Newspaper of Evening Star, September 8, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 8, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. i ni i ? - WASHINGTON CITY: MOHDAY September lS*b. \^T AdrerUseoienU should be haided in by 14 o'clock, m., oiherwlae they may not appear a illi the Mil day. SPULIT OF THE KOSKIRQ PRZ8S. The Union, in its leader beaded " KAniaa and the Conspiracy," invites the attention of it* realerstothe efficial documents in relation to Kama*, tublisbed in its last issue,aspre senting the po*?ey ?f the administration fully in regard to t hut Territory. It says : " We cail upon the American people every where, but particularly upon our brethren of the North, to say whether the policy of our government, which we now present officially lor their consideration, does not command their unqualified approbation? Has it not leen milked by caution, moderation, and wiidoB ? Could the President have done less, under the extraordinary events which were transpiring, than to issue the proclama tion ? Is it not conceived in the right spirit? Does it not express the proper conlidence in the patriotism of his fellow-citizens ' Does he not put himself where he ought to stand? by the laws and by the Constitution of the t'nion 7 Are not the evil doers who were and ttDl are meditating treason, somo with artns, aiid some with money in their hands, fully, justly, firmly, but mercifully warned? Has he not appealed properly and earnestly to the go d as well as admonished the evil men of the land? We challenge the rnoet searching scrutiny to point out any other course ho sbt uld have adopted, or any wiser mode of accompiiahing it. "Tbe purpose of the Chiet Magistrate shruld be, as it his duty, under his oath, to sec that the laws are faithfully executed, and to ore serve the Constitution, in tho crisis wuich appreachcd. this was the first step for him ro take, lie did it as necessary to the safety of the only Republic upon earth, but with the feeling vf clemency, the spirits of the patriot, and the inviccible will ot the ruler, in whose hands for the time were entrusted its great destinies in this example bo has been imi tated by the Secretaries, whose official duty required tfccm to act it is enough to say that they, too, come up to the standard of the reputation which each had won as patriots ? tho one inarms and in the councils of the Sen ate, and the otLor in no lc*s ditiicult and hon orable triumphs. it was nut the length or the intrinsic labor oi' what either has written whi<-h peculiarly merits our confidence, l ut it is tt.e adaptation, the wise modi-ration, ihe s< ut.d patriotism, and the lorcrv.t of their m st-u.*ti?.- s in Eupport of the policy of the Exe cutive." Tho ivtrth<?rvr**% in noticing the official (Katfas) documents, says they 14 serve to con firm, with bufheient clearness, the melancholy fact, before dependent on rumor, that the dis orders which have so long prevailed in Kan sas stem to have lately assumed a still mi>re menacing ;ispe<*t, nml call, in the ju?lyment ot the President, for extra^rdimry and energetic measures of repression on the part of tho Gen eral Government. "As it is now impossible to h^pe for any paeifieatkn of Kansas by legislative enact ments. Centres# having unhappily aojourned without a Jopting any scheme fjrthat purpose, though its utility and necessity seemed to be admitted on all sides, the responsibility of preserving the public peace is reposed entirely in the bauds ot the Executive, who it is m< st earnestly to be hoped by every citisen will so temper triune s of action with discre tion of counsel a* to restore tranquillity ar.d maintain the supremacy of justice in that un fortunate Territory." Tub 1>isamtib at Caps May.?We gavo oa Sntuiday, a telegraphic announcement ef the turning cf the Mount Vernon Hotel at Cape Island, ar d the lamentable loss of life incidet-t tleretc. lhat portion cf the famiiy of tho proprietor, Mr. PhP'p t'air, who retidei in the house, with a single exception, it is state!, have teen swept away by this awful visitation, and had it pTt-ocdeJ, instead of fol lower g the departure of the usual summer threeg of haUtues, other and wider circles of mourning w. uli doubtle s havo attended it. liut f<rtunateJy there have teen no guests in the fc? u e for severs' days, And the inmates must tave been very few in number. The Meant Vernon was probablo the largest hotel of the kind in the world, even in its un finished condition, and had it been completed according to its original plan, it would have Jicen a perfect marvel for siio. it 13 believed never t> Lave been very succe-sful, though its loss cannct, in a pecuniary point of view. fail to Ic vary heavy on those concerned. It was a joint fUck concern, and a portion of the st-ck wa? i Wwcd in Baltnnie. it is feared that the -on cf Mr. Cain, notwithstanding bis es cape iitm immediate dca'h by the flames, ?s also fatally injured. PERSONAL. .... Lieut Maury is at the White Sulphur ttwriogs .... <l(.v. Moreheed of Kentucky, is at the Jit Nicbelas Uoted. New York. .... Miss Laura Keene has reached Wasli irgten. ar.d. with other pit minent members of lb* troupe, is itopping at Flint's Hotel. .... Governor Wise has returned to Rich mond, Vir^cia, alter a delightful sojourn in the QuunUins. .... lion Lirm Boyd, of Ky , ex speaker of the He use of Representatives, arrived at Wil Jards' on Saturday. .... Hon. S?muel tt. Curtis, newly eleoted member ef Congress from Iowa, is in this city, at WiMftrds'. .... Chevalisr Wyk? ff was in Petersburg, Virginia, <n Wednesday evening last, on a ?visit. .... Conw#y Hobitsor says in a letter to the Whig. Ri<-bm< r.d, that he does not intend rtmovn g to Wasbington, as reported. .... William F. Robinson is to deliver the ? annual <iddre#- before the Chautauque county Agricultural Society, at Westfield, on the 11th instant Rev Jerome Twitchell, of Houston, Texas, was a passenger in the steamer Nau tilus which was foundered by a late ttorm in the Gulf of Mexieo, and probably perished. .... The President of the United States, ac companied by hi? private secretary. Sidney Webster, Esq , left on Saturday for the \\ ar renton Springs, Virginia iic will return to day or to-morrow. ....Gideon J Tucker, Esq-, editor of the Ntw York Dulj Nflws, announces that his connection with that puper has ceased Mr '? has he en editor cf the News from the start, I and was for some year* connected with the Croeswells. on the Albany Argus. .... Mr nrd Mis. Ur.rney Williams are still drawing lull h?.u?es at the Adelphi, Londen 'Ihe Paris correspondent of the llerald says that Mir ard Gn-i are positively coming to New Ymk rcxt year. with Arditi; and that] Jeni y L:ml al* ? lutend* sgain to visit the L oiled Slutes .'... Rev il W iiver^et has been cleared by the C'.u. T. ofCbrirt, at Rome, Ohio, from the eh:?rg? s < f immoral nod unchristian con tort ptefrrred Djain?* l?im by the faculty at ii?the*y eillege Tbis decision wn? concurred in I y d?lrgatr.< fr?>tu nil the Disciple churches in Avhtabeta cogn'y, where t he trial was had .... The Englicu j lurnal " Anglo Saxon' for the present week &nnource? thnt Mr Cramp t"B. late British Minister :?t Washington, is about to bave the b<>nor ?f knighthood con leircd u|>on him. ar.d intimates that the offi cial notice ef tbe same u.ay be looked for in the next isme ot tbe Uinut 1'he honor is s?.l *o i?e? ulerred by tbe social desire of the (jueea A Bom Mot.?A Geimae writer rbtocves, that ?n Knglar-d there is such a rarity of il-M'V* *. tt? y sre obliged to rfter a reavar l foi Ihtir discovery. editorial correspondence. ?I he Piedmont Region of Virginia, 4*C. CcLPPMPim 0, H., Va., Sept. 7, 1866. I am writing at a window of the Waverley House, from which the Blue Ridge is visible for msny miles of its length, forming a charm, iog back ground for the expanse of cultivated fields that lay on the gradual j sloping plateau between. This Waverley House, situated im? mediately at the Orange and Alexandria rail road depot at this point, is a recent creation of the necessities of travel by rail, though it i8 I beginning to be extensivoly patronised by health and pleasure-feekers from lower Vir. gir??, who prefer its substantial comfort and *> exquisite old-fashioned Virginia tablelknd the entiro absence of straining after effect on the part of its guests, to the crowd?, bustle, ' fashion, Jemi-starvation, loose manners and j Worse morals in these days almost inseparable ; from life at fashionable watering places. The landlord id a curiosity in his way ; insomuch as he appears to be totally unconscious that his profuse and carefully kept table is vastly superior to nine-tenths of thoso of the mam moth establishments in large cities, wbiletho simplicity of the arrangements of his house hold secure for his guests an aggrogate of ef fective contort that makes everybody around him pleased with themselves aud with each other; the great desideratum on the part of those who rush away at this season from the brain and body taxing cares of activo business in the heait of steaming, fretting and strain", to catch a breath of mountain air aud to diive away for tho moment the con* comitant harassments of debts to collect and notes to pay. 1 he more I seo of the country in the lap of which this village lies, the inoro am I charmed a.ih it. and the more do I wonder why it is that rational people prefer to 6cok Iff-destroying pleasure at fashionable water ing planes to availing themselves of its recu perating and soothing influences. The legiti mate purprso of a iummer jaunt from busi ness and homo cares is to renew tho elasticity of o\er-tixed mental and bodily faculties ami functions. Dressing for breakfast, dinner and the ba.l, late hours in tho l>ali room or at tho : ca J tab.o, and three times ;he usual quantity J of st mulants?wines and liquors?and inter- ' minable stuffing at table, are not the means of realy pr fiting by a summer or fall trip from home. Hut the game of lecturing the fash iona'jle World on its fellies and mistakes is in deed a profitless task, fco i will not waste I more ink upon it. Within a circle of eight miles from this point j four, six and eight miles iff?aro three or four mineial spiings really equal in their in - dicinai qualities 'o any other in the State? ! ?ulpl.ur, alvtn, chalybeate and epsom salt* i being tho health-giving substances flawing from thorn in profusion. The fact that ail this region cf the State abounds with mineral j spring:, is tho only reason why thoso around j Culppeper Court House have not come into fmb- ! ionable notoriety (July four years since the ? Orango and Alexandria railroad was opened, and until that time it required a journey of two days by horse vehicles over tho usual rocky or muddy roads of upper Virginia to reach them; a circumstance quite sufficient to deter meat modern travelers fr. m essaying to penetrate to them, when by steamboat and the I rail other* equally as seivicoallo to health, | and far more interesting to the seeker of tho butcerfiy society, could be approached at u*ual : steam rates of traveling, so far as the expend- ! iture of time and money is concerned. I am writing with the village spread out be- | lore me, and hardly a human being in eight j This !s a great church-going c ommunity, and j a large majority cf its denizens aro at this moment sitting under the preaching of its four or five mirifiters holding forth in Sunday morning tewice. Friendly ducks aro quack ing within reach of my ear, and a lot of en viablo pigs are snooting in my sight, uttering an occasional grunt as now and then thty eye mc with a look that sayr ? Stranger, you poor devil who labor at the daily press may well envy us, who can, at will, snooze in tho shade with gentle breexes fann:ng us '? every day and Sunday too." J Politics do not run high in this immediate ! vicinity, the gume being all on one side. So many lato members of the American party j and former active and earnest Whigs in this section of Virginia are ranging themselves un der the standard of Buchanan and Breckin ridge, a? that the leading Democratic politi- i oians here are calculating strougly on 50 000 ' majority in the State for their electoral ticket 1 in November n ext! W. D W u. j POLITICAL ITEMS j Er Governor William Medill is tho demo cratic candidate for Congress in the Eleventh i district of Ohio. The Orangeburg, <S C ) Southron Ftates that the Hou. L M Keitt is a candidate for ;e-electi< n to Congross. Hon. Johu Letcher, of Virginia, states that he does not intend to decline a re-election to Congress. Returns of the election in Texas from thirty d.unties phow Democratic majorities in all but ' three. The North Carolina papers contain a list of the members elected to tho Legislature in that State, from which it appears that that demo- j crats have a majority of sixty on joint ballot, i Tho Democratic (Wis.) convention of the j eastern Congressional district have nominated I Mr. Hadloy, of Milwaukee, as their candidate at the approaching election. Alphonso Tuft hn* been nominated for Con press in the first district of Ohio, in place <f Hon. Timothy C. Day, who declines a re elec tion. A lar^e number of the Fillmore men of Nashville, 'ienn., have tendered tfco Hon. John Beil a publla dinner on his return home from Washington. " D*r Negerbutser" (the Nigger-kissers.) is the soubriquet applied by tho Germans of Le high county, Pa , to the Abolition party of that State. 1* rom twenty to thirty thousand people were present ut tho grand Democratic ratification meeting at Conrord, N. H , on Friday. Ad dresses wore made by P A Kustof Louisiana, Win. J. ijamersley of Connecticut, Fletcher V. eli>ter . B l> lialiett and others. There was great enthufciasui, arid tho meeting was con tinued into the evening. The great Fillmore ratification meeting which wd.? to have been held in Boston on the ?< 1 , when the fusion between the old line Know Nothings was to have tV eu,I''*?e I1*18 been indefinitely postponed u'v?CiTl?n of Mr Lawrence to rail for f- LI1 its inrJ1* CUl l!ie partv looSO j from its moorings, and the leaden are drifting out to sea without pilot or compass ?mUBB The friends of Messrs Fillmore and A J I Donelfon will no doubt regret to thli the only paper in South Carolina, whoso tit I tfr condescend to sapport and ?4vooaU the election of Messrs. t and D , was sold in thb ,b* ? ?>?; Tho propriotor of the New Era, for that is the namo of the paper, was unfortunately ab sent on a pleasure excursion at the Nforth where we presume he will remain, believing " 'Ti? beat to bear the ilia we have I'bsa lly tn thoee we know not oW." Carolina Times. WASHINGTON NEWS AND G08SIP. A Betro?pect?The recurrence of Septem ber bring! to oar mind the prevalence a fearful acourge in a neighboring State, for, is thai month, a brief year ago, the yellow fere* attained its height. There had been fbtty three deaths in all, in Portsmouth, Virginia, and its neighborhood, on the third of Aagust, and twenty others' died in the threo following days ; but, on the second of September?the Sabbath day?thirty-two persons, one in a hundred of the population, ceased to lire. The mortality for the week commencing at that paitioular period, attained 4b* fearful number of at least one hundred and fifty, equal to five per cent, of the human beings in the town at that time And this fact is shown by the painfully interesting report of tho Port" mouth Relief Association ; for a copy of whieh we are indebted to the kindness of Geo. W. McLean, Esq ,of the Portsmouth Transcript. This volume comprise! a list of the victims to the fever, and as a history is valuable, while it reminds us of the death, by the horri ble disease, of friends whom we so fondly cherished?of persons of all ages and condi tions?leaving a long train of mournful recol lections, associated with orphanage and tho desolation of many a dwelling i it will be recollocted that the number of deaths had become so great that " it was with much difficulty that the most common offices of sepulturo could be performed Apparently very littlo feeling, and less ceremony, was ex hibited in the burial of the dead. There seemed to ba an over-anxiety to get rid o.* the hapless victims as speedily as possible. When a" hope of recovery was gono, anl death was inevitable, its approach was looked for with manifest impatience. Even before the poor sufferer bad breathed his I last, bis coffin was engaged, and other ar rangements made for his speedy interment; nn l ere his limbs had asjumed tho rigidity of death, and within an hour or two after tha dissolution, his body, without shroud or wind ing-sheet, was placcd in a common stained I coffin, deposited in the hearse under tho sole I charge of the negro driver, and hurried off to tho cemetery, accompanied, save in a very few instances, by neither friend ner relative, t) see the last scd rites performed, ere he wa-J shut out from their sight for ever. Nor were there any religious rites over his grave." All business, save that which the work of death prompted, was suspended ; and over the scene I bung a deep gloom, appalling the ft..ute?t heart, as all alike were exposed to the influ oncfl of the impatient pestilence. I But we would not essay to recapitulate the I prominent features of that time of trial and distress They are sufficiently familiar to the public. Painful as aie che recollections of the past, it is a matter for eincorc congratulation J that those localities have not been revisited I by the scourge. Now, commerce, and arts, I and manufactures, and every manual oocupa- I tion, are in the ,c full tido" of prosperity, and I all the blessings consequent upon this coudi- I tion of affairs enjoyed, affording a striking and bright contrast to the sad occurrences ot the past, and prompting every thankful heart to gratitude and praise for the present exemp tion fr^in such calamities as those which, a year ago, vifi'ed tho Old Dominion. ! The Maino Election ?Much interest is nat- j urnlly felt in the result of the Maiue (State) I election, which takes place today. A GjV-I ernor, six representatives in Congress, and I members of the Legislature are to be chosen. I The candidates for Congress are as follows : List. Democrats. Republican. l..Josiah S. Little. John M. Wood. 2..Eben F. Pillsbuiy. Chas J. Gilman. 3..Henry Ingalls. Nehemiah Abbott 4..David Bronson * Freeman ii. Morse. 1 o.. Abraham Sanborn Israel Washburn,jr. I fl..Arno Wiswell. Stephen C. Foster. f * i'ald to be a Whig. Nominated also bv the I Whigs.] The vote for Governor last year was as fol- I lows : For Morrill (Hep. K N) 51,488 For Wells (Dem ) 18,373 For ReoJ (Whig) 10,645 The political contest has been one of the bit- 1 tcrest and most hotly contested ever known I in that State. Tho Fremont party hat. re- I sorted to every appliance of promises, coax- I ing, threats, and bribery to carry the State to-day, in order to influence tho Presidential I election. It is stated that at least $60,000 I havo been spent within the last fortnight to I carry Maino for tho renegade Hamlin, and I every township and school district has been I stumped by striped and ring-streaked " lie- I publican ' baranguers, ar.d frowsy-boarded I Kansas and Freedom shriekers. Should the I Democrats uchievca victory against such odds J they will havo fought a good fight indeed. A Miserable Instrument ?Can't Hilbus, I or Dennis, or some of our expert professional I tuners take tho Organ in hand and screw the I ricketty old machine up to something near con- I ccrt pitch? The wretched squad of "grind- I era" who labor at the crank, depressed and I out of temper through the political and pecu- I niary ruin I<k ning upon them, seem to have I lost all heart for tinkering up the miserable I old barrel. Yet they grind away, to the dis- I comfitment of their handful of readers, at the I most lugubrious tunes. Its last and most pitiful wall Is elicited by the fact that while tho Know Nothing party I i* tumbling to pieces in all directions, the | Democracy present) an united and undimin- I ished front to the enemy. The equilibrium of I the (irsran is especially upset by the announce- I luent in tho newspapers of tho day that John I Van Duron was one of the speakers at tho I immense Democratic meeting in Chicago ilas'nt the Organ man read that? 44 AViiile the lamp holds out to burn, The vilest sinner may return " I We expcct to soe the Organ man himself I come creeping penitontly back to the Demo- I cratio fold some of these line mornings | The White Feathor!?The New York Her-1 old continues to "drub" the " Republicans" I of the lIou$e of Representatives, saying, with reference to the army bill: " After a week's bombardment they showed tho white feather, sounded a parley, and sur reudored ignouiiuiously. Aud this is what I sotne republican journals give them credit for. Why, instead of being welcomed back ss sol diers who had nobly discharged their duty, they ought to bo court martialled and drummed out of Congress. We hope that will be their reward." The fact is, some ftwof the " Republicans," so called, became ashamed of their conduct, and were glad when tfce army bill passed, satisfying themselves with " the reeord" of their votes in favor of the Kansas restrictive proviso. Like a defeated candidate for office, they did not happen, with all their gasoonade* to have votes enough to secure their end, if, indeed, they hooeetly desired its consumma tion. They ofaely wanted to " make a fair shear epenly Daad.?Information has been received at the iVavy Department of the death of Surgeon Isaac llulse, I nited States Nay/, at the Na val Hospital, near Warrington. Fla., on the 39th alt. | Eirignation of an Amy Ofteer.-Th? rt signnHon of First Lieut. <Horg? T. Andraws. third artiUnzy, has been aaeeptad by the Pras ident?to take effect December Si, 1856. Resigned ?S. p. McKahan, of Ohio, has resigned his clerkship ($1,200 per annnm) In the Mansion Office. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, 6th Septembar, there were of Treasury warrants entered 4b the books of the Department? "demption of stock1-... $1,171 08 52 Ji! r * Department... 32 678 85 !n? epartment V06 15 ror tho Customs 5 540 14 War warrants reoeired and en r 459,690 T5 interior warrants received and cnterej... 113.74116 I *or the Navy Department 42,300 Jo Covered into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources 1,305 10 A Bcaitiful Oompl?xio!? may easily bo acquired by using the '< Balm of a Thousand Flowers. It will remove tan, pimples, and frtekles from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two 4r three drops, and fcwash tho faco night aril morning. For salo at Shillington's, agent fQr Washington, and all druggists. Sab E*n of Dr RamsTv-.-Wo learn, from m1n?Uih anthority, that this unfortunate I man, whose name has become quite notorious in Georgia, and who. our waders will recollect, was arraigned recently before the U 8. Com i H"IS3\?ner in this city for forgery upon the Pension Office, and made his escape, committefl sulci Je m the iaii of Sparta, Conecuh countjl, Alabama, on Wednesday, the 27th ultimo Ramsay was arrested gome weeks ago In this neighborhood of Sparta on a charge or char<*? of forgery and committed to jail. He pwf cured, by gome means?, several penis of the "e.e,d' th,at *rew in abundant around the jail, and about noon of the 27th asked for a cup of coffee, which after the 4*'''or retired, he drank, having first poisoned it with the seed lie wag discovered some two hours aftor taking the draught lying of the floor in an insensible condition Medical aid was brought, bat be had passed beyond its reach ?Saraimah Re/ntlh at>. Cholera at Porto Rico.-TheUtest dates f.-rra Mfiyaguez state the cholera was subsi

iing in that port, there having been altogether about two hundred deaths The disease bnd -Iso appeared in other parts of the Island. Business was sus?pended. monthly mpptin? of the Democratic AnNvixtinB "ill nmt THI? KVENING .uK .XfX" Punctual attendance of the members i-. requeued' feverdl addr^ca may be exnected. Hy order or-. E. KRAUSE, Secretary. *PIONEER ASSOCIATION OF THE FIRST WARD.?There will fce a meet l'i?^fth,8aro<>iat,on ?n THIS (Monday) KVKN NG, at 7% o'clock. Business of Importance re, quires a fi?'l attendance Arrangement* will I* made for attending the Warbacue at Rockvllleon the Htb Inst. By ord*r of the President ??6-11? WM. D. SERRIN, Sw'ry. I il ATTENTION. UNION GUARDS.-VO0 A d| fre 'why notitied to b ? punctua" In attend. 5l U? of fhe CnrP*?n TUESDAY a1'* o'clock. Tbemaaure. 'a report for the ye:tr ending will be submitt d. and otaer business of importnee demands the pres ence of every member. By order of Capt. Rikkk.' JAMES LACKEY. See. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANT RY ?A me*tiny of the Corps will be held on MONDAY EVENING, the ?h Instant, at o'clock. By order of Capt. Davis. se.6'2t D. F. BEERS, Secretary. t. j 1 THE REGULAR MONTHLY meeting of the Sixth Ward Democratic w1" bp;d in Anaco?tla Hall rn TUESDAY EVENING next, the 9th lust , at/u ? m?v \?.As a mdtter ?' interest to every member will be discussed, a fu" attendance Is particularly reqeted LEM'L GADUIS, 1 se _* Secretary. Jf??MUSICAL NOTICE.?J. P. CAUlI j . /*? wl" *** b>I)Py tn meet those )oln'n? his Piano Porte Clashes at Mr Musio Store on Monday, T??day an4 W eduesdav next, from 12 until 2 o'clock n m J P C will revive private pupils In Writhing.' ton and Gorgetown as usual All communications retTst# " above wil! receive prompt attention. g-^^SKCOND GRAND COTILLON PAR. ty of the Boon Club will be given on I UESDAY EVENING, September l?th, at Plo neer Hall, corner of 24th and K streets. Scott's "and ^ been engaged for the occasion. Tickets ladles CENTsi? "dmitting a gentleman and ? m f ommitti* of Arramgtmentu aei St#*0"' K" L' Ma8tla> J- T- May. .NOTICE -THE SL'BSCRI IJER bevs leave to call :ke attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENS WARE b.'fore pure lining elsewhere, as by so doing thev will R.ive fmm IU to 25 per cent. To'iet and Dinner S?ts low<-r than the lowest at JOU I'a. avenue, between ?th and 10th streets JeJMJm JOHN McDEVITT jV. OOD AND COAL.?THE UNDER, signed having a^Kociated themselves in business under the flriu of CH A FIN & BRO ? re prepared to fn-nlah thflr friends and the public with the best article of WOOD and COAL Of fice on the east *lde of 7th street woit, between G and H north We solicit a share of the natronage of the public. E. M. CUAPIN. ..8e5 eolm _ H. L. CHAPINl L?,.uT ? ~^v K^TtK DAV AFTERNOON, a-i cither on New \ ork ?v->nue or wth street, from 1-th. a BLACK LACK VrllL. The tinder will be r? warded by leaving the same at this office *e8-3t FO V N u . ? ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT last, l*'weeu the hours of II and 13 o'clock, on Dumbarton street, Geor^etovi.1, between Green and Washington, a Ladles' MANTILLA, which the owner can have by describing the same and paying for thlsadvertlsement Inquire of WAL rEK s'lLENCE. Police Officer. Georgetown 1# LOST?ON WEDNESDAY, THE 3D Inst , betwern the City Post Office and Navy Yard, or at tho Capitol vard, a,GOl.D CHAIN The tinder will receive the thaaks of the owner and a liberal reward by leaiing It at the Star Office. ~ Be 8-2t* Sl'I TAULI: FOR VKKSKHTS. ^CITU zens and utratifjers will find at LAMMOND'S 7th street, a large and beautiful co'lrctlon of Tovs and Fancy notions. se8-3t MK?. BURR, no. 391 H STREETJS. forms ter pupils that their studies will recommence on Monday, September22d ?e 8-eofit* iWPEKSONS ARE HEREBY i l forbidden to trust any one In ruy name, or on my account without my written approval 0 , ^ WM. J. SMITH, se 8-1 w? Washington Sept 8th, 1854. jXTOTILE.?IN CONSEQUENCE OF OUR "tore being closed on Friday last we were compelled to postpone the ratll'e of Dre-slng .^U.*lc ^lands? &c? ^ WEDNESDAY IA EN 1 NO, the 10th Inst, at 7 o'clock weS"3t T. GALL1GAN 4 CO. <jfcSOf AR U ?RAN AWAY FROM the sub'clrlber, living oa New Je*- M sey avenue, Washingtondtv, D. C , NEG- & RO WOMAN CHARLOTTE HARR1SS. about 23 ye?r? of age, short thick set, ?n.i _ bright copper color, with bushey head. Tne above reward win be given If taken out of the Dlstrlc*, and twenty-five dollars If taken in tie Dhtrct, or any information given so that I can i;et ber a^aln. I further fcrewarn all persons from harboring the said negro ie8"3t# E. WROE. MR. W. 1IFXHY PALMKR'S TP I A HO FORTE CLA88E8. HE DEMAND FOR PLACES IN THE classes, greatly exceeding Mr Palmer's an ticipations, renders It nec^sary for pupils desiring the best hemrs to enter their names in the CLASS REGISTER immediately A class for gentlemen is in course of formation THE GEORGETOWN CLASSES will please send In their names to Mr. Palmer, care of Rev. J. W. Major, Georgetown Ftmale Seminary. All Washington applications to be made at Mr Palmer's lesldenoe, aG5 F street, near 13th, where prospectuses may be seen. Terms: fs per quarter. ieg. RKCFIV>:i rTTTr T>IA If Oft ?-LAST WEEK Wit 1 two r^wVl ANOS, which wlt'a our< usual well ** sorted su>*k makes owr aa ?ortment the largest and mo?t com-let- In thli city JOHN K ELLIS*, se8 308 Penn. ave., neru 10th s'reet. YOtJRM LADlffS* I'l.AIK'AL LlfSTITl T* .Va. 491) S ttrttt rpftB EXFRCISES OF TPilS SCHOOL wi" be returned oa Monday, the 15th lnstent A ipr hoarders will to received The number ol pupils Is limited,both In the h'gi er and the pre paratory departments s*8gw? STEPHEN H Ml RICK, A M. TNI SALOON. WM 8. LEWIS. AT THE ItEliUEST OF numerous friends, ha* reopei ?ed ?. i t Farm's BOWLING SALOON. IVo \Jl/M 8 Missouri avenue. Everything !? i In XI ? complete order, and he Invite t he patronage of all who wish to enjoy this health f si exercise No betting e 'owed la tto Seloen. lt? JUST RECEIVED, AND RBdtlTIKS dallv, a superior article of PIN E WOODthat 1 can afford to se'l at the low Sgt ire of ft4 50 per cord. delivered, In lota of ;jto eor da sr upwards, or 94 on the the wharf. Address JOSEPH E. LAW, through the Po?t Office. Terms cash. ae 8-3t* MUSICAL CARD . OROFKSSOR B , FOR THE )!*A?T EIGHT A years one of the lne?t piano ti ?rhers In Hon* ton, now a resident in thlscity, wotild like a ftw select pupils la tbe higher braaeheeon tto Piano. Professor B has letters of ihe highest reconj mendatlon from his former patrons la Boston as Messrs Chickerlng, Prof. Longfe'.tow, Ac , Ac , which can to seen at Mr. Richard Davis's Piano store, Penn. avenue. He also desires to enter lntoi perms neat engage ment as organist. For further particulars, pleate applf at 'he Piano store of Richard Davis. se ^-er^'.e Orphan's Ceart, September ?th, 1^6, DISTRICT OF COLUMUIA, -WASHING TON COUNTV, TO W ITIn the caae of Owen .Murray, Executor of Patrluk Mortn, de cea?ed, the hxerutor aforeaaiil, hs i with the ap probation of the Orphan's Cc urt of Washington county aforesaid, appointed Tuesday, tbe 30th instant, for the tl nal settlemen t and distribution of the personal estate of said dec eswed, of the assents collected and tamed into mow; , when and where ail the creditors and heirs of *ald dece ised are notified to attend (at th- Orpha n's itourt of Wash ington count*.) with their cla ims properly vouch ed, or they may otherwise b y laser be excluded from all benefit of said estate: Provided, a copy of this order be published oacf a \*reek for tstee weeks, in the Evening Star, pvevlous to said 30th Instant. Test ED. N. ROACH, Reg Wills. True copy?Test: ?ea-*Jw ED N ROACH, Reg. Wills. MAURICE STRAEOSCH'S GRAND CONCERT COMPANY. Offering a cent hi salisn af tllastrleaa aanes ? ever yet eqaitlled, THE Pl'BLIC ARE RKSPECTFULLYIN form d that .n'DLLE TKKES/l PARODI Wjllglveher First Grand Op?<rettc, Sacred. Popr lar, AIitf ellaneoua and Instrumental CONCERT between the 10th and 15th of .September, on whit h occasion she will be assisted by the following dis tinguish* d artittes : Siguor 1*1. TlBEKIN I, the great Tenor, (his first appeara.aceln \V ashing!ton,) Signor OSWALD BEKNJ.RD1, fie ei ninent Baritone, (his first appears nee in Washington.) Mr. 8TRAKOSCH is hap py to inform tbe pul - lie that he has effected an a rrangement with the wonderful Violinist. PALL JUL1.IKN, Who has bf ;n able to delav* h.s departure for tbe Court of France, and eonsea ted to play a farewe"' engagement for a limited number of nights in M*d e I'd rod l s Grand Concerts Tbe whole will be under the direction of MAU RICE 8TRAKOSCH. sept8 (Intel A Union) CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. SUNRISE AND M0HNIITG STAR! OUR ATTENTION HAS BEEN CALLED to an advertisement in S aturdav even ing's paper, by a stove deale r in this pla e advertising to supply their c ustomers with, tbecookln^ stove Sunrtst* for which we _ are the so.e agents for thlii place; having Pur chased the rlgctif sate f->r toe sto*e In Wash ington from the Inventor r.n.i manufacturer The above dealers advertising the stove came in pos sesion of two of them, which were gent as sum ? pies before our purchasing the right of tbem ; they refused to give them up on an order for them from the inventor. We deein this explanation nrces-ary to the public to pat them on their tjuitd, and inform them they can or ly obtain the stove froin u>, direct from the manuf actors. TLere are four more of them in this markes, sent aetata pies, perhaps they may get them. After having over twenty-live vetrs experience in the ?tove business, we pronouuc*- them to to the very beat flat top ooklng stove we ever saw or sold; they will do all we warrant them to do? to give perfect t atisfactlon. We would ?'so caution the public from buying an article ca'led the Light Street, made to repre sent the r-elebrated Morning Star, but which has none of the advantages attached to the Star We warrant the "Sunrise," flat top, and the " Star" to perform all we say for them Please call and examine for you rselves, neit door to C. Woodward's old stand, N o 31?. Please read our former adver l*em Pnts. We annex the order for the i jro Su nrise Stoves. C. WOODWARD ft SON. Philadilphia, Jr'y 14th, 1W>6 Messrs Johnson A Gut Gents: Please de liver to Messrs C. Woodward, Soir ft Co., the two stoves; one Ea. No 7, and 8 in ch Sunrise, and they will pay you the freight, and oblige yours, res pert! till y, A J. GALLAGHER, se 8 3t (Organ) NATIONAL MKDIt'AL COLLEGE WASHINGTON, D. C. I^HE THIRTY-FIFTH ANNUAL. COURSE . of Lectures will commence on Moudav. the ?27th of Octol>er, and terminate the 1st c f March. 1857. ' TtoeLecisres will to delivered on Ani.tomv, by Thos. Millkr, M. D. Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children by Wm. P. Johnston, M. D. The Principles and Practice ef ?urj;ery, by J. F. M aT, M. D. Pathology, Practice of Medicine ai<d Clinical Medicine, by Grafton Ttlkr, M. Ij. Chemlstrj' and Pha uacy, by Lewis H. Stkin ik. M D Physiology and iMlcroscopical Anatomy, by Jas. J. Warins. M D. Wm H Taylor. Prosector ?Jid E emonstrator. The entire expense for a full course of Lec tures 0) Practical Anatomy by the Demonstrator 00 Matriculating Fee. payable only once 5 10 Graduating expenses % (mi Admission to the medical and eurgieal clinic frte of charge For further information address WM P. JOHNSTON, M. D , Dean of the Faculty. Washington Infirmary, Clinical Depart ment Like most similar institutions In Europe, the desks from which the public lectures ari given, and the wards for clinical instruction are inc.uded under the tame roof. Daily clinics are given. N U ?Medical students desiring situations as residents In this Hospital are requested to make application by letter to THOS MILLER, M D . ! Curator, who will give any Information mat may be desired. Six rtsldents are to be chosen on ir about the 1st of October. THOS. MILLER, M D se 9-2awtN ovl C urator of the 1 nflrmary Proposals for Building Six Schooners for the United States Revenue Service Trbascrt Department, Sept. 6, 1US0 SEALED PROPOSALS. DISTINCTLY EN dorsed "Proposals for Revenue Vessels," and eddres*ed to the Secretary of the Treisu-y, will be received at this < tlice until 1'2 o'clock, noon, of the 6th day of November next, for Furalshlng the jviaterlals, Constructing. Equipping,and Dtliv ing afloat. Six Fore-and-Afi Schooners, of about fi;.y tons Durden each, for the Unltid Stales ievs nue service on the northern lakes. The models and plans to be furnished by the contractor, and the vessels to be completed within three months from the signing of the contract No propu*al will be considered unless received from persons engaged in ship-building- And tach oftW must be accompanied by the signatures of two responsible persons as guarantees that the contract will be entered Into by the bidder In case of acceptance of offer by the department. One half of tbe amount of contract will be paid on presentation of satisfactory evidence that the vessels are planked up, celled, and the docks laid; and the br'ance on delivery of the veeeels com pleted . All the materials used to to of the beat quality, and the work to be executed In a faithful manner and to the satisfaction of the superintendent. The vessels, when received from the hands of the contractor, to be fuMy rigged, furnished, and equipped, and finished to a, with the exeep ttons chains, anchors, armament, nautical Instru ments, cam boose, cabin, and ward-room furniture and boats. Persons desirous of bidding will to furnished with the required sftctjicatiotu on applk atlou to this department. In case bidders should not derire to propoee for the whole number of vessels, they *?e at llhrrty to offer for one or more, as may suit their conveni ence. JAMES GUTHRIE, se8-lawtNova Secretary of the Treasury. Amusements. N A TIONA L THE A TK L KUNKKI. A CO I w,, JNO. T FOKD Mara** [At*o. of Baltimore and Richmond IVi<if< H HALL Wic* Marag.f THUS BAKU..Nuilea!OMpo?frin4|.ttfii r MISS LAURA KKENE Mf Mwprfn On MONDAY EVENING, SEPT Stk, W, Will be offered, for the flr*t Umf in tLl? rUr ? beautiful ard heart touch'ng mor?l plav (?r1?. ten and arranged expressly fw Ml? Reene. a .? br her performed la New York for upwvd? of flf.y consecu-.lve alghts,) eaUUed CAMILLE! OS, THE MORAL OF 4 LIFE! ta novel and startllnc seen!" and mechanical eject*, correctly ro?tua.?d ard that g'orloumly rant Armaad Duvai Mr G JORCAN M. Duval Mr b K DICKKNsmn Oeslrn Mr T ? JOMN-?l?'N St.Gaudln .Mr HAlCOl K (' Count De Glary Nr. LUVKDAY Dr Leaaga Mr McDOt'Al.t. Arlbuv?? . rKKVOK 6 u stave Mr TREE L<hj1* Mr JONES Pierre - Mr. WII.TON CamlU* Gaut'.er Miw LMJ K A KEENE Mlcbette Mra T B JOHNSTON Prudence Mm A R CH I MA l.u Nanine Miss EM MA HAI.l, M'lie Marie Wiss TKKK M'lle A oats Mla? McDONttUttH Spirit of CamlUe's Mother Mra COLB^ OVERTURE BY fFlI. ORCHESTRA, TROXi*BAKtU,ronnrcTO*. To conclude wltb a novel, rethnlcel, imiatral, pottncal, scenic, dramatic, arttsuc. serta oomlco, rational, and NATIONAL EXTRAVAQANA, Founded upon facta, entitled NOVELTY! IN ONE ACT AND EIGHT TABLEAUX. Performed with unparalleld success at Laura Keene'a Varieties for neatly one hundred consecutive nlghta CHARACTERS: The Manager Mr. CHAS. WHKATLFIGH ?aahton Miss E HALL Novelty Miss JOSEPHINE M A N > F. K * Fortune Mra T. B. JOHNSTON Prites ?/ iifmiiiKa?Boie? and ParqieU* 50 eentx ; Ket-erved seats, T5 em's; Family Clr- '? Mid Galleries, 95 cents Box clrp open da< y from 9 to 5 o'clock. ae 4 Wants. w WANTED ?THREE SHOEMAKERS ON i yg work. Apply to 1JAN1EL GKNAt", Capitol Hill ees-H* B'JAKD WANTED IN A P.TJVATE pami ly f r a ne-itlemaii and lady. 7'erma nin?t br molt rat?' Addres* W. G . S'v OSce. It* WAN TED.?A3 NLR-iE AND S? AV stre?s an American or German won *? Good reference* required Apply immediateat vi*h street It* WANTED?A PLACE FOR A VF.RY IN trUlgent hoy to run errand*, or one vbcif he could b lev.ned a trade wonld be acrer* ali e Adlreai Box T,IMar Uffet. se - ?? ANTED?A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL hous> work in a sm*'l family. She inu*t oe a good plal i cook, wa? her a ad Ironer. Such a one can have the highest wa^-s by applying Imme diately at No. 355 Pith str et nurth, be .wren M.s sach isetts avenue ard M street se9-1w* CARPENTERS WANTED?SIX GOPI> hinds can K* emoloyment at the L'nlt d 8'atr* Miltta-y Asylum bv applying at the build Ing to JOEL DOWNER, or at his house on north D street. letw^sn and 13 if a r et. be fore 0 in the morn lsg or afier 7 o'ckca Int ??e*?. ?It. f h et |\TI R?E WANTED TO TAKE CAKE OF A 1^1 child now * months old A young person who is tidy wonld be preferred Inquire imme. dlately at No 39* C *?reet ?e 5 WANTED ?TWENTY-FIVE TAILORS and Tailor?**** None r.enl spp'v without goodrer mmendatlonx WALLA STEPHENS, 1^2 Penn avenue, between Wb and :oih streets, and .791. 3 doors below the National Hotel. se 1-tf WANTED?A 600D TWO-STORY Brick Houer, neatly rirnlste t. at a moderate rent Apply at the StarOttce and state terms, Jtr, au 45 tf WANTED.?A G1KL ABOUT 10 YEAR? o d. white or colored Apply to THOM AS PA R K ER, No 407 7th street. w* WANTED ?A SITUATION BY* A YOUNG woman as chambermaid and sramstreui. or to take care of children. Address Box 1* at this oMce ? 1 W AIM TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO flud persons In want of the following ar tides: French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, re.und, oval or tf Bar* Oil Paintings, lanre ard rroall Marble-top Brackcit Table*, in bronre or gold. All kinds of Pictures fram*d, and any ?lte Looking Gla**s, or other work in the gilding line done to order wltb dlvratch. Also, a lot of ca&t-lron Bracketts. suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit the tl mes, for cuh. N.B.?Old Work Regllt,end Locking Glass Plates inaeried. 255 Peona. avenue,opposite Klrkwood Hotme. dee It JOHN WAGNER Boarding. BOARD,Ac? MRS. BATES, ON THES W corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 5*th street Is prepare?ltoaccomrcoditegenilenjen wlihrocir* with or wlthotit board Every effort will l>e made to render those comfortable who may favcr her with their patronage. Transient or table i>oard c an be obtained ap 0-tf MKS. BANNEKMAN, CORNER OP tT?l and E streets, has several ji^od Rooms va cant, which she cWers with board on reasonable terms. She can accommodate several table board era. )f Itutf (1RIKN MI.MUKR, WHITE AND BLA< k * Mustard Seed, Loi>g Pepper, and all eondt menta requMlte for nick ling ; for sale by KING A BURCHKLL, se 6-lw coiner of 15th and 1 streets. Black, tea?seventy'-five chests of otir standard Bla?-.. TI A ta*e Just been received This Tea la well and vnewn in this city and the surrojnding country, and is highly recom mended bv the f.tcu?ty. KING A Bl RCHEL, corner of 15:h a;.U 1 streets, se6-lw one block N. E. Jackson's Statue. A CARD. WE HAVE THE PLEASURE TO AN nounce to our friend* and the public?^ that we have Jnat received our fall stock CLOTHS. CASIVF.R ES, und VEST- V% 1N GS of the very best French. American. -V and English manufacture, to which w^ respect' fully ask to call their attention visitors and strangers la tlie eitv can bave their 0 der* illed bv us at the very ah^rtest no?lee, at fair ptlcea, and in atvlea tqnal at least to any ea tab.Ishment In therttv GRUBBA LOZANO, Merrbant Tailors tr6-lm 49i 8th st., near Penn itfnuo. SNYDER ON TOWERS; U vali , just published. Latrobe's JuaMce; 1 vol., new edition. The Kccent Progress of Aatronomv ; by Pro fts?cr Fllas Loom 1k English Traits; by R . W. Emerson PoMtical Manuel; containing the Declaration o! 1 sd>pendence. Constitution of the United States, fetid W ashington's Farewell Address Religion la America ; by Robert Baird Evelyn Marston ; a novel, by Mrs Marah. The Star Chamber, bv Alaswortn se 6 _j_ PRANCKJTAY'LOR. BEFBE'S HATS?PALL PAftlllON The s?rond mpply of Beebe'a New York HATS, of the fall shape, this day r_ opened it STEVENS'S ?-e6-3t Salesroom, Browns' Hotel J 1ST PUHLISHED AND ALL VERY Pretty: Buchanan Scbottlsch. Fillmore Do Wheatland Do Jessie Polka. And other* at the Music Establishment of JOHN F. ELL'S, ?e ft- 3U6 P< nn, ave , bet 9th and 10th sts. i f ? RAIAINS! KAIKINR!! &AIKINS..? whole, half, ai d quarter Boies, Bun'h RAISINS, quite equal to the new crop. For sale low. WM.MCR1PPS, se4 ?t ei Loulsaniaave.,bet.eth andTthsts. PLATINO AND VISIT1NO CAR U* seUln low at ELLIS'S, an rt? Pa aveane. PIUND.?ON SUNDAY MORNING,SEP lembrr lst,asmall tun of MON EY, togethrr with sevetal Hotel Receipts, which will be re turned to the owner apon identifying themme and paying far this eflvertiM mrnt For farther Information inquire et this oM(e. se 5-'tt*a