Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1856 Page 1
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l&Z EVZNINii STAR, rVHLHUKU KVEKT AKrCKJUOJI, (KXCBPT SUNDAY,) At Iks Slmr P9%idt%f$^?0r?4r f/ Pmmtylnmmi* Bv V,'. D. WALLACE, Will be wrnred to ?ubwrfben by ?irrlen at SIX AMI) A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the A|feot?: pnpera wrwa In farkages at 37# cenu P?r month. To mall subncrlbers the sub tcripjlon price la THREE DOLLARS AND PIP* TV CKNTSayearia TWO DOLLARS for *ix months, and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; for lea* than three moat hi at the rate of tt% cent* a art eh. CT SINOLK COP IKS ONE CENT. VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, I). 0., FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 5, 1856. NO. 1,116. THE WEEKLY 8TAK ThlaeioeUeat PaaDraa* Flew* it alalag a greater variety of MMfe| reaAlag tban can be fbna4 la ut other?U paMlahet on Satur day morning inn. Single oopy, per aaania ft ? i ?? clwm. . _ Pl*e copier.... ..ft M Tan ooples B W Twenty ooptea U Ml IU~ Cat*, iRvtaiiiiT m ? (la ana paces) ra at the counter. ImmedUteU iftrr the paper. Piice^-Taaaa Cants a# the Po? t M14 ?IT b a.Wboirt as agents artt I be all owed a commission of twenty per Mat. WHOLESALE PAPER WAREHOUSE. The undersigned respectfully Inform* the public that be has taken the store room la Polklnhorn's aew Buildings, No 877 D s'reet. betw<w 6th and ?th. for Tne purpose of commencing the WHOLESALE PAPER COM - MISSION BU8INES9 He baa now on hand, and fhr >ugh his arrange ments with ?ome of tlie largest firms af the North 1? constantly receiving, large lots of Printing, Writing and other PAPERS, which he la selling at manufacturer's prices. Those dealing m the articles would do well to call, before purchasing e'sewhere an iC eoCt EDWARD TOWERS. PIANOS! PfANOS! WE HAVE NOW IN STORE THE L4R gest and most reliable stork Pianos ever offered In this cltv, con-r7 | yji wtntlng of every size, style and finish, from Bos ton and New York celebrated manufactories, ranging In prices from SITS to S600 Old Pianos taken In part payment for new, lib eral discounts for cash Also, always on hand, Accordeons, Metodeons, ?ialtars, Violins, Flutes. Strings, &e ?7- PIANOS FOR RENT, by the evening, mouth, quartac, or year. JOHN F ELLIS, au *0 3?fl Pa. ave , near 10th street. L1THUNT BLCHLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop And Reaidenct Ha. 303 Penn'a avenue, iouth tide, iMtweea 9th and 10th iti. Having provided himself with ul ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences for1 properly conduct ng hL> business, wviid respectfulVy Inform the public that he Is fully prspircd to fill all orders entrusted to him, at th.: shortest notice, and In the best manner. A large supply of READ Y-.MADE COFFINS of all sizes, always on hand, which wlli be fur nl-fcod on the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. N. tfResld<nsr on the premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours feb 7-W J. C0.1NKLLT, Undertaker, yo iti Snnntk strut, ?#itt sid*, b*t. G and H, WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the cltliensof Washington and the adjoining counties that he is prepared to attend to all orders at the shortest notice and on the most liberal terms4 He will spare no pains to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. He guarantees to preserve the dead la the warmest weather for any length of time. A large supply of ready-made CUFFINSof all sizes and qualities, always on hand. Shrouds. Carriages, Hearses, and every other article famished or the best quality. A share of the public patronage is respectfully solicited. mar?4-tf MRS. .VI. K. HAKVET, (Svccassoa to Jaxis F. Hakvit, dbcbasbd,) UNDERTAKER, No. 419 Stventk itnit, bttwrtn U and H. BEGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE PUBLIC that she has in her employ the s:me persons that were lormerlv ' la the establishment. who are fully competent to conduct the Undertaking l>;isinessj and that every attention will be given to calls, day or night, as heretofore. m 19 6m PKOTECTION AND INDEMNITY VROM LOSS BY FIRE! Suincriied Caudal awl Surplus 91*33*),131 13. FARMERS ASD MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO , OF PHILADELPHIA. OtfLe narUiicest corner PeniunUanui avenue and 17#A street, Washington City, D. C. ST4TF.MENT OP BIMINE8S FROM THE ls?T day of Ann*t to tiie 31st day of December, 1S55: Am Hint received i~ marine prumiumi. ..$6^,94-2 3i Do fi r i pre mi ti m.-* 3J,908 8i T-.tal premium-1 f'j* five rn >nik3 108.151 13 facial 1,'?0,000 00 1,3*8,151 13 Inv-sted as follows: Bmls of ATi?-g?ieny county, Pitubjrg, a^d Phil ticlphi^ City 6's $78,721 66 Railroad bo ids. x??t 33,400 00 Loans on fl*st rn> of real estate.. 5'J,'J.'>0 00 Do stock*, collateral 30,384 00 Ca^h ia bank and <>n hand 11,094 22 Capita! 'Ubserib^d 1,047,700 00 i Premium n Hi**, not matured 66.387 31 Dae from ai-'iits (securej by bonds)... IB 853 61 F.tpen*^ian i comm.sdions 11,662 33 1,358,151 13 Tula! amount ol loosen reported to l-t January. I808: Fire 51.666 66 Marine 3,000 ?> 4.666 66 DIRECTORS Hon. Tins B. FImvoco, Chariei IHn^ee, <?^ ?r?? H Arm?trong, Thoma? Ma-iderrteij, Charles A Rub-ram, E Iwar.l K. Ilelmbold * Georf* HeltnltiM, P. Curroll Brcwslfr, Jam s E N-ali, Isaac L-wh. Jr. TIIOM K. Fl.OKKNOE, President. El)WAR!) R HEI.MBOLD, Secretary LOCAL SURVEYORS. f'harl<M Waiter, No. 35*7 1) street. J no. M. i'noruton,corner First street and Virginia avenue. James W.kams, No. 22 Four-anda t?aJl street. M4KINE SURVEYOR. ('apt. J. P. Levy. No. 367 Pennsylvania avenue. GENER \ L SUPERINTENDENT. J?.tin Thoioawa. Tne business 01 tnu <'ontpa >y will o mpar^ fa vorably wiUi the 1U 1 su ,'w?siui of similar institu tions In the IJnite.1 .^la'e.s. Prom the Ui day of August, lefts, in five months, up t? 1st January, 1976, th- prrinmins received am xintnd to the larc ? ?mn ol one buaired and ei^ht thousand, o'i e nu.iirel ami liny-one dollar*, with ? >n!y nnyaa banlred anl Mity six doliais losses r'-ported. . With the<- evi.J^ne.^ of Mccifs and g ?od man af?-m?nt, the directors fe>-1 jn^t'fiej in M>liciting a stwe of pnblie p'?tr->na.je1 b^lit-v-nr tliat the secu rity off-'- t Mam^le ami tbatall ftxir c!aim-? will be a ljust'-d m >'-aer.?r.|inj?to equity diaa ie^al techni calities. With a view of affording ain^U ind>-mnity to the public, the company have de^fositcd with MKH3R.-4 DUNCAN, 8I|KRM-\N, * CO., OP NKW YOUR, TlltlK BANKERS, Ca->h and premium note* to provide an accruing JVuil f\iruloj One Hun4r*t Tkmutand Dollart, To be held by them a? a Mitional security to policy holder* f<?r th?" payment of iosws. The roiriMnv is pr?-{>ar^<i to in'ue policies a^ii'wt los< or darn i'e by tir-on DWELLINGS. FURNI TUKt, .MH.I.-4, MANMPACF RIM-", WARE H?)l'-tKf', ail i."i|?tion? of UUI1.DINCH, and lueir e j'lten;., ??r a" kinJs of M VKCII ANDf.SE, tra.isp">rt?'?! by Vfc^SiCLH. 8TKAMB0ATH, CA NAL B >ATS, .AIL IDA03, an 1 th" u>ual con veyance- t? ?' f.oin any portion uf EUROPE and AMERICA, a il on lUe hulls of .STEAMBOAI'8 Davi.l'i'ir l!ie western waters Fne ?a?.e* uf pr. jnium will b* a- low a? ofher COOifiiiiO, a i l ia2rar th>-m ev?-ry nn;ir >vrOi -nt iu constructs'it au.l a'ia .gem?nt will b- taken into con?iJ?-ratio:i. Ait I i?se? >p* ?sdJy a ljusud an 1 promptly paid. OdS ** n >rt!i sreM <? rn^r Pennsylvania av nn- and Sev^nt* *Htli -'f-t, Wa-bmtton eny, D. i\ Inrurirn-e mu>i ?/?<? ^ e[fe<teit ut the Home Xortku**! cornet H'almU unA SeconA Streeli, FKil i Help*i?. Also.attb? t^?in!.any'soWices: New York? A W Th nip-ion, No 10 Wall street. Ronton? Oliver Brewer. No 4 Miate street- Uallifu ?re? B. II. R.'*)?ards-oi No 72 Ha'tnn ?re struct, t'lnein uau Taylor a Anthmy (Tfaarleston? J. II. Tay lor, No. 121 l>. Bay str?-et N.-w Orba.'is?Ha inan Donne. Montgomery? Albert W lhams. Mobile? A. C. Waugh. Piti?burg T. J llunter, No. 1)0 Wa.^rstr?ei Savannah- A Wilbur, No. Ill Hay street. Aari 'a -Girardey, WhyteA Co. Arlama - Ma??as A- Hel!. Trenton?Narr A Cocks. Pond d j I.a.j? Robert A Baker. ViekKb^rr? J. Puruam MalKalo?A Barker. Memphis?VV. B Milton. Detnsl-Tb'inas Pa'ia-r a rV>n Milwsukie?A. Weliingt >n Hart. Wellaburr, Virginia?Danfortb Brown, jr. Erie, Pennsylvania?Allen A Craig. Wyoming, P<??y vama R. U Smith, l.oms vi!!? ?H. H. I'imbe.-iake. ^a-hvitle-Jns?T)h Na?li. Po?rand?D Robinson, jr. Chicago?K p. Ward lr?n P a-ici-eo Wil.iam Biggs. St. Louis?^Thos. >:. Oourter.ay, general a<?-nt lor the son'hern and western S'ate ?. And in other principal clues of the United Urates by authorized officers of the com pany. )e 14-lyj rpo UKT ALL THE 1KW MOUkS, MA X valines, Papers, Ac , call at ?u 22 FKKCi L'SO.N4-? Seven tn st. (HMtroKATION STOCS Corpo ' rdt'on 04 Washington Storagor sale at f?5vt5-tf CHUHB BROTHERS OFFICIAL. Tiiuvrt Dspahtmsnt, May 90, IBM. Notice It hereby given to the holders of the ?tock issued pursuant to the act of Congress of Md July, that such stock Is redeemable by lu terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificates thereof, on the l'ith <?f November next, when Interest thereon will jease. ? This department will continue to purchase such ?tock prior to said day of redemption, and will r?ay therefor the fallowing premium, In addition te the Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the mopey to reach the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between (he 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In oluslve, one-half of one per eent. on the amounts specified In the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and 31st lays of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And on such stock received after the31st day of \ugust, the interest accrued thereon, and one lay's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to reoelve the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's interest rau-t also be as signed by the pfoent stockholder, otherwise such Interest will be payable as heretofore. And notlceMs further given to holders of other stocks of the United States thai this department #111 purchase the same between the 1st day of June and the 1st day of December next, unless the sum of ? 1 .Soo.uooshall be previously obtalned, ind will pay for the same, in addition to the In terest accrued from he day of the last dividend of Interest, and one day's additional interest for the money to reach the vendor, ttie following rates of premium: On stock of the loan of 19W, a premium of 10 per cent.; On stock of the loans of 1917 and 1948 a premium or 16 per cent.; And on stock Issued under the art of #th Sep tember, 1950, commonly called Texan Indemnity ?tock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the par ty entitled to receive the money ; and if sent pre vious to the 1st July, the current half-year's In terest must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half yeer to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New \ ork, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, m 23-dtrJN ov Secretary of the Treasury. official. Treasprv Dkpar tmeit, August 20, ie^6. When?? ihe following joint resolution of Congress has become a law: Joint CtsoLi Tioi* extending th ? ume for tho credi > tors oi T*m to present 'heir claims Resoli ed try the Semate and House of Jispresevta tiiriojtfie United Stolen of Jhrieri a in Congress as ir,aided. That a-, ajreeab y to the provision of the j iuurth tectum ->t th* act of the SiHih of February, l?5i, ?' to provide for the rayment of such creditors oi the late republic of Texa< as are comprehended in the a t of Congress of September 9tb. IH.V)," no tice, by public alvertisement, was duly even for the space oi ninety days by the Se -reta-y of the I rtanUTy, of the time at which teym-iu of the amount appropriated by the fifth section of said act would be male, pro rata, on any bind, ceninca e, or evidence of debt of ?.atd Sta e, whicn should be presented at the Treasury Department thirty cays preceding the I3ih cay of June, isy;, the limit of ^d notice; and a* it is represented by the said Secretary of the Treasury, that of raid b >nd.?, cer tiflca es, and evidences of debt, which have l>?en recognized by the Siale of Texas, the Mine, equal to th i sum oi tlirfte hundred and eighty nine thou and hundred a*id ninety three dollars and seven cenU were not prenented toiheTrrasury Detriment prior to the raid 13th of June, therefore, in <?rjer to do full ju-tice to the holders of aid dsbt, the Secre a y of the Tr'a^ury is her? by authorized to pay to la- holders of a y of the taid bjuds, certificates, or evidences, of deb?, not presented before the 13th day ot Juue last, who may nresent a d prove the ?ntneat the Tr. asury liepa'-lm'-nt, between the 13th day of June last and th?> 1st day of Janua?y next, and execute the proper reliaies to the United States and the Sta'e of Texas, their j>ro rata ?hare of the aid st ven m llion sf-vcii hundred and fifty thousand dollars; an.l after payment thereof, the said Sec re tary ot the Treasury is authorized and required to distribute and pay the ru*idue of the >a.d wven mil lions irveu htinir.-d and fifty thousand dollar, tbni remaiuing in the tr?aiuiy,|,ro rata, amongst all the 'a d bold> rs who may have prov. d their claim ?, and ex'???me,! ihe p/opi-r releases oil or before the l-tday ol Jauua y next. Apprnv. d august 18th, I Notic*is ai-Hzur aivan to the holJers of bonds, cert fu-a'.i - and ev .d.-nces of debt of the late repub lie of Texas, which were not presented at this de par:m nt on or b -fore ih?- 13ih day ot June la ,t, that* the earn- will be settled and the yro rata amount tl.ereon will b ? pa d to the lawful holders thereof if pr?weiited before the fir*t day of January ne.xt, ac ccrnj anicj with the neces-ary tvidence of their gen Hint ness, with assignrn nm to the United Staten, re quired to give this de| aMin?nt the custody of ^uch b >n?ls, co- tifii U'es, arid fcVidenoes of d?-b*., and Willi releases to the United S a:es and Texts, |u a coord a ice wi h the provisions of the a^t of Congress of ".i^th Ftb'ua'y, IHM. This de| an m tut will not require i vnlence of gen uinese ? to lu- presented with the eeriilieatej issued Wy the ajJit >r and o mp'.roller of Texas under the laws of the Sia.e. But it p-Mit-?nes no meansof ver ifying the certificates, b >nd* and promissory notes issued by the republic of Te*a?, and not presented to, nor aidiied by, the officers of the Siate. The necesi-a.'y and proper prm>f of tlie genuine ness of the latter is the certifl ate of the comptroller of the State ot Texa>, who ha^ the official gharge of the original archives relating to the debt of the late rej pub ic ofTexas TLm esogoincut and releases may be eiecutcj and acknowledged in the presence ol the A^istant Secretary of the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereo', iu the presence of a neuuy public, and be witne?s< d try the A*sisia.nt Hecra a y, or chief clerk a d noia ry, and be certified by the nota y under his nota nai - *1; but when the holders desire to make the a B.j?inn nt and esecnte the ro|? a-es out of the elty of Wa <hiagton, it may b : done in the presence of au asststarit treasurer, or collector, er xuiv.-yorof the customs, in the presence of a noia y public, and be witness* d by the collector or smvey^r a ad the no ?? y public, and be certified by the nota y under bis iiom? ia" si a'; and if t^ere b; no collector orintrrj of of ihe cimuius at the p'a*n where the party re sides, Ui* ani?umi>Qt and rdnni may be execat> d l? fire any court of record, in th* prcsene* of the j-idl^ a id cl rk thereof, and be witnessed by them, a ,d certified by the cl^k undw his mal of ofloe; a id if the holder bj out of the United i^tes, Uie as i^nraent and rHense. may be executed before any United Sta es consul, autf be wune?ed andcerufied by bun under his consular atal. All persons exe cuting such awlgr.mjnu aid releases nia,t also de. cl?'e, under cath, b;?or? the notety, c|erk| ? M sul, ai the cau- may b ?, that they are the real own ers of the certificates or other evidences ef d^bt, tr that the tame have b^en a?*i^ned to tin in, bo,M fUey fir coilielion ; and the notary, clerk, or consul in jbt iacluJe the la-1 of tLatdcc'a aiiou In their cer* Ufi ate i f acknowledgment. If a?si;ued tor collection, or in pledge, the name of the | any holding ih b .ueflc'al or residua > iu im. -t iu the rla m mu?: be Mated in the artidavd I and a rehase to the United States aud reltase to Texas must be duly ex.-cuted by such party, to gether with the assignment and rebate* trom the person in who?e favtir settlement and payment is requested. One or more autUled certificate*, or oau or more evidence of the ?am? character of debt, may M in cluded in the tame alignment, releases, and affida vitnf ownership, if each certilbale id correctly d* scribed by nnniber, date, amonnt, a-u! rain- of the original payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were issued by the authorities of the Slate of Tesa*, on account of the d*bt of tbe repub lie, or were issued by the republic of Texai, accord ing to the farts of each case. The assignment to the United Slates maybe made in common form ; tlie reb a*es should b<? drawn a cordin? to the form* subjoined?A and H. JAME8 GUTHRIE. Secretary of the Trcasmy. form j3. Know all penump by these pr< merits tuat ?? ?? ha- reh aied. and hereby rel? as-?f the Untied Sta'es ol Am 'ika f/om all further liability or c!a*m tor the payment of certificate or c vioenee of it.-lit number , for the sum of.? , joined t?y tlie late republic of Texa<, (or l>y the authoiities of the State ol Texas, ai the case msy b?,) and re de? m.'d by the United Sla es ill accordance with Uie provisions of a:i act of Congress entitled "An act to provi e for the payment of Mich cjeditor* of the late republic of Texai a? ar* comprehended in the actof Congress of September nine, eighteen hundred and lilty," a it proved the 28th day of Fedruary, 1855,and a t act of the ? tate of Texas, approval tUe let of February, I8X. As witness my hand and seal. Form It. Know all persons by these presents that ? has released. a'id hereby relenses, the S a eof Texas from all further liability or claim for the pay in jut of certificate or evidence of H bt number ,f"r the sum of .a f issued by the late re public of Texa?,(or by the authorities of the State of 'l\ xas, a? the case may be,) and redeemed by the f'nited Htites in a-*cor<'anee with the provisions of an act of Congress, entitled '? An act to provide for ths payment of cuch creditors of the late repuhlicoi Texa* a* are comprehended in the act of Congress of September nine, eighteen hunched and fifty,' approved the 2fl;h of February, 1955, and an actof tlie State of Texa?, approved the 1st of Februa?yt 1856. As witness my haud and peal. The following is a list of the audited certificates still oil s*a iding: Ao Iituerf to. 8 T I> 'Pumpkins 18 Itukman CanfielJ 31 John A Cliftou :?3 II K Muse 53 R G Ilobbi 84 J De Cordova 92 John Rurningham 135 Phtnea i He Cordova 176 E Ha'dwin Itl James TMchmaq 19] Mathiai Clark gQ1/1 Etha1 Earle 328 O Rlineau 344 J E Wade 3BH Peters !t Rooth 39.i H listed 4t>4 S Kingsley Xo. l*mic I to. 1639 Oscar Engiedow 1675 Tiustees of Austin College 1^8-2 G H Momanat & Co 16'K> John Earner 1704 Daniel Carl 17331 1' ^ Waicott 1746 John W Porti-i 1770 J K Elliott 1807 Harriet George 1816 Miles S Remiett }8u9 Nathaniel Rudder 1831 i L? vi Tyler, adm'r 1833 ) nfW II Kelly 1H38 Samite! Wildey 1*39 Georga Sutherland 1811 J P Hennings 427 J Pa kpr, for Elixa- 1842 J j c Rccl(.9 beth Pa ker, ex'x 437 Benedict Bayley 445 Leander R. a-<on 466 Wm t)dlin 467 John W King 509 T H Webb 510 A S Thm inond .?>18 Thos W Marshall 625 David S Kaufman 643 Geor??* W Parker 1H44 Edmund Rallineer 1852 J D boeau 1856 C P Green 1865 Dav d Ayres 1869 Thames F James 1878 C Srhiedi< mautd 1880 J F Jewett 1897 F Emma 1HW Parilla 64t CrutchtrfcMcRaven 19-iO V vv Uro*jm?yer Flower ti51 6 653 J A Simeon 6S9 Wm II Belcher 677 H ll Williams 701 Felix Rieder | Robert Dale 773 Wm Jones 779 Win Walker 793 Dyer P< arl 8 2 I<aa<* L lll'I H63 Merino- an Brown 874 John W Rower 879 J&M'-n Mc.Master 1922 Gilbert Johnson 192K Robert Lusk 1909 E W Cawthern 19 -0 VV in Cochran 19;f2 Franci? Moore jr i>071 Andrew Daley 'J072 Ifaac Mewart SSjeW Vickery 1*749} *ttU' ',re,non(l 01 Ofi > ?610 \ 1 avi J G Burnet 22<?} r p Mc Master 914 Dver P a>l SI35|,.,r . 915 Mary R len Ileden-1858{ F P Gent,y berg 9:? J Ellis Mrs Mary ltelville 1010 Anson Cransou 1012 R M Forbes 1025 James N Ho^an 1043 Thomas Lindray 104~> James L Green 1047 Jesse Daniel 104-4 J R Daniel 1050 Cfiarles Vincent J";- | S l> Gervalse 105H VV*litis MilUcan HI59 J D Millican 1062 Jolin David I Of.". Win Barton 1079 W A Lockha't lt)>-0 R Mr ll.'iS Jain s Kil'am 11!<6 r M Taylor 1241 Voungs roleman 1248 Robert Me Mutt "145 > 623 i S W Fl,,hcr ^501 ^ Loui.iiai.a Davis ?103 E Froi*t 'J3t.'0 Thomas Reed 2316 Harn>-on C Bryaut 2:O0 J S McDonald 2.'I40 Arthur (.artier 2:HI J F Martchett 2-'14l Andrews at (Jrov.-r 2<45J P (iMerntt 2319 W Pinkney L'iM) J DGiddiiij'* 2.354 J Crawford jr 23."'8 A P Ed Sertoli 2.159 Thomas Warner jr 2963 Gtorge K Sistar<* 2V5I Francis Brichta 2.'W2 Eli7ab"th t'arter 238:t Wm Davis y.<H7 Joseph Toinlinson _390 Hneed h Turner 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Win Kunbro au'y I II Raymond '2400 II II Ifayme 126 l E De P011 out 1269 C P Green 1275 G W Sinks 81 Shaw 19^7 J?hu Kendrick 129* Samuel Hid en l.'tOO John Johmon 13*il Su>au Ma-siei 2401 R W Mil bank 2402 Catherine Allen R 2405 llenry Krli.g 2413 J W i.awrenee 2418 Stephen Smith 2434 A C Horton 24 !8 Elapha'et Kaiton 2442 I .einu'-l RDickeiieon 13?52 Thomas I! Forrester 24')0 Win II Th<>inp->on 1385 R R Warner 1423 William Frels 1424 G W Osborne ll2r> John A Rutherford 1427 Cornelius Vatiuriy 1425 Joseph Kates 147.1 Ann B Reese 1516 l.nmbard Mims 1521 J (.' Moore 1523 John James 1.^54 K H Douglas 1570 E M Fish 1572 Wm Kerr 1580 James A Moody 158! P Ricklord 1612 John burner Irt 15 John Cameron 1623 John I) Taylor 1624 Levi Mercer

1626 Eli Mercer 2452 / Win Eddy 2471 J E Herron 2474 A R Hemphill 2477 Aaion Huughton 2479 Heirs of John Jones 24h0 " Joel Hi 1 2481 " Warr'-n Aburn '24H2 ? John L Monks 2483 ? Peter Aldiich 2490 M A Dooly 250') George C bayca>liicr 25UI F Kenneu fit Co 2503 John W Schriinpf 2504 W C Blair 2512 M Rorb-rttaille 2513 llenry B Brooks 2514 Gabriel Trumwclt 2528 II S Morgan '2f>29 Furbur &. lS<aa 2534 Sarah Newman The outstailing evidences of other c!a--se? of the dfcbt of the republic of Texas cannot b#* pecified by this De| aliment. au 22?(itl.tJanJ hats: hats: JU9T RECEIVED A FULL SUPPLY UF fine drab Beaver ventila ted HATS, which 1 offer at 50; they are the best Hats lor tbe price in the United States. The best black dress Hats ?ot up In he latest style for S3 50. as good as those usually sold at S5: and a u'ood fashion able Hat at SI, worth S4; and a tlrst-rate Hat, 82 50. The best materials and the best workmanship is ?mployed to produce a S5 Hat, which Is sold for S3.50. We do a ci?h business, meet with no los ses, but ijt*e customer full value for his money. Felt and Straw Hats unusually low. N u Atfent for Driscoll's Balta of a Thousand Flowers Price 25 cents per bottle ANTHON Y, 7th street, near Pa avenue. Agent for a New York Hat Compaay. m ^rtf SF. HOOViCR'S BOUT, HROK, AND ? IftUNK LSTAD LISHMENT-i have on hand the largest and most extensive assort ment o' eentlemens' and Ladlcw' Sole Death er Travllng Trunk,Ironl and Wood Frame Packing Trunks, Vail-' ces. Bonnet Boxes, new style; Carpet Bsgs of all styles and qualities Also, a general assortment of Ladles', Oenta', Boys', and Misses Shoes, all colors and stllea. All wishing to purchase any of the above articles will ftndit to their advan tage to examine my stock before purchasing else where Call at B. F. HOOVER'S, Iron Hall Penn. ave., bet. 9th and 10th JyW ' ? Educational. GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, D* V., REV JITO. W. MAJOR, Principal. This next si%ssion of this wbll known Institution will commence on loth of ?September. None but the bent Instructors will be employed and the Prlnciual will spare bo pahis fully tosustain the high position this Semi nary has hitherto enjoyed. Circular*, containing more complete informa tion. references, Ac , may be obtained by appli cation <o th* Principal, at the Seminary, an W-fw* SCHOOL NUTltE. A select school, the number of pupils limited, will be commenced at the house, now In course of erection, on the corner of lutn and G street*, on Monday, the 14th of Sep tember Particular attention will be paid to Mathematics. Those who wish to study Survey ing will have a good opportunity, a* 1 have a flne instrument, and will give Held practice weekly. Tor term* auply to SAMUEL KELLY, at Mr. John Sessford's, on Penn. avenue, between Ilth 12th streets. au 29 MRS. (i. H. HM1TII, 420 D ttreet norik, be iters 0(4 and 7 tk, Begs leave to inform the ladies of Washington, Georgetown, anil vicinity that she is prepared to givelnsMictlon, in classfs and private lessons, in Heart of MAKING WAX FLOWERS and VASES. Also, Wax Fruit and Ornamental Leather work Ladle* wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a most beautiful accom SlUhment will please call as early as possible, as Ira S. does not contemplate remaining long in the city. TERMS: Wax Flowers In Classes, per term of 12 les sons..,.. *5 \\ ax ?? r.ilt in Classes, per term of 12 lessons..?5 Leather Work In Classes, per term of 8 lessons.f3 Private Lessons 91 each?Vases $10. Boquets and Vases, Wreaths, Single Flowers. Ac , for sale, or made to order. au 2f> r.m EMERSON INSTITUTE, H street, bettecn 12t\ and 13<A strettt. SELECT CLASSICAL* MATHEMATICAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS. The exercises of this institute will be resumed on Monday, September 1st. Thorough instruction will be given in the vari ous branches of an English and Classical Educa tion. The number of pupils is limited Students preparing to enter College, and those especially who wish to qualify themselves for admission iuto advanced clauses, will have the bcuclit of a particular and careful training. Terms per quarter, for the English branches *t2,50: for the full course, S15. For further particulars address aulIMf CHARLES B YOUNG, Prin. sr. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL FOR BOYS. rpHE SISTERS OF THE HOLY CROSS A respectfully announce that they will open a School for Hoys of ayes from four to ten years, on or about the 15th of Septeml>er, at St. Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum, S. W. corner of 13th and H streets Terms for tuition exceedingly moderate, the maximum charge being S3 per quarter. This school is for the support of the orphan boys who will l?e received and provided for in the Institution, for whose support also charitable donations of clothing, furniture, money, Ac., will be gratefully accepted Refer to Rev. Mr. O'To^le, pastor of St. Pat rick's church, Rev Mr. Byrne, pastor of St. Matbew s and the Catholic clergy generally, an ?-eo3w COLUMBIAN COLLEWK. THE ANN UAL SESSION OF THIS INST1 tutlon will commence on Wednesday, the 2ith of September. Students will be examined for entrance on the Monday and Tuesday previ ous Application should be made to the Presl dent. The Piepaiatory Detriment will open on the 10th of September Appiy for admittance to Mr. qninche, the principal S PRENTISS, au2tf-9taw4w Registrar. T FAIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL FOR aim, rpiIF. TENTH TERM OF THIS 1NSTITU JL tion will commence on the nth of the ninth montli (September; next Circulars containing further Information in re gird to the School will be furnished tJ persons who desire them on application to K S KIRK, or WM H. FAKtiUHAK, at Olney Post Ottice, Montgomery county, Maryland au 7-bw VOCNU LAD I Eft' SEMIS AH Y, Corner ?/ Dumbarton and Montgomery streets, Utorgttoien, 1) C. MKS. GEN'L WHEELER, Principal. 'IMIE DUTIES OF THIS INSTITUTION 1 will be resumed cn Monday. September 1st, wi h renewed exertions on the part of the Princi pal for the intcliectudl, moral, and religious im provement of pupils committed to her care Mrs. W. tenders her thanks to her friends and patrons for the liberal amount of putron&ge she lias received and respectfully solicits a continua tion of the same. Circulars obtained on application to the Princi pal. au 7-tSepl5 CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT, { Feuicipai, REV. G VV DORHANCE, \ principals MlE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS Academy will commence on Monday, Ser> teinlter 1st. l;>StJ. For terms see circulars at tue principal tJook Stores au l-tf THE UNION ACADEMY. Richards, Mrs. '/. Richards, Prin. U. A. Prill. l\ F. A. riMlE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS A Institution, and of tLe UNION FEMALE ACADEM V, will commence on MONDAY, Sep tember 1, 1856. Jy2l-:ia THE LAKES : FANCY BAZAAR! 501 F(nnsylvunra avenue. C^OLD, SILVER, PEARL, IVOKV, PAR1 * an Marb.e, Tortoise Shell, Papier Mache, Rosrwood, leather, Morocco, China, Biscuit, I'orcelaln, Alabasur, Bohemian Glass, Ebony, Steel. Berlin Iron, and every kind of Fancy Gooas muy be had at THE LAKES. They have also? The most choice American, French and German Peifuinery and Cosmetics English Cutlery, Matht mat leal Instruments Drawing Materials ai.d Stationery, and Combs and Brushes of every description. Would you make a present, adorn your person, or embellish sour home ? Consult economy and taste, and call at au 6-tf THE LAKES. SELF-MEALING CANS, SELF SEALING CANS, THE BEST AR tide in market. Also, Self Sealing Jats of glass and earthernware; best English Enamelled Kettles; Preserving Spoons, Ac. at the house furnishing store, 4?o Seventh street. ?e2- G. FRANCIS. M INSTRUCTION III DRAWING AND PAINT1NO R W. MACLEOD ANNOUNCES THAT his cla?se< In Drawing and Painting for the coming year are now forming at his Academy, 102 13th street, corner of K, and that he is reaay to attend schools in this city and Georgetown A< his Academy will be found every facility for the s udy of the art of design. Not coriflned to copying prints merely, pupils will be taught to draw from real objects, and from nature, while every effort will be made to instil Into them the principles of correct and dl?criminatlng taste not only in Painting, but In the sister arts of Sculp ture and Ar hltecture. ('lasses at the Academy will attecd on WEDNESDAY'S and SATURDAYS. An EVENING CLASS OF DRAWING for TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS is now forming for the convenience of those who cannot attend through the day. For terms, apply at the Academy, or seethe card to be found at the principal bookstores. sel-ecOt r akisinal map or Washington? Eneraved In Philadelphia In 17W. For sale, a few copies only?price 25 cents au 21 FRANCK TAYLOR UMBRELLAS, PERFUMERY* TOILET Articles, Act selling off at _ ELLIS'S _ SCHOOL BOORS.?THE CHEAPEST *3 place to buy School Hooks Is at TARLOK A MAURY'S sc2 Book and Stationary Store. QCHUOL BOOBS Off VARIOUS RINDS used la the District, for sale at the lowest pri ces In every case ne? FRANCK TAYLOR i EVENING STAR. [WRITTR* FOR THC STAR YO!T!fO AMERICA UPOH THE EOAD: Or, the Adventure* of a Journeyman Tailor BY TALBOT GKEI^K, 411 fry, General Jackson. for fear that yoi should think my motive* of a personal natur< in endeavoring to detain you at my inn al! night, 1 will agree to entertain you and you: retinue until to morrow morning free of ex pense," cried the landlord of the only inn ir the beautiful, though fparsely settled Tillage of Jefferson, in Ashe county, North Carolina to General Jackson, one brisk evening. Iat< in the autumn of , as he entered his eoact to pursue his journey towards Tennessee ''The Blue Ridge is infested with banditti, and you will certainly be robbed or murdered before morning. Stay' I beseech you, stay!' " Mine host is \^ry kind, and 1 thank him for the courtesy,'* replied the General, "bul 1 shall proceed and cross the Tennes.-ee line at all events to-night: I fear not the robbers Drive on Ned. briskly?adieu ! adieu, pentle men. all;" and the General drove off at a rapid pace. " I fay, I say, youngster," cried the boob. " if you are going to Tennessee you had bet ter jump up behind the coaeb and go along, its as cheap riding as walking." " So I will, so I will?and thank you for the hint, biy," responded a genteel looking young mnn as he jumped up behind the unwieldly vehicle, as it drove off "Driver' Ned, whoib that behind," inter rogated the General *? It s me, sir: I'm a traveler like yourself, going to Tennessee ; I thought I would avail myself ot this opportunity ot expediting my my progress " "You are welcome to ride, boy, but come forward and take a seat with me in the car riage." 44 General Jackson is very kind, but I will keep my seat," replied the youngster, " th? mountain side f.? steep here, so I will jump off and walk up, the horse." seem tired." lie walked briskly up the mountain side for about two miles, when as he neared the top he espied a mnn in advance, ascending the mountain He appeared to be intoxicated. Ho lurched this way and the other way, stag gering backward and then forward ; now his knees would double up ; he would step high as if the earth had suddenly risen before him ?now he would cross his legs with quick zig zags like a eow running, and then an impulse would seem to hurry him diagonaly Now he would stop and brace himself up so as to nearly fall backward, then balancing, he would dritt helplessly along until he could check himself again. The young man fell back to the side of the carriage ana looked in " I say, General, do tou see yonder man ascending tho mountain ?" " Yes, yes ; I've been looking at him there twenty minutes. lie seems to be beastly drunk." "Drunk; ha! ha! ha! no more than lor you" :l By the eternal, sir, do you call that a to ber man ?" '?Ah! that I do; and a villain in the bar gain, else why does he cease staggering every time he turns an angle in the road and gets out of sight of the coach ' Believe me, sir, he is one of the gar'g who infest this mountain that the landlord warned you of " " Think jou so, sir. Well, thou, mount you on too of the carriage and leave me to deal with him. Mount! mount! sir. Ned, are you armed ?" " Yes, masta, wid de whip " " Well, then, keep your eyes open. Push up the cattle briskly'" Scarcely had he dono speaking when, turn ing a short angle in the road, they espied tho man sitting, or rathir reclining, some yards in advance As they drove up he raised up lazily and hailed them : 44 Die ! a?h, I?I say, gentlemen, can you give?hie?a man a lift. I can't?can't walk. I've too much d?d mean whisky aboard. Can't can't?hie ! hie!?walk!" 44 If you have, fir. stay there and disgorge it, villain " '? lhe devil," exoiaiuied the man. springing to his feet with the agility cf a cat. ile gave a keen whistle and planted himself in front of the coach. Three armed men sprang out from the bushes by the side of the road and made a rush at the carriage, while the Grst one engaged the driver. t^uick as thought the General sprang with his whole force upon one of them. Down, crash they went, and rolled over in the road together?now thn or.e on top and then the other A dull, crashing, leaden sound next sounded over the din of the conflict, and a second one rolled over in the road bene ith tho horses teet, propelled by tho loaded whip iu the powerful hand of the driver. The young man, by a timely (hot, fired and brought down another, and then sprang to the rescue ot the General, who still tought rnau fully with hi? antagonist; while the driver en gaged the remaining one 44 Stand back ! bland back, young man,'* cried the General, " we're man to man I'll give the villain fair play. By the eteina', 1 have you now " And the General released his hold upon hia neck, and threw him over apparently lifeless '? Are you hurt, my caliaut young friend inquired theGeneral; 4- jQd y^u: too, Ned ' ? Where's Ned 44 lie re, Ma^a!'1 replied the negro as he came, putting, up the road ; 44 my robber is a coward ; he run?he! he! lie! Golla! 1 save one, de gemmen save one, and rnassa save one ! he ! he ! he !" All this occurred in much lesi time thin it t^kes to recount it. " But you, General." interrupted the young mnn. " are you hurt ?" 44 No, no ! no serious wound, nothing save a few bruises, thank God ! but look yonder, sir! one of the scaups has come to life. You, sir. and Ned, confine bis bauds while I examine the rest." None of them were found to be dead; two were only stunned, and the third bad received a pistol shot through the fleshy par^ of his leg. and had orouched down in affright Tuey were all soon pinioned. A council was then held. It was decided to disarm and free them on their making fair promises, which they did, to amend their lives No further incidents befell our travelers during tho further progress ot their journey. On parting, the General gave the young man much good advice, recounted his own history to him, and bid him aspire to rise?to be use ful. General Jackson continued en route for home in the western part of the State, and the ^roung man halU*l, and settled in Greenville. Tennessee, as a journeyman tailor. That young man?Andrew Johnson?was a true type of this progressive age?of republi canism?of Young America Ue rose quickly from the bench (I mean the tailor's) to a seat in the Legislature of Tennessee. Here he continued lor several years, with honor to him self and profit to the State. He baa been in tho Congress of the United States twelve eon sccutive years; has been elected twice Gov ernor of the State?is still holding that re sponsible position. The hair is a beautiful ornament of women, but it has always been a disputed point which color most becomes it. We ac count red hair as by no means the most prefer able, but in the time of Eliiabeth U found ar dent admirers, and was in fashion. Mary of Scotland, though she had exquisite hair of ber own, wore rod fronts. Cleopatra was red haired. and tho Venetian ladies to this day counterfeit "yellow" hair. Cap* Mat ? The corre'pondeat of the Phil< adelpbia Ledger, probably a buMvr, ipMki in animated terms of his enjoyment et this de lightful watering plaoe. 11? overheeni. how ever, a dialogue between the bead of a feia.iy and bia batter half. al? sojourners there which ha gives at length, a# follows ' Wall, uiy love, I have pretty much made up inj uiiDd that to-morrow morning shell tee 1 ike on my waj back to town " And i kave mude up uiv mind, iny dear, that Ce-morrow shall see no suoli iniug.'' 44 Why, my leve. I really cannot *?e why vou should persist in i keeping me. why, y(>u know my b?Mine*s ta 6 offering at home. Vou can return with Bet sey and tha children with Mr L Me t<>ld line he wv>uld take charge of you with groat pleasure." " Now, my dear, you know very well your busieers ia only an exeuse i heard Mr. P. cay there was rr body ia to we, and as for business. be told you in my bearing there was nothing doit g, and beadee. It ia not decent to leave your wife and children alto gather aiu<>ng strangers/' " lhen, my love. get ready to go along. 1 rVnlly cannot see wnat on earth eo faarlaate* you with this place. litre we ara all feur e?v.ped up in thi* little box of a room, with one window ; and if the truth met ba said. Mn 1). I consider tbia 'pleasuring and 4 recrea tion, and a* fur comfort 1 have had but pre cious little of it sinoe i laft home "My dear, you know you are unreasonable. You know we came solely for the children. eel as far ul am c j?.cerned, 1 care as little fur slay ing as you do yourself. XUan my 4ear, you are always throwing up to me the expense i am sure we can afford in quite aa well aa Mae others here.'' 41 Yes the children, indeed, w? Come for the children! lo >k at Julia, she I <oks fur nil the world as if she bad the veriloid. those infernal mosquitoes hare pretty nearly i driven the poor child wild. And as for lie expense, 1 say about a* oostly a place at nay man in his sober sense-* ever cauie to. Why you can t turn rouud without being charged for it. 1 endeavor to pay my debu, aad hate extravagance; no mau can say 1 am living j here upon other people a money, which, par mit in? to tell you. mad?m. can l ba tulol Some others 44 Wail, Mr. i> ? ? . nobody over accused you of extravagance. We have been put to a good deal of expense already to c uie here, and to go home before we have been a week hero L> ridiculous, and I poti> i tively will r.ot. You want to run back to that ( miserable counting house in Water street i where I can't find you to do anything but t smoke cigar?, and pour over tue newspapars " 1 41 Well. Mri D . there is no sort of use | in your attempting to argue with me; my bus I iness is going behind hand, and 1 think I ought | to know. 1 am determined to go up to-mor ? row, nnd you may do as you please " Hera the dialogue was interrupted by sobbing and some inaudible conversation Mr. D - , however, has not gone. How to Write ax Acre bam. a Stvlb.? Dry den found himself one day after dinner iu company with the Duke of Buckingham. Lord Rochester, and Lord Dorset The oonveraa tion turned upon tha English language, on the harmony of numbers, and the elegancies of style which merits each of the three lords believed himself to possess in the highest de gree. After a good deal of disputing, it was determined to refer the matter to Dryden The proof was to consist in each writing an article on the first subject that presented it self. and the pieces of paper having been placed under the candlestick, Dryden was to draw them out and determine which was tho best. The three lords set to work, and while Rochester and Buckingham were exerting their brains to invent some sparkling epigram or hnppy turn of thought. Dorset was observed to write a few lines' carelesaly. and without the least hesitation. Dryden having examine*! the papers, gave his judgment. 4' Gentlemen," said he to the Duke of Buck ingham and Lord Rochester, <4 your t?yle is ? xoeilent, and has pleased me extremely, bu. 1 am perfectly delighted with that of Lr^rd Dorset I leave you to judge, listen." Dryden read?4-On the 1st of next .*iay, I will pay to John Dryden, or order, the turn at fire kuudred pound* sterling, value received. 15th April, 16S6 (Signed ) Dorer.t " Lord Rochester and the Duke of Bucking ham confessed that they could not write like that, and that Dorset's style was the beat they had ever heard of. [y Little. Brown &. Co. will issue in a few days the first and tenth volumes of the Life and Works of John Adams, edited by hi? grandson'. Charles Francis Adams These com plete the work The first volume ia occupied solely by the life of Adams The fir* two chapters of it were written by John <jnincy Adams They give a highly interesting ac count of the youth and early manhood of the second I'-esident, down to the time of tije Boston Masaacre in 1770, when he bad reach ed his Suth year The remainder of the life, by Charles Frtncis Adams, is written with masterly ability, and with the advantage ot the use of mui'h new material, hitherto un known to the public The* vffect ha3 been to ratify many of the evenu of the I vt century in their causes, whicl* early prevailed, and have been carefully banded dan to us Tbif is particularly true in regard to the motive? of action which governed the great nations of Europe during the Revolution, aa well as to those which controlled Mr Adams s own ad ministration afterward- Much new light is thrown upon Mr Adams's relations with Ham ilton, Jeflerson, Pickering arid other eminent uien of that day, and upou the character and j.osition of the men tLemselves. The Life of John Adaius uriy, upon the whole, be safely pronounced the uio<*t important ac??siae to our national history that has appeared for many yen Chinese Strbf.t Artist ?Bayard Taylor, in relating bis experience in China, aaya that ho saw a man sealed ?u the pavement, hold iag in his hand a white porcelain tile, about a f tot square. Inis be overspread with a deep blue color, from a sponge dipped iu a thin paste of indigo, and asked us to us me a ?lower. 1 suggested the lotus He extended hiB forefinger?moat remarkable forefinger enoked, flexible as an elei-hant a trunk, and as sharp as if the end had been whittled off? gave three or four ouick dashes across th? tile, and in ten seconds or less, lo! there was the 11 iwer, ex4uUite!y drawn aud shaded, 4ls snowy cup hanging in the midst of its long, swaying leaves Three more strikes, and a while bird, with spread wiari. hovered over it; two more, and a d.^ stood beside it Tbe rapidity and preciakm oi the forefinger aeemed almost miracuUuM He covered the tile with new layers of Colors, and (lower after flower was datLod out uf tho blue ground. No Joan?Tom kirkman used to tell of a friend of his dropping in about dinner Utue on an old lady who invited him to draw up to the table, 'lbere was a huge pile of the p?: order tor dinner. The old lady helped him bountifully, and be being hungry, waa domr justioe to it. ?? Stranger," sail the eld ladv, ?4 you will find almost every *jrt of meat in this pie " 44 Yea. madam." naU he, "end firti too, as he drew from b?twe?n his lips whet he imagined was the beck bone of a re* horse or suoker 44 Lord have marcy," etoleimed the old womaa, "if there ain't our fine-tooth comb thai Willy lost two weeks ago." py Qjborn Fisher killed a r^tUesnake in Mcdfield on Saturday, which had eleven rat tles. anl was four feet nine-end a half incb.en long. A bounty of on* dollar is allowed by the town of Medfield for every snake of xkw kind killed within its limits. iy The taxation in St. Louis thw $2W por *1U0; in Albany ?l W, in Hew ?e*k 91 and in Washington fio eenta.