Newspaper of Evening Star, September 4, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 4, 1856 Page 2
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FVENING STAR. W A S III If G TON C IT Y: Till' September 4, jj^- Ad**rUseuu>nt5 should be handed in by 1* o'clock, ro , otherwise they may not appear until the next day. SPIRIT OF TES MOBNINQ PRZS8. The InUlliztNctr is in a quandary thi^ morning. "Were eitherde*rchaimer away,'' it would doubtless foel considerably relieved. It doea not know whither totuin in politic^ and defends itself as best it ean from the up braidings of a veteran subscriber for it* failure to take sides, decidedly, in the current national oootest: saying, in the oourse of its remarks : " It would bo a sufficient defence of the ??neutrality" of which our correspondent com plains, to say that onr p*rtyi for the first time in a Presidential canvass, has no candidate* But, roprosirs the Whig party had been wholly blotted out fr?n? the sphere of Ameri can politics, towards what party could we have been attracted by an elective affinity which would have made it easy for us to rnorge our political identity in that of another body ? Wu it the Democratic? To that party we have been antagonistic on principles of a fundamental character, which, if they do not all survive in their pristine vigor, are yet suffi cient in our estimation to make their admission ? matter of toleration under protest rather than of swift and eager acceptance. Was it the American * We could never approve the agencics, and. so far as we can learn them, tne objects of that 4'Order," which, besides, was not tho more commended to our regard 1 y the part it played in breaking down the Whig party. Was it then the Keyubiicati ? Surely, with our own antagonism to all sectional agitation, we cannot be prosumod to regard with less dufaror the bitter fruits of those un happy dissensions, tho 6ecds of which we sought to destroy when first they were iown anew by the Democratic party two years ago In fine, whichever way wo turn, we find in each and all of these organizations more that repuhes than attracts. " Aud. as the peculiar principles of none of these three great parties have seemed to be such as should extort from us a ready assent and a full adhesion, ro the constituents which enter ir to their c"m]>osition and the candidates by which they are represented have none of them presented such a mperiority of claim upon our regard as to make the choice among thetu a matter of easy solution." The Union urges that the country ha' noth ing to expect from the Republican party ccnsj i rators who are plotting to change the character of theO'Tomment. The same paper describes the desperate means to which the Opposition in Penm-ylvania are resorting to carry that State against Pmharan. Announcing tho very rc c?nt rc-ti m'.i.ation. cf J. lilamy Jones for Congresc, the Union bestow? many well mer ited Cimpiimer.ts upon that gentleman. In truth, he h one of the moit efficient at^ effec. ti\d men now in American legislative public life. .Endowed with an over share of those two essentials for success in Congress, common sen-o and practicability, Mr Jones is inde fatigable withal in the discharge of his legiti. mate duty. Never wasting his lime upon matter), in attentiun to which all time given is absolutely wasted, a~ mure or less members do. and being one of the ablest orators of the House, he exerts powerful influence in shaping American public affairs, all of all parties hav ing confidence in him personally, liis re-elec tion is a foregone conclusion of coufte, for ho represents the Berks district. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The German Turners Convention.?In the month of September, ISij, at the Turner^' convention, held in tho city of Buff^l;, N. Y , a set of btrong anti-democratic resolutions were adopted by a .-mall majjrity, as an ex pression of the political erced of the Turners in the Unitad States. Up to that timo there was complete harmony and concord among the members of the Turn?r Bund -(Turners' League.) But as scon as this 44 platform" was promulgated, a number of Turner societies, particularly in the southern States, declared in strong language their disapprobation of the Buffalo Pronuneicmitntu, ai well as of the tendency of a few aspiring men, to seduce the 44 Bund" from its legit'naato course, and to make it at all hazards, a political force to have its weight in the balance of elections. The central organ of the 44 Bund," the '? Turn Zcitnng," (Turn Gazette,) published at Cincinnati under tho supervision of the 44 Vorort," (a central executive committee,) immediately a lofted the 44 pronunciamento" anl commcnv ed, in the moit violent term and abusive and vulgar language, tj excommuni cate from the '4 Lund ' all wlo, thou/.h ani\e members of one or other of th? different local Turner societies, ch se to entertain either less hostile or favorable opinions of tho Democratic party. Strong protests against this eourse cf the 4-Turn Zoitung" were forwarded to the "Vorort" hy the Turner societies of New York, William?burg, Brooklyn. Poughkeepsie, and othercities ; but these remonstrances were of no avail for good?they set .-ed only to still more envenom the editor's wrath, and to call out upon the protectants the whole pewer of an invidious and maliciously vulgar pen. Thu* tt'.od matters when tho time ap proached for the as;emblmg of the "Tagsat zung" (convention) of the 44Bunu" for tie year Dofi. The Buffalo Convention bad fixer1, by resolution. the city of Washington as the place, and the first day of September as the day, for the meeting of the " TagaatzungI but the Executive Committee, (tho Vorort,) at Cincinnati, assumed the power, fuur weeks before the day of meeting, to change the res olution of la.-t year's convention, ami to call the delegate f the diilerent .=<<cieties together, to meet at Pittsburg, Pa. Thoso of the Tur ner- wLo u i not recognize tho ]>ower of the 44 Vorort ' to act thus in contravention of an express leaolatiou of tho Bufialo 41 Tag?at xui.g sent ttoir delegates here, the rest cou plied with the Cincinnati call and tent their repreeeut&tivcE to Pitteburg, though there are evidences that ?everal societies new repre sented at Pittsburg will n? t recognise the au thority of that41 TagfftUuu? " in thu> o>ty, the convention met on la?t Monday. There are represented by twenty, eight societies with thirty-nine votes. They repudiate everything that the delegates at Pituburg?wh ui they do not acknowledge as a rightful convention?may do, or resolve upon, ard or e ? i their fiiatact* was to appoint a com mittee to draft a solemn protect agaiml the ac tion of the tiicksters in the Cincinnati 44 Vo rort,' ' ar<j to protest also against any nnd all atteiuj tg to ?!1 out the great44 Turner Bund" ?.f the I nit?*d Stales to either of the political parties of t he country , a/teiting that they aie tot a j o'tiituI association, aud ara unwilling to be made one. We aie, indeed, sorry to bee this split among the Turner1. Their objects? gymnastic ex ercisea for the strengthening of the body, and exercises for the cultivation of the mind, ?are aoit laudable, and well worthy of the most vigorous and extended support. But when wo perceive a bodj of reokless demagogue* and unprincipled men essaying to strain every nerve in their endoavor to transform the use ful, numerous, cnergetic and intelligent Tur ner societies into so many political hotbeds, we cannot but admire the manly stand taken by so large a number of them, a3 manifested by the " Tagsatiung" at present in this city. May they suoceed in biinging the "Bund" back to its original beneficicnt purpose?, for attaining which " Old Father Jahn" organ ized the fiist Tumor society in Germany, al most forty-fivo years ago! " Gut Heil"?all hail to their success! Tho Abortive Cruiie of the Independence. The New York papers shed light upon Com modore Mervino's failuro in tho way of ob. taining tho information he was sent after in the Independence, to the South Pacific. This light ij in tho shape of a report from the agent of the owners of the guano islands in question, who accompanied tho Commodore on tho voy age. Tho following is a synopsis of what ho takes occasion to say to his employers: Sir: In confoimity with instructions given me on tho 5th of November last by your com pany, I proceeded with all dispatch to San r rancisco, where I found the flag-ship Inde pendence, Commodore Wm. Memne, to whom I immediately presented my credentials, and offered to mako pewect the dispatches from our Government by disclosing tho position of the guano islands belonging to your Company, lie deferred, however, and declined receiving the same until he should conclude what vessel to send, and when to dispatch her. W e sailed from San Francisco on the 18th January, 1S56, for the guano islands, via tho sandwich Islands. I would mention here that while in company with tho Commodore from Mire Island to Sun Francisco, 1 infoimed him of tho existence of two guano islands and of their belonging to tho American Guano Com pany, and asked him if the letter from Gov ernment did not cover them both, although only one was mentioned. He agreed with me that the spirit of the letter comprehended both or more, and he should visit them, and in ac cordance with my desire, would go to tho cast Sl' n? ,;F8t' ?3 1 a'lvijcd per letter, of which tho follow iDg is a copy i a /. S^ Framcisco, Jan. 4, 1855. Lt- bCHf on, Lsq., President African (>uaiio Co., New Yuri. fciR : I have tho pleasure toir'orm tho com pany of which you are President, that the Cum inodoro (Mervine) has decided to tako rne to the islands in the United .states frigate Inde pendence, and that he will take possession of both islands?it being within tho scope of his powers. I am waning orders with instruc tions to be m readiness within twenty-four hours notice, and in my next expect to adviso you of my denarturo. The Commodore has rcatod me with marked consideration and kiudness during all my business intorcourso wnh him, and has crotvned tho wholo by invi ting me to incss with him in his cabin on tho voyage At Cr3t he intended to detail the staaiuer Massachusetts for this service, but upon examining the subject he came to the con c.u ion that the magnitude of the interest in T ed would not permit him to Intrust it to ? l-: C0n,s,c(<uent'y he goes in per-on in the flag ship. \ our obedient servant, (1. W. Ee.vson, Special Agent. We remained at the Sandwich Islands from the 11th until the 19th February, touching at Hilo, Lahaina, and Honolulu. Upon leaving the island of Oahu the Com modore thaped his course direct for the wes tern island, observing which, I asked him for wnat island he wa? sailing, lie replied, " To the western island.' 1 then said, "You promu-ei to go to the easternmost, and I wish to know why you have thus suddenly chacgcd your mind, alter authorising me so to inform the Company lie offered no explanation, further than " he had concluded to go west nrst, as only one island was mentioned iu his dispatches, anl he would proceed to the cast afterward. When within ten days sail ?f Sdid island, he expressed his great regret hc had n?t g- no as I desired, as t:-o current was much stronger than he had sup posed, and it would take a long time to go north and mako easting. We made the west ern island on tho noon of March 1, but owing to .remarkable current setting to the west drifted past it during tho night, and were un able to rcgaiu it without proceeding north He arrived again off the island en ttoc 15th March, to the windward, at 2j o'clock p. in ., bringing the island close aboard, and stood off and on until dusk. Wo were then enabled to observe its appearance approaching it, as we did within some six hundred feet. A sand beach arose abruptly to some ten or twelve feet above the level of the sea, receding in some places from ono to two hundred icet. within this, the land roso ten or eleven feet fu' ?uvored> 10 1,11 appearances, with a growth of grass, interspersed with bushes. Myriads of birds hovered over it, and toward night the sky was lined with them returning to their nests. A barrier reef of coral sur rounds the island. No landing was made upon the island, and only one attempt even to L'?t soundings, and that one within a small circle with only twenty five fathoms of line used whereas ships often anchor with twice that lergth of cha.n at theChincha islands, an l in some other places in a much greater depth of water. We remaiued in the neighborhood of the island, in all, four hours and fifty-four minutes. J I had reason to believo that I would have been allowed a passage on tho boat that went in shore to liud anchorage, but was not per mitted ; failing in which I asked for a boat to land upon the Island, but the Commodore replied. "It was impossible to land, the surf was so high, and would not senl his men with such a risk." I then said, ?' I would man the boat with vol unteers and tako the helm myself ; that I was accustomed to landing on the surf, as it had been a business I h ,d lolloped." He answer ed, ? I 11 iet you have a boat in tho morning it we are uere This was equivalent to tell ing me 1 oould not have a boat at all. because by daylight o! the next day wc were far away to the westward of the island, and no further attempt was made to reach it. I re. pecttully submit, that had my request been comphcd with, and my efforts seconded the l.-lhi would have been laudol upon tho quantity of the guano thoreon ascertained, and the company place J in possession of sam ples of tho same At noun of iho following day wo were more than 100 miles distant from the Island, stand ing north, in order to find a counter current which might enable the Commodore to make 7 J v0n lb6 2-a we re?ch-d * dig 2S mm. north, and not finding an east el y current, aj anticipated, the Commodore it lormed mo "he should go Uj Valparaiso via .NavigatiT s Uroup or come other islands where be might get water, as he had not enough to last t<> reach the eastern island or Valparaiso, and his bread was getting short abj In fact he had not sufficient on board to compieto the expedition. Here I may be allowed to express the opin ion, that the easterly current will always be found north ol tho Equator in the Summer, aud b <uth in the H inter soUice, in these latitudes. Alter the Commodore abandoned the idea of landing upon tho westernmost inland, aud made his way north, I addressed him on Cie . L ^h that "it it would be oousistent with his view-, and practi-ablo, I would liko jo touch at tho port or llonolulo, Sandwich l-lands, as I was led to believe we coul l ob tain such information with regard to the cast both in th ** Wou'(' be ?f advantage, neieslirTh::",r'? "f M- part, and 5n Thia Uie PTD,'C l" the Company on mine " sayhj it imDnSmoJ?rwr re,Uotd ?o receive, the Government ta ^ 00 tho Pa't of which wa, not the f^'t bifVat 7^ mentations I had s tbal frotn rep? his prerogative, he -h thereto and to reach &at island and purine ! attcu,Pt as duty should prompt. h a cou^? By reference to the rou?h >v.? u , . island herewith submitted, y0Q 0fcL It is about two and a half loji ing in a northerly and southerly^^di4!2l* and from three quarters of amUe in^VdS from east to west I consider the inter * crowning elevation of ten or eleven feet abovl the outer rim to be a deposit of guano the aDd qUd]ity -of whicb- ot at pres nt remain uncertain. I have no doubt ships oan safely lay and load on the westerly side of said island daring tho nine months of the year that the wind in variably blows from the eastward, and daring the months of January, February and March, as soon as the proper preparations shfU hare been made safely to moor them, u the occuw rence of violent gales of wind in that vicinity are never known. All of which is respectfully submitted. GL W. Benson, Special Agent. The green appearance around the island ap proached by the Independence may be satis factorily accounted for, without an attempt to invalidate tho testimony of those American whale ship masters and men who have re peatedly landed on all three of tho islands in question, by the fact that the surf, in washing away the edges of tho deposit of guano, must necessarily, in connection with the heavy dews, produce fank vegetation. Besides displacing much of the guano on the edges of the mass, it lands upon tho spots where the guano is thus displaced, sand, sea weed, drift, Ac., the comminglcment of which must result in veget ation, encircling the main deposit on each island Wc hear that tho Commodore did not even tako trouble to send men aloft, with glasses, to attempt to ascertain whether the vegetation extended inward at rM, or was confined to the edges of the deposit, where tho guano was constantly being washed by the surf. We know, from our own experience, that, from a ship's deck, a barren sand island or bar often appears covered with vegetation from the growth upon its odges, resulting from the decay of vegetable matter thrown upon it by tho sea. Knowing th:a fa >t well, and placing every confidence in the report of Mr. Bonson, jr , (of which the abovo extract i8 a synopsis,) wc do not wondor that those inter ested in tho future of American agriculture aro provoked beyond measuro with the entire failuro of tho cruise of tho Independence un der so apparently inexcusablo circumstances. ? Vermont.?Of coursc, no ono dreamed of seriously opposing tho triumph of tho Repub lican party iu Vermont at tho roccnt election, for tho idea would havo been preposterous. Last year it wcut well nigh as heavily for tho American (Know Nothing) party. Its somer sault in favor of abolitionism is ouly appa rent. That is, Know Nothingi?m at the North is simply a phaso of abolitionism, made more revolting than in the nakedness of its fanaticism ufon the subjoct of negro slavery, Ly the addition of fanaticism upon tho sub j jocts of foreigners and religion, without abat ing a jot of its anti-slavery madness. It is proper that Vermont should vote as she has voted?iu capital keeping, indeed, with her previous political history. Sbc teaches a les son with reference to the true character of their present Northern allies which the Amer ican party of Maryland and the whole South will doubtless lay to heart. * I he San Jacinto.?The Navy Department have advices from tho San Jacinto, the flag ship of the (Commodore Armstrong s) East India Squadrcn. She was at anchor off Bun kok, Si am, on the 15th April, awaiting the termination of tho business of Mr. Harris, tho U. S. Commissioner to Siam. Tho San Ja cinto's officers and crew were in excellent health. She arrived there only two days be fore, from Singapore. The Resolute ?The Navy Department have selected Commander Ilartsteue to command the ship Resolute, on her voyage to be pre sented to the British Government, in pursu ance of the rocent act of Congress to that end. Monetary and Commercial ?The following Quotations of bonds, stocks, and land warrant, were furnished us to-day (Sept. 4) by Sweeny Rittenhouse, Fant k Co., bankers: BONOS AND CITY STOCKS. Par. j Washington Corporation 6 per cent. )100 103 104 Georgetown <lo 6 do 100 96 (4 97 Alexandria do 6 do 100 85 ?6 COUPONS. St. Louis City B?ud? 6 per cent, ex Int. 1,000 79 0% 8<> Cincinnati do 6 do d? 1,MH? 89 (4 90 Louisville do 6 do do 1,000 79 80 Louisville do 6 short l/d* do 1,000 92 Cr, 9'-j Fredericksburg 6 do do 80 (4 81 Memphis do 6 do do 1,000 66 (<Q 67 New Oi do 6 do do 1,900 1 75 (4 77 Fittsbnrg do 6 do do 1,000 75 (4 76 Burlington do 8 do do j 1,000 88 (4 89 San Kranclsco do 10 pay N. Y. do 1,000 103 (? 101 San Francisco do 10 pay 8. K. do 1,000 96 <4 87 Sacramento do 10 pay N. Y. do i,000 78 (3) UNITED STATUS STOCKS. Loan of isr>6 6 per cent. ? j 102Q 103H of 18112 6 do ? | 109)4 (u. 110 Loan of 1867 6 do ? | 115 (2 116 Loan of 1848 6 do ' ?. j 11?4 fa 116 Loan of 1868 (Coupons) ? do ? i 116 (<*117 Loan ol 1866 (Texas lad.) C do j ? 106 ($ 107 BAIMS'*AD BONDS. Baltimore k Ohio 6 p. ct. 1885 ? Reading 6 do 1860 ? Orange * Ale*. ? do ? Illinois Central 7 do ? , 91 y 91 S IU.uois Central (Kreeland) 7 do ? J I0J loo.^t BANK STOCK. ILtrik of Metropolis ? 105 (3) 106 Bank 'if Washington ? 75 <4 80 Patriotic Bank I ? I 45 (?) f<>> Farmers ?* Mecb.V Ba?k, 6?'>r<otown I ? 1 70 (4 71 Hank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria 83 83 >4 ?? 81S 75 (4 76 Bank of Commerce, Georgetown, (uone 1 for sale) INSURANCE STOCK!*. Elf-meu's (none in market) Franklin (uone In the market) Potomac do do STATE STOCKS. Virginia 6 per cent, ex int. Maryland 6 do Missouri C do do Keutncky 6 do Louisiana 6 do Tennessee 6 do Ca.i(ortil* 7 do 109 (a, 101 81 ? 9\% 106 (.<107 86 fm. 86', 103 (K 10:; s 91 (4 91S 93 ?9^ 70 71 BATES 07 FOREIGN BANK NOTES. Dlsc't. Dlbc't. Eastern States... i Richmond fl New York State. i Norfolk 2 Now York city... par Petersburg Pennsylvania.... i Fredericksburg.. 2 Philadelphia .... par Winchester i New Jersey. D N. W. States .... 11 Delawaro........ } Kentucky 1 j Maryland j Tennessee 2 j Baltimoro par North Carolina... 2 Virginia j Other S. States . .Ia2 LAND WARRANTS. IfiO-acre warranto, per acre....SO 9L> a$0 yrt 80 do do du .... 95 a ?J.i 120 do do do .... 90 a 92 60 do do do a... 90 a 91 40 do do do .... 1 10 a 1 13 The stack market continues dull, and gen erally without any marked change since our last report. There is a more active demand for money at 7 per cent, on call The grow ing tightness in th? money market is attribu table, in part, to the calling in of loans, which has been rendered necessary by the activity i t business and the want3 of the interior for the moving of the crops. We do not look for an improvement in stocks before November next, when we think bottom will have been touched and a reaction follow Land warrants have beeu in better demand for the past week. The supply is limited, but quite equal to the wants of dealers We are iidvired of large quantities of warrants being held up throughout the country, limited at $1 per aire, whicn must have the effect, together with the falling off in the is^uo at the Pen sion Office, t? lessen the supply We do not think that prices w'll fall below present fig ures The whole number of land warrants issued from the Pension Office under the act of March H, 1855. is 105,951. It wilt take 19,827.940 acres of land to satisfy these war rants. About ^5,000 claims have been pre* sented under this aet, 185,000 examined, leav ing abiut 00.000 to be acted upon , of thit number 10.000 or 15,000 will probably be re jected. The aupplj for the present, there fore, cannot be equal to last year, and, should the (Jernund be hs heretofore on the restora tion of the lands in the West, prioes must ad vanoo. Ihe Current Operations of the Tre&tury Depirtment.?On yesterday, 3d September, there were of Treasury warrant! entered 01 the book* of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt. .. $.>84 41 For the Treasury Department... 6?,33l 87 For the Interior Department 647 ?7 For Customs 13 73g gg War warrants received and en 412,000 00 From 2 842 98 From miscellaneoussources 1,371 22 FEMORAL. ....Gen. P A. Herrau, Minisfir from New Grenada, and Don Rafael Pombo, Secretary of Legation, are at Willards'. ....What would have become of the ven ders of shilling calico if women bad never been invented ? ....Over a hundred of tho most respectablo citizens of New York, including such men as William B Astor, Jpoob Little, and Brown Brothers A Co. have invited Mr. Wool to run again pi a candidate for Mayor. Maurice Strakosch has bought a spier* did bouse in Twenty-second street near tho "v iavenue, New York. It is furnished with elegance and great artistic taste, and is the resort of the most agreeable society in the city.

.... Madamo Vcstris preserved her beauty wonderfully to the last. Noone could "make up or dross like her. They said she caused ,i ?' noc^? Arms and shoulders to be en amelled every year in Paris. She brought out a great many popular people?-among them Miss Laura Keene. ....Gov. Ford of Ohio addressod a Fremont meeting tho other night in New York city, in ?.lu?feci- Tho Goveiaor complained thathis boots were painful, when he was sa *??? wJ!f the cry_" P011 them off! pull them off. This tho rough and ready Executive proceeded to do, deliberate]j seating himself on a chair for that purpose, amid tho cheers of the audienco. ....Thomas J. Steers, the celebrated rail road contractor and conductor of public works, and lion. J. S. Pendleton of Va , are at the k'.rkwood House. Tho Now York Pio. is our authority for tho toliowing: A gentleman in Brooklyn lately scratched the names of Fillmore and Donolson on a piece of gingerbread and that of Fremont on a picco of bread and butter, lie then ex posed them both to tho eager gaze of his little son, and the boy chose the gicgorbread ! Fre mont and tho bread and butter were rejected. ....A littlo excitement was created at tho Metropolitan Hotel, New York, on Tuesday, n consequence of a personal encounter be tween Col. Thompson, one of Gov. Clark's aids, and Mr. Warren Leland, one of tho pro pnetors of tho hotel. It appears that tho former mado some enquiries as to the pros pect* of the Valley Bank of Ilagerstown, of which, it is understood, the Messra. Leland are the proprietors, and remarked that he re garded it as " an outrageous swindle where upon Mr. Leland struck tho Colonel a violent blow on the temple, knocking him down, and when he arose kicked him. The bystanders interfered and prevented any further difii. culty. POLITICAL ITEMS. A large and enthusiastic Democratic mass meeting was held at Susquehanna, Pa , on Saturday Edward Tompkins, of New York, addressed the assemblage. Over four thou sand people were present. The Chicago Times?which paper is doing | its work in the cau.ue cf Democracy a? well as any journal in the country ? publishes an ad dress to the Whigs of Illinois, si)$ned by a [ large number of the members of tbat party, ur&'ng them to voto for Mr Buchanan. The Democrats of Onondaga county held a meeting at Syracuso on Friday afternoon, and denounced in severe terms tho courso of tho Daily Standard, of that city. They have is sued an address to Democrats to discontinue the paper, and have taken steps to establish a new party organ. The fusion between the Fillmore and Fre mont parties in Indiana, whereby they have both adopted the sarno electoral ticket with tho understanding that if successful, tho voice of tho State will bo cast for that candidate which brings to the ticket the most votes,? will greatly disoar;ige and destroy Mr. Fill more's strength in tho South. \ An exchange says that one vote in the Unt \ ted States Senate annexed Texas to the United States. Mr. Hannegan, of Indiana, cast that voto. One vote in the Indiana Legislature elccted Air llannegan *? his place in the Senate. That vote was cast by Madison Marsh, of Staunton county. Mr. Marsh was chosen to the Legislature of Indiana by one vote. In the Democratic Pharos, of August 6th, we have a detailed account of a German Dcm ojratij meeting at Loganspoii, Ind., several weeks ago. Tue entire German population of Logansport participated in tho proceedings, and gave the strongest evidences of the;?- at t iebment to the Democratic cause. Said a republican in Springfield, Mass " If there was any doubt about Buchanan'* election beforo, our paity in Congre s have made it sure now, by stopping the passage of tho army bill " Such is the disgust with which the factious proceedings of the Repub lican majority has inspired even members of their own party." The Philadelphia Bulletin says : " On Wed nesday afternoon, a young Ethiopian, with a face sober as it was black, and 4 as black as tho !? *3 of spade?,' rodo through Chestnut street upon a donkey. Upon tho hat of the youth there was a foimidable-looking placard, upon which was inscribed, inconspicuous cap itals, 'Fremont!' The name of the 'Path finder' also appeared upon tho saddle-cloth The absurdity of the turn-out, and the <iuiz zical gravity of the face of young Sable, caused a vast deal of merriment among the lookers on. The affair, it is rumored, was started by some of tho Fourteenth Ward Americans. We kr.ow of moro than one practical joke that first saw light in that section of the city." It is stated by the Virginia press that there is actually tuch a thing as a Fremont ticket, regularly nominated in that State. Tho fol lowing is given as tho list, (complete, save two clrctors for the State at large : First dis trict? ChH3. W.Newlon,of Taylor; Second? And. S. Holdcn, of Harrison; Third?John S. Barnes, of Marion; Fourth?It W. Caruthor/ of Monongalia; Fifth?Job Crabtreo of Lee; Sixth?Absalom George, of Tyler; Seventh? Wm. Lants, of Mouongalia; Eighth?J as. T. Mclvcr, of Scott; Ninth?Isaac Parsons, of Hampshire ; Tenth?Jas. B Kee, of Peudlo ton ; Elevouth?Joseph lvelley, of Russell ? Twelfth?Hiram liitfgs, of Scott; Thirteenth? L. T Brandon, of Preston. We apprehend tbat no such tickct has been nominated, but that the report originated from these persons having been suggested as fit candidates on such a ticket. A Bbautiful CourLBxioif may easily be acquired by using the " Balm of a Thousand, Floiotrs. " It will remove tan, pimples, and freckles from the skiu, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and , wash the face night and morning For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washington, and all druggist.-. The Hncastle Democrat, alluding to a statement going the rounds of the papers, relative to the attempt of a gentleman to pull out the tongue of his child, while laboring under a horrible dream, or nightmare, says that the facts are simply that the geutleuian threw his ehild out of bed, but did not pull out its tongue or in any way injhre it Something or a Difference ?Only thirty eight bales of new cotton have been reoeived hero thus far this season, whiie at the same date last season the receipts bad reached eleven hundred and ninety-three balci.?New Or leans Delta. ?-rSi?8econ1, grand cotilloFTpar ty of the Hoon Club will be given en TUESDAY EVENING, September IKh, at Flo nter Hall, corner of 44th and K streets. Scott's Band has been engagedtoT U?e occasion. Tlcketa FIFTY CENTS; admitting age?Ue?an and ladles Committee of Arrangtmtnts F.T-VVtiMfl, R.L.MmUd, J.T.May. ,N OTIC*. ? THE LADY WHO look from the counter of Mewr? Perry A Bro.'g, on the morning of the l*t inst, a dark Maroon PORTMONNAlK, containing a sum of moqrv, will return It cither to the store, or leave It at the eflce of the Star, as the Is known. ?e3 2f ALBERT ANDERSON, OF VIR AA glnia, will five four lectures, vlx ob Thursday and Friday evening* at T* o'clock p. m and on Sundav. tl?e 7th, at 10)f a m., aad *X p. m. Subject The Kingdom of God, the Reign of Christ on earth and the restoration of the Jews.?at Anacostla Hall. Navy Yard, \\ ash ington. Seats free and alllnvlt d. se3-tt v a / MASONIC NOTICE ?A REGULAR \M/communication of Washington Central ?P* Lodge No 11, will be held at the Masonic HJ^th^t, on' THURSDAY EVENING next, the 4th inst , at 7* o clock It I requested that every brother will ** " business of importance will be prated for their consideration W. H. FAULKNER, W. M. se3-2t? ,NOTICE?TH E BOARD OF DI rectors of the Washington Building Association will hold their monthly meeting on FRIDAY EVENING, the 5th ln?t . at8o'cio:k, in Flint's Hotel. J- P DICKINSON, se 3-3t* Secretary ,FIRST COTILLON PARTY OV THI ACTIVE ASSOCIATION NORTHER* LIBERTIES FIRE COMPANY AT THI1K ENGINE HOUSE, Oa THURSDAY. September 4th, 1?*4&. Tlckets-FIFTY CENTS. ae 3-2t? j-T=^NOTICE -THE SUBSCRIBER bees PCS^le* ve to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and QOEENSW ARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing tnev will save from 15 to ? per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th je 9-fim JOHN McDEVITT. XlHE*MitLASTIC BELTS, BUFFALO I Hair Pins, Leather Work Boxes, French working Cotton, Needles, Ac., at ee 4-3t LAMMOflD'S Tots for children?a large stock, and cheap at LAMMOND'S se 4-3t Seventh street French novels, romances, dra. mas, Popular Histories, Railway Libraries. Ac., Ac Just received in variety, from Paris ; at prices ranging from fifteen cents upwards; many of them profusely Illustrated. ?c4- FRANCK TAYLOR. RAISINS! RAISINS!! RAISINS !!' ? 190 whole, hf'f, and quarter Botes, Bun:h RAISINS, quite equal to the new crop For sale low. WM.M CRIPPS, se 4 8t 61 Loulsanla ave., bet.6th andTthsta. CARD MUSICALS. W. SCHUERMANN.FROM THECON J? *crvatolre de Music of Leipzig, Germany, will continue to give instructloas on the Piano, Vocal Music, Ac. Residence L street, No. 514, between 9th and 10th str etg. se i-3t? PERFlMtRIES, Ac., CHEAP. WISHING TO CLOSE OUT THE ABOVE goods, they will be sold lesa than coat Per sons wishing such goods will do well to call. SOAPS, 6* to 12* cents per cake EXTRACTS. OIL.S, TOOTH POWDERS BRUSHES, COMBS, Ac., Ac. A. 1A I ti) fc 1 -3t No. 314 Pcnn avenue. L A 56 L THI RAFFLE. SPLENDID SILVER TEA SET. CON si sling of seven pieces, will be raffled as soon one hundred chances are taken. Thes??tcan be seen at the Drug Store of M. P. KING, Pcnn. avc., near 3d street. where persons desirous of ex amining the articles are respectfully requested to call. Chances SU each. se l-3t* Removed to 367 Penn'a avenue. South side, OrrosiTK the National Hoiel. NEW UHOIERY, WlflE, AND LIQCOR STORE. ril II E SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE TO J. Inform his friends and the public, that he has opened a now store, No 367 Penn. avenue, between 4* and 6th streets, five doors east of ?th street, where he intends to keep constanilv on hand a large and varied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINES. LIQUORS, CIGARS, and FINE GROCERIES, consisting of fine Teas, Sugar, CoffVe, Flour, Soap, Olives. Raisins, Figs, Sardines, Anchovies. Otard. Marrett A Co , Plnet A Co , aud Col. Chadard's Brandies in Cast's, Deiiiljoh-is. and Casks. Old Jamaica Rum, Sherries, Madcrla, Port of varioui de scrip lion. St. Julien Claret, Chateau* Margaux, in cases, Chamnagns Cider, Brandy Fruits, Rey nold's Ed in burn Ale, Annesetfl, Maraschino, Curacoca, Abeynth, Champagnes, and a large and varied description of Havana Cigars Also, Stonghton Bitters and Fever and Ague Bitters, Porter, Ale and Cider. JONAS. P LEVY, se 1-ly No 3117 Pa. av., bet. 4# aad Olhsts. UNITED STATES MAILS. Post Office Ditartmim September 1, IS PROPOSALS FOR CARRYING malls of the United States from the 15th De cember, 1856, to the 30th June, 1P58, Inclusive, on the followlrg routes in Kentlckt, will be re ceived at the Contract Office of the Post Office Department, In the cltv of Washington, until 9 a in., of tiie 15tli day of November, lt-56, to be decided the same day, vix : No. 8218 From Lexington, Ky., by Pise Grove, Winchester. Loydsville. and Mount Ster ling, to Owing-vi'V, 47 miles and back, six times a week to Mt. Sterling, and three times a week the residue; the malls to be conveyed with certainty, oeleriiy, and se curity. Leave Lexington dally, except Sunday, at 2 P ?n; Arrive at Mt. Sterling same day by 11 p m ; Leave Mt Sterling Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 a m; Arrive at Owingsvllle same days by S a rr; Leave Owingsvllle Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 3 p m ; Arrive at Mt. Sterling same days bv 6 p in ; Leave Mt. Sterling daily, except Sunday, at Sam; Arrive at Lexington same day by 2 p m. An<l, from iJt December to ill April of sark year. Leave Lexington daily, except Sunday, at 6 a m Arrive at Mt Sterling same day by 5 p m ; Leave Mt. Sterling Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 5 p m ; Arrive at Owingsvllle same days by 8pm; Leave Owingsvllle Tuesday, Thursday, arid Saturday at 5 a m ; Arrive at Mt sterling same days by 8 a m ; Leave Mt Sterling daily, except Sunday, at 9am; Arrive at Lexington same day by 5 p m; 8219 From Lexington, by Walnut Hill, Cleve land, White Hall, Richmond, Rogers ville, Kingston, Joe's Lick, Big t 111, Goochland, and Mershom's Cross .(oads, to London, 74 if miles and back, six times a week to Rkninocd, and three tlra ) a week the residue In four-horse coaches Leave Lexington dally, except Sunday, at 2 P m ; Arrive at Richmond same day by 7 p m ; Leave Richmond Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5 a m ; Arrive at London same days by 7 p m ; Leave London Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 a m ; Arrive at Richmond *ame days by 7 pm; Leave Richmond dal'y, except Suuitay, at 7 am; Arrive at Lexington seme day by2 p ra. NOTE. Proposals must be guarantied by two responsi ble persons, certltied to as such by a postmaster or judge of a court of re. ord, and contract miut be entered into bv the successful bidder, with surety, before the 15th of November next Wo pay will be made for trips not performed, ?nd for each of such omissions not satisfhctorlly explained three times the pay of the trip may be deducted. For arrivals so far behind time as to break connexion with depending malls, and not sufficiently excused, one-fcurth of the compensa tion for the trip is subject to forfeiture. Fine* will be Imposed, unless the delinquency be promptly and satisfactorily explained, for neg lecting to take the mall from or Into a pest office: for suffering It to be Injured, aes troyed, robbed or lost; and for refusing, after demand, to convey the mall as frequently as the contractor runs, or is concerned In running, ve hicles on the route. The Poetmaater General may annul the contract for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract, or for disobeying the post office laws or Instructions of the department. The Postmaster General may alter the sched ule. He may also order an Increase of ser vice by allowing therefcr a jto rata Increase on the contract pay. He may alsocurtall or discon tinue the service In whole or in part, at j?r# rata decrease of pay, allowing one month's extra compensation on the amount of service dispensed with. Bids should be addressed to the "Sec ond Assistant Postmaster General,'1 superscribed " Proposals for Nos. 8118 and 8219, Kmtuckf " For further particulars see pamphlet advertise ment for conveying the malls In Kentucky, Ten nessee, Ac , of 1864, '55. and 'ifi. JAMES CAMPBELL, se 4-law4w Postmaster general POUND.?WAS FOUND, A FEW DAYS JT since, a Diamond, which the owner can have by applying to M. W GALT A BRO., Jew* Hers, 3i4 l eim avenue, between 9th and iOih atrieu. Mft-fc Amusements. MA TIONA L THE A TH H KL'NKEL A CO l^, JNO. T. FORD Mincer [Alio, of Baltimore and Richmond Theatre* ) II aai?9ll8V THOS BAKER..M uslcal Com poor rand Director MISS LAI RA KEENE Sole Mimenni On MONDAY EVENING, SEPT 8th, IS*, Will be offered, for the first time In thla e.lty. a beautiful ard heart touchtnr moral nlav (writ, ten and arreng.d expre?*lv for Mis* Keene. and bv hrr pet/ormed In New York for upwards of tfty conr.cutlve nights,) entitled C AMILLE! OB, THE MORAL Of A LIFE! Abounding in novel and stnrUln^ scenic and m ihaulcal effect*, correctly costumed and tfcua g'orlously cant: Armar.d Du>a! Mr O JORDAN M.Duval Mr O R DICKKNtON (*Mlon Mr T B. JOHNMHN Bt. Gaudio Mr. HARCOUKT Count De Glary Mr. LAVEDAY Dr. Lesagc Mr McDOl'ALL Arthur Mr F. TREVOR Bustave.. v Mr TREE l/Oul' Mr JONM Pkrre Mr WILTON CaraWe Gautler *!las LAl'RA KKK1 K Michelle Mra T B JOHNSTON Prudence Mra ARCHIBALD Nanlne Miss EMMA HALL M'lle Marie. Mlsa TREK M'lle Anal* Mls? McDON<*UGH bpirlt of CaraJ'Va Mother Mra. COLBY OVERTURE BY FULL ORCHESTRA. THOMAI BAKER,COSDlfTO*. To with a novel, rethnlcel, rao>tca'( political, se?nic, dramatic, artistic, scrlo comlco, rational, end NATIONAL EXTRAVAGANA, Founded upon facts, entitled NOVELTY! IN ONE ACT AND fc.lttHT TABLKAL X. Performed with u a para Held suecess at Laura Kcent's Varieties fur nearly one hundred consecutive nights. CHARACTERS: The Manager Mr CHAB. WHEATLKI6H ?? ash Ion MIm E HALL Novelty Miss JOSEPHINE MANNERS* Fortune Mrs T B JOHNSTON Prictt 9/ AdnUstimm:? Boxen and Parqnette,50 cents; ReservM seat*, 73 cents; Family Clrclo and Ualieries. 25 cents. Box uflce open dally from ? to 5 o'clock. Wants. WANTED ?A GIRL ABOUT 10 YEAKS o d. white or colored. Applyto THOM AS PAR KER, No #?7 7th street. -el-ec3t? WANTED ?A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL housework for two In family; colored pre. ferred. Inquire at No 312 4th street opposite tie Jail. se 3 3t* WANTED?TO PURCHASE A NEAT AM) comfortsble house, containing from S to 7 rooms, for which cash will be paid Addre*? No. 21 at this o?re, stating the price ae 3-%e WANTED?A PLEASANT ROOM WITH or without board, nt a short distance fiom the Caoltol, Addrets ?? G" City Dispatch I set-Jto WANTED -TWENTY-FIVE TAILOR4 and Tallcresae*. None reed apply wiiho t pood recommendations. WALLA fcTEPHEN*, 322 Penn. avenue, between vth and 1Mb street -, and 391, > doors below the National Hotel. se 1-tf WANTED-AT COLUMBIAN COLLEGE, a good cook. Also, a man to assist In at tending 011 students. Apply at once au 30-tf WANTED-A GOOD TWO-STORY Brfk Hon?f, neatly furnlshcl. at a moderate rent. Apply at the t*tarOfilc- and >tate term*, Ac. au 25 tf WANTED -A SITUATION BY A YOUNG woman as chambermaid and seamstress, or to take cart* cf children. Addrt s.-* Box 18 at this offlce se 1 WANTKD ?WANTED?WANTED?TO find pcrsoas In want of the following ai tides: French or German Looking 6'asses Portrait or Picture Fiames, round, oral or square Oil Paintings, large end f mall Marble-tor Braekett Tables, lu brenxe or gold All kinds of Pictures framed, ard anv slxe Looking Gla*"C?, or <?her work in the gliding line done to order with dlsratch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Brackctts, suitable for ?helving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N B ?Old Work Reg^lt,and Looking Blast Plates inserted. 235 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood Hou?e. dec It JOHN WAGNER. Boarding. A GENTLEMAN IN OFFICE, ANI) FAMI x* ly, or several slngla persons, can be accommo dated wi h handsome furnished rooms with board If desired, In a quiet bouse, on the most rea?ona ble terms. Apply at No. 4G*5 10th street. k?twecc D and E. se 1-Sf Board, ac.?mrs. bates, on thes w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 'Xh sirec* Is prepared toaccommcd -tegentlemen wlih rooms | with or without hoard Every effort wli.1 be made to render those comfortable who may favcr her with their patronage. Transient or table board can be obtained. apft-tf Mrs. bannerman, corner of vth and E streets, has several good Rooms va cant, which she effers with board on reasonable term*-. She can accommodate several table board ers. Jy UMf INK, PENS, RULERS, 1NESTANDS, t^ullls. Folders, Letter, Cap, Note, Blotttnc. and Wrapping Papn\ all selling out, very low, at I 304 Pennsylvania avenue. sej^ JOHN F_ELL1S._ Notice ?all persons indebted to me for medical services, whose bills have been presented to them by one Reuben Brown, are no lfied that the said Brown has no authority after.thls date to collect mon^v for me. DR GARRETT. Washington, Septeml er lat, 185#. ae 3 3t OCA REWARD.?THE UNDERSIGNED q? ? v/ will give S30 rewaid for Information th?.t will lead to the detection and conviction of the villain or villains who on Surdiy night Inst Ired his dwelling in this (Washington) county, Georgetown. WM. A. T. MADDOX se 2-1 w noR BOSTON.? R KG U LA R PACKET J/ LINE?The superior fast sailing clip per schooner "tSvlvannt Allen," Cnptaln*j3y| Sear*, baa arrived, and will have quick d>^fc cu for rhs above port. HARTLEY A BROTHER, ae 3-lw 101 Wkter street. Georgetown Remnants?very cheap bird Cages, Scissors, Knives, Engravings. Gift Books. Umbre"aa. Canes, China Goods, Che ? Back Gaminon. Games. C.bas Ac , Ac., at JUG Penn avenue, between 9th and loth streets. se3 JOHN F. ELLIS WEDDINO PRESENTS M. W GALT A Bio. Invite attention to their atock of Rich Diamond and Pearl Jewery, Wntchea. Farcy Silverware, and a large assortment of other ar ticles suitable for wedding p*esenta M W GALT A BRO, ??S-3t 321 Pa ave , bet. ?th and loth sts MM. W. HENRT PALMER [RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCES TO IMS la. friends, pupils, rchools, and the public tea erally, that 1 K HE HAS RETURNED to the city. The riARO FORTE CLASSES will comment* on MONDAY, September-th Application to be made Immediately to M K PALMER, at his residence, No. *W F street n<? lTUr oe >- 3;s SCHOOL BOORS AND SCHOOL REQUI SITES. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF ALL Till School Books used in the District, and evcrv thing wasted by Schools in the Stationery Mix , kept constantly on hand and offered at grratly reduced price* by E K. LUNDY, se 3- No 12P Bridge street. G?-orgctown MEDICAL CAH D DR H. PERABEAU, GKRMAN HOMfrO rathlc physician, has the boror to ?tier Ills services to the Inhabitants of Washington ar.d vicinity. Office and Residence on I street, No If**, *c twecn With and 21st streets. N. B.? Homeopathic medlclnea for ?ale ?hlcb the Doctor prepares himself with 'he ?rea?e..t care, For Fever and Ague, for Bllous and wi 1 complaints, Ac , Ac. se 3 im HATS?HATS?HATS 1 |>EEBE'S NEW YORK FALL STYIE ?> HATS for ISM. AI?o, Philadelphia and other shapta now receiving at LANE'S Fashionable Bat, Cap. aa99-tf and Genu. Furnishing Siore PLATINO AMD YKBITINO CARDS filing low nt ELLIS'S. au IB J03 la. am*.