Newspaper of Evening Star, September 3, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 3, 1856 Page 3
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eve ning star. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Th* Boako or Co*mo? Council met on Monday at the usual hour Messrs. Baldwin, Lloyd. McCutcben, and Onne were absent Mr Watterston introduced a bill amenda tory of an act making an appropriation for ?trailing C street south ; passed. Mr nnight presented the petition of James E. Morgan and others, asking that a foot pavement be laid on the south side of Mary land avenue, between Eleventh and Twelfth *treet*we*t; referred. Mr. Walker reported a bill for the erection of a market-house on Louisiana avenuo; * Mr. T<<wles reported a bill for the relief of /Thomas Welsh and a bill for the relief of Win. *?fcLano ; passed. Mr. Bayne, from the committee to which the Jtayor's communication in relation to the sub t j?ot had been referred, reported a bill making appropriation* for cleaning the canal; passed. Mr. Clarke introduced a bill to provide for paving a gutter across Second street west, on the south side of Massachusetts avenue; re ferred. Mr. Abert introduced a bill to provide for the grading and gravelling of L street nortb, fr^ra Twenty-fourth street west to Pennsylva nia avenue ; referred Mr. Fisher introduced a bill making an ap propriation for laying a gutter across G street north, on the east fide of Fourteenth street west; referred. The President laid before the Board a com munication from tho Mayor, returning with out nis approval the bill for the relief of Robt. Downing und the bill for the relief of Hen rietta Shryock. stating that tho "claims were perfectly just, but can only be paid out of the Ward funds into which the taxes were paid," and not out of the "general fund, ' a# pro vided for in tho bills. Tho communication ani accompanying bills wero referred to the ci/inmutoe of claims. The President laid before tho Board a com munication from the Mayor in relation to the necessity of making an appropriation for the payment of contractors for the removal of gar bage and offal, and also of making an appro priation for cleaning gutters and alleys and for casual repairs, bills for these objects hav ing been packed by this Board and now await ing the action of the Aldermen. The com monication was referred to the joint commit tee on the health of the city. The bill from the Aldermen authorizing a special tax fund and a transfer from the sur plus fund was referred. Also, bill for the re pairs for the Northern Market; bill for the relief of John Hammond ; bill for the repair of L street south, in the Sixth Ward, and for other purposes; and bill to supply a deficiency in the appropriation for building a bridge over N street south The joint resolution from the same board ap pointing a committee to confer with a commit tee of the Georgetown Councils was passed, and Messrs Towles, Abert, Bayne, and Wat terson were appointed the committee on the part of this Board. The bill authorizing the Mayor to adopt the iron pump in lieu of the wooden one now in u;c. which had been laid over for further con sideration until this day, was passed. The President laid beforo the Board a com munication from the Mayor in relation to the construction of a sea-wall on the west side of W ater street, from the north side of N street south, to the north side cf 0 street south; re ferred. At a subsequent stage of tho proceed ings, a bill providing for the construction of a sea-wall at the place abeve was reported, and passed Ths bill relative to the officers of the city, the consideration of which had been deferred until this day, was farther laid over until Monday next. aThe joint resolution requesting the Mayor to authorize the Commissioners of tho Wash ington Asylum to pay the claim of Joseph W. Davis, which had been laid over for the fur ther consideration, was taken up; and with a : ubstituto therefor, making au appropriation for arrearages to the iiOth of June, lbdfi, for the support of the poor, aged, and insane, was referred. The Board then took up for consideration the bill from the Aldermen to provide for the registration of all persons in the city of Wash ington subject to the school tax and for other Purposes *, and the pending amendment of Mr. l->yd was agreed to. Mr. Jefferson moved to amend the seventh line of the bill by adding after tho word "be" the words " a citizen of the United States " Mr. Walker moved to amend the amend ment by striking out the words " a citizen of the United States of that age," and inserting the word "such" ; agreed to by yeas and nays as follows: Yeas?Messrs Abert, Bohlayer, Clarke, Ed na nston. i'isbcr, Gordon, Jefferson, Towles, Turton, Walker, and the President?11. Nays?Messrs Bayne, Hutchinson, Ken Ledy, Knight, Lee, and Watterston?6. Mr. Jefferson moved further to amend the bill by striking out the words " prior to the 31st day of December next preceding the day of the election," and inserting the words " on or prior to the first Monday io June next." l'ending the consideration of which, the fur ther consideration of the bill was postponed until Monday next Mr. Turton introduced a bill authorising the improvement of Twenty-fifth street west ; referred Also, a bill for the grading and graveling of L s'reet north, from 1 wenty-fourth street west to Pennsylvania avenuo; passed. The bill fr"m the Aldermen making an ap propriation for the erection of a shed for the protection of the Franklin fire apparatus was passed. The amendment of the Aldermen to the bill making aa appropriation to pay a deficiency for building a house for the American Hook and Ladder Company and the amendment of the same Board to the bill for the relief of J. B Williamson were concurred in. The bill from the same Board authorizing the grading and graveling of First street east, between B and C streets nortb, was passed. Mr. Abert introduced a bill authorizing the filling dp and graveling of the yard and side v walk attached to the public school near the x Observatory; passed. The Beard teen adjourned. I -a . _ r* .r A* Elderlv Ge.vti.kman 15 Trouble?A - ?t-antry gentleman, some 70 years of ago, ar rived in this city on Monday last, and at night took a stroll to see the town. He accidentally fot in company with some finely dressed, agree able young ladies on the street, who cheerfully accepted his invitation to see them safe home, and whea arrived there, be as cheerfully ac cented their invitation to walk in. On this elderly gentleman's return to his lodgings he ascertained that his money was missing The services of Officer Norwood were brought into requisition, who afterconsiderable search found the house where this elderiy gentleman had viaited. and the proprietress, though denying the robbery, offered to disgorge the money rather than the reputation of her house should be injured by any further prosecution of the affair. The elderly gentleman being of a modest unobtrusive turn seemed willing, and even anxious, not to be called into court as a witness lie accordingly accepted the offer and the case was dismissed. Doing Incindiart Attempts ? OnSatur day night last, an attempt was made to fire the he use of Capt Maddox at Glenallen, near Georgetown, by a person who was lircovered entering the bouse over the roof ot the shed, i>ut who made hisescape precipitately on being , ietected. It would appear that this person must hate been familiar with the premises, as the watch-dogs made no outcry as they would h-ve d< ne had he been a stranger. On Sun night the attempt was renewed, and more eucat -fully. The cellar was entered, and Aritfe tar and light wood a fire was started, whieu consumed the stairway and a portion of th# hou?c, and filled the building with a suffo cating smoke w hich, however, served toawaken the sleeping family and to enable them to ^make their escape By the most strenuous exertions of Capt. Maddox and his neighbors the flames were finally extinguished, a ta?k of no small difficulty, considering that it was constructed of inllamable yellow pine. SxrrRirr for Coirt.?Young Uolbrook, one of the party charged with riot at Ger bardt's saloon on the 15tb ult , gave bail be fore Justice llollingshead yesterday for his ap at the December term of thecriminal court. Th* United States.?Dr Spencer's " Uni ted States"1 is destined to take high rank among tho histories of our country. It is really on# of the best historical productions of the present age, and already enjoys the reputation of a standard work. Mr. Ban croft, our great historian, it is true, is more Shilosophical and elaborate than Dr. Spencer. esides this, the work of the former, compris ing some seven volumes, is at too high a cost for the generality of readers. Dr. Spencer supplies the desideratum by giving us a great national work, from the earliest period in tho history of the United States to the present time, complete in two volumes, quarto. The publishers, Martin. Johnson A Co., are issuing this history in semi-monthly parts, at 25 cents each, thus throwing it within the reach of all. Each number is illustrated with fine steel en gravings. * National Theatre ? By tho announcement in another column, it will be seen that the present excellent company performing at the National make their farewell bow to us to night. Their performances havo been so sat isfactory during their stay that we would gladly see much more of them, but as such a stay would, we presume, interfere with the programme of novelties to be carried out in regular course by the enterprising manage ment, we must e'en make the most of to-night's treat, and then bid adieu to the accomplished artistes. The bill offered to-night is Evadne and Paul Pry. The Called Meeting. ? The Mayor has callod a meeting of both board* of the city councils for this afternoon. The virulence of the party feeling of the majority in the board of Aldermen is so great, that they not only refuse to appropriate for the payment of the salaries, Ao., due the various officers of tho corporation, but to pass tho necessary appro Snations of money due contractors, workmen, c , for cleaning the streets. In fact, their factiousness has thus well nigh brought the machinery of the city government to a stand still ; and if continued much longer, must cause a suspension of all the corporation con tracts and other business operations. The Turners now in this city claim to bo the genuine convention of the association, au thorized by the convention at Buffalo in 1855. Since that convention soma members have been expelled, who, in order to oreate a dis sension, circulated a report among the dele gates that they were liable to be robbed and murdered should they assemble in this city. Some of the delegates, frightened by this ridiculous suggestion, have gone to Pittsburg to hold a meeting. The main body are, how ever, assembled here, and their convention will be fully organised to-day. The Highlanders' Trip.?The Highland ers had a delightful excursion, indoed, yester day, to the Great Falls of the Potomac. The attendance of interesting and agreeable las sies was large, as well as of tho male friends of the gallant company. It is said the flirta tions on board the canal boat, the scrambling over the picturesque rocks, and the poetic walks in the umbrageous evergreens, resulted in at least half a doxen matches, soon to come off. Reynolds, of the El Dorado, as caterer, acquitted himself to the entire satisfaction of those present, as he always does on such oc casions Malicious Mischief.?Yesterday afternoon two young men created a disturbance on the Avenue near Sixth street, which caused the assembling of a very great crowd. They had been ejected from a restaurant for some cause, and when on tho pavement, they commenced destroying the furniture belonging to Mr. J. Downs, auctioneer. One of them. J. Knight, was arrested and held to bail for court by Justice Dwnn. The citizens were obliged to send for a police officer and a member of the Auxiliary Guard to mako the arrest. Wm. II. Palmer ?It will bo perceivod by an advertisement that this accomplished pianist and instructor in musis having re turned from his late trip to the North, pro poses shortly to commence his fall professional campaign. We need say nothing of his capa city as a teacher of music, his success in this community having been, perhaps, unprece dented iu the history of musical instruction in this country. Sportsmen who for pleasure and gain havo been watching the tides in tho creeks and marshes along the Potomac, have bad an early season. Many who hunt ortolan for the res taurants, have left this city to try their skill in localities loss frequented. These are so many skilful amateurs in Washington that the regular punners find it difficult to make their wages on the Anacostia, Potomac, and the creeks in the neighborhood. Take Partners for the cotillon party of the Empire Club, this evening, at tho Armory, on Louisiana avenue, between Sixth and Soventh streets. A fine time may be expected, the Empire boys being noted for tho excellence of their arrangements for tho pleasure of their friends, ana for the good order kept at their parties. ?? Come, why will you suffer all the ills of bed bugs, cockroaches, moths, ants, and every other species of insects when Lyon's Magnetic Powder will surely rid your house of all such pestilence For sale at Shillinston's Book selling and Stationery Establishment, Odeon Building, comer Four-and-a-half street and Penn'a avenue. t. r. Assault awd Battert.?Jane Hunter and Mnrtha Jordan, assault and battery, security for a further hearing ; W. H. Biggs and J. H. Fisher, fighting?Biggs committed, Fisher se curity for court; Nathan Knight, drunk and disorderly, workhouso thirty days. They were tried before Justice Hollingshead. Recovered. ? The clothing advertised in the Star yesterday as having been stolen from tho restaurant of Messrs Lunsford and Jor dan, was recovered shortly after our paper was circulated yesterday; a sufficient proof of the advantage of advertising in the Star. A Good Variety of new and second hand School Books, for sale cheap, at the Northern Liberties Book Store. 327 Seventh street, a few doors above the Northern Liberties mar ket. N. B.?Old books bought or exchanged. Fire?Last night, about 8 o'clock, a small brick building on L street, west of New Jer sey avenue, was burnt. The fire companies were out promptly but could render little as sistance. The loss is but small. Finally Committed. ? Justice Hollings head. yesterday, committed Charles Campbell and Thos Humphreys to jail for trial at court for the larceny of a number of hogs. Fillmore and Donelson Great Song Book, only 10 eents, for sale at A. Adamfon's, Sev enth street, opposite to the Post Office. * Watch Returns.?During the last two nights there have been no oases for trial in the Central Guard-house. Lodgers now begin to occupy the cells, the cool weather obliging them to seek shelter from the night air. The lodgers are generally from other cities, and some of them have made the Washington workhouse their winter residence for yoars past. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. . Georgetown, September 3, 1856. Col. Jacob, of Bellville, Illinois, tho gentle man who has leased the Union hotel, has reachcd our oity, and is going to work in good earnest, making the necessary preparations for opening this old and formerly popular es tablishmcnt. From all we can learn of the character of the Colonel, he is the very man for such an establishment, and we havn't a doubt but under his management tho old Union will again become what it once was, one of the most popular publio houses and de sirable retreats for the weary traveler this District can afford. We know of nothing ex cept the Metropolitan railroad, which is more needed in our city at this time than a well regulated hotel It is rumored that an extensive coal com Eany, now located at Locust Point, Baltimore, as leased the Lonaconing Company's docks, where they intend soon to commence operations. Georgetown is the natural outlet for this ar t'cle of trade, (Cumberlandcoal,) and the fact that it can be transported from the mines to northern markets at considerable less expense by tnnahippiog it at IBs point, will ere long | satisfy other companies, now located elso where, that it will be greatly to their interest to establish themselves at Georgetown, where the facilities for carrying on such a business are unsurpassed anywhere in the Union Tho general hoalth of our oity continues ex cellent. Its elevated position, the unusually cleanly condition of oar streets, and the salu brious and healthy atmosphere which sur rounds us, rendors Georgetown peculiarly de sirable A3 a place of residence, especially during the summer and fall months. The fire which ocourred in tho dwelling of Capt. Maddox, as noticed in the Star of yes terday, damaged the premises to the amount of some $500. We understand that it was the work of an incendiary. Persons who were loitering about the place on tho day before arc suspeoted of being the authors of the vil lainous deed. The M. C. Meigs returned with her cargo of pleasure seekers (the Highlanders excursion) about twelvo o'clock last night. Our antici pations of yesterday in regard to the trip was fully met. Notwithstanding tho immense 1 crowd, every thing passed off in the most agreeable manner, not a cross word, or any accident occurred during the day to mar the peace of any. Capt. W.XI. Ritter is the very man to manage excursions. We learn that everything connected with tho Fairfax camp-meeting, now going on, is moving finely. Excellent order is maintained, and good feeling seems to pervade the whole camp, with a fine prospect of much good being accomplished Flour, this morning, is firm, with sales at $6.50aS6 621 for standard brands; stock and receipts light Wheat? SI 40a$1.43 for red, and $1 46a$l 50 for white. Corn?55o. for white, and 56aft0c. for yellow. S. IP-Great Cures by froleiur lie Grath's KLECTRIC OIL.?Joseph Free, West Philadelphia, of Bheii matlsm , Mr. Rodenbok, Montgomery couuty, Rheumatism an<l Sprain; Mr*. Ogden, No. 150 Fourthstreet, Inflammation of lioweis; Mr*. M iyUn'1, Providence, Shingles and Caked Breast, Mr. W. Speuce, Coat)'* street. Felon and Neurslgla ; Henry Campbell, Lower Marlon, Burn* and Scarlet Fever, and eighteen other*. MOKK Ci RES OF WEL1, KNOWN PERSONS.?Mr. C. Scranton, New Haven, wrote yesterday his brother was cured of deafne**of three year*, by one bottle; Mr*. Marsh, Christian *treet; Mr*. Vasquer, 112 Pine *tre?l; Mr*.Collins, ITS Chestnut street, emed of Rheumatltm and Nenra'gl*? ask thi-m I'el or, Sores. Swelling, StifT Joints, 1'alay, Piles, Barns, Bruises, Ctonp, Cut*, aud sure enrefor Rheumatism, to one to three day*. Bottle* 85, SO, |1. Paor. Cu**. DkGratb, 39 8. Eighth street. Largs bottle* ten ttme* cheapest. Bold by S S HANCK, 10* Baltimore *treet, Ualtimoi e, atd STOTT* Co. and J. SCHWAKTZ, Washington. eepJ-lw |?7"Sar?apartlln i? regarded as the beet alterative for all dlteases arising from an Impure state of the blood. Pa.vdkliox 1* a valuable touic and aperient, espc clal'y adapted to derangement* of the liver and digeativa or gans, dyspepsia, headache, and coiilveness, nr constlpatiou of the b we,- A concentrated llnld extract from the above I* prepared by Brown k Sou, Boatou. Sold by J.N. CALLANandZ. I). OILMAN, Washington; A^ent* for Baltimore, COLF.MAN A ROI>CERS sep 2-lw lC7*He?tetter'8 Bitters.?It Is not often that we recommend, throngh onr columns, any cf the thousand and occ curatives which are ?ald to jmssess snch traiiscen dently wonderfnl power In removing the ills that flesh Is heir to. But the Bitters prepared by nr. Hostetter, and adver tised in thi* paper, we know Ui be excellent, for we tried it In our family. It i* no new and untried article, but one that hax stood the test of a ten year*' trial before the American people, and It* repntation and sale Is nnrivaled by any simi lar preparation* extant. The testimony In Its favorglven by the most prominent and well known Physician* and ind1 vldnal* in all parts of the eonntry is Immense.?Exchange. Sold wholesale and retail bj J. N. CALLAN. eep 2-lw d^Chelera now is net confined to any particular locality, but spreads hi* dread wings over all countries and i>eopie. all he prepared by possessing a b ttle of the BALM UF ZANTHORKA made by H. S. Hum phrey, Ogdenahnrgh. It i* a sure remedy. Sea the numerous certificate* wlilch are wrapped around eacli bottle, all of which attest It* efficacy. For tale In Washington by CHAS. STOTT. an 25?2w^ JJ^Silver Ware Manufactory.? I am now manufacturing very superior articles In the way of Sterling SILVER WARE, viz; Forks, Spoons, Ooblets, Cup*, A<- , which cannot be excelled In this section of country. Also, for sale, every variety of line Watches, of the mo*t celebrated makers, and a complete ??aortm*nt of rich Ool<l Jewelry. Fine Watcb repairing of every description done In the best manner, by experieiio-d and competent workmen, and guar antied to give satislactlou. No. 138 Pa. avenue, between 9th and l#th streets. Sign of the Large Spread Kagle, Jy 8?tr H. O. HOOD. Hoofinnd's German Bitters.?Certi ficate of Ralph Lute, E*q., Editor " Spirit of Times," Iron toil, Ohio. IKOStTON, October 30, 1884. Or. O. M. Jackson?Dear Sir:?The Bitter* are 1n great da mand here. In addition to the quantity sold by Moxley A Barber, y?nr agent*, tho two other store* sell taore or them than any other medicine. I find they are mnch n*ed by ,-on ?ale*cent fseer patients to rebntldlhelrbrokeuconstllnllons. I have used during the last summer. In my own family, fonr bottle* Th?y were recommended to me first by a neighbor, at a time when my system was much debilitated from the effects of a severe Hilious Kever. They gave me an appetite, aud restored a tone and vigor to my whole system. In one of the September numbers of my paper 1 related roy exist ence of the good eff*-ct? of the Bitter*, *lnce which time they have had a large sale, aud have now becwm* the standard medicine In thi* vicinity. In conclusion, I would *ay that I feel great pleaanre In giving yon tbl* testimony of the valns aud *ncce*? of yonr preparation. Respectfully your*, Ralph Lutb. See adverttaaoeent. Je 7-3mr |T7~Citrate" of "Magnesia, an agreeable refrlgeraut and laxative, uow extensively used on the conti nents of Europe aud America, inauiifactured dally. Soda Fountain*, of a new aud highly approved construction. A choice lot of Havana Clgc.r*; with a foil *npply of fine Per fumery, Hair Urushe*, Comb*. Shaving Bi usbes, and Toilet Ooods generally. Juat received, of direct Importation, at Oil.MAN'S New Drug fct >r?, Pennsylvania avenue, je 10?tr Unimportant to the Ladles!?Dr. Ou PONCO'S FEMALE PILLS.?The combination of Ingredi ent* In the Pill* are perfectly harmlue*. Their efficacy and merit* are baaed op< n an extemive practice of over thirty years; and, where tho directions have be?n *trl< tly fol lowed, they have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve painful and difficult menstruation, fpartl< ularly,) at tl.e change ?.f life. Tlfy will enre the White*, and remove all obstruction* arising from cold, exposure or any cauee*; and maybe n->-d saccessfnlly as a Preventive. Call upon th<- agen^Mud get a Circular for particular* free. Price t^>er box, with full directions. Sold wholesale and retail br CHAS. STOTT, DrngglRt, Pennsylvania avenne, S A Ml'EL li. WAITE, 52* Seventh street, Washington, O. C ; aud It. S. T. CISSKI., Georgetown; to whom all order* trust be sent, and the Pills will be sent confidentially, by mail, to ladles who enclose them one dollar. K. B.?Sea signature on the box; to counterfeit It I* for jerj. Je J-tf ** OlID. On the 28th ult., near Tennallvtown, D. C., SAMUEL STEELE. In the 3d year of hli age, only son of Thomas and Sally Paxton. On the 1 At Instant, of congestion of the brain, ANNA UK LACY HA6GERTY, daughter of Mary l'ell Haggerty and Lieut. Francis a. Ilag gerty, United States Navy. Her funeral will take place to morrow afternoon, at 3% o'clock, from the corner of G and 21st sts. ? For Sale and Rent. For RENT?a large two-story Url^k House with brick carriage house, stable, smoke house, and a large lot of ground attached ; It Is bituzted 011 Maryland avenue, corner of nth street. Apply to AlRS. CHESHIRE, over the Patriotic Bank, corner of 7th and D sts. Re 2-3t* House to rent and servant to HIRE.?A Cottape House furnished, to rent, with a good ccok for hire Ose and a half squares from the Patent Office. Inquire at Room No 20 General Post Office Department. se l-3t# SJTOKE FOR RENT?ON EOF THE MOST ' desirable places of business on Pennsylvania avenue for rcut, and fixtures for sale. Apply at No 241 Penn. avenue, between the hours of 2 and # o'clock. au8-eotf For sale or rent.?that desira ble residence on F street, between 20th and 21st, for the last eight years occupied by the late J M Chubb, Esq. Possession given the 1st of November next, inquire of RiGuS & CO. _au 12-cotf FO R R K N T?TWO HOUSES, ONE Olt 18th and I streets, with a back building ; the house has twelve rooms, with a fine large yard, suitable for a large family. The other nouse la on H street, between 18th and 19th streets, both in desirable places to reside. For further particulars enquire of GEORGE & THOS. PARKER. _ au20-eo3w*^ Beautiful farm for salST?-a Farm of 125 acres, 40 of which are la heavy timber, two miles from the Georgetown Aqueduct, and four from the Long Bridge will be sold u great bargain if applied for within ten days The Im provements are good, and consist of dwelling hotibe, Urge stable, barn, corn crib, and all other necefsary out bui alngs. The place is well wa tered and has a fine Pea^h and Apple orchard on It. Forterms, Ac , enquire of Albert Gardiner, on the premises, near Ball's Cross Roads, orofF. A. TSCH1FFELY,4'0 Eleventh street. au 2?-eo3t For sale or rent.?the TWO NEW three-itorv Houses with back building and cellar, on 12tn street, the first square south of Penn. avenue, Is offered for sale or rent. They contain ten rooms each Inquire of J. W BAR KER, on H street, next to the Lutheran church, between 11th and mth street. au 1-eotf FO R R E N T?THREE THREE-STORY Brick Houses, situated on F street, between 2d and 3d, each containing six rooms. For terms apply to J. ROVER, on 1st street, between 1 and K streets. au21-2w? FOR RENT-SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board Inquire at Mn, SMITH'S, 233 F street. pov27?tf Ii^OR RENT-DWELLING HOUSE, NO. 332, Pennsylvania avenue north side between '.?th ard 10th streets. One of the best locations in tbeclty. Immediate passessiongiven. Apply to GEO H. B WHITE * CO., on the premises.or to CHARLES H. LANE, Gent'i Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue. au 8* AUCTION SALES. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VALUABLE DuildiBf Lot at Aactiaa.?On THURS DAY AFTERNNOON, the 4th instant, at 5 o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premise*,

part of Lot No. 3, in Square No. 52 ?, on t)?? cor ner of Fourth and M street north, fronting 20 feet by 91 feet deep. This Is a favorable opportunity to get a good site as the sale is positive. Terms: One third cash; the balance In 6 and 18 months from the day of sale, bearing Interest, and satisfactorilysccured. WALL, , BARNARD A CO., se3-2t Auctioneer*. O By E. 8. WR KiHT, Georgetown. RPHAN'S COI'RT SALE.?On SATUR DAY next, the tiih instant, tt 10 o'clock, at the late residence of Mrs Mary O'Riley, on Con gress street, all the personal Effects of said de ceased, consisting of? Household and Kitchen Furniture Mahogany Sldeboird, Sofa Dining and Card Tables Cane seat and common Chairs, Carpets Looking Glasses, Clocks, Stoves Bureaus, Bcd?, Bedsteads Kitchen Furniture, Ac , Ac. Terms cash. JOHN McDERMOTT, Executor. se3 3t EWD S. WRIGHT, Auct r. GRAND MILITARY Sc CIVIC EXCURSION or TUB Washington Light Infantry, ?OWN TBS POTOMAC HIV EH A CHESAPEAKE BAY TO Old Point, Norfolk, and Forfsmoulli. ON THE TWELFTH OF SEPTEMBER. T"K TWENTIETH-ANNIVERSARY OF U ?"blngton Light Infantry (in place of their usual mode) win. JK ]'J a? K"?"?ion to the above pla. es #/!???. ?' V Septeraber ?, thus aff-rdinp their "ItiU??Ple opportunity for viewing the Bay? Old' p2SW,;rtJ f J* tif'^reat *??""?? resort, Kin Ja,wfd,n.ed Fortress Monroe,-the Kip Raps,?Norfolk and Portsmouth.?U S Na Pennsilvan?aandaMf,,ep?l,rthe mammotb "ncr ^ Steamship Colorado engaiiir rnetaBd Cotlllon Baml ha? ?*? ca?rerM/ffr8 ^'urnJ8b?* by an experienced sft'fltH 'Jm kJNater;)a"d the whole conduct of attalrs will be managed so as to make the E\ the'core^a^^tth^f a^reeable to f??or >ru ^ ^ eir Pre*ence. tan i?ft.ani.<5?,,m,V*Vous Steamer POWHA I i ' has bpen chartered, and ?Sidpoi^ pTifrf?atr.?,clock p" ,n ' and arrlve J ?J"t Comfort at 8 on Saturday morning : Norfolk and Portsmouth. Returning will leave Old Point Comfort at 12 o'clock in on on Mold" afl at WaahinRton about f> a. m. ladiSni,.riMfHCt,,a 50' GentIem?A two . 4 lo' ' Children Accompanied by parents un i?Re' no charge; servants half price. {^?und MP tickets to Piney Point, 91 50. To be had at the following places : Kuhl's Restaurant: Dyson's Drug Stow; Todd A Co , Joe Shilling Store; Pow<-r's, Tobacconist, ard Kloman's Restaurant, 7th street: Hamlin's Rf - fectory, Capitol Hill; and of the Company and _ . . Committee. Capt James Y Davis, 1st Lie*t John Tucker, mDer' Jas Coleman, Lem D Willlams, isaac Beers. Thos R Dwyer, Wm E Tucker. au 27-eotd WM. E. MORCOE. Treas. tj ' r.LFIL'SlJAL ATTRACTIONS. itea: French Millinery and Dress I rimming Goods. French Sc, American Flowers- &c. Also, Ureas Making in best French style. HEAL IMPORTED FRENCH BONNETS ,THE UNDERSIGNED TAKES .pleasure to announce to the public _ _ Bhat his stock of New Fall and Win- MJ ter Goods is now complete and ready for inspec - tion, and that he will continue to receive from the Kb/ra ^?l<t.eTfrV ,,ew desirable article to be found In his line the coining season He has just received and opened a large and elegant stock of Heal French Millinery ^oods, French Flowetn, Paris Feathers, Ribbons. Kin SElS?*"* *n\ ,Net!" V?\lve,?' f-aces, Crape., Chenille, Ac Also, Rich French Head Dresses, of every description, Soiree and Bridal Wreaths Fringes and Fancy Trimmings. forbalNard par ties, all of which will compaie favorably, both m price and quality, with any house in the trade. an 5 i'vtrkCt P1*cc> ,,ctWt'?'n 7th antTBth sts. T. J. Ac W. i?l. WALT, DXALIKS in LEHIGH AND SCHUYLKILL COAL. Alsoy HICKORY, OAK, AND PINE WOOD. 3 ON AH,: u AY?ONE OF ^ White Ash, one of Red Ash, one of Lehigh. Persons laying In their coal for the winter, by sending us their orders will find them filled with the best article at a moderate advance on prime cost. Wood of the best quality always on hind. Coal kept under cover 2240 pounds ta the ton T J. A W. M. GALT, an 20-tf N. W. cor. 12th and C sts , No. 517. HOUSE, KIGN AND ORNAMENTAL PAINTING A GLAZING. GEORGE 11. VAH NELL, 1\0. 51* LOUISIANA AVENUE, BETW. 11 btn and 7th streets, north side, has opened a branch Shop, for the prosccutlon of his business on 7th street, between I street and Massachusetts avenue, east side, and will be hippy to receive calls for work at cither of his locations for doing bnslnss. " All orders for Jobbing attended to promptly and at the shortest notice. In a workmanlike man' ner. Thankful for past favors he will, by assiduity and dispatch of work, hope to merit the contrnu ancc of the orders of his frlendi and the rubllc generally. au of 2w NEW STOVES AND (iRATES. WE HAVE JUST R ECEIV El) PER PACK et Ann Plckerell from Philadelphia another asssortment of the PARLOR COOK STOVES, selling very low and* fast Although we may not be able to buy W a horse and wagon, still sny goods bough*, at our store, No 318 i'enn. avenue, will be delivered to any part of Washington, Georgetown, or within the limits of the corporation, free of charge. All Stoves, Grates, hot-air Furnaces, uooking Range*, and Gas Ovens, set up In the best work man like manner. Please give us a trial at No. 318 Penn. avenue, between lOtli and ilth streets next door to C. Woodward's old stand, where you can see for your selves (se2-3t) C. WOODWARD A SON . FIFT* DOLLARS REWAR1)7 RAN AWAY FROM THE FARM OF LAW rence Wilson, Esq , near Bladensburg, Prince George's county, Maryland, on the 18th day of August, H56, NEGRO BOY NACE, calls himself NACE TABBS. Hej Is about 15 years of age, of a dark copper color, 5 feet 2 or 3 Inches high; he Is polite and has a down look when spoken to, has a scar on his left wrist above the toumb from a knife cut He had on when he left a cotton Osnaburg shirt and heavy twilled white cotton pants. I will give S25 reward for raid boy If tiken up in Prince George or Charles county, or If tat en elsewhere; In either case to be delivered to ine or secured In jail so that 1 can get him again. RICHARD N DARNALL, Near Bladensburg, Prince George's county, ae2-8w<> Maryland. Fancy and staple dry goods? 1 have Just opened a well-selected assortment of the above goods at No. 34 Market Space, be tween 7th and 8th streets, (three doors from 8th.) 1 will endeaver to give my undivided attention to all who will favor me with their calls. J. C GIBSON, N. B. Quick sales and small profits will be my motto (au 30-2w) J. C. G. MRS. FRANKLIN, TEACHER OF VOCAL MUSIC, C^RATEFUL TO THE LADIES OF WASH * lngton and Its vicinity for their former ra tronage, respectfully Informs them that she will resume her vocation on Monday, the 8th of Sep tember. Mrs. F., having vacant hours for a few more scholars, requests the ladies who are desirous of being perfected in Ballad Singing, or the more, elaborate style of the Ot/era, to favor her with an* early application Terms mide known at her residence on E st., No 4V5, between 9th and 10th streets, or at the Music Stores of Mr. R. Davis and Mr. G. HUbus au 30-2w PUBLIC NOTICE. OMNIBUS FOR THE CARS.' ON AND AFTER MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st. an OMNIBUS will leave the Union Line omnibus stand, In' Georgetown, at Solclock a. m. and War Department at 5Jtf; arrive at thedepr-tln time for the 6 o'clock train of cars. Also, leave Georgetown stand for each and eve ry train, one hour before the starting of the cars, and be lnattenda ice upon the arrival of every In train. Fare to and from the early train 25 cents; all others toorftom, 12# cents; Baggage extra, the charge according to weight and bulk. By the presenf arrangement of the cars the coach will leave Georgetown at 5. 7#, 2, and 3* oVl'k. r are to the cars In any of the regular Union Line 25 cents. [au 30] G. VANDERWERKEN . pLATING AND VISITING CARDS selling * ?t ELLIS'S, ??*50 900 Pa. av?ane. ?JL M AUCTION BALM. THI3 AFTXRWOOW A WD TOMORROW. By JA3. c. McGUlKE, Auctioneer. FURNITURE. AND HOU8BHOLD EF feet* P?illc S?le._On THURSDAY MORNING, September 4 th, at lOo cloc>, ?t tbc residence wf Mrs Gassaway, Noj?? V< Georgetown, (opposite Cox ? Row.) 1 Walnut carved French &ofa, arm and parlor Walnnt^an? mahogany arm and rocking Chair* Marble top Table, walnut vor* Table Handsome walnut ?err? tary and Bookct^e Gilt-frame pier Glass, walnut Whatnot Walnut cane-scat Chairs, mahogany dining Tt bles China, Glass, and Crockery Ware, Table cutlery Pair of handsome Urench gas Chandeliers Bronze Hat Tree, Oil Cloth Cottage Beds'eads, Bureau* Mattresses, Wa?hstand*. Matting Cooking Stove, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Terms: Sin and under, cash : overthat sum,a credit of 60 ;ind 00 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. au 29-d - J. C. >1< GUiKE, Auct'r. By JAS C. McGUIR E, Auctioneer Dwelling kousk asd lot at p*k. lie A?eti?ii On THUKs-DA V AFTKR NOON, September 4th, at Ko'clock, cn the prem ise, 1 shall sell part of lx?t No *, in Square No 515, fronting on north K street, between 4ih and 5th streets west, running back ft? feet II Inches to an alley, with the Improvement*, consisting of a three storv brick dwelling house containing six rooms, with bark staircase, rendering eacbroom private. Term* at sale. au29d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. OLD ESTABLISHED Washington Stove Depot! Southeast corner Pfnnn a ??<*?* n*d 111 k strut IN STORE AND RECEIVING WEEKLY, A large stock of the universally admired and unsurpassed Cooking Stove, THE invincible: TUDULAR OVEN, which, for economy in consumption of fuel, sim plicity of construction, easily managed. ea-lly re paired at a trifling cost. Baking, Roasting, Broil ing, Ac , defiles competition. 400 References can be given who will testify to the above qualities of this, THE COOK STO VE ! AU I ask Is an examination to satisfy the great est economist. JAS. SKIRV1NG, 2&7 Pa. avenue. The following Is one of the many recommenda tions sent to me bv a vf ry popular gentleman of this city, the original of which may be seen by any one calling at my store: Washington, July 2d, 18$6. Mr. J a 3. Skirving : Bear Sir?The il Invinclb'e" Stove purchased at your establishment last fall has been inconstant use In my family since that time. Its advantages seem to me to be very decided. First, Its ex treme simplicity of construction and management render repairs almost unnecessary Secondly, the facility with which It may be changed from a wood to a coal burner. Ana lastly, the perfect manner In which It performs lis du'les. The peculiar arrangements of Its flues, keeping an even temperature around the loaf, Ac., render It, by for. the best bread-baker !n the market. I have, therefore, every reason to express my satisfaction with It Very respectfully yours, au 30-lm _ - _ _ ? RECEIVING Ol'R FIR ST FALL SUP PLIES WE ARE NOW RECEIVING VERY many new and desirable DRY GOOUS suitable for the present and coming season. We name? 20 pieces superior black Silks, some at ?1 wtll worth SI 25 A large lot fancy plaid and stripe Silks, very de sirable for fall dresses, which we will sell very cheap 75 pieces plain and plaid French Merinos 25 do rich and new style Mousselln DeLalns 20 do plain and plaid sark Flannels 10 do White and Colored Flannels, some very fine .50 dozen Ladles' and Mioses' Corded and Hoop Skirts 75 do Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs at f I SO per dozen 200 pieces Bleached and Brown Cottons of the best brands 10<> do more of those superior soft finish house wife Cottons 100 do superior Shirting Linens, all of the best brands ? 20 do 6-1, 9-4, 10-1, and 12-1 Cotton Sheeting Cotto us A large lot of superior Table Diapers. Napkins, Towels, Scotch Diap?rs and Blid Eye Diapers 5? new style Fall Shawls and Scarfs 25 dozen Ladles' Kid and Beaver Gauntlets 25 do W hlte and Colored French Corsets 10 do more of those White and colored ribbtd # Hose 50 do Gentlemen's and Boys' Linen Shirt Bo soms With a great variety of other Goods for general family consumption, to which we ask the special attention of purchasers. JT^ We must again Insist on the payment of bills remaining unsettled to 1st July, as upon strict promptness In all business transactions de pends our ul.lmatc success. COLLEY A SEARS, 5*23 Seventh st , 3 doors north Pa ave. au 29 eo2w VOCAL INSTRUCTION. MR. F.NICH0LL3CROUCH, COMPOSER ASl) SiyUlNO MASTER, AT THE INSTANCE AND RECOMMEN datlou of teveral of his Influential friends, has determined to establish himself at the city of Washington, as a VOCALIST and SINGING MASTER His reputation In these branches, as well as composer of many of the most popular songs, such as "Kuthleen Mavourncen," "Der mot Astore," Ac , he trusts, will entitle him to the patronage of tne community. He will be glad to take charge of a limited number of Private Scholars, and proposes open ing a Musical Vocal Academy ou the I5tn Sep tember next, for the development and study of singing In clm-ses, commencing from the ele mentary principles tip to the accomplished sing er. His circulars will be pre;ared a* soon as pos sible, and, In the meantime, he would suggest that early application l>e made either for private or class tuition, at Mr. Richard Davis's, or at George Hllbus's Music Store, Pennsylvania ave nue, who will give every necessary Information, and where Mr CROUCH'S latest composltoln* can be seen. au 19-eolm TO THE PUBLIC. JOHN P. DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THE well known Coach Factory, on Bth. street, between Louisiana avenue and C street, long conducted by Mr. John* M. Young, Is now prepared to manufacture and repair all descrlptloiss of COACHES, BUGGIES, WAGONS. Ac., on the most reasonable terms, In the very best manner, and at the shortest no tice. He respectfully invites his fellow-citizens to give him a trial. au 12-1 m _ ROTARY KNIFE CLEANER. A CHEAPAND PERFECT KNIFECLEAN ING APPARATUS.?This machine is eco nomical In use and In no respect liable to get out of repair, while the low prlceat which It l? afford ed, places it within the reach of all. A supply of the above have been received and are offered at th?manufacturers J^bjr ^ 8AVA(JE Sign of Gilt Saw, au9P-6t Pa ave , bet lOtnand 11thstreet*^ SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RE celved by the Secretary of the Treasury, In the city of Washington, until ihe 12th of September next, for a suitable site, not less than one hundreA feet by one hundred feet, for the new Custom House and Post Office at Georgetown, D C. JAMES GUTHRIE, Secretary of the Treasury. au29-tl2Sep (lnt A Union) NOTICE. E STREET BOWLING SALOON WILL BE RE-OPENED ON SAT-X.i. URDAY. AUGUST 3J, 1656. Will The cubtcrlber has, at a great out- v * lay and expense, renovated his Bowling saloon. The Alley* have been put in the moat complete and perfect order, together with a great many other improvements, which will make It a place of more attraction than formerly. The subscriber thenkful for past patronage and favors hopes a continuance of the same. au 28-lw J. T. MARR. REWARD.?RAN AWAY FROM the subscriber, living near U pper P.lnce George's county Md , NEGRO 'MAN LEN, who calls t;imeelf LEN HARROD; he 1* a dark mulatto,J about thirty-one years of age, five feet seven Incl es high ; he has a scar oi the right knee caused by a cut; half of his head shaved, and very gram when spoken to. I will give the above reward If caught out or ths State of Maryland or District of Columbia, or one hundred dollars if caught In the State of Mary land or District of Columbia, and secured in jatl or brought home so that 1 can get him again. au 28-tf Z B BKALL ALL PERSONS ARE CAUTIONED NOT to harbor my wife Sarah Scrivener, as 1 will enforce the law against all persons harboring ber, nor to trust her on my account, she having left my bed and board without a just cause, as I will pay no debts of her contracting from thi* date, sel-3t* EDWARD SCRIVENER._ P<H1LDREN'I SCHOOL 0ATCUELS, at IV/ au 30-3t LAMMOND1?. $200 | TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED FBKM. UY HO CSS FRIFITIIle TELi(<Rlflt< ARRIVAL OF TBI PERSIA ONE WEEK LITEM FROM EUROPE X""*' Sept *??The Canard steam tu1 o . J?,1*' c?Pt Judkins, frota Liverpool on the ... d ult., arrived off the Buttery at 8 o'clock ?i.mmorning, too late for her mail" to bo for warded south bv tb? early morning train. k he reports having parsed tho steamship K?raSli|00 f0D;,ay ^rnoon 24th ult., throo hundred miles from Liverpool The steamship city of Baltimore, fiom Phil* delphia. arrived out on the 20th. The Persia brings no newt of importance ENGLAND Parliament has been further prorogued to November 13th 1 9 Disraeli's leadership is becoming dietaste fu 1 to his followers. The London Times, editorially, approve* of Mr Marcy s reasoning on the subject of pri vateering. The Queen of Oude. mother of the deposed monarch, wu in England for the purpose of complaining of the East India Company. FRANCE. Napoleon was at Biarrits. It is reported that be is urging the claims of Prince Pierre I'/nanarto to tbe throne of the Danabian Kingdom. and considering what title to be stow on tbe American descendant of Priaoe Jerome. Tbe harvest in France is considered folly an average one. HOLLAND. 1 he <?( vernment of Holland has refused to assent to the principle of arbitration baforo a resort to arms, recommended by tbe Paris Congress SPAIN There is nothing of importance from Spain J The difficulty with Mexico is still unsettled ITALY. There was a doubtful report curront that France and England have addressed an ulti matum U/the King of Naples, and in the event of his refusal to comply with the demands em braced therein, the representees of those pow ers will immediately quit Naples. The King is reported to have consented to some of th? required concessions, but not to a satisfact ry extent. A report was also spread that the King in tended to abdicate in favor of the mora liberal Prince of Calabria. RUSSIA. The Russians announce that they will give np Kara. Ismail, Reni and Kilia within the stipulated six months. PRUSSIA. A desperate engagement had taken pla*e between the crew of a Prussia ship of war and s >me Algerine pirates, off the Coast of Morocco. Eight of the former wera killed, and twenty wounded. Prince Adalbert was among the wounded. THE MARKETS. Cotton.?The Broker's Circular quotas a decline of I-lrtd. per pound in the lowest quali ties of cotton Otherwise the market was un changed Sales of the week 47,000 bales, in cluding 2,250 on speculation, and 9,000 fjr ex port. Quotations Fair Orleans 7d ; middling Orleans ? 5-lfid ; fair Mobile OJd.; middling Mobile 6 5-lbd.; fair Uplands A 9 17d ; mid dling Uplands 6 S 1ftJ. Stock in port 775 000 bale?, of which ft36 000 were American BKEansTcrrs, Ac ?The weather continued unsettled, with reports of disease in the potato crop Wheat had advanced 21a3d; flour was 1.->h2s better, and Corn was 2s higher. Rich ardson, Spenco A Co , quote red wheat at 7s 9dil0s' white do 10**1 Is; western canal and Baltimore flour 30sa32sfil; Ohio do 33sa34s. Mixed corn 33d; yellow 3;is <>d, and white 3js. The Broker's Circular quotes 3s. advance in corn Richardson, Spenco A Co. further quote, with limitod arrivals of Baltimore, fl^ur 31a 32s. fid , and Philadelphia 31a">2< Pennsjl vania wheat yi. 6d allt. 3d White corn *3*. 6d.a34s fid mixed H4s aH3s ?d Choice quali ties of Baltimore flour 33s Low qualities of flour and wheat are unsaleable. Provisions.?The provision market was un changed, with a moderate business London Markets ?Iron was qaiet; bars and rails ?Sa?S 5s. Wheat firm at 4sa4s ad vance on tbe week, white 75sa*Os. Flour was <iuoted at 32s*38s. Rice was active, at an ad \ anco of I'd for Bengal, and 3da6d on Carolina Su^ar was quiet. Coffeo was firmer. Manchester.?Trade at Manchester was sto^dy. Money.?Tho London money market was without ehaEgo Consols for money closed at 9jt&93i. The bullion in the Bank of England had de creased i.0^,000. American stock wera unchanged ; Unitod States 6 s of'fis, 1041. Further from Kansas. St. Loins, Sept 2.?The Republican pub lishes a correspondence dated St. Joseph?, Au gust 27, stating that the country between that place and Urashopper is full of armed bodies. The Free-State men are moving along tbe western border of the Kickapoo Reservation. Capt. Scott with one hundred men have gone in that direction to prevent farther acoession* to the pro-slavery party. He is aUo stationing strong bodies along the northern frontier to prevent ingress or egress and tbe Missouri river line is so well fortified that no Free-State forces can approach that route. The pro-sla very party are said to be arranging their plaus for a speedy concentration on the river Law rence. - Vermont Election. Montpelier, Vt., Sept. 3 ?The retnras of tho general election held yesterday indicate a largo vote The Republican majority of last year has beon largely increased, electing Let cher, Governor, by at least 20.000 majority; three Republican members of Congress, and nearly tbe entire State Legislature. About forty towns have been heard from, eacb| of which elects Republican Representa tives, and gives a Republican majority for Governor. ?? Nominated PniLADELUiA, Sept 3.?Editor Star Col. Florenco has been re nominated for Congress. On the first ballot the vote stood Florence 39, Lehman 7. Second ballot unanimous for Flor ence. ?? Destructive Fire St. Louis, Sept. 2 ?A large fire occurred here yesterday, by which a livery stable and fourteen other buildings were burnt. Thirty families were thus rendered houseless Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. Sept. 3 ?Flour advanced 12ic. after the Persia's news became kuown ; sales at S6 75 Wheat has advanced 3 cents; good tochoioa whites $1 50al.60; good to prime redfftl 40a SI 50. Corn has advanced, white 57a61c ; yellow 58a62c. Whisky?sales of Ohio at 32i a 33c. Mew York Markets Haw Tore, Sept. 3 ?Flour haa advanced, sales of 7.000 bbls.; State S5 90affi 10; Ohio $fi 20a$6 50: Southern $7af8 10. Wheat is dull and beld higher. Cora has advanced; 'ales of 70,000 bushels; Southern mixed 65a67c.; white 68a73o Pork is easier. Sales of 250 barrels; mesa SIS) 87J. Beaf and lard are unchanged. Whis ky is buoyant; sales of 150 bbls. Ohio at 32ie. Financial New York, Sept. 3 ?Stocks are fclgher. Chicago and Rock Island 923; Michigan South ern 8SJ; New York Central 86; Pennsylvania coal i)4i; Reading 84$; Virginia 6 s 91; Mis souri 6's 87j; Illinois Central bonds 91. Sterling ex h inge is dull. _ HATS?MATS?MATS ! DEEBE'S NEW YOKK FALL STYLE HATS for 1856 AUo, Philadelphia and other fdshlonable shape* now receiving at LANE'S Fashionable Hat, Cap, an 28-tf and Sent*. Furnlahtcg Store. OROOKS'S SPOOL COTTON,? L> iouo dosen Brooks1 petent Glace Spool Cot ton just received and for sale wholesale and retail by W EG A.N * SUN, - 323 south side Pa. av , bet. 6ih and 7th ats. au ?-6t L,. J. M1DOLKTOR. DIALI1 Ilf IC?. Ojiea Dft?Southwest eomt ot F a4 Twelfth stieets. fabtr-n