Newspaper of Evening Star, August 26, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 26, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W AS HING TON C I T Y: 2b, 1M6. IZT A.iv*rtl#en;ent?"b?uld be handed In by II o'cJork, n.? otherwise they may not appear until tb^ nfii day. HF1KIT OF TKK MOhWlRQ PESS8. Tbe Inttlligenrrr modestly waives ito claiui to the paternity of the idea of settling the difficulty between the two Houses ever tbe army appropriation bill by the assumption ol j the power, on tho part of Congress, to deter mine which laws cf the Kansas Legislature are constitutional, and which are not; and publishes i me columns of extracts to show that bloodshed is the oider of the day >Q Territory. The Union argues that Lane s present raid upon Kansas, at tho head of his army of rag muffins, irai final -o as to be in precise con ceit with the curretl rail of his friends in Congress on the Conization aud the Govern ment. - m m m WASHINGTON HEWS AND GOSSIP. Doctor*, &c.?The Avenue wa< last evening rife with panaceas to cure the dilemma of Congress over the army appropriation bill Some twenty or thirty gebt'emcn had each his sovereign specific. We confess that we could discover little virtue in either of thoso coming under our notioe; all of them, as far as we ecu Id perceive, propojing to sacrifice some important principle, in these times when prin ciples are held so cheap. The Iatelhgnnrfr't scheme of ropealir.g cer tain laws of the Territorial Legislature of Kan?a?, was urged for the most part by those with whom we conversed on the subject who held t> tbe correctness of tho course boing pur eed by tbe Republican majority of one in tho Uousu We do not far see the propriety cf its adoption. Th ugh we have never be lieved in what is termed " squatter cover, eignty" as a constitutional right, in common with nearly all other States rights men of the South we have cheerfully acquiesced in the plan of giving the people of tbe Territory of Kansas the privilege of making any laws for their own government they fancied, so long they may not trench in bo doing upon the con stitutional riglts of others. We accepted that feature of the Kansas-Nebraska act as a com promise, and have since seen no reason to re gret that our political friends acquiesccd grace fully in it We confess, ht wever, to never-dying jeal ousy of Crr.gresaional usurpations of the func tions (f tho judiciary ai.d executive branches of the Government, which are boing essayed with mere's year by year, and are thus silently Ouiiteiatii g the old land mark<< <jf the Constitution, oil tbe preservation of which we sincerely believe ti e continuance of our pres ent Gcverrment depends, in tbe main. .However ea?y it might be for those who With us deny tbe abstract sovereignty of the people of an United States Territory under tho letter of the Constitution, to aJmit tho right of Congre-s to legislate for them, (the Kazi'as and Neb.a^ka ait hiring out of the way.) it strikes us t'ua it will be rather strange to find per sons wio stand by the principle of " squatter sovereignty" j>r r st voting for any thing amounting to legislation by Congress ou the domestic concerns of the people cf Kansas. Tbe plea of the unconstitutionality of acts of the Kansas Legislature is not available in this case ; because that question is cne to be de cided under the principle of this Government, only by the judiciary. We shall greatly re gret to see any action in the premises based on the theory that Congress has legal authority to decide the question of the constitutionality of aoy law. as being an usurpation hardly second in its evil ccn-equence? as a precedoat, to the new idea that, under tbe pretense of earning out the popular will, a majority of one may coerce three fourths of the Senate of the Uni ted States into unconstitutional and repag nant political legislation in connection with a general appropriation bill, by holding over them tbe alternative of otherwise submitting to have the wheels of the Government stopped for want of supplies. In everything so far propo-ed, ex'Cpt the enactment of tho naked appropriation bill in the uma! way, we can perceive no esicntial remedy. That is, nothing thai fails to embrace a surrender of vital principle to revolutionary designs, which are us repugnant to us when es-ayed under the smooth cover of Congres sional enactments, as though Attempted to be forced down cur throat at the bayonet's point The Late James Keacham ? We were with out space, yesterday, in which to refer at any length to the dispensation of Providence, which has taken tbe lion. Mr. Meacham, of Vermont, from his family and tbo public ser vice, wherein he was of so great utility. It was our fortune to know him in'imately for years pa*t, ar.d we can aver that we never knew a purer or m< re conscientious man in public life lie was as gentle and eimple heartei as a child, and never spoke ill of any '?no. Few men cf as extensive general at tainments as he possessed have been in the House of Representatives of the United States lii the last ten years, and few, indeed, cf his compeers have so entirely eschewed self iu all that the ? have done in the discharge of the representativo's multifarious duties The brief eulogy delivered yesterday by iir Etheridge upon the deceased touched our heart, because we felt, as few here could fesl, from our pest association with him, the justice, truth and f ree of hia eloquent daguerreotype ci the character of the^living man. The Very Laat Propoeition?The follow ing is a copy of a bill introduced into the Senate ycs.crday, which, the reader will per ceive, is iu exact keeping with the suggestion ci tDe National Intei/tgtncer a? the proper mode of fettling the difficulty between the two Houses of Congress relative to the army appropriation bill: BILL atrcpatlrg regain !?wi e.iarted by the L> Kt?la'. v? Assembly of the Territory cf Kaa mat /;, it macud, Arc . That inasmuch a> the Constitution of the United States aud the or ganic act of said Territory has secured to the inhabitants thereof certaiu inalienable rights, of which they connot be deprived by any le gislative enactment, therefore no relii(ious t?*t hball ever be required as a qualification to any office < r public iruet; no law shall be in force or enforced in said Territory respecting an*Lui(iit of religion, or prohibiting tbe exercise ther?-> f ; or abridging the freedom of i-peerh, or of the press ; or of the right of the peoj-ic peaoaabiy to assemble ?-nd petition for ti e roUress of grievances ; tho right of the p*?>ple to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects againat unreasonable search's ?nd seizures shall not be violated; ar.d >i >v rr.i ?t thai! issue but upon prohaMe cause, by oath or affirmation, and particu larly deeenbing the place to be aearohad, and the persons or things to ho seised ; nor shall the rights of the people t<> keep and bear arms be infringed. No person shall be ne to answer for a capital or otherwise crime. unless on a presentment or in .c l^ i of a grand jury ; no? shall wy P?"on be sub ject for the same offence to bo *w.l.ctM " m jeopardy of life or limb; nor ^all bc c m^ pilled in any criminal case to be' a ?ll *,? against himself, nor be deprived of life lib erty, or pr-perty, without due process of law, nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation. In all crim inal prosecution, the accusod shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an im partial jury of the district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of tho nature and cause of the aocusation ; to be confronted with the wit nesses against him ; to hare compulsory pro cess of obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to bavo tho assistance of counsel in his dcfence. The privilege of habeas oorpua shall not be suspended unless when, in case of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it In suits at common law, where the value iu con troversy shall cxceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact by jury shall be otherwise re-examined in any court of the United States than according to the rules of the common law. Excc^sive bail shall not be required, nor excessive lines imposed, nor cruel und unusual punishmonts inflicted. Tho Crisis.?The different lines of tele graphic communication to imd from this city are playing a new part in Congressional legis lation. The merit, both ?>f the discovery and its application, belongs to the Republicans During the pendency of tho Nebraska bill tho invention whs put into partial operation, tut to nutting like the extent to which it is now being carried. Tho modus operandi is sub stantially this, vis : A Republican member of Congress from Massachusetts for instance, or from Pennaylvania, is found to give symptoms of weakness In tlte present revolutionary crisis. The fact is communicated to the Re publican leaders that Mr. A B, or Mr. C D, will recede from the proviso now upon the Army bill unless n:me influence is brought to bear which shall give the virulcnce of his partisanship new strength- Thereupon tele graphic messages aro sent to some of tho prominent Republican leaders in his dis trict who understand the plot, urging them to get up public demonstrations, to man ufacture public sentiment to operate upon Mr. A. ii. or Mr. C. D., anl transmit them to him forthwith by tho telegraph. Ou the next morning, or later, Mr. A. B., or Mr C. 1) , as the case may be, is in the receipt of tele graphio dispatches, letters by mnil, resolu tions p&ssed at bogus public meetings, <fcc., all telling him to stand ?nn?to held on to tho proviso. Thus the weak-minded and deluded member is Etiflened up to the requirements of another day of faction, and treason, it is hu miliating to observe how many men in Con gress aro thus ensnared by designing met? and thus reduced from the paths cf rigi.t and duly into tne dark, damp alley-ways of sedi tion and revolution. It is alarming to know that so many men are thus being led blindly on to a forfeiture of their constitutional en gagements. The present contest now carried on by the Republicans in the House of Representatives is reprehensible in any, even the mildest as pect iu which it can be considered ; fir if it is tot the incipient step of revolution, of dig" uuion and civil war, it i?, in the language o* President Pierce, 41 mero angry, idle, aimless disturbance cf the public peace and tran quility." At the time wo write, no one can tell what will be the cf the existing state of tnings. Wo hope for the best. Wo rely yet upon th* wisdom <d Congress; or. if that fails us, we look with ubidirg cunfider.ce to the patriotism and tho calm resolution of the Pres ident, wuich were jieVer more conspicuous than now, to bring out of darkness the rain bow of promise. Should Congress adjourn without providing fur tho common defen-o, and affording that protection which every govern ment o^res to its people, and for which our itandirg army wns org*aiaod, a responsibility will be devolved upen Frel ident Pierije thin which none greater has retted on any Prcai dent of the Republic sinco the days of Wash ington. We believe that the responsibility when it comc3 will be met and discharged in the spirit cf a patriot, and with tho steady wisdom < f a statesman. Tho Pair ?We leara fr^m Mr. Greenwood that in recently pairing him rff with simo other member in case he (Mr. B ) dcJrei to vote of late, Mr Bennett, of New York car ried out tho understanding existing between them, ere Mr. U . left Washington tome d ijs ago. We learn, furtlier, that Mr. Bennett, un selecting Mr. Meacbam as a pair for Mr. Greenwo<jd, was nnder tho impxession that his health wis uot worse than it had beon for some months past, nnd that ho would sooa again be at his post here, which we know to havo been the impression provalenl among the late Mr. M.'s immediate personal friends here These facts entirely exonerate Mr. Bennett, we are happy to say, from uny suspicion of failing scrupulously to regard hii late obliga tion to Mr. Oroenw'?od in the matter of pair ing off with him. A Misapprehension.?A '.Vied suggested to us that some persons might translate a late paragraph in the Star explaining the bill re cently introduced by Mc. Bennett, of Miss , (to postpone the operation of the compensation act until tho beginning cf the next Congresr) into an intimation that it wcj designed to grant mileage for the present called scs-icn. We took occasion in that paragraph to cllude to the fiict th-t the uxiatenco of still auother law or rule, by to moans designed to be touched by Mr Bennett's biD, made the granting of mileage at the present (called) session im{0? sible, instancing the fact a* a substantial rea son why Mr. B. weuld probably find it impos sible to compass tho eca^tme nt of his measure, which has lor its object the purpose enly of preventing any one from receiving, during the piescnt C ji gress, the benr fitof increased com pensation legislated while this Congre35 < x'utf. A Fares.?The reading of the jeport of Mr. Simmons, of New York, in the oase of the fia?as between Meiers. McMu'.lin and Granger, kept the Houfo in a nar. It in ef fect jnstiflei Mr. MoMullin in giving Mr. Granger a black eye, ini thus substantiates our original account of the affair. The report closes with a recommendation to the House to dismiss the subject. A minority report was made by Mr. ^mitb, of Va. Appointed.?The Secretary of the Trea<u y has rppointed superintendents of cons'ruetioi as follows : Of the marine htspiui ?t Dttrivt' Mio i., A. H. Jordan, vice Wm. Barclay, re nrvd. Of thi cast? m-b' use, court room, and poet .Soj at Cknland, 0 , S. H Wtbb Of the custom-house, ocuit-rooms, and poet office at St Louis, Mo., Thomas Walsh, vice Geo J. fiassett, removed. Confirmed ?Among the many ru minations reccntlj confirmed by tho Senate is that of Daniel Ratoliffe, Esq., attorney at law, of thi? city, to be the assistant solicitor of the Court of Claims. Tho Correct Op*rction? of thu Troaiary Department.?On yesterday, 25th of August, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the uooks of the Department? For the Treaiur? Department... 85 181 43 Vor the Interior Department 43.62** 48 For Custom? .'5,850 93 From Custom? 2 0 29 74 F-romLands.. 74,095 03 On account of tho Navy. 31 24fi 51 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDING! In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, a message was received from the Honsc announcing tho death of the lato Hon James Moacham, ofVormont, and after Messrs. Foot And DongTas pronounce! appropriate eulogies upon the deceased, and the resolutions of con dolence usual upon such occasions, were passed, they adjourned over until this morn ing. Preceetlli'gs of T?*DtT> In tho Senate, to-day, the bill introduced yesterday, to repoal certain laws of the Ter ritorial Legislature of Kansas, was debated by Messrs Weller and Bayard for its enact ment, and Messrs Mason, Butler, and Brown agaimt it, with a few remarks fr.-tn Mr. Cass contending that Congress has the right to cor rcct improper territorial legislation. In tho House, Mr..Simmons presented a majority report from the select committee rn the recent fracas between Messrs. McMullin and Granger; and Mr. Smith, of Virginia, presented a minority report from the same committee, which having been read for in formation, together with the resolutions ac companying them, both of which rccommonded th-5 Hou?e to discus3 the subject. Mr Cawpbcll, of Ohio, moved to adjourn. Not agreed to. Mr. Letchor moved the printing of ten thou sand extra copies of tho above described re ports; referred to the Printing Committee. * Mr. Harris of Md., m< ved to take up the private bills not finally disposed of at the last session Objection mado ai d ruled out of order. The regular o; Jer of business being insisted on. ar.d a few resolutions were ineffectually introduced? Mr. 0 >bb, of Ga., then moved to adjourn. Mr. Washburn, of 111 , moved to adjourn until Friday next; not agreed to The question was being put on the motion to adjourn until to-morrow by yeus and nays as the Star went to press. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, August 27, 185ft Oar city continues unusually quiet. There is nothing floating in the political or commer cial atmosphere worthy of public n'tice The unusually cool weather (for August) induces many to anticipate an eaily fall, and has set our merchants generally to work preparing for its trade. Our wculd be politicians have bacome unusually quiet, and everything is again inovirg uu in very commendable man ner. We have been requested to say that the con tract for furnishing the poor of our city with wood w^s awarded to Mr. L Williams at S5 25 Instead of $5 45. We bear many complaints among the mem bers of some of our churches about the disor derly conduot of a fow young mon, who are in tto habit of vLiting them o:i Sunday nights, seemingly for no other purpose than to aunoy the preacher and congregation. At the Meth odist. church, ou Suuday i.ight latt, several (all of whom ere kn< wi?; beh ivd in ?uch an tuirageous manner that it was with s mo dif fi.ulty tho uiiuister could get alorg with his discourse The colored folks?members of Mount Zion Methodist Church?had a fino time of it at tbeir dinner in the woods of Mr Lyons yes tcrday. The company was v? ry l<rge, aud the most commendabio quiet and good order prevailed the entire afternoon. The tables were handsomely spread, and well filled with almost every dcdicecy calculated to satisfy a hui'gry soul Ti'C proceeds go to th*s benefit of their house of worship, which is now under going a thorough renovation and remodeling. We would ..dviae those who have occasion to lecve tl eir premises early in tho morning, to lock the doors before leaving. This morning about lieht, Mr John Paxton got up to go to market, but havinglrequently, as he tuppo;eu. missed butter, &o., out of his cellar, ccucluded to watch his premises awhile beforo leaving. Very soon he discovered a girl (white) enter t'-je house, ai.d soon after come out with some six or eight poui.ds rf butter Mr. P jiursued and caught the y< ung thief, and obtained his butter. Upoa questioning her she admitted that she had been in tho habit of robbing his premises of such articles every other day, and that she had been sent to do so by her father. We have been requested, by some of the fru<t and vegetable dealer* in our maikot to ca:l th? attention of tho clcrk of the market to the very diminutive siza of Rome of the measures now in u.-e. We hope this evil will be rectified at <ncc. Prices aro rather too biting just r.? w to admit < f anything in the w::y of shojt measure Why don't our corpo ration pass a law similar to the one in Wash ington, ?r.d drive out of use all the funnel-top peek and half pock measures that a:^ now so common. Since our last report, flour and grain havo been quite active, at an advance of 12]c. per bbl on tho former article, and 7al0c per bu*hel on the latter. Arrived?Schn>. James and S. muel. Potter, New York,*to Swanton Coal Company; Mari etta Burr, Nickcrs'-r Boston, to Hartley ?b Br".; King Dore, Pu'mor, Philadelphia, to Hyde A Davidson ; steamer Columbia, liar* per, Baltimore, do. Spectator. Shaving mao2 Easy.?Wot your rh.ivirg brush in either warm or cold water, pour en two or throe drops of "Btlm of a Thousand Flower::," rub the board well and it will make a beautiful soft lather much faoilitating the operation of shaving. Price only Fifty Cents. For sale at Shillington's, agent for Wasbii'gs ton, and all druggists. ' A Nihe Days' Than* e?Two weeks ago wo mtnti >md the fact of the mysterious disap* Kiarar.ce from tho dra-r.itie troupe ?f E. N. arris, while at Willoaghby, of Adolphus Grater His disappearance was sudden and inexplicable, leaving all ht*3 clothing and other effects After nine days' absence, be turned up in tho waters of Like Erie, a few rods from shore, struggling to keep from sink ing. He ;Hys he is unconscious of what tran; j ire-d aiuco be loft the company at Willoughby, till he tound hiuisalf struggling in the water. 11c soou gained the shore, and found a house, where he was eared fur, but where he was "r hot? he came there was more than he knew, lie had been in a tnnee or somnambulist:* state for nine dajr.?Painrsvil/e Telegraph. " Fremont a native or Canada."?Undir this head the New Y?>rk Citiaen states, on the authority of a reliable correspondent : 44 Thore seems to be the moat positive infor mation that the Black 4( Republican" party have made a blunder in their nomination of Fremont. A gentleman residing in the neigh borhood of Detroit knew his father, and him self when a lad, in Montreal, Lower Canada, of which city he is supposed to be a native Further information anon." Quite Right.?On Saturday night Mr Thus. Hyer positively refused to make a match for S25 000 to fight Mr. Dominick Bradley, of Philadelphia. Hyer declined to fight on any terms, aud politely sent the challengers about their business, Tho rumors of this match, have kept the " faooy" in a fever fur some time. Fruit ? Pears are said to bj aeilirg in tvuioago, III at 15 cents a piece, or on!y ?oven for *1. PERSONAL. ....Com Stewart has retained his post*! command mt of the Philadelphia N*vy yard. .... Messrs. Hall of Iowa, and Horton of Ohio, both of the House of Representative?, have re'.arced to this city. ....Jacob Barker, Esq, formerly a distin guished financier of New York, who has lately resided in New Orleans, Is now oa a visit to his native plaoe in Nantucket. .... Alexander Carroll, EJq., one of the ed itors of the Charleston Courier, died in that elty on Friday, after a brief illness of four days' duration, of constipation of the bowels .... A chancery case has recently been de cided in ono of the English courts, by which John M:*Dougal, of South Boeton, a hard la boring man, receives ?15,000 or nearly ?75,000 ....Mrs. Franklin Pierce, and a portion of the President's fami'y, are at Long Branch, having taken rooms for the season fat How land's. The President is cxpected there this week. ....Among the recent arrivals at the A1 bany Scientific Convention are L F. Pouftaler, assistant in the Coast Survey. W. U Em^ry. U S. Army, and Professor J S Newberry, of' Washington; Arthur Schott, civil engineer, of Georgetown, D. C.; and Professors Coffin and Chauccelot, of Annapolis. .... Mr. Fumner wrote a very exciting letter to the Fitchburg (Mass ,) convention, which is published in the Transcript of that city of Friday la: t. Of this letter tho Boston Courier says : '? The man who writes such a letter cannot be suffering under physical disability, inas much as he is full of political impulse, and all people know what Mr. Sumner is If he is playing invalid on one side and politician on the other, it may be as well to understand it, for the patience of the peoplo may be worn out I in his double theatrical representation " .... The number of visitors to the Moun tains this year is very much greater than du ring any former season The tide of summer j travol has turned largely in favor of the White Hills since 1853 and '4, and It will no doubt still increaso in future reasons, as the facilities for reaching the impoaiug and beau tiful natural sconery that surrounds us here are now perfected to a very great degree, and the stags companies havo built excollent roads to nnd around all the many inviting localitic3 of this charming country. ....The correspondent of the New York Times cays of Professor Henry : u His ?t?.ut, wholesome form, and his modesty, would lead

y?-u to suspect you were watching the weal thy cultivator of fivo hundred acres of Gen esee farm land, instead of the best natural philosopher in tho country Ho is alway* seen here iu a suit of black, not carefully put on, wearing a wide sto.k, and with a shirt col lar whose two upper edges are not always exactly parallel. And of Professor Bache : '?Tho gentleman in close conversation with tho handsome lady, her on whose face you seo a repartee even now, is a grandson of Eorjamin Franklin?Professor Bachct cf the Coast Survey. He is a short, pursy man, with a very warm heart and an admirably furn i.-h"d ho id?furnished. I mean, inwardly, f >r the eyo only discovers a bald forehead with the hair brushed firm behind the crown But hi* efficient supervision of the difficult tasks achieved by the Coast Survey, and tho high pers >nal esteem for him which every member of hi? corps cherishes, arc evidences of the qualities of thi inner man." .... Douglas Jerrold. one of the famed clique of Loudon Punch satiris's, is coming to Amer ica. to lecture. Jerrold commenced life as a sail r, and after six jears salt water expe rience became a compositor in a London news paper offico. His first literary achievement was an essay on German music, which the author after the manner of Benjamin Frank lin, dropped irto that lien's mouth, the edi lor's box, where ho was a printer, aud two days xfter he had the delight of sotting un his own article, ncne of the editor* being awe re of tiie author s name Jerrold next dropped another anonymous article in the box on Fash ionable Charity, which is written with all his peculiar vigor This cause! so great a stir that the editor, in hi* notices to correspondents, begged tho autuor to call upon Li'u?in other words, he was requested to ?? Stand, and un fold yourself " lie did, much to the ast>n ment of the editor, who at once recognising bis talents, took him from the case, and put him to the desk POLITICAL ITEMS. There is a rei>ort current that Mr. Elair, of St. Louis, contemplates resigning hi* scat, so us to be frco to take the fcturnp for Fiemoot Thomas II. Benton, Jr , who lives in Iowa, and was lately Democratic Superintendent of Education in that State, is out for Fremont Hon J- C- Brcokonridge is announoed to speak at the Tippecanoe battle ground on the 31 of September, and at Columbus on the 20th. Tho Alb my Atlas and Argus gives the fol lowing obituary notice of a late Fillmere paper: Tho Albany State Register ha' been dis continued by its publishers It was discon tinued some time ago by its readers " Tho Republicans of Ohio are nominating their present members of Congress for re-elec tion Messrs E. Wade. Gi4dings. Sherman, Galloway, C><mpboll, Em lie, Stanton, Mott, Ha, and Albright havo been re-nominated. The Indianapolis Sentinel stales that tho following gentlemen have accepted invitations to be present at the Tippectnoo Battle Ground on the 3d of September next, when a grand Democratic meeting c >i:ies off r Hon. John C. lireckinridge, Hon Stephen A Douglas, Jas. B. Clay. Col R B Carpenter, of Illinois, George McComas, of Virginia, and Hon. F. J. Littlejohn. of Michigan. The Chicago Journal says, on the occasion of Mr. Burlingame's speech at Metropolitan Hall, in that city, on Wednesday right, Hon Thomas F. Marshall, lato of Ketucky, but cow a (iiieen of Chicago, was called out, and made a brief speech, in the course of which he an n unced his determination to support Fremont aod Dayton. Or e of the New York papors states that on application to the Mercantile Librarv of that city fur the Congressional Globe of 185ft, con taining the record of Fremont's short career in the United States Senate, it was ascertained thn' the boun l copy had been taken out by editors of the Tribune; and, further, that they have detained it for some time. No other pub lic library iu the city has the volume. A new method of choap advertising lirs lately been introduced. A Bhopkeei>er will tend a lotter to a partisan i.owspapcr, giving the street, number and business in whieh he is occupied, together with a registration of votes taken at his st^ro, always placing the particular candidate which the papor supports largely in the majority. Tho editor snaps at the bait, and tho shopkeeper secures an ad* vertkemont gratis It is stated that among the many staunch old line Whig? who are opposed to the elec ti a of Colonel Fremont, i3 General Scott That gallant veteran is undoubtedly too true a friend to the Union, which he ht>s so long t-erved with eminent distinction and credit, to countenance a faction which proposes toeraso from our national flag fifteen stars, and whose leaders are well known abolitionists and dis unionists.?Cincinnati lLnqntrer^ August 21. ?-^25?SPKC,Al' NOTICE?THE EXOWR. fclon and I'le Nlc for Gnrsuch Chapel S. Mch ol which w?s advertised for August S7th, hat been Indefinitely postponed. Any person? holding tickets, and 'would have pon*. will have their moT?ey refunded to them by calling on Mr. ti. W Garrett, Mr. Ballanger, or J. H. Kyland. tuSfi 2t# ' yNATIONALGUARD.?l HE MEMBERS of the National Guard are leqneated to be p-esent at the netting of the Corps WED iNEr-DAY EVENING, prepared to pay their Instalment on the trip to York, Pa ,the 19th October next. R. H. 6RAHAM. au2>-3t Secretary Qf^felSLAND HALL - AN ADJOURNED meeting of the Stockholder* of Island Hall Will be held on TUKSDAY EVENING next, the94th Instant, at 8 o'clock. A full attend ant I* requested. By order of Board of Trustees: P. M. PEARSON,Secretary. ?u? 3t? (Organ) .NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBER beg* ? j? leave to cnll the attention of tbe public to hi* stock of GLASS and QUEENS WARE nefr??e purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing thev wtl! frn;n ,n f5 p,.f ' To|Vt and I'lnner S*t* l-wer tb^n the at ; 30j I'd. avenue, between Wth and 10th street* I JeMa JOHN McDEVlTT. B 25 E T UFFALO HAIR PINI OF SFP1RIOR quality at (in M-^t) LAMMO> D'8 DON'T NEHLKtT THX CNILDRM Toya, Fancy Notions. Pelitlcat Flags, Ac ;at ,u26-t UMMOWP'8. LOST-ON MONDAY AFTERNOON, A Black Lace Veil, between H street, 16th at . a'davf U9, cr in *a omnlbis. The finder will be snlsbly rewarded by leaving It at 3*9 H at. mKM* Nforo woman for ?alk-youno, hesUhy, pe fectly honest, and bids f*1r to male an excellent cook and Ironer. Porfuither lnforimtlcn apply at thl? oflce. au 2*-3t IIHDS. PLASTKKEH'H HAIR, FOB a*1? at 25cents per bushel,by ths hogshead. JONABriAFER, an*l-3t? 93 L<wl?l*na av MISS H. aicCORXlCIL * SISTER WILL RESUME THE DUTIES OF THI-'IR School on Monday, the 1<* of September, at their place cf residence. No 414,^ street, between Ml'wnrt and Pennsylvania avenuee. an 9*-eo4t* ESTRAY ?CAME TO THE SLAUGHTER House of the subscriber on O street, d|Mly between 1st and 3d. on Monday morning a at ray BULLOCK, which the owner can JiLIflB have by proving hla pro**rty and paving charges W.W. PRESTON, au 2V31* Centre Market Dow LOST. ?A LIBERAL REWARD will be civen for the return ofl P JINTER Df?G TRAY He is nine months old, white, with fswn colored^ eirs and spots on the bodv, with bob tall. Had ?. rofc around his ncck whin Jost Return him to Dr. W ADSWORTH, Over Todd's Hat Store, or No. 36ft O street. If NOTICE. OWEN A PON, NO. t18 PENNSVLVA ? nla avenue. have >u?U received the flrat In vote of their fall stock of good*, constating of choice patterns of PANTALOONS and TEST INGS, which they shall be pleased to show their friends and customers. au afi-lw Lost?probably at corner of 7th street and aventie. if not left in an omnibus, | a French Book, which, being one of si* volumes, can be of no use to any one except the owner Tfce i finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving It en l?b street, between F and ? eta , No. 450. au 26-2t? ? METROPOI.IT AN STEAM FIOURIN6 MILL, Ohio avenne,near 12tA street and the Canal. THE BEST FAMILY FLOSR, CORN M RA L made and prepared for family purpo ses. HOUSE FEED, Ac., for sa'e at the lowest cam prices, bv COLTMAN A DUNCANSON. au gft-WFSSt V HOLKSALE PAPER WAREHOUSI. IB UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY _ Informs th- public that he t-ai taken th?* t?fore room in Polklnhorn's new Bulldtr.g*, No 377 D street, between #th an 1 "th. for the nurpo?e of commencing tbe WHOLESALE PAI'ER COM MIBSION BUSINESS Ho bas now on hand, and thr ngh hla arrange ments with some of the largest firms at the North 1? constantly receiving, large lots of Printing. Writing and other PAPERS, which he is aelllnv at manuficturer'i ploee. Those dealing in the articles w>uld da well to call, before purchasing e sewhere an It eofit EDW AR D TOWERS. MEMOIR, JOURNAL, AND CORRE* p-?ndcnce of Thomas Moore. Vols 7 and 8 Edited by Lord John K us?ell London Humorous Poetry of the English language 1 vol. History of th? University of Virginia. I vol. 8vo Tu ker'a History of the Unltrd State*. vol 1. Linda ; or The Youna PiW; by Mra. Hent7. Robert Graham ; by Mrs Hen'z Planter's Northern Br'.de; by Mrs Hentz. Ker.a; or Th** Snow Bird; by Mrs. Hentz. Marcus W?rl;?n'?; by Mrs. Hentz KsMne ; or Magnolia Vale. hyMrs Hen'r Helen and Arthur; by Mrs Hen z au id- FKANC'i TAYLOR. MISS HRWITT'8 ENGLISH Al?<? FRE*CH BOABDIRG AND DAY SCHOOL, No 215 Fstreet, bctireen Uth and 15(4 'TM1E SCHOLASTIC YEAR COMMENCES i the fir*t Monday in S'ptembBr, and en*!* tl?.e last Friday ii J Jn?, and is divided into two *e? eions Tha Principal will be assUted by the irost com petent Engl' -L and French resident leathers. ?n?l every f ? Tity offered for pursuing Music and U the various branches of mode.n axcmr-l.. fa men la. For further particulars, terms, Ac., see Circu lars at bookstores, or at the residence of the Prin cipal. au5W-3?A*>of Mas. ?. H. SMITH, 420 D street north, be tteeen 6 tk and 7(4, BEOS LEAVE TO INFORM THK LADIES of Washington, Georgetown, an4 vKlnity that she is pre par* d to give ln*t uction, in classes and private lessens. In the art of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and ? ASbS. Also, Wax Fruit and Ornamf-ntal Leather wor* Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a most beautiful aoeom : l*i t;. ?? ? will please call as enrly as possible, as >lrs ?. does not contemplate remilnlng long in the city. TEEMi: Wax Flowers in Classes, per term of 12 lea sons.... US Wax 1 ruit in Cl&s***, per termof l'i ie**ncs..Si Leather W ork in Classes, p. r term of d lessci a S3 Private Lessons SI earh?Veses 810. boquets and Vases, Wreaths, blngle Fl<weri, Ac., for pale, or made to order nu 2G ?m Excursion to the Great Falls. THE PUBLIC IS RESPECTFULLY 1 nformed that the se :ond rand^ MillUiy and Civic Excursion ol tne Washington highlanoe..s u.nib" give i to the abov* place on TUESUAY uext, the 'id of Sept; mbe^, 1*59. The Commit ee of Arrangemeuts pledge them selves to spare no pains to Uiiike this Ejcnrsion one of th? most agreeable of the season, and Insure satisfaction to all those who may honor them with tfcelrcompany. The L<oat will leavj KltUr's Wharf, George town, at o'clock a. m., returning at as'asoca lile hour In the evening. An exp-rienced Caterer has been secured, who will furnish meals at lowest city prices and no ex tra chirge Esputa's Celebrated Brass and CotlliiM Band has beea engaged for the. <-ccasion, and a double relay of Hoiacs guari&tecd by the proprietors of the Boat Tickets one DOLLAR; to be hnd of the Cooiml t?e and Members of the Company. Couimi'tet of Arrangements. Capt J Watt, I.ieut t'atrpbell, l.ient Baln, Lieut Reynolds, Mr J Lacev, Mr W Flood. au?/?j,30,2cp i MULES! MULES II A FINK LOT OF MULES JBST ARRIVED ftvm Kentucky, large and like'y/ which will be so!d on reasonable terms at H. Hlrche's Stables au 25-Ct W P. TALBOTT. B KKNTUf'KY UACOS AND Sngnr-e?re? AMOK!;D BEEF ?A small lot of thin nice Kentucky Breakfast Bacon aud sugur cuitd broil ing Bee? Just received by JAMES H. SHEK ELL, an 2-5-Si 279 F street, corner 13th. R'ZOHS!?razors:?A LARGE a<wort ment. among which may be found tfca cele br<ted Swiss Razor of Jacques Leooultie, lire Kodgers's, V. A S . the Army and other Razors, selling off at T GALLIGAN A CO 'S, 370 Pa avenae. under Browns' Hotel, au 25 St For boston?thepacketschoon r.R MARIETTA BURR. Captain Nlckeisoc, hu axrtv<d, abd wl'l have; qnlok di? patch for the above port. For freight apply to HARTLEY A BRO., ru 25- 1?1 Water street Georgetown. SELLING OFF. Wf ITS AND Bl ACK KID GLOVF8 50c r,uch sell for 87)$. Dresa Cape, Bonnets. Rlbbor?, Embroideries, Laces, Edginga, Silk and Thread Glovaa, Flowers, Nett, Tarletonv Illusions, Braids, Gimpi Buttons, Fringes and % variety of notions at A.TATE'S an *6-3t 314 Pa av bet loth and lltk' sts. CUNniMENTft FOR PICKLIN0, ?!*. White and b'aek MUSTARD SEED CELERY SEED LONG PEPPER, Russian WHITE PEPPER Whie JAMAICA GINGER wrJiSs1*!!^10 Md Jur* Cr*?? Apple CIDER VINEGAH , known to be pnreiy rider Vinegar. Forsaleby JAS H SHEKELL. au 25-3t 879 F street, cornsr 13th. H? R?E FOR SALR.-A VALUABLE family Horse, over 16 hands high. U ( fa?t, and gentle under saddle and In har ness. 'I he horse is a mahogany bay, and. style and actlen, May be teen at Mr Bieeh'a Stab es, Hth atreet an tt-St* l^UR SALE?A HANDSOME TOP BUGGY !* andHARNESS The whole oom- ^aa|A. ple'e ind as coed as new. Cost a few weik? s<u a SH5?will be atld new STfTeT*S. , Apt>!j^aUttr. Birch's Dtables, 14 h str. AmQMlBODtl. NA tioxa l the a tk e. LM Ittbt hat two of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence? THE IRISH LAD ud i YANKEE LA.F0: w Who will make their aecocd apf eariac*,lac. tbelr return from ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND IRFLAlp Iff TP WEE riKCES? Tl'EIDAT EVARIlia, lt?Ml 9k, l The [wfonwuc will c?.ma.eaoe with ? lAUftlt AAkl'KAA< K, Or Yankee MMtM)., fat Mr Florence N ?ncy, la which cbnractri she wl 1 ?lr g ??Bobbin* Around".1 Mr* FlnreiH> ?w?n Wl'f Kemble After which, tke Prr'e in Farce of .niKlilKTUl ft AN NIK. Tin Mr Fl?rtnM Annie Spruce Mr* Florence Frow SllglteryOyplpewfiii d-rfctekiespop pltsox. with the l/UU-b t'r^aa bong Mrs Florf 'OCT ?iridzet. au o!d woman of N>. Mrs F*oien< ? Mlta Primp, a Danseu e, with tte diace"!.* Zlnga ella" Mm. Tlerea. ?; Ammlnta 1 UM-nberry, a yaukee Gal with tbe soag "My Alary Ann".. Mr? Florence An 1 e - ? ? ??.??-????????????????????? 1^'ra 1 ioit .icp To conclude with tbe Fate cf LIMEKIl'A BUY. Paddv Mtle* Mr Florence ?u 5W CRESCENT CITY CIRCUS! 4 wn. C. MAN AH AN Preprleter. Hewly Organized tnl E'jttippod for lL? F&ason of 18Ml THIS EQUESTRIAN TROUPE IS DISTINGUISHK.f> FROM ALL OTHER* at tvi Novelty and Variety of its Tkr Talent of %t$ And Iks Britli&nff of it* Appointment*. The fillowing well-known Eqoeatrlaa Annu are anaon; tte galaxy of Stats: M ile FRANK VIC, Mad 4. !>BOW l.fcS, Mr WODFLL. Mr J SHOWLE#, Air. J POhTt K . Mr J. C'LAH fci, Air W. MAUBKA, Master MAliRbA ' Wllka he 4 of other talented re.former>, Inclr ding JIMMY REYNOLDS, The pupil aad only successful rt\ai of DAN RICK, AS CLOW N ' TbIs Company wlllerhiblt In WASHINGTON on MONUAV ard TUESDAY, Septemb-r 1st sad 2d At GEORGETOWN on WE?NEFDAY.*er. teirber 3d Admlsslcn to Foie? 50 cents ; children half, price. Pit *5 cents, do b&'f j rice an 2* Iw For Sale and Rent. For rent-a brick house,contain. Ins; three rooms, with a bracfcsmltb's *bop at tarbed. slmated on New York averue. b*'w?#n ?th and 7th street* Inquire at tte Sad<ll?r's Sb' p corner 1 a?"d 7th street* auia-3t* For rent?a furnished country Dwelling, with lawn, orebard, garden, aid atablea?9 rooms < n lr*t floor?bot and cold bath*, hlghlv romantic and healthv situation, t milt WathlBftoB !n Prince Geerge #, Md R*. fer to *we?nv, Rlttrnnouse, Fant A Co . a^d IW itor of the Star Posses*Ion given it any ?!i?>e af tertbe 15th October. autf-lai House for rent?thk commodi ous frame House?ttuat'd oa I. street. b? twetn 9th an<i l^th streets, containing 11 rooms, with a passage It has a pump ef good wat-r In the vsrd Also, a stable attarted. capable of cona'c Ing three hor*e* and carriage. Rent WOU per an a -in fcrquire on the preml ea. No 501 cu 25 lw GEO T LANG LEY FOR SALE?FOUR BUILDING LOTf ? e* h feet front, on Htb street, b^weer N street and kLode Island avenre Also, a Lot fronting a feet on Elerentb st lo t wien south D and h streets. JOHN F ENNIS. Attoraev, ?a 23-3t 23 lxulsiana atrenne. PlRM TO LET. ON SHARES.-A WWT deslrab'e Farm, within three miles ef Wuh lagt< a cite, and a quarter of a ml.e froT. tte tnra p'k?. to let on sha'ea. rental ting l*il a^ras. Par* uf this Farm l? snl'able for prmla, and cbe rert unsurpassed for <atly vegetables Its po?lt'on near-.he market, and sltnatlon. sloping to tbe South, with a llpht soli makes It p>rtirulariv de sirable for a market garden Address a not'' to "X Y Z," Washington. D. C. an <3 3T? P)K SALE?A MOST BKAUHFUI. RKS lden.-e on 12th strert, between C and l> s*? . and within a short distance fr m Pa aT? tue. ?rd the 1 te reslden e of Wnc. H Clark ltconal?s of a three story brick bark bulldlrg contain Is v six rooms and passage, kttcben a* d wood shed, all of which has been built within iwo year* : of tasty finish and tbe best iratenxls The let la tt feet 4 inches front, running 100 fret to an allcv *? feet wtde Tbe front portion Is band?oraelv 'a?d off Into a flover garden, which Is now In a pre* parous condition. The grading 1? so trrange?l with brick pavement to drala both wa\s Pelr.g contiguous to tbe market, coa^ and wood yards, readers It a very pleasant and ad?antrgeors lcc% tloa, eapeeJaily to a clerk tn one of u?e Depart ment#. or psrous doing basic ess on tbe avenue The price will be *3 OlK); ot e-tblrd cash; the balance fiorn o:;e to twenty four months, so d'.vl drdasns iU the pur-baser F.fteen hucdieddol !ara rffered f r tbe lot alone For further partlcu ara call on C. P PFN8 STACK, D street. an U lw For sale?a tract of land.tois UlnlnK aboat 45 acres, on the Ilcipht* of Georgetowa, belrg a r>e.rt cf the Valley V' w F*rtu, the resid-nce of the late John H King, deceased. This !s one of tbe mot<t desirable sites In the District for a fine priwe residence; about 20 acres of this tract Is a oer.utlfnl grove of ttm ber, tbe balance cleared and In a MgL state of cul tivation Tbe summit of this trart Is frrn. 36u to 4?? feet, above tide wa'er end has ? flne view of Washington, Georgetown, and the ndjaeei.i v%l ? ley of the Pctomac. It will be aold entire or in lota Also, a large Trame Dwellliig-bonse and let on the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. Apply ?t Valley View Farm, or to Dr H. Kir.-, No 60 Prospect street, Georgetown. D C Jeie-tf fIntel) K J. KING. FOR REN T-THREB three STORY BrlrkHow, sltoated on F s?r?*t betwee i 2d and 3d, eai.h containing six rooa.s. For tern ? arply to J. HOVER, on 1st street, between I ai d K 'twtL ?,,,, **' F) R 6 A L E?TW O LOTS OF GROUND, one on 13th atreet. between L street and Mas sarhusttts avenue. *4 by M) Also, Lot No 16 In Bqutr- 411, near tbe (Smithsonian Institute Ar* Cy to HOWELL A MORtfELL, 4^3 C atiee' twcea 6th and 71fc. *u tl- lw ? CH)R RFNT ?A LARUE AND COMFORT K able House with the Furniture, No. ii> Gav street, between Montgomtry and Gieen street* Georgetown Apply on the prem.ars au 30 5t v Drug store for sale ?thf. ad veit'.ser. wishing to dticontinue tkc Lrrg buslaens, will sell for caah. or paper that will t ommsnd ca*h, his store. Will be aold also tbe Furniture of tbe dveilUtf koaat. Ibe bouse has recently been fitted up and la convenient to buslr.eas. Address "PT," through Cl'y Pest < iffice or City despatch. aa a0-3? FOR RENT?SEVUA.L ?ANDeOJtKTM lora aad Chimben,rHhkaMft. Alao. table ?nd transient beard Inquire at M ? SMITH'S. 33.1 F street not n- if 17*OR RENT?DWELLING HOUSE, NO r 332, Pennsylvania avenue north side bstween it h ard 1Kb atreeta. One of the best locatlona la tneclty. Immediate pasresslon phen. Apply to GEO H K W HITfc A CO., on tbe pr? mlses.or to CHARLES H. LANE, Gent's Furnishing | ^tore, 4M Penn. avenue. an ? I OST?ON SATURDAY NIGHT A POCK li ET BOOK, containing aamall sum of money and papera, tbe latter of which are of ro valne'O any one aave the owner. The Under will be liber ally reward* d bv lta*iag tb? sAme at the Star <!? flee, or at No 3^3 1 ennsylvanla avern auS6-3to J. ii RYNARD. Afr RRWAJLD^?STRAYED OR STOLEN V O {rem the Centre Ma:k<ton Sa'ur-w^ day last, th? *3d Instant, a rrd COW',f with white faoe and dark lega Us ? . above reward will be paid on oe leerli g tt,, Ccw to me at a tall No 51 Cectre Ma ket, tr at l>":ev's wa^oD yard on 7th atreet an *S-: t* LETTEH,CAP, NOTE awo BLOTTIItO Farer aad Envelopesaelllngtt great bargains at 3U0 Pa avenue, aam JOHN F. ELLIS