Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. local intelligence. The Registratioh Bill was under con sideration in the Board of Common Council on Monday afternoon. The nendicg question was on the motion of Mr Jefferson to strikeout the words ''prior to the 31st day of December next preceding the day of election," and insert the words "on or T>rior to the first Monday in June next." The President ruled the amendment out of order, as conflicting with the charter of the city. Mr Jefferson moved to amend the bill by inserting after the word "list," in the seventh line of the first section, the words 14 and who has resided therein since the first Monday in June preceding:'' and the question being takeu by yeas and nays, it was dccided in tho negative, as follows : icas?Messrs. Abert, Elmonston, Fisher, Jefferson, Kennedy, Orinc, and Turton?7. Nays?Messrs. Bayne, Boblayer, Gordon, Hutchinson, Knight, Lee, Lloyd, Towles, V'at terston, Walker, and the President ?11 Mr. Jefferson moved to amend the bill by inserting after tho word 44 that," at the end of tho fifth line of the second section, the words 44 he believes which was dccided in the neg ative, by yeas and nays, as follows : Yeas?Messrs Edmonston, Fisher, Jefferson, Kennedy, and Ormt? 5. Nay*?Messrs. Abert, Bayne, BoHayer,Gor don, Hutchinson, Knight, Lee, Lloyd, Towles, Turton Walker, Watterston, and the Presi dent?13 Mr Jefferson moved to amend tho second section by adding the following proviso : provided, 'ahat the name of no person who r -tually resides in the city shall be emitted on the ground that he possesses or has exercised the right of suffrage elsewhero, all such questions being proper to be deter mined by the Commissioners of Election or by the courts " Mr. Bjhlayer moved to lay the amendment on the table. The Chair ruled the motion out of order, as the laying the amendment on the table would lay the whole subject on the table. The question being taken on the amendment o! Mr Jefferson by yeas and nays, it was de ci'ed ia the negative, as follows : Yeas? Messrs. Abeit, Edmonston, Fisher, Jefferson, Kennedy, Loe,Orme, and Turton?8. Nays?Messrs. Bayne, Bohlayer, Gordon, Hutchinson, Knight, Lloyd, Towles, Walker, Watterstoa, and the President?10. Mr. Jefferson moved to amend the eleventh lin* of the third section by striking out the words 44 nor any other person whatever;" and it was decided in the negative, by yeas and najs, as follows: Yeas?Messrs Edmonston, Jefferson, and Or ire - 3 Nays?Messrs Abert, Bayne, Bohlayer, Fisher, Gordon, Hutchinson, Kennedy. Knight, Lee, Lloyd. Towlej, Turton, Walker, Watters ton, and the President ?15. Mr. Jefferson moved to amend the third sec tion by adding the fallowing proviso after the word 4' applied," in the seventeenth line : 44 Provided. That it shall be the duty of the assessors, when they meet from the fif teenth to the thirty-first of December annually for the revision of the lists, to add, when so required, the name of every person, claiming to be a voter, or who is claimed to be such by another person, who will avouch his belief, under oath, that the person for whom the claim is made is entitled to voto." The question being taken on this amend ment by yeas and nays, it was decided in the negative, as follow-1: Yeas?Messrs. Edmonston, Fisher, Jefferson, Kennedy, and Orme?5. Njys?Messrs. Abert, Bayne, Bohlayer, Gor don, Hutchinson, Knight, Lee, Lloyd, Towles, Turton, Walker, Wattcrson, and the Presi dent?13 Mr Jefferson movrd to amend the nineteenth lino of the third section by striking out tho words "fifty dollars" and inserting 44 one hun dred dollars " The Chair ruled the motion out of order as c >nllictirg with the charter of the city. Mr. Kennody moved to amend th?> fifth s.ctkn of tho bill by adding the following proviso: 44 Piovidtd, always, That nothing in this act shall bo so construed as to prevent any free white male cititeu from the privilege cf votirg at ar.y election who shall have com plied with the requirements of the charter of the city of Washington, approved May 17, IMS, becauso of the neglect, omission, inad vertence. or oversight of the assessors, or by the errcr or errors of the Register, or of him o: them who may be employed in transcribing, copying, or making out lists of persons enti t.ed to vote for the use of the commissioners of the elections, or for other purposes ; an 1 no Citizen, as aforesaid, shall be deprived of the privilege of voting because of an error in the spelling of his name " Ani the question being taken thereon by yeas and nays, it was dccided in tho negative, as follows: Yea-?Messrs. Abeit, Edmonston, Fisher, Jefferson, Kennedy. Lee, Orme and Turton?8 Nays?Messrs. Biyne, Bohlayer, Gordon, Hutchinson, Knight, Lloyd, Towles, Walker, and the President-9 Mr L!oyd moved to amend the fifih scction by adding the following Proviso : 4- Provided, That n^U'ing in this act sha'l be so con-rtrued as to prevent any citizon from voting who bhall have been left off srid lists by the error or cirors of those employed in transcribing, cot ying, or making out tho list of persons entitled to vote fur the use of the Commissioners of Elections." The question being taken on this amend ment by yeas and nays, it was dccided in the affirmative, as follows: Yeas?Messrs Abert, Bayne, Bohlayer, Ed mon.-ton, Fisher, Gordon, Hutchinson, Jeffer - n. Kennedy, Knight, Lee. Lloyd, Oruie, Towlcs, Turton, Walker, and the President 17 Nays-None. Mr Kennedy moved to amend the fbuith line of the sixth section by striking out the words 4- five day*" and inserting 4* thirty days;" which was decided in the affiimativc, by ytas and nays, as follow?: j Yeas?Messrs. Abert, Edmonston, Fisher, J' fferson, Kennedy, Lee, Orme, Walker, Tur ton ai.d the President?10. Nays?Messrs. Bayne, Bohlayer, Gordon, Hutchinson, Knight, Lloyd, and Towles?7 _ Mr. Jefferson moved further to amend the tilth scction by adding at the end thereof the words: 44 And any person changing his resi dence within thirty days previous to an an nu .: election shall vote in the Ward and pre cii.ct where he has been registered ;" and the (jue-'ii,u being taken by yeas and nays, it was uti-idcd in the affirmative, as fallows : Yeas?AKssrs. Abert, Edmonston. Fisher, Jefferson, Kennedy, Lee, Orme, Walker, Tur ton, and the President?10. Nays?Messrs. Bayne, Bohlayer, Gordon. Hutchinson, Knight, Lloyd, and Towies?7. Mr Ll"yi m'.ved to reconsider the voto by whi, h the ame-ij lment proposed by him had beeri adapted; and the motion wac agreed to and the amendment was withdrawn. Tho bill harii / been read through, and be i; r.. w on its third reading, the yeas and nays wcro demanded thereon, and, being tukcr, resulted as follows : Ye. -?Me-.-rs Layne, Bohlayer, Fisher, ?i -don, Hutchinson Kennedy. Knight, Lloyd. Tor.les, Walker, and tho President-11. N.iy?? Messrs Abert, Edmons;on, Jefferson, Lee Orme, and Turton?6. The bill was then passed. Tnr Sea Grinder of the Organ accuses us of ' jingling <-ur broad treasury pieces?gold, glittering g??ld," Ac We deny the soft im reachment. and should like amazingly well to l e br ught to a 44 realizing senje" of the fact. Th: Orinder further presumes t<> call us a 4 green 'ua." Why you red-nosed, straw colored old re probate! we'd rather be green as grass than ??darkly, deeply, beautifully blue," as you notoriously are, three hundred and sixty five days cut of the year ' IsyCEBT ?Mr. Jacob Smith, a street paver, when on his way heme with a wheelbarrow load of tools, fell dead yesterday afternoon on Eighth street, near M. Mr. Smith resided on Filth street, between N and O He leaves a wife and several children; hi9 wife is absent in NV.t Jersey at tbis time An inquest was held. 2nd the ver-lit nas that disease of tho heart was the cau?e uf death. Tri Firi Companies ?In a recent commu nication of the Mayor of Washington to the City Councils, he invites their attention to the statement of the Board of Trustees of the Public Schoolf in relation to the sehool-room in the Northern Liberties engine house?it appearing that " the room is used as a sleep ing place for persons who do not wake up early enough to let the school in at the proper hour," and that " the room in the second story was appropriated for the school by the late Mayor, and the room in the third story desig nated as the meeting hall of the fire company, and that this arrangement was at tho time satisfactory to all parties, but that since then, indeed, during tho holidays, the fire oompany has removed the furniture of tho school and taken possession of tho school room, either forcibly or surreptitiously-'' The Mayor concludes with the following re marks : " The habit of meeting nightly in the engine houses and of sleeping In them is full of de moralizing tendencies as well as a piolific source of false alarms of firo, and even of in cendiarism, and ought by all means to be broken up. Tho powors of the Mayor have been exerted to accomplish this object, but are too limited with the present police force to keep such order as w>U insure the preserva tion of the public peace and the maintenance of the supremacy of the laws. Jealousies have sprung up among some of the companies which lead to rioting and violence in almost every instance they are callcd out, and these difficulties *111 increase unless promptly sup pressed. It is, then, highly Dropcr, as well as necessary, that the responsibility be met at once by those whose duty it is to see that the laws are observed and that the public oeaco is maintained as well as good order estaolished and npheld. " Fire companies are established for tho nurpose of engendering a feeling cf security in tho public mind as well as for the purpose of preventing tho spread of fire, when it has, eitner by accident or design, been communi cated to buildings, and they ceaso to accom plish either object efficiently when, instead of emulating each other in a commendable zoal and promptness in repairing to the proper sccnes for their operations, they meet together for the purposo of trying who can throw most stones and show tho most utter recklessness of law and decency In other cities the powers of districting and closing have been given to tho Mayor, and its judicious u?e has proven beneficial If it should be tried and fail here it will then become our duty to look for other and more potent means of obtaining efficiency and harmony in our fire department. '? I have been thus earnest becausc I am induced to believe, from my own observation, that unless some change be mado in the pres ent system its demoralizing influences will re sult in more injury to the class of youth who hang around fire-erginea ?nd engine-houses than will be compensated by all tho good tho firo companies can ever do." The Excursion of the Light Infantry to Old Point, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Ac , offers a fine opportunity for thc-so of our citizens who desire a trip to the salt-water region. Tho party will leave Washington on Friday after noon, at 2 o'clock, in the steamer Powhatan, and reach Old Point by 8 o'clock on Saturday morning, thence to Portsmouth and Norfolk ; roturning, th?y will leave Portsmouth on Sunday morning for Old Point, and remain there until 12 o'clock m., departing at that hour for Washington, where they will arrive on Monday morning about fi o'clock,?thus giving excursionists time to be present at the gratd reception of the Infantry by tho mili tary of Portsmouth, to visit the Navy Yard, big ship Pennsylvania, Norfolk, tho Marino Hospital, Ac., Ac ; and a day-light view of the Chesapeake Bay, on the return trip. National Theatre ?The play of "Dreams of Delusion" wont off admirably last night. Miss Laura Kcene was as usual charmingly accurate in her delineation of the fine part of Lady Harleigh, and Mr George Jordan per formed the part of Sir Bernard Harlcigh in a manner evincing careful study Mr. Dickin son also acquitted himself handsomely as Dr. Pungent. The following piece, 44 Two Can Play ;>t that Game," went off with spirit, as did the con cluding one of 41 Novelty." To-night, 'L Tho Marble Heart" and "Novelty" will be pre sented Women in Men's Clothes ?A great buzz was created on Twelfth street to day by the appearance of two young women in men's clothes, who had been arrested on the street and were taken to Justice Clark's office. They said they were from Philadelphia, and gave their name? a. Charles L Moore and Charles Walters One of them concealed her fa?e while at the office, as if with some sense of <>hame ; but the other was quite talkative, and seemed rather to glory in her position. They woro committed to jail for further examination. Fatal Accident ?Thomas Connaught, a waiter, recently discharged from the National Hotel, where he had been employed during the late busy season, fell from an upper window of Shadd's boarding house on Tlnrd rtreet near the Avenue, about half-pas: two o'clock this morning, and died a few minutes after he was taken up. It was thought that the deceased had been drinking previous to going in his room A Sorrt Pcn-Y.?Tho Organ, disgusted with the turn politics aro taking is devoting its columns to original 44 dog stories," and on the principle, we suppose, that a 44 a fellow feeling makes us wondrous kind," expresses much sympathy and tendernoss fur tho abused canine race. This is all right; but why, oh Grinder, why the superfluous e in " pup pey." Can t you speil your own name? The Libel Sl it, entered by Marshal Hoover agaimt Mr. Joseph Shillington. came up on postponement, before Ju-tico Goddard, this morning. The defendant was present, pre {>ared for trial, and Mr. Davidge appeared or the prosecution; but there being no wit nesses present, tho case was dismissed. Fighting, Assaults, Ac ?Elizabeth Bell, Mary J Foster, and Jim Clagett, fighting; security for peace Julia Granton and Henry Dcugla.*, assault; dismissed. Eliza L>max, Mary Lomax, and John Thomas, disturbing the peace ; security fur pcace. These cases were disposed of by Justice Hollingshead. Watch Returns ?This morning there wero no cases for trial; the cells were occupied by unfortunates permitted to lodge in them. Late Confession of Murder ?Tho case of John Liwler, tho United States soldier, who, It will be rccollccted, has been in tho New York City Prison several week* upon his own C'-nfession of having murdered a young girl in Ireland many years ago, was disposed ? ' Monday Tho unfortunate man, who stated that his mind was affected by tho al leged tragedy, and that he could nst neither day or night in conscqucnce of his vision?, baa been examined by two physicians and pro nounced insane. Ho was, therefore, com mitted to the Lunatic Asylum at Blackwell's Island. In regard to the alleged crime, a letter has been addressed to some parties in Ireland for information, but no auswer has ct been received. Lawler, however, should e recover his senses, will be detained until an investigation can bo bad, which will throw more light upon the affair. 13^ The Toledo Commercial has a friend whose acquaintances call him Solomon, partly because Solomon was a very good man, and partly because his name was Solomon. 44 Yer *ee," said the gallant Solomon, 441 was out in the woods one day, and I stepped on some thing which rattled ! I looked down and saw my foot was on a tremerjious big rattle snake And, said Mr. Solomon, in a bold voice, 44 if yer ever see a seared critter, 'twas that 'ere rattle snale .'" INHALATION IN D1SEASKS OF THE LUNGS. Dra. Master fc Williams. Physician! for Diseases of the Cheat. b2i North Charles street, Baltimore. Tho great success which has attended the practice of Inhalation by Dr. Hunter and his associates in treating every form of Pulmona ry diseases is now established beyond question. Dr. Williams, associate of the Baltimore office, mty be consulted in Washington on the 12"h and 29th of each month. The next vi-it will !r on Friday, the 12th instant, 019je 260 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mr'. Voss s J ewelry Store. J T MARRIED, On the ?th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Hill, Mr. WILLIAM CLIFTON, of Cincinnati, to Mi?? MARY F BIRCH, of Virplnla. * (Virginia papers please copy.) On the 9th instant, by the Rev. Jacob Trusty, BENJAMIN S. WALLACE, to Miss HEN RI ETA, daughter Of James H. Thomas, Esq ,of Washington city. (Sacramento, Cal., papers please copy ) DIED, In Georgetown, on the ttth instant, CHAR LOTTE, irfant daughter of Stephen T and Vir ginia Brown, sped 10 month*. In Norfolk, \ a , on the 8th instant, ELIZA BETH ELLIOTT, eldest daughter of Samuel V. Turner, aged three years and six months At Brandon, Vt., on the 23d ult , MsjorC. A. OGDEN, of the U. S. Engineers, agtd 5G years. F For Sale and Rent. 'OR SALE.-A Y ARM IN ALEXANDRIA ? county Va., distant three miles from the Georgetown Ferry, containing 85* acres in the home tract, also a wood lot of 40 acres, which will cut from 25 to TO coids per acre. The improve ments consist of a good Dwelling, Barn, Stable, Dairy, and Corn-house. The Probability that Congress will erect a bridge at the Three Sisters, or the Aqiif duct, will render the property valua ble. A plot of the farm can be seen at the rtflceof the undersigned, RICHARD P. JACKSON, No. 155 Bridge street, Georgetown. se 10-tf For rent.?furnished or unfurn ed, a house situated on tho north side of Penn avenue. In thecentrs' nart of the city, containing In all fifteen rooms, which are comfortably furn ished ; gas fixtures through the house. Will be rented to a careful and responsible tenant if ap plied for soon; or the rooms wi'l lie rented sep arately. Board can be obtained in the immediate neighborhood. A servant will be left to attend, and take charge of the room, if required Apply at this office se 10-lm OOR RENT?ONE OF THE TWO NEW three-story Brick Tenements on 7th street, op Kslte Centre Market space. There Is not a better !ation in the citv for a market restaurant. se9 2w R H. LASKEY.No.38 La.avenue. FOR RENT OR SALE.?A SUBSTANTIAL fine Brick House, desirably situated on the corner of Massachusrt s avenue and 10th street, containing 10 rooms with cellar Also, a pump of good water la the yard. Would rather sell than rent. The house is built In the best manner, and is three-stories and attic hi?h. Possession given immediately Apply to GEORGE T. LANG LEY, on 11th, between K and L streets. se5-lw FARM FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER cflWs for sale a farm situated in Loudor. county, Virginia, near Draynsville, containing about 461 acres. Fifty acres are in wood. The soil is naturally equal to a'.y In the county A plot of the land can b^ seen at the office of tha un dersigned RICHARD P. JACKSON, No 155 Bridge street, Georgetown. se5-tf Ij^OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors e.nd Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inqu're at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov27?tf DORSAL E?A CONVENIENT SMALL a House, on 10th street, only two or three doors from Pa. avenue. Its central location renders it a very d'slrable dwelling for persons engaged in business. The front room might fce used as a Show room for a Millinery, or lifted up for a La dies' Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Store its prosimity to the avenue would make it a gof.d stand for arv neat business. Apply to W. LEN OX, or at Mrs. Lenox's, on E, between 10th and 11th streets. nu 27-tf EfU) R R E N T?TWO HOUSES, ONE ON 16th and I streets, with a back building; tbe house ha?, twelve room*, with a fine large yard, suitable for a large family The other h^ii-e is on H street, betwee) 18th and 19th streets, both in desirable places to reside. For further particulars enquire of G EO R G K & THOS. PARKER. au20-eo3w* For sale ok rent^thTtwo new three-story Houses with back building and cellar, on 12th street, the first square south of Peun avenue, is offered for sale or rent. They contain ten rooms each InqulrecfJ.W BAR KER, on H street, next to the Lutheran church, between llth and Pith street. uu 1-eotf STORE FOR RENT ? ONEOF THE MOST desirable place:? cf business on Pennsylvania avenu? for rent, and fixtures for sale Apply at No. 211 Penn. avenue, between the hours of 1 and 6 o'clock. au 8-eotf For sale or rent?that desira b!e residence on F street, between 20th and 21st, for tbe last eight ye irs occupied by th* late J M. Chubb, Esq Possession given tbe 1st of November next, inquire of RIG'JS A CO. au 12-eotf For rent?a furnished country Dwelling, with lawn, orchard, garden, and stables?5 rooms on fir?t floor?hot and cold baths, highly romantic and healthy situation, 8 miles %orn Washington in Prince George's, Md Re fer to Sweeny, Rlttenhouse, Fant A Co , and Ed itor of the Star Possession given at any time af terthe 15th October. au25-lm L^iR RENT?DWELLING HOUSE, NO. I- 332, Pennsylvania avenue north side between 9th ar d i?th streets. One of the best locations in tfcecity Imrnedlate passesslongiren. Apply to GEO H B WHITE A CO., on the premises,or to CHARLES H. LANE, Gent's Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue. au 2 ROOII fDRIilSHINO GOODS. WE ARE RECEIVING PER PACKET John K Prlcc, just around from Philadelphia, a beautiful* a-sortment of HOUSE FURN-KTreH 1SH1NG HARDWARE,togeth er with a large assortment of other kinds of to-.isc furnishing goods Also, we are receiving per packet Embark from Philadelphia another sup ply of all kinds of Parlor, Dining-room, Cham ber, Office, and Store STOVES, of various pat terns and sizes, for coal and wood We respect fully invite our frlruds and the public who intend to purchase Stoves, Grates, and other house furn ishing goods this fall, to visit our establishment, as thty will And upon examination that ihe cast ings of our Stoves are thick and strong, ;is mu'h so as those cast in Baltimore, if not more so?cer tainly mucli handsomer; they come from a ce e brated (Quaker establishment in Philadelphia, famous lor the excellence and dureabiilty of those Stoves These Stoves are all put together with stone cement, thereby making them perfectly air tight They are the latest *nd most approved patterns, got up very handsome. We are celling our goods at a very small ad vance up->n them Please call and see them. We deliver our goods to any p'acc in Washing ton or Georgetown, ftoves, Gra es, Ac , put up in workmanlike manner. No additional charge for cartage put upon their delivery Terms cash. C. WOOD WARD A SON, No 318 Pa ave , bet 10th and llth str els. sc 9 3t (Org*.n copy) Lost. ? yesterday afternoon, either on New York avntie or 8th street, from 12th, a BLACK LffCE TE1L. The finder will be rewarded by leaving the same at this oliice. se8-3t N $50 J OTIC IS ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY forbidden to trust any one In my nime, or on my account without my written approval. WM. J. SMITH, se8-lw# Washington Sept bth, 18?6. WOOD AND COAL. WE ARE DAILY RECEIVING LARGE supplies of WOOD and COAL, which we can sell from the boats at very low prices. Per sons desirous of laying in their Winter fuel would do well to give us a call before purchasing else where. BOGUE A O'NEILL, se 2 No. 105 Water street, Georgetown. KK WARD.?RAN AWAY FROM the sub*c!rlber, living on New J*"- M hey avenue, Washington city, D. C , NEG RO WOMAN CHARLOTTE HAKR1SS, about 23 years of age, short tbb-k set, and - bright copper color, with busbcy head. 'i he above reward will be given if taken out of the District, and twenty five dollars if taken In the OMrrt. or any inform, tlon given so that I can get her a^aln. 1 fu>th?r forewarn nil persons from harboring the said negro. H at* E WKOE. MR. W. IIENKT PALMER'S PIANO FORTE CLASSES. fllHE DEMAND FOR PLACES IN THE 1. classes, greatly exceeding Mr Palmer's an ticipations, renders It r.?'uvsary for pupils desiring t he best hours to enter their names In the CLASS REUISTER Immediately A class for gentlemen i* in course of formation. THE GEORGETOWN CLASSES will pleise send In their names to Mr. Palmer, care cf Re*. J. W. Major, Georgetown Ftmale Seminary. All Washington applications to be made at Mr. Palmer'* residence, F street, ntar I3th, where prospectuses may be seen. Te?ms: 85 per quarter se 8-3t KKWAKD.?RAN AWAY FROM thelsubscrlber, living near Upper Md $200 Marlboro', P.ince George's county fa'd NEGRO MAN LEN, who calls fai:n*elf LEN H AKROD; he Is a dark mulatto. about thirty one years of age, five feet seven l es high ; he has ? scar o-? the right knee caused by a cut; half of his head shaved, and very grum when spoken to. I will give the above reward If caught ont of the State of Maryland or District of Columbia, or one hundred dollars if caught In the State of Marv lard or District cf Columbia, and secured in Jail or brought home S3 that I ean get him again au 2b-tf B BEALL, AUCTION SALES. f IVERPOOL SALT AT AUCTION.?Will M-4 be told at our wherf in Alexacdrla, on FR l 1)AY, the 12th instant, at 11 o'clock a. m., the cargo of ship Othello, from Liverpool, consisting

8000 sacks (i A Salt 1200 do Fine Salt, Marshall's brand in full bleach ed sucking. Terms at sale. ?elO-d FOWLEACO. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneer*. PEREMPTOKY SALEOFA V K K Y large assortment of VTnlcut, Mahogany and other Furniture, Cottage Sets, blati Ware, aid Toilet Seta, Ac., at Public Anc> Woo.?On TUESDAY MORNING, September 16th, commencing at 9# o'clock, we w'li sell, at store No. 1<> Pennsylvania avenue, between ?th and 9th streets, north side, a large assortment of Furniture, Housefurnishing Goods, Glass Ware, Ac., to close consignment*. We name in part Walnut and mahogany Tete-a-tete and Sofas Do marble-top Centre "fables, Workstsnds Do extension and other Tables Mahogany spring seat Chai"s, Rockers and Easy Chairs Wa'nut, cak, cane ard wood scat rfl?' e Chairs Ornamental, office, and other Clocks Walnut and mahogany Jenny Liad.and other Kedsteads 6 fets Cot?ige Furnltu:e, di 111 rent patterns Walnut, Oak, and Maple can--feat Ctairs and Rockets We'uutand Mahogany marble-top Bureaus, plain Bureaus Walnut and Mahogany Bookcase', Etegcrcs Looking Glasses .'alters and Lamps Hair and Shuck Mattres*cs, and ni"ows Larac variety of Glassware an-* .'Piiet t-ebs Together with many other articles in the ^ouse furnlshlng line. A'1 of the above goods are of excellent qur'ity ard will be sold without reserve. Terms: .?3u and under, caih; over that sum a cieditof sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. WALL BARNARD. A CO.. se!0-d Auctioneers First Grand Confectioners' Ball r?MlE JOURNEYMEN CONFECTIONKKS L take great pleasure in announcing to their friends ai.d the public of W ashing ton, Georgetown, Alexandria, and Haiti more, that they will give tb"lr first Grand Jfk M Annual Ball, at Carusi's Saloon, on^Jnl MONDAY. Sept. 15th, 1*5? An experience d Committee have made arrange ments to make this one cf the best balls ever given in this city in a New Y'ork Ftyle For the accom modation cf Ladies, Supper will be ready at cny ? our during the night; and will b? furnished by an exrericn ed caterer. A line Brass Band 1 en gaged for the occasion. The best Confections and Ice Creams will be furnished Tickets ONE DOLLAR; admitting a Gentle m'n and two Ladies to be had at the principal hotels of this city, from thecommittce of arrange ments, and at the door on the evening of the bail Cemmi'tee of Arrang'mtnts?Joseph Schaf fleld, Cbas Meyers, G. Bleshing, Jcs. Klem, A. Beehler, J. Gabert. se2 2w# NEW STOVE HOUSE. r i * . r,? V' '. Morning Star and Sunrise Cook-Stoves. C. WOODWARD 1c SON Have opened a new stove, grate AND HOUSE-FURNISHING ESTAB LISHMENT, next door to C. Woodward's old stand. No 31c Pa. avenue, between Kith and l!th street*, where they will keep constantly on band all the latest and most approved patterns of STOVES and GRATES best suited to this mar ket Al-'o, a large assortment of HOUSE-F L'R N1SHING ARTICLES. Tneir leading Cook ing Stoves for this Fall are the Morning Star, and Sun risk wood and coal. They are so arnr.;;ed us to burn The Star ha*; an excellent oven. ventilated through the pipe, a Summer Arrange ment attached, and a east Iron Roaster, whi"h makes the stove so complete that theie can be nothing more do: 5red in a first class cook stove. None of these Stoves are genuine except the above named advantages are attached, and Morning Ptar cast on the front of the Move; and five stars cast in the rear of the ham boll?r They have, also, the SlnfcisE, (Hit top.) never before ottered in tills market They burn wood and coil. None genuine except tbe bottom plate in ihe bake <<ven is tinted; which insures good baking in the bottom of the oven, which Is tenti laled through the pipe, and has a so attached a Summer Arrangement in the front of the stove. Fiu'ed bake ovens ai:d summer arrangements are the Stove. They have a'so a very large assortment of the la'est and most approved patterns of Orates, Par lor, Chamber, D ning Room, Office and Store Stoves of all sizes, fyr wood and coal, that the North can furnish, best suited to this market. You will do well to call and examine their as sortment of goods. They will take great pleasure in showing their assortment We are sure that our Goods are very low, uj we buy for casii. UjT Terms casu. au2*-2m CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. GUNRISE AND MORNING STAR! OUR ATTENTION HAS BEEN CALLED to an advertisement ia Saturday even- a, lng's paper, by a stove dealer in this pla e advertising to supply their customers with j the cooking stove .Sunrise, for which we are the sole agents for this place: havim; pur chased tbe right cf sale for the stove in Wa>h int-On from the inventor and manufacturer. The above dealers adve-tlsing the stove came in pos session of two of them, which were sent as sam pies before our purchasing the right of them; they refused to give them up on an order for them from the inventor "We deem this explanation necessary to the public to put them on their guard, aud inform th m they ? an only obtain the stove from us, direct from the manufactors. There are four more of them in this market, sent as sam ples, perhaps they may get them. After having over twenty five vears experience in the stove business, we pronounce them to be the very best flat top evoking stove we ever saw or sold ; they will do all we warrant them to do? to give perfect satisfaction. We would also caution the public from buying an article palled the Ltg-1 Sire t, made to repre snit the celebrated Morning S ar, but which has none of the advantages attached to the Star We warrant the "Sunrise," flat top, and the " Star" to perform all we say for them Please call and examine for yourselves, next door to C. Woodward's old stand, No 318. Please read our former adveriseinents. We annex the order for the two Sunrise Stoves C. WOODWARD A SON. Philadelphia, July 11th, 1356 Messrs Johnson A Gut Gents r Please de liver to Messrs C. Woodward, Son A Co., the two stoves; one Ea. No 7, and 8-inch Sunrise, and they will pay you the freight, and oblige yours, respectfully, A J. GALLAtiHER. se8 3t (Organ) A DAKS). yy E HAVE THE PLEASURE TO AN 1 nounce to our friends and the public ^ that we have just received our fall stock of CLOTHS, CASIMERES, and VEAT INGS of the very best French. American, and English manufacture, to which we respect fully ask to call their attention Visitors and strangers In tlie city can have their o'ders filled bv us at the very eh< rtest notice, at fair prices, and In styles equal at least to any es tablishment in the city. GR UBB A LOZANO, Merchant Tailors, se 6 -1 in 4#3 ?th st , near Pcnn avenue THITTY-F5VK THOUSAND DOLLARS* To Capitalists seeUing Investment! J NO. S A K H GALLAHER, TODD'S MAR b e Building, adjoining Brown's Hotel, have for sale, on commission, Thirty five Thousand Dollars of Six percent, COUPON BONDS, se cured by mortgages upon real estate worth double :he amount of said herds, and interest payable feml-aunnallv at the Bink of the Valley, Win chester, Virginia, or at the Bank of Metropolis, Washington, D C. These bonds afford a s tfe and judicious invest ment. ard, whilst they are quite as safe as Corpo ration stock, can be had for less money, yet pay ing the same amount of Interest. ID" The bonds are each I>lve Hundred Dol ars. feS-tf V. S. ftlYER, MAGISTRATE. OFFICE OPPOSITE THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT, corner cf F and 15th atreets, under Chubb's Banking House. seS-'iw * JUST RECEIVED, AND RECEIVING dally, a superior article of PINE WOOD that 1 can afford to sell at tke low flgure cf SI 50 per cord, delivered, in lots of two cords or upwards, or S4 oa tbe the wharf. Addr?*s JOSEPH E. LAW, through the Post Office. Terms cash. *e &-3t* AUCTION BALBS. THIS AFTERNOON AND TO-MORROW, By WALL, BARNARD A CO.. AnctiJbeers TWO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at A action On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON. the 10th innt&nt. at 5 o'clock, in front of the premises, we will sell to the highest bidder at public *ale, I.ots numbered 17 and 18. In Square f>25, fronting Massachusetts and New Jersey ave nue*, and on 8 street, each lot beinq 25 feet front by about 105 feet deep. The title is Indisputable These lots are valuable, and must be sold, and cffer an excellent opportunity fbr a purchase In a f st Improving part of Washington. Terms: One-fourth ca*h ; the residue In three payments, at 6, 12, and IS months ?rom d>y of sale, bearing Interest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken WALL, BARNARD A CO., 9e A act! sneers By JA?. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. DESIRABLE BUILI1INU LOT at Pablic .sale.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Se: tembrr 10th, at 5# o'clock, cn the premises, I shall eell Lot No.23, in Square No. 110, front Ins 50 fleet on north M street, between lHh ird 19th streets west, running back 110 feet to a 30 feet alley. Title perfect, and sale positive. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue In 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. se g-d J AS. C McGUIRK, Aucfr. By J AS. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. Furniture and nt?t se-kekpi*u Effect* ot FnbHc Aaetisa.?On TH UR3 DAY MORNING, September 11th at in o'clock, at tb?> residence of R. S. Sproule, Esq , on F street, between 9th and loth streets, 1 shall scUcll his Furniture ?r.d Hou=ehold Effects, viz : Supeiior rosewood Chlckerlng Pianoforte Mahogany hair spring seat Sofa Do plush covered parlor Chairs, Rocker Rosewood and m?rble-top Table, walnut What not Mahogany Rocker, cottage Chairs, Ottomans Mantel Clock. Vases, a'd Ornaments Brussels and three-ply Carpets, Oilcloth Bronze Hat Tree, half Lamp Crimson damask Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Glit Window Shadts, Chintz Curtains Two Cottage Sets, Toilet Ware Feather Beds, Bolst- rs. acd Pillows Hair and husk Mattresses, Comforts. Ac. Mahogany Sideboard, Dining Tables Lounge, case-seat Chairs Ch!na, Gla*s, ar.d Crockery Ware Silver plated Castor, Tabic Cutlery Cooking-st?>vc, Kit hen Utensils Terms: J*3u ard under, cash : over that sum. a credit of 60 and 'Ml days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, l?earing interest. fe fi-d J. C McGUIRK, Auct'r Bv JAS. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer. E*Xf FLLENT BUUOT HURSE, KUIK> J away and Harness et Auction. ? On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, September lltb, at 1)$ o'clock, In front cf the auction rooms i shall sell? A superior dark bay Ilorse, six years old. very strong built, kind In hcracss or under the saddle, ai.d perfectly sc-und. Also, a Rockaway and Harness, in i>ood oidcr Terns cash. JAS. C. McGUIRK, se 9-4 Auctioneer By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. Peremptory sale of valuable Holding L?ti at f'oblic Auction?(Mi TUESDAY AFTERNOON, the 16th instant, we will sell. In front of the premises, at 5 o'cloc a. Lots numbered 5, 6, and 7, in subdivision of Square 281, oa the corner of f?l and 13th streets north, fronting 72 feet a Inches o*i M strett, run ning back 120 feet on 13th street to a wide alley These lots are valuable and must be sold, and offer rare inducements to persons In want of a desirable location, and In a rapidly Improving part of the city Title indisputable Terms liberal, and made known at sale WALL, BARNARD A CO , se'.?-d Auctioneers TO THE PUBLIC. JOHN P. DENNIS HAVING TAKEN TIIK ? ? well known Coach Factory, on 6th. street, between Louisiana avenue and^ C street, long conducted by ftlr. John" M. Young, is now prepared to manufacture and repair a'! descriptions of COACHES, BUGGIES, WAGONS, Ac , on the most reasonable t'-rcns, In the very best manner, and at the shortest no tice. He respectfully Invites his fellow-citizens to give him a .rial. au 1*2-1 m RECEIVING OIK FIRST FALL SIP PLIKf. WK ARE NOW RECEIVING VERY many new and desirable DRY GOODS suitable for th'' present and coming season We name? *20 pieces superior black Silks, some at SI well worth Si 25 A large lot fancy plaid and s'ripe Silks, very de sirab'e for fall dresses, which we will sell very cheap 75 pieces plain and plaid Frcnch Merinos '25 do rlrh ar:d new style Mousselln DtLalns ?211 do rlain and plaid sack Flannel* 10 do White and Colored Flannels, some very line 50 dozen Ladles' ard Mlrses' Cordfd and Hoop Skirts 75 do Linen Cambr'.c Handkerchiefs at SI 50 per dozen 200 pieces Bleached and Br~wn Cottons of the best brands 1(H) do more of those superior soft finish house wife Cottons 100 do superior Shirting Llnecs, all of the best brands ?20 do 6-4, 9-4, 10-1, ai.d 12-1 Cotton Bheetlng Cottons A large lot of superior Table Diapers, Napkins, Towels, Scotch Diapers and Bird Eye Diapers 50 new style Fall Shawls and Scarfs ?25 dozen l.adies' Kid and Beaver Gauntle's ?25 do White and Colored French Corsets 10 do more of those White and colored ribbed # Hose 50 do G< utleinen's and Boys* Linen Shirt Bo soms With a greit variety of other Goods for general family consumption, to which we ask the special attention of purchasers. IIT We must again insist on the payment of bills remaining unsettled to 1st July, as upon strict promptness In all businesj transactions de pends our ultimate success. COLLEY A SEARS, 523 Seventh st., 3 doors north Pa. ave. au '29 eo*2w VOCAL INSTRUCTION. MR. F NICH0LLSCROUCH, COMPOSER A\D SIXGIXG MASTER, AT THE INSTANCE AND RECOMMEN datlou of several of his lnduential friends, has determined to establish himself at the citv of Washington, as a VOCALIST and SINGING MASTER. His reputation in these branches, as well as composer of many of the most popular songs, such as ''Kathleen Mavourneen," "Der mot Astore," Ac , he trusts, will entitle him to the patronage of the community. He will be glad to take charge of a limited number of Private Scholars, and proposes open ing a Musical Vocal Academy oa the 15th Sep tember next, for the development and study of singing in classes, commencing from the ele mentary principles up to the accomplished sing er. His circulars will be pre; ared a? soon as pos sible, and. in the meantime, he would suggest that early application be made either for private or class tuition, at Mr Richard Davis's, or at George Hllbus's Music Store, Pennsylvania ave nue, who will give every necessary information, and where Mr. CKOL'CH'S latest compositions can be Been. aa 19 eolin coal:?coal:i-coal: : *. COMPRISING THE FOL' OWING VARI e'.ies: Red, Gray, and While Ash COAL; all cf the best quality. Persons wishing to purchase their winter supply would do well by sending in ttielr orders lmu.e dlatelf, and have the coal de Ivered direct from thf* VPv4f>] " IVOOD '?WOOD WOOD !!! Also, a good sto-k of Hickory. Oak, and pine Wood on hand, *11 of which will be sold as cheap and ou as reasonable terms as can be had in this city. T H. W ORTHINGTON, Corner 14th and C streets, near canal, se 3 e?6t NOTICE. EN. WALTER JONES AND CHARLES "T LEE JONES have removed their office to No. 506, E street, be-tween 3d and 4th streets. Charles Lee Jones will practice In the Supreme Court of the United States and all other < ourts held in the District of Columbia. Gen. Walter J ones, though mostly retired from general prac tice, will unite with him and do his best to ad vance the succcssof clients by written statements and arguments, and by all other needful and proper exertions. jy 5_3jh WAS FIXTURES. WE HAVE NOW ON HAND THE MOST complete assortment of Gas Chandeliers. Brackets. Ac , ever before offered In this city, comprising several new French and English pat terns * Call and examine before purchasing Gas Tubing at low rates, and !n the best nnn ner. J w THOMPSON A BRO , sc 5-eo2w 269 Pa. av ,bet. 9th ar.d 10th *ts_ ; ? MATS?"AT# . ELBE'S NEW YORK FALL STYLE HATS for 1856. Al/?o, Philadelphia and other fashionable shapes now receiving LANE'S Frsbionabl? Hat, Cap, au 29-tf and Gents. Furnlshirtr V'tn e f [UUP. ELLAS, PIRFl'MERV, TOILET Articles, Ac selling off at Ju* JHULirt. TELEGRAPH NEWS. FSOM THE ASSOCIATED MESS. BY HUIIII r*!!1TIN? TKLteKAPH. Kimu lews. St. Locis, Sept. 8 ?It if said the pro slavery party in Kansa* have determined n t to mak? another attack on (Jen Lsne's forces until the 13th inst. This girtf Oov. tieary time to reach the Territory [sECown Iiipitci.J St. Loris. Sept. 9 ?Advices from Kansas, | of the >th, aay that Lane, with 150 uien. at tacked Tccumseh on the 4th, but the writer gives no particulars. Judge Lecomptc had issued orders to tho marshals to WW L*ne ard other a^ititors (Jen Smith has instructed Col. Cooke, at Fort Kiley, to give all necessary assistance Gov. Geary arrived at Glasgow on Tuesday. IIo met Got Sbarnon on his way down Democratic Display in Hew York Niw York, Sept. 10 ?A grand Democratic torchlight proccssion took place hero last night, proving the grealeft demonstration <?f tho kind ever witnosscd in this city Tho proccssion was about five milei in length, and composed of twenty thousand pcr .rons. Fifty bands of music and thousands ?.f banners gave a soul-stirring spirit to the scene. Tho streets through which the j>rocessi< n passed blnicd with light for miles in extent, and at midnight tho immense throng dispersed with tho utmost quiet nct>$ Mail Bobber Sentenced Wilmington, Del ,Sent. 9 ?Geo M Towt send ?leaded guilty tbis morning, in tho I'nited States District Court, on the charge of robbing the post office in this city in Augu?t, 1S55. He made a lorg appeal to the mercy of the Court, declaring that be had been led awny by evil companions, and promisirg reformation if mercy was accorded to him. Jadge llall sentenced him to two years' im prisonment at hard labor?the loweit term for the offence. ? Yellow Fever at Fort Hamilton-Health cf Brooklyn. New York, Sept 9 ? One new case of ye'l> w fever at the military hospital at Fort 11am I ton is reported this morning. The previou.-ly reported cases are convalescing The Board of health of Brooklyn repotts n-j new crises of fever and no deaths during tho la^t 24 hours. Three r.ew cases, but no deaths, arc reported at Governor's Inland. Fillmcre Mass Mooting. PiTTScrno, Seft. 9 ?A large Fillmore m?*8 meeting is being held here thn evening. Pro cessions, with musi? and banners, are in mo tion. und there is much enthusiasm. Speeche ? are being mado by Messrs. French Evans and others ??? The Missouri Whigs. St. L< f is, Sept. H.?A meeting of the Whigs was held here on Saturday night, and nine delegates were appointed to attend the con vention to be held in Baltimore. KesMatv-ns favorable to Mr Fillmore were adopted, pledg ing him their support, if no other candidate was presented. Health of Charleston. Charleston, Sept 9.?But three dei'.h fr m the yellow fever have occurred Vn daring the past twenty-four hours. The wK I ? number of deaths from the same cause for the week ending la*t Saturday, was sixteen. New Orleans Markets New Orleass, September 9 ?Cotton is un changed ; sales of 1.200 bales. ^ugar?fair, yja9i Flour S6 12*56.2^. Western yellow corn 95c. Lard, in kegs, 14:. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. Sept. 10 ?Flour is steady; How ard street and Ohio $<5.87i. Notbii g doce in City Mills Wheat is unchanged; good to prime re's 51 4fiaSl 55; good to prime white *?! 48*1.62. Corn?sales of white at 58aA2c., ard y ?H? w ?? t 6 lc. Whisky?Ohio an 1 Ci'y sold for J2JaJ3c. Mew York Market*. New York, Sept 10.?Flour is buoyant; sales of 9.000 bbls.; State S6aS6.35; Ohio *6 ;0 a$6.f>4; standard Southern 57.25a57.60; fancy to extra do. *7 64a$s.25. Wheat is firm; sales ot 20 000 bushels; South ern red SI 53; do. white $1.65. Corn is higher; 'ales of 25,000 bushels; Southern mixed fiS" Pork has advanced: tales of 300 bbls.; rr.c ? S19 75. Beef is firm; sales of 300 bbls.; Cht cago repacked S10.50aSlI. Lard is higher ; sales of 150 bbls at 13|c. Whisky is higher; tales of . 300 bblf*; C hi j 35o. ? Financial 1 New Yore. Sept 9 ?Stocks are higher. Chic igo and Rock Island 96; Illinois Central shares 112; Illinois Central bonds 92 ; Michi; gan Southern 91 J; New York Central 871; Pennsylvania Coal Company 95J; Virginia fi's 93, Missouri 6's M. OLD ESTABLISHED Washington Stovo Depot! Southiast eornir Pinna, atcuvc nnd 111* ttrtdt IN STORE AND RECEIVING WEEKLY, A lar^c stock ef the universally admired and unsurpassed Cooking Stove, the invincible: TUBULAR OVEN, which, for economy In consumption of fuel, nim pli' itv of constru-tion, easily managed. easily rt: paired at a trifling cost, Baking, Kcastin^, Broil ing:, Ac , defiles competition. SOO References can be given who will testify to the above qualities of this, THE COOK STOVE ' All 1 ask Is an examination to satisfy the great esteconomlst. JA8. SKIRVING, 267 Pa. avenu?. The following is one of the many recommcnda tions sent to me by a very popular gentleman of this city, the original of which may be seen by any one calling at mv store: Washisgtor, July 2d, 18i6. Mr. Jas. Se:rvisg : JJear Sir?Tbe " Invlncib'e" Stove purchased at your establishment last fall has been inconstant use In my family since that time. Its advanta^* s seem to me to be very decided. First, its ex treme simplicity of construction and inanagemt nt render repairs almost unnecessary Sercndlv, tbe facility with which It may be changed from a word to a coal burner. And lastly, the perfect manner in which It performs its duties. The peculiar arrangements of its flues, keeping an even temperature around tlie loaf, Ac., render It, by far, the best bread>baker In the market. 1 have, therefore, every reason to exprets my satisfaction with It Very respectfully yours, au 30-1 in . MUSICAL CARD PROFESSOR B , FOR THE LA'sT EIGHT years one of the finest piano teachers in Bos. ton, now a resident in this city, would like a few select pupils la tbe higher blanches on the Piano. Professor B.has letters of the highest recon. mendation from his forrrer patrons in Boston as Messrs Cbirkerlng, Prof. Ixmgfellew, Ac , Ac , which can be seen at Mr. Richard Davis's Flauo store, Penn. avenue. He aUo desires to enter Into a permanent erg a ce ment as organist. For further particulars, please apply at the Ft mo store cf Richard Davis. *e 8-ec4t* SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. ?CITF zens and strangers will find at LAMMOND'S ? lb street, a large and beautiful collection of Toy? and Fancy notions. se 8-">t MADAME MOUNT'S CONSUMPTION DE8TR0YER This invaluablf. remedy can v>. had at No. J3? G street, between Eleventh and Twelfth, south side, or at Stott'a Apothecary corner of 7th street and Pennsylvania avenue. References: Rev. Mr Phelp- and Rev Mr Register, Foundry church; and certificate fr >iu theRev. J. Hanson. au 27-1 in* Raisins: raisins:; raisins:::? 120 whole, half, and quarter Boxes, Buit'h RAISINS, quite equal to tbe new crop For sale low. WW M CR1PPS. set 6: ?1 Lonlsanlaave.,bet.flth and7thsss medical card. DR H. PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physician, has the honor to otter bis services to the Inhabitants of Washington and vicinity. Office and Residence on 1 street, No. ISP, be tween '2'rth and 41st streets. N. B ?Homeopathic medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with Uie greatest ccre, For Fever and Ague, for Bllous and Hcwel complaints, Ar t Ac. ** :t :trn SO?T CRABS AND 8EBN soup are served every day at O. ?AUTILR1R Saloon. mti