Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. AH OLD BALLAD. Tha following eccentric ballad is somewhat modernised from one given in the 44 SoDgs and Caro'g printed from a MS in a Sloana Collec tion." It waa written about the year 1450. I have a young sister Per beyond tbe seas ; Many are tbe present* That tbe tent me 8be seat me a cherry VV lthout any stone, S1?*Dt ?? ? Pigeon lthout any bone * Without any thorns ' *?nt ? briar, ? a* ^de me love my lover And that without deelre. How can a cherry Be without a stone ? How can a pigeon He without a bone ' How can a briar Be without a thorn-' And who e'er loved without desire Si nee true love first was born * When the cherry was a blossom Then It had no stone; When the dove was In the egg Then it had no bone; When first the briar sprouted ft ever a thorn It bore; And when a m.-tlden has htr lover Oh then she longs no mate. 81np. Com*, 8Le???? O Sleep, the certain knot of paaee. The tatting place of wit, tha balm of woe.^^ The poor man's wealth, the prisoner's release, The Indifferent judge between tha high and low, [S9dn?9. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. Brswas1 Hotel?*. p. 4 x. brows. B Mesa well, Spain, E C Delhi, Pa M H t* Harful A ly, N V W Hedgewood, Va J Buchinan A ly, On 2 B Beall, Md (i ti Thornton, i'enn Dr H T Sheelv, do Bp Myrlck A ly, Ga R Holmes, Iowa Miss Myrlck, do F. Keys, do Miss S A Dowdell, do T K Carson. Ala Miss S Dowdell. do M Leeland A fam, La A Vail,,Ga J H Jenes, do A L Haden, Ala W Allen A fain, Va .Mrs Pnrnell, do K 8 Greenwood, Ua Miss Tarver, do \v Thayer. Va J Purnell, do J Lltel field A fam. do Maj Blewett, Miss W M Thorn A sister, Mi*s Blewett,do Pa Mis* Wislnger, d<? 8 T Mathews, Va K Blewett, do Mrs L Mathews, do J O Moon A ly, do J R Duncan. Miss Moon, do A J Mead, O W W Moon, do, do Mrs M S Hopple, NY C L Moon, do R 8 Saunders. Ala Ml-s M C Archer, Miss C C Balfour. Miss Miss A M Archer, do J (Jrlls. Va J F Claiborne A ly, Va W A B MiComb, do Mrs L C Smith, do J Alexander, do Col T B Clarkiun A iam, ? C Merrick, Md BC W D Downing A lady, Miss N \V Th' La W A Clark?on. do J B Downing A ly, do W J Beall, Md W a Copelaud, IS V W J Berry A son, do Willnrds* Hotel?j. ?. Jt n. A willard. W Casper, NY C E Minor A ly, Va J D Newton, Pa Miss M Minor, do w K Walley, La U H Whaling, O 8 S Hundley, do J F Se.oville A ly, NC C Bannaeu, N Y \V E Pardee A ly, N Y J J Sussex, Va Master Pardee, do Miss Sussex, do D Deborcouria. N Y J A Hawworth, Ind " 1B~W Henry, USN T J Stearns, O P CogUfr. NY L Glliett A F A Keddln^ton, do W Pltkla, NY F H Johnson, SC J Miller, Pa XV D Rand A Iv, Md G S George, Va J Crosby, do H J Locals, i.8 G Cllne. Md K U Carter A ly, L W Green A daugh, Ky ti Arnoet, HA MassevAly, lean C Hopkins, NY G Stuart, NY W B Beverley, Va H V De Hart, USA ti D Wright A son, Ga G W Cappett, Md K M Smith, do U Kuletf, jKaiiannl Hotel.?wm.but. J C Plant. 0h W K Glassell, Va I W Fanner, NH W Major, do DH Morton. Va J Kaklnner, do J Kggleston, do G Sohlater, La ft! Smith A iv, Mrs Sa enburg A danvh, J P Lowing, i*a do J F Ccwoitt, M<1 Mr Law, NY J Cammack. Oa J A W hite A ly, I.a R Boyd Jr, Va Wm Pnllson, &C J A Maxwell. Ga DC Dlg^s, Md H F Annas, Pa J R Anderson,O A fchepperson, Va T McDonough, Conn W H Wall A ly, Fla J M Pant, Va W H Wall jr, JJ W all, Mil kwoodSll?B*e?J. A A. B. s.iRKWOOD C t Hamil. Md B Samuel*. Md W Stabter A ly, \ H Campbell, Texas R H Rush, Pa W H Lttuoiblbe. Va J Welghtmau, 111 J Lweli, My C K Hansen. Mass Dr Patrick L ly, Pa At Gassaway, do H H BeU, A R Page, Va J 8 Blochhold, J McGarnvy, NY J W Clark, Vt JIOVEHENTS OFOCEAH 8TKAXK&S Issu. /.????> >#f Day. AiiVca !^?yr York...Liverpool..Sept. 3 Her maun New York..Bremen Sept 0 fiuKitMuri Fulton Havre.. .....New York.Aug. -17 The Califurn'asteamers leava New York oathe L'fc and aota of ea ^b moata OBAWQE 4 ALEXANDRIA BAILKOAD. Great Southern Mail Line! TWICI DAILY H (SUNDAY NIUHTS ElCKPThD) Between WttiiiineiuD lily and tbe South! VIA: ALKXANDKIA, ?OEDON'S V 1 LLK, KICHMONH, DAN VILLE URFFNSBOKOUGH,NC. DAILY TO Till VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Leave W ashlngton at 6 o'clock, A M. t<eave WaaMntrton at 7 ?? P.M. l^ave Alexandria at 7 ?? A. m! L?ave Alexaod. ia at s ?? p M . Travel ers will find the Morning Line In con noctlon with the Virginia Central Railroad, tbe Ckeapaat. most Pleasant and xp?*ditloas K note to tHK VIKG1N1A SPRINGS, Greenbrier White fulphur and I'auquler While Buiphur. Warm, Hot. Alurr and Capon Springs, W'elr's Cave, Natural Bridge, Lexington, Ae UMNlBUSKs and BAGUAGfc WAGONS will be at tbe Washington Railroad Depot to coa v^f PASSKNGF.R8 and BAGGAGE, *V?s of C???*., to STKAM LK GHOKGK ?fc " PAGK for ALK.X ANURIA, a dls-flUK: a ace of six miles,allowing ample tlm^o^Rus. Fare from Washington to Richmond 85 5i ??** ** " Danville II UO van *? '? Qreensborout?h...l2 tiu TlekeUprocured on the boat Czpedlt ion and Comfort are secured by this ?*?te, a? It Is a li.vbov via st class *ailroad ?ao* ALEXANDRIA TO liANV1LLK. ratLUVQU PASSENGERS and n AG GAG K carried without oo?t lathe Depot of tb* Petersburg Railroad. JAMKS A. EVANS ? 1 Agent, Alexandria, Va. DM. MUNSON. AT.'<38 PENN'A AVENUE, la still making those beautiful omtinaous Gl'M TEETH, ealledr Alien s Patent, for the excellency of which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them In this city, will che?rrullv vouch There Is one Dentlat In this city who bus been ittfrtn^ljia the patent, and made a bad imitation It' V* ** whom I hereby caution the public M* Whenever a Dentist speaks against Allen s Patent Continuous Gam Teeth, when fvopiTIy comtrurttd, it is because he is ignorant of the process. Incompetent to make the work, or a cawililng to pay for the patent. Jel?-t/ 1?TI( K. ON WALTER JUNKS AND CHARLES LKt JuNtS G?v?' removed their ofilce to No. :oa. K street, brUTrt*n Jd and 4tb streets Cbarl?? Lm Jones wlil pioctlee In the Supreme Court uf tb? United Sute. sud all other couru keid ia the District of Columbia. Gen. Walter JeiMss, though mostlv retired from grneral prac Uoe, will uuite witu him and do hi* bent to ad vance the saceeesof clients by WTltten statemenu sad arguments, and oy all other needful and proper exertions Jy S_:jm TRAVKLINbTHI .NkkiTLUW FKltttft ATM PA AVENUE ^.^^^MLNS ARK IN RECEIPT of another Urge and fiae as MR.?eut of bast so e Irather travel ing TKUN*S, LADI ??? DRKSS ?rBUMkS, HAT BOXES, V A L1CES. CARrt r Bags, SATCHELS, Ac., embracing aJl qualities of fine and low .tulafe! traveling reqwtaii? ^,JW?bw WALL A STEPHENS, ao ?-tf Pa av?bet Mh aud loth sireeU C 1HOICR FAMILY MAMS, Prime Smoked -J Bewf and Bologna Sausage, )u*t in store and V* sai? by KING A BUR4JHKLL, tftt VeraMMit avenue, corner 15th a? > and I ?tie?ta. Miscellaneous. Th?*h W. Ro?i!*s?n,???M In tha I Court far Prince *i. iGeorga'a County William D. Bowia, ; ? Court ot and other*.) Fruity. 'PHE OBJECT OF THIS J* ^ I _nr- _ j-rM for the conwy?nc? or certain Real Estate, lvlng and being In Wood county, In the State of Vl?lnia, whlcli was purchawd by James Robln.on, late of ?Ud countr from Benja min Oden and Nopals, his wife, late of Prince George's county, Maryland. The Bill states that James Robinson, late of Wood county, In the State of Virginia, In his life-time purchased of Benjamin Oden and Sophia his wife,'ate of Prince George's county, c-rtain Keal Estate, lying and being on the little Kana wha River, in Wo^ county, In the State of Vir ginia, containing two hundred and fifty acres, at and for the sum of one thousand dollars. That the said James Robinson paid the whole amount of said purchase money to the said Benlamln Oden and Sophia, his wife. Bntthe said Benja min Oden and Sophia, his wife, both departed this life without having executed to the said Rob lnsoa a deed of conveyance of said land, leaving the following heirs and legal representatives: William 1) Bowie. Sr., the former husband, and Oden Bowie, William D. Bowie. Jr . Catharine Swann, and Christiana McKenzle, the wife of Colen McKenzle, the children of Eliza, a de ceased daughter of the said Benjamin and Sophia, Eleanor West, wife of Arthur P. West, and Maria Jackson, both daughters of the said Benjamin and Sophia, Richard O. Mulllkln, Mary E. Cla gett, wife of Charles Clagett, Sophia O. Calvert, wife of Washington Calvert, Margaret Allice Shoultxe, wlfa of Francis S. Shoultze,and Eliza beth Mulllkln, the onlv children of a deceased daughter, Sophia Mulllkln, Thomas H. Clagett, thefoTmer husband, ?nd Henry O Clagett, Wil liam Bowie Clagett. Thomas Claeett and Julia Clagett, the only children of Christiana, who Is also a deceased daughter of the said Beojamln and Sot>hia. That the said Robinson alsa departed this llfa sometime in the year eighteen hundred and fifty, leaving the following neirs and legal representatives: Thomas W. Robin son, Alfred Robinson. James M. Robinson, Sarah Ann Morehead, wlfs of Samuel Morehead, Prls cllla Robinson. Sophia Stagg,wlfeof Edward D. Stagg, Peter T Hanarman, Sarah A. Trlplett, ^ranalln Trtplettand James Roblnion. who are desirous to procure a valid title to said land. That the sala Eleanor West. Thomas H. Clagett, Henry O. Clagett, William Bowie Clagett. Tnos. Clagett, Julia Clagett, Francis S Shoultze and Margaret Alice, his wife, reside out of the State of Maryland, and that the said Elizabeth Muiii kin, Tnomas Clagett and Julia Clagett are In fants, under the age of twenty-one years. Prayer for a decree appointing a Trustee to make a con veyance of said land, and order of publication against the non-residents, and for the appoint ment of a commissioner to assign a guardian to said infant defendants to answer said bill of cam plaints. It is thereupon adjudged and ordered that the comp alnant by causing a copy of this order to be Inserted in some newspaper published at Wash ington city, once a week for feur successive months, before the 1st day of November next, give notice to tin said absent defendants of thw object and substance of this bill and warn them to appear In this Court, In person ar by sollcliar, on or before the first Monday of November next, to answer the premises and show cause, if any thev have, why a decree ought not to pass as prayed. CHAS S. M 1DDLETON, Clerk of the C C for Prince George's County. A true copy?Test: JeU7-F4m CHAS. S MIDDLKTON, Clerk. Proposals for Deepening the Outlets of the Mississippi river into the Gulf of Mexico ENGINEER DEPARTMENT, ) Wasbivoto*. August 4, lc5fi J |>ROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED AT a this otflce until the first day of October next for "opening and keeping open ship channels of sufficient capacity to aoc.ominodate the wants of commerce, tnrough the Southwest Pass and Pass a l'Outre, leading from the Mississippi river into the Gulf of Mexico," for which purpose there was appropriated, by act of Congress of bth of July, three hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Bidders are requested to stale the amount for which they will contract to open each of the channels specltied throughout a well deSned width of three hand red fe?t, to a depth of not less than eighteen feet below the level of onlinarr low water, which level will be determined bya bench mark on the shore, to be established by an othcer or officers appointed bv the Secretary of War; and thev are also requested to state the longest period of time for which they will contract to keep each channel open to such width and depth for the res idue of ti.e appropriation after the amount of the bid for opening, If accepted, is paid ; and to state also, In separate proposals, the same, particulars for opening and keeping open each channel to a uniform depth of not le*s than twenty feet through out a well defined width of three hundred fe?t The means by which it may be proposed to ac complish the work and the least time necessary for opening the channels, must be stated in the pro posal for t'ach depth The right io arcept the offerwhich, lntheopln ion of the Secretary of War, proposes the nest method of accomplishing the object contemplated and to accept either proposal of any bidder for either of the passes, to the exclusion of the pro posals of the same bidder for the other pass, is reserved The quauU!.v of matter necessary to be removed from the existing channels at the passes to be deepened, or the dlstam ? along either channel to which the work must extend, lnordt r to obtain eiiher of the specified depths, cannot, for want of j accural* Information as to thelrpresent condition, be stated. Persons who desire to undertake the work are expectea. therefore, to Inform theintelvos of Its extent, and of the oest means ofaccompllsh lng It. After a contract has been entered Into, the place and directions of the channels to be opened will be designated to the contractor by an ctficer or officers appointed for that purpose by the Secre tary of War, and the amount which may be agret-d upon for opening each will be paid after each has been completed,and found, upon exami nation by an officer or officers, appointed as above, to be conformable. In ail respects, to the stipula tions of the contract; but no payment will be tuad* >?m account of any work done towardsopen lug elite/ clsd;:?I until after sncb channel shall have been ccm];l?to4, examined, and approved, a? ?W?ve specified At the ** pi ration of cue iti'id of the time dur ing which the channels are to fce kept open, eighty per cwt of one .third of the whQle amount 0t th." contract for keeping open will he puid . <4 theeXD^,jtlon ?' lw?-thirds of the time an addi tional Mtfn *'nt one third of the whole amount contracted tot b- p-ld ; andattbeexplratlon of the whole time da?>g whlch the channels are to be kept open, the tw^,'percent reta ned at the ?rst payment, and the rrflMi??2 third of the Whole amount of tbe contract for hoping the channels open, will bis paid; butno coymem w.)i b? made until after the chsu.iels havel>(*n exam ined ut each period of payment, hy an officer or officers appointed by the Secretary of War and found to be in ail respects conformable ?? con tract Proposals must b<* accompanied by evidence of ability to execute the work In thewsy.and within the time proposed, and should be addressed to the "Engineer Department, Washington," and en dorsed 41 Proposals for opening channels at outlets of the Mississippi river.'' When the time within which proposals are to be received has expired they will be opened and considered, and a contract be entered into with the bidder or btd*>r* whose plan of 0|>eratl0nand evidence of ability to execute the work are most satisfactory to the Secretary *1 War. To be inserted forthlrtydaystalUu National In telll<ri>ncer, and the Evening Star, W&suinuton; the Commercial Bulletin, and the True OeUa, New Orleans; the Mobile Register, Mobile; the Argus, and the Pennsylvanian, at Philadelphia ; the Day Book, and the Journal of Commerce, New York; the Time*., and flit* Post, Boston; the Republican, arid tbe Pilot, St Louis; the Enqui rer, Cincinnati; and the Democrat, Louisville. Accounts for edvertlsing, with two copies ef paper containing advertisement, to be sent to En gineer Department for payment. au 5d30t_ JOt II A >1 fc NOKKLKT'I NJiW AN 1) C'rlKAP IADDLI, HARNESS AND TRUHK BTOBI, 4W bevent'ast .opposite Odd Fellows'Hall. MESSRS. TOPHAM. dUjaj?^lcw t-f Philadelphia, ana *3ffE?NORFi.*:T of this city, f respectfully ah?c^nce to Ihelr friends and the public, tail they have com menced the Saddling business at the?&>yestand, where they will make and keep constantly <?a hand a large and superior assortment of?Mens', "dies'. ?nd Boys' SADDLES, BRIDLES. MARTfNO ALLS.and WHIPS. HARNESS of everv d;rscrlptl<)0, With city and country use. All kinds of i KJJUKS, VALISES, and CAR PET BAGS 1 <ad?e.' SATCHi'-LS, TRAVEL ING BASKETS.and FANCY WOiifr. *JO*EM. HOKSK BLANKKTS. COVERS, COLLARS, and GAMES. Horse, Spoke, and DusWJRUSH ES. CARDS, CURRY-COMBS, SPONGES, fcc.,fco All material nsed will be the best that can be obu;aed; and both of us having been practical werkmea for several years, we feel confident that ^ar T?,r.. ** surpassed, either for style or durability. By nnren.4;;ing efforts to give satis faction we hope to merit, a*d i^p-ctfufiy solicit, a share of public patronage ' ' Paatlcuisr attention paid to ooverla* Wruahs ?nd repairing all kinds If work. ^ *?***? fsddl' fs tools consiaatlv on haad asv 7_tf tUiliMCKY WARHINKH, WATCHMAKER ANO JEWELER, AMD ssaLaa in 1 Pine Watchcs, Jewelry, and Silver Ware. Stlltng ml m t?ry liberal reduction from cut' tomnrf |irtni. No 370 Pa. avenue, ttetw^d tfth and 7th str*ets, an ft im (In Browns' Hotel building ) Miscellaneous. imeiR'S Improved Sewing Machines. To which wugranted the Highest Award of the Pari* Exhibition, thereby receiving the World'i Verdict of Superiority. The improvements in this ma ctaine haa simplified them In many respects, and they are capableof executing twice the amount of work they did formerly In any given time. They are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect: a shirt bosom or heavy trace for narness can be sewn by any of these machines by a simple change of needle and thread in such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will And them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. We have machines with guages attached, for binding hats, cap-fronts, gaiters, &o. Silk, Thread, Cotton, Needles, &o , constantly on hand, at the lowest rates. Persous desirous of Information regarding Sew ing Machines will please address I. M. SINGER A CO , 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma* chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral. Persons who have been Induced to purchaae Inferior machines under the pretext of being cheap, will find this a benefit indeed. mar 10?tf BUY AND SELL FOEBIOH AND DOMESTIC EXGHAN0E; FURNISH DRAFTS On all Parts of United States and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United 8tates and Europs; DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR ?1 OR UPWARDS; BUT AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER. Investment paying 10y and aver, far aala. LAUD WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTSof all denominations. Land Warrants located In Iowa. Wisconsin, or Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 83-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. UKEAT KKUl'OTION IN THE PRICE OF BOOTS AND GAITERS I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL adelphln manu facturer, a first rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin HOOT at S-'J 6'i. full as good as those usually sold at $5 or ??>; aid a French Calf Patpnt LeatherGAITER at 50, as good as any at #5; a tlrst rate Calf GalteratS'2 50, these are the best good* that Is (or ever werv) sold In the District for the price; for the proof, come and see for yourself. Terms positively cash. No extra p-ottt charged to oUfcet bad debts. Call at the NEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventtj street, near Pennsy.vanla avenue. m 'J4 tf ANTHONY, Agent._ T( )\ALL THAT VALUE THE fit S1G H T | TinSHLSIO CALL THE ATTENTION i that "uffer wltb defective sight,; caused by age, sickness, and particularly from ?pE?pilA.' ^ou"Jy,to his superior ? J1. rACLES and (.LASSEScarefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transparency, suited precisely and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity or I convexity of-th** eye. Very numerous are the ill effects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not be<nir precisely suited, by the use of an Optometer; an<j ' the practice of many years enables ^lm to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass- II '"eabsolateiyreaulred will be furnished with precisio?and satisfaction. JOHN TOBIAS acknowledges the very libe ra encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that have not vet availed themselves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by send ing the glasses in use, and state how many Inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such aa will Improve their Bl^Ot. r Innumerable testimonials to b<* seen - and ref erences given to many who have derived the greatest ea*? and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be hid gratis. at qIh otflre No ?^"KVKNTH STHlfb'r, Odd Fellows1 Hall, op staihs. U< i?v u Nobfolk, September?, 1*54. Sir? The Spectacle# you made for me suit verv well, and seem to have Improved my sight more than any other 1 have lately tried. LITT. W. TAZEWELL I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr. 1 o hi as, and find them of great assistance to my' aUht, and corresponding with hlsdescrlptlon of the focue. I recommend him as a skillful op tlr!an HENRY A. WISE. Having been Induced by a friend to visltthe es tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ing his clause*, 1 was furnished by him with a pair slightly colored blue, which have afforded me more relief and gratification than any I have ever tried. My sight, originally very good, was Injured by writing and reading at niijht, fre quently to a very lat? hour; but with the aid of these passes I ran study almost as late as .ver, and that too without the pain I have previously sufif-red. JOHN WILSON, Late Commissioner Gen'l Land <?ifice. December 11, 1B65. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacled for three or four months, and take great pleasure lu say ing that 1 am much pleased witL them 1 have Uw-n mi;ch benefitted by them. May 5th,1M*.- GEOK. IVSCARBURGH. I was recommended to Mr. John Tobias as a skillful optician; and as I have eyes of remark able peculiarity, I was gratified to find that Mr I oblas seemed to comprehend them by inspec tion and some slight measurement, and he has made me a pair of Spectacles thdt suits me ad mirably. July 11, l%6. A. P. BUTLER. , _wilmi??toj?, N. C., Jan.5i7,185* * '? w .IABi: ^?ear Sir?1 am happy to say that the ..pectacles which I obtainedfroru you last week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequal ity in ihe visual ranue of my eye*, 1 have liereto fo.ind ureal ditticulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance It affords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer, this diffi culty ha* been happily obviated so thattheglasse* you furnished me are decidedly the best adapted to my eyes of any 1 have ever yet used Very respectfully, yours, R. B. DRANE, Rector of St James' Parish. DarAHTMKNT of iNTiaioa, May7, 1?55. From natural defects and the unequal range of j my fey**, I have been compelled to use glasses for several years. I have tried #lfl'erent opticians without obtaining passes perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months sine* air. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I hav-found to serve me perfectly. ISv the use of his optomet^ he Is enabled toadaptGlassesmlnutely to theeye I most cheerfully recommend Mr Tobias to all Living occasion to use glasses and bear my testi mony as to Jala skill as an optician HENRY E. BALDWIN, Assist. Sec y to sign Land Warrants. P. 9-?OPERA GLASSES of great variety, ?AK?ic2rfit.M,c.Eo8coF?s. w?tc& MAKhK U LASSES, and many other articles Id this line at very low prices constantly on hand Jy 18-ly ' HAJOU'S KID ANO OTHER GLOVES* 1NO. H. SMOOT, No. 119 BRIDGE STREET, & Georgetown, has received, from New, Yoi Jc, ladles Bajou'a KID GLOVES for white, black and colored; i:ents. do do ill ladles and gents JctTtta Silk and Llile A Thread Gloves. Also, a ftrst rate assortment of bleached and brown Cotton Hose, all qualities biearhed, brown and fancv Half Hose1; and boys' Uoseand Half Hose Particular attention being paid to keeping a go<,d assortment of the very best makes of the above gwods, purchasers may depend upon eet ting a eood 4iticU* a* cheap as the same quality can be bought elsewue?e. ? 1-tr JOHN U. SKQQT. NEWS FROM THE ARCTIC KKOIOIS. 1UST RECEIVED AND FOR SALE AT the Union Bottling Depot, a supply of BLACK BERRY BRANDY, an Infallible remedy for suipnaor complaints, both among children and adults. Also, SUMMER BEVERAGES of al most every kind and character, such as Mead American Chainpague, Porter, Ala, Cider, all of superior quality; Stomach Bitters, carefully pre pared by scUntlflo men. A great variety of Si nips, and any ouantlty of our unsurpassed pre mium Mineral Waters, prepared in our new sll ver-lined apparatus Also, that excellent tonic !uh?Vwm"-Wln*er Wlae' L?*T? your orders waKoa- or at the Depot, corner streets, Georgetown, D ,v3a-tf 1ARNYASHINN, Information for Tfivrttft< ?*o*?k wash me

In* hours wlil depart it the follow- . JgTj. LnTt Alenndrlt 7M, 0, u. u.?4^Ie WMhln*t?jl-? Ai?> J?*0-4 Job 6oits6i^; captai* ? OR MOUNT VERNON. 0N?7iV?nDi2??AND FRIDAYS? FAME, ROUND TRIP 9ij Prom _ jt ? J ALEXANDRIA75dENi-S-The^^^^ steamer THOMAS COLLYER lea^H^S? ton at 9 and Alexandria at 9U o'clock. >M^he*i-ie*,If^he,Capitoi for 0,6 6041 *t 8* o'clock. Coach fare 10 cent*. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with George A Thomas Parker Refreshments on the boat. ap*2-tf SAM'L GKDNKY, CapUU. CHANUE OF HOURS. |/"kN AND AFTER MONDAY, THE 30th of !V/jun?, the Steamer GEORok jp-!* PAGE will run at the following hours: o? ? J'?ckAlex8adr,a" 4*'8' l% l4> #*?4*' and o'clock8 W#9hto?to,lfl' ?. ?. **. ?X, **, *nd 7 JeW-tf KLLIS L. PRICE, Captain. FOR HARFKR'g FERRY, (iag| THROUOH IN TWELVE HOURS! 11Hu?J^.Ki\,?AND SPLENDID PACKET BOAT ARGO, Capt. Chas. H. Mkbrill, will commrnce making Higulnt Tttvt b^twt^n GEORGETOWN and the a*bove Point, on MLon day, March 87th, 185#. The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H AH 0 Kltter, Georgetown, D. C ,e?ery Mondav, Wed nesdnv, and Friday morning, at6 o'clock Returning, she will leave Harper's Ferry every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 0 clock. ? Tbraufh Tickets, $2. 2ft. To Lmburg 9l&X,fciuding tkt Stagt from Edwards1 Ferry Families Intending to visit the Virginia Springs the coming season will find this by far the most safp, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Capon, Shanondale, While Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate rates. A coach will always be In readiness In George town to convey passengers to and from the Boat. Fer further particulars Inquire at the store of W H A H. G. RITTER, Georgetown, and JOHN V. AVIS, Jr., Harper's Ferry. Va. mar 18?tf ' EXCUKSIO* BOATS FCR THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. rpHK STEAMERS THOS. COLLYER OR 1 GEORGE WASHINGTON can be chartered for public or se-Al^S&C lect parties to the White House I'avflhJn^'Im Washington, Mount Vernon or any place on the Potomac River. Far further particulars apply to the Captains of the Koats or to the President of the Company. ? p 17-tf r ' WASHINGTON I1KA1CH RAILROAD. / <Hah;k OK HOURS.?On and after Mm ^ ' day, the Sid instant, the Trains will Leave Washington at 6 and a % a. m , ud 3 tatf 4*p m. On Sunday at 4X p. as. Leave Baltimore ally and t M a. as., aid 3 ana ? ? P- ? On Sunday at 4 if a. ?. ???-*? ?_ h. haixonh, Amu THE NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES 111 frig - ? - - STEAMERS. S&fEL 'pHE SHIPS COMPRISING THIS LINK A are the ATLANTIC .. Capt. Eldrldge. BALTIC ..Capt, Comstock ADRIATIC... Capt. Jas. West These ships having been built by contract ex pressly for Government service, every care has been taken In their construction, as also in their engines, to Insure strength and speed; and their accommodations for passengers are uuequaled for eleeance and comfort 5 Price of passage from New York to Liverpool In Urst cabin, 8130; in second do., JT5. From Liverpool to New York, 30 and *20 guineas. An experienced surgeon attached to each ship. No berths can be secured until paid for. The ships of this line have improved water-tight bulk heads, and to avoid danger from Ice wlllnotcross the Banks north of 4'2 degrees, until after the 1st of August. PKOPOSBD SATIS oir SAILIK0. From Ni* York. From Liverpool. a M WW. 1856. Saturday Apr. 28 Wednesday.... May 11 Saturday .......May I0 Wednesday....May 2^ Saturday May 24 Wednesday....June 11 Saturday ..June 7 Wednesday....June 25 Saturday June21 Wrednesday....July l* Saturday ..July 5 Wednesday ....July 23 Saturday July 19 Wednesday.... Aug 6 Saturday Aug. 2 Wednesday....Aug, 20 Saturday ??Aug IB Wednesday....Sept 'J Saturday Aug. 30 Wednesday....Sept 17 Saturday Sept. 13 Wednesday....Oct. 1 Saturday ?ept *7 Wednesday....Oct. 15 Saturday Oct 11 Wednesday ....Oct, 29 Saturday Oct 25 Wednesday....Nov. 12 Saturday Nov 8 Wednesday....Nov. 26 Saturday Nov. 22 Wednesday....Dec. 10 Saturday Dec 6 Wednesday ....Deo. 24 Saturday Dec. 20 For freight or passage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO.. 50 Wall street, New York BROWN, SHIPLEY A CO.. Liverpool STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., 27 Austin Friars, London B. G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO , Paris. The owners of these ships will not be account able for gold, silver, bullion, specie, Jewelry, pre- * clous stones, or metals, unless bills of lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof expressed therein. mi-tr BY RAILROAD DIRECT TO THE WEST Time between Washington and Wheeling but 171 hours! Running Time between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hoars!! THROfen TICKBTS AND B A 98A88 COICM TO >? HAD IN WASHINGTON. fIlHE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL A ROAD having greatly Improved Its Western connections, now oHWs the fullest Inducements to Irave'lers between WASHINGTON, BALTI MOR E, and all portions of the W EST, NOK TH WEST, and the SOUTH W EST. The -onne tlon ?>etweenthe Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bouud West from Balti more is ulway* |iroin|.t'y made at the Washington Junction <lately ca'led the Relay House) y mi'es from Baltimore. This la the only change of cars required between Washington and the Ohio river parage Is cho ked througn to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and re- he. ked and trans ferred there, (with the passengers) without charge for those holding Through Tickets for i-olnts be yond The conne ting tralus leave Washington dully at 6 a. m and 4* p.m. On Sundays at the later hour only. At BEN WOOD, 4 miles from W heeling, direct connection !s made with the trains of CEN'l RAL ttl* '|Vh 1KA},LKo' ?nnlnK Beilair, on the Ohio, through Cambridge, Zanesvlile, knd Newark, to COLUMBUS. TMieaetrains conn*v-t ^Tar.K wlu,tl,? ca/s of the Newark, Mansfield and Sandusky Railroad for Handujky. Toledo Detroit. Chicago. St. Louis, etc. y' Ayleao' At COLUMBUS Die C o. Railroad trolas con nect with the fait trains of the Little Miami Rail road to Xenla, Cincinnati, Louisville etc At XEN1A (oa Little Miami Railroad)connection Is formed with the trains through Dayton, to Indian apolis, ferre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago Rock Island, St. Louis, Carlo, etc ' ^u,caR0' Koc* \nr Passengers holding Throneh Tickets for U^pku, Ffc?,tar,. S'^L, Which are also 80ld at Washington?are trans Oh7n U'e Mal1 Sleamer8 on the Ohio, rickets for Evansvllie, Carlo, and St. Louis are sold by the river route T#J?lin.SiKy.,KMNO, r?rd Via Cteve and to na'\'able between W nee lng and^ Wellsvine (forty miles) where a connection made c,evean<* and Pittsburg Railroad Is Travelers are r. quested to notice that while this is the only route affording Through Tickets and Ohecks In Washington, It Is also the shortest, most speedy, and direc t to neariy a'l the leading points in the great West. The distance from Washington to Cincinnati Is but 053 miles, being ?u? .ilV "horter than by any other route! ?????& BY THNOUfJil TICKET, I'ROM VV4SHIIINLTONTo Wheeling, SO 50: Colum bus, S13 65; Dayton, SIS 50; Cincinnati, S16 0t?: Louisville, by railroad, SIS 65, by steamer from Cincinnati, $18 00; Indianapolis. $17 50; Cleve land, S12 50; Toledo, $15 SO; Detroit, $15 20; Chicago, $20 65 and $1# 50; St Lonls, $28 60 and $25; Memphis, *20; New Orleans s*il< etc. ID* FOR FREDERICK AND HARPER'S FERRY. MART1NSBURG. CUMBERLAND. BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD SPRINGS, PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, and FAIRMONT, ftassengers may leave Washington at 6 a. m. or 4J For the minor way stations between Baltimore and Wheeling, take 6 a. i?. tmin from Washington. CET t or trains to and from Baltimore. Annap olis, etc., see special advertisements. lEF' For further information, Through Ticket* ?tc .apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Anqt! at Washington Statjqp. ' ? "AM. 8. WOODSIDE, Master of Transportation ??rch 1?tf B. k o Railroad, Baltlmoro, TBS IHEATL81 MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF TUB AOS. Dr. KINIIBDT,?f RtZktry, ?uAlaoovmd 1b on? of oar common rtitm w?Di a remedy that earea K a K Y KINO OF HUMOR; mi tx> v?ut iciovvla iovi t? a m HON riUTlM. He has tried it in over eleven hundred cases, and never failed exoept In two oases, (both thunder humor ) He has now In hU possession over two hundred certifloates of its vir tue. all within twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to oare a naming sort month. One to three bottles will sum the went hind at pimples on the face. Two ta three bottles will clear the system ef biles. Two bottles are warranted te eve (he wers eanher in the menu* and stomaeh. Three to ive bottles am warranted te eara the rorst oase of Erysipelas. One to two bctues ate warranted te eare at* humor latheevea. Two bottles are warranted to eara ranalnjr of the ears and blotches among the hair. Four to six bottles am warranted to eara eerran> tad running nlcers. One bottle will cure seal? etaptloa ef tie ahla Two to throe bottles are warranted to oare tk? worst case of ringworm. Two to three bottles are warranted te eara th* tost desperate case of rheumatism Three to foar bottles are ?a mated te eve ths ?alt rheum. Five to eight bottles will eare the werat ??tt e? aerefnia. ? beselt la alwaya experienced frem the ftmt bettle, and a perfect oare la ararraated when the above ouaatlty Is taken. Reader, I pedd'ed ever a thousand bottles ot this In the vicinity of Beetea. 1 know the effect ef It la every case So sara as water will extln gnlsh im, ao aara will this cam haaaer. 1 never aeld a bottle ef it bat that aeld another; after a trial It always speaks for itself. There are twe thlags abet t this herb that appears to aae aarprla , lag; hist that It grows In oar pastures, la soma nlaess ^alte pleat^al. aad yet Its valae has aevei been knearn antu I discovered it la ISM?eeeead that It ahsald eare all klads ef hamer. la ?rdm te give seme Idea ef the sadden rise and neat pepslarlty ef the dteeevery, I will atate that Ta April, 1M3,1 peddled It, and sold abeat ? AprtI?18M'1 Mid ever l.Ml bottles per day of It. Some ef the wheleeale Druggleta who have been la buslaess twmtv and thirty years, aay that no thing In the annals of patent medic lacs was ever Uhe It. There Is a unl vernal praise of It from all quartern. la my own practice 1 always kept It strictly for humors?but since Its Introduction as a general family medicine, great and wonderful virtues have been found to it that 1 never suspected Several case* of epileptic Its?a disease which was always considered incurable,have been cured by a few bottles. O, what a mercy If It will prove effectual In all cases of that awful malady?there are but few who have neon more of It than I have 1 know of several cases of Dropsy, all of them aged people cured bv It For the various dlseenes of the Liver, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Disease* of the Spine, and particularly In dlsea-v* of the Kid neys, Ac., the discovery has done more good thai any medicine ever known No change of diet ever receesary?eat the best you can get and enough of It. birtctxons for Us*.?Adults one tabte spoonful Kr day?Children over ten years de*?ert spoon I?Children from five to eight years, tee spoon ful. As no directions can be applicable to all con stltutlons, take suficlent to operate on the bowel* twice a day. manvvacvvrbd by DONALD KKNNKDTf If*. 120 Warrtn strut, Rozburp, Afeil Pbicb, Omb Dollab. Wholesale Agents ?New York City, C. V CL1CKNKR. bl Barclay street: C. H. KlNff 1? Broadway; A. B. A D. SANDS, 10# Fulton street. Philadelphia, T W. DVOTT A SONS Baltimore, BROWN A BROTHER, CANBV A HATCH. Alexandria. PEEL A STEVENS. At Retail by all respectable Druggists In the ? sited States and 4irltUh Provisoes, and a^se e> He Drarrl1*' ?' ,l>,? -?tes.w Cartor'a Spanish Mixture THE KRF.AT PURIFIER OFTHE BLOOD BEST ALTERATIVE KNOWN'! HOV A PARTICLB O* MBECVRY IM I*!!! Aa infallible remedy for Scrofula, King's Evil, Rheumatism. Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions, Pimples or Postules on the Face, Blotches, Bolls, Ague and Fever, Chronic Sore Eyes, Ringworm or Tetter, Scald Heald, Enlarge ment and pain of the Bonex and Joints, Salt Kheum. Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders, and all disease arising from an Injudicious use of Mercurv, Imprudence In Life, or Impurity of the Blood.' THIS great remedy, which has become so rap Idly and so Justly celebrated for Its extraordl aary eflicacy in relieving and curing many of the most obstinate and terrible forms or disease with which mankind is ?.fflleted , is now offered to the public, with tb<* confident assurancethat no Mbd< ical discovert ever made has been so eminently successful Incuring Scrofula, and ail difba?b? of thb Blood,as CARTER '8 SPANISH MIX TU RE. The proprietors are receiving by every mall most flattering and astonishing details of eures made in all parts of the country, and In most cases where the skill of the best Physicians had been rled in vain. Its power over the Blood Is truly remarkable and all disease* arlsln? from Impurity of the great Sbat of Lira Lave been relieved ana cured with out a single failure, outof thefhousands who have used It. Carter's Spanish Mixture contains no Mercury, Opium, Arsenic, or any dangerous drugs, but is composed of Roots and Herbs, com bined with other ingredlentsof hnown virtue, and may be given to the youngest infant or most de bilitated invalid, without the least possible hesi tatloa. We have only room for short extracts from the volumes Of testimony in our possession, and all from gentlemen of the highest respectability, well known In their various localities. 1'lease read to yourselves. We ta\e great pleasure In calling the attentloi of our readers to the merits of Carter's Spanish Mixture as a remedy for diseases of the blood. It enjoys a reputation in this city unequalled by any other preparationDtspmseA, mckmond The Hob Joha M Botts, of Va.says heooasld ?rs It a matter of duty to add his testimony to the virtues of Carter's Spanish Mixture, from actsal pbrsonal obmbrvation of Its remarkable cure live powers for the disease* In which It 1s used We have been cured of a vloleat and protracted Liver disease by Carter's Spanish Mixture. We know It to be all it professes ? A'dwer S?utki*d? Dtmetrmt, Pmnturt, fm. We have found from personal trial, that Car ter's Spahlun Mixture Is a truly valuable medl* cine? Ed. y?rf?a??j Indtptndmt, Vi. ORE AT CURE OF SCROFULA?A press man in our employ was cured of Scrofula of a vir ulent character by a few bottles of Carter's Span ish Mixture, after everything else had failed Oth er cures which hare come under our own observa tion, proves to us conclusively, that Is really a val uable medicinal agent. We take great pleasure In calling the attention cf Hie afflicted to Its mer its ?Richmond tittutl um. SYP HIL1S.?1 have teen a number of cures o! Svphiils perform?d by Carter's Bpaalsh Mixture I believe It to be a perfect tatldote for that horri I bledlseate. E. BURTON, Cent, ef Kcvenae for olty of Richmond. LlfBR DISEASE.?Samuel M Drinker, ei theflrm of Drlaker A Morris, Booksellers, Rich moad, Vs..was cared cf Liver disease of several years standing by ealy three bottlee of Carter'i Spanish Mixture OLD SORES, VLE EKS AND OBSTINATE ERUPTIONS on THE SKIN ? See the curt of Mr. Harwood, and others, detailed In our Al manac The number of sucn cases cured by Car ter's Spanish Mixture, precludes the pou'blilt) ef Inserting them In an advertisement. EFFECTS OF MERCt RY.?See tie care ej Mr. Elmore. He was eaten up with Mercury and eould obtain no relief, until he took six bottlee oi Carter's Spanish Mixture, which perfectly restored him to health and vl^or. NEURALGIA?Mr. F. Boy den, formerly i the Astor House, N. Y.,but more recently propr! etor of the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, was cured of Neuralgia by Carter's Spanish Mixture. Sine* that time, he says he has seen It cure more than t hundred cases of the disease in which it Is used Re never fails to recommccd It to the afllcted. EHh. UMATISM?Mr. John F. Hnrrlsoa Druggist, of Martinsburg, Va.. writes of the ala gular cure of a vloleat case of Rheumatism. Th. filed hha1* *?l ****' * ,eW b0,liM M"rely SCROFULA.?Mr. Marrlsoa also wrltee of i great cure of Scrofula, la the persoa of a youn, jady, (of three yean standing,Jwhlch all the doc tors could aot teach. Six bottles made a eure o/ ' Headle, of Washing 'wl10 cured an obstinate case of Syphi claliv MlxtUTe> wys "It acts epe clally on the Blood, Liver and Skin and Is prompt and eflclent In Its results." ? Sbfwmerty of the City Hotel, n?T ?f. Alabama, wye he Ua seen Carter a Spanish Mixture administered la n ber of cajwNt astonishingly good effbet. He Mjcomincads It as "the most eftclent alterative la EHKVMr SCROFULA ?Hi. Joe. Robinson, of Wcoster, Ohio, was eared ef Scrofula and Salt Rheum oi three yearn stand**, by only throe battles of Carter's Spanish Mlxtve *VM . 8 BEERS A CO., Proprietors, KT '"M MidiciiMf. DOCTOR HOOFLAHD'8 CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS ftUillB IT Dr C. ? JACMOH Philadelphia, P? , wrLt irrtcTtiiLT ecu LIVER COMPUINT, DYSPEPSIA. JAUNDICE, CHRONIC OR NER VOUS DF bllltv, Diseases of the Kidneys and til Dls eases arls! ng from a Dliordrrrd Uvnorftonafb. Ths proprietor. In calling the stteatloa of the public to thia preparation, don m> with a fmllai' of the utmost coaidencc In Ita virtue* and adapta tion to the disease* for which It la recommended. It la no new and untried article, but one that baa atood the teat of a ten years' trial before the American people, and Ita reputation and sale la unrivalled by any similar preparation* extant. The testimony 1n Its frvor given by the most prom* l?CTt ar.d w :i En own phyilcltit an4 In4l*k4ut)i In all part? of tbeeouainr la Imaimte. aad a care ful peruaal of the Annanac, published annually bv the proprietor, and to be had gratis of any of hla areata, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy la really deserving the great crt ebrlty It ha* obtained Priori pal oSce and manufactory No K Arch street. Philadelphia, Pa. MEAD THE FOLLOWING: Mo ?6 ax TOWS, Va , Aupu?t 4, 18SS. Dr C. M Jacisoh?Dear Sir:?The ?aim a! the Bitters are Increasing. and what speaks vol umo> In tbelr favor I* tb# t all who have us? d th? m ? peak highly of their enact* No medicine that 1 sell gives ouch general ?stl?fsctlon, and the de mand for It exceeds all precedent; aad 1 assure you It affords mr pleasure to sell auch ? remedy. Our pbyalclana no longer scowl at It, but are com pelled to acknowledge Ita intrinsic value, srdifce greater part of them have hsd irsgnanlmlty *uf Sclent ?o lay aside their prejudtciesand prescribe It In their practice. Respectful.v \oots. F. M CHALIAM. For saie bv storekeepers and druggists In aaerv town and village la the United States Price 75 cents per bottle /. I). GILM AN, Washington, and JOHN S. Kill WELL, Georgetown, Agent* je 7-dm fKIVATK MEDICAL THUTMk an TBI PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF KABEIA6B, ST M. B. LA CHOIR, M. II., ALBANY, N. Y? SM/Cfuau 1* Fttu. PUsn.aad C?(*rU Lit - igtmfkt mnd PIsui, Paiaa oult Twbhty-Fivb Cawrs Sent Free of Postage to all eart* of tb* (CHEAPEST BOOK EVER PVBLISHED? ' and containing nearly double the quantity of read ing matter In that of the FIFTY CENT OK DOL LAR PUBLICATION'S. It treats on the Ptf \ SIOI, OG Y OF MARRIAGE, ai d the Secret Inflrmltle*, ar.d l)l.?nrder of Youth and' Maturity, resulting fromcx oe*>tea. which destroy the physical and men'al pow-' ers. with Observations on Marriage, Its dt:tle? aud disqualifications, and their remedies: with Lithographs,illustrating rto? Anatomy aad Physiology. and Diseases of the Re productive Organs of both sexta. tbelr structure, use*. and functions. A popular and comprehen sive Treatiae on the Duties and Causaltlesof sin gle and married life?happy and fruitful alllaaee*. mode of securing them?Infelicitous and infertile ones?their obviation and r .-mo val?im porta: i hints to those contemplating matrimony, that will overcome objeetiona to It; none, however, should take this Important step without flrst consulting it* pages?commentary s on the diseases and medico 1 treatment of females from lafancytoold age, each case graphically lUusirated by beautiful lithogra {hlc plates?nervous debility, Its causes aad sure, y a process at once so simple, safe, ar.d effectual that failure Is impossible?rules for daily manage. meat?an esasy on Spermatorrhea, with practical observations on the safer and nvrr i ass in ' mode of treatment? precaution ary hlnta on the evils ir ? suiting from empirical practice?an essay on all diseases arising from indiscretion, with plain and simple rules by which all persons can cure there - selves without mercury?remedies for those eelj. Inflicted miseries and disappointed hope* so un fortunately prevalent la the yonr.g. It Is a truth ? ful adviser to the married and ibosecoctomplalla? marriage: Ita perusal Is particularly reccain* 34 ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of their physical condition,and wbo are conscious of hav ing hazarded the health. happiness, and privllegt-s to which every human being Is entitled Price TWENTY-FIVE C EN'Id per copy, cv Five Copies for One Dollar Mailed, frte of post age, to all parts of the United States N. B.?Those who prefer incy consult Dr. L\ CROIX upon any of the diseases upon which thi? book treats, either personally or by mall. Modi cine sent to any part af the II nlcs according to a. - reelloas. safely packed atdc*refaliy ?ecnred fro;u all observation. Address Dr M . B. LA CROIX, No J1 M*jd< , Lane, or Post Ofli.ceBox 57? Albany, N. Y. IDT OMce open daily .from tinictta a?-i on Sunday from *) until t p m. IT^ 0?ce REMOVED from No M Fearer at la31 Jfaida* Lmm, JJtasjr. jv?w y0f I?ly AYER9 PILLS FOH ALL THE PURPOSES OF A FAMILY PHYSIC. There has long existed a public demand for an eflective Purgative Pill which could be relied on as sure and perfectly safe In Its operatloa. This has been prepared to meet thst demand, and an extensive trial of its virtues has conclusively shown with what success It accom plishes the purpose designed. It Is easy to make a physical rtll, but net so easy to make the hie-t of all Ptll*?one which should have none of the objections, but ail the advantages of every oth?? Tliis has been attempted here, and with what su ? cess wc would respectfully submit to the publ ?* decision. It has been unfortunate for the patient hitherto that almost every purgative medicine Is acrimonious and Iriitating to the tiowels. Tb ? is not Many of them produce so much grlplu.' pain and revulsion In the system a* to more than counterbalance the go< d U b?- derlve-d from then. These PiUs produoe no irritation or pais, un>e lt arises from a previously existing obetructtoa or derangement in the bowels Bei; g rarely vege table. no barm can arise from their use' In asv quantity; but It is better than *nv medicine sbou .1 be taken judiciously Minute directions for the r use in the several die* jse* to wb ich they are ap plicable are given on the box. Amoug the oan.? plaints which have bee n speedily cured by tham we may mention Liver Complaint, In Its varlo i? forms of Jaundice. Indigestion, 1 anguorand Lo> of Appetite. Ltstlessness. Irritability, B Hou> Headache, Bilious Fever. Fever and Ague, Pain In the Side and Loins, for in truth, ail these ar> but UiO consequence of dl>-a*e*d action of the liver. As au aperient, they ktlord prompt aad sun relief In Costlveness. Piles, Colic, Dyseatery Humors. Scro^la and Scurvy, Colds, with soee ness of the tv dy, Ulcers and impurity of the blood; in short any and ever)-case where a pu?ga tlve is required. They have also produced some singularly suc cessful cures in Kheumatlsm.Gont Dropsy, Grav el, Erysipelas, Palpitation of the Heart. Pains la the Back, Stomach and Side. They shoi Id b* freely taken in the spring of the year, to purlf, the blood and prepare the system for the chant of seasons. An occssional dose stimulates tb * stomach into ht alth v er lion. and restores the appe tite and vigor They purify the blood, and !?? tbelr stimulant action ?<n the circulatory aysttm renovate the .trength of the body, and restore lb ? wasted or diseased euergies of the whole organ ism. Hence au occasional dote is advantageou ? even though no serious deiangement exists - be unnecessary docing should sever be carried to? far, as every purgative medicine redaces ta ? strength, when la sen to eace-ss The tbouaas t eases in which a physic lsreqrlred cannot be enu merated here, but th< y suggest themselves to lb? reason of every body; and It Is confidently be lleved this pll: will answer a better purpose than anything which has hitherto been available to mankind When their virtues are once kaow~ the public will no longer doubt what remedy to employ when In n?ed of a cathartic medicine Being sugar wrapped they are pleasant to take, and being purely vegetable, no harm can art* from their use in any quantity. For minute directions tee the wrapper on tk* Box. DR. JAMES C. A Y fcti, PRACTICAL f ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, LOWELL, MASS Price 25 CaBts per Box. Five Boxes fort 1,00 Sold by Z.1). GI I.MAN, Washington, and all respectable druggists. au8-4m JUST RECEIVED? Scotch Herrings Fresh Peaches and Apricots' Prune Cordial Levy's celebrated Bitters Vermacelli and Maccaronl Sweet Oil Freeh Teas, for sale by JONAS P. LEVY. 174 Pa avenue, Wise, Liquor and Sej-ar Stare. )e 10-tf i Buchanan scotti*? h? Fillmore do W heatUnd do J oat published at our Piano and Mm!c v l aa 14 John F. E i is