Newspaper of Evening Star, August 26, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 26, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. ' local intelligence. Bn.4t?> or Alderue.v?The Board met at the u-ual hour, yesterday afternoon, eight members present. In the temporary absence of the President. (Mr. Clark,) the Board w;is called to order by the Vice President, (Mr. Pearson ) The fallowing communication was received from the Major: {ientlrm'n : The melancholy news ha* reached this city announcing the death of the lion James Meacham, of Vermont, and I deem It a duty to the memory of the deceased to communicate tho fact to you, because be baa ever proved himself a warm friend of our city. Mr Meacham was, during the session of "Cnrgress Isst past, the chairman of the Committee on the District of Columbia, and in that capacity exhibited nn enlarged and philosophic mind, which was particular dis played in the unusual interest be manifested , in our public school ayttem and the efforts he made to enlarge iuemeans cf usefulness I have thought it eminently proper that the corporate authorities cf Washington should have some opportunity presented to thciu of expressing their sense of the great lo?s our city has sustained in the demise of this good and truly great man. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, W B Maori dek The communication was referred to a spccial committee consisting of Messrs. Smith, Kufl and Moore. Bills for the relief of Peter Little, Robert Downing, and John Hammond were parsed. Mr Huff, from school committee, presented a new bill (to supply the place of the one vetoed by tbe Mayor) in relation to the ap pointment of sub assistant teachers of the public schools, and to equalize tho salaries of teachors in the male primary school?; which was pamd. A bill was passed appropriating f.>r paying the expenses of the special election in the Sixth Ward. Mr. Smith introduced a resolution allowing W C Manaban the use of the Centre Market space for a circus company; adopted. A bill making an appropriation for the re lief of Henrietta Shryer pissed; also a bill for the relief of Joseph Ratcliffc. Mr Mooro called up the general appropria tion bill- Mr M addresseuthe B >ard at some Icrgth. coai^ndiijg that tho rejection of a nom inee of the Mayor by the Board of AlJormen did rot oat off the salary of such nominee, and fortified his positions by citing from the de ci.-ions of the m*st eminent judicial authorities Mr- M proceeded to define what constituted a session of tbe Councils and what a recess i'wo years ai?o, ho said, nominations were male by Mr. f >wers which were rejected by the Board, were renominated by M.iyor T , and confirmed by the Beard ; and then no objection was made to payiiig tbe salaries He concluded by expressing tho opinion that the M-iyor bad not acted beyond law and pre cident. Mr Busey followed, arguing that tbe ad journment of tho Board from one week to another did not constitute a recess. Accord ing to the interpretation of tbe gentleman (Mr M>ore) tbe rejecting power ?>f the Board was perfectly nugatory it the Mayor could con tinue a rejected nominee in office Mr Busey offered resolutions of inquiry ad dressed to the Corporation Attorney, as t>> what constitute an officer of the Corporation' Whether the interval between the regular meetings on each Monday, after tbe 4th Mon day in June annually, authorized by a law of tbe Corporation, constitutes a recess in tho sense in whi/n it is employed in the charter, and if so, does not any office which may be by the appointment of the Mayor during such re ess *? unul the end of tho ensuing session become vacant unless such appoint ment shall be nominated to the Board of Al dermen 14 at the then ensuing session," and if the offi;e thus becomes vacant can it agaio be filled without the consent of the B^ard of Al dermen ' In the event of a nomination by the M^jor, ?nd the rejection of the same by the Board of Aldermei, and a Repetition of the s.itne from week to week is the Corpora tion bound for the payment of tbe salary to s.?id nominee ? Does a nomination by tbe Mayor entitle any person to the salary affixe 1 to the office to which he may be nominated ' Tae resolutions of inquiry, alter some de bate, were adopted. Resolutions in relation to the death of Hon J icies Meacham were receive! from the lower Board and adopted JOIST MClTlXa. The two Boards now ao.-e nbltd in joint meeting for the election of Notice Magistrates. Mr Bu?ey oficred the following resolution, which was adapted: R*tolvtJ, That in tbe opinion of the joint meeting any Justice of the Peace who may be elected to ;hc < ffice of Police Magistrate by the Board of Aldermen and Common Council in joint meeting assembled, becomes incompe tent t<> discharge tbe duties of the office of Pc? lice M?gistr*te at the expiration of his com mission as a Justice of the Peace, unless it shall have been renewed prior to or at tLe time of iu expiration, ai.d that to render him again competent to discharge tbe duties of the office of Poiice M tgialiate ho must be re-elect ed by the Board of Aldfermen and Common Council in j int meetiog assembled. The ballot for Pa lice Magistrate in the First distiict having been tiiken, it was announced by the tellers (Messrs Busey and Jefferson) that Samuel Drury had received 15 voles, J->hn Jones 4, blank 7; and S.<muel Drury was accordingly declared elected In tne Sec-nu district, Paul Stevens, jr., received 16 votes, aod John D. Ciark 11 ; and Mr Stevens was declared elected In the Tbir 1 district, John S. Hollingshead received 17 Tetts, Z K Offutt 7, J. H. Birch i, and " John Jones of the War Office" 1 ; and Mr. Hollingshead was accordingly declared elected. In tbe Fourth district, B K Morsell was elected?receiving rctes, and John H God dard 11 In the Fifth district, Thomas J. Williams Haj elected?receiving 16 votes, and Win. Thompson 11. In the Sixth district, Samuel S Briggs re ceived 15 votes. James Cull 10 scattering 1 ; Red Mr Briggs waa declared elected la tbe Seventh district, J. H. Birch re ceived 1 j votes, Daniel Rowland 10, blank 1 ; , ALd Mr. Birch was declared elected The j int meeting being dissolved, and the Bjard of Aldermen called to order? A bill providing for paying the ward apothe caries for medicines furnished to tbe poor wap h passed a A bill authorizing a special tax fund and ???the transfer from the surplus fund was passed A bill appropriating for graveling N street, between Tenth and Fourteenth streets was passed. Also, one making appropriations for the re pair <>f gutters in tno Sixth Ward. And then tbe Board adjourned. A Libel Scit ?We learn that a warrant was is-utd, yes??rlay, by Justice Qoddard, against Mcssis Butll A Blanch&rd, charging tbe? w?tb Marshal J D. Hoover in a ttiijpLlet publirncd by them headed " The g of Thorn a* Keating - An Address from tie Irubaien of Washington city to the Cii *er? ot the United btate* " The pamphlet Marshal Hoover with having p icked a jury in the Herbert case favorable to the I?i- utr Mr Buc-1! appeared before Juslice '? Udard ai.d gave tecurny for bis presence at ? fuitDer heunug. Tu* llxi'Eriiion of tho excursion by tho l' Powhctan to Old Point, Portsmouth, ? 4c , (as mentioned iu the adverti&euient in another column) will probably be as well pa ^-tr-.n sed as its predecessor. As tn tbe first ^Irip. the gentlemanly managers will no doubt d<. nil that ean be done for the pleasure and con f?.rt of tbe excursionists, and there will - sgam be a merry party. The boat leaves on jf'HUy afternoon at six o'clock ?w* \iky interesting devotional exercises *"take place on each Sabbath morning at the * workhouse, an attentive congregation of pau pers and prisoners being assembled on tne*e occasions in the long airie of the third atory of the building, ai d addressed by Kev Mr. K rtbup. Ohlt 12* cents for a oorreet likeness of Buchanan, Fillmoro and Fremont. Bold by 1 the a^ent, A Adatu.'ou, .'"oventh #tr?*et, opj>o s.te Post Ul3ce. Adbe?i?a envoleDos, 'JO cents a hundred. h Criminal Cocrt ?Yesterday afternoon the regular panel bavin* been exhausted, the fol lowing juror* were obtained from the talesmen Fummoned by tha Marshal: P. McKenney, Jno. Asbford, A. Davis, Ephraim Wheeler, and David A. Baird. The last named gentle man was net ?worn in, that the remainder might be enabled to go homo for tho night. TO-DAT. The Coart met at the usual hour this morn ing, and the trial of Sullivan, charged with the murder of Kohrman, was resumed. The District Attorney opened for the United State?, and was fallowed by Mr Martin for the dcfence Dr. Johnson Eliot testiSed to having exam ined the body of Kohrman at Beckert's, near the Park, on the 5ih of July ; he had found a wotiT-.d on the back of deceased made by some sharp instrument, which had ovidently pro duced death in a short time ; witness described the direction and appoarance of the wound ; deceased wua a medium oiied man, age about 35 years. A. E. L. Keese testified to bearing a cry of murder at the affray where Kohrman was killed, and that on going to stop the fighting he saw something glitter which ho took to be a knife; duponeut went to the bar room to get a pistol, and on his way thither, looking side ways, saw Sullivan')) arm give Kohrman a thrust; thought it was Sullivan's arm which gave the thrust from the clothes worn by Sul livan; saw no knife At that time Upon tho conclusion of Mr. Keese's testi mony 3. lleismau was called to the stand, but being unable to give hut evidence in English an interpreter was ndt for, and the Court took a recess After the recess this witness was examine 1 through an interpreter, and was on the stand as our report closed. National Thkatrk.?Thore was a large gathering last night of our theatre-going peo- 1 pie to welcome the return of the Florence? from their triumphant career on the other sido of the Atlantic It too often happens that American actors of talont are not recog nized at their true value at homo until they receive the stamp of Old World approbation ; hut this cannot bo said in viow of the enthu siastic reception now given to Mr. and Mr? Florence, since every body knows that they were universal favorites throughout our wide Union prior to their departure for Europe. However, considering the severe ordeal American actors are oompelled to p?ss before English audiences, and in running the gaunt jet of criticism no way? kindly predisposed towards American talent, It is naturally a matter of pride to tho friends of Mr. and Mrs. Florcnca that they have not only disarmed criticism, but oompelled tho warmest admira tion while ou the London boards and wherever they appeared during thnir tour Th* bill offered by them to-night Is a re markable rich one, as will be seen by the ad vertisement in another column, and cannot F-iil to give satisfaction. Mst.ancholy Accipest - Aboutfivo o'clock in Sunday afternoon, a youth named John Tuoll was drowned whilo crossing the Eastern Branch, opposite the Navy Yard Tuell, with uther boys in a boat, was sitting in the stern iti Jhe boat, and falling in the water back wards is supposed to bn*e got entangled in the prasa at the bottom of tho river, as he did not rise to the surface again, and as the body has not yet been recovered. Store Ereakimg ?On Sunday night the grocery store of Mr. R. Knight, in the Sev enth Ward, was entered and robbed of money and some ?oods; and last night tbe store of Mr John Hickey, on Seventh street, was robbed of various articles The robbery of Mr Knight's store was perpetrated, it is 'up posed, by boys, and that upon Mr. Hhkey * -tore by a colored man. None of the thieves have been arrested. As Omission ?An error crept into tbe com plimentary card of C"nim >d^re Forrest, from the heads of the different departments of the Washington Naw Yard, recently published in the Star We refer to the omission of the name of our fellow-citixen, Mr. Theodore Frcibus, who, having been c "tiled on to that cud. t inned it. The mistake occurred ere it reached our hand and was evidently the result only of an error in copying tho original paper. Pearce Uadlet, arrested on charge of as saulting and beating James Hiser on Sunday night, was dismissed yosterday, the evidence being insufficient to oonvict him. iiiser is improving. ? The examination into the firemen's late difficulties took place yesterday afternoon at the Mayor's office, but no decision was ren dered, we believe, by the Mayor. Watch Returns?Archibald Watton. riot, security for court; Benjamin Franklin, Doug las Harrington, and Samuel Croggins, do , d >.; Sarah Longster, Elisabeth ilorbert, and John West, out after hours, frn* and costs; Honry Mole, dnink, workhouse thirty day? ; Maria Conlin, disorderly, dismissed. | \D V ERTl SBUKa'T. A CARD.T-The undersigned, finding a name similar to his own among the signers of the recent Republican rarty pamphlet about the killing of Thomas Keating, and looming that some of his fellow citizens suppose that it i? bis, takes this method of making known that if it was intended for his name it is a base for gery, as he neither signed the pamphlet in question nor authorized any one to put his name to it. Jambs Fitzgerald, Pennsylvania avenue, between Third and Four and-a-half streets, and next door to the C S. Hotel. Augnst 26, 185?>. It* Notice ?The J. W. Kelley reported in the Watch returnson the 2oth is not J W Kelley. stone cutter E street, east of the National Theatre. Jno. Mills, Capt. A 11. Augu-t2fi. inhalation in diseases or the lungs. Dri. fin titer 4c Williams. Physicians for Diseases of the Chest. b2i North Charles street, Bait' more. The great success which has attended the practice of Inhalation by Dr. Hunter and his associates in treating every form of Pulmona ry diseases is cuw established beyond question Dr. Williams, associate of the tbe Baltimore office, may be consuited in Washington on the 12th and 2?th of each month. The next visit will be on Friday, the 2Vth instant Office 260 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Votu's Jawelry Store 1 _ Ifl* Cholera now Is sit cocflned te any particular locality, but ipra*d? Mi ilrea'1 wiujja "Ver all rnnrfrlM end p.- pie Let all b* prepared bf p'*?eealng a t?>ttle of the BALM l)T ZANTIIOKKA made by H H Hum pkrrj, It la a ?nrara?cady. Koe tlienninrrou* i:ert!:lcate* which ara wrapped around e*?li tattle, all of which >'te*t :ta efficacy. Fir aala In Wuhtegtan by CHAS. STOTT. au IS? ?w |p" AroistUc Kurarr of Turkey Rhu HAKH?Til* II prepared from Ttmn Kiraiaii . la ttkr'i la amiller doeea ilien r< aiajcn Tincture, c< utaiua l<- a aplrit, aad thatof thekaei qoa'lty. ltp'.aa??KH aMo the Rrateful flavor ~f Aromatic*. rendorlng tin tuadblue m.,<* ?-m<-? iuu* aud palat >bl?-, tbe n*n?et.n* t?*te of tiie Klinbarb helne perfectly dia,(nfi.?.l It Ik recommended *?> * *1 inarii cordial and tonic Ui pereone whoee occupatlone ?C tusi-ui t??ui t? a*Uaiitary habit*, and will be f?>nnd be> a fl i?l in I>j?|-epaU or Indigeetiou, Diarrhea, HlMna* and ?*e-T<>a* t.-a'l*~h^, tVnattpallon. Goal. Kheuuai Uui Flatn In - (travel, oi a- J (lia<.r.l?r of t>r St<>iuarli, C?IU, *<? ttuld by Z. D. Ull.MAN aud J N. CXLI.AK angts iw Hastetter's Celebrated SUmich Blt ThUil.? W? take srrat plaaaure In reromroamlln* to our rectara thia iuparl'>r mrdltlta for the c-iuplalnta to alilcli It rrofe???.? to be adapfe<1. The aeaaou tf the yr?r li t* nuar arrlrrd when lt? b-"iiHI?-tal rnulta may bi folly teated, and w? ?(,?ak from ;?r?oaa] koowlelee when we aay, that th* faintly raar.ot ami re a aafer and oir.ra effe'tnal remedy In r'lioalni; th< a? dkatiaaau g com; lalata peculiar to the >uiii nier e?aa?.u, and cngander. d too often in tbe too free use of frnlt before fully rlpa and mature PimI. bold by J. M. CAM.AN. an >5?lw |?J"Pref. Dellrslb'i <*reul Klectrlc Oil.? ! Art LicTKbTKtkTKaa Tum mvCvuti IK OMR Willi ? Head leuar from kee. Jaa&ee Icinp'e I'll I I.AI' i a, Juue 9.t, IM. Prof. DeGratli -I lia?? b??n afflirted is year* with Neural Kla aad otber palnfal roaipuiau, and I have been unable to a.cep a<>?Bdly or *a:k any dlatanca tor niany jeaia pa*t. L?at week I |?t a bottle of your " K'.ertrtc Oil " The flrat utftit I alapt ajuadiy aiwl w*u, and to day I ara Ilk* a new naa My wlfs could not belle*# her eyee Tour Kle"-trk: I Oil ha* done la ?ne week what ttie phyalelana of PhlUdalf bla failed t? do la 11 yaara Gratefully yonra, a?? J A3* KM 1 KMVLK, XJO n?Uth at rCCU Ho'd by 8TOTT k Co. aud J. 8CMW AHT7., WaaUiug oD. ? n IS 1 w U1IO, ' On the '/ia instant, MAKY LIZZIE, Infant diathler of Wo A and Catherine it Baird OS ta?2A'b laat .AMELIA ANN 6ALLAN T, wife of Peter Oat lent, and daughter of John Hc burg, in the 3^id ye? of hm age The friends of the f?m'ly are Invited to attend th* fiti-^l from her la?e leddeace on Maa#acbu ?#-.u a ve.iuc, be'.wten 6iU and 6th streets, to-mt.r rev morning, at 9 o'clock. ? EXCURSION No. 2. REPETITION OF THE EXC9KSION TO OLD POINT, PORTSMOUTH. NORFOLK, GOSPORT NAVY YARD, STEAMSHIP COLORADO, RIP RAPS, FORTRESS MONROE, U.S. NAVAL HOSPITAL, CHESAPEAKE B AY BY DAYLIGHT. PINEY POINT, ftc , Ac ,&c. TTHh*aT*N8pA!'n8AP,!STKAMKR POW i.1 rP Mitchell, wl 1 Repeat her Last Pleasant Tr.r, to the above Pj^ce-, leaving Washington at 6 o clock on FKIDAY EVt NIN6, the v.f>th Inst., fn? ,*ep?n Sa,' 7' lt0PPlng goirg and retrrn n& ?ey p(?,nt- Tbe neamtr will arrive at # u on ^?larday morning; thenee to Nor olk, Portsmouth, Ac ; leaving Portsmouth on Saturday at 6oVloek,fo, old Point, arriving tfcete t>y 7 p m . where she will remain until 12 o'clock on ^unday, at that hour leaving for Washlnir'on, o'clo'kF ^ koine on Monday morning aooit ti Passengers by this trip lo*e only Saturday from business; cross Chesr.peake Bay bv daylight, pass twerty-fr ur hours at the most renowned and justly celeY ratrd Watering Pl?c? la the South, view the largest Military ? ortiflcatlon in America, witness tie Grrnd D;ess Parade on Sunday mnm "K a> ^ ? clock, enjoy the Ocean Surf Bathing, Pirbicg, Crabbing, Ac., Ai. At Portsmouth abundance of time will be allowed to visit the United state* ship Pennsyl **? D.'. and most elegantly llulsbed ves sel In the woTtd.?the Government Dry Dock, of !u l.^^t mechanical curiojlty.?the Gosport Navy \ ard, being the most extensive la onr conn try, wl h all its branches ard departments in full operation,?the new steamship Colorado,?Uni ted States Hospital,? Public Buildings. Ac., Ac. 1 IcKets for round trip have been placed nt the unusual low price of *2 50, Children and Ser vants half price; a gentleman and two ladies S? ; to riner Point and bacc, Si 60. Secure vour tickets eariy, they are positively limited, and may be had at l)r. Kid well's Store, (ieorget"wn ; Ellis's Haho Store, ard Taylor A Maury's Bookstore, between 9th and 10th streets, Navy YardKt?n S C?f 4* 8,rcel? aud u*" Refreshment*. iMeals, Ac , will be furnished by M N Sheldon, Esq , and his polite and gen tlemanly assistants au **5 4t Wants. WANTED?A GOOD OYSTRR OPENER. Apply to CHAS. WERNER. an >tti-3t? iyANTED-FOR A SMALL FAMILY, A ?? 1 oman, to cook wash and xuak" h^rse'f generally useful. Apply at SHILLINGTON'S Hook and Stationery Store, corner 4k street and Pa. avnu-. an 2d-3t Servants vv a n t e ? ?wanted, a good Look ar d Washer for a small family ? Also a German Waiting Chambermaid. Apply .it l-l 1 w?roet, ne<r>lst au 2fi-2t* VVA/ A WHITE GIRL, TO COOK ** iii.'hesl wagei will be paid None need apply ur;jess th*y have the best written reeom ,?? AP',!>' at No '2i Indiana avenue, au 2b -3t* WANTED?A GOOD TWO-STORY Drlck / 1. neatly furnlsfcei, at a moderate rent. Apply at the Star Office and state terms, Ac au 25 tf \V ANTED IMMEDIATELY?an expf V V and competent Nurs??, to take charge JT children and a-s.isl in sewinr. Also, a gord Cook, washer and Ironer No. 2?ft H street, near _ an 25-tf VVANTED?ONE OR TWO ROOMS, either TR,*ant or plainly furni *hfd. between Cen tre Market and Navy Yard, by a single man. a mechanic. Address, siting particulars, "J J. Murphy, Post Office, Washington, au 25-2t# W A N T^E D?A r'OOD bar-keeper, a v? srrart German Lad to assist about the bar, a gord rlesn Servnt, e.n Oys'er Opener, and a nr*t rat$ R^stanrant i ook GckhI v*lil be oaid weekly for competent hands. Applvatthe S. E corner E and 7th sts. an:3-3t? fNJr.VAMAT1?N WANTED ?OP MAGARET *- HUGH E**, an orphan girl, a>>ont nine years of ag^i has r(d h^lr. and is freckled in the face, and > tout bill' She left her residence on Saturday, th-8th Instant. All persons are warned pgaibst harboring her Any informa'ion regarding btr wh' re#bouts will be thankfully received h>*Vav lng word at Mr. Hitz's Store ? n south E st , Cap itol Hill, or at C. McDonnell's, on Ncih Caroli na srenue and 2d street south, Capitol Hill au 23-31* W A N i' ED ? WAWTED ?WANTED?TO Had penoj.s in wr,nt of ti e ioLlo.vliiE ar tides: French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round., o*t? crsqnaic Oil Paint? .gs, I.T;rge and small Marble-top iJrackett Tables, in bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any fixe Looking Glasses, or other work in the giid'up lint done to order with dispatch AUp. a lot of cast-Iron Uracketts. suitable foi sheivu.g, Ac , on hand. Terms n:.?deiate to suit the tln -'Sj for cash. N.B.?Old Work H -gilt, and Looking Q'tsi Plates innort-"d. i55 P^nna. a venue, opposite Flrkw?><HJ Hoase. *eol? JOHN WA8NKR. Boarding. MRS SPALDING, ON THE CORNER OF F and Uth streets, can accommodate boarders, either permanent or transient. an 25 eo3t? Board, Ac ?mrs bates,on thes.w comer of Pennsylvania &venue and Sth street l?p-epared to aecommod Uegentlemen with roorriH with or without b >ard Every eft'ort will bemads to render those comfortable who may f*v> r her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtalned. apfl tf Hoard ?two large room s~for RENT.?One very handsomely furnishtd. Also, e large sfre single room sul'able for a gen tleman Board can be bad on tite most reason able term* If detired. Tt e situation is cool and pleasant, having a large yard attached is desira ble for afmilly with children. No. 1(IS Tenth street, bftw?-en D and E. au V?-6t* Mrs bannerman, corner of bth and Estreats, has several good H<x,ms va cant, wntch she otters witn ln>ard on reasonable terms. She table board ers. J y lb-tf I ndisancks. OVUCK of THE CoMMlMSlUNIRor HUAI.rU, August 1, ls50. rpHE HOARD OF HEALTH OF THE CITY 1 of Washington, at a meeting held on the30th July, declared the following to constitute nuis ances : Dead carcases, dead ttsh, and offals of flsh, heaps of oyster shells Offals from butcher's stalls, slanghler-houaes ox ranyards. Stagnant water In pond-s, marshes sewers, or cellars. Foul stable*, foul cow-hotwea or cow-pens, foul privies, and hog s'ye* De'aylng vegetables and fruits of every descrip tion. whether entire or those portions thereof not used as food whleh may be thrown out A 1 ashes, rubbh?h, shavings, or re*u?? sub stances rf ?ny trade, occiii atlon. or business. Filth, stable manure, soapsuds In pools, drain age from dye-houses and soap factories. Hrrs?s going at large with glanders, farcy, cr any other contagions disease Houses or buildings in a state of dl'apldatlon or any other dmgering tite lives or property of tho<e in the vicinity. CHARLES F. FORCE, au 4-w?w Commissioner of Health I VI . UL'NSON. AT a3B PENnTa AVEMIE. * Is still making those beautiful Contlmous GIJM TEETH, called Alien .( Patent, for the excel fncy of ^/fnrjr which over all ether styles of teeth, many now wearing them in this city, will cheerfully vouch There is one Dentist in this city who has been Infringing the patent, and made a bad imitation of It, against whom I hereby caution the public N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks avalnst Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth \vhen properly conuructtd, It Is because he Is ignorant of the pro Mss, incoas etent to make the work or is unwilling to pay forjhe patent. je 16-tf DENTAL SlROiRTT DR. WILLIAM A. FRANKLIN HAVING taken rooms at No 44b Pennsyl ?>? r ? ^ ?aula avenue, will be bappy to serve all who may stand I:: need or th-' ^[TfTTTr vices of a J>entlst. His prices will be moderate and all work warranted. je <v_eotf ' ISLAND Al ADtMV. FRENCH AND ENGLISH ACADEMY i- fur the instruction of young ladies will be open September 1st, by a lady of years ezperienre in teaching, and having resided u< me years on the Island, solicits the patronapeof her former friends ar.d others who desire the success of a high class school in that part of the city The system of instruction will comprise all the branches taught in Irst ciass academies, and the manners and morals of pupils will receive strict attention. A preparatory school for children will be attached to he Academy, and the rudiments of French will be taught gratis Competent masters will be en gaged for Languages, Music, 1'aintlng, Drawing, kc References and terms mads known by aa dresslng "ACADEMY," Btnr Ofllce au ltt-lm >RK*KNTS FOR THE CHiLDRKn. 1 ??y-', Fancy Notions, Political Flags, 4tc., ?utt-?t LAMMONO'tt. auction bales. 1 r'r'a8-- Mc6UlRE- Auct'one?r. XTFLLEUT FCRA|tukv . Pi Hcmrhald Effect* On MORNING, August 27tb, at 10 o'clock ' at tt\ rc- denceof a gentleman dedloing hou*L*r,nt on the east side of Kth su^t, between^! ifc Kreetf; 1 '521LmU "n "trtlrntTssorTrren{? (? urnitme and Hcn?ekreplnK Effects v t f iVI ahogany hair Rprlapr Sofa ' Rocker and parlor Chairs Rosewood marble-top centre Table

Mahogany Secretary and Bookcase Marble'op Mdeboard. Pier Table .Mahogany card and work Table* Ottoman*. Girandole*, Vases W'u !utbw ply' and Venetian Carp<t* 011 Cloth, stair Carpets, RU"s ?? nsmelied Cottage Set ? Cottag* H dsteads, marble top Washstands Cane and wood-seat Chairs. Hookers Looking Hlnsses, Clocks. Window Shade* ?ca ^e,r-Bolsters and Pillows Mattresses, Blankets. Comforts Ia*8' and ''rockerv Ware, Table Cutlery Cooking and other Stoves, Kitrbeu Utensil*. Ac credltnflt^ 8rLd u,,der) Cl*h ; over that snm a credit ofsixty cud ninety days, for satisfactorily endowed notes, bearing frterest. Y - aiia6'd J. C. McGUIRE, An't'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IliNDSOnE HOUSEHOLD AND Hitch lien Furniture at Anctlon.?On MONDAY firhln!??? 1 *h*U Ml Rt No- 428 F? b"tween 6th and / in o'clock a. m , an excel lent assortment of Furniture, viz: Fine plush velvet cotered Sofa Do walnut and mahogany marble-top Dressing Bureaus * Do marb.e top Withstands and Centre Tables Lo mauogany and walnut French Bedstead* wl'h Spring Matt'esses Do walnut Whatnot, rockln? and stuffed seat Chairs Do walnut Hat Tree. Bookcase, extension, din ing. and other Tables Do mantle Vases, China, G1as?. and Crockery ware among which Is on- floe gold band i>a and Coff. e Set, ivory handled Knives, Walter d CaFfrtr' 1>a and cpff,ee **??*, and Do Brocatflie and Lace Window Cnrtains and Ornaments l>? fr*H,hfr Beds. Bedding, hair and other Mat t resrps Do Tapestry, three-ply, ingrain, and stair Car pets and Rugs Oilcloth and Matting, Refrigerator Marie cane Chairs and spring Lounge A'r.Xab and a yood lot of bltchen*Rco ulsi'e* With many other articles which wv d *em un necessary to enumerate. Terms All sums under *2."? cash ; over *25 ? credit of AO and SO days, for notes satisfactorily e;nlors?d, bearing Interest The house Is ,!ho for rent, Wf> i fitted up with gas, cooking range, furnace to heat the house, end cistern In the yard ' Inquire Of the subscriber. A GRFFN a" j>r-d Auctim ?-er. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer ll?f?3FR\*D "ALK ?K VALUABLE Hnllding Let?On WEDNKSDAY AF 1 EKNOt)N. August 27th, at ? o'clock, on the premises I shail s;|l part, of i.cts 4 and 5, in square 119. fronting "t fee* on north L street, be feet'"n nd ~th streets west, running back 121 This lot Is situated in a rapidly Improves part of the c'ty, witiiin a short d^tar.ce of tbe mVaet rerms; One-tbl'd ra h ; tie residue in fi and 12 months, w!th interest, secured by a d' ed cf trust on the pr mlses. Title indisputable a'! v5'3t J -C. McSUIRK, Auct'r, iN house, AND OHNAMENTAL PAINTING & GLAZING. I* EOIiGE H. V,Mi NELL, .'<>. 51 ^ LOUISIANA AVLNUL, BETA 1 fith and 7th i?iretts, north side", has (.p^ntd a branch Shop, far the prosecution of his business on '?tu stieet. between 1 street and MassathuseUs avenue, east side, and w?il be happy to re^eiv calls for work at e.ther of his locations for duln<i bnsines^. H All orders for Jobbing attended lo promptly and at the shoilest notice. In a wcikm :nlier mari ner Thankful for p=st favors he will, bv assiduity and dispatch uf work, hope to merit the con?n< i ame of the orders of his friends and the | ublic generally. RU .2w A CARD. 1AM PRKPARKD TO ATTEND TO ALL orders appertaining to the duty of ?cavrn?vr of the Seventh Ward if lep a? the following i ?aees to wit: Mr tiulgley>, . crner 13 h and C sfs Mr. Tn. ker's, on 7lh street, at Maryland ?v. Mr. Samuel Humphrey corner or N and I k sts. Mr. John Ktlley's, 4 ^ street between H and C, I-land WILLIAM S MULLEN, an 21-Bt* Scavenger WOOI# AND COAL WK ARE PR LPARED TO SUPPLY ALL tho^e "*ho iii .y favor us with their patronage wuh the best ar i l* ?f f?-i j>t the following Oak Wood Co prr cerd 1 li?e <40 5 'Ms H ir.kory do 7 00 Stove aad White Ash K^'g Coal.... fi .jU per ton Rrd Ash iranaition Nut 9 10 Cumberland Lump 5 50 ICT" Persons laying in fuel for the winter would do will by giving us a c*ll. All orders left at P. J. S'.eer?'ft re, No -f-STth treet, between D and tl street*, or at c ur < men, wl.i be promptly fllhd 2.21(1 lbs. given to ton JOHN W MYERS, A CO , Office and Yard corner cf O and 22d streets, juMm First Wird UNPARALLELED Sl CiflCHS in ART! The Masters of tho Old School out-done by a Combination of Pencil aud Sunlight WHITKHURST'S IMPROVEMENT IN PHOTObRAPHS, in oil. Pastil, ard Ivory c?lor? excell ail. They possfss Inconcelva blel?tautli n For likeness and flnl*h they out strip al other painting yet unvelkd t? the *'or:d < f art. Language i>* too tame to dt n:ribe tn? m tLey miut be seen to be appreciated, and a e iu detd the gems ( f the present age Thnre d? ous may have these paln'ings t ken either from llf-*, or man!lled,or copied from old df^uerrro typea to any agreeable size, even to thai, of life Hu inez/otlnt Photograhs, just Introduced, may II- multiplied from the result of one sitting to thousands of copies, while e8rh subsequent copy is fqual to the first; thus retdering the price, !? a numb r of copies ?re taken, nt about tt? -anie as for lithograpas Amt.rotypes, or imjierishnbie Gl?ss Pictnro??, tafcen In great p? rf??etion Gallery, on Pennsylvania avenue, bttwm: 1 ij and ??th streets. au2J-lw? J H. WH1TEHUR8T. VOCAL INSTRUCTIOW. Mtt F NICHOLLS CHOUGH, COMPOSER AND SINGING MASTEH, AT THE INSTANCE AND RECOMMEN datiou of reveral or his In*,lentlat friends, has determined to establish himself a! tbe eltv r.f Washington, as a VOCALIST and SINGING MASTER His reputation In these branches, as welt as composcr of many of the most popular songs, such as "Kathleen Mavourneen," *4Der moi Astcre," Ac , be trusts, will entitle him to the patronage of the community He will be glad to take charge of a limited number of Private Scholars, and proposes open ing a Musical Vocal Academy on the 15?h Sep tember next, for the development and study of singing ir? classes, commencing from the ele mentary principles up to the accomplished sing er. His ctrcu-ara will be pre, ared as soon as pos sible, and, In the meantime, he would suggest that early application be made either for private or cIhhs tuition, at Mr Richard Davis1*, or at George liiibus's Music ttore, Pennsylvania ave nue, who will every necessary Information, and where Mr CHOUGH'S latest compositolns can be s>)eu. au 19-eolm Keep it before the people; That we keep constantly on hand gentle men's DRKSS SHIRTS c-f every ouali y and Erice, and made up after the latest styles and pat ;rns. We have Just received a new supply of Shirts, with colored Pnen bosoms and wrlbtbiuUs, com prising the choicest patterns Our attention will be particularly devoted to making Shirts to order, and we confidently be lieve our experience In this department wlil en able us to give satisfaction to all who msy favor us with thftlr orders Style and fit guarantied or no sale. GEO H B WHITEACO, Gents Furnishing Stire, jy 2S-tf ItW Pa. avenue,bet 9th and 10th sts. TO THE FUBLIU. JOHN P DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Factory, on nth. street, between Louisiana avenue and] C street, long conducted by Mr. John' M. Young, Is now prepared to manufacture and repair allaescriptlous or COACHES, BUGGIES, WAGONS, Slc., cn the most reasonable terms, in the very best manner, and at the shortest no tice He respectfully invites his fellow citizens to give him a trial. au 12-Jrn TO HOUSEKEEPERS. PERSONS WISHING TO PURCHASE superior Table or Pocket Cutlery, heavy Sli ver Plated or Albata Ware, fine Japanned Tea Travs or Toilet Sets, an excellent Clock, Tea or Coff'fe Uin, Enamelled Kettle, Saucepan, Fur nace, or any of the hundred aad one little etceteras nee led bv every housekeeper, will do weM to call 011 FR VN'JIS JustaboveOdd Fellows' Ha l,<-u Sevouth street. He has good articles, aad Lis prloes are low. Jy ?-tf AUCTION BALES. THIS ATTEayOON AND TO-MOBBOW. By J AS. C. McSUI RH, Auctioneer. TRl'STEES' S A I E or BKiCTirUL Country ftmt.?By of a deed of trust from (jf? T Mmscv as trustee.and Ann Brown, Waring date on the thirteen h day of December, lt?J. and recorded In Liber J A si No 6.-fo.ios 505,5?*1. 507, .V^, SoO, and 510. one of the Land Re co d- for Washington county. In tbe District of Columbia, the inriersi^ued will Mil at public auc tion at the auction store of J C McGulre, to the highest bidder.or. Ill U RSPA V AFTER NOON , June26tb, at?; o'clock p 111 , the following highly tir proved and beautiful country property, : All that piece cr parrel of ground lying In 'be county of W a?hlngtoo and Dls'rict aforesaid, be _ i* iart ?' lb? 'and whereof Anthony Holxnead wn I or, died seized, arid part of the tract called I leasart l'laln-." ar.d part of the land which Anthony Holmeid, Jr., conveyed u> Boifxell ar.d Muvhew, which they conveyed to John PJrkrell, tbe piec*or parcel r f land afor<??iid. lying on the east of the Washington and Rockviile turnpike road, containing 5 acres and one sixteenth rf an acre. moreorles.H. beiise LotN'o.'iofUco Tayl r's subdivision, and beginning for the ssmecntbe etstside of th" said turnpike road, at the tad of 76.42 perches measured southerly from tbe Inte* sectlon of Mid road with the Rock Creek church road, or private way called Taylor's road, leading from tne *a'd turnpike road to m other pa>t of the said Inc: cf land owned by said George Taylor, and running thewe with the ra'd Washington and Rockviile turnpike road north three degrees, west 2S 46 perches to the Lot told to J C. Lewis, thence at riglit angles with the said turnpike road 2* 4* perches, thence at right angles with the said last line, and parallel witfc the ?a'd first line *-4'". perches, and theneeet right angles with thesaid last mentioned line ar.d pttrallel with the said second line 29.J6 perches to the line of the mW turnpike ioad and the place of i^ginning, bei*N the same land and premises which was cc.B'.ijfet to tt" ?aid Ann Brown by John F Shan**!??-/deed dated April 10 h 1853, and duly rero?<t? Together with th? irrpirre men t and apptriraances, whlrh may be seen bv the j,reK;?e? Terms: One-fcurth cash; 'be residue In 8, IS, IP, and 24 month* ; to be secured bydeedsof trust on the premise*. Unless the terim of sale be com plied wi hiii five days frcm day of sale the Truf tees re?erve the right to re?* 11 at the cost and risk of tbe defaulting purchaser All conveyances at the purcharer's expense. ERASMUS J. MIDI; I.ETON, > _ , KICHARDH CLARKK, > J rustees m 21-2awts AS. C. McGUIRE Auct'r. J117"The nb?ve *t?le is nnsvoldnbly past pop>_d until SATUKDAY, Jit'.y 2S?h, s <ine honr and place ERASMUS J. MIDDLEfON.) . K1CHAUD H. CLARKE, J iru"tfe* Je27-2a*ts J.C MrGUlUF, Auct'r. IX?" The nbote -ale is farther postponed un 11 TUl.SDAY AF'i'KKNOON, Aa^artiMtk, same hour and place. ERASMUS J.MIUDi ETON,) .r RICHARD H CL AKKF, C Tr:st?e?. Jy 26 2*wkds J. c. McBUIRfc, Auct'r. Bv J AS. c. .M'? ij ? H K. Auctioneer. rpRl6T?K'kSALfc.(IF Ur. S ti.U.l.t UTS, t fronting 20 feet eat h en Muryiand nve. nne, oetweeii ??tli ami t?tli streets east.?By virtue of a deed of duly recorded In I Ibe'r J. A S , No uy, folios25y 260, a6t. ardtai*. 1 sha 1 <."11 ou the p'emlses, on WLDNESbAV. theiTih Instant, at 5# o'clock p. m., Lots Nos 1,2,3. 1, and 5, In ?uulivislon of Square No <J1S. Al<-o, Lots Nos 1.2. 3.4,5.6,7,8,9,10.11. 1-2,20,21,22. 23 , 21, and t>i. la tuudlvision ol ?qtsareso?:tn of Square No. 915. I'he above Lots are very desirably located on Mary land aveaue, between &th and ?.h streets east, fronting ati feet each on .Maryland avenue and I) street north, running back to a 15feetalley Terms One-third cash; balance inriand twelve months, for notes satisfactorily eenred. bearing Interest, Government title. HORACE EDEL1N. Trustee. _ati?l-d J. C. MctiUIRF, Anct. Bv A. tiRKLN'. Airctloneer. VER V ftl Pt RlOU; Ot SEIiOLO Farni. at Aiicticu.?On THIRSOAY, the 28*h instant. 1 t-liall sell, at 10 o'clock a m , at the residence of Mr !)art, un E stieet north, between Second and Third st'tcts west, i:iimedl;i!e>y r.o'th of Mechanic's row, a very suptrior assori ment of Furn ture, vli Fine Kf.scwoid Dam?ss iirtcatel covcre?l Parlor .*et, comliitlug of 1 reuch Sofa, two Tete-a 'Attfcs. tv*o Oislor Arm, one Recep;l -n, and four Chairs Two tine Gothic bilt fran?- Oval French plate M1 rrors Koeew;.o'l Marble-top Centre Table and Faa^y Table Three tine Walnut Marble-to ? Dressing Bureaus One do do iiat tree and Extension l ining Tabic Six h!;e Walnut Bedsteads Oak Arm and o'her Chairs China. Glass. Crockery, a; d Stone Ware Six fine Cured Hair Mattresses KoJsters and Pillows Twelve pal' tine English silk bound Blankets Fine Tapestry. Ingrain Stair Carpeis.tnd Hods A large lot of Passage and lilnn'g-roorM Oil-loth Refrigerato , Cookhi^ Stove, with an excellent a!-sor.iu"nt of Kitchen requ sites With many ctiier articles which we deem un necessaiy to enumerate Terms : Under cash ; over S JO a credit of two, three, artd four months, for notes satlsfac toriiy endorsed, bearlne; Interest. The above de&cr.bed stock of furniture is nearly uew, aid of very superior stvle and finish, and tne sale will be we.*1 worthy of the attention of per soos wi,hing to purchase. an itS - d A. (j KEEN . Auct. By J AS. C .McGUIRK, Auctioneer. Furniture and uousruoLu kf fects at 1 ublic Auction?On FRIDAY MORNING, August 29th at 10 o'clock, at the iesidcnce<f Win Lcwl-i Ilcrndcn, C S Navy, a' the corner cf H a;:d 20th ttrtets, 1 shall sell ail the F uruUure and Kou^ebo'd Ellects, cont ieting of? Excellent rosewood Tlaco Forte and Stool U osewood marble-top Centre I able Mahogany do Mahogany Fofa, Ottoman, Rockers, Cha'.r* Walnut Writing Tables, cane seat Chairs Brussels, ply. and ingrain Carpets Oilcloth, Ilruggett, S'raw t'.trp t, Hall Lamp Centie Idii.p. Lirantloles, Vases Mahogany Fiench and high-post Bedstead* Ward*u"oes, Bureaus, W cabstands Surerior hair a'd Lu.-'; Mattresses Ltoister* arid Pillows Blankets, Cciii*or*a. fcc. Dining Table-*, Window Shades and Curtains Silver plated Castors, Table Cutlery China, Glass, ai.d Crockery Wate Cooaing Slove Refrigerator, Kitchen I'tensi s Terms : #2l? at;d under, ca h : ovrrthat sum.a credit of GO and 'JO days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, beating Interest an 23-d J. C McGUIRE, Au^t:r. ????w?u?n????a?rf ? ? ?! WOOD ANi> MIL NNT, N \\ . corner Twelfth and C street. No i>47. Cxe square soum of the At tHUt '?>HK Br:?T ARTICLE GUARANTEED.? a All Coal enrefully wctghed?2.240 to the ton, from wh'ch there Is no deviation, setm\ngly to rtduc* tKe price. Perrons laying in their winter fral will And it to tbelr ad'-antage to leave their crde-s to be sup plied from the vessels on their arrival. IfjP'Coal kept under cover. Wood of the best quality alwavs on hnnd Jy 29-tr T. J A W. M. GALT. A CARD. CLOTHS, DREftfHNf- AND SILK DTE* I flH EUTABLIbHMEJIT, AUmndrtn, Ira. The undersigned returns his thanks to his frle.nd * ard customers generally for the liberal natronar" extended to hi;n. ana would Inform tnrm t!i-t all orders le"t v i;h his A^ert, FRANCIS JENKINS, Navy Y*;d Hill, will be thankfully received and punctually at tended to until oth"r n'ranger.-.ent* are rr-?de D: W ARK I ELD. at;23 3'. Alexandria, Va. >1 AO. JlOl'flT'K tO^^UMPriO* DES. 7 K U Yi^Rs '?''HIS INVALUABLE KE*MEDV CAN UK i had at No. :?5# G street, between Eleventh and Twelfth, souih side. oratStott's Apothecary corner of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue. Reference*: Re* Mr Phelps and Kev Mr. Register, Foundry church; and certificate frcm the Rev J. Hanson- jy 22-lin# NOTICE. /^EN WALTER JONK8 AND CHARLES " * LEE JONES have removed their ofiice tc i\o. S06, E strtet, between 3d and 4th streets Charles Lee Jones will practice In the Supreme Ccurt of the United States and all other eoort* held In the District of Columbia. Ueu Walter Jones, though mostly retired from gensral prac tlce, will nnite with him and do his best to ad vance the success of clieiU by wntten stateme . t? and arguments, and oy all other nardful and proper exertions. jy S-'Jui The subscriber, hatiro dkter tulLed to close up his present business, re quests all persons indebted to hlni by open ac count, to corns forward and fettle the same on or before the 5th day of the eaiuing month, Septem ber. All accounts not settled on that day will be placed In the hands of a collector for immediate settlement. PETEK O DONOGHUF, au20-d2w Georgetown. L. J. nil)l)LETON| DEALER IN ICE. OJfktfnd Dtj> of?Southwest corner of F ar.4 Twelfth streets. CV?KPOKATIt?N Corpo / ration of Washington Stock for sale at feb*>-tf OUlTBB BROTHERS. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FRCil THS ASSOCIATED FRRSI BY HOUK FillATlWtt rMfcHKAPH. ARRIVAL OF ITS NIAGARA THREE Days LATER FROM EUROPE Halita! August 2.> ?The Cunard steamer , **R*r* witk Liverpool dates to Saturday, the 16th.instant, arrived here this evening The steamer Persia mado the trip oot in less !s*n nine day* Then is scarcely anything w.,rth calling ie?f embraced in the aun?m?ry for the week. 1 be talk ot difficulties between Kumii nnd the Allies respecting the 1*1* of Serpents n the Black Sen, proves to be merely talk?a mere mountain of a m< .e hill Spain at the latest account* was quiet The crops throughout <# reat Britain are fa vorably rej^rted ot, being fully an average one. In every p*tt of England contractors are -appending all bat the pressing works There ?* rothir-o worth reporting in the political world. i lit lo.h wm the French Emperor a fot*. Mw.j was celebrated in N ?tre Dame in tie presence of the digritanes ot the State, at.d 'ha Te Deuui was sang in ail the churches in I'rauce Dramatic representations of militate events, gnmrj. ballo >n?, concerts, illamina tmns and fireworks characterised the fettiv itiea. Anotbor m<>v? men* among the Orleani?ts hea t ?kcn place. Despatches states that the Duoh es5 Orleans, Count DePari*, Duke DeChartes, ar:d M Thiers, had left Hamburg for Ostend in contequeree of a despatch from England The news from Spain is uninteresting He flirts, needing confirmation, of disturbances in Cadit. while disarming the National Ouard, but, excepting this, the work of disarming was iug on quietly everywhere In Portugal, a government stenmer was load ing with provisions to be sent to Maderia. The cholera was in< reasing at Lisbon It was reported at Paris that the report of an attempted insurrection at Naples is untrae THE MARKETS. Liverpool, August 1 o ?Cotton.?The mar ket is unchanged with a moderate demand a* termer rates. The market closes doll The Manchester market i.- unchanged with a moderate demand Breadstuff*.?Wheat has advanced 2d . the improvement being chielly in the better grades Flour is unchanged with a B?oderate ?temnnd former prices Corn has advanced 6d. The weather has been fworable for agricul tural purposes and the accounts from the grr.u cr^rs ?rr generally favorable. Provisions ?Beef is dull with a declining tendency. Pork i? dull. Lard is unchanged with a limited butine-J doing Bacon has de clincd Is. >ugar?Prices are weak and transact: ?uj small at a declinc of <Vd Coffee i< firm, but transactions limited. Money Stoces ?The money mar'nit i? tie'nter. C< n*ols f<-r money are quoted at '.?Jt i.V?.S{. American stock* are weak and trars a-tiona have been email. Accounts from the grain crops are favorabis. From Kanaaa New VoBE. August 2i.?A despatch from t'le Free State party, dated Lawrence. K ana as. August 17ih. says ?Yesterday a body <?( nearly five hundred free-soilere marched upon Col Titus' camp, near Lecompton. and took them priaoners They defended themselves from the log houses, and wounded ten of our men. one of whom, Capt Charles, of Indiana, will die. Col Titus was also badly wounded The dragoons interfered to prevent the a* tack nu Lec< mpton, and our forces theu returned bringing their prisoners with them. Governor Shannon ciiue tu-d..y demanding the re eas? ot the prii'Tiers, whenaconf-rcr.ce washed iu which it was agreed that they would release ihe six prisoners and ale return the cannon t tken at Lawrence, aud diapers; ail their camp of armed men. provided we w -uld release our e:z prisoner: St l>.nrs. Aug ?4 ?Reliable intelligence from Kaut i? to the 20th cays that Lecompton had i t bfTi Attacked by lien Lane's party, although it was expected hourly. It i? said that two thousind Free-Slate men are prepur iag to fortify Lawrence, in caae a retreat be comes necessary It is reported that four com panies of United States troops are stationed n?*r Lecompton for the purpose of deternug at acks. The Republican publishes a call, signed by a large number of influential citizens, for a meeting to consider the nffelrs of Kansas. St Loi'is, August 23 ?Information h'?s bren received that four hundred volunteers. fr< m Jackson county, went to Kacsason Thurs day. T?o hundred men have also been raise 1 at Lafayette, and a large force it being raised in Clay county. Lewis regiment is said to be fortifying Wc karusa Messrs. Robinson and Brown and the othe* Free State i risone's arc still in tbe custody c \ ?lie Vnited States troops One hundred and ?wei.ty recrtiit* from Carlisle Barracks arrive i here yesterday, and were immediat -ly 1 r warded to I rt Leavenworth ; also * -venty from Jt fferson Barracks . General Smith hav lUg lunde a requisition lor all the disposable J'-rco at that place, Orders have been bacd ? J to the commanding officer at Fort Riley t ? Lave troops in readiness for review The Lots of the Nautilus?The Las. Island Victim*. New Orleans. Aug 24.?From information furnished by tne Stewart of the steamer Nar riius who has recovered from the effects of kiri 1' exp sure, it is supposed that all on boar t of the unfortunate steamer, with this single exception, were lost. There were nineteen passengers in the cabin. Several of these who were supposed to have been lost at Last Island were pickvu up bv passing vessels. Six of the river pirates who robbed tbe dead, bodies of the drowned, have been arrested at d a large am-unt of money a id jewelry recover ed. ??? Baltimore Markets Baltimore. Aug. 2fi?Flour has advanced; sales of Howard street and City Mills at $6 . Nothing done in Ohio. Wheat opened firm, with a slight advance: but closed anil at yesterday a prices ; good to prime and choice whites $1 50al ftO ; fn>d t . prime rods SI 40*1 45. Corn is unchanged, sales of both white and yellow at 5Sa60c. Shies of city whisky at Wis35.*. New York Marketr. New Yore, Aug. 26 ?Floar has decliccd; sales of 7 500 bbls.; good State id 2b. suj-er fir.e Ohio ^6 bb: standard Southern ?7 3U Wheat has declined; sales of 20 000 bushels; Wo*tcrn red*l 57: Southern re J 41 50 a I 57; S uthern white SI 87. Corn i? lower; tales of 2 1,000 bushels; Southern mixed 62*. Pork s firm; sales of 450 bbls, mess I1V 12i a* 19.25 Beef is dull; sales of 200 bbU; te parked mess S10S0a?ll L%rd ia stca;ly, s tle-iof 250 bb|? at 12^alHic. Whisky is 1 jwer. saics of 260 bbls; Ohio 34 ceote. riA.IOS: PftAFkOS! WE HAVE NOW IN STORE THE !.?K and iroat reliable stock ofWtaM Piano* ever offered la this rltv, con ?TYTK t ststtng cf ? very site, style and anlsh fnmi Ht>? ton and New Yoik celebrated maniifactri lee. ranging in price* from 8175 to ft?W) Old I'lanos taken in part payment for new l b eral discounts for cash Alao. alwava on Laud. Acrordeons, .Velodeons. Rul'ara. Violins, Flut*. 8trluga,ac frr FIANUS for Rent, by tbe earning, month, quarer, or v?sr ' 1 ' JOHN F. ELLIS, au <0 3f? < noar W* ?t'ee? kC!??iBLK lALk. A CKNTLEMAN passing ?)NE OF ni'R C\ ? U gant private honaes. accidentally beard tbe follow an? sensible talk betwreen two led ea, wt: wre Branding In ibe door. One of them It 1* thought, wj* from tkecountry. ?*be appealed io lie looEing over alon^ memorandam The ?ttaer was ucaxd to aay : "If you buy any Albita Fork* or spoons, or Cutlery, go toKKANCit* oa t*ev enth street; what you buy of him youcaa depend unon lie haa every u?eful bousestering article, and his prices are certainly mudora e '? au l^ BICHANAR SCOTTIftGH? Fiilmore do W hentland do Juat puo.laked at car Piano and Mualc Store au 14 JOHN F. KLL1S