ALTERATIVE KNOWN'! *0* ? Pabticlb of xaacvtY III It!!! A* iafeUlUe remedy for Semftla, King's Evil Hhwinitd^TB, Obstinate CnUMOu Lmptions, Pimple# or Postules o? the Face, Bloiche*. Boll*, Ague and Fever, Chronic Sore Eyea, Ringworm or Totter, Seal* Reald, Enlarge meat and pain of tb? Bono* and Joints, Bali Rheum. Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders and all diseases arising from an injudicious use of Memory, imprudence In Life, or Impurity ol the Blood. THIS great remedy, which has become so rap idly and so Justly celebrated for Its extraordi nary eflcacy In relieving and earing many of tbr most obstinate and terrible forms of dlsaaae wltt which mankind is aftlcted, la now ??wed to tht public, with tha confident aasuranoethat no Mbd ica.l disco vbbt ever made has been so eminently euooessful lnourlng ScaorvLa, and all disbasxs or thb Blood,as CARTER'S SPANISH MIX TURK. The proprietors are reeetrtag by every mall most flattering and astonishing details of cures made In all parts of the country, and In moat oases where tha skill of the beat Physicians had bees rled In rain. Its powrr orer the Blood Is truly remarkable and all diseases arising from Impurity of the great Sntor Lira hare been relieved and cured with out a single failure, out of the thousands who hare oaed it. Carter's Spanish Mixture contains ne Mercury, Opium, Arsenic, or any dangerou* drugs, but is composed of Roots and Herbs, com bined with other ingredients of known rlrtue, and may be glren to the youngest Infant or most de bilitated lnralld, without the least possible heal tatloa. We hare only room for short extracts from the rolumes of testimony In our possession, and aU from gentlemen of the highest respectability, well known In their rarlous localities. Pleaae read fo yourselves. We take greet pleasure In calling the atteatlor of our readers to the merits of Carter's Spaalst Mixture as a remedy for diseases of the blood, li enjoys a reputation in this city unequalled by an> other preparation.?Daily JJxtpmtek, httkmmm Tm. The Hon John M. Botts,of Va.,says heooaild ers it a matter of duty to add his testimony to th? rlrtues of Carter's Spanish Mixture, raoM aervai fitsoNiL obcbbvatiom of Its remarkable cura tire powers for the diseases In which It Is used. We hare been cured of a violent and protracte< Llrer disease by Carter's Spanish Mixture. We know it to be all it professes.?Editor SomHrtd< Dtmeermt, P$ttr?burg, Tm. We hare found from personal trill, that Car ter'sSpahlsh Mixture is a truly raluable modi Cine.?Ed. FirfMMM* Indtftndtni, Ft. GREAT CURE OF SC RO FULA.?A Brew man In our employ was cured of Scrofbla ofa rlr ulent character by a few bottles of Carter's Spaa lsh Mixture, after ererythlng else had felled. Oth er cures which have ccnc under our own oboerva tiod, prores to us conclusirely, that Is really a ral uable medicinal agent. We take greet pleasurr In calling the attention of the aftlcted to fta mer Its ?Richmond Rtwmbiiemm. S TFHIL1S.?1 hare seen a number of cure* o Syphilis performed by Carter's Spanish Mixture 1 believe it to be a perfect antidote for that horn ble disease. E. BURTON, Com. of Reran ae for citr of Richmond EITER D1SMASM.?Samuel M. Drlaker, e the Arm of Drinker * Morris, Booksellers, Rich moad, Va., was oared of LJrer disease of serera years standing by en!y three bottles of Carter't Spanish Miliars. OLD SORES, 9L9ERS AND OB ST I If ATJ ERUPTIONS ON THE SKIN.?Bee the cun of Mr. Harwood, and others. detailed in our A1 manac The no aber of such cases cured by Car ter's Spanish Mixture precludes the posslblllr of Inserting them In an adrertlsement. EFFECTS OF MERCERY.?Seetheenre et Mr. Elmore. He was eaten up with Mercury anl could obtain no relief, until he took six bottles o Carter's Spanish Mixture, which perfectly restorer him to health and rigor. NEURALGIA.?Mr. P. Boyden, formerly i the Astor House, N. Y.,but more recently proprl etor of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, was cure< of Neuralgia by Carter's Spanish M ixture. Sine that time, ne says he has seen it cure more than t hundred oas^s of the disease in which It la used He never fells to recommend it to the aflLieted. RHEUMATISM?Mr. John P. Harrlso* Druggist, of Martlnsburg, Va., writes of the sin gular cure of a violent case of Rheumatism. Thi patient could not walk. A few bottles eatlreh cured hint. SCROFULA?*r. Harrison also writes of t great eurc of Scrofula, In the person of a youm lady, (of three years standing J which ail the doc tors could not reacn. Six bottles made a cure o her. . Dr K T Hendle, of Washina ? "?fbo cure<* an obstinate case of Sypt' lis by Carter's Spanish Mixture, says "It acts spe daily on the Blood, Liver and Skin and is promp and eMcient in its results." Dr. John MInge, formerlr of the City Hotel, Richmond, now of Alabama, says he has seer Carter's Spanish Mixture administered in a nnm ber of cases with astonishingly good effect. Hi recommends it as '-the most eflclent aiteratire l> SALT RHEUM AND SC RO FULA ?Mi Jos. Robinson, of Wooster, Ohio, was cured o Scrofula and Salt Rheum of three years standtot by only three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture WM. S HEERS A CO., Proprietors, Ne. 304 Broadway, New York. |K" Price SI per bottle, or six bottles for 14. Per sale by C6AS STOTT, Washington. I P., and Druggists generally *cf ] THE ?R EATEST MEDICAL DISCOVER'? OF TUB AGE. Dr* KENNEDY, ef R.xbary, ?ss discovered in one of our common rtirvu w?*ds a remedy that cures E'ERY KIND OP HUMOR; r*e* ma wonsr scnoreLa sown to a com H? ? MOM FIMPLB. E HAS TRIED IT IN OVBR ELEVEN hundred ca&es,and never failed exoept in tvr cases, (both thunder humor ) He has now in hlr poesesslon over two hundred certiflcates of its rir toe^ all wkhin twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing ion One to throe br.uiea will cure the worst hind et pimples on the face. bres? t0 ttroc bcUie* clear the system el Two bottles are warranted to tare the wots eenker in the mouth and stomach. Three to Are bottles are warranted te sars tk* worst case of Erysipelas. One to two bottles are warranted to ear* ai humor in the eves. Tw<* bottles arc warranted to cure ranniar of the ears and blotches among the hair Pour to six bottles are warranted to e?re ssrnsB tad running ulcers " One bottle will cure scaly eruption of the skin Two to tnree bottles are warranted to cure ilif worst case of ringworm. * Two to three bottles are warranted te cure th? most desperate case of rheumatism salUkSim ?Qr b?IUea We *? tare th. urcfu^* rtRllt b?tllfeJ wU1 ?lw lh? eases m A beaeflt Is always rrperlsaoed from the in bcttle, and a perfect cuie is warranted whea abore quantity la taken. wnta in# thu^Tth.a SBOcsaad bottles o if it fn yo,-Bortoa- 1 kaow ?*? ewr! case. So sure as water will extln ^fl'"^j *0*Mre will this cure humor. I neve ^ w 80ld *nother: after i ,tur 1Uuf ?? tw. 1 rL c^ thf! to me surprls .?f A .KTOWe la oar f estures. in ton F 5!vJl 8nd lteTal,lp neve 3mt111 dlsoovered it in 1B4??aeooad that it saeald oure all kinds of humor la erdcr to give some idea of the suddea ris STeH popularity of the discorery, I will stab AatTa Aprlf ISO, 1 peddled it, aJ'.old .b^uu SIS {ZfiF?ZArm'l8H'1 Some of the wholesale Druggist* who hare ben la business twenty and thirty years, ear that an like It. There la a unlrersal praise of it from ai quarters. In my own practice I always kept it strlcUy fo> humors?but since Its introduction as a Veiim ju?u?-Mki., re, ,nd hare been found in it that I new suspected Several cases of epileptic Ats-a disease whlc, a few bottles. O, what a mercy if it will nm? ctual in an eases of that ?33 "i 5,T* *en mor* of 11 I hart I know of several cases of Dropsv all of M.H *ged people cured by It For the ?SioM dfa2S M the Liver, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia Astbmk Fever and Ague, Pain in *?" ?"? *oo* tt. No change of diet ever neceaaarr?mi ik. w-. you can gel and enough of it. ^ K: d';,toto ??iSa m. IlJVlDT. Jfe. l JO Wurron ttrott, Roxtmrp, MtUt. Paica, 0*b Dollab. Agents ?New York City, C. V. CLICKNER, 81 Barclay street: C. H. RING, way: A. B. AD. SA^DS, 100 Fultoa rtreet. Philadelphia, T. W. DYOT^ A SONS 2VSi,Bore? BROWN A BROTHER, CANBY A HATCH. Alexandria, PEEL A STifiVENS At-R?aii by ail respectable Druggists la the Waited States and British Pr#riaoea, aad ?'V{! U Drvgjflsts of this City. ' XS SCly OU Til PHILOSOPHICAL TCKW OF HABBIAOK, _ _ ' ?T ? ? B. LA CROIX, D., ALBANY. N Y.. lit F\m*, C?i**d Ltik. ?grmfkt mtU Pimm r%m ONLY Twihtt FiTI C8HTS. Sent Free af Postage to all part* of the Calon. CHEAPEST BOOK KVBE PUBLISHED J and containing nearly double the quaitity of read lna natter 1 a that of the PlTTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treats on the PHYSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret Infirmities and Disorder of Youth and Maturity, resulting from si " wklek destroy the physical and mental pow- "S em, with Oboerratlcns on "** ^ Marriage. Its duties and disqualification*, and their remedies: with LltbogTairtis.ineatratlng th? Anatomy and Physlologv and Diseases of the Re Anatomy and Physiology, and Diseases of the Re productive Organs of hoth sext*. their structure uses, and functions. A popular and cow probes ?Its Treatise en the Duties and Causaltles of sin gle and married 1 lie?happy and fruitful alliances mode of securing them?Infelicitous and lnfertll< ones?their ?bvlation and removal _lm porta n hints to those contemplating matrimony, that wit! oreroome objecUona to it. none howe^r. shonU take this Important step without first consulting Iti pages?commentaries on the diseases and raedica treatment of females from Infancy to old age, esc I case graphically Illustrated by beautiful TTthotra Pblc plates?nerrous debility, Its cauaes and sum by a Process at once so simple. safe, and eRiwtua! that failure Is lmposslhie?rules for dally manage ment?an essay on Spormatonhma. with practice observations on the safer and moresureaaarul modi of treatment? precautionary hlnu on the evils re suiting from empirical practice?an essay on al diseases arising from Indiscretion, with plain an< simple rules by wFlch all person* can cure them selves without mercury?remedies for thoae self lnfiictod miseries and disappointed hope* won fortunately prevalent la the young, it Is a truth fnl adviser to the married and thosecontemplating marriage; Its perusal la particuiarlv recommend ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of theli physical condition, and who are conscious of hav Ing hazarded the health. happiness, and privi Wn to which every human being Is entitled PriceTWENTY.F1VE CENTS per oopy,o< Five Conies for One Dollar Malkd, Dee ofpast age, to all part* of the Baited States ?wh??Prefrr mayooaealt Or LA CROIX upon any of the diseases upon wbu u ihli book treats, either personally or by n>^t| Medi cine sect to any part af the Onion according to d! rectlons, safely packed and carefully secured fron an OD#**rvatl<wi Address Dr M B LA CROIX, No 51 Maldei ^?Si<Jrk-0*tO*C*Bo,47*Alb"T, N Y. |0*OAc? open dallv. from Va m to* p m and on Sunday from 3 until 5pm. ITT* OSce REMtrVED from No m Beaver tt des N0m T"k DOCTOR H 0 0 FLA IT D ' S CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS prepared nv Dr. C- M. JACKSON Philadelphia, Pa , WILL irriCTCALLT CCKB LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA TAUNDICK. CHRONIC OR NERVOUS DE * blllt?. Diseases of the Kidneys, and all D1s ea*s arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomach ?? proprietor. In calling the attention of tb< public to this preparation, dses so with a feeilnt of the utmost confidencc In Its virtues and adapta tion to the diseases for which It is recommended It is no new and untried artlcJe, but one tba has stood the test of a ten years' trial btfore tt< American people, and its reputarlos and sleii tpv-H.. bF "y similar preparations extant The testimony In Us favor given bv the most pron ? lnent and well known physicians and lndl'lduali In all parts of the country is Immense, and acare fnl perusal of the Almanac, published annual!* by the proprietor, and to be bad gratis of suv ol his agents, cannot but satlafy the most skrrtlca! 4"en,int!"" <*' ?KrffiuS5rhi:4nr,*'*e~? n? ? READ THE FOLLOWING: Mpsga^tpwh. Va . Aneu?i l Irss D' C M JscKsoit?Dear t^lr:?The sales o, Bitters are Increasing, and what sp?>ak* vol ume? Intheir favor Is th. tall who bav?-Wd th. ir speak highly of their effects No medic ire a J [n*1i^veffsoch ******* "atlsfaetlon, and tbede Emand for It exceeds all precedent; and I asstn *u It affords me pleasure to sell such a reined v ur physicians nofonger rowl at l^buT.m^S. polled to acknowledge its Intrinsic vaJire, and tfc< greater part of them have had magnanlm " snf ftCinDthHr nL^lde fteo Pp"Jud^???nd prescribe it In their practice. Respectfully voursV F. M. CHALFANF. For sale bv ?tore keepers and druggists In town and village in the United StaS. T? ossts par hedfts. ncr n KmvVK|,|ILcAN',W""hll,frton'81,4 JWHN ? alUWBLL. Ceorgetown. Avenia. je 7-em ? INGKR'ft Improved Sewing Machines. T',7i ?? Higb?t A o thrw?ri5- thereby receivm| the World s Vardict of SaDeriority. i!J?PROVEMENTS in this ma 1Ath*m lD many respects wiS YhCaK%?fei'rUtln^twlc<> th* ??to?n or work thev did formerly In snv given time Iab?e HrJi, 1 qUe<,t,0n the OBlV Machine.S sh??? STery of P004" P*^1' < ablrt bosom or heavy trace for harneis can b Jf^S^e JJf mfoblnes by a simple chanv ?f ? thread In such a manner that t?i closest scrutiny cannot detect a ftnH fh^a.^*CtfrCT*;pl.*nt<'rB famlliee wU' fin. them the only safe Machines to purchase are built strong and durable, and nc4 iikcu t gst out of order uaciy i mach.res with euare* #. binding hats, cap-Donts, ralfer* v %tUcbed'ffl Silk. Thread. Cotton. Nsedl?^ *, c?r?t.B?i on hand, at the lowest rates ' *C-? C0,B?Unt' Person, desirous of Information recjjd lno Ing .Machines will please addrelm^ M SINGER k. CO., m o w Laltlmore street, Baltimore. v. .* &T* papered to eicham-e tht^e ma chlnee for old machine* of any kind 1 >rms n b eral Persons who have t*en induoedto l rrha? Inferior machlne-i under the pretext . f u - ClgP'iWitlfiad this a btneht Indeed. IT^ahuVh lH,,t * "> ' >? MENT?I have this day receiveit a large assrrt ment of Ladles' and Gentlemen's ^ i Iron and Wood, Dame Trunks,' also, Bonnet Box es, Hat Cvei, Carpet Bags, of _ Ivies' rew style uaiter. allrelor ... broni*'- ooioi^l Gaiters, wlifa an i Childreri's. and In Pninr i "t?1r- Oeoto: ^ovs. and \ outl froStiUfSr reocL Caif Bo?t,*rid el?wh^ ?>;eck lielore pure heel r TUT' S. P. HOOVER, Irr.n Hall, jen-tr Pa. av.. bet'n ?rh and lotl ats. !. llllfBS buy and sell FOEEIQI A*D DOMESTIC EXCHAR01 i- .ii w DAdfTS 3a all Part, of United State* and Inrov . COLLECT DRAFTS *U parti of United 8tatea and Inrcjx ON IRELAND FOR Al"oR UPWARDS; unNnv BVY AND SELL ONIS, SlOCKS, A OTHER HfeCUR 111 Et l?v...2KWOT,ATI? TlHtt PAPEK. Bt P?Tl?i lor and ever, fs> >al? LA* D VABBAKT8. We are at all times Purchasing, ard have f< U Ai* K A N "*** ?' ,n Senoml nation Land Warrants located la Iowa. \N iwonain.? it . BROTHEK8, )an<3-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. JL'RT RKi KIVKU Scotch Herrings t msh Peaches and Aoriceta Prune Cordial c^?br?t?l Bittera *ad Mtcc*roal Freah Teas, for sale by 171 i>. .... JONAS p. levy, Je loltf ' ' ^l<lu<>r ind Segar note. AW.D C,*HAWTi. R\\T?*\ "PP'yofNo 1 RAISINS a d Ct'l HANTS, being received In store to dav jv i| ? ? * M P RING, Jy? Lor. Vermont ave and I st iY~ Z M. P7 KING uuCRAil AWD ?*iCEN TI RTL PareMrved every dav ate OA UTIKR