Newspaper of Evening Star, August 15, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 15, 1856 Page 3
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EVRNTNG STAR. T-OOAl, IWTFLLIGE5C1 Robbery 05 Board the Steambr Colum bia ?The Baltimore Sua ?f thia morning saya that on Wednesday evening last, shortly after the steamer Columbia, Captain Harper, left the Piney Point landing <m tbaPotom c river, the elerk, Mr P. Kivanaugh, whilst conven ing in bia offiaa with a gentleman, discovered that the deak had been Forced open, evidently by a "jimmy," or some other powerful inatru ment, and robbed of money amounting to aboufcSTOO Of thia amount were 275 gold dollars, contained in a amall bo*, whilst a portion of the balanee was in bank bills. A* sevem) passengers observed a couple of suspi cious looking character* at the door of the of fice when the officers of the boat were busy with the passengers and baggage at the land ing, and as they had deolined going to Balti more in the boat and left her, it was deter mined to return to the Point, arrest the sup rosed participants, and have them committed to the Baltimore jail for trial. Accordingly the boat waa duactefrto the landing, and one of the yawl boata aenton ahore for the purpose of consulting with Col. Dix, the proprietor, in relerenee to the matter. He approved the proposition, whereupon the boat again com municated with the steamer, was filled with the more reaulute of the passengers, and re turning arrested the two men?they of course declined going, and declared thay would not go, but finally were compelled to go. Upon reaching here yeaterday morning at the Commerce street wharf, a boat was sent ashore for officers, whereupon officer Mo Kinley, of Potae, Graham A McKinley, and city policemen Gordon and Bouldin promptly appeared, and took the parties before Justice Durham, whe upon examining atfveral wit BMMd committed the accused to jail in default of security to answer a further examination. They gave their names as J. J. Green and J ,hu y> are Both are well known to the police and they were but recently discharged from the Penitentiary of thia Slate. When first taken into custody, thay would not dany any participation in the robbery, but merely said they had not the money about them. Thay were clusely searched and their keys taken in custody by one of the passengers who remain ed at the Point for the purpoee of examining their baggage, pending which the steamer waa compelled to leave. Upon hearing from the Point the final examination will taka place. A* Interestim? Relic?In the Senate, yesterday. Mr Pearce. of Maryland, present ed a letter from John McGregor, Esq , pre senting V> our Minister at London a picture vt John Hampden, which he desired might be presented to Congress The letter was read, and Mr. Pearoo gave a description of the painting. whi> ?? snpposed to be from the pencil of Vandyke, or. if not by him, cer t a inly from the pencil of Sir Pefer Lely ; but, no matter from which of those two artists, the portrait was ooe which preserved all the fea tures of that great patriot and champion of civil liberty Mr P. dwelt on the glorious aharaeter of Hampden, and the interest which must be felt for the preservation of eo previous a relic in this country. Mr. P then introduced a joint resolution the recaption of the painting by Congress, which was passed without a dissent ing voice The portrait is now to be seen in the Senate Chamber, hung in the roar of the Vice Presi dent s ehair. ?? Smooth Fips an?Levibb.?It is to be hoped that the House of Representatives will, to day, take up Senator Fish's bill nationalizing the worn out and depreciated Spanish small coin? the lips, levies, and all that class of defaced, worn and bent chircapin money by which the poor man is now swiudled cut of four centa upon the dollar in all his small purchases The Senate bill, which we bara before allu ?led to, would prove a national benefaction by lidding the country of a pestilent currency which finds favor with none but sharpers and dishonest dealers. Will not the House of Rep resentatives dev?te the ten minutes of time needed to perfect this most desirable measure * Tub Wbathbr.?We are indebted to "B ," of Georgetown, for the following notea of the range of the thermometer, Ac., from Friday, noon, August 8, to this morning : Morning. Noon. Night. Friday ? 80? 7u? Saturday 62? 75 72 Sunday,.. 64 77 74 M'nday 68 76 74 Tuesday 66-76 68 Wednesday ........... 66 79 74 Thursday 68 80 72 Friday 64 ? ? Average height of the tharmomater in tha mornings from 9th to 15th August, inclusive, 65? OS'. Xots ?To-morrow, (16th,) between 12 and la. m, full moon. A False Report.?The report of the kill ing of W m. F Anderson, formerly of this city, at the disastrous fire in Nevada, California, is unfounded, as the following dispatch from him to C. L. Welter, Postmaster at San Fran cisco, transmitted to the mother of Mr An derson, a resident of this city, will show : Nevada. July 21. To C. L Wellbr Postmaster: Please drop a line to Mrs. Rosanna B. An derson. Washington, D C , that wa are all aafe Wa. F. Abdebbor. An Act or Justice ?One of the Naval ap propriation bills that has passed both Houses, and is now a law, gives to the members of tha marine band stationed in this city an increase of S4 per month to their pay so long as they shall be required to perform in the public grounds. They richly deserve this increase, and we are very sure that our fellow-citizens generally will j >iu us in thanking Congrese for its action in ibis case Vagrant.?Yesterday, an "old salt" named Isaac Page, who has been in the city several days drinking and lodging at improper places, wa* arrested lor being drunk, disorderly, and for vagrancy He resisted the officers until they disarmed him, taking from him a long ] knife, which he showed every disposition to use Justice Stevens committed him to tha work-hjuse for several days. Cohplaibts.?A short tima sincu complaints of the condition of streets, gutters, Ac , waro very numerous. Since the Mayor has opened the ei.ajplaint books they are not so frequent, for the obvious reason that persons now can not complain without being known; and they are liable to be summoned as witnesses when it i? necessary to prosecute. Many love to bring charges, but don't like the trouble of proving them. Dcn t Like to Work.?A number of tha firisoners recently sent V. the workhouse dit ika the employment they find there, and have m?de attempts to escape The Intend ant. finding :t necessary to adopt the practice of securing th'm u.-.oi formerly, has borrowed the heavy irons <>f the auxiliary guard. The trisoners will find it almost as hard work to ear the irons as to hoe in the fields. Criminal Court ?At the opening of the C';urt this morning it w?< announced that Mr. Harvey, <.?? of the jurors in tha Magee cade, was sick and unable to attend. The Court dismissed the jurors not engaged in the case until Monday morning The Court then ad journed until to morrow at the usual hour. Firb ?The alarm of fire last night was causod by the burning of a frame stable or ?bed in an alley between il and 1 streets, near Fourteenth street. The firemen were out and upon the spot in a very short tima, yet the pioperty #as destroyed before thay arrived. The loss is small. fRAn.?Yesterday eveniDg, the femnlachild whi Ji was found in the alley back of Sixth street about the 231 of May last, died of the who picg cough, at tha residenca of Mr. Jos. C feregory, who had taken tne child to raise. Ovlt I2i cents for a correct likeness of Buca?ntn, Fillmore and Fremont. Sold by tha agwx, A Alamaon, Seventh street, oppo aita to tha Pgtt Office Adhesive envelopes, 30 cents s hundred It AMD Dobblb?r Great Song Book, only 10 c?nta, for aala at A. Adamson a, Sev enth street, >ppoeite to tha Poet Offiaa. ? Tbb Uinoi* Laborer* Associatiob is a so ciety of ?olored laborers and others, organ ieed for relieving their sick and distressed members ' They bare reported themselves to the authorises, *nd ask that their meetings may not be considered as di?orderlv gather ings or unlawful assemblages. They assure the officers that no law breakers will receive money trom their treasury to shield them from punishment. ? At Six O'Cloce this afternoon, the steamer Powhatan leaves her wharf, foot of hileventh street, with the excursion party fbr Piuer Point, Old Point, Portsmouth, Ao., whien promises to he a delightful trip, as among the other noTelties is the passing down ana up the Chesapeake Bay by daylight. Comb, why will you suffer all the ills of bed* bugs, cockroaches, moths, ants, end every other species of insects when Lyon's Magnetic Powder will surely rid your house of all sush pestilence For sale at Sbillington'a Book selling and Stationery Establishment, Odeon Building, corner Four-and-a-half street and Penn'a avenue r. p. Apfoivthbitt ?We leara that Mr Qeorge A. Kawlings, one of the oldest and most com petent conductors upon the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, hu been plaoed upon the Wash ington branch road. Mr. Rawlings entered upon bi? duties yesterday. Jupiter an a thr Moo*.?The astronomers announce that on the morning of Tuesday, the 19tb, at about one o'clook, there will be an occultation of Jupiter with the Moon. We think the Moon ought to be ashamed of her self;?" chaste Diana," indeed ! Disorderly in Market -"James Shaw, colored, was arrested this morning by officer Boss for being disorderly in the northern mar ket. He was committed to the workhouse for thirty days by Justice Hollingshead. Watch Returns.?No cases fbr trial at the Central Guard-house. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georortowr, August 15,1856. Our numerous flouring mills are all getting in full blast agaia, which oauses considerable stir in parts of Water street. Apart from this there does not appear to be any considerable amount of activity in business This is owing to the very few persons now coming in from the country, they being detained at home'by their farming operations. As the fall aK Eroaches, however, we anticipate a general Tightening np of matters We hare" heard several of our merchants express the opinion that from present indications the general tra ie of our city this tall will be very heavy. We learn this morning that the Bridge street Presbyterian congregation are likely to be disappointed in their expectation of" getting the liev. Mr. Bocoek, of Va. as their pastor. The congregation over which he is now pre siding positively refuse to surrender their right to hit services This will be a Serious disappointment, not only to our Presbyterian friends, but hundreds of others who have been anxiously awiting the arrival of that talented divine among us. Things aud matters generally upon the ca uui continue to present a very enoouraging as pect. President Maulsby and the general su perintendent reached our city on board the packet Argo last night, irom a tour over the line A portion of the machinery for unloading of boats, at the coal docks of the Lonacona Coal company, is to bo tested to-day under the su pervision of W. T. Duvall, i.hoir designer The flour and grain market has recovered somewhat from the effeots of the late foreign news, and yesterday was more active Flour ii? held at S6 50 >S6 75 for standard brands. Wheat $l.S5afl 40 for red and white of good quality. No corn offering, worth 55a68c. SfBCTATOB ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, August 15, 1850. The business of the city begins to look up with the considerable amout ts cf grain, Ac., that daily pour in by tke Orange and Manas sas roads. Some few are returning from the springs ; but the large portion of those who have left will not ?*e town before the close of the mouth A sad accident, from camphene, took place here on Wednesday. A negro girl, employed by the Messrs Thruston, was filling a lighted lamp, when the oil caught fire and burnt the negro so severely that she died next morning. An Irish woman was also severely injured. The City Couooil, at its session on the even ing of Tuesday last, appropriated 1390 iO for the last payment on the " Grace Reynolds" fire engine of the Sun Fire Company. A boy named iianney was drownei off Fowle's wharf on the evening of Wedne?diy. The lad was playing in a canoe, when he lost his balance and fell overboard. Since the water has been let in the Alexan dria canal the coal wharves have been in the full tide of business; quite a number of large vessels leaving there daily for northern p >rts. Amusements still oontinue the order of the day The Alics C Price makes another trip o? Monday, and the Thomas Collyer goes down on the 21 at inst Prices range as follows: Wheat?white SI 35 a (1 40, rel, SI 30 a M 35. Corn, 57c ; oats, 40c ; flour, SO 50 a $8 50 Ami. |y An excellent cement for stopping leaks in house roofs may be made of white lead paint, whiting, and sand. The composition should be made of the consistency of thin put ty, and when dry it becomes nearly as bard as stone A good cement for stopping leaks around chimneys is composed of linseed oil, whiting, ground glass, and brick dust; it also answers for closing the joints in stone steps A Curious Claim for $20,000.000 ?The Philadelphia Times states that Mr. Samuel W Chambers, of Boone oounty, Ky , is now in that city for the purpose of prosecuting a heavy claim for real estate. The estate is valued at over twenty millions of dollars. It consists of twenty acres of land in one of the best parts of the city. It was granted to bis great great-grandfather by William Penn in 10W. The deed was from Penn, and has a provision which prevents the statue of limita tions from running against it ir^Hostetter'a Celebrated Stemach Bit* TEKS.-The value of th**e Bltteri I* known only to tba*e who hava *a*n It* effect N fatally ? ? *ver be without ? botti* In U>? huaM, partlcnlerlyVt tbli numi when r-?nip?, dyeeutery and dltrrkM, prevail to *uch an extant I n e?ery ca*a where thaae Bitter* bar* toon u.ed tbry have |i van Im mediate relief. Hundred* of our cl ltena Lav* certilled to their ueofalnaee, not only In caaef of'"holer* Horbne, Cbulerit Infeatum, Cramp* I* the Stomach, Ac.; but aleo a. to their effl leucy la Co*tivena**, Uy*p*p*l*. Flatulency, Ac. Kur aale by *11 respectable Druggut* tliro.ixboot t*e Unite.1 State*. [%? 1 ? JAMMH M. OALLAfc", Agin. l^7"S&rsnpariliaand liauaeliea.?A fluid ?Street from thete root* 1* prepared by Jwhu J. Brown A Son, Hoaton, which le not ouiy valuabl* fur all Uute f*rnu of LI var complaint* tor which<l*li',u 1* tuad, but It at tractive *Oecu ar* lucraaeed by th* oomblnaiioii. ajd g've* * valuable remedy for the dlieaee known aa ecroto'oB*. ?ucl? aa dwelling of the Uland*, Cutacaoo* Sr option*, or any *k1n bnav>r. Sold by J A MRS N. CAI.I.AN, Washington; lu Baltt more by COLEMAN A ROPERS. au S-lw (IT1 What la it Fer?TBI a Weed's Hair EKo rottATI VI r?1* a qneiUon aekad dally by bi udrwJ* We ?',?wer, without hMltatloa or fear of contradtitio , that It la me only artlcl* known which will do all II promise* for the human hair. It will renew It* growth?It will *top It* failing?it will re*lore Its natural color. It I* not * Hair Dye, but a epaady aud aflcadoaa Keetoratlve. Trial bottlae >1; i leu I J, quart* SS. a*ad the advertisement on th* oorth !?**?? ap It?U UT'Silver Ware naaufactery 1 aas bow inai. ufa-tarlng v*ry *np?r1 r artlci** In th* way of Marling SILVSS WaUK, *1j. Fork*. Spoon*. OobUU, C*^*, Ac. wtlch cannot be ex^ 1 d In thl* **ctl jo of country AI*o, lor *?la, every variety of flue Wal-h**, of th* moat celebrate 1 mabare. and a complete aaaortn. ut of rich Uotd Jewell y. t in* Watch repairing of every description don* la th* beet niaauer, by *xpen?uc*d and compttani workmen, and <nar antlad to xlv* MtUflactloo. No. ?M>a. aveune, between *th and lMh etraet* Blsa of tke Larga Spread Eagle, ft ?-f B. O. BOOD. ?7?The mest weaderfal ttaiag naw befe'e the pabllc, U " Prof De Urath'e Slectrlc OH." of Pb!lad*l phla?nothing b?.or* knowD ha* cured Fal?y, Kii*utnatl-m, .tauraWla. rain* and boreue** or the wor?t klul lu *o ?b. rt a tlm* a* to ***m alrnoat lacrtd tabl*. He**ra. Barn*. A Park, of N. V., lb* HcbMt Med cine hoa- in the L?nll*d Slat**, writs* that thl* Oil baa cure.1 p l*jr uiauy other ca*e* Ttiay hav* *?'d ab.ul I1MU worth lu * *U >rt tlm*. Mr S*?\i S Hauf-e. of K*lt'mor* who ha* *j|J aUM |t.C*0 worth la a fry abort time, write* of w?a>1*rtj| core* of Pal y. a **ma(l*in, Ac . <UN maparall*l*d. Many I alius Uaaien writ* tte *am* thl g. Ibl* Oil 1* magical ?o r*ii*ve F*lu, cumaarai with oth*r m*dl< luea, and cauuol b? * 1 it erated like b'tt*r* en I Syrup*, which everybody know* ar* mu*t all watar. Th* ' E.a. vie Oil" !? made or axp*n*1** tu?(*r1*l*, *n1 1* *da?tlScallr covipouudal. Phy ?Iclane ar* uow ualag aad recommending D* OriHi'i **Klei> trie O I." from tii* only OfBcv, Ko ??) aonth llgbth *tr**t, bet>veau Cbeeu.uiaud Walnut, near Ike great Maaonic Tern pie, Philadelphia. A ragular Doctor In att*udaaca. Advie* gr*U? ao !? iw rowco**X.' Ih? Ladies!?Or. Uu ?atali^e . ? PI*-L? ?*** of Tngr*dl r..,!* Mrfctly har?|.?. Their and ?ur, 4I1(. pr?ctl<-? of over thirty lowed' they' hare'nant 'rl^T,nn' b*T* W" ,tr!c,,? ,o1 r?iu.: *ll,d "> correct ?n Irre(?'4rlt!e?. Tw,^.r/^.r,oj!v(^rtiru""--'41 *11 ohftmrtlona #JT ^ th? Whttoa, au 1 rfBon 'IF?*? ?" ?n?' Ua JZlZJ'Z .'ETW M CU11 np?a fh?-V? f* ? W*caUr for parttcalara free r?n J} ??s?XUa11. <"r^t1n?- *?? wh,)?4. mm* [ HHtlL B VilTR ??- ^)rBKCl?t, P?n?ylrtal( tfMM, lid*IL T CMMI* **??*. W^hlnfton'n. C.; he nil iid the efiu ' *? wllB"a *" ?rder? n nit ^co^.a.UU,, >y Mil, to ?.?See algaatnre an the box; to ooastsrftlt It to for nry- jeltr ?**chslar's Halr Of.?Gray, raft?w^<!7l?^.? ?1 'astentlyto ? Beentlful and Natu F.Vr?w W,t^* ,h* ,""t '??J?ry to Hair or Skin. A B^tohJiLr J?^ **? Dlru>BA? h*v* ?"tnMtpWm. baao maTta tn thl u^' *,n?.OTer W M0 ?PP"cadoa# ?>?*? Prelud?.-, !?!??!!n . ^ bU P*""'1"* ?* lit* Umnni Py?. lt^?oald h^?in.?7 * U*lr *Bd "Makara U unjaat, aa Wm A X C?T"I'"? ? h?'d ^ "UU a wlS. dlatinral.h/l ?T ! Ha1* Dtc Pro<l-c?a a color not to be la the uiit hlL. n!,nrf- "d u w**?A!rr?p not to Injure HolV^.i. j?T*T*r LOB|t tt m*' ?? ?H,nt1naad. p'dtl* tow a, of the United SUtoa, by Dm* (1st* and Pabcj Qooda Dealer*. *?? lh!J**m**nd ?d4r*M ? ?**?> a^ BatchkVob ?? B?r !. of ?*ch hottl*. wILLia* a. n ailhsI.OB, ixi Broadway, New York ^r/or f'* ** om.AH. 8TOTT, Pennaylranla aw.a. DTftwr iN Agae?Certain ICare No more oae for Tonle mixture*. Quinine, Fowler'a golstlon, ML#r^ or aDy of v*'Ulooutor naii??^ut com Am. ^7 ?n. J r*ll#Tea <"?*** to ImpUnt another ifv *.B TL a?0,!a lt< nuhappy vlctlnia filially, *'' * *refk?'! ?D<1 brokan pomtitntlou, to an early gr*Te. Try C*rter ? Spanish Mtrtnrt-, which contains none of ihene danyrooa drufa but ciirea by acting apeclfWllr on ib? Liver, piirifylnc the blooj and ?treni?th-n|rR the sv?t<ni, * n*,',r?,<' ^^"'rate IU exl1aiuiie<1 eaericlas by 2f? i?? m l"'re*of1tlj??kl". ?n>l expelling from the 1...<1t all Imparltiea ati'1 old mwllclnea, which clog an<1 letard lt? tree operation. Mora than one thnnaaml prnrntin hare bwn cure.! by Carter * Bpaniali Mlxtura.aflerererytlilngelae ba<1 ?Jffnally bltad. Aa a eample of It. retnarkal.le eracte. Meaara. Davla A Hick', of Autacgavllle, Ala., write* tit that Ivflr i'1"*" "f Chron'<* P>ver "n't Agne, whlth all the efforta ?f pliyaldana an<1 thair remedis-, could not aob _ 1*'.,*? rfr 1'Ottlea. They aay It aalla verr ?od n>*l0Ulna 1U high reputatiou ali throngli the ??un,r' au 1- lm U7'D# ?r??lt'? Electric Uil._The demand for'u""** to incraaaa. Srary day aomt uaw aactlon wrltaa ? .. _ . Chicaoo, III., Jnna ?<!, IK ft. trUOII^iii^T. "* P*r K B 1454 worth?f JoorKiw Oil, HNrM aiaaa, upon yo?r naual term*. J. H. Kba? * Co. _ . Po?Tt.A*it, Maine, jnna4, 1?6? and a! T8*nd doMB doiati &Oc?-lt, | r JJfw! J!?i wi 1 draw for tb? a meant. Ti?a demaud i. ? ?r ,e?nia to ba iacraitalng here. h. H. Hat. tk!a fltoVSylr!?!*" fln ?Mer* N,t ?nongb. A phyaiclan'of orLr^il ?r ?j*ctrle OH yaatorday to ua. la hla tl^.1 awamnga. Ac. Hla cartlflcato of .1 wl"SS.toJ2S? '?"?J**!, "hen avary thing al?a failed l&'pTr""?r:? "fVifuttA7 2."ir?ts'xrbju ess!,? ^ ? au ? -Iw pr<,f. Oh Aa. Dt U?*t?, Only Mauufccturtr. Hoofland'a German Bltt?ra ram. u?obL?i'k LnU' *"*?? BdUor " S,>'rl, cf Tl'mee," IroB ' * any other madtdne i fl?d they ara mncli r.aed by con *otMua Thma * .-l1 ?" ?wn family, foar a* a tfrr a rtconjmaodti to mo Mr*: by a neighbor iifeMl of a"l?r.mBlMnn!"? .W" "??W'ltaw 1 from tha and reatore.. a tone and TlgoVu, m, wh'lj'.^fc ''',To? of the Baptemhar ncmbara of niy p-p?r I related rnr mwi hava had a Urge *m^e''and"|e h*T' ?OW b?<" ?fn4ard ?S^555r-J^ ?_i* Mmr li-J~ C#?U, Pasts, and Veiti, Dress Suits, Business Suit* 'VlH Tf dr'il n*0*"?-0?- f'tb e,;,,0f)niT faahlonaSla ar f!^T ?" !? now offered for a *1 act la. ???-"?5'2|'Vi ICTTI^e ?ra hat few r^m^diet whirh iipgpi?|sss nffn.S'JXSIi0""*"* '? r '"-'V'Jiy .iS'Vw,1-Hr <k?i. cnolca lot of llar.ii> (Mgara' with^T^Vannnw'of^1'1^ A spsLVstssu C.ILMAN.H New Drug itora,?" MARRIED. },n th* 11th Instant, br the Kev J. W Ciun ,Mr .T"k^'BA.LU H TIKRS, of Phlla delphla, with DONNA MARIA DA GLORIA, only daughter of Commander d#? Flgnnlere e Mo ras,!'otov Extraordinary ard Minister Plenipo tentiary of his Most Faithful Majesty n??ar the Government of the United States. DiMDt On the 14th Inst , JOSKPH DUNNINGTON youngest child of Joseph and Anna Ward, ayed 7 months and 23 days Th* funeral will take place thl* afternoon, at 4 o clo k. The friends o| th? family ate luvlte<l to ttt^Qd. ? TiOMKTHIHG MEW ! HK 8UB8CRIBFR TAKES TH'S METH od of Informing the public that he ktsps con stantly on band supplies of PRIME HOTTER fr^m the most celebrated dairies In Pennsylvania a?*d New \ ork Also, KRK^H E?i?S relived dally. He may always be fo'ind on mnrket davs at his stands in Centre Market, west wlni/, ani Norther Market Call and be accommodated. *" 1 !-lw? J AM KB F DUN^WIN. THE ADJOURNMENT OF CONHKKSS jyi EMBERS OF CONGRESS AND OTH IJM urn leaving the city have the opportunity now of procnrlng present* for their Mends and articles for their own use at very low prices, as we are closing ont our entire stock of Fancy Goods to dincoKitinue the bunions We have a large assortment of Fancy Desks, Dres'ing cases. Work Boxes, Cahas Statuette Canes, Forte Monnaies, Card Cases, Jet Orna ments, bine Fans, Ac A large assortment of superior Plated Ware Our stock of Toilet Articles, Soapa, Extracts, 'Ol>>gnes, Ray Hum, Ac , comprlhes the laryfst assortment la the city, and no article but ot the l*?s< of lis kind T. GALLIGAN A CO ,. . <'170 Pa venue, under au ia-l"t Browns' Hotel. PAUL STKVKNN, Justloe mt th? Peace, Notary Public mad P?. li?e Magistrate Ud District. Prompt attention given to all buf lnes-i requiring the services of Magistrate or Notary Public, Acknowledgment ofll?e,|<t taking Depositions, Affldavlts, Ac., either at the oace or at party's residence, stall times Offlce on llth street, east side, a few doors north c avenue. Open fram 7am to 10 at night, au b-2w ? TO HOUSEKEEPERS. IJEKHONS WISHING TO PURCHASE 8?,p<'ri.or Table or docket Cutlery, heavy Sil ver Pi tted or All>ata Ware, line Japanned Tea Travs or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, Tea or Coffee Uin, Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan, Fur na?e i(Or^any of the hundred und one little etceteras DV every housekeeper, will do well to call on FRANCIS Jmt above Odd Fellous' Hall, on Seventh stre-1. He has good articles, and his prioesare lowu jy ^B-tf Mato*'? Owics, ) N..,..,. ^tLa*u1i,oto") August 12, 1836 ( UTiUE.-THE MAYOR RESPECTFiIl V. iXnotille,l the Cltliens thit they will And in his ofilce a boot in which to enter all complaints ^ ff or ml'ire|laneous nature, and another In which all complaints about pumps and hydrants may te entered, and In the offlce of the Commls sioner of Health a nuisance complaint book ; and LnTlre,"v. 7ho have sny complaints to make to ? ki 'J1 Jbe aPProPriate book as buelly as ? ? rLnf0 they will be promptly attended to. aiL,n:3t W B M aGliUDER, Mayor. PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. Ovrtca U.S. Pinitbntiabt, D C , > Washington, August ?, 1850 f JEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE received ' at this offlce until Monday, 25th Angutt 1AV5 ?Uwe-ve o'clock m., for /urnlshl^gTeVuon 130 cords cf half-aejsoned, go^d Oak Wood of medium six*, and free <jf lop wood ' *) cords good Pine Wood 80 tons vvblte Ash Anthracite Cosl. The Coal mnst be clean, and free from slate or other foreign sub^Unc*; 2 240 pounds to the ton To be delivered on or before the fln?t of Octo ber, 13*s, at auch places on th?? Penitentlarv grounds as the warden m y designate THOMAS THORN LEY, Warden. FOR SALE?Two thousand pound? of OAK. UM, packed in bales of flftv pound, each: 5,o wheelbarrows, wa^stand"' Vni othei-artidea. T. THORN LEY, ?a8~Ul Wardaa. NOTICE WITHER'i'S BRASS AND STRING BAND lately of New Vork city, beg, laave to In form the public of Washington, Gsor^etown and Alexandria, thst they ^re now ready to famish tha most fkshionabla and appropriate Music of tha d*y for Plc-Ntca. Excur?lona, Bal n and Parsdea on the most rea?onab'e forms, at ttia shortest nc> tic* by leaving orders at Mr HILBUS'S Music Depot, on Pennsylvania avenna, corner of llth street, or at Mr. Wi THEKs' re-ld nce No. 641 Sixth street,corner of G, south side, naar the Oar. rtaon. All o ders promptly attended to jy 83-im* AUCTION 8ALB8. ! ?T A. GREEN, Auctioneer *5*_n" ??" ? treat*. ?<?n SATURDAY the *"d " Khali iell, in front of tie premises at? oVurh'* ! mSTZUZ'TJ !ncb*"> runin^h^k Nonh M and N streets. ! s*lT.P?i,n**; terras cash, , aM 14d A. QKEEN. A act BY JA8. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. Frame hoise and lot at Aacu*s Sn,MwN0AV AFTERNOON, August lath iLrt nI m' ?? tk? premises, I shall &Hl part of

^*1^? \ n ?J"??**? No. 477, fronting 21 feet on ??^.b 3.? . Vbetween Fifth and Slith street* ?/. ? ? 100 '?**. "U* the Improve ments, c, nslstlng of a two-story frame dwelling :?C!ve ,h,Ir^ CMh i the residue in s!i and ~"ed* d~ _au l4-d MS. C McUUIRE, Auct'r. BylAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. P'sLu1?.-!?*.* 8iLE of valuable . oa North M, between 12th W IMiUmU^-Ob SATURDAY AFTFiR ENOON, Auzu?t i?fh, at 8* o'clock, on the 'fmnh'n *U ** Lot No ?',n 8<l3>re ,?,i . . 6 * f<*t on North M, between 15!h nnd alley " WeRt? running back to a thirty ftet ^na-thlrdeaeh ; the residne In six and ,Vlfh lnteTe*t, ecu red by a deed -nil- JAE.C.McliUlRE, -"fr? Auctioneer. ^ ALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers [JRIC'K COTTAGE ON CAPITOL HILL ifw" Anc?U?._On TUESDAY AFTER infWt ?>n&. ' 81'o'clock, we will sell in front of the premises, Lots No. 4 and 5 in ?nlia-r?? ? 106a' "?n,,nK M on the corner of F a^aueeasi. north side, improved Toom, K ^ BJL,ck Cottase, containing4 llTt\l L ^ent Thp loc^on Is good and la a fast Improving part of the city sar~",b<"" """r ,he ... 14 .1 WALL, BARNARD A CO., lu ,4 d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. yEKY VALLABLE BRICK HOUSE AND ,?.Il#1L.fc# ??rth tlde ?' Pe?n?TlT??ii? T*T?F?na v 3d mad 4* streets.?On ?li in y 0t **Pl*ml>eT. I shall ? W vIlShi^RH?ifET?1**-al 5 ?'cloc? P m , S^^^SSSSfe5 Hou?J ? a good two-story brick Moure, with necessary out-buildings The Houhp nmJf'a#raUrfClrn^,.,taCC9 frcm th? nut or a large building on the avenue ami th?? uow for sale Od the avenue Sale peremptory. Term- One fourth ca h; balance In (5 12 18 and 21 months, the purchaser to give notes for the SST A fJZ|IXie|,U' bearing in erest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken AH conveyance at the cost of the purchaser If the terms are not compiled with in Ave dsvs from day of sale, the property will be resold at tie I cost of the delinquent. 1 Itic lidUputable. A au6*?*d? Auctioneer. GRAND EXCURSION & TARGET FIRING union' guards. rpHE UNION GUARDS TAKE PLEASURE n ai,nounclng to tbe'r friend*, _ ^ Military and Civic, tbat their nee. J&g^W P ondAaiual KxcurHon and Target t-'iilng wifl a;,"' "" The Coram ttee deem it unnecessary to mention Lrjeo 1 n <h**y have fornred to n n?. a? ?"tttce to s.:y that it will not be inferior to oar last which wss ac son>W' ?mong the most pleasaat of the sea rhe first bost will leave Washington at PW* at ?l<lenTh!Vhftrf',Nry Vard- ? 9' AleSnSSi attt^. The second b-at will leave at 2 o'clock, and prccced to tii? Whl'e Hon?e Eicellt-nt Muslc Is eng<ged for the occasion, i .c*e s can be procured at Capt Reese's ror nerofftth1 *treet and Pa avenue; Lieut Donnelly, Vulcan House; Becker A Lackey's Tailor 8tor? -th street, opposlie the Patent Office, aid tt the U. HI. Committee of Arrangements He??se. Sergeant Lackey, Lieut Donnelly, Wm Duff Sergeant Harrlsoti au 12-jt *OK H AKPKH'g FERRY, *r*a Cktsopeaki t WjTL, jm| Okto Canal. IM TWELVE HOURS ' l ?r\.^LEU1 ANW SPLENDID PACKET 111 ARGO, Capt. Ohi?. H Mskbill, will commence making Regular Trips between 6EORGKJOWN and the above Point on .W day, March 27th, 185? 'the Boat will leavethe wharf of W H AH ? Rltter. Georgetown, D. C ,e*er>- Monday, Wed nenday, and Friday morning, at t; o'clock Returning, she will leave Harper's Ferry every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at o'clock. Throagh Tickets, 9V.-2&. To Lttsburg fl K)l%, tH -lu./tng the Stjgf from1 Edwards' Etrry Families intending to vlsltthe VirginiaSprlngK the coming season will find thi? by far the mo?i safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Capon. Sbanondale, WhiteS jlphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate ratvs A coach will always be in readiness in George town to convey passengers to and from the Boat her further particular* Inquire at the store ol yy* A H. G. RITTER, Georgetown, and JOHN V. A VIS, Jr , Harper's Ferry, Va. mar 18?tf *PL.ENDli? KtriRMOl Washington to Old Point! Leaving SATURDAY AFTERNOON, August Itftb, at 3 p m , returning Monday morn ing. the inth In* ant, VIA BALT. 4- WASHINUTN RAILROAD, Ai d splendid Steamer GLADIATOR, down the Chesapeake. Tickets for the round trtp only f2.50. For par'trulars *?*e sonall bills UT^ Tiekets positively Untile*! and for tale ONLYat AO AVIS' KXHRESS OFFICE an V fit* *OK MOUNT VfrRN??N AND THE WHITE HOU.SK PAVILION ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS. rfMlE STEAMER THOS COLLVER WILL M leave Washl. gton at tf a m., _ and Alexandria at a m for tbe^^QS^HEC above places The White Hocse Pavilion Is a grand place of resort The bath houses for ladies and gentlemen Is finished with every tbiag to make it pleasant, Ine ten-pin al:eys, swings, Ac. Gentlemen Jond of fishing wLl find perct fish ing Rood at this time. Those pieferrlog can tfke refreshments with tliem. Wm. Coke will furnish dinner and re fre<LmenU at the Pavilion. Fare, round trip, to Mount Vernon fl Mount Vernon passengers ran oa returning from Mount Vernon remain at the White House all day by naying 25 cents ex.ra White House passengers 50 cents; children half price. The fecond boat le.ivei Washington for the [ White House at 2* o'clock p m. Theboatwlll arrive in Washington at sunset. Try the tiip and you wl;l not regret It. 91 8 A M L GLDNEY, Captain MEDICAL CARD. IYR U. PLKABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO u pathiu physic an, has the honor to offer hli services to the Inhabitants of Washington and ylclnlty. ? Olhre and Residence on I street, No. idb be twerr, 2titb and 21st streets. ' N B?Homeophathic medicines for sale, which tno Doctor prepares himself with the greatest oare, for Fever and Ague, for Bllous and Bowel complaint*-, Ac., Ac. m 1? 3m TO 3flE>lllERl O r CONGRESS AND OTH ERS LEAYINu THE CITY. MW. GALT A BRO. CALL THE ATTEN tlon of members of Congress and others to Chelr stock of very superior la dies' and gentlemen* Gold Watches, Rich Jtwelrycl the latest styles, Eur* ??live* Tea Sets, Pitchers, Goblets, Sllvei orka, Spoons, Ac. Also, extra plated Tea Sets, Walters, Cake Baskets, Castors, Albeti Forks and Spoons, Eng lish and American Table Cutlery, Ac. Persona la seircli of useful pre*n!a will find our stock to comprise an endless variety. All goods warranted as tepresented and at the lowest rates. M .W GALT A BRO., Jewellers, 324 Pennsylvania avenue, M11 At between 9th and loth streets. CHACNCEY WARR1NER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. AND UEALIl !!? Pioe Watches, Jewelry, and Silver Ware, Soiling at ? t-ergr literal reduction from eus ternary prices. No 370 Pa. avenue, betweed 6th and 7th stress auO 3m (In Browns' Hotel buildl-g.) Hair aacfuu and i ??bs ron sale at (au 4-3t) LAMMOND'S. JkTOTIOBr OAJLBft - THIS ATTVBHOOV AWO TOMOEEOW. Bv J AS C McGl'lRK. At VALUABLE Bl'ILDHH LOT AT P?Mlc Aactisn ?On FRIDAY' AFTKKNouN, August l??h. at o'clock. sn the premises, 1 shall Mil parts of Lot* 4 and 5. In Sqmre 440. frosting M> feet on nortk L street. between 8tk ud ~ tk streets west, rsnnVng beck 121 het This let Is sttustsd Is a rapidly-Improving part ?fttoeelty, within a short distance nitheMarket. Terms - One-third cash ; the res Mae In all and twslse months, wltk Interest, secured toy a dead or trust on the premises M **?*_ J. C. McOUlRE, Auct'r. A SRKKN. Aaettoieer yALI ABLK BCILDINO LOTS AT AI T shsHsHlU^LfS^7' tb* ,,,h ? ' shall sell In front of the premise*, st8 o'cloc k p. Sti ?'<*?. ?Itoated on ?!.'K ?<? F streets north, neing tne south half of ixvt ^w0 <? kn . 1 No. 1#, In Sqnare 143 Part <i Lot feet IX Inch by 140feet 1 Inch ?'<**! fL1 15 58 feet toy 109 feet 1 l?b ; whefe ftinM^ #ee< 2% inches, handsomer located Inthf tmm? dlnte vicinity of the N?y DepJrSent Tnm>: One-half cash ; balance In six ar.d ITT m0?t}?2loLao*m Interest from day tnrt * <* Mg taken Title Indisputable. A.UKKEN Auctioneer 1?T The shore sals ia psstpsaed sa ac. count of the rain until FRIDAY. August isfh ump hmtr ??????? i?in, ime hour. au 12~<* A. GREEN, Aurt F By U ALL. BARNARD ft CO .Auctioneer* U?C'KNITUHE. HOlKKkEEPlKO EE L fects, t arrinses, Haraess, Market Wa kfii ? ? Auctloa?t>n S A T C R D A V N 1 *N_5,.' August commencing at ? Foomi^-WC W * ' 'ront our Auction Mahogany Dretslng and plain Bureau* Do ?ofki ana Che'rs Cottage, plain and other Bedstsads Feather Fed*, hair end shuck Mattresses Cooking acd other Stoves 2 Carriages in good order 1 sett double Harness; nearly new 1 Market Wagon With many other articles unnecessary to enutne which will be sold without renerv? WALL> "ARNARD ICO, au ,4 * Auctioneer. * By J AS. C. Moeir..- A0CtleBW yALl'ABLE IIf PROVED PROPERTY ? a* the corner of 4* streets ad Kiaissr*. v*9DA,r AFTERNOON, Aug. 21st, at 8 o clock, on tLe premises, I shall sell 4u ?trl2f ? H m' fDd 45' ,ituat?d at tb? corner of street and Maine aveune, with the 1 n. Drove C0I^:*tln? ?' a ,ar<?e tw? "tory brick 1 )n?i? ^ *M' the wholembj >ct to a ground ana"m for *n years from March, 1S54, with the privilege of purchasing at *3.000 Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue 1a six, nine, and twelve months, with Interest, secured by a deed cf trjst on the property. Pale positive. J. C. McGUIR E. au 11 ~d Auctioneer By JAS C McGUIR B, Auctioneer. TWO VALLABLE BUIL0INUI AT the A earner sf north E and 1st streets, ?on TUESDAY AFTfcRNOON, August l#th. at 8* o clock, on the premises. I shall sell Lot 24. and part of Lot 23, In Squar* No 569, fiontlng 4l? feet on U'Tth F s'reet, at the corner of 1st street west, running back m>f?et to n 2t> feet paved al ey making two gord building lots of 20feetfroht each. These lots are handsomely tltuatsd for build lng purposes, and tbs extensive improvements now In progress in the vicinity render a future Increase in value almost certain Terms; One-third cash ; the residue in 6 and '2 months, with isterest. secured by a deed of trust on the pr mlsfs. Title indisputable. ?* 14 i.C. McOUlRE, Auct'r. JAS P. McGUIRE, Auctioneer ELLENT FlHlOTlKK h HurilE ^ keeping Effects at Asctlaa ?On WED NESDAY MQKNIN6, August20th, at IS o'clk, at tbe residence of Mrs Redwood. No. 385 C st near 4#, I shall sell all her furniture and house keeplug effects, comprising? Mahogany case Piano Kort^, bvParkhurst Do hair spring Sofas Arm and Parlor Chairs Walnut Plusb and hair cloth covered Arm Chairs Marble top Centre and Pier Tables Handsome covered walnut Etngere, Fancy Ta bles Fancy Reception Chairs Vases, Ornaments Suite of four Demisk an! Lace Curtains with shades and txtures Oilcloths. Mattlntr. Brussels 8 air Carpet Gilt <ia? Chand* liers Hat Tree Mah giiny and Walnut Jenny Lind Bedsteads tour mahogany high post Bedsteads Three EuamelJed Cottage ^ets Mahogany martole-topDreiisIng Bureaus X ?rdr?b^s. Y ashstands. Tables, Toilet Sets Hair sr.d husk Mattre?sr s Bolsters and PIUows Mahogany French and Cottage Bedstead* ul"lr"; Rrrker*' Chintf Curtains Dining I ables, Granite Dinner Set China Teu Set, Glassware Silver-plated Castors. Tea Set Table Cutlery, Fire Irons, Ac. Superior Cooking Stove, Refrigerator Together with a general assortment of housekeep ing articles r Terms : ?30 and under cash ; over thst sum ? credit of ?u and !*) days for satisfactorily endorsed notes, l>earlng interest. , ^The Honse. wMch is large and desira ble, is for rent Inquire on the premises or ol the Anetioneer. au i?_d J. C McGUlRE, Aact. .WA LIL. H A RN AR D ft CO . Auctioneers" iroKSE, uiuuy, a.iu harnes* at SATURDAY AFTER NOON, August Kith, we will sell in front of oui Auction Rooms,at5 o'clock, the fast trottlny and pacing Hor?? Burgundy, seven years old, warrar Li sound, ar d ^#*Dtleand ?up^r|r?r Rud dle torne. and can tnslde tbree mirmtrji, wltL one of Flagler's be>t made Trotting Buggies en tirely new. and Harness Sold for no fault' the owuer iia*lng no ^lrther use for blm. A credit of tl and 4 months will be given, with notes satisfactorily endosed. bearing interest WALL, BARNARD ft CO au 12-ts Auctioneers. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer JV ATIONAL T HEATH E AT AUCTION. i-s By virtue of a deed of trust from Wm H Winder, to the subscribers, dated the 7th day of December, ls50, and recorded aruong the Land rec rds of Wa^hin^ton county in Liber J A. 3 No 2l), folio 32t?, et *eq , ardatthe request of the arty secured thereby, we will proceeif to tell, on THUKSDAV. August2Stb, at 8 o'clock p. m . to thehighest bidder, (unless the debt Is prevlonsly paid.) Lots Nos 3, and 4, in square 254, a? des iirnattd on the ground plan of tne city of Wai^h lngton, (ex eptlng that part of Lot No 3 hereto fore conveyed to one Allison Nallor.) tngetler with the buildings. Ac , situated thereon, known "? the National 1 heatre The above sale will be scbject to a prior trust, given to socrre a debt of f T.ooO, as stated In the deed above cited. The sale will take place on the premises, and the terms therof will be: One-third cash ; and the residue in six, ar.d twelve months, ith inter est from the day o sale, for which the purcLasei will be required to give notes of equal f.mount If the term> of sale are not complied wi'b within fUe days from '.he day of sale, thetrosUesreservi the right to cancel the sale to or resell the prop erty, at tue ilskand cost of the delinquent pur chaser, on on# weekis public notice, on suc>i terms as thev may elo-1. On compliance with th< terms, the trustees will convey the title ve-trd in them to the purchaser or purchasers, and take t new trust to secure the deferred<<, or con vey, on the full payment of the purchase monej and interest, st tne purchaser's option; In eitLei case at the purchaser's cost. ANTHONY HYDE ) _ . I'llO R. SUTER, f rrusteet jv23-eodftds A GREEN, Auct'r By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. OALK BY ORUKIt OK UI&TRA1N OP ^ Hoasehsld and Ikltcben Earattare.?Oc TUES'JAY. tb?- 19th instant, I shall sell, by or der of distrain for rent, at the reslderce of a lad> declining housekeeping on Missouri avenue, No 58, between 3d and 4# streets, at IS o'clock *. rn an excellent asaottuient of nearly new Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofas, Lounges, Ottomans, parlor and rockirg Chairs Do dressing and other Bureaus Do dress and work stand * Do marble-top Centre, Sld?, and other Ta bles Do dining, card, and o?her Tables Do What riots. Gilt Fiame and ofher Glas sen Walnut and Cottage maple and other Bedsteads Chins, Ulass, and Crockery Ware, Knives sac Forks Plsted Castors, Coffee and Tee Urns, Forks si.c Spoons Fine Tapestry, three-ply, stair, and other Car p-ts Oilcloth and Matting Cane and wood-seat Chairs Wardrobes. Wash tseds. and Writing Tables lr eatner B*ds. hair and shark Mattresses Radiator and other Stoves A good lot of Kitchen Requisites W 1th many other articles which we deem unne oesssry te enumerate. Terms: $30 and undsr, cash : over that sub,i credit of30and OOdiys, for utlsfkrtorlly endorsee notes, bearing Interest an lA-d A. GREEN, Aurt. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FEOM TBI ASSOCIATED FBIS8 HV Hol IK rRIHTINfl TKLMRAPH. HiMoari Politiefl. t*t Loria, Aug 14 ?The Dsimoftt an nomicae the vithdravil Sy the Bwhn Damp eiwy?f their electors! ticket in favor of the AeU Bent.isiUt, hot without firing US their past principles and doctrines K*V lork Old Lui* Whig Convention mAl,*"T* ?? -The OW Line StaU ^ hig C"BT?itio# which met here to day was largely attended Tbe ConTeotien wu organised by calling il??n Franc i.< Granger to the chair. Very largo delegations from Mew Verk ar i Bnoklya wore present. 4? Id ibe afternoon, the CoaventioB adopted an address and a series of resolntums addrraa ed to the WVifgs of New York. They are strongly antagonistic to Mr Bnehansa and the platf .rm of tha Cincinnati Coavenrton, and Col. frtmont and tha p1atf>ra of tb*fte;>ul> lican party, on aacount of tha aoctmnaJ char acter of the party. Tha nomination of Mil lard Fillmore is waraly endorsed. the he!.el being expressed that his election w41l secure domestic tranquility and national prosperity The American p Lateral is not ondursnd. I?ut the Whig organiaatioo and Iha pris- iptt! ?>t the party are maintained The revolutions were adopted Bnanimouslr and with great enthusiasm A full delegation was choeen to raprasett the State in the National Whig Convowrivu ta assemble ia Baltimore in September Mr Granger spoke warmly in favor of Fill more, after which the Couventtcn adjourned with moch enthucissm Baltimore Markets Baltihorb, Aug 15 ? Flour is stosdy; sales of 4,000 bbls.; Howard street' City Mills, and Ohio at $A 50 Wheat is steady; good to reds 11 40a $1 do; rood ^ pnKie wh-il?1 $1 4ia, Cora is without particalar change; sale; id white at 50a62o., yellow MaD. Mew York Markets New Yobb. Aug 15? Floar ia baoymt sales of b 500 bbls.; good State fC; supartne Ohio S6 40: standard Southern ST 00. Wheat is improving, sales of 30.000 bnahels. Western red SI 53: Southern red SI 56: South ern white SI SOaSl 6* for superior to prime Corn is firm; salee of U.OOf' baahalf fiouib ern mixed Site. Fork is dull; sales of 100 bbls* meis S1V 62i. Bee: is drooping, salee of 800 bbls . remarked mess S10 75*S1I. LarJ is banyaut. sale* of 1,000 bbls at 13:. Whisky is quiet; sales of 100 bbls ; Ohio 361c. Financial Naw York, Aug 15 ?Stocks are firm ? Cumberland Coal 191; Illinois Central lodr Michigan Southern HO; New York Central Sri;, Reading 9lf; Missouri6's 86|: Illinois Centra! bonds 01. Sterling exchange is firm ftPKCIAL. NOTK E T? TR A TELLE KB PROM WASHINGTON. TRAVELLERS FROM WASHINGTON fjr t e Weat* rn Cities are advtaed that the tfalti it ore and Ohio Railroad Compaay has m?^e cartf d provision U? ticket them and to check their baggage directly through from v\ aa* lag ton city to all the leading cities in the West, the North weat. and the southwest Member of Congreaa and others, at the adjourn ment, will And It peculiarly to their advant ge *o avail ttiemnelvea of the recently n'end^l ficlM tlea of thla line, wi?l h ta the onlv ro^te hat ran nffxd the in through tickets and baggage char. ? In Wtahlnglon The tialna stirt daily from Washington Sta l*n a'Hi m., aud make prompt and direct cosaexiou at Washington Junction (" Relav Hoce '(fc Ber.wood and Wheeling, connecting at Kenwood direct with Ceatral Ohio railroad trains for Ken** t1i!?, Newark, Columbus. Xenia, Davten. Cln ?lnnatL Loulsvi le. Indianapolis. Chicago. Ten* Haute, Vlncecnea, Alton, St. Louis, ?prvnnt id, (Julrscy, Burlington,{<ia ena. Rock 1 aland. Du buoue, Cairo, Memphla, Natchez, Vickan.rg, and New Orleans Panaengera dealrla^' to vl?w the entire road b\ daylight may leave Wsahlngton at 6 a m ard, rearhing Cumberland at p in., lie on there until 5.15 next momhig. when thev rename Oie trip by arcommodatlon train, leaving tners at that t'me for Wheeling, whtre ItarrWwatSp m B? the 4 10 p m. train from V? a?htsvton they may reach lienwood it a in. next day, o? tn sev?;r,trt?n hours from WHantngton By this connezlau they r>-ach Cincinnati san.e nlgLt, or in 96 g hours running time ben U7 ? i t ??s a ?-*? -? F WasLlagton and Cincinnati Carelu. management, comfort of passenger*, perfect safety are cardinal objects upon this route, and travellers ruav rely upon tbeiu in aacurlny Ita advantages For f other tickets, Ac , Inquire cf THOr* H l'AKSt>NS. Agent, \\ nahington St* tlon, WILLIAM S. WOOUHlDk:, Master of Transportation, Ualtin ore auT-tw WATCHES '-WATtMUll fi WE HAVE MADE A l,ARGK( addition to our stock of FINEi Bi, LONDON snd S I'! NEVA WATCH Kb, for ladles and tiea t>, which we will aell at a very antali t<i vance with guarantee H SKMKKM. Jtw<?Vr, 330 Pa avenue, bet S?th ;md loth *t? ChronomtUr, Tupler, Lever, Lepln*- Watch* PHt In perfe t order, ai d warranted to give satta faction. (Intel) so |:(-*t WOOD AND COAL UKHtlT. X. W. corner Twelfth and C atreet. No. Mr, One xquart ?o*r* oj tk* . fHK BEST ARTICLE GUARANTEED fi All t'oal carefully w?-lgh? d?*,*?44t? to the ton from which there Is no deviation, txmia;o rtdutt tkt price. Persons laying In their wlnt>*r fnel will find It to tbelr ndvietaj.'e to leave their < rdera to be su^ piled from the Vrsvli on their arrival. ip*Co?l kept -Jiider cover. Word of the oest quality always on hand Jy?Mr T. J . A W M ^ALT JH)H BALE ?A PORTABLE STE4M EN GINK three horse power, locomotive boiler It Las barn In uwat thla office, and ta offered for sale because it is replaced with an engine of mu< h greater power It will be found eilramely aer vu-eabla, and will be M?id low fbr oaah )e*4-tf CKAMP UMISHE9. FOR REMOVING the palna of tta cramp without aeralrlitng the akin, like the ordinary hair lesh biuahea for sale at T GAt.l.lGAN * CO >?, 3T0 Pa avenae, n^der au i3-3t Browns' Hskl * ORNAMENTS OF HAIR. HAIK BRACELETS. NECKLACFf, CROf aea. Pins. Earnnga. Chains. Rings, and Charms made to order after asy design, at short notice Persons niasy re'r on their own hair bet ag used. H SEMKEN. Jeweller, au 13 Ot (Intel) TB) Ps avenue WOOD AND CO Ale WE ARK PREPARED TO SUPPLY ALL those who may favor u* with their patronage with the beat article of fuel at the loliowln^ prlc-.t*: Oak Wood S6 00 per coro. Pine do f On Hlckorydo 7 00 Stove and WhlU Aah L'gg Coal.... a bo per ton Red Aah A ?S i ranaltloa Nut............ 0 14) Cumberland Lump i 30 HIT" Persons laying la fuel for the winter woald do wel' by giving us a call AU ordera left at P J Sleers11tore, No *-*? 7th traet, )>e?ween D and E streets, or at cur cttee, will be promptly 111?<1 ii,vto lbs given to ton JOUN W MYERS, A CO , Office and Yard corner of G and **d atxeeta. au S-1 m Flsat Ward Mackerel ajid codfiih.? 60 bbls No. 3 New Mackerel ttoO lbs Codtah ? , . . . Juat received per S booser Fairfax, and for sile bv UARBOCR A SENHSI, an H aaW No 05 Loulaiana avaaue BE READ* *OR WINTER. a LL PERSONS WISHING THEIR FUR nacas Latrohes, Radiators, Cooking Stov e* , rep* Wed or re-lined will <to well by leavto. their ordt ra with me without as I am t*>w , re pa red to execute all auch work with daspsufe ; r d by co? peleut workmen. JAS SKIRV1NG, Waaklagtoa Stove Uep i au 1* eo?t 8. R oorntr Fa av. and 11th at ill. W. HKNAT PkL?M'? , tU PIANO FORTE CLASSES, jkm I)slimr? Ptr OsarK' , Apply at GEORGE HlL.RtJS'a Mu^ Dep. -, Penssytvaala Ac their