Newspaper of Evening Star, September 12, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 12, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAS H I A O T O N C IT Y: FRI DAY lDi ISA?. jr^ AdTertiwu>??t? should be buM la k> 11 o'clock, n>., otherwise tbey may not appear aitll the next day. SPIRIT OF THX MORHIHG PEXSI. The Union, discoursing upon the Main* election, says * '? Maine has spoken contrary to the hopes, but not contrary to the expectations, of the democrats; and been use she has so spoken, black republicanism conceives that tbe presi dential c? nt?--t i? virtually decided? that there is now nothing left for the (ireeleys, the Garrison#, ti e Be? chtrs. and the W ilacns to do bnt t<> esc rt their chief in triumph to the federal capital . , ' This is the 6r,t presidential campaign of j the black ?e? ul.lJ ar-. for their gueiil.a fights of 1844 lMi?. and 1S5* are unworthy of a passing notice Like most yonrg soldiers, they have mistaken a >kirmish for a general tDgagemcut. ard have shown their weakness in their tumultuous joy over tke simple fact that the trifling aid promised by Iowa, Ver mont, and Maine has not been withheld All pitched battles aie preceded by sharp skir mishes. the result of which has little or no in fluence over tho fortunes of either of the con tending armies. It is true that three ef our weakest outposts have fallen before superior numbers; but their brave defenders, after a gallant and even desperate fight, have retired :n good order, and with undiminished ardor, to the main body. That main body, upon whom and with whom now rest the bo|>es of every true patriot, have not changed front or lost one inch of ground. Tho post of honor, as the post of danger, has been assigned to Pennsylvania, with her twenty-seven elec toral votes. And there, too, in the van. we find Illinois and Indiana, California and New Jersey, New Hampshire and Connecticut. The democrats of New Tork, Ohio, and Miob Jgan are hastening to the field ; but, if they should be prevented from taking part in tba fortunes of the day, the reserved corps, with its one hundred and twenty votes, will cbargo the black republicans as the famous Old Ouard of Napoleon charged the Prussians at Jena?converting a complete victory into an ignominious flight " 1 be Un ton's private ail vices fr m Pennsjl vania continue to be tf the most encouragicg character. Counties and districts which have been regarded for some time as doubtful, and apon which the republicans rely as their only chance cf success, have given unmistakable Bjmptoms of the presence of a ju.weiful re actionary spirit, 1'nder the head of " An Atrocivus slander Refuted," the Union bays that? '*To produce the impression that there ex ists sotre disaffection at the South, the black republicans hare placed tho names of thirteen citizens of Virginia upon the electoral ticket This ha? be~n dote withe ut tbe knowledge or permission of these gentlemen, who are all men cf established character ar.d knewn fidel ity to the South and its interests." The Union asks ar.d autLcrizcs every lover of tiuth and ciino.en honesty to meet this in sidious and wicked outrage upou private char acter and public history with its emphatic and indignant denial. Ihe Intt/ltgtnrer is devoted to new? and to interesting foreign correspondence. Fortt-Secckd Anniversary ok tue Bat TLXgor North Point.?To-day is the forty aeccni anniversary cf the b..tle of North Point, a day in tae histoiy of the country which will always be remembered and com mem re ted, being one of th re it-dissoluble and invisible ties that cementc the Union of the fctates. The Baltimore American, while freaking ofjthis ?ubject says : % " Ibero are sull many in our midst who recollect that eventful day, and they call up the scene* with emotions of pleasure. On the day preceding, with their ships monacing the then small city, but tho most important in th* State, the thunder of tbe ordnance of tho Invading force was let loose upon Port McIIen ry, but that gallant poet luaintaned its posi tion, and on the following day tbe forces of tho enemy landed at North Point with a view to reach the city by land. Y\ ith a superior force they landed, and when their General with his picket guard undertook to reconnoitre the ground tbere were two brave spirits near to watch and check thecarnage that bad been promised upon the people of Baltimore. H. Wells and II. (J.McComas were on the aleit, and with a steady aim their unerring rifles slew the commander, though their own lives paid the pennlty of their love of country Their names are still embalmed iu the memory of the people of Baltimore, and will ever re main eo, as their heroi-in threw confuson in'o th? ranks of the enemy, enabling our miiitia to drive iff the legion* of invaders Theie are those who recollect with what emotions cf pain they awaited the result of the struggle of that day. and many bear's were made glad by the safe return if sons and husbands, while others wee called to mourn tbe loss of those who laid elt wn their lives on their coun try's altar" PEKSGNA L ? ?.. When the Buke of York was obligi d to retreat before the French, Sheridan gave a? a toa-t, " Ihe Uuke of York and his brave fol lowers ' ....Old Brown, a i roe State man, whom, with his foil, tbe Fremont journals had re ported " killed" by the Border Kufiians at Ot sawatomie, turns up now, as usual, " alive" and " well." Ue was not in the light at all' ....Col. Thomas B. Florence, one of the most efficient members of the House e,f Rep resentatives, having returned to tbiscity, from Philadelphia, or business, was taken ill at his quarters in the First Ward ; hut wo have the pleasure of stating that he nns nearly reeov ered from the attack, and in the course of several days will return to Philadelphia, to participate in the political campaign. .... Fir William Temple, whose death is < nu ot the items of i.uiopean news, was the younger and ^nly brother of Lord Palmereton, and lor many years British Ambassador at the Court of Naples Although a lew years younger than Lord Palmerston, fc>ir William has Leen in feeble health for sorug ;i^ie lie only returned to England from Xapfes about a month previous to his decease. .... The Philadelphia Argus says of Signor Tiberiai. the new tenor: '-His personal ap nearence is very pleasing. He is of medium height, has an easy and graceful carriage, and is altogether what he ladies would call "a ? ki?f * voice is a pure tenor. Highly cultivated and carefully modulated to tho sentiment ejf the music ; if tot so flexible I*' this is atoned for by his , aict'y Jffaded Mtisr/rr.t .... A New York correspondent of th. Augsburg Ua.ette glVt8 the following intelH gence of prominet refugees, who have foumi an asylum in the Lnited States -Hecker with l is family, lives at Belleville, on a large Urm He and his wife are not satisfied with their condition. Brentano is editor of a new . ? (?r.oii ne ha t left behind, livas in Fberbacb. (iwaaflj. Siurvo resides mostly iu New York ?nd tries to make a living by literary occupations Kiefer keeps a public bouse in New York, and is doing well Siegel, with bis father and brother is in the tobaceo trade ;liadeschwender is nowhere. The la?t time hiUl he was very destitute Tiede a phyei. ian in Philadelphia and proa man is pen. yr'An old ro\olutioner says, that of all the solemn hours Le ever saw, that occupied in going home one dark night from the w id ow Bern's, after being told by her daughter bally that he " needn t come again," was the moat solemn WASHINGTON HEWS AWD GOSSIP Opinion! of the Attorney Gonoral of the United Stale.-We observe that our enter prising townsman, R- Farnham, Es<r, baa pub lished an additional volumeof y Opimon? ?f the Attorney General of th? L The present volume, being the iixth of the entire series, contains the Opinions of Mr. Attorney General Cushing from March 4th, 1853, to October 7th, 1854, a period of about ?eventeen montb?. We need not say that the reputation of Mr. Cuihirg as a profound jurist has been fully sustained by this the first in ttalment of his labors now given to the public. The learning atd^research of these Opinions^ together with the vigor, comprehensivenesa and scholarly accuracy of language with which the most recondite principles of law are enun ciated, are not more maivellous than tho as tonishing amount of labor evinced in their preparation. Mr. Cushing, it is well known, is one of the mott industrious of our public men, although but few know how much he has really aceomplbhed. In addition to his duties as an important member of tho Presi dent's advisory council, and his dutios always onerous as representing the I nited States be fore the Supreme Court, he has prepared the Opinions, many of tbcm exceedingly elabo rate, involving principles of constitutional, in' ternational, municipal, military and adminis trative law, contained in the volume now just published. To give an idea of Mr. C 's industry, to say nothing of high talents and acquirements, i' is only necessary to mention one or two f?ctd. Mr. Wirt, it is known, held the office of At torney General during the entire term9 of both Presidents Monroe and John Quincy Adams, a period of twelve years, yet the number <f jages occupied ly his opinion8* given during this whole tituo is only 725, whereas Air. C.'s Opinions tor seventeen months fill 7f.O pages. It is true, th:tt the business ^f tho (lo\erLment has very largely increased since Air. Wirt's day, and numer ous complex Cjuestior h have arisen under its administration which then had not occurred^ but to come down to the more recent period o (?en. Taylor's and Mr. Fillmore s administra te ns, it will Le found that Mr. C. has already accomplished more than Mr. Johnson and Mr. Crittenden together. We mean no dis paragement to any of the gentlemen nauied> but dimply mention tho fact to show the vas amount of Air. C "s labors. We understund that the materials for a sec* oad v.lume of the Opinions of this distin. guished gentleman have accumulated, and will be published toon after the expiration of the present Administration. While the mat ter is eo abundant, the substance is no less so. A mere glance at the index will show the important character of the subjects dis:ussed. Among these Opinions the fallowing have s-ruck us as pre-eminently able: "Jurisdic tion of Federal and State Court* " Analy sis of Judicial Sjsteiu of the United States ??Office and Duties of Attorney Gcn?ral;" " Purchase of Belligerent Ship8 by Neutrals " Reciprocity Treaty with England," the va" ri'ju? Opinions on courts martial, (military and naval.) and also these upon the extradition of fugitives from justice nnd from service. Of the latter class we might specify the elabor ately discussed Opinion in wh?ch it is held that the right if a master to reclaim a fugi tive from service extends not only to the States and organized Territories, but also to all the unorgan'ted territorial possessions of tho United States Wo cannot doubt that this volume will find a ready sale to the legal pro fession Military Superintendence?Mr Ball s Spe cial Committee?The following communica tion, clipped somo time since from the New York AVt/'ji, but crowded out hitherto by tho pressure upon our columns, will be found of interest even at this late date as written by one evidently fully conversant with the sub" ject: Washington, August 12, lbotf. The appropriation bills are making fair headway, and would undoubtedly have passed long since were it not for the factious disposi tion manifested by tho Black Republicans to weigh them down with irrelevant and absurd amendments Prominent among these Is tbat of Air Ball < f Ohio, to the effect that it shall not be lawful, after the 15th day of Novem ber, Itt5i?, for any < fficer in commission in the military service of the I nited States to have charge of or to be employed as asristant, su perintendent, or architect in the construction of buildings for custom houses, marine hos pitals. mints, post offices, court houses, rupitol extension, or other public buildings, except sui'h as pertain to tho military defences of the I ii.ted Mates; and that from and after the said date the general supervision of the con struction of the Capitol and Post Offi *e exten sions shall be transferred fr< rn the Secretary of War to the Secretary of the Interior. Now, it is a well-known fact which no man of ordinary judgment will dispute, that tho engineer officers of the nrmy are, from th* very nnture of their profe-non, peculiar)* fitted for the- supervision of the immense pub lic improvements now b? itig made by thetlov errment; and it is a fact equally notorious that since Captains Bowman and Meigs hsve been detailed to supervise the erection and extension of the public buildings, animmen-e amount of money has been retained in the Treasury which would, under the old contract system have been squandered in eurichmg those irresponsible contractors who are now backing Mr Ball in his efforts to effect its rest'.rntion. Yet that gentleman, not content with cau'inj an investigation which has been not only couiicd, but demanded, by gentle men immediately concerned, has thought proper, in his superior wisdom, to move for the re-establishm**nt of that Galpbin and Gar diner school which consigned the administra tion of Mr FHlmor? to everlasting disgrace, c.nd which would a>;ain open the door to Mr. B '8 peculiar friends, and enable tkem to fleece the Treasury of millions annually. It is to be h< ped that the Senate will treat this attempt to rob the Treasury ot its safeguards with that confideration which all kindred propositions, arising from mere party motives, deservo. In these times of political finan ciering, when reckiet* fanaticism and un scrupulous oiemagogues rule the popnla* branch of the National Legislature, it is well for the people tbat they can repose confidence in the calm wisdom of the Senate, which in variably rebukes and checks the wild and in considerate legislation of the House *f Repre sentatives. The special committee appointed by the House under the resolution of Mr. Ball, have already made considerable nrogress in its in vestigations, ?n?l enough is \r\omn to render it cartain that his charg?5? are entirely un founded?not a par tic of evidence will be elicited tending in the remotest degree to show complicity or collusion in any ono particular In this oonnection it may be well to inquire, In what did this charge of unfair dealing on the part of the Government agents originate ? Simply in a desire to throw out the impression for political effect, that the Government wam not conducted upon strictly honest principles The ides of November were approaching, and it was found necessary to send forth s^ne olec tioneering trick to poison the public mind be fore the antidote eould follow it. The <? gold spoon" juggle of Mr Ogle, and its effect upon the election of lb40 had not been forgotten, and it was deemed necessary to aaaail the Ad ministration by concoeting false and unscrup ulous charges against the reputi lion of gen tli men who are sans ptur el sans reproehr. But mch are the behests of fanaticism ; buch the oontemptible subterfuges to which its vo taries will resort. These charges are, bow ever, beooming a pert and parcel of the tec tiofl of every quadrennial election, And may be looked for with as much regularity as the changes of the moon Junius. Kunchauten tm ?Some of the newspapers are really either bard pressed for new?, or, envious of the inventive genius of the coun try?as exhibited in the weekly publication of the list of patents?are trying their wits to become triumphant competitors As an in stance, we notice a paragraph in the Phila delphia BuJUtin of yesterday, saying that " Mr. Breekinridge really made a proposition to Mr. Buchanan at the Wheatlands, on Wed' nesday, on the subject of his withdrawal'' from the Presidency. The editor adds, " the plan is to get Mr. Donelson also to withdraw, and unite the Democratic and the American tickets in the persons of Fillmore and Breck inridge." " Suoli a ticket." the Munchausen continues, " Mr. Breckinridge thinks, will be likely to succeod against Fremont and Day ton." The U nil f tin concludes thus : " Nor have we learned what response Mr. Buchanan made to the proposition." No: and the editor never will hear; for a reason which must be plain to every man of common sense ; tho story being a weak " invention of {the enemy serving the purpose of a laugh, as a fruitless electioneering attempt to damage the Democ racy. The Six New Steam Frigates ?The Uni ted States steamer Wabash arrived at New York, yesterday afternoon, from a two days' trial trip. The dispatch says that " the ship has been thoroughly tested, and performed to tho entire satisfaction ff Commodoro Pauld ing, Captain Engle, and Chief Engineer Mar tin " The last named gentleman, we loam, had all along predicted the success of this new steamer. She is now the tlagship of the licme Squadron, superseding the frigate Potomac. The Merrimac is on her way to Southampton, England, in continuation of her six month*' trial trip These vessels are the only two of tho six in commission. Tbe Colorado and Roanoke are at Norfolk, the Minnesota at Philadelphia, and the Niag ara at New York?all i>fl>at, and in tho pro cess <-f completion. Kansas?Additional Instructions ? It is understood that the reoent dispatcher sent to Governor Geary aud to General Smith are to the effect that additional aid will be rendered, if necessary, to maintain the public peace and to bring to punishment all acts of violenco or disorder, by whomsoever perpetrated. No parties or bodies of armed men are to bo al lowed to carry on military operations in the Territory, excepting such person? as are regu larly enrolled by General Smith in tho United States scrvice. California State Election ?We see it gen erally stated that the State election of Cali fornia was held oa the 3d of September. This is a mistako. By the I?w of California, the Stato election ev?ry fourth year, viz: the year of the Presidential election, is deferred until the Presidential election takes place, and both are held on the satno day. Conse quently tho State election in California this year will not occur until the 4th of November. Dispatches-?Wo learn that Thomas 11 Looker, pureer in the U. S. Navy, arrived in the city this morning, bringing dUpatchos to the Navy and State Departments from the Commander of the I?rszil Squadron and our Minister at the Court of Brazil 'ihose for the Navy Department concern, it is guessed, the difficulties on board tho brig Bainbridge, just arrived. Commodore Smith, the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, returned to the city yes terday, after a few weeks absence, for the benefit of his health, which, we are pleased to learn, has been much improved by his trip and the cessation ilr? m the arduous duties of that responsible and important station. Award.?The contract for building the new Custom Hou^e iw?d Post Office at Alexandria, was awarded by the Secretary of the Treasury to Messrs. Walker 1 McCollum, for all but the iron work, and propoisals will be again invited for that portion of the work. Resignation of an Army Oilicar.?The resignation of Captain Theodore O'Hara, sec ond cavalry, has been accepted by the Presi dent to take efl>ot December 1, IS5<?. lha Current Operations of the Treasury Department.--On yesturday, 11th September, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For rodeuiptien of Texaa debt. .. $5;>4 M) For the Treasury Department. ?? 355 37 For the Interiot Department..... 9,6'J3 G4 F'>r the Customs 6,007 3t> War warrant* received and en tered 4,070 yj On account of the Navy 17,006 00 From miscellaneous sources 1,300 00 Fremont Meeting in Baltimore?Its Ab rupt Termination.?The Baltimore American of this morning says : Agreeable to a notice, a number of the friends of Fremont assembled at Temperance llall lupt night, but th? meeting was of short duration A number of persons opposed to the party were in tbe lib 11, and beforo the organization was completed somo ono proposed tHee cheers for Fremont, which was followed by three groans, and three cheers were given for Fillmore, and three for Uuchanan. A gen eral melee th?i* began, aud the llall was clear ed in a few minutes, of the party escap ing out of the windows. Ono of the members of the meeting suoccdsd in getting out of the crowd vritb tbe loss of b is cat, and was fol lowed by the crowd up to Baltimore Street, where he took refuge in a store and left oy the rear tioor. But few parse ns ware struck, the object buing apparently to break up the meet ing without usin^ serioaus personal violence Though our citizens are universally opposed to the principles which the meeting advocated, the course pursued was disputable, and can only help tho cause it waa ic tended to crush. The most of the disorderly persons present were mere youths, and of the elass that too of ten disturb the peace of the eity. The right minded of neither the other parties would countenajice ?uch a proceeding, well knowing that a handfull of Black Republicans can effect nothing in thia city or State. The parties proaiinemt in the meeting, und against whom the violence of tho crowd was directed, were Messrs. F. 8. Corkran, Win. Gunnison, Jacob Fussell. and a man, Mr. M? reditb, who has attained some notoriety asai'treet preacher Mr. Coikrau was chased up Baltimore stroet and a portion of bis olothing torn off. The others were followed in various .directions, but none, it is believed, received any serious per sonal injury ^ A Wonderful Swimmbu ?Th? Boston (Mas sachusetts) Evening Lodger of M'onday says : " Yesterday afternoon an irishman went down to India wharf, divested himself of .his olothing, which he threw overboard, and then jumped into the water He was soon pulfced out, and when asked to give a reason for proceed ings, he said that he was bound for Ireland to roacu? his countrymen, ^Je was linked up t> POLITIC AX* ITEMS. Hon Wilson MoCaudleas is the Democratic candidate for Congreaa in the Alleghany dis trict, Peniuylvania. The Marfreesboro (Tenn.) Telegraph saja that Albert Pike has " bolted back' to the support of Fillmore and Donelsoa. The Democrat! of the tfth diatrict of Illinois hare nominated Hon J C. Da via a* their eandidate for Congress, to fill the unexpired (era of Hon. W. Richardson, resigned Dr. John A. Abl is the Democratic candi didate for Congress in the York district, Penn sylvania in the eighteenth district, in the State, Cyrus L. Pefshing, Esq., is the Demo* cratic candidate. A new feature in political meetings has been introduced at Wheeling. At the con clusion of a discussion which recently took place near that city, 11 a number of beautiful young ladies appeared upon the Speakers' stand and sang two songs in favor of Buch anan." The German club in the fourth ward of the city of New York, which had been supporting Fremont, hae backed out of the negro wor shipping party, and gone over t<> Buchanan. They do not like a who tries to Hand on two platform?, and who announ3e9 that 1' he suits his replies to get the votes of all sides " 4'It is certain," sayn the Utica Herald, "that tho pro-slavery ruffians are again afflicting Kansas with sword and flamo." To which the L'tica Observer replies : ?' It id certain that Colonel Lano has gone into the Territory with u band of ruffians fir no other purpose than to shed blood and incite reprisal " It is certain that Gerrit Smith, who now says this uuestion must be settled in blood, is the chief contributor to Lane's support. " It is certain that Kansas was peaceful for nearly two months before Lane made his vio lent inroad. nnl commenced attacking the settlers in Kansas." (lliORtJETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, September 12. 1858 The new arrangement, invented by Mr. W' T. Duvall, for unloading coal boats though the bottom of the boat was fully tested at the Lonaeoning Company 's docks yesierday. Quite a large number of persons were present to witness tha experiment, (with a loaded boat) which was, so far as we could learn. perfectly satisfactory. We have not, a * yet, learned definitely whether Mr Ray and the company which intends shipping their coal at t^esd docks, have determined to carry out Mr Du vall's plan. It would be attended with con siderable expense in the beginning ; but the general impression is that it would be largely

more than overcome in the end by the groat s aving of time and labor in the unloading and reloading of the coal. The experiment yes terday proved conclusively that the unloading of boats through tho bottom, without the ne cessity of drawing off the water from the dock is altogether practicable Mr Duvall is very sanguine tVat ten boats constructed for the purpose, with three cylinders each, could be unloaded in a day with his plan, if fully car ried out 11 E Pluribus Unum" is mi'takon it he sup poses that our item of Wednesd ay was in tended as a 44 dead shot" to forestall the m ;t ter, or prejudice in any manner the changes of any of the many who will offer sites for the custom house and post office building. Our ideas, liko those to whom we first alluded, can be explained in a few words. But two bene fits can result from the construction of such a building, viz : the circulation among our busi ness men of tho amount that will be expended in its construction, and the ornament it will be to that portion of the town where it may be locatei Therefore, we, in common with others, de?ire to see it placed at some point where it will not be entirely hid from public view; and tho point we alluded to being both elevated and central, induced us to suggest it as a suitable one. Wonder if no plan can be adopted by the authorities to aba'e the horrid nuisan*e under the market house on the tow-path of the canal. The effluvia constantly arising from it is almost unbearable A called meeting of ourcity councils will be held this evening. Tha business for which they have been called together is not as yet publicly known Those who seem to be ac quainted with the secrets of the cabinet say that at least a dozen messages from tho Mayor will be laid before them for consideration The weather during the last few days has been oppressively warm. A fine shower of rain yesterday afternoon, however, has cooled the atmosphere and we again breathe more freely We are pleased to learn that both our fel low citizens, D. English and George Waters, Es<{8 , whose severe indisposition we noticed several days since, are rapidly recovering, and will soon return again to their homes Arrivals?Scbr. Actor, Duffy, Washington, N. C , to F Wheatley; scbr. J. R. Price, Jester, Philadelphia, to Hyde A Davidson ; scbr. M. J Fardy, Adams, Salisbury, to E Pickrell A Co ; schr Alleghany, Durham, Salisbury, to E Pickrell &. Co. : 6chr. J. W. Pharo, Salts, N. Y , to Geo. Waters: scbr James W. McKee, Satterly, N. Y , to order. Spbctatob. Fref. UfOrnth'i Original Elertric OIL. ?for Klittduiall-iii, Nruralgi*, I'aius, l>e;<, Ac , Ac., t'lls Oil a< s at on e??u? or two bottles will erne lite ? < ? St cases oftuu. Mr*. UorilU'jti. Rrion stroe', alxue Fourth street ?a? oured <>r by o e H.ttie. 41 re. Collina, l"? Cum! nut street, cured of KlieumatUui and N?uml(L by two l.?>t t M Ueorge C l.oyer, k.? , ..02 North Third stieet, cured of Bunions aud Felon ty tw ?> bottles W J. Cecil, Bsq., ls Blltenliouse street, end of linger* cut ott, cured by two bot ties; and I cnul-l till this entire paper with certificate* of rules given up by physicians. Depot :ur tuegenuine hlecirlc Oil, South tiglitii elicit, Muw (* .estuut. Pkorsasoa Cai? DkOiath I.urge bottles trn tiling cheapest. Hold bv tj 8 UANCK. 10* Baltimore stieet, Baltimore; and SToTTA Co. and J. M'SWiku, Washington. ^ sep la-iw i,7"Bro?n'? Enrntie ?/ Kbubarb. ? IB Its purgut va operation Khiibarb Is moderate. When tl.e stomach Is obfeebled.or the bowels relaxed, at tha same time that a gentla cathartic is re^ul ed, Khubarb, as a geneial rule, is preferable to otheta. Hence its uae iu dyspepsia, at tei:.1ed will. uousti,i^1uu. lu diarrhea where pnrglng la Indi cated, Iu chronic dyseutery, aud Id almost all typhoua dls eaves where local matter has acenmul.led In tba inteatlurs, or the use of a cathartic Is necessary to prevent snch accu uiuiallou. -Wood and Bauhe. Sold by J N. CALLAN and 0. OILMAN, Wasbicgtoti; F B It OWN, Philadelphia Sep II tr J^Tlie Balm of Zantbarea. or Ka*t In dian Keiuedy, Is prepared without opium, wh!cli reudera it the aaloSt as well aa the surest cure for Diarrhea, Dysentery, Cholera, griming palu In the bowals and children teething. Prepared by II. S Humphrey, OgJeusbnrgh. For aale lu Washington by CM A8. STOTT. Sep ? lw 1H7"" A Word to the Ladies.?In recent mending to your use Or. J. Iloatetter'a Celabrated Ktoxarli bill-rs. It Is Lut justice to stale, that, as a etlmulant to tha system, lo imparting strength and vigor, preparatory to pe riodical stages, wnlcli arr oft times attended with much paiu and trouble, weknow of no preparation more happily adapted lo all altllctious coosaquent upon tUs cause, ami for Cranipa iu the Mt<iiuach, Cholera Morbus, and all ailments arialng from over Indulgence In the fruits, vegetables, ice rreas s, to., ic.; It Is a certain aud almost lustantaneius remedy, snd no family should l*e without it. Directions for uscou the bottle. Hold by drogglsta and dealers geuerally. Sep Idw YJT Important to the Ladieat?Dr. Du PONCO'8 KKMAI.K PILL/8.?The combluatlon of Ingrwdl ?nts Iu the Pill* are perfectly harmleaa. Their effcacy and merlU are based rp<.n an exte'illye practice of over tlilrty year a; aud, where the dlrectlona Lave been atrictly fol lowed, they have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve painful and dlfflcnlt raenstraatton (partlcalarly.) at the change of life. They will cure the Whltee, and remove all obstructions arising from cold, expoenre or euy cansee; and may bo nsed succeesfally as a Preventive. Cell npon the ageul, and get a Circular for partlcolars free. Price (1 per bo*, with full directions. Sold wholesale aud retail by CHA3. STOTT, lirngglst, Pennsylvania avenne, HA Ml KL U. WAITK, (31 Seventh ttreet, Washington, D. C.; end K. S. T. CISsKL, Oeoigetown; to whom all orders biiii be seut, and tue Pills will be sent confidentially, by mall, to laliee who encloie them one dollar. N. B.?See alguatare on the box; to counterfeit It la for JStdf UTSilm Ware Manafactery.- 1 ani aow manufacturing very aaperlor articles In the way of Sterling SILVKK WAHK, vlx: forks, Spoone, Soblets, On^a, Me., which cannot be exce 1'd In this aectlon of country Also, tor sale, every variety of flue Watchea, of the moat celebrated makers, and a complete assortment of rich Gold Jewelry. Pine Watch repairing of every deecrlptlou done Iu the beet manner, by experienced aud com pete-it workmen, aud (Bar antled to give satisfaction. No. SSS Pa. ??enne, between ?th and 10th streets. Hlgu of the Large Spread Kagle. Jr a?tr H. O. HOOD dyCitrate ?( Magaeala, aa a?re?abU refrigerant aud laxative, now exteuslvely nsed on tbe conti nents of Cnrope and America, maunfactnred dally. Soda Ponntalns, of a naw and highly approved conetrecllen A choice lot of Havana Ctgera; with a fall supply of fine Per lamery. Hair Kraabee, Combe, Sheving Brushes, and Toilet Ooads generally. Jest received, of direct Importation, at OILMAN'S New Drng Store, SM Pennsylvania avenne. je t?-tr * UT Ctatt, Paita* aad Veata? Suits, Suits. NOAH WAI.KRB k CO., Hauli Hall Clutiius Karo> kii'i, Browns' Hotel Bnlldlng, reepecttally annonuoe that tbelr annual display of PALI. AND WINTBB CLOTHINO Is new reedy for Inspection, ooaiprlslng en eeeortmeut of Sktluu iiu Toum' Clothixu ef the neweat end rlch eet deelgna. in aawRK trimming, end workmanship. To thoae who stuiy exoellence, with aooeomy In faahlonaole ar ticle* of dreee, an opportunity la aow offered for selecting from one of the moat attractive stock of goods In this cttjr, at very reduced prloee. ap ?- if RKV GEO D CUMMINS RETURN ? - ? ed home this morning, and will resume his pastoral dalles la Trinity Church, on but Sabbath THE TOUNO CATHOLIC'S . Friend Society will give an Excurslonon the ttd Inst. Particulars vlil appear In fatare tdTWlWBlt. se li-tf ,THE JOINT COMMITTEE OF the German Improved Order of Indr Cndsnt Brothers, and Independent Order of Red en. berehv return tbelr sincere thanks to tbe members of the Western Hose Company for thei kind attentions, and their gentlemanly deport ment, upon the occasion of the funeral of eur de eared brother, Christopher Nordhaus. By order: JOINT COMMITTEE Be 12-lt* ? CARDS. BILLHEAD!*, CIRCU LARS, CHECKS, PAMPHLETS. LABELS, and every description of FANC\ PRINTING executed at the CAPITOL ( IT\ PRINTING OPF1CE, corner of ?tb street and Pennsylvania avenu? Entrance on *th street, se 12-3t? ,THE MEMBERSOF THE GEORGE town Buchanan and Breckinridge Club No. I are notified to meet at tfcclr rooms TO MORROW (Saturday) NIGHT, at 8 o'clock li'islness of importance will be before them, and every member Is earnestly req?e*ted to a'tend. J NO W. DAWSON, Pre* _JAME3 A^ WHITE, Sect'/^ se 12 2t? MR ALLEN IS FURTHER AP _ _ vised that the person who has frequently taken from his dwelling a wagon load of house effect?and store poods. each time amounting to neir ?7tM) wcrth, tbe last time In June. She then eft a family on 8th street and passed ove' the Eastern Branch Bridge to the bruse opposite the Navy Yard where she has been harbored for seve ral months. te 13 3t* NOTICE. THE PERSEVERANCE FIRE COMPANY give their BRAND ANNUAL BALL On Wednesday Evening, October 'J'J, l*i?> Particulars in a future advertisement se m-3t ,THE ECHO CLUB TAKES 8REAT _ ___ pleasure in announcing to their friends and the puullc generally, that they will give their First Grand Ball on TUESDAY EVENING. Septemlier the lftth. Tickets ONE DOLLAR se 12-H* COM OF ARRANGEMENT!*. ,ATTENTION ? REMEMBER THE _ Ball of the American Hook and Ladder Company which come* off on the 7;h of Octot?er at Odd Fallows' Hall, Navy Yard. se ll-3t .NOTICE?A SPECIAL MEETING of the Maryland Deiuo"ratic Club will bo hrld at their r^m* on F street, on FRIDAY EVENING next, tbe 12th instant, at tf o'clock A general attendance of the members is requested By order of the selO-lt PRESIDENT. ,NOTICE.?THE SU BSCR1BER begs leave to call the attention of tbe public to his sto-k of GLASS and QUEEN2WAKE before purchasing elfc<?wh?Jrfl, as by so d'>!n j :hey will save from li to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower th?n the lvxest at MW Pa. avenue, between 1Kb ar?d 10th streets. JOHN Me.llEVITT WOOD AND COAL ?THE UNDER signed having a^roclated themselves in tnisliiess under the firm of CHAPIN A BRO , sre prepared to famish their friend* and the publlr with tbe best article of WOOD and COAL Of fl-e on the east Mde of 7th street west, between G and H north We solicit a share of theratrona^e of the public. E. M. CHAPIN, se 5-eoIm H. L. CHAPIN. ,THE SCOTT 6UARDS TAKE great pleasure in announcing to their friends and the public geceral'y that they wl l give a Grand Cotillon Party at Harmonv Hall on FRIDAY EVENING, September 12. 1956 Tick ets ^IFTY CENTS, admitting a gentleman snd ladies te 9-3t* COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. A CARD ? ACTING MIDSHIPMEN EN route for the Naval Acad-mv Annapolis, Md . will oblige us tv calling In pacing through Wfsblngton. WALL A STEPHENS, 322 Pa. ave , Contra tirs to Naval se 12 3t Academy. STRAYED FROM THE RESIDENCE of the advertiser, on Monday last, the, bth instant, a SETTER PUP, about five months old, liver color, and had on a. do:ible chain collar A suitable reward will be Ciid to any oae who will return said deg to No. 6 oulslana avenue. ne 12 lw ?JM* 1 HE WISE.?THERE IS NO PLACE I It thecity where the people can get better ar ticle*, either'in style or quality, or at k wer prl c ?s than et FRANCIS', Just above Odd Fe lows* Ha'l,on7th street. Many are beginning to un derstand this and when In want cf Housekeeping Hardware, Cutlery, Sliver p'ated, Albata, and Japanned wa e, Clocks. Bird Cages, Baskets. B.ufhes, Combs. Ac., they call on him. He 1? determined to make It for the interest of all when about to purchase to remember his store, se 11 MLk EMBROIDERY. RS M A SCRIVNER having returned to l" the old stand over (i??o F. Allen's Dry Good Store, would respectfully Inform the ltdle* of Washington and strangers, that she has new snd beautiful patterns for embroldeilng infant* Cloar ks, Capes, Dres?es, Hoods, Slippers, Linen Bat ds, Ac. Embroidery done on Velvet, Silk, Flannel, Cloth, Merino, or anv other material of any color, at very short notice ar.d extremely mod*>r?te prices. Penn. avenue, one door east of luth street. se 12-3te MANTELS. ~ NEW AND BEAVTIFVL STYLE. Manufactured from Mate Stone, by the West Castleton Slate C ompany, Vt. These mantels are enamelled in Imitation cf the richest and most expensive EGYPTIAN, LISBON, VERD AN IIQUE, POKPHYRY, PYRENEES, BKOCATELLA, AUATE, SPANISH GALWAY, and other rare and desirable MARBLES The imitctiens are so perfect that they chalengethe closest ?crutinv. They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty mu h longer than marble ; are not lnj jrrd by smoke, coal gas, or sclds. and can be sold much cheaper thaa any (thtr* In innrket. Price ranging from $125 to Sl'2. Architects. Builders and otters are lavi'ed to call and examine samples at No. 512 Seventh Hreet, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' HaM, up stairs. T. W HANSON, ?? M-ly Agent. POLITICAL FLAGS.?JUST RECEIVED another supply of Flags for the bovs se11-3t LAMMOND. ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Corner Eleventh street and Pet.n. avtnue,over Farnham's Bookstore R F. N. CROUCH, VOCALIST AND Singing Master, respectfully lnvlt-s his pupils to meet him in the new rooms of the Academy of Music on Saturday next, between the hoars of 4 and <5 o'clock, pnn< tually, to arrange class* s a^reably to his prospectus se I l-3t COAL !?COAL '.?COAL ! !! ID" *0.26 per LAR6E CARGO OF SUPERIOR Rtl) ASH STOVE CO A L soon to arrive, wl'l be sold at the above low prire if ordered immediate iy Orders left at the Olftce, southwest corner of Uih and H streets, will receive prompt atten tion. se il-3;* EXTRA NUT1CE. MR W II. PALMKR'S PIANOFORTE CLASSES ?The Pupils already legMertd are requested to meet on SATURDAY AFTKR NOON, between 2 and 4 o'clock, at tbe Ar'ftr Rooms of the Acaitmy of Music, above Farham's Book Store, Pecn avenue ; en trance on 11th street. JET A few Pupils can be received upon eaily application to Mr Palmur, 96ft F street se 11 OAK AND PINE WOOD. f|NE THOUSAND CORDS EXCELLENT V" OAK WOOD, upwards of four feci In length, onlv M per cord. t|T A large quantity PINE WOOD at lowest market iriees |O" For sale at the Yard, corner Ninth and H streets. v te !!-&? OSEAR BESSAU, PROFESSOR OF DRAWING AND PAINT. ING IN OIL AND WATER COLORS, begs to announce to his frieeds and patrons that he will resume his classes about the 15th Instant Mr. Bessaa will likewise give le<sons In the French language to a few select pupils of either :ex, at No 404 l#t* street, between I and K. se ll-lw# ? ? M A S100 REWARD. RANAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER living In the village of Nottingham, M Prince George's county, Maryland, on Mon day night, the 8tl? Instant, N EGRO G1RL^? MARIA, who rails herself Maria Chew - She Is about eighteen year* of age. about four feet ten or eleven Inches high. She Is very like ly, and has a pleasant smiling face. She haa a remarkably ftne suit of hair for one of her color, and is. altogether, a ine looking girl. 1 will give the above reward of one hundred dollar* for her apprehension?no ma'ter where taken?provided sne is brought koine to roe or se eured In jail, so that 1 get her again THOMAS 6 TURTOR Nottingham, Sept 10,183d? se ll-tf _ S"THOoir~BO0is^>r^AIl?0U?TrrN D? used la the District, for sale at the lowest prl I ceo in every case 1 ae 2 FRANCK TAYLOR Amusements. NA Troy A L THE A TK E KUNKKL * CO JNO T. FORD M*na?ar (Alao.of Baltimore a ad Ibntmi H HALL **tage M*aag*r THOU HAKKR. .Muatcti Compo erand li* M180 LAURA KEEN (? Sole Man L?st nig b t but one of the wmwr Mason Mlaa LAl/KA KkfcNb and her celabra'ed i'oapanr A?tlTtr?MT ?> t>? Battle >f THIS KVENIMJ, Tie apendld play, In five acta, of THE MARBLE HEART. Wl'b ibe great Vision Scene ao enthusiastically applauded on Monday evening. Aat. I Tb? Sculptor's Studio In Albe:^.?The Dream Tbe Sculptor Mr Geo Jordaa Diogenes. tbe Philosopher....Mr W WhealLclik Gcrgia* Mr T B Johnson Aapasia Ml i Laura Keene Song and Chorus??? Id Bachansl aed Wl'd Orgle," Pboclon aad Chorus Act* II, III, IV, and V ?Scene In Paris Raphael Duchatlet, tbe Sculptor Mr Geo Jo-din Ferdlaaad Editor ...Mr Wb-atleigfc Vlsnount Cha.'aamargauj Mr T B Jobtiatn M'Ue Marco Mlsa laura Keeie National Maslc a Conductor, Mr. Thos Baker. Flrat time of tbe aerio comic petite Com lv entitled TO PABEHTS AND GUARDIANS Mons Tourbllllon MrC W heetlelgh Master Bot> Nertlej Mlaa Manners Wm \Vaddllowe Mr T B Jobnann On Saturday. last nU'bt of tbe season, tbe new Fren-b Dram of PaULINK, or tbe Three B rasas Monday even 1 ag F arewel benefit of M laa LAD M 4 KKtNK, after which tbe Theatre will remi a cloead for a brief period. Print of Admissitm:?Imm and Parquette,5tf c.-Btaj Reserved aea's. ?5 centa; Family Circle r.nd Gal erlea, 45 centa Bos office open di'iy from ? to5 o'Hack ae II MAO RICE STRAKOSCH8 GHAND CONCERT COMPANY. Offering a csniblnation af illastriaas lamea ?aver yet e<iaalled. Tllfc PIBLIC AKK KEBPECTFl LLY In form .-<1 tbat M'ULLKTEKESAPARODI willelve ber First Grand Operatic, Sacred. I'opr. \ lar, Miscellaneous and ln*tium?*ntal CONCF.K I' between tbe loth and 15tb of September. on wblrh oocaslon she will be assisted by the following dis tinguished artistes: S?ignor M. T < BtlH t X I, tbe great Tenor, (bis first In Washington.) Sigaer OSWALD BEKNAItlH, tlie eminent Baritone, (bis first appearance in Washington,) Mr STRAKOSCH is happy to Inform the pui - lie tbat he b&s effected an arrangement witb the wonderful Violinist, PAUL JILLIKN, Who has been able to delay bla departure for tbe Court of France, and consented to play a farewell engagement for a lim'.wd numbrr of night* 't M'due Parodra Grand Conorrta The whole will be under tbe direction of MAl RICESTRAKOSCH. sept 8 (Intel k. Union) Wants. WANTKD TO HIRE ?A SMART, ACTIVE colored boy. A.lao, a woman who can co k, wash, and do house work to please Inquire at 435 sth street. ae n-it* 11/ANTED IMMEDIATELY ?A FIRfT 1* ratf woman as house servant Tbe hlebtt wages will l>e given. EDW. H. FULLER, < n D street, between 22d and 23d streets, one nqna e east of National Observatory ae H-3te WAN TED-BY JUDGE SCARBURSH. A comfortable house In thla city at a fair rent. Apply to J H WILLARD. Esq., or at the Clerk's Office of the Court cf Claims eell-4 Rooms wanted?thkfe or four rooms pieast&ntly situated. In a small rrl*ate family, where there are no boarder* W.ti d wish to furnish their own room or rent part of the house- Addirss 6 bo* M6. City Poat Offic*. ae ll-3t? WANTED ?A HALF GROWN GIRL, OK boy to aaslst In hou-e work and to take care of children. Apply at No. 352 C between 4 ^ end tithr It* WANTED?A HOUSE READY FUR nlshed, of medium a're, respectable ar peararce. and central situa Ion Apply to O.3. PECK, Esq ,36 Louisiana avenue se 12 Iw APOTHECARRY OR DRUGRI8T.- A good chance is offered to a reanpetabv young man having a knowledge of tne spctbecarv bus'ne-s desirous of taking a half interest or clerkship In an establishment doing well Ad dress ?*CROTON,^Clty Despatch se 12-tt* WANTED?A WHITE GIRL WHO UN* derstanda cooking, washing and ironing. Applv at 4*3 5th street, between E and F as ll-2t? W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Young | girl a situation as cook, washer *nd Iroaer, or to nur?e cr do general housework Apply at No 672 G street, near tie branch. se ll-2t* WANTED ?A GOOD CLEAN COOK FOR the kteainboat Geotge Page Wages f2<> per mantb. and but two meals to cook. Applv to the STEWARD on board at the foot of ,'h street. te 10 3t* AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER OF FNG llsh snd Music desires nn engagement in a fitivat? family. Best references given Addre s I. CO ML Y, Georgetown se 10 tf WANTED ?A WOMAN TO DO G N ERA L housework In a small family Sha mu?t be a good plain cook, washer ar.d Irr ner. Such a one can have the highest wag s by applying Imme diately at No. 355 Pith str?et north, betwwn Mat sa-'busetts avenue and M street Is* (CARPENTERS WANTED?S I \ GOOD > hands can get employment at the t'nlted Statea Military Asylum by Applying at tbe buUd lng to JOEL DOWNFR, or at Mi house on north D street, between nth and 13S street, t? fore ? in the morning or after 7 o'clot-a mt e eve nlng. e I 6: WANTED ITVV ENTY-Fl V t IA| LOK> and Tailowases. None t eed app'y without goodrec minendatlons. WALL A S I'EPHEN?, 322 Penn avenue, ketueen Wth and *t?th street*, and 3iM, 3 doors below tbe National Hotel 1-tf WANTED?A GOOD IWO STOI) UrU* Houae, neatly furnished, at a modersite rent A pply at tbe Star Office and state terms, Ac au 23 tf WANTED-A SITUATION B\ A YOUNt. woman as chambermaid and aeamMrets. or to ttke care of children Addrebs Bo* Is a', this office. s? 1 W AN TKD? WANTED ?W AM bl> - f<? fluu persons lu want of the following ar tides: F reach or ttermau Looking Glasres I'ortra'.t or Picture Frames, ronnd, oval or aqnarc Oil Paintings, lar?e and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, in bronte or gold All cluds of Picture* framed, &i.d ai.y siae Looking Glass*a, or oiher work lu tbt ^iidl g line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of casl-lrcn Bracketta, aulUble ft r akelviug, Ac , oa hand. Terms modetaU- io sell the tlmea, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regllt,and Looking 6!n* Plates lnaerted. ?55 Peon a avenue, opposite Kltkwood Houie. dec 1* JOHN WAGNER Boarding. MRS. G. ANDERSON CAN ACCOMMO date several boarders with or without room*. Penn avenue, No 274, between llth and lira >treeta se m in AG ENT L iTM A N Tn~I > F FICK, A N D -AM l" )v, or several single p?r?M?, can be a*como da ed wbb handsome furnished rooms with bojr<t if dealr?d, In a quitt hcuse. on the most r*a??ra ble terms Apply at No. 4?K ltKh a'.rert, ?n<wet n D aad E. secret* BOARD, Ac?MRS BATES, ON THES U oorner of Peansylvahla avenue and w.L suvtt is prepared to accommod?te gentlemen with ro-n ? with or without board Every effort wl 1 l?e made to render those comfertable who may fav, r her with their patronage. Transient or table l>o*rd can be obtained ap 6-tf New cloths, casimkkev, due Stins.rlch Velvet, Silk and Satin Vesting* <f a 1 the fashltnahle grade* and colora, wbkb we will make to order ta tbe most superior mi - ner at our usually low prices. WALL A STEPHENS, ae 9 '2* Pa ave , bet. 9:h and luth streets A LADT FROM BALTIMORE INFORM* ^1 the Ladles and Gentlemen of Washington whi may have Apparel to dlapose of thai ?be will pare has? the same at a reasorable price f' r cash. Notice mav be left at Mea- rs HOP F A A CO ?8, No 337 Pennsylvania avenue, south shle, anl ahe will call at their residences P.ta * send ordera soon, as ahe will remain la tbe city for oaly two weeks ?e