Newspaper of Evening Star, August 22, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 22, 1856 Page 2
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K V KNTNG STAR. W A S HIPTG TON C I T Y: FRIDAY AH11' 1M#. SPFKiT OF TH1 MOBHITC PRIBS. The Intelligtri c4r says of yesterday's action of the House: (i jhe bill will be before the Senate this morning precisely in the shape in which it stood ?t the time of disagreement. " The decision of the Uonse on resuming this subject wonld not seem to augur any better understanding between the two Houses now, on the point of difficulty, than was exhibited before, noy indeed as good. The last vote taken by tho ilouse on the Kansas clause at the late se???on declared, by a majority of five, that it would not insist on tnat clause; and it was inferred therefrom that, had there been time for another vote, the House was prepared for the equivalent step of receding , but the House yesterday, in Committee of the Whole, negatived by a majority of four a motion to strike out the Kansas proviso, and the bill was ?nassed by a vote of 93 to 85, with the proviso " We cannot contemplate without dismay the consequences which would result from a second and final failure to provide means for the support of the <?rmy, and we cannot doubt that the combined wisdom and patriotism of the two Houses will arrive at seme mode of reconciling the differing views which now ob struct the enactment of a law so indispensable to the safety of the country. " The excited state of feeling in the legisla tive halls now, and the obstinate adherence to diverse views which mark the present dispute, remind us of the fierce and menacing section al contest of 1820; but the benificent Missouri Compromise, with healing on its wings, born of the wise heads and patriotic hearts of that day, dissipatftt the dark clouds and gave peace to an agitated country. Shall it not bo so now ?" The Uni on contains an eloquent panegyric on the President's message of yesterday. WA8HIKGT05 HEWS AND GOSSIP. Growling.?We find many members growl ing like tears with sore heads because the President bas called Congress back t? the disoharge of it* duty?left undone on the ad journment sine dtt on Monday last. We wil* not be so unmaneerly as to hint the possibili ty that the tiiumph of the new compensation act, whereby r.o member can receive a dollar either of additional pay or mileage for his at tendance at the called session, can make hon orable gentlemen uL.willlBg to remain here ULtil the ] ublic interest, now in jeopardy, is placed in security by the passage of the Army appropriation bill?not we. But some how or other, scores of them are certainly growling over their quandary, like bears with sore heads. Certain it is, the President had a great public duty to perform, and he has met the task with unflinching nerve. However anxious for tha defeat of the schemes cf Messrs. Greeley, Beecher, and Company, to abolitionize Kansas we may be, and however sincerely we believe that the shortest way of bringing that so desirable event about will be to withdraw the military I force of the Government from the Territory and let the so slandered and abused border ruffians in their own way rescue their prop erty and the lives of their wives and children frcm the dangers threatened against them by the men sent out to abolitioniie Kansas, we know well that the Executive of the United States is compelled by his obligations to hi8 trust to look at the subject in a totally differ ent light It is his duty to exhaust all his powers under the constitution and law to pre vent such a settlement as we desire. That is, to preserve the public peace in the Territory, and also to provide the means for keeping the army of the United States together, whose cervices, all admit, were also nevermore need ed elsewLero on the frontier, than at this uio. ment. In pursuance of that obligation he ha? called Congress together so soon, and it now remains with them to determine whether, un less the Executive and Senate will consent that Kansas shall be abolitionised by direct action of the General Government, the army of the United States shall continue to exist. ? How the Matter Stands.?It was impos sible for the shrewdest among as in Washing ton to have foretold the temper in which the House and Senate would be likely to come to gether yesterday. Indeed, there was a de gree of uncertainty as fb what .should be done under the circumstance*, evidently resting on the miuds cf nearly every member of all par ties *uo conversed on the subject. It was only evident that many of these honorable gentle men were exceedingly dissatisfied ou account of being arretted in their preparations to start for home. The legislation of yesterday made a few things of public Interest perfectly plain, however. Thus, it is now apparent that the Senate will steadily decline to transact any business whatever at this called session, save ai.d except the enactment of the army a^pro* prUtion bill proper . that is, stripped of the proviso designed to make it the means of ah olitionising Kansas. It is also already appa rent that the Republicun-party maj ority of seven in the Huuse are still determined to re fuse to appropriate a dollar for the expenses of the army of the United States, unless the President and Senate will consent that Kan sas shall be abolitionised in so doing; and shall, at the same timo, admit in their aotion on the bill in disputa that the Republicans of Congress have been right and themselves wrong in the positions tkey have taken, respectively, upon the Kansas question. The case stands* before the two Houses meet this morning, pre cisely ss we state it above The Senate -We have no idea, from what we can learn, that the Senate will consent either to do any other business or to terminate the sesai >n until the House shall agree to pro vide for the army, as heretofore, without in sisting that the Ex<eative and Senate shall aid in abolitiuuiiing Kansas as a condition precedent their consent to the enactment of the usual army .uppiy bi? lt tfaere for. be, tb.t ,be called wio. ?i? unti, lb. im Uimim, iu ?,,t. Tb> f tbet neither edditionel mile.,, no, Cln be drawn for their services during iu e*iat enoe may change a few in the Houee, and thus eolvc the dilemma The same cause cannot operate in the Senate, where, notwithstanding the fewer number composing the body, the majority on this bill is four times as large a in the House. On the whole, we are in a fair way to have Congress upon us, literally doing nothing, until December next, and the army discharged in the meanwhile. a he Accounts from Kanaae?though from the intense abolitionists who do up the horri ble for the Tribune and Ttwut at Chicago show that Lane and his army of ragmufflrs? and Brown and his ravishing and child slay ing band of outlaws, who profess to be " sol diers of freedom," are killing, burning and fobbing throughout the Territory, in freedom's Lame The Republican majority of the House, 3 however, care not a button for that. They aim to keep up the Kansas excitement nntil November, and would not give up their game to aave the live* of all the anti-abolKioBi*ts in the Territory. The unprejudiced will per ceive that while the anti-abeHtionis* of the House are striving to bring about the restora tion of peace in the Territory, by the use "t the troops of the United States there, their opponents are laboring to paralyse the power of the President to effect that end. They are for defeating the army appropriation bill, that Lane, Brown A Co. may have full sway. On their heads will rest the responsibility for the terrible retribution at the hand* of the South, ern men, that await* those now working out their purpose! in the Territory by fire and sword, when abolitionism in Congress shall have compelled the President te disband the I nited States troops now in Kansas. That retribution will come so sure as the sun will rise to-morrow. ?? The Bill ?The army appropriation bill em braces an aggregate of aome eleven millions of dollars of appropriations, about eight mil lions of wbieh are to be expended in the noc slaveholding States, and three millions in slaveholding States. If not passed, (and at this moment it is extremely questionable whether it can possibly beeome law, until after the Presidential election at least,) every mechanic and laborer at every Government arsenal, armory, Ac., must be discharged, as well as every officer and man in the service wherever he may be. In a pecuniary point of view, the North (furnishing nine tenths of the supplies of all description for the military service of the United States as it does, as well as nine tenths of the mechanics employed in that branch of the public service,) is to be the great loser ; not the South. A New Move ?Mr Bennett, of Miss., yes terday gave notice of his intention at once to introduce a bill to make the new compensa tion act inoperative until the beginning of the next Congress, and to require the Sergeant-at Arms to deduct from the pay (next session) of those members who have already drawn their increase under the compensation act and who fiil to pay it back promptly. It strikes us, reader, between you and ourself, that Judge Bennett, good honest-hearted soul as he is, might as well whistle psalms to dead horses, as make any such proposition to the House in the face of the law or rule which forbids the payment of mileage to Congress for any ses sion called within ten days of the termination of its predecessor. Cel. Bentor, having returned tohiahome in this city, was in the House hall to day, looking all the better from his late herculean labors on the stump. P. 8.?Tho Republican majority of seven yesterday, in the House, turns oat to be but two, to-day. Monetary and Commercial ?The following quotations of bonds, stocks, and land warrant, were furnished us to-day (Aug. 22) by Sweeny Rittenhouse, Fant A Co., bankers : IS (? ?6 79 % ?? l? U 90 HONRS AND CITV STOCKS. Far. I Waahlagton Corporation ? p?r cant. (100 103 9 1M Georgetown do ? do IN M (g *7 Alexandria do ? do ' 100 cocron. St. Loci* CUy B?ud? ( per cent. ex lot. 1,1 Cincinnati do 8 do do 1,000 Loniavilie do ? do do 1,000 "? (4 00 Loulevllle do ? abort b'de do 1,000, *1 (<$ 92H Frederi' kabnrg 6 do do 1,000 BO (?$ 61 Memphis 4* ? do do bk ? 67 New Orleana do ? do do 1,000 ,76 (g 77 Plttabnrg do 6 do do ' 1,000 ' (4 76 Burlington do 8 do do 1 1,000 M w San Francleco do 10 pay N. V. do 1,000 , 10J (4 104 Sao Franciaco do 10 pay 8. F. do 1,000 , 98 (a, #7 Bacramento do 10 pay N. V. do >1,000 ' 76 (g 7Ht< I NITIO STATUS STOCK*. Loan of IdM 6 por ceut. I ? Luu of 1*62 I do Loan of 1X7 ? do l<oan of 194ft ? do Loan of i?6e tOoaponi) ? do Loaa ol lofifc (Texae Ind.l 6 do K A I I.K > A 1> BONOS. Baltimore k Ubio 8 p. et. IMS ' ? 6S 9 83*4 Heading ? do la?? ? . N,\ <4 66 Oracge k Alex 6 do ? 1 76 W 76 Illlnola Central 7 do ? j 90H 91 llllaola Central iFreeland) 7 do ? 1 la* (f bank stock. Bank of Metropolis ? 106 Q 104 Bank of Waahlngtoa J ? 76 (u, "0 Patriotic Bank ' ? | *6 <4 60 Fariaora * Merh.'a' Bank, Oeorgetr.wn . ? ,70 U 71 Bank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria ' ? 100 (j$ 101 Bank of Commerce, Georgetown, (none ? | for atiei INSURANCE STOCKS. Flretnen'a (none in market) ? Fr?akHa none In the market) I ? Potomac do do ? STATU STOCKS. Virginia ? per cant, ex lat. I ? Maryland 8 do ? Muaoarl 8 do do | ? Kentucky 6 do ? Louisiana 6 do 1 ? 10SH ? lom ? , ? lli*. <4 U? ? I 11SH n? ? lie & 117 ? i?7 ?? 9 *34 OS* (4 66 104 <4 1<HJ? Totmeaaee 8 do ? I 92 <? 91^ California 7 do ? i 70 8 9H 71 BATES or roBBieH BANK MOTHS. Dlac't. Dlac't. Eastern Stat?s... J Richmond....... I New York State. i Norfolk j New York city... par Petersburg I Pennsylvania.... ? Fredericksburg.. | Philadelphia .... par Winchester.....# I New Jersey. I N.W. States .... 1J Delaware. I Kentucky 1J Maryland 1 Tennessee 2j Baltimore par North Carolina... 2 Virginia I Other S. States ..Ia2 LAND WARBAHTS. lfiu-p.cro w \rraiits, per acre....SO 92 a$0 94 HO do do do >.?. 92 s 94 120 do do do .... 87 a 89 CO do do do ???? 67 a 89 40 do do do .... 1 10 a 1 13 Thero has been a slight deo'ine in stooks Bince our last report, but a gone', feeling and considerable activity prevail in the market. The fall in breadstuffs abroad will cauee in dividual embarrassment, but will benefittrade in other articles. Tho failures in Liverpool ai d London of firms engaged in the American trade were produoed, it ia supposed, by spec ulations is fl )ur and grain. Cotton remains unchanged. The leading railroad stocks have fallen otl one or two per oent. since our last, but as their returns indicate a profitable fall business this deoline must be but temporary. Statu stock* remain without material change. The shipments of specie continue, and ex change on London may be quoted at 109|. The shipments by the regular mail steamer of Wednesday were about $700,000 The market for land warrants continues dull, the supply being largely in excess of the demand. A letter from a prominent dealer in New York, dated the 21st lust , says : "We have to report our market very dull ; no orders, and no disposition to speculate at present prices We are paying for 120'* 85o., for 80's and 160's 90c." The market hero Is unsettled, and quota tions cannot be rolled upon, the above figures being about the buying limits. Holder* a*k lc. p?r acre above these rales Within the Ust week lots have been returned to dealers here from Minnesota, who were unable to sell them except at a loss We look for a heavy market until the Government shall offer for sale additional tract* of public land*. ' he Current Operation* of the Treasury D*> artment .?On yesterday, 3l,t of August, tnere were ef Treasury warrant* entered oa the book* of the Department? Kor the Treasury Department... $449,830 23 For the Interior Departmeat 11,784 84 For Customs 38^324 War warrant* reoeived and en tered 10,809 74 Iaterior repay warrant* reoeived and entered 4. * 27 60 O i account ef the Navy 48 til 85 Kr >m mlaoellaneouiaoaroe*...... 123,014 88 From Customs...., 267 12 C0RQRX86I05AL PKOCKXDISG* Ih the Senate, yefterday, after we went to preM, ten thousand extra copies cf the Presi dent's message, juat received, were ordered to be printed. On motion of Mr Hunter, a joint resolution suspending the operation of the 21st joint rule forbidding Coagrees to take up any unfinished business of the last session until after t he ex piration of the first six days of a new session, was passed. The standing committees of the late session were next revived by resolution. The House joint resolution for affixing the signatures of the presiding officers of the two Houses, or either of them, as may be neces sary. to Auoh bills as having been passed at the late session failed to become laws only for the want of such signatures, was received and passed ; and the Senate adjourned. In the Honse, at the termination of the re cess? 2i p. m.?the House reassembled. Mr Campbell, of Ohio, ased leave to report from the Committee of Ways and Means a bill making appropriations for the support of the army for the year ending 30th June 1856. He stated that the bill was the same as the one that died on Monday last because of the disa greeing votes of the hou?es. It oontained the proviso inserted by the House, and stricken out by the Senate ; and he proposed to perfect that proviso by moving to strike out all after the word "provided," and inserting in lieu thereof a proviso, which simply restored things in Kansas as they were after the passage of the Nebraska act, wiping out everything that has been done there, and providing for the election of a new legislature. Mr Stephens had expected the Committee of Ways and Means to report an army bill proper, unencumbered with provisoes, and he nad no doubt tbey would have had consented to do so, the majority of the House, if they desired it", having then the opportunity of on cumbering it with provisoes He could not, however, sit in bis seat and allow the bill pro posed by the gentleman from Ohio to be report ed to the House without making objections. The Speaker stated that, objection being made, the bill could not bo received, and that thu business in order was oalling upon the committees for reports. The committees were then called in their regular order. Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, whoa the Committee of W ays and Means was called, reported from that committee the army appropriation bill. Mr. Orr said that ho understood there was a proviso attached to that bill providing for changing the existing laws; and if so, it was not gorinane to the bill, being legislation in an appropriation bill. The Speaker decided that the proviso was of a kindred nature with the subject of the bill, and in order. Mr. Orr appealed from the decision of the Chair. Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, moved to lay the appeal on the table; which motion was agreed to?yeas VJa, noys 79. Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, moved to commit the bill to the Committee of the Wholo on the state of the Union ; which motion was agreed to A message from the President was received, covering a report from the Secretary of War, as follows: War Dkpartmbnt, ) Washington, August 21,1S56 \ Sir : In answer to your inquiry as to the balances remaining in the treasury from the last appropriation for the support of the army, I have tho honor to state that the obligations already occurred by the government exceeds the sum of those balances by about S960.000. It may be proper to add that a portion of the balances iu the treasury, having been appro priated for specific objects, are not available tor the support of the army. The present strength oi the army in regi ments is over 13,000 officers and men?more than 12,000 of whom are engaged in active field operations, and in protecting the frontiers against the depredations of hostile Indians ; the small force not thus employed hold the fortifications which cover tne commercial citics and salient points most exposed to a sud den descent by a foreign foe. To disband the troops would subject our frontier settlements to the attacks of a formidable savage enemy, and render our fortifications, which have re quired years of labor and millions of expendi ture to construct, useless for national defence in any sudden emergency. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. Jbffsrson Davis, To the President. Secretary of War. The House then went into Committee, (Mr. Grow in the chair ) Mr. Campbell of Ohio, moved to strike out the old proviso of the House, and insert the following : Provided, That all laws passed by the leg islature of the Territory of Kansas be, and the same are hereby, disaffirmed, abrogated, and declared invalid : And provided f urther, That it &hall be the duty of the governor of said Territory, and he is hereby authorised, forth with to recognize the said Territory of Kansas, under and in accordance with the provisions of the act entitled "An act to organize the Territories of Nebraska and Kaunas,'' passed May 30, 1854, as fully and entirely, to all in tents and purposes, as if no effort had been heretofore made for that purpose. And the said governor is hereby authorized and em powered to call an election of members of the legislature for said Territory, according to said act, to appoint and prescribe the powers and duties of thejuiges of such election, and tho forms cf eaths and returns in relation thereto, and to issue general instructions con o.-rning the same : Provided, That its! all not be lawful for any person to vote at such elec tion unless he shall have been an aetual in habitant of the said Territy for the period of four months, and of the district or preoinot in which he may offer his vote, for the period of thirty days immediately preceding such elec tion : And provided further. That illegal or fraudulent voting at said election, or false swearing for the purpose of voting at or con testing the same, or any part thereof, shall be punishable by the district courts of said Ter litory by fine not exceeding two hundred dol lars, and imprisonment not exceeding one year. False swearing at, or iu relation to, said elec tion, is hereby declared perjury : And provi ded further, That the sum of twenty-five thou sand dollars is hereby appropriated, from any monoy iu the treasury not otherwiso appro priated, to be expended uuder the direction of ?aid governor in carrying into effect the pro visions of this act, and the powers and duties conferred upon him by the said act pa?sed May 30, 1854 Mr Cobb of Georgia, submitted the point of order that tho amendment was not germane to any portion of the bill referred to the commit tee by the House. The Chair sustained the point of order, and declared the amendment out of order. Mr Barclay appealed from the decision of the Chair ; and the question being taken, the Ohair was sustained. Mr Cobb then moved to strike from the bill the following proviso, which had been in serted by the Committee of Ways and Means. Thero was a minority of that committee op posed to that provision, and he wished to in dicate their opposition to it by the motion : Provided, however, and it is hereby de clared, that no part of the military foroe of the United States for the support of which ap propriations are mude by this act shall be em ployed iu aid of tho enforcement of any en actment of the body claiming to be the terri torial legislature of Kansas, until such enact ments shall have been affirmed and approved bv Congress : but this proviso shall not be so 1 const rued us to prevent the President from employing an adequate military force, but it shall be his duty to employ such force, to pre vent the invasion of said Territory by armed bands of non-resident#, or Any other body of non-residents, acting, or claiming to act, as a posse eomitatus of any officer in said Terri tory in the enforcement of any such enact ment, and to proteot the persons and property therein, and upon tho national highways leading to said Territory, from all unlawful searches and seiiures; and it shall be his further duty to take efficient measures to com pel the return of and withhold all arms of the Ignited States distributed in or to said Terri tory in pursuance of any law of the United States authorising the distribution of arms to the States and Territories " The question was taken, and the committee refused to strike out the proviso?ayes 84 noes 95 The bill was then reported to the House, read ? third time, and passed?yeal 92, nay> 85 ; and the House adjourned. Pr*cM4ii|i el Ti>Dty> In the Sassta, to-day, on reoaiviag the army appropriation bill from tha Uoase. an motion of Mr. Hanter, they struck out the pro riso (which Will be foand above, recited in yesterday's proceedings ) On motion, they prooeaded to the consider- I ation of Executive business, in which they war* engaged when the Star went to press. In the House, Mr. Campbell of Ohio, asked leave to move a resolution that the members be allowed stationary to the amount of ten dollars each. But Mr. Wheeler objecting, leave was not granted. Mr. Campbell of Ohio, then, on the sugges tion of Mr. Cobb of Qa., asked leave to alter his resolution so as to read that not more than ten dollars shall be allowed to each member at this session. But objection being made, leave was not granted. Mr Kelloy moved a resolution authorising the Speaker to draw his warrant for the pay of the lion. Thomas Childs, jr , of New York, who, owine to sickness, had not been able to attend in Washington at any time during the late session ; agreed to. A message from the Senate having been re ceived, returning the Army appropriation bill with the proviso stricken out Mr Campbell, of Ohio, moved the previous question on agreeing to that action ; which

baing reconsidered, it was not agreed to?yeas 94, nays 96. Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, moved to reconsider that vote, and then to lay that motion on the table. Mr. Orr denounced the yeas and nays on the motion to lay on the table ; which being order ed, it was laid on the tabla?yeas 97, nays 95. ,YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSO CIATION ?The Treasurer will beat the room* of the essoclatlnn, corner of 10th street and Pa. avenue, on THURSDAY. FRIDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, from 8 to & o'clock, to receive the yearly dues of members It Is earnestly hoped that all those members who de sire ttie prosperity of the association will meet him there prepared to discharge their Indebted ness. C. NV. SCHREINER. au '21-3t Treasurer. .NOTICE?THE MEMBERS OF the Western Hose Active Association most respectfully announce to their friends and the public generally that they will give their Fou-th Grand Cotillon Party THURSDAY, AuguetvSth. 1HS6, at the Pioneer's Hall, corner of 24th and K street Scott's Band has been engaged. Ticket* FIFTY CENTS?admitting a gentle man and ladles. Committee of Arranftments. F N Holtzman, T J Parker, J R Spalding au tl-3t | ,HO! FOR THE GRAND BALL OF the season by the UGLY CLl'B Will be given at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, on MONDAY EVEN ING, September 22d. 155?. Particulars In future advertisement By order au 20 3t? COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. >THF. LADltffc OF MOUNT ZION Church Intend giving, in the woods of Evan Lyons, Esq., a GRAND DINNER, on .MONDAY, August 25th,at 3o'clcok p m The firocecds are to be applied to the liquidation of he debt contracted In rebuilding said Church. No pains'will be spared by the Managers to make it a time of real enjoyment, and we hope our col ored friends generally will accompany us on the occasion. If the day should prove unfavorable it will come otr the next day. au 10 eo3t ^NOTICE ?THE SUBSCR IBERbegs leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and VIUEENSWARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will i?ave from 14 to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 30U Pa. avenue, between Wth and lotb streets. Je 9-6m JOHN McDEVlTT. A - REWARD ? LOST, A SMALL TUCK VP** Memorandum Book, containing papers of no value except to the owner The al?ove reward will be paid end no que?tlods asked If left at the office of the National Hotel. au 22-lt* Lost?on pa. avenue, sooth side, on yesterday morning, between 10th aud 13h streets,'a PORTE MONNAIE, containing a srr a 1 sum of money The finder will be suitably rewarded bv leaving it at this ofllce. It* WHITE BHANDY, GKKK* c7inwfK, CIDER VINEGAR, and cheap PRESER VING SUGAR. JOS W DAVIS, It* cor. ?th and E sts. PRESENTS rOK THE CHILDREN.? Toys, Fancy Notions, Political Flags, Ac, at au 22-3t LAMMOND'S. B I LANK BOORS, FOOLSCAP, LETTER, Note, gilt-edged and all kinds of Paper, En velopes. Extension Pencils, and Ivory Folders, for sale at FERGUSON'S, au 22 463 Seventh st. WASHINGTON CLUB SEGARS. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED AN INVOICE of those superior Club Seqars, ''Londres," to which I Invite special attention. EDW'D C. DYER, au 22-d3t Pa. av., bel. 12th and 13th sts. FOR SALE. MARBLE MANTELS, MONUMENTS, &c 1HAVE FOR SALE A LARGE STOCK OF MARBLE MANTELS. MONUMENTS, GRAVESTON ES, Ac., <>f superior style and fin ish, which will be bold at reduced prices for cash. Person* in want of thete articles will find It to their advantage to give me a call before purchas ing elsewhere WM. RUTHERFORD, Marble Works on E, between 12th au22-3t? and 13th streets. THE EXCUKSION vo Old Point, Portsmouth, &c., TO BE REPEATED ! N CONSEQUENCE OP THE GENERAL satisfaction and pleasure experl- __ _ ^.|k ? ^ encad by the Excursionists'on the Steamer Powhatan's last trip, and the universal desire to have a repetition, the POWHATAN w 11 repeat her last trip to NORFOLK, PORTS MOUTH, OLD POINT, and other places, leav ing Washington on FRIDAY EVENING next, 2tih Instant, at S p m. Passage for round trip, S2 50 For full particulars see Star next week. au 22-2t OFFICIAL. Trkassky Department, August 20. IH56 When a? the following joint resnlut.on of Congress has became a law: Joint Resolution extending the time for the credi torsol'Tola j to present their cla'ms Raolred hy the Smalt and Uoust of Representa tive* of tkr United States of ?America in Congress as tfinbleil, Tfca a-, a<retab y to the pre virion of the fourth eicUun of the act of the 2b:h of Februa y, 1855, ?' to provide for the payment of such crediiois ol tbeta'e re pub ic ot Texa.a* are comprehended in the act of Congress of September 9ih, 1850," no tice, by public alverus?n-nt, was duly given for the spa :e of ninety days by Uie be -reia y of the Prta uty, of the tiro? at which jayuisnt ef the am unt appropriated by the fifth section of ?aid act would be ma le, yro rata, on a y b -nd, certifies ?, or evidence of debt of taid Sia ?, which should ba prt stilted at tbe Treasury Department thirty rays pr ceding the 13ih day of June, 1, the liout of I taid notice; aid a? it is represented by tfee said secret a y of the Treasury, tlat of taid binds, cer ti ii a e*, and tvidences ot deb?, which have beea recognized by tbe State of Texa*, the saui-, eqeal to tho sum of three hundred and eighty nine thous and six hundred and ninety three dollars and seven cents were not presented to the Tree uiy Depa"m?nt prior to the raid 13:h of June, therefore, in order 10 do full justice to tbe holders of ?a d debt, the Secre a y ol the Trea <nry is hereby authorized to | ay to Ike holders of a-jy of the i aid bond*, certificate*, or ? vuleuces, of deb', not presented before the 13:h day of June la<t, who may present a d prt ve the ?amea? the Trea-ury Depa"mnl, b :tweeu the 13 h day ?f June la-t aud the lnt day of Ja ma y next, and execute the proper rebates io tbe rniteu S'a es and the Sia'e of Trxa<, tbeir fro rata ? l.are ef the ?aid st-V??n m limn sev^n hundred and fifty thousand tiailars; and after payment thereof, the taid Secre tary of the Treasury ia aulltoriaed and required to dUuibute and pay the residue of the taid seven mil liens ae.vt'ii tunared and fifty thousand dollar, then remaining in the triawty, pro rata, anongM all the raid holders who may have proved their c a m , and executed the proper rebates on or before the 1st day of Janaa y next. Approved August 18ih, 1856. Noncxis HixziY oiviN to the holders of bonds, certificates, and evidences of debt of the !ate repub 'ie of Texas, which were not presented at this de partment on er before the 13th day ef June fa t, tl at the same will b* settled and ths fro rata amount ttsreon will bi paid to the lawful holders thereof if presented bjfore the fir.t day of January next, ac companied with the ne -efcary evidrnce of their gea alncneas, with auigi.menU to the United States, re quired to give this dejartment the eustody of auck buads, eettifiiates, and evidences of d*b^ end with ieUa*esto the United liaiea aad Texas, lu a ?ord ?dm wi'h the pr? viatona of the t!t of Confreu of Mlh Febrta y, 1854. Thia de; ar Meat will aotra^airo ivideace of gen uineness U? bo presented wfth the aartiflcatei issaed by the aadif?ai?d ? mptrollsr of Tom under the law* of the 8?a?e. Bat it poflaetseoao m?onsof ver tying the certMcniee, bands and prom seor y aocoa 'osued by tho republic of Texas. and aot presented to, nor aadiiod bjr. the ottcers of Um S ate. Tho lrowtt'f a~d prcper proof of the (titii aesecf the latter is tho certifi ate of the comptroller of tho 9iate of Teia?, who ta? the official charge of the origiral archives relating to tbo debt of tbo late re pub is of Texas The iw!{ddi<d( end relrasee inajr fci uowttl and acknowledged in the preoence of the As-ismm Secretary of tho Treasuiy, or tbo chief clerk thereo , in the pr. Mnce of ? notary pabbe, hod bo wiiamaed by the Awirant Secre ery, or chief clerk a >d ?o?a ly, and be certified by the nolo y under hie no a riil i?il; bat when tho bolder* desire to make the a eifnment and execate the releases oat of tho olty of Wa<hington, it may be done in the preaeuce of aa assistant tr< asurer, or oollector, or swv yor of tbo custom*, ia the preseace of a noia y public, aid be witnessed by the collector^or suiveyor aid the ao. ia y public, and be certified by the neta-y under hie notarial eetf ; and if there be no collector or Mtvcy or of the cusum* at the p'lx where the r*n? *?" ?ides, th? assignment aid r?ka?ea may be exeeoted before any court of noord, in the of tbo Judge and d rk thorocf. aid bo witnessed by tht m aid certified by the dork ander his ?a! of oflee; and if the holder be out of tho United S'aes, the ae kignment and releases maybe executed before anf United Stages consul, and be Witnessed and ceruflcd by him under his ?onsn ar seal. All peroooe exo eufing such ais?grm?nts aid rd*asea most also de> clas, undtr catb, b.-fore the nota y, clerk, cr coc sui, a< the ease may be, that they are the rtal osa era of the eertificatos or other evidences ef drb*, ir that the tame have bsen a<*sigaod to th?m, bona fide, for collsction ; and the notary, clerk, or eoaeaJ moat include the fact of tbatdeda a lion In tbeir eei* tit ate ofasknowledgmsnt. If assigned lor colloottor, or in pledge, tho r.ame of the | arty holding the beneficial or residua y in terest in tbo ela'm must be stated in tbs affidavit and a rebate to the United States aid rel? aw to Texas must bj duly exceutrd by such (arty, to gether with the awigt ment aid rai??ses tr< m the person in whoee favor settkment and iaymsat is requested. One or m ?re audited certifi. aves. or one or mo e tvflercs of the >am* character of dtbt, may be ia. clO'led in the tainta<sigtjiu-:nt, rebates and atfida vit of ownership, if ?aeh certifi- a*e is correctly de? senb ?d by number, <fate, amount, a id mm ?. of the orl^ii al (.ayee. It kliould also app<ar whether the certificates were issued by the authorities ot the dtatcof Texas, on a count of the d< b: of the repub lic, or were issued by the republic of Te xa?, a -cord, ing to the facts of each ca*e. The asetgi m *nt to the United Sta'ea may b* made in ci ntinn Toim ; the r?-l? a sea should bi drawn ac cording to the fom? sul joined?A and H. JAMES GUTHRIE. Seere'a-y of the Trcaiuiy. form Jl. Koow a'l per?oes by these prints lhat ha< relco .ed. aid hereby rel? e -e?, the T'niied 9ta es of Am -tii a from all further liabiliy or c'a m forihe jaym?nt of certificate or tv.iience of debt nutnbsr???, tor the sum r*f % issued by tha late republic of Texa*, for by the authorities ot the State of Texai, ai the ca*e msy b-,) a->d re? d>c m??l by the United 8la es it* arcorraice wid) the p-Ovi??ions of an a-t of Congress entitled "An a-rt to p Ovi e tor < h? payment of such cjeiiitnrs of the 1a*e republic of Texat a? are comprehended in the a-t of (/ingress of September nine, eighteen hundred a id fifty," approved the 98th day of Fedruaiy, 1853, and ai'actof the -tats of Texai, approved the 1st of Febri'ay. 1856 As witness my band and oeal. Form B. Know all persons by the?e presents that Las released, aad hereby rel?a?es, the 8 a eof Texas fn m all fbrtberl ability or claim fur ths pay m nt of ceitifi a'.e or evidence of 4 b: numb r ,f >r tii?- suin of % iwues by the late io pi bl c of Ttxa?,(or by the authoritioa of the State of T xas at the caoo may be,) aad redeemed by ths United Mntef in a :cor. a >ce with the provi^iocs cf an a:tof Cougret.*, entitled (< Aa act to provide for the paym nt of such creditors of the late republic^ Texas ax a-e coinprelieoded in tlie a:t of Cuiigreks of Septt mbcr nine, euhteeu hundred and fifty," approved the of Februa v. 1855, and an act of the Siate of Texa?, approved the 1st of Februa-yt 1HG6 As witness my hand and seal. The following is a list of tha audited icertiaeates still ou s a ding: A*o to. Mo. Itnte-i to. 8 T D Tontokins 1639 Qirar Eoglsdow It llukman Canfioid 1675 Tiasteeo of Aastfn 31 John A Clifton College ? 3 IIK Mom 1682 O H Mon?anat It Co 53 R G Bobbr II *0 John Karner 84 J T>e Cordova 1?04 Daniel Cart 99 JoliB Du^>ing^aan 1739 { v u,. , 133 Phiaeas De Cordova 1783 \ " * " * 0011 176 B Ra'dwfa 1746 John W Portia 141 James Tilghoia t 1770 J K Elliott 193 Mathiai Uark 1807 Harriet George 800 \ Etha - Fm'Iu 18,8 MlJ#* 8 Bennett 90' f Elha Emr,e ] 9-4> NathaniH Rudder 328 O Blioeau 1931 >LeVi Tyler, adm'r 344 J E 1833 ) of W H Katly 368 Pstera k. Booth 1831 Samuel VYildey S'J'i Loll Hustod 1139 Georga Sutbsr and 4<'4 S Kingsley 1641 J P Henaiags 427 J Pa Iter, for Elira 1842) , r bjth ra-ker, ex'x 1843/J C Eccl#a 437 Benedict Bayley 1844 Edmund Ballinjer 445 L* ander B?a>oa 1659 J D l.ogan Wm Odiin 1656 C P Green 467 John IV IPing 1865 DaVid Ayres 5uy T B 186V Tht mes F James 510 A 8 Thu mind 1878 C Scliiedk man id 548 Tfcos W Mars! all 1880 J F Jewttt | 625 David 8 Kaufman 1897 F Emma 643 George W Tarker 1899 Paralla Lee 641 CrutcherliMcBavenl990 P ^ Gros?meyor 851 \ Wm Flnm er ^922 Gilbert Johnson 6-91 wm Mower J9;>6 Rob^r| L|Uk 6'3 J A Simooon 19-29 E W ( avthern 6)9 Wm II Belcher 19.KI Wm Coohaan 677 H 11 William* l'J39 F aocit Moore ir 701 Felix Riwder 9071 Andrew Daley l\l) Robert Dale S 773 Wm Jones Mi} C W V**Ty 779 Wm Walker 2088) -,u, Rr_aB, 793 byer Ptarl 1749/ Faul 8 9 I?aac L Hi'l 2106 I . 863 Hertuotan Biown 1810 S U*vid ? 874 John W Bower 9108 \ n ? 879 Jam s McMaster *.93 I K r 914 Dyer P>a I 9135 I P v n 915 Ma y E kn Heden-1858? F P C*nUJ kfri 2145 iaw rieKw 930 J Ellis 623 { 8 W rttb*r 931 Mrs Ma y Belville 2104 ) . ? 1010 An;*on Ctaoson 1501 \ Dav.a 1019 R M Foib s 2303 ? Frost 1025 James N Hojan 2306 TlM-tnai Beed 1013 Thomai Lindeoy 2316 Ho'ri-on C Bryaut 1045 James L Green 2lt30 J S Mchm aid 1047 Jeiwc Daniel 9340 Arthur Garner 1048 J B Daniel 23?1 J F Marichett 18^0 Charles Vincest 2341 Asdrewo It Grov^r 1956 i H n P?,v?p ? Merrill 1067 \ 8 D f349 w pll|knry 1058 Willis Millie an 9350 J D O dd B*s 1059 J 1) Millican 2354 J Ctawtord ir 1062 John Tavis 2351 A P Edgerwn 1066 Wm Barton 2359 Thomas Watier ir 1079 W A Loekbart 9383 G< orge K Sutare JOHti R Morton 9364 Francis Brich a 1135 Jamu Kil'am 2388 Elisabeth Carter 1196 t; 11 Taylor 9383 Wm Davis 1941 Younes ( ok man W7 Joseph T< mlinson 1441 Rob-rt McNutt 9390 Sneed k Turner 1949 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm K mbro at* y I H Paymond 9400 U H llayaie 1961 E De Pon ois 9401 R W Kfil ank 1969 C P Green 3409 Catherine AI lea 1975 G W Sinks k J B 9405 llenty Km g Shaw 2413 J W Lawrenoe 1997 J< hn Kendrick 2418 r<topbea Sitttlh 1998 Pamuel Hid en 9434 A C Hortoa 1300 John Johnson 94*8 Ela.halot Eaaton 1801 Su*an Ma sm-x 9442 Lemuel 8 Diekanaon 1348 Thomas H Forrester 94V) WaH Tb< mnson 1385 B R Warner 9459 Z Wm Eddv 1493 William Frels 9471 J E Harron 1424 G W Otb >rno 9474 A B Hemphill 1495 John A Rutherford ?477 Aatoa liauahton 1?7 Cornelius Vaaaoy 9478 Hcironf !!Jn j?, o 1468 Joseph I ates 9480 ?? Joel Hi I 1473 Ann B Reese 9481 ? Warren Aburn IS? M ?' 9482 M Joh? L Mo"k* M,aOTB ??3 - Peter Aid ?ah ^ \?h* /"Wa -2480 M A Dooly 8580 OoofgeClrayeauhier JiS M rJ* 8501 F Keaaatt k Co 5T9 W m Kerr 9503 John W Schnarpf 1680 Jamas A Moodv g"XM W C Blair f Bickford 7 9519 M RtJhS.aillo 16 2 John La??r 9513 U-nry B Brooke J8*? ^okn iameroa 2514 Gabriel T rum welt 1698 John D Taylor 998d H S Morgaa 16i24 Levi Mercer 9599 Farbur k H aa 1696 E>i Mercer 9534 Sa ah Nasoaa The oatstardinf svideaeeo of other e ases of tho debt of the republic of Teiattaaaot be spec Bed by this Department. aa 99 -dtLiJa Amusements. If A TTONA L THE A TK fi. NORViT KTKKIIVM Aanil >( 1**? First appearance is the United Statos >r? tt^tr return from ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND 1FLLAND, o? ma Irish Boy and Yankee Gal ? MR. k MRS. W . I. FLORK!?rr, Who will appear In three piece*, IRISH K?I?KANT. LESSONS FOR HUSBANDS. And THE VAN RKb GAL For particulars m small bills rn t1-4t^ Wants. DOYS WANTED ?SIX COLORED BUYS. D (iUvm preferred) to set op ten-pins Apr'y at Um Bowr.a? Saloon, D rtreet, between Rtk end a?k au WANTED?A BRICK LA Y KR Neaebnta competent hand need aprly J. W. THOMPSON k BRO , W no 2*-tf RBf Pa av , bet joih nnd lltb sts ANTED?TWO EXCELLENT MILLI NERS. As the best wages In the city a<s given none but exce"ent handa ne*d arply Ap ply to I* WILLI AN, No 33 Market flare, he hrgea ?th and 8th. ?n a it WANTED?A SITUATION BY ARB spectnble young Woman aa Nurse and do Slaia sewing or chamberwerk. Addreoa Hot it tar Pica autl-.1t* WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO And peraona In ?ul el Ut fallowing ** deles: Freach or Sarman Looking 91mm Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or eqmar* Oil Paiatlngs, large and a mail MarMe-top Brackett Tables, In broate or golA d? or All klads Of Pictures framed, aad may aire Looking Glasses, or other work la the gliding line done to order with dispatch. Aleo, a lot of cast-Iron Bracketts sulUbla for sheiviag, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to sail Ihe times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Reg)lt,and Looking Slass Pistes Inaerted. SS6 Peaaa. avenue, opposite Klrkwood Rouae. daeli JOHN WA8NE1. For Sale and Rent. [aai rinsy fao? ro? orwia nonces ] FOR SALE?a MOST BEAUTIFUL Res idence on !8th street, between C and D sts , and within a abort dtataace fr m Pa averne. and the 1 4e residence of Wm H Clark lteon'i*ts of a three story brick back butldlag eon tab leg alz room* snd passage, kitchen acd wood-? bed. all of which haa keen built within two rears; at tasty finish. and the beat materisls. Tl?e lot Is ?1 feet 4 Inches front, running 100 feet to an alley Rb feet wide The front portion la handsomely laid off Into a finder garden, which la now In a pros perous condition The grading la to arrangtd with brick pavement to drain both ways Belrg contiguous to the market, cna1. and wood yard-, renders it a eery pleasant and advantageous locr - tlon, especially to a clerk In one of the Depart* menu, or persons doing business on the avenue. The price will be S3u<>0; ore-third cash; tie balance from one to twenty fonr months. so dlvt dedaatosalt the parr ha?er Fifteen hundred dol lars was offered fur the lot slone. For further partlcuars call on C. P. SENG. 8TACR, D atreet. aattlw FO R R E N T?THREE THREE-STORY Brick Houses, aituated on F street, between id and 3d, each containing alx mm. For terms apply to J. ROVER, on 1st street, between I and K streeU. su SI - 2w? FO R 8 A L E?TWO LOTS OF GROUND, one on 13th street, between L street and Mas sathusetta avenue. 24 by 8R Al?o, Lot No It in Square 411. near the Smithsonian Institute Ar ply to HOWELL A MORSELL, 383 C street, between 6th and 71k. an tl-lwQ A CORNER ROOM ON THE 1st FLOOR, will be rented (furnished) to a lsdy and gen tleman, or two gentietnen in the Patent rr Post ORee Deper ment, being three minutes walk frcm either. Will only be rented to a permanent ten. ant, or the Room would be rented for an oRce to a Phvsiclsn ?r Patent Agent. Addreaa H'Sce." Boa 4 Star ofitee. au2l-3t FO R R E N T?TWO HOUSES, ONE ON 10th and 1 streets, with a back building ; the house has twelve rooms, with a line large yard, suitable for a large family The other h'use Is on H street, between 19th sod 19th streets, both In desirable places to reside. For further particulars enquire of GEORGfc A THOS PARSER. au'J0-eo3we FOR SALE OR RENT-THE TWO NEW three-atorv Houses with back buildirg and MUar, on ifitn street, the first square south of Penn avenue, is offered for sale or rent They contain ten rooms each Inquire of J. W BA K - KER, on H street, next to the Lutheran chureh, between 11th and 12th street au 1-eotf STOREFOR RENT ? ONEOF THE MOST desirable places of business cn Pennsylvania avenue for rent, and fixture* for sale Apply at No. 244 Penn avenue, between the hours of 2 aad 6 o'clock. au S-eotf For sale or rent?that desira Me residence on F street, between Wh and 2l?t. for the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq Possession given the 1st of November next Inquire of RIGOS A CO. auis-eotf FJR KENT?INTENDING TO REMOVE to No. M7 Penn avenue, south aide, opposi e the National Hotel, by the 1st of September next, I wish to rent the store 1 now occupy, s jltat-le for a Groeerv, Reatuarant. Furnisulng Stcre. Druggist. or JewelrvStore, having all the fixtures and gas Complete Rent very modarate. Apply on the premises JONAS P LEVY, No 4?4 Penn. avtnue, Wine, Liquor, Grocery, and Se^ar Store. an *i_3t For rent ?a LAR6K and comfort able House with the Furniture. No. 35 Gay street, between Montgomery snd Green Strega. Georgetown. Apply on the premises au 20-St D~ RUG STORE FOR SALE?THE AD U vet titer, wishing to dlt continue the Drug business, will sell for cash, or paper that will command caah. his store. Will be sold also the Furniture of the dwelling hruse. Ike house has reeently been at ted up and is convenient to business. Address "PT," through City Post ORce or City Despatch. au 20-2w THE SUBSCRIBER OFFERS FOR SALE, on reasonable terms, a lot of valuable Land, containing fifteen or twenty ?crts, well located for gardening, meadowa, and other crops; a nev er-railing spring of good wa'.er; four acres In good hard wood. The land lies two and a half miles from the Long Bridge, and fifty reds from the Columbia pike Also, a right of way for a good road to said pike. Persons wishing to purchase will p es* call on the subscriber at his residence, adjoining the land offered (or sale JOHN W BREWER. Alexandria county, Vs., August IS, lfSd. au *0-3t FOR SALE OR TO LET?TWO WELL arranged Cottage Frame House* on N street north, between 14th and ISth streets west. En quire at 210 F atreet, near Chubb Brothers' Hank ing House. Rent $10 per month. JNO P. HILTON, au lP-lw Agent acd Collector. T7*OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOfeTpar JT lors and Chambers, with board Also, table aad transient board Inquire at M re SMITH'S, 23U F street. aov2T?tf For rent?dwelling house, no. 332, Pennsylvania avenue north side between Rth and Uth streets. One of the best locations la the city. Immediate pat session given Apply to GEO H B W H1TE A CO , on tho premises, or to CHARLES H. LANE, Oent's Furnishing Store, 494 Penn. avenue. aut B oar ding. PERMANENT OR TRANSIENT SOARD A can be obtained seven miles In the country, on the plank road; good neighborhood; ehurcbas and schools within five minutes* walk For par I calms enquire on Pa avenue, between 7th and fi^h streets. WT?. SHVSTER A CO. an ? 3ta |>OARD?TWO LARGE ROOMS FOR 13 RENT ?One very handsomely furnished. Iso, a large s'ae single room suitable for a gen tlsmaa Board can be had oa the moat reason able term* if desired. The sltuatloa is oool aad Pleasant, having a large yard attached Is deslra he for s fa mil. with calldrrn. No. 46^ Tenth street, between D aad E. au 20-flt* Mrs. bannerman, corner of rth and E streets, has several good Rooms va cant, which she offers with board on reasonable terms. She can accommodate several Uble board ers. jy 10-tf Lor*?yesterday evening, on pa avenue, between 10th aad 7lb streets, or on 7th street south, one large GOLD LOCKET, opeaing on both sides, with a lock of hair ta one side, one small gold key, aad a small gold laeket attached to a small gold fob chala. The finder win to liberally rewaraed by leaving them at Mr. WM.S RILEY'S Dry Good Store, eorner ith tl Pa avenue au <l 3t* ORAI JUSTICE?r?ew edltloa, re vised. enlarged, aad Improved. Just pahlULea. au 11* FRANCE TAYLOR. ITS