Newspaper of Evening Star, August 25, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 25, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE^ Prof. Hesrtos Acoustics.?At the Albany Scientific Convention on Thursday, Professor Henry, of tbis city, read a paper on the Acous tics oj Publii Buildings ; a subject which he treated with great success at the meetiog in Washington and Providence, lie reviewed very succinctly the peculiarities of indent architecture, and held that every vestige of 9*4 architecture should be preserved with awpnious care lie then proceeded to treat of modern edifices. While the principles of sound, be said, have been studied with eare for a half century, these principles have bat rarely been applied to the construction of rooms intended for public purposes. What is wanted is, a combination of Kientific knowl edge, the results of careful investigation, till the highest practical skill in determining the question of the application of acoustic prin ciples to public buildings becomes necessary to institute experiments J>uch experiments have b?-en tried under his direction. One experi inent proved that the voice, while a pers >n reads a book in an open field, in the ordinary t ue. is heard distinctly in front to a distance ct 10U feet, at the side to a distance of 75, and in the rear to the distance of 30 feet, in ex perimenting on practical acoustics, it is, there t. re, necessary to place the speaker opposite a wall, and to note the distance at which he ceases to take cognisance of the reflection of the sound of bis voice. A wall lined with thin board will produce a reflection loud, bat short A steel wall will produce the highest degree of resonance; ?o will a wall of glass. The principles of acoustics thus laid down have been applied with success in the con st ruction of the new lecture room in the Smith sonian Institute A Committee, of whiob Prof. Henry wiw the hob, was charged with the duty of making this apartment as nearly f er fect as a public room could be. The original jdan was modified; the lower floor was for saken because of the heavy pillars which studded it. and an upper room was selected, into which a portion of the towors was thrown, so a? to break up the sound. The speaker stands upnn the rostrum in much the same p .sition he would occupy if he stood in the iLuuth of a trumpet, and the rays of souod go from his lips straight forward, undiverted by 8Dk1?s >0 the building The room is 100 feet by so. and fan-shaped, with a gallery in horse fh^e forir. and a smaller gallery behlnl. in either of these latter you may hear the slight est whisker from the stage The walls are slate and piaster. Cautio* to Sportsvm ?Our bird-shooters in the excitement of the sport seem to forget the section of a late act of Congress, which rta-is as follows: ?'Sue. 2 And be it further mactr-l, That it shall not be lawful for any person or persons to ride, drive, or lead any horse, mule, or other animal over the wooden part of the upper Eastern Branch or Benning's bridge at a faster gait than a walk , or to discharge any gun or fire-arm on or under the said bridge, or from the causeway leading thereto; and all person violatirg either of the provisions of this section shall forfeit and pay. for each and every such offence. a penalty of not more thin ten nor less than five dollars, to be recovered is the name of the United States before any magistrate in the c??untv of W ashington and District of Co lumbia. the money when collected to be handed over to the levy court, and by them applied to such repair? and improvements of the road leading to the bridge as from time to time may be required." We learn that the necessity for the passage of this act was urgent; that at times the gun firing upon the bri Ige was to continuous as to eloui the bridge and causeway with the smoko of powder, and that horses passing the bridge have been so startled by the firing as to crouch to the gr>un 1 trembling with excessive fright. All good citizens will see the necessity of the law and the propriety of complying with it in good faith. ? ' Crihiwai Court.?This morning, Daniel O Keefe wa? found guilty of petty larceny and sentenced to eighteen months' imprison ment in jail Carrington for defence The trial of William Sullivan, charged with the murder of Caspar Kohrman. was entered upon, and up to the time our report closed the following jurors had been obtained : John Scrivener, Eno<*h Moreland, Thomas J. D<ivi;, Henry (J. Murray, Jos S. Worth ine'on. Jthn T. Bradley. Thomas E Baden. Messrs Morgan and Martin appear for Sul livan in this case Military- \ isit ?One of cur crack volun teer c^mpanier. the National Guards, proposo visiting York. Pa , on or about the ly.h of Oc tober next The Gairds are composed of cit izens of the highest standing, and will, we are sure, make a favorable impression upon the Cood people of York. Many of the " Guards'' eing single men and on the lookout for wives, Will, in their tour, probably ?'combine busi ness with pleasure '' Presuming such to be the case, we most cordially recommend them to the fav .rable consideration of tbe single disengaged and matrimonially inclined girls of York. Pa. The Guards will be under the ex perienced leadership of Capt Jas A Tail. Attempt it Ixccxdi arum.?Saturday Bight, some malicious person attempted to burn the frauae dwelling house on the corner of Twenty-fourth street and New Hampshire av- j enue by kindling a fire between the weather boards atd studding of the building The Lou?? was occupied by an old colored woman, who had in her care a sick female at the time the attemit was made. It was discovered and extinguished before serious damage was done. A Successful Excursion ? As an evidence of fublic appreciation of a rightly-conducted excursit-u, we arc g!ad to record the fact that over seven hundred tickets TjT the Central Lodge ex<*u--i >n had been sold this m >rnin^' prior to tbe departure of the first boat Many mure were doubtl^-j suld ou board th-a boat, aud for tho afternoon trip. Lari ?Saturday night a colored boy tamed Loyd Williams, was arrested for steal ing a number of rings from tbe store of Mr ^aicstag ou the Avenue lie had a bearing bef,r.-Justice Hollingshead, and wa3 held to bail for court. Alex Williams, a white man, I" caught in a corn field stealing green corn ihe owner arrested him and he was sent to Jail. A>sat lt ?A man named James iliser, was caught last night by a party of rowdies in that part of the Fourth Ward known ai Swampoo <i.e. an 1 badly beaten. The injured man was ?ery unwell this morning, and was unable t> aiscnoe the assaulting party. Disorderly ? \esterday, a fight occurred n Tweluh, near Q street, between a number of ycu: g men who met at that spot The dis graceful scene attracted a large number of citizen* to that neighborhood. ''*Lr eetts tor a correct likeness of iJucbanan, Fill mar* and Fremont. Bold by the rtg*nt. A. Adamson, Seventh street, ?ppo 5?! Ihe<Po,i ?ffloe Adhesive envelopes, 20 cents a hundred h D-Mr. David S. Waters, the accident wbooi we announced on Saturday, exoired on t ie same evening after some hours of in ter.?e suffering Fillroue and Doxelsgn Great Song Book, ^ y 10 ctnt.j, for sale at A Adamsoa's, Se\ ?nth sticct, opj osko to the Post Office * War n Kbtlrmh ?Sunday morning?be lore Justice Hollingihead ? J. W. Kelly, '.rii.'ik ar.d disorderly, fine and costs; Lloyd rookt stealing, security for court; Benjft mine iiviiiare, violating public ground regula tions, reprimanded aud dismissed; Charles I.' 'i? i AIary Smith, profanity, dis missed t Butler, sleeping in the market, fine and costs; Rich'd Hansel, violating pub lic ground regulations, reprimanded and dis missed?; W. Tnurstow. do., do; Alex. Wil hams, stealing corn, jail ; W. II. Brown, Weeping in the market, dismissed ; Wm. J. Joselyn, do , do , Isabella Thornton, vagrant workhouse fifteen days No cases for trial to day -f St*tcm*i? rom California.?We learn, says the New York Herald, that five hundred ouuees of strychnine were withdrawn a few days fr0m the eustorn house and shipped to California Five hundred ounces of strych nine for one State ! What is io the wind ? A Pbikteh i* a Scrap* ?The St. Louis Republican tolla a atory of a printer, well known to the oraft, who wae recently found "locked up" in the apartments of a lady, at one of the hotels in that city. The lady hid a husband, who, suspecting the "devil'' was "subbing'' at his "case," broke into the room, where ha was furnished with a "proof' of their guilt. Tba printer, however, had a "shooting stick," one barrel of which he dis charged at the enregad husband, and thpn fled. The "leaded matter," fortunately, did no injury to the "form" of the husband, who, after giving 'chase" for a short distance, re turned to his room, satisfied that his domestic happiness was knocked into "pi." The oraft generally consider it "matter' that cannot be ? justified," and that the guilty fellow ought to "distribute" himself as wide as possible. Tobacco $2.55 per pocwd.?The Lynchburg Virginian, of the 20th inst., says : "As mirac ulous as the statement may seem, a lot cf to bacco actually sold in this market yesterday at the unprecedented price of $255 per hun dred The world never heard or dreamed of such a sale as this before It was gold at Martin a warehouse, by J. H. AS Tyree, and purchased by Messra. Booker A Ualsy. It was raised by Mr Chas. liendrick, of North Carolina, and is the finest specimen of the ar ticle ever seen in this or any other market. The color is a bright gulden hue, and the tex ture almost as fine as silk. As with most pre cious things the quantity was small?there teing only between one and two hundred j ounds. Fall or thb "ChaetkrOak."?The "Char ter Oak" fell at Hartford on Thursday morn ing at a quarter before one o'clock with a tre mendous crash and but six feet of th? stump now remains This famous tree was past it* prime when thecharter was concealed in it ou the yth of May, 16a'J, and was probably an old tree when Columbus discovered the new world, it stood upon the old Wyllia ostate, now owned liy Hen J. W Stuart. Crowds of citisens are viewing the ruins, and each one bears away a portion of the venerable tree. Some wiseacrrs may probably regard the oircumstanco as ominous. IdP" The return travel from the Virginia springs has commenced The ocol weather baa made the viaitora think of home oomforts. ITT" Aroaaattc Eaaeace ef Tarkey Rhu PAKU ?TM? Bss..ace Is prepared frnra OBxrms Tixik i:ai mi, la taken la smaller doses than coauon Tincture, c titaina le*s spirit, and tliebwt quality. Itposse*sen a ao ha grateful flavor af Aromatic*, rendering ttir medicine tut;elfl -s Icus and palatable, the uatiseous taste of t'ie lihnharb belli* perfectly disguised It la recommended a* a at. nuch cordial and tonic to parsons whose occn|*tiona ac i ill .in thmu to srdentsry habits, and will be found te-e llial In Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Diarrhea, Bilious and Ne Tout Head < he, Constipation, U ir t, Bheutratlem, Fla.n lance, Gravel, or a- y dlaorder ef t\e Stomach, Colic, Ac. Sold by Z. D. UILW AN ai.d J M. CALLAN. ang b-lw lT/"Hostet?er'a Celebrated Stomach Bit TIH*,-W? tike great pleasure In recnmmerdlng to our re*dera tb'e superior medicine "or the complaln's to which 1' profoifM tj be adapted. The season of the jc*r Ln now ntltfd when Its b?neflclal results m*y h* fully teat d, and v? 'peak from rereonal knowledge when we say. .hut the f.nnly . aunot secure * safer and mere effectual remedy In r-Ii4?ljg these dial essitg ram, I at i. u? peculiar to the sum ?i?r ?c??on, and engendered too cften in the too fr.e use of I fruit befere fully ripe and mature.? Pest. bold by J. N. Call an. aul.\?it i?7-Prol. JieMrath'e ?reat felectric Oil.? Ar? ucrn>Ti!itte? Ycaa* and Cr*ri> m oifg Wtn ? Head letter from Iter. James Temp * Pun .adklfhia, June 9th. lar.S. Prof. DeOratb?I h?veb*en afflicted IS years with neural gia and otter painful complaints, and 1 ha\e beeu unable to se p soundly or wa'k any distance for many jeers past. La-t I g->t a bottle of your "K'e~tric Oil." The flrst n hht 1 slept soundly and well, and to day I sin like * new rr.a:i. My wife could not believe her aye* Your K'octric Oil ha> donelu cue wsek what the pl.yslrUns of Philadelphia to d<i la IS yen-s. Gratefully y -nrs, Bev. Jambs 1 310 Footh street. ?o'd by STOTT a Co. and J. SCHWAbTZ, Washington aa U Iw Warenaaafactiry.- lam now ti:iiiuU'-turlng very euperl'r artlclee In the w .y of bterliug HII.VKB VfAkK, rla. Forks, Spoons, Goblet*. Cufs, Ac, wi ich cannot be exce l--d In this section of country Also, I >r sale, every variety of fine Wstchee, of the most celebrate 1 ?lakers, and a complete assortment of rich Gold Jewelry. rlne Watch repalrlug ol every description done In the'best manner, by experienced and competent workmen, and guar antied to give aattsfactl >n. No. S18 Pa. avenae, between ?th and lat'i atre?t*. blgu of the Large Spread Flag'*. Jy 8?tr H. O. HOOD. Cl/'Citrate ef Magnesia, aa agreeable refri<erant and laxative, now extensively ns? I on ti e contl nentaof Kurope end Amaricr. manufactured dally. 8o<la FoilutA!ae, of a hew aud highly approved conetrurM >n A choice lot of Havana Cigars, with a full snpply of Buj Pfr fnrnery. Hair Uruabee. Pcmbet Hhavlrg Brushee, and Toilet Goods generally. Jn>t received, of direct Importation, at OILMAN'S New Drag Store, lib Pennsylvania avenae. je ;o tr (X^Ferer aa4 Ajae?Certain fare.?No m >re uee for Tonle mixture*, Oelnine. Fowler's flolntlon, Arse->lc, Mercury, or my of tk" villalnonsor nsnaeous c< in pnuada, which only reliev>.? one disetsc to implant ai.ot^rr in re deadly, ar.d winch i?uil< its enhaiii y victlu:* Snally, with a wrecked and broken confltitutioti, to an early grav^. Try Csrter's S)>anlsli Mixtnre. n hlcb contains none of th*-se daiigeroaa drug*, but cure* by acting epet Iflcally on the Liver, purifjlug tiie blood aud str?n^tha<ilng the system, tlin? enabling nature to rer.jperate ita exhaasUxl auergiee Ji' o< eulug lh? poraa of theak.u, and expelllug from the 1 ly all impnrltt^e aa-i old med.cinee, whleu clog and retard It's free operation. M >re thau one tlioussud paraoa* have bee . cure I by Carter'* bpatilah Mixture, after everything i-l? hsl ?txual'y failed. Aa a sample of it* remarkable elle.ta, Messrc Davis A Hicks, <.f Autan^avi^e, Ala., write* u* that it cured a veutlemxn of Chronic Fever *nd Ague, which all Uie efl' rt* of piiy*lcl?ue au 1 their remedies, could Uut sub due. lie oiky took three bottle*. They say it sella very rapidly, and miintaiu* ita high reputation ail through the country. au |- in (17* laapartaat to the Ladies! ?l)r. Uo POKCO'S FKMALK PILI.H?The combination o' Ii^redl ante In the PiUa are perfectly haruileaa. Their erilra:y and a rii* are based upon au extensive practice of over tolrtjr; aod, where the dlre< lions bai-e been strictly fol lowed, they hare never flailed to correct all IrregnlariM-s, relieve painful aud dlftrult menstraallon. Ipartlcnlarlr,) the change of life. They will ruretiie W bites rttid remove all ot,*trucllona arlalng from cold, r,xpo*ur? or any caunea; and maybe naed aucc*saful>y a* a Prevautlve. (Jail npou the a^ent, and get a Circular for partl-niara free. Pri * tl per box, wit), full direction* S !d wholeaals and retail by CHAS. STOTT, Druggist, Penosylvanla aveuue, SAMI KL U W A I'I i, 62a deveutu street, Washington, D. C.; and K S. T. Clb-iKL, Georgetown; to whr-m all order* icu*t be oat, and the Pllla will be se'.t conflduntlally, by mail, to liadiee who onclose them one dollar. S. B. ?See alfnatnra on the bos; to eoaatarfelt It )? for C?r7. Ja *-tf ITTtt jou would be cared, Speedily and ?a'eiy. aud dec! Ie?lly, ms the Balm of ZantiioMUa, which Is the safest and only *ure remedy fur Diarrhea, Dy* ar.lery. Cholera, grip ut pain lu the bo#e'* and children tee'.hl'ic. It Is sore b'Ciusc It has nev?r l een known to fall wnen taken aerordlug to directions, whi^h are on each b't t> full and explicit;) it is safe because there Is no opium or laudanum used iu making It, and because, too, It i3 purely vegetable. lu time; don't w?it until yon are sick for iLe a'me named Cobiplalnta work fart aud soon wear ort the streugt'i of the patieut and too ottea resell fatally when not attended to In seison. In having tbe Zantlijrea at hand all may lee! safe. In neln< without It the risk Is gr-at. CH AS. biOTT, Bole agent fcr Washingtoa. au 11 ll~jr ititU, i'ulit*, and Vest*. Dteis Suits, Busintii Suits. JfOAH WALXKK A CO., Maubi.* Hall Clothing Kmio kium, Brnwiis" Hotel H'llldlug, respectfully a^tocnee t their SMIMl HgpUyofl .'UISU AND SfMMUtt CLOTH! ' . Is now ready for inspection, comprising ?" a?S' rtu eut of Ucntlkmkn nu To i ..*' C'LcTHiati of the ueweet and rlch nat design*. In material, trltumlug, and workmanship. To th?>*? who stady, with econ.,my In fashionable ar ticles of dress, an op;>ortculty Is now otfeied for aelactiug fromoueof the taoet attractive stock of goods lu tl.In city, at vary reduced priced. ap 2?If uy What is it For-This Wood's Hair KKSTOBATIVKT?I* a ijnctlou asked daily t y hundred* We an*wer. without hesllallou or fear of contrad'- tloo, that It Is toe ouly article known which will do all It pron>1s>^ for the human hair. It will renew its growth?It will stop Its falling?it will raatcre Ita natnral color. It is not a Hair Dye, but a spe^Jy and eft] a- Ions Restorative. Trial bottle II; nlnts |2, quarts |A. Bead the advertisement on the'ourth paga. ap IS?If *4- Hooiiand's German Utttera.?Certi flcate of Baiph Lute, Ksq., Kdlter " Spirit of Ttmas," Iron ton, Ohio. Ibomtoh, October JO, 1H54. Dr. C M. Jaokson ?Dear Blrt?The Bitters are lu creit de mand here. Ia addition to the quantity sold by Mosley A Ua: ber, yeur agents, the two oUi tr store* sell more of them than any ether medicine, f flud they are much < scd by con valeacent 1 ever patients to rebuild their orokenconstitutions. I iaave nsed daring the last suuim >r, lu any ow n family, four butties They were reeommendel to me flrst by a neighbor, at a time when lay system was mnch debilitated from the effect* of a severe Billons Fever. They gave me to appetite, and restored atone and vigor to my while system. In one of the September unuibtr* of my paper I related my experi ence of toe injd effects of the Bitters, since which tlm? thay have had a large sale, end have now become tue standard medicine in this vicinity. In conclusion, I would say that I feel great pleasnre In giving yoo this testimony of the velaa and success of your preparatloa. Bespectfully yours, Balpm Lots. See a 1. arusament. je 7 Jmr IC7*VVia. A. llatcbelor'a Hair Dyo.?Gray, B "1. or Kiasty Hair dyed Instantly to a Deautifnl and Natu ral H? iwn oi Black, without the least Injury t? Hair or Skin. FirraSN Mcoal* ahd Ditlobas have been awarded to Wm. A. B-ubxler since lull, and over 40,000 applications have b~-u in a. la to the Ha r of his patrons of h<s famous Dye. Prejudice against Dying the Hail .ud Whiskers Is uujust, as It would be against covering a bald head with a wig. Wit. A. Ha-, fstiou's Hais lln produce* a color not ta be d|stinguislie>l from nature, and Is wakbamtkii not to Injure In the iueet, however loug it may be continued. *old iu all cities aud towns of the I'nlted States, by Drug gl?t* and Pancy Go-xls Dealer*. OF" The Genuine has the name end address upon a steel plate en<raving on f.,ur sides ofsarh bottle, of WILLIAM A. HI rCiiKLUK, 133 Broadway, Mew Vork. OF".'or sa.u by CUAS. bTolT, Pennsylvania avaaito. ap 7 -ao?m UIBlf. I a Georgetown, on the *id Instant, Mrs. MARY ANN McnENNKY, the wife of Samnel Mo Keanev On th'- ^31 instant, DAVID B. WALTERS, sen , in tho flflth y?*r of his age. <)ntbe'44lb instant, Mrs LUCY A BURDINK. wife of Mr Alferd Bnrdine, in the '24th year (f h??r age On tbfMth instant, Mis* SUE C MILBURN, agt'd 41 \ears ard two months. In Seoreetown, on the *24th instant, MARY O'HEiLEY. I ht; fr ?ads and acquaintances of the family are Itivite4 to attend the fanera' from her late resi dence, on Congress street, Georgetown, T t day morning, at o'clock. ? (Bait Sub copy) PRIEND9 OF UNION THROUGH , _ ont the land organize with speed, for time 1? rtpe for action Be pr? greanlve* In what la reallv wrong until It U rignted but 1* steadfast conservatives In all constitutional rights. For the gradual progreae of the Whig aud Democratic parties, for a rsries of years brought their plat firms a most facsimile lit their conventions of dty-two; therefore all cf either party who remain, are now one and Indivisible, for the Union, the : eople, and the Constitution, as promulgated by Jamea Bui hanan Type of our revolntlonaiy father*, extending the elective francklae to men of all classes and countries, that eater our territo ry, to drive bark the forest, the rattlesnakes and wolves, making the wilderness bloat-om like the roae. teeming with abuudance, securing peace, domestic tranquility, and happiness to all within cur boarders For the principles of our fathers are broader thau the land we Inhabit. They ex tend from the breadth of the compass to the height of the universe, enlightening, ci vilizing and util izing all nations on the globe, and the mission of our country, people aid laws Is to melt down Into one comprehensible mass all sectarianism or s?c tlonall.-m, into a practical democracy or reality, where no mau can be deprived of the elective franchise, or any of his natural right- for consci ence sake, as it was bequeathed to us by our inde pendent fathers, as the most inestlm>bleblesslrg on earth?won by genius, blood and treasure, from the aristocracy of Europe, whose motto was atd Is, none but tb# rich shall hold office, nor exercise the right of suffrage. And our midnight retrogressive order of pro gcrlptive saints remind me of men walking back wards sttimb ing, an 1 wlshlnj from their verr souls, that notiebut themselves could vote or ho'.u office But, thank God, su h Leart e?s, and soul less, principles, and creatures, that can stick to them, will never sway the destinies of this coun try in their mad career for powrr and influence, over the true and honest Americans, who wish to carry out and transirit unim pared tho*e sacred immanltle; that belong nrtonly to ourselves, but to all*ucceeding generations The so called Republicans or sham Free If oiler* who first cam# upa' Buffalo in forty eight, took the namee'aborated by l?nd reformers or true Free Soilers, and applied It the mere Idea of pieveut lug the southern peop e from taking tfceir proper ty that dect nded to them from their fathers, Into new territory, aud call that free soil. The Hon. Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, and his able coadjutors never had sucii a miserable contracted Idea They wa-'ed the trie free soil, the homestead, or paradise regained, which did not nor would not engender sectional strife, but tended to peace and perpetual union of this vatt aad mighty republic. But those sLam Republicans at ? psuedo Ameri cans have stopped the wheels of progress for a brief period, until the one-idea, superficial giddy mass come to themselves, and have a lucid inter val of reason and common sense, which they should have been born with or rot been born at all If their European principles were carried out in twenty-one years there would be eight or ten mil ions of serfs In our midst, fair game for our large manufacturers Degraded in their position, they could not be expectcd to hold up wages with ail over stocked labor market. For the sake of r inp'.ovment tbey wc u'd be compelled to under woiji the enfranchis d Americans, and thereby d ive them from the factories and workshops Becau ea manufa turer is compelled to employ the iowest rale of wages to compete with other* In his ilne at home and abroad 'i herefore it Is plain to t>e se?n that the non voters would be employed at lowr wages thatitheenfranehi ed could aff rd to *oik f r. Consequently the bo?sted American freeman would be left to beg, steal or starve, fcr not recognising intv.eir trnrsatlatlc fellow brother, a freeman, a fellcw traveller to the same b um* with himself Now fellow cl iz*ns of the great leading modern republic wtich is looked to as the hope and light of the world, if this is not the true *phit of our revolutionary fathers zs contained ia tceir dec'.a ration of this happy union, then Patrick Henry epokp wron?', Themis Jefferton wrote wrtng, and George Washington fought wrong And Samuel Adams, John Haccock. Beijamln Franklin, and thefigners of the Declaration of Independence acud Wiong, and Ik** old hero, Andrew Jackson, with his iron nerve, tolerated and perpe'.mted, tbe wrong But fellow citizens, there i< no one in his s )" sense? believes it. Neither will t.,e ^ople believe that James Bmhanan, Cass, Douglas, Prat', Fierce, Bigler, Weller, Brown. Davidson, Jones, Busk, Mason, Bayard, and Broidhead, and a host of otbe-r Pe ator* with comprehensive minds. are wrong. Neither will toe people disbe lieve the int?-llgent e:aborations of T B Florence J. W. Korncv. J. C.Jones, Mr. Cadwalader, J. I.. Dawson, of Fa., F. Mc.Mnllin, T. S. Bocock, and Charles J Fa llkner, anl all others, who never tire in the true spirit of our father*. It* THOMAS CHAMPION. Wants. WANTED?A WOMAN OR GIRL, white or < oiored, to do the generel housework of a family of but two persons. Apply at No. 2S1 E street, between llth aud 15th. It* WANTED-A WHITE F E M A !, E SEB vant, to wait upon a lady, gentleman, r?.nd child, In rooms, where there ?r- no other board ers Apply at 417 Fifth street, between E street and Louisiana avenne, next to the Congregational Church. lte lirANTKD? BY A RESPECTABLE WO f f man, a situation as cook for a small family, or ebi d's nurse. Good reccminerdatlons can be give i Apply at No. 5<>1 Pa avenue, between 1st and -d streets It* WANTKD? A GOOD TWO-STORY Brick House, neatly fumlaLed. at a moderate re.:t. Apply at the s>tar Office and slate terms. Ac. au 25 tf U'ANTED IMMEDIATELY?AN EXPE rieaced and competent Nurse, totakecnarge cf children and a?slst in sewinf. ALso, a good Cook, washtr and lroner. No. 266 11 street, near 1-th au 25-tf WANTED-ONE OR TWO ROOMS, either \ac^nt or plainly furrl-sfctd, between Ct-u tre Market and Navy Yard, by a tingle mau, a mechanic Address, s!?tlng particulars, ' J J Murphy," Pest Office, Washington au 25-2t* WANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK None but a good one need applv. Also, a white girl as waiter A pply at this c til 'e. au2:J-2t* WA N T E D?A GOOD BAR-KEEPER, A smart tie man Lad to assist about the bar, a good dean s?erv <nt, an Oys er Opener, and a Urst rate Restaurant Cook Gocd wagers will be raid weekly for competent hands. Applv at the S. K comer E and 7 th ate. au <3-3t* INFORMATION WANTED-OF MAG A It I T HUGHE", an orphan girl, about nineyearsof age; has red hnir, and is freckled in the face a'.id tout bu It She left her residence on Saturday. th'? 8th Instant. All persons are warned against harlxrlng her Any Information regarding her wn^reabouts will be thankfully recelred b- leav ing word at Mr. Hltz's Store ? h scutb E st , t'ap 1 ot Hill, orate McDonnell's, on North Caroli na avenge ; nd 2d street south, Capitol Hill, au 23-3t* XTTANTED?TWO EXCELLENT MILLI W NEBS. As tbe best wages lu the city are given none but excellent hands ne< d apply Ap p'ytoto. W1LL1AN, No 33 Market Place, be tween 7th aud 8tL. au 91 at \MJ A N T EI> ? WANTKD?WANTED?TO V? a,.d pct.?on? In Wvfilof the. following ar tlclrs: French f-r German Looking Slessea Portrait or Pir ture Frames, round, oval or iquar* OH Paintings, large and small Marble-top Braebitt Tables, In bronre cr gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, tmd any sire Looking Glasses, or other work In the gilding Ilne done to order with dispatch. A'so. a let of cast-Iron Bracket'.*, suitable for akelvlng, A c., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the tlmefi, for cash. N.B.?Old Work iliigllt,a3d Looking Glasa Plates Inserted. 255 Peuna. avenue, opposite* Klrkwood H^use. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. M" Boarding. RS. SPALDING, ON THE CORNER OF F and Uih streets, can accommodate boarders, either permanent or transient. au 25 eo3t* Board, Ac.?mks. bates, on the s w corner cf Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street Is prepared to acconimod <te gentlemen with roams with or without b:>ard Every effort will be made to render those comfortable* who may t w* r her with their patronage Transient or table board can be obtained ap 6-tf Board -two large rooms for RENT.?One vtry handsomely furnished. Also, n large s'ze single room eul'able far a gen tleman Board can ie had cn the mott reason able term * If de-lred. The situation iscoaland p'evsa-.t, having a large yard attached Is desira b e for a family with children. No 1U8 Tenth street, between D and E. au 25-Ct* PERMANENT OR TRANSIENT BOARD can be obtained seven miles in the country, on the plank road; good neighborhood; chu ches and whools within five minut s' walk For par ticulars enquire on Pa avenue, between 7th and 0th streets. \V M. SHUSTER A CO. au 22 3t* Mrs bannerman, corner of ?th ? rid E utreets. has several good Booms va cant, which she offers with board on reasonable term*. She can accommodate several table board ers. Jy m-tf rpo OKT ALL THE NEVr BOORS, MA M. uj?zlnes, Paper*, Ac., call at

ixri-i FERGUSON'S, 4fe? Seventh st. ORIGINAL WAP OF W ASH I KUTOIV? Engraved In Philadelphia in 1792. Kor sala, a few coplea only?price 23 cents, a i 21 FRANCH TAYLOR. AUCTION SALES. By J AS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. UNRESERVED SALE OF VALUABLE Building Let.?On WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON, August *7th, at C o'clock, on the prem'fe*. I shall s=ll part* ot Lot* 4 and 5. In equate 41#, fronting 31 fleet on north L street, be t?* en *th and 7th streets west, running back 124 ffBfltj This lot Is situated in a rapidly Improving part of the city, within a short distance of the marm. Terms: One third rath ; the residue in 6 and 12 months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the prrmis's Title Indisputable. ai V5 3t J. C. McWUlRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE BKIC K HOUSE AND Let ?b the Berth aide ef Pennsylvania avenae, between 3d nnd 4% streets.?On TUESDAY, the vd day of Sepiember. 1 shall sell, in front of the premises. at 5 o'clock p m , a very valuable Biick House and Let, si uated on the north tide of Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d acd streets, being Lot No. 8, in reservation Mo 10, having a fronton Pennsylvania avenue of ?25 fee', running back to a vide alley ISP feet, con taining 4.500 square feet of ground, with the 1m Brovement*, which are a good two-story brick louse, with necessary out-buildings. The House stands a sufficient distance from the front to ad mit of a large building on the avenue, and the property is considered to be the most desirable now for sale on the avenue Sale peremptory. Terms : One fourth ca h ; balance in 6, 12, It?, and 21 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing In erest from day of *ale. A deed viven and a deed of trust taken. All convey nee at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms are not compiled with in live davs fro n d y of sale, the property will be resold at the tiifc and cost of the delinquent. Title indisputable. A. GRt-EN, au 6 eoAds Auctioneer. W PIANO^: PIANOS'. E HAVE NOW IN STOR E THE T > K gfst and most reliable stock of-^'i 5fg| Pianos ever oli'ered in this cltv, ccn f |l slating of every Mae, style and finish, from Bos ton and New York celebrated manufactories, rane'ng In prices from 3175 to SftOO. Old Pianos taken in part payment for new, lib eral discounts for cash Also, always on hand, Accordeons, Melodeons, Guitars. Violin*, Flut?s, Srrlni;*, Ac (?7"' PI A N (IS FOR RENT, by the evening, nnnth, quarter, or jeur JOHN F ELLIS, an 20 3te Pa. ave , near 10th street. SENS'BLE 1ALK. A GENTLEMAN passingone OF OUR elegant private houses, accidentally heard the following fensibln talk between two lad es, who were standing In the door. One of them, it is thought, w is from the country She appeared to be It oking over a lon^ memorandum The i ther was l.e.ird to say : "If you buy any Albata Fr.rks or Spoons, or Cut'cy, no to FRANCIS on Sev enth street: what you t>uy of him you can depend upon. He has every useful housekeeping article, and his prices are certainly modora'e." au 15 liOUSE, SIGN AND 0HNAMENTAL PAINTING & GLAZIFG. GEORGE II. VARNELL, VO. 5I* LOUIS'AN A AVENUE, BETW. 11 0th and 7th streets, north sid?, Las opened a brunch Shop, f, r the prosecution of bis business, on th i.trect, between I street and Massachusetts avenue, east fide, and will b<* happy to reoevo caU-s 'or work at e.tfcer of his locations for doing bns,ines?. All orders for Jobbing attended topromrtly nnd at the shortest notice. In a workmanlike inan ter Thankful for pan favors he will, by assiduity and d spitch ?.f work, hope to merit the coiurnu ance of ibe orders of his friend* and the uibllc generally. au2l2w rpilE SUBS'-K IBEH, UYVINO UETEH i. mined to cl?se up hli present business, re quests all persons indebted to him bv open ac count. to coin; forward and settle the same ou or before the 5th dav of the ensuing month, SertaT> ber. All accounts no*, settled on that day will be placed in the hands of a collector for Immediate settlement. PETEll O'DONOGHUE, au 20- d2 w G eorgetown. T REMOVAL* HENRY POLK'NGHORN takes this method of informing his frieids and the public tv at be has removed his PRINTING OFFICE to the new building on 1) street, between 6th and 7th streets east, adjoining bis former establishment Having added a strain-engine to bis feciliti'* for executing every description of JOB PRINTING, he is enable to Hli orders witti promptitude and dispatch. au ls-?t WOOD AND COAL. WE ARE PREPARED TO SUPPLY ALL those wbo may favor cs with their patronage wiih the beat article of fu?l at tbe following prices: Oak Wood.... "?6 (10 per cord Pine do 5 00 Hickorydo 7 Mi Stove ar.d White A&h Egg Coal.... fl 50 per ton Red Ash 6 rM Transition Nut C I'O Cumberland Lump i> 50 fry Persons layl.-ig in fael fc: '.h<; winter would do well by givin/ us a call. All orders left at P J S'eers'st;we, No l?x7th ftreet, lietween D and E streets, or at rur ntiice, will be promptly tilled 2,940 lb*, given to ton JOHN W MYERS, A CO , Office and Yard corner of G and22d street*, an 5-lm First Wara TO THE PUBLIC. JOHN P. DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Fac'ory, on fitb^, street, between Lcui?lana avenue andr* C street, long cord i ted by Mr. John M. Young, U now prepared to manufacture nnd repair all description* of COACH ES, BUDGIE*, WAGONS, Ac , on the most reasonable terms, In the very best manner, and at the shortest no tice He respectfu'ly invites his fellow-1 itizens to give him a trial. au 14 -1 in WAD. MOUNT'S CONWUAlPTiON D*S TROVER. HIS INVALUABLE REMEDY CAN BE tad at No. 330 G street, between Eleventh and Twelfth south side. oralStott's Apothecary corner of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue. References: Rev. Mr Phelps aud Rev Mr. Keglsttr, Foundry church; and cer'llcate frrm the Rev. J Hanson Jy 22-1 in* (iHtiICK Fir.lLY HAMS, Prime Smoked J Beef an I Bologna Sausage, Just In store ai.d for sale l.y Kl N?? A BURCHELL, ?..65 Vermont avenue, corner 15th au 6 and I streets wool) AND COAL DEPOT. N. W. corner Tweifth and C street. No. 517, C/mc square south oJ the Avmut. npilE BEST ARTICLE GUARANTEED.? t All Coal carefuHy weighed?2 210 to the ton, from which there is no deviation, seemingly to reduce the price. Perfons laving in their winter fuel will tied It to their i-dvantage to leave their < rders to be sup plied from tbe ves sels on their arrival. |J3^Coal kept under cover. Wood of the best quality always on hand. Jy 2V-tr T. J. A W. M. GALT. EDUCATION. THE EIGHTH ANNUAL SESSION of the Classical and Mathematical Academy under the direction and government of the undersigned will commence on Monday. September 1st Number of pupils United to25 Fou- boys, between the ages of 10 and 18, can be received as boarders. Terms : S'AK) per ten month* for board, tuition, washing, Ac. Academy Room No 161 West st, Georgetown, D. C. T. W SIMPSON, au23-3t Principal. A CAED. CLOTHS, DRESK1NO AND MLK DYE INU ESTABLISHMENT, Alexandria, Va. THE UNDERSIGNED RETURNS HIS thanks to his friends ar d customers generally for the liberal patronage extended to him. end would Inform them that all orders left with tU A*ect, FRANCIS JENKINS, Navy Yard Hill, will be thankfully received and punctually at tended to until other arrangements are made. D. WARE I ELI), au23-3t Alexandria, Va PKESEBVlNti SUGAR, Ac. Double refined loaf, crushed, Gianuletedand powdered, Soft Crushed and Yellow, with prime and common Porto Rico and New Orleans Sugars. A 1 at lowest prices, by KING A BURCHLL, au 10 comer of Vt. ave., and 1 street. For sale?a handsome top buggy and HARNESS The whole com-/ plete and as Kood as new. Cost a few! weeks since Si 15?will be sold now ?275 ca*n. Apply at Mr. Birch's Stables, 14th street. an 23-3t* IkUCHANAN SCOTTISCti ? tl F hi more do Wheatland do Jtnt pub.lshad at our Piano aud Music Store. au 11 JOHN tr Ei.LIS. U'lDItELLAS, PKRFOMKRT, TOILET Articles, Ac. selling otf at k ,u 23 ELLIS'S PUYIXU AND VISITINO CARDS selling low at ELLIS'S, i a i 23 Jot> Pa. avenue. AUCTIOR dALStf THIS AFTKBlTOOir AND TO MOREOW. Bv JA8. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. FRAME HOVSE AID LOT AT Aaetlaa. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, August IPtb at 8 o'clock, on tbe premises, 1 shall *11 part of Lot No. 1, In Square No 477. fronting *1 fleet on north Q street, between Fifth and Sixth streets we??t, running berk 100 feet, with the ?mpm?e men's, consisting of a two-story frame dwelling house. Trrms: One-third cash ; the residue in atx and twelve months, with Intereat, ee. ured by a deed of tiust on the premises. aul4-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Anct'r. IIT The abeve aale ta postponed aatli MONDAY AFTERNOON, August 25tb, saire hour and place. au 19 eo&ds J. C. McGUIRE, Anct Bv J AS. C. MrttU I KK, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'ftftALEOF 33 K^ALI. LOTS, fronting 20 feet each Mnrylaad av?* ? ae, between Pth and 9th streets east.?By virtue of a deed of trust duly recorded In Liber J. A. 8 , No (?, folios259, MO 26t. and 2tt<, I shall sell on the p.emlses. on WtDNKSDAY. the 27th Instant, at cYlcck p m , Lots No* 1,2,3, 4, and 5, la subdivision of Square No 915. Also, Lets Nos 1,2, 3 4, 6. 6, 7,8, 9, 10. 11. 12. "-*0, 21, 22 , 2:1, 24, arid 26, In subdivision of Square south of i?quareNo. 915. The above Lots are very desirably located on Maryland averue, between 8th ard 9ih streets east, fronting 2i> feet each on Maryland avenue and 1) street north, running be^k to a 15 feet alley Terms: One-third cash; balance In * x ai d twelve months. f? r nous tati.?factorily secured, bearing Interest, Government title. HORACE EDEL1N, Tiustre au21-d J.C McUlIKK.Aict Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VERY MI'C.RIOK HOl<hEH9LO Farnt. at Aactien.? On THURSDAY, the 2?'h instant, i shall sell, at 10 o'clock a m , at the residence of Mr. Dart, on E street north between Second and Third streets west, Immediately north of Mechanic's row, a very sup rior assort ment of Furn'ture, viz : Fine Rosewood Dam;?k Brocafel covered Parlor set, consisting of Freach Sofa, two Tete-a Tetes, two Castor Arm, one Reception, and four Parlor Chairs Two fine Gothic Gilt frame Oval Frtnch plate Mirrora Rosewood Marble-top Centre Table and Fancy Table Three fine Walnut Marble-top Dressing Bureau* One do do Hat tree and Extension Dining Tabls Six fine Walnut Bedsteads Oak Arm and other Chairs t'hina. Gins*. Crockerv, and Stone Ware tlx fine Cuned Hair Mattresres Holsfrs and Pillows Twelve pair tine English silk bound Blankets Fine Tapestry. Ingrain Statr Carpels and Hods A large lot of Passage and Dining-room Oil* loth Refrizerrto-, Cooking t*tove with an excellent assortment of Kitchen requisite* With many other articles which we deem un necessary to enum rate Terms: Under 8>0, cash ; over tlO a credit of two, three, and four months, fcr notes satisfac tcrllvendorsed, bearing Interest. The above described stock of furnltnrels nesriy w, end of very superior styleand finish, and tbe sale v. ill re we. 1 worthy of the attention of per sons wl hin^ to purchase, au 2*2 d A. GREEN, Auct. By J AS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. IMJRSflTURE A^SD HOUSEHOLD Ef fects at luhlic Auction ?On FRIDAY MORN IN?, August tiS?th at 10 o'clock, at the residence cf Wm Lewis Herndon, U S Navy, at the corner cf H and 20th .-treets, I shall sell all the Furniture and Household Efiects, consisting of? Excellent rosewood Piano Forte and Stool Rosewood marble-top Centre Table Mahogany do Mahogany Pofa, Ottoman, Rockers, Chain Walnut writing Tables, cane seat Chairs Brussels, three ply, and Ingrain Carpets Oilcloth, Dru^geti, Straw Carpet, Hall Lamp Centre Lamp, Girandoles, Vases Mahogany French and high-post Bedsteads Wardrobes. Bureaus, Washstands Superior hair a'd busk Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows Blankets, Ccmfor's. fcc. Dining Tables. Window Shades aud Curtains Silver plated Ctstor*, Table Cutlery China, Glass, ard Crockery Ware Cooking Stove Refrigerator, JOtchen Utensils Terms: f20 a'd under, cash : over that sum, a credit of60and00 dtys,for sitUfactorlly endorstd notes, bearing Interest. au 23-d J. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VATIO^AL THCATRE AT AUCTION. I* By virtue of a deed of trust from Wm H. Winder, to the subscribers, dated the 7th dey of December, lb50. and recorded among the Land records of Washington county in Lil>er J A . 8., No 20, folio 3i0, et Feq , ai d at the request of the artv secured thereby, we will proceed to sell, on THL'KSDAY, August 2"th. at 6 o'clock p m . to the highest bidder, (unless the debt is previously pa d.) Lots Nos 3, and 4, in square 254. as des ignated on the ground plan of tbe city of Wash ington, (ex'r-pang that part of Lot No 3 hereto fore conveyed to ot? Allison Nailor.) together with tbe buildings. Ac., situated thereon, kn^wn as the National '1 heatre The above sale will fce subject to a prior trust, given to secure a debt of #7,000, as stated in the deed above cited The sale will take place on the premises, and the terms therof will be : One-third cash ; and the residue in six. and twelve months, with inter est from the day of sale, for which t he purchaser will be required to give notes of equal amour t If the teims of sale are not coirnl'ed with within five davs from :he day of sale, tne trust?e.i reserve the right to can.-el the sale to or resell the prop erty. at tte risk and cost of the delinquent pur chaser. on one week's public notice, on such terms as thev may ele. t On compliance with tbe terms, the trustees will convey the titie ve>ud in them to the purchaser or purchasers, and take a new trust to secure the defer red p avment-;, or con vey, on the full payment of the purchase money interest, at tne purchaser's option; In either case at the purchaser's co-;t. ANTHONY El YDE, ) Tma|?, THO R.SUTER, f Arusteea. Jy23-eodA.ds A GREFN, Anct'r. B v J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEES' SALE OF BEAUTIFUL A ountry *eat.?By virtue cf a deed of trust from Gej T tru-tee.and Ann Brown, bearing date on tbe thireen h of December, lw W. aiidrecordtd in Liber J. A No 6? fo>io? 5U6, 507, 50!*, 500. aim 510,oneof the Lund Re co*d ? for Washington county. In tae District ol Columbia, the undersigned will s?ll at public auc tion at the auction store of J C. McGuire, to the highest bidder .uu THU RSD A\ A FTEKN OON, J line :!6th, 1556, at 6 o'clock p m , the following highly improved and beautiful country property, v.z: All that piece or parcel of ground lying in tbe County of V\ a^hington and X>1? rir t aforesaid, be ing a i art of tbe land whereof Anthony Hoi mead, ao.iior, died seized, andpaitof the tract called "Pleasant Plains." ind part of the land which Anthony Uolmeaa, Jr., conveyed to Coltieii and Mayhew, which they conveyed to John l'ickrrll, the piece or pared cf land aforesaid, lying on th? east of ihe Washington and Rockvllle turnpike road, containing 5 acres and one sixteenth cf an acre, more or less, being Lot No.2ofGeo. Taylor's subdivision, and beginning for the same on the east side of the aaid turnpike road, at the end of 76.42 perches measured southerly from tte inte* sectlcn of said road with tbe Rock Creek church road, to a read or private way called Taylor's road, leading fiom tne said turnpike mad to an other pa:t of the *aid tract of land owned by said George Taylor, and running theaoe with the raid Washington and Rockvllle turnpike road north three degrees, west 28 48 pcrches to the Lot sold to J C. Lewis, thencc at light angles with the aaid turnpike road 20 IS perches, thence at right angles with the said last line, and parallel with the said first line fc3 4rt perches, and thence al right angles with the said last mentioned line and Ciarallel with the r^id second line z8.'6 perches to he line of the sdd turnpike ro?d and the place oi beginning, bet*2 be same land and premise* which wvs ccav<i>.i to tte said Ann Brown by John F. ShanaetVr; deed dated April 19 h 1853, and duly record j Together with the impiove ment and appori-^ances, which may be seen by visit ng the preafcines. Terms: Oiie-fourih cash; the residue in 6, 12, 18, and 21 months: to be secured by deeds of trust on the premises. U nless the terms of sale becom plied wl hin five days from day of sale the Tri f tees reserve tbe liftht to resell at tbe cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyances at tbe purchaser's expense ERASMUS i-M1D1>I.ETON,) T _ RICHARD U CLARKE, Jiniste?s. m 21- 2awts JA3. C. McGUIRE. Auct'r The above aale i* oaaveidably poned until SATURDAY, July ilth, sime bent and place KRASMU9 J. MIDDLFTON,) ? . RICHARD H. CLARKE, > Trusttes J#27-2awts J. C McttUIKE, Auct'r iZ7~ The abevs aale la farther until TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August *6th same boor and Place. ERASMUS J. M1DD1 ETON,) T . RICHARD II. CLARKE, ( Trustees Jy 26 2awAds J. C. McGUIRE, Anct'f. L. J. niUULKTOIl, DEALER IN ICS, OJlttand Dtmot?Southwest corner of F i .' Twelfth streets feb T>_ tf /CORPORATION STO?;M..??**,000 Corpo rayon of WashlngU'n Stock for sale at NHM OHWBli liKOTHbgtf. TELEGRAPH .NEWS. FROM THI ASSOCIATED FBESS. HV HOl'SK PR INTING TKLB014PM. Yellow Fevo/ Iacroaoinf ia Charlootoa CoLrima. 8. C , August 14.-It i. repor^ hare to day bj private advioos that IMC* w been ?1hP increase of cases of yellow fever in Charleston. Kantai Aid Mooting in How Orleans Nkw OftLiAM, Aug M ?A cell hu boon bsu^d. s.gned by the editors principal Anns and busme?s men to the nnir.ber of one ban 4rod, for a meeting in aid of tbe Southerner* in Kansas. Baltimore Markets Baltimobi, Aug 25 ? Flovr is Ann?sale* ?f Howard street. Ohio, and City Mills at 16 50 Wheat has advanced 7c ; go<?d to prime and choice whites SI 50al AO , food to prime rods SI.40 tl 45. Corn is firm; white 57afl0 cU ; yellow 58a80 cts. row York Markets. New York. Aug 13 ?Ploor has advanced. files of 7 500 bbls.; good State S? SO. snfor fine Ohio Sfi ftO: standard Southern $7 SO Wheat is better; sales of 25.000 bushels, Wej-tcrn red SI **>0 ; do white SI Sfial 08 . Southern white SI 68. Corn bos dee'.ired . .ales of 50,000 bushels: Southern mixed 03tc., ellt-w 67c ; white 70c. Fork is declined; sulos of 8(KI bbls; mess $19 12ia*lV 25 Beef it dull, sales of 200 bbls, repnc ked mess $1050*S11 Lard is steady; sales of 150 bbs at 114e. Whisky is ^uiot. dales of 1^0 bbls; Ohio SO cents. Fiaaaoial Ns# York. August 25?Stocks are dnli. Chicago and Rock Island V2; Illinois Central 1 OSi Michigan Southern bV, New York Cen tra i 85J; Missouri 0's S5*; Illinois Central toDdstflj. Sterling exchange is dull liOlSK AND PAINTING AND GRAINING. lAf T PARKKK WOULD RESPECTFULLY ills inform bis Mends and the public, that be has opened a branch shop at No 63 Louisiana avenue, (Varnnm's Bulldliur*) between Sixth and Seventh street*,for House,Sign. Ornamental.and net rem pe (usually called Freaco) Painting, and Graining Having completed bis arrangements, he fteU confident of giving perfect satisfaction te all who favor him with their patronage LIT Window Shades. Banners, Glaaa Signs. Ac , Ac , j ainted on re*to able terms, aadexejn - ted in tbe mort workmanlike manner au 16 Ci BI.ANK BOOKS, FOOLSCAP, LKTTIR, Note. g11t-<dged and all kind* of Paper. Ea velooes. Extension Pencils, and Itwv Polders, for sale at PERWUSON'S, au '?t 4t9 Seventh at TO IIGimERKEPERI. PERSONS WISHING TO PURCHASE ? superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy Sil ver Plated or Altuta Ware, fine Japanned Tea I'ravs or Toilet rets, an excellent Clock, Tea or Coffee Um. Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan, Fur nace.or any of ths hundred and one little etceteras n?*-?l d bv every houseketper, will do weil to call m FRANCIS ju?t above Odd Fellows' Hail, on Seventh stre t He has gojd articles, and hi* prices are low Jv *?-tf NOTICE \Tr;TlIER^'S BKA>S ANDSTPING BAND VV lately of New \ ork ?lty, l>egs leave to in form the public of Washington, Georgetown, and Mexandrla, that they ^re now ready to farnlab tbe n >ft fashionable and appropriate Mu?lc of the day for Plc-Nlcs. Excui>lon? Bal s and Parados no the moat rea-rnab a terms, at tfwe shortest no tice, by leaving crders at Mr HILBUS*S Music Derct, on Pennsylvania avenue, corner of 11th strt? t, or at Mr. WITH ERS' residence No MA ?ixtb street,corner of G, south side, near the Gar rison. All orders promptly attended to jy *3-lna* A CARD. 1AM PREPARED TO ATTEND TO ALL orders appertaining to the duty of Scavenge! of the S?-ventn Ward. If left at the following places to wit: Mr. CJulgley's, - orner 13 h and C ats Mr. Tu< ker's on 7th street, at Man-land av. Mr. Samuel Pumphrev, corner of N and 4fc at* Mr. John Kelley's, 4K street between B and C, Island WILLIAM E. MULLEN, an . 1 6to Scav?ngvr JONAS P. LBV ?, IKTOKTBR an* ISiLII IH WIS IS, LIQUORS, CIGARS, API) ?J5rff OBOCSFIFS, ffoaoraiCcrusi:esion & Forwarding Merehani lySLKASCE AND BILL BROKER, No. 474 Pa. &v . two doors below U. S Hoiti, WasHisoTon Citt. D. C. m--ly _ &IMHTINO GOODb. 1 his day Receiving and Opening by E. TUCKEK A CO., SO. tS3, P EXJfSYL t A SI A Aft NUB. Single and Double Barrel SHOT GUNS Beat American Rifles. Revolving and other Pistols, Flobert Rifles and Pistols, Powder F iaaks, Shot Pouches, Gme Bags. Powder, Cape, Shot, Ball*. Ram Rods, Cleaning Rod*, Cartridges, Wads ftc Gumtmitk't Mictrtil m ecrry vamiy. A LI. OF WHICH GOODS THEY FROPOSS to sell as low as felmlar articles can be bought ia the northern citltee, most of their stock bela^ Imported by tbemsaivea or purchased of manufac turers l ue shooting season being at hand, do time Is to t>e lust In thr select!' n of a jjau and equipment*, ami those who f all early will have the advantage of the choloe of goods auSl-ecSt U 'OEMV 0? MUSIC. JF CAULFIELD, FROM 1>1 U LIN, IRE ? land, having made W ash lug ton his reat denc-?, wili open Lis Musical Arsdemv on tb? flfst Monday ot September, at Caiusi's Saloon, In die north room, entrance on llth street, where'be Intends teaching In Classes the various branch** of M uslc ty the celebrate d system of l.ogler, now In ^fr.eral in the Loudon Academies The classes will be aa follows, namely : Piano Forte Classes, Slrging Clasaea, and Clashes for study of the Science and Theory o| Music. 'Terms In, for eath nur-11 luclt?sgo pt-r qu. rter, of twenty lessons. Private leason* io either of the above'branches. Lcs*ons of one hour each twice a week, S4v> per quarter; half an hour, per quarter. Lessons on tha Orpan to those alrejdy advance In music, S3?i per quarter J. P. CAULFIFLD will alsoatteud In George town two days In the week. Flease apply at the Music Store of George HIL bas.or at t?*e Piano Store of Jchn F. Ellis. au 14-eo3w? IbLANO ACADEMY. A FRENCH AND ENGLISH ACADEMY for the instructiAii of voung ladlea will b? open September let, by a ladv of years experlenm In teaching, and having resided acme years on the Island, solicits the patronage of her former friends and others who declre the succesa of a high claas school lu that part of the city. The svstem of lns'ructlnn will comprise all tne branches taught in first cia*s academies, and tbe manners and morals of pupils will receive strict attention. A preparatory school for children will beattached to the Acfcden.y, and the rudiments of French will be taught gratis Competent maatera will be en ?a?red for Languages. Music, Painting. Drawrlng, ire. Reference* and terms made known by ad dressing "ACADEMY," Star ORce su U-lm LIBERTY HALL, Feu* avenue, between \Ztk and Wtk ttreeit rpHli frofrietors respectpully L a tnounce that they nave added a number of private rooms to their establishment and they are p eoared to fun ish purtiea with all reasonable delicacies Meals lurulsited at all hours and their Wine*, Liquors. Segars, Ac , are of tbe very beet quality auio-lw HAMMACH A COX. NOTICE. ^EN WALTER JONES AND CHARLFS * LEE JONES have removed their ofllce to *-o SOo, E strvet, between 3d and 4th street* Charles Lee Jone? will practice In the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts held lu the District of Columbia. Gen. Halt** Joihs, though mostly retired from general Po lice. will uiHte with him and do his boat to aA Vance the success of clleats by written ststemecU aud arguments, and by all other p-o(?t exertion w " UL0 MAH8! OLD MAMS! E HAVE RECEIVED A L?^ OFMAG ?>/.iia Ham t two vears old. a rare and very KING A BURCHELL, cor Vermont ave , and 1 atraot_ medical card. Dr H. PERABEAU, GERMAN UOMEO pathlc physlcan, has the honor to offer his s T*ires to the inhabitants of Washl?gtoa and vicinity. una-' and Residence on 1 stm<, No. ? M i?.fn *Wth and 21at streets. N. R?Homeophathic medicines for sale, whlrh ifie Doctor prepares himself with tbe greatest tare, for Fever and Ague, for BUous and Bowtsi I conTpiainta, Ac , Ac m lA-Joi < W'