Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1856 Page 3
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rVKNINf; STAR. rOv^T' TITOII.LIGBWCE. Thb Board of Coemoh Council met in fpecitl te-uion on Wednesday afternoon All the members were present, except Mewr? Abert. Baldwin, Clarke, McCntchcn, and Walker The President called the Board to order, and stated that it had teen convened in com pliance with a call of the Mayor; which waa read and referred Mr Lloyd introduced a Mil making appro priations for the removal of garbage and other i.ffal for the year ending 30th June, 1857; passed. The bill from the Aldermen for the pur cha?e of mow? and for the protection of the dredging machine wu referred. Mr. Lloyd reported, with an amendment, the bill from the Aldermen authorizing a special tax fund and a transfer from the sur plus fund; passed. Mr Gordon presented the petition of Mr? Ann Scott, asking compensation for the loss of a horse; referred. Mr. Bayne reported back the bill for the purchase of scows and for the protection of the dredging m? :hine ; passed. Mr. W atterston presented the petition of W. N C. Fait Tax. asking that some legislation may be had for his protection against loss caused by an error made by the lato City Sur veyor; referred. * The joint resolution from tho /Mermen granting the use of Market Space to Dan Rice for equestrian purpose? was pa-sed. Mr Towles repoiied a bill for the relief of Rcbet t Downing and a bill for the re>;cf of Henrietta Shryock; passed. Mr. Waterston introduced a bill making an appropriation for opening Second street east; referred. The bill from the Aldeimen to provide for abating a nuisance on H street north, west of Twerty-fourth street west, was next taken up Mr. Kennedy moved to amend the bi'? by adding the worda, 44 pro* ided the expenditure j-hall not exceed one hundred dollars:" agreed to. ... Mr Lloyd moved further to amend the b'U by making the amount payable out of the Ward fund; agreed to, and the bill was then passed. The bill from the Aldermen making an ap propriation for repairs on the eastern section of the canal was referred. The Board then adjourned. The Torchlicht Procession Last Eve* 150.?It was said, and studiously circulated among the Germans throughout tho Northern and Western States, that if their " Turners' Convention"' was to be held in this city they would be mobbed, and that to come here would be tantamount to willingly incurring the dangers of a riot. This assertion wu given out as one of the eau*es why the 44 Tag eatzung" had been called to Pittsburg The German citixens residing in Washington city, always ready to contribute their share, when necessary, to preserve the fair fame of cur city, became exceedingly indignant when they heard these rumors, and to show to the Tur ners, as well as to the country, that there is as much if not more security hero than else where. invited the Convention now sitting in the city to participate in a grand torchlight procession which came off last evening, in tho best or ler and with the most perfect decorum. Preceded by the Marine Band, who were dis coursing popular American melodies, they marched through the principal avenues and streets, and at la.-t visited, in a body, one of our old German citixens. on Ninth street, by whom the " Turner bund of North America ' had been invited to stnnd godfather to one of his children, to be baptixed that day. The entire ceremony went off to the credit of the participants not less than to the credit of the orderly and well-behr ved population of our t'air city National Theatre.?The anticipations of cur play-goers and pleasure-seekers generally, have be jd excited to the highest pitch by the premised advent of the fascinating Laura Xeece and her entire admirable dramatic ?corps on Monday evening next. The occasion wiil be an important one. not less through tho intrinsic merit of the rare emjoymcnt it offers than for the gratifying and conclusive evi dence it furnishes of the intention and en deavor of Messrs. Ford ?L Co. to render their magnificent establishment a source of the high, est *nd most refined recreation. We will not 44 gild refined Raid" in praising Miss Keene'i able c?rp? dr an itt'fue?suffice it to say, that in aggregate talent, in eouipletene.-.*, and in general popularity, its superior in America might l.e vainly sought. The b<>x-shcet, now open for the security of seata, indicates a de cided aud d-iily increasing furore on the part of the plav-ir?ing public. An entirely new version of "Camilla' wiil be tho initial play. Trc Weather.?We ;ire indebted to 4!B ," ot Gec.g#^1 *n, for the following notes of the riBgo of tfc?? thermometer from Friday noon, August 29, morning : Morning Noon. Night. Friday ? 74u o4? Saturday * 70 go feunday .... ? ??? 52 AH 64 Monday ?2 ft4 Tuesday. 63 58 Wednesday. 54 M M Thursday..... 6 4 09 64 Friday 5<J ? ? Average height of the thermometer in the morning* from Aagust 3# to September 5, in clusive, 55" 02'. Aate ?Sunday, (7th.) between 10 nr.d 11 a m , first quarter of the moon. Mobicai. ?The musical clubs and associa tions in this city, have resumed their rehear sal?, which wero "uspendod during the sum mer ; not on account, we presume, that tho feather tribes then piped their melody, butbe c ruse?and thia is a fair presumption?of tho calorific weather No exercise socially is moro innocent and plea-ant. apart from the health ful tendency of the employment In the r? *ess, our amateurs have been adding choice pieces to their libraries and soon we may ex pect to bear them sung in harmony, with the usual accompaniments of dute, violin, and piano. U?r*oriTABLH SeEcri,ATic*.?Some time *go, a bog-raider applied to one of the con tractor* for tho removal of garbage, to supply him wi;h d .pa, and a contract was at once ef fected at u stipulated sum per bucket. When the contractor again went his rounda, he as certained that the swine which had partaken ?f the slops, rine in number, had all died, in ! consequence of the (nnknown to him) delete rious character of tte food. Such is tho poisonou? filth which the contractors statedly remove from some premi.-es where other than kitchen rcluse is accumulated. Potwuti*! ?Our neighbor Potentini should not be neglected by th)se wishing the choicest' confectionery, of every description, at the lowest p s-ible prices He fully keeps up the well e?t?l/M?ae?l reputation of his predecessor John Mi'ler, id that branch of his business, iii* ladies and geaUemen's restaurant is cap itally kept, and extensively and fashionably patron'zed, a? he serves up the game and all other luxuries and delicacies of the season as well as they can be obtained unjahcre else in this eity. A yrAK*r is Washington.?Onj Wedne?day evening, Lewis G Green and An* j?ie E Bishop, of Delaware county, Pennsyl vania. were united in the holy bonds of wed lock by Justice Paul Stevens, according to the form of the Society of Friends. The ceremony took place at W illard's hotel; tbo only persons present were the justice and the happy couple. Marriage* by justices of the peace are notcoin mon in Washington. Coir, wny will you suffer nil the ill? of bed bugs, cockroaches, moths, ants, and every other species of insects when Lyon's Magnetic Powder will surely rid your house of all such pestilence. For sale ut Shillington's Book selling end bfationery Establishment, Odeoo Building, corner Four-and-a-half street and Penn a uveuue. t r. Tub Fifth Warp Democratic Association recently elected, as iheir officers, C. W. C. | l>unnirigt.,E, President; John Pic, first Viee President; Joseph Z. Williams, second Vue President, Francis Wheatley, Secretary, and William J. Wheatley, Treaaurer. He are clad to announce that Mr. Hugh Lathis rapidly recorering from tho injuries teceived s^ae days since. HArnrtD!?The day* of superstition hay? not yet rawed, and many a horse-shoe nailed over a aoor shows that the inmates fear the approach of evil spirits! Among an ignorant group, this morning, a haunted house was the subject of a loud and earnest conversation. It was maintained by a tall, athlethic man, that, in a certain locality, the doors and win dows, which had been sccurely fastened ay, with heavy bolts? >pened, as if of their own nccord ; and, that, it was presumed, unseen but potent spirit* thus gained ingress A little, shabby listener to the wonarous tale was around to the dignity and of a" expression of his opinion?and was bold enough to say he did not believe jt Thn?e ragged rantaloonSfcwere soon seen in rapid flight; his companions being inclined to visit him with punishment for his incredulitv! They termed oim an "ignorant loafer;" but as to the in telligence of the parties, our readers, of course, can form their owa conclusions. Ca*phi*? Accidmt ?The child of Mr. Kckhard, who was so severely injured by cam pbine on Wednesday nijzht, is still in a critical condition; its face and breast being severely burnt. The accident was in consequence of the top of the hand-lamp, in the hands of the person taking the child to bed, coming off; the flaming liquid falling upon the little girl. The father is absent, at Chicago, we believe; but, in his absence kind friends are attending to the case of tho sufferer. Brgoars.?Quite a number of sturdy beg gars have arrived in this city from other cities, and they apply almost immediately to the authorities to be admitted to the Poor Asylum, j and if refused, they demand a commitment to the workhouse. If possible, this growing ev:? should bo remedied seasonably, that our Alms house may not be filled to overflowing with foreign paupers to tho exclusion of the poor of cur own city, as was the case last wintor. Wa havk bkkx requested'to state that sub scription books forlthe "History of the Invasion nnd Capture of Washington, by J. S Will amp, Brigade Major and Inspector of the Columbian Brigade, in the war of 1812," are at the stores of Messrs Taylor A Maury, and R. Famham, for the signatures of such as may desire to subscribe for this work. York Stylb ?Wo anticipate some thing lusty and agreeable in the Confection era' annual ball to take pis ;e at Carusi's Sa lmon, September 16th Indeed, we learn that the getters up of the affair are<neaning to make it the most attrs ?tive ball of the season. _ Some new features are to be introduced, and it is to be conducted generally in New York style. Accipbmt ?Last night an old gentleman named Jones, an employee at the National Theatre, was very seriously injured by falling into an area on F street, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, on tho property of Mr. J. F Ciark. Esq. Mr. Jones had iust walked out of a barber's shop near by, anu did not see the danger in time to escapo. Sale ?Wall, Barnard <t Co , auctioneer1, sold on the premises, lot between M and N street, on Fourth street, yesterday afternoon , at seventeen cents per foot; purchased by J. D. Kjnard. ??? Watch Rxturxs ?The only cs?e for trial at the central guard house this morning was t'-i at of Joseph Hays, brought in drunk; fine an 1 costs. l?7"<Jreat rvr?i t?y Professor I?e tirath'a KI.KCTR1C Oil..-Joseph Kree, WmI Philadelphia. of Kheu matiaa; Mr. Kodecbok, Montgomery count*, Kheumutl.1111 *n<i Sprain; kin. Oglen, No.liO Fourth Htrwt, Inflammatl.'ii <.r Bowel*, Mr*. Mayland. Provldem*. Sli1nsi?-? an* Ciked Kre*?t; Mr. W. Spenr?*. Coates *tre*t, Kelou an 1 N?tiraUta ; lie^ry Campbell, Lower Marlon, Burns aud Scarlet Fever, and *'ghteen othera. MOBK Ct KKS OK WELL KNOWN PKKSON Mr. C. Srranton, New Haven, wrote yesteriay 1.1* brother wm cured or leafna**of tlir*e years, by one bottle, Mr*. Marsh. Christian street, Hri. Va?<ju212 P"'* street; M re. Coll Ins, l"> Cheetuut street, cured of Rheumatlrm ?nl Neuralgia? a** tli^m Paine, Sore*. Swelling, Stiff Joint*, I'slsy, Pile*. Born*. Bruises, Croup, Cut*, an 1 anr* enrefor Rheumatism, tn one to three days, Bottlee 25. M, |1. PKor. Ch>s UkUkatm, -9 S. Eighth street. Large bottles ten time* cheapest. Sold by * 8. HANCK, 18* Baltimore street, Baltimore; and STOTT k Co. and J. SCHWARTZ, WaslilBftoa. eep ?-lw |T^Sar?apartlla is regarded as the best alterative for all disease* arising from an Impure state of the blood. OaSDELiON is a valuable toulc aud apei ieut, espe cially adapt* 1 to deraneemwnt* of the ltver and dt?eetue <>r gau*, dyspepsia, headarhe, and rostlveness, or constipation of the bowels. A concentrated IIuld extract from the above Is orepared bv Brown k Son, Boston. #>1.1 by J. N. CALLAN an I Z l?. OILMAN, Washington; Agents fur Baltimore, COLfcMAN k KOOWKKS. eep :-lw IZT Hoststter's Bitters.?It Is notoften that w* recommend, through onr columns, any of the thons.ind an l one curatives which are ?ald to posse** snch transcen dency wouderful power In removing the 111* tbattfeeh Is heir to. But the Bitter* prepared by Dr. Hontetter, and a Iver t *ed '.n till* pa|>*r, we know ?.> b?* ??xrellfiit, for we tried It Id our family. It is no new and untrlml article, but one that l,a? stood the test of a ten years' trial be!ore the Amerl' ari people, and It* repntatlon and ssle !< nnrlvaled by any Jar preparation* extant. The testimony In Its favor given by ihe uioet prominent and we.l kno>?u Pnysl. laus and ludi vi Inula in all part* of the country Is Immense.?Exchange. SsmJ wUilvalaand reU!l by J. N. CALLAN. s-j. 2-lw {^t'bsirra now Is not rgnfinrd to nny pari, ular locality, s-r#?d? Ms wings over aU cmii.trls* and people. I^et a'l L ? yreoar d hy p->**-?s1ii* a |...ttle of the BALM OP ZtNTUlBjiA ma-le H. - Mum phrey, Oudousbijreh. It ts a sura 3 -t nm.i: rous certificate* which are wrapped arouu'l ea^U WotC^,'(ll ol which attest Its efficacy. Kor tale !n Washington by CHAS. STOTT. ?n U^Iw fUallrf's Hennine Fain Extractor! rill *'it.dae the pain and lntlatnmatlon from the severest burns or scaids, in froui one to twenty minutes?and that It will heal the wounds without ?car; anil effectually cure Kever Salt Khenm? Inllammat"ry rlieninati'm -Sore and Ii.tlimed Fye*?Cut*?Wound*? Hrillse*?Old and In veterate Sore*?S- ald Head?Corns and Kuntons?KrysipeUa _.s..,raliia?Swelling*?Kelone?Chilblains?Mite of Insect*? ?U'I Broken Breast?Sore Nipples?Krupth ns?at.d all otUar 1--.-lDiatory and cutaneous diseases, where the part* a*~<*~4 iii. r?aclie?I. Kon't be lucro4uL;UJ V-'-"V t' ** *nany diseases named to b? cured by only one thing?t;ii t.ti. >., '.hat the few, but posi tive properties which the Bailey !??rvd n .!n?, and as heret'.lore enumerate<1?one to four?ran rearli r.Ut n. ne the #f .re mentioned dlaease*. but many more not enumerated. Karh box of umumK'h I'aim Kxtkactok has apon It a rfteel Plate Kmcrave<1 Label m lth the signatures of C. V. ('LICICfNtK k CO., proprietor*, and liKNKY BAl.LKY, ^Lf?ur?rturer. Ail otbere are counterfeit. Price 2& rente ?a vi v->rs shonbl b* addressed to C. V. Cllckene r A Co., gl Barclay *tf?? , K<w York. ^-Kor sale Ly Uti" STOTT, NAIRN A PALMKB, and Druggists generally. 8 eo?m J[j"FeTir and agar care<i without using galnlne. Arsenic. Mercury, Opium, or aur o( U.e^ ilsonous ?liu<< or .laagerooa compound*, generally reaorti-.I I'j by ?ufferers frum this long .Irawn, m<*t afllletlng. and ai.noyln ? of all di?ea?*J, by resorting to Carter's Spanish Mixture, willch cr.nulin none of the above deleterious -oibstancea, bnl eijactually and fully by acilug specifically on the Liver aud SkU 4' rlfylng the Blood, and exp-lllt k the remains of old medionaa yl'h wtilch the sy?tenj ha* been .logged, opening the pores m A." b<?dy. and allowing nature to assist it*elf In treaklug up ?U? and rscnperatlng it* en erglse. See the cure of Mr. John Lopr'1?ii, oj 4a,wivl .red an I lironlc Ague and Kever; cbUls twice a day for Aire* K 'hln? permanently eured Mm, until r?e tried Carter"* Mpakls,'* Mixture; three bottles of which perfectly reMared bun to beillb; nor ha* he had a chill since, lie 1* only one out of a thou**?5 ?l?. ln? experienced the life renewing ef fects of thia v*lt?abi? jV''"er ?t the blood. S"p 1-1 m jnr fonts, Fants, and VetUi Drtss Suits, Busintai Ku*ts, NOAH WALKKB A CO., MakbLK Hai.i. Clothimo Kurt* lul-vi Browns' lloUl Bnlldlug, re/pe. lluily anuounee tba. tuTlr alv3*l dl'play of SPRING A.M? Hl'MMF.B CLOT1IINU a now TmJk% f;T Ir.spectlou, comprising an ansortmait of run ?>?? a*;> Vmi ' -W CwjtbibusK the newest and rlch , t deaivL.', 1u materia., trimming, and workmanship. To th< s? who study excellence, is.i_ ecouomy In fasblonaLl ? ar ? <-i?? of Irea*. an opportunity l? o*eee.l for aelec lng from of the most attractive slot a of k'^ee. la city, at very .-??Kced prtcea. ?!> VTT** Hoodand's German Hitters.?t'erti fleais Ralph Lute. Esq., Kdltor " Spirit of Times," Iron too, OLIO. . Iboxton, October SO, lttAt. Dr C M. Jackal-fit*' Sir;?^The Bitters are In great de mand here. In a/Id 11 loo W ouantlty *old by Moxley k Barber, your electa, the two iptsir lit res sell mora of tU?ni th?n any other medlclue. I C?'l tli^y *** ccn v?!?Mrvat f#v?r pAtloutii to rebatld ttu*lrtroktuCieQ#i?tiUl I U??'1 ?jar1 ijk ih9 JiMtauuiKiitr, In ujr own fonr b*?til*? Ti?#?y were recommended t<? me flr*t hj a BM|i>Wr, at a time when uiy ey?Ujm wm mtch ilebtllutsd from tht? eiTsn t* of ? -evere Billons Kefer. They gmre me ?n app?clt?, and re*tore<l <a ton** u?l vl^or to uiy whole eyitem. In one of the *ept*mh#r nouiltiri of m7 p?per I related my experl ?n'*n of the ?'?od elTfU of th?* Bitter*, pluce which time tb?y hftve h?d ft laricft ?ftlet ftiid hftve now become the Btondftril lAat llclne In thle vicinity. lb I w??nld P*y thftt I feel icremt p 1 eft*nre In rIvlhK yov tfctt i^eilmouy of the vftloe end enrreei of your pret>ftr?ti<?. op>?ectfully yourt, Lutb. ftlv?rtH?B*b?,' JeT-Smr ICTSilrtr Wuro ^luunUrtorf.- I am B?w manufacturing vsry aupertur artlrlse lu thj Wif of sterling SILVER W auk, v1x: Porks, Kpoou*, Oobleta, Cu|M, A1', which cannot be excelled In this section of country. A?so, lor sale, every variety of fln? Watches, of the moat celebrated makers, and a compl?te assortment of rich Uold Jewelry. Flue Watch repairing of every description done In the hest Msnuer, by experl*ti<-*d an.l conipeteut workmeu, and (Bar autlad la gl?e aatlsfactlon. So. IM J?e.*v.enne, between ?th aud 10th atreeta. Sign of the Large Spread Kagl*. Jy S?tr H. O. HOOD. MAKKItU, Oa1U<?24 InsUnt, by th?* R?>t. Fatber H??yi*. II. KUFffci'to Miss KLIZAKKTH WILD, all of tfckelty. ? VIKU. In this rlty last nlgtt, iu? 4tb Jnstrnt. of the CfMfffniton of the Drain, Mrs. CAKO^INh ADAM"*, the mother of Mr. Kdwln Adams of the National Theatre, la the 50th year of her age. Oa the ^th lnaUnt, JULIUS A. PKTKRi?, a native ol Meychatel, Switzerland, aged 48 year*. His funeral will U?e place from his late reai deace on D atreet, betwe?a ^l?t and 22d atreeta, at lc? o'clock t?- morrow. The frleuda and acaoftin tjnres of ihr family are respectfully Invited to atteod. GBAND MILITARY & CIVIC EXCURSION or tii Washington Light Infantry, BOWS T*S POTOMAC HIVEK k CHKSAl'iiAftE BAY TO Old Point, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. ON THK TWELFTH OF SEPTEMBER THE TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY ?F the Washington Light Infantry ? a (in place of their mode) will be celebrated bv an Excursion to the above places on FRIDAY, tentember 12. thus aff.irdlng their friends ample opportunity for viewing the Bay? ??Old Ocean;" veiling tbe great Summer resort, Old Potat,?the far-famed Fortress fo onroe,?the Rip Raw,?Norfolk and Portsmouth,?U S Na vy Yard and Na*al Depot.?the mammoth liner Pennsylvania and Steamship Colorado Wituers's Cornet and Cotillon Hand has l?een engaged. The Meals will be furnished by an experienced caterer, (Mr Nater;)and the wrhcle conduct of affairs will be managed so as to make the Ex cursion pleasant ana agreeable to all who favor the Company with their presence The safe and commodious Steamer POWHA TAN, Cart. MltcbeH, has been chartered, and will leave her wharf at '2 o'clock p. m , and arrive at Old Point Comfort at 9 on Saturday morning ; thence to Norfolk and Portsmouth. Returning, will leave Old Point Comfort at 12 o'clock in. on Sunday, and arrive at Washington about a. m., on Monday. Round trip tickets ft2 50; Gentleman and two ladles, $6; Children accompanied by parents un der 12 years of age, no charge; servants half price. Round trip tickets to Plney Point, ft I 50. 'i o be had at the following places : Kuhl's Restaurant; Dyson's Drugstore; Todd A Co , Joe Shilling ton's Periodical Store, Power's, Tobacconist, and Kloman's Restaurant, 71h street; Hamlin's Re fectory, Capitol Hill; and of the Company and the Committee Capt James Y l)av'?, ' lht Lleat John Tucker, Judson Warner, J?s Coleman, I*em D Williams, Isaac Beers, Thos R Dwyer, Wm F. Tucker, an 27-eotd WM. E. MORCOE. Treas. For Sale *nd Rent. For rent. ?three furnished rooms, with or without board, upon moderate terms, suitable for 3 or 4 single gentlemen, at No. 207 F street, between Pith and 13th streets, or the entire house, containing 11 rooms, to a good tenan*, if immediate application be made, se 5 -2a*"*3wTu, F For rent or sale.?a substantial flne Brick House, desirably situated on the corner of Massachuset s avenue and 10th street, containing 10 roorrs with cellar Also, a pumn of good water in the yard. Would rather sell tnan rent. The house is bui'.t in the best manner, and is three-stories and attic high Possession given Immediately Apply to GEORGE T. LANG LEY, on 11th, between K and L stroets. eeS-lw tiAKM FOR SALE.?THE SUBSCRIBER offers for s?'e a farm situated In Loujon county, Virginia, near Dravnsvllle, containing about 464 acres. Fifty acres are in wood The soil is naturally equal to any in the county A plot of the land can be seen at tbe ollice of the un dersigned. RICHARD P. JACKpON, No 155 Bridge atreet, Georgetown. ?e5-tf For rent?several handsome Par lor* and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. 1 nqulre at M re. SMITH'S. 233 F street. nov27?tf FO R S A L E?A CONVENIENT SMALL House, on 10th street, only two or three doors from Pa avenue. Its central location renders It a very d slrable dwelling for persons engaged in business. The front room miyht be used as a Show room for a Millinery, or httod up for a I a dies' Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Store Its proximity to the avenue would make it a good stand for any neat business. Apply to W. LEN OX, or at Miss Lenox's, on E, oetween 10th and 11th streets. an 27-tf For rent?a furnished country Dwelling, with lawn, orchard, garden, and stables?5 rooms on first ttoor?hot ana cold baths, hlghlv romantic and healthy situation, b ni'ies from Washington In Prince George's, Md Re fer to Sweeny, Rlttenhouse, Kant a Co , and Ed ltor of the Star. Possession given at any time af terthe 15th October. au25-lm For sale ?a tract of land, con tair.Ing about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley View Farm, the residence or the late John H King, deceased. TLls Is one of the most desirable sites in the District for a flne private residence; about 30 acre* of thj? tracj Is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleaied and la a hlgu state of cul tivation. The summit of this tract Is from 350 to 400 feet, above tide water, and has a line view of Washington, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entire or In lota Also, a large f rame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and li streets west, Wash ington city. Apply at Valley View Farm, or to Dr. H. King, No. 80 Prospect street, Georgetown, D C. Je 19-tf fIntel] K. J. KING. STORE FOR RENT ?ONEOF THE MOST desirable places of business on Pennsylvar'a avenue for rent, and fixtures for sale. Apply at No. 244 Penn. avenue, between the hours of 2 and 6 o'clock. au8-eotf ? f^OR JSALE OR RENT.?THAT JIESIRA ble residence on F stre -t, L<nvye..n 2?,ih and *lst. lor Uie liv.^ ye irs occupied bvtbe late J M. Chubb, Esq . Possession t'lVen the 1st of November next. Inquire of H1GGSACO. bu l'J-eotf FOR KbN i?TWO HOUSES, ONE ON 18th and I streets, with a back building; the house has twelve rooms, with a tine large yard, suitable for a large family. The other hr>u<e Is on H street, between 15th and 19th street*, both In desirable places to reside. For further particulars enquire of G EORGK k THOS. PARKER. an20-eo3w? FOR SALE OR KENT?THE TWO NEW three-storv Houses with back building and on 1l>th street, th? first square south of Penn avonue, is oitei^d for sal*- o, rent. They contain ten rrioms ea^h. Inquire of j . VV BAR KER, on H street, next to the Lutheran church, between 11th and 12th street. au 1-eotf EJOR RENT?DWELLING HOUSE, NO 332, Pennsylvania avenue north side between Mh and 10th streets. One of the best locations In theeity. I muiedlate passession glien. Apply to GEO. 11. B. WHITE A. CO., on the premises, or to C^Al^f-ES II. LANE, Gent's Furnishing Store, 124 P?i?n. a?ew<?<>. 40 2 INK, PENS, KILVIKX, f N&STANUft, <lnllls, Folders, letter, Cap, Note, Blotting, and Wrapping Paper, all selling out, very low, at :wi6 Pennsylvania avenue. se3 _ JOHN F. ELLIS. NOTICE ?ALL PERSONS INDEBTED to me for mewloa* ppifle**, whose bills Lave been presented to them 1>y one tteuDeu Hiown, are no llled that the mid Brown has no authority after this date to collect money for me. DR. GARRETT, Washington, Septemter 1st, IfSfl. se 3-3t orfl KIIM Alto.-THE undersigned 'IP t)\J will give ftr>0 rewaid for informal! ?r> that will lead to the detection and conviction of the vll'aln or villains who on Snndiy night last fired bis dwelling in this (Washington) county, G<'org*town. WM A. T, MADDOX. ?e 2-1 w I^OK H04Y0?i<? REGULAR PACKET LINE?Thesujienor last sailing clip-^^A per schooner'? Sylvan us Allen," CaptainjSs^ fears, has arrived, and will have quick dispatch for the above port. HARTLEY A BROTHER, se3-lw 101 Wfcter street, Gforpetuwn. Remnants ? vfeRv cheap.?bird Cages, ScUsors, Knives, Engravings. Gift Books. Umbrellas, Caii>a, ?,iuna uoous, Ghe?*. Back Gammon, Games. C.bas. Ac., Ac.,nt306 Penn avenue, between 0th and 10th stre?ts se3 JOHN F. ELLIS WEOOINO FKK8ENT1?M. W. GALT A Bro Invite attention to their stock of Rich Diamond and Pearl Jeweiry, Watches, Fancy Silverware, bni a large assortment of other ar ticles suitable for wedding presets. M W. GALT A BRO, ip 3-71 321 Pa. ave , bet. ?th and loth sts. MH. W. HKSK? PAL1Y1KR Respectfully announces to his friends, pupils, schools, and the public gen erally, that HE HAS RETURNED . to the city. The PIANO FORTE CLASSES will commence on MONDAY, September8th Application to be made Immediately to MR PALMER, at his residency, No. JP8 F street near 13th ae 3-at* SCHOOL HOOKS AND SCHOOL. KKQUI. SITES. LARGE ASSORTMENT OF ALL the School Books used In the District, and every thing wanted by Sehools In tbe Stationery line, kept constantly on band and Offered at greatly reauced prices by E K. LUNDY, se3- No. 1'iS Bridge street, Georgetown.

SOFT CKAUS All) OKKKN Tt'HTLK SO UP Ore served every d4y at C. G AUT1 ER d Saloon. fou'xi A AUCTION BALES. By WALL, BARNARD A CO.. Auctioneer*, rimo VALUABLE LOTS at I auction On WEDNESDAY AKTbK NOON. the 10th Instant, at 5o'clock, In f ont of the premises, we will sell to the highest bidder at Jxibllc sale, I.ots numbered 1? and 18. In Square i-25, fronting Massachusetts and New Jersey ave nues, and on G street, each lot being 85 feet front by about 105 feet deep. The title to Indisputable. These lots are valuable, and must be sold, and rtl>.r an exce'ient opportunity for a purchase In a Improving part of Washington . Tenns: (Jne-fouith cash; the residue In tbree payments, at G, 1*2, and IS months from day of hale, bearing Interest. A deed given ard a deed of trust taken WALL, BARNARD A CO , se 5 ts Auctioneer*. CIRCULAR. Atto*n*t Gemsal's Office,) Aoril 2, 1856. * Si* : By the provisions of an act to ascertain and settle private land claims tn the State of California, passed by Congress March3, lB5l,and of an act in amendment thererf, which was passed August SI, 1*52, It was enacted, In sub stance, among other things : 1 That for the purpose of ascertaining and settling such claims, a commission should t2 constituted to con*lit of three commissioners. 2 That every person, claiming lands in Cali fornia by virtue of any right or title derived from theSoanishor Mexican government, should pre sent tae same to the commissioners, for adjndlca for as between such claimant and the United States. 3 i'bat, in nil casts of the rejection or com lin.iAtion of anv such claim b- the said comwls sloners, It shouid bs lawful .or the party claim ant, or the United States, as the case misfit be, to demand a rehearlne In the tMstrlct court of the United States, subject to ap"w?al therefrom to the Supreme Court of tee Unitei States 4. That new evidence might lie adduced on such heating before the district court. 5. That a'1 lands, the claims to which sbon-d be Anally teje ted by the commissioners, or Mnr?l ly decided to be Invalid bv the district or Supreme Court, and all lands the clalnt\* to which s .ould not be dul" presented to the said commissioners, should be ueetred, held, and considered as part of thepuMlc domain of the United States 0. That all claims finall" confirmed by the commissioners, or b" the District or Supreme Court, a patent should issue to the claimant, upon his presenting to the General Land Office an iu theutlc certificate of such confirmation, and a plat or survey of said land dul" certified and ap proved by the surveyor eene'ai of California. 7 That, if the tlt.e of the claimant to such land should be contested by any other person, It would be lawful for such person to institute process, for determining such ronllict r.f right. In the proper district court of the United States; such court having power in that esse to restrain, bv Injunc tion, the Issue of any patent to the party claimant until the right should have been determined by competent judicial authority. 8 That the fnal decrees rendered by the said commissioners, or by the District or Supreme Court of the United States, or any patent issued to a claimant In virtue of s icb decrees, should be conclusive between the United States and such claimant only, and should not afl'ect the lntere ts of third persons 1) That, inev-ry case in which the commis sioners should render a final decision, it should be their duty to have two certified transcripts pre pared of their proceedings and decision, and of the papers and evidence on which the same were founded; one of which t'anscriptsto be filed with the clerk of the proper district court, and the oth er to be transmitted to the Attorney General of t e Uni 'ed States, and the filing of such tran scripts with the clerk aforesaid, to operate ipso far to, as an appeal for the party aaalnstwhom the decision snould have been rendered. 10 That, if such derision should be against the private claimant, 1? should he his duty to file notice with theclerk aforesaid, within six months thereafter, of his intention to prose* ut? the ap peal ; and if the decision shou<d be against the Unlted States, It should be the duty of the A ttor ney General, within six months after receiving said transcript, to cause a notice to be filed with the clerk aforesaid, that the appeal would be f.iosecu'.ed by the United States; on failure of either party to file such notice with the clerk aforesaid, the appeal to be regarded as dismissed. Such is an outline of tb? pruv?s??>ns of statute regarding the examination of private land claims in the State of California, in so far more espe cially, as concerns the official dutjPof the Execu tive ot the United States. The commissioners, provided for that purpose, entered upon, and have not? completed, the dis charge of their appropriate functions, having heard and determined upwards of eight hundred cases, presented by parties claimants of land un der Spanish or Mexican grants In California; and transcripts in the several cases have, from time to time, as they were determined, been transmitted to the Attorney General. Of these transcripts, the first was received at this office on the^ld March. 1853, a few days be fore the present Incumbent of the office entered upon the discharge of its duties In the whole course of the first year, however, only twelve transcripts reached this office, and they did not att'ord adequate means of coming to a general de termination cf the subject-matter Thus, of ne cessity, there could be no definite action in any of these cases during the first year During the ensuing year a large number of tran scripts arrived; but, on examination ?f them, it was found impossible, with due rega d to the In terests cf the United States, to decide in what cases to abstain from prosecuting appeals to $nal Judgment, until satisfactory .>/ decision should h?"e b*?en < itu-d bv the trial of a num ber of leading'case* in the Supreme Court. For this cause, It became necessary to file noti ces of appeal I n every case, rot with anv purpose of subjecting the parties to the exfecseof a trial In the district court in every case by-t only to sus pend the casea t?i?re, and thug avoid tfce conse quence of otherwise losing the right of appeal, in cases, where, by application of decisions of the Supreme Court, it snould in the event be found th?t a rehearing was requisite, in justice to the United States or to parties claiming under the United States. Efforts were made to carry through the district court, and bring to the Supreme Court, as speedily as rosslble, some leading cases for dechlon there Four cases reached the fenpreme Court In Decem ber term, 185:$, but in season to take vp only one of them, and that on a rue ;tlon oi form notafi'ect lug Its merits, in December terfn, 1854, two of these cases w*re heard and determined on their merits, so as to settle some general principles, but not enough to rrake it safe or convenient, then to proceed to re examine cases in order to dismiss appeals in the district court At the present t?-rm, however, whicn commenced In December. 1855, and will have been continued by adjournment ?o the end of May next, it is conceived that In the numerous case s which have n<.w reached the Su p:exne Court, a s-.i^ieieut t^nly of decisions will nave been had to justify the final disposition, without further trial,of no lnco>'?idervbl?i portion r.f the ca?es stttl (.ending in the district courts of California, on apj>e:il l?y the United States. 1 propose, therefore, on the 1st of June next, to commence th- re examination of the transcripts, with a view to the discontinuance of appeals, in all ca es where justice requires it, ard It can' be done without manifest Ptejudl"e to the ftn'^d Stales. The rases will oe resumed in. the order of the teneral calendar of the commissioners, and wher ever no sufficient reason to the contrary fippDars, notice of the d!s< oatlnuance of the appeal will be transmitted at onre to the clerk cf the proper dis trict court Where objections appear on the face of the re cord, or may bo <^ggrsted by written notice, duly filed In this effice on or before the first day of August next, such objections will be deemed mif fielent to prevent the discontinuance of appeal, when they appear to Involve rights or Interests of the United States, and not otherwise le tvlnj; th.rd parties to pursue the remedy, which the statute piovjd^s for them, bf petition before the proper i district court, and Injunction to restrain Issue of | patents by the Comm.ssloner of Public Lands. I am, respectfully, C. CUSHING, 8ept J-'Jt Attorney General. SCHOOL 8TATIOKKKY.?THK CHEAP ed place to buy School Stationery Is at TAYLOR A MAURY'S sc 2 Book and Stationary Store, near tfth str. GCITLKtlKK'S DRESS HHIRTS.? Jest received a large assortment of fine SHIRTS, all sizes, which we will aell much cheaper than the usual city prices WALL A STEPHENS, No 322 Pa ave , bet. 9th and 10th streets, and No. *e2-3t 3'J4, 3 doors east National Hotel. OLD HAMS! OLD HAMS ! WE HAVE RECEIVED A LOT OK MAG nolln llamj two years old. h rare and very scarce article. ICING 4 BURCHKLL, *u lu oor Vermont ave , and 1 street IIROOKS'I SPOOL COTTON.-T" l> louo dozen brooks' patent Glace Spool Cot ton just received and for ?ale wbole*ale and retail hy \V. EG AN A SON, 3?) south side Pa. av , bet. 6th and 7th sta. au 29-6t MEDICAL I'AKD. UK II PERAKEAU, GERMAN HOMEO rfethis physician, has the honor to ofter his services to the inhabitants o| Washington and vicinity. Office and Residence on 1 street, No. 188, be tween 2uth and 21st streets. N. 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I First Grand Confectioners' Ball The journeymen confectioners take great pleasure In announcing io their friends and the public of Washing ton, Georgetown, Alexandria, and Haiti more. that they will give their first ?iiaml Annual Ball, at CrncsTs SsLooa, on MONDAY, Sept. 15th, 18T1 An exptrienced Committee have made arrange ments to make this one of the best r^alls ever given In this city In a New York style For the accom modation of Ladies, Supper will be ready at any tour dur'ng the night; and will be furnished by an exDflrieir ed caterer. A fine Brass Band 1? sn ?aged for the occasion. The best Confections and ce Creams will be furnished Tickets ONE DOLLAR; admitting a Gentie msn and two Ladles- to be had at the principal hotels of this city, from thecommlttee of arrange ments, and at the door on the evening of 'be ball, Commi-ttf of Arrnnx*m? ntJoseph Schaf Held, Chas M<-vcrs, G. Clashing, Jcs. Kiem, A Beehler, J. Gaoert. se 2 2*-? OLD ESTABLISHED Washington Stove Depot! Southeast eornrr Pinna, nvuvt ?*<# 11 r% street N STORE AND RECEIVING WFEKLY, A large stock c.f the nnlverse"y admired and unsurpassed Cooking Stove, T1!K MVinililLK TUBULAR OVEN. which, for economy In consumption of fuel, slm p'leitv of construction, easily managed, easily re palrea at a trilling cost, Baking, Roasting, Broil ing. Ac , defiles competition .'?0i> References c??n be given who will testify to the above qualities of this. THE COOK STOVE! All 1 ask is an examination to satlsf" the <-reat esteconomlst. JAS. SKIKV.NG, ' 2*7 Fa. avenua. The following is one of the many recommenda tions sent to me by a very popular gentleman of tills city, the original of which may be been by any one calling at my store: W a sbi baton, July 2d, 13*6. Mr. Jas. SxtRV!!*r. : Dear Sir?The " Invinclb'e'' Stove purchased at your establishment last fall has been Inconstant use in my family since that time. 1's advantages seem to 'me to be very decided Flrct, Its ex treme simplicity of r-onstruction and management r^nd^r repairs almost unnecessary Secondly, the facility with which it may be changed from a word to a coal burner And lastlv, the perfcct manner in which it peiforins its da les. The peculiar arrangement* of Its fiuc3, keeping an even temperature around the loaf, Ac., render it by far. the best bread-baker In the market. I have, therefore, every reason to e xprer* my satisfaction with it. V ery resr^ctfaiiy yours, au 30-1m T. J. ?c W, H. OALT, fSAT.KRs 15 LFH I?*m AND SCHUYI.KILL COAL. HICKORY. OAK. AND PISE WOOD. 3CARGCiES ON THE WAY?ONE OF White Ash, one of R??d Ash. one of f^hlgh. Persons lavln? in their coal for the winter, bv sending us the;r orders wl" And them tilled wltL the best article at a moderate advance on prime cost. Wood of the biwt qnaMty always on nand. Coal kept v.nuer cover 2440 ponndstathe ton. T J A W M GALT. au 2!Mf N . W. cor 12th and C sts , No. 547. VOCAL INSTRUC TION. MR. F. NICHOLLS CROUCH, COMPOSER AND SIEGING MASTER At the instance and reco.mmen datlou of stv?r*l of his influential friends, has det^biiied to establish blm-elf at the cltv ol Washington. as a VOCALIST and SINGING MASTER His reputation in these branches, well as coirpwr of many of the most poonlai songs, such as "Kathleen Mavocmee*,'' "Der mot Astore," Ac , he trusts, will entitle him to the patronage of the community. He wiil ??e glad to take charge of a limited number of Private ^rholars, and proposes open ing a Musical Vocal Academy on the 15th Sep tember next, for the development and study of singing In classes, commencing from the ele mentary principles up to the ae^onapllshed sing er. His circulars will be prtcared a*soon ?s pos sible, and. In the meantime, he would suggest that early application be made either for private or class tuitior, at Mr. Richard Davis's, or at George HI Unit's Mnslc Store, Pennsylvania ave nue, who will give ev? ry neees?-ary Information end where Mr. CROUCH'S latest eomposttMns can be seen. *u W llll COAL I?tUAL ?I?COAL I ! COMFR'SINU rllE FOI,? OWING VARI*. ked, Gray, and While Ash COAL; all of tLe be=t duality Persons wishing t>? pnrchaf.e their win'ersupjil) would do well by sending in tSelr order* unir.e dlately, and have th?* coal de Ivered osrect fron the vessel. WO'W. ?WOttl) .* .'?WOOD ! ' Also, a *ona sto.-k of Hickorv. Oak. and pirn Wood on Land, ail of which will be sold as rh^af and on a roa^onabie terms as ?-an he had in thi? city. T. H WORTHINGTON, Corner lltli and streets, near canal. se3 eoCt HkCC EIVING Ol K FIRST FALL. H\ V FLIES WE ARE NOW RECE1VIN* vERV many newr.nd des'.raVl*. DRV GOODS suutblf for the nress?nt ^nd coming season. Wt-o^e 'ju pieces superior black Silks, some at well worth ?1 "25 A large lot fancy plaid and atrip' 'silks, very de sirable for fall dresses which w>* will sell *ery cheap pieces nlain and ^aid Fr nch Merinos 25 do rich ai<<^ np*w ?tyie Mousselm DeLalns 2tt do pla;a Qluj piajd ^,-a Flannels Hi "ic \Vnt?e *nd Colored Flannels, some ver} line oa dozen Lad'es' and Mhses' Corded and Hoop Skirts 75 d"> Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs at SI 5< per dozen 2(H) pieces Bleached and Brown Cottons of tfc< best brands 10ii db more of those superior soft finish house wife Cottons 100 do superior Shirting Linens, all of the best brands UO do G-4. U-4, 10-4, and 12-4 Cotton Sheeting Cottons A l^rgelotof ?up?-rlor Table Diapers, Napkins, Towe's, Scotch Diapers and Blid Eye Diapers 5!) new style Fall Shawls an?l Scarfs i!5 dozen Ladies' Kid and Beaver Gauntle's 25 do White and Colored French Cor*ets 40 do more of those W hite and colored ribbed % Hose GO do Gentlemen's and Boys' Linen Shirt Bo soms . With a gre*t variety cf other Goods for general family consumption, to which we ask the epecla attention of purchaseis. We must again intist on the pr.yment of bills remaining unsettled to 1st July, as upon strict promptness In all business transactions de pends our ultimate snceess. COLLEY A SEARS, 523 St /enth at., 3 doors north Fa. av?. as 29 eo2w JOHN W. MIKKS tc CO. DKALKRfl I!f Whi e and Red Ash, Ege, Stove, Transition. Hut, Cumb. Lump, & Blacksmith's Coals Also, HICK'JRY, OAK,.1Nl> PIXF. WOOD. PERSONS LAYING IN FUEL FOR THE winter will find it to their advantage by send ing us their orders, orleavlrg them at P. J. Steers' j-tore, No. 4J-*j7tb -treet, between D and E, as they will be promptly filled with the best article and at low prices. 2,240lbs. given to ton JOHN W MYERS A CO., Office and Yaid corner of G and2*2d streets, se 2-1 m First Ward. 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'"~AdTie?f from r a "ut? that H battle wu fonvht on tK,. !we7n H(?0( lV* be k "dn Z Z?r;a c?r;.<n S?il*r- under Capt ?*>??, ?nhoar. wb? lb. Kre? SoUer. ?,r.r."ul .,th . lo,, of ,wt?ty UUti kin Jd * M' M*nlMk -po"rt Fife slavery m?n were wourxUd All the provisions and awunition w?r? camel away from Ossawattomie, an J the town b rnt Oovernor Geary arrived to-day, and proceedi immediately to kan?as. Massachusetts Folitict IJ'Sept. 4.?A call has been iggn* j kr ?he President of the Fremoot Arr.lrim Sut,. ??? ftl* convention at W irt^r on thc hi N(;;,h iKroond thAt J***"'.. Pre-.den^ i"*?*" ?^d*ta for the Vice clinc Th. hV g7r ?*?? ,htt be -hail de anti G Jjl ? Ul??n1 St?l? Convention and , t day ^^tAm.rieans meet on the Arrest of C I Oarriion M'pJI"' r?U-^gyy?; ?A lLo sum of Sl^O (MMi ar> * ?w r gommittej extendi I Kansas Attain. St Long, Sept 4 -Kansas da4*? #k -I'th ?ay that fifteen hundred men under A?*h i.-on have made preparation* t<* attack Law ss ???* SUS?r^sjj?? ih?vm"r?bcrur oru,k?':t?,to Arc afnt at the Broadway Theatre wau",7f 8T* 4~A Portion of the rear wall of the liroadway theatre fell out this '? of excavatiuai on the r l ' ?*n^ Much of the scenery waa injur ^ ;T ?c.fn;ertained that the remaining parta of the building will ai80 fall. Political Serenade Cii*r?H!?ATi. Sept 3. ?Tbe lion. J. J. Crit tenden and lion Humphrey Marshall were sorennded laet eight, in thiscity, by the Know N .thing Council Both of them responded in eloquent speeches. ??? Storm in the Gulf, n ? )\.V*LEA*S' S?Pl * -The sUamshiD arit5t*hnoT:nhecThVuV9urri',%v in tbe Qou Political Demonstration in Maine. . Portland 2?A congratulatory meet !r'f) wn?h.7i:ra' (mthe of tbe army Exw JSj- u to*"i,rb?- whcn Mwt" Lvans and Jonathan Applet>n male speeches Yellow Fever in Williamsbarg. Nkh ^ ork, Sept. 5 ?A rase of yelloyferer if reported to have broken out in William burg yesterday. Baltimore Markets Laltiuoee. Sept. 5 ?Flourii steady; sales of Howard street at S6.75, and City Mills at Wheat hap dec'ined: sales of choice white at >1 OOaSl f>3 Corn has declined; sales ol white at 60a65c.. and yellow at f>2a65c. Whi ky is unchanged. ? *9W. York *arkr? New Yo*k. Sept. 5 ?Flour has advanced. V??L* Ic bblt.; State S6 U5afR 40; Ohio *6 40sSo f>5: standard Southern ?7a3047 M fan^v to extra $7 fi5a$!> 15. Wheat is buoyant; sales of 25 000 buebels western red SI 5IaSl 55; southern white $l.?b! Lorni 's improving: sales of 3,000 bustiels Southern mixed 6b*c. CI^?Jrk "aJe" of 25a barreU: mens .13 u Beef ts dull; sales of 250 barrels re parked uiess SlOSOaSll. Lard is steadr -ale- of.SOO barrels at 13* cents 7 Whisky is firm, sales ot 250 bbls ; Ohio 3Jr Financial Naw Yore. Sept 5?Stocks are higher C;al iyr; Illinois Central sharej tv'j Sem, Healirrr's^*1 V i:,T"n^ Coal Co V4t, sqarll Ju , WlDUC',y31 1,Un?h Centr?1 Sterling e^aanye ia firm MfrlAWO K??KTt: INSTKK'TKn Hoffman. (Mkothkk oftae^m!n??nt Pianist Mr ar<| Hououin, or New York.) havinr^^TPf i?i"nf M?|' mT.wV ,,nder a" **ngaj<r????-nt Mm Orgaa i^t of Mat.hews ?"hurrh, tnk the pi? a?nr?> of aaacuMlne to the public, tum be prop?e!dlve? ,",ruc,,OD WB r-r q LJSL* ??l?f ?? ler^Jv^0-17,1(16 t0 h,m' atM? Mil rr -t' io ?' S ' Htlw^n Uth *nd l5th ??rect^ liu i^ *,lrhard Davis ; and whtcb shall havr his IfQlate ittectloa ^ < i^lm pANCV AXU STAPLrOHY WMIOS. 1 I have just opfnt d aWr-ll-sHerted asanrtmenr ? the above jjoods at No Jt Market Space, bt iwe?*a ?rh and ?-'b str?*t?. (t iree door? from Mb > I wi!l endeaver to ^ire my undivided atteatioa to ail who will tawr iue with Uj*-ir calis . ? # J.C.eiBSON. N C t^ilck 4ales and ?<inall profits will be my "?otto. (an 3tl-2w) J.C.e. M*. FKANKLIN, TF.ACHEK OF VOCAL MUSIC KATKFt L TO TUK l.AIHKS t*K WASH * in^ton and its vicinity for ttavir former pa tronn e. n*s^ rtfu'>y informs thtm thut ?be will resume h^r vocation on Monday, tb*- 8th of S*r tember Mrs. F., having varan benrs for a few mere Wholars. requests the ladles who are de*lrous of i>eing perfected ia tiallad Singing, rr tbe roor** elaborate atyle of the Opera, to favor her with ar early application 'I'ern.s rn de known at her r?>*|dene* on K st ? No 4?*5, lietween !?th and loih afreets, or at tbe Music Mores of Mr. K OavU and Mr Hlibu* an Ki-iiw . PWMLH: KUTIt B. O OMNIBUS hOK THK CARS' N AND AFTKK MONDAY. SKP I FM BtK 1st a? OMNIBUS will leave tbe L'r.ion Line omnlbuK ktai.d, lnfHlK^SS^ <ieort{etown, at Sole lock a. m imd BC War Department at 5^: arrive at thedep^la time for the 0 o'clock train of car*. Also, leave tieo.getown ?tar<d for rarb aad eve ry* train, one hour before the Martin* of tbe raw ind^be In atu*;;da ice upon the animal of every la' Fare to and from the early tra^n *.?3 cents ail others to or from. 1-2# cent*; Baggsge extra, tbe charge according to welgtt and bulk. By the present arrangement oftbeear?thee.o?k wlil leave <;engetown at 5, 7*. 2, and 3k oM'k 1 are to the cars In anv of the regular Unioa I ll >-ctnls c VANDLk\YKRKEN TO THK PFBL1C. JOHN i'. DENNIS HAVING TAKEN THF woll known Coach Factory, on ?th!"iLIo street, between Louisiana avenue andttfS^ ? long conducted bv Mr. John-?^=^ to manufacture ar.J Winnvi. ^ of ^DACHES, BUtitilEt*, ' ' Ac , on tbe most reaxonable term;", .t- 1 man"W. and at the shortcut no ! i '?e r??pectfully Invites his fellow-cltizena to plve him a trial. au 12 lm CKALEU frofosai.w will hi rv ^ eel Ted bv the Secretary of tbe Treeatiry,!? ?he Htv of vvasblngton. until the l*th ot 8*-ptci*ib?-r next, fcr a suitable site, net 1m? than one buadrctl feet by one hundred feet, for tbe new Cmtorn Hc jse nnd I'ost Olttceat Georgetown, O O. JAMES UUTHRIE, SeenEarv of tbe Tr?e?ary. au *J9-tl2Sep (IntAllnlon) #200 mCWAKD. ? KAN AWAY FROM / the subscriber, Mvlagnear Upper Marlboro', P-Idcc Ueorgf'a conuty Md NK'.KO MAN LEN, who ealie i lOMlf LEN H AR ROD ; be Is a dark mulatto about thirty one years of age, five feet aev?a ?? bfgh ; be has a scar o ? tbe ri^ht knee cnunrd ?* a e??; b?lf of kls heed shaved, and verv i whenspoksoto 71 i wi.i yive the above reward If eaagbt oat of tL* t ?te of ainnland or District of Columbia, or ore hundred d-Mlar* If caught In the State of Man land or District of Columbia, and secured In jail or brought home so that 1 can ret hi * again augg tf Z U BE ALL I'LATFUKn AND I'OliaTKR Ht'ALRa. MUE DOCK'S PATENT PLATFOKM AN|? Counter Scale*, of all alxns.for sale at manu facturer* price* by UOUUK A O'NEILL, se Aleuts, No. 1U5 Water st ^ tf eorc -tow^