Newspaper of Evening Star, August 9, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 9, 1856 Page 3
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k V h!n i n(i STAR. lo:tai intelligence. ~THX WEEKLY STAB Oar we?klj of to-day is a superb cumber, indeed, containing as much original matter ft? manj high priced books, and jet i? sold for .bree cents per copy ! Yearly subscribers get fifty-two such unrivalled numbers for fl.J5 Criminal Cocbt.?The cue of Amon Du vall, a county officer, chftrged with permitting tbe escape of John Essex. cb?rged with the murder of Owen Wuigley, was taken rp ye? t9Justioe J S Hollingibead testified to Essex being brought to his office in the chftrge ot Officers Darftll, Wilson ftnd Parham. and to his warning the officers to keep an eye on the prisoner. Officer Parbam testified that himself and Captain Davis took E*sex to Hollingshead s office from the Post office steps; Duvftll claimed tbe prisoner as his at the office, and had charge of him tLero W. W. Tucker testified to seeing the priso ner at Hollingshead's office; Duv?l stated that he supposed he was tbe officer who had him in charge. Duvall was sitting on a settee talking. ^ a , Officer Handy testified that Durall took charge of the front door to keep persons from crowding into the office, as was the custom at the office. , , Officers Keese and Handy testified to the good characters and efficiency of Durall. Resin Beck, one of the jury on the case, testified that Duvall went to school to depo nent formerly, and was " a good boy The jury, after a sh >rt absence, brought in a verdict of " not guilty." Katcliffe for defence. Officer H. T L Wilson was then tried on charge of aiding and abetting the escape of .John Essex. Wharton and Martin appeared for defence Justice Hollingshead testified to Officers Wilson, Parham and Dural! bringing Essex to his See; witness was informed that the prisoner had knocked a man down ; he took the testimony of witnesses, and presently the information was received at his office that the wounded man was dead ; witness cautioned the efficers to look out for their prisoner, and *ent to Dr Young to inquire if tho maa was really dead ; witness went to get a glass of water in tbe back room, and saw Wilson in conversation with the prisoner; Durall was recognised as the officer who had arrested Ev-ex. and to whom tbe fees were due ; Wil son came in from the back office, where he had been talking with the prisoner, and an nounced that witness could not try the case, Uiat the prisoner had escaped; Wilson did not advise witness to commit Esse.t. Officer Parham testified that Wilson did not enter lioliingshead s office until some tire minutes alter the prisoner had been brought in; witness went down to Quigley's, at Hol lingbead's request, to ascertain the conu tion <.f young Wui,;ley, and returned to the office with the information of the death of VJuigley; witntss then beard Wilson tell Hoilingshead that he bad better commit Essex for ft further examination; Durall was recognised as tbe officer haring the prisoner in charge; when Wilson came in from tbe back room and an nounced the escape of Essex, be did not ad dress himself to Ilollicggheai, but to Tueker. W. W Tucker testified to being at Hoi* lin^bead s office when Wilson came ia and announced that the ca?e oould not be tried; that the prisoner had cscaped Officer Parham was recalled, and stated that he had cautioned Davall to look after bis pris oner, and that Duvall had answered, " Pooh ! pooh' Essex wouldu't escape, he knew him and bis family well." Josiah Eisex, father of the prisoner, was called to the stand ?Was in conversation with his son a few minutes at Hollingshead's office; did not tffer to give bail for his son, and beard nothing about giving bail; did cot see Wilsoa in conversation with his ton James Murphy, a youth, was put upon the tUbd. and testified to looking into the yard of Holling-head's office while passing, and seeing Essex Mtticgon the door-sill, apparently alone. The jury in this case, after an absence of x,me time, returned a verdict of guilty, and tho Court directed the Marshal to tako Wilsoa into custody Mr. Martin moved an urrcat of judgment The jury in the case of Crown, indicted for keeping a disorderly bouse in Georgetown, brought in a verdict of " not guilty." Sylvester Koontx was found guilty of an as sault upon Charles Wise, and sentenced to pay a fine of 56 Ihe trial of Magee, for killing Sima in Georgetown, was assigned for Wednesday next. TO-DAT. Henry Leisberger was tried, this morning, on charge of receiring stolen goods. This was a new trial, the prisoner haring been found guilty on the fi rater trial. The jury, upon the ctde being submitted to them, immediately returned a rcrdict of " not guilty ." Maury appeared tor tbe United States in the absence of the District Attorney. Carrington an J Wharton for defence. It is underttood that Kurts and Weedon, indicted on charge of rape ou Mrs Harriet Smith. and admitted to bail by Justice Hoi lingshead. hare forfeited their recognizances and left the c y Tom McFariftLi was brought up on chargo of e<>inmittiDg an assault upon Charles C. Edelin; case submitted. The prisoner was sentetcei by the Court to pay a fine of five dollars and co"s Morgan for defence. John Bell. William ruiler. Pink Coakley, John Herbert, N*ce M iter. John Dandridge, frank Rounds. Alexander Parker. Ann Ship ley. George Clagett, Chloe Butler, Tom Bell, aLd Elisabeth Rounds, all colored, were brought up on charge of riot at a May ball on Dr Haw's place, in the neighborhood of the Park. Maury appeared for the United Stafes Car rirjtton, Martin, and Waarton for defence. This trial was in progress as cur report el^sod. Moac Aboct thk American Exibahob Ba?b or Gbobqbtowji, D C?The Chicago Journal of Monday last states that two men, nainci C. Milt<n James and Alfred Hyde, came to that city a short time since, and rery foolishly embarked in tbe enterprise of open ing a fraudulent banking institution, at No. 1 North Dearborn street Their only '-stock in trade'1 was a large bundle of pieces of printed paper, purporting to be bills on the 44 Ameri can Exchange Bank " of Georgetown, D C , preteciing t-> be secured by " real estate and public stocks," and signed by '? 8 H Keith, Cash , ' and " Z. Pierson, Pres t." There is no such institution at Georgetown, D C., as the ?' American Exchargo Bank." On the back of these bills was stamped with a wooden die ? Bought by Z Piereon A Co , Bankers and Brokers, Beekmun street, New York, un der the Na.-s<tu Bank ;" and also, with a simi lar die, ?? Bought at No. 1 North Dearborn street, Chicago." The way the?e swindlers were detected was in this wite : They had employed a young man as clerk, whom they refuaed to pay after his work was done, aaJ who thereupon sued them, employing Mr Winston, the lawyer, as c- unset. Mr Winaton, being informed of the circumstances of the ca*e, suspected that this "banking l;nuse" was not altogether what it pretended to be, and accordingly placed the matter in tbe hands of the police, who, with out much difficulty, succeeded in probing tbe coocerr. and ascertained its utter worthless nes4 B,th Jumes and Hyde were arrested, and underwent an examination before Jus tices De W< If and iiosington, which resulted in their being held to bail, James in the sum of Jl.UOO, and Hyde in the sum of $500 for trial before the proper court Tbe object of tbe?e swindlers appears to be tbe defrauding of farmers and country people by exchanging their paper trash for produce National Tbbatrb.?A rare entertainment is afforded at tbe Ibeatre on Taeeday night, in the performance of the Holliday street Theatre company from Baltimore Tbe thril ling play of " The Marble Heart," with tbe capital farces of " Turning tbe Tables" and " Toodles," make up a fine bill, to which is added tbe performance of the graceful Uati rtiue Mua Ellen Warren Jacxso.r Democratic Association ?We learn that Hon Fayette McMullin, Hon. Sam uel Caruthers, and other distinguished speak ers will address tbe Jackson Democratic Asso ciation to-night. Mobcbbbt to A- J. DowHma.?The monu ment which the friends of the lamented Down ing have had in preparation, and which has been in progress of erection at the establ'sh mentof R E Lanniti. New York, for some time past, was yesterday placed in the position as signed to It, on the rising groond in the north east corner of the Smithsonian grounds. The monument, which is of veined marble, stands upon a granite base, and is surmounted by an elaborately wrought rase of white marble. The Northern front of the monument bean the follewiog inscription : ran VASB Vu Erected by his Friends, I!C S^EBOBT O* ANDREW JACKSON DOWNING, Who died July Ik?, 1852, aged 37 years. He was born. rzu lived, and died upon the Hudson river. His life was devoted to the improvement of the national taste in rural art, an office for which his genius and the natural beauty amidst which he lived had fully endowed him- His suocess was as great as his genius, and for the death of few public mm was public grief ever more sincere. When these grounds were proposed he was at once called to design 'hem ; but before they were completed he perished in the wreck of the steamer Henry Clay. His mind wis singularly juat, penetrating, and original. His manners were calm, reserved, and cour teous His personal memory belongs to the friends who loved him ; his fame to the country which honors and laments him. Upon the Southern front: 44 The taste of an individual, as well as that of a nation, will be in direct proportion to the prof 'nd sensibility with which he perceives the beautiful in natural sconery. 44 Open wide, therefore, the doors of your libraries and picture galleries, all ye true re publicans ! Build halls where knowledge shall be freely diffused among men, and not shut up within the narrow walls of narrower institutions. Plant spacious parks in your cities, and unclose their gates as wide as the gates of morning to the whole people." \ D owning's 41 Rural Essays. Upon the Eastern front is inscribed? " 4 Weep no more,' For Lycldus your sorrow is not dead, Sunk though he be beneath the wat'ry floor, So sinks the day-star in the ocean bed, And yet, anon, repairs his drooping head, And tricks his bsams, and wi'h new ipangled ore Flames in toe foiehead of the morning sky; So Lycldus sunk low, but mounted high Through the dear might of Him that walked the waves " And upon the Western front? 1 cllm b the hill from end to end, Of all the landscape underneath 1 find no place that does not breathe Some gracious memory of mv friend 'Tis held tha^ sorrow makes us wise, Vet how much wisdom slteps with thee, Which not a one ha I guided me. But served the seasons that may rlss. And doubtless unto thee Is given, A life that bears Immortai fruit, In such great offices as suit The full grown energies of Heaven. And love will last as pure and whole A? when he love* me here In time, And at the solri'.ual prime Reawaken witu tne dawnlrg soul. \ agrants.?Property holders who have un finished houses and h<n>js sot regularly oc cupied by respectable tenants, complain that their property is frequently endangered by parties of vagrants of all colors who force tiieir way into their houses and remain night after night. Vagrants choose any place to sleep during the summer months, that being their merry time, when they can pilfer from the stores and markets, and by disposing of their stolen goods purchase the whisky, which in most cases is tho cause of vagrancy. Prop erty holders have real cause to fear this class of beings. They sleep in the markets, lum ber yards, unfinished buildings, Ac ; and, aside from their thiefish propensities, there is danger from them as incendiaries. When the first frost arrives they make for the watch houso as lodgers, and by repeated visits make themselves expensive to the Corporation dur lug the winter Hard work at "the farm" during the working season would probably rid the city cf the majority of these creatures, who are generally from other localities. The city would be greatly benefited by it. They love the (arm in thj winter, when there is no work to do, but they dread a trip down in the sum mer _____ Larceny ?Martha Hall, colored, was ar rested yesterday on a charge of stealing a lot of clothing from the residence of Mr Job. Sickles Officer Reynolds succeeded in catch ing her on Seoond near Third street. She was taken before Justice Hollingshead and com mitted to jail for trial at the December term of the Criminal Court. Market Thievbs?This morning a lady who had filled her market basket, left it for a short time at a bench in the Centre market. Upon her return the basket was gone. The old game of stealing baskets from the stands is about to be renewed, and purchasers had better be careful to secure their marketing when they can Comb, wny will you suffer all the ilia of bed bugs, cockroaches, moths, ants, and every other species of insects when Lyon's Magnetic Powder will surely rid your hocse of all su-;h pestilence For sale at Shillington'B Look selling and Stationery Establishment, Odeon Building, corner Four-and-a-half strecL and Penu'a avenue. T. W. Election.?The Western Hose Active Asso ciation have elected the following officers for tho ensuing si* months: F N. Holtiman, Pre.-ident; T. J Parker, Vice President; J. R Spalding, Secretary ; W Riggles, Treas urer; R S Mastin, J. W. Carr, W. Delia way, F (J. W. Edwards, Standing Commit tee. Arrest.?G'apt. Welden, of the sohoocer W F Dodge, playing between Washington and Richmond, Va.. was arrested in this city on Wednesday last by Officers Boss, Allen, nnd Wise, and taken to Richmond by Officer Wise to answer the charge of having committed forgery in that city. Onlt 12i conts for a correct likeness of Buchanan, Fillmore ard Fremont. Sold by the agent, A. Adamson. Seventh street, oppo site to the Post Office Adhesive envelopes, 20 cents a hundred Second Ward Police.? Jprt'ce Stevens dis posed of the following cases: Brilget Cary, drunk in the street, workhouse thirty days; Jas. Davis, assault and threats of violonce, security to keep the peace. ftfR. Noxon informs us that his lo.-s by the fire on Thursday night, though heavy, will not amount to as much as at first supposed, probably not two thousand dollars. Fillbork amd Donelbon Great Song Book, only 10 cents, for sale at A. Adamson's, Sev enth street, opposite to the Post Office * Watch Retcrns.?Justice Hollingshead, this morning, disposed of the following cases: lteDry Mole, druak in the street, workhouse thirty day? : James Dcgges, (colored,) disor derly conduct, do s?*ty days; Ann Lucas, do thirty d;iys; Tipeico, do., do ; Jas. Parker, out after hours, fine and costs ; Elisha Bell, three's, dismiss* d; Jno P. Roach, drunk in the street?, Workhouse thirty days; Catha rine Mankint, prof*uity, workhouse thirty Republican Palaces ?It is said that there are nt least a doten private residences in New \ork city, recmtly erected, which coet from S100 000 to $150 000 each, rivaling in magnif icence the royal palaces of Europe, and infe rior only in point of magnitude The most elegant dwelling in the city is reported to have cost about $250,000. In one residence, that baa been fitted up in a most gorgeous style, 554,000 was expended in four or five of the apartments, a single room being fitted up at a coet of from $25,000 to $30,000. |yThe New Orleans Crescent espressos the ppinion that sugar and molasses will advance, in all probability, beyond rates attained at any time during the last twenty-five years The Mayor of Peterson has recommended to the Common Council the abolition of ?hi vol unteer system of firemen and the substitution of the paid system, owing to the rowdyism connected with the volunteer system. I COMmiC ATM. Bar. Editor : In looking over the columns of your very valuable paper, my eyes often fall on communication?, Ac , in relation to tbat miserable nuisance, the poudrette factory. Now, Air. Editor, allow an old sobscriber to oall the attention of the city father* to one as bad which is situated within the city limits? not only one, but some half doien. which are separated only bv a few feet of earth I refer to the pita which were used by the scav ffc"00?!thirty year8 Prior t0 th? er?c* tion ot the above factory. They, sir, are open yat with their different colored and green filth exposed to the passing breeies to be wafted over the metropolis, and spread sickness and death in their pathway, while a Jew loads of earth would remedy all this. They aro on either side of Fifth street near Boundary. Ajc Old Subscriber. W A8HIH8T05, Aug. 7, 1856 T? n W . fCOHItOIflCATBD. Ten Cap* Mav Affbat.?Mr. Editor . A very exaggerated account of a trifling affair, which occurred at Cape May a few days ago, has appeared in the Star and eeveral other daily papera. The faots are briefly these: Three or four gentlemen were in a room in the Mount Ver non Hotel on last Sunday afternoon. By ac cident a tumbler was broken; one of the gen tlemen picked it up and threw it out of the window; one of the negro waiters, who hap Pifr?? iS? V?? vicinit7 of the place where the tumbler fell, supposed it to have been thrown at him, and immediately commenced a tirade of abuse of all the persons in the room from which the tumbler had been thrown. ihe young gentleman from Washington" went down stairs, and meeting the negro, ex postulated with him, and assured him that the tumbler was not thrown at him. But he was not to he pacified; but, becoming more boisterous, mado threats of cutting out the , 6 ,'lver?d heart of his supposed antagonist, and when about to suit the action to the word, the young gentleman drew his pUol and pre sented it It snapped and was thrown aside. .ii?k?? u was then drawn, and with it a alight flesh wound was inflicted, and thus ended this " outrage." As an evidence of the truth of this state* ment we can state that on the morning after the occurrence ??tne wounded man" was wait ed on by the Mayor of the town, and in reply to the request that he should make his affidavit ? u actd? J1? f^ted that ho would not do go, that he was in the wrong himself, and that he tlL^\h*}XtZ? "th? youn? gentleman" in th, an^ 8er'0US injury mft"7 ended, notwithstanding the efforts of outsiders, white and black, to nave criminal proceedings instituted August 8, 1856 a Wasbixutgnian. Dre. Hunter * Williams, Phyiician? for Diseases of Throat and Lungi, 52 North Char Irs street, Ha/timorf,. orL Dr Williams will visit Washington on the 12th and 2?th of eacli month. The next visit will be on Tuesday, the 12th instant Office 260 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mr*. Voss's Jewelry Store. T&rir1'""'' CeIel,ra?ed Stomach Bit ""J ,h*s" Bllter" ?? known only to those kill ! "f'i. * 1,0 family<"! ever be without dn?aUry P*r,leuUrl' *lthU""'?a when?r.mPs, oysentery au4 diarrhea, p avail to such an extent In evarv case where these Bitter* have bet>o nee<l they have vivan in, mediate r.llef. Hundreds of onr"l?n.7.^'^Ifil Z ! * neefainesa, not only in rases ofCholera Morbus Cholera Infautum Cramps in the Btomach, Ac., hot also ??'t0 their effl;lency ia Co.tlveness, Uyapepija. Flatulenry 4c For Slates' rVIT?,,,b"; Dr"??l,,u throughout t'be I'sited States. (,q ?-lw] JAMK8N CALLAN, Agent H7"Sar?aparilla and DandeliaB.-A fluid s?nr*Knlr,ni ivrr .roou *?* j?i'u * ?r..wn * S?n which Is not only valuable for all tlioae f?rms frarM 1*"? " wll|rh D???J?llon itmed, but Us at 1 i il. If ?re increased by the combination. aud gives ? n. rem"l3p for th" disease known as -crofj'ors sorb as .Swelling of >he (Hand*. CnUneons Krnptl.-ns oranVak'n humor, gold by JAMKS N. CAI.LAX. WashingtonnV. tl. more by CULKMAN A KOUKKS. au s Iw l^Cltrate ?f Magaesia, an agreeable refrigerant and laxative, unw extenaively need on t' e conti nents of Kurope aud America. manufactured dally Soda CKW *nJ b1?hlJ' approved construction A choice lot of Havana Cigars. with .full supply ' flnePw umery. Hair Brashes, Oomh,, Shaving UrShis. ar/dTouIt a*?? wii" n r*~'of direct Im, ortatfon .{ Jo'lS tr ' Store, SSo Pennsylvania aveune. C^There are but few remedies which cure Diarrhea ,nd I>ysenfery with, at l^svin? the bowel, costive and the ay?t*m feverish. The Balm of Zanthorea seems to act like a charm, checking the disease at a d u' "y'fem P4""''; ?"?*?hy and regular Prepared hf H. H Hurnpitroj, Og<lenaburg, N. Y Kor m . bv a* STOTT, Washington. IE?"!>? Wrath's Electric Oil.-The demind tor'it 10 1,,c^e,u?? K?ery new eectloo writ* n # ClVCAOO, I<! June 2<f ItCO tr^ OH .*aa ? ? P"r * K '-,0 worth of yt'ar 1'ec tri? Oil, imui t6?l gizep, Bpou yuar u<ua] tenrn. J. H. Bead A Co. . . r? , POETLAHD. Maine, June 4 1MI J??Oraith?Send me 4t dozen 25 cent. S6 d zeu'ttcent for v^nr?(?n" "".'T1 ,drawr"rtil? amount rue demand lor your Oil t<> be iorreailQ^ here. H. H Hat thll fll'?',r'1er" h" e,loa?h A physician of thia city procured my glectrlc Oil yesterday t. uee In t.'s practice for Neura'cla, Swellings. Ac. His certlflc.t. of'a him^MIl relieved, when every thing else failed , ! appear aoon. My genuine corrs In a single dsv often. I can t waste time to notice the swarm of imltat ra lin.v'pf ftl"1 "iV obulnB,i ?' the Original Dep^t, 3# South Klghth street, below Chesnat. au ??Iw Prof Cka*. Di UasTH, Otly Manujacturer ICy Silver Ware Rlanafactary.- J am bow SVvili'lL1?!I*ry. "^:rl7 ln tha way of Sterling HIL>KK WAHK, viz: Korka, Mpoous, Ooblete, Cops Ac which cannot be e*ce led ln thle section of coautry Also' lor tale, every vsrWy of fine Watches, of the most celebrated mi ? con,P t# ?**'>rtment of rich Gold Jewelry. rtne Waicn repairing of every deecr'ptiou duoe iu the best manner, by e^perlen. ed and competent workm^u. aud guar antied to give satisfaction. No. *M Pa. avenue, between ttb aud l?th streets. Sign of the Large Spread Kagi* * ,-tr H^O. BOOB. ITT" t'aats, Pants, and Vests, ? ? Dress Suits, Business Suits. +u,2Kh WaV*LK8 * 'Marbl,i: Ha?-?- Clotbtmb kmco tK I ' W1D!. ,?M BulM!"?. respectfally auuoniico that their annual display of SPK.NO AND SUMMKit CLOTHING la now ready for lusp^t! a, comprising m assortment of ?'["d'L"*"* **" Yo'tt?' CLOTBik-oof th- i-westand rlch Ik "i m,te'l?1' trimming, aad workmanship To 1? y ??'?' oconomy lu fashionable ar ticles or dress, an opportunity Is now ofered for s?lecHn? from Uiie of the most atiractiie stock of good* la tt is city ?t very reduced price#. " ?!- S-tf !T " F#r-Thi? wV.d's Hair KBMrORATIVhT?Is a question a-ked d illy by hundred*. It ls^!Tn'v a M".".0Ir f"*r of ^"fadlrtlon, that It Is the only article known which will do all It promise for the huxuau hair. It will ? euew its growth It will a', r. fia <-??tore Its natural color It |? not a Hair Jye, but a speedy and efllcacloua Restorative. Triai bottles $1; pluuta; quarts ts. Bead ;he advcrtlaomenlon the'onrth ' ap 19?tf ?J^.,nip*rta"t ?? the Ladies!?Ur. Dn ? nul'"0? PI,'L8 ?The combination of Ingredl ? nts u the Pills are perfectly harmless. Their *m-?cy and fear, a^d"tTi UP?" Mtenslve practice of over thirty T \ h"re lh* !"??? been atrlctly fol lowed, tbey have never failed to correct all Inerti<arJtl<*? relieve patofnl and dtfllrnlt men it mat Ion, 'particularly . at t iu ZT*9 ?f llfe- Th,y wl" r,,re th* iwiovo all obstructions arising from cold, exposure or any causes' and maybe used anrceasfully a. a Preventive. Call upon | tl.e agent, and ^et a Circular for partlcnlare free reuiT bV 1 r'710Q*? wholeaale and HAM IK? B . Orugglat, Penrsr|v?,|. .yenne, and R S T PI^ Jl ? ?! S"v*B,h ,lr<et. Washington. O. C.; and K B. T. CIS^KL, Georgetown ; to wl, m all orders must be sont, and the Pills will be sent confldeutially, by mall to ladies who enclose them one dollar. ?aii, u> S#c ?ian*t?r? on the bog; to counterfeit It U for f_L Je 1-tf DIKO, On the 9th Instant, ln Georgetown .D. C FT. TI ENNt D. OFFl/TT, third son of George \V. ? nd Km ma F OlTutt egtd nineteen months and eight days. 1V?ttl.i,!'HalITfJbrr?r~the"mi eon elth? cbeek, The ltttle folded hands?the lips spart As though they would the bonds of sllonce break. Are ifaey not acde s fair, me< t for the sculptor's art! r ^ Onthaith Instant, ROBERT 8. HAM ILL, ln the J>th year of his sye. Hi# friends are respectfully invited to attend to*raf,row (*und*y> afternoon, at 4 o clock, from the residence of his brother in Uw, Moses H?j{g, corner of New York avenue and 1st street e On the bin instant, DORA, dau?hterof Charles B and Jane E. Voung, aged 13 days In Salisbury, Conn., on iue4tli Instant, aged ?5 ' a1" in a AVER ILL, wife of Nathan iel P. Averill, aad only sisier of Ellsha Wiiittie sey, Esf On the 9th Instant, HOLLIS LAVINIA, the second daughter of John W and Rebecca E Slilplay, aged 2 yean, 5 months and 8 days WOOD AND COAL. WE ARE PREPARED TO SUPPLY ALL those who may favor us with their patronage with the best article of fuel at the following Erices: * >ak Wood $6 0o per cord fine do 00 Hirkorydo 7 00 Stove and W hit* Ash Kgg Coal.... ? 50 per ton Red Ash 8 75 1 ransltion Nut 6 oo Cumberland Lump 5 50 Persons laying ln fuel for the wjnter would do well by glviug us a c*U. All orders left at P. J Steers' ftore, No 4S8 7lh -treet, between D and E atreet*, or at our efflee, wlJl be promptly fllWd U,*40 lbs. given to ton JOHN W MYERS, A CO , Oflce and Yard corner of G and 2*2d streets, au 5-lm First War A. ELLIfr'S PIANO STOKE for your mum and Musical Instruments. jy39-tr i PROPOSALS FOR FTFL. oi?ie* u.s. PiaiTiHTiABT, n c , i Washington, August?, HVt \ SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE received at this office until Monday, S5th Angust. my), at twelve o'clock m., for furnishing the prison with? 130 cord* of half-reasoned, good Oak Wood, of medium slie, and free of lop wood

cords good Pine Wood 60 tons White Ash Anthracite Coal. The Coal must be clean, and free from slate or other foreign substance; 9.MO pounds to the ton To be delivered on or before the first of Octo her, 185*, at such placea on the Penitentiary grounds aa the warden may designate. THOMAS THORNLEY, Warden FOR SALE?Two thousand poundi of OAK UM. packed in bales of flfiy pound* each ; al?<>. WHEELBARROWS, WA8H8T AN DS, and other articles. T. THORNLEY, au8-td Warden Double ice pitchkrs.-s i l v er plated and Britannia, different sizes, at the housefurnishing store, 480 Seventh street aa 7 6 FRANCIS. TEM DOLLARS RKWARW lost. AT Arlington Spring, cn the 30th ult , a lady's small sized gold WATCH, hunting caw, de tached lever, gold cap, number not recollected. The maker's name not on It. The above reward will be paid if left at Mrs. Mil.BURN'S, No 285 Virginia avenue, Island. au 7-3t* House for sale.?a dark roan HORSE, about 7 years old, will ^ be sold cheap, the owner having no u?eforhim. He Is gentle In harness and under the saddle. May be s>r:> mm. for a few days at WALKER A KIMMELL'S Stables, C street. au 7-3t* Horse, buguy, and harness for SALE ?A gen-leman who intends leaving the city has for sale a line ma hogany bay HORSE, of superior style and action, a capital family horse and , i fl.-.e ilder Also, a new Buggv, finished in latest style and new harness, the whole constitutes one of the best establishments in the city. Apply at Mr BIRCH'S, foot of 14th street, au 7-4t# Lost?either in Georgetown or Alexandria, two notes, drawn by Eldrldge A Heustis, in favor of Thomas Carberv, and other*, Trustees, bearing date t ebruary 1st, 1856, for six and nine months, and each for S3I8 76 NOTICE ?All persons a e warned from nego tlatlng the above notes as it will be a fraud. au 7-3t? M ELDR1DGE Roach traps, mouse traps, rat TRAPSat G.FRANCIS'S, Jy 17 490 Seven'h st. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS FROM WASHINGTON. Travellers from Washington far t!ie West, rn Cities are advised that the tiait;ir.ore and Ohio Railroad Company has nude careful provision to ticket them and to check their baggage directly through from Washington city to ail tue leading cities in the Wes>t, the North west, and the Southwest. Member* of Congress and others, at the adjourn ment, will And it peculiarly to their advantage to avail themselves of the recently extended facili ties of this line, wJii h Is the onlv route that can afford them through tickets and baggage checks in Washington. The trains start d.illy from Washington Station at 6 a m., aud mike prompt and direct connexion at Washington Junction (-'Relay House'") for Kenwood and Wheeling, connecting at Henwood direct with Central Ohio railroad trains for Zanes vllle. Newark, Columbus, Xenla. Mayton, Cln clnnati. Loulsvlile. Indianapolis, Chicago, Terre Haute, Vlncennes, Alton, St. Louis, Springfield, Qulncy, Rnrlington,|<;a ena. Rock Island, Du buque, Cairo, Memphis, Natchez, Vicksojrg, and New Orleans Passenger# desiring to vlow the entire road by day'lght may leave Washington at G a ir. . and, reaching Cumberland at 4){ p. nr., lie on there ' ntll 5.15 next morning, when they resume the trip by accorr modatlon train, having there at that time for Wheeling, where It arrives at 4 p. in. By the 4 30 p m. train ftom Washington they may reach Benwood at a m. next day, or in seventeen hours from Washington By this connexion they reach Cincinnati same night, or in 26^ hours running time between Washington and Clnclnnttl Careful management, comfort of passengers, perfect safety are cardinal objects upon thisr ute, and travellers may rely upon them in securing its advantages. For further particulars, tickets, Ac , inquire of THUS H PARSONS, Afcnt, Washington Sta tion, WILLIAM S. WOODSIDE, Master of Transportation, Biitirrore. au 7-2* FOR BOSTON. PACKET S C H O U N K R M:A RSVILl K. Sears, has arrived and will have quick Aj' dispatch for the above port For freight apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, Agents, au6-5c No. 101 Water street, Weorg?town. * f| ftCKEREL?M ACKER EL? IfA 50 bbls No. 3, medium, new 20 do do large, do Now landing per Schr. Searsvllle, and for Ml* by HARTLEY A BRO., au 6-fit 101 W ater ?t., Georgetown. TO HOUSEKEEPERS. PERSONS WISHING TO PURCHASE superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy Sil ver Plated or Alimta Ware, flue Japanned Tea Trays or Toli**t Sets, an excellent Clock. Tea or Coffee Uin, Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan. Fur nace. or any of the hundred and one little etceteras needed by every housekeeper, will do well to call on FRANCIS, just above Odd Fellows' Ha'l, rn Seventh street He has good articles, and his prices are low. jv 20-tf MAD. MOUNT'S CONSUMPTION DES TROYER. rpHIS INVALUABLE REMEDY CAN BE I had at No. 339 G street, between Eleventh and Twelfth, south side, oratStott's Apothecary corner of 7th street and Pennsylv.-nia avenue. References: Rev. Mr Phelps and Rev Mr Reglsttr, Foundry church j and certificate fr m the Rev. J Hanson Jy 22-lm# NOTICE. WITHERS'S BR ASS AND STRING BAND late'y of New York city, liegs leave to in form the public of Washington, Georgetown, arid Alexandria, that they *re now ready toNrnish the mo.->t fashionable and appropriate Music of the day for Plc-Nics, Excursions. Bal s. and Parades on the most reasonab'e terms, at ti e shortest no tice, by leaving orders at Mr HILBUS'S Music, on Pennsylvania avenue, corner of lltli street, or at Mr. W1THERS' residence No 545 Si *th street, corner cf G, south side, near the Gur riton. All orders promptly attended to. jy 23-1 m* THE LAKES! FANCY BAZAAR! 501 Pennsylvania avnue. G'OLD, SILVER, PEARL, 1VORV, PARI r an Marb'e, Tortoise Shell, Papier Mache, Rosewood, Leather, Morocco. China, Biscuit, Porcelain, Alabaster, Bohemian Glass, Ebony, Stuel. Berlin Iron, and every kind of Fancy Gocds may be had at THE LAKES. They have also? The most choice Am-rlcan, French and German Pe furriery and Cosmetics English Cutlery, Mathematical Instruments Drawing Materials a;<d Stationery, and 'Jombs and Brushes of every description. Would you make a present, adorn your person, or embellish \ our Lome ? Consult economy and taste, and call at au ? tf THE LAKES. PRESERVING KETTLES. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BELL MET al and porcelain PRESERVING KbTTLES have been received, aud are offered for rale at the lowest prices by JOS. L. SAVAGE. Sign of Gilt Saw, Penn. aveune, au 2-6t _ between 9th and 10th sts. T O P II A M * NOR F LET'S NKW and cheap f ADBLK, HARNESS AND TRUNK ST0R5. 4?# Seventh st .opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. /*S-A MESSRS. TOP HAM. late of Philadelphia, ana fMB^NORFLET of this cily,4 ? respectfully announce to^ their ftiends and the public, that they have com menced the Saddling Business at the above stand, where they will make and keep constantly on hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens', Ladles', and Boyss SADDLES, BRIDLES, MARTlNGALES.and WHIPS. IIARNESSof every description, ooth for city and country use. All kinds of TRUNKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS. Ladles'SATCHELS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS.and FANCY W ORK BOXES. HORSE BLANKETS. COVERS, COLLARS, and HAMES. Horse, Spoke, and Dust BRUSH. ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, 4c,Ac. All material used will be the best that can be obtained; and both of us having been practical workmen Cor several years, we feel confident that our work cannot be surpassed, either for style or durability. By unremitting efforts to give satis taction we hope to merit, and respectfully solicit, ? share cf public patronage. Pastlcular attention paid to coverlag Vrmaks aad repairing all kinds of work. Saddlers: t ools constantly on hand a?v 7?tf yentilating HATS !-S T EVEN Browns' Hotel, has this day received oases ventilating HATS from " II re be ?? jy 19 Salesroom, Browns' Hotel. 'a ACTCTIOK 84^3 By JA8 C. McOUlRB, Awtlonffr. SUPERIOR fiOLD LEVKK WATCH On MONDAY AFTERNOON. August nth at 6 ^ o'clock, at the Auction Room*. I shall sell, without reserve, for account of whom it may con rem, a splendid Hunting ca?e, full Jewelled go <1 Lever Wat h, made by Joseph Johnson. Terma cash au 9-2t J. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. UANOSOMK NEW FOliK-STOK Y Brick I Htaie at Anctlea.? On MONDAY, tke 11th instant. 1 shall tell, at 5 o'clock p. m , a beautiful four story Brick House, with ten gool and conveniently armnged rooms, with wide pas sage, bath-room, and a large cistern in the yard, water and gas ftxtnres. and a cistern over the bath tub. built of the best materials, and In modern style, situated on part of Lot .No. i. In square No. 515, 'fronting on north G, be'ween 4th and 5th streets west, Immediately north and fiontlng Ju diciary Square B The above described'property Is handsomely located, In a rapidly improving part of the city Terms: S500 cash ; 91,000 to be paid the 16 th day of December, 1966; the ba ance In equal in stalments of ?, 12, and *4 months, for note* bear ing Interest A deed given, and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. A. GREEN, au 7-d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Alt. tion.?On MONDAY, the 11th instant. I shall sell In front of the premises, at 6 o'rlo k p. m ? two handscme Building Lots, situated on 18th street west, between K and F streets north, t>elng the south half of Lot No. J8 and all of Lot No. 19, in Square 113. Fart of Lot Ife fronts 28 feet 1% lach by 140 feet 1 inch; !ot No 19 fronts 5G feet by 108 feet 1 inch ; the wt.oie front Is 04 feet 2)f Inches, handsomely located, in the imme diate vicinity of the Na*v Department Terms: One-half cash; balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing Interest frcm day of sale A deed given and a deed of trmt taken. Title indisputable. A. OR FEN, au ?-d Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. I^wo.stokybkk k house and lot at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the lath in siaut, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o' lork p. m , a good twc-story Brick House, with bac* building, nine good and conveniently arranged rooms, with wide passage, and the lot on which it stands, having a front of 24 feet and privilege of a 5 feet side alley. The above described property is In Square No. 319, on the west side of Tenth street west, be tween north C street and Pennsylvania avenue lis location Is handsome and position central, and presents many inducements to persons withing to make a good investment Terms : One-fourth cash ; balance in one, two, ar d three yea's; the purchaser to give note* for tte deferred payimnts, bearing interest from the the day of sale. A deed gi ven and a deed ^f trust taken Title indisputable. A. GREl-N, au 0-d Auctioneer. ByJAS. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. Trustees* sale oe beautiful Country Seat.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Geo T. Massey. as trustee,and Ann Brown, bearing date on tDe thirteenth day of December. 1853. and recorded in Liber J . A S . No 6e folios 5<)3,506. 507, 50M. 500, and 510,one of the Land Re cords for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, the undersigned will e?II at public auc tion at the auction store of J C McGuire. to the highest bidder .on THURSDAY AFTERNOON, June'Jfitb, 1856, at 6 o'clock p. m , tbe following highly Improved and beautiful country property, viz: All that piece or parcel of ground lying in the county of Washington and Dls rict aforesaid, be ing a jart of tbe land whereof Anthony Holmead, senior, died seized, and part of the tract called "Pleasant Plains," and part of the land which Anthony Holmead, jr., conveyed to Boltzell and Maybew, which th? v conveyed to John Plckrell, the piece or carrel cf land aforesaid, lying on tbe east of ihe Washington and Rockville turnpike road, containing 5 acres and cne sixteenth cf an acre, more or less, being Lot No.2ofGeo. Tayler's subdivision, and I'sglnnlng for the same oa the etstside of ihe said turnpike road, at ths end of 76.42 |terchexme.L*ured southerly from the inter section of said read with tb?? Hock Creek church mad, to a road or private way called Taylor's road, leading from tne said turnpike road to an other pa>t of the said trsc.t of land owned byaatd G?-orge Taylor, and running thence with the said Washington and Rockville turnpike r?ad north three decrees, west 2b 46 perches to the Lot sold to J C. Lewis, theuc* at right angles with the said turnpike road id6 46 perches, thence at right angles with the said last line, and parallel with the said first line *? 46 perches, and thence at right angles with the said last mentioned line and fiarallel with the said second line 28.46 perches to he line of the said turnpike road and the plaee of beginning, being the same land and premises which was convey d to the said Ann Brown by John F. Shanetts l.y deed dated April 19'h 1653, and duly recorded Together wltb tbe im pi ove rrent and appurtenances, which may be seen by visiting the premises Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in 6, 12, 18, and 24 months ; to be secured by deeds of trust on the premises Umess the terms of sale be com plied wl.hln five days from day of sale the Trua tees reserve tbe right to resell at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser All conveyances at tbe purchaser's expense ERASMUS J. MIDbLETON,!- " RICHARD D CLARKE, < Trustee*, m21-2awis JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r QZ7"The above sale ia unavoidably pott poned until SATURDAY, July 96th, s4m? hor? and place. ERASMUS J. M1DDLFTON,) ., . MICHAHD H. CLARKE, Trustees. Je 27-2awts J.C McGUIKE, Auct'r. The above sale is farther pistpsnrd un 11 TUESDAY AFTLKNOO"*, August 20th, same hour and place. ERASMUS J . MIDDLETON,iT RICHARD H. CLARKE, ( Trustee*. Jy 26 Jaw&ds J. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. T T WOOD AND COAL DEPOT. N W corner Twelfth and C street. No 547, One square south of the Avenue. HE BEST ARTICLE GUARANTEED ? All Coal carefully weighed? 2,24o to the ton, from which there Is no deviation, $etmingly to reduce the price Perons laying in their winter fuel will tind It to their advantage to leave their orders to be sup piled Iroin the vessels on their arrival. 1^7"Coal kept under cover. Wocd of tae best qualify always on hand, jy 29-tr T J A W. M GALT. Keep it before the people: Tfcat we keep constantly on hand gentle men's DRESS SHIRTS cf every quail v acd Erice, and made up alter the latest styles and pat rns. We have Just received a new supply cf Shirts, with colored ihien bosoms and wristbands, com prising the choicest patterns Our attention will be particularly devoted to making Shirts to order, and we confidently be lieve our experience in this department will en able us to give satisfaction to all who may favor us with their ordeis Style and fit guarantied or no sale. GEO. H 11 WHITEJbCO, Gents Furnishing Store, Jy 28-tf 332 Pa. avenue, bet 9th ana 10th sts_ BLACHISYOIE'S PAVILION. 1HIS PLACE OF RESORT WILL BE open on the 3d day of July for the ac commodation of visitors Tbe subscriber has engaged a first rate Cotillion Band forJtJB. the season, and with his large and spendld Ball Room offters vast Ind jcements to the lovers of tbe dance His table will be constantly supplied with all the luxuries of the Potomac, and his Bar with the cholest liquors. This is known to be one of the healthiest places on the river, being situated between BLacklstone's and St Catharine's Islands. There will be a celebration on the 4th of July, and Ball and public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, 2lth July, Thursday,7th August, and Thurs day 21st of August. 'I he steamer Alice Price will land passengers during the waierinj season on Tuesdays and Fri daysgolng down, and will stop for passengers on Wednesdays and Saturdays, oil her return trips. The steamer Columbia will also land and take otf Sissengers on Wednesdays going to, and on Snn ays returning from Baltimore. , Board?f 1 per day for a week or longer; HI,'35 less than a week je25 2m GEORGE. W. BLACK1STONE. NOTICE. ("*?EN WALTER JONES AND CHARLES LEE JONES have removed their office to No. 306. E str?et, between 3d and 4th streets Charles Lee Jones will practice in the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts held In the District of Columbia. Gea. Walter Jones, though mostly retired from general prac tice, will unite with him and do hh best to ad vance the success of clients by written statements and arguments, and by all ether needful and p'oper exertions. jy 5-3m Fink old government, mocha, Java, and Rio Coffee for sale by KING A BURCHELL. 205 Vermont avenue, corner 15th _auB and 1 streets. Bourbon whiskey eromKentuc ky, direct; 14 years old. purchased through the agency of a gent eman resident of that country now in this city. Price 94 per gallon. For sale by JAS. H. sHEKELL, au ft lw (Intel) 270, E st cor. 13Ui. P>R SALE -A PORTABLE STEAM EN GINE, three horse power, locomotive boiler. It has been in use at this oflce, and is offered for sale because It Is replaced with an engine of much greater power. It will be found extremely ?e< vlceable, and will be sold low for o*?h. K TELEGRAPH NEWS. 7K0* THS A830CIAT CD TRESS HV Mors* PRINTING TBUUKAPli North Car lmo Election IUmiqb. August V ?Tbe following eonnties hare been heard from nod show a clear gai'i for tiragg of 1,700 ? Alamance, Frankbn, Guilford, Sampson Wake. Warren Foreythe, New llatiover, Columbus. Wick. Northamp ton, Granville. Orang*. Mecklenburg, Dalrd sod, Wayne, Cumberland, Oabarras. Lenoir, Rowan. Stanly, Yadkin, and Greene. 23 in all. There are 79 counties in the Stat* In the counties abors named there is a Democratic gain of ton members of the Legis lature. The Sute is Democratic bj 8000 majority. [In addition to the above, we learn, by a private dispatch, that the Democrats bar* gained a member in Grant county | Wilmuctu!*, Aug V ?We have reported gains for Bragg in Duplin, Nash, and other counties. Gilmer gains 422 in Guilford- Brsgg is undoubtedly re-elected. MiMOuri Election St Loots, Aug ?Thirteen additional counties give Benton 3.113. Polk 6,077, Ewing 7,42V In three counties Benton s vote is not counted. The Congressional returns are meagre and unreliable. Benton Polk. Kwing [Vote of 15 counties, before reported ....0,688 4,356 6,993 Add as 6 877 7.43V 28 counties 9 801 11.233 13.422 Tbo vte of the fifteen counties befere re ported was gtven by majorities, eo that the above does not show the total vote of the twenty-eight counties, though it indicates the relative standing of the three candidates. (SBCORn DBNPATCB ] St. Loci*. August 9 ?The total vote in thirty?one counties is?Ewing 10 284. Polk 17,521, Benton 11,671. Caruthers is doubtless re-elected to Con gress. ? ? Kentucky Election LoniTiili, August 9th.?Returns nearly compite have been received from fifty-six oounties, in which the American majority ie 3,763. The Democratic gain is 7,360. Light House Destroyed by Lightning Nkwbuuyport Mass , Aug 9.-TheSouthern tower of the Light House on Rum Island w:ts struck by lightning, and burnt. Baltimore Markets liALTinotB. Aug. V ?Flour U firmer; sales of 3 000 bbls. at $7. Wheat is firmer, under an active demand; go a to prime red.* ^1.46aSl 52, g ?od to prime whites SI.o0a?l 55; choice $1 61 Curn?rales ot white at 60a63;.; yellow ft2s65c Sew York Markets. Haw Yoax, Aug 9 ?Flour Is dull: fales of 7.000 bbls; go<-d State S6 15; superfine Ohio 5<> 45, standard Southern *8. Wheat is lower; sales of 30,IH>0 bushels; Ohio white 51.65; Tennessee red 51 60a91 65; South ern white SI 55aSl <0 Corn ha? declined; sales of 30.000 bushels; Southern mixed 63c. I'ork is firm; sales of 350 bbls me?s S20, Beef i? nominal. Lard is steady; ^ales of 200 bbid. at 12(3. Whisky is sales of 200 bbls ; Ohio 3Si. Financial New York. Aug. 9.?Stocks are lower Cumberland Coal Company iVi; New York Central 89 J; Heading VI l; Pennsylvania C^al Company (ex div.) V6J; Virginia 6's V3j; Mis souri A s 66; Illinois Central bonds 92. Sterling exchange is dull. FIRE! K'IKK I FIRE : WET GOODS f PART OF OUR STOCK OF DRV GO OD* was wet at the late Are. ?nd will be sold at a ereut sacrifice en account of the In?urance Com panie*. J NOXON A SON, New York Casta Store. White1* old rand, au 9-4te 321 Pa avenue TIIK VIRUIAIA SIRIXUI. rprtK FOI.LOWING ARK THK TERMS t ot Board at BURNFR'S WHITE S?UL 1'HiR SPR INGS, Virginia, viz: Per week f (W Per month..... S*? uu jv 10-lm WILLIAM A. BiTCMELOK'l LIQUID HAIR DYS SKILFULLY APPLIED. AND SOLD W bole aale and Retail at GI Hair Drawing Es tablishment on Pennsylvania avenue, betweea Mi and lutb streets, and under WlUards' Ho al in V-eo3m PISTOLS. tiOLT'S AND ALl-EN'S REVOLVERS; / Single Barrel Pistols of every else, quality, and price; Percussion Caps Shot Poactaea. Pow der flasks Gun W?ddiua, Gun Nipple*. Ham mers, Screws. Ram Rod Heads, bun Worm*, Wartd Cutters, Nipple Wrenrhes, lialn Springs, and a yood assortment ef Gunsmith*' material, for saie low by E K LUNDY, j> "iJ-tr No ttt Srtdge street. Georgetown. AYER 3 PILL3. FOR ALL THK P.LR POPES OP A FAMILY PHYSIC. THEKK HAS LONG EXISTED A PUBLIC df irand foi an effective Purgative Pill which could be relied on a* ?ure and perfectly safe In St* operation. This has been pr pared to m^et that demand, and an extensive trial of Ha virtue* I .at conclusively chown with what success It accom plishes the mi*po?e designed. It la ?asy to n ake a physical Prll but not so easv to nuke the test or ail Fill'?one which should have note <t tbe objections, b-it all the advantages of t-very other. This has been attempted here, and with what suc cess we wojld respectfully submit to the public dec'slon. It has been unfortunate for the patient hitherto that almost everv purgative medicine In acrimonious and Ir.ltatiiig to tte bowels. 'I his is no* Many oj them produce so much grlplatf p?d.i and revulsion in the system a* to more loan counterbalance the gor.d to be derived fro *> them These Pills produce eo irritation or pain, ubien It arises from a pr*?lously existing obstruction or derangement in the oowela Being purely vege table. no harm can aiise from their use in aav quantity; but it is better than any inedtclre should be taken judiciously. Minute dlrectlobk f..r their use in the several dlreises te which tley ar^ ap plicable are given on the box. Among the com plaints whicn have been speedily cured by them we may mention Liver Complaint lu iu various forms of Jaucdlce, Indigestion, Languor and Lot>* of Appetite. Llstleunesa, Irrltabiltry, B llous Headache, Billons Fever, Fever ai.d Atrie, Pafn l'i *be tide and Loins for In truth, all these are but the consequence of diseased action of tbe liver As an aperient, thev afford ^rompt and sure relief In Co-tiveness. Pile*. Colic, Dysentery, Humors. Scrofula and Scurvy, Colds, v ith sore ness of tne b dy, Ulcers and impurity of the blood ; In short anv and every cas? where a pnrga tive Is required They have also prudncoj some slngn'arly tuc ceasfulcures In R fcenmatWm.Gont, l?rop?.\, Grav el, Erysl.elas, I'a'nitatlon of the Heart. I*alns In tlie Back, Stomach and Side, They sh??- Id be free'y taken in the spring of the year, to purlfj the biood and prepare the sywtem Tor the c>:suge of seasons. An occasional dose stimulate* the stomvh into healthy action, and restore* the appe tite and vigor. They pnrify tbe blood, an d by their stimulant action oa the circulatory sv*tem, renovtie the strength of the body, and restore tbe wasted or diseaeed etergies of the whole organ ism. Hence an occasional dose is advantageous even though no serious derangement exists; but unufcesaary dosing should never be carried u o far, as every pureatlve medicine reduces the strength, when taken to excess The tho usand eaee*In which a physic Is required can rot be enu merated here, bnt they suggest themselves to Jie reason of every body; and it Is confidently be lieved this pill will answer a better purpoee than any thing which ha* hitherto been available te mankind When their vtituee are onoe know:, the pub'ic will no longer doubt what remedy to employ when In need of a cathartic medicine Helng sugar wrapped they are pleasant to take, and being purely vegetable, no narm can arise ftoin their use In any quantity. For minute directions see the wrapper on the Box. ?>&. JAMES 0. AY BR. PRACTH'AL f ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, LOWELL, MASS Price 25 Cast! per Box. Five Boxes for tl 00 Sold by 7. D. G1LMAN, Wa^lDK?on, and all respectable druggists. au?-4m