Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTONCITY: ?ATl'R DAY Aapit 0, 1900. Advertixrnienu should be handed in by 1* 'clock, m , otherwise they may Mot appear until the n?i' day. ?pikit or the horning press The Umion predict* that if the Republi cans in the llouse Insist on the revolutionary clauses of the Army appropriation bill strick en out by the Senate, the bill will be entirely defeated, and pronounces the nomination of 8. 8. Coxe, Esq., in the Columbus, Ohio, dif. trict, one eminently fit to be made. The Intelligencer quoting an article from the Alexandria Gazette, complimentary to Senator Crittenden takes occasion to say : " To those who have, with us, been familiar with the Senatorial career of Mr. Crittenden at different periods during nearly forty years, and bare witnessed bis unceasing devotion to the interest of his whole country and to the entire spirit of its Constitution, no new proof was necessary to add to the estimate which bad long since been formed of tbe truly na tional heart and mind of that gentleman In deed, in the existing political oondition of pablie affairs, our Whig friends will a/rree with us that tbe mantle of Henry Clay his old .'riend and colleague, would seem literally to have fallen upon hia shoulders. " Many aa there are, we are happy to say, of patriotic and manly spirits in the elevated body where the veteran Senator in question haa so long shone, we are yet sure that there is not one who will not accord a hearty assent to the justice of the tribute here rendered, or ??iT: i- ,! dl,Para?ed by the compliment paiu to him." WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Th? Elections.?Below we present the ad ditional election returns received since our lajt issue : MISSOURI. Calloway county gives Ewing, American, 300 majority; it gave 129 Whig majority in 1854. Scott county gives Ewing 180 majority; it gave 177 Whig majority. Lincoln county gives Polk, anti-Benton, 300 major?.y ; it gave 123 L>em<-'cratic majority The contest for Governor is between Polk and Ewing. Phelps, Green, Jacks.*, and Caruthers, (Democrats,) and Blair, (independent Repub lican,) are believed to be electcd to Congress. The political complexion of the Legislature is Lnt yet ascertained. Two United States S*>na?ors are to he chosen by it, in place of AtcLison, (Dc-m ,) whoso term of service has expired, and Gcyer, who was elected as a W.iig. Ihe f.iMw'i.g tab'.t. exhibits the result of tka ? i .or Governor. s<. t#?r as the returns h?ve d?.?,. ' ccivtd : Coumit, Bxxioa. Pjlx. Kwimo. St. Louie, (oflic'I)..6,303 2 731 4.713 St. Frances ? 400 m. ? Lincoln _ 300 m. ? ?wtr! - 300 m. ? *;l>nton ? 150 m. - ? ? 100 m. S,ke - 75 m. - Mr"? - - 400 w. ? euevieve _ ^ m _ Monroe ? 250 m St. Charles 250 m. Cole *?????#??????. 75 id - ? ?f"?Way ~ ' - 300 m. beott ? ? ISO m. KOHTH CAROLINA. Halifax county elects two Democratic Com moner*, and prclably an "American" Sena tor, Nortuampt^n county gives two Demo cratic Ccmmoters and a Senator. Bragg gains 100 votes in Wayne, and has a small ga.n in Hertford. The returns generally show that Bragg is elected Governor. KXJITrCKY. Returns from forty-nine counties have been | received, givii g American majorities amount- I ing to 2,?74 The Democratic gain is 7,477. Telegraphic Election News ?Yesterday, we haJ barely time to append the word " non ?ense" to the following dispatch, sent to us in perfect good faith, doubtless, by our agent at tbe North Ci5ci5.\ati, Aug. 8 ?Crittenden county, Arkansas, elects the entire American ticket. Yell, the American candidate, is elected Gov ercor^ty a large majority. Now. by way of explaining why we ex pressed the opinion that this despatch is but noLsenee, we have to gay that Crittenden counjjjr, Arkan?a?, lies on the Mississippi, im. mediately opposite Memphis, and votes at most, three hundred votes. And further that there being neither a telegraph wire, railroad, turnpike or even a daily mail within the lim its of the State, it is utterly impossible that the result of the Arkansas election can be known in Memphis for two weeks after thie fucny dispatch was sent off. The Speech of Mr. Davig.-We regret not being able to hear the speech of the Hon. Henry Winter Davis, delivered in the House hall on the n:ght before last, because it Las given rise io perhaps more invidious conver eational comments on one side, and to more ve hement praises on the other, the Republican side, than any other oratorical effort of the session So delighted are the Republicans wt:h it, we hear as that they design sending forth an edition of a hundred thousand copies, as being one cf the very best Fremont elec tioneering documents evolved from the heated caulJrcn of the hall in the course of this so remarkably heated session. We learn that it was in capital keepiag with the abolition sentiments charged upon Mr Davis when a candidate before the people, and that its quod erat 'lewionstranduwi is simply to make Fr^ moat voters at the North out of Fillmore men. It is sincerely to be hoped that it may ob tain a circulation among the people of Mary land as wide as that which those who will essay thus to strengthen their own political positions, tbe abolitionist* of Congress, will give it among their own constituents. We have of late been endeavoring to open the ey*s of the Know Nothings of Maryland to tbe f"Ct that Northern Fillmoreism, despite it* soft words to them, is as emphatically bent on abolilionising Kansas and as vehemently opposed to the admission of another slave ho'ding St ite, as tbe most ultra Republican paruiauehip in the land. They (the Maryland Know Nothings) need but read the effort of their own representative to be convinced not only of the truth of our representations in this ?latter, but that tbe New York Herald s declaration that those at tbe South who in their bearta desire tbe triumph of Fremont, fight in the current ounL?( under Mr. Fill more's banner. __ The Burglary Triala?brought to ? elope ye^rday in the Criminal Court for this eoun ty-exbibit a c areer of crime on the part of the mtsguided young men who were arraigned almost unprecedented in the annals of Amer wan jurisprudence. They were indieted for eighteen distinct oTences? larcenies, burgla rs, arson, Ac ? and were convicted on all the indictments against them tried. Their sentence of six years' imprisonment each, in the District penitentiary, was well deserved. Their conduct in the dock, proved them, one and ,?I1, to bo as hardened and reckless u though they had graduated at half the Stat* prisons in the land. We refer to this matter now, only by way of calling the attention of the youth of our city to their speedy detec tion and condign punishment. They have years to serve in the penitentiary at hard labor, for every month they rioted on the ill gotten proceeds of their crimes, that followed one after the other so swiftly?a result that in nine cases out of ten, is sura, at some time or other, to follow conduct like theirs. People of Maryland, "Why Doubt 1"?The New York Express, commenting on a letter from a Northern anti-slavery lady, who pro fesses to believe that Mr. Fillmore may nol be sufficiently emphatic against slavery in Kan* sas to justify her in advising her sons to vote for him, as she would otherwise like to do. says: " (1.) See Mr. Fi'lmore's Rochester speech. It is clear and emphatic on this subject. Among many other things he said? " 11 have no hesitation in saying what most know already, that I was decidedly opposed to th$ re]>enl of that compromise. Good faith, as well as the peace of the country, seemed to requiro that a compromise which had stood for more than thirty years should not be wan tonly disturbed. * * The repeal seems to have been a Pandora's Box, out of which have issued all political evils that now ajflict the country "(2.) Why ask this question ? What rea son affords Mr Fillmore's life for the ask ing? Look at his votes in Congress, when re presenting the Erie district, N. Y. Contrast them with Fremont's when only seventeen working days in the U. 8. Senate. Mr Fill more is the only President, under whose ad ministration Free Territory has been annexed to the Union. Louisiana, Texas, and Florida were Slave Territories, ?but California, under Fillmore, came into the Union "Free." Whv doubt?" 7 The Current Operations of the Treaanry Department.?On yesterday, 8th of August, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt.... $939 84 For the redemption of Stocks.... 9,332 17 For the Treasury Department... 12.97H 49 For the Interior Department 40,930 57 For Custom* 40,019 61 War warrants received and en tered- 11,700 00 iromit scellaneousBouroes 739 61 From Cuatcin? 400 00 ?Jn account of tne Navy. 86,999 63 Repayment on account of the NavJ 1,428 16 COWOHFSSIOSAL PROCEEDINGS la the Senate, yesterday, after we went to pre??, tha bill for tho relief of R. W. Thomp son, of Indiana, was laid aside ; and on a motion to take up the Pacific Railroad bill no quojum voted Mr Bigler, rising to a personal explanation, de iifd the truth of a rumor that he had de clared that Buchanan c*uld not carry New Jersey, ?aid to be based on the authority of Senator Wilson. Mr Wilson disclaimed ever having given rise to any such story, not having at any time conversed with Mr. B. on the fubject Mr. liigler having thanked Mr. W. for his prompt disclaimer, they adjourned. In the House, a large number of reports were made on private petitions, and the hills having been committed and the adverse re ports laid on the table, they went ii to Com mittee, (Mr Grow in the chair ) and resumed the consideration of the bill making appropri ation for certain civil expenses of the Govern ment for the year ending June 30, 1857. Numerous amendments were moved, mostly relating to appropriations for the construction of marine hospitals, custom-houses, post offices, and court-houses. Mr Goode moved to insert in the bill an ap propriation of $300,000 to continue the work on the Washington aqueduct, which led to some discussion. Messrs Goode, Keitt, and Smith of Virginia, advocated the amendment, contending that the aqueduct was demanded by the exigen cies of the public service, and that unless the appropriation should be made great injury would result to the work by its exposure, in its present condition, to the frosts of winter Mr. Covode spoke against the amendment, criticising the estimates and declaring the whole scheme wild. Mr Greenwood hoped that the time of the House would not be consumed in the discus sion of this question, as the majority of twen ty-seven given against the appropriation at an earlier stage of the session exhibited the fact the House was against the continuance of the work at the present time. The amendment was rejected?ayes 49, I noes 74. Mr Campbell, of Ohio, on the recommenda tion of the Committee of Ways and Means, moved t? strike out of the bill the item ap propriating 5150,000 for finishing the portico ana entrance of the west wing of tho Patent Office building Ac , stating that the appro priations asked by the Secretary of the Inte rior for this building were made in the defi ciency bill, and the Committee were not dis posed to force upon that officer any more money than he had called for; agreed to. On motion of Mr Campbell, of Ohio, the item appropriating 56.000 for the construction ef a Attwer in Judiciary square was stricken out On motion of Mr Ball, from the Committee cn Public Building and Grounds, an appro priation of 55,000 was inserted in the bill for rebuilding the Franklin engine house, in cluding the purchase of a suitable lot. Mr. Hrlloway m <ved to strike out the item appropriating 525 000 for the collection of agricultural statistics, and procuring and dis tributing cuttings and se?d?, and to insert in lieu thereof the following : " For the colkction of agricultural statis tics. investigations for promoting agricultural and rural economy, iud the procurement and distribution of cuttings and seeds, 176,000, to be expended under the direction of the Com missioner of Patent*." Alter considerable debate, principally in reference to the manner of distribution of the seeds, the amendment was agreed to. Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, from tha Committee Of Ways and Means, moved an amendment appropriating $75,000 to complete tho bridge across the i'oto;qac at the Little Falls, agree ably to the plan aiie&dy adopted Mr Stanton moved to r?dt?c* the amount to five thousand dollars, and opposed tup amend ment of the committee. The motion agreed to, when Mr S made an ineffectual attempt to strike out the estiro clause as amended At o p. m. the Committee found Itself with out a quorum, when they rose; and shortly afterwards the House adjourned. Frsceediagaaf re-Day. The Senate ware in Executive session, en tirely, this morning. In the House, a resolution was |4oj>ted re questing the Postmaster General to cau?e inquiry to be made to ascertain who are the depredators engaged in abstracting from the cit? m*,U books, docu S?*?" inAh?ChtirT*ih'.,'l<i (Mr. Urow b.n ,o contract m?d. th. fiiMutire branch ?rL* gor.n>a>ent for th. ..t. for th. p<*t offlco Id B?itusor?, Md , which km debited b? M.u,, H.rru. 0o?U, Sto?rt, and L.fcb.r; when it was rejected The said bill wat akortly afterwards laid aside, to be favorable renortad apoo: and the Indian appropriation bill having been taken up, Mr. Orr was addressing the com in it too at length upon it when the Star went to pros*. PERSONAL. ... .John Mitchell if at the Montrale Springs, Tennessee. .... Mariano Torrente, who proposed the in troduction of 40,000 African '? free oolouists" into Cuba, ia dead ....Strickland the actor, has abandoned the stage for the pal pit and preached at Dr. Baldwin*! church in East Troy on Sunday last. ....At the late commencement of Dart* mouth College, the degree of LL. D. wa? conferred on Mr. Joseph Worcester, of diction ary renown, Boston. ....JohnB. Breckinridge, who wounded young Leavenworth in a duel at Niagara Falls, is now one of the editors of the New Orleans Delta. .... Max Maretiek has taken the New York Academy of Music from Mr. Paine, and will open the opera season in September, to close on the 1st of Ootober, when Paine's lease ex pires .... Rev. Geo. Aiken, of the Holston Con ference, familiarly known as "Father Aiken," died suddenly a few 'days since in Abingdon, Va Mr Aiken wrts about the oldest minister connected with the Conference. .... P Johnson on Sunday last, performed the perilous feat of swimming across the Ni agara river between the falls and suspension bridge. This was the first time the feat has ever been attempted. .... Hon. Edward Everett has given S500 to his native town of Dorchester, for the pur chase of a library for its high school. A Bos ton publishing house agree to furnish the books at cost. .... The New Orleans papers announce the death of Andrew llodge, Esq , formerly of Philadelphia, but for many years a highly re spectable and prominent citizen of the former place. lie was a brother of our fellow-towns man, William L llodge, Esq. .... It is stated that in St Francis county, Arkansas, recently " a one-eyed man stole a ono-eyed mule, was arrested by a one eyed Sheriff, and tried before a one-eyed Judge," and transported to One ida county, N i. .... Rev. Dr. Dusbneli, of Hartford, writes from California, to the New York Independ ent, a graphic account of the immense cedars of California, the greatest trees in tho world. One of them, which had been felled, be as?er tained by counting the grains of the stump, to bo twelve hundred and eighty years old When Mahomet was at the nurse this tree was sprouting. .....A few weeks ago, several individual; arrived at New Bedford, as sailors on board of one of our whaleships They belonged to some of the islaids in the South Pacific where human flesh is considered the best eating that can be procured. On being interrogated as to which they preferred for dinner, an English man or a Frenchman, they spoke strongly in favor of the former, for the reason that he was '-more juicy." ....Mr Charles Hallock, who has been connectcd with the New Haven Register, will hereafter bo associated with the N. Y. Jour nal of Commerce. He is an accomplished gentleman and an experienced and able wri ter. The Register Bays?'He will bo an ac quisition to the Journal of Commerce, both trom the capacity and industry which he will carry to it, as well as in his sound views of national politics." ,' .... The editor of the Savannah Republic an apologizes for a typograi hical error, in speaking of Col Benton s " Thirty Years in the U S Senate " The printers put it '?Bears " Tho Republican dryly observes,? "The correction was made in the proof, but the compositor insisted on having it ''Bears," no doubt fo/getting the important fact that the Senate, in Mr Benton's day, was a very dif ferent body of animals from what it is at pres ent. .... During a thunder storm in tho town of Berne recently, says the Albany Knicker bocker. the electric fluid struck an apple tree against which a young man by the name of Lawrence was leaning It split the tree from top to bottom, making a gap sufficiently large to let Mr. L slip \*i about a foot, imme diately after which it sprung t<>, and held him as tight us if he hud been in a steel trap. Before ho could be extricated, a resort to axes and crowbars became necessary. 'I his is prob ably one of the tightest places that Mr. L. ever got into. .... A correspondent of the Petersburg Democrat, writing from Spangler's White Sul phur Hotel, Greenbrier. \ a , says : '' I learn this property, so long held by the Callwell family is now about passing into the hands of a well known banking party of Washington city, for the sum of S700 000, and it will be improved at an expense of $500,000, thus mnking it the most desirable spot for art and nature combined ; this change will in crease the capital stock to $13.000?and ulti mately it will be garden of springs and the resort of the Union. POLITICAL ITEMS. The Boston Journal has denied that Ed- 1 ward Everett supports Fillmore. The Boston delegation to the Fitchburg I Fremont Convention, have engaged tho "Cal- I liopo" musical steam whistle to accompany them. Tho Memphis Eagle learns from a gentle- I man of Texas, that the German and other foreigners of the Western part of that State, I have nominated a Fremont electoral ticket. | The Indianapolis Sentinel announces that 1 John C Breckinridge will bo present at ths I great Battleground meeting of the Democracy, near Lafayette, Indiana, on the 8th of Sep- I tember. Francis P Blair, Jr , just elected to Con- I Kress from St. Louis district, ou the Benton I ticket, is a son ef Francis P.Blair, Esq., of Maryland, and occupies nearly, if not quite, I the urne position on the slavery question as his father. Mayor Stevens, of Buffalo, a week or two I since, was requested, by u vote in the Com I mon Council to resign his office, because he I bad announced his intention to support the I ^remopt party, but in a message to the Board I on Tuesday, he declines to comply with the | request. The St. Louis Democrat, Benton, offers one I thousand dollars reward f.)r the detection of I tho person who inserted it the head of the I State ticket, as it appeared in that paner in their issue of the 3d inst , tho words, -Black I Republican Ticket *' The Democrat advo- I cates Free State government for Kansas. The Pennsylvania Fillmore Know Nothing I Convention closed it setting at Harrisburgh, on I the ?tb instant. Alter the Presidential elec- I tors had been appoiuted a resolution was of- I fered empowering the committee to fill the va- I uuaoy in the Fourteenth district. Ponding its I consideration the following substitute was of- I fered : Resolved, That no committee?no matter by I whom appointed?except for death or resigna- I tion, shall have power to change tho Fillmore I electoral ticket The resolution was debated at considerable length, amid various motions to atljourn .sine I die, wf.en it was fiually tabled. The original resolution was then adopted. During the holding of the Fillmore meeting in Boston, on Monday night, Mr Ely, presi dent of the newly established Fillmore Know Nothing fctate Counoi), displayed to the audi ence two transparencies, and asked them which they would choose ? One represented Liberty resting on the national shield, with the inscrip tion, " Fillmore's standard of political alle giance?the Bible and the constitution " The other represented a Romish bishop resting on a large cross, with the inscription, ''Fremont's standard of political allegiance, in imitation of eafly (Jesuit) explorers." Great confusion followed the exhibition of these inscriptions. The majority of those in the body of the hall eheered, while those in the gallery biased. Fi nally ap afdent Fillmore man olimbed the platform, snatched the flag inscribed with Fremont's name, apd w;w about making off, when be was seized by Jonathan Pierce and others, who ware on the platform, and handled very reugbly, it being supposed that lie was a Fremont man. Inobpshdsbci ot Dominica ?A vessel at Grand Turk, from Portau Prince, reports that the Emperor Soulouque was about to aoknowl. edge the independence of the Dominican Re public, and that a treaty of peace will shortly b?concluded between the two parties who in habit the island of St. Domingo. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, August 9, 1850. The County Court adjourned on Thursday after a sefsion of four days. Beside the crim inal business heretofore mentioned, the Com* monwealth entered a voile prosequi in the oace of Dominick Oillen. A negro named John Mamp was convieted of petty larceny, aod sentenced to imprisonment and stripes. The thunder storm of yesterday was auite severe in this vicinity. The steeple of the I Friendship Engine House and the turret of I court house were struck by lightning during the storm and somewhat injured Mr. W. L. Penn, chosen Superintendent of Police by the American party at the last elec tion. withdraws from all connection with thom '?henceforth and forever." Mr. Irving, of the Lynchburg Virginian, is stopping at the Mansion House There have been, says the Qaiette, fewer interments during the last month than usual. The large number of vessels now at the coal wharf attest the constant inore&se of the coal trade, and furnishes a fine answer to the croaking* that the inspection law passed by the last General Assembly would ruin our commerce. Am. The Valley Bank.? The Hagerstown Torch Light gives the following particulars in relation to the breaking down of this institu tion 44 A considerable excitement was crea ted in this community by the arrival, on Sat urday last, of several brokers from New York and Baltimoro with large sums of Valley Bank notes, which they brought with them for redemption. We understand that the Bank continued to redeem until 2 o'clock, the usual time for closing, when it shut down. One of the brokers afterwards sold several hundred dollars of its notes to a citizen of this town, at a discount of fifty per cent, which were taken to :he Bank on Monday morning and re deemed in full. The Bank redeemed, during Monday, those of its notes which were presen ted at it4 counter by citizens of our town and county, but closed its doors upon the brokers. A few days will determine its oondition, and in the meantime we shall 1 stand from, under.' " As Appointment.?A gentleman who was present at a meeting of the Spiritualist* of Lowell last Sabbath, says that a corpulent man, who seemed to havo charge gave out an appointment as follows: "Next Sabbath morning, at tbo usual hour of divine wor ship, Gen. Andrew Jackson will lecture through the medium ot Brother Pierce." lie added further?"that Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock, the ladies would assemble to decorate tho hall for the reception of General Andrew Jackson's Spirit."?Andover Adver tiser. A Fast You no Woman?It is stated that there is at Saratoga a fine looking Indian girl, only fourteen years of age, who has a child three years old. m One of tbe Toasts.?We think this senti ment better even than the standard "day we celebrate," toast : 4-The Women of Revolu tion?mothers of mon and patriots : Tho Wo men of day?Hoop! hoop! hurrah"" In Iowa a man with a box of pipes and two papers of pins is called a merchant. BUCHANAN AND BRECKINRIDGE DKMOCRATICCLUB OF THE DIS TRICT OF COLUM 01 A.?Hereafter, and un til tbe end of the campaign, the Club Roonb will b* open every evening, Sundays excepted, until 10 o'clo' k, for the dispatch of ouMness. au 9-3t C. INGLE, Rec. Sec STOCKHOLDERS OF ISLAND HALL ?The stockholders of "Island Hall are requested to meet at the Hall on TUES DAY EVENING next, August 12th, at 8o'clock. Every stockholder is requested to fce p.csent as business of lmoortance will be laid before luem. By ord**r of Trustees : au ?-3t? (Organ) P. M. PEARSON, Sec. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, ATTENTION.?A meeting of the Corn oanv will take place on MONDAY EVEN ING. at 8 o'cltck. A full attendance Is desired By order. au 9-2t B F. BEERS, Sec. NOTICE ?THE REGULAR monthly meeting of the Democratic Asso-lation of Georgetown will be held ft Forrest Hall on MONDAY EVENING, August 11th. at 7* o'clock. An address may be expected. A punc tual attendance of the member* Is requested. ROBERT OLLD. Pres. E. KROUSE, Sec. au 8 ,THR HOONE CLUB WILL GIVE their first Cotillon Party of the season on TUESDAY EVENING, the 12th August, at Pi oneer Hall, corner of 24th and K street*. Scott's Band has been engaged for the occasion. Tickets 60 cents?admitting a gentleman and lades. Committtr of Arrangements. Thos May, Arthur Br!dgett, Lewis Huff, au 8-4t? NOTICE, IN REPLY TO J. H WHITEHURST?J H . Whltehurst's card does me great Injustice. His statement of the relations heretofore existing between us Is un true, and his Imputation of an abuse of trust by me utterly groundless, and without a fact to give it color. Where we are both known no vindication of my conduct Is necessary. A few days will ena ble me to present the facts to the public In the meanwhile my friends will do me Justice and the public is requested to suspend Its Judgment. JULIAN VANNERSON. Vannerson's Dagnerrean Gallery, Nos. 424 and 426 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D. C. au 8-3t* .^NOTK'E-VVE WOULD INFORM ?St those having r-hances in the Raffle of La dles' and Gentlemen's Dressing Cases, Music, Backgammon and Workstands, that we hnve ap-^ pointed tbe 15th instant as the day of Riffle. A f?*w chances for sale yet. Price $2 50. The articles are on exhibition at T. GALLIGAN A CO.>9, au 7-3t 370 1'a. av , under Browns' Hotel. ,NOTICE.-THE CARD PUBLISHED bv Julian Vannerson, in reply to one from me Induces my notice 1 admit, as he says, that he has been employed some two years In mv Gallery in Washington, under an agreement that bis salary should b?* equal to one-half of the pro fits of said Gallery?but I do not admit that It Is an assumption or right to :ermlnate said arrange ment wten on investigating the affairs of said Gallery, I find not only one-half of said profits, but large, very large amounts uken without my knowledge or consent, and approprla'ed to his own use I do not now deem It necessary to say more in justification of my giving him ao summa ry a discharge, as the matter will very shortly un dergo a legal investigation. I beg to say to the public that the Gallery Is still open and in care of trusty and skillful operators who will fully sustain the refutation my Galleries have generally bcrne Whltehurst's Gallery, Penn'a avenue, Washington, D C. au5-5t* J H vVHITEHURST. ?-~JS*CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE?

Persons declining housekeeping or hav-. lng a surplus of Household effects will find It to their advantage to give us a call before disposing of the same. We are prepared to buy their en tire stock of Furniture, (In large or small quantl ties,) and thus ?ave them the trouble and expense Incident to a public auction. New Furniture ex changed for good second-hand articles. BONTZ A COOMBS, Extensive Furniture Dealers, No 360 Seventh street, near 1. Jy l*-lm ?YOUNG MEN'S CH RISTIANASSO ? CI ATI ON ?The Treasurer will be at the rooms of the association, corner of 10th street ?nd Penn. avenue, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, from 8 to 9 0'click, to receive the year y dues of mem l-ers It Is earnestly hoped that all those members who desire the prosperity of the as> ociatlon will meet him there prepared to discbarge their indebt edness. C. W. SCHREINER, ?u s~st Treasurer. jf^^NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to call the attention of tbe public to his stock of 6LASS and ({UEENSWARK before purcha*lng elsewhere, a* by so doing they will save from 1ft to 25 per cent Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 308 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th street*. Je JOHN McDEVlTT. FIRE! EIRE!! VIRKl!! WET GOODS! PART OF OUR STOCK OF DRY GOODS was wet at the late fire, and will be sold at a great sacrifice on account of the Insurance Com panies. j. NOXON A SON, New YorkCaah Store, White's o:d stand, au 9-4t? 321 Pa avenue. CHAUftCEY W ARK IN EE, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. AND DEALS* IN Pine Watches, Jewelry, and Silver Ware. Selltug ai a very liberal reduction from cus tomary prices. No. 370 Pa. avenue, betweed 0th and 7th streets, au 9.3m (In Browns' Hotel buildleg > UIT OP LKTTERK Remaining m tk' Pott 00lre, Washing ten, D C , Augutt V. iRSft. [Ordered to be advertised in the " Ertntng Star," agreeable to the following section of the Post Office Law?It feeing the newspaper having the largest circulation or any dally papar pub lished In Washington: Sac 5. And be it further enacted, That the list of letters remaining uncalled for in any post office In aavcity. town, or village, where news papers shall be printed, shall, pub lished once only in the newspaper which, being l**ued weekly* or oflener. tkn.l have tk* largest ttrmlatien within the range ef the delivery of ?aid office, to be decided by the postmaster at auch office ] S^Psrsonaspplylng f?r letters Is tbs following list, will please ssy they are Autrstiiid. LADIKS' LIST. Adasaa, MIm Allca Knglish. Mies 8 A l?n,? Mr? Martha F"il?av Miu A t Allen, Mr* Kliza A"1 imi, Vim \l K A (titan, MIm II W Rrnwn. Mr* V M Malony, Mrs B ?.> * > Msrrieon, lira D t ? ay. Mrs Doretbes Mlngta, Mlaa Susan F' -emeu, Mias M M? ?? t m ?? gllaa Brovn, Mlaa K Kurua, Mm H M Brown, Mra H H Oalnss. Mlaa M C McOlss. Mies M Rarlsnd.Mrs II M ? MrRenor. Mra B Bork, Miaa EltaaO Wr.fltH, Mlae Orma, M t? Anule Brown, Mr* M J Oeerty, Ml** Asne OriJ*. Mr* Marlah a orris, Mra C P Prince, Mrs A C G..r.?on. Mm J C Paye, Hoplila Oerat?, A dm Piker, Mlaa P Rurrli.MteeSarah 0 Haliira, Mr* 8 t Panrlra, Miss Allcs Barron, M; * V Hart. Mlaa Mary M Putmau, Mrs O*' Heehler, Mrs K Heart, Mlaa Mary (Jnees, Mrs M A 11*11 win. Ml** M P Hall.Mra Jans Hall K <y, Mi** Mary M Hotter.Ml** MarfT Harmon, Mi** H R?*h. M:? O D Baker, Mr* Atha A Henry, Mia* Sallie Kea 1, Mlaa El en Bailey, Mlaa H W Hl?<hher*er.Mr? K loWrti Mr* H Keebe Mr* KC Hlgerty, MuaH lti>l?iU, Mlaa M K etanar, Mi?- A V Jliklw, Mlaa Ratty R blneoii, Mlas J M Brnnkvhlre. MrsC Johneon, Mrs Kllxa Rl<Mle, Mke Kmely Helton*, Kmile Joyner. Mn C D ReynaMe, Mra K Bouler, Mi*a J Key*. Mrs Mary Kan<1*ls. Mrs L Clark, MI'S SaJlls Kelly. M as C Sn.'th, Ml * Sarah J Clark, Ml** l?ora Keller, Mrs Jullett Smith, Klixabeth Carr, Ml** Ke etier, Mia* M Siai'th, Mia* MAW Clapp. Mrs Hanna'i L?e, MIm RmU* J Stephen*, Mra M A Cummin**. Mr* MJ l.e~. Mis M T Corry, Miae Auale l?e, Mrs Eliza A Coll a. Birali, Mra K Oiamhars.Mrs M A I^esrle, Ml?? A Cliewer, Mr* H H lj?wranra,Mr* M A SulU*n, M1e? H K Carlton, Mits Kuth Lawrence. Mr* C V Hi John, Mill R Casalily, Mr* J Leahlay, Mia* C Stewart, Mra B O Coleman, Mia* M E I.lttle, Mia* Amy Thorn, Mlaa K Clctl, Mr* Mare Lewie, Mr* K Clabongli, Mi** J M Marks, Mies M K Drumtuen<1. Miss A Motors, Mrs Mary Delafut,Mr?0 Mursln, Marrla B Dougiaii*,MI*s Jane Marchall. Mrs Dolierty. Mr* Merchant, Mrs A Dontl'Uon, Mlaa P Miller. Mlaa M Darnell, Mrs K Malli ry. Mrs A Dal lay, M>*a M K 1 Me**oy. Ann Dully, Mias E B Moreny, Mt* J 0 INITIALS.?Annie, Orses. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Alber, Wm Pormsn, O W Puller, Cai>t Oso Parrar, D S Korayth. Joo i Purgn* n, Ctiaa lrr?-nioiit. Aodrs Prami. Authvny Ul .cor? ua,<ir..ndal Neei, Mr Aii<leraon, M*J Bol> Gardner. Caj IWH1 Nosrss. J B 1 AU'leraon, Thoa W Glorar. Cap! *11 O'Brlss. Ml< haal Gordon, P U Owen*. James H Godwin. J Powrll. TP* Gallagher, Jatues Preston, Wit Gre<-n, Joel C Uo<>drich, J no Z Gallagher. Geo feulliran. Ml** J J Ktearna, Mra A Siewart, Mr* H 8 P*n<tera, Mr* M Travrai, Mlaa A Thompson, Mts B Wrlghl, M rs War ton, M ai H M WkitUker.Mra A M *??T*r. M:*( R A W el la, Mia* Jennie Walker, Mrs Nanry Williana*. n, Mrs J WsMter, Miss Bowr Adrlance, W H Aiideraon, Time H Ao lerson, J L 2 Andersou. B B A*htou, Cher Is* A1 iso, burgea* P Aciie, A S Ueotbe, Z Briscoe. Walter C Birch, V Bs-ot, T L Bou<1 Tho* O bale*. 1 Son Ba?t,y, H It h u tier, P M Byrne, Oliver Be**eau. Oh ar Barten, Nathan B It, Mr HI i it, Mo?ei Hnlirer. John lltrrr, Jen Mills. Amlat McUoogal ('has J McKean, k U McGlisw, P M Cay, J 8 McMaun, J fe MrOliaenay, M M Pr1<-a, Col M A Prelden, Mr Powell. J H Garnatt. Col C P M Patera, Jane* Ot een, C K Goddard, Cha* B Graham. A G It Glase, AuJ ew ilsnarbiu, M ui 0 H pk'ua. Col Wui Hoagl., James H Hamsain, Lt N B Bradlord, Lt Jua M U-Uaman, J G burn*. Jno Bid*n, Jno Boatwirk. H H Brew*t?-r, H P Hang*. Geo W Krowu, G H Brown, Geo B Hrunner. G W Bailey. Pras' i* B bead, Lu<ea? K brown. 1> W Barrett, (H-nuIa Bayard Bland Brady, Andrew Ban*<iu, Thoa K Caiter, Lt Jno C 4 Co'aton, Jwaish 2 Carter, .'on Csrr, Wm t Cannon. Wm M Cover, Wm L C Cli*.e, A H B '.email, Mai J U HofTinnu, iDo, J J 3 Hohan, Joa Hilton. Jno Harrod. Henry HuLhard, H t Harper, Henry Halls, Ge>> W Hjward, Geo H pkina, Biataa Hawley, EJgar Huutreta, L'has Harrell, A Davts Johnaon, Edward Johnson, Milton Johnson, W H Pate. Capt M C Phelps, Chaa A Hobertajo, Wm H Robartaon, W A it naaell, Ool W U kime, Pete: Kappert Michael ?i?lM. A Rlncgald, Lswls KU-a, O C Rugg lie Witt C Reed. C M Ray, Alfiad ?iawyar, 8 T HaiUa, Robert Kuaith, Robert H Smith, R J Sptler, l-ittlet-iwu hturat, Li H k Hchiiltlee. Johu S 8 in i tli, Jaiuee Hwlngls, Jn?iah M Smith. John Sea-Diy, Johs Bwasia, Gaa T Stevenson. 0 D Croatan,! tThoaM 1 Johnaon, J R 3 Jol naoii.WmOost i Sibley, Major E S J a kson, Wm J Brlisd, E Johnaon. 8 W 8hay, B Johnaon, R C Smith Denis John*(.n,JGoj?* E I Simpaon, C P Corcoran, Tom Crowder, Tlios U Campbell, R O* 'helly, RUhsr 1 Callahan, Je:e Cain, J Kendall Clark, Jno H Conner, Juo Croulu, Patrl< k Collins, Mattiow Corblu, Geo H Clark. Geo A D Ingham. H B I Johuttou D U Jobriaoh. C A Jones, Cbaa S D Jackstn. Andrew King, Tn * Kepier, O P Kinkead, Mi.ton Kslley, Jainee Kinney, J K Keji'ar, Corporal Klutz, C>i?a C lopbeli, P A A Co Lui< Kiiaul, G Cm tola, Cbaa Chapman Allied Campbell, Jno A Derail), W K Deiauey, T B De l-ou, Tlaj* Davis, 8 It Davis. 8 S Uauie,.. it U Duicu.d, Robe, t Dohew, Jolth 2 Dnlln, Jno Duer, Lt Jno K Davla, jno, H S I Ha'.y, Juo Deuver, Prank liodge, Bdw in Douu, K W lieiinehy, Daniel Denny, Chaa P Drea* CbrUt? ; h I<ei*bear, Wm M Lamb, Seth I-enoi, S Latham, R W Ladde. N B Lui kett, Jo* J l.ane. Jno 8 Lea, Dr Juo Laaibert, P Lally, Ool P T 2 Ledea, Dauil Mangan, Z Mlllburn, W M Mnrpnv, Wm Mllea. V Mather, Tlio* W Merchant, Silas Myers. R li Mm | by, Mr Maiuinlnlnl, Mr Miner, Ja? M Mor*den, Isaiah Darllug,Capi.Cha(W Murphy, Jos B Deeers, Capl Alex Miller, Jno A 2 Dagsati. A W Day, Alfred DeK- yi Alfred H Dodson, David Rslia, Wm b Kxllne, Ja* S Kraeier, Win H Poedlck, W W Parrel I, Wm Pletcher, Joa Moore, Jno B Moore. Henry Small wood, Chss W Bpauldlug, Alex ftchiolcrsft, A 8 Triaarri, Joaa de Tbompaou, Wu?a:er A Co Trotter, Wm B Taylor, Wm T dd, Wm Bruca Taylor, W B Tnrner, Samuel Trip et, A uatln Taylor, Ool J P Turner, John Turner, H W T< nlmin, H T Talnaan, Geo C Lmbertleld, Jno P Viueon, Cornell ua M William*. Wm M Washington. Wm Ward. Wm T Wl.oelar. Col Tbeo WislUiOieiaage, Jar mia Wtllet, Richard H I Waldron, Patt Waaer, Mr White, M b Wllaon, Joe J Watklu*. J W WlUor, J R Waring, Jno P Wii-.n, Jamee S William*. Jamae 8 Workmuller. Jno C Wlllett, Je* V Walworth. Col H P War tleld, Geo T Wood. P G M arshall.C' l Henry Werla, Cha* M Williamson, Lt B P Walter, Aaron Wray, A G Young, W R Yonrg, I. ? Zenker, Pranz M :tcLell, Geo C Mlddleton, Porbes Morrla, P B Mead. P M Mason, Biibcck 11 earn, Cha* Uuller, Carl INITIALS. Treassrsr of Metropolitan M E Chsrcli ; N Weet Mich. Lsnl Co ; Prsnkl'n Lodge. No. I, P. O. C. B.. Bocty. M. John's Lodge, Mo 11 , Waanlngton Lodge, No. s , a v? m.. Buchanan Clsb , Ohio Dsm. Clnb; Indiana Usta. Club Ma'-a Hem Club; Pennsylvaula Dam Club Aaguat>, liv?. JAB S B1BBKT. P. M. SPLaENDID EKIRBION PROM Washington to Old Point! Leaving SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Augu?t 10th, at 3 p no , returning Monday moil ing. the '3th ins ant, VIA BALT * W.iSHINliTN RAILROAD, Am splendid Steamer GLADIATOR, down the Cht^apeake. Tickets for the round trip only S'J 50. Kor par tculara see small bills Wr Ttrktts posnirelf Itmittd and <or tale ONLY at ADAMS' EXPRESS OFFICE. au y-#t* Tea, toiftt, fcc 1?5 packages fresh TEA 75 uagb green and white Rio Ct ffet 85 do old yellow JAVA do 6 i boxes fresh ground do 1 ,*20U pounds new HAKE FISH 5'i this, new No 3 medium MACKEREL 150 bbls EASTr K.\ HERRINGS 25 boxes CHEESE 100 doxen BROOMS, assorted 80 do BUCKETS 75 boxes STARCH 40 do FANCY SOAP 25 do CASTILE do 10,OU) pound* SAL SODA 1,000 do SALERATU8 20 casks COGNAC BRANDY, fourth proof, from 91,50 to S6 per gallon 4f boxes TOBACCO 250 000 CIGARS Just received, per schooner Fairfax from New York, and for sale by au 9-eoft MURRAY ft SEMME9. CHICK EH IN <4 k. SONS* PIANOS. THE SUBSCRIBER IS NOW IN RECEIPT or Ave more Flanoa. He oilers at all times the largest and most ele gant assortment of Plsnos in this city, em bra lng every variety of pattern *M.?r, from the plain arid neat to the most elaborately carved, by Chlckerlag A Sons, Boston, whot>e unrivaled superiority Ts acknowledged by all the ftrst article in the country. Also, a varied stock of Pianos, by Brown k. Allen, Boston, makers of lo g experlejce and appiored repuUtion As the sub ciiber purchases exclusively for cash he can and will sell at the lowest rates either for cash or approved paper. A go d stock of superior Melodeons, by Car bar A Netdham, the bfs; makers In tie Union, Guitars, Flutes, Music, Ac. au?-3t RICHARD DAVIS. Thk prison of wkltevrkokn Afrassa, or Life and Love In Norway Tangletown Letters, at FERGUSON'S, 484 7th It , a* 9 next to Lammood's. 'dS^i ? I L| L> rn aud scaie. g^HOIt VV Beef 1 for sale by ? PAW ILT HAMS, Prime Smoked Beef and Bologna Sausage, lost in store and KING * BURCHELL, aaO 266 Vermont avenue: corner 15th *ad I street*. BOSTON ICE! BOSTON 1CI!I WE BEO LEAVE TO INFORM OUR customers and the public la general that we received just now 200 ton* of pure BOSTON ICE which we shall aell during the summer sea son throughout the city of Washington and Georgetown. au o-4t A. KK8SLER A BROTHER. BARGAINS. ? 1.A111KM in WANT OF FANCY ^^^Agoods will do well to give me a call |Hpa? 1 am selling .of at cost. LACES. EDGINGS, RIBBONS, BONNETS, EMBROIDERIES, GLOVES, HOSERY. FLOWERS, CAPS.Ac A TATE, No 314 Pa. av , au5-ec3t bet 10th and lllh (beet & NATIONAL THEATRE. Tt MPiT I?prt ml. IM?. Farewell Performance of the Gereral Favorite*. ME8S18 H A PEBRY and J 8 CLARICE. assisted by the charming Comedieane. MRS H A PERRT, And the entire corps of tbf ROLLIDAY PT THEATRK. Baltimore. who will appear for ONE h ioht: In the new and deeply netting piny of the I Pint pwnt'J with unbounded effect for several week* la New York by MISS LAURA KKENK. Rarbael Mr H.A Perry Volage.... Mr G Bontfsce Marco Mra H A Ferry Md'me Dnchelet.... Mrm Oermon First appearance cf KISS ELLA WARREX, THE BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN DANSEUSE, who will tpf *ar :n the aplendid Pane#, LA 8YLPHIDK Miss ELLA WAP REN To be fol owed by the farce of TURNING THE TABLES. Jeremiah Bumpi Mr.H.A Perv Jack Humphries Mr J S Clarke Mra. Humphries Mrs Germon To conclude with THE TOODLES. % Mr. Timothy Toodles Mr J 8. Clarke Mra Toodlee Mra Germon ratcas or tDXiuloR. Boxen and Parquette CO rente Family Circle and Galleries 25 rente The Box Oflre for the anle of Reserved Siai open Monday and Tuesday from 9 o'clock am. to 5 p. m. Doors open at 7fc, to commence at *?%, an 9 Wants. WANTED?A COLORED WOMAN TO DO the cooking and washing of a small family. Apply at373 Seventh street, above I. an 9-*?' T WO YOUNG WHITE WOVEN AS COOK and chambeimaid wanted 1mm dlatelv at 430 Thirteenth street To ttube fully comprint tte best cf wagea will be given. au *-3t_ ANTED?A DINING ROOM WAITER Apply to C. W. FLINTS Hotel, tub W WANTED?A FIRST RATE COLORLD Chambermaid. Also, a colored boy about 14 or 18 vears of sge. Applr at the Union Po'ci. au 5-c^v.U (Organ) JAMES T. LLOYD. WANTED ?WANTED?WANTEI -TO fnd per>ona In want cf the following tr tides: French or German Looking 6asses Portrait or Picture Frame* round, ?vt.1 or squtia Oil Paintings, large and piiiall Marble-top Brcckett TabU*, in bronie or go!&. All kinds of PI. t>.re- fianu.1, and auy ft re Looting Glasses, or otVer wo.k i.i the .4tt| line doiie to order with dispatch Also, a lot of cr.M-Iron Bracket is. aniUble f r shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms mcdera'c to aalt theUm**. for cash N.B.?Old Work Kegllt,and Looking Glaas Plate? Inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dee 19 JOHN WA JNKI. For Sale and Rent. [in vtasT PA0K roa orutt koticis ] FOR RENT?the dwelling PART of the honae lately occcpled by Mr. WetetLall, 9llversmlth. Bridge street. Georgetown n^a the Bank of Commerce, Is for rent, agitable for a laige famllv. Apply to Mr. blatkferd, below or To A HYDE. ' u ? -ec3t* POTTAO E AND FURNITURE ON * > GEORGETOWN HEIGHTS FOR RE.N T. The House and ground known a? Duffer's Cot tage. and recent y occaj led br M BolWm. of the French Legation, rre for rent, **1th Immedi ate possession The houae la handsomely fur nished, and the grounds abound In shrubbery Apply to the subitcrlber, 14J ashington s?trf ?-t. Georgetown, or through the \N aahlngton Pos: office A. HYDE au9-eo~ta (Intel) FOR RENT?A VFRY PLEASANTLY situated and comfortable Biick DwelTrj House. It ia in excel ent order, ard has tl.e con venience of gas and water. Apply at No 357 I street, between 13th and 14th. aaS-St* FOR SALE. ON ACCOMMODATING TERMS?A small and comfortable Brick Dwelling, No 3&0. on east side 13th s reet, be tween New York avenue and I street, nesr Frar.k lin Row Apply to POLLARD WEBB No 5IS, sesond story, 7th street au tt-iw FOR RENT^FOUR~NEW SMALL BT ICR House* Just finished. Immediately north we*; of the Capitol, between B street and the Railroad Depot. A ppl v at the Capitol extension to F R A N - CIS J. BROOKS m 15-eotf For rent?in glorg* town, a con venient two-story Brick House on Seroc<l St.. near Georgetown College The house < ontalcs 6 rooms ana cellar, and is In one of the most pieas ant and healthy locationa in the District For terms apply to J L. K1DWELL. Druggist, cor ner High and Prospect streets, Georgetown. or to A. GODDARD. 347 Seventh street, Wa* an 7-eo3t* Desirable dwelling house for RENT ?The subsrriter has for rentt three story Brick Dwelling-House, rentrally lo-ated. containing two large parlors, wide hall, six cham bers. dining-room, and kitchen. all convenlen Iv arranged, with bath-room, water-closet, ga* and bell* throughout; also, excellent coo' ine re.nge, water In the kitchen ; also, marble mantels in the parlors. latr< be stove for beating. Ac There is also attached an errellent Brick stable with accommodations for two horstt, ra-rlage, wood and coal, with savants' room in t!ie second story. Apply to JAS. C. McGUlRK, Auction and Comn.Uaion Merchant. au 6-e, tit Boarding. Board-two large rooms fok RENT?One very handscmelv 'uin^hed Also, a large sized "ingle room suitable for a gen tit man Board can be had on the most re&to- a ble terms if desired. 'Ihe sltratlon is cool and pleasant, having a large yard attached UdeMmMe for a family with children. No 493, loth ?twet, between D and E. au--3t* TR8 BANNERMAN, CORNER OF 9TH i end E street*, has several good Rooms va cant. which she ofl>rs with board on rea*6nablt terms. She can accommodate several table board ers. Jy lti-'f KJARD, Ac ?MRS. BATtS,ON THE E. W. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9ih street lipreparedtoaccommodategentlemenwithrooms. with or without board. Every etfort wll' be made to render those comfortable who mav favor her with their patronage M' F L O C R.?PREMIUM FAMILY FLOUR from new wheat, made by A Ross Ray A Brother, Georgetown, In barrria and ba*;s for sale by J AS H. SHEKl LL. au b 3t S79 F street, corner < f 13th. $ |A RKWAMD ? LOST, LAST MGHT, n? I" a Buckskin PURSE, contat&ing aa Money, (amount not remembered,) Due A T Bills and Checkr, the pavment cf vi ulcliH w has been stopped SlU will be paid for '.he re turn of the purse and conteuU if left at this oSte. au 8 APIANO AT A WHEAT BARGAIN ?One of Hallet, Davis A Co's Bostc manufacture, Rosewood Case, for [?urchased of us only a f-w months fcinrs; aud the owner Is compelled to leave the city. Call and eee It. JOHN F. ELLIS. Piano and Mu?ie Ptore. betwien aoi 9th and 10th st'-ets TRAVEL! TRVllkS AT I.OW PRICES AT 322 PA. AVENUE WALL A STfcPHKNP ARE IN RECFIPT of *aother large and f ne is sortaent of be?t sole leatl er trav ellnc TRUNK*. Ladiea' Dreai TRUNKS, HAT BOXES, VA LICES, CARPET BAGS. SATCHELS An . embracing all qualities of Ine and low priced traveling requisite*. WALL A STEPHENS. an 8-3t Pa. ar., bet 9'.h and loih sta PAUL ITEYKNl, Jastlee of tke Peace. Notary lakllc and Pe llee magistrate Sd UUtrtef. 1JROMPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL 1 business requiring the servtees of Magistrate er Notary Public, Acknowledgment of Ureds. taking Depeeltlens, AflMaviu, Ac either at the oflee or at party's residence, at all times O?eo oa llth street, east side, a few door* north of Pa avenue. Open from 7 a m to 10 at night auP AT A GREAT SACRIFICE?PORTE monnalos, Umbrellas. P?rfumery, Combs. Brashes, Paper, Pxaylag and Vlaltlog Cord, Kn gravings. Canes, Bracelets, Chess, Do mi mom toaaaea, Ac , Ac. JOHN F ELLIs. Jy ?? w Poaa avoauc.