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Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1856 Page 2
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EVEN TNG STAR. ?* A 6 H IWOTOH CI T T s MONDAY August 11, l?6tt. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS The Union calls attention to the spcech of Senator Thomson of N J , delivered on Satur day last, reviewing the military career and gov ernment financial affairs of Fremont, in Cali fornia, which that journal publishes. It makes the far fly,bejcnd all question. We have rare ly read a more seathing exposure of the bum baggeiy of reputation made by intrigue. The Union also notes the fa?t that Senator Jones, of Tennessee delivered an eloquent and very able speech in favor of Buchanan and Breck inridge, whom H is b's purpose to support hereafter. We further find in tb9 Union the following extract from the Nashville Union of August 19, 184 J, copied into the Washing ton Globe (Blair's) of August 31, 1844, in reference to a great Democratic meeting that had ju-t taken place at Nashville : " The Hon. Linn Boyd of Kentucky, was to have addressed the meeting on the second day, but in the progress ot the discussion, Maj. A J. Doneleon, who was in the chair in the absence cf the president, announced to the meeting that he had jost received a note from Mr. Boyd, informing him that an accident in the overturning of a carriage containing his family in the morning?in which, however, no serieus personal injury had been sustained? would prevent him fiom being present to ad dress toe meeting Major Donelson on miking this annunciation, called the attention of the meeting to the fact that Mr. Boyd teas the distinguished Kentuckian who had charged and proved upon Mr. Clay, in his place in Congress the charge of "bargain, intrigue and corruption" in the Presidential elec tion t?/"1825, and who had been sustained by his constituents in his course. He, there fore, proposed nine cheers for Liun lioyd and the Democracy of his dtstrict." Will our amiable, talented and ingenuous neighbor please copy? By sj doing it will really shed light on the question?who did ma'ign Henry Clay about " bargain, intrigue mud management?"?which ofla'shas been the theme of most of its unfounded assaults on Mr. Buchanan. The Intelligencet's editorial columns aia to-day devoted for the most paw to a review of Saturday's Congressional prccodings, corres pondent, Ac. TEE ELECTIONS. JftKASSAS. Little Rock, Aug 9?Returns from Crit tenden county show that Elias W. Conway, the Democratic candidate for governor, has csnled it by 75 msjority. In St Francis county he b:?3 also been fcuccessiul by 200 ma jority. ILr ic.uios generally indicate the election of Conway by about 3,500 majority. The Le^jiaiurc will be largely Democratic Me-rsrs. Warner and Greenwood aia elotad to Congress. IOWA. Chicago, Auj*. 9.?Returns from twenty five ceuntie3 gite the Republicans forty-five hundred minority. [Theio are t jventy coun ties in this State.] Chicago. Aug. 9 ? The following are the reported majorizes for Congressmen, in low*, &e i*r as arceitaincd, compared with 1854: State, 1856. Governor, 1854. Counties. Rep. Dem. Grimes. Bates. Scott 360 ? 190 ? Henry 870 ? 634 ? Des Moines.... 80 ? ? 168 Louisa ?....... 360 ? 186 ? Jefler*n 300 ? 193 VauBuren.... 200 ? * 41 ? Washington... 500 ? 376 Jt:kson 150 ? 99 Muscatino .... 300 ? 129 Linn ? ......... 5ti0 225 ? Buchanan 250 ? 70 Delaware 120 ? 83 ? Clayton 400 ? 355 low &??????!??? 2oo 91 ? Fayette 100 ? 127 ? Black Hawk .. 250 ? 39 Johnson 300 ? 139 ? Dubuque...... ? 800 ? 432 Lee ? 250 ? 251 Total (19co's).5,2i0 1,050 2,869 950 Republican majority 4.190, being a gain of 1,919. They have both Congressmen and the Legislature In 45 counties the Republican majority is 4.500 NORTH CAROLINA. Ralkigh, Au^ 9.?The returns of the elec tion in this State, as far as ascertained, Indi cate a Democratic majority of about 8,000. The same par.y has a gain of ten members of the Legislature The lollowing returns of the vote for governor are compared with the elec tion of 1854, when Bragg, Dem . had a ma jority of 2,085: 1856. 1854. Bragg, D. Gilmer. A Dem. Whig. Pasquotank, ? 262 ? 16o Columbus, 283 202 New Hanover. 952 ? 685 ? Brunswick, ? 89 19 Wayne. 1,058 ? NJ1 ? Guilford, ? 1,465 ? 1,087 Sampson, 483 ? 293 ? Duplin, 958 ? 836 ? Wake, 569 ? 371 ? We have report* from 23 counties in all, which are said to give Bragg an increased ma jority of 1,700 votes Columbia, Aug 10.?The Democrats have from eight to ten thousand majority in North Carolina. MISSOURI. St. Lou is, Aug. 9 ?The result for governor is jet in doubt but as far as heard from R. C Ewing, American, leads Polk, regular Dem ocrat, 1,710 votes. Additional returns are ex pected to be more favorable for Polk. The contest, however, is close and doubtful. The members of Congress certainly elected are B'.air, Anderson, Caruthers, Green, Crate. Woodson and Aiken. . * St. Louis, Aug. 10.?Ewingnow leads Polk 1,400 votes. St. Looir, August 8 ?Tiie vote for gover nor in 44 counties foots up: E*in?, Ameri can, 26 677 , Polk, Democrat, 21 398 ; Ben ton 14,684 Eight counties in the Seventh Congressional district give Caruthers, Democrat, 2,375; Per riman 2,369; Stevenson 1,331 There is do doubt of Caruthers' election Seven eounties in the Second Congressional district gives Anderson. American, 3,061; Richmond, Democrat, 2,603. Six counties in the Fifth district give Wood son, American, 1,492; Price, Bentonite, 1.228; Douglas, Democrat, 1,854. The same counties, same district, to fill the T*C*If7 cm*"*d bJ <*??tb of J G. Miller, ccrat 1 363 Am?r'can' I Jackson, Dem Im'tl'Tl';" i",rd f?"' ,h? Am.ric?M , ' ?s*?jsrsr?*??,,idJ t jrs , the \\ hig8 and Democrats 15 representa tives and 2 senators; aud the Bed^iti^ representative? and l senator lv Sr. Louis, August 9, p. m.?Fort*.on? ?l?-t 21 Americans, 20 Bentoniaae ?7 snti Bsntouiacs, and 6 Whig- to the Ho'us# It is r?>f v>rted that 3 America'is, 3 an*i-B?ntol r>ianj. and two Bentcnians, aie eleotad to th? Senate. In the Second Congressional DUtri-t, An derson's (American) maioiity is 600, uith two counties to t s beard irom. He is no doubt e'e .ltd. Iu the Third District, Greene is probably elected. In the Fifth District, Wood tou (American) for the full term, and Akers I American) for the vacancy, are probably elejtsd. In the Sixth District, Phelps (Dem.) >s? probably elestsd. - M?RTCCKT. Louisville, Aug 9.?Returns from fifty-six 2S5 oef*3 " AmeScaJ Democratic gain is Louisville, Aug. 16.-Returns from sixty three countries show a Democratic win n- irly 10 000 votes. g*ln of * t we indebted to the Baltimore !Shh for ?U the above dispatches. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. From Missouri ?The Very Lateet We have a private dispatch to-day from St. Louis from a gentleman in whose judgment we have every confidence, who says to us : " Polk is certainly elected Governor. The States' del egation in the next Congress stands four Dem ocrats, two Know Nothings, and Blair"?who will, of course, be crawfishing back to the Democrats after November, if not sooner. A Character.?Among the most amusing circumstances of the present Presidential can vass is the fuss which the Republican news papers are making over one Philip Dorshiemer, of Buffalo, N. Y., a convert to their party, of course, or he would be, in common with others of his countrymen, the subject of the anathe mas of many of them on account of the land of bis nativity, rather than, as at present, the theme of their unstinted praise Up to the hour on which it became oertain that the pres ent Administration had determined not to re appoint him postmaster of Buffalo, from which office (under the Polk Administration's ap pointment) its predecessor removed him, he was the very loudest-mouth Democrat in his professions among the horde who swarmed to Washington on the acccssion of Pierce. From the stoop of Willards' hotel he would preach, by long hours, to any and every body, about the importanoe of his services to the Democ racy in the last canvass, and his remarkable influence over the Germans throughout the Great West. The real English of the broken English in which he was accustomed on such occasions to deliver himself, to the annoyance of thftse whom he held by the button-hole and the infinite amusement of the constitutional wags about town, (who at length listened for the delivery of his daily half jeremiad and half stump speech in gibberish regularly, as the standing joke of the season,) was, that he was about the most important man west of the Alleghaniea; and that not to satisfy him would be to throw off from the support of tho Ad ministration the whole Gorman born vote of the country. He was refused, perhaps more than anything else on account of the impu dent swaggering which at times characterized his office begging, and the mean sorvility that marked it at other times. He has fairly kept his promise of undying hostility to the Democratic cause, unless " de Demogradic bardy" would give him office. Hundreds now in Washington remember well bis behavior when seeking office here to hate b? jn just as we describe it; while, perhaps, thousands in and about Buffalo are equally well aware that the origin of his Republican ism is his disappointed selfishness. The Re publican press of New York are jubt now ma king a great fuss over a letter from his pen, wher:in he professes to have changed his politics from honest, honorable, and patriotic motives. Their lavish praises of this Swiss bring forcibly to our mind the scenes to which we refer above, on which we took occasion to comment when they occurred, to the infinite amusement of our readers. His system of offioe-seeking was so sublimely impudent at one moment, so mean at another, and so dis gusting throughout all its phases, as to hav? offered us about the very fairest mark for il lustrating the ruling passion of the small beer politicians ot the day, which it has been our fortune to point pen at since mounting the Star's tripod. He is essentially a poor devil, politically, this "honorable" Philip Dorshie ner, and will abuse the Republicans after they have Ufed him, if they have anything what ever to give, quite as roundly as ho now abuses tho present Administration. For, we take it for granted, they by this time know him too woll to take him at his own valuation of himself ; or, in other words, to bestow office on him. The 8ectional Candidate.?The mo?t child ish subterfuge of the hour to avoid tho point of the serious charge that the Republican party is essentially a scotional organization, and on that account is exceedingly dangerous to the future pea ;e of the Union, if not to ita much longer duration, is that both the Presi dent and Yice President have heretofore been elected from the same section of the Union without the generation of consequences such a* are predicted from the election of Fremont and Dayton. There never was before in the field a great party formed upon the single principle of warring on the guarantied consti tutional rights and the interests of a section of the Confederacy; which is the real element of the so great danger to the Union to flow from ? triumph of the Republican pa^ty. It is not because Mr. Fremont is a citizen of New York, and Mr. Dayton a citizen of New Jersey, that such apprehensions grow out of the possibility of their election ; but because they bear aloft a banner inscribed with death to the constitu tional rights and interests of the South ; be cause their followers, without exception, preach throngh the press and from the stump vehement abuse of, and bitter hatred to, all things Southern, proclaiming that they seek to elect them only that they may reduce the South to a system of vassalage to the North, wholly unknown to the principles of the Con stitution of the United States, and to the pur j poses for which the South came into the Con federacy. To suppose that the South will remain in the Union with its government in the hands of persons professing the sentiments and aims characterising tho speeches of nearly every Republican in Congress who has spoken in the course of the session on tho slavery ques tion, will be to conclude that it (the South) is dead to all sense of self-preservation, and is willing to court a fate a'mott precisely par allel with that which British abolitionism brought on the British West Indies not long since. We know that it is fashionable for Republican party orators to protest the pur pose of keeping bands off elavery in tho States But we also know that nearly evory Republi can spec eh Is made up of the bitterest ha. trad towards the South, of fierce denunciation of the South, of arrogant assumptions of supe riority to and over the South, and of pleas in favor of the existence of power in the North to work out the very purposes against the South which they (the Republican orators) hypocritically protest they do not entertain. The South has seen too clearly in the legisla tion of this session that neither the obliga tions of justice, truth, law nor constitution, afford tfce slightest barrier to their efforts to earry into practice their peculiar views upon the slavery question, to fail to seak promptly to protect themselves against the certain con tingencies of a Republican party triumph in November neat. Tho Independerce.?Wfi bave arcrrtHin'.J, I by iLquiiy uttLe^avy Department, thattleir latest advioes from Valparaiso are only to the 31rt of May. The retains to the Bureau of Provisions show that the " Independence," on sailing from San Fr*nci?co, had on board/*// rations, sufficient to last until June 30th for the number of men then drawing rations Though the ship had not arrived at Valparaiso as soon as was anticipated, there is not yet cause for much apprehension with regard to her safety. Another Veto.?We give below a copy of the message cf the President this moving transmitted to the House of Representatives, returning a bill " for continuing the improve ment of the Desmoines Rapids in the Missis sippi river. The reasons assigned are the same as those previously given by President Pierce in messages to Congress, lie holds that the Federal Government has no power to mako the appropriation because the work is local, not national, and is part of a general system of internal improvements which two National Democratic Conventions have sol emnly declared " Congress has no power to commence and carry on." We eongraulate the country upon this act which gives renewed assurance that there is at the head of the Re public a statesman who has the intelligence to appreciate and comprehend, and the cour age to defend the sacred guarantees of the constitution. To the House of Representatives : I return herewith to the House of Represen tatives, in which it originated, a bill entitled " An ast for continuing the improvement of the Des Moines Itapius, in the Mississippi river," and submit it for re consideration, be cause it is. in my judgment, liable to the ob jections to the prosecution of internal improve ments by the General Goveiument set foith at length in a communication addressed by me to tho two houses of Congress on the thir teenth day of December, 1854, and in other subsequent messages upon the same subject, to which, on this occasion. I respectfully refer. Fiu^kuh Pierce Washington, August 11, 1850. The Condition of the Business ?Those who anticipate necessity for an extension of the present session of Congijes beyond the 18th inst., to grow out of the stato of business in their hall, aro in error. It has bun some years, wo beHeve, &:nce the ganeral business was more forward at a couesponding period of the session. A w''liol effort to defeat the gen eral appropriations, on the pait of tho Repub licans, can alone create a n> jssity for a post ponement of the t'me fixed for the end of the eessioL. Appointed, and Confirmed by the Senate. Alex. W. Campbell, Up; States at for tho westsru distiict of Tennessco. H. C Spaulding, Charles Walter, aud Thos J. Fisher, to be justices of the peace fur the District of Columbia. Iram Nye, to be United States marshal for the northern district of Illinois. Ihe Current Operations cf the Treasury Dej irtment.?1On Saturday, 9th of August, there were of Treasury warrants entered cn the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... 59.500 So For Customs. 10,503 95 For the Interior Department..... 12,473 05 War warrants received and en tered 19,120 U War repay warrantercccivad and entered.. 6,505 85 Interior repay warrants received and entered 0,997 13 On account of tbe Navy.. 2.081 49 Fiommiacpllaiicouasottrees...... 0,685 83 CO SO SESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS In the Senate, on Saturday, after we went to press, the pending resolution of Senator Thomson of New Jersey, calling on the Presi dent for copies of Commodore Stockton's Cali fornia dispatches, and of other papers on Ale, bearing on the question of the raising of the Bear tlag in California previous to the arrival of Commodore Sloat on the Pacific coast, was debated at length by Mr. T., in defence of j Commodore Stockton's official conduct in Cal ifornia. Mr. Jones of Tennessee, next addressed the Senate on political topics, defining his position to be that of a supporter of Buchanan and Brcckinridge. Mr Bell also defined his political position to be that of a supporter of Fillmore, without being a member of the American party. Atter the transaction of some other business, in tbe course of which Messrs. Wilson and Foot made political speeches, they adjourned. In the House, the Indian appropriation bill was passed The civil appropriation bill, as reported from the Committee of the Whole, was next taken up. The amendment of Mr. Ball, requiring that hereafter military officers of the Government shall not superintend other than military government works, and transferring the di rection of the work on tho extension of the capitol and tho post office department Build ing from the Secretary ef War to tbe Secre tary of tho Interior, was agreed to?yeas 93, noes 30 The amendment of Mr. Tyson appropriating $20,000 for ornamenting the Capitol with such works of art as may be approved by the Joint Library Committee to be placed in either wing of the extension, was agreed to?ayes 91, noes 21 The amendment appropriating $5,000 for re building the Franklin engine house, including the purchase of a suitable lot, Ac , was also agreed to?ayes 74, noes 47. The question was next taken on the follow ing amendment, inserted in the bill, on motion of Mr. Uolloway, of Indiana : " For the collection of agricultural statis tics, investigations for promoting agricultural and rural eoonomy, and the procurement and distribution of cuttings and seeds, $75,000. to bo expended under the direction of the Com missioner of Patents: Provided, That the Commissioner shall report to Congress the va rious kinds of seeds to be purchased under this appropriation, and from whom and where ob tained, and tho cost of the same. The question was taken, and the amendment was agreed to. The question was then stated to be on the amendment directing the accounting officers of the treasury to settle and pay to tne public printer tho increased compensation allowed bv the joint resolution No 18, approved July 3u, 1054, upon tho printing ordered prior to the repeal of said resolution, as applicable to tho said prnter bj the a it of May 15, 1850, to supply deficiencies in appropriations for the service of the fiscal yoar ending June 30,1850. The-question was taken, and the amend ment was disagreed to -yeas 37, nays 130. The bill, as amended, was then read a third time and passed. Sundry private bills were next passed. Mr. Sherman, in a personal explanation, re plied to late remarks of Mr. Savage concern ing tbe conduct of the Kansas ComtcitUe, de nying their allegations, and protesting against their tone At a lafe hour they again went iuto com mittee, (Mr. Hickman in the chair,) wherein the Post Offico appropriation bill was taken up, and they took a recess until 7 p. m. On re-assembling at 7 o'clock, political speeohes were made by Messrs Billinj?urst, Norton, Kelly, Foster, snd Harris of 111, un til tbey rose; when tbe Housa adjourned. Proceeding* *1 Ts>Dty. In the Senate, to-day, a resolution was agreed to, calling for information as to what measures had been adopted by this Govern ment with reference to the proposition from Kuropean governments upon tne subject of abolishing the custom of privateering Mr Douglas reported buck from tSo Torri b>ru^ Committee the House b'l! to ra ? rj n.'zo the Teriitviial Govoirmcnt of Kst?as, wiih a substitute; and Mr. Colic jmi made a minor ity report on the seme bill ; both laid on the table?yew 35, nays 12. After the transaction of some other busi ness? Mr. Bigler moved to take up his resolution calling far information concerning the pecu niary transactions of the Government; agreed to?yeas 29, nays 14. In tho House, the bill reported on Satur day by Mr. Cobb of Ala., from the Public Lands Committee, to enable the owners of land warrants to locate them on any public lands subject to entry whether the minimum price shall be $1 25 per acre or more, was laid on the table. Mr. Campbell of Ohio, reported from the Ways and Means Committee, a bill to reduce the tariff on imports, the consideration of which was postponed until the next session. Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, also moved to sus Knd the rules for the consideration of a reso tion calling on the Executive for certain specific information connected with the reve nue from customs' duties on articles named ; rules suspended, and resolution amended and passed. A message from the President was next re ceived, vetoing the bill for tha improvement of the Des Moines rapids in the Mississippi; and the question being put on the passage of the bill over the President's veto, it was so passed ?yeas 103, nays 54. FEBSOHAL. ? ???Mrs. Harris, an actress, died lately in Peoria, III. .... Wm. H. Webb, Esq , of New York, the eminent ship builder, is at Willards' ho tel. .... Dr. H. P. Peet, President of the Now York Deaf and Dumb Institute, is stopping at Willards' hotel. VV * ... .It is stated that the New Orleans Pica yune divided *90,000 profits last year, or $18,000 to oach of the five partners. .... O. P. K James, Esq., now a resident of Richmond, Va , is bu&ily engaged upon tho

concluding chapters of a new romanoe, wbich will shortly be published ...? Hon Seth Robinson and faur'y, of Alabama, Hon. James Huntir and family of \ a., and Samuel Bard, Superintendent of Public Education and editor of the Louisiana Democrat, are at Willards'. ? ???Martha Stone, wife of Rev. Stephen Llubboll, and well koown as tho author of Shady Side," died at tho refcidenc ) of her husband in North Stonington, Ct , on the morning of the Sth inst, aged 42 yoara ....Jenny Lind, it is now sold, has netted ?80,000 during her farewell London and pro vincial Feason, and that tho public, in conse quanca of the system of buying un tickets by the music sellers, must ha\e paid at least ?200,000 for the privilege of hearing her. .... Letters received in New York dir 2t from Messrs. Gvjrge Peabody & Co , confirm the fetatcmens heietofore mado that the:r senior partner nil I bo in New York in Sep tember. It is also s."id that the Hon Robert Lowe. \it 3 president of the British Board of Trade, and !orui*rJy one of the ablest of the contributors of the London T.mes, and Mr. John De!a:ne, connccted with the same influ ential journal, are soon to visit this country. POLITICAL ITEMS. The Louisa? 1 lo Journal, of the 6th inst., is very qu'et about the result of tho okction in Kentucky. This is a bad sign for tho Fill more party. The Indianapolis (Ind ) D^'ly State Senti nel says Fusioc'sts regard John Charies Fre mont only ps a sort of appendage to their ticket, hooked on for mere convenience sake ? a simple John Doe in the suit which fhe poli ticians of the party are trying for their own benefit. ? In the lata spaech of David Paul Brown, E?q., of Philadelphia, at Faneuil Hall, Bos ton?ho sind that both Fillmore and Fre mont were tried men, the only diCwrcnco was, that Fillmore was a:quiu?jd and Fremont convicted. The Richmond (Va.) Whig says there is such a fervor among the Germans for Fremont that it would not bo astonished if a ticket were started in that State for the especial benefit of our Democratic Republican fellow citixens of the Tenth Legion. Tho Norfolk Southern Argus publishes the , names of the papers on its exchange list, with their political creed, with the following recap itulation : Northern papers?Buchanan, 18; Fremont, 7; Fillmore, 1 Southern papers? Buchanan, 42; Fillmore, 20. The Alton (111.) Democrat states, as one of the effects of two churches in that city bcoom ing political as well as religious sanctuaries, that some of their members are getting into very worldly ways. " One pew owner in Rev. Mr. Haley'6 church offers to bet his pew (eli gibly situated, and valued at $100,) against a pew in Rev Mr. Norton's church, on the re sult of the general election in November." Tho Richmond Enquire says : The suppor ters of Fillmore in the South belong to two very distinct classes of men. The one oonsists of the busybodies, the wireworkers, the oow boys and Dalgettys of the Know Nothing party?men who are found about court houses and other villages and places of public resort, who have tried all means of getting along and failed at all, and who, finding themselves in capable of managing their own affairs, feel confident that they are fitted to manage those of other people and of the nation. This is the officeseeking and aotive portion of Fillmore's Southern friends The other class of Mr. Fill more's Southern friends are Old Line Whigs, well to do in the world, lazy, amiable, selfish good uatured men, who would not spoil their digestion to save the nation. Thoy think Fill more is too timid to do anything rash or pre cipitate, and that he will temporixe and keep off violent change, disunion or revolution whilst they live; and, good natured souls, they are ready to lot posterity and the rising generation take care of themselves Counterfeits?All persons are cautioned against purchasing any of the "Balu or Thousand Flowers," unless each label is signed by Fetridge \ Co. There is a spu rious articlo in the market, the injurious ef. feet? of the use of whioh the undarsigned cautions the public. Fktridoe A Co., New York. N. B.?The genuine article will be found at Shillington's Book and Stationery Establish ment, Odeon Building, corner Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue. ^ATTENTION, FIREMEN!?AN adjourned meeting of the members of the Fianklln Fire Company of those who pro pose to visit Rlohmond, Va., In October next, will meet at tha Engine House THIS EVEN ING,at8 o'clock. The members of the Company generally are requested to attend. By order: GEORGEK BOYD, It Secretary pro, tem. CARD ?AT A MEETING OF the Perseverance Fire Company, held on tfee 8th lnatant, the following resolution was unanimously adopted: Ketolvtd, That the thanks of this Company are >:ue and ere hereby tendered the Union Fire Comoany for the loan of their hose at the fire whi?n occurred on Thirteenth street, on the even ing of the 7th Instant Also, to the Anacostla Fire Company for their genetoas loan of hose, ard assistance rendered, at the fire which oc cuired immediately after cn Seventh street, near Pennaylvanla avenue Also, our especial thanks to Mr M. Ruppel and Mrs. Hoffmen for the gen erous and bonntifnl supply of hot coffee and other lefrtshinents so opportunely furnished by them. JNO. McDEKMOTT, President. JNO. Y. DONN, Secretary. It H^jTHE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY CAU ?K& tloned against trusting my wife, JANE LEWIS, on mv account, as I shall aot hereafter be responsible for any of her debts or contracts. WILLIAM LEWIS George-town, D. C. au ll-3t ?-^S2fcNOTlCE ? LIBRARY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, August 9th, lttf ?Persons having Books belonging to thla Library are requested to return them before the adjournment ol Coiutrew. au 11 lw C. B ADAMS, Librarian. fc-^ZTBUCHANAN AN D BRKCKIN RIDGE S^S^DEMOORATICCLUB OF THE DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA?Hereafter, aid un II' Mi# pud of the campaign, tho Club Hocm* will be or" i csery evening, eundsys exapiitf, until 10 o clu k, for the dMpatch of business. au?-3t C. INGLE, Rec. Bee, STOCKHOLDERS OP ISLAND ? HALL ?Tin itockboldm of "Inland ???II we requested to meet at the Hall on TU KS DAY EVENING m*xt, Augu*t l?ih, at8o'elock. Every stockholder la requested to repesentas business of Importance will be laid l?efore them By order of Trustees : au >-3f (Orgaa) P.M. PEARSON. Sec. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, H ATTENTION -A m<etlng of the rem panv will take plare on MONDAY EVEN ING. at P o'clock. A full attendance la <1 desired By order. au 9-2t B. P BEERS, Sec. ?-^5?NOTICK.-THE REGULAR monthly ^5 meeting of the Democratic Assoelstlon of Georgetown wi'i be held at Forrest Hell on MONDAY EVENING, August 11th. at 7* o'clock. An addreaa may be expecUd. A punc tual attendance of the member* Is requested ROBERT OULD, Pre*. E. KROUSE, 8ec. au g *"3fe?THE BOONE CLUB WILL GIVE their Cotillon Party of the reason on TUESDAY EVENING, the 12th August, at Pi oneer Ha'l, corner of 94th and K strc-t?. Scott's Band has been engaged for the occasion. ^Tickets 50 cents?admitting a gentleman and Committer 0/ arrmageminit. anVJf/' Arthur Bridgett, Lewis Huff. ? ^?5 ?.X.! C K ' ,N 1KPLY TO J. H WHITEHURST.?J. H Whltehurat's card dow me great injuitlce. His afatement of the relations heretofore eilstlng between us Is on true, and his imputation of an abune of tro^t by me utterly groundless, and without a fact to elre It color. * W here we are both known no vindication of my conduct is necessary. A few days will ena ble me to present the facts to the public In the meanwhile my friends wlU do me Justice and the public is requested to suspend its judgment JULIAN VANNERSON, ?nner,0n'8 Daguerrean Gallery, No*. 424 and 420 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D C _ _-_?CASH PAID FOR FURNITURB ? Persona declining housekeeping or hav ing a surplus of Household effects will find it to their advantage to give us a call before deposing or the same. We are prepared to buy their en t re atoe.k of Fnrnltnre, (in large or small quantl ties,) and thus lavs thein the trouble and expense Incident to a puhllc auction. New Furniture ex l ?Jrood *c?nd-hand articles BONTZ A COOMBS, Extensive Furniture Dealers. No. 369 Seventh street, near I. jy 12-1 m g-r^feNOTICE ?THE SUBSCR I BER begs t0 6411 {he attention of the public lo his stock of GLASS and QUEENSWARE before pirchntlng elsewhere, as by so doing thev will save from 15 to 25 per cent ?Jollet aad mnnCT lower th*n the lowest at 7 ? ,,renue> between 9th and 10th street* Je Mm JOHN McDEVlTT. FOR SALK. ONE OF FAY'S LARGE SIZED, BEST quality MORTISING MACHINES: A CIR UUtAR,&EING MACHINK, and set of Car penter's IRON CLAMPS, all new and in good er,, inquire of WM. DUN A WIN, au ll-3t? cor. 15th at. and Mass. ave mackerel and codfish.? IT J. 50 bbls. No. 3 New Mackerel 2500 lbs Codflsh Just received per bchooncr Fclrfax, nd for ?ilebv BARBOUR A SEMMES. au ll-eofit No. (15 LouMana avenue. N CO AL OW LANDING A CARGO OF THE BEST W A. COAL, aud wMl be sold very low :rom the ves'-I. 7 GEO. F. KIDWELL A CO , .. ... 1,th 8t' OPP05!^ Franklin Engine au House. c "? VAN PATTEN, DEN vy tint, having returned from his at tendance upon the American DentalAlKS* Convention at New York city, has rt-XlffnT auir-d his professional duties athisoRceand residence, No. 10, Pennsyl' an la avenue, near Georgetown. au ll-3t SO.METHiNe NEW! rpHE SUBSCRIBER TAKES THIS METH A od of inforrnfng the public that he krePs ?.0n staoJy on hand supn ieaof PRIME BO .TKR fh?m the most celebrate! dairies in Pennsylranla ard.NewUtk Also, FRESH EGOS received dally. He may always be found on market davs ?! LJ" In Centre Market, west wing, end Nor her"> Market. Call and be accommodated au 11-lw* JAMES E DUNAW1N SCHOONER FOR SALE. THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS TOR SM.E the schooner ENTERPRISE orBs ti more. She is two years old and fifty trmfld. SSL"rzx of 'ons : Ave feet water and is suitable for r boal creek t*he is at the wharf next to the Baltimore steam era. If she is not sold tefore, will te offered at auction on Thursday next at 2 o'clock p m Xt* JOHN W, AGLER, TO SIEMBERSOFCONORESS AND OTH ER# LEAVING THE CITY. M W. GALT A BRO. CALL THE ATTEN tlon of members of Congress and others to ",V?ck of very superior ladles' and gentlemer s ? JiY* es. Rich Jewelry of the latest style* pure Silver Tea SeU, Pitchers, Goblets, sllvw t- orks, Spoons, Ac ?,AL"?.' l*tr* plated Tea S?*! Walters, Cake Baskets, Castors, Albati Forks and Spoons, Eng lish and American Table Cutlery, Ac Persona in search of useful presents will find our stock to comprise an endless variety. All goods warrant;d as reprerentod and at the lowest rates M< W??ALT * nRO ? dwellers, 324 Pennsylvania avenue, Ru u~6t hetw en 9th and loth streets. rOR J?or!*T VERNON AND THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS. rpHE STEAMER THOS COLLVER WILL -?? leave Washlrgtnn at 9 a m . _ -ft ? v and Alexandria at 9k a m for the above P}?cea The white House ^aTuio^^ ?rand place of resort. The bath houses for ladies m?v/un^ emen.,SJ?Dl,he4 w,th ewV thing to make It pleasant, tne ten-pin a''evs, swings Ac "" fl,,i ''h Those preferring can take refreshments with them. W m. Coke will furnish dinner and re fresh ments at the Pavilion. Fare, round trip, to Mount Vernon SI. Mount vernon passengers can on returning from Mount Vernon remain at the White House all day by raying 25 cents extra Wkite House paseenLers ^0 c>nts; children ha'f price The second boat leaves Washington for the vv9*^ * ?'ClOCk P ? Th? b9at arrive in Washington at etinaet. Try the tiipand you w"l not regret it. aa 11 5t SAM'L GEDNEV, Captain. Ho! for Old Point Comfort! a novj:l excursion. Tickets far the Reaad Trip enlv sj an Tickets Bd?ittl.c m Gentleman and twe Ladies 9b; Children under twelve veara ?t age, and Bervanta, half price. AND PINBY POINT PAVILION. Kennd Trip Ticketa, *1.50. Select and Pleaiaut Excnrgion for Families and quiet Ploaaare-aaaken. HO ! FOR OLD POINT COMFORT, FO?r/(ESS MONROE, RIP RAPS, Portsmouth, Norfolk' ' ATLANTIC OCEAN, BIG SHIP PENNSYLVANIA. ' STEAM FRIGATE COLORADO GOSPORT NAVY YARD, Ac , Ac., Ac.! 0NLI ONE DAY FROM BU8IHES8. 'PHE PUBLIC ARE RESPECTFULLY IN ?i. formed that the large and sate _ fc. Steamer POWHATAN. Captaln?dS|W^ Mite ell, having a large number of berth^nt^P euantly furnished state rooms, besides ample cubla accommodation, will make an excursion to the above nlace*, leaving Washington on FRI DAY AFTERNOON, 15?h August, at 0 o'clock and Alexandria at 7 o'clock, arriving at Old Point the next day; thence to Portsmouth re maining at Portsmouth until 7 o'clock: when she will return to Old Point, arriving there in time to enjoy bathing, the ball-room, grand serenade by th? United States military band, Ac. TLe but vrill leave for home on Sunday at J2 o'clock m Passengers by this trln will have abundance of time to v?ew that magnificent atructuie, Fentress Monroe, witness the erand military Dress Parade Tro*? ??w?y the Unlte4, enjoy the refreshing Sea Brrezrs De lightful Bathing In the Ocean Surf or the ladiee' "f F"t1]cmen ? Priwe bath rooms attached to the hotel, or engage la fishing, sailing, Ac. At th abundance of time wUlbe allowed ?Mnr?JC ^ ^>enil?ylvanla, the Steam ahip Colorado, the Unltrd States Navy Yard, aad <*|w Places of interest. 7 lndiea' cabin will be under the change of rienced chambermaid A Band of Music will accompany the excursioa. Meals, Cortectionery, Ice Cream, Ac., fur nuhed by experienced cater* rs at moderate Remember the whole round trip cn'y ?8A0. The boat will stop at Piaey Point going and re | Wining, for whicVround Uip tlckeu will be la aned at tl 50 each Tickets to be had at the Piano and Mu?ic store [ of J< hn F Ellis; at the Bookstores of Taylor A .Viaury a. d Joe bhllllngton . in Geer^etowr ?J I Mr Ridwell, Druggist; ?nd at t.? boat au 11-41 Amusements. II. A Perry J 8 < ltrkr | Mrs Giria? I 5 ' NATIONAL THEATRE. T1ESD1T KTimwe, A?|?n 18th, 18M. Farewell PtrfMnunef of the General Favorite*, MESSRS H k PEBEY. and J 8 CI.AUK E assisted by the charming Com-die nor, MBS H A TERBT, And the entire corns of the HOLLIDAY 8T THEATRK, Baltimore, who will appear for ONE WIGHT: In the new and deeply exciting play of the MARBLE HEART! First present d with u a bounded effect for several week* la New York by M 188 LAURA KEENE. Raphael Mr H A Perry Vol as;? Mr G Boniface Marco Mia H A Perry Md'ne Duckelet.... Mia Ganon First appearance cf ?188 ELLA WABBEW, THE BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN DANSFUSE. who will appear in the splendid Dance, LA SYLPHIDL* Miss ELLA WARREN To be foi'owed by tha fkree of turning the tables. Jeremiah Bumps. ...Mr. II. A Perry Jack Humphries Mr. J f Mrs. Humphries Mrs To conclude wi'h THE TOODLES. Mr. Timothy Toodles Mr J 8. Clarle Mrs Toodlea Mrs. Germon paicis or irxis?ion. Hoxesand Parquette ...JOcent* Family Circle and Galleries *5 cents The Box Office for the se'e of Reserved Sea's open Monday and Tuesday 0 o'drck a. rr. to l p. m. Doors open at 7fc, to commence at Sfc, au 0 Wants.^ WANTED IMMEDIATELY A COMPE tent nurse?one who will assist In sew'.ntr Apply at 37o Eighth strest, ?*o doors scuth of N. York avenue. an II ABOY WANTED -A MERCHANT OF Texas wishes to procure a Boy from 10 to 14 veers of a?e, to be brought up as a clerk In bin a ore He must be Intelligent, know bow to rea<l and write, of good disposition, and rot virion* In hi character Apply at the Star efflce at* a. m. to-morrow (TuewAy.) It* _ MIDDLE-AGED AMERICAN WOMAN I wishes to nbtnln a *1t-iatlcn I:. a fma" fair lly r* cook, rnd would a so assist In weekly Enquire of JOHN DAVIS. 5b6 H st'tet, betwe? i, 4th and 5th sts It* WANTED?AN INTELLIGENT. 1NLUS trlous snd honest yonth, about Wor 10 yea's of age. in a Drug Store, to 'e^rn the business i.e must be well recommended Enqalre at tb'* * f fice ?u 11 3t Ruler wanted?a bookbinder who Is a good roler, and has some k?ow*. df of blank bo >k making, Is wanted to go to Rich m-r.d, Va. A permanent place can l?e had by applvlnato FRANCE TAYLOR, Boo?*ellcr A! lvtn& t oitb'acuy au 114t* A YOUNG LADY OF THIS CITY 18 DE ?Irous of obtaining a situation la some re spectable family to taae charge of the rdmatlon of several smrll children, do pltln sowing and make herse'f geners'ly useful to the l?dy *fthe l.ouse A smr '1 compensation only la nqo*rtd Good reference given as to respectability. Ad dress "C A X,'' through City Pott Office au U-3t* WANTED-TO RENT OR PURCHASE A small brick or frame House In good repair, 5 to 7 rooms in the nor h-easlern portion of the city, not farther north then New York avenue. Brick preferred Any person having a fcou.-?. i t the abovedescription can find a permanent. ten ant, or !f terms suit a purchaser, by addr'-sirj? "E B," Despatch office. I'osaessioh wan'ed Cr-t October. au ll-3ts W WANTED-A COLORED WOMAN TO DO the cooklcg and wasblng of a fhirily. Apply at373 Seventh street, above I. au 9-2t? TM WO YOUNG WHITE WOMEN AS COOK and chambermaid wanted Immediacy at 450 Thirteenth street To ILose lolly competent the best cf wages wi?'. be gives au e-lt ANTED?A DINING ROOM WA11V It -4 Apply to C. W. FLINT S Hotel aa WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO ind persona la want of the followlar ?r tides: French or German Looking 61aa;ra I'ortralt or Picture Frames, rot;ad, oval or aqi&.? Oil Paintings, large and rmall Marble-top Bracket! Tables, la bronxe or pold All kinds of Plcturaa framed, and any site l/ooklng Glasses, or other work In the gilding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracket*, suitable fcr shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to tail the timet., for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regllt,aad Looklap Glaas Plates Inserted. 355 Penna avenae. opposite Klrkwood H -nee. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER For Sale and Rent. [sn riasr pass von othta noTirn ] E*OR RENT.?FOUR NEW TWO-8TORY r Brick Houses, with back buildings. situated oa 5th, betw?*en M and N streets north For par ticulars Icqnire of tbe subscriber No. 3tM, bth street, betwten M an<l N. no il 3t? CHAS STEWART FOR SALE OR KENT?THAT DESIRA ble residence on F street* between 2;'th and 21?t. f. r the last eight yeara occuplcd by the lair J M. Chubb Esq Possession given the 1st ?f No ten: oer nert. Ir ,ulre of RIG6S A CO au 12-eotf FOR RENT?a VERY PLEASANTLY J s Heated and coip'oi able Brick DwelMnr House. It is in excellent order, aad has the con venience of gas and water Apply at No. 357 I street, be w en 13th and 14th. au 9-5t* For sale or rent -the two new three-story Houses with back bulldlog and cellar, on 12th street, the first square south of Penn avenue, Is offered for sale or rent. They contain ten room* each Inquire of J. W. BAR. KEtt, on H street, next to the Lntheren clurrh. he-ween lltn acd 12th street. an 1-eotf S TORE FOR RENT ?ONEOF THE MOST 1 desirable places of boalnesa on Pennsylvania avenue for rent, and fixtures for sale Apply at No. 244 Penn. avenue, between the hours of 2 and 6 o'clock. au 6- eotf P)R RENT ?A THREE 8TORY BRICK Dwelling, with etteaslve Back Bnlldlng, a large lot of ground attached, with a pump of good water In the yard, situated on K street, nearly or posite the Brewery. To a good tenant the rent will be made moderate. Apply to COM S. CAS8IN, or at GODEY A CO'S , Li*? Kiln, Beall street, between Congress and Washington streets, G eorgetowa. m 2-eotf EHIR SALE, ON ACCOM M O DA T I N G JT TERMS.?A small and comfortable Brick Dwelling, No 3-0, on east side 13th street, be. twe-n New York avenue and I str. *<, ne?ir Frank lin Row Applyto POLLARD WEBB,No 512, seoond story, 7th street an fi-lw pp? Boarding. Board?two large rooms for RENT.?One very handsamely furnish* d Also, a large slxed single room mil able for a gen tlt man Board can be had on the most reasona ble terms If desired. Ihe situation Is oool and pleasant, having a larpe yard attached la desirable for a family with children. No. 4d8, l<Kh street, between D and B. au B-dt* Mrs bannerman, corner or ?th and E streets, has several good Rooms va cant, which she offers with board on reaaonable terms. She caa accommodate several table board - era. jy 10?tf >ARD,Ac.?MRS. BATHS,ON THE S * corncr of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street Is are pared to aecommoda:?gentlemen with rooms, with oi without bcird. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may faver bet with their patronage. ap I?tf SPLENDID EICURSION r BOM Washington to Old Point! |>Oi D c< Leaving SATURDAY AFTERNO August Mitt, at 3 p m , returning Moi d tv morn ing. the 1Mb Ins ati?. TU BALT. f W.iSHlNGri* RAILROAD, Acd splendid Steamer GLADIATOR, diwn the Cheaapeake. TlckeU for the round trip only 82 JO. For particulars see small bills \:r Tickitt V td ??d f r tnlt OXL Y mt ADAMS' EX.tR ESS OFF1C L. au