Newspaper of Evening Star, August 25, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 25, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHIXQTON CITY: ? HOBDAY AmguH 24, 18*6. jpr Advertisement* should be handed in by 11 o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appeal mntll the next day. SPIBiT OF THS MORNING PRESS. The Union, io a powerful article, exposes the humbuggery of the attempt of those seek* ing to revolutionise the Government, to gene rate the impression that the cause of their party in Congress as against the rest of the Government of the United States, is parallel with that of tho people of England, as against the 8tnarts?and all that sort of nonsense. The Intelligencer urges compromise between the two Houses of Congress. While arguing that the obnoxious laws of the Legislature of Kansas are a blur on the civilisation of. the the editor contends that the remedy pro pared for them l?y the Republican majority of one vote in the House, involves usurpation on the part of that majority of the functions of the Executive; and is therefore more dan than the evil it seeks to cure. lie (the editor) advises the repeal of the territorial laws in question, by Congrew, and points to the alleged fa^t that both the Senate and House have em phatically condemned them. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. Tho Controversy.?With the exception of a aingle fea.ure thereof, the two Houses of Con gresa agree perfectly concerning every item of the army appropriation bill. That feature?the proviso?is not germain to the measure and ia an unusual one. It is legislation to subserve a political end incorporated :n an appropria tion bill. In all cases of disagreement such a) the one to which we refer, it is the duty o* the House suggesting the matter to which the other Hou;e demurs, to recede; as the Con ritution clearly declares that nothing shall be come a law to which both Houses do not con sent. In insisting on engrafting a matter of political legislation, intensely obnoxious to four-fifths of the Senate, upon an appropria tion bill, the majority of one member of the House are as clearly seeking to force the for mer body to puss a measure repugnant to its sense of duty ai d right, as though that major ity planted cancon at the doora of the Senate chamber, and, with match in h<*nd, demanded Its enactment. There is deep meaning in the attitude of this majnity of one. The poiut it seeks thus to compass is a part of the plan of rev^lu'i >n inaugurated in the action of the Legislature of Massachusetts in nullifying the fugitive slave law. From tbe moment that Legislature de clared the fugitive slave law inoperative within tbe limits of its jurisdiction, it has been without power and legal effeet therein. Mass achusetts is now in open practical rebellion against that law in this course of conduct, she has been f llowcd by Connecticut Ver mont, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Each of those States, though thus in open rebellion to a law of the United States solemnly pro nounced to be constitutional by the supreme judiciary of oar country, sends Representa tives here to defeat the appropriation bills, and break up the Government If they now succeed in carrying their point* their next revolutionary attempt will be to refuse to rajs the general (or executive, legis lative, acd judicial appropriation} bill, unless Congress will so legislate in connection with that measure as practically to roverse the de cision cf the Supreme Court with reference to the rights of the owners cf fugitive slaves They will follow up the same policy in legis lating cn other appropriation bills whenever they may desire to compa?s the trumph of a new aggression on the slavebcldiDg States. Their policy is thus to stop tie wheels of the government whenever they desire to revolu tionise it io any particular feature. It is high time that the South should com prehend this game of theirs in all its length and breadth. The South entered the Union on certain stipulated conditions, guaranteeing to her certain rights. Were she asked to sur render them all at once, we know that she does not contain a son among her citizens who would hesitate to prefer dissolution to contin uance in such a uuion as that of tbe States of this confederacy would be after acquiescence in such a eourse. on her part The policy of the revolutionary party of the North, however, is to effect its end of abolishing one by one the guaranteed rights of the South under the con stitution. simp'y because i* (that majority) is well awa/e that it is ea.-icr to u^urp and de stroy by easy stages, than by a bold and manly attempt to accomplish all at wbhh it aims, at a single blow. Forewarned, Is, or ought to be, forearmed. The Pretence ?The following summary of the actual state of things in Kansas, truthful to the letter, which we take from the Journal cf Com merce of Saturday latt, embraces, without being designed so to do, a glaring ex posure of the utter falsity of the plea that the proviso is necessary to prevent the u bor der ruffians" from committing outrages on their political opponents in the Territory. Who can read it without comprehending that, in tucL a stale of things, the proviso is merely a political movement to compass the aggres sion on the 8outh involved in the purpose of excluding slavery from Kansas by direct inter ference on the part of the General Govern ment "Th? ?ws from Kansas ?Unless the ad Tjee9 from Kansas are greatly exaggerated, civil war has commenced there in earnest' and from the simultaneous and systematic operations of the assailants, i. o , the '/'ree State men, it is pretty clear that their action was preconcerted Farther, we sho0u not as? si? iv ? near tfce adjournment ot" C- n out')ra*l? until wbichwas known nearly,,^ adjournment took c>&o?.U " H Wore the culate 1 that the *?*'>??? C\"V?e ? rush, and expeTaU who differed, .ror them General Lane's f" ? asion .rum vbioag.,, is doubtless connected with the movement." (The Journal then goes in to sift tho latest telegraphic dispatches, relative to the report ?d attack on Franklin, Lecompton, the Tread well settlement, etc , etc.) " Here then are five, if not six places at tacked almost simultaneously by Free State F??T 2? n! ne bT P? d^ery men. The The defenders feir *1? kSfftT*" nuuihero,lS s i if the f-Bt, <s? . Ud uincb more actly what th.y do tx' ? It cannot be .up^3Jntht^71V>P^uneU,,,? Ruffians ' will look " Border pulsion cousumuKiu.t A d tb? ex Fear they will enter kanslsh C0?tr?rJY a* j-jr-~ taken by the general government, there is danger that Kansas will become the scene of most deplorable event* Instead of disband ing the army we want at leaat half of it in Kan sas at this moment In ouroplolon the time is near when both the belligerent parties will bf thankful for the intervention of a powerful mediator. It is well, perhaps, that Congress is In session, that they may see that the Re public suffers no detriment If they were m a better mood themselvae. they would have no great difficulty in quieting the disturbances in Kansas But it is to be feared that many persons. North and South, an willing to see the war go on, and would tot oare if it ex tended over the whole Union. ?' It is worthy of remark that the Free State men no longer respect the United States an | thorities or troops, but wage war upon them whenever they have an object to accomplish by it The higher law doctrines which have been preached to them for some time past, in connection with the rifles which have been fruit!?'*** *^?m, now yi?ld their appropriate Discontent ?At leaat half of those in the Hoase steadily voting for the unconstitutional political proviso, sought to be forced on the Senate against the judgment of four fifths of that body, are satisfied in their own minds that they are doing wrong, end really wish it de feated. Dread of the effect of demagogism at home on their individual politioal future if they dare vote what they believe to be right in this matter, has alone kept them so far up to this work of Messrs. Greeley, Giddings, Grow A Co Many of those to whom we refer, who are strong sympathisers with the cause of no slavery in Kansas, are also greatly dissatisfied with the miserable politioal use to which their dictators are putting that cause. Nevertheless, we have no reason to antici pate the change of a single voter among them all Such a thing as personal independence amongst them no longer exists. They follow the lead of Mr. Grow, under thrf shouts of Mr. Giddings, and tho lash of Mr. Greeley, with no apparent realiiation that the Constitution designed them to be free agent.*. Talk about the slavery of a southern plan tation. where all hands turn out at the sound of tho bell or horn, tremble at the voice of the overseer, and do their allotted tasks day by day ! Why, it is a mere circumstance to what one may now witness on the part of those in the House hall, who are laboring with might and main to revolutionise the Government of the United States, though at least half of them are as discontented with their task mas ters a* ever plantation negroes were with theirs. Ihd Frigate St. Lawrence ?The following are the < ffiecrs ordered to this ship, now pre paring at the Norfolk Navy Yard, to Fail for tho oa*t of Brazil, as the flag ship of that station, vit : Commodore, French Forrest, commanding the squadron; Captain, J B Hull; Lieutenants, P N. Murphcy, J. fl Parker, J. Dorsey Read, H. C Blake, W P. Luckner; Master, W. H. Chccver; Fleet Sur geon, Samuel Barrington ; Passed Assistant Surgeon, George Peck; Assistant Surgeon, Francis L. Gait; Parser. Samuel Forrest ; Chaplain, T. R. Lambert; Passed Midshipmen', A. C Isard, A J. McCartney, William A Kirkland. and William H. Dana; Midship men, R R. Wallace, L. L. Phythian. William L Evars, and George Shryock ; Boat-wain William Smith ; Gunner, Asa Curtis ; Carpen' ter, William F. Laighton ; Sailmaker, George Thomas. The officers named above have been ordered to report for duty on the 20th of September proximo. h? Death of tho Hon. James Meacham. of \ ermont, announced here by telegraph yesterday morning, has produced deepdistre-s in this community, though it was well known lhat his health had for a year and a half had been such as to leave little hope that ho could survive much longer. IJis many high personal qualities endeared him to our fellow citizens generally, while his erudition and usefulness as a public man caused all to look up to him with respect. I he Current Operations of the Treasury Do* irtaent.?On Saturday, 23d of August, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department For redemption of Texas debt.... ?770 54 ; ror the treasury Lepartment... 57,813 64 For tho Interior Department...... ? 120 33 W ur warrants received and on F,Hrei-'"n 2>5W0 OU r 10mmijcelianeouBsourcea 4H3 74 On account of the Navy 35 221 00 C0&3R2SSI0NAL PE0'J22DI1 08 In the Senate, on Saturday, after wo went to press, the debate on the question of ad hering to their amendment to the Army ap propriation lill?striking out tho proviso of the Houac was coi, by Messrs. Toucey, Benjamin, Wil?on, Tru*obull, Hunter, aud Seward ; and the said amend met t was ad hered to-yeas 3i, uaya 9 ; (the Republicans, and Mess,*. Clay leu and Bell, of Teun., voting in the negative ) Mr. Clayton moved a joint committee of seven ot tho Senate and thirteen of the liouse to coc^idcr and report, on the disagreement between toe two Houses with reference to the Army appropriation bill ; aLd after debate upon this motion between Mr. Clayton for it Journeit ?g*?Q?t it, the Senate ad ln the House, Mr. Sago moved a resolution directing the Committee on the Judiciary to report upon the propriety of reorganising or JfColiabi?' ""n for W,"ict l.if ? na0Fed t0 '*7 it on the table; laid on the. table?yeu 97, nays 87. having been received from the iu Jm 'Announcing that that body adhered to On to\HrlIiy appropriation bill. of Mr C?cbb , the House went to t business on the Speaker's table, and tak t ? ? i?eni,tej?int resolution to suspend ^e joint rule preventing them from taking up the army appropriation bill where it was left curred laU 'e8,ion' U Cou" ! That bi?! having been taken up? Mr. Cobb, of Georgia, moved to recede from the disagreement of the House to the Senate's amendment thereto Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, moved to insist, and appoint another conference committee der Sp?aker ^ul?', ,hat motion out of or Mr. Cobb.? f Georgia appealed to the House to consider Mr. Campbell's motion by uuun lmous consent Mr. Washburne, of Illinois objected. m u"J "' of moved t ? adhere Mr. M.llaon moved a call of the Hou*e ; not ordered?yeas 85, nays 105 tuot^on wa<i next put on Mr. Cobb's nays 100 1 DUt ^o-yeas *7, The ^notion*lectin? *? adj'JUr*:Dot agreed to. UK. nayl S?.Ub9n WiU,th? ?greed to? to" J "hit S2 "fM'd.r th.l vol., sod .rod . .h.rt.p,Mb in lu ion for a ?eloot cinimiiu. ^ colder " nd import on tt. diftgroemoot or tho two Uow., upon the army appropriation bill Ob motion of Mr. Mason a recess 1 P when it was li^ 7 "nounco the death, of the l?te Hon. James Meacham, House or Kspre sentatives, and that thej would adjourn after the usual ceremonies on such occasions In the Honie, Mr. Clingman moved to sus pend the nil?i to permit Wv to intndiN ? resolution directing the Sergeant at-Arms to arrest all members of the House not in W ash ington city, and to bring the said absentees to the bar of the House ; and that the Clerk be directed to telegraph bis resolution to the oap itol of each State to be there published in the two papers having the largest circulation ; rules net suspended. Mr. Morrill, rising to a question of privil ege, announced the death of his late colleague, the Hon Jamee Meacbam, of Vermont, in a feeling and able tribute to that distinguished gentleman's memory. Mr. Howard also addressed the House in an eulogy upon the life and public services of the deceased Messrs Etheridge, Dixon, and Giddings also pronounced eulogies on the deceased ; when the usual resolutions were passed, and the House adjourned. To-Night, the National Theatre will doubt less be graced by a large and fashionable au dience, who will welcome the reappearance of the Florences upon American boards with such enthusiasm as they fail not to olicitin render ing their peculiar line of characters. Their pieccs for the evening?see advertisement are capitally selected. N?w Music.?From our neighbor Hibus's prolific presa wc have the following fine pieces : " There's a Little Lane," a ballad by the late William Palmer ; the Bronze Horse Polka, Maxurka, and Smithsonian Polka, by William Bergmann ; True Blue Polka, by Wm. Hunter, and There is a Word which others Speak, by William Howell Bnngs. Blackwood for August ?From Joe Shil lington we have, freeh from the publication bouse, the American reprint of Blackwood for August. It contains the following articles * 1, Macaulay ; 2, The Sketoher papers; 3, The Athelings, or The Three Gift*; 4, A Visit to Selborne ; 5, Sea-side Studies; 8, Tickler among the Thieves ; 7, Aytomis Rothwell; 8> India under Lord Dalhousie No one who wishes to keep pace with the substantial litera ture of the times should be without Leonard Scott & Co.'a republication. PERSONAL. ? ??? Prof L. Tumor, of Va., and A. Brour. ?eau and family, of New Orleans, arc at Wil lards1 hotel. .... Robert G. Scott, of Va , U. S. Consul at Rio. is among the distinguished strangers now in Washington. .... It is whispered that the "Belle Brit tan'- Newp'-rt letters are from the facile nen of Col. Fuller him. .... Gov. Wise and the Virginia Board of Public Works, ard other gentlemen, are on a to the BIuo Riige Tunnel ....The Boston Transcript says that Rev. Dr. E. H Nevins, of Massachusetts, has ac cepted a call to become the pastor of the Col grogational church in this city. ....The inhabitants of Waltham, Mass , are making arrangements to give their towns man. Speaker Hanks a public reception on his return from Washington. ....The Albany correspondent of the New 1 ork Herald says : " Professor Henry's paper on acoustics ard Professor Bache's on the tides, are the subject of general conversation. Both are considered to be striking efforts " .... The Hon Mr. Oliver of Mo , who left this oity for his home on Mcnday last, ere the President 8 proclamation convening Congress on Thursduy last was issued, returned (having proceeded as far as St Louis) in time to par ticipate in the proceedings of the House on Saturday last. .... Hon. Mr. Greenwood, of Arkansas, has also promptly returned to this city, having retraced his steps after proceeding a good part of his way home on learning of the pressing necessity for his presence in Washington. .... Miss Amelia Bloomer denies being the originator of the celebrated Bloomer costume and gives the credit (!) to Mrs. Miller, daugh ' ter of Gerrit Smith. She says Mrs. M. had been wearing the breeches some two or three months before herself and others were induced to adopt the style. ... .Captain Charles Rowley Piatt assaulted Dr. James Lawrence in Brighton, England for saying that he had heard that Captain Piatt s wife, late Mrs Louisa Howard, the actress, was not immaculate. Dr. Lawrence's fingers were badly hurt, and Captain Piatt was " bound over" in ?100 u ' ii' w*16 ,news ?f the nomination of Muscoe R. H. M. Garnett, by the Democrats, to rep resent the first district of Virginia for the bal ance of the present Congress, vice Thom is H Bayly, deceased, has bren rccoivcd by the Sutes Rights men in Washington with the deepest gratification. The cause of the polit ical principles, of which Mr G is so powerful a defender, requiring, at this time, the ser vices of a3 many moie men of intellect, rank, and vigor as possible. .... A correspondent of the New York Jour nal of Commerce, writing4from Marahfield, Massachusetts, says: 4t Visitors t>till continue to make their pil grimage to this Mt. Vernon of the North scarcely a day passing withont a record of new names in the register kept at tho mansion, iho register was opened in July, 18a3, the Hon. Edward Everett heading the list. There are now from three thousand to four thousand names of persons from all portions ol the world This list does not include the names of those who have visited the grounds, and not the houde. .... "Father Sawyer," of Maine, as he is affectionately called, although a hundred years and several months old. it appears is not the oldest clergyman in New England. 10f T?r'u J1 ' American reports that the Rev Laban Ainsworth, senior pastor of the Congregational Church, Juffroy, New Hampshire, is now in his one hundred and having beon born July lfi. 1754 He is the oldest graduate of Dartmouth Col ege, and probably the oldest cler^man in the country. OJ .... Tho Washington (D.C.) Star, a few days ago made tho following statement: "'Belle Bnttan,' who writes the piquant letters to the New York Mirror from Newport, is no other than the redoubtable' Fanny Fern.' alias Mrs Parton, wife of the man who doesn't be lieve in a devil !" IQ a recent letter to the Mirror, the lady denies that she ij Fanny ?ern, or that she is the wife of anybody. Mr 1 arton also, it is said, most emphatically re ? ptlci8m imPut?d to him, and says that he has never so expressed himself?tine* fits marriage!-Exchange. v' V 'Jhe Par.'8 correspondent of the New York Times writes as follows respecting the daughter of the New York ex collector of Cu, toms, and the army offioer with whom she eloped . -A gentleman and lady in hieh lif? Utol, left New I'ork in comp.o^j ^ circunuLocw well calculated to <ri? to d,?;.gr.e?bl.M?od.l. Tbetam. p.rty ?opp?d for a few days in Pans under circumstances little calculated to relieve them from the sus picions which already followed them A brother of tho lady has passed through Paris 111 pursuit of the fugitives, declaring his in sr.t.'r.^Tt'- de"r<*er or h?i? It is announced on good authority, that the c mespondencc of Mr Webster, edited by his son Mr bletcher Webster, will be issued in October, in two volumes, by Messr?. Little & Brown, and to correspond with the rest of bis works already published by the ian? louse. The editor has hud the advantageTf the quiet mansion atMarshfield, of ht? father's well chosen library, and of all necessary as sistance in preparing these volumes, and they are looked for with much interest. But com paratively few of Mr. Webster'i letters were ever published ; and the few familiar letters already given to the public, such as those to his farmer of Franklin, John Taylor, and that composed at Riohmond, Virginia, onthemorn ?n*. give striking evidence that he wae not .5r#mt in tlie end in Ooart, but as ? letter-writer. POLITICAL ITEMS. Tha " Breckinridge Rangers"' i? the title of a Democratic club in Indianapolis Joasph Hiss, HMoekbrtUd FUIbwi Iwder. was, and is, a cutter in the famous "Oak Hall" clothing establishment in Boston. The Weston Weekly Platte Argus wants half a doten game chickens, to crow over the Demoeratic victory in Missouri. The Know Nothing editors begin to think these State elections no great indioatioos as to a Presidential election, no how. Hon. Thomas Corwia has signified his in tention to rote for Fremont and Dnytoa at the next election The New York Herald states that it only cifonlates now two thousand copies in all the Southern States. The Democrats of Delaware have nominated Col. Wm G. Whiteley for Congress, and George C. Gordon, Dr. Henry Ridgeley and Charles Wright for Presidential electors. The New York Tribune in a despondent ar title admits that though " the Fillmore ticket can by no possibility poll one-fifth of the peo flie's votes in either Connecticut. Indiana. II inois or Pennsylvania; yet it may possibly poll anti-Buchanan votes enough in either of these States to give the electoral vote to Buch anan." The following States will hold their elections previous to the contest for the Presidency : Vermont Sept. 2 Pennsylvania....Oct 14 Ca'lfornla Sept 4^ Ohio Oct 14 Maine Sept 8 Indiana ....Oct 14 Piorida Oct 6 South Carolina..Oct. 14 The State election n Illinois for Governor and Congress take* plaoe November 4th, the same day as the election for President The leading paper of the Republican party of New York, the morning Courier and En quirer, in a long and beseeching article, seem ingly addressed to its Republican eotempora ries confesses that Mr. Buchanau will get in tho South one hundred and twenty electoral votes ; and that it is " only neccssary to give him the twenty-seven electoral votes of the honest old free State oi Pennsylvania, and he is the next President of the United States." We endeavored to show, a day or two ago,

that if Fremont was entitled to the vote of the North and the West for having been reduced to remarkable shifts on the Rocky Mountains, that he had equal claims on the South on ac count of the shirts to which ffl was reduced in Charleston. Instead of being grateful to us for our argument, the Rochester Democrat and the Utiea Herald have burst into toars ef offended delicacy at the mention of the word u shirts " We were wrong to offend the sweet sensitive creatures The next time we refer to the subject we shall refer solely to Monsieur Fr*ymocg'a chemists and robes de unit.? Atlas and Argus. Judging from the accounts of the Demo cratic mars meeting at Frederick, Indiana, there cannot be many Fillmoreites left in that State The Citizen says the proccssion was two miles in length, and as for the dinner: 14 The gentlemen's table was three quarters of a mile in length, and was abundantly sup plied with well cooked beef, muttou, lamb, bacon, and the best of bread. In addition to tho above fare, some four thousand pies, pound sponge, and other cake, were provided for the ladies The consumption of six thousand pound? of meat, ami bread in due proportion, losether with the pies and cakes, may also en able the reader to form a reasonable estimate of the vast number of per?ons present " JOURNEYMEN CONFECTION ERS.?Notice la given that the Pre?i d?nt of the Society, Mr. John Colclasler, has ie xlgned, and Mr. Valentino Nave hat been elected f r the balance of the term. Those wish ing to Join the So-letv will ^ lease call at the ir.ei-t 1 ny Room on TUESDAY EVENING, at Mr Werner's Back Hall, Pa avenue, between 6ih and 7th *N JOHN A. 6KUUKKT, au 25-It* Secretary. ?-^S^FIRST COTILLON PARTY OF the ?OSTKinplre Club, to be given WEDNES DAY , September 3d, at the Armory on Louisiana avenue, between 6:h and 7ih streets Tickets 50 cents? admitting a genl'eman and ladles; to be had frcm the members or at the door au 18 ec5t* f r NATIONALGUARD ?THEMEMBER8 A qoI the National Guard are requested to be ?ll HI piesent at the r? eeting of the Corps WED iUiliiNE DAY EVENING, prepared to pay their instalment on the trip to York. Pa , the 19th October next. R. H. 6RAHAM, au 2S-3t Secretary. U |j WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY ? A A The Company will asa?-mble at the Armory H Hon MONDAY EVEN IN fcr drill. ill Hi By order of Capt. Davis : au 23 2t H. K1CHEY, O. 8. ?-^a?!SLAND HALL -AN ADJOURNED 9C5 meeting of the Stockholders of Island Hall will be held on TUESDAY EVENING next, the 21th instant, at8 o'clock. A full attend ance Is requested. By order of Board of Trustees: P. M. PEARSON. Secretary. au23 Ut* (Organ) ?-^S?THE LADIES OF MOUNT ZION ?^5 Church Intend giving. In the woods of Evan Lyons, Esq , a GRAND DINNER, on MONDAY, Aiimint 25'h, at 3o'clcck p m The prooepds are to be applied to the liquidation of the d-t t contractcd In rebuilding said Church. No pains will be spared by the Managers to make It a time of r^al enj >vment, and we hope our col ored friends generally will accompany ns on the oration. If the day should prove unfavorable it will come off tbe next day. au 19 eo3t ,NOTICE ?THE SUBSCR IBF.R begs loave to call the attention of tfce public to hi a stock of GLASS and QUEENSWARE before purcbaMng elsewhere, a* by so doing they will save from li f> 23 per cent TolM and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth streets. Je 9-6.a JOHN McDEVlTT. LOST.?ON SATURDAY NIGHT A POCK ET BOOK, containing a small turn of money and papers, the latfer of which are of no valneto any one save the owner. The finder will be liber ally rewarded bv leaving the same at the Star of fice, or at No. 383 Pennsylvania avenue an 25-3t* J. D RYNARD. Ar RE WARD STRAYED OR STOLEN from the Ceutre Market on Satur day l?st, the 93d Instant, a red COWj/^t;;*^ with white faee and dark le*s. 1 he jfjLlTv. above reward will be paid on delivering tli<? Cow to neat stall No 6t Centre l>iaket,or atDorsey's wagon yard on 7th street. au 2S-3t* MULES! MULES t! A FINE LOT OF MULES J VST ARRIVED from Kentucky, large snd Hk* ? which will be so'd on reasonable tertns*aBiiA at H. B rche's Stables au ?5-3t W. P. TALBOTT. 5a Kentucky bacon and sagar-cared SMOKED BEEP ?A small lot of ti ls nice Kentucky Breakfast Baron and sugar cured broil ing Beef lost received by JAMES H. SHEKELL. au 2S-2: 279 F street, corner 13th - RAZORS!?RAZORS!?A LARGE assort ment, among which may be found the cele brated Swiss Raxor of Jacques Leroultre, lne Rodgers's, V. A 8 , tbe Army and other Razors, selling off at T GALL1GAN A CO 'S, 370 Parjfvenae, under Browns' Hotel, au 25-It ICE! ICE ! JUST RECEIVED PER SCHOONER ED waid slade, two hundred and sixty-five tons cf pure BOSTON ICE L. J. MIDDLETON. Ofll-e and Depot cor. F and 12th stfeet*. au 25 eolt \|RS DK. FKCHTIH, HAVING RIC lim. moved to the corner of Second and High streets, will resume the duties of her school on >ionday, tbe l*t of feptember. Boarder*. as well as day fechol&rs, will bs received. For fnrther pa it leu ars enquire at her residence corner of t?':ond and High streets. an 25-3t* ?TH)K BOSTON.?THE PACKET8CHOON r ER MARIETTA BURR, Captain >?$> Nlckerson, lias airlvtd, and wl!l nave?2fi? quick dbpatch for the above port. For freight apply to HARTLEY * BRO., _ au 25 101 Water street Georgeiown. MISS YOUNG I SEMINARY. > I street, corner of 18(A, west end. The duties of this school will be resumed on Monday next, September 1st Thoro'igh Instruction as usual in the elementary and higher branches of English in con-.ertlon with the French language au 25-3t* SELLING OFF. WHITK AND BLACK KID GLOVES Me., such as sell for 87 jf Dress Caps, Bcnseta, Ribbons, Embroideries, Laces, Edgings, Silk and Thread Gloves, Flowers, Nett, Tarletons, Illusions, Braids, Gimp* Buttons, Fringes and a variety of notions at A. TATE'S, an 29-3t 314 Pa. av. bet 10th and lit* sts. j Al>V?BTlit***T. A MISERABLE FRAUD EXPOSED A CARD _ Washibotot Cirr, Anf 9,1W Finding our names appended to a prinU( document, published in tbis city for the benefi of tbo Republican party in the present politic* oanvas, headed " Tub Killiso or Thohai Kbatib*.?Ah Addbbii FRO* Irisbhbn oi WAfHinorav Citt to m Cmina or thi TJkitbb Sta*b?," *? #??*?* to make knows the feet thai tone of ui bare aot signed it, and that aU of U disapprove, disavow, and denj its political statement*, ?boee of ni who die lign it were induced so to do by murepresen tations of its purport and contents on tbe par' of an individual who, in asking our signature! to It, as?ured us that it was only to be a history of the killing of Thomas Keating, and of th? circumstances of the imprisonment, trials anc final acquittal of Philemon T. Herbert, tb< perpetrator of that aot, designed as a precureo: of the publication of the speeoh of Mr. Pre* ton delivered cn tbe last trial of Herbeit moled in adranoe of the publioation of tba speech, so that tbe distant public might har< a reliable key to kit argument. While we shall nerer ce'a9e to believe tha the acquittal of Herbert was brought abou >y a prostitution of the law and justice, w< regard that as the work of individuals?not o the Democratic party, or tbe present Demo cratic national Administration; tbe Crimina Court of the District of Columbia being amen able not to the President, but to Coogrese only through impeaehment. We pronounce false tbe itatemeat of tb< aforesaid document intimating that tbe Secre tary of State-Mr Marcy?sought to ecreei the accusod, by lending his influence to pre vent Mr Dubois, the Netherlands Minister from testifying in the caae ; that gentleman i Government having expressly forbid him froa testifying under circumstances wherein h< would be compelled to submit himself to th< usual crocs-examination, the only system o giving testimony known to our laws, and Mr Dubois having asked permission of his Gov erument to testify in that way at the sugget tion and solicitation of Secretary Marcy. We have further to aver, that the Democratii party of this city are as united in condemna tion of those individuals to whoee imprupei conduct to that end the acquittal of the ac cused is attributed, as it is possible for mei to bo on such a subject. Par more ao thai their political opponent*, of whom elevei wero ou the jury ; the lccal law htra allowinj the accused the benefit of thirty-six peremp tory challenges, and the judge h&ving permit tei persons notoriously sympathising with th< accused to sit upon the jury, eleven of whoir we repeat, were as hostilo to tbe Democratii party as they are to the Irfch. We are humble men, but we respect our selves and our rights which have been out raged by those unknown to us. who have un dertaken for political effect to use our namei as we have explained above. We have to ask those conducting journals of all parties whe respect the truth, to spread before their read ers this brief card. Patrick M Keatisq, Charles Qcidk, R n B. Gabdibbr, Jambs Qcibh, Dakibl Shea, Jirb h RiobdaB, Pbtbb Mansvillb, Job* Gbbbb, Johj* Esrioht, Johs Roach, Wm Roach, Johb Kbatibo, Edhind Roach, Edward Gorman, Patrick Bramaqix, David Roach Wh. Scukrager It FOR HOUSEKEEPERS. PARKKR'S PATENT UNION < OFFEF MILL, THE BEST MILL IN THfc WORLD. THIS DAY OPENED ?Hou>ekeep ers end others are Invited to call and examin< tfcern No other mill grinds as fist or turns ai easy, ?nd every one is trade with a view to lti lasting twen y years E TUCKER fc CO., 351 Penn avenue, nearly opposite Browns', au 25-eo3t tlONOlMKSTS FOR PICKLIXtt, vizt / W hite and bltrk MUSTARD SEED CELERT SEED LONG PEPPER, Russian WHITE PEPPER Whie JAMAICA GINGER TURMERIC and pure Crab Apple CIDEI VINEGAK, known to be purely eider Vinegar. For sale by JAS H SHEKELL, au 25-3t 279 F street, corner l3th. The kxrrciski of the east WASHINGTON SEMINARY will com mence on Mondav,September 1st, 135<l. The prin ciple is a graduat- uf one of oorflr%t class Colleges, and has had se -eral yean experience in (etching He intends making thl-aflret c'ars sct ool, and hopes to receive that encoaragem?nt whi h pjne tuallty, ability and dllgence deserve There will be two separate apartments. Male and Female. He will be assisted by a gentleman of cmpeteucy and experience in tetchin^. and pledges bim?e!l to spare no pains In the tuition of those put nndei his care It 1* espe< la ly de?lr<-d that tbose In tending to enter the school do so tt its opening, that the classes may be at orcc arranged For further particulars see clreu'ar, or ppnlv to the principal at No 481 1 strtet, between 7th and 8th streets east It* I ? EXCURSION No. 2. XkEPETIIlON OF THE EXCURSION TO OLD POINT, PORTSMOUTH, NORFOLK, GOSPORT NAVY YARD, STEAMSHIP COIORADO, RIP RAPS, FORTRESS MONROE, 17. 8 NAVAL HOSPITAL, CHES IPEAKE BAY BY DAYLIGHT, PINfcY POINT, tc.ftc, *o THE LARGE AND SAFESTEAMER POW HATAN, Capt. C Mitcixll, . JT'i. wi'l Rupf at her Last P!?n am TVtpJgEaS2S3C to the above nl*ce?, leaving Washington at fl o'clock on FRIDAY EV* MNG, the*?th lnst., and Alexandria at 7; stopping golr.g and return lng at Plney Point The steamer will arrive at Old Point on Saturday morning; thence to Nor folk, Portsmouth, Ac.; leaving Port:mouth on Saturday at t o'clock, for Old Point, arriving there by 7 p m , where she will remain until 12 o'cloek on bunday, at that hour leaving for \\ ashing: on, arriving at home on Monday morning about ? o'clock. Passengers by this trip lose only Saturday from business; cross Chesapeake Bay by daylight, paas twenty-four hours at tbe most renowned and jiistly celebrated Waterlog Pl*c? la the South, view the largest Military Fortification in America, witness tke Grand Diess Parade on Sunday morn ing at Sjf o'clock, enjoy the Ocean Surf Bathing, FUhli g, Crabbing, Ac., tj At Portsmouth abundance of time will be allowed to visit the United states ship Pennnvl vanta, the largest and most elegantly flulsbed ve? sel In the world.?the Government Dry Dock, of Ks*lf a great mechanical curio ity,?the Gcsport Navy Yard, being the most extensive la cur coun try, wi k all Its branches and departments in lull operation,?the new steamship Colorado,?Uni ted States Hcspltal,?Public Buildings, Ac , Ac Tickets fcr round trip have been placed at the unusual low price of Si 50; Children and Ser vants half price; a gentleman and two ladles t?; 10 Plnev i'olnt and bacs, SI 60 Secme vour tickets early, they are positive y i ml ted, and may be had at Dr. Kldweil's St< re, (Georgetown; Ellis's tlano Store, ard Taylor A Maury's Bookstore, between 9ih and lath streets. ??e >blilligton'a cor 4^ street, and Dr. \S aikh. Navy Yard. Refreshments, Meals, Ac , will be furnished by M. N Sheldon, Eaq , and his polite and gen Uemanly assistants. au a&_4t I WASHINGTON CLUB SBOARS. HAVE JUST RECEIVED AN INVOICE of thoM supsrior Club Sugars, "Londrts," to which I Invite special attertfon EDW'D O. DYER, au2t-d3t Pa. av , bel ltth aad 13tk sts. Letteh, cap, note and blotting Paper and Envelopes eelling at great bargalae at 306 Pa avenue. auM JOHN F. ELLIS. HIIRII for sale?a valuable family Horse, over IS Lands tlgb, Is < fast, and gentle under saddle and in har ness. The horse Is a match for aay mahogany bay, aad of fine style and action, May be seen at Mr. ttltch'e stab ea, 14th street au Amuse merits SA TIO XA L THE A TK R. ?ORPlI 34 Flral?ppeara?ce '* th? United H'alm sine* return fro? ENGLAND, BCOTLAM) AND IRKL4ND, cr tub Irish Boy and Yankee Gal' MR. A ?K*. ? . J. FLORANt.*, Who will appear la three pieces, IRISH KMI6HANT, LESSONS f6r husband*. And THE YANKEE G*U - - Fer particalara me sanall bill a ?? *i-^CT r a For Sale and Rent. POR RKNT?A PARLOR AND TW(i r ClimbfTn, haodsom-ly furrlsi ed ard fitted up with gas. 300 D street. between tlh and 10th aa 2*-ec3t? pOR RKNT?A FURNISH ED COUNTRY r Dwelling, with lawn, orchard tardea. a-d " looms on Brat floot?hot and told baUi. hlghlr romantic and beaithv aiuatloe. ? m11>? f'tii Washington In Prince George's, Md Re. fer to Sweeny. Bitter bouse, Kant & Co , and Ed iter of the Star Poneuloo gWw at any tinse af let the 15th October. an 25 1m House for rent ? the comnodi oua frame House situated on I. stre* t. b?! we. n 9th and 1Mb streets, containing 11 rooms, with a passage It ha* a pomp of g"Od water In be Brd Also, a stable attached, capable of osn a'a g throe boraca and carriage. Kent *:??> p? r an num Krquire on the, No 5>>4 an -J6 lw ?E<^- *? LAN8LEY. AWKLL-SECURF.D DEED OF TRUST note of about S12 0 will be given f??* a h use and lot wcrth S'WO or ftt.PO, and the balance la cash Address ??Trade,''Ptar oRre au 23 2t? For sale?four butldino lots ? each 22 k fert front. on 14th street, between N street and Rhode Island avenue Also, a Lot fronting 25 feet on Eleventh at., be tween south D and K streeta JOHN F ENNIS. Attorrey, ?123-3t ? Lt nlatzna aver.n^ Farm to let. on shares -a *o*t desirable Farm, within three ml lea of Wash. lagten city. and a quarter of a aalie fro n the torn* pike, te let on shares. containing IX a~r<*s. Part of thla Farm Is anitable for grain, and the re t vinantpassed far esly vegetables Ita portion near the anarket. and situation, aloplac to the South, with a light aoil makes It p-rttcularlv de sirable for a market garden Aadreesanote to ' X Y Z," Washington, II. C. an 23 3 ? P)R SALE?A MOST BEAUTIFU I. RES iden>*e on 12th atreet, between C and l> a.a . and within a short distance fr m Pa a?<*i oe. and the 1 te realden- e of Wm H Clark. Itconaisis of a three story brick bark building conts in log alx rooms and passage, kitchen at d wood shed, all of which baa been built within two years; of tasty finish, and the beat na'erlnls. Tl.e let ls*2 feet 4 Inches front, running 100 feet to an alley * feet wide The front portion l? band?cmely Jail offlnto a flo?er garden, which la now In a pros perous condition 7be griding la so arranged with brick pavement to drain both wave Kelrg contiguous to the market, coa' and wood yard?, renders It a very pleasar t and ad aiitsgecr a leer tion, especially to a clerk In one cf the repay ments or per-ona doing bust cess on the a*et.ue. The price will be B3 000; or.(-third cash; tie balance fiom one to twenty four niontr-a. ao divi ded ?t-> ault the purchaser F f to. ii burdied dol lars vra* offered f r the lot alone For further partlcu are call on C. P. SE\?> STACK, D atreet. au22 1w FOR REN T?TWO HOUSES, ONE ON lftth and I * tree's with a back building ; the hou-e has twelve rooms, with a fine laige yard, su'.uble for a large family The o-ber h- u-e Is on U strr et, betweei 18tb and l?ih streets, ko.h la desirable placea to reside. For further particulars enquire of GEORGE A THOS PARKER an S0-ec4w* For sale or rent -the two new three-itory Houses with hack building ar.d cellar, on 12th atreet, the first sq'iare south ?f Penn avenue, la offered for sale or rent. They con'aln ten rooms each Inqulreof J. W BAK KE*, on H street, nest to tbe Lutheran cburrh. between 11th and 12th atreet an 1-eotf no* SALE ?A TRACT OP LAND, CON r talnlag about 45 acres, on the Reffhte of Georgetown, feeing a part of the Yolley V! w Farm, the resid. nee of the late John H Klag, deceased Thia is one of the nio*t desirable sites in the District for a Ine private residence; about 20 aces of thla tract la a oeartiful grove of tlir ber, the balance cleared and In a high etate of cul tivation The summit of this tract Is frotr: 3S0 o feet, above tide water, and haa a flne view of Washington, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Potomac, lt will be sold entire or in lota Alao, a large Frame Dsrclllrg-house and I* on the corner of Fifth and H street? we*t, Wald ington city. Apply at Valley View Farm, or to Dr H No 90 Prospect street, Keorgctown. D C Jeie-tf [Intel] E J KING STORE FOR PENT ?ON EOF THE MOSi desirable placxs of buslt.*^aon Penrs>lvat>la avenue for rent, and fixtures for sa!e Apply pt No 244 Penn avenue, between the hour* cf i and 6 o'clock au6 eotf P)R SALE OR RENT?THAT DESIRA 4 hie reslderce on F street, between 2Vth ar.d 2l?t. tct the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb. Esq Possesion gtven the 1st of November next, lnqaire of RIGGS A CO. au tt-eotf FO R R EN T?THREE THREE-STORV Briek Hou?es, situated on F street between 2d and 3d. each eontalniug sli rooms. For t?rrr.s apply to J. KOVEH, on lrt street. betw?en I and k streets. >u?i ?w* FO R S A L E?TWO LOTS OF GROUND, one on 13th stre?-t, between L street and Mas sachusetts avenue. 24 by Alfo, Lot No 1C la Sqaere 411, near tbe Smithsonian In^tlMite. Ai plyto HOw ELL A MOKSELL, W3 O st.eei, Letwee<? 6th and 7lh . a j 21-lw* For rent?a large ani? comfort ab'.e House with the Furniture No So Gay street, between Montgotn<ry and Crcen streets, Georgetown. Apply on the premises au 90- 5t Drug store for sale ?the au veitisir. uishltis to dlicoLtlnue the lirvn busieess, will aeii for ca*b. or paper that will command cash, his store. Will le sold also tbe Furniture of the dwelling he use. The tout-v has recettlv been lilted up and is convenient to business. Add.ess ? P T," through Cl'y Po>t ORce or City Despatch. au Su-2? t^OR SALE OR TO LET ?TWO WEI L arranged Cottage F ame Houses or. N stre?t north, betu.en I4tb and 15th strea.* west h ?? - quire at 210 F street, near Chubb broths n' Bunk lng House. Rent tlO pee month. J NO. P HILTON, au 18-lw Agect a- d Collector FOR KENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Fai lora and Chambers, with board Also, table ar.d transient bond lnqul-eatM s SMITH'S. 233 F street ac\ ZT-'.l Ft?R RENT?DWELLING HOUSE, NO 33i, Pennsylvania avenue ni>rth aide between 9 h a* d irth streets One of the beat 1 oca lens in t?ecity. Immediate p&ecesttongi*en Appfyto GEO H B WHITE A CO., on the ;rcndse?,or to CHARLES H. LANE, Gent's Furnishing Store, UU Penn. avenue. au S UIVPARALLELED SLC1RNS IN ART ! The Masters of the Old Echool oat-doca by a Combination of Pencil and Sa&light WHITRHURST'B IMPROVEMENT IN PHOTOGRAPHS, In Oil, Pastil, acd I very colore excel 1 all. They p>iea?ss In- orcelva ble beauties For likened and finish tteycat strip si other paintings yet uavelud te the world <f art. Language la too tame to di&^rtbe tL< m? tley must he seeu to be appreciated, and a e io de?d the i;eim ? f the present age "1 hoe de 'r cus may have these paintl-ga tktn ?1 b?V frooi lifor manltted,o; copied from eld da^uemo types to any agreeable siae. even to tiat of 1 iff H la mezzotint Pcoiogiaha, juat introduced, nay le multiplied from the result of one ticn^ to t1 ousaiics of copies, will esch >ub?equi ut c< p/ U equal te the first, thus rendering the price. I - ??umber of copl* s are takeo, at about tl ?? ?a<i *? as for lithographs A?'.>ro'y|** or luipt ilshabie Glass Pictures, taken In great perlect'.on. Gallcrv. cn Pennsylvania aveLue bttweeu 4 ,*? ?ad 0th streets. au 2B-1W J H WHFI EHURb's. CONCERT AND BALL. 4T THE YAKU OF Tttri INDEPENDENT Farmer of the Dlatrlutof Columbia tbe tuost ce ebrated Madame Danai will ^lve a grand Cen cert. accompanied by a good orches.ra, MON DAY EVENING next, at 7 o'clock p. m After the Coacert tbrre will be a Ball The ytrd Is on Ath atreet, No. 00, in the rear of Chea. Werner'a aattV-?to BUR kAJLR. MARBLE MRVTKLS, MOKTJMEHTS, Ac. 1HAYE FOR BALE A LARGE STOCK OF MARBLE M A N T E LB. MONUMENTS, GRAVESTONES, Ac , rf superior style and fin ish, which will he sold at reduced prices for cash. Persons in want of these artiel-s will find U to tteiradvantage to give me a eall before post ha? Ing elaewhtre WM RUTHKRVOKO, Marble Works on K, Wtweu i*b au22-^? audlJiL.u. ?