Newspaper of Evening Star, August 30, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 30, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LWAl INTELLIGENCE OUR WEEKLY. Get the weekly Star of to day and read the capital stories headed " The Smnnltn Care," bj Charles Dickona, and 44 The Family," by X 8 Arthur There is also in this number the aaaal quantity and variety of Washington new* and gossip, local, personal, political, and Rneral news, poetry, fun, sentiment, etc.,etc. ice, fl 25 per year; single nambera 3 centi Tax Metropolitan Straw FLontrwo Mill Our readers will hare noticed the improved appearance latterly of the opeu ground to the wMt of Twelfth street in the neighborhood of Ohio avenue, heretofore covered with puddtot cf green water, and sacred to geeae, and guano, but now, as if by a magician s wand, convert ed into a business quarter, all alive with the movements of workmen, the buzz of ma chinery, and the procession of vehicles con vying wheat and corn, flour and meal, to ar.d from the extensive 11 )?ricg establishment of Messrs Coltman and Duncanaon, which has just gone into operation at that point. The main buildirg of this establishment looms up, a prominent feature of the neighbor hood. It is of brtck. four stories high, forty two feet wide, and forty seven deep. Attached to it is a two-story brick building, the upper part of which is ocsupied by water-tanks and a ahop for repairs, and the lower part as the engine-room Entering the latter, we find a superb high pressure engine from the manufactory of Ellis A Brother, of sixty-live or seventy horse power, irith a cylinder cf sixteen inch diameter and three feet stroke ; and passing along we come upon the primary motive power in the shape of three immense boilers forty feet in length, and three feet in diameter Stopping to con rem a moment with the sweating athletic fire man, as he busies himself feeding huge lumps of Cumberland coal to the ravenous furnaces, be tells us that the consumption of coal is now about four tons per day, Lut will be lads as the machinery gets in easy running trim Ketuming to the main building where men are pouring corn into a large Fairbank's scale '? feeder," and taking a pinch, from the belts, of the sweet-smelling corn-meal batween our fingers to test its quality, we gamp some stairs to where six run of burr-stones?foor far wheat and two for corn ?are in operation, under the experienced superintendence of the miller? Mr J Smith, late of the Alexandria and Georgetown mills Mr Smith, who is a wholesome, ruddy look ing personage?just our heart \dml of a mil ler? takes us over the building, up stairs and d'lwn stairs, and into all manner of odd cor ners. and nmong. t all sorts of gearings, belts, and curious looking machinery, to show us the virions ingenious appliances and improve ments for cleaning and grinding wheat and corn. The mill, \?e aro told, hivS capabilities for turning out rmo two hundred barrels cf flour per day, and it is intended to furnish a very superior articlc, indeed. Our idea is, after examining the premises and th* samples turn ed out, that the exncctations of tbo entcrpri sing proprietors will be fully realized, and that tho flour and meal bearing tho Metropol itan Mills brand will be esteemed as ir.di?pcn sibles by our merchant*, shop keepers, an 1 citizens Excursion to the Great Falls ?The Highlanders have hit the nail oa the head in going up river instead of down In view of the many attractions of river and mountain seenery in the Great Falls neighborhor>d, our wonder is that excursionists do not of:ener seek for good times in that direction. We do not believe there is on the American continent finer sccnery than is to be met on the Potomac abovo Georgetown, where the noble river skirts the abrupt precipices of the Virgiria shore All the wny up to the Great Falls, in deed, the spectator is presented with a suc cession of most enchanting views Arrived at that point if there is anything in nature which ean exceed the Falls in grandeur, it is the sublime white perch caught fresh from the water, and cooked on the spot! Then there are romantic walks for the young lovers and poetic folks; and a3 for matter of fast peo ple, why they can gratify themselves by con templating the most extensive wator power (Niagara excepted) in all creation! Some times young folks are not averse to dancing on these excursions, and to provide for just euch a contingency, Esputa's Band has been secured. The very thought of such an excur sion makei us young again The At rrMX Session of this Washington Academies aid Schools ?That momentous time, in anticipation of which ?o many little hearts are beating high with hope and ambi tion, the Fall term," is now rapidly ^np pro aching, and all good boys and girl3*aro doubtless hunting up their grammar?, alge bras, euclid*. dictionaries, and all tho other requisite books, and are posting themselves up in advance for the coming tasks In our columns to-day will be found a large number of advertisements of schools and their time of opening The city of Washington presents many advantages f?>r the training of youth The rchools are of a high character; tha city is undoubtedly the healthiest, all things con sidered. in the Union?indeed its singular ex emption for years from prevailing epidemics, Korth and South is notorious; it is a quiet rural city, with nothing of the uproar, dissi pation an-l feverish excitement of a commer cial city The many valuable libraries and ecientific collections to be found here, the fcmithsonian Institute lectures, the genial and refined society of the place, and a variety of desirabilities contribute to make this city a auperior educational point. We recommend to our readers the schools advertised In to day's paper as presenting equal if not supe rior advantages to any similar schools in the country Ceiminal Oi rt?Tuk Trialop Sullivan. Mr. Key was followed yesterday by Mr. Mar tin for defense and to day Mr. Morgan closed for defense The District Attorney being too unwell to make a closing address, the case w.os given to the iury a1*>ut noon to-day upon the conclusion of Mr Morgan's plea The jury, after a few minutes absence, returnei a vordict cf " not guilty." Much feeling was manifested in the court room upon the rendition of the verdiet, and the k interview between Sullivan and his wife was effecting in the extreme ? On Monday, the ease of Eggleaton, charged 'with the murder of Kohrman will bo taken up. Gavin asd S* all -La?t night officer Dough oATty of the Fifth DiBtrirt police returned from ^3biiadclphia, having in his custody James Kuavin and John Sm ill who are charged with the robbery of Mr9. Milia's boardiug house in the Fifth \\ ard The prisoners were Wrought to this city in irons, and safely lodged in the county jail The police were so exact in their description cfthe j arty, that they were recog nized immediately on their arrival at the de pot in Philadadelphi t by officer Taggart, who made tho arrest All the clothing, and a con siderable portion of the jewelry have been re covered. Gavin and Small are both young men, neither oyer twenty-three years of ege. The Jackson Democratic Association.? We understand that on Monday evening nezt this as'r^iation meet at their hall to clejt a president Thai to the regular night fjr that ?leeti'.n. We understand, further, that Dan iel Katcliffc, E-q , their present president, de ciiuea a re election. It is probable that the meeting will be very large, and that there will be two, three, or more candidates ;n the field All member* of the association should by all means attend. ?? New Order.?Tbo Ccntro Market space has been so crowded of l.ite by bay and wood carts and wagnna, that it has become necessary fur the Mayor to assign atanda for them in or "der to preserve a sufficient eirringe way on Pennsylvania avenue. Several officers under the direction of the chief of police wcro at I tending to this duty this morning The stands jusigned are on Louisiana avenue The law relative to obstructions in the streets will be Mfmad. ? All Tue literary newspapers for thiswoek have been roceived, and aro now for sale at Jshillington's. Also all the magazines for Sep tember, among which be has font us the fol lowing : Putnam's Mag uino, Knickerbocker, Panorama of Life and Literature, liou'eholj Word*, and Mrs Stephens's Illustrated M ig arine ?all abounding with valuable and at tractive matter as usual. ? National Triatei ? Messri. Kunkel A Co , with commendable enterprise, hart en gaged new talent for the National board?, and to-night the charming Mrs. Little Weston Da venport will appear as 41 Juliet;" the favorite, O. C. Boniface, as " Romeo," and the versa tile A. 11 Davenport as 44 Mercatio." In the afterpieoe (Eton Boy) both Mr. and Mrs. Da venport will appear. Stovm, Orates and Hocsk Fuhiushiwo Articles ? The establishment of C Wood ward A Son affords the finest possible variety of these articles, and the well established rep utation of these gentlemen for fair and reason able dealing is a guarantee that those desiring such articles cannot do better than to pur chase of them Tbeir new stove, grate and furnishing house is No 318 Pennsylvania ave nue Cbittuu Market.?The stands were all oc cupied this morning, as is usual on the last market day of the week The provisions were of exoellent quality and arranged to attract the attention of purchasers. The prices have not materially changed during the past week. The regulations are strictly enforced. Passbh for Colored Persons ?Colored persons who havo business out after 10 o'clock p m are generally aware that to make a pass good for one month it has been usual to have it endorsed by the Captain of the Guard. The ordinary pass from one point to another, good for the night only, may, it is understood, be given by any respectable white citizen. Ordinatio* ?The Interesting ceremony of ordaining^and installing a ruling elder accord ing to the forms of the Presbyterian church, will occur on Sabbath evening in the Fifth street chureh. Col. Hutchins, formerly of Florida, but for a few years past a resident of this city, has lately received 4ue cordial and unanimous vote of the church to take this of Geo. Tiiat cow, pastured In the Smithsonian grounds seems to be having a good time amongst the rare and delicate shrub* selected and planted with so much care by tho lamented Downing. We can fancy the shade of the de parted contemplating the havoc made by the brute not quite approvingly. Marcle Mantles?Porsons who aro fin ishing houses, and wishing to place in thera good mantles, would do well no doubt, by at tending the pale adverted to take place in the old Star building, D street, near the cor ner of Twelfth street, on Tuesday afternoon next. ?? Declined.?Mr. Wm II. Donohoyesterday declined the tax clerkship tendered to him some time ago, in order to enter upon the du ties of a less arduous and equally profitable ]>osition elsewhere. Onlt 121 cents for a eorrect likeness of Puchanan, Fillmoro and Fremont. Sold by t'10 agent, A. Adam.'on, Seventh street, oppo site to tho Post Offlce Adhesivo envelope?, 20 cents a hundred Fillnork and Donklson Great Song B?ok, only 10 cents, for sale at A A dim son'a, Sev enth street, opposite to the Post Office * Watch Retttrns ?John Minnix, drunk, se curity and co?ts Several eolored persons were arrested for being out after hours and fined. Jj->uis Flinikome, drunk and disorderly, work house thirty days The term at the guard bouse is Justice M .rrell's by rule; but he being sick and out of the city, tho duties have been attended to by Justice llollingshead. POLITIC AT. ITEMS Tho Fourth Ward Fremont and Dayton C!ub of Brookly, Headquarters at the Brook lyn Museum, hoist tho national emblem with tha Union down. Mrs Jane G Swis'holm, tho he femalo who, in lf>51, duzu*ted the nation by her slanders on Daniel Webster, calling him a deb&ucht ? and a drunkard, and comparing Mm to a large, thick-necked, volumtuous "r'gger," is out in the Tribune with a long letter of sympathy for Charlo3 Sumner. The Pennsylvanian Gays : The Fremont pa pers are re-publishing with exultation the nurses of the four Fromont men, Taylor, Youngman, Duffield, and W0II3, upon the Pennsylvania Fillmore Electoral Tickct, ar.d a number of Fremont papers openly assert that thore are a number of other Fremont mrn upon the same ticket. Immense preparations are everywhere be ing made for the grand gathering of tho De mocracy and Old Line Whigs at the Tippo cnnoe batMe ground on the 3d of September. Large numbers of K*ntuckians will be present, and to accommodato all who wi~h to attend, the New Albany and Salem railroad will be prep ired to run extra trains and will ticket pasjengers through at halt price.?Lonuvil/e Courier. At a recent political meeting in Genoa, Cayuga county, one of the speakers, a butcher and market man, nam^d linger', said among otherthiegs, " your Col Fremont atodog!" Whereupon a voice replied, 4'he never ate half as much dog as the most of the people in this room !" " Prove it! ' exclaimed the ora tor. llero a well known man ar<>se, and with a victorious smile rejoined, ,41 should not think you would ask any proof of a man who has made sausages for you as long aa I have!'' It is needless to add that this was a clincher, anl that the point of Mr. Roger's speech was rather bluntod. For the last twenty five years Mr. Buchanan has ranked among the ablest statesmen in the United States This position has been award ed to him even by his political opponents In 1644 Daniel Webster mado a speech at Fan euil Hall, Boston, in favor of the election of General Taylor. In commencing it he said ; 44 Gentlemen, 1 saw this morning a speech delivered lately in Washington by tho present Secretary of State, Mr. Buchanan, a gentle man who is amoLg tho first, if not the very first of bis party, in point of character and standing in the country. Differing from most of the Bentiments in bis speech, I ftill do its author the credit and justice to say that it is a manly speech." JfT t Fasts, and Vests, Dress Suits, Business Suits. NOAH W ALKKK A CO., Uinau Hall Ci.otmin<j Hiiro mi'm, Brown*' Motel Building, reapectfnlly aunoauc* llitl their tunatl lUplay of SKKINO AND HI UUKK CI.OTHINU 1* now rudf for luapectlon, comprising an a**ortnient of UKjiTLmika ami? Youths' Cloth mo of the ne J???t anj rlcli ee I de^lgu*. la material, trimming, aud workmanahlp. To thou* who study excellence, with ecouomy In faatiloiiiLlo ar ticle* of dre*?, au opportunity la now offered for eelecUng fr-m on* of th* moat attractive atock of good* lu title city, ?I very i educed prion. ap ??tf Heelland's Herman llittrri.?4>rti 'Icate of M*l(h Lute, K?q., fc-Jltor " tjplilt of Tlmee," lron loo, Ohio. I?o*to*, October SO, 1864. Dr. 0. M. Jackaon?Hear Hlr:?Tbe Bitter* are !n tcre?t da rn and hero. In addition to lb* quantity *old by Moxlay A Barber, year agent*, tbe two other atoroa ?ell ruore of them th iu any niber mt ll.-lne. I 3ud they are macb **ed by <son TutHtrnbl fiver patient* to rebuildtbelrbrokencon*tltt?tloii*, I *av* diM during the la?t aciuiu^r, In my ova family, four bottle* They w*re recommended to me 8r?t by ? neighbor, at a time when my eyelem waa much debilitated from tlie effecta of a aavare Blllou* Fever. They gave me au appetite, and reetorwl a tone and vigor to my ?h<?le ayateu. la oue of tbe Septum I* r number* of my paper I related my r xperl enof the effect* of tbe Bitter*, alnce which tluie they have nad a large *ala. and have to* became the aUndard rnedtetua In thle vicinity. In coneloalon, I would aay that I feel great pleaanr* la giving yon thl? testimony of tbe valia and *ucce?* of yonr preparation. Keapectfully yonr*. Ralph I.r-r*. He# ad vertlaeaaeut. Je7-Smr fIT Ualley'e Uenatne Fain extractor, will aulxlue the pa'n and InlUmmatlon from tl?? *evere*t karu or acalda. In from on* to twenty mlnntea-and tltat It will heal tbe wi'iiud* without eritr; aud effertnally cure Fever Sore*? Pile* - Klieum?Inflammatory rhenm*t!"in?Bo re and IiiHauiwI Ky^e -<'ut*?Wotndt? Bmlee??Old and In vowrtta Horr*?Sc?M Mead?Corn* and linnlotie? Kryalp<-laa ?fpratne?Swelling*- Keione?Chill.lain*?Bite of ln*i-<'t?? Bwellwl and Broken Brea*t- Bore Nll>pie*?Kruptlon*?and all other Inflammatory and cutaueon* dlaeaaee, whore the part* affected can be readied. Dou't be about the many dlaca*cn named to l>e enrod by ooly one thing?t ut reflect, Ui*t the few, but poal live |iropertie* ?kli b tbe I>allcy Halve alone contain*, and a* heretofore enumorat, d?one to four?can rea< h not alone the efore-tner>t1oiied <1laeaae*,but many more not ennmeratrd. Kar-h b?.* of uhiii i?k Dallt'* "ain Kitiactoi ha* tipon It a Kteel FUte Kiiirraved Lia.el with the alguaturea ?.f C. V. CLICK FN KB A CO., proprletoi*, and HKNUY DAUEY, uiacufactorer. AU otliere are counterfeit Frlce t6 renta per bo*. ? f.All ord*ra*bon1d I.e addreaaed toC.V. Cllctener A Co., ?1 Barclay *tre??. Mew York. WKor*ale by CUAS. hTUTT, NAlItN A FAI.MKR, a*4 OrufKlat* gaoerally. ap g *u<t MAHH1EU, On the 36th lnstsnt, at Oak Hill, Frlnce George r nnty, Md , by the Kev. H.O. Wp?twood, Mr. GfciO W 8CA??H, of Washington, to M1m MARY P NAILOK ? ^ On tbe itOtta Instant, by the Rev Thos J Addi son, at the residence of? ol lllcklnsoi, (Urolln^ county, V? , Major JAMK* F CORBIN ard Miss Lid/A LEWI* IIOOMKS.lof tbe sane eouaty. Excursion to the Great Fallfl. j The public ib respectfully ; Inform**! that the second Qr^nd<M^?^rrrrnrfc ? Military and Civic Excursion the WASHINGTON HIGHLANDkkS will bo firiven to tbe above place on TUESDAY next, the Sd of September, 1856. j The Committee of Arrangement* pledge them- . selves to "pare no pains to make this Kxcnrslon i one of the most agreeable of the Mwon, and | Insure satisfaction to all those who may honor them with their company ? The Boat will leave Hitler's Wharf, George town, at8){ o'clock a. m , returning at a seasona ble hour In the evening. An experienced Caterer bas been r ecu red, who will furnish meals at lowest city prices and no ex tra charge. Ksputa's Celebrated Brass and Cotillion Band has been engaged for the occasion, and a double guaranteed by the proprietors of ! Latham's elegant Omnibuses have been engaged o convey Passengers to tbe boat,?and will l*ave the Northern Liberties Market and the Capitol Gate at 7# o'clock, a ra ; and wlli be in attend ance at the wha'f upon tbe return of the boat la tlie evening. N. B Parties intending to go are respectfully requested to be punctual, as tbe boat will leave at the appointed hour. Tickets ONE DOLLAM ; to bf? had of the Commi t- e and Members of the Company. Commi teeof Arrangement* CaptJWatt, Lieut Campbell, Ex-CaptBain, Lieut Reyn?lds, MrJLacey, Mr W Flood an 2fl.*?,io,s?p i For Salo and Rent. tpOR SALE ? A TWO STORY FRAME i. dwelling, containing 8 rooms and a kitchen, s.tuated on M^sachnsett*avenue, between Sdand 4th stfeets, north side, No 5!4. For terms apply ou the premises. au 30.3.# rpO LET-TWO EXCELLENT AND WFLL arranged Frame Houses, on thecorner of 14th and D streets, nortb, near the Treasury Depart "l*?1.. Kent ?W0 tnd 8250 per annum, inquire of J. P. HILTON, Agent and Collector, No 210 * street, near Chubb Brothers' Hanking Heine, au 30-3t & OUR SALE.?A SUITABLE PLACE FOR h Gardener or Butcher, about three miles from the Centre Marke', joining Mr. John E Smith's farm 1 hp p ace contains two pcres of ground, a dwelling, and stab'e, together witb all the veget ables on the ground will be sold Also, one nu.ldSng lot, fronting on New iertev avenue, near II street, In ?Square, No 892, near Maryland avenue, between 7th end 8th, on K street ea t Apply to JOHN GEORGE STAEK, Office No! 375. between ?th and 9th, on F street an 30 eo3t? RENT- SEVER A I, SPLENDID Rooms M. with Gas fr lxlng?, on *Jth street, between F and G streets, opposite the Patent Office, No. 441. Information will be given at the house an&>-3(* The lower part of a two-story House to let. with basement ar d attic, furn ished or unfurnished. !n a pleasant locality. Ad. ply at No S9 > 12th street, Island au 2S-3.? POR SALE-81200 CASH ?THE SQUARE north or Square 855, containing 12,300 feet. Improved by a two-story Fram? Ho ise, with live rooms. There are a number of youn;* and thrifty fni:t trees, vines, rnd a variety of choice roses, and other fl-iwers in the grounds Enquire on tbe premi e*, n*ar Kcndill Greer, corner of M street and tJ;h street ea*t, Leiween 1 and 7 o'clock P m au2g-3t? F1 O R SAL E?A TWO-STORY FRAME House, ?i(J Ninth street, east sid??, betweei o and P stye's, e nt ining 7 rooms. The lot is94 feet rt inches drep, nnd runs back to a ten feet al ley. Terms : 81(H) cash, the balance In 9, lw, and 24 months. Apply at the Centre Market Restaurant, ?th sr., opposite the market hou?e. nu 27-lw * |t*"K S A LE-A CONVENIENT SMALL ? House, on Hub street, only two or three doer* fiom Pa avenue. Its central lo-ation re?d*r#1t a verv U sirable dw. lllng for persons enoag'd !:i business. The fror t room m'cht l.e used as a Show room for a Mllllr.ery, or fitted up for a La dles' Shce Store, or Fancy Trimming Store Ifs proximity to the aven c would make it a good stand for any neat business Apply to W. LEN OX, or at Mug Leno.*'*, on E, between 10th and 11th streets. au27-tf For rent?a furnished country Dwelling, with lawn, orchard, garden, and stab'.es?5 rooms on first floor?hot ard cold bath*, highly romantic and healthy situation. 6 miles from \\ ashlngtnn In Prince George's, Md Re fer to Sweeny. Rlttenhonse, Fant A Co , and Ed itor of the Star Possession given at any time af tcrthe 15th October. en 25-lm Desirable property for sale on Til K H EIGHTS OK HKORIihTUWlM.? The very pleasantly sl'uited Cottage opposite the rcsldene* of Richard L. Mac kali, Esq. This Cottage is new, conveniently arranged, contains 7 or 8 rooms. The grounds ar?* finely set In grass, fruit and ornam^ntul trees, and has a front 75. and a depth of 300 feet. There Is also, a pump of excellent water on the prem'ses. For term, apply to M AIH.LH. au2-<-?o2w^ For rent?a two-story frame Houso, containing 7 rooms and a kitchen, with front and rear alley, situated cn II street, between 4th and 5th street-;, No.5(-9. Inquire of THOS. C. DONN, at the Magls ra'e's Office, Louisiana avenue, between ftth ar.d 7th streets, au 2B-eo3t* I^OR SALE OR RENT.?THE TWO NEW three-ttory Ileuses with back buiidlcg and cellar, on llta street, the first square south of Pena avenue, is offered for sale or rent. They contain ten rooms each Inquire of J. W BAR KER, on H street, next to the Lutheran church, letween 11th and 12th street. au 1-eotf House for rent? the commodi ous frame House situited on L street, between 9th.and 10th streets, containing 11 rooms, with a passa-e It has a pnmp of good watpr in the rard Also, a stable attached.capable of contaln ng three horses and carriage. Rent 8300 per an nual. Enquire on the premises, No 501 au 25 lw GEO. T. LANGLEY. FHJR SALE ?A TRACT OF LAND, CON t.lining about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley Vlf-w Farm, the residence or tho late John H King, deceased. This is or.e of the mewt desirable sites In the District for a fine priv.ite re*idence; about 20 acres of this tract is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and in a high state of cul tivation The summit of this tract Is from 350 to 400 feet, above tide water, und has a fine view of Washington, Georgetown, and th.> adjacent val ley of the Potomac. It wlli be sold entire e<r In lots Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and l.ot on tbe corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. Apply at Valley View Farm, or to Dr. H. King, No. B0 Prospect street, Georgetown, D. C. Je 18-tf flntel] E.J.KING. Ij^O R REN T?THREE THREE-STORY Brick Houses, situated on F street, between 2d and 3d, each containing six rooms. For terms apply to J. ROVER, on 1st street, between I and K streets. au212w* Drug store for sale?thhTaiT ve'tiser. wishing to discontinue the Drug busiaesM, will sell for cash, or paper that will 1 ommand cash, his store. Will be sold also the Furniture of the dwelling house. The house bas recently been fitted up and is convenient to business. Address "PT," through City Post Office or City Despatch. au2o-2w ^OR RENT?SEVERAL handsome Pal lors and Chambers, with board. f Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov 27?tf FOR RENT ? dwelling HOUSE, NO. 33i, Pennsylvania avenue north side between 9tb and Hth streets. One of the best locations in tbevlty. I m mod late patsesslon givea. Apply to geo H B WHITE A CO., on tbe premise*,or to CHARLES H. LANE, Gent's Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue. au 2 Boarding. Board and rooms?two rooms for rent with l?oard, nt No 403 F street, In Union Row ar.d the immediate vicinity of the Patent Ottlce an 2P-3t? Board,atc.-mks. bates,on thes w corner cf Pennsylvania avenue nnd 9ih street is prepared toaccommod itegentlemen with roinm with or without board Every effort wl.l b*made to render those comfortable who may f*v r her with their patronage. Transient or table boird can be obtalaed apH -tf Board-two large rooms for KKNT.?One very handsomely furnished. Also a Urge s'f single room for a gen tleman Board can be had ou the ino?t remou able term * if desired. The situation Is cool and pleasant, having a large yard attached Is de ara ble for a family with children. No.46n IVntb street ,bet ween D and E. ?'> 5?-?t? M^llS^ANNKRMAN, CORNER OF 9TH and E streets, baa several good Rooms va cant which she offers with board on reasonable SS! ctuK^mmoa.le .ereril tabl, b?,d. era. " GOVT ORAU? ANU OHKKN TUHTLK ^ SOU Pare served every dny at O GAUTI KK'S Moon. 0122 AUCTION BALES. Bv A. 6RELN1 Auctlonnf. STOCK OF DRUGS, IHKOIi'lllE*, OAS FiiUru. Sure rixtani, Un4 Will ti I rate of the Stirr, Ice., at Aaetloa?On W EDNESDAY, the 8d of September. 1 shall sell on the premises, at 4 o'clock p m , at the corner of 7th and H afreets: All the atock of Drugs, Medicines, Cigars, Ac. Tobacco, two new Soda Fountains and Draw Pipe? Gas Fixtures, Store Fixtures, Good Will on Lease of Store.

The whole lot to be sold together, the present proprietor being about to remove West Immedi ately. Persons wishing to purchase may expect a bargain Terms: One-fourth cash; balance In 0 and 14 months for notes satisfactorily endorsed. bearing Interest A 0KEEN, au *>-d Auctioneer. MUSICAL CARD. PROF. ANDRKW SCHAD OF GEORGE town. i>egfi leave to inform his pupils and the fiublic that he will resume his course of instruc lots in Music, Monday next. September 1st Lessons on Piano f *rte, GuiUr, Violin or Flute ?15 per quarter, (24 les?ons ) Professor 8 will continue to give instructions In tbe Science and Theory of Mus'c, (thorough Bass andco.xposition,) either in classes or 1q pri ?ate. Terms In classes, $3 in edvance, per quarter of twenty ItaKons; for private 'essors, 82 J f e quar ter. Nott. ? Mt S. wl 1' be pleased tareceive calls cr communications at his re?l4ence No 13i>t*reen street cr through the Post OtUce au 29-3t? IvrLE PRACTICE, BY LIEUT. I'JL. *L Jacob, Bombay artillery, London. 1&5G On Metallic Boat* and Army Floating Wagons By Major Eyre, Bengal artillery 1vol. l ondon lj-M. British Navy 1.1st for July, 1856. Ked Kiver Settlement of lUe Northwest. By Alexander Ross. 1 vol London 1855 The Siage of Kara. By li. SandwUU, chief rf th? medical staff 1vol. London. 1856 Connolly's History of the Royal Sappe;s ar.d MI.:ers. 2 vol. London 1855. History of tbe Bengal Artillery By Captain liurkle, p.dju'ant general I vol. London. C ampbell's Military Dictionary, Jaun*'* Mil itary Ui'llot&ry, Sto queler'a Military Encyclo podia, Burn's French acd Inglish Military Dic tionary, Duckett's Technological Military Dir. tlonarv. German, English. and French, Ac ,Ac. au'.J?- FRANCK TAYLOR. UNUSUAL ATTRACTIONS. Real French Millinery and Dress Trimming Goods, French & American Flowers, &c. Also, Dress Making in best French s'yle. REAL IMPORTED FRENCH BONNETS. , THK UNDERSIGNED TAKES ^*Sffcp'.easure t0 announce to tbe public ':2j^#''bat hisstfckof New Fall and Wln-^^r ter Goods is now complete ard ready for inspec tion. and that be will continue to receive from the Northern States every new and deMrable article to ba found In his line the coming season He has just received erd opened a large and elegant ftock of Real French Millinery Goods, French l lo\Vf rs, Paris Feathers, Ribbons. Em broideries, Silk Netts, Vflvtis, Laces, Crapes, Cheai"e, Av Also, Klch Head Dresss, oJ every description, Soiree ?nd Bridal Wieatbs, l; ring^s and Fatcy TrlromlPti* for ball and tics, all of which will oinpe e favor: bty, both la r.flce anil quaMt , with any hcuie -n th?* tTade. M WIl.t.lAN, 3i Market Plsce, between 7th and Sth sts. au 20-1w THK CHUKCIIMAN. 'HillS WELL KNOWN WEEKLY REL1 1 plcus Pnp*r, U'Von> motto Is ?? The Chur h of the Living God the l'lllar and Ground of the Truth" devo cd to tne United Interes t cf the G'.spel and I he Gbnrcb, published at New Wrk, I- r yularly recrlred and for sale at the llofib tore of " WILLIAM ADAM, au 29-21* No 438 Penn. avenue. SCHOOL NOTICif. A SELECT SCHOOL, THE NUMBER OF pupilj limited, will l>e c. mmenced at the bmi e, n^>w In course of erection, oa the corner of loth and (J Mreets, on Monday, the 14th of Sep teml'pr Particular attention will be raid to Mathematics Tho?e who wlrh to strtdy Survey ing will have a good opportunity, a? I have a fine Instrument, and wl'lglve field practice week'y For tf-rms apply to SAMUEL KELLY, at Mr J~hn Sessford'f, on Pcnn. avenue, between 11th lith streets. au 29 T. J. A W. M. UALT, PKA.LBRS IN LEHIGH AND SCHUYLKILL COAL. Also, HICKORY, OAK, AND PINE WOOD. 3 CARGOES ON THE WAY-ONE OF White Ash, one of Red Ash, one of Lohlph l-ororvn- Inyin*r In tJUc!r cool fuf fi't* Winter, t?Vl sending us tber rrd. rs will find thtin filled wltl the hc?t rrtl'lf at n rroderate advan.-e on prim* cost. Wood of thf be>? qna'lty always on h;?nd. Coal kept under e ver 2240 pounds ta the ton. T J A W. M. UALT. a*i 29-tf N. W eor 12th and C sts , No 547. FiUJi BOSTON.-THE PA( KETSCHOON 1 r.R MAIUETTV BURR. rapt.?ln > ^ Nickerson, l^as arrlvtd, ar.d wi'l hcve^y^^ quick dispatch for the nb07e port. For freight apply to H ARTLEY A IJRO , au2S loi WTater str?ct Georgetown. WOOD AND COAL. WE ARK PREPARED TO SUPPLY ALL thope who may favor us with their paironage with b<~! article of fu -1 at the follcwino prices: Oak Wood,... (Hi per cor?1 Pine do 5 00 Hickory do 7 (mi Stove and WLite Ash Etrg Coal.... 6 .'>0 ppT ten Red Ash 6 50 Transition Nut 6 00 Cumberland Lump 5 50 l?7* Persons laying in fuel for the winter would do welt by giving us n call. All orders left at P. J. Steer*'Ktore, No. 4H^7th street, l^twe.^n 1) and E streets, or at our clfiee, will be promptly filled. 2.240 lbs. given to ton JOHN W MYERS. A CO., (Jthee and Yard corner of G and22.1 streets. au5-lm First Ward. AFA REWARD.?STOLEN FROM THK tyrOx/ stab e of tbe subscriber, on the nl^jhtof the 27th instant, a li^ht colored sorrel HORSE,low thick *ott, about 12 years o.d. with one fore foot badlv cracked ; also, t, d In one shoulder, crackcd hoof, and hweeny t'O'h on the same side, very lieht or no mane, and long switch tail. I will give a reasonable reward foi the recovery of tbe horse, or $50 for the recovery of (he horse and tblef CHARLES H EV1TTS Meridian Hill, Washington, D. C , au 28-3t* B' MATS HATS- MATS'. EEBE'S NEW YORK PALL STVLh HATS for lf-56 AUo. Philadelphia gT\ and other fashionable sha|>es now re-'t 1 vlug at l ANE'S Fashionable Hat, Gap, 9? an'28-tf and Gents. Furnlshltg Store WOOD AND COAL rOR SALE BY HENRY HA LI DAY. < Hflce ?nd yard on 11th streft, between Pennsyl vinia avenue and E street, 2d Ward u ROTARY M!>lfK CLKAILU. A CHEAPAND PERFECT KNIFE CLEAN ING APPARATUS.?This machine is eco nomlcal In us? and In no respect liable to get oil of repair, while the low price at which It Is afford, ed, places It within the reach of all. A supply o the above have been received and arj offered a the manufacturers prices, by JOSEPH L. SAVA?E, Sign of Gilt Saw, anaw-6t Pa ave ,bet 10th and 11th streets. TO THK PUBLIC. JOHN P. DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Factory, on Mb, street, between Louisiana avenue and' C street, long oondacted by Mr. Jobn M. Young, Is now prepared to manufacture and repal r all des-rl ptioas of CO AC H ES, B U ti GIES Wagons, Ac., on the moat reasonable ter ins, In the very best manner, uod at the shortest no tice. He respectfully InviUs bis fellow-citizens to give him a trial. an 12-lrn TRAVfeLINOTRUNKMATLOW PRICKS AT&IPA AVKVUE. WALL A STEPHENS ARE IN RECLIP'I of another large and fine as sortment of best sole leather travel ing TRUNKS, LADIES' DRESS TRUNKS, HAT BOXES, VA L1CES, CAM PET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac. embracing all qualities of fine and low priced traveling requlaurs. WALL A STEPHENS, an 8H-'f Pi. ave , bet. Oth and IQtn surets. ttlft UK WARD.? STRAYED ?)R Stolen VP A" " from the subscriber, two Mares One a large sized light bav, with a white, stripe aioiur her fn*e, and ?our wbMe fettocasjont of tbe hind one-i Is twelled The other Is of I f mailer slie, and of a dark bay or brown < oior Both In pood working condition; n* partlculat marks can be given of the latter but a few wbltt spots under the saddle, and ons of her foremoa hoofs split; also a sign of an oldsoteoa her neck, near the collar. Asy person bringing the said Mares, or give Intelligence so as to be found, *11! receive (he above reward MICHAEL MUNTZ, ?a 28-31* No 621 U street. B'JtPALU HAIR Pl*? OP SUPRRIOH q isllty at (au2f-3t> LAMMOND'S. APOTIOW BALES THIS ATT1RW00W AND TO-MORROW. I By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. HAltDtONE HOMBHOLD iRDKItok. ?i Firatt?r?ttA>cU?a??0? MONDAY, September 1st, I shall sell at No. 4? F, between 6th and 7th streets, at 10 o'clock a. m , an excel lent assortment of Furrlture, Tlx: F Iw plush velvet eo*ered 8ofa Do walnnt and mahogany maible-top Dressing Bureaus Do marble top Washslands and Centre Tables Do mahogany and walnut French Bedsteads, ? with Spring Mattreaees Do walnut Whatnot, rocking and stuffed seat Chairs Do walnut Hat Tree, Bookcase, extension, t la in*, and other Tables Do mantle Vases, China, Glass, and Crockery W are. among which Is one fins gold bind Tea and Coffte Set, Ivory bandied Knives, silver-plated Castor, Ttaand Coffee Set, and Walter. ' Do Brocatelle and Lace Window Cnrtalns and Ornament* Do feather Beds, Bedding, hale and other Mat tresses Do Tape* try, three-ply, Ingrain, and stair Car pets and Rug* Oilcloth and Matting, Refrlgeiator Maple cane Chairs and spring Lounge Bath Tub and a good lot of kitchen KcauUlte* With many other article* which we deem ua- j neeeesary to enumerate. Tor run: All turns under 925 cash ; over f\i5, a credit of Au and VO days, for notes >-ail ?factor ll> endorsed, bearing Interest The houae Is also for retit. well tilted up with gas, cooking range, furnace to heat the bonne, and cistern In the yard Inqulieof the subscriber A. GREEN, cugft-d Anctloreer. in-Will be added U the nhove isle a superior rose word sevrn-octsve Hano, of tine .one and finish. fau2f>] A. GKF.KN, Aact. I) By JAS C. McGUlKE, Auctioneer. WELLING iiOCSE AND L?T at Pal>. 11c Anctlon.?On THUK' DAY AFTKK NOON, September4tb, at ^o'clock, < n the prem ises, I shall seM part of !.ot No if, In Square No 515, fronting on north K street, letw??*n 1th and 511: streets we*t. running I ack 9- fe.'t 11 Inches to an alley, with the Improvement*. romMlngof a lhre<* storv brick dwelling bon?e containing six rooms, with bark gtalreii>e, rendering earh room private. Terms at sale. nu?9 d J AS. C. McG U1R F, A net F it By J AS. C. McGUIKE, Auctioneer. ?HHN1TVKK AND HOUSEHOLD KF fects nt Public hale.?On THURSDAY WON NINCi, September 4th, at It) o'clock, at the rfsWenceof Mrs. OaJfawsy, No Fir?t street, Georgetown, (opposite Cox's Uow ) 1 shall seil? Walnut carved French Sofa, arm ar.d parlor Chairs Watlnutand mahogany arm and rocking Chairs Marble top Table, walnut work Table Handsome walnut i*ecr. ?sry and Bookcase lillt-frame pier G!a?s, walnut Whitno* VYeInut eane-feat Chslu, mahogany dining Ta bles China, Glass, and Crockery Wa;e, Table cutlery Pair of handsome Grench g?s Chandeliers Hron7e ll*t Tree. OH Cloth Cottage Hedsteacs. Bureaus Matlte^ex, W ashstands Ms'tlrg Cooking Stove. KitcLcn Utensil*, Ac Term? : *2n ard under, cash : over?fcnt sum,a credit of tMt :md it) days, for s-Uigfactorily endorsed notes, i>eariug Interest. M?d J C. McGUIRE. Auct'r Hv J AS. C. McG U1K S, Auctioneer. [ANAISOMK WAHB1 K MANTfcl.K AT I I'uhiir A net) on ?On TUESDAY AF TERNOON, September 2d, at 4)f o'clock p m , n the bu"d'ag known as the old "Star Office," on I) street, bet v en 12th and 13th streets, I thai! sell to the highest bidder for ca-*h? 3 bandsorro White Marble Parlor Al ant. is 1 do Chamber do. S?'e positive an 27 d J AS. C. McGUIKK, A net. By A. iiKriLN, Auctioneer. rpilE F I'll LIC I S RKtFIi'T?DLLY I Informed that the valuable proj??rty which is advertised bv t'harle* H. Calvert, Esq , jit private ? ale is not sold, and will be sold at pibilc ruction on TUESDAY, the 2d day of September, at 10 o'clock a m , In the grove adjoining the Spa Snilng at Bladensb'irg, Prince George's county, Maryland. No. 1 Is a line tract ot heavy :ind valuable tim bered land, adjoining th'' Spa Spring containing 216 acres. No 2 Is a tine piece of meadow land, containing 25 acres, adjoining the southern part of the town of Bladensburg, having on it several houses on ground rent. No 31s those beautiful building lots In the vil lage of KMavllie, but a few minutes' ws'k from the Bkuteksbuig depot. Each lot contains from three to ten ere* Tlje terms wilt be very liberal, and made known on the day of sale AII of tne above mentioned property 1? hand somely located, and r-resents m*?v inducements and a rnr.? opportunity to persons wlshlr?? to pur chase a line tract of excellent land for a farm, a beautiful piece of rich meadow. or building sites foi a conntry seat In a ver^ elevated and command Ind position A. GEEEN, au 27-d Au tlnneer. NOTICE. E STREET BOWLING SALOON WILL BE KK-OFENI.D ON BAT-J. i URDAY. AUGUST 3 >, 1 GO SJf ??jl Mbe *ub:crlber has, at a ?reat out- v ? lav and expense, renova'ed his Howling >aioon. The Alley* have been put In the mo*t complete and perft-ct order, together with a great many other improvements, which wi" make it a place of more atttaction than fort, ertv The subscriber thjnk'ul for r.a-t patronage and favors hopes a continuance of tne same. au 26-lw J. T. MARK. KfcWAKl)?KAN AWAY FROM KBWAKO.-RAN AWAY Fl ?)^UU thesub crlber, living near Upper Marlboro', Frince George's county Md , 1 county NEliKO MAN LEN, who calls . in^elf LLN HAKKOD; he Is a dark mulatio,i(_ about thirty one years of a^'e, tlvef. et seven i^ch es high ; he has a s :ar o ? the rl^Lt knee caused bv a cut; ha.f of his head shaveo. and very grt m when spoken to. 1 will give the above reward If caught out of th# Slate of iMaryland or District of Columbia, or one hundred dollars If caught In the State of .Varv lacd or District of Columbia, and secured in JaU or brought home so that 1 can pet him again. au2S-tf Z. B BEALL. JUST RECEIVED, A FULL SUPPLY OF THOSE SPLENDID French Calf Fa T E N T? LEATHEK GAITEK3. which 1 am selling far $1 50,equal toanv thatlsusualy sold from 91 50 to 96; French Calf ll< ots, sewed or ?vged, *'i b)?. 1 will bet 8Hh) to hflv that thev ate tue best goods of the kind that Is or ever was sold In a remiiar way, lit the District, lor tbe price: notwithstanding the many false Teports circulated by some of the boot and shoe dtaerslntbe city. |?7" Tenni positively cash. ANTHONY'S, 7th street, near Venn, avenue, at the New York Hat store, utrent for the manufacturers N. H.?Agent Drlscoll's Balm of Thousand Flowers; price 25 cents a liottie. au 28-J*. .11 ADA ME V.Ot.MS CONSUMPTION DESTROYER rnilis INVALUABLE REMEDY CAN BE A Lad at No. 'SiJ (i street, between Eleventh and Twelfth, south side, c.r at ^tott':; Apotheoary corner of 7th street aad Pennsylvania avenue References: Kev. Mr. PLe!p? and Uev ftlr Re^lbter, Foundry church; and certificate fr^m the Rev J. Hanson. au27-lm* M KTKOPULITAN FLOUKING MILL, Ohio avtnve,nrar 12(A itrttt and the Canal. The best family flour, corn MEAL made and prepared for family purpo ses. HORSE FEED, Ac., for sale ut lhelowe.->l cash prices, by COLTMAN A DUNCANSON. au 2C-WFB3t DENTAL St'RUCKV. DK WI 1.1.1 AM A. FRANKLIN HAVING taken rooms ai No 444 Pennayt vanla avenue, will be happy to Rerve^ all who mny star.d In need of the ser vices of a Dentist. His prices will be moderate, and ail work warranted. je 5-eotf 11ATS!?FALL KTVLK 1!???. INTRODUCE TO-DAY BEEHE'9 W ^fashionable faU style DRESS HATS for gentlemen. Those In want are solicit* ' to call at GEO H. B. WHITE tc CO.'S Hat, Cap and Gents. Furui-hlng Store, Tli Pa. aventie. between 9ih and 10th etrcexs. au i^-ervjv L. J. milULKTUil, DEALER IN ICS. Ofktt and Oft?Southwest corner of F ?n< Twelfth etteets. feh 27 tf NOTICE. EOWKN A SON, NO. 212 PENNHYLVA ? nla avenue, have Just received the lirst In voice of Uielr fall stock of goods, consist!-uj o choice patterns of PANTALOONri and V1-*T INGS, which they shall be pleased U show the pleads and customers. an ac -iw FBESEKYINU KUGAili*?? Double refined li>af, crOjsiiei Granulated and powdered, Soft Crushed. ?? Yellow, with prime and common Porto RiC?? an< New Orleans bagars. Atl at lowest PJ^*> KINt< A BUR^flU' au 11? cor nor ut V ave . and I } treet. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THI AtfOCIATRD Pllll ?v Httllll rHINTIllfl TILMEATH. Kstor from liearafus k.^KW ??Thn Steamship C. tJiuirj. Vm S4? J"?M? ^ boiow, irith later in telligence from Niotrifni. Tho Yellow Forty near Row York. New Yea*, Aug*?t 80 -Thrw new owe* of Kind The?r?I r*P?rt?* ftt Clifton, Stater. Island Ther* hare been eight deaths ftom tbe nnw among the United State troop? at Governor's l#laod. Br B roots at Hon? Columbia, S. 0 , Aug Jv ?There ?u * large meeting here to nisrht to welcome Hon. Preston 8 Brooks. Tbe May?r presented him with ? silver pitcher, cane. and other testimo nials of approbation- Mr. Brooka responded at length. Much enthusiasm was manifested Destructive Fire in Few York. New Yopk. Aug. St.?The Letting Obeer vatory, nnd twenty other building*, in the vicinity cf Furty fourth street, were destroyed l>y fire at on early honr this morning The Chrystal Fniare was on fire several times, but Wis not materially damaged. American Association for tho Advance ment of Seieneo. Albauv, Aog. 2^ ?The Association met in session early this morniog to eloee up the reading of papers At ten they assembled in general session a?id had a very pleasant, agreeable time. Complimentary resolutions were introdSeed, thanxing the citiiens, and particularly the 1 oal committee, for attending. Prof Heche preluded witt some appropriate remarks and thanks to th<* various steamer and vessel lines for the tender of passage* across tbe Atlantic. August 12, laii, at Montreal, was name! f??r the next meeting of the Association. The A?soeiation then formally adjourned K C Delevan gives a grand entertainment to the Association. On the adjouiouient Dr. Hare lectured to fore a large Mudienee on Spiritualism. ^naugntation ef the Dudley Observatory. Albany August 28 ?The proceedings of the inauguration uf tbe Dudley Obsei vatory in thi* city to-day were full of interest. The I irge tent in Academy Park was crowded to its utmost capacity by a brilliant audience of from four to five tbou*?nd person*. nearly half of whom were ladies The Plitform was cr w.lel by men of distinguished learning, ability ami position; among them were ex ? i.Aern >r Hunt, Gov Clark, Lieut -Governor K.jmond, the Hon. Joel T. Headly. Lorenzo Dorroughs and other State officers, and all the rrf?n of rcience in the as?' ciation. Gov Hunt, Profess r liache, Gould and others made brief addresses. A letter was read from Mrs Dud ley ilon^t ng fifty thousand dollars fur the fur therance o{ the objects for wb>ch the Observa t >ry was founded The announcement of her liberality was received with loud cheers an<l a "?;ter?l upririn* ot the vast audience Tbe Hon. Eiward Everatt was then introduced and received most enthu?iast?ea11y _ His ad dress occupied over an hour in delivery and was a ui?*t able and eloquent production loe entire nffjir paasel off In an admirable manner Baltimore Markets Caltimour, Aug 30.?Plour has advanced; sales of Howard street and City Milla at $6 02? Wheat is unchanged; good to prime and choice whites SI 45al 60; good to prime redo SI.42c Corn is unchanged; white !>3aftlc, yel low 54a69e. THE LAKES I FANCY BAZAAR! SOt Pennsylvania or?n?<. LD, S1LVKR, PEARL, IVORV, PARl " * an kfarb'e, Tortoise Shell, Papier Mache, K os<?w?v>d, Leather, Morocco, China, Ulacalt, Porcelain, Alabaster. Bohemian Glass, Ebony, Berlin Iron, End every kind of Fancy Bond* may bo bad at THE LAKES They have a'so? 1 be most choice American, French and German I'e furriery and <'osmetics tngllsh Cutlery, MatLematlcal Instrument* drawing Materials ar d Stationery, and Combs and Drnshes of every description. Would you make a present, adorn your per?oe cr embellish our home? Consult economy arnl taste, abd call at auf' tf THE LAKES. NOTICE. / ^KN WALTER JUNES AND CHARLES ?T I EE JONES hare removed their oflce to No. r.ofl, K street, between 3d and 4th streets Charles Lee Jcnes will practice In tbe Supreme Court of tbe United States and all other court? held In the District of Columbia. Gen. Walter Jonea, though mostly retired from general prac - tice, will unite with him and do hla beat to ad vance tbe encreaaof client* by written statement*? and ailments, and by all ether needful and p'opor exertions Jy 5-8m HOUSE, SIGN AND ORNAMENTAL FAINTING A GLAZING GEORGE II. VARNELL, * LOUISIANA AVENUK, BETW ud 7th atre*ta, north aide, has opened a branch Shop, fcr the proaecutlon of hla business, on 7 th street, between 1 street ar.d Massachusetts avenue, east tide, and will be happy to receive calls 'or work at either of hla loratloua for doing business. All orders for Jobbing attended to promptly and at the ahoitwjt notice. In a workmanlike man ner. Thankful for paM favors he will, by aaaktulty and dlapatch of work, hope to merit tbe continu ance of the orders of bis friends and the public generally. autllftw \M>. SI J i V 6th ai WHE SI BltkllIEK, HAVING UKT EK? I mined to close up bis present business, re qu?-^ts all persona Indebted to blm by open ac count. to come forward and settle the aanrc on or before the 5th day of the ensuing month, Septenn fcer. All accounts not settled on that day will be placed in the hands of a collector for Immediate stttlenent. PETER O'DONOGHUE, au 'M-dtw Georgetown ftENMBLE HALE. A GENTLF.M AN PASSING ONE OF OCR elegant private houses, accidentally beard tbe following renalble talk between two lad ea, who were staudtng In the door. One of their., It t* tbon^ht, wj? from the country. t*be appeared to b?* It oklng over a long tn? inorandum. The ether wa* heard to say: 44 If yon buy any Albata Forks or Spoon*, or Cutlery, go to FRANCIS on Sev enth street: what you buy of him you caa depend upon He has every weful housekeeping article, and his prices are certainly modora'e "' au 19 SKAL?I? PROPOSALS WILL BE Re ceived by the Secretary of the Treaaury, In it? city of Washington, until 'be 12th of September next, for a suitable aite, not leas thaa one hondrcd feet by one hundred feet, for the new Cuatom House nnd l oat OlSce at Secretary of tbe Treaanty anWtltf^ep (IntAUnloa) rpt?E STEAMER OEOEGE WASHIMi. 1 TON wllldepart at tbe follow- m-jdEZTj* In^houra: flBafiflft * l^eavo Alsiandrla 7l<, ?, 11, 1U, 3R,SM t/eeve Washington.10. 1*. 4^, y-JH-d JOB CORSON, Captala fOR HOC PIT TERROR. ion wutnx TEniivn. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?FARE, HOUND TRIP. ?1: FROM - A LK X A N D R1A 7iC EN TSThe *teureer THOM AS COLJ.Y LR leases Waahin* ton at V andAlexandrla aivjj o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for tbe boat at bJk o'clock. Cunch fate lu ccata. t wishing the coaches will leave their 'iwidencewith Georjre A Thomaa Parke?, ? HcfrealjUM'itti! on the boat. apS-tf SA.M'L BEDNEY, iHANUE OF HOl'SS. ON AND AFTKR MONDAY. THK Xfth of June, the Steamer GKORGE ij*1 w PAGE will ran at the feUowliigJMhflHn^ lioura: Lrase Alexaadrta at4M,?, 10, W, nnd ti k o'clock l/eave Washington ?, f, II, 1*, SR, 5, and ~ o^ciork. KLLIS !.. TRICE, Captain i . Lost ok mislaid a note drawn by B. Be had In my favor, for SSW datxi Juae tOtb, 183#. All peisona are bert by waruM to receive said note. au *.?-*? W. JOUNSON. Political flags for theboioui LAMMOND'S, ou 7th atreet au*?-3l