Newspaper of Evening Star, August 16, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 16, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. 1QCAL IHTELLIGEBCE. THE WEEKLY STAB Of to-day contains sixteen columns of Wash ington news and gossip, five oolamna of local items, numerous fine tales, sketches, political and personal item*, poetical brilliant*. Ac , Ac , with full details of all the foreign and domestic news of the week. Individuals who are plodding along the dustj track of life without subscribing to the Weekly Star, have no manner of idea what a fund of happiness they are missing. Terms tl 25 per year; single numbers three cents ??? Swibdlibo ?A lot of bogus white men have been swindling poor, ignorant, colored persons by foigning themselves to be members of the guard or police officers A abort time since an attempt was made to swindle a col ored msn oat of ten dollars by a man who purred a fnlse warrant upon him The man ? ffered to stand trial, and the sharp, finding h id too smart, sneaked away. A few nights ago a gang arrested a colored female, and took her toward the guard-house; she gave tbeui all the money she had, and they let her go. She was again taken by another of these gangs, but her money being all gone they let her go. Another person went into a colored woman'a house and took a member of the family out for bo offence whatever. We are requested by the guard to say that none of these persons belong to thi * gnard or the pres ent poliee force. The guards wish it to be kaown that they have no power to claim or receive fines from any offender The police cannot take a fine unless upon the order of a magistrate, and must give a receipt therefor. Any colored person sought thus to be imposed upon by worthless scoundrels, should prompt* ly report the facts, with names, to this office, and we will take measures to bring them to punishment. Corbowiro Babies ? An amusing incident occurred a few days since in Sixth street. A gentleman and lady wore blessed with a beau tiful child, of about a year old, which attract ed so much attention from the neighbors, that the young ladies opposite frequently sont over * t<> borrow tho baby " After being obliged to s-end for the child several times, Mr. ??, on coming home to dinner, got out of temper on finding it gone as usual. " Here, Jane, ' said he, addressing the nurse, "go over to the Misses , and get the baby ! give them my compliments, and tell them I wish they'd get a baby of their own, and not bo obliged to borrow." ? A Trip worth Tinss -We see that the congregation of Qrace church, (Rev A. Hol mead, rector,) Island, encouraged by the great success attending their late excursion for the benefit of their Sunday school library, have now arranged for a moonlight excursion to the White House, on Tuesday, Aug 19 The fine steamer George Waehington has been engaged to take the party down, a band of music en gaged, and in other departments the samo pains have been taken aa heretofore to secure the comfort, safety, and happiness of the oom pany Tbe price of tickets' ia put so low, too, that it ise/noat cheaper going than staying at home?to say nothing of the new stack of Lealth and spirits to be attained by the trip. Germab Democrats.?-The Germania Club held a very interesting meetinsr last night in the large hall of Coombi's Building, on the avenue, near Tenth street. The nail was crowded with Democrats who appeared to be earnestlyjengaged in the cause. Several able addre?*es were delivered by prominent mem bers of the party After the meeting ad journed the club formed in line, and marched in procession to tbe Capitol, and thence, by way of Maryland avenue and Four-and-a-half street, to their club-rooms. Espata's band was with tbe procession, and performed sev eral excellent quicksteps. Pilfejubo?The dealers in fruits, Ac , in the markets, find it requisite to be watchful to prevent boys and men lrom robbing them night sad day. Frequently large numbers of melons, pears, peaches and apples, .are taken from the marketers while the dealers are pre paring their stands Beys are frequently caught, but Bre let go by the marketers ot. aooeunt of the email value of the articles taken at one timr. Some of the dealers are getting tired of thede petty thefts, and have determined to prosecute the pilferers when ever taken in the act. Imdbpbbdbbt Police.?We would oall the especial attention of oar readers, here and throughout the Union, to the advertisement in another column of the newly established police firm of John Davis, W. A. Boss, John son Simonds, A. K. Allen and John H. Wise. We apprehend that five more efficient men in the department in which they advertise their services can hardly be found in the eountry. Their office, in the building occupied by Jus tice Hnliingshead, is central and convenient, and they can be found there at any hour from 7 a. in. to 12 p m. A Superior Instrument ?Any effort to elevate the character of our church musio de serves warm appreciation, and wc accordingly congratulate the " Assembly Church," of which Rev Mr Carothers is tbe worthy pas tor, upon the acquirement of a fine toned new organ from the well known establisnment of Erben, of New York Prof. Dennis has been engaged as organist, and tbe new organ will be brought into service under his practised hand on to-morrow. Election ? Al a^neeting of the Washing ton Atheneum, held on tho 14th instant, the following offiserfl were elected for the ensuing term: President, T F Anderson; Vice Do F M. Spencer; Recording Secretary, David Crawford; Assistant Do., J C Mattison ; Fi nancial Secretary, G W. Woodward ; Treae oxer, John Oliver. Tbowibq Stobes.?Two young men were arrested last night for throwing stones at a house on B street near the eanal. They were both from another city, and drunk. They were taken to the guard house, where they ren^ined until this morning, when they were released on security for better behavior. Thb Excprsion and Tarobt firibu of the Inion Guards takes plaee on Monday, the l^th. Persona wishing to go on thia pleasant excursion can take the morning boat which leaves Washington for the White Jlouse at 81 a m , and the Navy Yard wharf at ? o'clock or they can avail themselves of the afternoon boat which leavea at 2 p m See advartiae ment Kike ?A bed and bedstead in the dwelling of Mr. Greenfield, in the Sixth Ward, was ac cidentaUy set fire to by some children who were in the rocm playing with friction matches The bed and the bedstead were burned, but no other furniture seriously injured. Cbimjbal Cocbt ?In consequence of the continued illness of Mr ilarvey, a juror in the MeGee caae, the witnesses were dismissed till Monday ten o'clock Dr. EllioU ia of opinion that Mr. Harvey will, on Monday, be at>le to attend to business. Gbabam's Macau** for September; tbe New York Ledger, and other weekly papers for August 23d, one week in advance, at the northern Liberties Book Store, 327 Seventh street, a few doora above the market. ? Ostv 121 eents for a eorrect liken* Buchanan, Fillmore and Fremont. Sold by the agent, A. Adamaon, Seventh street, oppo site to the Poet Office. Adhesive envelopes, 20 cents a hundred- U Stobb Citters' Stbieb.?We learn that s<>me of the granite cutters employed upon the Treasury extension, in this city, are on a strike. Fillmobb abd Dobblhob Great Song Book, only 10 eenta, lor sale at A. Ad am son s, Sev enth street, opposite to tbe Poet Offiee. * IjT A bobrMors?friend of Mrs B., will confer a great favor by giving a personal in terview. ? ? Watcb IIhtikbs ?A not h on y Hiil and his wife disorderly c uduet. fit.c and coat*; Win. Sinclair and Timothy Mahar, assault, security for peace ; J. A Langdou, drunk, fine and costs; Peter Faning, do , dUmi*.?td; Oliver Miles do , 6ce and costs; M C. Karen, do.. <iu ; Rvleit Davis, vagi~a , woikhou;a thirty days. i# r. fADV*HTIg?*?|rT. Mb. Epitob : There is an Article in the Org.a of ywterdaj, beaded "An Actual Oo ?urrence, reflecting upon th# officers racer* ?Ilj. The writer of this is responsible, end ?o other officer The charges are entirely i? ?orrect and untrue I am ready for an ex amination of the ease that no other may suffer by my acts. The statement is false through - out - - f*] TuOrricn. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Giobcbtown, August 16,1856. The machinery for unloading eoal boats at the docks of the Lonaconing company, was tried yesterday, and acted like a charm. The most sanguine expectations of the designor, Mr. Duvall, and those present to witness the trial, were fully realized. So perfect is every arrangement in oonneotion with the large cyl inders which pass through the aqueduot and the bottom of the boats, and through which the coal is discharged while unloading, that a number of gentlemen passed up through, ?ur round o> I by water without receiving the first drop upon their clothing. By this process it l< believed that boats can bo unloaded in much less than one half the time usually consumed by the machinery in general use We under stand that this company anticipate, when they K' i W?7i receivinS shipping about four hundred thousand tons of coal per annum. The Swanton company is also driving an activo business. s Business upon our canal this week has been T*?, 4B?th,the number of arrivals end the receipt of tolls shows a very consider able increase over last week. Number of arrivals seventy-six. Sixty of these were from Cumberland, bringing about 6,000 tons Oi coals, six with flour, and the remainder with lime stone, Ac. The reoeipts at the George town Collector's office, for the same period amounts to about *5,000. ? ' The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Rest yesterday amounted to only 170 head. Of tbjee, 35 wereta k e nby District butcher's at ?4af4 Jb on tho hoof, equal to S6a?7 12 net ? the remaining 85 were driven on to Baltimore. Sheep and lambs f2 75a$3 per head. T,aDdrW?Kat,market C0Dtinues quito r? j 3 of the fonner "'nee our renort Hor^e B?al,? Cornwall, | Ann a T"?"arJ Department; schooner Ann Q Sites, Rotton, Plymouth, N. C , to F. Wheatly; steamer Diamond State, Kervin Baltimore, to Hyde A Davidson 8. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. AtaxanDnu, August 16,1856. The political campaign seems just now at a stand, as though a truoe had been concluded between the parties that commenced the cam paign with so inuoh spirit. The Fillmourners are as flat as their prospects of success, and the Democratic Association has not held a meeting for a month Altogether owing per haps to the summer's heat. We are dull, very The body of tho half-witted boy Haney, was recovered last evening near the spot where he fel 1 overboard. He had been for a long period subjeot to convulsive its, and had been saved from drowning several times. da*hi?/,JraD{[e-aDd fexandria railroads are day by day Bringing m immense quantities of up oouniry produce, and since the Springs sea doubled0**0 P"??ger list has nearly The Alexandria and Washington railroad company are about to erect their depot at the comer of St Asaph and PrincesAtrX oPpo 81|?.k co^ai^ Jail> aD<1 ha*? asked of Coun cil the authority to croes the street for that purpose. The matter has been referred to a committee thus delaying the road a couple of weeks without the shadow of oeoessity. Ami. PER80NAL. .... Gen. Gortschakoff, ex-Commarder-in Chief of the Russian army in the Crimea, is lionising in Paris. ' '' *' Th?r? ar? rumors in Nova Scotia of the retirement of Judge Haliburton, familiarly known as ' Sam Slick." There are two com* petitors for succession to his offioe. n-Vi-\Mr j SantiDgdon' (hapband of Susan Denin,) and Mr Fenno have leased the Oswei go Theatre and Intend to fit it dp in superio? yle, and engage a first class company. ???? "Paul Ferroll." the most remarkable novel produoed in England during the last year-a book in which the metaphysics of murder are developed with exceeding power was written by Mrs. Arthur Cline. * ,, .... Bishop Seott, of the M. E. ehurch, who recently sailed for California, became quite feeble after leaving New York. A let'er i^d Aspiow&U. July 31, n,.7 " Bishop Soott haa been quite feeble m?st of the time since starting Not, however, from S eu"WI'i. .r 18 &eTlora,1J exempt from - TM whoJ?,87?t?m ?ems to suffer under prostration and debility. He is better now." ....Prince Napoleon has been to Ireland, and every now and then the ifficial journal gives us intelligence of his whereabouts; but truth to say, the Prince interests the French peonle so very little that whether his imperial nignnewi goes to the land of ice, or to a terri tory said to be composed of an infinitely dif terent element, no ono cares. Should the rc "??,b7 a recent intuition lae validity of Jerome e m.rriftge with Mm latterson is recognized, and this young uen tleman s claims to a Princedom of the Imperial family thus be superseded by the legitimacy of the AmerieAn Bonaparte, no one will trou ble himself to utter a lament. .... The french feuilletonists are amusing themselves hugely over the life and habits of an English cantatrice who has married an Italian oount, a political refugeo, and who has since adopted very earnestly the cause of Ital ian liberty. Under the influence of this patri otism she never wears in public or private anything s*ve liberal colors. Her head dress >s always formed of red and white flowers twined with green leaves ; her jewels are only pearls, emeralds, variably of the*e three hues. ? ^artIueDt red and green ??7wh?* in the curtains, coverings, carpets, Ac. And it is rumored that ?he carries the mania so far as to nourish her self only upon such articles of food as may offer the revolutionary colors, vis., cabbages, bams, roast beef, rare, milk, tomatoes, Ac .... A remarkable illustration of faith in prayer is presented in the case of (Jeorge Rapp, the founder of the Communists in Bea ver oounty, Pennsylvania. He came to Pitts burg about the first year of the settlement of the community at Old Harmony, to obtain some necessaries. The crop was in the ground and promised well, but the means of the com munity were exhausted, some debts already incurred, and these things must be had on credit This was bluntly refused, the scheme was thought chimerical, snd merchants would risk no more. The founder was in distress. the community must have the articles or sufrcr want His' sole resource was prayer, and four times during that night he rose from hie bed to pray. In the morning, as is said, wituout farther solicitation, the merchants came and offered the goods on the terms ask ?d That was the last great strait of the so cfety. POLITICAL ITEMS Johnson, heretofore one of the most FIT Tl Kdow things in the State of Ken tucky, has come out for " Buck and Breck " MissouriGovernor eleot of Missouri, is a Delawarean by birth, and for merly lived near Smyrna. A great gathering of the "unterrifled De 3?re*?? Th.^r BriUln' Connecticut took place on Thursday evening last. Crowds of people came in from the surrounding town? and it is estimated that all of seven thousand persons were present Speeches were made by Messrs Hateh, Johnson. and Sirens wh?* remarkswere received with enthusiastic nT plause. p" The "Rev. Dr. Tyng," of Philadelphia, who has been braying sectional polities from the sacred deek to the diagust of his hearers is not the Rev. Stephen II Tyng. D D of St George's Chureh, New York, wh ose com mand tog tongue and pen have the homage of even rivals and opponents, a*d whose influ ence in the religions sphere is confessedly, at this date, second tc that of no living man The Philadelphia Tjng is the ignoble son of ? worthy sire. The Louisville Courier, speaking of the re cent elections in Kentucky, says: "It is the height of folly for Know Nothings to pretend that there was no issue in the contest. They made a test vote wherever they could, and have been s'gnally worsted everywhere LmI *'n.te.r allowed the Democracy only two judicial districts. The Democrats have ear ned ten out of the thirteen This, we say again, 13 but a foretaste of November." Jt is said that in Berks county, Pa ?that old Democratic stronghold, which has always been good for four or five thousand Democratic majority there is not a Fremont man to be found in all its borders, and that a reward of one thousand dollars has been offered for the man who will acknowledge himself in favor oi the Wooly Horse candidato. The whole snr face of the county has been traveled over, and cot a man to claim tho reward. There was, says the Albany Argus, a fusion of know Nothings and Republicans in the re cent State election in Iowa, which cannot be sustained in the national contest. The success of this coalition is no argument against a Democratic triumph in the State in the fall. 1 he vote that was recently united against the Democratic party will be divided between r lilmore and Fremont in November, and a Democratic plurality will be almost a matter of course. u,lSTBFertr and A*uc f "red.?Hostetter's BI1TKR8 hare proven themselves to t* of great Tiine in I f#^?a *&ne. Murjr of our ctttsens can testify to the feci that ** a preventative they /ire uueqatllffL sod uot only removing the cnuseji ?>f t% e <1l?e*se, but prodnclr.g nuralsuknhle feelings of returning heelth; while It Is Hnde 8 y true that h targe proportion of those who enjoy even * I'Artui r<M|> te by the u?e of Quinine, contlmio to feel mts e ?c" d-press^l bfth by reA?*n of Uie ine-tlrioe and the Draoii/ a nf 1 n. .1 __1 . ? . ..... ^re?e?c.?r malaria which l*?tl!l latent In tbe ta _ r do well to try it ?...... niPPki'j inifiH in iu?pypi?ni. nioi# (iMtrous of avsilin* themselves of * medicine by which <1!. L"ii*r?e?-2}'i.'H!r';BCl'lnn'UIJ't'r fro,u Ftvsr and Agne would I w^naVl1 ^*",,luKton b7 FORD k BROTHER urn] J AM US I?. CALL AN, Ageuts. ttUg J6.lw ^#,,falic *"??e ?' Tarkey Kliu ? '* ^col.Jectof the proprietor* to make thl* Ka f.?r?Tn 1 *Kre"*bl# FAMILY MRBICINB, admirably adapted for < hildren, being ploaaant to the taate and perfoctly aafr, d.tti'ir 1 JiSf1 wU1 folu"1 convenient for any ?ud try f?r the * ' to I*"0"" travellii*. or In the o?nn at^?m? Itu# ? *way froni their own medical man, and at aome diatance from a |>liy*lclan. K 1/t, ? . JOHN I. BROWN A RON. Boalon. B^-era Phil^^i"" - A*tm* for U^tlmore. Coleman* ?AL'Ll?^,feir?ABNrOWU; inr Dalley's Uenalne Pain Extractor hur*r?>^VolIdV *nd ,nfl"mm4llon the aevereirt V *?in.from one to twenty minutes?and that it P rei ni^ W*?ut' *IUk)"/ %*r' *'"1 effectually cure Kever and ?lr y rbeomatlHm?Sore O , S"res?Scald Head?Corn* and Bunion* Krraltiflaa Tm nfti4'. ? Brea*t?Sore Nipples? Kruptiona? and ^rt^M^7,yach^,CUUUeOU8 eureS if ?l v, properties which the Ualley Halve alone conulni and as tn r^ no,aVnet? r^ ">?oucd diaeaiea, but many uot enumerated It nSuJfpA P*LJrT'? P*'* e*-nucTO? ha. npon CI IOKMH i, rn*f ^fJ Wlth the ?'??**?'??? "< C V. K E> F K A CO., proprietor*, and UENKY DALIKV per?b^iCt rer' AU oU"s,K are counterfeit. Price Mcents VorVJr?ed 10 CV- Cllck?" * Co.. Dr'Sgu'u'S^lG'.U9- ST0TT' NAIRN * ? ?? [C7" C?at?, Pants, and Vetu, Suit.t Busittest Suits NOAH WAI.KE8 A OO., Maebi.k Hall Clothino Empo ?'?> ?!, Hotel Bolldlnp, r< ?pectfn!ly annonnce that their aanoal dlaplay ofSPRINO AND Si MMFR CLOTHING Cl?^r7rit\ .fuVD,p*^">n' romPrl'lc<f ?" ?M>r,rtra?nt of t Yonrits Ci.OTntvo of the nowct ad rlcfc. S^oea ?h!".Ud tr'mmln*, and workmanship To tirilt " excellence, with economy In faaklonat le ar *" opf>ortcnUr '? now orrered for *electlug UJ-Fever and Agae?Certain Care.?No ?n?nl('*M?r Tnn|," Q?lnlne, Fowler'. Solntlon, Arwnic, Mercury, or any of the vlllalnoueor nana^n* "ore pound*. wl'lcta otily rcllere* one dl*^a?e to Implant auofier Xr^l^'L""" lt: ou,"^> vIcOma flaaU i'i" * * an,,.b'?l<eii con*tltution, to an early erar. ?lanaarau M'*ture, which ronulna none of fh?*? 11,5 .. ,"?e> bnt Cure* by acting n>?-:lttr?lly on the u*" b1',"d "n<1 *trengihenln< the ?y?trm ! I twl. 7 2 rccur?fate It* exhatiitei'i enrrKle. by' an mmir1t iT^?!5 " m "1?"l* '"Pe'""*: from the body rii f; i mod'.ciues, which clou and retard tu I More than . ne thousand pcr.ona hire been ??Vn'Sly* htlJS' ' it""""'' 11*ft*r everything el*" bad a.anally r*n?d *1 a *ample of it* remarkable effecU f leear* Oavie A Hick*, of Ant ;n?avllle, Ala., write* u. that 1 h*"IjT. "r chrouic r^ver and Agne. which all ? he elTuru of pbyalclaix and their reme?llaet could uot *nk dn- H -enly t-...k thre,.' l-ttle*. They ,.v it ?e|]a v?ry coBDtrV *" lt8 ,ll*h rer?lA?'?n all through the ait 1 -lm Haaflaad'e ??rmaa Bitters.?Certl? to^OhfoV LuU.ltn., Bdltor "Spirit of TUbm," Iro# I lOPtro j, October .10, Ihm. Dr 0-iL' S!!?Tb" ?"??? are In great de . l"*.10 t B qwantity sold by Mnitey h mand her*. ??? Barber, yenr .twtt. the two otbar atore* *ell more of them than any other iMdicln*. i ttud they are mach eaed by cob vale^entf.verpatlentato r^uild their broken conatltationa. b tUM?*Tl f"rln* u,e l?*ttnmm?r, tu my own ramlly, four b-.ttle* They were recommended to iue flrU by a neighbor at a time when my ayetem waa much deklHtaled from the ?tor* Of . ae.ere Blliona reTer. Theygaveraean a?net!te *? ti,r*V0r?*J ^ U,u* au^ r's?r 10 "?? whol? eyeteui. in one of the!September nnmber* of my pnp?r I related my e*rerl T'" ?in'-e which time they f rce havt now become the st&n<1%r<l i me<ltc4ne In this vicinity. In concloaloo, I would aay that I feel great nleaanre in giving yon thia teatiraony of the valoe and aucceaa of your preparation. Beepectfnlly yonre, RaLrs Lutk. See a4v. rtivement. 7 Smr sns, On the 15th Instant, at 10 a. m , CLARKNCK youngest son of A D. and M. Melcher, In the 5th year of his a^e. The relatlvas and frleads of tbefamilyare Invl ted to attend his funeral fro in the residence of his pa'ents, New York avenue, Bear 4th street. thl? (Saturday) afternoon, at 5tf o'clock. On the 15th Instant, at 25 minutes past 10 p m , AGNES VIRGINIA, a^ed 18 months, younj/est daughter of Andrew and Jotephine Hessrord TLe relatives an<l friends of the family i re re Hpeotfnlly Invited to attend the fnneral on f*nn dav, the 17th instant, at 3 o'clock p. m , from the residence cfh?r parents, 4P? L strwt * On th? 15th Inst,, THO* W MOHORNEV In liis?39:h vear. ' His friends and aeqnnintaocas are invited to at t?nd his funefal on Sunday at I o'clock p. m * TOne.lIHKHMOPCUNURKSHANDOTH. EK* (,KAVI.\(i THE CITY. M \V GALT&DRO CALL THE ATTEN tloa of members of Congress and others to ?tock of very superior ledJes' and ewtlemens Gold Watches, nich Jewelry rf the latest styles, pureSilvey Tea Sets, Pltahers, Goblets, Sllve^ l urks, Spoons, &c. Also, eifra plated Tea Sets, Walters, Cake ?a?k?ts, Castors, Albati Forks and Spoons, Enc llsh and American Table Cutlery, Ac. Persons in search of useful presents will And ? our stock to comprise an endless variety. ^ All good* warranted as represented and at the lowest rate* M. W. GALT A ORO,, Jeweller?, Pennsylvania avenue, au 16-ot between 9th and loth streets. WOOD AND COAL DEPOT. N. W. corner Twelfth and C street. No. 547, One square south the Avenue. rpHE BEST ARTICLE GUARANTEED eT- "vS??19*refully weighed?2,240 to the ton, from which there Is no deviation, stemimglu to reduce the pritt. " * Persons laying in their winter fuel will floS it to their advantage to leave their orders to be sup P m the veav'i8 on their arrival. lLr'Coai kept under cover. Wood of the beet quality always on hand. T. J, A W. M. GALT. JT?-tr HATS, FRENCH HATS! JUST RECEIVED, FER LAST STEAMER Import d direct from Paris, the new fall slvle of Gent's BLACK VENTILATING DRESS HATS, which, In style and beauty of fialsk sur passes anything yet produced Also, another lot of those Gealn French SOFT HATS. At ike Gent's BAZAAR, coraer ?th street aid Pa. avenoe. aul?-3w HOPKINS. FOK IUK.-A FINE DRAUSHT HORSE 7 vears old, and warranted perfectly g\ sound. Sold for no fkalt. Apply at the Coal and Wood Yard, corner#tn and H sir?ets au 15-tf IS". | gs CTHTS HEWAKD aad ne Thaaka. Ranaway from the subscriber an Indentured ?prmti e, Joha W. Wheeler. " *? ALFRED JONES.% AUCTION BALES. By A. GREEN . Auctioneer. SHELVING, SIDE CASKS, AND A TOT Stare at Auction.?On MONDAY, the ISth instant, I shall sell, at No 197 on I street, betw tOth and 91st, at 10 o'clock a m , known as the ? and of Nicholas Funks, all of his store-lxtuies and contents. viz : A large lot of Toys 1 sett of Shelving Large side Case, with drawers One lot of Lamps, different kinds Lot of old Lumoer Stoves and Stone Jars Lot Candy Jars, Ac. With many other articles unnecessary to enu merate. Terms caah. aa 16 d A. GREEN, Auct. | By WALL, DARNARD A CO., Auctioneers TTORSE, BIGGY, AND HARNESS AT 11 A action ?On SATURDAY AFTER NOON, August lflth, wc will sell In front of our Auction Rooms,at5 o'clock, the fast trotting and pacing Hcrsa Burgundy, seven yeais old. warran ted perfectly sound, atd gentle and superior sad dle horse, and c%n go inside three minutes, with one of Flagler's best made Trotting Unggies, en tirely n<?w, and Harness. Sold for no fault, the owner having no further use for him. A credit of 2 and 4 months will be given, with notes satisfactorily endosed, bearing interest. WALL, BARNARD A CO au 12-ts Auctioneers. iU~ Tbe above sal* la aaaveidably post poned until TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Aug

l?:b, same hour and place WALL, BARNARD A CO., an 16-d Auctioneers. By JAS. C. McQUIRE, Auctioneer. FR\MK HOUSE AND LOT AT Auction. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, August 18th at 6 o'clock, on the prem'ses, 1 shall sell rart of Lot No 1, In Square No 477, fronting <1 feet on north Q street, between Fifth and Sixth street* west, running back 100 feet, with the Improve ment, consisting of a two-story frame dwelling house. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue in six and twelve months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. airily JAS. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers BRU'K COTTAGE ON CAPITOL HILL at Auction.?On TUESDAY AFTER NOON, Auguit 19th, at 6 o'clock, we will sell in front of tne premises, Lots No. 4 and 5 In tquare No. 1052, fronting 3? feet on the corner of F and Tennessee avenue east, north side, Improved with a neat two-story Brick Cottage, containing 4 rooms and basement. The location is good and in a fast improving part of the citv. Sale positive, as the owner is about leaving the city. Terms at the sale. WALL, BARNARD A CO., au 14-d Auctioneer. Til GRAND EXCURSION & TARGET FIRING union' guards. K UNION GUARDS TAKE PLEASURE In announcing to their friends, _ JT ?" ^ Military and Civic, that their iSfj rii"?% ond Annual Excursion and Target Flrln^ will take place on MON D AY, August the l?th, to the White House Pavilion. ' The Committee deem it unnecessary to mention the resolutions and pledges they have formed to make it pleasant and agreeable; suffice to say that It will not be inferior to our last which was ac knowledged amorg the most pleasant of the sea son The Srst boat will leave Washington at 9% : Bladen's Wharf, Navy Yard, at 9; Alexandria at9)f. The second b->at will leave at S o'clock, and proceed to the White House Excellent Mnstc Is engaged for the occasion. TI eke's can be procured at Capt Reese's, cor ner of 6th street and Pa aventre; Lieut Donnelly, Vulcan House; Beeksr A Lackey's Tailor Stofe, 7th street, opposite the Patent Office, and at the b"et. Committee of Arrangements. Capt Reese, Sergeant Lackey, Lieut Donnelly, Wm Duff Sergeant Harrison nu It-ft FOR HARPER'S FERRY, ?^rrrrrrh Via Chesapeake f >?<S. *53fiiS3BEe Okio c*n*i. tUBHUESBm THKOUUH JN TWELVE HOURS! THE NEW AND SPLENDID PACKET BOAT ARGO, Capt. Chas. H. MaaartL, will commence making K'nular Trips Lettreeii GEORGETOWN and the above Point, on Mon day. March 27th, lb5?. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. 11 A H. 6 Ritter, Georgetown, D. C., every Monday, Wed nesday, and Fridav morning, at 0 o'clock. Returning, she will leiveHarper's Feriy every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at o'clock. Tkreagh Tickets, 3'J.Ut. To Leesbnrg fl .62*, including the Stag* from Edwards' Ferry Families intending to vlsltthe Virginia Springs the coining season will find this by fai the most safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Bcrkeler Capon, Shanondale, White Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate rates. A coach will always be in readiness in George town to convey passengers to and from the Boat. Far further particulars Inquire at the store of W. H. A H. G. RITTER, Georgetown, and JOHN V. AVIS, Jr , Harper's Ferry, Va. me.r 18?tf MOONLIGHT EXCURSION OF CAMP NO 2, Junior Sons of America! ON MONDAY, August 18, 1896. This camp will give an excur slon down the Potomac river, _ _ ^ landing at Fort Washington, and returning at a reasonable hour in the evening. The boat will leave Pate's Wharf, at the foot of Sev-nth street, at 2# o^clock ; Alexandria at 0 o'clock Weber's Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. Supper and Refreshments by an experianced caterer. Tickets FIFTY CENTS?admitting a gentle man and one lady; to be had of inemi>ers of the Camp, ato. Boswell's Drug Srore, and boat. au 12-TThS* MEDICAL CARD. Dr. h perabeau, German homeo pathic physician, has the honor to offer hii services to the inhabitants of Washington and vicinity. Office and Residence on I street, No. 188, be tween 20th r.nd 2lst streets. N. B?Hcmeophathlc medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself wltn the greateet care, for Fever and Ague, for Bilous and Bowel complaints, Ac., Ac.' m 16-3m * 1 on WILL BE PAID FOR EVIDENCE SP Av/vy that will convict the person who shot one of my servants In my garden fiom a boat on Sunday evening, the 10th Instant There ware thiee persons In a black boat with a white streak The had landed and were ordered off bv the ser vants, when they were lirtd upon, and one ol them shot in the arm. au 14-41 B. W. HUNTER. PRINTING PAPER. SUITABLE FOR NEWSPAPER AND Speech printing, for sale, mill price Also, Cap, Note, Letter, Envelope, and other papers. WM F BAYLY, au 14-eo4t Pa. ave., bet. 11th and 12th sta. SPECTACLES AND EYEGLASSES of every description, to suit every, re and Age in great varletv. For sale at H.SEMK EN'S, Jeweller, 330 Pa av, bet. 9thand 10th sta. au 13-ft (Nat Intel) TO THE PUBLIC. JOHN P. DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Factory, on #th. street, between Louisiana avenue and' C street, long conducted by Mr. John* M. Yonng, is now prepared to manufacture and repair all descriptions of COACHES. BUGGIES, WAGONS. Ac., on the most reasonable terms, in the very best manner, and at the shortect no tice He respectfully invites his feJlow-citixen to give him a trial, au 12 lm IURE SILVERWARE. New styles of silver pitchers, Goblets, Cups, Creams, Forks Spoons, ect ,eet , of our own manufacture Pw Also, a choice variety of Fancy Silver Ar tides, suitable for wedding presents, fbr ?? rale at the lowest possible prices at H SEMKFN, Jeweller, 330 Penn avenne, bet. 9th and 19th sta. N. B ? Silver Testimonials of any kind mado to order at short notice. (Inte' ) ag 13 6t TO HOUSEKEEPERS. PERSONS WISHING TO PURCHASE I superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy Sil ver Plated or Albata Ware, fine Japanned Tea Trays ur Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, Tea or Coffee Uin, Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan, Fur nace, or anyof the hundred and one Uttleetceteras needed by every housekeeper, will do well to call on FRANCIS, Just above Odd FeUews' Hall, on Seventh street. Re has good articles, and his prices are low. Jy 98-tf P R SALE HORSE, BUGGY AND HAR NEtS ? A geutieman who Intends ?V-_ leaving the city, nas for sale an excellent y family Horse, a rapid traveler, gentle in bar new ard under saddle Also, a new Buggy and new Harness complete. May be seen at Mr. BIRJH 'S > Stables, 14th street. au i3 4t?f| .i t i ai ? ? *R LVOTIOW BAIBB. ~ THIS AFTKBWOON AlfD TOMORROW. By A. GREEN, Aaotloueer Handsome bcildim lot on tu street writ, between North 1*1 ta4 N streets.?On SATURDAY, the 16th Instant. I ?hall eell. in front of the premises. at 6 o'clock p. m , Lot T5. In Square No 613. having a front on 5th street weat. of 57 feet 4 Inches running back 100 feet, between North M and N streets. Sale positive; terms cash. a? 14-d A. GREEN, A act ByJAS.C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. pFRKWIPTORT RALR OF VALUARLE 1. Rnildinx Lot on North >1, between 15th and Itith streets.-On SATURDAY' AFTER NOON. Auetut 16th, at ?% o'clock, cm the prfniises. I shall sell part of Lot No 4, iaSqaare fronting 29 feet on North M. between 15th and '6th streets west, running back to a thirty feet alley. ' Terms: One-third cash ; thereeldneIns't and tw?I*e month", with Interest, eeured by a deed oftm?t. JAS. C. McGUIRK, aa 14-d Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. VAU'ABLE inPRUTRU PROPKRTT at the corner of 4K atreetand *lntnnve> nue. ? On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Ang. 21*t, r.t 6 o'clock, on t*ue premises, I shall sell Lots Nos. 43. 31, and 25, situated at the corner of street and Maine sveune. wlih the Improve ments, con*.sting of a large two story brick Building. 30 by 60, tbe whole subject to a ground rent of S'250 per annum for ten yesrs from Marefc, 1851, with the privilege of purchasing at 93.(MM) Terms : One-fourth cash ; the residue In six, nine, and twelve months, with Interest, secured by a deed cf trcst on the property. Sale positive J . C. McGUIRE, au 14-d Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer TWO VALUABLE BU1LBINOS AT the corner of north F and lat streets.?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August 19th. at6k o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell L*>t it, and part of Lot 43, in Square No 569, fiontlng 40 feet on north F street, at the corner of 1st street west, running bacX lt)0 feet to a 20-fect paved al'ey, making two gocd building lots of 20 feet front each. These lots are handsomely situated for build lng purposes, ar.d the extensive Improvements now In progress In the vicinity render a future increase in value almost certain Terms: One-third cash; the residue In 6 and t2 months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Title indisputable. aa II 2t J. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. E By J AS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. XCELLENT Fl RHITIRK k HOURE keeping Effects at Auction ?On WED NESDAY MORNING. Augnst20th, at !? odk, at the residence of Mrs. Redwood, No 365 C st , aear 1 shall sell all her furniture and house keeping eff cts, comprising? Mahogany case Piano Forte, byFarkhurst Do hair spring Sofas Arm and Parlor Chairs Walnut Plush and htir cloth covered Arm Chaira Marble top Centre and Pier TaKea Handsome covered walnut Etagere, Fancy Ta bles Fancy Re-eption Chairs Vases, Ornaments Suite of four Damask and Lace Curtalas, with shade* and fixtures Oilcloths, Matting, Bnissels Stair Carpet Gilt Gas Chandeliers B at Tree Mahogany and Walnut Jenny Llnd Bedsteads Four mahogany high-post Bedsteads Three Enamelled Cottage Sets Mahogany marble-tcp Dressing Bureaus Wsrdrob**, Washxtacds, Tables, Toilet Sets Hair ar:d husk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Mahogany French snd Cottage Bedttcads Cane-seat Chairs, Rockers, Chintz Curtains Dlnln;* Tables, Granite Dinner Set China Tea Set, Glassware Silver plated Castors, Tea Set Table Cutieiv, Fire Irons, Ac. Superior Cocking Stove, Refrigerator Together with ngencralasscrtinentef housekeep ing articles Terms : $30 and under cash ; over that suin s cred't of 60 end 00 days for satisfactorily endowed notes, bearing interest. P. S ?The Ilonse. which Is large ard desira ble, Is for rent Inquire on the premises or of the Auctioneer. an 13-d J. C McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GREFN, Auctioneer. k*ALC BY OH DL'K OF DISTRAIN OF Household and Kitchen Furniture.?On TUESDAY, the 10th Instant, 1 shall sell. ly or der of distrain for rent, at tb? residence of a ladv declining housekeeping, on Missouri avenue, No 56, between 3d and streets, at 10 o'clock a m an excellent assoiLment of nearly new Furniture viz: Mahogany Sofas. Lounges, Ottomans, parlor and rocking Chairs Do dre-Mng and other Bureaus Do dress and work stands Do marble-top Centre, Side, and ether Ta bles Do dining, card, and other Tables Do Whatnots, Gilt Fianie and other Glas ses Walnut and Cottage maple and other Bedsteads China, Glass, and Crockery Ware, Knives and Forks Plated Castors, Coffee and Tea Urns, Forks and Spoons Fine T?pestry, firee-ply, stair, and other Car p*ta Oilcloth and Matting Cane and wood-seat Chairs Wardrobes, Wash.tand*. and Writing Tables Feather Btds, Lair and snack Mattresses Cooking, Radiator and other Stoves A good lot of Kitchen Requisites W ith many otter aiticles which we deem unne ceb^sry to enumcrat*. Terms: S30 and under, cash : over that sum. i credit of 30 and 60 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest, au 14 <1 A. GREEN, Auct By JAS. C. McUUIRE. Auctioneer. rpKFSTEHV SALE OF BKAUTI FI'L A Country Heat.?By virtue of a deed of trus from Geo T. Massev, as trustee.and Ann Brown bearing date on the thirteen.h day of December 1S5T and recorded in Liber J . A S No. 6F folio* 505,500, 507, 508, 5<i9, and510,cne of the Land Re cord* for Washington county, In the District ol Columbia, theundersigned will sell at public auc tlon at the auction store of J C MrGulre, to th< highest bidder,on THURSDAYAFTERNOON June itith, la56, at 6 o'clock p. m , the following highly Improved and beautiful country property viz: All that piece or parcel of ground Iylrg in th< county of Washington and Dls rlct aforesaid. be lng a i>art of the land whereof Anthony Holmead senior, died seized, and part of the tTact ca!le?] "Pleasant Plains," and part of the land whlct Anthony Holmead, Jr., conveved to Boitzell ant Mayhnw, which they conveyed to John Plckrell the piece or parcel of land aforesaid, lying on tfc? cast of the Washington and Rockvflie turnpik< road, containing 5 acres and one sixteenth cf at acre, more or less, being Lot No . 2 of Geo. Taylt r'i subdivision, and beginning for the sameonth< e<st side of the said turnpike road, at the end o: 76.42 perches measured southerly from tbe inter section of said read with tbe Rock Creek chnrcl road, to a road or private way called Taylor'i road, leading from the t>ald turnpike road to e a other pa*t of the said troet of land owned by sak George Taylor, aud running thence with iherak Washington and Rockvllle turnpike road nortl three degrees, weat 2s 46 perches to the Lot aol< to J C. Lewis, thence at tight angles with th< said turnpike road 26 46 perches, thence at rlgh angles with the said lasl line, and parallel witl the said first line if- parches, and thence a right angles with the said last mentioned linean< parallel with the said second line 28.46 perches ti the line of the aaid turnpike road and the place o l>eglnnlng, being the same land and premise which Wi'S conveyed to the said Ann Brown bi John F. tthanetts by deed dated April 19 h 1853 and duly recorded Together witn the invpiovo meat and appurten&nces, which may be seea b; visiting the premises. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in 6, 18 18, and 24 months ; to be secured by deeds of trus on the premise*. Unless the terms of sale be com' piled wlihln five days from day of sale the Trua? teea reserve the right to resell at the coat aad rial of the defaulting purchaser All eonvevaix-ea at the purchaser's axpens^ ERASMUS J. MIDDLETON,) Tru_" RICHARD H CLARKE, < 1 rusiees. m21-2awts JAS O. McGUIRE, Aurt'r. CT-The above anle ia unavoidably peat poned until SATURDAY, July 26th, houi and place. _ ERASMUS J MIDDLETON.) T KICHAHDH CLARKE, i Trustees. Je*7-2awts J. C McGUIRE, Augt'r U7" The abova sale ia fmrlher paatoonee mill TUESDAY AFTERNOON,August26th same hour and place. ERASMUS J . MIDDLETON, > RICHARD H. CLAftKt, < Jy 26 2awAds J. C McGUIRE Trust- es McGUIRE, Auct'r. VllAL'NL'ET WARRINER, WA1CHMAKER AND JEWELER, Aai> oaun in * Fm? Witchw, Jtwilry, aid Silver Ware ? t ?ry literal r*duct\?* fr?m MM intnarp prists. No 379 Pa. avenue, batweed 6th and 7th stioeu: au 9 3m (la Browns' Hotel bulldisg.) AIR BRUSHES AND CO^IBS FOR salt at (au 4-tt) LAMMOND S. H TELEGRAPH NEWS. rBOX THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. HY Hoi st PIllNTiNfi m^HAPH. The Accident to th? Arabia. Halifax, Aug. 16 ?A aurvsj of ths Arabia *" .*?n ordered. She will remain till Bight, certainly. - Baltimore Mar*uti UU* 14 ?Floor is inn, sales Oh,o?^?: Uow*rt ?*?J ei^?? !l "****?*?* to choice mi. ? Va citl "fc'1** ?' ? *?u ft? 01 tod yel low 5Ma60e. ?? Kew York K&rketa New Yo**, Ang 16 ?riour hu advanced ?alas of 7 000 bMs.; good State S? 10; enperfine Ohio $fi 45: standard Southern *7 ?0 Wheat u higher, tele* of 29.000 bushels, Western red *1 55; Southern white SI fiHa $1 70; Illinois white SI 6W| New Jersey red *1.50 Corn is dull; ealee of 10,000 bushels; Southern mixed 62ic. Pork is dull; saIoc of 400 bbis . m?w Sid 62?. Beef ia unsettled; sales of 250 bblr. Lard is buoysnt; sales of 150 bbla at ISc. Whisky has declined; sales of 150 bblr.; Ohio SS+e. Financial Aug. 10?M<>fkf ore firm? Chicago and Rock Island 94}; Cumberland C??nW;lU^iaCental 10b; Michigan Suutb oraS8; New }ork Cantral SoJ; Reading VI i, Missouri 6 s 88J; Illinois Central bonds 91. Sterling exchange ia firm. SPECIAL NOTICB TO TRAVELLERS from wasuisoton. Travellers prom Washington for t-:e V\ est rn Cities are advlaed thai the Balt'rroreand Ohio Railroad Company hsa mad. cartful provision to ticket tbem and to? beck their baggage directly through from Wasblngion city to ail the leading cities In the West, t*e North we?t, and the Southwest. Member* of Congress and others, at the adjourn ment, will Had it peculiarly to their edvaat*gs to avail tliemselves of the recently extended faclJi U??t? of this line, wiiLh la the onlv rocte that can afford them through tickets and b<u(si(t checks in Washington. The trains start dally from Washington Station %t 6.f m*' aild "**? prompt and dlrec Imml on ?t \\ an&ln^tou Junction (%i Rtlty Hmiy'') for Benwood and Wheeling, connecting at Benwnod direct with Central Ohio railroad trains for Zanw vlile. Newark, Columbus. Xenla, Daytoa, Cin cinnati. Louisville. Indianapolis, Chicago, Terre Haute, Ylncenaes. Alton, St. lx>uls, SprlnuS>4d, Qulncy, Burlington,|Galora. Rock island. Du bugue, Cairo, .?lemphls, Natchea, Vickso.rg, and New Orleasa. Passengers desiring to v1*w the entire road by daylight may leave Washington at # a in . ana, reaching Cumberland at K% p on., lie on there ontll 5. IS next morning. when they roan me lite trip by aocommodatlon train, leaving thero at that time for Wheeling, wbere it arrives at I p. I Xi ? By the 4 30 p m train from Washing toe they may reach Benwood at 9)f a rn next day, or In seventeen hour*from Washington By this connexion they rearh Cincinnati nam* night, or In hoars running time between Washington and Cincinnati Careful maaa^env-nt, comfort of passengers, perfect safety are cardinal objocts u poi: this r<>uu\ and travellers may rely upon them in securing Its advantages For further particulars, tickets. Ac . inquire of THOS H PARSONS, Agent. W ash: tig ton Mu tton, WILLIAM S. WOODSIDE, Ma?i?r of T asportation, Bait in. ore au 7-Sw Atioehv of Mt sir. Jr. CAULFIELD. FROM Dl BLIN, IRE ? land, having made Washington hla real dene*. will open hla Musical Academv on the first Monday of September, at Carual's Saloon, iu the north room, entrance on 11th s'.rHot, where he Intends teaching In Cluases the various branches of M uslc by the celebrated *> stem or Lo-ler. n> w in general use in the Loodon Acad< mlaa. 1 he cla??es will be as follows, namely : Piano Forte Cla*-sts. Singing Claaaes, nnd Classe* for study of the Hclence and Theory of Music. Teriits hi advance, for ea< h rupll la class per quarter, of twenty lassons. Private lfOMtna In cither uf the above branrhe*. L'ssons of one hour each twlee a wtek. S4o per quarter; half an hour, $-?U per quarter Lessens uu the Orgar. to th?"*e alrordy advance In m iMc. SoO per quarter J. P. CAIJLFIF.LI) will also attend luCeorge town two days in the week Plea?e apply at the Music Store of Oeorge Hil bus.orat the Pianolfioieof John F. Ellis, au 14-eo3w* WATCH ES -WATt HEI!! fi WE HAVE MADE A LAR4?K( addition to our stock r>f FINE] 3. LONDON and GE.UV ??WATCHES, for Ladles and 6en tiemeu, which we will sell at e very vance, with guarantee H SKMKEM. Jeweler, 310 Pa avennr. het 9th and 10th ats. Chronometer, Duplex. Lever, Leplne Watches, (at In perfeU order, and warranted to give salts action^ (1 ntel) au 1>-6t THE ADJOrR!?nRNT OF CfNOKKM. Members of congress and oth ors leaving the city kavetheopportunltv now of procuring presents for their friends and srtlclo? for their own cse at very low prices, as we eiv closing out onr entire stock of Paney Goods to discontinue the butAne^a We have a large assortment of Fanev Deskv, Dressing ?'uses Work Boxes, Ca*?%s Staluetiw, Canes. Porte M onr ales. Card Cases, Jet Orna ments, Fine Pans, Ac. A large assortment of superior Plated Ware Our !?iock of Toilet Articles, Soaps, F*traets. Colognes, Bay Rom, Ac , comprises the laTgeot ns?orm?nt In the city, and no article >?nt e* the best of Its kind. T. 6A LLI6 AN A CO . J70 Pa > venue, nnder au H-10t Browns' Hoeel. somkth(No new: The subscriber takks this mlth od of Informing the pnblle that bekevps coo* | | stantly on band supplies of PRIME HU i Tl-K, fr ?>ra the most celebrated dairies In Peaasylvaniu and New York Also, FRF..-H K<??S received dally. He may always tee fuundon market daya at Uis stands in Centre Market, west wing, and Nor hern Market Call and be accommodated, au 1 l-l w* JAMES E DUN A WIN. PROPOSALS FOR FDK1*. Orrica U-S Pijutintiaxt. D C.. > Washington, August?, ISsrt f i I | at this offlce antll Monday, 25th August, 1 Sft, furnishing the prison f" SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE received at this cfflce until Mondi al twelve o'clock m., for with? i I 13t) cords of half-seasoned, good Oak Wocd, of i I medium size, and free of lop wood i I 30 cords good Fine Wood ? I 60 tons White Aah Anthracite Coal The Coal f 1 must be clean, and free from slate or other . I foreign substance; 8,240 pounds to the ton i| To be delivered on or before the llr*t of Octo j I ber, lSS1'. at aucL places on th?* Pealtentlary . I grounds as the warden may designate. I I THOMAS THORNLKY, Warden. FOR SALE?^Two thousand ponndi of OAK 1 I I'M. packed in bales cf fifty pounds each , al>o, e I WHEELBARROWS, WASHSTAN!^ and t I other articles. T. THORNf EY, I I nti?-td Warden } I PALL ftTKVBM* * I Justice of the Peace, Nstary Public sad Ps ? I ii?e Magistrate 2d District. IIROMPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL I businew requiring the sorvlcos of Magistrate or Ncury Public, Acknowledgment of p<eds. taking Depositions, A?"laviu, Ac , either at tbe oflos or at party's residence, stall times omce <>n llth street, east side, a tew doors uorlh of Pa avenue. Opeu frem 10 at ulght. i | au ** 2vr OHHAMEim OF HAIB. Hair bracelets,necklaces, cro? ses. Pins, Earrings, Chains. Rings, and Charms made to order after any design, at short notice. trr Persons maay rely on their own hair being nsed. H SfeMKEN, Jeweller, au 11 Ot (Intel) 38T Pa avenue WOOD AND COAL. ..... WE are PREPARE!) TO SUPPL\ ALL those who may favor us with their patronage with the best article of fuel at the following KT'woo. ???OP"""' Plae do ? ? HieAorydo ? * T: Stove and Whits Ash Egg coal.... a to per ton Hod Ash ? 2 Transition Nut 6 Cumberland Lump S Si Try Persons laying In fuel for tke winter would 4o well by giving us a enll. AU aiders left at P. J. Rteors'stsre, No 4^7tk ? treet. between D and E streets, or at onr <"Aee, will be promptly Slltd. i OOO lbs given to ton JOHN W MYRRH, A CO , Oifioe and Yard corner of G andftd street, au a-lm ? First \% srd MR. w. HBNST PAtMSS'i , wd PIANO PORTE CLASSES. A?? DeZIara r%, ^pjl^i^KORGE HlLrfuS'S Maaic