Newspaper of Evening Star, September 1, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 1, 1856 Page 2
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evening star. WASHINGTON CITY: nOKDAY. bepleinber 1.1*46. g^7* Aiwr!li#inrDi> should be handrd in by ll o'clock, in., otherwise they may not appeal iMtll the n??*t day. ?>V TUK KOBHIHG PRESS The Jnttfli^eneer commenting on the recent dead lock in Congress, says : " That the independence of the Ser.ato as a eo-ordinate branch of the National Legislature vai endangered by this attempt on the part of the House of Representative to coerce it? ac tion, and that the precedent, had it been suc cessful. would have been a dangerous one. can be questioned, we think, by none who duly weigh the relations which subsi-t between the two houses according to the theory of the I/O - stitution and the genius of our confederated Q vernment If the custom of affixing irdo^ pendent measures of legislation to the general appropriation bills, instead of passing each on its respective irerits, mast be pronounced at all times irregular and contrary to the princi ples of sound legislaiion, the vice of such a habit becomes st 11 more glaring when it is used as a sort of duress by which to coerce the rasssge of measures obnoxious to ono or the other of the two ocvks. As the Senate and House of Repreeer.tatives etch have a constit uency of their own which they severally rep resent, it is accordance with the theory of their respective functions and organizations under the Constitution that the trill of each should concur in the parage of every enactment. They cro both alike to be voluntary in their action upon every measure, and without such concurrence on the part of both a schism must be created in the body politic, giving to one member an undue preponderance over the ? ther Not only a majority of the people as repre?ci.ted in the lower House of Congress, but also a majority of the States as represented in the Senate must cor.cur in the passage of every law enacted under the Constitution of the United States, and it is easy to perceive that the complex symmetry of ourgovemmen tal system wou!d besulverted if a single House of Congress should be able to constrain the enactment cf measure* obnoxious to the other. 44 In the piescnt case, besides the general ir regularity cf all hgislation Iik~ that attempted by a majority (for the time being) of tLe House of Representatives, during its late protracted contest with a majority of the Senate, it may not be too much to add thut the nature of the proposed proviso itself was open to serious con stitutional objections By that proviso it was sought to impeso certain restrictions on the President as Commander-in-Chief of the army. It may well be doubted whether it is compe tent for Congress to assume any such power of control over the actions of tho President with in the sphere of Lis purely Executive duties Nor is it certain that any such proviso, if ac tually passod, would have imposed any other than a moral obligation upon the President, whe, after such a demonstration, might have deemed it his duty to conform his conduct to the will of Congress; though if, a? we think is demonstrable from the Constitution, the su preme command of the army is one of the at tributes of Executive prerogative, we are net clear in the opinion that Congress is warrant ed in imposing any restrictions upon this right: for if in rne case why not in every ense, until at last the power of the President as Con: mander in Chief of the aimy shall bo wr^tcd from b:s bands r?nd placed virtually and en tirely in those of Congress ?" The Union is delighted with tho defeat of the Republicans of tha House on Saturday la^t, and in the course of its remarks on that subject it essays to eh. w that "if the devil'' had a mortgage cn 44 Turn Walker" he cer tainly ha? a valid one cn the Republican party of the day. W^SHISGTcN KE\v9 AND GOCSIP The Policy of the Extra Session ?The action of the H"U?o on Saturday last amply vindicates tha wisdom of the policy of the President in calling Congress back to Wash icgt >n. Ihere is no estimating the evils that w. u'.d have immediately resulted to the pub lic interest from the failure to enact tho amy appropriation bill W? mean in this imme diate connection, the ultimate cost of such a calamity the national treasury Perhaps ten yean of time, and fivefold of the money appropriate! in the bill, might put the mili tary scrvice of the government in the condi tion of usefulness, discipline and preparation ftr the proper discharge of all its functions in wh:ch it niw exists, in esse of its lately threatened disb.mdment and utter disorgani sation. But the disaster' of that sort that w uld bars fl wctl from the triumph cf the r heme of vwlual revolution, which the Cim ness and energy of President Pierce defeated, are ts nought compared to those to have re sulted from the tuccess of the game of the Republican party in its influence on the polit ical future of the Union I Disunion, swift and sure, c~.uld not have failed to have been its c< nsequence It would have am< unteJ to proof that hereafter the Oencral Government's pjwtr and influence, despite the opposition of the Executive and the United States Sena'e. can at will be used by the anti-slavery majority of the House to work its will over law. constitution, justic, an 1 even common decency, against the guar anteed rights of tho slaveholdirg States. With such proof fetaring them in the face, and with the knowledge which they (tho South) now possess of the firm determination of the great Republican p litical party to carry out the purposes of abolitionism one and all If they wouid submit, it is not to be doubted thjt they would promptly haveaioptoi measures t" re sistance, which, in turn, would have produced a speedy dissolution of the presentrocfedera y It car n"t be tb it the President and his con stitutional advisers failed to comprehend all these facts. Indeed, th?ir firmness and en ergy. as displayed throughout the trying ?ti uggle, lati.-Hed us that their exerti ns were lo ward off the ur^nd contingency to which refer. We know that inoie r Ita-: Democratic mem ber-cf the H'.use, and a few f the Senate, anxious te be relieved from the irkeomeness of ;htir pr 'ractcd residence he-re, fretted and fumed n<t a P'tle nr. ier the restraint of the calle l ?*--m n c.ur e under the belief tlr<t it* pn.Wit c uli tvt i,e succe-sfulJy carried out, whi< h idea was the result rather of their own anxiety to g*t away, tnan of the want of wis d' m in the ul(1 inching determination ,.f the President to discharge his whole duty to his trust, as involved in the controversy The re sult, however, has satisfied?more than satis fied?ail whose hearts beat in unison with the principles cf the Constitution threatened by the defeated revolutionary scheme, embracing the 6outhern Klow Nothings o! Congress, a* well as Ul the Democracy. Fremont and Robinson ? The California papers by the last arrival comment in pretty plain terms upon the letter of Fremont pub lished some months sin:e endorsing the bo?U? Governor Robmpon of Kansas. As a specimen ?.f th*ir e. miuei.ts upon that letter we present the Stur'? leaders with an extract from the fcjn Fra .cuco GlnU, of tho 2*th of July ult , which, it will te perceived, substantiates to lie Trtter fc|| we said wh?n the miss vsin ques till" mw the I gl.t, o ncemug the Calitorn a history of Kobinaon, his disgracelul eonnaetton with Fremont's election to the United States Senate, F.'? political cancer in California. * Ac. The cxtract is as follow? : " Let as examine their relative positions at that time. In our judgment n? two porsons were so wido apart in feeling, in interest an 1 in sentiment, as theso two gentlemen Col. Fremont was considered then, by all classes, at the head of tho large Mearican Land Grant holders, while, on the other band, Dr. Robin son was at the head of tho Squatters or Set tiers. Everj person then supposed they hated each other cordially, and it was considered tbat they could as readily unite as oil and water Never did two factions become more embittered towards one ano'.hor than the fac tions which two gentlemen represented. Indeed they resorted tr? bloody war to main tain their power. Dr. Robinson, it was well known, was the chief of the Squatter forces in what was called tho Squatter riot or war cf 1S50, in Sacramento 4' In that bloody contest he was badly wounded, and for the part he had taken in it, no |was arrested, imprisoned, and indicted. Se\ eral of the bejt citizens in that city were killed during the progress of the fight. In the midst of the confusion which this orent crea ted in political parties, ho was, while a pri soner, elected to tho Legislature. When the tiir.o cause for tho assembling of tho members of that body, the friends of the numerous can didates for tho United States Senate, as well es those who wero anxious to carry through the \ tillrjo Capital and other measures, suc ceeded in having him bailed out that he might be able to take his teat in tho Assembly. There be played hiscard admirably until tho indict ment agaiust him was squashed. But it was a notorious fact that he refused every open overture made him by Colonel Fremont's friends to vote for that gentleman. Indeed, ha could not vote for him, without incurring the deepest indignation of the t>ettl?rs He soon, howevor, become thoroughly corrupt end for soldo reason unknown to us, fi nally voted for Col. Fremont for United Slates S.nator several times No sooner was this 'act known, .than the settlor* or squatters of Sacramento, and everywhere else in the State, disowned and denounced him They branded n:m as a traitor?charged bini with corruption, to great was the indixnatiuu of this class of our people that Robinson felt that his life wai not altogether safe a* long aa he lived among tnose whom he had so grea'.ly wronged and outraged, by voting for Col. Fremont, lie therefore surreptitiously left the State, cover mere to return to it. Iu proof of this fact we refer to Gov. Bigler, Gov. Johnson. Msj Har denburg 11 L Kobinson, L.-q ,L J.C Kcwen, Jv-q , Judgo Ualston anu otuers who can tes tify tuat Robinson did bring down on himself tne indignation of tho Squatters, for voting fur Lol. Fremont, and did leave the Siato because ho had lost the confidence of hie constituents, for this act. In tho faco of these taetj in the lace id Col. Fremont's expressed pro-slavery opinions in California, we find these two gentlemen on the Atlantic side of tho Continent, congratulating ea.-h othor that while in this State, they harmonized andco ope.ated together?together opposed the nul liners and ^ebrask;* men, and for sn doin~ they were proscribed?that for these and other reasons they are perfectly consistent in being now members and leaders of the Republican rariy. It is impossible lor these gentlemen to thus impose on the publia." Tho Cruise of the Independence ?The />* telfigenccr says, this morning : ,.-^e ?hfVe L<^n favorc'1 witb the following ttra.c- frcru Commodore Mervino's report ciflc"1 euPFosed Guano Island in the W rP**" int?r0fit appeared to pervade all mind*, fore and aU, as the ship Beared the promised ' E! Dorado ' of the mercantile and agricultural mtere? is cf our country. Tho de lusion, however, was but transitory , a nearer i l? ?llr a3lon'3hed \ ision the Who e is.and. covered with a deep green mantle f luxuriant vegetati on, indicative certainly of the strength of the soil and heavy rains common in this locality, as also of the worth commence deP?8,te as an article of jDed'hv^ ?f gUanofi9' 1 believe, deter .. f^' Uat of ammonia which it ZtitJfU'f Z\?rlS *.en?rat?l hJ successive de pocites ot bird-liuie in raiulesj districts. That is'IrYL* tg?> drP',Sit 0f bir<i-I>Mo on the in a state of decomposition the ve ?eta lon an-, great number of birds hoverin/over it acundantly attest " * It is proper to add to the above statement that though the Independence remained elev en days in the vicinity of what he mistook for the guano island, Commodore Mcrvine failed o land a single man to obtain a specimen of its depoeito. ilia reason alleged for that prac tical total failure of the purpose of his v<yage thither, ia said to be the fact that surf was running during tho whole of the cloven days ho remained there, so high ?s to render dan gerous an attempt to land on tho bland Hhile the facts he states going to show tho existence of the guano on the island he sailed near, are important as verifying itj exig ence beyond question in that region, his infer ences tnat it is valueless for commercial pur poses., are no*, worth a pinch of snuff, it strikes ' After having failed to land on any i island, it never woull have done for him to \ have reported aught but pooh-poohs relative I to the objwt cf the abortive mission of h = hip It is clear thnt Lo mistook the island ! losaw for the one he waa went to hunt up; * which hb failed to find, as wo will explain tc- ' morrow, if wo can 5nd room so to do. The Pasenge of the Bill?It is very clesr : t > our mind that thoso who lately contended j n the Ucuse hall for the enactment of uncor- ' stitutional instructions to the Executives to I tho manner in which ha should discharge hi* ' duty as the commander-in-chief of the "army I of the \ cited States, ar i w ho in so doing also j s-ught to cast the power of the Government | against tl o co-equal rights (under tho consti- ! tution) of the slaveholding State:, only yield- S ed pj quiotly under the influence of a p ,nic ' among them, brought about by the general j indignation against their unpatriotic and trea- ? eonable course for a partiian end, which, the arrival of c?cl. succeeding mail of late satis fied them, is rising and sprealirg hourly in ; a'! sections r.f the Union. j Tt.cir course uPon tho unconstitutional pro- ' viso up to three days ?g., Wrt8 in strict keeping ? with their course upon everything throughout ! the session the question wherein the Kansas j question wa? directly or indirectly involved. 1 They had everything in the liouso kail up to Saturday last after their henrt's desire, being able at all times and under pI! circumstance, to command a working majority there That thoy should suddenly find it impossible tocarry out their purpose of pushing the principle of revolution to an extreme poict, tells only that they abandoned that p.Jicy, because they at length comprehended the fact that it is to cost them far more than they could possibly make by it r fbe fafe of the account" from .OdPiM U"iDg nd, t Hmof, organisations in that State, (each are authoriL^b ^ e,?ct'>rli, ticket?) offer a bet of JneMl fnend ff?m IndiaDa' Democrat. that the -dnls, of their to come off on the Uth ?.f , J,, eUction and also another bet of ooo V P'?X!ino : wil, east her electorall^r^^ ;^;" Breckinridge. Opponents of the Dcmc"^ party, inclined to take these two bets apply to the editor of the Star. This tender will remain open until Thursday next Th) Inn rior Department -The Secretary of the Interior having left Washington left evening on a visit to Michigan, to be absent gjmo six week?, the President has appointed George C. Whiting, Chief Clerk of that De partment, its Acting Secretary daring tho ab sence of its chief Chas. S. Frailey, Esq., of the Secretary's office, has also been appointed Chief Clerk of the Interior Department for the time being. The Session Ended?Already our Avenuea tell the tale of the departure of Congress and its accompaniment in the way of strangers in terested in its legislation froiu among us. Three fourth* of the Members at least, and nine tenths of their attendants mentioned above? have gone, and Pennsylvania avenue begins to wear its sombre air of the recess. Confirmed by tho Senato ?The Senate have confirmed Franklin H. Clack to be Uni ted State? attorney for the eastern district ef Louisiana, vice Tlios. S McCay. reaignod ; A T. Hann, of Missouri, to he United States mcrshal for tho Territory of Utah, vice .To?. L. Heywood, rcmsved , John M. Hockaday, to be United States attorney for Utah, vice Joseph Holinan, resigned. Appointed ?Franklin Minor of Arkansas, has been appointed to a first class ($1,200 per annuui) clerkship in the Pension bureau, vice J. M Minor resigned# The Current Operation* of t.feo Treisary Devirtment.?On Saturday, 30th of August, there were of Treasury warrant? entered on the books of the Department? For rodemptien of Texas debt.... For the redemption of stock?.... For the Treasury Department... For Customs War warraita received and en tered War repay warrantsreceived and entered* From Lands From miscellaneouasonrces From Customs.????????????????? On account of the Kavy rO!7QTlKS8I0KAL PROCK51>I??Oi In the Senate, on Saturday, after we went to prefs, at the conclusion of the spcoch of Mr Houston, the bill of Mr. Crittonden for the pacification of Kansas was laid on the table? yeas 2ft. nays 11?Messrs Bell of Tennessee, Crittenden and Thompson of Ken uoky, voting with the Republican minority. A message from the House, transmitting another Army appropriation bill was received Mr. Hunter moved that the Kansas proviso embraced therein be strickcn out; agreed to? yeas 2ft. nays 7. And aa thus amended the said bill was passed. Shortly afterwards a joint resolution to ter minate the called session at Si p m of that day, was received from the House; and it was concurred in. A vote of thanks to the Hon. J D. Bright for the dignity and impartiality with which ho had presided over tho Senate, was unanimously adopted. On motion of Mr. Brodhead the usual com mittee was appointed to notifv the President of the readiness of the two Houses to adjourn sine die. Subsequently Mr. Brodhead reported from that committee that the President had no fur ther communication to make to Congress ; And at half-pa?t three p m. the President pro Cm. declared the Senate adjourned mne die In tho House, the army appropriation bill as reported by Mr. Campbell of <">hlo, whs pa.-scd?yeas 99, nays 77. On motion of Mr. Benson, Senate joint resolution authorising tho acceptance <>f g ild medals by Surgeons Williamson and ripon from the Emperor of Franco , Lieutenant Maury from Prussia, Holland, and Bremen, and Professor Bachc from Sweden, was taken from the Speaker's table read three times and passed. Senate resolution authorizing Alexander D. Bacho to accept the medal presented to him from the King of Sweden was also taken from the Speaker's table, read three times and passed?yeas 150, nays HO A message from the Senate wa? received, re turning tho army appr ">priation bill, amended by striking out tho Kansas proviso; which amendment was concurred in?yeas 101, nays 97, us follows: Yeas?Messrs. Aiken. Akers, Barksdale, Bel"> Bennett of .Miss . Bccock, Bowie, Boye.e, Branch' Burnett, Cadwalader. Campbell of Ky , Carllle Caskie, Cllny an, Cobb of Ga , Cobb of Ala ? Cox. Crat.e, Crawford, Culien, Davidson. Davis of Md . Denver. Dowdeil, Edmundson, Elliot', Etherldge, Eustls, Evans, Faulkner. Florence, Fuller of Me., Goode, Grecnw>od, Hall of Iowa, Harris of Maryland. Harris of Alabama, fl.vr's of Illinois, Harrison, Haven. Hickman, Hotf inan, Houston. Jewett, J nes of Tennessee. Jor.^s of Pennsylvania, K?ltt, Kelly; Kennett, Kid well, l.:;ke, Letcher, Lumpkin, A K Marshall of KentusVy. H Marshall r.f Kentucky, Marshall of 111., Maxwell, McMullln, McQue?n, Miller r.f If-d , Million, Oliver of .Mo., (>rr, I'n-ker, Peck, Phelps. Porttr, Powell, Puryear, Quitman. Ri rand, Rivers, Ruffin, Must. Sandldge, Savge. Seward, Shorter, 8m th of Tenn , Smith of Va , Smith of Alabama. Sneed, Stephens, Stewa't, Swope, Talbott, Taylor, Tyson, Underwood, Vall. Walker, Warner, Wells, Wbee'er, Whit ney. Williams, Window, Wright of Mlsainasppl, Wright of Tenn , and ZolllcrflVr?101 Nays?Messrs. Albright Allinon, Barbour, Bar clay. Bennett of N. Y . Benson, Billinghurst, Bingham, B!l*s, Bradshaw, Hrenton, Bu thiijjton, Campbell <t Pa , Campbell of Ohio, Chart''e, Clarke of Connecticut, Clawscn, Colfax. Comln*, Covode, Cragiu, Cumback, Damrell, Davis of Mass , Dean, D? Witt. Dick, Dickson, liodd, Dunn, Durfee, Fdle, Edwards, Emrle, Flagler, Galloway, Giddings. Gilbert, Granger. Grow, Harlan, Holloway, Ho:ton of N V , Howa-d, Hughston. KeNey, King, Knapp, Knight. Knowl ton. Knox. Kunkel, Leiter, Mace, Matteson, Mc Carty, Morgan, Morrill, Mott, Murray, Norton, Oliver of N % , Parker, l^-lton, Pennington. Pettlt, Pike, Prlngle, Purvlauce, Ritchie, Rob bins, Koberts, Robison, Sabin,Sage, Sapp, Scott, Sberrran, Simmons, Spinner, Stanton, f'trina han, Tapnau, Tho-ington, Thurston, Tcdd, Traf toi, Wade, Wakeman, Wa bridge. Waidron, Wa*>hburne of Wis , Washburne of 111 . Wash burn of Me , Wood, Woodruff, and Woodworth -97. < On motion of Mr. Cullen, the Senate bill for fixing the timo for holding tho election in Del aware for a member of Congress was passed Mr. Whitney asked leave to introduce a bill for the repeal of the (so called) black laws of Kansas. But Mr Washburne, of 111 , and many other Republican members objected ; *o leave was not granted. Mr. Pennington reported from the Foreign Affairs Committer a Senate joint resolution authorizing Dr Kane und the officers nsro ci-ited with him to accept such token of ac knowledgment from the British Govcrnmont as it may please to present ; which was duly passed. Mr Phelps asked leave to move to take up the Senate bill making an appropriation to carry into effect the recent treaty between this Government and tho Creek and Seminole In dians But objections were made from the Republican side of the chamber Mr. Grow movod the following resolution : Resolved, That the President be, and he is hereby, respectfully requested to direct the district attorney of the United States for the Territory of Kansas to apply to the proper court in and for said Territory for leave to enter a nolle prosequi on all indictments now pending for treason, or for any other politica offer,cid alleged or pretended to have been committed in said Territory. Mr. McMullin moved to lay it on the table. A message announcing that tho President had signed the army appropriation bill was received. A message was received from the Senate notifying the House that that body had agreed to the resolution of the House fixing half-past three o'clock as the hour for final adjourn ment Mr Cobb, of Ga , moved that the House adjourn, and demanded the yeas and nays ; which were ordered. The Clerk was prcoeeding with the call of the roll, when, the hour of half-past three o olock having arrived, the Speaker stopped the oall and said : In obedience to a resolu tion of the two Houses fixing this hour for the termination of this session, the House stands Mj"*rned without day. 40 3,100 77 .1ft 003 ;? 18,857 08 17,999 72 105 72 7,fi24 08 29.176 00 81 lfi7 00 48 879 90 PKB80WAL. .... Gen. Cazaneau. of Texas, is in town. . ...D A. Smalley, of Vt., and Msj Chase, U. 8. A., are at Willards'. ..?.Colonel Young, editor ef the Central American, Nicaragua, has arrired in this citj. .... A private letter from London aaya that Grin and Mario have re?olve<l to again visit America, and that thej may be expected daring the next winter. .... The rumor, published some days ago, in reference to the Hon. Linn Boyd, of Ken tucky. having shot George Blakey, of that State, turns out to be false. .... Professor Dewey, at the Albany Scien tific Convention, defined a " fogy" as one that fuix got out of the fog, and an old fogy as one that has been a to/it* while out of the fog. ....Potiphnr Curtis, one of the rose-pink and lavender literati, who belongs to the tribe of "Jessie," is going to reply to Rnfns Choate's letter on the Presidency' Can't some one keep the news from Mr. Choate ' .... There is a young daughter of a titled English aristocrat living in Albany, N. Y. She was brought up in luxury, fell in love with and married her father's groom, and was obliged to fly from her country to avoid her

father's vengeance She passed through many trials, which rend the heart, in her career from wealth to poverty. She is now a Mam stress .... There is a smile going round Europe at the simplicity of the ladies of England, France nnd America, in their worship of Paris fash ions. Because a beautiful young Empress found it convenient, before giving an heir to the throne, to revive the fashion of full petti coats?coming as near the hoop disguise as possible?what must old dowagers and young maidens do but copy tho dress without the excuse. .... The only reference we find to the mis sion of Mr. Lowe to this country, in the la?t English papers, is the following quizihal one in the London Press : " Mr Lowe has started for a tour in the United States. The Right honorable Gentle man has been recommended by the physician to study the practical application adopted by Americans at their tahle d'hote of Proudhon's thoory, ' Li propriete r' le vot* .... We see it stated that Paul Julien, the wonderful violinist, is about to leave tho Uni ted States for Europe, in consequence of a royal invitation from the court of France The invitation came in the form of a Cross of the Legion of Honor, accompanied by an auto graph letter from the Emfross, who remembered the exquisite pleasure this youth ful son of genius had nff>rdcd her at Madrid some years ago. Paul Julien U s?aroel.y six teen, and is, perhaps, the youngest chevalier d honneur living. Aid tor the Scfprkks.?The president of the Howard Association at Norfolk, Va , has tendered to the mayor of New York any assist ance in the way of nurses or otherwise that may be required by those ?ick of yellow fever. Solomon Cherry, Esq., secretary of the Nor folk Howard Association, Dr. S. D. Campbell, and a number of nurses, left Norfolk on Sat urday night on the steamer Roanoke for New York, to tender their services tc tho author iticri. Frank Leslie's Gaiette of Fashions, for September, is before us, coming fully up, as usual, to its title. It is for sale by J. Bhil lington. U .ATTENTION, MONTGOMERY A A GUARDS?You are hereby notified to at fj] yiTtend a mon'hly ineetlne of the Company on 111 Hi WEDNESDAY EVENING,the 3d instant Punctual attendance in called for as business of lmpoitjuce will be transacted. Hv order of Catt. Kky : le 1-3: THO9 McKNHRY, Sec. ?? ^^RALLY DEMOCRATS?THERE ?OS will be a mating of the Young Jack son Democratic Association, at the Democra'lc Headquarters, 1'enn av^nn?,between!' hand 10th b reels,on TUESDAY EVENING,Ser?tentb-r2<l. at 8 o'clock. The friends of the Constitution and the Union are cordially Invited to attend B A JAMISON, President B R. RIORDAN, Sec. se l-2t* JHE PERSON WHO FOUND THE _ Pocket Book which contained a small sum of money and *ome papers, which was lost on the *3d o' August, will pledse return the PA PKRS through the Post Offl-e, and retain the money; otherwise the p*rty may npect to hear from the owner through ano her source ?e l-lt? J. D. RVNABD. jK35>THE JACKSON DEMOCRATIC Association will meet at headquarters on MONDAY EVENING, the 1st of September, at 3* D. RATC1.IPFK, _?uJ0-'2t* President. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY, [ATTENTION.?1 he regular monthly I meeting of the company will take place on .MONDAY EVENING, September 1st, at ?i o'clock. The members are particularly requested to at'end this, the *2 th anniversary au 3>-'2t B F BEERS, Sect. (^-JvjTHE REGULAR Q U A R T E R L Y siK meeting of St Andrew's Soc'ety, D. C , will be held at 'lemperance Hall, on MONDAY KVKNING, at S o'clock. The gentlemen tl at ivare elected members at the meeting In June last ire requested to be present. GILBERT CAMERON, au 5e0 31* Pre>ident. .FRANKUNj BUILDING ASSOCIA TION .?A special meeting of the s'ock lolders of this association will be held at Tem xrtnee Hall on MONDAY EVENING, Septem ber 1st, at ft o'clock, to consider such amendments 0 the constitution as may then !?e proposed. A ull attendance Is desired. au 28 3t Th,S,M T. M. HANSON, Sec. ^NOTICE?THE 8U BSCK 1 BER begs leave to call the attention of the public obis stock of GLASS and QUEENSWARE >*-{<~te purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they vlll save from l& to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at K>9 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. Je 9-6m JOHN McDEVITT. | OST.-ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON. 1 A Ai^gust 3lst, between tee toll gate and the old ace course, on the river road In Alexandria coun y, Va , a Colt's Rev o?er. A liberal reward will >e give i If left at this office. se l-3t? A M< PERSONS ARE CAUTIONED NOT ? *. to harbor my wife Sarah Scrivener, as I will nforce the law against all persons harboring her, or to trust ber on mv account, she having left ny bed and board without a Just cause, as 1 will >ay ro debts of her contracting from this date. se t-3t* EDWARD SCRIVENER. JpRUN* LOST. ? A SMALL BLACK * TRUNK bearing the initials 5. G. C , was chocked at Weldon J C , and the duplicate ciwik I ven lo the wrong person The ubscrlber holds instead, a trunk of much larger ro portions wish the Inters W F P., on each . d If any peison In this city fcaa the former he an iccover the latter by leaving the 'orme at the ? atlonal Hotel, or where a note addressed to him . F. C , Box 31 at the same house wl 1 meet rompt attention. J1* JT. F. C. PRIVATE TUITION. Civil and Militaty Engineering, >r.>. <93 Tent\ttteef north?Estahlttked in 1P32 I PROFESSOR OF MATHEMAT '? lc?, will resume his classes on Monday eve ing, September 1st, 1W0, In ?b-blgher branchea ^ i...e.matLC8' Conatrurtlon, Draughting, Civil nd Military knglneerlng, Navigation, Longitude y chronometer time, Mechanics, the u?e of all <cale* and Mathematical 1 nutriments TI1XS ?tr course for Mathematics f->6 look-keeping, double entry 16 VriUng I.e^sons Payable Invariably In advance. se |-3t 'M *mk]A QUE SAl VI INSTRUCTION IN DRAWING AND PAINTING R W MACLEOD ANNOUNCES THAT his clause' In Drawing and Painting for the omlne year are row forming at his Academy ti'J 13:h street, corner of E, and that he 1b read] 0 at end schools in this city and Georgetown At his Academy will be found every facility for lie s udy or the art of design. Not eosflned to opylrg prints merely, pupils will be taught to [rnw from real objects, and from nature, while very effort will be made to ln?tll Into them the irinclples of correct and discriminating taste not nly la Painting, but in the sister arts of Sculp ure atd Ar hltectnre Classes at tVe Academy will attesd on VEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS. An EVENING CLASS for TUESDAYS and ?RIDAY8 Is now forming for the convenlenoe 1 th^s* who cannot attend through the d*y. For terms, apply at th-i Aeademv, or seethe ard tj be found at the piinclpal bookstores Ml 9B1JM* & ALEXAlTDRI^^NgOAI) Groat Southern Mail Lin? ! ?9-T W ICE DAILY (SUNDAY NIGHTS EXCEPTED) Between Washington City and the South ?I A: ALEXANDRIA, #ORDONSVILLE. RICH MO NT, DAN VILLE GREENSBOROUGH,N. C. ASP DAILT TO TB * VIRGINIA SPRINGS Leave Washington at * o'clock, A M. Leave Washington at ?..7 " P.M. Leave Alexandria at.. 7 " A M Leave Alexa^dMa at .....8 " P M. Travellers will ?nd the Morning Line In con nection with tie Virginia Central Rellread,tb* Cheapest, m~st Pleasant and Expeditious Ruoteto *HE VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Greenbrier White fulphur aadiFauquler White Sulphur, Warm, Hot, Alum and Capon Springs, Weir's Cave, Natural Bridge, Lexington, Ac OMNIBUSES and BAGGAOh WA??ONf ?rill be at the Washington Railroad Depot to con vey PAS3KNGKRS &&d BAGGAGE, ??? ?/ CAargt, to STEAMER GKORGE - PAGE.for ALEXANDRIA,a dt?-?fi3jpfei? a nee of six miles,allowing ample time for M<*?is Fare from Washington to Richmond 95 3' Fare '* " Danville 1? CO Fare '* *? Greensborough. ..It 00 Tickets procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfort are secured by tbl? Route,as ltlsa Linsor fibst class bailboab ?eow ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE THROUGH PASS&NGKK8 and UAb?A61 aairled without ccst to the Dcaotof tk? P.-tersourj Railroad. JAMES A EVANS, a? 1 A?rent, Alexandria. Va UNITED STATES S1A1L. DELAWARE AND MARYLAND Post OrricB Ditartmiixt, { Aupust 30. 185? \ Proposals for carrying the United States malls from November 1st, to the30^h of June, W1. on the following ronte, in the manner herein |peMfl*d. will be received at the Contract oflee of toe PostOffl-? Depart ment, In the city of W&shlngton, until 19, m , of the ltt of October, IrsSd, to be derided on the next day: No. 3819 From the Smyrna Station on the Dela ware railroad, by Kenton, Templevllle, and Greensboro', to Illllsboro', about 35 miles and back, dally except Sunday, In two horn? coaches. Bidders will propose a schedule which will connect with the tn.lns on the railroad both ways; also with the mall on route No. 5*17, at HI lsboro-. NO I E. Proposals must be guarantied by two responsi ble persons, certified to as such by the postmaster at Smyrna, Dover, Greensboro', HllUbo.o', or Denton, aud contracts, with approved sureties, must be execu'ed by the successful bidder by or before the 1st of November. 18 Bids should be addressed 'o the "Second Assistant Postmaster General," su perscrlbed "Proposals for No. 3819." For f rm of bid, onsrantee and certificate, also for Instructions, requirement*, Ac , see pamphlM advertisement for mall service In Delaware, Mary land, !'? nnsylvanla. and New Jersey, dated Janu ary the lmh, 18;?, which will be found with the postmasters above named, w, o will alse furnish Dlaux proposals to those wishing to bi4. JAMES CAMPBkLL, *e l-.MIw Postmaster General. NEW STOVE H0U8I. V- A**' : '-J J.-V--J\k - - : ~ * - -O Morring ?tar and Sunrise Cook-Stoves. C. WOODWARD A SON Have oi ened a new stove, grate AND UOUSE-FURNISHING ESTAB LISHMENT, next door to C. Woodward's old stand, No 318 Pa. ivenu?, between Kl'.h and llth street*, where they will keep conatartly on har.d all the latost a/id most approved ratt<,ro|' of STOVES and GRATES best suited to thli> mar ket Also, a large assortment of HOUSE-Fl'R NISUING ARTICLES. Their leading Cook ing Stoves for this Fall are the Mobsiso Stab, atd?vxa:sB They are so arranged as to burn wood and coal. The Star has an excellent oven, ventilated through tLe pipe, a Summer Arrange ment attached, and a ca-t Iron Roaster, wkKh makes th? stove so complete that there can be nothing more desired In a flr?t class cook sto*e .None of these Siove* are genuine except the above named advantages are attached, and Morning Star cast on the front of the s tove, and five stars cast la the rear of the ham bolltr They have, also, the SvaaiSB, (flat top,) never before offered in this market. They burn wood and coil. None genuine except the oottom plate in th? bake o*en Is fluted; which Insures good bakmg in the bottom of theoven, which 1? *entl lated through the pipe, ard has a so attached a rummer Arrangement in the front of the stove Flu ed bike ovens ai d summer arrangement* are the Stove. They have a so & very large assortment of the la'est and most approved patterns of Grates, Par lor, Chamber, D nlng-Room, Office and Store Moves of all sites, for wood ar.dcoal. that the North can furnish. Lest suited to this market. You will do well to call and examine their as sortment of goods. They will take great p.eesure 1q showing their as-ortment We are snre that our Goods are very low, as we buy for cash. U7" Tbbms cash. se 1 NOT1CK. The lady'9 and gentlemen's Dressing Cas??, Music, Backgammon, and Work Stands, will positively be r?.flled for on FRIDAY evening, Septeml?er 5th. T. GALL1GAN A CO , au 370 Penn avenue HOHSfcS AR.I11VKO: A FINE DROVE OF TWENTY HORSES, among them very supeilor harness and saddle horses, for sale low at the Me- /gy? tropolitan Stables, Beall street, between Higu and Conzress. Georgetown. D.C au 3U-3t? WM. C. HAZLE. FANCY AND STAPLE DKY GOODS i have Just opened a well-selected assortment of the above go&dn at No 31 tw?ei 7th and 8 h streets, (t'ire? doors from 8th ) 1 witl endeaver to give my uadlvided attention to al who will favcr me with their calls. J C. GIBSON. N. B. Quick sales and small profits will be my motto (au 30-'2w) J.C.G. Back.hammon boards, dominoes, and Playing Cards, at au 30-j*t LAMMOND'S. 'FAKEM UP K STRAY HOR"E, GRAY, a. long mane aad tall, and thin in flssh. ?TV?^ Had on his back a quilted green seat sad - Acyy ile Came to the Penitentiary Grounds The owner is required to prove property, and tske him iway. Apply at WEEDLN'S Stables, corner of 1st street and Md. avenue. au 30 3^* MRS. FRANKLIN. TEACHER OF VOCAL MUSIC, GRATEFUL TO THE LADIES OF WASH lngton and its vicinity for their form r jji tronage, resp?ctrully informs them that she wl I resume her vocation on Monday, the 8th of Sep tember , Mrs. Fhaving vacant hcurs for a few more ?eho!ars. requests the adles who are desirous of ->clng perfected in Bnllad Singing, or the more, slatorate style of the Opera, to favor hei with an >ar>y application Terms m de known at heT residence on E at , No 4< 5, be:ween ?th and 10ih streets, or at the Music Stores of Mr. R Davis and Mr G. Hilbus au 3'l-*w PUBLIC NOT1CB. OMNIBUS FOR THE CARS! ON AND AFTER MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st, an OMNIBUS will leave the Union Line omnlbns stand, In' Georgetown, at Solclock a. m and War Derartment at S]g ; arrive at the dep.4 In Lime for ths 6 o'clock train of can. Also, leave Geoigetown stand for each and eve ry train, one bonr before the starting of the cars, ind be lnatteada tee upon the anlv&l of every in train. l-are'o and from the early train S3 cents; all >thers to or from, cents; Baggage extra, the :harge according to weight and buik. By the present arrangement of the cars the coach *111 leave Georgetown at 5, 2, and 3j( o' 1 k Fare to the cars In anv of the regulsr Union Line Scents [au31] G V ANPfcRWERKt N PLATIRU AND V1SIT1NS CARDS mMm I low at KLLlS'S, au 3(16 Pa avon^e. ULUTlIhe bargains f ETTEit, CAI', NOTE AND DLU L* Paper cud Envelopes selling at great it 306 Pa avenue. JflflN P. ELLIS. Amusements. If A TIONJ L THE A TH R an* Manigrrm SUNKEL ft. CO THIS (MONDAY) ETKNING, Pe?cood ? ppearance of MRS. LIZZIE WESTON DAVENPORT u4 MR. A. M. DAVENPORT, Ard first appearance ?lae? return from Karon* & nit joieph jirrER^oiv, f In Dloa Bourck suit's flne comedy of LONDON ASSURANCE A H.Davrnpor Meddle,... Jm J?f>r?on l-ady Gay fwnkrr Llulf Weston Diwgpnn To erne!ude with the favorite farce of THE ETON BOY. ?'i|H I'opham A 11 Fanny Li trie W. Davenpr Prices ?/ Ad"wttim*:?Koim and Tirqarttf,* rent? : Re*?r?ed aaa's. 50 rent* , Family Circie and Gal erl"?, 15 cent* wl CRESCENT CITY CIRCUS! H'M. C. Praprlatar. Jfewly Ovarii ed acd Eonipped for th? So&son of 1856 TH 18 EQUESTRIAN TROUPE IS DISTINGUISHED FROM ALL OTHERS ? T TBI NottUy and Varittif of tt* Entertainment*, Tk* Talent ?/ its Member*, And the Bril/tnnrp of it* Appointments The following well-known Equestrian Aitfcats are aiDftng the galaxy of (Mara M'lie FRANK VIC, Mad J.SHOWLES, .Mr. W. ODKI.l,, Mr J SHOWLES, Jblr. J, Mr J. CLARK, Mr. VV. M ADR FA, Master MAl^RKA * Wlifc a be?st t< other ta'entcd Performer*, inclu dlat JM1MY hti NOLDI, Tbe pupil andorl* s.c<*s*ful rival of DAN RICF, AS CLOWN ? ThlsCorr.p*u?y will exhibit In WASHINGTON on MONDAY and TUESDAY, September 1st and 'id At GEORGETOWN on W EDN BP DA Y, Sep tember 3d AdoilMlcn to Itoxe* S(i events , children half price. I'lt ii centa; no ha f price an *26 lw Wants. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTA hie woman a? cbamberrmid or cook. In a pr'. vate family Address Hoi No 14. Star ? >81 *? WANTED?FOR TWO GENTLEMEN A parlor acd bedroom furnished, with break. fa?t. Address Box 1M Post (iftc It* Situations wanted?by three respertab'e girls. One to cook, wa*b ard Iron ai d tt e ethers to do housework. Inquire at No 872 G street, nmr the branch. se l-3t? WANTED?TWENTY-FIVE TAILOR* and Tall~resses. None red appywitborct goodrec mmendatlons. WALL A STEPHEN*, h2 Penn avenue, tetween Oth and Oth streets, and 304. 3 d^rs below the National Hotel. se 1-tf WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG woman as chambermaid and seamstress, or to take care of chlldran. Address Box 10 a'. this office se 1 A SITUATION W ANTED BY A YOUNG man poesesslng a capacity for almost any kind of employment, though rot particular as regards the Vlnd he nray engage In Anyone wishing further Information Inquire at this office se l-?t? 1ITANTED?A WHITE WOMAN TO DO v v the geueral housework of a family of thre* persona. Also, ? sm?ll girl to take rare of a child M'?stl>oth come well r?*ommended Apply Im mediately at No 36? 8th street, east side, first residence ncrth of K. se l-3t? Iir AN TED?AT COLUMBIAN COLLEGF. ' ? a good coot Alar, a man to assist In at tending on atudents Apply at once au L-O-tf WAN TED-TWO PER V ANT GIRI.S One for cooking, washing and ironing, the o her for ntirre and chamber work, with written recommendations. App^y at No. 37 street. aoflt-3t Books wanted ?a copv of princi pies and Acts of the Revolution, by Mies , also a Set of Nlles Register,from 1PI1 tolfcin. or a complete set would be purchased at a very low rrlee. Address, stating price, K K LUNDY. No 12H Bridge street, Georgetown, or No 4?? Louisiana avenue, Washington city. au 2* WANTED?A GOOD TWO-STORY Brick House, neatly furnishel. at a moderate rent. Apply at the Star Office and state terms, Ac. an? tf WANTED IMMEDIATELY ?AN EXPE rlenced and competent N urse, to take charge of children and volst In sewlnr. Al?o, a good Cook, washer and lroner. No. MS H street. n?*x 19th. au &-tf WAN TKD ?WANTED?WANTED?TO f nd persona In want of the following a; tides: French or Germ&n looking ?lae? Portrait or Picture Frame>. round, oval or aquar# Oil Pa'titlnzs, Urge srer-ii Marble-top Brackett Tables, in bronze or gold All kinds of Pictures frrtred, and nv Bin Looking 6Iasses, cr other work la the gilding line done to order with disnetch. Also, a let of cast-Iron Brtcketts. suitable for shelving, Ac . on hand. Terms c.oderate to aclt the t! for car a. N.3.?Old Work Regi t.and Locklcg Glass Plates irserted. <i65 Pc^na. avenue, opposite Klrkwood Houw. dec IS JOHN WAGNER. - ? ?_ ?. _ . m. Boarding. A GENTLEMAN IN OFFICE, AND FAMI ly, or several slDgle {erson*. can bs accomim - dated wi h handsome furnlatied toobi? with board If desired, in a qtret boute. on the most rea-ora ble terma Appiy tt No ll?th street, between D and E ? se 1 3t* Board, Ac?mrs. bates, on thes w corner cf Pennsylvania avenue and Oib street Is prepared toacccmmod te gentlemen with rooms with or without board Everv effort will ?*? made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained apO-tf Mrs banner man, corner of ?th and E streets, has several good Rooms va cant. which she offers with board on reasonable terms. She can accommodate sevml table board ers. J j 10-tf hUTRA PLATED WARE, ENKLl*H J and American Table Gutlery, Albata Fork*, Spoons, Ac. In addition to our large "lock of Watch*t, Jewelry, and Silver Ware, we open this dav a beautrfui assortment of > lated Tea J*ets, Cake Basket*. Castors, Ivorv-bsnd'e Knives, Alh^ta Forks, Spoons. Ac , which will te found of the best qua'lty and at the lowest rate* M. W GALT A BStO., au 30 3t Pa. ave . bet 9ih and HUh streets. OLD ESTABLISHED Washington Stove Depot! Scmtkrajt ttruer Penwn av-nw and 11(4 strtrt IN STORE AND RECEIVING WEEKLY, A large stock of tbe universally r.dmt-rd and unsurpassed Cooking Stove, TO THF. INVINCIBLE: S||X TUBULAR OVEN, ?vliich, for economy in consumption of feel, aim pit- i:y of constni t'.on, easily managed, easily re paired at a trifling co?t, Baking, Roasting, Broil ing, Ac , denies competition ftOO References can be given who will teatlfy to the above qualities of this, THE COOL STOVE ' All I ask ta an examination to satisfy 'he great eat economist. JA9. SKlRVlNG. ?87 Pa avenue The following la one of the many rerommenda tiona sent to me by a very popular gentleman of ihia city, tbe original of which may be seen br any one calling at my store: WaaBmoTOB, July id, 19f* Mr. Jas. Sx evirc : Dear Sir?Th? 4* lnvlncib e" Stove pureha?fd at your esUblishment last fall has been In constant use In my family since that time lis ad vantage aeem to me to be very dee'ded Fir?t, JU ex treme simplicity of construction and management render repalra almost una*cesi>ary Sec ndly, tbe facility with which it may be changed from a word to a coal burner And lastly, the p1 rf ct manner in which it performs l a du'les Tk- peculiar arrangements of Its fine*, keeping aneeen temperatare around the loaf, Ac., readet It, by ftr. the best breed-baker In the market. I have, therefore, every res* n to eipre-* my ? itlsfaetlon with It Very respectfully yours, au 90-lm