Newspaper of Evening Star, August 8, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 8, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR LOCAL ISTELLIOEKCT. Criminal Corrr ?Upon the indictment charging Demaine with having been con cerned in the robb?ry of John ? Latham 's (ite re on the 24th of March last, the jury, after being ont wait three hoars, returned a rer dic* of guilty. Demaine wai then pat on trial on the eharge cf stealing goods from the store of George W. llinton, on the 19th of October last. Mr. Hinton testified to having identified a f>&ir of pantaloons, a part of the goods taken rom bis store, on the person of Demaine when the latter was brought to the watch house on the 8th cf April; .the witness, when he first saw the pantaloons on Demaine at the watch house, had named the person for whom the pantaloons had been m*de, and on examina tion, that person's name was found written upon the watch-pockef. Officer Handy testified to baring been pre sent when llinton identified the pantaloons upon TJemaiae. He had also found a vest, a pair of pantaloons, aud a new silk um brella in young Demaine s bed roon. The rest was marked "John Espey. Octobe ,1855," and was identified by Mr Hinton as one made for a customer The pantaloons were also identified by Mr H , and the umbrella was the exact counterpart of some be bad in his store, and one of which he exhibited in court Other goods identified by Hinton the witness testified to having found at Steele's bouse; such a* pantaloons, gloves, buttons, rest pat terns, 4c. Officer A. R. Allen testified to the finding of ttie pantaloons, vest, and umbrella in De maine'a bed room. Officer Boss testified that at the magistrate's office Demaine said he had bought the panta loons and ve?t of Bailey, which Bailey de nied. The watch pocket had been cut out of the pantaloons found in Demaine'a bed room Cbarles Steele testified to Harvey Belt having brought to him a small market basket fall of goods? boots, shoes handkerchiefs, twilled cotton, \o.t Ste ; the basket was cov ered with a handkerchief; Belt left the basket in a gully on approaching tbo house and ask ed witness to come out; witness took the goods ?p stairs in the dark and emptied them out; Belt brought tbo goods from Mr Kichey's where he lived ; Belt told witness on Sunday night that the fellows were arrested. Harvey Bolt testified that he got the goods from young Demaine on the Sth of April and kef f them until the 11th ; wiincss told Steele ua Sandsy night that Demaine had been ar rested; t-teele lived on Fourth street, between N and O; witness had held no conversation with old Mr. Demaine about William De maine i trunk; did not say to liiiu that he i witness^ had borrowed the trunk of young Oemaine for the use of his sifter who was go ing into the country. * W. W. Demaine, the father of the prisoner, testified to having had ? conversation with Belt, in which Bel: said that he got the trunk of Billy for the u.<e of his sister, who was going into the c.untry; witness testified that the umbrella fotnd in the bedroom bad been in the house sin ;e June, 1855, and had been get from bailor in exchange for a cotton um w . ,whtch* /;roSSin, who boarded then at bailor s, had borrowed. At'er argument by the counsel, the case was submitted to the jury, who, in a few min utes, returned a vcrdict of gailty. to-dat. Case 35V or. the docket, the United States against John Crown, was taken up this morn ing. r Crown stands charged in the indictment with keeping a disorderly house He is a blind man, living at the corner of Market ard fourth streets. Georgetown, where he keeps a liquor ahup and small grocery. While the jury were out in this case, Henry Croggin was brought ?P on a charge of larceny up?n the property ot M, Hoffa, and plead guilty. John L Bailey plead guilty to the charge f John E Latham Mr Ratcliffe for Bailey; Mr Martin for Crcggiu, and Mr Wharton for Demaine a^ed a delay of the execution of the sentence ,n bebalf of their clients, iQ order that they might have opportunity for "W* W1 "?eir families prior to being 3ent to the penitentiary. ? uiindf^IfWnr<1,pr0C**d?<i ^ P*9" sentence S L 7 Demaine, and, in so Rented ?? ?h m*'?neboly spectacle pre SiSL7 h young ?en in their pr?ent ?!r S k K com"eDt?d "rarely upon the JniJ 0ffKbeb?T;or eibi<>?ted by the prisoners during the trial, and went on to say that he robberiesr 50011 ED "k&sive series of The Court sentenced Heory Croggin, in two case., to three years in the' penitfnti^riu each case , John IS Bailey the same John w Demaine was sentenced to ihe penitentia y for two years on each of three cases. fThe sentence m this case, at the special instanoe aft#* ?5 ) th* Lr"0Der- commence fter ^unuay next. J The sentence is thus, itentiary pneoners- ?>* 7?*" in the pen Sylvester Koonti was tried on a charge of assaulting Charles Wise * fi?avFl?ES'"~L-a't eTeDi38. 8 o'clock, a fire brcke out m some frame buildings re cently erected by Mr. Cooper, on Thirteenth street. near Massachusetts avenue. In a very short time the fire spread to the frame houses adjoining, and because of the scarcity cf water six frame dwellings were aoon in ruins, not withstanding the efforts of the firemen to ex tiLguwi th? flames. All this property, we are iii.ormed, belooged to persons in moderate circumstances, and was destroyed most proba tly by the act of ao incendiary. About ten o'clock the Steamboat Hotel on fceventh street, opj*itb the Centre market, was discovered to be burning The fire broke out through the roof, and whs probably caused by an accident inside the building The alarm was given and the firemen, police, and aux iliary guard* were soon on tbe spot endeavor- j mg to extinguish tbe flames and save the sur-1 rounding property from destruction by the thoughtless and excited crowd, ready to give assistance, but not knowing where to begin *he hotel was considerably damaged, hut the insurance is sufficient to cover the loss Great damage was done to the dry goods in the ware-! L.juse of Mr Noxon, late Waite's, by tbe water * :fh was thrown The Usa there will prob ably amount to three or four thousand dollars ihe g ods are insured by some northern com pany. iLe firemen, auxiliary gaard, and police deeerire credit for the manner in which they performed their duties at both these fires ?v u\ . .hour tho fire Out again in the hotel, but was speedily extinguished by the police and guards, who remained on duty until thus morning. Si suay Night Sfoets ?A friend of certain joung gentlemen who were engaged iu a doe fight on las; Sabbath night, i^tSe aU.y b? twee? Kur ,jd % half and Sixth streets, near ltle ^propriety of selecting that vicinity for such sports hereafter. Vio lations ot the Sabbath are not freqeent in that neighborhood ;j?nd dog fights are partic ularly obnoxious. The offi ers of that police district only want tho witnesses in order to make the sport cost a little more than the nar ties win or lose by it. Oa^blijh;.?The stalls in the centre market are g-nernlly use l every other day by gang* of colored men and boys as gaming tables. "er?< ns frequently pa** through tbe centre market to avoid the sun, and always see squads of ycung vagrants seated upon the walls dealiLg out packs of greasy cards and looking eagerly at the stakes. Tho most com mon game is " tossirg ecntj," and some of tbe expert ones do nothing else but cheat the young onea out of their money. For.<?r?Lii?c.?Last night a young infant was left at the door of a respectable eitiien in the First Ward. A letter requesting that it might be properly cared for was lift with it, and Stated that it was born on the 6th of July. Tbe Corporation, we presume, will adopt the cb:ld and provide for its maintenance. Com, wr.y will you suffer all the illsof bed bug-, cockioaebes, moths, ant-, and every othor species of inewcts wnra Lyoa s Magnetic Powder will surely rid your boose of all such pestilence. F.?r sale at BhiWington's Book stili'g Stationery Kstablisbment, Odeon Pull-in g. corner Four-and-a half street aud a ateaue f. Prune SciooH.?Ike Trustees of PabHo Sobooli held their monthlj meeting on Wed nesday evening. Present, the president pro tempore, Messrs. Bennett, Dickinson, Polk, Magruder, McKia, Peters, AtLee, end Pear son. Letters were read from several applicants for situations, and referred to the committee on examination. Mr. Magruder, chairman of the committee of arrangements on the examination and the anniversary of the schools, reported the pro ceedings of the committee. On motion of Mr. AtLee, the secretary was directed to prefect the acknowledgments of the Board to the President for his courtesy exercised in attending the anniversary, and in assisting in the distribution of medals and premiums; alsr?, to Hon. J. Meacham, Rev Dr. Binney, Rev. C A. Davis, for their ser vices on the oocasion ; also, to Dr. Blake, for the use of the Capitol grounds, and to Pro fessor Henry for the use of rooms of the Smith sonian Institution Mr. Bennett presented a letter from Mr. Samuel Kelly, late teacher of the First District school, touching his former connection with the school, the character it sustained, the oourse of the sub board and the secretary, the ap pearance of the school at the examination in 1855, and some statements in the last annual report; also suggesting that if it should ap pear after "a full examination of the case" that injustice has keen done, it should be ree* tified at the coming election. In conclusion Mr. Kelly pledged himself, in the event of bein; again placed in charge of the First Dis trict school, " to raise that school to a standard higher than it has ever yet attained." Mr Bennett moved that the letter be re ferred to a select committee consisting of one from each district excepting the first district Mr. Magruder suggested its reference to the committee on examination of teachers. Mr. MoKim moved that it be laid en the table. After some conversation, the question was taken on Mr. Bennett's motion and docided ia the negative by ayes and noes, as follows : Yeas? Messrs. Dickinsen, Bennett, Polk?3. Nays?The President, Messrs. Maguder, Pe ters, MoKim. Pearson and Atlee?6. The question recurred on the motion of Mr. McKim, and it was carried unanimously. Messrs Pearson, Polk and Bennett were ap pointed a committee to audit the treasurer's acoounts for the past year. Messrs. Magruder, Dickinson, AtLee, Pe ters, and the Secretary, were appointed a com mittee to prepare the annual report. The treasurer w is requested to make an ar rangement with the janitor of the hall for his attendance at the meetings of the Board. On motion Wednesday next was fixed as the time for the election of teachers The following letter was received from the Secretary, tendering h'"s resignation, which having been read, was laid on the table till Wednesday next. Orrica Trustees or Ppblic 8chools, ) Washington. Aug. 1, 1856. j Gentlemen:?I beg loave respectfully to tender my resignation of the office of Secre tary of the Board of Trustees of Public Schools, to take cfiect at the close of the present month. The duties of my present vocation, the care and education of my own children, and the impaired state of my health, prevent me fr^m viiitiDg the schools so frequently as their in terests demand, and from giving then that attention which is properly required of the Secretary by the rules of the Beard In taking leave of the Board, with which I have been connectcd for nearly twelve years, it gives me great satisfaction to believe that the discipline of the public schools was never Letter than it now ia, nor the system more suc cessful and efficient in ita operations, its hold upon public opinion stronger, nor its future prospects more bright and encouraging. This measure of success is due, under Prov idence, to the careful superintendence of the Irustee?, to the icalous and unwearied exer tions of faithful, laborious and accomplished teachers, the earnest and cordial coo ^ration of the City Councils, and the healthy influ ence of a sound public opinion Accept my thank? for the aid and encour agement which jou have given me in the dis charge of the responsible dutie.- of the office with which I have been nonored ; and the ex pression of my confident belief that the pub lic schools of Washington will continue to be, as they heretofore aTways have been, schools for the people, without distinction of class, seot, or party, and, which, with the liberal patronage of Congress, are destined to become the model schools of the Republic. Wirh my best wishes for your continued success in the discharge of the important trusts confided to your care, and for your individual prosperity and happiness, I remain, gentle men, very respectfully, your obedient servant, G J. Abbot. The Board of Trustees then adjourned The Weather ?Wo are indebted to "B.," of Georgetown, for the following notes of the range of the thermometer, Ac., from Friday, noon, August 1, to tLis morning : Morning ~ Noon. Night. Friday ? 87? 80? Saturday 75? 82 76 Sunday .... 72 ' 82 78 Monday 72 78 70 Tuesday 66 71 72 Wednesday 62 78 74 Thursday 66 79 74 Friday 70 ? ? Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from 2d to 8th August, inclusive, 69?. Nott.?To day, (Aug. 8 ) about 7 p. m., first quarter of the moon. On 2d, 1th, and 5tb, light rains, with little thunder. A New Line of Packets has been placed on the route between this citv and New York, consisting of the Schooners Moonlight, Capt. Knapp; Mary Emma, Capt. Homans; and John Roe, Capt. Hammond. Onlv 121 cents for a correct likeness of Buchanan, Fillmore and Fremont. Sold by the agent, A. Adamson, Seventh street, oppo site to the Poet Office. Adhesive envelopes, 20 cents a hundred. it Jackson Democratic Association.?Dis tinguished speakers will address the associa tion on Saturday night, and a full attendance is desired. Fillmore and Donelson Great Song Book, only 10 cents, for sale at A. Adamson'a, Sev enth street, opposite to the Post Office * (COMMUNICATED. Ma. Editor: Begging your Georgetown correspondent and our friend's pardon, we beg leave to oall the attention of those interested to the condition of fthe gutters in Congress street, especially the one on the right hand side, the smell from which is very unpleasant. Georgetown, Aug. 7. B. Watch Return*.?Before Justice Uollings iead : Jutia Ann Cavender, vagrant; *vorlt iuu.-e 3D days. Win. Day, sleeping in the market; do. Robt. Cork, threats and assault; lecurity for peace. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, Augnst 8, 1856. The excursion of the M. E. Sabbath School to Custis' Spring, yesterday, was truly an Lgreeable and pleasant time. The school and the friends who aocompanied them reached the ground about 9 a. in., and spent the re taainder of the day until 5 p m , in such di versions as Lest pleased eacu ouo's fancy, boou after their arrival the venerable sage of Arlington made his appearance on tho ground, and after spending some hours in company (with his guests returned to his home, where he wan soon followed Ny the male portijn of the school, aud saluted with three hearty cheers. During the afternoon, the handsome silver cup which had been procured by the teacheis was presented to Mr Edes by the Rev. Mr. Brown, on the part of the teachers, in a neat address, and received by Mr Edes iu a short, but very felioitous and touching manner. Every thing passed off very hand somely, and nothing seemed to contribute more to the real enjoyment of the party than the gentlemanly conduct of Mr Hitter, the 4>wner of the paoket M C. Meigs, which con. vtyed them down, and bis uniting efforts to contribute to the pleasures of the day. His kindness will not soon be forgotten by the Dum barton ftreet Sabbath School. The Swanton Coal Company aro now doing a pretty rapid business. The machinery used fox unloading boats having become smooth and rendered moid perfect, the black die moods ere now transported from the boat* on the canal to the hold of the ve?e]e, a die* tanoe of tiro to three hundred feet, in an al most incredible space of time?at about the >1 minut? when a fall set of ,1 . ?*chin?rT are employed. The Lonaoona dock3 have not jet bjen tried, m consequence of some delay in obtaining some portions of the machinery. These com HHSL r de9tln?d *? a considerable change in our trade, and give employment to V of wortfay individuals, v m"L*7, meeting of the anti ng K a w*?' LhelJ at Forrest Hall last and JW W ATlg 1 W-8 Can'd t0 th? ?hair IS intf Jk Wadj-J apP<?nted secretary. After an ln.erchango of views and the appointment fn/?h ? nominate permanent officers for the association, the meeting adjourned to meet again at the eamo place, on next Tues day evening, at 8 o'clock ?n? Jk Hardy, well known through SSil th i ./nd 8urr?unding country for more than a half century, was found dead at bis residence on Bridge streeet this morning. Mr Hardy was a native of Ireland, but for tne last seventy years or more a native of thi* , country, and resident of the two cities, Lai !Lm?r.!i aDd aeor??u>^ He was doubtless the oldest person in the District, though he 1". P<*?*?ion no reliable data from whioh his precise age can be determined, the /plni0n that h? w" at least one hundred years old Keep cool, and all who may wish the pure ssfcra&rin doi??? M Jtt been abI? t0 ,earn what ?,. J? r*,gn nows wiU hav? apon flour and grain market. Owing to the very tarill ?hU?anl,t^ ?f l.he f?rmer 00 hand' no ma llSIr S 66 ID PriCet.8 WiH ,ike,J 0CCUr Th? Wilf h'Jbow?7?f' ,w? think it moro than likely, will be apt to take a downward tondency. Spectator. POLITICAL^ ITEMS. K? v1I!f*mV?.other Georgia Whig and The Hartford Times thinks that New York ?arried foT Buchlna? by a majority ralitj r&te' lt glTea him I3o>ooy plu dafion ft?*"*' Uni?n fays ^ere is no foun mv 2 tV'upP?81n? that General Scroggs is a myth. There is a live " General" beariuir the m us trio us name of " Scroggs " ? (iusnvus Adoiph js Scroggs. 8* ?usiavus One of the abolition know nothing rerubli nTw VIIkTi LaWrCnC0' to tie m!Z I T8' t0 th? ?ditors : ? You th? L it i P r anSM "^itement. It is rartTi* M ?*"1-" S"co?ss ">? "pablioan party in the coming presidential election." L.-kDoftab!ff^rr^ th? Nia*ara Democrat, at fr^n Uf i? ?r papor to any respeotable ba? i/t;Fre?ont [Ioul now until the Novcm election, tree of expense, if the "Woolly a* I08? ? ? cted ? if Buchanan is successful S c?nts. The publisher says he TnH ^V? hundred subscribers on these term?, jre(jWI ?lve 6 dollars premium per hun in?hit Courier> Fillmore Know Noth ing, is attempting to prove that Mr. Fillmore L!V0 rCSp8Ci lr0m Mr Ffemont in re SflaveJJ ?Pw'"'ng on the subject of in Ifi* " opposed to slavery, in general, to it* extension into the Territories, fse ? ti rpr?T fd tbe Missouri comprom! nreciso t fh7PCal ?f tfcat, comPromise. and on h? i. ; a 11 me grounds with Mr. Fremont, he is luflcx.bJy opposed to any interference with it as it exists in the St ites of the Union. Celebrated Stamach Bit B!u*" ??>???'??? ^, to 111M, h bottle lu the b- u.e 0*^1^1*1?^!^",^' be without *" Tsrss; '?"-yiSCKWis.ter5 irrSarsaparilta and ilatidelion.?A fluid ?h??e root* (? f r?|>?red by J.,hn J. Bn.wn k of f K ?n?n' ?H'Ch 1 "aiy T*!"?ble for n'l luo#^ ^rr!,l,""ar wLi,h >? a***, but It *t 1 ? ,.kr l" '?? ?l ? cr>rabln?tinn, ??MbV ZX&XYiWMh,u^Q;rsBiw1' Jl^"cltr*te ?' Magueaia, am aare<>able refrigerant ?nd UxMire, now e*t?n?lT?1y n?e4^ tti? rnntl nenU of Rtirop* ?nd America, rnannfitctare'1 <1*lly goH* "ew *n', hl<!lly "pprove.1 r. uitructlon A lot of Harina Cljara. with ? fall ?udpIv of fin* p.r fnmery, Ualr Bruahea, Comh., Sbavlng Bi uiheg a idrfurt llt*H ifiw'n"'n*B r#ce' ? JaW ?r e. "0 Pennsylvania atenna. IH7*There are but few remedies wtilrh p".7l ?Ur!ih'.? "Dd Dy"eBt?ry wllbout leaving the Ix.wela ?eemI tA*r^t nil* feTeri,h T''? Balm of Z*nih^rea ? n a c?'*"n, rhecktn* the<li?e*?e at ..u.-eaid hv M m u healthy at?l r-juUr. Prep?,ed BTorr, * v ko, by'X:? ? if Sa?aw ID"De??rath'? Electric Oil?The demand c..uilno.. to ln?eat.. K?ry d.7 Mu,e ae? .e", ?"^2 P nf n. fir-.k, li J Caioaoo, III Jone M, 1*:.* trie Ol! a^r? h ?' r"r * K ,r,# w?"-thof your Klec irte oil, asaortod aizti, upon your usual teruia. J. H. But k Co. _ , _ _ .. _ PoBTLann, Main*. June < in ,* ?! m? 18 ,|r,z#n 25 cent, 36 dozen'so ent 11 ' " ""w fnT,h* '">???'? The d. rn*Hi for your Oil geem* to be lucreaalns her#. U II u.r ?i !i '? HI or lera eoou?h. A p'byalrUa of Uil.rlty procured ay K'ectrlr 0:1 yegterday tJ L n hVa f."t^c?e ? wVv'h1!'."^,,8wel"D?'- *c- H'? ''ertlUrate of ? relieved, when every tbln, eUe tailed o'ft^r? sou* ,1,# ?r,K,U" D'^'' 39 at; 4-Iw Pr?f- CHaa. Ds U?* th. Only Manufcrturer. a A* ^^^elor'a flair Dye.?Gray, raft" lu?Un?,r to a Beautiful and Natu ?il Brown or Black, without the len?t Injury to B?ir or Mkln A A'J.V i rD 0lw ?'?'? been aear'itd L Wm! A. Bateheler aince l<-jg ?nd over S0.000 application* huve been made to the Ma r of hi. patron, of hi. S. Dy. H wool^hl' rl ?' * U,e H*'r and w>?l?k?r? 1* unjuet aa It would be ?Kalu<t covering a bald head with a wla * m. A. U*TOBKLoa'? Hata I<t? produce* a color not t. h? ?\W^,r?m u?tnr?-?"J '? waaaAHTKD not to Injure J \ .'."""V.'ho*ever '?"? It may be coutlnued. J bold in all cltle. and town, of the United S^te. by Drna *l?t< and Pancy Go"d. Dealer.. ' 7 ? ?*The Oauulne ha. the name and addre*. ppon a ?teel CUA"- STOTT' ?"?"?V^toawaafc !l-/" fmpertant to the I*adiaa!_Dr. Dn ?ut?h??tha^fl?Al,,t P,,'L9 _Th* combination of (nrredi fcarlu.^i p*r,,c"7 h*rmlee. Their efficacy and **ears /nd UP"? ?? practice of over thirty rf-IV.f i * direction* have been ttrlctly fol r,M, ' /?!jr,r,,."evJ!r to correct all Irrecnlarltle* r ilev. paluful and dlGD-alt meuatraatlon, iparticular!r ) at . Tbey will cur. the Whlte.?nd r.??v, all obatructiou. arising frooi cold, eapocure .r any cau?.a ?nd m.ybe n*ed .nrCe,,ft,Ily r^entl *.. J*l"ZSa the agent and get a Circular for particular, free. e-fii w T,!.r - z' ,wUh fu" dlrectlou.. Sold whole.aU and 8AMi-ir hUw?W8-TOLTS Dru??,?l- H.nn.y|v.ul. .,inn. Md R 8 T'nm? f: S??*>?th .treet, Wa*lilngton, 0. C. ?Ill ?. 8. T. CM3BL, Georgetown ; te whom all order* must ?k ? I*l"f b? ,<,Dt cocfl<lentlally, by mail to ladle, who encloM them one dollar. ' B** re en the bo*; to it I. for ' j. ?-tf DIID. On the 7th Instant, MARTHA ANNA, daugh ter of Robert and Mary Kearon, aged '2 years and 47 days. I ROOT fc BRAJINISS. M. A. BOOT. O X GBANIflai. Photographic. Ambrotype, and Daguerrean Gallery. S NOW OPEN AT NO. 353 PENNSYLVA nla avenue, near SeTeotb itreet, wheie Pboto grapts. colored or plain ; Ambrotypes tinted and colored, new atyle; and Uaguerreotypes, are takeu In the highest perfection of the art. The public are respectfully Invited to visit our Gallerv whether desiring pictures or not. J y 29-3taw3w? BLAClllTOilE'l FAV1LIOFI. This place of resort will be open on the 3d day of J uly for the ac ^ commodatlon of visitors. The subscriber baa engaged a first rate Cotillion Uaud for-iiiJl the season, and with his large and spendld Ball Room offers vast inducements to the lovers of the d;mce. His table will be constantly supplied with all (he luxuries of the Potomac, and his Bar with the cholest liquors. This is known to be one of the healthiest places on the river, being situated between Blacklstone:a and St Catharine's Islands. There will be a celebratlou on the 4th of July, and Ball and publie Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, '21th J uly, Thursday, 7th August, and Thura dty '21st of August. The steamer Alice Prlc<j will land passengers during the walerint: seas <n. on Tuesdays and Fri days golni;down,and**ill stop for passengers on Wednesdays and Saturdays, on her return trips. The steamer Columbia will also land and take off Soaaengers on Wednesdays going to, and on Sun ays returning from Baltimore. Board??1 per day for a week or longer, f 1,29 lesa than a week Je'25-'2m OEORQE. W. BLACKISTONE. VENTILATING HATS !-*tf T E V E N S , Browns' Hotel, has thle <J^y received S r^ cases ventilating HATS from ''Brebe " / m Jf 10 Salesroom, Browns' Betel, * AUCTION BALES. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer CATALOGUE SALE OF A CHOICE COL J lection af Aacient and Madern Oil F&intlags.?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August 5th, at 5 o'clock,at the saloon over Farn Iiam's Bookstore, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street, 1 shall sell a choi e collection of Oil Paintings, Among them will be found a fine original picture hy Guide, "The Magda lene;" also, an original by Carrie ia, subject "Pomona;" two modern pictures, by A John son, of Edlnburg, subject "Scotch and Irlih Peasan'ry " Al*o. many original sketches in oil by living artists; amongst them we came Lanman, E. Wil liains. Borland, Ansdel Willies, Searby, Ac Ac , the whole forming a pleasing and valuable col lection. The Saloon win be open and the pictures on

free exhibition dally till the dav of sale. Terms cash. JAS. C. McGUIRE, jy30 Auctioneer. JD" The above sale Is postponed la eaa sequence of the unfavorable weather until THIS (Friday) EVENING, at 7% o'clock. au8-d JAS. C. McGUIRE Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome new pour.stohy Brick House at Aactloa On MONDAY, the 11th Vstant, I fhall sell, at 5 o'clock p. m , a beautiful four story Brie* House, with tengooi and conveniently arranged rooms, with wide pas sage, bath-room, and a large cistern in the yard, water and gas fixtures, and a cistern over the bath tub, built of the boat materials, and in modern style, situated on part of Lot No. 2, in square No. 518, fronting on nortb G, between 4th and 5th streets west, immediately noith and fiontlng Ju diciary Square The above described property it handsomely located, in n rapidly improving part of the city. Terms: 8500 cash ; S1.0U) to be paid the .6th day of December, 1858; the ba'ance in equal In stalments of 6, 12, and 24 months, for notes bear Inn interest A deed given, and a deed of trust taken. 'iaie indisputable. A.GREEN, au 7-d Auctioneer. V By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. ERY VALUABLE BRICK HOUSE AND Lot on Hie north side of Pennsylvania nvenae, between 3d and streets.?On TUESDAY, the vd day of September, 1 shall sell, in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p m , a very valuable Brick House and Lot, shuated on the north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and streets, being Lot No. 6, in reservation No iO, having a fronton Pennsylvania avenue of 25 feet, running back to a wide alley lfcOft.;?t, con taining 4.500 Square feet of ground, with the im {irovements, which are a good two-story brick louse, with necessary out-buildings. Tlie House stands a sufficient from the front to ad mit of a large building on the avenue, and the property is considered to be the most desirable now for sale on the avenue. Sale peremptory. Terms: One-fourth ca h ; balance in fi, 12, 19, and 21 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing in erest from day of sale. A deed civen and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the cost of tbe purchaser. If the terms are not complied with in five days from day of sale, the property will be res old at the risk and cost of the delifcquent. Title indisputable. A. GREEN, auOeo&ds Auctioneer. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS FROM WASHINGTON. Travellers from Washington A fjr t ?e Western Cities are advised that the Baltiirore and Ohio Railroad Company ban inide careful provision to ticket them and tochcck their baggage directly through from Washington ci'y to aUtue leading eltie in the West, the North west. and the Bouthwe*. Member* of Congress and others, at the adjourn ment, will find it {>ecullarlv to their e?iv,^nt*ge to avail themselves of the recently extended facill ties of this line, wM h is the onlv route that can atiord them through tickets and baggage checks in Washington. The trains start dally from Washington Station atft a. m., aud make prompt and direct connexion at Washington Junction ("Relay Houst' ) for Benwood and Wheeling, connecting at Benwood direct with Central ''hiorailrcad trains for Zanes vLle, Newark, Columbus, Xenia, Dayton, Cin cmnaM, Louisville. Indianapolis, Chicago, Terre Haute, Vincennes, Alton, St. l?ouis, t?prin:_fl-ld. Qulney, Bnrllngton,|?;a era, Rock Island, Du buque, Cairo, Memphis, Natchez, Vlcksb^rg, and New Orleans. Passenger* desiring to vi-w the enllre road by daylight may leave Washington at fi a rn and, reaching Cumberland at p. m., lie on there until 5.15 next morning, wnen they resume the trip by accommodation train, leaving thereat that time for Wheeling, ufcere it arrive* at 1 p. nt. By the 4 30 p m. train from Washington they may reach Benwood at 9)j a m. next day, or in serent'en hours from Washington By this connexion tkey rrach Clr.cinr.atl same night, or in 26? hours running time between Washington and Cincinnati. Caretul management, comfort of passengers, perfect safety are cardinal objects upon this mute, and trave'lers may rely upon them in secuiiog its advantages. For further particulars, tickets. Ac., Inquire of THUS H PARSONS, Auent, Washlngtou Sta tion, WILLIAM S WOODSIDE, Master of Transportation, Baltimore. au 7-2w FOR BOSTON. PACKET S C H O O N E R SEAR> V1LLE, Sears, has arrived and will have quick dispatch for the above port. P ot freight apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, Agents, au 6-5t No. 101 Water street, 6eorgt*town. MHKEREL-MAI KEREL? 5<i bbls No. 3, medium, new 20 do do large, do Now landing per Schr. Searsville, and for sale by HARTLEY A BKO., au 6-5t 101 Water st., Georgetown. LOST?NOT LONG SINCE, TWO DUE B1LL8, one for flv? hundred dollars and one for three hundred dollars, signed by Thomas R i hy. and drawn in my favor. This is to forewarn all persons from purchasing or otherwise tradiug as they Live been duly liquidated by said Kiley. WM TYLER, Steamboat Wharf, near ft-ot of an g-3t? Uth street. TO HOUSEKEEPERS. PERSONS WISHING TO PURCHASE superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy Sil ver Plated or Albata Ware, fine Japanned Tea Trays or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, Tea or Coffee Uin, Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan, Fur nace, or any of the hundred and one little etceteras needed by every housekeeper, will do well to call on FRANCIS, just above Odd Fellows' Hall, on Seventh street. He has good articles, and his prices are low. jy 28-tf THE PRISON OF WELTEVREDEN Afras^a, or Life and Love In Norway Tangletown Letters, at FERGUSON'S, 484 7ih ?t , next to Lammond's. m*lRT WHALEBONE, INDIA RUBBER Corset Boaids, Working Cotton, Transparent Bar Soap, for sale by au fl-3t LAMMOND. /CHOICE FAMILY HAMS, Prime Smoked Beef and Bologna 8ausage, Just in store and for sale by KING A BURCHKLL, 2?5 Vermont avenue, earner 15th *n 8 and I streets Fine old oovernment. mocha, Java, and Rio Coffee for sale by KING A BURCHELL, 265 Vermont avenue, er rner 15th au6 and 1 streets. MAO. MOUNT'S CONSUMPTION D*.sT TAOYER* This invaluable remedy can be had at No. 339 G street, between Eleventh and Twelfth, south side, oratfctott's Apothecary eorner of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue. References: Re*. Mr Phelps and Rev Mr. I Register, Foundry church; and certificate fmiu the Rev. J. Hanson- jy 22-lm* NOTICE. WITHER3'S BRASSANDSTRING BAND lately of New York ilty, begs leave to in form the public of Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, that they now ready to famish the mo : fashionable and appropriate Music of the day for Pic-Nlcs, Excursions. Bal s, and Parades on the most reasonable terms', at the shortest no tice, by leaving orders at Mr. HILBUS'S Music Depot, on Pennsylvania avenue, corner of llth street, or at Mr. WITHERS'residence No. 515 Sixth street, corner of G, south side, near the Gar rison. All orders promptly attended to. i> 23-lm* NOTICE. f^EN. WALTER JONES ? ND CHARLES LEE JONES have removed their office to No. S08, E street, between 3d and 4th streets Charles Lee Jones will practice In the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts held in the District of Columbia. Gen. Walter Jones, though mostly retired from general prac tice, will unite with nim and do his best to ad vance the success of clients by written statements and arguments, and by all alhei needful and proper exertions. Jy S-3m BOSTON 1CEI BOSTON ICE!! WE BEG LEAVE TO INFORM OCR customers and the public Id general that we received Just now 200 tons of pure BOSTON ICK wU'ch we shall sell during tne summer rea son thro'ighcut the city of Washington and ?eorgetown. aut-U - A. 1KSSLER* BROTHER. | AUCTION THISAFIBB800H AHD TOMOmBOW. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneer*. ON ACCOUNT OF WHO? IT WAT c?ra.-Ltr(r sale ?( 0*1<1 and Silver Watches Jewelry Gaarda, Peaclls, tilaas lltw tiici. and Flxtifi*< *c?? *t A?c? tiea. ?On FRIDAY MORNING. Augu*t8th, we will *11, at store No. 16 Pennsylvania ave nue. between 8th and 9th streets a large assort ment of Jewe ry, Ac., commencing at 10 o'clock. We uime, in part Gold and silver bunting slngle-c??e Lever and Plain W ate he* Gold pialed Watchea Pino Gold iiuard and Fob Chains Fine grid Breastpins and Earrlags Lockets, Cfcarms and Crosses Seal, set and plain Rings Gold Pens and Pencils 2 walnut Show Cases and Fixtures complete bight day and 30-hour Clock* With many other article* in the Jewelry line which are unnecessary to enumerate , ail of which will be sold without reserve Terms: f JO ard under, cash : over that turn, a credit of 30 and 01) days, fcr satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. WALL, BARNARD A CO , au7-d Auc'-loueers l.rr The sbtTt Sale will be csatiaaed THIS EVENING, et 7K o'clock, when will be added a large Invoice of New Books, Family Bi ble*. Ac WALL, BARNARD A CO au 8-lt Auctioneer* Bv J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S 8ALK OF FRAME HOUSE, Bakery, and Let the I.laad.? Bv vlr tue of a deed !n tixst, bearing date on the 22d August, tf54 recorded in llN?r J A S . No. 85, folios 141, et sen , tfce an bsrriber will sell, at pua lie sale, on MONDAY, the 4th of Atigust, l6^*, atd^ o'clock p m., on the premise*, perts of lo's Nos 24 and 25. In square No ?39. fronting 45feet on south F street. by 66 feet 6 inches on yd street west, with the Improvement*, which consist cf a well-built and comfortable two-story frame Dwtl - ling Hou*e and Bakery. The above property 1* situated in a rapidly im proving part of the city and offer* a very revor able cpportunlty to persons desiring to obtain a residence or place of business, cr to Invest Terms of sale: One third ' ish; and the bal ance In 6, ard 12 mon'hs. for notes bearing interest secured upon the property, and If not com plied with In live days after the'sale the property will be resold, upon one week'* notice, at the risk and expense of tfee purcheser * All conveyancing at the eipenaeofthe purchas er. Cfln? 8 WALLACH, Trnstee J AS. C. McGU IR R, Jy ll-2awAds Auctioneer. The above tale 1* postponed ac count of the rain until FRIDAY, AugustStb, same hour and place. CHAS. S. WALLACH, Trustee. J AS. C. McGU I HE, au 5-eoAds Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. EXECUTOR'S SA LE?On SATURDAY MORNING, the 9th instant, at 1U o'clock, al the Auction Rooms of J as. C McGnire, In Wash ington city, the subs rll?er, as exec utor of the last will and testament of the late Dr Gecr*eW Cherry, will sell at public auction for ca*h to the highest bidder, all the personal eff*;'s of the said Dr. ?:her y, consisting mainly of a United State* patent-right for the ?oie and exclusive use of a stone saw. WM. K MASTFRS, Executor. au 6-d J C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. Bv A GREEN. Auctioneer. VALI'A B'.C Bl'ILDINO LOTS AT AFC. tion?On MONDAY, the 11th ln?tant, 1 shall tell In front of tte premises, at 6 o'clock p m , two handscrr.e Building Lets, situated or 16th street west, between E and F street* north l>elng the touth half cf Lot No. its and ail of Lol No. 19, In Square 113. Part of Lot 1? fronts 2S feet Inch by 140 fret 1 inch ; lot No 19 fronti .36 feet by 1C9 feet 1 inch ; the whole front 1* feet 2% incht .??, hard^omely located, in the Imme diate vicinity of the Navy Derartrr.^nt Terms: One-half casu ; balance in six and twelve months, for ectes bearing lnten f.ora day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken Title 1 ndisputaoie. A. GREEN, au 6-d Auctioneer By A. GRKKN. Auctioneer. InVO.STOHVBHK K HOUSE AND LOT at Aacttan.?On TUESDAY, the Nth in stant, 1 shall Fell, in front of tne premises, at 6 o' lock p. m , a good twe story Brick House, with back building, nine good and ronvenlentlj arranged rooms with wide ptssage, and the lo'i rn which It st nds, 1 avin? a front of 24 feet an<1 privilege of a 5 feet s'de alley. The above desc.r'b^d pr<*H*rty i* iu Square No 319, on the west s'.dc of Tenth street west, be tween north C street and Pennsylvania evenue lis location is handsome and position central. ar<! presents many Inducements to persons wishing ti make a good Investment. Terms One fourth cash . balance in one, two ard tbree years; the purchaser to give notes foi tte deferred payments, bearing Interest from ih? the day of tale. A deed given and a deed of trusl taken. Title indisputable. A. GREEN, aul-d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. National theatre at auction. By virtue of a deed of trust from Wm H Winder, to the subscriber*, dated the ?tb dav of December, ItSO. and recorded among the Land records of Washington couaty In Liber J A.B., N o. 20, folio 3-0, et seq , and at the re quest cf tb< - artv secured th?-nby, we will proceed to tell, on thursday. August29th, at 6 o'clock p m . tc theMubest bidder, (unless the debt la previously fiaid.) Lots Nos 3, and 4, In square 254, as des ignated on the ground plan of the city of Wash ington, (ex eptTng that part of Lot No 3 hereto fore conveyed to one Allison Nallor.) togethei with the buildings, Ac., situated thereon, knowr as the National 3 heatre. The above se'.e wilt be subject to a prior trust, given to secure a debt of ?7,000, as stated In the deed above cited. The sale will take place on the premises, and the terms therof will oe : One-third cash , and the residue in six, ard twelvemonths, with inter est from the d:y or sale, for wnich the purcbssei will be required to give notes of equil amount If the terms of sale aie not complied wi'b within 4ve days from the day of sale, the trnstee* reserve the right to cancel th<? sale to or resell the *>rop e'ty. at the risk and ecst of *he delinquent pur chaser, on on* week's public no'ice, on such terms as they may ele t. On compliance with the terms, the trustees will convey the title vested la them to the pur -baser or purchasers, and take a new trust to secure the deferred fayment*, or con vev, on the full payment cf the purchase money and Interest, ai the purchaser's option ; in either case at the purchaser'* coat. ANTHONY HYDE,) THO R.SUTER, J irus.eea. Jy23-ecdfcd* A GRLEN, Auct'r WOOD AND COAL DEPOT, N. W. corner Twelfth and C atreet. No 547, Cm square south of tks Avenue. The bkst article guaranteed ? All Coal cirefully weighed?2,240 to the ton, from which there ia no deviation, sttmxmly to reduce the price. Perron* laying in their winter fuel will And it to their advantage to leave their order* to be tup plied from the veast 1* on their arrival U^Coal kept under cover. Wood of the best quality always on hand. Jy 29-tr T J. A W. M 6ALT. TOPHAM fc NOftFLKI'l NEW AND CHEAP IADDLS, HARNESS AND TRUWK 8T0B1. 4'.'9 Seventh st , oppc-nite Odd Fellows' Hall MESSRS. TOP HAM. ttfefa^Llate of Philadelphia, and aj?H?NORFLET of this city,, * respectfully announce to their friends and the nubile, that they have com mence the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly ou hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens', Ladies', and Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTINGALES, and WHIPS. HARNESS of every description, both for city and country use. AU kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR. PET BAGS Ladle*' SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING LASKETS,and FANCY WORK BtJ*ES. HORSE blankets, COVERS, COLLARS, and I1AMKS. Horse,Spoke, and Dust HKUHH* ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, *c.,4ke. A.l material used will be the beat that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen for several years, we feel conftdent that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability. By nnremittiow efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, ana respectfully aolioll, ? share of public patronaga. Paatlcular attention paid to oevertB( Vraaka and repairing all klnda of work. Saddlers'tool* constantly on hand, aav 7?tf PISTOLS. tOLT'S AND ALLEN'S REVOLVERS; y Single Barrel Pistol-of every size, qualify, and price; Percussion Cap*, Shot Pouches, Pow der Flasks. Gun Waauing, Gun Nipple*. Ham mers, Screws, Ram Ro<f Heads, fcun Wtrms, Watd Cutter*, Nipple Wrenches Main Springs, and a good assortment af Gunsmiths^ materials, for tale law by E K LUNDY, jy83-tr Na. K Bridge street. Gaorgetc-vn. DOIHBUN WHISKEY FROM KEBTUC K Y, direct; 14 years old. purchased through the agency of a gent avian lesideatof thatcountry now in thla city. Prloe 91 per gallon Forsileby JAS. H. ?HKKELL. au 5-lw (Intel) 279, F at. eor !?'??. FJPc CHEAP STATIONERV. SCHOOL Hooks, Balm of Thousand Flowrrs call at A au ? is* Seveutk at. C TELEGRAPHIC ZTBWS FROM THX ASSOCIATED PR St 8 ? V Hoist PRIFITinO IRLMK1PH. ARRIVALJ)F THE ASIA. THREE DAYS LATER FROM RVROfE New Yore, August 7.?The Canard 1U40 ship Asia, from Liverpool on the 26th ultimo, arrived this afternoon The Liverpool cotton market ia reported firm and unchained Breadstwlfs an retried by most of tbecireulartM uo<*h??i??l. MeMn Biglaud, Aytha k Co , however, quote fl >er at Ad.als lowe<, chiefly on the lower qaalitiee. corn 6d lower, and wheat dnll, with a decli ning tendency The weather had Utn favor ah!e for the growing erone Beef ?u un changed, with an active demand Pork war in active speculative demand a 74* a*2s M. GREAT BRITIAN. During a discussion on Spanish affair* in Parliament Lord Palmerston at ate d that there wai nothing at present which could lea 1 in any way to interference of the French Gov ernment in the affairs of Spain ; that the Em peror of France, a* a just man, would feel that foreign interference would be unjust, be was also a man of great sagacity, and bad ? h?>wn that interference heretofore in Spacuh difficulties had been attended with disaster to thoee interfering. There was no reacon be said, for apprehending that Napoleon bad any such intention The Morning Advertiser ssys that the American question may be regarded as virtu ally settled, and it will be pr.bab!j be an nounced in the speech of her Majesty on the prorogation of Parliameut The terms agreed <>n arc that the Bay Inlands revert to Hondu ras, that Republic pledging itself never to cede them to any other Power, or allow inter ference in their affairs. America heartily ac quiesces in this arrangement, aid joij? in a tripartite with Honduras to carry the agree ment into effect. France is also a oonscutiug party to the agreement, and esnressed readi ness to sign the treaty if deemed necessary. FRANCE The ir.tentions of the French government regarding Spain are the subject ot much spec ulation in Paris. It is said that if O Donne 11 is successful France oan have no occasion to interfere. Or the other hand, showld the Liberals succeed, and the Qaeen be required to abdicate in favor of the Princess of Astunas, with Espsrtero as regrnt, neither w< ulu France interfere; but if the Duchess of Montpensier should become next heir to the throne, or rhould a republic be proclaimed, then France would invade Spain Prince Lucieu Bona parte has gone on a mission to Madrid. SPAIN. Advices from Spain of the 18th give the offi cial n< counts of the insurrection The Na tional Guard was almost entirely disarmed. Domiciliary visit* were being made to secure all arms in the hands of citizens Num*r ia arrests bad also been made. In Madrid the Royal troops are estimated to have lost forty or fifty killed and one hundred wounded. The lots of the insurgents is not known. The fight ing at Barcelona lasted two days. A portion of the troops at Saragossa remain faitnful to the Queen. Ibe Government is dispatching all available troops towards this iMt strong bold of the insurrectionist*, with orders not to fight in the streets, but bombard the city from :he adj>ining f^rts. The London Sun says that twelve hundred were killed in the streets of Barcelona; the people fought behind barricades, with deter mined courage for three days, when their leaders deserted. Ibe latest advices announce that Madrid is tranquil. Espartero is still there, but O'Djn neil n-id ffered him his passports to any pari .#f Spain or abroad Private accounts aay that the Royal troops ehowed great ferocity at Madrid, Tiaving butchered several compa nies of the National Guard after their sur render Maishal Narvaei offered h:. -ervi 'oa to O'Donnell when the affair commenced. He has he< n npp>intei Mini- rr to Paris Paris, July 24 ?The Royal troops are int - ters of every point ir Barcelona, but slut re main under arms Preparation; are making to cxccute all taken iu arms Ger >na ha* ri*en, whTe General Ruiz c< mmand* the gar rison ?? ? Arrival of the Vigo New York. August 8.?The French propel ler steamship Vigo, from Havre, arrived thi* morning. She brings no later advice* from Europe. - Letter Bag Seized. New York August 8 ?The letter bags of the French propeller Alma were seized yester day by the Government officers Now Ronte to Boston Ntw York. Aug. 8 ?Cornelius Vanderbilt has purchased the New York and Boston Cen tral Railroad, and will ruu -tcamers In con nection therewith, thus forming a new line to Boston. Michigan Politics Detroit, Aug h ?The Democratic State Convention has nominated ex Senator Phelps for Governor, and a ticket for Presidential elccters, and adopted strong anti Maine Law resolutions. ? Missouri Election. St Locis, Aug 8?Galloway eouuty gives Ewiug 300 majority. Scctt County, Ewtng ISO majority. Lincoln county, Polk ?00 ma jority. ?? Iowa Election DcBryua. Aug 8.?Davia and Cartis, Re* publicans, are elected to Congress from this state The State is claimed by the Republi cans oy five thousand majority Arkansas Election. Cincinnati, Aug. 8 ?Critter den couaty, Aikansas elects the entire American ticket. Yell, the American candidate, is elected Gov ernor by a lar^e majority [Nonsense !?Ed. Star ] Kentucky Election. Cihcinnati, Aug. 8.?Returns from thirty six counties in Kentucky, mostly complete, give American majorities of apwards of 2.000 ?showing a Democratic gain, as compared with the last Gubernatorial rote, ot 5,650, when the Amerioans carried the State by about 4 400 votes. North Carolina Election Raleigh, August 8, a. m ?Wake, John son, Orange, Alamance, Guilford, Rowan and Davidson counties have been heard from, and all tbow large Democratic gains, except Guil ford, where Gilmer, the American candidate for Governor, gains 400 In the foregoing counties the Democrats (tain Ave members ot the Legislature Paul C. Cameron. Esq , is elected to the Senate from Orange county?a Democratic gain. |SECOND DISPATCH j Wilmington, Aug 8 ?New Hanover ooun ty gives 950 inajjrity for Bragg, a large gain. Columbus 278 majority for Bragg, a gain. Brunswick county Las gone American by 89 majority, a gain for tiilmer 'ine Democratic gain in these counties is 124. The Democrats have undoubtedly carried the Statu. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, Aug b.?Flour is heavy; aales of 1.700 bbls. at $7. Wheat has declined 5a8c.; good to prime reds ?1.45a$l 40; whites SI i>0a$l.flu. Corn, white 58afi5o.; yellow A3afi4o. lew York Markets Nnw Yona, Aug 8 ?Flour ia lower; sales of 8 500 bbls; good State $0.04; superfine Ohio $H 45, standard Southern $8. Wheat has declined 3s*c.; sales of 17,60'> bushels; prices are unsettled *s yet Corn is lower; sales 29,000 bushels; Southern mixed ?Uc. Pork is easier; aales of 250 bbls ; me?s $20 Beef is dull; sales of 250 bbls ; repacked me a $11. Lard ia steady; sales of 150 bbls. at L2fc Whisky is unchanged; sales of 100 bbls., Ohio 39c. ?? Finaneial. Nnw Yore, Aug. 8.?Sto?ks are higher, Chioago and Roek Island 921; Cuta erlamt Coal Company 19f; Illinois Central Share* 108, Illinois Central bonds 914; New Y >rk Central 90; Reading 92, Virginia fl s 93, Mis f>uri 6 s feflf. 4. Sterling exchangers Arm.