Newspaper of Evening Star, August 26, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 26, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, I). C, TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1856 THE EVENING STAB, rrBLISHKD BVKRT AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At tl* Stmr SwtMwxi.t^itT #/ Prmtuplmmmi* wnrt trd .'??vtntk strut. By W. D. WALLACE, Will be served to suM-tIN** by -arrlers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agects; papers served In raoknges at 37% per month To mall subscribers the sub ?oApdon price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF T VRN P? a mrin TWO DOLLARS fw <df months, and ONE DOLLAR for three ?Kinths; for lesi than three month? at the rate of !*? rents a week. KT SINGLE COPIES ONE TENT. PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOSS BY FIRE! *-* Capitol and Sirrplu* |1,3M,1}1 13. FAESBES AITD MECHANICS' IH8U& KT<CE CO . OF PHILADELPHIA. Of.-e n.*rtk res* corn* PnWranw arrrute tmd I7tt *'re*/, n *thin!ton City, D. C. STATEMENT OK BUSINESS PROM THE 1ST day of Augu?t to the 31st day of December, 1?%3: Aw >unt reeeiTed in marine premium*. f6?,84? 31 Do (Irs premium* 39,0^ T >ta! premium* fbr five ni">nth? 108.151 13 Cap-ta^^?/ 1,MO,000 00 1,338,151 13 Invested a* follows: B >n U of Allegheny county, Pittaburg, ?j)d Ptula hlphia CityS's $78,721 66 lUilrna 1 bind", cost................... U,'1KI 00 Leaaa oa ft'st m of real estate.. 59.950 00 Do #to?*k*, C"!Vatera' 30,384 00 Ca-h in bank aid on band 11,092 23 Cap ta! suhseffbed 1,947,700 00 Premium notes, aot matnrod 66 387 31 Due from s/nu (secured by bonds)... 18,853 61 Expenses an J communions 11,662 33 1,398,151 13 T Kal am I'jut of I owes reported to 1st Jaiuanr, 1856: 4,666 66 DIRECTORS. H-in. This B. Fl >renc<* Charles Dinger, fteorr* H. Armtrong, Tnoma* Manderfie'd, C&arle* A Rub '?am, E-lward R. H-lmbold,; O.i'j- II?lmbMJ, F. Carroll Brew.*ter, J?*r* E N?a!i. 1-aac Leerh. Jr. THOMAS R. PLORBNC8, President. EDWARD R H ELM BOLD, Secretaiy. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Char!--* Waiter. No. 397 I) street- * Jo >. M. Taorntoa,eon?er First street and Virginia av?n?ie. . Jam -a William*, No. 42 Pour-and-a half street. 0UR1NE SURVEYOR. Ca?t J. P. Levy, No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomaon. The b'nine^ of liiis Company will compare fh v >raWy w.Ui th* ra Ht>Micee?fal of similar institu tion la the United Stages. Prsm ?tie l? day of August, 1855, in five months, np tt l#t Jatia y 1S33 the premium* received am muted to tti- ia.'gc ?m of oae hundred and eight tfco wa-id, on* hundred a i-I fifty-one dollars, with only forty rfx hundred aul ainy six d 'lia s losses reported. . Wi'h the*-1 evidence? of success" and good man ajem-sf, th? directors feel justified in soliciting a ehve ofpib'i* pa'ronaje, bflievinf that the secu ruv offered i* ant >!e and ihata'l ftiir cla ra< wf' 1 e a Ijmtcii m>;e a ccording to equity .hail legal tc::?nt caU'ia*. \V;;h a view if aT.rding ample indemnity it the p ib ic. the cam'iny hav? d??po*ited with MBSSRS DUNCAN, SHKRMAN, * CO., Of NRW YORK, THRfR BANKERS, Cash and premium s>>te* to provide an accruing TYurf P.tiui of Off Hundred T\wianA Dollars, To bs he'.d by th?m a< alditional security to policy b >Ulfrs f ?r the payment of losres. "The company M^r^parfd m is-oi^ oolicteg a?amsi |o?* or tamsr^ by Sre on DWELLINGS, PCRNI TO*?. Mlf.L^, MWI'FACT -R'M, WAKE a'l descriptions of BUILDINGS, and tnelrc^nient*, or a'l Kind* of M*Ki'!I.\NDI8E, transported by VKpSSLS, STRAMBOATS, CA NA!. B ?ATS, RAILtOADS, and tlae u?ual con ve\"aT as to or f:pm a >y portion of EUR')PK and AMRRICA, a id on the hulls of STEAMBOATS aav.xa'in^ the wt?t?rn watsrs Tas ra:?-? of premium will b- a-low at other com?ai;'.-, a id in fix n* th^m evsiy improvement in rwKU'i'Mi'in and a la qetneoi will 62 taken into ?on^il- rauon. All l*?s-?e? <peed>ly a!jii4>eil aii proin;?t!y paid. Office :<fi.i*e-t c rn?r P.*ua<?jlvaoiaav nue and Sevent-vnth su*et, Washington city, D. C. Insurance mjy a:*o &e <-(f,-ri?d at the Horn* Ofa*, cor.ier JVnlmt (tnd Semtvi Sfreefs, PKtlz drlfA>i Als??,a?tl?eCoin^a ?y'so?fi?eg: New York? A W. Th mpvin. No 10 Wall street. Bosteo? Oliver Bre?v*ter, No 4 8:a*e street. Baltim ?re?? B U. Rfoba'dsoa. No 7i da<tim we street. Cincin nati?Taylor k Anthony. Charleston?J. II. Tay lor, No. til E. Bay street New Orl?-ais?Ha inan Ikja.10. vfo'i'^.tm *ry?Albert W liiam*. Mobile? A. C Wau^h. Piibb irf?T. J. Ilanter, No. 90 Wa'.er ?u*et Savannah- A. Wilbur, No 111 Bay street. Augusta ?'JirarJey, Whyte a Co. Atlanta Ma/-us \. Bell. Trent >n?Na'r A Cccks Fond du L*->? Robert A Baker. Vieksbarf?J. Putnam. Buff* ??A Ba'ker. Memphis -W. E Milton. Iistroit ?Ta'xna* Pa mtr A Son. Milwaukie?A. VVeUny.on Hart. VYeil-*bjrg, Virj; rla?Da fbrih Brown, jr. Erie, Peansyivana?Allen A. Cratg. VVysmiu^, Poan*y vania - R C Smith. Lonis vias?ll. tJ l imberlake. NadiviBe- Jo#eph Na?h. Pxtaid? D Robinson, jr. Cai?L{o?K P. Ward F a icm-jo ? Wii.iam Bi?s. St. Lotus?Thoe. K. Courteiay, general arent lor the southern and wratern Srate*. And in oth*^- principal cities of the United Sates by authorised officers of the com paiy. je li-lyt AGENCY Or THE Alliinee Insurance Co. of Philadelphia* Capital 1300,000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1956. Asmii of fomj'sny, e??n?ttttng of Bsnds sa4 Mortsacas #fs an?a"aab?r*4 r?si Mtsts 111*,*** SS of ?t?ver Cor*?r?UoD*, worth per ?,??? ?? own ?* )ui ?I'M n Bills ormrf-rttJj of Msrtn* n?t?s Md I>r1 U>sa* ISAM* '? at-^s not* ?1M? ?? *1.MS ?? tilt,4 M *S WU?I? ft?r pr?mlasB< dsrtac ths fssr M ruJ trr wwjt ?l1 tip*'*? darlof U;? jnr 71,1M M P M MoRIARTY, President, i. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE OEBAT WE8TEEH FIEE INSUE AffCI CO OP PHILADELPHIA. Cipittl 9900,000. Ckarttr Ptrpttuai. nrascTons. Charles C. Lathrop, SU Spruce street. Ale lander WtUden, merchant, 14 North Promt ?t?eet John C. U inter, firm of Wright. Hunter A Co. E Tracey. Arm of Traoey A Baker. Joha R McCurdy, flrm ot Jones, White 4 McCurdr Isaac H sale hurst, attorney and coaanellov. J a mm B Smith, firm of J asB Smith A Go. Then W Baker, firm of Tracy A Baker. R 9. Walton. 360 Market street Tft^tavs K Llmerlnk, 5)4 Spruce street. John J Rak?7. GolAsmlth's Hail r CHARLES C LATHROP, Pretfdeal. THOMAS K LIMERICK, Secretary. Risks changed from oth^r companies to this, no charife for policy fee. Enquire at the o*c? of J H KaaCU: over R Morrow's Exchange OAoc, first 4*rm West of W. B Todd's Hat Store, oa Peaaeytoanla avenue. DAVID MYERLK.A^"^ iiats, fhencii hats: JllbT RK?EIVED, PER LAST STEAMER, import d direct from Paris, the new fall style of ti?-nt's BLACK VENTILATING DREsS H ATS, which. In style and beauty of ftnlsh sur pasaes anything yrt pro Jived A 1st. Auo'her lot of those Geuln Prenah SOFT HATS. At the Gent's BAZAAR, cemer 6th street and Pa. avenue. mUtw HOPKINS. A PIANO AT A HREAT BARGAIN?One of Hall't, Davis A Co's, manufacture. Rosewood Case, ior tl65,^7^^^I P'irchase<l of us only a few months since; and theowuer is compelled to leave the city Call and tee It JOHN P ELLIS. Piano and Stuslr. Stora, between an 0 9th and iOCh streets LkTHOBE'll JCITM'F?New edition, re vls d. ru.a/jstd. and improved. Just published. aa 19 FftANOK TAYLOR. OFFICIAL. TUAfOIT ftiFAlTMIBT, Htf W, 1866. Notlc? is hereby given to the heidera ef the *teck leaned punuut to the act of Congress of *4d July, l&U*, that such stock Is redeemable by Its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificates thereof, on the 13th of November next, when Interest thereon will cease. This department will continue to purchase such stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the following premium, in addition to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach the vender: On such stock received at the Treasury bctwivn the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July. In clueive, one-half of one per cent on the amounts specified In the certificates; On sach stock received between the 1st and 31st Jays of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And on such stock received after theSlst day of iugunt, the Interest accrued thereon, and one lay's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under thlsnotiee must be duly assigned to t$?e United 3utes by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's interest mu t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such Interest wHl be payable aa heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this departme nt *?111 purchase the same between the 1st day of J une and the 1st day of December next, unless the sum of $1,500,000shall be previously obtained, ind wtii pay for the same, in addition to the in terest accrued from '-he day of the last dividend of interest, and ont day's additional interest for the money to reach the vendor, the following rates >f premium: On stock of the loan of lflt, a premium of 10 per cent.; On stock of the loans of 1947 and 1948a premium yf 1? per cent.; And on stock issued under the art of 9th Sep tember, 19-50, commonly called Texan Indemnity ?tock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the U nlted States by the par ty entitled to receive the money; and if sent pre vious to the 1st July, the cuaent half-year's in terert must also be assigned by the pr??eent stock holder, otherwise the interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment far all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. J AM KB 6UTHKIB, m?0-dtUNov Secretary of the Treasury. OFFICIAL. TSfASSRY PrPARTMEWT, August 20, 1*VJ. Wht?na? Use following joint rcijolution of CongTcae had b crme a law: Joist Resoh'Tiox exirndinx the time for tbi eredi turiof T<*xa1 to present their clams Rftoh-ed lytbe Senate and Hoof lltprntr.fa tfceso/IAe Lin/erf State* of +lm*rica in Congren r* t>ntMcd, Tie a . i^rcetb y t?the p-i vi <on of the f' wrth section ot ih* a:t ??#" ?h?* 5i9.h of Pebrun y, lt*5>, ?' to provide f ?r if** mvment of surh creditor* of the'a e repub'ic of Tcxa a? are comprehended in'he ait of Coagress of 9?*yi?inb^r 3:h, 1850," no tier, by pub'ic ? W>,rtisefn"nt, was duly given for the sja-e of ninety dny * by the Pe n"a y of the Trca-u.y, of tfee time a: which jnym-nt of the atn unt appropriated by the fifth section of said art would b>* male,pro rata, on a y b nd, certifies e, or evidence ?f rt?bi of raid *tn which should be printed at the Trra ury Dejanm ni ihiny <ay< pr the 13ih ?ay of June, I Si*, the limit of <?aj notice; a-id as it is represented bv the said Heereta y of the Trcnmry, that of tnid binds, eer tiicn es, and ivideacee of deb , which lave b^eti r-cognised by tho Sat* of Teia*, the sam>. eqeai to th ? si:m >?* three hundred and eighiy nine thous and hundred ani ninety three dollars and sevr n c^nts were not presented to the Trra ury Dr| aim *nt prior to the iaM 13.h of Jun<-. therofoie, in or ler io do full ju?lice tn the bol lers of m d debt, the Secret la y of the Trra ury b> hereby aatiorired to iay to lb?- holders of aay of the mid b<>nd?, eerttfiea'ce. <>r evidence*, of deb , not prt-aented before ih? 13 h day of June la <f, who may present a d prove the ?h ne a* the Trra-ury Depe tn *nt. b :tween the 13 h day .f Ju e la t and the 1st day of Janua y ne*', a id execnts the proper rebates io the t'nii?-a H'a'es a-id the flta'e of T.-xa?, t*>eir fro rata *bare of the ta d st ven m llion ttvm hundred and fifty ihotisa-id dollars; nnd after jayment thereof, ihe ta d riecro tary of the Ti???uiy is a ithoriaed and required tn distrib'ite and pay the re-idue of ih? ?eid seven mil lion- srveu a-id fifty thou?atd dolla s, then remaning in the ir< a uiy, pro rata, amongst all the. ra d holders who may have prov?d uieir e'a m ,and e*-euted the proper rcliaes on orb-dure the l<t day of Jauua y ne*t. Approved August 18ib, 1856. Nonet 19 HXIELT ftivn to tha hoHers of bonis, certflra'es, a i-i ev dances of debt of the 'a'e repub !h r>fTe???, which were not presented at this de p?-in -nt on er b' fore the 13th day of June la t,tliat the fame will be settled aud lbs pro r?rfa ainnur t tLereon will b ? je d to the awfal holders thereof if presented before the flrit <*ay of January nex', ae cr mj?n?ed with the n<x** evidence of their p?n. alii' nrse, wi*h arigi m*nts to the United flin'ef, rt> quired to fclv.? this d?na'tm -nt the custody of buck b Kids, oe lift tt'ej, and tv.Jenois of d. bt, aud w?:h re!?a*es io the Uaited 8 a.iss *iJ Trass, lu acoortV anc? wi*h tlie prt vieiotis of ths of Congress of 29.h Feb-vary, 1W This dej?rmr?t will not require ?vidence of gen uineness to be presented with the eertWHn*?e issued by the arii*-* and cr?np'r<>3er of Tesns under the la-vs of tbe P*a*a. But It p-is?e^?esno m-ansof ve? ifying the certifleetee, binds and pecm ssory notes issued by the republic of Texa?, a<d not preeenled tn, nor avlied by, tlis o<*crrs of the Sute. The nroes?tt?y a d pr&pet proof of the g. euinenft.^ of ihe latter is ths certifi ate of Ui ? ooiu..ireller of the S:aie ofTtaa-, who Lat the < fficia! eU'g- of the orMtina1 arcMv *s relating V) the d? bt of the late re pob'ie ef Texas Ths as<tgem :nt a id relent may b? eaecutod and acknowledged In the preeenee of the As -irtnnl Secretary ofthe Treaniy, or the chief elerk thereof in ihe pretence of a no??'y peblic, n^d be wrnuse d by the A ?is;pnt Seore* y, or chief clerk a d note ty, a-id b ? certified by the ao*? y nmier hii note ,a ; b it when liie holders d*are to the a ?. #r in wit a-.d ? *?cute the rolra out of the ?ty of Wa hlngtcn. it may b: done in the presence rtf ai AS-!*?n'it trfa*urw, or eillee?or, <r rutv y >r of ihe mnom?| in the presenre of a note y pub'ie, and be witneeeed by the cilleeter w suivry* aid the new m y puVic, and bs eertified by the aste y undsr his note^a' i vid if tksie bs no collecKir or sntv?e o? ??fihe eusu m4 a' the p'a* where the |ssny re> ??idte, tb* w^sicnas tut ??d reltetee may be exe?it' d b*#>re any eourt of record, in the prsaenoe of the ind^e and cl rk thereof and be witnessed by them, a d certified by the clrrk under his *a! of office; a id if the hrider hi out of Ihe United X* es, Ihe av nfnm ml a td releaiss may b? e??cuted b-tilt a?ry Coiled Ptn es consul, and b: witaesied and oertifi'Hi by him under his'Nmennr etn'. All persons exe^ tiucg such msnu a id reUatee m irt also dc ei?*e, under mth, bs<twe the note y, eterk, cr eon ?ul, a' tbe mm- My b?, that they are the r??il owa ers of ihe eertiftretes or other evidences ef d. b% er tf??t (fte ramt tave b*en aisigaed to thftn, 6s>m fUt, far cuJIretion ; ?nd ihe ao;n-y, clerk, or eonsnl must iaclnde the teot of ttaideeia'ntiun in tkelr c<*> Ufi n't of aiknowledgwn' ff a "i^ned wr cdlectton, or in pledge, ih? i ame of ihe |a'iy holditif ?h? or residua y il mm? in the eUlm must be lUWi to th? nAiavft and a reh ate to the United 8<atns and relrase to Texas must bj duly exocuted by such jarty, to g'ther with the assignment and releases from the person in wlioie fa var cettlement a'ld jayinent is requested One ?r m ?r? audited certificate, or oar or more r.videnoa of th? tame character of debt, may be in eluded in the mm* assignment, rol<a<cs, and affida vitof ownership, if each certificate is correctly de scrib >d by numb ;r, date, armunt, a id ram i of the origiral payee. It ahould a!on appear whether the certrficaes ware issued by the authorities of the P;?teof Tsxas, on a^oonnt of tlis d<bt of the repub lie, or were issued by the republic of Texa', accord ing 10 tha facta of each ease. 1 he assigr.imnt to tiie UnitciSte'esmaybemale in a< mm m foina ; the re|?ases should In deavn ai cording to the fo:M< subjoined?A and B. JAME8 GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Tita u. y. /Vrm Jt. Know a>l perrons by these prison:* liiat la* rcl? s*ed. aid htreby reh ai*t, the United 8?esot Am *ri(a triini a'l further babili:y or c'a in for lb* (aymsnt of certificate or tvmrnce of d.-bt number , for the sum of ? ?, issued by the late rrp b!ic of Texa*, (or by the authorities of the State of Texas, a* the case miy b-,)and re d'fm?d by tha United Sxres in accordance with the p*ovi<ions of an a*t of Congress entitled "An act to provi e for the payment of such cjediton of the late republic of Te?* a? are comprehended 111 the aetof Concrem nf Scpteinl>er nine, eighteen hundred a id fifty," approved the 28th day of Fedruary, 1855, and an act of the "tate of Texas, approved the l?t of Februa y. I&i6 As witnets my band and atal. Form 11. Know all persons by these presents that ? has released, am hereby releases, tlieb a nof Texas fir. m all furiher liability or claim for the |?ay rn ?nt of certifb are or tvideiice of H bt numb-r , fir the sum of $ ~, i?f 1103 by the late re of Texa?,(or by the authorities of the tJ-a's of T- xas. ai the case may be,) a^d redeemed by the United Itaitoa in a'cona-sce with the prnvi-ions of an act of Congress, entitled " An act to provide for tha paym"lit of such creditors of the la'e republicU Texas a? a'e comprehended in the act of Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and fifty," approved the 29ili of February, 1855, and an act of the State of Texa*, approved the 1st of Febrna'V. 1856 ' . As witness my hand and seal. The following is a list of the audited ccriiSeates still on s a iding : A'o. Ivmc.'i to. lfi'iO D ear Engledow lfiTj Trustees ^f Austin ColJpgc 16PJ G II Moma~ra! A Co ltt'O John Earner 1704 Daniel Carl No IiS'ttd to. 8 T D Tom kins 18 Rukman Can field 31 John A Clifton :? II K Mi'se 53 R G Ilobbi 84 J Dc Cordova 91 John Rurningham 1732) ? v ... , ... 135 Phineas De Cordova 1733 j " N VVac?? 1740 John VV Portis 176 L Pa'dwin 111 Jimn Tilfhma:i 192 Ma'life' Clark ^J^Etha Dirle 328 O Blineau 344 J E Wale 36" Pfters A Booth 395 Husted 4<>4 fl Kmgsley 4i7 J Pi ker, fir Eitra bnh Parker, ex'x 437 Benedict Fayiey 44.1) I.eander It-a?ou 4RH IVm <">dlin 467 John W King .VW T K VV hb 510 A H Tlui m ind 5)8 Thoa WMarsraM 615 I'avid S Kaufman H13 Georgs VV l'ark^r 1770 I K Elliott 1807 ilariiet Georce 18IC Mlies 8 Bennett J8i9 Na'ha uel Rudder IMl H.i vi Ty!er, adm'r 1H33 ) of W II Kelly lf?:ia r-'amue! Wildry l^:t9 Georirs Sutherland 1841 J P Ilennings ] 84J } > r 1614 Edmund Ballinger 1852 J 11 i.o#a 1 |H,V5 C P Green 1H6^ Dav.d Ayrea l-*>9 Th?>rri"s F Ismci 1878 C Hrhiedl? mantd 1W.I J F h'w< tt 1897 F I'm in a 1899 Tar jl a I.e. 1928 Robert l.nsk l^AJ E \V ('anthem 19.'i0 V\m(Jocluan li;3i F.anci .^loorc jr 2071 Andrew I a'? y 2J7i I*aac .-tew art 150?} c w Vick,,ry ?2088) r ?) 1 aul Rremnnd Ml Cro:ch?,rfcMcKavenl9'?l K -V jJios in yer Si}Wm Flower 19i2 Gilb-rt Johnson 8 >3 J A Smi )?nn 0 .9 VVm II Belcher 677 (1 II Williams 701 Felix Biedt-r 5}y } B( b rt Da'c 77;t Wm Jiinea 779 Wm Wa'ker 793 Uyor Piarl 8 S Isaac L 111 I P6J Hermacan B:own 874 John W Bower 879 Jam s McMa<ter 915 ?a TPK*en Ili?lcn-?8M)! F p s""'! ?M %*jjsWFi,h? tttj Mrs Ma y Belville 1010 Anson Ctanson 1019 R M Forbes 1023 James N Hojan 1043 Th< Mas Llndray 1M? James L Green 1719 J llfljo ! raVid G Barnct ?g}B PMcManer 2*135 I fjflui'ia a Dav ? 8 D Gervaiae 1047 Daniel 1046 J R ranii I 10V) Cha'tes Vmccat ?o:* > 1057 J 1 105U Willis Millieaa 1059 J D MQIiean I0#U Je?hn I'avis 10W Wm Pa-ton 1079 W A Lock! a t 1060 B M. rv n 1185 Jam 'a Kil am 1196 C II Taylor 1211 Yt'Uncs Cob ma 1 210^1, 1501 2303 E Frost '2CK6 Thoma* Reed 231G lla rieon C Bryant ?SXld J rJ M< Dora'd 2340 Arthur Garner 2311 J F Mar ch tt 2311 Andrews Jt Grov r 2V4.^ p H Momtt 2319 W Pinkn. y -350 J I) O ddm*< 2,*t54 J Ciasrfcr-.l j - 23^8 A P Edg? rton 2359 Thomas Warner jr 2363 G<oig? K 8i?:ar-: 2361 Fianci* Brich'a 23^2 Eluab 'th ( arter 2381 W m Davis 2 87 Jo.eph T< m'inson 2390 Pneed k T'irner 1248 Bob -rt McNnit 1249 John W Cloud, per :J39o Wm K'inbro aty 1 II Baymond 2400 H H I'aynie 12C1 E De Pou 01s lSif.9 C P tireen 1475 G W is.nka h. J 81?aw 1287 Jibn Kendri^k 191*8 Pamuel Hid en 1300 John Johnson 1301 Su an Ma m x 8401 It W Mill.auk 2102 ( a'Jierine Allen B 2405 llenry Krii g 2413 J W i.awrei.oe 24'.8 Sten'ien Smith 2434 A C Horton 2*^ Elasha'et Fa*u?n 2442 Lemuel HDickcnion 13d2 Thomas li Forreatt r 24'<0 Wm II Th< mpeon l.'idS It R Warner 142.) William Frela 1424 G W ()sb?me lt95 John A Rqtherfbrd 1427 Cornelias V'annoy I1?8 Joseph Patea 1473 Ann B Reese IMS Lnmba-d M mi 1521 J C Moora 1523 John Jamns I.>54 K H DungJai 1570 E M Firli 157*2 Wm Kerr 1580 Jam<* A Moody l?l P Bickford 1612 John 1615 Julin ('am ron 182.3 lohn D 3 aylnr 1C24 L?-vi Mercer 1626 F. 1 Mercer S4.V3 7. Wm Eddy 2471 J E Hermn 3474 A B Hemphill 2477 Aa*on HauKhten 24"M Heirs of John Jonoa 2460 ?' Joel Hi I 24HI " Warren Aburn 2482 " John L MonUs 24^1 ?? Petar Aid ie 1 2490 M A Dooly 2500 George C Lay cashier 2501 F Kennett Co 2503 John W Schrimpf 2*)1 W C Blair 2512 M Korb"rt'a>l!e 2513 IL-nry ii Brooks 2514 Cabm I Trumwelt 2-W H 8 Morgan 2539 Furbur 6t II. an 2.VI4 Pa-ah New ma 1 The outeU iding evidences of other cla acs of the d?bi oft'** republic of Tela * cannot b-specified by tills Deja'tm >nt. an 2^ -dtl tJa'?J HATS! HATS! JUST RECU1VKD K FULL SUPPLY OF

line drab Hnaver ventila ted HATS, which 1 offer at 88 50; they are the best Huts lor the price in the United States The beat blae\dr?i? Hats got up In he latetst style for 83 541. as good as thor>e usually sold at 85: and a good fashion able Hat at S J, worth 84 ; and a first-rate Hat, 82 50. The be?t materials aud the best workmanship la employed to produce a 85 Hat, which Is sola for ?3 50. We do a oaah business, meet with no los aea, but gl*e each cnatomer full value for his money. Kelt and Straw Hats unusually low. N. b Agent for Drlscoll's llalna of a Thousand Flowera Frica 25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Fa avenue, Agent for a New York Hat Company. n?24-tf SP. HUOYKK'S BOOT, 8UOE, AND a TRUNK USTAU LISHMKNT?1 have on hand the largest and roost extensive assort ment o' ttentlemens' and Ladles' SMel eath er Travllng Trunk,1 and Wood Fra Packing Trunka* Vail oes, Bonnet Boies, new style; Carpet Bags of all styles and qualities Also, a general assortment of Ladles', Genu', Boys' and Misses Shoes, all colors and stiles. All wishing to purchase any of the above articles will ftndlt to their ad van tage to examine my-stock before purchasing else where Oallat 8 F. HOOVER'S, iron Hall Fewi. ave., bet Wh ?md IHIj jy tt KM81. Educational. T miss YOUNQ S SEMINARY. I street, corner of 18tA, tent end. rpHK DUTIES OF this SOUUUL WILL .Z: '? rta'iU1fd on Monday next, September 1st. Thoron^b Instruction as usual In the elementary *D,?. branches of EngllHh In connection v> Lth the !? rench language. an 25-;Jt* jlfRS DR. FECHTIG, HAVINO KE . 7 .moT^7 10 ,he corner of Second and High streets, will resume the duties of her school on Monday, the 1st of September. Hoarders, as well as day scholars, will be received. For further psrtlcu ars enquire at her residence corner of *> econddcd High streets. an 25-3t* T EDUCATION. ~ UK EIGHTH annual SESSION of the ( laKsicai and Mathematical Academy under tfce direction and governm?nt of the undersigned will commence on Monday, September 1st Number of pupils limited to*5. I our bov*, between the ages of 10 and 16, can be received as boarders. Terms : 8200 per ten months for board, tuition, washing, Academy Room No 161 West st . Georgetown, D. C. T. W SIMPSON, Principal. ? K ?-JVt~TiLVV * C !? A S ? I C A L A N D MATHEMATICAL academy. mHK DUTIES OF this INSTITUTION J- will be reauniel ou Monday, September lat A. BOWEN, au lP-eodaw Principal. NORTHERN LIBERTIES' SEMINARY FOE YOUNG LADIES, Corner of L and Tenth streets, MKS. A. E. BELL, Principal Preceptress. The next scholastic year of this i Institution, will commence Monday, Sep lember 1st, when the young ladies will bear in mind that early attendance will greatly facilitate the arranging of class e, so that as little lime may he lost as possible by a long vacation A limited number of young ladles will be re ceived as boarders. Circulars, containing terms of tuition, and fur ther particulars can be obtained at the principal bookstores, and at the Seminary. au 16-eo2w ST. JOHN'S ACADEMY, ~ Ao. 57 South Royal street, corner of Duke, ALEXANDRIA, VA. HE EIGHTEENTH SESSION WILL commence on the 1st of September, and con clude with the usual public exercises about the 1st of July following. The course of study embraces the Greek, Latin, French and English languages, Mathematics, Natural Science, Ac., Ac. TXKMs. Bo I'd and Tuition per session cf ten months, pay able semi annually In advance $125,(K) Tuition per quarter of 11 weeks 5,00 Ancient Languages, Stationery, Ac , ftrm extra charges to all who ar* not entered for the session , For further particulars ?ee circular, which can l be had on application to RICHARD L. CARNE.Jr an 19-eo3t Principal EMERSON INSTITUTE, H street, between I'it i and 13.'A stnefs. SELECT CLASSICAL A MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS. 1*HE EXERCISES OF THIS INSTITUTE will he resumed on Monday, September 1st. Thorough instruction will be given In the vari ous branches of an English and Classical Educa tion. The number cf pupils is limited. Students preparing to enter College, and those especially who wlt>h to qualify themselves for adm!s?lon Into advanced classes, will have the benefit of a particular and careful training. Terms per quarter, f-ir the English branches #12,30:, S15. For further parllcu'ars a id reps an 10 tf CHARLES B. YOUNG, Trim HAVINU ENt.AUF-D Till'. SERVICES of a thoroughly competent female i eacher for the education of my own daughters, I am pre pared to receive, as members of my family, four or Ave young Hdies. Every effort will be made 'or their m<ral and religious training, and l|i>eral culture of their minds. Terms for the scholastic year of ten months, commencing on the loth ol September, 1656, as follows: For board and tuition in the usual branches of an English education SI35 -an additional charge of 810 for French, and 515 for music and ure of instrument. Addre-s MRS. SARAH A. DAWSON, Sprlngdale, near Potomac Furnace, Loudon county, Virginia. au 18?wlw* GREENWOOD SEMINARY, FOR Y0UHG LADIES, Three miles out on Seventh street Plank Rnat, Is now open for the reception of pupils. Address MRS. WM. KESLEY, Washington, D. C au 16-tSepl* BROOKVILLE ACADEMY, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND. THE NEXT SESSION OF THIS INSTI tutlon will commence September 1st. Terms: For Tuition, Board, Washing, e'e , 8160 per annum Catalogues may be obtained at C.H. Lane's, Pa avenue, or by addressing the Principal, at Brookville, Md. E. B. PRETTY.MAN, A. M , au 16-2w Principal. RUGBY ACADEMY, Fourteenth street,oj>posite Franklin Square. The tenth annual session of this Institution will commence en Monday, September 1st. Number of pupils limited. Circulars may be obtained at the residence of the Principal, on N, between l'ifh and 13th sts. G.F.MOR1SON, au 15-14<* Principal. THE COLUMBIA INSTITUTE, FOR YOUNO LADIES. No. 410 Eleventh strtet, between G and H. Prof. GEORGE H. stueckrath, Principal. Mrs. JANE E. WILLIAMS, Vice-Principal. au 13-?w? _ FAIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. HE TENTH TERM OF THIS1NSTITU tlon will commence on the 8th of the ninth montli < September) next Circular* containing further information In re gard to the School will be furnished to persons who desire them on application to R S KIRK, or WM H FARCiUHAR,at Olney Pest Office, Montgomery ceunty, Maryland au 7-bw YOUNO LADIES* SEMINARY, Corner of Dumbarton and Montgomery streets, Utorgetoum, D C. MRS. GEN'L WHEELER, Principal. riMIE DUTIES OF THIS INSTITUTION 1 will be resumed on Monday, September 1st, wi'h renewed exertions on the part of the Prlnci* pal for the intellectual, moral, and religious Im provement of pupils committed to her care. Mrs W tenders her thanks to her friends and Catrons for the liberal amount of patronage fhe as received and respectfully solicits a continua tion of the same. .... Circulars obtained on application to the Princi pal. au 7-tSepl5 CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS merchant, ) P.INCirALs REV G. W DURRANCE,* THE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS Academy will commence on Monday, Sep tember 1st, 18T6. For terms see circulars at the principal Pook Stores au THE UNION ACADEMY. Z. Richard*, Mrs. Z Richabds, Prls l' A Prlti. C. F- A. THE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS Institution, and of the UNION FEMALE AC A D E M Y, will commence on M O N D A V, Sep tember 1, 1956. Jy Si3-3m NEWS FROM THE ARCTIC REGIONS. fUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE AT d tfib Union Bottling Depot, a supply of BLACK rfflRRY BRANDS, an infallible remedy for summer complaints, both anions children and adulta. Also. SUMMER BEVERAGES of al most every kind and character, such as Mead, American Champagne, Porter, Ale, Cider, all of ?userlor quality; Stomach Bitters, carefully pre mred by scientific men. A great variety of Si rups, and any quantity of our unsurpassed pro rniGm Mineral Waters, prepared In our new ill ver-lined apparatus Also, that excellent tonic fbr Invalids?Ginger Wine. Leave your orders either with our wagons or at the Depot, corner Green and Olive streets, Georgetown, D C. jyM-H ARNY A SH1NN. T EVENING STAR. EMERSON ON ENGLISH CHARACTER. A reviewer in the New York Tribune thus gives a brilliant and pregnant rttuwts of the great transcendental essayist's idea uf John Bull'j character as it is : 4' The first point which claimed hip atten tion and wonder, as it does that of every American traveler, was the material perfec tion which is visible on the facc of the coun try. and tbo condition of the people. Eng land is a paradise of comfort and plenty The fields present the appcarance of a highly cul tivated garden One would think that they had been inished with ? pencil instead of a plow. Tho towns show a solidity of structure that speaks (ho industry of ages. Every thing gives the impression of magnificence und endless wealth The climate constantly brings agricultural production up to the high eft point There is plenty of water, of stone, of potter*' clay, of coal, of salt, and of iron. The land naturally abounds with game. 1m :iiei:oC heaths and downs arc paved with quails, grouse, and woodcock, and the shores are animated by water birds The rivers and tho rurrounding sea spawn with fish. The people have meat vigor of body and endur ance They are bigger won than the Amer icans A hundred Englishmen taken at ran d? m out of the street would weigh a fourth more than so many Americans. But tho -kcl ctou is not lirgcr They arc round, ruddy, aod handsome ; the whole bust is well farmed, and there is a tendency to stout and powerful frames The beauty of English w. men i* not improved by this circumstance Their forms arc apt to grew stocky, and, instead of tall, slender fijurc3, of flowing shape, wo find j stunted and thick set persons, and. as the j t rench say, with two left hands, liut, in all i ?gos, they are a handsomo race. Tho fair < Complexion, Mao eyo, and open and florid as pect of the English face indicate a love of truth and fino perceptions. The Saxon man s not tho wood out of which cannibal, or in juicltor, or i.-- made. He 13 moulded , or law, civility, marriage, the nurture of chil- 1 lren, for colleges, churches, charities, and t clonics. The English havo vigorous health, ltd last well into middle and old a^o The >ld men are ns red as rose?, and 3ti!l hand some. A clear skin a peach-bloom complex un, and good teeth, are found all over the si and. They live well Their diot is plenli- r rul and nutritious. They uo not work <>n wa- f .er-cresses Beef, mutton, wheatbreal, and ( nalt liquors are universal among the first 5 :lass laborers They have more constitutional ?nergv than any other people They love all ] lorts of. manly cxercises They box run, ( ihcot, ridc; row, and sail from pole to polo. I They eat and drink and live j dly in the opou | c lir, putting a bar of solid 6leep between day t nd day. They walk and rido as fart a? they | r an, their In ads bent forward like Romany ' \ uad dogo. Both men and womon w.;ik with ; j| ofutuatioii. Hunting ij tho tine ?rt of every tl rell bred Englishman. T'.cy are the in . t n cracious people of prey that ever existed. t 'ho mus ics of tho mon aro almost as t mgb J nd supple as those of dogs and horses iu o rhi.-h they so much delight. If in every cfii iont man thrre is first a fine animal, in the Inglish race it is of the best breed, a weal- 8 by, juicy, broa l choste l crciture, .too pel in a le ?nd go?d chcer, and a litllo overloaded 1 y his flesh (Jonnocted with the high material develop nout of the English nation, is their pa won lor itility. They lovo al! the incchanicnt p w- a rs, the Flanders draught-borse, tho water- c all, and the ssa and the wind to bear their a reighl ships. Their toys are steam and gal- a anism. They are heavy at the fine arts, but t droit ft% the coar*c?not good in jewelry and d nosaics?but the best iron masters, colliers, v rool combers, aal tanuors in Europe. Their uccess iu agriculture, iu resisting the elc- t aefits, in the manufacture of indispensable ? taples, is miraculous. You dine with a gen- 1 leman on venison, pheasant, <juail, pigeons, ? sultry, iuu:hroons, and pine-apples, all the c ;rowth of his estate They study utility in heir building, in the order of their dwellings, ?ad iu their dre-i. Tho Frenchman invented he rulHe, the English addid the shirt. He rejirs a sensible coat buttoned to tho chin, of ough l>ut solid and Listing texture. They lave diflused the taste for plain substantial iats, shots, and coat throughout Europe They i?ik to the essentials in their diet, iu their rts and manufactures 1 In trade, the Englisn believe that nobody Teaks who ought not to break. The love of leUils, the not driving things t >0 finely, en litute that dispatch ot business which makes he mercantile po{>er (f England, la war, Ley rely on the simplest menns. They do iot like ponderous and difficult tactics They dopt every improvement iu rig, in motor, in reapunc, but alter all believe that tho l>est traUgeni in naval war, is to lay ytur ship longside of the enemy's ship, and bringing dl jour guns to bear on him until you or he ;o to the bottom. They do not usually shed heir blood for a point of honor, or a religious entiment, and never for a whim?they havo 10 Indian taste for a tomahawk dance, no French taste for a badge or a proclamation, iut if you offer to lay hands on his day s Triges, on his cow. or his right in common, or lis shop, tho Englishman will fight t-> tho :rack of dot in. He concentrates all political iglits in the right to his ?wn dinner The juestions of freedom, of taxation, of privilege tro money questions. If capable of larger riews, the indulgence is expensive, costs great :xi&ea^ or accumulations of mental power jteeped in beer and flesh pots, they are hard >f hearing and dim of sight. Their drowsy ninds need to be flagellated by war and trade md politics and persecution. They cannot *ell read a principle except by the light of agots and of burning towns. The English character is founded on a prac ical, utilitarian basis Their intellect is es entially logical. They are jealous of minds ,hat have much facility of association. They ire impatient of genius and of minds addicted o contemplation. They cannot conceal their sontempt for sallies of thought whose steps hey cannot count by their wonted rule. They iro impious in their skepticism of theory; iu ligh departments they are cramped and eter le; but this practical logic has given them be leadership of tho world. Their uuivarsal lower re3ts on tho national sincerity Their reracity is innato in their animal structure. Lhey are blunt in saying what they think, .paring of promises, and they require plain lealing in others. They hate shuffling afid , uivoc itiou; and tho cause is damaged in the public opinion, on which any faltering can be ixed. An Englishman habitually understates, avoids the tupcrlativo, checks himself in com pliments, and alleges that in the French lan 'uajro OLe cannot speak without lying They ove?rcality in wealth, power, hospitality, and lo not easily loam to m iko a show and take be world an it goes. They are not fond of ornaments, and it they wear them, they must je items Plain, rich clothes, plain, rioh M.mpage, Plain, rich finish throughout their louse and belonging?; mark tbeEnglfsh truth. They confide in each other-English believes u English. Iu the power of saying rude truth 10 men surpass them. Their ruling pas?ion iu hese rude days, is a terror of humbug In ho same proportion they value honesty, stout iess, and adherence to your own But their love of truth is combined with a lingular want of imagination and sentiment L'heir slow temperament makes them *esa ?apid and ready than the people of ^er countries. English wit come afterwards. 1MJ iullness makes their attachment to home, ana .heir adherence in all foreign 1?nd" to^J! Home habits. The Englishman who vWts Mount Etna, carrioa hit teaketUe tothe top their .J? wemu. IUMI. Thty tffltm 1 know, with tho tb# worl THE WEEKLY STAR. This excellent Family aa4 Nnn Journal?cea ?lal n* a grater vart?y of lntweetu, thaa ":othw-u ??*? Single copy, ^ ^^ Five eopi<? *oci?m. I? ropV. ;;;;; ~ m Twenty copleB./^*** ?? Ca.?, luvaaiAaLi I|( "* _ )*anbepraeove4 _ tU lwa# of rue PoiTHAiTEa.Wbo?^^^,,?,.^,. , a commission of twenty p?^? **?*!< ..^T-S^leoopi*, (|B wrapr^, !i~? cT52^^,^5rS paper. I rloe? Tbbbb obwts nothing else exiiU. As their own belief in guineas is perfect, they readily apply A rrnLai7 ,87niEent M fln*> Example? of J5n glish stolidity are the aneodotes of MuropV They are goed loyera. good haters, andslow but obstinate admirers. In all thing* they ?rc very much steeped in their temperament like m^n hardly awake from deep sleep which ttey ei.j^jr. Inojr habit* and instincts cleave to nature They aro of the earth, earthy, full of coarse strength, rude ezerciae. butch I,W0Dd rt<*r Abj hint ?* ?*>? ' ? of j'f*. which reflect* on thia animal threat^?' looJted 00 witil ?O'picioa, aa a ?idity iaS? tb/ *aPPl'M A ?v,ug at., the curt^i^ r *L Pr?t*eta their perception aa man is eJ* *h# KngJiah so small ir P**riot?e, for bia country is urikc him^? 0u^d*nc* i? his own natio* Ss hrin8,VOC,riou' *bo?? other dislikes foreigners When be *?h epwhe.n hf prT'hl?c,imax l? *n nan n hen he wishes to pay tou the hirhaat compliment, l,e saya ; " I ahould not ^now you from an Englishman '* He has such a go.Kl opinion of England, that the ordit.ary F, disparaging what relates to oneself m talking with a stranger, are mistaken for an insuppreasible homage to the merits of hi? ?h i .e i'.*ker or Pennsjlvanisa wbo modestly lament* the disadvantage of a new country, log hut* and savages, is sur prised by the imfant oonimiaaeration of tba wbole company, who plainly aeeount of the whole out of England as a heap of rubbtab I he same Imitation pinches hia for?Mgn politics, lie sticU to hia traditions and usages tnd so help him (iod, ho will force his island by-law? down the throat of great countries, like India, China. Canada, Australia, and aot only ao, but impose Wapping on the Oon jress of \ ienna, and trample down all natlo*. ilifies with his taxed boot* English nature s so rash and aggressive a? to be a little in compatible with every othor The world is lot wide enough for two. Rouabtic Stort ? Anotbrr Fknalb ii Male Appabbi..?Considerable excitement ?as created at Kockflsh Tillage. North Caro ina, about eigLtoen months ago, by the mys orious disappearance of a young lady, who it yne afterwards concluded was dead. She baa ince turned up in a ycry unexpected manner, i* the following letter in the Fayettefille ^crth Carolinian will show The writer saya A year and a half paased by. Tha ocour ouceoi Marinda state began to be obliterated rem the mind ; thoso frieuda who mourned >-r her had laid aside their weeJ<? and kai re itjrned her as lost forever. Let us now go back to the eventful night of Lcr disappearance, and learn the truo fate of ?ur romantic heroine. Tt appesr* she becama di?eatisfisl with bar londiti^n, for some cause unnecessary to da ail, and left her boarding-house while all be* iC-itb its ro 'f were buried in profound alax ?or . and fir fear of being wen by some one ? the village, she took the path leading up Le icargiu if ihe pond, passing by the beach oar its head, aud thcnce throag'u the woods o the main road. She found herself at day? ight some distance rflT. and determined, in rder to conceal her identity, tm dofi tJumttm f a iretain, and assume that ?/" the $t*rm.*r 'r. An opportunity soon offered, for seeing it a .arm house near by, a psir of pantaloons mi some 3hirte hanging on the fenee, she uanged to secure them, an?i at once appro* inatod them to hor "*ii use In this disguise ho travelled on to Bonneteyille. 8 C., wher* ?ie procured work a? a hof, and diligently ipphed lier.-elf for several montha without iciting the least suspicion as to her aex. Her i?o<*iate? were with the malea of the village, nd though she frequently went with tba boys o the river to wash, she never oould be ia uced to go in herself, always volunteering te while thev were bathing Work becoming a little "scarce. John, (for was her tissumed name; left Bennetsville nd went to Cheraw, where ehe labored for wo or three months, until she procured fundi nough to take her to Charleston. In that ity she was taken sick with fever, and though mder skilful medical atten lance,she managed o preserve her tncognito. John finally, like the moth to the candle, reutured too near her cl i range, and was dis overed. first, ad onoof the operatives of a fao ?ry in Fayotteville, by tome of those who lai known Miranla at Rockfish Finding lersclf suspected, she left, and hired hereelt o an old bachelor some miles from towa, do ng U'.thful man serrice on the farm and tb??ut the house, sleeping with the cruaty old .ellow at uight without his suspecting what iini of a bed-fellow ho had, until curiosity wrought her to town to hear the discussion be ?een Bragg and (Jilmer, when she wit again net by ?me of her old acquaintances, and !? i7 ** Marinda, the lost maiden >f itockflah village. MsrinJa has promised to assume the appro ^riato costume of her sex, though ahe aays hat the mon have much more fun than the *omnn ; that it will be hard for her hereafter a> sit and listen to the everlasting gossip uC he girls, since she has mingled with tha men, ittended the elections and tax-gatherings? :>e:owe interested in politics?heard the can lid ites, and been hugged and treated so veil by tbem. ISTXRXSTINW TO RaILBOAB TrAVBLBBS The fjllow'.ng curious auestion of law, which las been under consideration by one of the tfew York courts for some time, and whbu jresents some features of interest to traval srs by railrv^ad, has already boen briefly m-a ioned: " The Hrie railroad has been in the habit e? ihargmg an additional price for all tiokate lot purchused at the ticket oflUee. ftevaral >erscns. ignorant of the rule, tendered thtir ?ay to the conductor of the ear as he paated dong, and found themselves compelled to pay hia usurious interest In Juae, a Mr. Austlu ojk his rlace in one of the cars of the com >any without purohaaing bis ticket The dis ance of his trip wao three milea?the pri.o, ou cents When the conductor cams to him ic olfored the ten cents, but was asked f^r an ixtra dime. Finding that this m- de of ira cl:ng would bocome expensive be refused >ay, and was shown to the door He brought m action to recover damages; judgment ?w endcred in his favor for twenty-five dollar? ml costs, tho oourt deciding that tha statute lid not authorise the oompany to demand uore than throe cents per mile, aad that all urther charge wa.- illegal, and consequently hat they had no right to ask the sum in auct ion. Ovsters and Clam Shbllb ?The shell of y?tcrs and clams consist mostly of calcareous natter, and are, therefore, valuable aa mans ial substances on most rnls. The shells of ho Crustacea and t?*tasem, are used aow qui** :xtensively for various purposes in husbandry. ioth belong to the olass of calcaieous manures, ir.d ou all lands destitute of cakareous natter, they effect a constitutional aateliom* ion, highly important and valuable Mnehin >ry h is recently been invented and set in ope 'ation for grinding oyster shells, and the pre pared article is for sale in many places. The lemand for it. though already great, is rapid y increasing, and will, no doubt, become toon >?> extensive as to be with difficulty supplied, rhe shells of lobsters, crabs and other erus ace .us animals, are also poMeaaed ef valuable >roperties when prepared as manure, though etu so than shells, in eonsequenee of the in erior quantity of calcareous matter they oo? aia. All these substances, together with K>nes, are of great utility in the preparation if lands in whi:h clay is less abundant than and, when to be used for growing corn cr ?ther grain. All such materials are of great mportanee in composting. |3T More than two millions of people have left Ireland ia the last frurteen years.