Newspaper of Evening Star, August 27, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 27, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 27, 1856. NO. 1,108. TH2 EVENING STAB, rCKLISHKU KVBRT AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At tk? Stmr Bnild\n*t.fentt ?/ /twUfitMM tj;sa* *%<i Kltmtk ttritt, By W. D WALLACH, Will be served to subscriber* by -arrlers at SIX AND A (QUARTER L'ENTH, payable weekly to Ike Agents, paper* served la rvkiga at 37? oenft* per month. To mall subscribers the sub | sirlptlon price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY 0KN T? a year ?? odeanre, TWO DOLLARS f >r six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; for less than three months at the rate of 1141 cent* a week. |ur SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. PaOTBlTIUH AND INDEMNITY FROH1 LOSS BY FIRE ! CapUal and Surplus 11,3^,131 IS. FABMERS AND MBCHANIC8' INSUR ANCE CO.. OF PHILADELPHIA. Oftct nii\>resi comer Pennsylvania arnmi and ITM #?re*l, Waihinrton CUy, D. C. STATEMENT OF BUSINESS FROM THE 1ST Jay of August to the 31-t day of December, 1*>5: Aim >?ii?t reserved la marine premiums.?6f<,242 31 l)o tir; premiums 39,908 82 T >uu po'.ntMiius i'?r five months 108.151 13 Ci*>iia< 1,250,000 00 1,358,151 13 luveated as follows: B>>ads ol Alleglnw.y county, Piusbarg, aid Philaleipftia Oityb'a .* ?78,7*1 06 Railroad bouds, coat 33,400 00 Loan* oa first ra xiga^e of real estate.. 59,950 00 Us stock*, collaieia' 80,384 00 Ca?h in bank and an haad 11,0W 83 Capital NkKribcd 1,047,700 00 Ffimum notes, not matiired 66 387 31 l>ua t'?o:n agents (secsred by bjnd*)... 18,853 61 E? peases a:i.l commi-wions 11,662 33 1,358,151 13 Tjtal am >u it of I.kso* reported to 1st January. 1856: $1,666 66 Marine 3,000 00 4,666 66 DIRECTORS H mi. T.tjs. B. PI >r?:nct* Charles Dingee, U. Armstrong, Thomas MaiJcrfie:d, Charles \ K?b:cam, Edward R. Helmbold,* fin'jf H>-lrub?H, P. Carroll Brewster, Jaui*e R N.all, I.aac fc*eoh, Jr. TIIOMA3 R. FLORENCB, President. EUvVARl) R HBL.MBOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charter Wa'ter, No. 397 I) atre-t. Jno. M Taora ton, corner First street and Virginia avenue. Jjui * Williams, No 2-2 Four-and-a half street. >1 %RINE HCRVEYOK. Ca.?t J. P. lAJvy No. 471 Pennsylvania avenue. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John i'Uuma<<oa. Ta* bu?iaes< of this Csiiipa'iv will compare fh v jrabiy with the in ist sue wsat'iu of sinviar instiUi u-?as m the Unite J dtates. Prsui the 1 ?*? day of August, 1 d":">, in five mmtiu, up t ? 1st Ja:i>ia-y, lsj6, th* premums received an ?int*J to tii' lar?- sum of one hundred and eight ihsusaad, uae iiuuJred and ti:iy-oue dollars, with only forty *ii hundred anl sixty six dollars losses reported. With the*-* evidence of saecesaand good man ajerosiit. the directors fee! justified in soliciting a shve o'pib ic patronage, b-Mieviaf that the secu rity ojr.-ed is am_>ie a id 'liat all lair claims wFll be a iju.teJ m >rea*c irdingto equity '.nan lecai techui caiities. With a View of affording am.>l? indemnity to the publi:, the om&any iiav? deposited with MESSRS DUNCAN, SHXRM \S, A CO., OF NKW YORK, TH8IR BANKERS, Cash and premium *fHei to provide an accruing Truit of One Hundred TfutuianJ Dollari. To bs held by tnem a< a Iditional security to policy bolder* for the payment of losses. Tlie co?pa^y ia prepared to imue policies against loss or Jama;e by fire on DWKI.LINGS, PUR.N1 TURS, Vffl.LS, .MANI'FACl'.RCSH, WARE uQU.-'K:!, a'l des-riptions of BUM.DINGS, and theiroatenf, or all kind* of MIRCHANDIrtE, traTport-d by VRSSRL9, 9TIAMBOATS, CA N\L BMT3, RAlLXilADS, and th?; u?ua1 con v?va ires t i or from any portion of EUROPR and AMM%ICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS nav.ja Juj the ^e-tern waters Tu* ia'.ea of premium will b? as I >w&< other com?a lie-, a ?1 ia them every improv-m-:at in co.istmc^on aaJ a-ran?< m:ut will be* taken into consideration. All l'H?ea sperdily adjusted and promptly paid. O h:e uorJiiresic rner Penusyivania av-nue and Beviiteeuth street, Wa-hinfton city, I). C. luntranre irvay alto kt eifr- ted at the Home Office, A?rf4_-e>* corner H'alntU cirvt Second Street?, PiUa deipita. \1 so.atUieCompa'iy'aolR^s: Mew York? A. VV. Th mpson, No 10 vVa'l street. Boston? OJiver Br, v.;?-r, Yo 4 9n?e street. Baltimore? B. M. Rwhard- >a, No 72 ila tim ?r>? -<ireet. 1'incin uati?Tmyiwr .i Auth*ny C'.a-I^iton?J. II. Tay lor, No. 121 B. Bay street N">-w 'rlenig?Harraan Doaie. Montgomery?Albert W tliams. Mobile? A. C Waijfa. Kitt?burg?T. J Mu>.;er, No. i>0 Wat?r str-et davannaa- A. Wilbur, No. Ill Bay atr??et. Aa^u^ta?tinardey, Whyte A Co. Atlanta ? Ma*-^is A. Bell. Trentou?Narr A Cocks. Fond da La>? Robert A Baker. Vic'<sb ir*?J Putnam. Bulfa'>?A Ba-ker. Memphia?W. E Mlitoa. Detr-m ?Thomas Pa mer A S^n Milwaukie?A. WeliinjtM Hart. Weitburg, Virginia?Danfbrth Browu, jr. Erie, Pennsylvania?Alien A Ciaig. Wyom i g, P-R&3y vania - B C. Smith. Lnui* v:!l??H. H.Timberlake. NadivlUe- JoeephNa?h. Port'aod?D Ribiison, jr. Chicago?B P.Ward Sae F *aci*co - VVil.iatn Bi{gs. St. Louis?Thoe. R. C?nrt?-t.ay, geueral a?ent tor the southern and w- tern Sfa:e?. And in othe- principal dtiea of the Uait-1 diatea by a-jmorlzed efficera of the corn er Je 14-lyt AGENCY OF THE Alliance insurance Co. of Philadelphia, Haoit &!? .9300.000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1300. Amu of Company. "u.l?tlog of Buuda ?cJ Mortg^-i a* aa?acaiBb?r?t r?.i j?ui< $11#,C*4 M B<?< of ntt r <V>rpur*tioua, worth p?r IS.fltO M On . a* haad ll,M S) B ) 1^ r??, coc?Utttig ot Marina ootaa an 1 atari Iwu |M,WI "* ?4oc* MM ttS.SS* M lt,S** 70 ?r ?ais.aso ?? ?ia f r r>ram1a<a? ilurlac >'?* faar |llt,?lt 06 4 foe 'i.Mai ?-a Jurlag tho year 71,1U M P M. M'?K1 ARTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE 0HZAT W^3TERN FIRE IH8UE ANCE CO OF PHILADELPHIA Ctgiu. SVW.OOO. Ckarltr Ptrpttuml. DiaacToaa. Char:>M C. l^athrop. 53*4 Spruce atreet. AU-Lioder VVhllden, merchant, 14 .North Frent ?tree*. John C Hunter, flrna of Wright, Hunter b Co. K. Trace/, arm of Traeey A baker. John K McCardy, tlrrn of Jones, White A McCardv. l*ac R^'lehurirt, att<wney and cou**ellor. Jamea H H;nllb, firm of Jas B Smith A Co. Theo W Baker, nrin of Tracy A Baker. R. S. Walton, -J60 Market atreet Thomas K Limerick, 5J4 Spruce street. Joan J Baker. Goldsmith's Hail. CHAALfcSC LATHROP, President. THOMAS <& LIMERICK, Secretary. Hlsks (handed fro.r. Companies to this, no chxzd*- for po'.lc/ fee. Enquire at tLe odlc? or ? a a ?? - ? - -? -? J. K. K.v,l..' i j-r'K Morrow's Exchange Ofire, Ar*t do?r A oat of W. H. Toad's Hut &torutca P?n k.i/l * - n i? DAVID MYERLC, A^est Pennflylv^pua averse at 1 iiATS, FRENCH HATS! J UbT RECHiVED, PER LAST STEAMER, *9 Import d dlrert from Paris, the new faU style of Gent s BLACK VENTILATING DRESS HATS, which, la style and beauty ot finish *ur pasaes anything yet produced Also, another lot of those Oertln French SOFT HATS. At the Gent's UA'/.AAR, comer 6th street and Pa avenue. au 15 tw HOPKINS A PIANO AT A WR EAT BARGAIN.?One ofHallet, Davis A Co's, Bostc manufacture. Rosewood Case, for 916S,1 purchased of us only a few mouths since; "and the owner 1* compelled to leave the city " and see II. JOHN F. ELLIS. Piano and Mnslc Store, betwem "J W Oth and loth streets. I ATKOBIC'8 JUSTICK?New edition, re A-S vli?9d. ?<ilar|fed, and lmpiovod. Just fnibllshed tBANOK TAYLOR OFFICIAL. Vuasoav UsniTMtNT, May 88, 1958. Notice is hereby given to the holders af the stock issued pursuant to the act of Congrew of July, 1844, that such stock la redeemable by Its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the oertlflcates thereof, on the 12th of November next, when Interest thereon will This department will continue to purchase such stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the following premium, in addition to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, in olualve, one-half of one per cent on the amounts specified In the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and 31st J?y? of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And on such stock received after the 31st day of August, the interest acorued thereon, and one day's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United states by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st J uly the current half year's Interest mu t also be as i signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such interest wHl be payabla as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department wlllpnrchase the same between the 1st day of J une and the 1st day of December next, unless thesnmof $l,5<M,0o0ghall be previously obtained and will pay for the same, in addition to the In terest accraed from he day of the last dividend ^f interest, and ont day's additional interestfor the money to reach the vendor, the following rates of premium : Oa stock of the loan of 1948, a premium of io per cent.; On stick of the loans of 1M7 and 1848 i premium of 16 per cent.; And on stock Issued under the act of ?th Sep tember, 1950, commonly called Texan Indemnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the par ty entitled to receive the money; and if sent pre viotis to the 1st July, the current naif-year's In terest must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for ail the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES ttUTHRIE, m*t?dtl'iNoT . Secretary of the Treasury. OFFICIAL. Tae&svav Dbpartxext, Augist*), Ibjfi. Whenas the following joint resolution of Congress has b ceine a law: Joint Hicson rro* extending the time for the credi i> toraof l'exa? to present ?heir clatms /.Mofwtoi MAe Senate and Hoiue of R,urt*ent<i S,<Ue' ?f in CoK<rr? as TOnt?' , a*r***b f l" priiViHon of the uv ..m ?'/ 'he a-t ol the of Pebrna-y, . ? Prov"Je f,r raym ;nt of such creditors .h?\ ? r,Pub 10 ol Texa. a< are rompreh.u.ded in the as. or Congress ol September 9th, 1850," no JhC/'-r*y.P . was duly pven lor tbe s,a:e ol uinny days by th* re-ma y of the Jm ..T!? a' whioh rayment of the am ,unt appropna'ed by the lifth section ol said act ^ I a f,ri? raia' on a y b nd? teruiica e, or evidence of debt of ,e d H.a whicn *br.uld I* flrLrTJi"* ury Iv^ra'!B' thir?y oayn preceding the 13th cay ol Juue, lav?, the limn of taid notice; a id ai it is represented bv the said Secretary of the Trtamry, that of raid b .nd.*. cer Utita es, and evidences oi deb-, winch I ave bnn recogoixed by the yiat, of Texa?, the tarn-, enttal to th* KUU ol three hundred aid eighty nine thous and six hundred and ninety three dollars and seven cents were not proeuted to the Trta ury Department prior to the laid 13th of Jun?, there,lore in orJer to do full jOHice to the hol lers of a d debt, the Secre * y , 1thl! '/?a -ury is hereby aitionaed to ;ay to the holders of a*y of the rad bj?id?, certificate., or evidences, of deb', not presented before ilie. 13h day of June la<t, who may nreoeut a .1 prove the sa ne at th .- Treasury litpatm -nt, b ;tweenthel3 h day rf June la*t and the lit day of Jaruiay nex', and execute the proper reh ases to the United tfta-es a-*i the State of i>.wn, their yr% rata ?bare of the re d seven in liion sev^n hundred asd flily thousand dollars; and after |>avmetit Ibteof, th* ta*d See re ?ary?fth** Tieamry is authorised and re.juirrd to distribute a,id pay the reridue of ihe mid seven mil lions seven bunare] a-iJ fifty thou vnt dollars, then rema'ning in the fr? a?ury, yro rata, arnonprt all the raid holders who may have proved ttjeir c?a ni',and executed the proper releases on or before the 1st day of Jauca y next. ' Approved Auju-t l?:h, \Ht6. Noticew HKaxar aiv? to the iioljers of b inds, certifies >s, and evidences of debt of the late repub lie i-t T? ia*, which were not prisontcJ at this de parim.-nt on or b f ire the day of June 'a-t, thai the rant ? wU! b# settle4 a id the j/t& rutj ain.>ui<t U.eieon wul bj pa-d to tluj lawvfbl holders thereof if prejent-d b;Jore the fir.*t iiay of January next, ao cr<n(Anted with the neoes.a y evidence of their gen Mifiens^-, with atsignm ^t^ to tLe United States, re quired to give this d-'ja'im-iit tlie oustoUy of such b >nds, cn. tiflca'ss, and eviJece a of dibi, aaJ wLh reltaieg to the United S aid TVxih, tu aoeor?J* aice with the pioViraous of tlje a't of (."digress of *lth K. b i.a'v, IK'itt. This d<:tarim ,-iit will not require ?Viilence ??f gen uiiiene?s lo L? presented wlih th* certill atcs is-Hed by the axdit .r a id ecmpxittrr of )?exa* usderthe lavs of the ti ae. Uui it uo m a*ijof v.:* ifyuig the certlfica-c*. b mils a id promjistiry notes issued by the republic of Texa-i, not presented to, nor anli.i J by, the oHcers of tti? S ate. The noee^a-y a d jircpei proof of the genuineness of the latter is the cariifl at; of th'* comptroller c.1 the State ol Texa', who hai the itliual charge of the ongii.a' a-jl ives relating to the debt of the late re pub ie of Texas Th-* m-iigom-at a id releases may b)exei>ut<4 anl a kiiKWiud^t (] in tiie p'osence of the As ista it ."?erruary of the iTea^tny, vt thu chief cleik ihoreu", iu Ihe presence of a notary public, a id be wii|?e.-? d by t ie A*>ia;a'it H?or^a y, or tinef clerk a d nota ?y, b.: ccriifled by the noU y iu>d?r hu no'a ria'a?al; bit wLeri l:ie iiold-T^ de>iie to make the a signtii -jit a .d execute the iolt a-es out of the city of V\ adiingtou, it may U < done in ;h-: p(v? of a'l assistant tr? a<urer, or orilector, cr >-urv of the custom >, iu the presence of a nota y public, a id be witiieas^d by the collector or sUiVr yjr aid the no )* i'u^ic, an j bj ct.ri.fied by the n?ia y under iioia -?a sta ; a id if tkerc Iw no eolicset^r or ^ui v< > or ofthi ciisHim ar Ue p'^ic wiiere the j ar.y re '?td- s, th assianmout a-ni releo tn may be executed b-fire any court of rt-corJ, in the pres -nrv; of the ju.tge and cl rk thereof a:nl he witness- d by tl-xii, a m! certified by the clerk uudor his a? a1 of l?e; a id if the holder b j out of the United fci .a ee, the a? si^am lit aid releases may bj ex-cuted b ft to a .y Unitfcl Sta es consul, and bn w.tnes^ed and certified by h:in under his consular s* a'. All persons exe cuting such a*!gi m,uts a id relroiee m ut a<so di cia-e, aader oafth, b fcre the aota y, clerk, or con sui, a i the ee* may be, that th?.y are the nal owr.. er? of the eertifica'ef or otlier evidenced ef debt, tr that t'.?e ram? have b-jen a signed to tin m, bona Jule, for collection ; and .he no-a.y, clerk, or o insul must lacluJe the fa^t of thaideeta aiioti In their cei? Ufi are cfa^knowledgm*nr. If a?si^ued lor colleetl'Mi, or in pledge, the nam* of the (arty holdinf ?ho It m iic-al or risidua y tn ter? l tnjhc cla'm m u*. b? ?mie1 in the ath:avit and a rehase to the United Siat'*e and rehaseto Texas mint bs duly executed by *uch j arty, to gether with the a?sigT.m<-nt and relraseB from the person in whoie favor settlrment and [symcnt is requested One or wore audited certificate*, or one or iuo:a evidence of the ?anm character of dtbt, may hi in cluded in the 5 ninealignment, rebuses and affida vit of ownership, if f a?h eertifh a'c is correctly de scnb?d by number, date, amount, a id iam-? of the origii al payee. It should alj" appear whether the certifica'es were issued b/ the authorities of the Sia'eof Texas, on a 'noun1 of the debt of tiie repub lie, or were issued by the republic of Texa<, accord ing to the fa^ta of each case. The ?~^i m nt to the United Sm*es may l?j male in CMOra in ioiui ; the relia <es shoulj b j dtawu a; cording to the foims .subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Trtaiuiy. Furm ?0. Know aH persons by these pr> sants iiiat ? lia<rel< aied.aid lirrtbjr reliant, Ui? United S;a"es ot Am ma from all further liability or c.'a m lor ins payment of certificate or ? viufiici; of il-bt number , tor the sum of ? , issued by the late rep jblic ot Texa*, (or by the authorities ot the State of T- xai, a* the case miyb-,)and re il i m -d by the United sta en in accordance with the p-ovtsions of an ?"t of Cor gresn entitled "An aet to provj ?? lor the |?ymont of such cjeditor* of the late repub ic of Teia-t a* aro comprehended in the a^tol Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred a id "by." approved the 28th day of Fedruaiy, 1855, and an act of the -'late of Texa<, approved the 1st of Februa y, 1856 As witnets my hand and seal. Form B. Know a!l persons by thsse presents that ? has released, a id hereby rel, ases, the H a ?of 1 e-xa< tn m nil further liability i f eiu 111 lor the p,*iy m:iit of eertili a-.e or tvidriice of H bt numb r ??,t ;r toe sum ot $ , j*u.,u by the late re ? c of Tex a i, (or by the auttioiities of the Sa e if T-xas a?*tlie case may be,) a id redeemed l,v the II I I , I Vll'itaj in A >.?. >.i? .. 1>L . l >roviMons of United States in a *cor<faiice with the ..... anaetot Congress, entitled '* An act to provide for i lid payment of such creditors of Hie |a-e republic ot Texas a? are comprehended in the ast of Coheres* mi September nine, eighteen htmdied an.! fifty " approved the 2dth of February. 1X55, and an act of the State of Texa*, approved the 1st of Febnia y. IrAi J As witness my hand anJ seal. The following is a list of th*? nu?iiiett rcruiicit^i wiiil ou'sra ding: Xo IiStied to. 8 T D T? m kins 18 (iukma i Canfield 31 John A Clifton ?vi 11 K Muse 53 R G llobbi 84 J De Cordova 92 John Burning! am ?Vo. I>.fued to. 16.'f9 f>?car Engledow 1GT5 Tni*tee<i cif Austin C'dlego 1P92 G II Monct-iat h Co 16 '0 John Ka-ror 1704 Daniel Carl 1733 > ? JOI'11 nurniiigr am iijat ? ^ , 1J5 Hhintai |)e Cordova 1733 \ NWacott 176 E Ha'dwin 1746 John VV Portis lfl Jam s I'ilsliinan 192 Ma h a< ( lark ^ I Etlia Earle 32H O Rlin^au "44 J E Wa le H6S l'?ter* at Booth Lott Husted 404 S Kin^rtley 1770 J K Elliott 18(>7 Harriet George 1816 Miles 8 Bennett 1829 Nathaniel Rudder 1831 t L< vi Tyler, adin'r 1K<3 ] ofWll Kelly 18J8 Famuel Wildey l&W Georajj Sutherland 1811 J 1' llennings 427 J Pa ker'for Eliia 18-121 , g, ? . ?r,eX'x 1843 J Eoclea b *th Pa k?r, _ 437 Ben?-dict Bayley 445 L*a ider R< cnon 4M> VVni Odlin 4fl7 John VV King WJ T B VV. bb MO A S Thu innnd 548 Thos VV Marshall 6 25 Pavid S Kaufman 643 Geore? VV Parker 611 CrutcherfcMcRavenl920 t vv (Jros m yei 1844 Edmund Ballinser 185*2 J h l.ocan Itofi C P Green 1865 Lav d Ay res 1669 F James 1*78 C Sehierlii mant 1 188) J F Jew? tt 1HR7 F Emma 1891* Par'.iTa l.te 6V2} ^,n Eiower 6-3 J A S.mpBf n 6^9 Wm H Hefeher 677 II il Williams 701 Felix Rieder 71" 1 -j(J ? R..b-?rt Dale 77J Win Jones 779 Wm Wa'ker 793 1 ?y.?r P?arl 8 2 I-aa? L Hi'I 863 Brown 874 John VV Bower 879 Jam s McMaKer 1922 Gilbert Johnson 192e Robert I<usk 1929 E VV Cawihern 19 ') W m Cochran lb32 F.ancb Moore ]x 2071 Andrew I'a'ey 2>i7U I^aac Stewart ?504 f C W Vickery K49} ^aul Hr?B1?od ~106 J Cavirl G Burnet 161U SllW ? i?3> R p McMaster 914 Dyer P a I 213ft /??? 915 Ma y Hlen Ileden-185^ \ F 1 Gtnt,y b.-r 930 J Kiln 932 Mrs Maty Belville 1010 Anson Cianson 'iSJ S W F.4.,, 1012 R M Forbes lfrio .'aine* N lIo;an 104J Thomai Liudeay lMi Janifii L Green 1047 Jess*- (Ihniel 1048 J U Daniel 1050 Charles Vincent 1056 ) . ^ 1057 ( Gervaise 1058 Wlliis Milliran 1059 J I) V>illiran 10G2 John David 10*3"? Win Barton 1079 VV A Lo ^kl.a t 1080 R M'Tton 11515 Jaiiifb Kil am 119ri C II Taylor 1241 Vouu^h Col* man 1-248 Rob rt MoNutt ?50l ^ L,OU! d a ')RT ' 2303 E Fro?t L-3?6 T'homas Reed 2316 Uarri>on c Biya it 2330 J S McDorald 2310 Arthur Garner 2t!l J F Martchett 2341 Andrews fit Grov^-r 2?45J l? (; Me ritt '2349"VV Pinkmy X3S0 J I) G.ddinu's 2354 J Crawford jr 23.">? A P Edgerton 2359 Thomas Warner jr 2363 Gioige K Stsfaro 2364 FranH* Brictra Eliiab 'th Carter 2383 Wm Davis 2^87 JObCpli T'< mliusou 2390 Hneed ti Turner 1249 John VV Ch.ud, per 2?90 Wm K mbro att'y ? II Raymond 'J400 H II Haynie 126 i E De Pon ols 1069 C P Green 1275 G VV Sinks & Shaw 12j7 J< tin Kendrick 1298 Samuel Hid en irtou John Johnson 1301 Su-an Ma si> x 2401 R W Mil hank ^402 I atiierine Allen B 2405 lb inv Krii g 2413 J VV Laviencr 2418 SiepUen Smith 2434 A C Hoi ton 24" 8 Ela'iha et Faston 2442 I.eiiiiieJ BDickenson 13*2 'I homaa li Forrester 24S0 Wm 11 Thompson 13e5 II R Warner 1423 William Frels 1424 G W CKb n;e 1125 John A Rs'heifird 1427 Cornelius Vamioy 1428 Joseph Ka'.ea K73 Ann 11 Ree-e 1515 l.umba'ti Minn 1521 J fJ Moore 1523 John Jam<:s 1511 K il Douglas 15.0 E M Fish 1572 VV m Kerr l5o-J J a me, A Moo.!y 1501 1' kiord 1612 John Lamer 1615 John Cam. roii 162.1 John I) 'PayUr 1624 Levi \ierc<-r 162a E i Mete r 2452 Z Wm Eddy 2471 J E Heiron 2474 A li llemphill 2177 Aa>on llaughton 217b Heirs of John Joii.'k 24WI 44 Joel Hi I 2481 14 Warri 11 A burn 2482 44 J hii L Monks 248 1 44 Peter Ald'ich 2190 M A Dooly

2500 George c Day ca*liier 55<M P Kturiett 8i Co 9503 John VV Schrimpf 2f4>4 W C Blair 2512 >1 Uorb-rt'aillc 2513 Henry B Brooks 2514 Uabri.-| Trumwelt 252 ills Morgan 2529 I urhur & R.a 1 2534 iiaiah New ma.1 ? : ''Hi Tlie oisi .ia id'in; evidences of other classes of tlie deb of liie republic of Texas cannot b? specified by this Dei aMm?nt. an 22?.iiLi la-'} hai&TuatsI J USA* Kl.CKlVliD A rULL SUPPLY OF hut; dtao Beaver vcutlia te>d HATS, which 1 otter at 93 50; they are the best lists for the price I11 the United Stated. 'Abe bt-*t blac\ dress Hats got up in he latest style for S3 Su. us ^<>o:l as those usually sold at 85: and a good fashion able Ib.t at #1, worth #4; and a lirst-rate Hat, 92 50. The best materials aud tee beat workmanship Is employed to produce a *5 Hat, which Is sold for $3 50. We do a csb business, meet with no los ses, but L'lve each customer full value for his money, relt and Straw Hats uuusiinilv low. N. 11 Agent for Dilscoll's Balm of a Thousand Flowers Price 25 cents per bottle ANTHON V, 7th street, near Pa ayenue, Agent for a New York Hat Compaay. m 24-tf P. M?OV*K'J? MOOT, fcHOE, AND TRUNK EST AH LISHMENT? 1 hav* on hand the largest and mo?t extensive assort ment o' eentlemens' and Ladles' Sole Leath er TraTlJng Trunk,Iron and Wood Frimi Packing Trunks, VaU.l ces, Bonnet Boies, new siyle; Carpet bags of 6ll styles and qualities Also, a general assortment of Ladies', Gents', Boys', and Misses Shoes, all colors and stiles. All wishing to purchase any of the above articles will find it to their advan tage to axainlne my stock before purchasing else where Call at S. P. HOOVkH'H, Iron Hail Penn. ave , bet. 9th and ltith Jy 22 streets. Educational. MISS HEWITT'S K5IGLI8H 4.1U FRENCH BOARDING and day school, jVo. ai5 Fstreet, between 14th and 15l4 T^v' ?C?ml^8t,c year commences if.f ^fiJ? .M<Jn<lay ln S?Pt??l>CT. and ends tbe ?Ions June, and Is divided lnio two se? nJtJnt KnoM ^ aM,,t*d b7 the most com KSStVffi ? w*M*nl teachers, and fhe vlrfr.1, y? re? f0r r<ur8ula? Ma sic and all menu branches ?t modem accomplish i?r? ?rt wwPI terms, Ac., t>ee Circu lars at ^sokstores, or at the residence of tie Prln c"al au5W-3tAeotf ^ ? >1KJ. O. H. SMITH. 4'Ai D street north, betieit n C>th andTtk, BK?8J;E?VE TO INF?RM THE LADIES fT,. ?; Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity i * pr' pared to give ln^t uctlon, in classes ti<Fwr2ii?es>,0.nw ,n ,h<,art of MAKING WAX miii Also, Wax Fruit and Oiuaxnenta! Leather work Ladies wishing to avail themselvfs of this op nluVU^X#0i^q?,rlnR a moet dutiful ticcoui n lament will please call a* early as p -, as the city OWn?t conten,Plale remaining long In TERMS * Wax Floweis !a Classes, per term of 1*2 lc? ?Oilse 95 i ?,VLrvv Vlar^R" P*r teTm of wVessons.'.'?5 i?!i ? i ?rc n Clas8*". P? terra of u leasois S I Private LegKons ?i each?Vases #10. Bonuetsaud Vases, Wreaths, Single Flo wen, Ac , for sa.e, or made to order. an 26 6m mis* YOUNG S SEMINARY^ T street, corner of IS th,*restend. rp?E DUTIES OF THIS SCHOOL WILL ?.1 Monday nf lt' September 1st thorough instruction as usual ln the elementary wlfh ?f Kn*l,sb ?" connection w lth the I rench -anguage. au 25-3t? ,V|KS DK. FECHTIG, HAVING K F moved to the corner of Second and Hiyh streets, whl resume the duties of her school on Monday, the 1?t of September, hoarders, a? well as day scholars, will be received. For further Partlcn ars enquire at her residence corner of recoiul ami High streets. ail 25-3t* u K"J* " ^I" w* 1 laksTcae and MAlHtMA'fltAL ACADEMY. fpHE DUTIES OF THIS INSTITUTION 1 will be resumed on Monday, September ? Jl V.A.BOWEN, au .J-eod>w Piinclpai. EV1KKSON INSTITITE, // street, be.tioeen \2th and 13<A streets. SELECT CLASSICAL A MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS. HE EXERCISES OF THIS INSTITUTE will be resumed on Monday, September 1st. Thorough Instruction will be given ?" the vari ous branches of an English and Classical Educa tion. The number of pupils Is limited. Students preparing to enter College, and those especially who wish to qualify themselves for admission into advanced classes, will have the benefit of a particular and careful training. Terms per quarter, for the English branches ?12,50; for the fullcouise, &15. For further particulars address au Itt-tf CHARLES B. YOUNG, Prin. KISS M. LEWIS, Will re-open her School for Young Ladles on MONDAY, September 1st, On the torntr of VrA and H streets. au 16-eotSepl FRENCH AND f.!S(?LISH FEMALEHE V.. 1NARY FiJR. HOARDING PUPILS. BY M. A. TYSON A SISTERS. rpHlS SEMINARY IS SITUATED AT ALN A wick, midway on the Baltimore and Wash ington Railroad und Turnpike. The Fall term will commence on Monday, 1st of September, at which time the pupils are de sired to be in attendance. Increased facilities ar? afforded for the acquisi tion of Music and French, whli?t the English bra^chfs receive that instruction accessary for a through education. Every accommodation and comfort are irfi'orded for a iaige number of pupils. For further particulars circulars may be 1 ad at the principal Bookstores, and at L'r. Tyson s Drug store, corner of 10th and I streets, Washing t?'! _ jy -<it>-eotSepl MR. BUSHNELl'S SCHOOL, No. 441 T irtttntk street, btttceen F and O tts. rpHE DUTIES OF THIS SCHOOL WILL A be resumed on the tlrst Monday in September. The course of instruction embraces all the branch es of a complete acedemical education The number of pupils is limited to eo many as can l?e carefully and thoroughly taught by the Principal himself, aided only In the department of Modern Languages For circulars apply at the schoolroom au ltf-ec3?rAWoW GREENWOOD ~SE M INARY, FOE YOUrG LADIES, Three miles out on Seventh street Plank Road, Is now cpea for the reception of pupils. Address MRS. WM. KESLEY, Washington, D. C au lfl-t^rpl? BROOKVILLK ACADEMY, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND. The next session of this insti tution will counmence September 1st. Terms: For Tuition, Board, Washing, etc , KJ1G0 per annum Catalogues may be obtained at C. H. I>ar.e's, Pa avenue, or by addressing the Principal, at Brookvllle, Md. K B. PRETTYMAN, A. M , au 16-'2w Principal. T KIIUBY ACADEMY, Fourteenth street, opyosit* Franklin Squire. 11HK TENTH ANNUAL SESSION OF this Institution will commence on Monday, September 1st. Number of pupils limited. Circulars may be obtained :>t the residence of th.' Principal, on N, between 1'Jth and 13th sts. O. F. MORISON. an 15 Hi* Principal. FAIR HILL HOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. f|1HE TENTH TERM OF THIS INST1TU 1 tion will commence on the bth of the ninth month (September.) next Circulars containing further information In re gard to the School will be furnished to persons who desire them o.?i application toR.S KIRK, or WM H i A K< j i bAK, at Olney Post Oltle*, Montgomery county, Maryland au 7-?w YOUNG LAOIEH1 SEMINARY, Corner of Dumbarton and Montgomery streets, litor%etou>n, D. V, MRS. GEN'L WHEELER, Principal. rpUK DUTIES OF THIS INSTITUTION A will be resumed on Monday. September 1st, wish renewed exertions on the part of th* Princi pal for the intellectual, moral, and religious Im provement of pupils committed to her care Mrs W. tenders her thanks to her frierd<? and patrons for the llberul amount of patronatr** *he bus rt < f ived and respectfully solicits u ut ntluua llon of the Mime. Circulars obtained on application to the Princi pal. au7-tSepl5 CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT, ) Mimrivii ? REV. G W DORRANCE, J runcivil*. 'IM1E NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS A Academy will commence on Monday, Sep tember 1st. 18o6. For terms see circulars at the principal Book Stores au I-tf THE UNION ACADEMY. Z. Richards, Mrs. Z. Richards, Pr!n. V A. Prtn. V. V. A. fDHK NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS 1 Institution, and of tbe UNION KEMAL.E AC A DEM Y, will commence on MONDA V, Sep tember I, 1956. jy NEWS FROM THE ARCTIC REGIONS. JUST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE AT tiie Union Bottling Depot, a supply of BLAC K - BERRY BRANDY, an infallible remedy for summer complaints, both among children and adults. Also. SUMMER BEVERAGES of al most every kind and character, such as Mead. American Champagne, Porter, Ale, Cider, all of auperlorquality; Stomach Hitters, carefully pre pared by scLntlllc men. A great variety of Si rups, and any quantity of our unsnrpasWd pre mium Mineral Waters, prepared in our new sil ver-lined apparatus Also, that #?cellent tonic for Invalids?Ginger Wine. Leave your orders either wt]h our wagous or at th* Depot, corner Green an<TOllveBtreets, Georgetown,D ARNV & SHINN. evening star. su^r^r. zz iz sue gust 26, 1856?each bearing that date ? . Charleq J. P. Ariail, Roxbury. Conn -F. improved method of applying one * water in raising ?nothw. Wam of >Ym. T. Clough, of Newark, N J -For im pr^ement in apparatus for evaporating Jit H llliam Chambers and Thomas S Har Logrand Crofoot, of Syracuse, N. Y ?For improvement for laying out rafters. CUas. r. Carpenter, of tit Johnsbury Vt ? * or improvement in hay rakes fcLoch A. Crandall, of Friendship, NY ? For improved instrument for measuring dis tances from a single station. Pie ??? ' * *"*' "?-??' .p JohnT. Denaeston, of Lyons, N Y ?F.,r ' aS^TrtTn^C?n,,en9er8 of steam engines ?U^nry L DeZeng, of Geneva Ttf v u ?elf adjusting fog bell Ueneva< N- * ~*or Henry D. Ganse, of Freehold, N. J Fur improved cultivator. William Goddard, of New York. N -<???'<?1 ui ;*8W IOrR IV v h?'c'r7ro"i"0nt iu ?""?ufMtuntg mmlw. George Gibbs and John W. Gibb? of Can K. ~Ti 'ulPruVpment in dynaionJe . L|,hs ?"we, jr , of Brooklyn' N V -lw improved bedstead. r J liava Jones, of Rochton, IU.?Fcr im provemcnt in hand seed planters. " Judson Knight, of Newark, N J -For iin prove,I ball caster for tninks and furniture John Liddle, ot New York, N. Y.?F^- im | r'.veiuent in air-heating furnaces Augustus K Marshall, of Stntford, Conn - t*.r automatic attachment to gas burners Cornelias Martratt of Albany. N. Y -For improvement in hand corn-planters LfUcius Paige, of Cavendish, Vt.?For im PTJ Wv "r. lu Water Saa?e* for steam boilers Lcnry L Kamsej, of Indianapolis, lud ? For improvement in brick machines. Alva M Stetson, of San Francisco, Cal ? improved amalgamator . John Robertson, of Brooklyn, N Y ?For improvement in making lead pipes Pl ii?iJk' ^!th an(1 Jona^an 11. Pu*b. of Philadelphia. P? _ For bedsteads S ? .Nelson B Slay ton, of Madison, Ind ?For lountain pen ' r Simon F Stanton, of Manchester, N H ? L^Tef.r07CmOUt in machinof(>rfiinigMino Reuben Shaler, of Madison, Conn -For ' improvement in bilge and leakage water iLdi w *Vr S^'PS and other vessels. .ppl"p"^i,b,0f-N" pro^enu^ppin; Th0m'>*01'' ? ~r?r im' Jos. Thomas, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For im provement tn machinery for felting hat bodie? Silas Woolson, of Muodna, N. Y?For im pro\ ement in potato diggers. Wm 11. Whitman, ot Baiiey Hollow, Pa ? Rich d Ward, of tdinburg, Ind?F?.r irrain cleaner and separator E Caleb Wincgar, of Union Spring?. N Y ? ! *cr improved method of operating farm gates . Daniel N Baird, of Warrens?,lie, O , a?- ? , Hgnor to Nathaniel Potter, of Erie county, ! ! * ?l-or improved brace. j John Lib long, of Waterbury, Conn a=- ' signer to Edw'd Brown and James R Case of : , same place ?For improved device for prevent- ' ing liquids from boiling over the sides of ves V.rn Fosket and Bcnj. S Stedman, of Meri den, Conn , assignor to Julius Pratt ? Co of btSTks Ce'~ F ciachino for siEiD? comb A P Johnson, ot Boston. Ma^s., assignor to h,m,dlf and F- A Hough,.;,,, of ^7?. for improvement in sewing machine?. fever 0. Gtuon and Paul K WombauL'h, of Cincinnati, 0 , assignors to Paul K. Worn bauga, a oresaid.?For improvement in lamps Kei>*ue ? Ohnstopher C. Brand, of Nor wich, Conn?For improved bomb lance for Killirg whales Patented June 22, 18j2 nf t"'/V TN- S .Vc<ld?r *nd Ezra Ripley, ^ > as.-ignors to Swetlmd Jt Lit tle, of Crescent, N. Y ?For design for six plate stoves. TpNv v yedder and Win. L. Sanderson, of Troy, X. Y , assignors to Swetland ? Little, stoves'V?For design for cooking , AU({ltJ,u1\al fmP'?wme>it ? Alanson Oui? ley, of Sheldrake, N. Y.?For improved ap paratus for raising an.! lowering carriage topa Patented April 22. 1^66. In Fbamcb, our gifted countryman. Morse, has been praised, and his ingsnious voeabu lary tor the telegraph has been selected fo tho very best among all the riv tl systems to be applied to tho Solar telegraph M 'Le-eurrc rjust invented. M L**eurre is well qusli b.-u to express an opinion on this point, for he is one of the loading operators in the vast sys tem ot tolographs concentrated at the Minis try ot the Interior, which acquaints the Gov ernment with tho daily news of all Fran e As tho signs obtained from the new telegraph aro tlashes of sunlight whose duration may oe regulated at will, Mr. Morse s system of com binations of Iud^ itud short ddsbes dii^wtrcd at once so well that tho inventor had no need to tax hii mind to frame new signs A very gratifying compliment ha* been paid to Coiu'r Lynch. United States Navy, by A1 Boussingault iu me Academy of Sciences, and the eminent academician paid a merited trib ute to tho memory of Lieut. Beale, who fell near Beyrouth, a martyr to science. A gen tleman, rccontly returned from a long excur sion in the East, brought with him some bot tles of the water of tho Dead Sea, which M Bvussir^ault examined, and thi? led him t? .-peak of Coiu'r. Lynch s expedition, which he declares hu thrown more light on the climate and topography of the Dead Sea than any the world has yet seen, although within the last twenty years a great many bold traveler* have explored that singular laue. Occupations op French Women ?Did jou oversee a lady play on tho fiIdle rendei ' There is certainly no impropriety in the em ployment. St Cecilia doubtless had a fav"r itc S'raduarins; yet there dots socio to be something indefinable, bizarre, fantastic, out of pla?e, in fair hands taking up the fiddle and the bow. But if a feminine violinist be a novelty, what would you say to a lady car penter? lie re are some hundreds of them hammering, sawing, and chopping away, with tremendous vigor and celerity These eyes .have seen the grandum of eighty polishing off ?a plank with a plane to a nicety They have seen a trim littlu damsel of seventeen, with colored handkerchiefs tied coquottishly round hor head, busily fixing beams and girders, while a groat-bearded, bloused man tat ma jestically by, smoking his pipe, or if he con descended to interfere in bueiuess matters at all, unpacking dolls houses, or dabbling with a glue pot. What labor will not French wo men undertake? They follow the plough; they keep books; they open box doors; tney take ticketc at railways; they drag your lug gage ty tho Custom House; they cut jou your chops ajrid biftecks at the butchers; they danoe on the tight-rope and on stilts ; they bay old clothes; they keep shooting-galleries: they enter lion* dens; thfiy measure you for boots; they shave you. The New Orleans Picayune notices the %lopement from that city of a young lad of seventeen years of age with a mi*s of tnirtWB. THE WEEKLY 8TAfc, TUiexotflat Putilrn' Nm Joureai?<*>? ahilng a creatcr variety of Interesting reading fcaa ean be found in anv other -Is patxiakedon Satur. day morning. m? Single oopy, per tannm ??* ?? vo Pl?M Plve copies..... 09 Ten 6 ?? Twenty copWw U IW {LT" Ca.??, IBTllUILT ?? ADYANCS Single coplea 1Lf~ oingiecoplea (in wrapper*) ren be wee u red at the ceunter, Immediately after the taeoe of the paper. Prtoe?Tbiii c*-*. aaa C** T? roimiixmwhoictiimiu?< ? a commission of twenty per cent Moaart Joharrj C. W. li. M tart. the greaieat me lodic genius that ever lived, war born at Salt lurg, in 175* His parent* were Leopold Moxart. a professional musician, and Anna Maria Perti. and were called the handsomest coujde ever seen in Salliborg M sart's pre cocious {renins showed itnelf Id his third year, when he tried to piok oat chorda on the piano by the honr, to please himself. At foar he learned pieces of music ; at si* he cotnpoaeil eorrectly. and performed in pnblie before the Elector of Bavaria and the Emperor of France the First; at eight he had published two diffi cult piano concertos, and at fourteen war ap pointed director of the Archbishop of 8elta t>urg's concerts After various professional war.derirgs about Earope. he settled at Vi enna. where he remained until hit death. In 1792, having, in his short life, written an in crdible quantity of musie and established him self as the first melodist in the world Ha was a little, slender, feeble man, with prom inent blue eyes and white forehead, thick fair huir, and long nose He had almost as great a genius for arithmetic as for music, war a good linguist, and fkilfal in all manners of gimes He was of a most kind and jovial dispneition nnd fond of all manner of merriment and ex travaganza lie once played a comical ioke upon his great cotemporary and good friend liaydn, who hal challenged him to write a Siece of music that ho (Haydn) eould not play, [ozart wrote it. and Haydn, sitting down, played away with contemptuous eaae, until luddenly. when tho music had carried his tmnds to the extreme ends of his keyboard, .here appeared a note to be played in the mid ile of it, utterly out of reach. Haydn said hat nobody could play that. " Pshaw'" said Mozart, "it is perfectly easyand taking fiis place, when the critical time came, sud lenly bobbing forward, he pliyed the inae *esrible note with his /ung note Hie miracu lous musical memory w?j startlingly shown 115: >n his vifdt to Rome, where he carried off in his head, upon beiring it once all the tnu r:c of Allejri's celebrated Miserere, which whs only known to the singers in the Pope's ?hapel, and forbidden to be copied, and which jontaincd many traditional effects, and the pe-ulisrity of no perceptible rhythm. But ;he young"Mozart, only fifteen, wrote it down >n coining home; carried his copy and secretly sorrected it at another performance, and elec :rlfied tho musicians by singing it correctly intside, insomuch that the astonished Pope r.Tgot to excommunicate him Mozart tnar ?ied Constance Webor, a lovely and talented singer, whom he won against the prejudice of ;cr friends, by means of the great success ot p. n opera composed for the purpose, either the Indomeneo or the Enlevement dn Seratl lie lived with her in great happiness and ove. Barnes, of the Albany Morning Timet, elis a very good story of the power of the Philadelphia engines. In 1850 he was one of be "Old Dilly ' boys, and as such was very requently honored with the pipe. On ono ccasion Barnes w as playing a stream " down ho gutter," which attracted the attention of . large Newfoundland d^g The dog thought ic would play with the stream, and com aenced biting at it. Just here Barnes got a ;ood shot at him. and sent a full stream down iis throat, and with such force that it passed :lear tnrough the quadruped. Here Barnes pa? requested to " raise the stream " He did o. and up went the dog too He endeavored 0 slide down but it was no go. Every time le gained an inch he lost a foot. At last the >oys were ordered to stop playing They ?beyed orders, when down came the dog from 1 height of some forty feet The moment he truck the ground he put for home with a ve ocity that could not have been increased had 1 Dutch oven nd eight pie pans been fasten d to his tail Ct Rio us Device.?The Episcopal Church ef it. Paul, in New Haven, Conn , has in one of ts towers two stones cut into forms of the ace <f clubs and ace of diamor^s?devices taken rom a pack of cards. The explanation given s this : the architect first employed in the erection of the building was a Deist, and a nan of bitter cynical spirit. By way of bur lesque. he resolved to cut the stones for the structure into such figures that a huge pack of cards might appear flaming out on the sides of the sacred structure. By means of scaf folding and other concealments, he veiled his design from the building committee till the walls were nearly carried up, and his practical joke nearly played off. The discovery was at la t made, and "the whole structure, of course, t tkca down. In the course of demolition, the architect fell from a scaffolding and was in Bt^u'Jy killed A most luxuriant v*?odbine mantics the present walls and nearly hides the two stones above referred to, whioh being near the foundation of the massive tower, were suffered to remain. 14 Jim WatsoM's Note Book."?On the plan I ition of James Watson, near Port Uibson, Mississippi, may be witnessed an exhibition of memory that is truly remarkable. An African girl about fourteen years of age answers t-? the name which beads this article It is the custom of Watson to give rewards for over work, and during the cotton picking season the amount each hand picks is weighed twice per day?noon and night. This girl stands by the overseer and listens to the number of pounds announced to each hand, and at night the re sult is reported with the utmost accuracy iier correctness is repeatedly put to the test by W atson and others, who keep memoran dums during tho weighing, and a day or two afterwards sue is catechised and her memory found perfect Mr *Vatson works fr m sixty to seventy hands What system of association this girl has to remember abstract numbers flic is unable to tell. Improved Breeds or PorLTitr ?In a re n rt of a poultry show at the late Agricultural Exhibition at Cheltenham, M**s., the Dork ing aud Cochiu clastes are described as of uu usuul excellence, such as specially deserving encouragement, for the following reasons 44 The great object of the poultry-keeper and the p-ultry consuming public, is to ob tain gro.i birds fit for table early in the sea son. Now Cochins lay through the winter, Dorkine not till spring Keep both sort, and the one will provide you. first, with eggs for w n'cr consumption, and then with brood hens ready to sit on the very first eggs that the others iny, so tha; from these, the best bret'd in the world for the table, you will procure l.irds of the very best quaiity fit lor the table it the very earliest periods.'' The Ohio Ladies Forkyee !?The ladles of Painesville are to give a donation party on the 31st icst., to raise I22S to a judgment re cently obtained against Mr. D H <traj. In a breach of promise case. They announce that this movement is '4in order U give an expres sion of their feelings and appreciation of the same " The eall is published and signed '? By order of the L%dtes " What 44 a change has come o'er the spirit of their dreams," when the ladies make donations to aattefy a judgment against an "erring brother," in favor of an 14 unfortunate sister !M Laughable Mistake.?A contemporary tells a good joke about a verdant limb of the law, who resided upon Nanticoke Creak, and in times of the absence of the pastor of the 44 District meeting," acted as clerk. He had a strange wav of manufacturing words when at a loss for the right one Well, upon a cer tain occasion, when he deemed his services In request, he undertook to 44 give out a hymn, in which t'he word 44 doxology " occurred ; as he could not get hold of the word, he requested the congregation to aing 44 four verses end a socidologf."