Newspaper of Evening Star, August 28, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 28, 1856 Page 2
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Wen TNG STAR.i IV AS H I N G TON C 1 TY: Tltl'R * PAV AncM* 4^. IHT ikooM be banded In Vy 1! o'eio. k, m., otherwise th*y may not appes r a ttii :fcf n^ii d*y. ^rir.IT ?F THB MORNINQ PRESS Tho l*t?ffi/*enrer contain? no editorial to day We firnl in the thnon the following extract frrm one letter and copy of another, which Gen. Cass cauicd to be read in open session cf the Senato yesterday, and present them to the fat's readers A3 embracing, positively, the only reliable information concerning tho ac tual atatc of thing? in Kansas thai has seen tho light, cast of tho IUi?issipp', *? 'as* fortnight of war and rtmon of war in that quarter : Extract from a letter of (rtu. P. F. iSnuth to th* Adjutant General of the ar myy dated " UEAPyrA*Tf!H8 Of THE W?8T, I "Fort Lewenworth, Aug 6, 1856 { ?? i wc uld not notice reports I see in the jrapcrs of committee? that have applied to me lor protection, and my refusal to grant it, and of other such things if I did not see that the object for which such reports are circulated are carrying oat by members of Congress in resolutions cf inquiry. The whole arc gross fabrications; there is no foundation for any of them. " The only applications made wero by in dividuals asking mo to send a force with them to recover property they alleged to have been illegally taken from them. I referred them to tho civil authority fur redress; but toid them if the civil authority found itself too weak to enforce its writs, assistance would bo lurnishei them. There have been two such applications by individuals, and one for an escort to accompany him to the judge of the I'nited States court of the Territory, (about three miles off;) but as he rodo by tho judge's door to come to me, I declined, as he evidently was not sincere in his application. " Tho troops havo not done any act since I have been here that looked tho least like any attemp:'to interfere with a citizen, except that cf guarding the prisoners charged with trea son, and in the custody of the marshal." o'/ f letter from Brevet Major General P. F Smith, commanding department, of the W$st, dated J Fort Leavenworth, Aug. 11, 1856. Colonel: I have received a letter from Gov. Shannon, asking me to tako the field with the whole disposable forco in the Territory to prevent the ingress of " Lane's party" by the northern boundary of the Territory The in formation given to the governor has been so nn'i i3^ to my knowledge, so in ponrct. that I decline making a movement thai ,"*ould iBiroduco as much disorder as ex isted six weeks ago. Captain T. J. Wood, With his col."*pany of 1st cavalry, is upon the northern from 'cr? aQd 1 shall depend upon his reports to govern' aetion. Some of tho con.J*>*n'*3. along tho Kansas were sent by tho comm.^oding officer there, at the governor's request, to break up camps of nrmed men at several plac?- he designated. On the arrival of tho troops at thiJ points desig nated. not only were no camps found, hut nono had ever existed there, or anywhere else in their neighborhood I know that each party is trying to engage tho action of tho traops in expelling their adversaries, and 1 place no dependence on tho roports that do not cchqo from what ' oousider^on^ authority. Tho Indiaa prisoner? under tho care of Lieut Whcaton, 1st eavalry left to-day: ho will take them to Fort Kearney, and thence Captain Steuait, 1st cavalry, will conduct them to Fort Laramie. They had got sickly, and so | impatient, that I promised to let Ihem go after the 10th. and having hear! n-'tiingof Major Johnston and hij recruits, I sent them ( ff to day. With high rer-pect, your obedient servant, Persiker F. Smith, Br't AL>j Gen., Coin'g Department. Is it intended that Colonel Andrews, pay master, under the order to report here for duty, shall remain here, or can I send him to St. Ltuis ' Persiter F. Smith, Br't Maj Gen , Goin g Dep t. Co! S. CoorER, Adj. Gen. of tho Army. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP The floa Thoraas B Florence ?Learning that tho Democratic Congressional Convention for the dittrict represented by this gentleman is scon to meet to make a nomination for the next Congross, we take the liberty of saying to them that if they purpose to 3udy the in terests of their constituency in selecting their candidate, they had better let well enough al-^rie. Mr. F., who is a very industrious man and devotes himself wholly to looking after fhe paiticular interests of his immediate con stituent: which are often under consideration In Congress and before the Exccutivo depart ments, is now thoroughly experienced iu tho best modes of carrying all points here which it i3 his duty to carry if he can It will take any ctiier gentleman, who might be elected to fill his place, years to ac quire the information concerning matters and things here necessary to enable him to take as good caro of bis constituent*' intorest as Mr. Florence does, lie is, besides, a great favorite with his fellow members, br cause he is a frank i . 1 generous Lc^rted gentleman in bis inter course with all, having earned the ill-will of | no one in Wash'ngton, in or out of Congress. We havo repeatedly known instances wherein vital interests have bun mined in Congress by displacing energctic, popular and expe riencod members to make room for others, who, of course, have to commenco to obtain their Congressional education on ousting such gentlemen as wo describe abovo While so doing their constituents are, of course, pay ing the piper, through the loss of propositions which their new representatives fail to work through Congress. The True Imuo -The Chariest,* Mtrrmry says, with forcc, of the present btate of affairs in Congross : " The President's message to the two Houses r f Congress, upon their s^embling at the ex tra session, is only an amplification of the tonio of his proclnniution. calling the session, lie exhibits tho great inconveniences in the rre3 Xhl Cw ,Cf !?? of ^ country in IveanlVf' "t .,c"InS the army without the h,vo?i*l and ftction "hen they are collision with the Indian ,hosr' argument* ?ee.? t i1 . ,r hor<,cr' There upen those to whom thVy wer'e ad\ ,iUlc.c?*.ct Senate adhered to the,fu!H'lrc!3<1 T.he tion bill. Tho llonse h * ?PJ>ropr,a tmendment, regulating the affairTof vl There soems to be lo hope of n ?r( r,/ .ansa*, it be Let this assumed riarht of the H to regulate all the legislation ofCongrcMb'; attaching incongruous provisos to the annr? f nation bills,.bo tried before the countryTCl ?? '*k? !/?? fairly If w, fr.?t there is absolutely no limit to the legislative power of the House < f Representatives ln. ternally, as well as externally, it has the power .*r , war Tisc benat*? th? Kepre comLth? '? or the States, be tive- \nl of th# of Keprerenta clubs' eur^^s 8* Wlth a c,oud ?' J?bobin l?ke another fIJSk and h?w,in8 in its ears, the dagger at iu t^tvent,?n. plates with sort of^rcvolthan thu lor ward by demagoifuL Jk ? nd self-DOt fpoliaiions la the dili.. ' bonor? and safe the poor pitiful army, Iot idjt the woods iu quest of saV^l. J P*5?" a helpless or worthless gUM?J "J40-.1?* feuds, uke care of iuelf If banded, let It be disbanded. What is the in ? terest of the few tbonsind United Stated troop', turned for the moment to shift for themselves, compared with the interest* of twentj-fivo millions of peoplo. whoso existence, as a con stitutional Confeder.itlen, depends "P?" tho preservation, by fast and strong rales, of tho limitations which can alone aavei them from the invasion of absolutism, or tho desolation of anarchy. We are not *orry to see the mad presistence of the House in the true develop ment and defence of tho principles of Black Republicani.-iu. Let tho Senate send the is .*uo befora tho country, and let tho countrv decide, once for all, whotber wo are expoctoil I to live under tho rule of a French Convention | or an American Congress " While wo endorse every word the Mercury says of tho character and tendency of tho ac tion of the Republican majority of one in the House, we aro not prepared to counsel the cessation of efforts to counteract the revolu tionary schemes of that majority, more espe cially while it remains apparent that if all friends of tho Constitution in its present emcr" gcncy who aro not paired off woro in their scats, as they should be, tho bill oould bo passed, ovor the partizan opposition of the Re volutionary party. It is the duty of tho anti-revolutionists of Congress bo leave no effort of theirs unessayed at any inconvenience to themselves, person ally, to pass tho bill without tho proposed rider. Otherwise, whenever abolitionism de sires to inako a new point against a featuro of the Constitution, a law, or a fundamental principle of the Government, thoy will resort to their present expedient of stopping the sup plies. It is far easior to check the success of such schemes ero one of them shall triumph, than after thoy shall havo found that they can thus force tho Senato and Hxcoutivo to bow to thoir will. Tho legislation of tho liou3e yesterday resulted in a practical prom iso that the Revolutionist party will beinglor iously worstod in their present congressional contest; and to abandon tho fl?ld to them at this timo, it ctrikes us, would bo not only im politic but seriously disastrous to tho causo of the preservation of the Union. Approaching a Hesult?When tho House adjourned yesterday the impression prevailed orounl tho hall that the appropriation bill would pass without a rider. This belief was the result of tho arrival in Washington of Messrs Harrison, of Ohio and Well* of Wis consin, both of whom are understood to bo op ponents of legislation for political effect in the enactment of bills appropriating the means of carrying on tho Government of the United Stats*. If all the friends of tho proposed po litical legislation in such connection, who, being pretcnt aro also "paired off," respect thoir obligations under such arrangements, wo do not see what is to prevent the passage of tho bill t>-day, as explained above; a? its sup porters should be in ono majority in tho hall, allowing its opponents tho vote of the Spoakcr Nevertheless, thoro are so many contingen cies that, happening, may affect tho result, as that we regard the issuo as being still quito uncertain, in view of the continued abscnco of Mossrs. Puryear, Read, Ready, Keitt, and one or two more friends of the bill without par ing off __ Discharged?Tho War Department has felt compelled to dischargo tho mechanics cm ployed in the Washington Arsenal, and, wo takoit for granted, at all tho United States ! armories and arsenals in tho country. The order to that cffcct was communicated to thoso in this city immediately intcrestod yesterday afternoon. The appropriations for their em ployment have been exhausted, and tho De portinent ha* no means at its command with which to pay them longer, and will have nono until the army appropriation bill shall become a law. This necessary stop will of courso pro duce much inconvenience, if not actual dis tress, in many worthy familior. It Is sincerely to be hoped that the Department's dilemma may be cured to-day by Congress. In Spring Held, Mas? , ther? are at least a thousand souls who rely upoa payments for such labor on Gov ernment account for their daily bread, while there aie also a large number of tradesmen outside mechanics, Ac , Ac., who will bo se iiously cramped in their business by the ne cessity which the House has imposed on tho Executive branch of the Government in this matter. The Hon-Paid Interest ?Our brief news by the arrival cf yesterday from California, tells of great excitement there over I'almer,' Cook A Co.'a failure to pay over the interest due on tho debt of the State and the city of San Francisco. Long sinca we explained that the plea of the agents of that house on this side, that they are no longer the agents to make the payment in question had no foun dation in truth; and further, that the money to pay the State's share of this missing inter est bad bc9n paid over to Palmer in person, and was by b^m carried from the State seat cf government down to San Francisco. We were as correct in that statemont as in the explana tion we gate at tho same time of the uso to wbioh that Houso aro said to have put the trust fund, vis: trending it in electioneering for Fremont. The Prospect-The Very Latent -When wo left tho Capitol at li p. m to-day, the protf .ot for the termination cf the called ses sion to-day had vanished. Tho revolutionists polled a heavier voto than beforo, and defeat ed the motion to rccede by four majority. Mr. Sabin who was absont without pair, hav ing returned to Washington. Wo trust, and now bolievr, that tho oppc nonts of the fcheme of revolutionizing tho Government of the United States will never leave their po^ts in the Capitol so long as their functions legally exi.t, without compassing tho defeat of the nefarious political plan of their opponents. . The Only Bemcdy -If the exiled session tCiininatM to-day without tho enactment of tho aimy appropriation bill, 'ho President will Lave the lower, wo premrnc, to call cut the mtlitia, to be employed where their ser vices may be nrressary for tho common do fencc. In tho matter of the Kansas troubles, as ho wift havo at his command no means of paying for their transportation, it strikes us that the only militia that will bo availablo ???< bo tho.* residing immediately on the or ersof the Territery-the militia of Mi - soun and Iowa. and rowepf^f***^ ?On? of the most eloquent liver!* this Xning 11 T r WM lb. Chamber Ilif'v' drotljr to .jpoi, th, .no ...doncj the OoTcrsm.Dt fo, tb. .?con.pll.h1I1.otof tisan end F r The Approaching End of tht Chanter - Before the two Houses of Congress met this this morning, we found the impression very general that the called session wUl be brought to an end to-day, with or without the enaet ment of the army appropriation bill. Death of an Army CHftccr.?Major Corne lius A. Ogdcn, oorpj of engineerr, died at Brandon, Vermont, on the 23d inst , accord-. ing to advioes received at the War Depart ment. Confirmed ?The Senate hare confirmed the nominations of Mathias R. Andrco to be col lector of tbo customs at St. Augustine, Fla., vico Paul Arnan, resigned. The Current Operatione of the Treasury Dei tment.?On yesterday, 27th of August, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For redemption of TcxaB debt.... $443 99 For the Treasury Department... 73 OAS 61 For the Interior Department..-..? 68,496 58 For Customs 86,526 77 On account of the Navy.... 24 707 1ft Repay mont on account of the Navy 22,976 24 From Customs 20,343 00 War warrants received ard en tered. 15,000 00 CONORX8810NAL PROCJtKDIHQS In the Senate, yesterday, tho debate on the motion of Mr. Hunter to insist on their amend ment to tho Army appropriation bill and to ask a confcrenco, was continuod at tho conclusion of the speech of Mr. Clayton in its favor, by Messrs. Wilson, Hunter, Benjamin, So ward and Douglas; and it was agreed to?yeas 33, nays 6; as follows : Yeas?Messrs. Adams, Allen, Bayard, Bell of Tenn , Benjamin, Biggs, Blgler, Bright, Bred head, Butler, Cans, Clay, Clayton. Crittenden, Dodpe, Douglas, Geyer Houston, Hunter,- Irer t>on, Johnson, Jones of Tenn , Mailorv, Mason, Pearce, Pratt, Pugh, Reld, Sebastian, Thompson of Ky., Toucey, WelJer, and Wright?3*1 Nays?Messrs Durkce, Foster, Ilarlan, Trum bull, Wade, and Wilsoa-?. The President announced the conforenco committee on tho part of the Senato as fol lows : Messrs Hunter. Crittenden, and Bigler. Mr. Clayton's joint resolution for the ap pointment of a joint committee of thirteen from the Houso and seven from the Senato to con sider and report on tho wholo subject of disa gresmcnt botwecn the two Houses upon the Army appropriation bill, was debated at great length by Messrs Benjamin, Seward, Dougl is and others, era they adjourned to meet at 11 a m to-day, in order to respond to tho purpose indicated by tho House of bring ing the called ee?sion to a closo to day, if pos siblo. In the House, Mr. ChaiToe asked leave to introduce an army appropriation bill providing merely for tho oxp?nses fur tho War Depart, mcnt projsr?aisonsls, armories, satvevs, ar mament and fortifications, without referonce to the army operations. Mr. Phelps and Mr. Giddings objected, and leave was not granted. Mr Wakeman's resolution offered yester day. to stop the pay of thosa members who re fused to vot?, or who had " p?;rcd off," was tabled Mr. Williams offotod a rosolation, which was adopted, provid ing for t he ad jou rn men t of Con - gress, the Senate concurring, on Thursday, at three o'clock. Mr Wheeler offered a resolution instructing tho Committjo of W ays and Means to report the bill which ho present! d, being essentially the same, with tho omission of tho Kansas pro viso. as that heretofore actcd on, for the ?up port of the army. The Ccmmittro to have leave to report at any timo Iho bill having been read in pait, Mr. Stanton raised a point of order that tho bill could not bo con. idered?two bills for the samo objcct having been already defoated. The Speaker overruled the point of order The vote was taken on seconding the de mand for the provious question Tho Speaker voted in tho negative, thU3 making a tie, in which c?30 the question was lost. Mr Waahburne, of Maine, saying that he intended to dobato the resolution, it went over Mr Valo then introduced tho same resolu tion; but it appearing that ho had borrowed it from tho clerk's de.^k, the Sfoakcr ruled it out of order. A inossago was received from tho Senate In forming tho House that it further insisted on its disagreement to the amendment of tho House to the Senate's amendment, (which lat ter strikes out the Kansas proviso,) and asking a committee of conference. On motion of Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, the House further insisted, and a committee of conference was appointed, consisting of Messrs Campbell of Ohio, Stephens and Sherman. The House adjourned until this morning at 10 o'clock, in order to finish up tho business of tho session PreesedtBf s of Te-Day. In the Senate, to-day, Mr. Hunter roportcd from the Conference Committee on tho dis agreeing votes of tLo two Houses upon tho army appropriation bill that they could not agree and also a recommendation to adhere Mr. H. addressed a few remarks to tho Sen ate in favor of that motion. Mr. Crittenden then took the floor and de livered a powerful sncech upon the state of things in Kansas and in Congress, and in fl!vor of adhering. Mr. C. also introduced a bill to alter and amend tho Kansas Nebraska act. which was laid on the table temporarily, and ordered to be printed. Mr Seward then addressed tho Senato in reply to Mr. Crittenden, and against the mo tion to adhere. In the Houso, the Conference Committee on the Army appropriation bill repoitcd that they could not agree. Mr. Stephens moved to rec? le : not aereed to? yei?s 97, nays 100 Mr. Campbell, of Obio, moved to adhere ? agreed to-yoas 101, nays 97. Mr. Campbell of Ohio, moved to reconsider that vote, and to lay that motion on the table which labt motion was agreed to A Senato bill to correct certain mistakes in the civil and miscellaneous appropriation bill was taken up and passed. The Home then took a recoes until 1 p. m. I5T Sao advertisement in another column of a "Post Offico Dircstorj" for the United States. GEORGETOWN CORKESPONDENCH. GaonoBToww, August 28, 1856. An attempt was made, last night, to firo tbo dwelling of Mr. John Scott, situated near tho eastern terminus of Bridge street Portu I nately, however, tho firo was discovered bv a I member of tho family in timo to savo tho I premises from destruction. I Wo loam froui somo of our dealors that th. I very necessary article, buttor h? hi, ? rather limited in quaitity wd t^at^Sr, have gone up to an unusual point for thS Itl son. Several thousand pounds, from wiJS WUbs ' thW WCCk' at ^21 if 2? per ? ?e always willing, and take plea^ro in accomodating our neighbors to tho vorv tat of our ability, when they aro willing fo knowlodge the favor But wo never toJk mn,h pleasuro in doing all tho work for corre??nd I ?nt> of other jotim.lH, .bilo to themselves all tho praiso and p t, f*. it* Xi?T: w'h"1 ral1"" "ak *??i *? 2 J,e?.hr b*d? markets Flow ta3Tl Md at our prices of jesUrd,,. b,*Vh?, h?Z' cltned uom 5 to i cents por bushel I Arrivals?Sobr. D. E Carter I N. C , to Jos. Libby ft Son- whj* p'rt 'r Cbe8tc^ Capo May. to Stanton Coal Company. Spectator Ma. TbaftoiTs Slavb Gibl ?Th? Mr Trafton, of Massachusetts, has wriUen a I letter to the Zion's Herald, detailing the cir oumstanses of his freeing a slave *irl I ?IanJfilDg u0' ?350, S.ho w" 8&id to be worth I S1,000 He says that Humphrey Marshall of Kentucky, James H. Seward, 3 olSuf SiT7 i 'V** D?ri' and J Morrison HaSt, e[?*7n?i' S5> whH? many North r>i^ dld noUttng from conscientious ?:nx- J PERSONAL. .'Belle Brittan" eaya she rather like* the feeling of whisker*. .... lion Francis P. Blair, Jr , member of Congress elect from the first district of Mif iouri, is in New York citj. . Hon. George Folaon, Ex-U. S Minister at Hagno, is expected home in the steamer Persia. to arrive early next week. .... Stephen H Branch, who has been miff ing fnr some four weeks back, has tamed ap in Now Orleans, llo is said to be on a tour for the benefit of his health. _ The Free Lore nominee for Judge of Probate in Washington coanty, Vt , who ia a notary public, designates himself in his oficial capacity as "Notre Republic. ' .. Longfellow, the poet, paya a tax of ?1,000. This ia something for a poet, who are generally thought to be innocent of any taxes, except of the brain, and that to get a very meagre living. POLITICAL ITEMS. Mr. M. R II Qarnctt accepts the nomina tion tendored him by tho Democratic party of tho Accomac Congressional District Hon. D. S. Dickinson addressed a mass meeting at Montrose, Pa , on the 18th inst.? Four thousand people were present, and tta greatest enthusiasm prevailed. The Newport (R. I ) News and the Bath /Me.) Tribune support only half of the Know Nothing ticket. They swallow Mr Fillmore very easily, but they cannot go Donolson. What's to be done 7 The Boston Courier oontaina a card signed by the Hon. Edward Everett, Hon. Wm. Ap pleton, Hon. R C. Winthrop, and a large num ber of other Whigs of city, expressing them selves in favor of the election of Mr Fillmore to tho Presidency. The Democrats of Maryland will hare a poll-raising in honor of Buchanan and Breck inridge at Thompson's store, in Montgomery county, on Saturday next, at one o'clock ? Speeches from several eminent Democrat* may be expected. Ex Gov. Reeder addressed a large meeting at tho Tabernacle, in New York city, on Tues day evening, to raiae funds for Kansas. He ?atd he wanted 5,000 men and $200 a piece to pay them with, to say nothing of rifles for them to shont with. After hia address, over 52 000 were subscribed. Mr. Gorrit Smith has been writing a letter declining to withdraw his name as a candidate for the Presidency, in which ho claim." that although soino few radical abo'itionista may cast their votes for him, "no other equal num

ber of persons are doing more than they to swell the flood of anti slavery feeling on which alone Col. Frcmcnt can bo carried into tho Prcaidcncy." Sufficient returns have been received from Texas to show that the Democratic nominees for Comptroller, Treasurer and Attorney Gen eral, on the State ticket, have boenelocted by large majorities Chief Justice Hemphill had no opposition, and Judges Wheeler and Lips comb, for Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, aro far ahead of General Jennings. At tho reccnt American mass meeting in Liwrenco, Mass., says tho Boston Bee, the resolution endorsing Fillmore was roconsid orcd and indefinitely postponed, by a vote of jjsttwoto one. The wholo strength of the Fillmoro forces was present, and the result may bo considorcd a fair expression of tho American party in Lawrcnco. The Democrats of Maine had a largo gather ing in Belfast on Saturday, 23d. Eloquent speeches upon general politics were made at tho court-house by Hon. E K Smart, and at Poirce's Hall by Hon Nathan ClifTord, Hon. Henry Ingnlls, and Hon J. W. Bradbury. Measra. Farley, Baboon, Ayor, and other dis tinguished gontlemen were on the stand. Tho Boston Atlas of Saturday say? : " Af fairs have assumed such an appearance >n Massachusetts, that unles? wo havo at once a union of all Fremont men, " it is very />?* si hie that th* Ftat* may civ hrr electoral vote f or Jmnes Buchanan." * * * ' We s.iy plainly, that up to this time, there has been no union of the Freuwnt forces in Mas sachusetts ; that there has been only folly, wrangling and distention , that wo have lost all power of exercising any influenco upon our sister States." The Milford Beacon, an old established newspaper published in tho town of Milford, Kent county, Del , heretofore neutral in pc litical affairs, is out for Buchanan and Breck inridge, and tho whole Democratic party The editor feels that whilo tho neutral and Know Nothing papers of the North are all coming out for the abolition candidate, it bravely be comes the duty of all true national men to unite on Buchanan for the sake of the Union and the preservation of our Republican insti tutions. Bigelow, in hi* Fremont romance, says : "His eyes (Fremont's) are blue and very large, his nose aquiline, his forehead, over which his brown curling hair ia parted at the centre, is high and capacious " Ho neither smokes nor chows, and seldom "takes a drop " He waa so pious when a boy that he used to fatigue people by reciting Bi ble verses to them, aod all his folks thought he would certainly be a minister. He never attempted to fight a duel except in defence of s >mcbody he lovod better than he did himself, and uses no naughty words. He is kind to Jossio and hor children, and goes to tho Epis copal church. Who can deny that these char acteristics qualify John C Fremont for the office of chief magistrate of the United States of North America. U^lhtlera new la net confined to any particular locality, but ?preed* til* dread wings over *11 coti>.trl*s and people. Let all ba prepared by p^sseeelng a bottle of the BALM (>? ZANTHOKKA made by H 8. Hum plirey, Ogdtusbnrgli It ia a sore remedy. Soe the numerous certificate* which are wrapped arouud each lottle, all of which a'ta?t it* efficacy. Kor fale In Waaliiugton by CHAS. 8TGTT. an 15?Iw Aromatic Essence ef Turkey Rha HAKIl ? Thla e I* prepared Irom OuNriaa Tvbkf.t Km'nARB ; la taken la sinOlei doaee 4ian common Tincture, contain* In,a spirit, and that of the best qcaMty. Itpo*ae**ee e!?-> .hegratefnl flavor ?f Aromatic*, rendering tlie madlrlna mil'.', efllca leu* and palatable, tho nauseous taste of the lthuharb being perfectly disguised. It I* recommended a* a ft nuch cordial and tonic to persone whoee occnpatlon* ac custom tlirin to sedentary habit*, and will be found b?-e flclal In Dyapepala or Indlgeetlun, Diarrhea, Bilious and Ne. vou* Headache, Constipation, G >?t, Rhenmatlaui. Flatu lence, Gravel, or a? y dlaorder of the Stomach, Oolic, Me. Bold by Z. D. OILMAN and J. N CALLAN. aug SS-lw UTH??tfttfr1? Celebrated Stomach Bit Tr.KS.-Wa take rreat pleasure In recommeLdlng to our re,dere tliia euperlor medllne for tha complaint* to which it profeises to be adapted. The aeaaon of the year ha* now arrived when It* b-Mieflclal result* may l>e folly tsted. and we *|>e*k from frrsonal knowledge when we aay, that the family cannot eecure a aafer and mere effectual remedy In rrllaviag those diet eaalUK complaint* peculiar to the sum mer aeaaon, and enj(cnd?r.d too often In the to} free nst of fruit before fully ripe and mature.?root. Sold l?f J. N OALLA1C. an K?lw JET Silver Ware Manufactory.- I an aow maniifaitnriug very superior articles In the way of Sterling SILVER WARE, vlx: Fork*. Npoone, Goblet*, Ooya, kc , which cannot be exce l'd In thla section of country Also, lor sale, every variety of Sue Wakhea, of the moat celebrated in ik.T.t, and a complete aaOTtment of rlrh Gold Jewelry. Sine Watch repairlug of every deaerlptlon done In the best manner, by experienced and competent workmen, and guar antied to give satisfaction. No. Pa. avenue, between Sth and 10th atreeta. Sign of tha Large Spread Eag'e. Jr ?? H. o. hood. yea weald be cared, speedily and safely, and decidedly, use the Balm or Zairraoaica, whlcb is the safest and only lure remedy for niarrlioa, byt eutery, Cb?i<4 a, griping pain In the bowe'a and children teeth 1 rt?. It le aurs b-c It has never been known to fall wboo taken aeeordlng to directions, (wliicli ate en each fc-.-t t'e fn'l and explicit;) it la aafe becaose there la no opium or laudanum oaed in making It, and because, too, it la parely vegrtable. Be also ia time; don't wait until yon are slclt. Iter the above named complaint* work faM and aoon wear oat toe strength of tlie patient and too often resell fatally wl.en not attended to In ae>*on In having tha Saathorea^t hand eafe. In being wltlumt it Uie rltk ia great. CHAS. BTOTT, aole agent for Waalilnkton. an Il-Jw ITTCllrttf of Mafaetla, an agreeabla. refrigerant aod laxative, now t xtenalvely need oa tho conti nent* of Europe and America, mannfactored dally. Soda ronntaloo, of a new and highly approved mnatrncllon. A choice lot of Havana Otgara; with a foil supply of )m Per fumery, Hair Rrnabea, Uombs, Bhavlog Bruebee, and Tollot Good a geneially. Juat received, of direct Importattoo, at Orog Store, SM Pennrylvanla aveono jo r * IIT UallcjrU Ucualae Pain Bxtract?rt will subline the pa*n and InlUmmatlon from tbe eevereet born* or acalda, la from one to twenty m Inn tea?and tliat It will beal the woaoda without ecar; aud effectually cure Pever Sores?Pllea?Malt Rlieum ? Inflammatory rbenmatian*?Sore aod Ioflomed B>oa-i:uts-W..und?--Brnlseo?Old and tn voterata Scree Scold Head?Ooroa aod Boniooe?Bryalpelao ?Spralaa?Bwotlloga-KrU>u*?Chilblain*? Bile of In??cto? BwaMad aod Broken Breaat?Boro Nlpplee?? roptiona?and *11 other Inflammatory aud cutaueoue dieoaoea, where the D4ftl Alfsct#d fan La rearliAd Don't bo Incredulous aooutthe maoy dloooooa named to bo cured by only mo tblng? but raflect, that the few, but poel ?*? oropartiee wbtcb tbe Dalley Halve alone contain*, and ao horotnder* enumerated?one to four?con reach not alone Use aforo-aontloood dloooooa, but maoy more not enumerated. Back box of Guanine IUu-T * Pal* Kxraacroa boa upon It a Steel Plate Engraved Label with the alguature* of C. ?. CL1CKENER A CO., proprietor*, and HENRT DALLET, manufacturer. All otboro are counterfeit. Prtoo M coo to per bos. ?VAII ordoroeboi.Vd bo oiiimil UO.T. Cllekeaer kCo., (I Barclay avreei. Now Tark. ITTw aale by CHA?. ITUtT, *AI|UI * PA LB EE, oa4 Drvffliu ffosorilly. ' nrer r* L,K u >PALMETTO CLUB.?AT A MEET _ lng of the South Carolinians rarlly residing In thin city,) held on the 13th In stant, the foUowlPu; gentierr en were elee?ed c? r?ri of the ifco?? Cm*, rrta xed for the purroee of aiding the Democratic Party 1? the pending PnnideDt'?l campaign: CHARLES ? WAGNES. President DR R G GRIPFIK, Vie# President W. W. DENNISON, Secretary and Tr an ?-lt* . _ b LOOK OUT POR THE FIRST BALL ?The first grand Annual Ball of the Jonraermen Confectioners wlU be given on the 12th of September, 1W* In order to mahe this one of the Wt ball* ever given In Washing toa. It will he gl?en In New York style Futther particulars In nfit worl'i adfwtlifi*?t. C*mmit it*. Joseph SchB field, G Slewing. Chas. Meyers, an 2*-3t? RAN KLIN BUILDING ASSOCIA TION.?A special meeting of the ?**? holders of this association wlU be held at Tem perance Hall on MONDAY EVENING, Septem oer lit, at 8o'clock, to consider such amendments to the constitution as may then be proposed. A full attendance Hi desired. an **-3tTh,S,M T. M. HANSON, Pee. ^NOTICE ?THK SUBSCS IFF.R begs M leave to call the attention of tbe public to his stock of GLASS and UUEENSWARE before purr hating elsewhere, as by so doing 'be? 1 will save from 1* t? 45 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Set* lower thin the lowest at 30# Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, je 9 rtm MeDEVITT MISS S. FISHER WILL REOPEN HER SCHOOL ON MON dsr, tbe 1st September For terms, Ac., | apply at uo. 353. on 13th street, bftweenLana Masvachusetts avenue. an '2* 3' HATA?MATS?HATS! BEEBE'S NEW YORK FALL STYLE HATS for 1PM. Also, Philadelphia and other fashionable shapes now reviving at LANE'S Fasblonabls Hat, Cap, au'if-tr and Gents. Furnlahlcg Store aq REWARD.-STRAYED OR STOLEN , $<3 from tbe commons, First Ward,i some time last week, a drab colored bnf-l Ifilo COW Ear marks notreeolleeted The above reward will be paid on her delivery te me at Wo. CI Bridge street. Georgetown. | au?* St GEORGE W. STROUD. WOOD AND COAL FOR SALE BY HENRY HALIDAY. Offlre and yard on 11th street, between Pennsyl vania avenue and E street, 2d Ward- ni 28-3f II ATS J?FA L I* STYLE 1W. WE INTRODUCE TO-DAY BEEBE'S fashionable fall style DRESS HATS for gentlemen Those In want are solicited / M to ca'l at GEO H. B. WHITE A CO.'8 Hat, Cap and Gents Furni-hlng Store, 33 J Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth ftrcets. au 2f-ee'2? ROTARY KNIFE CLEANER. A CHEAPAND PERFECT KNIPECLEAN ING APPARATUS.?This machine Is eco nomlcal In us* and In no respeet liable to get out of repair, while the low price at which It Is afford ed, places It within the reach of all. A supply of the above have been received and are off -red at the manufacturers prices, by JOSEPH L. SAVAGE. Sign of Gilt Saw, au2*--<k Pa ave ,bet 10thand 1 Ithstreets. TRAVELING TRUNKS AT L?*W PRICKS ATUT2PA AVE NUB WALL A STEPHENS ARE IN RECEIPT of another large and flae as sortment of best sole leather travel Ine TRUNKS, LADIES' DRKSS, TRUNKS, HAT BOXES, VA-* LICKS, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac , embracing all qualities of fine and low priced traveling requisites. WALL A STEPHENS, au 2*-tf Pa. ave., bet 9th and 10th strtets. A I A REWARD?STRAYED OR Stolen V I" from the subscriber, two Mares One a large sited light bay, with a wblte stripe along her fa-e, and four wblte fettock*, one of the hind ones Is swelled The other Is of a smaller size, and of a dark bay or brown -olor Both In good working condition; no particular marks can be given of the latter but a few white spots under the saddle, and one of her foremost hoofs split; also a sign of an oldso'eon her neck, near tbe collar. Any person bringing the said Mare*, or give Intelligence so as to be lonnd. vt 111 receive the above reward MICHAEL MUNTZ. au 2=-3t? No. 621 G street. en RE WARD.?STOLEN stab e o? the subscriber, oa the i FROM THK night of the 27th instant, a light colored sorrel HORSE,low thick sett, abont 12 years old, with one fore foot bidly cracked ; also, swesned In one shoulder, cracked hoof, and sweeny bo'h on toe same side, very Mgbt or no mane, and long switch tail. I will give a reasonable reward for the recovery of the horse, or f50 for the recovery I of the horse and thief CHARLES R EVITTS. Mcildiai Hill, Washington, D C, au2S 3t* . NOTICE. E* STREET BOWLING SALOON WILL J BE RK-OPENKD ON SAT-j URDAY, AUGUST 3l, 165A The mbscrlber hat, at a great out lay and expense, renovated nls Bawling Saloon The Alloys have been put In tbe most complete and perfect order, together with a great many other improvements, which will make It a place of more attraction than formerly Tbe subscriber thankfnl for past patr nagc and favor* hopes a continuance of the same. au 29-lw J. T MARR. NATIONAL THEATRE. BHNHFIT AND LAST APPEARANCE (I F THE FLORENCES! TO-NIGHT. ITHREE PIECES! "Secure Your Seats." au 20 it ?9fin ^WARD-RAN AWAY FROM the subscriber, living near Upper P.inee George's county Md . lE SPLENDID ?r ?*ged, Marlboro1, . .ihw ? ,vuui, , NEGRO MAN LEN, who calls t imsetf LEN 11ARROD; he la a dark mulatto, about thirty one years of age, five feet aevenl es high ; Le has a scar o the right knee caused by acnt; half of bis heed shaved, and very grcm | when spoken to I will give the above reward If caught out of th I tMatc of Maryland or District of Columbia, or ora hundred dollars if caugbt in the State of Mary land or District of Columbia, and secured In Jail cr brought home so that I ian get him again au 28 tf Z B BEALL. JUST RECEIVED, A FULL SUPPLY OF THOSE SPLENDID French Calf PATEN ? LEATHER GAITERS, which I am selling for SI 50,eqnal to any that la usua ly sold from ?1 50 to S6; French Calf Boots, sawed or ??g?d, i 1 will bet #100 to fifty that they are the best goods of the kind that is or ever was sold la a regular way, In the District, for the price; notwithstanding tbe many fa'se reports circulated by some of the boot and shoe dea ers In the city. Terms positively cash ANTHONY'S, 7th street, near Penn avenue, at the New York Hat Store, agent for the manufacturers N. B?Agent Drlscoll's Halm of Thousand Flowers; price 25 cents a bottle. au ?8-.|t WILL BE PUBLISHED SEPT. 15^ POST OFFICE DIRECTORY, OR, BUSINESS M A N * S GUIDE TO Til I P<ni OFFICES IH THE UVITED STATES, Conta nlng tbe names of the Poet OMces and Post Masters In the Ualted States on the lrt of | July, j856, arranged by Slates and Counties; ex hibiting the Revenue of each oOce, and thus at a glance, showing the Bnslaees Importance of every town; with Infermaba* la regard to the 1 Rates of Postage t? Inland and foreign pi ces, the Franking Privilege, and other matters of Interest tocltliens generally; containing also a COM PREHENSIVE CODIFICATION OF THE EXISTING POSTAL LAWS. Compiled from Official ftsuoet-By P. D. T. Leech 07" Th? above work will be sold exclusively by subscription. Experienced Agents wanted, to whom certain exclusive districts wtl be given Copies will be seal by man, oa receipt of the prke, Si S5. For full particulars, address J. H. COLTON A CO., Publishers, JK No. 17fi William Street. New York. TTO THE ALEXANDRIA PUBLIC. IBE STEAMER POWHATAN CALLS AT yonr wharf FRIDAY ? NING, at 7 o'clock, for OLDi POINT, NORFOLK, kc Be*adv?iuei 1 toother oduise. au ?7?St NATIONAL THE A THE. THDMDAT EVENIRO, *?<?? IT, I9M, Farewell aight aad b'aeflt of Mr. and Mrs. W J. Florence* THE IRISH BOY and Y AN IKK I, A**' OB which oeeaalon they will a ppear la 3 THB fOMKDY OF LORD FL AN to AN, LESSON FOR Ml SBANIM, aad THE YANBEE ? t Saturday, first appearan-e of MR. JORCrH JBFFKRBON, Since hi* rf-tnrn from Europe, an a CRESCENT CITY CIRCUS! WM. C. MAN AH AN...... frfffitUr. Newly Orgauixed and Equipped for the Soaatm of 1856 THIS EQUESTRIAN TROUPE IS DISTINGUISHED FROM A LI. OTHERS RT THB Nowlty and Variety of its Entertainment', Tkr TnU,,t of %t* Mrmherg, And the Hrillianry o f it* Appointmr?f* The fallowing well-kne?wn Equo?tr<an Artist* ai< amon? tbc galaxy of Mui: M'lle FRANK VIC, Mad J . SHOWLES, Mr. W. ODK.LL, Mr J SHOWLES, Mr J.POHThH, Mr. J. CLARK, Mr. W. M ADR FA, Master M ADREA ' Wl'h a ho it of other taVntrd Pe'fornHr*, inela ding JININIY hkillllLnf, The pupil and"nl?- successful rival of DAN RICF, AS CLOWN ! This Compar.y will eihlbltIn WASHINGTON on MONDAY and TUESDAY, September l?t and *d At GEORGETOWN on WEBNE?DAY,Mep tcmhfrM Admission to Boxcj $0 cents; children ha'f. prior. Pit ?5 cen*? ; no hi'f price. au ?-lw For Sale and Rant. P>R RENT-SEVERAL SPLENDID Rcoma with Gas Fixings, on 9th streor between F and G streets, opposite the Patent OBce, No 44 \ InfoimiUon will he given ?? the bouse auS*-3t* THE LOWER PART OF A TWO-STORY Mr use to let with basement ard attic, fnrr.. Sh'd or unfurnished, in a ples-ant loeal'.tv Ap ply at No 59") lttb street, Island au a5-* ? For rent?a two-story frame Hon**, containing 7 rooms and a klteier, with front and rear alley, sPuated fa H ftrw. between 4th and 5th streets, No. Irqulr??r THOS. C. DONN, at the Maglsratr's OEc?, Louisiana avenue, between flth and 7'h streets, an CT-eeT.a DF.S1RABLK PROPERTY for SALI- ON THB HEIGHTS OF GEORGETOWN _ The very pleaaantly al aated Cottage opposite 'h* residence of Richard L Maekall. Esq This Cottage 1* new, conveniently aT?r^, snd contains 7 or ft roema. The ground* at* finely set In gr***, fnilt and ornameMu' tree*. ard ha* a front 7%, and a depth of 3W f? et Tb< re t? also, a pump of excellent watrr on the prrm'?e? For term* apply lo M ADI.V.R. an 2;-*rtw CM)R SALE ?*1200 CASH -THE fKjl'ARE F north of Sqaare H56, containing lWfrrr Improved by a neat two-atory Frame lloose.witfa fv*> room*. There are a nnmber of youne and thrifty fruit treea, viae*, and a variety of ebr i<-a roses, and other flower* la the grounds Enquire on the premises. Bear Kendall Greoa, corn. r oI M atreet and #ih atroet eaat. between ? and 7 o'eW* p m _ an tP-T* FO R 8 A LE?A TWO-STORY FRAME Houae, 20? Ninth atreet, east sld<\fce'we?a o and P streets, ?rat tlnlng 7 room* The lo* is?j feet? Inches deep, and runs back to a ten feet at ley Terms SJOOcasb, the balance in 9, IP. and 21 months. Apply at the Centre Market Restaurant. 0th >4 , opposite the market bouse. an *27-1 w? FO R S A L E?A CONVENIENT SMALL House, on 10th street, only two or thre from Pa avenue. It* central location render* It a very d slrable dwrlllng for persons engac*d 'a business. The fro-t room might le nscd a?a Show room fjr a Millinery, or fitted up fm a la dles" Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Ston !?? proximity to the avrnoe would mnkeltap^rd stand for an v neat business Apply to W . |.fc> OX, or at Miss Lenox's, on E, between 10th and lltb atreets en 77 tf P>R RENT?A BRICK HOUSE,CONTAIN Ing three rooms, with a bracksmlth's ?hep a tached. sl'.natcd on New York avonne. b? wi B'b and 7th atreeta Inquire at tLe Saddler's Sh^p c->rner I and7th atreeta an S-K* nOR RENT?A FURNISHED COUNTRY a Dwelling, with lawn, orchard, garden, and stables?i rooms on first floor?hrt and cold ba:fc*. blghlv romantic and bealtbv altaatlor. ^ mil'? from Waahlnirton la Prince George's, Md Re. fer to Sweeny, Rlttenhouae, Tant A Co , and Ed itor of the Star PosaesMoa given rt any time tt KB the lSth October. au 25-lir, House for rent?thkcombodi oua frame House situated on L street. b<tw?- a 9th and 10th atreeta, containing 11 rooms, wtlh a passage It has a pump of g<>od water la tL? yard Ai*o. a atable attached.capablr of cor.'ilr. Ing three horses and carriage. Rent S5<^ per an num Enquire on the promts, No 4t?? ?u 25 lw GEO T LANG LEY FOR SALE OR RENT?THE TWt? NEW three-story Houses with back building ai>d cellar, en lith atreet, the first square south of Penn avenue, la offered for aale cr rent. Tbn coatain ten rooms each Inquireof J.W BAR KER, on H street, next to the Lutheran cburrh, between 11th end l'ith street au 1-eotf >R SALE-A MOST BEAU TIFU iTrEv idence on 12tb street, between C and D *?? , and within a short distance from Pa avei ue, and the 1 teresldcn eof W m H Clark It eor? ?'? of a three story brick back building eontal.?lr? six rooms and passage, kitchen ard wood-shed, all of which haa been built within two years; of tasty finish, and the best materials T! e let Istt feet 4 Inches front, runalag 100 fret to an alley feet wide The front portion 1* handsomely Iai? off Into a floaer garden, whle.h Is now in a rn* peroux condition. The grading la so arranftd with brick pavement to drain both ways Hetr.g contiguous to the market. co*l and wo?d yard?, renders it a very plea*art and advantageous kca tlon, especially to a clerk In one of the tepart* menta, or per*on* doing business on the aves.ue The price will be RS OtKi; one-third cask: tbe balance from one to twenty font months, so dlvi drdastosult theparchaser Fifteen hundredd<+ lars was offered t< r the lot alone For further partlcu'ars call on C. P SEN<V STACK, D atreet. au ?2 lw CK)R SALE.?A TRACT OF LAND, CON I- talnlng about Ai acres, on the Heights cl Georgrtowa, being a part of the Valley VWW Farm, Uie residence of the late Joha H Klnf, deceased. This la one of the most desirable it" ? In the District fbr a flue prlvaie residence; abeut ?0 acrea of thla tract la a Wautlful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and In a high state of eij. tlvatlon 1 he summit of this tract Is from ?* 4?o feet, above tide water, aad haa a flne view ef Wa?hlngton, Georgolawm, aad the adjacent v .l* ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entlic cr '? lota Alao.alar^e Frame Dwelling-heate and I on the corner of Fifth aad H streets We ft, Wt> t lagton city. Apply at Valley Vtaw Farm,arte Dr. H Kin;, , No bO Prospcot street. fiMaetMm, D C Je 18-tf flBlal] E. J KING For r b n t-thbee three story Brick Housea, sHaated oa P ?rr?*r* b?tw>'t id and id, each cental nine six room*. For t? r?* apply to J. ROVER, on 1st street, txtw. ?-n I '"I K. streeta. au *1 sw? DRI G STORE FOR SALE-THE At' ve.U^er, wishing to dltcontinue the Dr"C bttdat* will aell f??r caab. or paper that will I ataman rt cash, his store W 111 be sold al^ the ' Furniture of the dwelling hou<*e. 1 be 1 <> k haa reeeotly beea fitted up aad la caav?ni? i<t to 1 baalaeaa Addieaa "PT," through City I - 1 Oflne or City Deapateh au w -w )B RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME P" lor* aad Chambers, with board. Alsa.tabieaadtraasleatboard. laaalteat Mrs. SMITH'S, *33 F atreet. ^Bae ?7-U E^OR RENT.?DW ELLIN** MOt'SL, Nt?. 33t, Pennsylvania avenue north aide b?twe a 9*J| and H-th streets. Oae ef (he beat kra'lot * ta tbeeRy. immediate pasaesalon glvea. App \ 6BO H B WHITE A OO., en tbe premises,ft to CEABLES H. LANE, Gent's Furnish I >2 Store, Pean avenue- au a ORLY S3 FOR AN OFERA OLAO* WE HAVE ON HAND OPERA C LASSED which wa will aell at the above pi Ice A1 ao, a flaw eery superior onea, which we will t -> low, tocloae T. GALLIGAN A fO, au t7 3t aad or Browa ' Hetel pUTU? AHO VISITING CAR OB selUa s, A towot kLLlb'S. au M Pa t