Newspaper of Evening Star, August 8, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 8, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, rCHL'lHKn EVERT A FT KH NOUN, (FXC5PT SUNDAY.) 41 U< Star Jlxildinft. */ Fiwuyl*M?a ??(< kltvmtk ?lr$41, By W. D. WALLACE, W1H be serred to *ub*5rlbers by ~AiTler? at SIX AND A QUARTER CBNT8, payable weekly to the A gents; paper* nerved la piekagee at 37# rent* per month. To mall sabee riber* the sub *jt1 pet #n prloel* THR BK DOLLARS AND FIP TV OBNTS a year ?? a/fronci, TV. U DOLLARS for ?** month*, and ONB DOL AR for three month*; for than thiee mont * at the rate of It* oent* a week. ?T 91N JLB COPIBS ONB TENT. VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON s C., FRIDAY. AUGUST 8, 1856. NO. 1,092. OFFICIAL. Taaastrar Dipaitkint, May 28, lftfia. Notice la hereby given to the holders of the issu-d pursuant to the net of Congmw of #td July, 1IW, that suoh stock la redeemable by lt? terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on tbe surrender of tbe certificates thereof, on the 19th of November next, when interest thereon will reese. This department will continue to purchase such pf?ek prior to said day of redemption, and will pat therefor the following premium, In addition to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach tie vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In elusive, one-half of one per cent, on the amounts speeltied In the cetifioatee; On sach etock received between the 1st and 31st <Lir* of August, one-fourth of one percent: Aad on sueh stock received after the 91st day of Au^nit, the Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of suoh stock transmitted under this netloe must be duly assigned to the United States by the part? entltied to receive the pur chase money; and wien sent prior to the 1st July tbe current half year's interest mu t also be as. aljfned by the present stockholder, otherwise such ln|ere?t wHl be payable aa heretofore. And notice la further given to holders of other stocks ef the United States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day of Jane end the 1st day of Deeember next, unless the sum of *l,50t),000shall be previously obalned, aad will pay for the same, In addition to the In terest accrued fram the day of the last dividend of lnterast, aad one day's additional Interest for the mon-y te reaoh the vendor, the following rates of premium: On stock of the loan of ld49, a premium of 10 percent.; O n st >ck of the loans of 1MT and 1943 a premium of lfi per cent.; And en stock lssned under the act of 9th Sep tember, l?50, commnly called Texan Indemnity stock, a premium of C pet cent. Certificates transmitted under this nottca should be duly aligned to the United States by the par. ty entitled te receive the money; and If sent pre vious te the 1st July, the current half-year's in ters ?t must alsa be assigned ty the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him aa heretofore. Pavmeat for all the foregoing atocka will be made by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Boa t?n? New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties est]tied te reeslv* the money may direct. JAMBS GUTHRIB, mt9-d'ltNev Secretary of the Treasury. HATS! HATS! 1UST RECEIVED A FULL SUPPLY OF ?' fine drab Beaver ventila ted HATS, which I offer it ?1 50, they are the best Hats f?r the price in the I'nited ntate* The beat Nick drees Hats got uo In he latest style for f 3 5$ as Seod as those usually sold t W ; and a good fashion* able Hat nt ? t, worth SI; and a first-rate Hat, S3 SO. The H? <t materials aad the b?*t workmanship la empl -yed to produce a Hat, which la sold for M 30 We de a c sh busings, meet wKh no los ses, but elve each customer full value for his nieiey. ?elt aad Straw Hats nnusnillv low. N. B Agent for Drlscoll's Balia of a Thousand Flewers Price 23 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa avenue, Agent for a New York Hat Coinp<*sy. m 24-tf JONAS P. LEY!, ixroaraa ana iulii :? WCT28, LIQUORS, CIGARS, AlfD fIBI GROCERIES, 6?uralCoci2AiMion&?or7 Arding Merchant INSURANCE AND BILL BROKER, ? o. 474 Pa. a*., two doors below U. S. Hotel, Wa?h:sstos Citt, D. C. w i-ly tjunnKK. Ala oacze under oar. . geotle?e?.?\Te Invite attention of Gentlemen in want of Sisik, Lisle Thread, Merlne, or Cotton Und?r Garments, for the pies ent s?ason, te out superior stock. We are det?r mlaed to sell th-ra from this day forth at reduced price*, as we wish to prepare for the fall trade Give us a call and buy cheap. H B. WHITE Ct).,Gent's Furnishing Stere. ajfiPa. av-^bet. 9.h and 10th ats. Jy l? CHANGE OF HOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, THE 30th of June, the Steamer GFORGE ^ -JT** w PAGH will run at the following hoars: Leave Alexandria at 1*, 8, 10, 12, 8*, 4*, and 6 ? o'clock. Leave Washington*, 9, 11, 1*, 3*, 5#, and 7 o clock. J* BLLI3 L- PRICE, Captain. 'I1HE STEADIER UEORttE WASHI MJ. lng houra wUldePaiUt the foUow*^^JJ^a Leave Alexandria 7*, 9, '1. lw, 3K, 5* L^ave Waahlagton...S. 10. i*. 9*, 4k,6* JOB 6ORSON, Cantata. fOit MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS?FARE, ROUND TRIP, SI; FROM ? JT*- J ALEXANDRIA75CKNTS.?TheJfeb3oi& steamer THOMAS COLLY EU, UavMWasUM> t -a at w uid Alexandria at 9^ o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at bjf o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their re*id?ncewlth George A Thomas Parker. Refreer. meats on fae boat SAM'L GKDNEY, Capiat*. WHY purchase PIANOS PROW irresponsible traveling agents.-f^rSM when yon can get lu Washington cltyfT TtJi tbe very best quallt" at prices which will be roar f"Euus's* lo*'"any ^ec?>??trf ftem JOHN Always on hand, from 90 to 30 Planoe of every styie and Aula a second-hand Planoe taken in exenange Pianos for rent, Ac nJS"21.l?ber 308' brtworn ** and 10th sts, near Savings Bank. jyS1 ' HV.,U? YOCR POCK KT-BOOK7, THE WHITE HATS ahe AMOUT. T?7'M assortment of Fa hlon- *~\ able * hlte Beaver sad Felt Hats, of all *_\ ou-lltles and prtc s, to which we respect M** fally invite tbe attention of all In want wTof te* tn^m at reduced prices. Call at t*F? h u WHIT* * CU ^V?bll?.We H.X uip .td Geat a Purnrshlag Establishineut, 33*4 Pt-unsvl vanU avenue, be<'?eeo 9*a and 10th sta Jy CHALNCY WARR1NER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, aHD DBALia in Pine Witehet, Jewelry, end Silver Ware. rr(iVvL*^i^'.FOB ANU VE8T CHAINS, ** FINE JEWELRY, SIL- ' VEI SPOONS, FORKS, GOBLETS, CUPS, Ac., for sale at New Y?.rk prices. ' ? 'if Chronometer, Duplex, 1 and oth^r m i^r. ? Alto, JEWELRY, Ac No. J7J PaHHSTLVANia Avbnua, betw'n Sixth and Seventh streets Browns' Hot?li>ul;dinir, slirn of the Golden watches* ap IV 'f \Vaahinston ? p^*T*BLE STK\M en i power, locomotive boiler bas been In use at tats otti.*, u oir<;rt.d f,? sale beceiue It is replaced with an engine of much greater p. wrt. It will be found ?-xtremelv a*r vfeeable, *nd wilt be sold low for cash, je 24_?f DE IA HADUE * (USTi RY OP the Sejict Societies of i ranee; 1 vol B ra iid Llle, a . ove!, by tie t'.on J CVmens Of AUi'dBt ' l.^'ity and flawy, by frotator B^d.-oe of tne Ucl?er?ttyof Vlrglnki. ??? ' FRANK TAYLOR. Proposals for Deepening the Outlets of the Mississippi river into the Gulf of Mexico. ENGINEER DEPARTMENT, > WAiHtu8TOK, August 4, 1-56 1 P^Pt^ALS nWIL,L BK *KOEIVED at I this office until the first day of October next ? and keeping open ship channels of sufficient capacity to accommodate tha want a of trough th. SouUiwwt Pu!,""",., flValtf' i??i"e, T tbe Mi??l?!lppl river iato the Oaif of Mexico," for which dutdob. th?r? July "f-^thri? tnbTH ".i PonRTmt ot Wh of dollars. hundred and thirty thousand whiw^M* ,r!que#ted the amount for which they will contract to open each of the wldth*if ffP*0'?0*1. throughout a well deflnrd l^rg* hn'?dred to a depth ofnot leas feet below the level of ordinary low h level will be determined by a bench 2?r!m? there, to be established by aa offioer er officer* appointed bv the Secretary or War; and are*1?0 requeated to atate the longest piriod ?>f time for which they wfll contract to keep each ?*??!!$ #?pen to ,uch wldth and depth for theree ldne of ti.a appropriation afteT tbe amount of the 3i U eccePted>?? Paid ; and to state also, in at-pa rate propo>>al?, the same partlcnlars unifemn ??P,DS> open each channel to a uniform depth of not less than twenty feet throairh Th?Wmi v,aed J*,ldth ot three hundred fast mfhhi i,T" ^ which It may be proposed to ao ooSinJth?6 ^?'k the ka,t tlme "eceaaary for loJSf t^htH^?C^pt goffer which, la theopln ??4j - ssss^s-^stss^hs Kred Wme blddOTf0' the other pasf, is town*t^e'^xisM nS "Jftter n*?e?eenr to be removed I dee?ea*d "lvln?, cVannels at the passes to be w?l?h% 2i2? dlHtfme ?i?lK either channel to I eltbw of,aordef to obtain a curate i deptha, eannot, for want of L sS2? i. * l0n aV? their i.reseat condition, be stated. Persona who dealre to undertake the of lt< #^?rXfPeCt!. 'iherffore?t0 thenn elves ln?'It " ofth*be?tmeins of accomplish c a ?0Elr,lcthas been en'ered Into, the place end directions of tte channel* to be opened wlU ted to the contra tor by anoSceTor t?ye?f a^arat?d?'h^2t P',rpose bv the ??cre y J war, and 'he amount which mar be I iIE? Up?n ope,l'n? each will be paid aft^r each ha* oeen completed,and found, upon exami- i nation 6y an officer or officers, appointed as above ?/?? thrmablf' ,n a11 ^peets.tothe stipule-' ti0..s of the tontraet; but no payment will be made on account of any work done towards open ing either channel until after such ehannel shall oS^p^SS,'"*- ,n<* ?pprowed, on8*third of tbe time dur ing which the channels are to be kept open eignty per cent of one-third of tbe whole amount ?lf^^?^onVaci for keepinjf oren will be?a?d? a! tue expiration of two-thirds of the time an addi tional raynnent of one third of the whole amount c^ntrictea f*r will b- p*id; andattheexplration ?n l?kT2*??llin* dor?ng which the channels are to be kept open, the twenty per cent retained at the vt payment, and the remaining third of the whole amount of the contract foF keeping the channels open, will be paid; but no payment will be made until after the channels hav# been exam ined at each period1 of payment, by an officer or Officers appointed by the ;?ecretary of War and tract t0 ln 411 rw>pecta coaf?rmtble to con .Km?p?,,ls raU8t ** accompanied by evidence of ability to execute the work in the way, end within tte time proposed, and should be addressed to the ?'Lngineer Department, Washington," and en dorsed ?? Proposals for opening channels at outlets of the Mississippi river." When the time within which propo als are to be received has expired they will beorened and f,?ni ^Ti ' a,fd" coatn?rt be entered into with the bidder or bidders whose i-lcnof operation ?nd evidence of ability to exTiite the vtork are most ?atlsfactory to the recretary of War. . ,?.?,nsfrtfd for tblitv days In the National In telllgencer, and the Evening Star, Washington ? the commercial Bulletin, ?nd the Tine Delta' New Orleans; the Mobile Register. Mobile? the itrgl?' an,. the **enuaylvaoIan, at Philadelphia : trie Day Hooi, and the Journal of Commerce, R^x,?rk; the^TLm^' and tb# p08t' Ho8t?n : tbe Repobllcan, an<i the Pilot,St LouU; theEnqul r?r, Cincinnati; aid the Democrat, Louisville Accounts for advertising, with two copies of paper containing advertUemeat, to bj sen: to En gineer Department for payment. ?u 5dJ0t Sp. HU?V<K'.? BOOT* SHOK i{aii ? TRUNK KSTAB- AND LISHMENT? I have on hand the largest and most extensive asoort m?nt o bentlemens' and Ladles' stole Leath er Travllng Trunk,iron! and Wood Frame) Packing Trunks, Vail I sfvlel! nnd^on.HM^ of all J/ftiK. rtr.t fS ii Al??' a KeB^ral assortment or Ladles , Genu', Boys', andMls^ea Shoes, all *v!l ,tUe*- All wishing to purchase any of the abc r? articles will flndlt to their advan wge to exa ulne my stock before purchasing else where C?tUat 8 P HOOVER >87 . ^J'011 Hal1 Pfnn. ave , bet. Wth and loth ? ' ' streets. CO?iflELLY) Undertaker, He. 4&i Sivtntk strut, win tidt, Ltt O and H% WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of Washington and ?ne adjoining counties that he 1*4 prepared to attend 10 all orders at Lh:^?.rteatnotlce"d 00 the moat liberal terms* on B? P^"H to *iTe eotlie ?atl.sfactlou SLh e guarantees to preserve the time warmest weether for any length oX aupply of ready made COFFINS of til slzea and qualities, always on hand. efl'l i^lnlef' Hearae?? and every other article furnished of the best quality. ?oiir'itii6 ?'tke PubUc Patronage is respectfully aoitciieq. mar V4-tf WrlZEWELRY; SILVER^aTpiX TKD WARE, ALBATA FORKS, Ice. MAT' GREATLY reduced prices. w. bALf A BRO. ARE NOW OFFER at i?-K a ?ple"dld ??aortment of the above goods extra ?lne haVe ?Ter *?Id taem 0t .. watches they name those above made by Cooptr. Adams Taylor, Dixon, Tobias, Bersley, Johnson. Jur cSebrlty' 4114 411 other makers of ELE6ANT JEWELRY. Diamond, Pearl, Flo entlne, Mosaic, and Cameo Broches in aetu and single pieces, dold Chains, *a(yi| Ac SILVER WARE. Solid Silver Tea sets, Waiters, Pltchen, Goblets Oupe, Forks, b poo as, Ac EXTRA PLATED WARE. Te* ?fts, Cake Baskets, Ca-tors, Walttrt Pitch ers, tiobeta, Alba la F orka, Spoons, Eagfuh and Americ a Table Cutlery. 117" Spectacles and Lye Glaaseaof every focus ln ticid, Silver, and fine Steei frames All goods warranted as represented. 0<> ? M W. 6ALT A bro., Jy30tf 321, Pa. ave , bet 9th and 10th S'S, 1!<IT?!011T CITHLT, UNDERTAKER " hop And Residence Ko S03 Fenn'a avenue south side, beu.-eon 0th And 10-h sts. aving provided himself WITH mm* .T? RLEVANT hearse, B,0"**r7 center iences for 'yconducUne hie buaSneas, i/?p^2fQllJrInform tbe public that he Is to mi all orders entn. <ted to him, ' * * " *"? sajsr1- - ?**? MRS. M, g, HARVEY, (Ssccwsos TO Jams F. Haavsv,,) UNDERTAKER No. 410 Strentk strut, bttwten (i and H EGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE PUBI ip that abe haa in her employ the same persons that were formerly< ln theeatabllshment, who are fully competent toeonduc* the Undertaking Bualneas and that every attention will be given to calls' dgy or night, as heretefoie. m 19 6m T ^?;RP.>HAiriO? bTULU.-f^oou <;,rp? n sshlngton Stock (or wJeat CHUBB BROTHERS, ?' H' B PROTECTION AND INOEMFIiTT FROM LOSS BY FIRE ! Subscribed Capital and Surplus 11,398,191 13> FARMERS AND MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO., OF PHILADELPHIA. Office mrth'.pcti corner Pennsylvania avenue and 17th t'rett, Washitt Jon City, D. C. STATEMENT OF RU-sINEBri FROM THE 1ST day of August to the 31st day of December, 1S55: Am -unt received in marine premiums. .$6?,942 31 Do fire premiums 39,008 83 Total premium* for five months 106.151 13 Capital 1,250,000 00 1,358,151 13 Invited as follows* Ponds of Allegheny county, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia Cityft's $78,791 66 Kailroal boi;d?, cost J3.400 00 Loans oa first mirt^a^e of rial estate.. 50,050 00 Do stocks, collatca' 30.384 CO Ca-h i'i bank, and on ha-d 11,002 22 Cap'tal subscribed 1,047,700 00 Premium note*, not matured 66 387 31 Due from agent* (secured by bonds)... 18;8.">3 61 F.xpense* and commissions 11,662 33 1,358,151 13 Total amount of losses reported to lirt January, 1856: Fire $1,666 66 Marine 3.000 00 4,666 66 DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos. B. Phrence, Charles Dingee, George H Armstrong, Thomas Manderfield, Charles A lliib:i?m, Edward R. Ifelmbold, George Helmb'dd, F. Carroll Brewster, James E Nea'l, Isaac Leech. Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R HELM BOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Walter, No. 397 D street Jno. M. Thornton,corner First street and Virginia avenue. James Williams, No. 22 Four-and-a half street. MARINE 8URVEVOR. Catt. J. P. Levy, No. 474 Penn>ylvania avenue. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomason. The business of this Company will compare fa vorably with the mm fucee-ol'ul of 6.m. ar inttitu tions la the Unned States Fr'im the let day of August, 1853, in five months, up t ? let January, 1PV), the premiums received amounted to the large sum of oue hundred and eight tho-isa id, one hundred and fifty-one dollars, with only forty six hundred anl six y six dollats losses reported. Wish the -e evidences of success and good man* ajement, the directors feel justified in soliciting a ^are of public patronage, belirvinu tha' the secu riiv offered Is ample and that all ?air claims will be a Ijiuied more according to equity than legal techni calries. With a view of affording ampls indemnity to the pub'ic, the cwnrany have drpesiied with MC89R8 DUNCAN, SflKRM \N, k CO., O* NEW YORK, TIIKIR BANKERS, C?"h and premium notes to proTide an accruing Trust Fund of One Hundred Thousand Dollar*, To be held by ttiem as a Iduioiial security to policy holders for the payment (>t lossep. The company ispreparrd to is ue policies agairst loss or rfama?e by fire on DWELLINGS, FL'RNf TURK, MluLS, MANUFACTORIES, WAKE jiOUHKS, a'l dwnpunfts ot BUILDINGS, and their content*, or all kinds of MERCHANDISE, transported by Vf-SSFLH, 8TKAMB(?TS, CA NAL U 1ATS, RAIL '.OADS, Pnd the iisoat con veyance* to or from any rortion o?" F.rRopn and A.MKKJOA, and on the hulU of STEAMBOATS r.av (rating the western waers "ftic taxi* of premium wrtl b; aslii* s mhw comjanins, and in fix nar them ev-ry impr' Vfmfnt in coistrueiioii aud a>-ian3*'m>,nt will b<? taken into consideration. All l?**s*s speedily adjusted and promptly ja.u. Ollice northwest c rner Pennsylvania avenue and Seventeenth street, Wasbiugton city, D. C. Insurance may also be efferttd at the Home Office, SorlKxreM cornrr Walnvt ami Second Streets, Phila delphia. AlhO.attheComrany'soffices: New York? A W Th mpson, No. 10 Wall street. Roston? Oliver Bicwrter, No s 3ia<s street. I'altimore? It II. Rici ardson, No. 72 ha'tim no street. Cincin nati?Tay'.oT * Anthony. Charleston?J. H. Tay lor, No. 121 K. Pay street. New Orka :s? Ha'man Doane. Mon'.gcm"iy?Albert W I iam*. Mobile? A. (J. Watigfe. i'ltuburg?T. J Uuiucj, f?o. 90 W&lcrstrset t'avaiir.ali- A. Wilbur, No. Ill Bay street. Auguf'a?Girardey, Wfcyte * Co. Atlanta ? Marcus A. Bell. Trenton?Narr A Cocks Fond du Larj?Hob"r? A Baker. Vicfcsb;irp?J. Putnam. Hudal'i?A Barker. Memphis? VV. E. Milton. Detroit?Thomas Pa m< r * 8on Mii-vaukie?A. Wellington Hart. Wellsbnrg, Virginia?lanforth Rmvn, Jr. Er;p, Pantoylvat.ia?Allen A. Craig. Wyoming, P. nmy vama-R. C. Smith. I.r.uis viile?II. H. Tlmbe Jake. Na livilli:? Joseph Na*h. Poitand?I) Robinson, jr. Chicazo? fc P.Ward Pan F ancisco? Wil.iain Piggs. St. Louis?'i hos. K. Courtetay, gene.-al a*< rit lor the southern and western State*. And in oiLer principal cities of the United S atea by auiborizid officers of th? com pany^ je 14-lyt AGENCY OF THE Alliance Insurance, Co. of Philadelphia, Capital $300,000! VNNUAL REPORT FOR THK YEAR ending January 1, IS56. AsicUortha Company, oou?:?ttcj of Bonds u<] Uorijca;r? an aneorniDbered rr?l eatata |1I0,C04 OS Stocks uf ottior Oorporatloos, worth par Is.t'iO 00 Caab ou liand tljsAS SO bills rftratvabla, c?ei1atlng of Marlus notss arid ahorl loaus llfi.MS 7S block boles ttS.MS ?? H.S39 7* 1219,410 00 WLola r?n?tpts for (.remtaraa dtirlcg lbs year $113.b 12 S& Paid for losass sad ssp*us*M during the year 71,1 M 04 P M. MORI ARTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE GREAT WESTERN FIRE INSUR ANCE CO OF PHILADKLPHIA. Capital 9300,000. Ckarttr Perpitual. OIKKCTOKS. Charles C. Lathrop, 5TJ Spruce street. Alexander Whilden, merchant, 14 North Front ?treet. John C. Hunter, firm of Wright, Hunter ft Co. K. Trace?, firm of Tracey A Haker. John R. McCurdy, firm of Jones, White fc McCurdv. Isaac Hnzlehurst, attorney and counsellor. James ft Smith, firm of Jas. ti. Smith A Co. Theo W Haker, firm of Tracy A ttaker. R. S. Walton. 3?0 Market street Thomas K. Llmerl"*, S34 Spruce street. John J. Baker, Goldsnith'a Hall. CHARLES C LATilROP, President. THOMAS K LIMERICK, Secretary. Risks change4 from other companies to this, no charge for policy fee. Enquire at the oflce of J E.Kendall, over RMorrow's Exchange Office first door West of W. B. Todd's Oat Store, on Pennsylvania avenue. i*?7-3r* DAVID 41YERLK, Agent. Proposal* for Copper-plate Engraving. OffickSupsunti'MDsnt Public Pbihtino, ) Washington, Joly 26, 1&68. | Duplicate proposals wili. kk re. celved at this office until the 14th day of Angust next, at 12 o'clock m , for engraving up on steel or copper, In the highest style of the sev eral styles of .ne art of steel or copper-plate en gravinu. various maps, profiles, panoramic views tnd views of sceneiy required to Illustrate the several reports of surveys of a railroad route to the Pacific ocean. Each proposal must be accompanied by satisfac tory evidence of the ability of the paity bidding to execute the work, by specimens of iach class or style of work bid for, executed In his or their own office, ana by a statement of the force which can be employed by each upon the work. It Is to oe dlrtinctly underst od that no bits will be entertained from any parties not directly engsged in, and practloally acquainted with, the s'yle of work bid for. Tne bid will state separately the pri e, and but one price, for each style of engraving (sp?cif>lng whether in line or otherwise) of ?ach map or Kate bid for, and the Ume required for executing e same. Contracts will be entered into with, and bonds with se: erity will be required fr mi, the success ful bidders for their faithful execution of the work bid for. All work will be required to fce executed "to the satisfaction of the Secretary of War." The work can be inspected by persona desirous of bidding therefor, upon application at this of

The proposals most be addressed, one to the "Chaiiman of the Cemmlfee oa Engraving," "House of Representatives Unlfd States," and oce to A. O. Seaman, Superintendent Public Pilntlng. Washington, D. C ,ard be plainly en? d ;s?\l " Proposals tor Steel or Copper-piste F n "'Jfi&ttlWA A. O. SEAMAN, Educational. FAIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIKLS. THE TENTH TERM OF THIS 1NSTITU tlon will commence on the 8th of the ninth month (September) next Circulars containing further information in re gard to tbe School will be furnished t> persons who desire them on application to R S kIRK, FARQUHAR, at Oiney Post Office, Montgomery county, Maryland au 7-8w YOCRtt LADIES' SEMINARY, Corner of Dumbarton and Montgomery ttreets, Georgetown, D. C. MRS. GEN'L WHEELER, Principal THE DUTlfcS OF THIS INSTITUTION will be resumed on Monday. September 1st, wl h renewed exertions on the part of the Princi pal for the Intellectual, moral, and religious Im provement of pupil* committed to her care Mrs W. tenders her thanks to her frlerd* and Satrons for the liberal amount of patronage ahe as received and respectfully ssllelts a continua tion of the same. Circulars obtained on application to the Princi pal. au 7-tSepl5 EDUCATION. THE EIGHTH ANNUAL SESSION OF the Classical and Mathematical Academy under the direction and government of the underf igited will commence on Monday, September 1st Number ofpnpHs limited to VS. Four boys, between the agea of 10 and IS, can be received as boarders. Term*: per ten months^ for board, tuition, washing, Ac. Academy Room No. 161 West st , Georgetown, D. C. T. W SIMPaON, au 6-lw Principal. DRAWING AND PAINTING ACADEMY. MR.WM MACLEOD ANNOUNCES THAT his class-room Is now open for the reception of pupils, at No 462, 13th street, corner of E, ad joining the boarding house of Mrs. Parris Though the regular academic year wi;l not com mence before tLe 1st of September, they may be many who wish to devote the remainder of the vacation to the study cf art; while tho?e pupils in oil-colors whose studies wre interrupted by the death of Mr. R Gibson. ha*e now an oppor tunity of completing them under Mr. MacLeod The clafs-roora '?111 be found spacious, cool, and conveniently located. Terms m^de known there, or at the bookstore* of Franck Taylor and Tay'or A Maury. au 4 eo3t CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT, > Pbix^als RKV G. W DORKANCE,f ^ris-pais. THE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS Acedemv will commence on Monday, Sep tember let. 18i6. For terms see circulars at the prln I pal Book Stores au 1-tf FRENCH AND ENGLISH PEM ALE SEM INARY FOR BOARDING PLPILS. BY M A. TYSON A SISTERS. THIS SEMINARY IS SITUATED AT ALN wlck. midway on the Baltimore and Wash ington Railroad and Turnpike. The Fall term will commence on Monday, 1st of September, at which time the pupils are de sired to be in attendance. Incre*red facilities are afforded for the acquisi tion of Music and French, whilst the English bratcbes receive that instruction necessary for a through education Ev< rv accommodation and comfort are afforded for a Urge number of pnplls. For further particulars circulars may be had at the principal Bookstores, and at Br. Tyson's Drug store, corner of lOthand 1 streets, Washirg ion ?-rrr^ ? - jy 28-eotSepl THE UNION ACADEMY. Z.Richards, Mrs. Z Richards, Prill r. A Priii. U. F. *. rr\Hi; NEXT ANN UAL SESSION OF THIS 1- institution, and of tte UNION FEMALE ACADEM V. will commence ou MONDAV , Sep tember I, 1856. jy 23-3m Houses, &c.f for Rent and Sale* FOK RENT?SEVERAL &ANDSOME Pal lors and Chambers, with board. Also, tr.bie and transient boa d ln^?ire at Mrs. CMITH'S. 233 F street. nov 27?tf For bent?THE DESIRABLE *tore, No. S58 Seventh sTeet, oppoa'.te Centre Mar ket, fitted up with shelving, couuter, gas fixtures, awning, Ac. Possession given Immediately. Apply to ROBT. C. UK POKE. lyS-tf 1r?OR RENT- SEVERAL EXCELLENT Brick and F.ime Hounes, north of Pena'a. avenue, bttween Uth and 15th streets west. Aver aging from ten to eighteen dollars per month Inquire of J ? P HILTON, No. 375, llth street we t, or F street north. No.210. au V J. P HILTON, Agent and Collector. FOR RENT.?DWELLING HOUSE, NO. 331, Pennsylvania avenue north side between ftth ar d lt'tb streets. One of the best locations in tbecity. Immediate passession given. Apply to GEO. H ?. WHITE A CO., on the premises,or to CHARLES H. l.ANE, Gent's Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue. au 2 lOR RENT?THE LARGE THREE STO ry basement and attic house on F, between 12th and 13:h streets, formerly occupied by the Misses Tyson. This bouse has been newly paint ed and put ia perfect order, containing gas tlx tures and bath room, with a large cistern of fil tered water In the yard. Apply at the Drug Store of NAIRN A PALMER, corner Vth ?trtet and Pa. avenue. Jy 1? Desirable dwelling house for RENT.?The subscriber has for rent a three story Brick Dwelling-House, centrally located, containing two large parlors, vrtde hell, sixchara b rs, dining-room, and kitchen, all convenlemly arranged, with bath-room, water-closet, gas and bells throughout; alto, excellent cooking range, water In the kitchen; also, marble mantels in the parlors, latrrbe stove for heating, Ac. There Is also attached au e*cellent Brick Stable with accommodations for two horses, carriage, wood and coal, with servants' room in the second story. Apply to J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auction and Commiftslon Merchant. eu6-et6t F' For sale.?a tract of land.con tainlng about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley View Farm, the residence of the late John H King, deceased. This Is one of the most desirable sites in the District for a fine private residence; about 20 acres of this tract Is a oeautlful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and in a high state of cul tivation The summit of this tract Is from 350 io 400 feet, above tide water, and has a line view of Washington, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Pctomac. It will be sold entire or In lots Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. Apply at Valley View Farm.orto Dr. H. King, No 80 Prospeot street, Georgetown, D. C. je l?-tf [Intel] E. J. KING. FOR RENT, WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER ?The large, airy, convenient, and wed fin'shed Hall next door to the St.r Build ings It Is 50 by 80 feet In the clear, with high celling, and U capitally lighted. Alee, the sto'e immediately under the west half of said hall, 25 by 80 feet, fronting directly on Pennsylvania avenue, in the heart of the business portion there of, (no other such desirable business stands are new being offered to the public ) They will be rented separately or together. For terms apply to GEORGE HILL, Fapercuaker, Bridge street, a few doors west of the omnibus stand, George town . or at the Star Offlce counter. N. B.?If renters desire to carry on any business requiring steam power, they can be accommo dated with shafting attached to the new and pow erful engine of the Star Newspaper and Job Printing Office, manufactured Dy the Messrs. Ellis, and arranged so as to furnish ample power. If required, to renters of the premises advertised above. 20-tf IO? The lease en the above property will be sold C^AUZE UIVDEKSHIRTS AMD DRAW. I era.?We ha^e just opened a further supply of? Gauze Merino Shirts and Drawers J'e cotton do 4 do Do silk Co do Making our assortment complete. ALSO ? A good assortment of Ladles' Gauntletts, with our usual supply of choloe Extracts, Soaps, Co lognes, Ac., at STEVENS'S Salesroom, Browns' Hotel. \f R. W. HENRY PALMER'* I" PIANO FORTE CLASSES, Five Dollars Per Quarter Apply at GEORGE HlLBUb'S Jtiailc Unot. *?-venae. i ?i_j . mar 14-tj [evening s tar. Conviction of Dove. papers announce the conviction of M ilJwa, Dove, at York, England for ill murder of his wife with strychnine The only question for the jury wan how far the unbar,* py man was answerable for hid acts Though refusing to acquit on the grounds of insanity there was still enough in the life, habiu, and demeanor of the prisoner, both before and since his committal, to warrant a recomm-n dation on the grounds of defective intellect. I he plea of insanity was strongly pressed in his defence. The press are clamorous for his execution. " William Dove,'- says the Lon don Daily News, 44 has been convicted of poi soning his wife by strychnine. In that ver diet we cordially concur, but we do not con I cur in the recommendation to merer which accompanied it. A more cold-blooded crime never was committed The murdered woman naurderer's wife?married so late a* 1852?poisoned by him in 1856. The vile mo tire which urged the fellow was the wish to save her doctor's bill, and perhaps?to marry another woman. The intention to commit the 5? almoat proclaimed to his friends and no ghbors?to the doctor, the clergyman, and the poor woman herself Certainly the hour of death was foretold. All this, of course done with a view of disarming suspicion?of playing the villain so thoroughly as to make S? existence of a human creature capa i> tw'n- things seem a sheer impossibility Lut William Dove, like William Palmer, his master in the art of murder, was no timid ar tist. His design was fixed; he bold right on his course tor a whole week he watched the agonies of his delicate wife under the influ ence of strychnine?he wept over her, lament ed her certain death. Five different times did he administer the subtle drug, on the sixth occasion it proved fatal." The Times is equally decided that the wretch must be hanged " llere " it savs. I is a man who gits drunk, abuses, threaten*, and beat* his wife, and finally takes advan tage of her feeble health and the knowledge ho has obtained of a deadly drug to destroy I her, with a cruelty and hypocrisy unsurpassed i in thei nnnalsof wickedness Toe defence is yiat he is insane What evidence is pro j <iu cd No one had ever heard that William ?Dove was mad. His neighbors, before he committed bis crime, and lis jailors after wards, can depose to no acts of iusanity He married was a candidate for a partial of h.'.u i.llvei1 Ilko the re8t ?* th? world. 1 "Ut the history of his life is ransacked for evi deuce; and we have schoolmasters and far mers coming forward to prove?what m might easily have guessed?that he was alwl^-s bru- ! tal. mischievous, and malignant He be- I icved in fortune-telling; in infancy he fright, ened his nurse; in boyhood he man stupid, ! obstinate, got a pistol, with which he talked of."booting his lather, and was expelled from scnooi. H hf.n growing up to manhood he tor tured ammals, put vitriol on cows, hoisted their legs over beams, tur#t ? fcnce, blinded a cat, told lies about his exploits in Can- | ad a, and wantonly point/d guns at people ! ? grounds an acquittal was demand ed. With onr experience of modern trials, l we must aw?rd some praise to the jury who rejected such a miserable plea If ever there 1 was a crime perpetrated with circumstances 1 indicative of the most perfect sanity, it is! that of William Dove Acts of brutality j an<l waiton mischief, an incorrigible tern- I per, perverseness, maudlin fits in the inter- j vals of drunkenness, superstition, and stupid- j ity might, if necessary, be proved ot halt the ! ruCians who cut the throats and break the I | nbs of their wives in Whitechapel. The jury uowever, recommended the prisoner to mercy on the ground of defective intellect It is \ this distinction, involving a kind of modi fied responsibility, against which we must protest." Sixgclar Affair ?We have just learned from a most reliable source, the following par ticulars of a most singular phase of " spiritu alism, ' and of the performance of the mar riage ceremony under horridly unnatural cir cumstances. An individual residing in Bnrdentown, who has been for some time a believer in spiritual ism and its accompanying delusions, had a ' son who returned from Albany in a dying I condition with consumption last week, and on , f rVlay or Saturday he died The deoease 1 ! had previou-ly been engaged to a young lady i aged about seventeen, now residing in the house of her intended father-in-law, and sho. ? too, is a firm believer in the spiritual notions as v/el! as her lover and his father On Sunday morning las', with the consent 1 of the yourg man's father, this young lady ? was married to the corpse by the ? spiritual ' ceremony,' whi:h was performed through a noy who aoted as medium! The young lady ' was attired in all the usual bridal parapher- i nalia at the ceremony, and aftej it was over ' the funeral of deceased took place It was : attended, we learn, by upwards of two thou- | sand persons from Bordentown and vicinity who had been attracted to the spot by a mor- 1 bid curiosity. The young lady acted at the grave like one ! really possessed with an evil spirit; she raved I and flung herself into the gtave, and was with ' great difficulty borne from the spot to the res- ! idence of the madman whom she regards as i her father-in-law. Since the funeral the lives , at his house, and at meals a plate, cuy, and a i portion of all the condiment? of the table arc set apart for the dead man, whose empty chair ! these victims of demonism supposed to bo ten- 5 arjU>d by his spiritual body. The unfortunate young lady is the daughter ! of respectable parent*, who formerly resided t in Burlington, but who have removed to Cali- j ntn!a'iWi^'^cr|i'ie intended following them.? 1 hiladelphia Inquirer. A Palpable Hit.?In France smoking is, | perhaps, less a rage than it is with us, but in j France,'the liberty of smokers is greater than ' in America. Thus, lu the United States peo- | pie who smoke iu omnibuses, oars, cabins of j steamboats, or other places of the sort are few and far between. In France, on the contrary, it is very common to see gentlemen (?) indulg ing in a cigar on such occasions. An elegantly dressed and aristocratio looking lady entered a first class railroad oar, at the Paris depot, a day or two ago. As she opened tho door and took her place she observed that the car wkj occupied by three or four gentlemen, one of whom, at the moment of her appearance, was in the act of lighting his cigar. Ooservii.g the lady, he made a significant grimace, ana, with the characteristic word-politeness of a Frenchman, said ''Would smoking incom mode you, inadame?" The lady turned toward him, and with an air of quiet dignity replied, " I do not know, sir ; no gentlemaa has ever yet smoked in my presence !" He put out his cigir. I^The Dove, during her trip down Ken tucky river Sunday night, when near Ma rion. was invaded by clouds oi u:*s, which lit erally covered the boat all over. They are the species known as the lake fly, vuh their bodies and wiLgs about an inoh in 'eugta. Tbey covered the boiler deck to the de->th of a foot or more. The cabin was filled, ur.d they had tc be swept to the guard, and in< u shoveled overboard. Capt. Sanders and Lite other offioers of the boat declare that in all their experience they never encountered ? i. h myriads of these harmless insects Million* ot them were killed, imparting a strong filthy odor to the boat at tho time. fcy Nahant is said to be unusoally fashion able this season. Visitors are more numerous than usual Grand balls twice a week, a:.d hops every evening, are the order of tn? day f the mght THE WEEKLY STAR. Thisexcellent Family and Newt Journal?ooa *alnln? ajfTPftter variety of Interesting pe?4ln* than can be fcaad la uf other?is published om Satur day morning. run Single oopy, per annum it B TO CIVM. Five copies fS ?? Tan copies * <Mt Twenty oople* 16 tut 112-Cask, ihvakiaklt m abvakck ITT Single corle* (1b wrappm) rts be procured at the connter. ImmedlateU after tbe Iwm of tbe paper Price?Treks Ciiti Pos T M a s T k *? who act u agents will boal lowed a commission of 'weoty per cent The American Bonaparte* A latter dated Paris. June 3oth, to the /? dfj^ndenr Bf!c'. "y?, that the quf?tion of do ermining the portion of tbe s n aod grsnd son of Prince Jerome Bonaparte, l?y bit first wife. Miss Patterson, is now under considera tion All such questions, it appears, have t be submittod to a family council, consisting of a number of high imperial functionaries Tbe demand for the settlement i? said to have been tnaia by Prince Jerome himself, and the expectation >s that it will forbid the Amen cans taking the- name of Bonaparte, and wi.l require them to be known by the name of Patterson They obtained letters of natural isation ten years ago, in which they ware des icoated as members of tha imperial family Now it is feared that this may be treated as a base on which to found certain preteusi^ns not consistent with the previously declared illegitimacy Prinoa Jerome contends that his marriage with Miss Knabeth Patterson, was null and vo:d from the beginning, as it waa oontracted between a youth of nineteen and a woman of twenty-three, without the consent of bis pa ren's and the formality of publication, it was further doclared to be null by tba decree of 1**05, which dissolved tSe ciril marring*, while the proper authorities of Paris severed tho ties of the religious marriage so that su?'h a union might have no ciril effect* On tbe other band, the Baltimore Bonaparte* dispute the legality of tba decree of 1H05, and they adduce various arguments in favor of thair legitimacy. They refer to tba good faith of the parties in making the contract of mar riage. but this is questioned, because it is stated that the contract contained a clause by which, as if foreseeing the possible dissolu tion of the marriage on the demand of tbe husband or his parents, be stipulated, in such a case, for the payment to her of 60.0GO fraa** a year, which sum has been regular!/ paii to M'me Bonaparte, (called by tbe French writer " Eluabcth Patterson,") ever since ths separation The matter has been debated with much interest, M Ailou representing Prince Je rome and M Berryer bis son and grandson. Some remarkable letters of the great Empe ror, of P??pe Pius VII , of tbe Emperor of Russia and the King of Wurtemberg have been read by tbe counsel, and hare excited great interest The council is said to consist of M Abbatucci, the Keeper of the Baals as Preeidcnt. by Delegation of the Emperor, and Messrs Fuuld, Troploug, DeM?ruy, Baroche and D'Ornano. There is no pump or parade in the council, which sits in a simply furnished room, containing arm chairs and a large taole with d green cover. Tne decision is not ex pected to be made for about a month, and it is impossible to say what will be the result But tbe French writer says that the members contemplate an admission of tne legitimacy of the Americans, but wi bout interest in tbe succession to the throne?a rather queer con clusion __ Advertising on the Stack ?in the Court of Qaoen s Bench, on Monday, an action was brought against the lessee of Drury-lane The atre. under tbe following circumstances : Mr. Mathews, tho plaintiff, was tbe executor of Mr M >ore, who died In 1854, and was former ly a printeeiier in 8t Martin s lane ; and the action was brought to racover ?20 19s fid for framoe supplied by him to Mr. E T Smith, who was originally au auctioneer, but now lessee of Drury-lane Theatre Tbe defendant denied his liability. ar>d pleaded a set eff in respect of an advertisement of M -ore's shop, which had been intr ?duced into a pantomime. Mr. E James, on behalf of the defendant, observed that this action would never have been brought if Mwre had been alive, be causo there was an unuerstandin? between them that Moore should pay S2<? for an ad ? vcrtisement of his shop in one <>f the scene* of tbe pantomime A scene of his shop was painted, with tbe heading. '-Moore's Racing Sweeps, St. Martin's lane." Tha harlequin jumped through a window bearing tba inscrip tion, "Luteal Betting upoithe Races," and then a flap dropped down, with tbe words, '?In the Derby " (Laughter ) The clowu next attempted to perform tha sure feat, but he was repulsed, and then an other flap came down with this intimation, "Out for tbe Oaks " This scene and tbe me chanical contrivances were prepared by tbe defendant at considerable expense Similar advertisements were prepared for Dakin, No. 1 St. Paul's churchyard ; Pursell, tha ee? foctioner, in Coruhill; Bennett the walcu maker, in Cheapside ; Samuel, tbe tailor, on Ludgate hill; and for Scott s oyster shop, at the top of the Haymarket; and the charge for each of these aaanes was from 20 to Jo guineas?Mr Lewis said he had been treas urer of the theatre sinoe 1653 The charge for Dakin s advertisement was 20 guineas. for Purscll's 20 guineas, and for Bennatt s 2j guineas. Tbe advertisement of Messrs Sam uel consisted of the 17s fid. trouserv Tho trousers walked across tbe stage (Laughter l Tbe sceno in Scott's aivertisement was a shell fish shop; the clown whs supposed to run away with tLe lobsters. Moore s ouDfrist cd of racing "tips" and sweeps, and also of his print shop It occupied the whole ot a pair of flats. The jury returned a verdict for the defendant. A Single Track ?These few words, tha Pennsylvanian remarks, afford a terrible commentary upon tbe awful disaster whieh recently occured upon the North Pennsylva nia Railroad. Whatever may bave been pro duced by the criminal recklessness on tha part of any <>na concerned, tbe primary cause of the appalling lo?s of life l? to be found in the fact that there was but a single track up on tbe road. Had there been a double traca, in all probability no such event would have taken plaoe to fill so many hearts with over powering agony and so many homes with inournirg and desolation. Ljr~Tfce London News, speaking of the ooat of ladies' dresses, says: *' We take this mis chievous?almost fatal?extravagance in fe ? male dress to be one result of continental des potism All forms of fantastic luxury signal izo the reign of luxury everywhere, naturally, Rod to the satisfaction generally of the despot Nothing is s> alarming to absolute rulers a? to see their people too much occupied by the most important interests of human life to care for more superficial excitements; and nothing pleases such rulers more than to sea the whole public bent upon pleat>ure. and exeroiaing their wits in a contest of extravagance. As Old Osb.?A statement, copied from a German newspaper, says gtbat on tha 22d of March last, win well diggers in Mayen^e, ex cavated a part of a printing press, bearing the letters J. tiand figures 1 431. Tha iaitia'.s are supposed to be those of Johannes liutten berg, while tbe figures indicate that the presc must be at least 416 years old The farmer whose pigs were eo lean that it took two of them to make a shadow, has been beaten by another, who bad sever*! ao lean that they would crawl out through the cracks in their pan He has finally stopped that "by tying knot* in their tails ' There seems to ba a scarcity of w?b ?n in Kinsas. A young settler recantlv sai t "there are plenty of men up there, but I have not seen a woman for four months. There is an Illinois man up there, who has got a wo man'* dress, and earries it round tor a show, charging one dollar a sight, and getting nob at it " l*g* At Old Point, (Va ,) the season's gaie ty is at its height. Ten-pins, billiards, the bath, fishing, beating, flirtations and twiligaa drives, are ell tha ragd. [y The Piedmont Whig tays: "Since t'..e 25th of December, seventeen negroes have left the neighborhood of Middleburg, ani n<-t more I than half have ever bean beard from."