Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII WASHINGTON. D. C., FRIDAY. AUGUST 22, 1856. NO. 1,104. THE KVJENTHG STAB, ri;ilLI>HVI) BVBRY AF^KHWOIt (BXCMFT SUNDAY,) ji fU Bmldfgt, ssenev e/ PtmMy, * mhi.1 Mi K.event k MfNt, By W. D. WALLACE, WUl u- *>rted to subscribers by 'irrtoii Bi SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly - In ? > 17 U to the Agents; papers served In rachafee at 37# eent* per rooath. To mall sobacrftors the eub forlptlonpricela THREE DOLLARS AND FIF fv ^T9iTMr<?^?*uii TWO DOLLARS L sffi DMths, and ONB DOLLAR fbr tkfM rm?; MrtaUMttMiBMihiitUMnliof J , cent* ? wteh. fecr Sf.NOLB OOfIKS ONB CUNT. >aOTBCfl?l? AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS BY FIRE ! Bsd Ompital and S??rpftjs....-.?1?3AS,1A1 13. ASMEES Am) X1CHAVIC8' IH8TTR. AJICE CO.. OF PHILADELPHIA. O*,, nrrVhresf corner Penmytvama avenue and 17tA *treei. Watkir%xt?m Oi^f, D. C. STtTBMBNT OF BUSINESS FROM THB 1ST toy of Angu*t to the 3lst day of December, 1: Am out reedved la uut-ine premiums. 21 li* fir* jremiums 3?,M8 w* T<>ial pramium-i tor Ave mtaths JLjf CdpiUt l,H5u,008 00 1,360,131 13 Invested as follows: Binds of Allegheny county, Pittsburg, did PhiUitflphu CHy 6*s............ B Railroad bond*, c?s? 33,400 00 I,,win* os flrct mortgage real esiaie.. 59.5*50 00 Do stocks, oolla'eia* 80 384 00 (1<li lo btnk ndiHilnMl 11,099 99 Capita) ?txcrtb?d. 1,047,700 00 Premium notes, not ma tared 66 387 31 Dee from ejects (secured by bonds)... 18.8W 61 Eipeaseeand commiiinos,., l),66i 33 1,358,151 13 T .cal am saat ol losses reported to let January, 1850: L'.rn Jl.tiW B &?*? ? 4,666 66 DIRECTORS II.>n. Taos ?. FUreaoe, Charles Dmgae, ?-<*?< H. Armstrong, Thomas Maiderfield, _ I'liartis \ Rub cam, Btlwird R. Helmbald,. 0*orge Helmbold, F. Carroll Brewster, ? Arm* B Neall. lo?c Leech. Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R HBLMBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Wa ter, No. 387 D street Uo. M. Tjjotb ton, corner First street aid Virginia avr^aue. Jimes William*, No ? P iumuiJ a half ?ueet. MX RIME SURVEYOR. Ca,.:. J. P- Levy. No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomasoii. Die business of this Company will compare fa v ?rab:y with the nxt auce<??iftil of si mlar institu tions in the United States. Prom the 1st day of August, 1653. in five months, up t? 1st January. 1338, the premium* received a.n Mnied to the lar^ ram of o?e hundred aaU eight th > uai>l, one huaired and fifiy-one dol!ar?, with only f<?rty?x haudred ani siity sii dollar* loseea Tv?th the?e en-lene??3 of sooce3# and food man a;em*nt, the directors fee' ja?tifi*?d in suliciting a share of piblio parronaje, b^!i??Tin* that the aeen ritv off-r?>d ii am ?U and that a'l fhir cfa mt will be a iju.fd (sore according to equity Uian legal techni ca'ic-i. With a view of af?rding ampl? Indemnity to the pub ie, the comvany hare deported with MBS^B^ DUNCAN, SiJBRM ^N, ft CO., OF NBW YORK, TU2IR BANKERS, Cash a*td p-emmm notes to pruvxie an accruing Trust Fund of One Huuirrd T\eu*and Dollmrt, To be beJd by tbem as a iditionai secarity to policy holders f >r the payment of Ios?e*. T?e eompaey is prepared u? is*ue policres ?sr tmat l>H4 ur Jamare by tire en DWELLINGS, FURNI TORS, MILLS, MANUFAOT.RIBH, W ARB n>>U*<M^, all desiriptions of BUILDINGS, and theireontmt", or ail hinds of MttRCHANDI86, transported by VKSSELW, STKAMB >AT8, CA NAL B ?AT8, RAILROADS, and tb^ usual con revanees to or from any t?orti<?B of E'JROPn and AMERICA, and on the hnlls of STEAMBOATS nivijatlnj the west<^T? wa'srs Tae ra ee of premium will bs a<liw a? other c'?mpanf?, an4 in iivjif th?-m every improY<rment in construction an4 a*ra.ig^aient will be taken into consideration. All |oee?*? speedily aljusted and promptly paid. Otfiee oorthWMt c ra?r Pennsylvania av-au** and Seventeenth street, Washington city, D. C. Uwiran t may ul<o ke effected al the Home Oi Nnt\u>mt corner Waimul ind Second Str&ett, PkiUtr delfiua. <VI<o, at the Company's offljes: New York? A W Th tnpsoii, No. 10 Wall ?tre-:t. Boaom? Oliver Brewsier, No 4 Staie street. B&ltimare? 1! H Richardson, No. 72 Ba!lira>re street, r'inein naii?Taylor ft Anthony. Cha-ieetoo?J. H.Tay lor, No. 1*21 1L Bay sueet. N-w Orlea u?Ua'maa U'ja.ii. M ?otf>a?-ry? Albert VV liiams. Mobile? A. C. Wai^h. Pituburg?T. J. Hunter, No. 90 Wa:*i str??t. Savannah- A. Wilbur, No. Ill Bay street. A abasia?OtrarJey, W byte ft Co. AilMia ? Ma- -mi A. [tell. Tr?*ntja?Narr ft Cocke Poad du l.av-Robert A Baker. Vickebarc?J Puiiaa Hiitiao? \ Barker. Memphis?VV. B MUtou. Deko.t?Tnomas Pa mer ft Son Milwauile?A. Wellington Hart. WeUaburg, Virgnia?Danftmij Bruwa, jr. Erie, Pennsyivaaia?Alien A. Craig. Wyommg. Pennsylvania - R C Smith. Lo?n vlU?? H. H.Tltuberiake. Na<hvlUe-Jcaapb Nash. Portiaad?D R.tbiusoo, Jr. Chicago?? F. Ward Saa P.a-icisco?Wiiham Biggs. St. Isouis?Tboa. K. Conrfeay, general afeat tor the ?-uibern and w?tern States. And in other principal citiea of the L'aited taiei by authorized officers of the com pany. jo 14-lyt AttENCY OV THB Alliance Ia*Braaee Co. of Philadelphia, Capitai 9300,000! N.NUAL REPORT FOR THB YEAR - -k. ending Jannary 1, 1SS8. lIHla of Ota cuuUUi| 9i HjOu'l Mortes??? am aitac ata Lror ?4 rwl muii I11S.CM M B: of Mu<r l'vrp*r*tlMi, vorflk u.S.'O 90 Cmj ob u>4 11,1" ? mi:? r?o?<.?!?;?, of Maria* Dota* 4*4 ?1MTI Im>< IU.MI 7S ?u?ca imm ss ii.aat ts so Wt.U rao?l|iU fvr pr?mlwM dorlnj the y?er glll.SH SS K?1 J Wr IumM ?ul Surlof Lh* ;itr 71,US t P M MOKIARTY, President. J.MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE GREAT WB9TEaH FIBE ISSUE AECS CO OF PHILADELPHIA. Capi?oi 8oOO,UUO. Ckarltr Ptrpttual. Dtnnevoas. Charles C !.atbrop,iJs Spruce street. Alexander Whllden, merchant, 14 North Frent street Jobn C. Hunter, Iru at Wrlgbt, Hunter A Co. K. Traeey, ttrm of Tracey A Baker. John R McCardy, firm of Jone^, White A M-Curdy. Isaac A^lebureC, attorney and ooanaelior. James ? Smith, Iran of J as B Smith A Oe. Theo W Baker, Irm of Traey A Baker. R 8. Walten, 350 Market street. Tnoma^K Limerloh, ?J4 Spruce street. John J. Baker. Goldsmith's Hall. CHARLES C LATHROP, President. THOMAS R LIMERICK, Secretary. Rlats changed from other companies to this, no charge for policy fee. Enquire at the office at J .B Reil^H, over M. Morrow's Exchange Offioe, .?rut door West of W. B Todd's Bat Bu?e, on Pennsylvania avenue. ? ?<-3a OAVID MYfcRLBs AggB. CHAURCEf WARBUIIB, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, i.ia SBALna in Pine Watfh&s, Jewelry, and Silver Ware. Suitag at a t?ry liberal rtdttciio* from eus lomary prtMi. No 370 Pa aveaue, MwmI 6th and 7th " roets, au 9 3ra (In Browns' Hotel building ) BLACBtSTONE'S PAVILION. This place of resort will be open on the M day of Jaly for the ac commodation of visitors. Xhe subscriber has engaged a ftrst rate Cottliloii Band forJCJL the seisoo, and with his larse and spendld Bail Room offers vast inducements to the lovers of the dtnoe His table will be constantly supplied with all the luxuries of the Potomac, and hla Bar with tho eboiest liquors. Tnls Is known to be ooe of the healthiest pi sees on the river, being situated between Blanklstone s and St Catharlne'B Islands. There will be a celebration on the 4th of Jaly, aad Ball and public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, Sub J nly, Thursday, 7th Aogast, and Thurs dty tls? of August. The steamer Alice Price will Land passengers during the waierla< season on Toeedays and Fri days going down and will Kop fer passengers on Wednesdays and Saturdays, on her return trips. The steaxwr Colombia will a I so land and take off p issiigiBS en W sdneedays going to, and on Sun days rsturning from Baltimore Board?B1 per day for a week or longer; SI,*5 le*s than a week je'id-ftm BEORSE. W. BLACK1STONB. A PIANO AT AUREAT BARGAIN?Ose of Bailst, Davis A Co's, Boston manufsctsre. Rosewood Case, for^yfl purchased of us only a few months since; and the owner Is compelled to leave the city. Oall audseett. JOHN P ELLIS. Piano and Mudr Store, between bj 8 "f(h and 10th stieets A' Proposal a for D0 spaaing the Oitlett of tho I XlMiaaip pi rirer late the Gulf of Mexico. ENGINEER DEPARTMENT, ) WtimnTon, Angiut 4, lt-56 c |>ROPO?AL8 WILL BE RECEIVED AT 1 this offlce until the lrstdayof sez?i ?[< tor_'op-uiing and keeping open ship channels of js^swsrw&s - vrMTh ,'Pecl1fl#d, throughout a well defjj-d ^ ^ 'eet' to a depth of not less ^Bat.below the level of ordinary low mirk k^hl 'eT?l will be determined by a bench mark on the shore, to be established by ia offlSJ wotIlcers appointed by the Secretary of War; and they are also requested to slate the longest nirH of time for which they will contract ?#?i???h channel epen to such width and depth for the ree epfiffss'jsssi eut ?^l1Xfln<in^fc ft" twenty feet through Tha^JnJ \..,of three kundred fe^t ryr*,f y m"? T?S?pro J5? SWaST ?f-?e method of accomplishing thenbf^fSSemDiltS st-ssj^&ssss ssy"* ~me ni.wh.pMn. TILT stt 10 >* ???i SJlg^giSKSS extent, and AT^^ini^c^pU^ SiSS? ^ ', dnd !he amount which inav be "P<>n for cpe .Ing each will be Mid aft*? iTl?'?,.rr,1,Lof"'w?'k <?".t^SidlSU! L.K.!k" Chann^ Untu aft" "uch channel ihall 4,XT^h2.X^iX'r.~ eijaty per cent of one-third of the whole imB or the contract for keeping open willhi!\1z! I Hh?n?fplr*ti0n ?' tWo-thlrd" of the time an add?, tlonal payment of one third of the whole amount 0? f"14 ? ??" ?< -S-MfSSS Tn h-time during which the channels are *eP* ?P?n? the twenty per cent retained at the drst payment, and the remaining third of the whole amount of the contract fa? kSepin* the channel* open, will be paid, but no paymeu* win be made until after the Channels haveb*? ?Im lnedateach period of paymeut, b^n ota"? appointed by the Secretary of War and tract ** 1 ^Pect* conformable to con .hm?P?8111" mu*t be accompanied by evidence of ability to execute tiie work in the way, and wltaln '? *-n?^n pTOP?sed>and "hould b* addressed to the dA^5 ?52. DiPafimeat, Washington," and en or eu""ei"1 ?uu?" w,"h'n wt|oh prnpanl.t^to h" ?P?re<i they will be opened and ^e bldd?or8hM^C*at?rtbe,eritered ^to wifh evTd Jmi^/ k.m^5? whM" Planof operation and evidence of ability to execute the work are mont ^r*^ ?17 to th* Secretary if War wT^rlT^^0r ^,n the National In Wltoencer, and th? Evening Star, Washington ^e Commmiai Bulletin, and the True ffi' ArirTis i^rVJp* M?bile Register. Mobile; the th? Div^ni P?W1?*P?*n. at Philadelphia; ??T? ? J!nd "*? Journal of Commerce S?W ?.?** th? T,ine?; and Ho^t, Boston- the Republican, and th? pflot, St Louis; theEnqui la?,nu*u i th? Oemocrat, Louisville DamreAntoin'iL ad*erM^jn?? With two copies of n^7i- . g ?<?/?rtl?ement, to be sent to En glneer Department for payment. an Sd30t Sp* huovih'i boot mmok. awn ? TRUNK K8TAB- AI,D LISHiVIENT ?1 hav on hand thelargeet and mo?t extensive assort ment 0' tientlemees' and Ladles' Sole I^alh-, er TravUng Trunk,Iron! and Wood Frimf Packing Trunks, Vail ' ^arp? u-gsor ail of 1 -?st' f ?. ^' a yoneral assortment colo^^*Uum Shoes, all All wishing to purchase anv of the above articles will H ad it to their advam v&ln ^11 it Wr *Czk ^for? purchasing elsa wftera ?*^*t K. P. HUOVKK1 H, Iv 00 ton- aT* ' h?*- and loth 1? - _ streets. J. CVN.lkLLYi fnda/taker n? 1*1 ntvuuk sirssi. tldSt ut j ^ H tne adjoining counties that he prepared to attend to all orders ril?^.t!,0t,C^?d on tbt* '??* liberal terms oaaal occaslom? 10 ?lve ent,fe MUtfactlon He guarantees to preserve the SJU. ? WMmesl wither for any length of P,N8 " "ery ott ?olle'lted* * public patronage Is respectfully * mar Kj-tf WTijBUWAi?Wa? all' S,^VKR A FLA *u "AHh,ALB4TA rORkll, kc. mat uheatly reduced prick* W. OALT A BRU. ARH NOW UPPER, at lower 1faM?Cni4?"t * 'he above goods extra ftne y h"e eW?r "old UI watch es STrior^ma^r^,? B%?,br Co?^ Adam?. mmjiutj vixoq, roolaai, Herslev, Jobmion fur ?Sebrltv ?n' and aU 01 te' makers of KLEBANT JEWELRY Diamond, Ptarl, Florentine, Mosaic, aad Cameo sia^ltteys^c 8nd #lnglC plece8' ^old Chains, 'silverware. ^r8p;?lto3- Pitcher*, GobleU, EXTRA PLATED WARE. ea acts, Cake Baskets, Castors, Waiter 1 Pitch ^ ewn'6KM All goods warranted as reprenented. IVM ff u * WV'BALT * BKO-? Jy ??) l*? >^ .kt Whjjrd 10tha<s. inriiony liti'HLk. VWliBRTAKER illop ABd Residence No. 303 Penn'a avenue '^?v 1 ? W#wl ud ?t?. '*0VIDEO HIMSELF WITH " slbuant hearse, nec<^Jary conveniences fori I H and J W_ . VW.VHWVW ?U1 properly conducting his business, would respeotfallyInform the pablle that ha Is fully prepared to All all orders entrusted to him, at the shortes'. notice, and in the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sixes, always on hand, which will be fur* nlshed on the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, ao pales will be spared to give entire satisfaction oa all occasions. N. B.?Res id ng en the premises, eiders will be promptly attended to at all hoars feb 7-ly MRS. n. E. 11ARVKY, (SSCOBSSOK TOjAXIl P. HaSVII, DBCBasaD,) undertaker. Ho. 410 S4v*utk Unit, fr?tw?? O mmi h, BEOS LEAVE TO INPORM THE PUBLIC that she has In her employ the ? 7r same persons that were formerly 1 n t he establish ment, who sre fully ? oompetent to eenduct the Undertaking Business; aad that every attention will be given to calls, day or night, as heretofore. m 10 6m 4 K.PORATION STOCR??9,Ui>U Corpo V/ Hiloo of Washlu0tou-8iock fmaafai at CHIJBU BROTHERS. OFFICIAL. Taiasuav Dipakticint, Mar 88, ISSd. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the *tock issued parsuant to the act of Congrees of rtd July, ISM, that snoh stock is redeemable by Its tarnu, and will be paid at the Treasury on the ?ur render of the oertlficates thereof, on the 12th of November next, when Interest thereon will oease. This department will continue to purchasesuch *tovk prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the following premium, in addition to the interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach ihe vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between '.he 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In alaslve, one-half of one per cent en the amounts specified in the certificate*; On sueh stack received between the 1st and Jlst lays of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And en suoh steek received after the31st day of August, the interest accrued thereon, and one lay's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates ef such stock transmitted under this notfee must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and w'aen sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's interest mi t also be as dgned by the present stockholder, otherwise such interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice is further given to holders of other cocks of the U nlted States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day of funeandtae 1st day of December next, unless thesumof 81 ,&00,no0shHll he previously obained, ind wik pay for the same, in addition to the in ured accrued from 'he day of the last dividend of intwest, and one day's additional interest for the money to reach the vendor, the following rates if premium: On stock of the loan of 1IV2, a premium of 10 per cent.; On atoek of theloansof 1917 and 1818a premium of 16 per cent.; And on stock Issued under the act of 9th Sep tember, H50, commonly called Texan indemnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the par ty entitled to receive the money; and if sent pre vious to the 1st July, the eurrent half-year's ln tereit must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafte on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, a? the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, m itf-dt 1*N ov Secretary of the Treasury. J-\r HATS! HATS! fUST RECEIVED A FULL SUPPLY OF >' fine drab Beaver ventila ted HATS, which 1 offer it *J 60; they are the best Hits lor the price in the United States. The best blsok dress Hate got up in be latest style for S3 90. as ?0<>d as those usually sold at S5: and a good fashion able Hat at Si, worth S4 ; and a first-rate Hat, S2 SO The be<-t materials and the best workmanship Is employed to produce a 85 Hat, which is sold for SO 50. We ao a cuh buslaes?, meet with no los ses, but give eeeh customer full value for his mon?y. Felt and Straw Hats unusually low. N B Agent for Driscoll's Halm of a Thousand Flewers. Frlce '-45 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa avenue, Agent for a New York Hat Company. m 24-tf JONAS F. LEVI, Wl III vmi, LIQUORS. CIGARS, AND IIF3 GROCERIES, ??aeralCommieaiou * Forwarding Merchant INSURANCE AND BILL BKOKEK, Mo. 474 Pa. av., two doors below U.S. Hotel, Washington City.D. C. ??-lf IHANUK OF ftlOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, THE 30th of June, the Steamer GEORGE PAGE will run at the fallowing, hoars: Leave Alexandria at 4#, 8, 10, M, 'J#,4#, and 4k o'clock. Leave Washington 8, *, 11, 1*, 3*, , and 7 o'clock. Jeitt-tf El.LIS L. PRICE, Captain. 'imE STEAMER UEORuE WASHINti 1. TON wlildepartatthefollow- ? la^Loiiin: Leave A lexand/la 7*, 8. 11, 1*, 3*, Leave Washington. ..8,10. 14. $#, 4tf. U^ Jr.D d JOB CORSON, Captain ? OK MOUNT VEKNON? ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?KAKE, ROUND TRIP, SI; FROM - fc. A LEX AN DRIA 78 C EN TS.?The j?n2flfeia steamer THOMAS COLLYER leave* Washing U A u ton at 8 and Alexandria atw*o'clock. Coaches leave the CapltA for the boat at S# o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Person* wishing the coaches will leave their residence with Georire A Thomas Parker. Rtrfreebiuenta en tbe boat. apg-tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Captala. Hands on your pocket-books, THE WHITE HATS AK E ABOUT ? We have u very fine assortment of Fashion able White Beaver and Felt Hats, of all JualitieK and prlc*x, to which we rtspect ully invite the attention of all in want. We of ter theiu at reduced prices. Call at GEO H B. WHITE A CO.'S Fashionable Hat, Cap, and Gent's Farnrshlng Establishment, 3$t Pennsyl vanla avenue, between 8th and 10th sts. Jy 12 DR. MUNSON. AT 338 PENN'A AVENUE, is still maklug those beautiful continuous GUM TEETH, calledi Allen's Patent, for the exceliency or , , which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them in this city, will cheerfully vouch There Is one Dentist in this city who has been infringing tue patent, and made a bad Imitation of it, against whom 1 hei-eby caution the public N. B. Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when properly constructed, it is because he Is ignorant of the process, incompetent to make the work, or is unwilling to pay for the patent. je 16 tf fMtonf LONDON?eilurla, by Sir Roderick Murchlson; the history of the oldest known rocks, containing organic remains, 1 vol Hedlev on the Working and Ventilation of Coal Mines, 1 vol Plattnerand Mushpratton the use of the Blow pipe, 1 vol w Glossary of Architecture, 3 vols, with 1700 en gravings ? **" Ferguson's Hand Book of Architecture, 9 vols, 650 engravings Hyde's Hydraulic Tables, 1 vol B^ard trior's do do Neville's do and Formula, 1 vol Scott on Water Supply, I vol Jamleson's Mechanics of Fluids, for practical men, 1 vol Hughes's Patent Laws of all Nations, 1 vol. au IS FRANCK TAYLOR. KEEF IT BEFORE THE PEoTlE; That we keep constantly on hand gentle men's DRESS SHIRTS of every quail y and Bice, and made up after the latest styles and pat rns. We have just received a new supply of Shirts, With colored linen bosoms and wristbands, com prising the choicest patterns. Oar attention will be particularly devoted to making Shirts to order, and we confidently be lieve our experience in this department will en able us to give satisfaction to all who may favor us with their orders Style and fit guarantied or ao sale. GEO. H. B WHITE A CO., Gents Furnishing Store, JyfB-tf 38* Pa. avenue, bet 8th a ad roth sf.

t. J. MID1JLETON, DEALER IN ICE, 0#e??Nd Southwest comer of F V twelfth'street*. |feb?7-tf Educational. FIFTH STREET SEMINARY FOR 0IRL8, BETWEEN D AND E. MK8. GOODRICH WILL RE-OPEN HER school on Monday, ihe 1st of September. For terms, 4c , apply at No. 4kli 5th street, au 19-eo3t EMERSON INSTITUTE, H street, between Yith and 13rJk streets. SELECT CLASSICAL A MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS. rpHE EXERCISES OK THIS INSTITUTE A will be resumed on Monday, September 1st. Thorough Instruction will be given In the vari ous branches of an English and Classical Educa tion. The number of Duplls Is limited. Student* preparing to enter College, and those e*peclally who with to qualify themselves for admission into advanced classes, will have the benefit of a ptrtlcalar and careful training. Terms per quarter, for the English branches $ 1*2,30; for the full course, SIS. For further particulars address au 19-if CHARLES B YOUNG, Prln. GREENWOOD SEMINARY* FOR TOTJIQ LADIES, three miles out eft Sevtnlh street Plank Road, la now open for the reeeptlon of pupils. Address MRS. WM. KK8LEY, Washington, P. O au 10-tSepi* BROOSVILLE ACADEMY. MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND. WHE NEXT SESSION OF THIS INSTI 1. tutlon will commence September 1st. Terms: For Tuition, Board, Washing, etc , $ 16ft per annum Catalogues may be oh'ained at C H.Lane's, Pa avenue, or by addressing the Principal, at Brookvllle, Md. E. B. PRETTY MAN, A. M , au 16-2w Principal. RUGBY ACADEMY, Fourteenth street,opposite Franklin Square. HE TENTH ANNUAL SESSION OF this Institution will commence on Monday, September 1st. Number of pup'.ls limited. Circulars may be obtained at the residence of tho Principal, on N, between 12th and 13th sts. G. F. MOKISON, au 15-14t? Principal. THE COLUMBIA INSTITUTE, FOR. YOUNG LADIES. No. 44f Eleventh street, between G and H. Prof. UEOR6E H. STUECKRATH, Principal. Mrs. jane E. WILLIAMS, Vice-Principal, au 13-<tw? T1J FAIR 111LL BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. 'pHE TENTH term OF this 1NBTITU X tion will commence on the 8th of the ninth montli(September) next Circulars containing further information in re gard to tbe School will be furnished t > persons who desire them on application to R S KIRK, or WM. H FARQUHAR,at Olney Post OM"e, Montgomery county, Maryland au 7-8w YOUNG LADIES' SEMINARY, Corner oj Dumbarton and Montgomery streets, Georgetown, D C. MRS. GEN'L WHEELER, Principal. The duties of this institution will be resumed on Monday. September 1st, wl-h renewed exertions on the part of the Princi pal for the intellectual, moral, and religious im provement of pupils committed to her care Mrs. W. binders her thanks to her friends aid patrons for the liberal amount of patronage she bas received and respectfully s lW-im a continua tion of the same Circulars obtained on application to the Prlncl pal. an 7-tSepl5 CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT. ) Plu?rI.AL, REV G. W DORRANCE, \ THE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS .Academy will commence on Monday, Sen teinber 1st. 1850. For terms see circulars at the prinipal Book Stores au 1-tf MISS M. LEWIS, Will re-open her School for Young Ladles on MONDAY, September 1st, On the eorner of Vth and H streets. au 16 eotSepl FRENCH AND ENGLISH PEWALE8EM INARY FOR BOARDING PUPILS. BY M. A. TYSON A SISTERS. 11H IS SEMINARY IS SITUATED AT ALN wlck, midway on the Baltimore and Wash ington K ailrnad ai.d Turnpike. The Fail term will commence on Monday, 1st of September, at which time the pupils are de sired to be in attendance. Increased facilities are afforded for the acquisi tion of Music and French, whilst the English branches receive that instruction necessary for a through education. Every accommodation and comfort are afforded for a large number of pupil*. For further particulars circulars may be had at ihe principal Bookstores, and at Lr. Tyson's Drug store, corner of loth and 1 streets. Washlr g ton. jy'Al-eotSep] MR. BUSH NELL'S SCHOOL, No 411 T .irteenth street,btticeen Fand 0 sis. r|WE DUTIES OF THIS SCHOOL WILL 1 be resumed on the ttist Monday in September. The course of Instruction embrace* all the brunch ts of a complete academical education. The number of pupils Is limited to so many as can be carefully and thoroughly taught by the I'rlitrlual himself, aided only in the department of Modern languages For circulars apply at the school-room au 19-eo.1wdt.wjw THE UNION ACADEMY. Z. Richards, Mrs. '/. Richards, erlo.L' A. Prln IT. T. A. rpHE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS 1 Institution, and of the UNION FEMALE ACADEMY, will commence on MONDAY, Sep tember I, 189B. jy'23-3m THE LAKES '? FANCY BAZAAE! 501 Pennsylvania avenue. Gold, silver, pearl, ivory, pari an Marble, Tortoise Shell, Papier Marhe Roatwood, Leather, Morocco, China, Biscuit I'orcclaln, Alabaster, Bohemian Glass, Ebony, Steel, Berlin Iron, and every kind of Fancy Goods may be had at THE LAKES. They have also? The most choice American, French and German Pefumery and Cosmetics English Cutlery, Mathematical Instruments Drawing Materials a'd Stationery, and Combs and Brushes of every description. Would you make a present, adorn your pttson. or embellish vour home? Consult economy and taste, and call at au 6 tf THE LAKES. " NUISANCES. [ Orrxcs or tusCommissioner of Health, J August 1, 1856. < rpHE BOARD OF HEALTH OF THE CIVY X of Washington, at a meeting held on the JUth July* declared the following to constitute nufcs anccs: Dead carcases, dead fish, and offals of fisi^, heaps of oyster shell*. Offals from butchers stalls, slaughter*houses, or taaya?ds. Stagnant water In ponds, marshes, sewers, or cellars. Foul stables, foul cow-houses or cow-pens, foul privies, and hog styes. Decaying vegetables and fruits of every descrip tion, whether entire or those portions thereof not used as food which may be thrown out A 1 ashes, rubbish, shavings, or refuse sub stances of any trade, occupation, or business. Filth, stable manure, soapsuds in pools, drain age from dye-houses and soap factories. llorses going at large with glanders, Carey, or any other contagious dleease. Houses or bulldiaits In a state of dilapidation or any other dangerlng the lives or property of those in the vicinity. CHARLES F. FORCE, au 4-w4w Commissioner of Health DENTAL SURGERY. DR. WILLIAM A. FRANKLIN HAV1M? taken rooms at No. 448 Pennsyl vanla avenue, will be happy to serve all who may stand in need of the ser vices of a Dentist. His prices will be moderate, and all work warranted Je >-eof S^HOlUE FAMILY HAMS, Prime Smofced vv Beef and Bologna Sausage, lust in store mnd for sale by KING A BURCHELL, 2*5 Vermont avenue, corner 15th au? and 1 streets. evening star. Bain, or no Ram. The little pariah of Yellowdale fanner* bed long been without a minuter. One dav Kar Mr burely visited the village, and wa/asked to stay over Sunday and preach for them The people were pleased with bis sermons and eome were anxious to have him stop. A meeting wasi called to know the mind of the parish I. ??J! 1 w ??ys u?? 'n having a minister," said Sharp, a rich old farmer: "a parson can t learn me anything; if we have any money to spare, we better lay it out in some thing that will bring a hirer return " The Sabbath-loving part of the people argued strongly against him '-Well/ answered oharp, not choosing to show himself convinced X ve heard tell or ministers that could prav for ram, and bring it; if we could hit on one of that sort. I d go in for hiring him." Shirp was a man of oonsequence, and the younger and less knowing of his neighbors were quite taken with the idea. "That would be a minister worth having." they thought And after much talk, it was agreed to hire Mr. barely on this condition?that he would give them rain, or fair weather, when they wanted it; for their farms often suffered both from severe droughts and heavy rain*. Mr. Purely was immediately waited upon bv a committee of the parish, who soon came back, bringing the minister with them " I will accept your terms upon one condition.'' said he, "that you must agree upon what *ort of weather you want." This appeared reasonable, and matters were arranged for a year's stay at Yellowdale. Weeks passed on, bringing midsummer heats For three weeks it had not rained, and tho young corn was beginning to curl with drought Now for the minister's prom ise " Come." said Sharp, with one or two others whose hilly farms wero suffering, " we rain, you remember your premise " '' Certainly." ar.3wered the minister, "call a meeting " A meeting was called Now my friends, said the pastor, " what is ii you want ?" " Rain, rain.' shouted half a dozen voicef. I Very well; when will you have it?" "This very night, all night long." said oharp, to watch several assented. , N?, no; not to-night," cried Mr Smith, ? 1 ve six or wsven tons well made hay out * I would not have it wet for any thing " " bo have I," added Mr. Peck, " no rain to night " Will you take it to-morrow asked the minuter. But it would take all to-morrow to get it in So objections camn np for the two or three next days "In four days then ?" said Mr Surely. "Yes," cried Sharp, " all the hay will be in. and no more be cut till" In short the meeting resulted in just no con- ' elusion at all, for it was found quite impossible 1 to agree. r j "Until you make up your minds," said the Eord"?n l#avin8, " We m"9t ftU tru0t 10 tb? Both Mr. Smith and Mr Peck got their hay in, but on the day the Sharps were to ga to | Snow Hill, it seemed to rain in good earnest Sharp lost his visit but bis crops gained And so it happened once or twice again. The year rolled by. and the peopleeonld never all agree upon what kind of weather they wanted. r ?ure,J? of course, had no occasion to j fullal his part of the contract, aDd the result was that tbey began to open their eyes to the f?f5t tbis w?r'd would be a strange place if its inhabitants should govern rain. Th6? flaw that nature s laws could be safely trusted in the hands of nature's God , . , Photograp*ng Thieves in the Glasgow Police Office?The photographs of twenty notorious thieves, who had been apprehended not in conseuuenoe of being concerned in any robbery or theft, but from being found prow ling about Glasgow under sus picious circum stances, were taken on Saturday in the court at the Central Police Office. A number of these men are, we may say, successful thieves and ply their nefarious avocation in such an able manner that the detective force have great difficulty in bringing them to justioe By the system now adopted, all suspicious persons, although not apprehended for any special offence, will be subjected to the photo graphic process.and their likenesses preserved Any person wLo may have been plundered f will, by this means, be enabled to identify ar.y known thief concerned in the robbery by call ing at the polieeoffice. A suitable apparatus h is been procured for the express purpose. The men whose likenesses were taken sat with great composure, and each were anxious tosee it the artist had done him ample justice Some other portraits were taken on Monday the thieves being photographed in parties of four. 1 he likenesse* were go<*l but in our opinion, on much t??o small a scale for the object com templatcd ? idfassroir Daily KuHrtin. Derivation or the mtoro 44 Cash "?There can be but little doubt that the word is derived from tho Italian casta, the chest in which Italian merchants kept their money, a* do at the present time the Spaniard! in their ai/a. and the Portugese in their saxa, and the French in their rats*e. The applica tion of the word 44 cash" to money is altogether English, it not having a corresponding term in any other European language Cash hav ing been so inconsiderably adopted instead of eatsa (chest), entries in the cash-book, (it should be chest-book i are made in English oounting-iiouses in this unmeaning way: 44 Cash Dr." and "CashCr;" whereas the ohest, and not the money, is Dr. to what is put into it; and Cr. for what is taken out Graat mischief has too ofteu arisen, as is well known in bankrupt courts, from the misuse of the word "cash," in wiiich large deficiencies often appear, and which would not be the case if the word chest were used as it ought to be. Instead of the "eaah"' account in the ledger it should bo the 44cUe3t" account; but we have much to learn in England regarding mercantile book-keeping ? Notes arid Oiw net. The Other Side.?Any quantity of cards arc being published just now by banished gen tlemen who loft California under tho superin tendance of a large number of their fellow oitixens. All the cards are abuse to the com mitteo. To give both sides of the case wc publish the following extract from the speech of "Billy Mulligan,' delivered on the eve of bis expulsion from California; 441 know that my punishment is just and aierited ; I deserve it and more too. I have no fault to find wtth the Committee ; they are ail respectable gentlemen, and are acting right, and they ought not to stop with what they hare done There are a hundred others just as bed as I am, and deserve the same treatment. There is no officer in the city or county of San Francisco who is legally elected Tbey are all thieves from their offices I shall hope to here that they have all been made to resign." , Shirt Tree. W e talk of the miserable prioe paid for shirt-making, and Hood's touching appeal has embalmed the subject But in South America shfrU are prepared with less L-OIi' foreaUof Orincke there is a tree whiiih often attains the height o? fifty feet, from which the natives are said to procuie whirls. To procure that confidential garment, it is only necessary to strip off the bark aixt deprive it of if* rod fiberoue parte The bead is thrust through one end, and lantern holes are eu| to admit the arms, and aaoording to Humboldt they are equal to our India rubber goods for keeping out the wet. TEX WEEKLY STAB. aitlng a grcaiar variety ef] *? *xu* In uv ether?U riMliMoa ?Blur ry morning p. TIM! K'f OOpyf pV IHM.mi, imnnnmitl lift Five copies >gsw Ten copifi,?M1 ???????????? ??????? Twmty BBptae. ... ..." U 90 ^ ca,,i '?uauiLt in tmici R. Utotv aftw the Ihm (V the paper. Prlc^-Tnti Ckiti PotTMilTill WhO WtMlgiM.11lk..u a commission of twenty peTennt Mrarici a*.?Whether the eocienu smoked ia the u uestion which Is now oocupying ell the learn ea mi ode of F renee end Germany. sk>m? pipes here been found among other antiqel tie?, end ell Europe will soon be flooded with i eruphleU upon the question whether the Romans, the Celts, the Ostrogarths. Ac , blew their cloada like modern beings, end what wea the weed used bee idea hemp seed. For it seems inhaling the sedative qualities of hemp j as it burnt on e flat atone, waa at one time tho amall vice of aociety.?Parts Cor. notion Post There iaon a chimney piece in Scotland, carved in 1505, the image of a fox smoking a pipe. According to an ancient Mexican legend when the offending deitiea were sent to the lower region the devil treated them to eegars. Jupiter must hare amoked, for Homer oalis him uephoiergete* Z*u??"the cloud compel ling J upiter. Any body gat aoy thing else to add " N ew Social Ibii.?A Rochester paper men tions a new *' institution ' just started in that city, which may well be worthy of Imitation, ft w?s a gathering of ell, or nearly ell, the members of one of the largest ehurrn congre gation* in that city, in pursuance of en invi tation from the pulpit, et the residence of one of the member? The object of the party waa to afford facilities to every member of the congregation to become peraonaliy acquainted wit h each other; end to do this in such a man. ner as to eneble per? <ns in more moderate circumstance* to afford the same facilities for thi< laudable purpose as their more opulent neighbors. The entertainment is simple end unostentatious, and eminently becoming e Christian society ; the evening is spent in so cial intercourse, end no refresh menu ere pro vided?this is e brief description of the now and praiseworthy '* institution. ' Scevk I5TPE Commons ? L rd Wensleydale af er taking the oaths md his seat in the House of Lords, on the 25th ult , came into the peers' gallery of the House of Commons, and listened to the speeches of d'Israeli and L ?rd Palmers ton. Tne noble Lord sat next to L'jrd Lynd hurst, who had, indeed, introduced him to their lordships as an hereditary peer, after hiving warmly and successfully contested his right to sit and v"te as a life peer The noble t.nd learned Lord was congratulated by many honorable members upon the weil-merited boner he had attained Sir J. Graham gave the new peer a warm and prolonged shake of the hand, and appeared to be reminding him. in a friendly an 1 jocular way, thet he owed his hereditary peerage to his venerable friend. Lyndhurst laughed heartily, and Wensleydale joined in the mirth ty Widow Mournful, whet on eirth ere you thinking about* ?? Nothing else in thi? world but my departed husband. He wa* sech a devoted man, always bringing h-?ine his Jittla kindnesses to me. 1 couldn't hulp thinking jest now. when I heard Mrs Brown's sassiges sizzling, what poor Mr Mournful used to do to me. He knowed I was fond of sas* iges, and he hardly eversomedevercame home in his life without bringing me a sassige in his pocket. He was fond of eggs himself, and would occasionally fetch e lew of them for himself But he was always sure to lay e sassige on the table. Never leld his egg: there?never thuvi of 'em, and ?ometimes I d ask, ' Simon, where e youreggs V Jest es like as not he'd been eslttin' on em." Westphalia Ham ?Barry and Patton, of San Francisco, the proprietors of a celebrated saloon in that oity, recently had a niece of petrified wood presented to them whicn exact, ly resembled a him Martin, their waggish assistant, had it laid in a dish, on e cleen napkin; and beside it were laid a carver end fork, a pot of mustard, and a plate of bread. Col. Joe West shortly after came in, ai d at once proceeded to cut a lunch off for himself ; but he could m ike n> Impression. u Martin," said he, 41 what sort of a bam do you cell this?" "That," said Martin, "il a Wost failure, (Westphalia.") The colonel asked ull bands up. end acknowledged the eell Bbbt Brandy.?if beets progress in the es tiuiation of mankind for ha'f e century to come as they have progressed in past years, they will soon be one of the most highly prized of vegetables It has long been known that they are not only e welcome addition to the dinner board, but thet they furnUh excellent ?ngar for the tee table Recently an enter prising chemist announced to the werld that they might be converted into cepitel paper, i.iid now it has beon discovered thet the very best of brandy may be distilled from the beet juice It is estimated that from the produce of an acre of gr und, planted with beets, seven hundred gallons ot brandy were manufactured. Short Wori?An Italian Prince, who? ? territories were very smell, having taken of at a Frenchman who resided et hia court sent him au order to leave hia State in three days " I am much obliged to hia highness." said the Frenchman. 44 for giving me three days to do what may e.tsily be done in three quarters ?>f nn hour. This reminds us of Shocco Jones?114 ? d Shock '?who when the Governor of Rhode island forbade him to fight a duel in the aevea by nine State, declared that he intended to Are ovor it' Corsica* Brothers : Nuuolas auk An drew Tremame?In the church ot Lamer ton. near Tavistook, are the et&fie* of Nicho las afcd Andrew Tremaine, twin brothers, born in that parish, of whom it is related that not only were they ao alike iu nereen tUat the r familiar acquaintances could not alwaya dis tinguish them apart, butthat an extraordinary sympathy existed between them, for even when at a distance from each other they performed the seme functiena. had the aame appetites aid desires, and Buffered the same peine and anxieties at the same time They were killed t -gather at Newhaven in 1643.?Notes and Queries. iy J, 11 Curtis;, of Richmond, Bedford county, Tennessee, publishes a card In the Shelbyville txpositcr of the ?th, charging his own brother and partner in business, aid. aa inmate of his housi, with runninx off with his only daughter, Miss Nancy B Curtisa. Ac cording to the facts as stated by Mr J H. Curtis*, his brother must be a fioud in huuiau shape No cluo has been obtained to the place of their flight, or the fate of the girl. Ttie name of the delinquent ia J. L. Curtis. ty An ingenious mode of getting on one aide of an ordinance was adopted by a mm in Syracuse. The ordinance provided agaian ringing dinner bella iu the atreets to eall pa* sengers from the cars He hung a large bell inside the saloin, whioh he rung vehemently, while a boy stood at the door awinging a pon derous bell, with no clapper ! Papier mache Matebial?Old leather, by itself, or in combination with ordinary p?piar mache, is said to be admirably adaptod for the manufacture of various uaeful and orna mental articles, now made from <utt* percha or papier mache exclusively Of course the price of such articles would by this means be greatly reduced, the value of old leather being quite small " Paradise Lont."?When this great pro duction appeared, in 1MT, the celebrated Wallar wrote of it?41 The old, blind school master, John Milton, hath published a tedious poem on the fall of man; if ita length be not conaidered a merit, it ha* no other |y The Sonora Herald says that in the ahaie In that place the therm imttor etooU on one day 112 degree*, and In the *un tbe n>*~. cuey roee to 140 degree*.