Newspaper of Evening Star, July 26, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 26, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAK.! lL/~ Atlv<rtlwmrntf should be handed In by I* o'eltf-k, m., otherwise they may not appear uatll Hie next day Noticb.?Those charged with the manage ment of clubs, societies, and all other associa Mens are notified that in order to insure the loMrtioo of advertisement* or notices of any description in the S/ar, payment must be made fer them when offered, or an arrangement for the payment for the same provided for. There are now on file in our counting room many advertisements, not inserted, because our terms have not been complied with. This rule must be imperative. SPIRIT OF THB MORNING PRESS The Union reviews the financial transac tions of John C. Fremont with the Govern ment in connection with early California affairs to prove that they were rotten to the core with corruption, and eoncludos as follows : " From these extraordinary financial per formances, we can well understand how those men who are bankrupt themselves, and who have contributed to bankrupt their States, and would bankrupt Uncle Bam if they could were so enthusiastic in cheering for Fremont' If elected, could he well deny his leading supporters privileges at money making cor responding with those formerly enjoyed by himself. If they should follow the prece dents set by him, would not the speculations prove splendid ? It is certainly natural that such prospects should rejuvenate the dilapi dated and inspirit the decayed politician to the greatest possible exertion*. Fremont was mainly nominated by this class. What will those who sustain themselves by honest indus try say to the Mariposa and cattle specula "onsr W ill they give either their approval>.' * The Intelligencer is, to-day, devoted to Congressional matters. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP Legislation. Ibe Senate yesterday were for a time gravely engaged on a proposition to spend public money on experiments to test the applicability of sending the mails of the I nited States over tho country through an exhausted tube by me^nsof atmospheric pre9 * scheme in which men of science gen erally have little faith, as far as we can per ceive. If we are not mistaken, about the only machines to carry great weights long distances, the power being atmospheric pres sure, wL.oh have succeeded in practioe, though experiments have been made with such from the commencement of civilisation d? wn to to-day, are the ordinary ship's sails. There is a machine on exhibition ia the ro tunda of the Capitol for the navigation of the air, (by balloon.) carrying passengers and freight, which, the inventor is satisfied, will be perfectly under the navigator's controj when suspended between heaven and earth. Sails and ruJder are to control its move mentj. \\ by don't the Senate devote a day or so to that 7 So we go The Public School Celebration ?We be fipeak a very large attendance of our fellow - citizens of the Federal Metropolis at the Pub lic School celebration to come tff on Monday next. Those charged with the task of getting it up have exerted themselves with proper spirit to make its ceremonies imposing, and its uflaerces upon the thousands of children who will participate in it very beneficial. The question of their succe.=?. however, is in volved in that of the number cf adults who lend them their countenance on the occasion. -the Public Schools of Washington may easily fce made equal to any in the United htates. 1 his is to be accomplished, however, only by general public interest in them. As the public manifest interest in them so will they prove effective for good results, and only in ratio with the manifestation of that interest. The District.?It is to be hoped that on Monday next the House will consent to set apart two or three days for the consideration of business prepared by the District Commit tee Its members are careful and laborious gentlemen for the most part, and have devoted themselves faithfully to the discharge of their duty. We really believe that there never was before a Hou?e District Committco whose recommendations, one and all, were bo ccn acientiously made, and were made after so laborious and careful investigations. Tfce?e facts shouM entitle their suggestions with reference to the requirements of the public iotfrj?t at this point to more than ordinary consideration on the f art of their fellow rnem The Drought ?The farms and gardens in this vicinity are luffering greatly for want of rain. The drought is already making serious ly against remunerative fall crops. We have had much experience in tilling the ground in this vicinity, and know a remedy which so far has ;,ever failed us in tho matter of guarding against the otherwise disastrous effects of such a season as this in which we seem to be enter ing The seoret lies in deep (sub soil) plough ing and heavy manuring. The twoexpedients together, have not failed us, when applied, once in the last seven years Internal Improvements.? The veteran Richmond Enquire, raises a warning voice against the system of internal improvements by the General Gorarmeut now being urged on Congress. That journal represents a pow erful interest in the Democratic party, which will not eensent to givo up its time-honored principles upon tLe internal improvement question; more especially because it regards the threatened abandonment of the creed of the Democratic party on this subject as bat a prelude to its abandonment of its cherished positions on other question* involving the powers and duties of the General Government wherein the schools of Monroe, Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were at iame. The Privateenmen s Bill?The recent speech of Mr. Davis of Massachusetts, was a capital defence of the interests of his constit uents as involved in this measure. It was evidently prepared with great care and re search, and embraced more sterling and effec tive argument* in favor of regarding thote who have served their country on privateer?, co-equal with thoe? who have served in the regular navy of the Uniteu .States, so far aj the distribution of the country's atipr gratui ties and rewards is concerned, than were ever before LrougLt to the knowledge and notiee of Congress The constituents of Mr. Davie ?we him much, indeed. The Steamship.?The was vis ited throughout tLe course of y-sterday by a large n?mt>?r of gentlemen and ladies, in every description of failing craft on the Poto mec that eould be pressed into the service. WASHINGTON CITY: IATCRDAY Jnly 26, l?5t>. hers. All came away delighted with the remit of the mechanical and scientific skill the United States as manifested in the construc tion and finish of the noble vessel. Another Contribution.?The National Mu seum. United States Patent Office, has re* coifed large additions from British Guiana, through Mr. Crampton, late British Min ister, which Lave been arranged for exhibi tion. The cases and painting* hare been re numbered, and a guide o* catalogue prepared for gratuitous distribution to visitors. Th e Public Health.?Waahington City never was healthier at this period of the year than at present. We sincerely believe that there is as little sickness among us just now a3 in any other community in the world numbering as many souls. How few among us are aware how greatly we are blossed in this inestimable particular! The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 25th of July, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... S649 98 For the Interior Department 322 75 For Customs 18,817 03 War warrants received and en tered 800 00 On account of the Nayy....,.,., 91,650 71 From misoellaneoussourcei 15,387 44 From Lands 141,062 25 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, aft9r we went to press, they laid over until next Friday, the bills to renew the reaping machine patent* of Obed Hussey and Moore and Hascall, and passed bills for the relief of Charles Stearns, J. E Martin. Franklin Peale, John Munson, and Joseph Graham. On motion of Mr. Yulee, the bill requiring prepayment on all transient printed matter transported in the mails was next taken up, and passed Two reports were made by Mr. Johnson f0Ink- t Mlhtftry Affair* Committee, neither of which were finally disposed of, ere they adjourned over until Monday. In the House, after accepting the invitation to vi*it the steamship Vanderbilt at 4 p. m. to-day, the balance of the day's session was fur the most part devoted to the consideration of prlvato bills, a number of which were pas*" ed ere they took a rccess until 7pm On re assembling nt that hour thev were addressed in Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, on political topics, by Messrs. Crawford, Jewett, Cox, Barksdale, and Reade. At lu p m. the Committee rose, and the House adjourned. Proceedings ef Te-Day. In the House, this morning, up to the hour at which we went to press, they were engaged on private business (bills) of no interest to the public at large. * PERSONAL. i ?Her*)er^ M. C. from California, left Washington this morning, we hear, on a visit to the Berkeley Spring.-*. ....Mr, James J McBride, formerly City Attorney of St. Louis, was, on the 16th. com mitted to the calaboose for contempt of court. .... Mrs. Donnelly died at St Louis from injuries received by the explosion of a whisky barrel, to which she accidentally held a light ed candie. e .... M'lle Kameson, the celebrated eaues frit/me. has been married in Chicago, toCapt. Kipp, formerly manager of llerr Driesbach's Circus and Menagerie. .... Henry Meiggs, the great San Francisco defaulter, is reported to be living with his family in Chili, about 30 miles from Valpa raiso, under an assumed name, and in almost a destitute condition. .... The honorary degree of Master of Arts was conferred on Freeman Hunt, Esq , editor of the Merchant's Magazine, New York, on ? ay last, at the annual commencement of Lnion College, Schenectady. .... Col. Schouler, lately editor of the Cin cinnati Gasette, will hereafter be connected Wltj}. I", State Journal, (Republican) published at Columbus. .... A severe accident happened a few days ago to Manager Burton at his country seat, Olenn Cove, L. I. It appears he was starting on a ride, when, owing to mismanagement by the driver, Mr B. was thrown out, sustaining injury to his spine. ? A New York paper saya that on Wednes day evening, after the arrival of Mr. Burlin Kame. accompanied by bis friend and second, Gen. James, of Wis , at the Everett House, in th?t city, they proceeded to a well-known shooting gallery in Broadway. Mr. Burlin ganie (mcogmto) tried his hand with the rifle at the usual distance, an! "rang the be!!" FIVE TIMES OUT OF NINE. .. The Memphis Whig of the 9th inst. s^iys : Com. Lavalettc left last evening on the National en route for the East, havin< been appointed to the command of the Norfolk 2savy Yard. It is altogether likely, however, that this appointment will be revoked, and that he will be anpointed to the command of the Navy Yard at Philadelphia. The Com modore is tho tseventh naval officer in seniority in the United States. .... Thoma* Doughty, the landscape paint er, is dead. The merits of Mr. Doughty, as an artist, are well known to those who have interested themselves in the growth of art in this country. He was a careful observer of nature, not forming his style upon any favor* ite model, so that his manner, though not iif tensely peculiar, was decidedly characteristic. Mr. Doughty, notwithstanding his fine powers, was not fortuuate in his profession as a means of pecuniary gain He struggled with pov erty through life, and his last days were em bittered by want. ....Mr. and Mrs Florence had been play lrg with unqualified success in Liverpool, and were engaged for two weeks at the Glasgow Theatre: ?' II Mrs Florence's engagement has scarcely realized tho crowded houses and tumultuous applause, sterotyped in tho an nouncements, the attendance has been suffi ciently good, ?id tho applause sufficiently hearty, to justify us in stating that her en garment in this town has been perfectly suc cessful ; and if at any period sho can repeat } Y1Vrtj Yith ,Viec?8 ?f a better class than The Yankee Housekeeper.' ' A Lessen for Husbands, and similar trash, we can promise to Mrs Florence a genuine welcome. " Phantom Trains.?We understand that numbers of our cititens and persons living in the country on the line of railroad, have betn considerable mistified and no little alarmed by a singular fact recently noticed on repeat ed occasions. Between the hours of 11 and 12 o'olock at night, the approach of a train of cars has been plainly heard, tho shriek of the whisle and the rumbling of the train increas ing in distinctness until the oars raaoh Staun ton Depot and stopped. Persons hive gone to the depot to find out the cause of an arrival at so unusual an hour. The depot agents gay that no train is on the road at that hour of the n'ght, yef the approach of one is unmistake ably heralded by the rumbling, and its arri val announced by the whisle.-S/aaw/ow ( Va ) Spectator. Health of Havana and Niw Orleans ? Passenger, by the Philadelphia report New Orleans quite healthy, as yet No yellow fe ver,?but there are but comparatively few people (except the can't get-aways) in town At Havana the fevjr was prevalent, and the Captain Oeneral, who was down with it, was barely expected to recover. TB* Yet.?The train from Buffa lo, Thursday morning, < amo down to Roches ter, a distance of 75 miles, in one hour and thirty-eight minutes. I1 consisted of five pa^enger cars, aud made five stopj It is time this kind of *u>u??BjeBt was discouraged. Journal of Com net et. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Gborgktown, July 185<t. We incline to tie belief that the local re porter of the Intelligencer haa been either sold or duped in regard to the attempt to cut down the Democratic pole in our city on Tues day evening. We admit the fact that rivalry in business might have been one of the causes; but to suppose that politics had nothing to do with it, is perfectly preposterous Tuesday night was not the first time the attempt was made, a similar one was made on the 3d of July, before the jealousy in business between the parties heretofore mentioned sprang up, and Magee's house pelted with stones for helping to protact the pole from destruction. Simms took no part whatever in that attempt He was not a member of the Democratic As sociation.* Neither branch of our City Councils was in session last night, owing to there not being a quorum of the Council in attendance. Owing to a deficiency of water in the canal, in the vicinity of Dam No. 4, there have been but few arrivals this week. The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Rest, yesterday, amounted to 300 head; 150 of which were sold to District butchers at S3* $1 25 on the hoof, equal to S6aS8 50 nett, the balance (150 head) were driven on to Balti more. Sheep $2a$3 12J per head. No change in the flour and grain markets. Stock of the former very light. S. * Note.?The testimony leads us to th*4pa elusion, that the difficulty between Magee and Simms wai a personal and not a political one whatever may have been the influenoes in ducing those acting with Simms in the affair to seek to destroy the pole.?En. IHT The Celebrated Balm of Zanthorea, or K*it Indian Remedy, being prepared withoi-t or im fi the safest aa well a. theaurest cure for Diakkbka, Dtskntkbt CuttLiRA, pain In the bowel* and childbkh tckth mo. Prepared only by H. 8 Humphrey, Ogdeusburffh N T., to whom all order* should be addressed None xeuolne unless the label on each bottle is slrn.d Id the liaud writing of " H. 8. Humphrey." Cholera la alwaya preceded by Diarrhea or Dyaeotery therefore If the above named remedy la at hand to be token In aauon, no one ueel ataiid in theleaatfearof that dreadful ?courge. Try It and be convinced that at laat a medicine la fonnd which prove> itself both aafe and anre. CH AM. 8TOTT, aole Agent fjr Waalilngton. Jj 14-Jw. lETWhat it it For?Thia Wood's Hair BKHTOBATIVK??la a question aaked dally by hundreds We answer, without hesitation or fear ofcontr.dletlo- that It Is the only article known which will do all It prnmlsoa for the human hair. It will renew its growth?It will atop iu falling?It will restore Its uatural color. It Is uot a Hair Dye, but a speedy and efficacious Restorative. Trial bottle* $1; p!iiU$2; quarts $9. Bead the Advertisement od the fourth ap l?-tf IX^Citrate of Magnesia, ai agreeable refrigerant and laxative, now extensively used on the contl Df.iUof Europe aud America, manufactured dally Sod Fountains, of a uew and highly approved construction A choice lot of Havaua Cigars; with a full snpply of line Per turnery, Hair Brusl.ea, Combs, Shavlrg Brushes, and Toilet Ju"' direct Importation, at I I.MAN'S New Drug Store, S5? Pennjylvanla avenue, je 20? tr fO" Silver \T are Mann factory. ? I am now ,nP?rllr ?nicies In the way of Stirling SILVER WaKE, vU: Forks, Spoons, tiobl.U, Co/a, Ac which cannot be exce led iu tlifs f*v*tion o/country Also tor .ale, every variety of fine Watches, of the moat celebrate J m? .er?, and a complete assortment of rich Hold Jewelry Fine Watch repairing of every description done in the best manuer, by experienced and competent workmen, aud euar ?ntied to give satisfaction. No. S34 Pa. ? veuue, between 9th aud 10th streets. Sign of the Large Spread Kag'e 8~tr H. O. HOOD. . Moollaad'a German Bitter*.?Certi tontOhloK4lf'h LUle' ***'' KditUr " 8plr" 0f T,ra<V' ,r?n r?. ? w * w ~ I"o*TOw, October 30, 18M. *? J*<'k*on?Dear Sir:?The Bitters are in gre?t de mand here. In addition to tie quantity aold by Moxley A Barber, your agents, the two othar stores sell more of them than any other medicine. I flud they are uinch caed by con vaieecent fever patients to rebuild their brokeu constitutions Ihaye used during the last summer, in my own family, four bottles They were recommended to me tirnt by a neighbor at a time when my system was much debilitated from tbe effects of a severe Billons Fever. They gave me an appetite and restored a tone and vigor to my whole system. In one of the September unmbers of my paper I related my expert ence of the geod effect, of the Hitters, slut* which time they have had a large sale and have now become the standard Qieuicine In this vicinity. In conclusion, I would say that I feel great pleasure In gl\ing this testimouy of the vslne Mid success of your preparation Bespectfnlly your., Kalph I.lti. See advertisement. Je 7-3mr 117* Testimony of Doctor O. Bntcber. ,, Bakk, Pocahontas Co., April loth. 1?,6. Uent.enaen Some few month, .luce a patient applied to me for med ca, advice afflicted with a severe form o{ *econ dary syphtll. (he had beeu uuder the charge of two phvai clana without deriving relief. I I commeuced using the reg ular remedies of the profession. but the disease stubbornly resitted ail my efforts. The reputotion of Carter's Spanish Mixture having reached me.Miidbeiug personally ac juaiate.] with yourselves, I determined to give it a trtol. I did ao and in ? abort time Its good effects were evident, and three bottle, cured him. As an act of Justice to suffering hnmanity, I cannot with hold my testimony t.. its an alternative?ud prompt purifier of the blood and take plemure in recommending it to the profession and the public generally. it 1 1m Yours reepectfully, O.BITCHKB M. D. _ inr To the Public.-Hoatetter's telebra TIDSTOMACH BITTERS, so widely knowu throughout the west and north ?s a certain cure for cholera, can be fonnd ill all the bar rootui and Drug .?or-,? of thl.clty. On.wlne 8:*V i u three time, a day before tneaia, will remove ?11 flatulency or heaviness from the stomach, keen you from ooatlveue.?a*siat digestion, given good appetite, aud Im part ? healthy tone to the whole .y.ten, an : a certain cure jVV'Awd1 *'ue" JAMK1 n. callan, ..JP" Da',eJr'? Wennlne PaiiTl^tractor, will suMno the pain and Inflammation from the severest -mi ? "I ln/r?m one to twenty mluutes?and that it S>r?-P.t? Wi'.U|? ?, wltLuU,t *r; ??d??r?rtu*lly . ure Fever I.s * Bheum?Ini! ?mmatory rheumatism?Sore ?nd Inflamed fcyes-Cnts?Wounds?Brulaes?old and In ""/'-Corn, and BuniouB-Eryslpelaa,g.-:Felon.-Chilb,?lns-Blte or liisel ts alT "'r"S"r' Nipple.? Kruptiou.?and ? J 1?^ cuuue^jus Jlsesses, where the p*trts affecteif csn te resulted. ";cre,,u'""" ?bo?t diseases named to be cured by only one thlng-but retlect, that the few, but posi tl ve properties which the Dalley Salve alone contains, and aa heretofore enumerated?one to four?c?u reach not alone the re mentioned di?t?ss#?,but inmny nmre not enuni^rut^l 1,^1? U:,n!iK !VL! Y'S PA,y Kxtracto. has upon III iclfl v Ji i. l^hel with tha signatures of C. V. UL.iLKK..-HKit A CO., proprietors, aud HENHY DALI.KY per 'b. xCtUrer' A" otlier,l *re C0U!lt?rfe1t. Price 3S cent. ^W-Aii order, ahould be addre.aed toC.V. Clickener k Co.. 81 Barclay street. Hew York. WForaale by CHAS. STOTT, NAIRN A PAI.MER, and Prugglsta generally. ?p ?-eo6ni Brown1! Ensues of Tnrkey Khu BARB.?" Tnrkey Rhnb.rb undergoes ? rigid Inspection by burnt1,1 iTl r KTr wl,.lcU Jo not pass examination are The care whl. h ren lsrs tliis Rl. ^barb so free from defects, tends greatly to eulian'-e Ita price. The large-t p<.r Turk /"ii ' consiimed is Indian; though Inferior to the Turkey IU comparative cheapness g|??. it the pre.'erence ?f "ll,,b*rb ?re peculiar and val BBOWWS or l*" K"-P "o?full? of w^r u i . . ? l>?fore m.als in a glass or wine or water, is ? good tonio?increases the appetite and promotes fr^wd by 1D- u,"mau and" wsr KAKKIKD, ^3 d ln*tant, by the Rev. Mr. French Mr JOHN TOBIASto Miss SUSAN H.KEKUu! county,^Md 'ate JamC8 Keechj of St Gary's DUO, On the 20th Inst at the residence of Lis father bis KUMON8'rON. " ? "* "*? ?'? take place on to-morrow (Sun \a J ?? tbe re8ldpnc? o' his father in-law, No. ta Montgomery street, Ueoruetown ed to attend tLe fumlly are 'espectfully request On the25 Inst , WILLIAM THOMAS, younK Vhe fr fe n d s ?, ft] ^na,,Bury? aK^d five months bis ft.nif.1 . family are re.niested to attend ! i f"neral on to morrow the 27th inst , at 2 o clock p. in , from tbe reaideqee of his parents oa K, between 17ih and 18th streets. P # _ ^H8U0a?cKUN^EV8OUKj YvltiS Services TO-.MOttHOW and continued oneverv sSi ;",. '"""'at n ?'ck,ck?m. ""fi NV1LL PREACH , . . at the Capitol rO-MORRO\V at 11 o clock; and at the rre*byter;an Church near the corner of dm sireetan.1 MaryUnd ("Xd! It# ?THE REV MR. JOCELVN, OF 1N dlana, will | reach at 11 o'clock ?? m and Rev. Mr Dlehl. of California at 8 n m in tho Ninth street M. P Church To'-MoErow rhe public la Invited. Mr D will addros n ? Sabbath School at 9* In the mcrnintr, "ibe B MASS MEETING OF T H K friends of Temperance will l?# held at an(l o1*< arwcordlally^nvi* hunoanlty ^^e^TorlX^^ ord r of the Committee w By U# _JOHN JOHNSON. Cor. Her men ron. are yliOV K ULF S'J UA l)~ we remJeaSSf toatt ceit, at 7^ o'clock. Jy25-3'.a l^t*^iNOTlCE ??E SUBSCS 1 HER bees ?^^S^leave to call the attention of the public brfore ?ASS and QWKBNaV^AKE oeiore purrhaiin? elsewhere, as by ao doing th*^ W!r ST fr5m IJ> t0 25 P*r cent. 7 K ^ '???? ? lower than the loweat at uVoJt ' b*tw#en ?<h and 10th atreeta. r*-** jouri McDEvrrr, OBDKB OF PROCEEDINGS On the Anniversary of the Public Schools, MONDAY, Jclt 28, 185#. 1. The schools of the Fir?t District will as semble at Lafayette Square ; those of the Sec ond District at the school house on Fifth street; those of the Third District, at the female dis trict school house; and those of the Foarth District, at the Foarth District school house, at 7 o'clock, a m 2. The schools of the several distriota will move from their respective places of assem bling to the cornor of Twelfth street and Penn sylvania avenue, and take their positions in the following order: First District?North side of Pennsylvania avenue. , Second District?Twelfth street, north of Pennsylrania avenue Third District?South side of Pennsylvania avenue. Fourth District?Twelfth street, south of Pennsylvania avenue 3 The Mayor of Washington. Board of Al dermen and Common Council, Trustees of the Public Schools, reverend clergy, and repre sentatives of the press, will have positions as signed them on the right 4 The procession will move at 8j o'clock, precisely, in the order of districts, under the charge of the Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements and proceed, with music and banners, to the west Capitol grounds. 5. On arriving at the west Capitol grounds the several schools will take such seats as may be assigned to them by the committee of ar rangements. The teachers wiU be careful to preserve order in the line of the procession and during the exercises at the Capitol grounds. 6. Exercises at the Grounds : Music by the Band. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Waldo, Chaplain of the House of Representatives. Introductory remarks by Josi.?h II. Brad let, Esq. Address by lion. A. V. Bkow.n, of the United States Senate, chairman of the Committee for the District of C- lumbia. Music by the Band. Address by Hon Jas. Mbachax, of the House of Representatives, and chairman of the House Committee on the District of Columbia. Music by the Band. Concluding address by Rev. Dr. Bikmby, President of Columbian College. Music by the Band Distribution of Medals and Premiums by the Mayor of the city and ex-officio President of the Board of Trustees. Song?The Star Splangled Banner. Benediction. Music by the Band 7. The friends?of tho pupils and the public schools, officers of Government, members of Congress, visitors in Washington, and citizcns, are respectfully invited to attend. 8. After tho exorcises shall have closed, the schools will be dismissed under the charge of their respective teachers. By direction of the Committee of Arrange ments : T. J. MAGRUDKR, jy 2S-2c (Intel copy 2t) Chairman ^NOTICE ?THE PROPRIETOR OF _ Locust Hill Dairy gives this notice to his custonrers tiklng milk from wagon No 1, driven by Patrick Looney, that h* has forl>ld<lcii his collecting any pay for debt* due or for milk sold, or transacting any business In any way on bis account, and will not be In any way responsi ble fer any of his acts. The new driver may lave some difficulty In llndlng all the customers at once, but the p oprie tor hopes they will be indulgent, will look out for the wagon as it passes, and aid and direct him as much as possible. Locust 11111 Farm, July'26, '16. 'Jta ATTENTION JOURNEY M K N ?OS. CONFECTIONERS?You are here by requested to attend the regular roonthlv meet Ingot the society, on MONDAY EVENING, at 7% o'elock, July 98th, In Temperance Hall, on ti street, between 9th and 10th streets, as business of Importance willle brought before the meeting Also, an election of Officers will take place, which was postponed at the last meeting Come one, coine all, to Temperance Hall. By order of all Journeymen Confectioners, jy 2T>-8t* ,CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE ? Persons declining housekeeping or hav ing a surplus of Household effects will find it to their advantage to give us a call before disposing of the same. We are prepared to buy their en tire stock of Furniture, (in large or small quantl ties,) and thus tave them the trouble and expense Incident to a public auction New Furniture ex changed for good second-hand articles. BONTZ A COOMBS, Extensive Furniture l)ea!*rs, No. 369 Seventh street, near I. jy 1^-lm Lost?on Friday evening, the ?25th Inst., a plain Gold Shirt Collar Button, marked J. H. Klrxwood The finder will be re warded by leaving the same at the It* KIRK WOOD HOUSE. Time best and cheapest uiide. Appleton's Railway and Steam Navigation Guide lor the United States and the Canadas, fully Illustrated by Maps Published under the super intendence of the Railway Companies. Price 15 cents For sale at TAYLOR t MAURY'S, jy 'i6 Booh Store, near 9th street. IMPROVED YANKEE NtJT.ttE? OKA TERS for sale, wholesale and retail, at manu* factures prices, by ELVANS A THOMPSON, Jy*6-lt No. 326 Penn. avenue. A KEEP THE MOSQUITOES OFF, Nl> COME AND GET MOSQUITO Netts, Lawns, Berages, Ginghams, Calicoes, and nil other kind of dry goods where you can buy them so as to save money, at W R HURDLE'S, No. 92 High street Georgetown All goods at cost for cash. Jy 20 1 ENOW YOU WANT A GRASS LINEN, HEMP, OR CACTUS Skirt for 70 cents, usual t rice one dollar, or a Sett Collar and Sleeves for 43 cents, worth 91 50, and beaullful figured Swiss Muslin at 1??, and If you do, call at W R HURDLE'S, No 92, High street, Georgetown. All goods at cost for cash. jy'26-lw Buchanan ?life and public ser vlces of James Buchanan, including the most Important State papers, l>y R. G. Horton, with an accurate portrait on steel. St. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S jy 26 Bookstore, near 9th street. PRIVATE HOARDING KCHCOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. ALEXANDRIA COUNTY, VA , Rev OLIVER COX, Piinclpal and Proprietor. Inns INSTITUTION, SITUATED NEAR t e country seat of the la'e General Van Ness, six miles from Washington and three miles from Georgetown, In a retired acd remarkably healthy lccation, will be opened for the reception* f Pu pils on the Second Monday of September next The Course of Instruction will embrace the An cient ?rd Modern Languages, all the branches of a thorough English Education, and the accom plishments usualiv taught in our best Female In stitutions. The labors of the Institution will be distributed as far as pra tlcable, as follows: The Principal, with an Assistant, will conduit the English, Latin, and Greek studies. Miss liVDlA S KELSEY, Teacher of French Instrumental Music. Drawing, and Painting. Mr A. ZAPPONE, Teacher of the Italian and Spanish Languages.

Dr H. tt WUNOER, charge of Boarding de partment. EXPENSES. Per Stssion oj Five Months. Elementary English branches 87 00 Advanced English branches and Sciences.. 10 00 Board, Washing, use of furnished room. light, fuel, and medical attendance 60 W) EXTRA CHARGE*. Per Station of Five Montkt. Music on l'laro, with use of instrument. ..915 00 Music on the Guitar 15 00 Mcdfrn Languages, each 7 (K) Ancient Languages, each 5 ?0 Drawing and Palating 10 00 REMARKS. Payment?Bills for one half of Board and Tu ition to be paid invariably In adv.nee, and the remainder at the middle efthe session. A dis count of tire per rent. will be made upon the above charges t>y payment in advance for the en Ire sesdon of five months. No deduction made except in case of protract'd sickness. No extra cha>ges, except in case of damages not accidental. Lectures ?Frequent Lectures on literary and scientific subjects will be delivered before the School by the Principal. Coxvirsational Lessons, In French, will be given twice a week. For further particulars, address the Principal, IFalls Church P. O., Fairfax county, Va.,)or Dr I S. WINDER, (Washington, D C.) Parties Interested may refer to the Rev. W m C. Lipscomb. Post Office Department Washing ton city: Col. Wm Minor, Falls Church Post Office. Fairfax county, Va.; R L Brockett, Esq , Principal of the Alexandria Academy, A ex audrla, Va ; Rev Dr. J. J Murray, Georgetown, I). C.; W D Wallarh. editor efthe Star, Wash ington city, D. C ; E. Y Reese, D D., editor of the Methodist Protestant, Baltimore, Md. jy* LIST or LETTERS Riwi*i*i*f in tkt Pom 9 Mr*. Washington,DC , Jul fit, 1S?. [Ordered to be advertised la the " Star," agreeable to-the following section of the Post Office I?aw?it being the newspsper baring tbe largest circulation of any dally paper pub lished In Washington: Sac 5. And b* it furthtr ennettd. That the list of letter* remaining uncalled for In any pout otBce In any city, town, or Tillage, where news papers shall be printed, shall, pub lished once only In the newspaper which, being Issued weekly, or oftener, tknll hurt tkt inrgttt tirrulation within the range of tbe delivery of said otBce, to be decided by the postmaster at such office] STPtrmoi applying for letter* Is U? f?ll??tl( lift, will Pl?u? **y they ara Ihtiitikp. LADIRS' LIST. Mr* Bmj lisa M C Brook, If Its Annie Hsrwc~?d. Mr* M B P?|? Brown, MIh B A Hardy, Miss M M Pace. Ml Browa. Mia* Mary Haaaoa, Mr* M M Pumpfcrey. Mtaa M Brown, Mr* A M Hyatt, Mix B B Farkar. Mr? V W Browa, Mr* Ju A Hartley. Ml** F rM|?. Mr* P H Butler, Mlat Jaoe Jon**, Ml** Anal* Pnmpbrey, D W Hrownlng, Mr* L A Jones, Ml** Sarah Myan. Mia* Rllen Hooker, Mr* B H Jonaa, Louisa Raaeell, Ml** B A Byer. Mr* Lucy Jones. II iMCharlntt Rantoa, Miss B Baoaetl, Mary J?oen,Mle*Carolia* Rohartaon, Ml** A Barker, Mr* H Jeffer*, Mr* M A Smith, If las K S Butler, Mr* Marft Jacob*. MIm alien Smith. Mr* C B Blackitoa, Mra M A Johuaon, Mr* R Howling, Mia* M B Jenklna, Ml*a K Branaon, Mia* LFG Johnson, Mr* I On*. Mr* M A Kern*, Mr* Sarah Cox, MIm A 8 Kinc, M l?? J P Oook, Mil* Harriot Koona, Mla? K Oalllna, Ml** J Kellay, Mr* M CannlnghamMraCK Landreth. MIm 8 P Hornby. Mary K Compton, MIm M F Lewi*, Mr* Ami Stewart,Miaa Kama Caldwell, Mr* M Lemmon*,Kllcabcth Tolaad, kiN Sarah Corett, Mr* Jann Lanaham. Ml** N Trllery. MIm8 A Carttr, MIm LfMla Lewi*, MIm If arjr C Thompafin. Ml** K Campbell. Mr* M Mill*, Louisa Thompson.MrsOnl I Cnshley, MIm M ?oora.MraOarollne Turpln. Mr* M U Cain hell, Mr* Mary Kant. Mr* (TP Imlerwood. Mrs JN Clifford, Ml** Mary Moles, Mrs White, Mrs K M M nmmmond. Miss A Marshall, MIm M Watte. Mrs Hauuab Siulth, Mrs Maria Smith. MIm Helen Sprarue, Mr* P Blinpaoa, Mr* HAS Maunder*, Mrs K K Suwart, Mr? Jennl* Bpenrer, Mr* C Darlay, Ann Baton, Mr* Mary Kblla*. Mr* M Ford, Mrs M A OMton, MIm tto.1 win, Mra Hall, MIm Mary Hill, MIm Hunt, Ml** A W Hall, Mrs 8 J Harry, Mrs Mary Hadrlck, Miss K Norland, MIm M E Ward, Keelah Marvin, Ml?s W K Washington, Mrs H Mnlilnc, Ml** 8 Wiliett. Mr* Robet Moueher, MIm A C Warner, Miaa J Maaaey, MIm A B Wonhtag Uib.MimM Mlnep, Mis* M 3 Waikar, Mahal* Norris, Prisrella Williams, Msrgrat Nelson, Ml** Emma Weaver, Mia* E Nelson, Mr* K WaehlngtonMlMMB Uthertnlclieal.Mr* A Warreu, Mary R S Paul, Miss Kllu Willed. Mrs Ann Polk, Mra Martha Watklas, MIm L A 8 GENTLEMEN'3 LIST. Armstrong, Silas Fahy. Nlcholaa AcbMoa.NortonACoKeDwick Wm A Alexander, M B Arnold, JariM G Anderson, T 8 Anderson, J J Arnold, H H B Adams, Theodora Amiss, TUos B Bowling, Wm Parrall, Wm Porwanl. W A Forrest, W T Psnks, Jno W Pltteu, Jno H Fletcher, Henry Flnley, Geo N Fox, UnstaTU* V Brownlug, Wlllla 2 Flsk, K K 2 Bradley, Wiu Brick, Wm Bird, W Wallaca Briscoe W C Harr, Iho* W Briscoe, Theodora Bos well, Thoa P Brooks, T B Brown, Th * Brooke, Thoa Br*<i*haw, M H Bowen, P A 2 Barker gulnton Bears, N P Branch, Col M L Burrow*, Mr Branch, Maroellas Bury, M Brown, Mr Bayae L P Bennett, Lew is Ba'l, Jno T Liutcli, Jo* R Bamberger, Join Brook, Jno H Brown, John R Bradford, J R Bavkenlieimer, H Butler. Ga?rre Buhler, F 8 Boweu, F L Brent, Fran is Baker, Capt Bailey, CG Bartholomew Nsrddy, 8 A Newell Sam'l Nlaly, O Night. Mr Najuara A Co Nolan, Jeremiah Oliver. W G Oswald, G W O'Sullivan, Wm Parelaace, W 8 r res Ion, Wiu Forsyth. Capt C M Parkhnr*t, 8 R Bowie, Dr A T Brown, A G Dec char. A T B ?rron, N A College, W 11 Center. Wm Chambers, T J Cliestney, T O Cross. Th >s Cole, Seth Collier, Peyton Cronln, Martin Carroll, Lt L 8 Coryell, Ljwis 8 Collins. Capt J K Chestney, Jamex CI..key, J K Cai ter, Jaiios 2 CvtiiBolly, James Corneely, Jno Fits, Cbaa Frlel, Bryan Ferguson, Andiew Gibbon*, Wm A Graham A 1 ho mas Gayllard, Thomas Gill, R R Gibson, Robert Green, Joel C Goslm, James Garcia J C Garland, Lt J 8 Gee, Henry Graham, G W 2 Gcllerliorn, Geo 2 Graham, F A Grangar Francla Garst, U W 2 Going*, CI)as 3 Gordon, Chas V G>us*ppe, Bertola Greene, Lt C H Gllleapie, Lt A H Howard, B' bert Heath, R M 8 Herbert, Thoa F Hamilton, R W Hay ward N Ha dln. M B Hodman, Jno Herald, Jam?* Hyde, James Hurd, Juo B W Haywood, Jo* L Hart, H L Hanson, Henry Herrlck, Hugb Hamoiersley. G H Harnsoa, Geo B Pyroa, L Pat'-h, Jco Perklnaoa. Dr J W Posty, Fraacis Pa era, J Wtik Pollard, K A 2 Rlall, Lt R B Read. Wm B Robinson, W H Robertaoa. 8 Rl'-e, kev N L, DD 2 Row land, Malcolm Kie.y, Jo* D Riley, Hagli Rorka. Johu B Ross, G W Roddy, Edward Reuebau, Francis Robey, Kdward Ryan, DavM Smith, W B H Sinclair, Wm sargtut, T D Rteera, Thoa 8 wope, Tbos H Smith, Or R K Shethy. Patrick fc.nragla, Kaspar Be well, L H Sutherland, J B Hchremerborn. J t Ha 1 >.ui, Jno, Jr itlgur, Dr J H Spalding, J W Stuions, Henry Sander*, H K P Shaw, Geo k btakely, J Sumner, 0<o 2 1 Mawland. LtOaoW Smith, F R 2 Haley, Cbaa K Henry, CF Jackson, Wm Jackson, Wm Joe Jlllot, Mr Jaakaon, Peter Jaeksoii, Jos J sine j, Clareec* L Jones, Cbaa T D Johuaon, Dr A M King, W Lowrt? Kelly, Juo KrauM, J no K Kellbar, Jam-* Collius, Capt Ja* E Krammer, Geo W Clloa, J P 5 Ciark, Jno H Cai't-y, J Frauds Carey, F G * Crumptoa, Klw 2 Chase, Msj Uaal 2 Clement*, i*n| Corby, Caft Clarke, B Carpenter, B Cuuniughaiii, A 8 Ci a.j, Audrew Davault, Wasb'n Downer. W P Dengal, Valentine Duulap, Jeaioei Dixon, Jno P Daer, Lt Jns K Davis, Jno Oat aey, Pressley M Martin. Geo H Daugherty, O R Mlile, G N Dean, McKandrea.3 M*rlo, Felix Lovsll, Lt W 8 Leet*r, Was W Lyd?r, Owen Laugeiibahn. Mr Leprasax, I^ewla Liddle, Johu Lane, J Lawry, Jao Lebr, Lewis, Chas H Lace j, Thos Langanbtlm, A A Millar. Wm Marshall, Lewia Mur|>liy, Jos B Mumford. J K Murphy, Jno Martin, Jno R Moor, Henry Dooalaon, Mr Dowdle, Louis Davidson, Jno M DeiiMon. Henry Deane, F B Darby, Edward Deaton, K O Demar, (.has H D*\ is, Cliss M Dougherty, Bslln W B Kvans. Travis Ktcldson. 8 W Elliot, R K K imunds, J M Euler, Geo Eckloff, F W 2 Maddox, F T Morgan, Felix Maynard, Frau 1* Ma' nay, Col Muldaur, A W 2 Mlncklng, A Mitchell, A C Mtatre A B Marshall, A J Myers A Co McCarty, D Salle, Fabrlclo Scott, Dan el SbIIivan, Dennl* 2 S.ull, C 8 Smith, Ben S. Ic o,craft, A S Sypbax. Austin Smith. Dr A T Scholtebl, John Tread way. W H Tr-ynor, Win Tappau, S F Taylor, Nalaon A Turner, Jno L Tester, Joa Taylor, Jaa Taylor J 8 Todd, D M Thayer, Dr David Tod I, Col C 8 Tuck, r, Chas E Tyson, Chas H loiupaon A Brown Thacker, Capt Ant'y Turner, Asa 2 Tervalon, A t mtarwood, jno W Viuaon, Wm Vanghan, J J Van Epa. J P Veasey, G Whaling W J 2 Windeyer. W Walker.Gov Win Wi.iuer, 8 H 2 Ward. L P Wood, Jos W Wisner, Joal 2 Walker, Joal Wtlaou, Jno Wyse, Jno M Wi'Bon, Horse* Wll*on, Harry Wlltea. H W?bb, G J Wood, Geo W Wykes. K 8 Wil ard, F. H M<-William*. Edw'd WMttemore, D H McCawlay, Jaa G MrKaban, C P McKeuny,M G McCane, James McNeil, Nell Bngle, Cjpt Fred'k Nlckall*. Wm 2 Ford, Tho* D July 2C, 18i6. WtllialuMB, Alex Yonng, Jno M Yoat, O W N Tonng, Jik> T Toung, Not'ay Vs. kn A Johuaon JAf. 0. BEBRET, P. M. ALL PRI. rpRAVELLITIO TRUNKS AT ?A ces.? Citizens and strangers wishing to supply themselves with sole leather or packing Trunks, Hat. Boxes, Valines, Carpet bat^s, or Satchels, will Mud at our sales-rooms the mcst ex tensive variety, at low prices, to select from w all h. stli'iienb, Jy 5J5 3t 3-22 Pa. av , bet 9th and 10th stre?ta. GRAND CIVIC ? MILITARY EXCURSION' TBE FOURTH AN2VUAL EXCURSION OP TRK MONTGOMERY GUARDS, TO TIIK WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On MONDAY, Angnst 4th. THK montgomery GUARDS beg leave to announce to tbelr frlenda, Civic anil Military, that iliey wili^^? give their Fourth Annual Excursion to the White House, on MONDAY, August4th, ld55. The first boat will leave Georgetown at 8 o'clk i m., Washington at 9, snd the Navy Yard at 9 W. and will touch at Alexardria. and thence to the White House. Returning, will leave at 6 U o'clk The second boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clk Wakhlngton at S, Navy Yard a: 2R. touching t Alexandria Returning, will leave At 10 o'clk The Montgomery Guarde pledge themselves to spare no pains to make this Excursion as agrea ble as any ibey have heietofore given Refreshments will ba provided by tn experi enced caterer. Es.uta'a excellent Cotillon Music Is engaged for the occasion Tickets OSE DOLLAR; to be had of the Committeeof Arrangements,at the Eldora House, and at the wharf on the day of the excursion. Committee of Arrangttn?nts. Capt Key, M'utCallan, l.leut Kellelian, Quartermaster Maher, Sergt Burke, private Molone. Proposal* for Copper-pUto Engraving. OFFICXiiUrBElnTXilDRNr Pl'BLIC PlIXTlRa,) Washington, July *5, l(?5i J Duplicate proposals will be re celved at this office until the 14th day of August next, at 12 o'clock m , for engraving up on steel or copper, In the highest style of tie sev eral styles of the art of steel or copper-plate en graving, various maps, profiles, panoramic vie** ?_nd views of sceneiy required to Illustrate the aeveral reports of surreys of a railroad route to the Pacific ocean Each proposal must be accompanied bv satisfac tory evidence ef the ability of the pait'y bidding to execute ihe work, by speclmehs of each class or style of work bid for, executed In Lis or ihelr own office, and by a statement of the force which can be employed by each upon the work. It Is to be distinctly understood that no bids wilt be enter alned from any partiws not directly engaged In, and practically acquainted with, tie s'yle of work bid for. The b!d? will stale separately the prl e, and but cne price, for each style of engraving (sp^iMn* whether In line or otherwls?) of ?ch map or th^same tlfne m*ulre<1 ,or "eating Contracts will ?>e entered Into with, and bonds with security will be required frcm, the succe? ful bidders for their faithful execution of the work bid for. Allwerk whl be required to keex^culsA "to the satisfaction of the Secretary of War." .'^5 tan ^ la?peete?l by persons desirous of bidding therefor, upon applliatlon at this of fice. rr l*he proposals must be addressed, one to the "Chairman of the Commltiee on fitagravlng," "House of Representatives Bnlt'd 8taTes,M and one to A. G. Seaman, Superintendent Public Printing, Washington, D C ,aid be ) lalnly en dorsed "Proposals tor Stert or Copper-piste En graving." A. G. SEAMAN, jytt-4tMthAug buperlbtendciit. NATIONAL THKATKK. raiexa ev itMimoii: Boxes and Parque'te. SOeeate Faintly Circle and <?allerWs *6 rent* SATuiPAV KVRNING, July *t, !?? POSITIVELY FOR OIK NIGHT 0*LT A TREAT FOR THE PEOPLE. !???>?? AttracU?i !-Uar r?a? all. First appear*ik* In thro* years of tbe talented young tragedian. Mr F BANHB. who having lately returmd from tlx? North will, at the solicitation of hit numeroutfrleads of Washington appear in Sheridan' great tragedy of WILLIAM TELL; OR, A STRUGOtt FOB LIBERTY William Tell Mr. F BANGS In which ho will be supported by an able and efficient company, comprlalng the fol lowlag ladiea and gentlemen: P. ARNOLD, N. PLANT. J. CLINTON, J. JOHNSTON, O DUSOLE. J. NEWTON, Miss J. PARKER, Mitt L. PARKER SONG....7^7*. MISS PARKER To coaclrde with PERFECTION; Or, Tha Maid af 1*1 a ester. Box office open Thuwday. Friday, and Setur day, from 11 until S o'clock. jy aM-3ta WHAN TKD-HV A RESPECTABLE woman a situation to do plain sewing or c^amberwork for a private family Good refer ence can be given If required. Addrees Box No. 9 Star Office It* WANTED?FOR A SMALL FAMILY, A servant to dn plain house work None card apply but tboae who can brie* the best recom mendations. Apply at No 4W 9th street, between 0 and E streets It* WANTED?IN AN AUCTION AND COM m'ssion house a young man One acquaint* d with the business preferred Address AUC TION EER, Star Office. Jy ** *_ WANTED ?A GIRL FROM TWELVE TO 14 years of age. to take care of children A German or colo ed girl preferred Call on GEO. E. JILLARD, north aide Penn avenue, Iietweea 12th and 13th streets. J? 'J*3ta WANTED?A SERVANT WOMAN TO do the general housework of a small family. None need arply that cannot come well recom mended. Apply at No. 88 Fayette street. George own. ' jy 23-tl WANTED ?A GOOD COOK ?ONE WHO has been employed either In a hotel or res taurant. Also a woman to scrub and do house work Apply at POTENTINI'S, No ?T? Penn. ivern. Iietween luth and II streets Jy IB- tg WANT K D ?WANTED?WANTED?TO And persona In want of the folLwlng ar ticles : F reach or German Looklnp Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or sqt aie OU Painting, large and small Marble-ton Braokett Tables, In bronre or gold. All kinds of Picture* framed, and any slse Looking Glasses, or other work in the gliding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terras moderate to ault the times, for caih. N.B?Old Work Regllt,and Looking Glass Plate* Inserted. iii Henna avenue, opposite Klrkwood House. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. BOARDING. B^HOARDING -TWOOR three families can be accomodated with comfortable meats a?d board on the corner of 13th and H streets They have the advantage of retiring from the buttle and nolae of city It la well shaded. ar>d a fountain of the very bent water at the door. Jy? 3f Boarding ?pleasant rooms with Board can be obtained at No 421 11th street, w?>?t tide) between G and H atreeta A few table boarders can also be accommodated Jy 23-eo5t Mrs. bannerman, corner of ?ih and E streeta has several t??od Rooma va cant, which she otters with board on reasonable term* She can accommodate several table hoard ers. Jy lt)-tf Board,Ac.?mas. bai%:s,on the s w corner of Pennsylvania avenue uud Vib stre<t Is pre pared to accom moda'.t gentlemen w Ithrocm s, wfth or without board. Every ?'ffortw'.lUe made to render thoee comfcrtable who may favor hn with their patroseee. apt?tf FOR SALE AND RENT [tXH ria?T FAca v.a QTH?K WQTicaa ) TO LET ?ONE TWO-STORY AND BASE nent* Brick House on the corner of Ls're?t north, and Vermont avenue west Rent S?5 per annum, rayable monthly. Also, two new furnish cd Cottage Frame Houses containing rix iwrr?. eaoh on N street north, between 14tb and 1Mb streeta west. Enquire of J OH N P. HILTON, No 375,11th street, or on F street norta, over B M. Reed's wine store, near thebark of Chubb Bro., A Co., ISth street west. Jy 26-tf FOR RENT?A CONVLNIENT TWO utory Brick Dwelling with back building, containing tlx rooms besides attics, with ceL'ars, stable, garden, Ac. The house It on N street, n-ar the southern termination of New Jersey ave nue, being convenient to the Capitol and Navy Yard, to either of which there la a paved footwav from the premises. Rent low. Apply to F. BARKV, nut door. Jyitt-lw* For rent?a convenient frame House, containing 0 rooms Also, two three story Brick House*, all situated on 13 h stre*t. ?* lara. Also, two store rooms under Potomac Hall. Inquire of DAN. B. CLARKE. Jy2t F^HOR RENT?THE LARGE THRf I STO ry basement and attic house on F. between lith and 13th streets, formerly oecupWd bv the Misses Tyson This horse has been newiy paint ed and put In perfect order, containing *-as fix tures and bath room, wttn a large cistern of al tered water In the yard. Appiv at tbe Drus Store of NAIRN A PALMER, corner 9th ?treet -nd Pa.avenue. j. 17 FH|OR RENT?THE DESIRABLE STORE, No. 556 Seventli street. opposite Centre Mar ket, fitted up with shelving.counter, gas fixture*, awning, Ac. Poesession given In.mediately Apply to ROBT. C BROOKE. jy b-tf P>R RENT.?A THREE STORY BRICK Dwelling, with extensive Back Building, a large lot of ground attached, with a pump of good water In the yard, situated on K street, nearly op posite the Brewery To a pood tenant the'rent will be made moderate App y to COM S. CASS1N, or at GODEY A CO'S . Llire Kiln, Beall street, betwe* n Congress end Washington streets, Georgetown. ra 2-eotf VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE I have for tale a large number of Bulding Lots In different parts of th? city, very favorably located either for residences or butlncss. Ap ply to WILLIAM 11 PUIL1P. Attorney at Law, No. 40, Louisiana avenue, near Cth street, n: 5 eo F^m OR RENT ?FOUK NEW SMALL BklCK Houses Just finished, immediately northwest of the Capitol, between B street and the Railroed Depot. A pply at the Capitol extension to F R A N - CIS J. BROOKS. m 15-eotf OR SALE.?A TRACT OF LAND, CON talnlng about 45 acre*, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley Vl?w Farm, the residence ox the late John H. King, deceased This Is one of the most desirable sites in the District for a ttne priw.e residence; about St> acres of this tract is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and In a high state of r ul - tlvation *1 he summit of this trart Is from 350 to 400 feet, above tide water, and has a fine view of Wa?hingtoa, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the 1'ctomac. It will be sold entire or la lots Alsotalarge Frame Dwelllng-honse and I.ot on the corner of Fifth and H streeta we?t, Wash ington city. Apply at Valley View Farm.or to Dr. H. King, No 80 Prospect street, Georgetown, D. C je 18-tf [Intel] E_J KING. F^m OR RENT, WITH OR W1THOUTSTEAM POWER?The large, airy, convenient, and well lln'shed Hall next door to tbe Star Build ings it it 50 bv 80 feet ia the ciear, with high celling, and Is capitally light- d Als*. the store immediately under the west half of said hall, 25 by 80 feet, fronting dlrectiy on Pennsylvania avenue. In the heart of the business portion there of, (no other such desirable bu?lne?a stands are now being offered to the public ) They will be rented separately or together. For terms apply to GEORGE HILL. Papermaker, Bridge street, a few doors west of the omnibus stand, George town, u/ at the Star Office counter. N. B.?if renters desire to carry on any business requiring steam power, they can be accommo dated with shafting attached'to the new and pow erful engine of the Star Newspaper and Job Printing Office, manufactured oy the Meeers. Ellis, and srranged so as to furnish ample power, If required, to routers of the piemltes advertised above. je au-tf ID* The lea a on the abcv? proper y will be ao44.