Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1856 Page 2
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Adnrtli?R>o'ltF d '-2 huded In by 11 c-'cior*, !??? otherwise t&ey may pot appear a ,tll the r<ett d*y. THE WIEZLY STAB. We commence to-daj the fourth volume of this truly valuable jublicat:on, the first num ber cf which contains the usual variety of foreign and domestic intelligence, including reliable and interesting items of home occur rence. It will ?e:ve as an admirable substi tute for a letter, to be fent to distant friend? Single copies can be obtained at our counter, in eLYel? pes, for mailing. FPIB1T OF THE MOBNIHG FEESB. The Union comments upon the repiy of the Albany Kttntng Journal to a statement in a New York pajer th*t a note of Mr. bremont. for $1,000, had been offered in Wall street ai * difooaat of twenty per cett. per annum, and offered in rain. Ib? Juutftal says : ?. ?very dollar of paper the Pathfinder has ever given -will be paid, ilis prudcnce and hie capacity fur affairs will *ave him from go ing to swell the list of great men perplexed and oppressed with pecuniary 'rouble*. Jef ferson. Madison, Webster, and Clay nake the roll sufficiently painful. Fremont will nut be added to it ilia administrative facnlty is as great as his genius for exploration and coo quest " The Uhion expresses itself at a loss to d? c.vcr why the honored and illustrious ruiav of Jiff.rson, Madison, Webster, and Clay ahould be brought by the Journal into a seem ingly di aiv. n'age us comparison with Fre mont : " The poverty ot these distinguished states men and { atriotj was honorable, and their pe cuniary embarrassments the best evidence of their integrity ; for each and all had frequent opportunities cf amassing immense wealth it tliey had prostituted their official stations fur lawless private gains. But their official re cords are without stain or blemish. In the most exciting canvasses, in the heat, and vio lence, and virulence of party strife?when impetuous men are hurried beyond the rules of decorum, and often beyond the boundaries of truth, and bad men give full vent to their poisonous slanders?not a word or suspicion was ever breathed against their efbcinl integ rity They haunted not the national trensury with claims which no conscientious officer could or would allow. With all their confes eedly-great acquirements, they knew nothing about the enormous profits cf fabulous cattle trades. The golden mysteries of the Mariposa grant were unknown to them, and would have unknown to them bad they lived in California in an official capacity. They never were suspected of forming the mythical com pany ot the Palmers and Cooiks of their day. Xhey became poor in the public service. Their hat ds wore never soiled by money?not a dollar, not a penny ?obtained by fraud or cunning from the public treasure." The Intelligencer publishes an original let ter from Henry Clay aldre<;ed to Wm. 6 Wood, of Virginia, dated July 16, ltj35, in which Mr. Clay gives an ac:cur.t of the part he took ia bringing abcut the Missouri Com pnmi-e. The Intelligencer in introducing this letter says: "Ihe history and merits of the "Missouri Compromise" having, after an undisturbed and happy existence of thirty-three years, be come a subject of renewed discussion?po:see ing indeed with the present generation the in terest ot a new question?we could not, we are suie, oSer to the majority of cur readers any document which would be perused with pro founder respect and attention than the sub joined original letter from the illustrious au thor, as he may be justly styleJ, of that tnportant Compromise. This valued relique cf ibe departed 6tate?man, containing *o eir cumstantial an account of bu patriotic la bors though written tw*nty-ono yea's ago, new meets the public eye fur the tirst time '? The New Copyright Act. This law ha* been most promptly taken ad vantage cf, by authors and others interested In New York city, no sooner was the passage of the law announced by telegraph (the " Times " tells us than all the great Ameri can dramatists hastened en majme to the Dis trict Attorney's office, in College-place to se cure the title of their plays,?and half an hour spent in that institution, elicited the following facts aLd incidents, illustrative of the practi cal operation of the the Dramatic copyright: The first dramatic work registered was the great American comedy in one act, (taken from the French,) entitled "My Wile's Mir ror," by Mr E. (i. P. Wilkins. Second cn the list we find a ccmedy in one ast entitled 14 A Good Fellow," of which Mr Charles Walcott claims to be the author and proprietor. Ihird comes Mr. Dion B'urcicault. We find nine plays entered in his name, to the majority of which his authorial claim is ques tioned by two members of the dramatic pro fession in this city, Mr. Chanfrau and Mi?s Albertine. who declare their intention of them selves | ubli.-hii g certain of the plaj s claimed by Mr. Buurcicault. btrai.g** to say however, we tee no entrance on the copyright bx>k ot any pl.ty in tne name of cither Mr. Chanfr'iu or Miss Albertine. Mr. John Brougham has copyrighted but two Sieces. One of them is Dred,or the warnn," dramatized by special permission from Mrs 11. Beecher Stowe s novel Mr. Burtcn's secrets leak out too on the pages cf that copyright ledger. We learn the name of Mrs iJatomans play, with which the tew theatre is shortly to present us. It is entitled " belf," and is understood to be in three aois P.forcTiosi or Farb ?The Baltimore and Ohio railroad oom^ any ; the Bultimore, Wil mington and Philadelphia ra lr a i company, and the Baltimore steam picket company ha-, e agreed to make a liberal reduction of fare to the delegates to the Whig National Conven tion. to meet in Baltimore next week. Yellow Fevkb?Kichard H. Thompson, health officer of New York, in a communica tion to the Mayor or commissioners of health of that city, says that " not only has a case of yellow fever been imported from Baltimore, but that the captain has wilfully concealed the man in violation of law, f^m the Deputy health officer, who boarded his vessel. ' A Bbaltifil Complbxiok may easily be acquired by using the " Balm of a Thousand Ft overtIt will remove tan, pimple*, and fr*cJcltt from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour cn two or three drops, and wash the lace night and morning. For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washington, and all drugget*. Dtiva, tbe Wirs Poisokbr ?We have al ready alluded to the case of William Dove, the poiscuer, who was recently executed at York England, for the murder of bis wife It appeats that Wefure he was launched into eternity cotifeM?,l the foul offence, aud gave all the detail*. The object was two fold ?to secure a sum of money, and marry another woman. The wretched man assumed to be Senitent, and hoped to the last to obtain a par on. The article used was strychnine, which is tow readily detected. It will be remem bered that in the ca.?e of Palmer this poison was also u*ed. It is a most powerful drug, but its pretence in the human stemach ean be ascertained beyond a doubw I WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Hon. John M CJayton, in a letter to th? editors of the National Inte/hffenc?r} published this nurni ng, defines h',6 politioal position, saying, "I hare long sinco resolved to be tho partisan of no man, to follow tho conscientious convictions of iny ovrn judgment alone and, no matter which of the candidates may bo guccesslul. to 6upf .'rt him in tho Sen ate in all that I think right, and to oppose him there in all that I thirk wrong, untrammeled by party ties. My obje9t will be to be truo to the country and its interests, knowing no other pole-star as the guide of my conduct." He forbears to ** common t now upon the causes which led to thedestrootie.Q of the greatnational (Whig) party." to which, he say3, be adhered with " unfaltering fide?ity while it existed." and adds, in a solemn tone, " I watched over its cradle, and I have followed its hearse. It did not fall by my hand, and I have deeply mourred at its funeral." He concludes his communication as follows . ?' No one of the candidates who may be select ed by my countrymen for the Presidency has a right to ask of me 'jaore than an honest sup port of his Administration in all that i.- right in my judgment, and no one of them shall re ceive less. Governed by the same principle, I will oppose any c-f them in every act of his that I think wronj, and he ought to cxpectno other course at my hands." The Army.?The Adjutant General has just issued au order, in the form of fnstruction3 to officers requiring and supplying horse equip ments, and detailing the manner in which thuy shall be designated. The allowance of blank cartridges for prac tice for companies with field pieces, is increased to five hundred per annum. The act providing for a necessary increase and hotter organi*ation of the medical and hos pital department is officiary published to the army. ?Such regulations as may be neccssary W> carry out the provisions relative to the aj - pointmcnl of hospital stewards, from the en listed men of the army, will be hereafter is sued To enable the Secretary of War to ^miiJce tho appointments authorixed, the senior I inimical officer at each military post is required to report at once tj tho Adjutant Genernl of the army, through the post commander, the name of the hospital steward at tho station, the company and regiment to which he be* lengs his age, mental, moral and physicnj qualifications; and also, T?hethcr he is better fitted than any ether soldier of tho command) <0 perform the duties of a hospital steward The Brooklyn (Hew York) Navy Yard ? From the New York Day Bool- wo get some interesting particulars of the condition of the Government vessels at that naval station. The ship North Carolina is in use as a re ceiving ship. The frigate liiagara, a steamer, is now being made ready for sea by Novem ber. Eighty men are at work on her. The Mississippi is in the dry dock, overhauling an 1 repairing. She has done regular service in the navy, was the flag ship in the Moxican Galf in the late war, brought Kossuth from Constantinople, and was Perry's flag-ship in the Japan expedition. Tw) hundred men are at work on her. Sho will ba in sailing cmditica in six weeks. Tho Brandywine' launched six years ago, still lies in tho river incompleted. The frigate Sabine lies in the same condition. She was launchod last Jan. uarjr. The steamer City of Boston, purchased for the Arctic expedition of 1855, and after wards condemned, is now lying in ordinary. Sbe has just returned a cruise t^ Pensu ccla, where tho was sent with stores. The slop-of-war Vincennes. row returned from a trip tj Asia and Japan, is also lying in ordi nary, officers and men discharged. The frig ate Potomac. Commodore Paulding's late flag ship, is lying at the yard, the officers and crew have been transferred to tho Wabash, at Phil* itlpbia, a splendid vessel, and which will naw be the flag ship of the Home squad ron. The Potomac will be laid up ; her fifty guns and furniture are now being taken out Naval?The brig Bainbridge arrived at Norfolk on the Kith instant, from the Brazil station ; all well. The following named gentlemen are ber officers . C. F. M. Spottswood, Lieutenant commanding ; Charles t'. Flemming, Joseph 8. Day, William Gwin, and R F. Chapman, Lieutenants; John Ondenstein, passed assist ant Surge.>11; Thom'is H. L>oker, Purser; M L. Tabb, Purser's Steward; David Wrtliann, Surgeon's Steward Commander James H. Rowan, and Mr. J. H. Low an, Jr., late Commander s Clerk, cam >3 up as passengers. Recognition.? Satisfactory evidence have ' been exhibited that Basil T. Elder has been appointed Vice Consul for the Pontifical States for Baltimore, iu Maryland, the Pre.ident of the I nited Slates has recognised him a? euch, j a- d declared him 14 ficc to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and privileges es are ? allowed to the Vice Consuls of the most favor- ' ei nations in the United States " Award ?Tho c?ntn?ct for construction of the Marine Hospital at Cincinnati, Ohio, has j been awarded by the Secretary of tbe Treas- : ury, to J. W. Hall, of Cincinnati, for the chief ; portion oi the work, and the contract for fur- I nishing the plumber's work, to C. F. Colwtll, ' of the uame city. The remainder of the work ! *s to be re-advertised. Resignation and Appointment ?Rev. T. R Lambert has resigned his < ffice as Chap lain in the United States navy, and the Rev Henry Mood tas been appointed to fill the vacancy. *he Current Operations or the Trsktur/ Department.?Onyesturday, 12th. September, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department For rodemptien of Texas debt. .. *886 13 S"! J!?! rTr*Vur^1>*P*rtn1ent... 4 871 t?K t or the Interior Oepartment 282,405 ofi For Custom 4rt'1>u0 4y t' jarra,lt3 rfceived and en I'rZ L.~^*.r.u' !! "" ECi:"ut,t "t th? .N'.vj- 1-i.)'j<j., 00 ?r,'cle m'b' 8Mn.rn.nto mountains of f* ft tb*t ?? as the MS tbe mines of <> ? r*? quantities, as rich e.rr? g Mexico, o, of we may see this inter??t . * few and direction of r the #uitiaD0? practical miners, grow k* calnUlut? and .alu?bl. mUeril? ioln.,,' ?" ?! "'.mo.t States. a the United not giving a report*!!? fuesdtv^Xou'1*?^ f?r at the Warren ton Springs, for the rea^i its special reporter got " snake-bit" .oon af?t hu arrival on the ground. Ur Why is a horse half-wsy throuzh 1 PERSONAL. .... Dr. Rapalje, fleet surgeon on board the frigate Wabash, died very suddenly on Thurs day, from di9ease of tho heart ....John G. Saxo, the Vermont poet, is prostrated by paralysis, and has been confined to his bouse with it since last winter. ....Mr, Cobd en ir> employing the Parlia mentary recess ia the composition of a Demo cratic history of England. .... A'cxander Smith, the poet, has written a powerful proso article upon Chaucer, in a new periodical called The Titan .... In a Dutch translation of Addison's Cato, tho words "Plato, thou reasonest well," are rendered . "Just a >? you are very right, Mynheer Plato." .... There is a minor that Thomas C irlyle has abandoned his half written Life and Ti jies of Frederick the Great, and id about producing a biography of Washington. .... The Fremont, papers have been de claring, far and near, that ox Uovernor Baker, of New Hampshire, had gone over to "the Pathfinder" Mr Baker authorizes ihe Con* Oord Patriot to say that it is " a silly lie." .... Tho editors of the Alexandria Sentinel announce an arrangement with Bennett M Dewitt, Esq by which that gentleman will be associated with tbrm Mr Dewitt is well known as the founder of the Richmond Exam iner, and the editor of papers elsewhere. .... Tha New York Tribune learns that sev eral large pictures of Mr. Rossiter, the well known historic al painter, aro missing. They were last heard from at M>bilo, iu April last, where they were being exhibited by Mr. Chas. 11. Wilbur. Mr. Rossiter fear* that Mr. Wil bur may have died, and that the picture! may have got lost. .... Tho N Y. Journal of Commerce cays: " Wo were favored yesterday with a perusal of a private letter from a highly respectable source, which states that although tho reports aro very much exaggerated, and the Emperor's mini is not in the least cffoctcd, yet there is too much reason to fear that bis iieakb is very gravely impaired, and that he is obliged by ad vico of his pbyticians, to abstain almost en ti rely from the management of State affairs The mentnl and bodily exertions which ho has made during tho past few years, particularly during tho first part of this year, are said to be the ciuse of the rccent aggravation of his old ailment. 1 he same letter from which we derive most of the foregoing facts, says th*t theso rumors have given ri>o to considerable apprehension and excitemcnt POLITICAL ITEMS. A new Buchanan paper hai been started in Albany. A grand Democratic barbecue wa? held at Bat jn R- uge, La., on tha Oth ins*. Gen. C D Fontaiue, tho Know Nothing candidate for Governor in Mississippi, at the last election, against Gov. McRae, hw de clared himself in favor of Buchanan a:.d Breckinridge. The .N ew Y ork D iy Book pointedly rem arks : "Maine was never counted in the list of Buchanan States, and we have, therefore, lost nothing, though we have not gained what we hoped for." ? There has been no regular Fremont elccto" rsl ticket nominate J in Pennsylvania A fu* sion Stato ticket has been formed, howrer ? and tho Republicans and Know Nothings have fused on Congressional nomiia ion7. New Jersey is budling on her aruior for the campaign A large meeting was held at the ?Democratic head quarters in Trenton on Wed nesday. which lacked nothing in enthusiasm rrai.klin S, Mills was tho principal speaker Sixty-two United States pensioners were p^id off last week, by Capt. Green, the P^n sion Agent at this place. As an indication < i tha true spirit that animates the vetera-n i may be stated that they were for Buchairu. i> a man.?Cincinnati Hntjuirer. I he Utica llerald calls upon its brother mis? portora of Fremont to '* dtrikc every lyre and sound his fam?\' Tbe New York Day Book infers that if tL ? really intend to "strike every liir-' i? them, they will have a Kilkenny cat light ??: it. We learn fr>m the Binghamton (N V.) Republican the American C uoeil ir V'e tal, Broome county, on Saturday ever ir;g Urt. by a unanimous vote, rescinded a fo:mtr ia-J o'ution endorsing Fillmore, and resdveu to allow each member to vote as he pleased, anr! then adjourned tilt after e tea ion ' Tue i >ld Line W higj acd the Democracy o Pennsylvania are uu.tiug to defeat Fremoat and ensure the electoral vote of tho State to Buchanan. At the County Convention of the friends of the Inion, held in Lancaster on ?\ edncsdny, the Hon. Isaac E Heister, for lucrly a Wbig Representative of that county was nominated fur Congress; and of fifteen names upon the ticket,six arc old line Whigs, but all, cfcouroc. warm friends of James Buch auan. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, September 13, 185<V The following business w ic bef-rc our City Couoods last night: A comoaufiici.t: m was received from tb?' clerk, enclosing h i accounts for the ou titer ending June 30th ; referred. Another in re sponse to resolution of inquiry iuforming th'-m that tuero was now ir. tne hands of the assist ant ch-rk of the redeeming fund $10 yyy ??'? n-.d in tho bauds of tbe administrator of the' late Win Jewell 51 500 74, making ths Ruat total of S12.500; relcrred to chairman of bourd of commissioners of sicking fund. An. other, calling tho attention of the Councils to a number of old claims held by him against the Corporation. The first for services aliened to have been rendered between tlm years 17'J1 and I7l>8, amounting to over SI.300 ; another for issuing due bills $I15.0G; and tor services 1-otwecu the years 1*18 and ib5?>, Sl^OO; re l?rrc(l to Board of Aiiicxujcn Several messages were received from the Mayor in relation to the action of Congress bridges, streets, ?&o. Also, one covering a com munication from Mr T J Keller, proposing t<? furnish buckets to prevent the disagreeable effluvia arising from privies, which was re ferred ti the Mayor with instructions AmI another, covering a copy (Jf the act of Congress providing lor tee laying of a poll tax, and tbe exter-ion of the right oi suffrage ; and reading Jlr bn.'lish and others a pretty severe lecture charging theui with inconsistency, &0 , for as ha alleges, haviig opposed obstacles in the w <y of the passage of said bill by Confess Ice whole subject was referred to the Record er with instructions. Bills passed both Boards making an appro priation of $310 lor the benefit of II B Wal *ifr' a bridge over the canal near the Little Falls; lor the improvement of a part of layette street; for improving Olive street; appropriating 5250 for the benefit cf the Mayor's contingent fund ; appropriating a>200 for repair of streets ; in favor of David Haynes , and giving tbe committee oa streets certain instructions relative to tho west end of Bridge street B dh Boards adjourned until next Fridav evening. 3 \ Business upon our canal this week has been quite trisk Of the 75 boats that arrived, 48 brought about 5,000 tons of coal from Cum berland, 6 flour. 3 wheat, and the remainder bark, wood, lime stone, Ac. The receints from tolls at the Georgetown collector's offioe amount to about S3 000. Owing to the great scarcity of vessels neither of the coal companies have shipped aDv con siderable amount of coal during the wmlr Vessels mitcd to the trade are in great de inand and freights aro high The Democracy are to have a pole raising at fenallytown next Tuesday afternoon The flour market this morning is firm and active at $7 for good standard brands Wheat SI 4baSl o0 for red and white. The foreign news will doubtless cause some advance in both these articles. The offering of beef cattle at Drover's Rest yesterday, amounted to 800 head, 300 of which wore taken by Distriot butchers at $2 50a $?'{ 75 on tbe hoof, equal to S5aS7 60 net, 300 head were driven on to Baltimore, and 200 left over Tbe supply of sheep was very large, and prices declined somewhat, sellin? at fl 75aS2 50 The above pricas show a de cline of 50c per 100 lbs. in the price of beef also. Arrivals ?Sohr Nugshehd, Howard. Wash IDgton, N C,to Joseph Libby A Son; Indi ana, James. Baltimore, to Libby & Son: Statesman, Polk, Salisbury, to Libby A Son. SriOTAtOB. I Soba are more abundant in the marshe> this year thin were ever known, bat the tides continue so low, that sportsmen can hare no fun in killing thorn At night the negroes t*ke largo numbers of these delicious birds by means of a torch and paddle, and thus tho market is kept supplied The first good east wind, after a blow of twenty-four hours, will increase tbe tides and give the shooting men opportunity of having a little sport.?Rirh. Disp. .NOTICE -A DEMOCRATIC MEET Ing and pole raiting will t.tke pl?ce at Tenallvtown on %V ESDAY . tbe 16th, afio'cl'k Tbe friends or Buchanan and Breckinridge are Invited to attend as there will be some good speaklug. JOS. \V. DAVIS, se 11-2t* Chairman. 1 O O F ?THE MEMBERS OF Washington Lodjre No. 6 1 O O.F. are directed to meet at Odd Fellows' Hall o ? *th street, THIS EVENING, the 13th Inst . at 7% o'clock, to make arrangement* lor attending th'' funeral of brother Thomas Tas ter. deceased, wbkh will take place on Surdiy. the 16th Inst , at 2 o'clock p m The brethren of the order !n good starting are fraternally Invited to attend the funeral Bv order of the N O It JAS. A. BUOWN, Rec. Sec. .GRANDBALL?THE COMMITTEE of Arrangements of tbe AWKWARD CLUB, take pleasure In announcing to their friends and the pubic gene'?liy th t their first Grand Ball of tbe s?nson will take place at tbe Washington Assembly Rooms oa THU RSDAY EVENING, October 2d. lt-5? Particulars in future advettlsement se6 S3t* THE YOUNG CATHOLIC'S Filer d Society will give an Excursion on the '2-'d Inst. Particulars wl.i appear in future advertisement se lt-tf CARDS, BILL-HKADS, CIRCU LARS, CHECKS, PAMPHLETS, LABELS, and every de*rlption of FANCY PRINTING executed at tbe CAPITOL CITY PRINTING OFFICE, corner of fith street and Pennsylvania avenue Entrance oa 6th street, se 12-31* ,THE MKMBRHSOFTHEGEORGE town Buchanan and Breckinridge Club No l are notified to meet at their rooms TO MORROW (Saturday) NIGHT, at 8 o'clock Business cf Importance will be before them, and every member is eirnestly requested to a'tend. J NO. W. DAWSON, Pies JAMKS A. WHITE, Sect'v. ? MR ALLEN IS FURTHER AD v^ed that tbe person wbo has frequently taken from his dwelling a wagon load or house efi'ccts and storj goods, each time amounting to near ?700 wcrth, the last time was in Jnr.e She then eft a family on H street and passed over the Kaste-n Branch Bridge to t ie house opposite the Navy Yard where sbefca? been harbored fir seve ral months. se 12 3t? ,NOTICE. THE PLSSSVER\NCE FIRE COMPANY give their an vwd a'mm al bill Un Vet'nesday Evening, Octat>er 22, ISo'l. I'.-.!ileal .rslis a future advarM?emerit. se 12-3t IE ECHO CLU'J TAKKS GR EAT p:ea*ure in annouv- to t-elr friends *?:. r ruo.'lcgenerally, t .a* the," will glvi ".Loir First Grind Ball on Hl.MJ.W l.VKMNG, i-e.jtciri 'be 16th. Ticket f'NK COLLAR, se l'J-V* CO 1 OF A -vStANU !.M " N- 'i S. jw-^AT ENTION KKMKMBKK THE ?S-J'jf-V^'Ba1' rf th? Am"- "*n H?>ok a'd l.ndder Curnr '.v v *.vb1- h rorros ffw y.: < *"h -,f Octol?er, af Odt F- ilovrs' Hill, Nar>' V se Il-3t :? TiCr?TM? Sl'iJ^CRIBER bees jsvTfrS to call '? '? l<>.? public -? Ms ? > 'f 61.' ?' ?' ' ?t'.'EE>>W NV E brfM piKelrt '-n~ f' s* by M drttai^ tkff Will * *' t I 5 ! *'? ? . ~ i". t f<?llei uiiu i inne. S ? ' r*r 'tin 'he lowest at 'j'-f'Pi s vea be At t .'?*1. u::d !?>"?> * .r? " ? J?Ma U PEVITT. | F: R" 7 A it !AK6,- " , yo. in r r va r a a rkyur. 1 | WILLOPl N ON TUESDAY,8KPTKMBtv!l * i!'? av*. .. t ,? ' (? .'Utntiv on h--.. -I ' i ; HEATS c ?i VEGETABLES at?hnafeov< p!ir? ?. VVM* OliASE V(iT?f!'. - V V jJ-'K, EI 17. \ I EE ?f A V i\ If" ti.*. ?? I .:'i 1 bo^rd v.ltfc rr / , en s' n' 1 L"r i "u a'l n"r?n;i% *ni ?? ?. ^rr^-f In'f iie'O.: T' I W ] b : Of i e .ntru-v.' j. ? i.? 11::,\ w li r c- irvd ; : .ii. ? ftv: ? {.\ - I '> i' <> r fEI) PICKi E?* i "n j ;r> . ,'ia's. qii ? r, br'f *''1; >? J lo-:, v.'si?. Ciicunrn.r- r " up r .*c it?e? * ' i"igar, anil rrady for mldc ' '? ? b ? tL" hundred KING i HI'd (."V F: i. cn. Vtrmonf 8v.:ii,'?j aad 5th *'r * -r: '8 U ' ?* Y', .^-s ? $ \ I,?<?<?/% h * \M t SUST A ?; R I \ 1: O PER .-C-1 <M' *.1 >rS f ? u's Wtiite E'vilvC H<. ting, aiui -*?*<* ed. ?v.tT VVh't- a id It?<3 * a CO \L, v . ?: t t? No 1 art'cla. We \v| j dt'lvcrii ^ *?i?i4 *h? v ? n ( | ' '*e vrt" roinmecc!:^' ' v. ? ? !"?* .. 1 | r.iO-e 'Vis' 'ugt-1 : T* v.;: ? ?ri-L K. i. ; tt'i- tlii., f,tv^ra> : Co: 1 kept uudtr i-ov-r * ''lo-? .x. '?% > od of the b?->t >'. Vi"8 on'tiand. " J V M ?\ LT, *e 13 'f N. W. eor V \ ? ^ ?. t>'s.. !'?'?? ~ CHt? KEJlltG k ? I'iA** Ir. ihis ci'v, enil>ra:ln *ery variety of scale *nd st vie Tiieiuwandu ji' l'.?rior Gi?.ad M - nil: eut Louis XIV. n tt Ceniral Piano?, offi\ an<t < i:' tu- frcm 'l.f id filter) of Chlcke ing A. S; u-4 wa -se l..bir,.;..,;r.ts have received !h" ap prt val of nil tbe m^l 41iUaf(iibM p^lniM'. a ' i. ? jfiit'leiit M,im - i f various patt* rns. * / P'O-vri .V AiJtn. Bc^toii, experienced r c t I H. !-? c"?nd-h9nd n'ari^s t-;'vRn In pirt payment. A i tb ? S'.b.'ri^er h's isll tb- a.ivdaiai'es of twrjry-flve ye trs e*pe:lencn In tbe pl.-a.? b.?*'* e, . ai.d ex'ensive casli faeilitius, be w ill eeii >],| Placo.i at l iwer prices thai, tLiey can bebnu^b' j in the factories i A gc:t>d stork of Meledeor.s, Gulta;4, Flutes, Ac New inn !<? cr nstantiy r'-cl^cd. BK'HARi) PVVIS. se 13-31 Penn avenue. W. ?{. aKIZIMTV, LATE OF XEW YORK CITY, Respectfully informs the citi zens of Washington, Georgetown, and the nirro^ndlag court'y, tbat be has purchased the enti e ho* of MUSIC, P1AN"S, MUSIC PLATKS, Ac , fiozn Mr. Geo Hllbus, of the 1 usic Depot, 8out!iwest corner of Pom. a?e ue, 11th and L) streets, and Intend* to ojen the es 'ablishment, for tbe coming feason, with tve largest and mo?t complete s.ick of Music, Planes, and niusienl n?erchatidire ta h* f und in any Min'.iar esUbrsbmej.t south of New York. W G M.. having engaged tie services of Mr. Bilbm, will still c<iitliiue the publication of music, as well as tbe runlrg of p!anos and o'her Instruments, will keep pianos for *ent and stll on the most accommodating terms, makin; the pay ments agreeable to purchasers In c?ery case Old plbnos taken In exchange for new instru ments. Ordtrs fro:n tlic country, either for music, pianos, or tuning, promptly executed M usic sent to any part of the United States by mail, postage free Orders for military or cotillon bands will ireet with prompt atteiUJon. Tickets for all ffitt class concerts obtained at this establlshin ?nt Mib'criptions received for all the musical jour nals |>ublishtd in this country and Europe. Uulted States Patent Olflc*, | WA8HI.NOTOJ?,aept. 13,lb50. f ^ ON THE PETITION OF SAMUEL HEW ITT, of Rochester, Wisconsin, praying for tbe exteuslou of a patent granted to xiim fur an Improvement In Hay Press* g, for seven years from tbe expiration of aald patent, which tikes place on the 11th of December, 1856: It is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office on Mondiy, the2id December next. I860, at 12 o'clock, in ; and all persons are noticed to appear and s'.ow cause, If any they

have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to tie In tho Paieul Office their objections, specially set forth In writing, at l?*ast twenty days before the day of hearing: all testimony lUed by either party to be used at tne hearing must be taken and transmitted In accordance with the rules of the of ?ce. which will be furnished on application. Tne testimony in the case will be closed on the 10th day of Dec , 1856; depositions and other papers relied upon as testimony, must belled In theoffioe on or before the morning of that day; the argu ments, if any, within ten day? thereuiter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published In the Union, Intelllgencerand Evening star, Wash ington, D. C.: Republican. Baltimore; Wd., Prun ylvanlan, Philadfrlpbia, **??? *T- ,P*y Book, New York. N. Y , onea week for ihr#e successive weeks previous to the fa or Decem ber next, the day of hearing ' 'CHARLES MASON, Commlsalonei ol Patentu. P. 8.?Editors of the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing this no tics. se 13?law3w LIST or LETTIM Rtmtming imthtPtt Ofitt, Wa*k*mgfntD .C Stf timber 13, 1856. fOrdered to be advertised In the " Xpemtmg Star," agreeable to the following section of the Post Offlce Law?it helng the newspaper having the larg-st circulation oI any dally paper pub lished in Washington: Sac. i Atui be tt further tumrted, That the list of letter* remaining uncalled for in any post offlce in any city, town, or village, where news paperi shall be printed, shall, hereafter, be pub lished once only in the newspaper which, being issued weekly* or oftener, ikall kart the largttt circulation within the rang# of the delivery of said offlce, to be decided by the postmaster at snch office J ?rrtrwDiapplying lor l?tt?rl li tb? followlnj list, will Leery, lllw muis. Au*etiee r Msjioder. Mirilit pl? LADIES' LIST. A I ami, M *rfaret FlUhnch. Settle Alleu, Kit:* Uarl?u4, Mr* H M H"t l. Hnffffl Gat ner, Mlae K H hrcoke, Mr* ^Utt'e O rj< n, Ulsa Lo<-f Morpi'. OrMU * Wrr, Mr*. Dar'd ?ir.e?o, Mies Afu UrCarty, Sneen lillleM, Carrie McDonnell, Ml** Ho't, Mar* C McLals. ?re M L 11 It, Catherine McMahoa, Vary A IUra.a MiaaVtrs'a ruapfcrey, Afaee J llill jar J. Mr* J W Peleer, MU*J K HalrbluoaDailiidi R< *'. Ms lame l? Hane< n, M r* Ktul y K. ? ra, A. r* Lit Hetirtley, Kate Kogers. Mra Jeb? ? Hi'wtll, Ann U biuiiua. Laura Harue, Mr* MR 8' >11, Mar) Ann Haraicn, Ma'j Htfantr. XSill Oori?liautCaliiarln? Howard, Ml?* L Sn-niert ille,J?s*t<li?e Campon. Mary Howard, Mlee A W 8el<1e-i. Mra K A I Catiuft. Miaa iista U7all tUr.l1 tw?. k.u, K iub'lt Colcnu, Mr* M J Hurdle, M rs M Tarlor, Sarah W Carpenter, Mrs UA Homaua. Harali K Turner, Mr* M W Davla, Klua 2 Jon**, Saiab 1 b. ;ua?, 11las Mary l? dson, MrsKa<-hel J Lti*< n, Dapllna A Welsh, Ml** Ann I'tilly, Mr* Johnaon, Matilda Wl laoe, Mary K< karit, Mia* K i. K'.i f, Aur.e M Wa.ker, Mullie lb Rlleh, Catharine Klu(, Miaa M Willie. Mr* Milly Ke.b-ry. Maiy E Williams, Mr* Ami Lant'. KI Ian Wllliaiu?, Mra L Li>rd( MraUurrlana Werree, Mary K Lath ,ib. Mr* K W gtoa, Plot'e Lambert, Mr* K U Waddall. EUaa A Law)*, Kate K Ytung, Jauc S GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Hater, Dorc ta o Hrrvtey. L*rretia Bary, Ma y E I'l^aue, Mra. Carr. Mi* K Collisa, M aa M M Correy, Mix* M Curtis, Mr* Mary Cooper, Mra k Connor*. Jane C< leman, Mr* J EiUhsli, JiiasC B LtiKlow. Mr* M Flyun, Miaa Mary Ft. u, Honora Klett, Jails Frialey, M:*s M Allan, Hon 8 II Atkinson, J M P Anlers in, Ja* Anderson. J 11 Abbots, ("apt J Altirut, J no Andrew*, U K Allen, Cli\* Bardell, W Hreut, W 0 It. uth. W liatley, W T Ban IT V Bvokoo,8 Biickner, MaJ 8 B Heoaou, 8 ? Butt, Kicb'J Baldwin, P Pi (Una 11, J Fletcher, U?-ary Pitxcersld, K Girt, Wui Qriffiu, Di KC Grabain. Col J 8 Gill, J M GUck, J K Greeu, J C Ha i ti., H Gialiam, J W Gray, AVI Hallorlne, The* Haynee, wui Mai wood. Wm Hiacke, Wm 1 Hainlitou, W 11 Htighea, W r Brodebank, Dr O H S Heilioau. M Buckley, Mr liran, M Brackatona, 11 Bootra, I.t L C L M Brown, J M B.ack, linn J b B irrtt, J 8 Beall, J B Bowytr, Jno C ] Brlaacy, J K Bater, H C Bradley, H Haxtir, (ieo Brook*, r M Bi >vn, K J | Baker, U 8 Unckley, D*n?i Bnrcb, Co* llernliard O B'x knar, MaJ B 8 III iuu, B U:emier, A Baa iiar, A T B irfcer, Sain'l C Cooper, Capt Wm Cook, #ui ? lark. W T Clam, W 1. Oier;?liaw, Wiu 3 C'jn ran, W M Cra'? ford. T'toa ! Carroll, Li 8 8 Cra>? fo d, 8 Cult 11. K M <"-H ?, Pat Cullil.iu, Pal <"ai r, l?'i ton Chaa-. M C> itt-riiden, L Conner. J Cnmn.iujc*. I>r J A Carriirao, J as Cloiry, J H ft., I.ran, Jo* C.irV. G B Cro?g, K K 1 ?rt?r, L.*"1! ' ..ran ii Kvau* ( ?!?!?> , Chris C iltiuan. < il Cu-i:t ikbam, A S t.'.iae. Aiur be Hay, Th<>? W Haudrick*, T L Uai rega. M T Hall, 8 N Hernieaa, Dr I t U art, K 8 Hoien. K Howard, R A Harriaon, K M Uickey, Pat Huxhat, Nathan Hickry, J W Harnl.n, Jno H< iirao, Jno Herros, Jarne* ? Huwlett, H M Hart, H L Hill, J P RumpbrayTllla. II Ho't, b a HinrKeu, K J Hopklu*, k Harris, C H Hitchcock. Dr C M Haven. B P U It hart, K P Ish, M A Jena*, w w Jenk*. Wm J one*, T A I Jobea, K P James, Ool Chaa Jadiieaoti, A Jordan, A Ketlehr, Wm Kirirlilay, l)r J T 2 Kellogg, K B Keit.i s P li Kliif, J H I Ker*ey, J P Keating, Jno Ki'twcll, Clias l ewis, W H Lee. M P 5 Lawrence, J A 8 Law. Geo Ix'tjiuig, C*| t Lewis, C P i u-hbaush, B r L'ltt*. Capt A ?i Lanikeiihalin, A A i liicoln, Mr >1 a: tin, T Maiden. TV Midlletou 8 Ma laey. J T Ma: i*ws, S B MatMls'r. J H Msrtiu, J B Mill*. Jno K'lier. H C V-f '.e'| H C *-.i? - H J*, r 1 >r. H W * V J .. 'i V Msnsral. F A M-vse't C J M ?ee. Col M 1 ? S Mti-* . *<- t * M -C rthy, Coa? hi -Cor ml- k, ?' H M-Bee. C C M <?u?ie, J no M-Llli^o?*. Jnr? i e !o>i. ('*:? 9 W M( Cuty, Coi Ja* Sir ? 1 . !>*' ?, I** If And'w . r ''il M .n s. in, J ?t J n 1- f I'i n-.i DiJ^" r?.. '.?ar d.--> J r. i 1. ?>r ti r t a I .V c . t *' ? ? 1 H an, P . rl>' H. ' at s A 11 'i. A T Ho . W *V J L ' :-!? ".nr. I f I; Fiamer Jrc Frl'.a, J:i ? 2 ?1 Devit', ?t V. Cai II-. S W b ,1 "V a Xe Jo-, 11 H A Neaman. J1.0 ?< Ni'HI ?e II M Nor**ll, Preemsn North in. E F Pur*iar.ra, ff S Pa n, Wm Pomer y, Gau 8 C Past, Jno C Pleasants, Joa li * Paxton, Juo Pifioa. Barvay Parkhurst. Harry rieaaautan.Capt A I Park*r ART Parker, Edward A Bicharda. I'r Wm Roberta, LtOu* S'Ul R tgara, 8 St Joha K*< ?nel. Ur 8t J Kail*. 8 9 Bust, R Read, Thaodara ke ley. P K * KaudalL N R'-cba, Ja* R t K?-yno d?, Msj JaoG Bead, Ll J Dot *ay ? Ktctor, Geo kyon. i>anul* F Bee<l*r, A Q kobinain.Capt Cliaa 8ai:f< rd, Daniel Stewart. 11 Sh< er, Danlal Stanley. Capt W B Sw ft. W R Star Ue. W C Smith, W T 8haw,Handy 8rulth, Or Peter Smith. Tatrlck Steinart P Sa. ds, Nathaniel Sluipaou.CaptMDLt S'law, Jno H.?par, Capt Jno Hw.ena*, J R Hofau.thaae, J I 8:nith, Ja? K hulli% an, Ja* W 8tuld*. J * Htroiher, C?l Ja* F Samp'e, H W 'i Spauldiug, k n H?h*um> arg, R C strina, C C 8t? Idard. A M Me?au*, A J T 'ir ton, W H Th >n paon Tko* Tllrhmaii, T Taylor, Capt S Taylor, O B Thayer, Jr* M T11 ker. Jo* Tlghe, Jno Tn.-ker, J C Tin lay, Geo W Turner, Geo Tnomaa, Geo C Tl-srker. Capt A W-utr, Wm 2 Wall A Widen w rl*,li' Capt W A Well*, VV F Warrwr, W 9 Wlirla, Thoa W l??, Robert William*. K H Ward. R L Wstkin*. K H W iliiam*. Mr V. Ilea, Ja* W I eon. J t d Q Wh tio- k, Jas Wyant, Jn"> W..r<l, Henry S W .rthi?-jtoB Re^-GF Williams. <Jeo 3 W'elsh. t>a^ d Watts*. Csi ? Webster, C M 0-.1 C R t Wr jl.l Ben; D T ud(. Wm Voting. W H Yate?. W J Vonng, Thoa H Vounc. Thoa Tuonj, Ja* II Yclee, C M Tork, A F INITIaL<*.?President L* D?o Clnb. Sentharu Man* ' i> k Mil ?* r ir AmUatuy o: Mnal?", Fd'r W^skly .? ~ V. H I?-U1 cCI'iL. A It T -r, . 1 pet li, 1?M JAS. G. HER KPT, P. M. tau.% ilALL BOOT, &IIOK ANOTRtMR tSTAHLIMi.nt.lT. REOKIV1NG DAI la Y MY FALL AND ? v l iter style* cf Ladies. tiemen's, Mi* *>* t.hlldrei, ltoys' ft Y' iithb' U.Hits and ^hoe?, tf all kinds and q ia!l , t'es. Th'-*- * ?lio.vll ir ?'! ?i*\r fa ir v ?:ork be f" ..rhssinT elrewhcre. ?t 5* P HU<)Vt'R>9 "'?"u Mjli Ji'-ot aud !<boe ! vt?'?.:s'iiTi(u , Penn. avenue, b:-t aid ili'h etrfet? la:K" uwr'.ir.vnt of Sole l.ra'.hfr Trunk*. His., i . a !ie:s- .i ?V:jA Fr^mo Laa's HatC^-es, new itylci ^ |j \ t'AKD -ACTING MIDSHIPMEN EN ' ? rca efortheNaral Actd^my Annitpclis, Md., will oblige us railing in pausing throufih Washington. WALL A STKPdKNS, 322 Pa ave., Contractors to Naval . seJ^L?t Academy. STKAVED FROM THE RESIDENCE of tho adTcrtiser, on Monday la?t, the 6th Instant, a BETTER PUP, about five n.onths old, liver color, and had on double chain collar. A suitable r^wsrd will be } aid to any one who will returntald dos;U> No 6 Louisiana avenue kc12-Iw ri^O THK WISE.?THERE isl^O PLACE * it theclty where the pecp> can get better ?r t;cle?, either In style or quality, or at lower pri ces than st FRANCIS', Just above Odd Fe lows' H?!l,on7th street. Many are beginning to un derhand this and when In wantrf Hcusekeepin?T Hardware, Cutlery, Oliver plated, Albata and Japanned wan?, Clocks, Bird t^age*, Bc.skett, H:uahes. Combs. Ac., they call on him. He Is rte:e:tnlned to make It for the Interest of all whm about to purchase to remember bis s'.oie, ft 11 SILK EMBROIDERY. iVl RS M. A SvRIVNEH hnvln? leturned to the old stand onr G?o F. Aiier- 's Dry Uocd Stcr*, would respectfully Inform the lcdlc* of Washlngti n and strangers, that she has new ard beautiful patterns for embroldeilag Infants Cloaoks, Capes, Drca^ea, Hco<U, Slippers, Linen Hards, Ac Embroidery d. ne on Velvet, Silk, Flannel, Cloth, Merino, or any other material of any color, at very short notice and extremely moderite prices. Penn. avenue, one door east of 10th street. se li-3t* POLITICAL FLAGS JUST RECEIVED another snpply of Flags for the boys se ll-3t LAMMOND. ACADEMY OV MUSIC, Corner Slerentk street and Penn. avtnue, over Far*ham s Booksfre MR. F. N. CROUCH, VOCALIST AND Pinging Master, respoctfully Invit s his pupils to meet him in the new rooms of the Academy of Music on Saturday next, between the hoars of 4 and 8 o'clock, pun'toally, to arrange classes agreably to his prospectus se U-3t COAL !?COAL !!?COAL ! !! IU~ Sb.'ia per t??.%* A LARGE CARHO OF SUPERIOR RFD ASH STOVE COAL soon to arrive, will be fold at the above low price If ordered immediate 'Y Orders left at the On~a, southwest corner of 9ih and H streets, will receive prompt atten tlon- seJl-3W? TO rRINfERI. A PRINTIM? MATF.hlALS ,,, W,1U ?>? wli at private sale, consisting of I lea, Lcn<; I rimer, Brevier, and Nonpareil, and some founts of Jobblcg Type Also, ? ands Imposing Stoue, Composing Sticks. Bris Gal leys. Chases, and articles generally belonging to a priming olfice. Apply to * LANsDlLE ft KIRKWOOD, se 11 eo3.? 514 Seventh strtet. OAR AND PINE WOOD. fkNE THOUSAND CORDS EXCELLENT v DAK WOOD, upwards of ftiur feat In length, onlyfO per cord. ' IC7" A large quantity PINE WOOD at Isweat market i riees. icr For sale at the Yard, corner Ninth and H itraets. M ll^t* Amusements. NA TIONA L THE A TR E KUNKKL * CO JNO T FORD nummet ( A!m, of Btllinmrrtnd llrbmotd Tbfitm I H H A LI...... ...Hiag? M THUS UAKLR..M uilit! Cooipoct and I Mr xiot Ml?!" LAI' K A REENK fie Manager** Last (its Lt of the Mr a* an Miss LAWK A KKKNK uid b?-r CorptRt. THIS EVENING. Flirt time, In tb1? city, of the thrilling French Drama, entitled PAULINE, i OR THE THREE RRA VO?' Wfclfli was performed ovor id**T nights at Wa' lack's 1 beatre. N?w York. Count Ho rare do Beau rale.... Mr. C Wbeatlekffc ? inline MlasLtus Ke?na 0*fitnr??II Trovatore Orrbcs'ra Conductor. Mr. 1 but Baker. To rone'ii Ae with P P , OB THE MAN AND THS TIOF.R >fil?*b,,r Mr boo J or 1m Buckaklii Mr T H Johnson Mondsy evening Fan wrl bereft of 1*1 hs LAURA KNr Nfc, after wbica tbe 1'beet re will remain ?-loaed fcr a brief paiJl Prict ?/ Admitsicm. ? Boxes and I'arquKte.U cent*, Reserved sea's, 75 ceut*, Family Circle and Galleries, ?3 ceit* Box cicr opca d*i?y f.ox 9 to 5 o\ locV ?e 13 OBAND OPENING BALL OF THE ?EASO* BT TUB UGLY CLUB. The members of the ahovk named Cinb take great p ca?u:e In announcing to their friend* and tbe ptiMIc In general that their seconl Or.tnd Anneal Ball will take pla^e .v Odd Fellow*' Hnll,(N?vy Yard^on MONDAY EVENING, September iK, I?r56 Every exertlou will be u-ed to nnke this one cf th* mo*t agreeaMe b*!!s of th" n**?o ? ? upp-r a>-d Confectionery are In tne bands of al experienced ce.terer A superior Co.liloa Bind hu be *n engaged for tbe occasion. No Hit's or Caps allowed In tie bill rnomn rent tLoae worn bv tbe re-pec'lee clubi Tickets ONE DOLLAR , to be bad of the members of tLe club, or a'. lb? door on theeveninc of tbe ball. Commtift of 4imafi<a>ati. Tboa Denbam, Cbaa Homer, Kobt CblselMne W C Drury, Wra Kemns, O H Murray, Besj Berk'ey, J \V f'radbury. James Gordf n s- 10,13,18,19. fi* A 0 RICE^TR AKOSCH'S 6*tAN0 CONCERT CGWPANY. Offering a cembluatien af illnsirisas Dames never yel equalled. Tlld PUBLIC AKK RESPECTFULLY IN form d that M'Dl.Lr TERESA PAIiODI wl'.lglve ber First Grand Operatic, Sucred. Pop:-, ler, .Miscellaneous ?nd laatrumeatal CO.NCFRT between the 10*h ind 55th of ?ept<?mVr. on wbl-h ocaa'on she wiilb" a sal ? ted b,- tie following dis tinguished artistes: s,t(nor tl. T'BfcR INI, the great Tenor, (his llr*t apfHamicein W ashln^ton,) Signer OSWALD DEKNARDT, t!.e eminent Baritone, (his first appearance in Washington,) Mr STRAKO^CH Is happy to Inform tbe pub lic that he bas effected an arranc^m^nt with the wondsrful Vlsllnist. PAUL JULLIK.f, ^ ho has been able to delay his departure for tbe Court of F ranee, and consented to pliv a farewell ene*gement for a limited rumber of ?'."?h's la M 'dlie Parod's Grand Consul* The whole will be under the direction of MAL' ? RICE 3TRAKOSCH. ?ept? (Intel fc Union) Wants. WANTED.?A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO I urcbase a woman that can do hou ruorl, tnl a man capable of wcrking on a 'arm. for h:* own use, for which the caeh will be paid for further information ;>ddre?!> " U," throu -h Cl v I'ost office ?e ] I-1 w* WANTED iOHIRE ?A S M A R f. AOTiVfc colored bov. A 1st a wo.-r.aa vvl.n. an < o k wash, and do houie work to plea_c Inc ilreat b street. , r \\ ANTED IMMEDIATELY.?A FIRST w r* e woman ho!T?- ??rv*nt wagea will beg!vet. EDW .ll FULLER,ra K aJd ?lld ^ ftrcet*. oa^ aonaie e?st of Natloiial Observctcry l<-^t* VVAXTED?BY JUDGE SCARBUR6H, A v ? ccmfortabU bo :se In this city at a fair rent *PP|r l?J H WILLARD. Es<q , or rt ths Clerk s Oillce cf tbe Court of CUlms. se ll-t? OOOMS H ANTED-THKKE OR FOUR , 1 rooms p easrantlv fePuated, InaarnHlI rrt<-a'e f imlly, where there are no boarders Wi u'd wiih to fcnit^b tbelr own room or rPnt rart or .J?li Ad,rM c bo* City ropi f -moe. t 6 14 -^>1* W A.N T.E U ~A ""USE KEAD7 FUR ?? nlsbed, of medium rc?pc 8b e ar K*?*: *Bd ?ntrnl situa ioa Apply to O. S. c*c K, t.fq , 3o Louisiana arenue ?e 12 lw A POTHECARY OR DRUGGIST ? A good chance is offered to a rcsncoa**vounir man havin? a knowledge of tbe ap;.tj?carv ^slrotts of.t?klng i half interest or n*r?rip in ?n wubiuLmeut dolaf well Ad rest) ''iRQTON," City Despatch se 12-3to A ^EXPERIENCED TEACHER OF ENG *? llsh and Music desires an en^jtement In a L iv mKcstt references glx-en Addre . h . cti.M t.y t Georgetown se 10 tf W ANTED ?A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL honaework in a smsil fanslly She must be a good plain cook, wasbera-d lrcher *^uch acne can have the highest wa; s Imme diately at No 355 in s-ret norh.^-^n M,t. ?a"husetts avenue and M street *o8-1w* (^arplnters wanted-six good ^ bands c?!n cet employmect at the I nl'ed Mates Millta.y Asylum bv applylnr at the bul'd 'nR 'O JOEL DOWNER, t-r at bis house on north D street, betw<en ia?h end 13*. street le fore 6 in ibe morning o: after ? oVlcca Int. r 'rr rlD? se 9 ?t WANTED- WANTED?WA NTED? TO vy find persons In w.-nt of the rolloWln? ar tides: ^ ' Frcnch or Germsn Looking C .jis-e* '/ ?I ^ct?re * ramrs, round, ov-; cr sqt>rr? Oil Palntlnps, lar^e *nd small Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronie or gold All klaua of Pictures fran.^d, ard af v Looking Clas?-s, or 0TV-t wck In the pfld!p* lit* done to order wi'h disratch. Aibo, a lot of cast-Iron IliickeUr. cu'.'?.blt for ?helving, Ac , r r: Terms u odcra'.e to s-11 tbe t1m?'?, for cr.ttb ??iN. Old Work Regllt,and Lockls^ 6!rss Plates inserted. 2^5 IVana avenn-,o|.pc5lte KUkwood H-Uirf JOHN WAGNER ' Boarding. OOARDING.?SEVERAL MIWLY FuT. MJ nlsled rooms for rent, either Mngly or In snits beard. 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K M RAIMA ROTIl'B. lTln'iTLu^ ^ALMfcR d P ANOFO RTK A CLASbLS? 1 he i'uplis tW*ady tegli-ter d ^?^ue^te<1 lo S/vl Ur.SrAY AFTtR ? ? between < and 4 o'clock a tbe fftw "*?su of tk' Ac air my of Muttc, above t arkam's Bdok Siorc, Pttn avei-u. . en trance on 1 Itb stre-t. tJT A few Pupils can b? re:?l\<d upon eailv ?ppileation to Mr Pal mar, mm f luml se U '