Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1856 Page 3
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KVENING STAR. 7,OPAL IVTELLIGKKCE. * Cbuubal Cccbt.?After our report cloMd jes^rdtiy John W Demaine wu pat on trial, rn the charge of being concerned In the rob bery of M Hoffa's jewelry store, in the Star Buildings. MeHra Stone, Wharton, and Swann ap peared for defenee. Michael H^ffa testified to the robbery and firing of his jewelry store in Jannary laat lie loat clocks, watches, tools. Ac. Officer A. R. Allen testified to finding the watchmaker's tools, identified by Mr. Hoffa, in the bedroom of the prisoner; they were foand, with other tools, in a box near the prisoner's bed. Officer Boss testified to arresting Demaine, and to the conversation that passed between Demaine and Bailer at the magistrate's office; Detn?ine charged Bailey with being present, with himself and others, at the robbery of Hcffa's store; Demaine admitted that he was concerned in the robbery of Hoffasstore, and explained bow the fire occurred there; he said the fire was an accident, occasioned by the dropping of a piece of burning paper in a drawer. J. N Lovejoy, Dr Lovejoy, Mr Durham, and Dr Hoffar, testified to the previous good character of the prisoner. The jnry was absent a long time on this case and on their return the foreman announced "With extreme regret we find the prisoner guilty as indicted.' Demaine was then arraigned for the robbery of John ?. Latham s dry-goods store in the First Ward, in March lut. and a jury sworn. Mr. Martin, counsel for Croggin, moved for a new trial for his client; as did Mr. Stone on behalf of Demaine. Prior to the motions be ing argued, the Court adjourned. TO-DAY. The case of Demaine, charged with being concerned in the robbery of John E Latham's store in March last, was commence!. John E Latham was called to the stand, and testified to the robbery of his store, and to the amount and value of goods stolen His loss he estimated at from four to five hundred dollars. A quantity of goods?swiss muslins, de laines, ribbons, flannels, linens, silk handker chief?. calicoes, sewing silks, spool cotton, cologne, Ac., Ac., were spread bete re the wit ness upon the table, and which the witness identified as his property, and as a portion of the goods stolen trom his store on the 2ith of March last. Officer Handy testified to finding a portion of these eoods under the house occupied bv Ray and Croggin ; another portion was found at the house of Charles Steele. Charles Steele was called to the stand, and testified to getting a lot of good* from Harvey JBelt; these goods Handy got from tho witness; Belt broug'.t the good* to witness in a basket in the nigut time; witnesn laid them on the shop floor, where they staid for two days; when witneis heard what the g^cds were" he boxed them up; after witness was arrested he told Handy where the goods were. Harvey Belt testified that he got the goods from Demaine; Demaire asked him to keep a trunk for a few days; when witness heard that Demaine was arrested he got frightened and broke the trunk open and gave the goods to Steele; witness told Captain Davis how he got the goods and where they were; witness broke up the trunk and threw it away; he carried the goM? in a market-buket to Steele; wit ness intended to burn the things up, but Steele said it was a pity to burn them, and that he would talte them; deponent got tha gouds on the B'h of April, and disposed of them on the 11th; witness stated that no one bad held out inducements to him to testify against Demaine John E Latham re-called to answer a ques tion in relation to his private mark upon goods Some good humor*d sparring ensued be tween the District Attorney and Mr Stone, counsel for defence, each accusing the other of ignorance in regard to the dry goods' busi ness. W W. Demaine, father of the prisoner, was cillcd to the stand, and testified that Harvey Bel: was at his house previous to William s airest, and said he had got the trunk for the use of his sister, who was going to the coun try; but that she bad gone without the trunk. John L >vejoy testified to the good character of the prisoner up to LS50. Dr. Lovejoy testified also to the good char acter of prisoner some seven or eight years ? go. Dr. Hoffar testified to getting acquainted with Dem-ine in 1850; Demaine has done er rands for him, and has associated with his children; always considered him a boy of mocd character. Mr. Durham and Amon Duvall testified also to the previous good character of the prisoner. Mr. Swann addressed the jury for defence, and was succeeded by Mr. Wharton on the same side. The District Attorney closed the case, and it went to the jury at a quarter before on* O clorb. While the jury were out the Court sen tenced ? m. 1) Bell to two months' imprifoi?> m?nt and S30 fine for an assaultonDr Haws. It is understood that the motion for a new trial in the case of Croggin has been with draws Up to the time of going to press the Jury had not returned in the case of Demaine The District Attorney called up the indict ment against Demaine charging him with be ing concerned in the robbery of Hinton'i ?tore. - Travel tbom Washissiob to tbb Wbst ? We are requested to say, io reply to itquiries in reference to tho routes of travel from the Metropolis to the great West, that the route presenting the most immediate and palpable advantages is tbat which begins at the foot of the Capitol itself, und extends its iron arm il*? t?vth* ??io with?at break or joint. Itis w the Baltimore and Ohio rail road, whose agent here furnishesthe traveller with his through ticket to almost every city and town west of the Alleganies, and who checks his baggago (no small advantage) as far as Cincinnati, Indianapolis,and St Louis The hieU rical and natural scenery that envi rons th:s great railway adds so materially to its other attractions that the westward-bound traveler who has not yet beheld its interest ing features has yet much in store for him . The Ohio river between Cincinnati and Lou L? . ?cd below- is 8ai<l to be again naviga te to the passenger steamers Should thi? not be the case, howe\er, the railroad con nection? of this route are now so extended and ?r ram,bed that there is searcely any place of th? West that it does not transit *Ed tb? moti *P?edJ weTr!\??LRTf WVlI>. R,o* -The nartie. who riot of ? S with being concerned in the not of t and ay last had a hearing v-sterd^v tenlCfi'h Ja'tircB Thompson lad wj. arrested V* oil'* fitt?D ?n trU1' wbo were KTi wer/h25?V" ^ and Sio ZuTthL i MC?mtJ~-the males in Jn^O'D '"r* lhjiF A$n\h0onV^rlaTde O Dwy?,?ridV?t John Sexton, ffi Nee'^n n^L>t?' d rartf^, 10 fc?V8 th? Cor. pora jon fine and cost, with them in every in stance in which they are engaged in this :rr#dniio0^^?' Fttwu jW.J a free ^ C?"U thi' ^rciug tor in <h." '"-""I*'?>????? A Noisv PBigo!fBK.-Last night, ? iittle fellow namej John Smith was ukon to tie guard house for throwing atones and usis* profane lungnago in the streets. His yells and oaths attracted a large crowd around tj? station. On the arrival of Justice Hollinw head, this morning, be was sent down to the ?? farm ' for thirty days. r D# Th? Fk* Ststim ?The recent develop ments made by the Grand Jury of this Die trict, through its 1?U presentment to Congress, in regard to the operation! of the msgistraoy and constabulary f thie oity will, we appre hend, induce a general overhauling of what id railed tbe 44 fee system " Tho presentment states that the labors of the grand jury have been greatly increased, and the United States subjeoted to enormous costs, by reason of the magistral* of Washington sending to the court some cases of a frivolous oharaeter, others upon defloient testimony, and by gen erally summoning an unnecessary number of witnesses to establish those facts to "bich they oould testify. The grand iury, which has just closed its sittings, has investigated the large number of two hundred and ninety one eases, and examined more than seven hundred witnesses, but made presentments in only one hundred and fifty-si* of the oases. The practices of the magistrates and con stables have swolleu their accounts against tbe United States to enormous amounts. The Comptroller of the Treasury states that the total amonnt paid and claimed by magistrates and constables, in this District, up to Decem ber 31. 1865, to be $64,526 14 ; that from May 17, 1848, to June 30, 1854, (a period of six years.) the amount paid was $36,196 33; that from July 1, 1854, to December 31, 1855, /a Eeriod of eighteen months only,) was $28,325 0?being but $7 857 25 less than the amount f >r the first six years the law was in force If tbe amount charged for the half year ending 30th inst shall equal the amount paid for the half year ending December 31, 18d5, then tbe expenses of the two years will exceed the ex penses of tbe ill years preceding by the sum cf $4,821 85 ; that the number and disposition of the oases before the magistrates lor the hnlf year ending December 31, 1155, was 6, 798, (at tbe rate of 13,596 par year, or nearly forty per day ;) 44 that 3,821 were discharged on bonds to keep the peace, and 1,959 were dismissed. So that 5,785 oases out of 6,798 were shown to have been so uuimportant as to demand no punishment. Of tbe balance of tbe cases there were nominally 637 committed to jail, 315 bound to appear at court, 61 pun ished?in all, 1,013 ; but in reality tl ^re were but 695 different persons affected in the 1,013 different cases, for several warrants were against the same person in many instances." Mr Riggs, in the presactment in behalf of his associates, gives one or two examples of the process by which such a large number of cases are sent by tbe magistrates to the grand jury, and so many witnesses summoned, and ouoh expenditure of time and money incurred, cf which tbe following is one : '?JucticeB K Morsell, on the complaint of , Catharine Williams, issued twenty-five war rants on five persons, for attempting to poison five persons, on March 15, 1865 The justice ' charged his fees at $1 75 in each case, or $43 75 in all. He charged for swearing 275 witnesses, e'.even in each case, where there were but nine witnesses in oil, being the five poisoned persons, one constable, and three other witnesses These warrants were divided between Constables Allen and Woilard as near as the number would admit of, one haviig thirteen and the other twelve warrants to serve. They charged for serving 225 sum mons, yet there were but nine witnesses in all, and Woilard was charged as a witness in the case sirred by Allen, and Alien wss charged aa a witness in the ease served by Woilard, in order to inako up the nino in each case Upon a reference to the original warrants in these twenty-fir* oases, filed by the constables as vouchors for their fees, the following facts were developed : That instead of twenty-five warrants baring been issued on Mirch 15, as specified by tho aocouuts of Justice Morsell, there wero but sixteen warrants issued, Ac The constables' fees are charged at $70 53; the aggregate cost*, $114 5s Other and, if possible, more flagrant cases could be cited." As a remedy for the evils stated, the grand jury express the opinion that a properly or ganised magistrate's or police court would greatly facilitate justice, nnl result in a large saving of cost to the United States Sbstenpid ?Judge Crawford this morning sentenced Wm. D Bell, butcher, to the county jail for two months, and to pay a fine of $30, in the case the United States vs. Bell. Bell's offence consisted in striking Dr. Henry Haw with his fist The parties are neighbors, and the trouble between them grew out of alleged abusive language to Bell's wife. The Maris a Bakd ?Mr. Mallory presented a petition in tho Senate yesterday, from citi zens of Washing.on, urging some additional compensation to the members of the Marine iiand for their services in ministering to the gratification of the citizens by their musical Eerformances at the Capitol and President's louse. I*fK!??iARY Attimpt?About 12 o'clock last night an attempt was made to fire the blacksmithshop of Mr Wilson, corner of Ma ryland avenue and Seventh street, Island, and the stable of Mr. Indenneur, in the neigh borhood. Fortunatelv the fire was discovered and extinguished before it had done serious damage Thb CovrtAi5T Books are now opon at tho Mayor's office. This plan will save a vast deal of unnecessary trouble and loss of time to our citizens and the officers. All complaints ean be entered on those books, and will bo promptly shown to the proper officers. Excuksioi ?The Metropolitan Hook and Ladder oompanv have made arrangements for an excursion to Richmond, Va., about the 19th of October ? Night Drill.?Tbe Scott Guards marched through our principal streets last night. They were employed in their usual praciioe in uni form. ? Onlt 12i oents for a correot likeness cf Buchanan, Fillmore and Fremont. Sold by the agent, A. Adomson, Seventh atreet, oppo site to the Post Office. Adhesive envelopes, 20 cents a hundred. Fillmore and Doselson Great Song Bool;, only 10 cents, for sale at A. Adamson's, Sev enth street, opposite to the Post Offloe. ? * Watch Retibss ?James Logan, vagrant, workhouse sixty days; Graham Sberretts, < drunk, fine and costs. There were several lodgers last night. fCOMMCVlCATED. Pinet Point.?A few days of pleasure and enjoyment at this delightful place baa induced the writer, through your widely-circulated paper, to make known that the charges and complaints whioh have done so serious an in jury, are without a shadow of foundation I went there with every prejudice. The va rious kinds of fish, oysters, crabs, and las', though not least, (with many,) the contents of the bar were to bo dreaded. After taking a delightful trip in the steamer Columbia, com manded by the steamboat veteran Kava naugh, in company with some of the m<>st charming ladies, we landed at the Point about six o'clock. In a moment my eyes fell upon a cumber of acquaintances, and after exchanging a few words we repaired to our different rooms to prepare for supper Anticipating one of the charges. I made a careful examination. Everything was in perfect order, and those varmints were no where to be found; the bell soon summoned us to supper, and being prepared for a good stor age, I hastened fearing the principle of 4'?rst comc first served;" but, like the bug story, imagine my surprise when I psssed along a mmotuons table as I wae directed to my seat. We had abundance of sheepshead, taylors, croakers, soft and hard crabs, oysters?in fa^t, erery delicacy of the season. 1 was then con vinced great injustice bad been done the pro prietor of this old and pleasant retreat for Wathingtonians. Those little bumming birds (mosquitoes) were said to be devouring all human kind. What will those kind friends say when 1 inform the public during fire days visit I saw but one mosquito. But to return to supper?after eijoying a most delightful repa?t, in company with a number of ladies and gentlemen, we repaired to tbe parlor where we were moat delightfully entertained with rocal and instrumental mu rtc by MissO Miss C Miss T. and Miss B. from this city. Ita'ian music seemed to reign, but occasionally interspersed with some sim ple ballad. It was soon announced the ball room was >P?n, the merry dance was going on as we en Leud, and I can conscientiously say a greater jisplay of beauty and attraction I have sel iom witnessed. It was kept up until a late jour, when I left them to enjoy a pleasant ?est. which I did to my entire satisfaction. Tnaae few lints art written in justice to tk? proprietor, who feels much grieved that those discontented gentlemen did not make known their greivances previous to their departure B PERSONAL. .... hue Adams, Esq., of Boston, and Maj. Chase, U. S. A., are at Wiilards'. .... Hon. Addison White, a member of the last Honae from Kentucky, la in Washington. .... Ex-Got. Call, of Florida, is sick, and not expected to recover. 80 we regret to learn from the Tallahassee Floridian .... Hon. Samuel S Bigler,of Pa.. Hon. W. B. Walker and family, of La., Hon. Joel White, of Ct., and Hon. John Wilson and family, of Va , are at Willards' hotel. .... The mother of Goethe having been in vited to go to a party on the day she died, she sent for answer that " Madame Goethe could not come, as she was engaged in dying " .... Miss Davenport, the actress, is just now sojourning in Boston?having returned with k** mother in the Arabia, from Liverpool. She is about to re-appear at the Boston tnoa tre. ....Mr. George Peabody, of London, is about to visit his native land?having taken passage in the Collins steames, to leave Liv erpool for New York, on the 3i of September. Mr. P. has been residing abroad now, some 20 years .... B. F. Dal ton, (one of the heroes of the Sumner fatal flirtation case.) was released from prison, Boston, Tuesday?his term of sen tence having expirad. The floe of $200, which was imposed, as part of his sentence, was remitted by the Governor. ....Maj Ben P Poore, says he will wheel a barrel of apples from Newburyport to Bos ton if fcremont gets more votes in Massachu setts than Fillmore, providing the one who ac cepts the wager will do the same, if as Maj. P claims will be the result, Fillmore exceeds Fremont. .... It is not commonly known that the re mains of that immortal artist, Raphael?the prince of painters, whether of nnoient or mod ern times?lie entombed within the walls of the Roman Parthenon Raphael, while living, often reveled in the beauties of its architec ture, and requested that his bones might be there deposited. Upon his death, his body, together with his last and noblest work, the Transfiguration, were exposed for three days in the Parthenon, and were visited by crowds His remains were afterwards deposited in a niche formed in the walls and the spot is now marked by a slab suitably inscribed. .... A New York brother reformer of Hor ace Greeley, in a fivo column notice of l,H G , "as manifested by his mateiial organic conformation," says: " Mr Greely is often es dissatisfied with the positions his organization forces him into, as his opponents are; but having once taken them, his conceit makes him defend them He loves find hates his works at the same time? loves them because they are hid own ; and hates them because they are no better?be cause he has no unitary purpose to accoin plish by them, and because he is obliged to defend them, whioh he cannot help doing, as long as he continues to place so high an es timate on his intellect?so little on the power of God. This self-esteem or conceit iu Mr. Greeley is, by many persons, mistaken for firmness, in which he is finite deficient. Mr. Greely is a Dodger. Dodgers are artful?not firm. If Mr. Greely had firmness he would not be running from one extreme to another, and changing hi-! pinns so often. A man deficient in religion and conecien* tiousness can have no fixed purpose. ' Do right, and leave the result to God,' is not Mr Greeley's motto. 'The Tribune and the Ta riff (now, Abolition) first; God and the right next ' When Mr Greeley does seek the truth, he looks for it in the wrong way?through his intellect, instead of to God directly." POLITICAL ITEMS. The York (Pa ) Advocate, heretofore Whig, has hoisted the Fremont and Dayton flag, Mayor Wood, of New York, positively re fuses to be a candidate for Mayor this fall. The Courier of tha Toche, a Whig print, published at St. Martinsville, (La.) has run up the Fillmoro and Donelson banner. The Straight Whig is the title of a campaign paper Just started in Portland, by Charles D. Bearcc. Mr. J i?. Scruggs has become the proprietor and editor of the Piedmort Whig, and that paper will continue to support Mr Fillmore. Why is Fillmore stock looking up? B^'ause it is so flat on its back that it <Mtn look to no other direction ?Memphis Appeal. The Prairie du Chien Courier, Wisconsin Free Soil paper, hoists tho namo of Buchanan and Brcokinridge. Among the guests at Long Branch, N. Y is Judge Dayton, the Republican candidate for the Vice Presidency. A sympathetic correspondence has taken place bet woe n Hon Chas. Sumner and the 44 colored boarders'' at Cape May. The Constitution is the name ot a new Dem ocratic paper whioh has just been started at iJrbana, Illinois. It gcoj for Buchanan and Breckinridge. It turns out, after all, that Greeley and Ben nett don't go for Jessie Fremont. They go for Mary Poxa, whose metal is of an entirely different character. The Vincennes (la.) Gaiette, the Munch Chunk (Pa.) Gazetce, the Plymouth (la:) Banner, and the Daily (Pa.) Times, have all hauled down the Fillmoro and run un the Fre mont flag An exchange says Mr. Buchanan is by trade a printer, and the first one of the craft who has been nominated for the highest offi?e in the gift of the people, although many of them have become famous in other ways. Mr Hubbard, the able editor of the Logan Gazette which has until recently been a Whig paper, says that there ere at least five hundred Old Line Whigs in Logan county who will vote for Mr. Buchanan. The Sumter (S. S.) Watchman says :?44 Let Preston S Brooks be our next Governor with out a dissenting voice ?not as a reward, bat as a testimonial of our high appreciation of pat riotism, firmness, dignity and statesmausnip Henry Ward Beecber's paper is very mum in regard to tho report that the mulilto girl, who was purchased one fine Sunday morning in Plymouth churca, sold her purchasers while they were buying her! The story is. she ran away after getting all she could out of her dupes. We notice that fire men have been tried and convicted of disturbir g a political meet* ing and fined in sums varying from 910 to S6. The Cincinnati Times says : ?? The pun isbment meted out is just All men have a right to assemble for political discussions, and an interference with a quiet pojitical gather ing can be justified under no circumstanoes " The Boston Courier has the following cut at the New England clergy : "One of oar friends was coming from New York in the oars the other uight, and was amused at an interview between two persons, who seemed not to have met for some time before. 4 Well,' said one, alter the first salutations, 4 what are you up to now?' 'Oh, I don t know,' replied tho other, 4I think I shall take to religion.' 4 Re ligion !' cried his friend, 4 what do you mean ?' 'Why,' said the other, 41 think it's going to be a good business; the ministers are all leav ing it, and I tell you what, I believe there's to be an opening there !' " MAKKIKi), Ob the ttth instant, at Christ Church, 6eorge town, by Rev iir Norwood, C. N. THOM, of Bt. Paul's. Minneso a, to KaTE, eldest daughter of the late Col. Thomas Corcoran, of this city. DISD, Or the 3d Instant, at Yellow Eulphur Springs, Montgomery county, Virginia, MARY E. BEN NETT, wlf* of Alex'r Hennett. aged 3s years. On the6th Instant, ALICE Al>AM8. daughter of Edmund E and Margaret A. French, aged 4 months. On the 5th instant, in the 6l)th year of his age, after a long and painful Illness, PHILLIP O'REILLY, a native of Granard, County Long ford, Ireland. At Norfolr, Va , on the 5th Instant, after a pro tracted Illness, H P. LOUDON, of the firm of H P. Loudon at Co , of this city. On thesth ln?tant, CEc-IA PIG6EL, mother of Nancy Mntlln, after an lilneu of seven months agtd M years. Het funeral will take place to-morrow, at four o'clock, at her son-in-law's, K street, between 19th and l?th. ? ' AUCTION SALES. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome new four.stort Brick Haase at Auctls*.?On MONDAY, the Uth instant, i shail sell, at 5 o'clock p. m a beautlfi'l four story Brick House, with ten goot a- d conveniently arranged rooirs, with wide pas sape, b?th-room, end a lar^e cistern In the yard, water and gas fix'ores, and a cistern over the bath tub, built of the best materials, and in modern style, situated on part of Lot No. S, in square No. 518, fronting on north G, be"ween 4th and 6th streets west, immediately noith and f ontlng Ju diciary Square. ?Hie above described property is handsomely loca'ed. In a rapidly Improving part of the city. Terms : $500 cash ; 8 1.000 to be paid the 16th day of December, 19M; the ba ance in equal in itaiments of 6, IS, and >4 months, for notes bear ing interest. A deed given, and a deed of trust taken Title indisputable. A. GREEN,

au7-d Auctioneer By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auc'ioneers. ON ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAT can cers.?Large sale af Gald and Silver Watches Jewelry Guards, Pencils, Glass ?haw Casss. aad Flxtares. Ac., at Anc tton. ? On FRIDAY MORNING, Auguttftb, we will sell, at store No. 16 Pennsylvania ave nue. between 8th and 9:h streets a large s?sort taent of Jewe ry, Ac., commencing at 10 o'clock. We name, In part Gold and silver hunting single-case Lever and Plain Watches Gold orated Watches Fine Gold Guard and Fob Chains Pine gold Bieastplrs and Earrings Lockets, Charms and Crosses Seal, set and plain Rings Gold Pens and Pencils '2 walnnt Show Causes and Fixtures complete Eight day and 30 hour Clocks With many other srticles In the Jewelry line which are unnecessary to enumerate; all of which will be sold without resiive Term*: 810 a d under, cash : over that sum, a credit of 30 a<d 60diys, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. WALL, BARNARD A CO au 7-d_ Auction* E By J AS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. XEtUTOR'S S * LR On SATURDAY MOKNING, the9th instant, at 10 o'clock,at the Auction Roomsof Jas. C McGuire In Wash ington ? ity, the sufcs riber, as executor of thelast wul and testament of the late Dr Get r e W Cherry, wilt sell at public auction f >r ca?h *o the highest bidder, all the personal eff'C's of the said Dr < -her y, consisting maialy of a United States patent-right lor the sole and exclusive use of a stone paw. WM.K MASTERS. Executor. aut>-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer VALUABLE Hi ll.DING LOTS AT ACC tion.?On MONDAY, the 11th instant, I shall ?ell In front of the premises, at 6 o'cio' k p. m , two hardsome Building Lots, situated on 18th street west, between K and P streets north, being the south half of Lot No. 18 and all of Lot No. 19, in Squarel13. Part of Lot 18 fronts 28 feet 1X inch by 140 fee* 1 Inch ; lot No 19 fronts 53 feet by 11)9 feet 1 inch : the w^ole front is *4 feet inches, handsomely located, in the lmme d'af' vicinity of the Navy Department Term*: <>re-half cash; balance in six and twelve months, for Botes bearing Interest frcm day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title Indisputable. * A. OKKKN, au 6-d Auctioneer. By A. GREKN, Auctioneer. aiWO.STOKYBRI' K MOUSE AND LOT I at Ant-tien.?On TUESDAY, the litb in stant, I thall sell, In front of the premises, at 6 o' lock p m , a good two story Brick House, with hack building, nine good and conveniently arranged rooms, with wide passage,.and the lot on which it stands, baling a front of 24 feet and privilege of a 5 feet s'de alley. 1 he above described pr >perty is in Square No. 319, on the west side of Tenth street west, be tween no* th C street and Pennsylvania avenue. Its location is handsome and position central, and present* many inducements to persons wlt-hing to make a g;>od investment Terms : One-fourth cash ; balance in one, two, and three years; the purchaser to give note* for the deferred paym nts, bearing interest from the the day of sale. A doed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. A. BREKN, auft-d Auctioneer. FOR BOSTON. PACKET SCHOONER SEARSVILI.E, Sears, has arrived and will have quick AA' dispatch for the above port. For freight apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, Agents, au6-6t No. 101 Water street, Georgetown. M*tKKKEL->IAtKERKL 50 bbls No. 3, medium, new 20 do do large, do Now landing per ScKr ,ndforitle by ? - ,, .. fLEY A BRO., a 101 Water at , Georgetown. Lost ?not long since, two due BILLS, one for five hundred dollars and one for three hundred dollars, klgned by Thomas Ri ley, and drawn ta ir>v favor. This is to forewarn all persons from purchasing or otherwise trading as they have been duly i'.quldsted i.v said Riley. WM TYLER, Steamboat Wharf, near fiot of au 6-3t? nth street. TO IIOl'?EkKLPL'R$. PERSONS WISHING TO PURCHASE superior Table or Packet Cutlery, heavy sil ver Platod or Al:>aU Ware, fine Japanned Tea Trays or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock. Tea or Coffee Uin, Eram lled Kettle, Saucepan, Fur nace, or any of the hundred and one little etceteras needed by every housekeeper, will do well to call on PR AN CIS. just above Odd Fellows' Hall, cn Seventh ttrett. He has good articles, and his prices are low. jy 28-tf BLACEISTOKE'S PAVILION. This place op resort will be open on the 3d day of July for the ac commodation of visitors. The subscriber has i ugai(ed a first rate Cotillion Band for the season, and with his large and spendid Ball Re cm offers vast lnd cements to the lovers of the d*nce. His table will be constantly supplied with all the luxurlea of the Potoma , tnd his Par with the cholest liquors This is known to be one of the hea'thiest places on the river, bel up situated between Blecklstone's and St Catharine's Islands. There will be a celebration on the 4th of July, and Ball end public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, iilth July, Thursday,7th August, and Thurs d'y2l?t of August. I he steamer Alice Price will land passengers during the walerln*' reason on Tuesdays and Fri davagnlngdown,and will stop for passengers on Wedne*d iys and Saturdays, on her return trip?. The steamer Columbia will also land and take off Sis&engers on Wednesdays golr;g to, and on tun ays returning from Baltimore Bo>rd?81 per day for a week or longer; SI,S3 less than a wr-ek je25-2m GEORGE. W BLACKISTONE. TO CAPITALISTS. LARDS IN MINNESOTA & WISCONSIN THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS FOR SALE, for a few days, town LOTS In the CITY OF ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, and Laud in the vicinity. Alio, Land adjoining the Towns of SUPE RIOR and BA\ FIELD, upon LAKE SUPE RIOR. which, from their commercial position, are rapidly becoming large and important plrces. .My prices ara m ch lower than tne usual rate*, and enable me to guarantee a large percentage upor Investments. Satisfactory reterences given Apply to the subscriber, Room No. 23 National Hot I, \Va?blng'.cn. au4-lw? LYMAN C. DAYTON. YOPUAItt fc N OH F LET'S new and cheap IADDLE, HARNESS AND TRUNK BT0B1, 4 9 Seventh st, opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. MESSRS. TOP HAM. late of Philadelphia, and ft OR F LET of this cltr, respectfully announce to their Moid* and the public, that they have coiu rocatad the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly oa hand a large and superior assortment of?Mers', Ladles' and Boys'' SADDLES. BRIDLES, MARTINGALES.and WHIPS. HARNESS of every description, both for city and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR. PET BAGS. Ladles'SATCHELS, TRAY EL ING BASKETS.and FANCY WORK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS, COVERS. COLLARS, and HAMES Horse,Spoke, and Dust BRUSH* ES. CARDS, CURRY COMBS, SPONGES. Ac. Ac. * All material used will be the best that can b? obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen flor several years, we feel confident that our work oannot be surpassed, either for style or durability. By unremitting efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, a share of publlo patronage. Pastloular Attention paid to covertag Traaks . M t_l ?t * . ? ? - ? and repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers; tools constantly on hi hand, asv 7?ti BUUKUON WHISKEY FROR1 KENTUC* KY, direct; 11 years old, purchased through the agency of a gentleman resident of that country now in thla city. Price S4 per gallon. Forsaleby JAS. H. SHEKELL, aa 5-lw (Intel) 879, F st cor. 13th. O TO ELLIS'* PIANO STORE for your Music and Musical Instruments. jy G Acrerioiy 6 as,r<\ THIS ATTKBlTOOir AWD TO M*BAOW. Br J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. tUTAIiOOCK SALE OF A CHOICE COL j i?ctlea ?( AirUal and Madera Oil Pelntlnne.-On TUKBDAY AFTERNOON, August 5th, at S ?'clock, at tbe saloon over Fare ham's Bookstore, cot per of Pennsylvealaavenue and Elevrnth street, 1 ahall sell a chol e collection of Oil Paintings, Among thorn will bo round a line original picture by Guide, 4'The Magda lene;" also, an original by Carrlcla, subject '?Pomnna:" two mod?rn picture*, by A Jchfl son, of Ed'.nburg, aubject 44 SooCch and Irish Peasantry " Alto, many original sketches In oil by lining artists; amongst them we name Lanrnan, K W'll llama, Btrlaad, Aosdel \\ lilies. Searb?,Ac Ac , tte whole forming a pleasing and valuable col lection. The Hal ?on will be open and the plcturea on free exhibition dally till the dav of tala Terms rash. J AS. C. McGUIRE, Jy Auctioneer. CT The above tale la postponed ??ill THURSDAY AFTERNOON, AugoatT, tame hour and place. anq-d JA9 C McGUIRE, Anct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Extensive sale or valuable Bnlldlag Lota In Mtare No. 677 mad Honse and twe Lota la sqaare No SUA.?On THURSDAY, the 7th Instant, I ahall in front ol the premises, at 5 o'clock p m , the following named B l.d'ng Lots In Caoot's subdivision of square No 677, commencing on Lot No *. front ing on nor*h G between 1st street ea?t and north Capitol street, vlx: L"ts Not 8, 9, i0,11, and 18, fron lng on north H atreot Lots Not 54, 65. and 56 and fronting on a 30 feet slley Lota Not 76, 77,7*, 79, 80. 81,111, 11* and li5, contalnlrg in all 97,697 fen 6 lnrbes Tte above described property Is located In a very rapidly improving psr? of the city. In the immediate vicinity of the extensive printing es tablishment a*out to be erected by Messrs Wen dell A McGuire. Terms cash. And immediately after the sale ef the above I shall sell Lo s Not. 31 and 33, In Cabot's subdivision of square No ?35, with the In prove ments. which consist of two-story and attic rough cast Dwelling Homes, con airilng nine good rocm*, storeroom, and wood house. This prop rty It situated at the corner of north G and north Capitol streets. Terms: One-half cash; balance In 6, and 13 months, for notes bearing Interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken Title indisputable. A. GREEN, ao 2-d Auctioneer By A. GREEN, Autioneer. IMPROVED ISLAND PROPEKTY FOR ?ale.?Will be sold at Public Auction on THURSDAY, the 7th Instant, at 0 o dock p m , part of lot No 19, in tquare No. 466, and the Im Erovements, consisting of a two-story Pre me welling containing four room* with a one story kitchen. The lot extends back to a pubic alley 1 he property is located on E street south, between 6th aud 7th streets, and now rents for #7k per month. Terms: S2S on the dayofsile; 9*39 within five days thereafter; balance by notes bearing In terest at 6, and 10 month*:. Terms not compll* d witn, as here s t forth, tbe property will be resold at tbe cost and risk of purch^ert A deed given and deed f f trust taken for de ferred payments All conveyenclng at the ex pense rf the purchaser. A. GREEN, au 1 eod (Organ) Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Household and kitchen furni tare at Aaetlen.? On FRIDAY, the9th instant, 1 shall sell, at the residence of a gentle man declining hcu?ekeeping, at 10 o'clock am, at No 110 East Capitol Hreet, between 4th and 5'h streets east, a gocd asiottment of Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofa, parlor and rocking Chain Do dressing Bnreiu Walnut, dining and other Tabl'j Ffather Beds, Bedding aud Beditrads China Glass and Croc en-ware Carpet* Wa?l <tandf, Clock Wood Chairs and 1 ables Cocking and other Stoves With a gor* let of Kitchcn Requisites Terms : All jams undsr $25 caah ; over 8M a credltof 30 and ?0days, for notes satisfactorily en-orscd, bearing interest au6-6t A. GREEN, Auct. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. THUSTEL'S kale OF FRA>1E house, Bakery, and Lat aa the Islaad.?Byvir tue of a deed lu trust, bearing date on the 33d August, 1E54. recorded In U??er 1 ??>-:. 9s, folios 141, et seq , tte subscriber w'." - lf nm, lie sale, on MONDAY, tte of A^t Not* 34 .id^ ?m' tb* premises. j?rts ?-f lots *5- - *n squ: re No ,'39. fronting 45fret ca ..a F *treet. by 66 feet 6 Inches on 3d street west, with the improvements which consist of a well-builtnnd comfortable tao-story frame Dwtl ling House and Bakery. The above property is situated in a rapidly im proving part of the city and effers a very favor able opportunity to persons desiring to obtain a residence or place cf buine*?, cr ?o inve*t Terms of sale: One third '?ash; and the bal anco in 6, and M monihs, for notes hearing Interest secured upon the property, and lf not com piled with In five days after tbe'sale the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, atthe risk and expenseoftlie purchaser All conveyancing at the upenseoft'ne purchas er CHAS. 8 WALLACH. Trustee JAS.C. McGUIRE. Jy ll-2aw&ds Auctioneer. |[T Tte at?ave sale is postponed en ac count of tue rain until FRIDAY, August?.h, same hour and place CHAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee. J AS C. McGUIRE, au 6-eo&ds Auctioneer. W! T WOOD AND COAL. E ARE PREPARED TO SUPPLY ALL those \*ho may favor us with their patronage with the best article cf furl at tne following prlcet: Oak Wood . Si 0u per cord Pine do 5 CI Hickory do 7 00 Stove and White Ash Egg Coal.... # 50 per ton Red Ash 6 75 transition Nut 6 Cumberland Lump 5 50 Persons laying In fuel for thewinfr would do wel> by giving ut> a call. All orders left at P J Steers' t tore, No 4t*> 7th ? tree;, between D and E btreets, or at cur? fflce, wl.l b; prcmpUy fluid. 2,340 lbs given to ton JOHN W MYERS. A CO, C filce and Yard corner of U and 33d streets, au 5-1 in F lrst W ard WOOD AND COAL DEPOT, N. W. corner Twelfth and C street. No. 547, On* square south of (A; itrasr. HE BhST ARTICLE GUARANTEED ? Ail Coal ctrefully we'gh'd -*.340 to the too, fjom which there Is no deviation, strmmglf/ ta reduce the prirt Peront laying In their winter fuel will fled it to their advantage to leave their < rders to be sup plied from the vessels on their arrival |T7"Coal kept under cover. Wood of Ue best quality always on hand T J A W. M. 6ALT. THE LAKES ! FANCY BAZAAB! 501 Pennsylvania avenue. Gold, silver, pearl, ivorv, pari an Alarb e, tortoise Shell, Papier Mache, Rosewood, Leather, Moroc o, China, Biscuit, Porcelain. Alabaster, Bohemian Glast. Kbonv, Steel Berlin Iron, and everv kind of Fancy Gocds may be had at TUE LAKES. They have also? The most choice American, I- retch and German Pe furaeryand Cosmetics English Cutlery, Mathematical Instruments Drawing Mater!a'>s a d Stationery, and Combs aDd Brushes of every dercrlption. Wonld you make a present, adorn your perao-1. or rmbeilisn our tome 7 Consult economy and taste, and call at au? tf THE LAKES DR. MUNSON, AT 338 PSNN'A AVENUE, is still making those beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, called, Allen s Patent, for the excel ency of ? . which over all other styles of teeth, manv novr wearing them In this city, will checrfuliv vouch. There is one Dentist In this city wh" has been Infringing the patent, and made a bad imitation of It, against wnoin 1 hereby caution the public N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, whea properly constructed, it Is brcanse he la Ignorant of the prosrss, incompetent to make the work, or is unwilling to pay lor the patent. j"16-tf WILLIAM A. BATCHELOH'S LIQUID HAIR DTE SKILFULLY APPLIED, AND SOI.D Whole sale and Retail at GIBUS'S Hair Dressing Ee tabiisc ment on Pennsylvania avenue, between 9ffc an* 10th streets, and under Willards' Hotel m 9-eoUn bargains. ^^LADIES IN WANT OF FANDY^A. ^^Bgoods will do well togive nieaca\>!g?92? ??Pas I am telilov ef at ooel. ? ?ZJL LACES, EDGINGS, RIBBONS, BONNETS, EMBROIDERIES. GLOVES, HOSERY, FLOWERS. CAPS. Ae A. TATE, No 3i4 Pa av , , au 6-?r8t bet 10th and llth stioet. AIR BRUSHES ANB sale at (au 4-3t) LAMMOND 8. H ? _ FROM THS AMOCiATID Pttll (TV liOl'iB PRIHT1.10 TBLBARiPU. MiMoari Election ? -Blair', Kentucky Election BSaattsatt v.- V Ar.ka,UM in this eityRMy?UtKrtL?"Dl<,e'P*U,h ny,*ir^1 rioas to ArkaJsY. ' r\o%o Baltimore Karktt,. Baltihorb Aug T ?Floor k.. ^ ? ,712i,?7 25 closing at t" f.TJ ' Wheat is folly 5 cents lowirtlVi reds SI Mai M; white, tl S^Tu* <W ?*1?? of yellow Ma64c; white 6laA4o. ??w York Markets .?iL"Tf ?Y2StKk.',c,,ft J rF,0B'h -'"mm ; 3E M cJ??.bbt;8ut* W M Miner?n; WW h ? ??"^ert) f7 90a$8.10 Wheat hu deshoed 9 cent#- sales of in om dSu^S Wr,ern ~d ? "iai 70 Corn ^ g^c ? 25,000 bushels; Southern mixed s2oorkBief*?r!SdT,; ?*!*' of **> bb,????? *du>J\u' ?'*>0 bb'. ; ^p^k at 12|o. U flr?; of **> ?bla. OhfoMi?.**- ^^ed, eal- of lft? kbU.; Financial si." i\l ?? Company 20 New Vn?k ri *n<' ^I^ia7S;, C0mpanyk UU^LSt 'ST Virginia ? . 93*; Miasouri ft ? ? tral bonds 911 ? *lll?olaCea3 sterling exchange i? firm at 92a9| prem. GEORGETOWN CORKESPONDJ?"jffCH Rein. r <ici0*?*T0W*' ***** 7. 1W8. Being disposed at all time, to aaoo?ad** tteir h J* I " PO"ib,b' b' their honest and reasoDabIe iDquirl#g w# would inform 41 JusSe#" tk.? . rei.fif? . .w ur rem4rk? in to the canal on M.cdaj, tu b..-d ?pen th. .? wllmbl. .?[h0llt/' T^tb^ Uon of them which related to the preaeal de. 0.eney of water needs no further proof in substantiation of them than the condition ot dams No. 4 and 5,- each of these hare beeu more or leu oat of repair for some three or f .ur years, and near these points bus occurred later*Tk? ?D,J d'*^'XT * water The pump, also, which wan punha?ed federal years since at a cost of S15,0"0 for thl SETIWl1*tupply of WMter on tne upper teds, has been out of repair u-ifit for.LerT;?e for mor* ? J??r 6o fir as the future vigilance of the prasent ir cumbent u concerned, time only oan deter mine. If, however, their preaent conduot is a fair criterion by which to determine their future, we incline to the belief that the frLnd of the canal ba*e nothing to feaV wTc\r "'."7."tiric*" l00/*'* do* ?. t o '<"K'rd'0"? "bo noglwu Ui, duties to tie .njury of the canal rr tbose " seik r!m.n !th W,U ' V "*'* 60 tT d Jtb,r employment The Rev Mr. Ai^hwanden. wh< has <?rred ** wuJ^Kh0" ?f Trin'ty 'Calho,ic) '?burcu a. pastor wub no ordinary deirree of a<v>Anti_ bility, is about to retire He will [? . . ^ "'7 ,*;.h lighted withV .7 Mentioned church ?a, ?TwYng!^ !'? "" *'? ??? on S.tbbotb We learn that the Georgetown Seminary recently vacated by the Rev. Mr. Clark hse been taken by the Rev. Mr Major, of New iork SracraToa ICT Br.w? i mt Turkey Rhubarb. 7hta la bmi?*rt?l in DY(trKP4| a OB INDItiKK nrtv Bll lOt S AND SFBVOlV HK?bACH? cK?* 1. sxz,~ifs ? - ? t-.iilo. lo ,m.|| th; . ' d , ' W??hinfU.D Ajtena. Jy SS-iw4 P l^CHrat* el MsismIs, an urectkl* u?BUof Kurop? .urt iD?r tt a?H. roouuln*. of a new and bl^Liy appro.?* ? mtry, nur ?rcs'ie?, <> rab- *itovhr Kiui'.?i Tah? Vr;vvr:-^ n -"-i ji lelu ,l"'% ^ P???*lvMia ' ?* II^Tbere are bat few remedies wblrb our? Diarrhaa aad D|?n t?ry vlUtoot l^aviiig Um U w?u "T an th* ftvarlali Tli* b.'ii ,,r r.ntho^I? ?Mk. te act hk. . charts ^ -^-T LVh11^ H'-n'T? b"lth" Ml rr-p.%2 I ? roHrr. wa^ ?K'1"">,urt' x T r?r ^hV'^ IC^Dettrath'a Electric w?l ?The 4emnn4 | ??????? t- mm*'? ^.r. day ZJiTSl I trte OP D* ?r*II) ~**Bd P?*"***** wor"fc^'r?-V?? trie Ol.. Manri?n iism, apon yonr uaua. tera-a J. B katr a Oo Prnf a foari**!., Mala*. Jaaas. ISM <,mn?**Bd ?? ** < >aea M r?ut, M d ??n (?>?> am .? d?Kn fl a m, at. I Srawfortli* atn. ua- Tu? rVaian J aSsatfA-JftsasSTa"2H au?-l* ^W. Can m OtiT?, On!; o SlHr,eMer** Bltu ' -*? prevent atsU o tha ?eatticr ?? tur cantle lnv1<or?U<r 1a off ?i r a,c? I . pra..rr, th. kalan^ ?f tbe aral... JLJJJ),! tr'f?*"* lf n ~h<.-n the, lMjK.ri t.i or,?. TfckS*t^tT^W/P* U' l{? HOS1KTT?H * 9TZ >. ACuTlT llKS, lh?T *?u,4 t-onault iLelr emu ltit*r^at b? ? r< Hoautter * fttomarh Bitter* corra-t th* <tn>*t ,? ,i,n rf^A foa*D,:rj" ^rSR t.oa. DizMncaa. Ort*t F?ttSa?. ate., tt la auru::aluc a. w luc. tUa paUeut flnda r?4icf Xo (aun't caa ?B. rd to be wtUtooi Hea "d 1m"? ?f pint. Hold 1,, ran ^ , ? Dru^ifta mc ?ztr?to?'v raU irw ?11 prr l",tie jA*ts* c*";* 4;:r _ 1T-7* lospertaal t? tae Ladies:?Or. Ou PONCO S fkUlLK PI M.S.- The comblnatlna e? Inctad' aau la tbe Pllla at ? p?r a>.t:y b>mina Tbrtr ?tbt+c, ^ J a'ail to are ba^ I up..u ?o fitonalre practice of o>.r tfclrlT yaara; ard, ?L?r? the dlrwtl<ma bar* b**n atrtrtla f? lowad. thay bav, ?,,r fa:lad u. correct all Irr^nfarlfaa ?l v* ?ad dlfflcalt luacatroatlon. ip?rt1<-tt a-N < a tba rh^ of Tb? ror, lb, a^ rJa.', *, all ob#tractlo(ia artoiitc tf m cwld. eipaaur* or aur r?nM. mm4 ma, bo aa-i aacc^.fail, .. .;?.. iu ? I ?can', at.d rat a CTrcnlar for partlr.i.ra Tra. P rof^ IV dl* '? ?b?l?W ar-! D? CB18 8TOTT, A. rufrlit, pMr atUaaia .waf.t aud K H. T. Clt>-?KI^ CaurxetovD; lo wb m .11 ordera in *a4 " ? Pl'la will be ae-t cocfldactlaMr. ty real ladlea who accloae ibem oae dollar. *_? -??? aliu*iara ou vba bos; to reacterM; It la to. ?*ry L J? %-tl Kekp it bkfohe the PEOPLE* That we keep constantly on hand aeniie-' m^n's DHKS8 8H1K T8 of ererr quail v ai c prke, and made up after the latest btvlea and pa* ? teres. We have Ju?t received a uew aupplv cf Bhirte with colored .?nen boaorca and ?m b.nda con ' prlxlng th^ choioe?t patterns Out attention will be particular!? devrtaJ <A making s?hlrt. to order, and we contdemiv bi Here our exper'ence ta lhla department will er, abl' ? ye setlrf^tiou to all who m,y fsitfr us with their ordeis Style and ftt guarsLtied or no sale GEO H u' WHI CO 1.fc r# ?*nu ?? nrnlahtng Blow. Jyff-tf Xii Pa avenue, b*>t 9th and unh etn A PREFERVINQ KETTLE*. LARUE AJSOKTMKNTOP it?? LL NkT aland porc?iatn VING KtTTU? have been received, and are offered for ra'ea: th? lowest prices by Jt?8 L SAVAGE. Sign of Gilt Saw, Pt-nn av-nre, au >-gt between tth ard imh ate. NOTICE. C^KN WALTER JONES AND CHARLES * LEE JONES hare remor?d their cRce to No. fUft. K amet, between 3d and 4th atieet* Charles Lee Jonea will practice In the Supier* Ccurt of the United SUtea and all other c? urs held In the District of Columbia. Gen. Walter J one*, though rooatlv retired from genercl i rac rice, will unite with him and do hia beat fad vance the suc/*easof client* by written state neat* and argument*, and by all ether aeedfel and proper esertlo'?s jr CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT, > . KEV G w DuhkaNCK.5 r?nw?AM. THE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OP THIS Academy will commence on Mond?v?9?r tember 1st. ldfd For teraaa eae circulars at tha nrladpal Book Stores au l-tf