Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAK. L'jOAL ihtklugskce. Tie President s Mooted Gtard had a fine parade yesterday. accompanied by a band c-f musicians oa horseback. The following is the pp-crairmo of their operations ? 1. At Cox <i Ilfremack's they accepted an invita tion to partake of the usual hospitalities. 2 At Georgetown College, they, by invitation of the faculty, visited the various points of inter est in that institution 3 Then manuvred on the College green 4. On their return, they wont into Boulacgers. where the worthy hosi ?et before them nn assortment of his cookery, including oyster* served in evory style, birds, etc . with the trimmings annexed. 4 A snack at Flint's 6 Manuvred upon Pennsylvania avenue, and went through their evolutions with much credit 7. Returning to their ar mory they partook cf a supper prepared by Lieut. Kobert Teal. Speeches, fongs, toasts *nd sentiments, and consequent good burner, formed not the least interesting part of the proceedings 4i Washington's Grave" w?s sung t>y the Quartermaster 9 sergeant of the District regiment, Mr. King ; and at about 9 o'clock, the company departed, highly delighted, as they could not fail to be, with their military and social performances. I?<TiRKSTi!rG Relics.?In the removal of the Franklin ?r gine bouse, some highly in teresting relics hare turned up in the shape of the various articles deposited under the corner stone of the building at the time of its erection. Among tbem is a printed copy of the constitu tion of the company ..signed by the officers and members. The name? are nearly obliterated One name, however, that of the President of the Compauy at that time (Charles L Colt man) can bo traced in the faint and yellow ink lines The other articles consist of an almanac of the year 1828, published by Elliot, of this city, and which contains a list of the corporation officers of Washington at that time; ai.d a copy of the National Intelligen cer of July lith, lbjy, which contains a column or two from it* exchanges upon the tariff ques tion. and an article upon the same great ques tion which is now convulsing the nation. These articles were enveloped in a parchment blank ship's clearance, and sealed in a leaden case. Tbey will doubtless be cherished by the Frank lin af choice relics. A Fine Improvement.?During the pas' sesvon of Congress an appropriation was made for the construction of a culvert in Jcdiciary Square, running through the ravine which has for so many years served the purpose of a drain, and the exposure of which to the solar r?ys has had somewhat a deleterious effect upon the health of the neighborhood. The work has not only been commenced, bat al most completed, and the connection of the cul vert nearly formed with that under E street n >rth. But this is not the only improvement in that vicinity; the Square is being filled up and levelled, with the superfluous earth so plentiful in that neighborhood. We fondly anticipate the day wh?n the jail shall be re moved fr>m its present location, which is any thing but an ornament, and. as for use, has more than once been condemned by grand jurors as unsafe and badly ventilated. The Judiciary Square (on both sides of E street) should be handsomely enclosed with iron rail iuz? anl tee grounds planted with shrubbery and trees. This is alike due to city embel lishment and to the public health. Eat national.?If the rising generation shall rot be well educated, it will not be in conse quence of the absence of jrood institutions of learning In addition to the admirable public school syitem. our advertising columns (see the first page of tho Star) show that ladies and gentleu.en. well known as in all respects com petent, t;ive notice to the public of the respec tive times cf opening their academies, and colleges, and schools Besides these, there are man/ of which cur citiiens generally know nothing; the teachers being behind the times in the matter of advertising. They have not jet male investments in types and ink, and tuerefore canuotkuow that a dollar thus s-^ent will increase the number of scholars and bring the scho. 1 tnto respectable notice. And o of mer.*bsrd;=e, they who most patronize the printer rvalue ri^h returns. Deate of aMcsician ?Pasqualc I>e Falco, a member ef the Marine B ind,, died yesterday afternoon, at the Marine Barracks, from irju ries received in an affray with two soldiers about two week:* ngo. The deceased came to America fr- m Naples some forty yean ago, and up to -v ithin the last ten or twelve years w53 recogniz'-l as the best trumpeter in the Uiiited States F r some five years he was attached to Rii^rgold a celebrated batterv. The funeral takes place at four o'rlock, te rn rrow .'ftercoosj, from the Marine Barracks, and from the imposing military and musical display will doubtless have au immense at ten lance. The t?i s< ldiers who were concerned with the deceased in the affray whereby he los' hi* life, are nrw in jail awaiting trial. A KisDQrrici ?We have often n< liced the gklldLtry toward ladies in the omnibuses, practicel by all true gentlemen ; and yester day wo were witness to several acts of a lady, which are woith mentioning She sat uown near the door. A passenger who had jut stepped into the 'bus lost his footing by the s'arting cf the impatient horses, which seemed to be tenacious cf their engagement to be it the western g ite of tho Capitol t a certain time Tho lady, seeing his danger, at onct placed her hand upon bis shoulder, thus pre vesting him from turning an involuntary back ward s-.merset. Again, in the course of tw?> minutes, a precisely similar kind office was rendered by ber in the case of another nentle mau passenger. A Marine, wko came home in the United Slates sl"?p-of war Vincennes, from Bebring's Strai's, died at the Navy Yard poet on Thurs day tight cf disease of the heart and wns buried yesttrday at the Congressional Ceme tery. lie was a German by birth, is said to have been in the corps over twenty years, and leaves several bundled dollars in cash, without any beiisthat are Wcehanced to be present at the funeral, and were mu"h ira pressed by the military ceremony nnd digr-ty with which the remains of this humble soldier were Lonorel The coffin was draped in the. Stars and stripes, the drums muffled, and bis eomradea in lull uniform, under the command of rit'geani McDonald, the handromcst soldier we ever laid eyes on. He deserves a commis sion. The religions services were well per formed by Rev Mr Morscll. TiRxuor Soldiering. -Yesterday afternoon, while the President's Mounted Guard were go:ng through their manuvres on Pennsylva nia avenue, a high mett'ed horse suddenly dashed up an alley leading to C street, evi dently against the wishes of the dragoon rider ? It was at fir^t supposed by sundry persons that this was a kind of rocket move ment?a pyrotechnic of the military art. But not so. Tbe steed boarded in a stable that way, and it being near tea time, be was hast ening home, lie had been on parade for sev eral Lours, had pranced to the music ot the hand, and was doubtless tired of soldiering. * Drowneo.?James Butler, a lad aged about seveii years, son of Mr. John Butler, of Wash ingron, was drowned on Wednecday evening, in the Potomac off Goodhand and Thompson s ship yard lie was last been on Wednesday afternoon, and was not seen or beard of until yesterday morning, when his body was f unl fl -atir.g in the river Coroner Neale. held an isqueat <n the body and the jury rendered a v.rdi^t of "death from accidental drown ing ? A'tuatnlna Haz'tt'. Coeoebr'e Juries?Wuo Pate?-Of late years CorcBer's juries, when discharged, hare teen instructed to look to the levy court f<r their pay. But the money does not seem to be forthcoming, and th'jsewh) have ]>erforraed tbe disagreeable duties devolving upon tbem as jurors on coroner's inquests, are naturally enough inquiring who is to pay them, when does pay-Jay come 7 Cjme, wtsy will y^u suffer all the ills of bed bugs, cockro.acliw, moths, ants, anl every other species of inserts when Lyon's Magnetic Powder will surjy rid your house of ali su?h pestileuce. For sale at Shilliugton's Bojk selling 83d Stationery Establishment, Odeon Buiidiug <wruer Fo%r-ani a-naif s.reet and Ptbb'a avcuae. f. F. Th* National TaiATn?Notwithstanding the exodus of Congress and the dullnesc that gftnerallj prevails duriDg the recess, the theatre has yet been able, daring the piist week, to attract even larger audiences than usual. During tho short season now in progress, the management has catered with unusual ability and taste, and we are happy to say, has met with a correspnndirg remu nerative appreciation from the citisens of Washington. After two night* more of Miss Keene and her elegant troupe, we are to have Uip presentations of the refined and clastic tableaux vivanta of the Keller company, whose splendid living copies of the works of the great masters in painting and statuary, of both ancient and modern days, have been themes of the highest admiration and com mendation In justice to the management and to the actor censured f<?r the offensive expression of 44 Still Waters Hun Deep,'" on Thursday even ing, it is proper to state that a copy of the olay has been shown us. in whioh the words complained of appear in the text It is a -lung phrase which has a totally different significa tion in thia country from that it Las in Eng land, where the play was produced, and there fore should have been omitted The actor, h >wever, canuot be blamed for adhering to his text. Disturbing a Ball ?Last night the ball of the S:ott Guards was given at Harmony Hall, and passed off finely, with one exception. About eleven o'clock a person became so dis orderly that the assistance of the Auxiliary Guards was required to relieve the company of his presence. Watchmen Tonmy and Bed ford, in attempting to remove the disorderly person were interferred with by others, but they finally succeeded in taking their prisoner to the guard-house lie was released on bail for a further examination. Attempt at Suicide?A man named Rich ardson, living in the nighborbood of Fifth and K streets, made an attempt on his life, lait night, by cutting his throat. Dr. Duhamel was promptly summoned and dressed the wounds, whioh, from present indications,-are not likely to prove fatal. Assault ?Last night a colored man made an attaok on a gentleman on the street, and severely injured him by a blow on tho head, lie was arrefcted by an olfioer, but found means to escape from his custody while wai'ing the arrival of a justice. Horse Stealing ?A man, accused of horse stealing, was arrested by watchman Hilton, in the First Ward, a few nights since, and sent to jail for a farther hearing by Justice Drury. Tn? Grand Ball of the Journeyaen Con fectioners will take place on Monday night next at Carusi's saloon, and promisos t> be a fine affa r. Th* most Ludicrous ani Laughable Carica tures of all political parties, only 12J cents each For aGo at Ale*. Adamson's, iievonth street, opposite to the Post Offlce. * Th* Market, this muming presents I a busy appearance in and outside. The prices have not changed materially during the week. Correction.?It WdS Officer Ross, who took to the watch house the unfortunate girl to whom we alluded in yesterday's Star. [COMMUNICATE!* Union Academy.?If there ever was a time in our country's history, when vigilance was needed upon the watch towers of education, it is now, wheu such a sj irit prevails that ore almost trembles for the future of his country, fearing that the blessings which have been ours, as a nation, are to be obliterated by i'u* bitter sectional feeling that threatens to ma!;" os 44 a by-word and reproach among all ra tions " It is to the teachers of the young, that under Gcd, we may look as th* "fa guards of the nation, who, feeling tin : ej.> responsibilities for time and et?nr.*v, v-.n to develop the mind and heart to rule '.ho spirit, by the spirit of iiim. 4- who, ? *<ei L* was re viled, reviled not again," mi effor'i a-Q so to direct the i >? f: ui n that it may be fitted to transmit i:a*! nil dr.?n and to children's rbiMrcu, ths . Traina ble blessings bequeathed to us hy tir fatE?fs M any such te*.-berr i-ubtl. ?? thti *11 rtj >ice in, out the Principal of the Aradmny wiuvie r.?iue hk^u- this article, is tofUw-'tpr as one whose heart and soul are in the work of education, and who has use 1 strenuous effort to advance its interests in the public n > less than in the private school.-, to wb-" ? parents can confido their children, in the . ill conviction that their highest development wnl be the teacher s aim, and with the pupil's oo- I operation, his attainment. Watch Returns ? Central Stati*::? ?.?fore Justice Stevens.?Wui Lrisco, disor^e-'y ci?n duat, workhouse thirty days; N M. jijss-r and Patrick Harried, disturbing a ball, secu rity f'?r a further hearing. Western Station?B?fore Justice Drury.? William Parker, hor?c stealing, jail. Land S?les ?Within a few weeks past a n imKr ?'f s ?les of Land have takeu place in this county. Amo-g ?hem we have only 1 .arncd the price for 'so following farms: Gorge w. EobUx j? t , *>"?* sold his u -r ibis viUige: with !(??? of land, to 1 heroes R Ljte, esq , f n ? per ??* re Mr. Frccc'.i Fi?h so!d bis n > ut ? ict cf thld pl.<ee, on tho Li'tle River Tur-ipike, ?-ntai?.ir?g 2.VJ aores. ; i $3* per .*l: re. Mr. iLia.ii A>?c has sold bit f&r.i on the L'ttlo River Turnpike, about 5 iiilM * st ? i this villnge, containing .'518 acres, to i! ilton of Loudoun, tor $47 per acre. 'Ihi above figure* would sce:n to in-li-ato thai Fairfax lands command quito a h .nd s me price. By reference to our advertising colami.s it will bo te.'u that a r.umber of very desirable Farms are yet in markot, a fact which persons desiring to invest money profi tably chould "make a no'e of"?Fairfax (Va ) JViwt PniNTFRg' C*L*BRATI()N I* BOSTON.?The Bonon Bee states that at a meeting of the Franklin Typographical Society on Saturday, the invitation of the city autboritias to join in the celebration on the 17th instant in honor of Benjamin Franklin was unanimoudy accepted, and a committee appointed on the part <f the Trades to make the neces?ary arrangements for the oecaMon. An invitation was voted to the Boston Printers' Union to join with them in the celebration It was also voted to ex tend an invitation to the printers generally throughout the Union to unite with them in inaugurating tho statue. A meeting of tho Printers' Union was afterwards held, at which the invitation from the Typographical Society was received and a vote passed that the Union Unite with them at the inauguration It is expected that from four to six hundred print* ers will march in the procession with banners and with presses and printing material, and every thing bids fair for a great turn out on the part of tho profession A Bbautipul Iiicipknt ?Recently at a Democratic meeting at Morris, Illinois, as wc learn from the Chicago Times, while Senator Douglas was holding the audience, as it wero, entranced, a heavy shower of rain came on Not a man, woman or child moved?still it rained, and there they stood a* if immoveable. Mr. Douglas paused, and with a burst of feel ing which sent a thrill to every heart, cx? claimed?" When I see my own fellow-citizen*, and the women, and the children, willing and continuing to sit through a drenching torrent of water from the heavens to hear me tell them <f the danger of our glorious Union, I feel now courage to go forth to battle for our common safety. ' Even as be spoke, the cloud passed away and a bright ruy of sunlight fell upon the speaker, lie paused again, and raising his hand towards the sun, exclaimed?" See my friends the eloud has passed away and heaven smiles once more upon us and our cause" Oh! the shouts that rent the air?the elleot was electrical. makried, On the 11th Instant, by the Rev. Mr Knlirbt JOSEPH C 1JKOOK8, to Miss LAURA v HAWK, all of this city. r' Oa theKh Instant, bf the Rev Mr Hatfield of New Ynr*, Mr AUGUSTUS C. UTOUfittTON of New Y<rk city, to Miss Ml LURED 0. ULIN CUK, of Washington, D. C. * OIKIIi At Morrlstown, N. J., on the ?th Instant, of consumption, RICHARD TILDeN ROBBIN9, , aged eighteen years a ad nine mouths, so* of Z. I CT RofctolM, Kiq., of thjaelty. Tor Sale and Rent. Rooms for rent -tworoomsovfr my store rultible for an office of almost any kind, W'U be rented low to a permanent tenant. Possession given lmuedlately. L F CLARK, north side, Penn. avenue, between l*th and 13th stre ts ie f-tf For rknt.?the second andtqiku story of thehulld<ng over John Alexander's establishment Also, a lot of groutd on the corner of 16th and K streets. For particulars In quire of J ALEXANDER ?e ll-lw (Intel) VALUABLE PREMISES FOR RENT ?The premises recently oc'.uoled as a Restauran', on the roiner of 7th end E streeta, cppo?lte fbe General Post Office, are < ffered for rent. The lo cation Is considered one of the be?t In this city, and Is adapted to the grocery it rcttauranl bus1 ness The house comprises nineteen rooms; has. also all the fixtures and requisites for carrying on the business of a first class restaurant. For par ticulars apply to J H. or JNO. JOHNSON, on the premises sc 11 3t For sale.- a v arm in Alexandria county Va., distant three miles from the Georgetown Ferry, contnlrlng 85)< acres In tbe home tract, also % wood lot of 40 acres, wblch will cut from '25 to SO co'd? per acre. The Improve ments con* 1st of a good Dwelling, Barn.StaHe, Dairy, and Corn-bouse. The probability that Congress will erect a bridge at the Three Sisters, or the Aqu*duct, will render the property valua b!e. A plot of the farm can be seen st the cfficeof the undersigned, RICHARD P. JACKSON, No. 165 Bridge street, Georgetown. se 10-tf For rent-furnished or unfurn ed, a house situated on the north side of Penn avenue. In the central part of the city, containing In ail fifteen rooms, which are comfo.tablv furn ished ; gas fixtures through the hou?e. Will be ren'eci to a careful and responsible tenant If ap plied for soon; or the rooms wi 1 lw? rented sep arately Board can be obtained In the Immediate neighborhood. A servant will be left to attend, and take charge of the room, if required Apply at this office. selO-lm For rent?one of the two new three-story Brick Tenements on 7th street, op posite Centre Market space. There is not a better location in tbe c.ltv for a market res'<:uran' se9 2w R H. LASK EY, No. 36 La. avenue. Farm for sale?the subscriber cffi*rs for sale a firm situated In Lou * on county. Virginia, near Draynsvllle, containing about 401 acres. Fifty acres are In wood. Tbe soil Is naturally equal to a?y lu tbe county A plot of tbe land can be seen at tbe office of the un der>lg..ed RICHARD P. JACKSON, No. 155 Bridge street, Georgetown. se5-tf FOlt KENT?SEVERAL handsome Par Ion and Chambers, with board. Also, table 3ud transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. 233 F B'reet. nov 27?tf For sale.-a tract of land, con taining about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, bplng a part of the Valley View Farm, the resld nee of the late John H King, deceased. This in one of the most doslrable sites In the District for a fine private residence; about 2ft acres of this tract Is abpautlful grov of tim ber, tbe balance cleared and In a high stat.'of cul tivation. The summit of this tract is frcna 350 to 41)0 fett. xbov tide water, und has a Cn-j view of Wa.?bln"*on, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Potomac It willbesoii mUre or In lots Also, a larg?* Frame Dwelling-house a*>d Lot on the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. Appiv it Val'ey View Farm,or*o Or 11. King, No i'' i:r<!< Oeorgetown, D. C. jelf-tf fin el| K. J. KINO. FOR RENT - TWO VERY DESIRABLE new Store So, on 9th street, a f'*w d or* north of I'e' ^nla avenue; vso. ibre? roeni ? in the aero:*'i *t??rv ? f the sr lv.tiMing. rultnbie for oth es, > '. Korf'-ms pirate ma; ?? apoilia tl .nnA. L. NEWTU.T.oI ;ue brio of C r???<?tt, NcwtM, Miy, 4 Co. aefi-wlw j.i >it !? '? it r ?w:vi: t? I'.ousk, no I rr>? j'mm.i- y'vact'i r.c.'ic 1/ f;,i "??d'! Mwcen and l''!1: ?? -*'.? (JM ?ftt- h"*r !.w*tlons l;i ! f mrr>e?*?. ? f?lr?>;"1 *ea. Apply lc <);.;t? :? t; \M|j ?'!) On the nr^m'sr**, er to t ? IT A K LES H . I \.iE, OtH's Furnishing Stcre Penn a\ecu". ?? ?? 7 ? U S A 1. E?A CONVH^IEN T SMALL a or ili t, ?? ..? two or thrre d "'Or." from Pa :: venue. If - cent, ii K?c?.'k-ii rei d'-rs tt a ?.*? ry r* 'rable dw Lllng fir re: ins en. a^cd *?* 1 ?. ine s. The fr;vt r<>/%rr. inlLMit Le ?'?>?<1 <*. a Sh' w r---oru f r a A! ii'lniTV. or fif'r.i up f ?? La dle .* hve S'orf. or i'.iu- . Trtmiuing bu-'e Irs prorlm.ty !a tbe a n ? would good ..t.?*.d for <ijv n; at b 1'.; \pp'v to V'. I.KN \ , ??.' a. Mrs Leno\'b, n K . !?< ?,veeti 10th ind ll.!l ,,f*< 'i. u \J7 J 1/-aJR RENT?A FURNISHED COUNTRY I . with laws, orchard nidm, an4 ?5 rooms on first ri>?or?hot ana ?<>.<> b.-*' *, "algb'v romantic and ?e<?lthy situatto.. 1:1 fioo: Washington In Prince George ?, .^j.I !? ? - ier to m\'~p , Kltter hou?<, h int A '"a , atid ? <l i'or of the i'oase?6le;i g.ven et .!.i, 'iio"; af tcrto^ ijt'u Octol ?? -"i 25-lui OULA R " *>At . f j '? FFSSOK Ol o" A WING A N D PAIN i ? I J OIL A.? ?> ?V \ 11 K COI.OKr. If jW Jii. j II >w ??" i?rlt!<i?ls ? ?? It r>.... - ciii_?ei al.out thf i j"a it*-.t :it ,.lr < .ii likewise give le.?? his tti the n taaguuft low utsel pipli* of ? *o '.ik l?i ? *>t,btt?esn i and K se IT-1 w* ^ M % ' T NEW : ir li KJLLTIFUL STYLE. .? .mi ; i.-.K1 *late ^t>iiif, by the \*e#t la"1'!' r? '>late (>'? , pary, "? t rr*Hf:sh M._ s ? ;r- are knaiieli.i-in 1 imitation of ? --i .chtst and mi'-t *? vpensive EGYPTIAN. LISBON. VEK1? A.V'iqt E, PORPHYRY, ?'V R. w KK"4, IIK?>CATMi.LA, AOATE, nPANISfl 1,/iLWAY, jnd nOv . r.'re and desirab'e MARLLES Thi* Imlt. lion ve so perfect th^t they ch.ilenge'oe r-' ? ?. v. They are so bly p>:l'-fced that tb?*y r ?.!? t'ielr bt-nutv mu h lo:i?^cr than m-tr tile ; it:-5'jii?d by smoke, coal ^as,? r <>?.. 1<, and can l..? said i ? >ch chenp*r thai .'n\' ct?.t r- !a Jr?t. Price U4 I . f fl*IO il i ArcblNcts, BulldeiH oPi! othrr= ar< invited to i ?... . . ! exsinlne s.mples rt No. ;?12S venth ? Sdoon below i a.l Full w?" tlu'l, up ela'/s T. W HANSON, li-ly Agent. sTtHTinrvi ufliT R^.^\W^^ FROM the SUBSCRIBER i'.vjiif in t'.e village of Nottingham, Pr'u ? tiforge'^couptv,Maryland,on "Ion day nlr'.t the wt'i tust&i.t NEGF O f?IRL MARIA, who eal s hcrsHf i%!arit Chew Shw is about el^hl?*tn yearx of agu-, ab< ut f-iur fret ten or eleven inched Ligb. ^ he It very 11 te ly, and has a pleasant smiling t&:e ^he hai a remarkably fine suit of hair for one of her color, and 1?, altogether, a fine looking girl. I will give he above reward of one hundred dollars for h?r apprehension?no mi ier where taken?provided she is brought home to me or *e cured in jail, so that 1 get her ag 'in THOMAS G TURTOR. Nottingham, Sept 10,185??se 11-tf THE ?'LASSKS OF PHILOSOPHY OF GEORGETOWN COLLEGE WILL BE resumed ? n MONDAY next. September 16th. The st uden ts of the first year will, as usual. c^m ,mence the study of l ogic, Metaphysics, Princi ples of Ethics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Ac. Those of tbe second year, under a distinct Profe*?or, will attend dally lectures on Natural Right, vrhlch besides a more enlarged course of Ethics will embrace the fundamental principles of Civil, Political, and International Right, ap.d a ?critical history of Philosophy. The graduites of fcrm-.r years and others de rlrous of completing their course of Ethics, are requested to call on the President of the College 'to make arrangements for attending the L?clures and Exercises of the second year of Philosophy The lectures of both courses wl'l he delivered lu the Latin language. se 11?31 T MR. W. 11 F.SKY PALMER'S FIANO FORTE CLASSES. MIE DEMAND FOR PLACES IN THE L classes, greatly exceeding Mr Palmer's an ticipations, renders It necessary for pupils desiring the best hours to enter their names in the CLASS REGISTER immediately A class for gentlemen is in course of format'.cn. THE GEORGETOWN CLASSES will pleisesend In their names to Mr. Palm?r, care of Rev J. W. Major, Georgetown Female Seminary All Washington applications to be mst?e at Mr. Palmer's lesldence, .M F street, near 13th, where prospectuses may be teen. Terms: $5 per quarter se 8-(>t MEDICAL CARD. OR H PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physician, has the honor to offer hla services to the inhabitants of Washington and vicinity. Office and RfMdeace on I street, No. 188, be tween 20th and 2lst streets. N B ?Homeopathic medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with ihe greatest care For Fever and Ague, for Dilous and Bcwel compUhits, Ac ^Ac. se 3 3m NOTICE. /"??EN. WALTER JONES AND CHARLES <1 lee JONES have removed their office to No *<m K street, between 3d and 4th streets Charles i *e Jones will practice in the Supreme Conrtofthe UnU*d Stfte. -d ^ roarU held in the Olstrict of Columb.a^ Gen^. U alter Jones, though mostly retired P1r*?" lice, will unite with him and do 11la 1^^ the success of cllenta by written s^temen and argutnenu, and by aU k#th? needfoland proper eiertlona. J' ?-ani AUCTION BALES. Bv A. 6RKFN. Auctioneer |>OOT8, SHOES, WRY UUVD8, HATS, " T??, Hrandy, Pin, Ttfcutrt, and, Clears at Aaction?On TUESDAY, the l?th lnsunt, I shall sell In front of my store, at 10 o'clock a. m., a large assortment of Boot*, Shoes, Dry 0'K>dft, Hats, Brandy, Gin, Tcbacco. and Clg?r? Terras cash. A GREEN? w 13 St (Intel) Auctioneer.

By J. T. DOWNS, Auctioneer. Hotel, furniture and house held Effects at Aurtien.?On TUESDAY MOKN1NG, September 16th, at 10 o'clock, I will ?ell the entire Furniture contained In ttie Steamboat Hotel on 7th street, opposite the Cen tre Market, consisting in part of? Mahogany Piano Do hair- seat Sofa* Do do Chairs Do Sldtbosrds and Bureaus Do rcarbie-top rei?re and ?idc Tables Carpet*, Oilcloth, Clocks, Mirrors, Mantel Or naments Bedsteads a?d Bedding, psTlor and chamber Stoves 30 sepeiior Feather Beds 100 hair, cotton, end husk Mattresses China, Glassware, ii good Cooking Stoves Tegethor with Tables, Chairs, Toilet and Wssh s'.ands, chamber and kitchen Furniture, with every thing contained in said hotel Term*: f .50 and under, cash ; over SSOacredlt of 6i? and f0 days for approved endorsed notes, beaiing interest. J. T. DOWNS, se 13-ta Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer \TKW AND WELL-KEPT HOUSEHOLD i * Fnrnitnrs at Anctien. ?By virtue of a died of trust, duly executed and leevded, the kubscriber will sell at public sale, on TU ESDAY MORMNU, September 23d, at lOo'dcck. at the 4 Webster Hour-," on D street, between 5th and flth s reet?, adjoining the Unitarian Church, a general assortment of new and well kept Hou^e oold and Kitchf n Furniture, con l-tin in part of Walnut hair spring seat French Divans Do parlor Chairs, Rockers V?rble-top Tables, gilt frame Mirrors Brussels, three-plv, and ingrain Carpet Oilcloth, Matting, Rugs, Stair C irpet Cmtalns, Window Shades, Cornice, Ac. Cane and wood-seat Cliulra, Lounged Walnut extension Dining Tables Mahogany Writing Desk, Chairs Mantel O naments. Vaces Cottage Chamber Set* Bureaus, Wardrobe, Was' stands Fe tfcer Be<is, hair and husk Mattresses Looking Glasses, Clock, Tables Excellent Refrigerator and Cooking Stove. Together with a geneial assortment of hou^e* h"ld and sitchen furniture not necessary to enu merate. Te.m* : |25 and under, cash ; over that sum a credit of S3, 60, ar.d to days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing Intere t CUAS.S. WALLACH. Trt stee. se 13-eo J. C . McGUIRE, Auct'r. First Grand Confectioners' Ball The journeymen confectioners take great pleasure In announcing to tbelr frbrtds acd tie publicof Washing ton, Georgetown, Alexaidrla, and Balti more. that they will give their first Grand Annual Hall, at Carusi's Sai.oon, on MONDAY, Sept. 15th. 1 - >f> An exp*rlenced Committee have made arrange ments to make this one of the l>est halls ever given in this city in a .New York i-tyJe For the accom modation of I<adies, Supper will be ready at any r our during the night; und will l>? furnished by an exoerien ed caterer. A fife Brasx Hand i* en gaged fortbeccc0sion. The best Conftctlons and Ice Creams will b?* furnished Tickets ONE DOLLAK; admitting a Gentle man anl two Ladles to be had at the principal hotels of this city, from thecommi'tee of arrange ments, and at the door on the evening of the ball. Commi'tte of Arrnnx'm> ntx?Joseph Schaf tie d, CLas Meyers, G. Bleshing, Jcs Klem. A. Beehler, J. Gabert se i *w? MONSIEUR GA?Z?!ISKI, FROFESSOB OF LANCING, AS THE HONOR TO ANNOUNCE TO the Ladle* and Gentlemen of Wash 'n^tonand Georgetown that he will open iji?* rlassesfortbis nccnmi il^hment ir the rro>t fasblona!?5e style,in Washing on. at I>:ni'eranca Hall, E street, between Oth .t-d l?)th, the proprietors having txpres-'v" rt'-fd in he mcst elegant manner for his use, al#o for private Parties, Balls, Le *ures,and Concert*; ^nd in Georgetown at Forrest Hall. M G. has testimonials from all parts of the I' Kn for his capability as a teacher Mr G. Is .??,:>Hged in the College cf Georgetown, In the adlcs' Convent, ajd In the principal Seminaries of lVa?hlii?t< n. and lit th- best clrcie ills classes will be commenced In Wa;-hlcgton ?vi fbe sth of October. Everv Wednesday ard ??aturdav for children from 3 o'clock p m , end ir Se* rpetowa every Tue?day aad Frlijv from 3 n clock p m. practising SOIREES tu Washington every Wednesday and Saturday fnun H till lt? o'clock p m , at Georgetown ever* T ^esdiy ar.d Friday. Ladles and GTtlernen will receive in-tructions In all the moht ra dern d n?*es. Anrllcntlon for terms can 1 e maae at the rcsl d ?, -e of .No IT? E ?tr et, between 9th a d 10th, or at the Hall. se 9 2w TIIIRTY-F1 VE THOUSAND DOLLARS To < u;iitalists seeking Investment! J NO. S A K II GALLAHLR, todd'S MAR be Building, adjoining Brown's Hotel, have for sale, on commission. Thirty live Thousand Dollars of Six percent, COUPON BOND3, se cured by mortgages upon real estate worth double ti c amount cf s;.id bonds, and intere?t pay.ib e feml-annnallv at the Bank ??f the Valley, in cbester, Virginia, or at the Bank of Metropolis, Washington, D C. The-e ?>o. ds atturd a s ife and judicious lnve < - ment. ard, whilst they are quite as saf * as Coip3 ration stock, can be had for less money, yet pay ing the same amount cf Interest. VT The bonds arc each Five Hundred Dol ar,. iea-tf H ArtAA REWARD.? RAN AWAY FROM the sub'crlber, living near Upper Marlbjro', lMnce George's county S'd , \LGRO MAN LEN, who calls buir-elf LI N liARROD; he Is a da.k mulatto,; about thirty one years of age, five feet seven es high ; he has a oh the right knee caused bv a cut; haif of his head shaved, and very grtm when spoken to. ... ,.v I will give the above reward if caught out of the state of Maryland or Llstrlct of Columbia, or one hundred dollars if caught in the SUte or Mary land or District of Columbia, and secured In Jail or brought home so th-t I cun get blm au2b-tf Z B BEALL. A CARD. WE HAVE THE PLEASURE TO AN nonnce to our friends and the publlc^S? that wl have Just received our fall stock o4 CLOTHS, CAS1MERES, and VE^T- nA INGS of the very best French. American, ?lik and English manufacture, to which W'respect fully ask to caM their attention Visitor* and i trangers In the city can have their orders filled bv us at the very shortest n<tl^e, at fair prices, and In styles equal at least to any es tab Ishment in tbe city. GKITBB A LOZANO, Merchant Tailors. ?t6-lm 491 Ptb st , near Penn avenue. OLD ESTABLISHED Washington Stove Depot! Southeast corner Penna. avenue and lllA street IN STORE AND RECEIVING WEEKLY, A 1 large stock cf the universally admired and unsurpassed Cooking S'?ve> ? , r ? T II F. INVINCIBLE! mi tubular oven, which, for economy In consumption of fuel, sim plb Ity of constru tion, easily managed, easily re paired at a trifling cost, Baking, Roasting, BroU ing, Ac , defiles competition. . dOO References can be given who will testify to the above qualities of this, THK COOK STOVE ! All I ask Is an examination to satisfy I he treat e*teconomist. JAS. SKIRVINO, 267 Pa. avenue. The following Is one of the many recommenda tions sent to me by a very popular gentleman o? this city, the original of whicn may ba seen by any one calling at ray store: Washingtoh, July'id, 184?. Mr. Jas. SxtaviNG: . . Dear Sir?The "Invinclb e" Stove purchased at your establishment last fall has been Inconstant use In my family since that time. Its advantages seem to me to be very decided t lr*t, Its ex treme simplicity of construction and management render repairs almost unnecessary Secondly, tbe facility with which It may be changed from a wood to a coal buruer. Ana lastly, the perfect manner In vth'ch it performs is duties. The peculiar arrangements of Its flues, keeping an even temperature around the louf, Ac., render It, by Air, the best bread-baker In the market. I have, therefore, every reason to express my satisfaction with it Very respectfully yours, an 30-lm ? MRS. FRANKLIN. TEACHER OF VOCAL MUSIC, GRATEFUL TO THE LADIES OF WASH Ingtonand Its vicinity for their form r pa tronage, respectfully Informs them that she will resume her vooatlon on Monday, the 8th of Sep tember _ . Mrs. F., having vacant hours for ?"e* more scholars, requests tbe ladles who are desirous of being perfected In Ballad Slngln,;, or the more, elaborate style of tbe Opera, to favor her with an earlyapplication. . ? , Terms made known at he* residence on E st., No. 4M, between ?th end 10th streeU. or at the Music Stores of Mr. R. Davis and Mr. 9. Hllbus. auXMh* AUCTION BALES. SALE OF LAND.?BV VIRTUE OR Ait Ihorlty vested la me I will sell, oa thfLJ;.' ses, in Alexandria county V? , at auction It 4 o'clock on THURSDAY, Septemt*r 2iih i valuable Lot of 48 acres of land, part In wood i^id part cleared, and 1* remarkably- well Rds;.ied t , gardening purpose*. It is joined by the fdrm* of i Hamilton. R. Crult. and Hev A. Hays el^'i ii f n!"e froni <**?iVetown There are twJ ?w tML. "prtn?? of water md a comfortable loz flneSnS Premises, which are enclosed by a naUocMn to Pnrrhai? may pet my lafor p!u Vt ^\rrtHl?nf he plaro bVcalling on Robert or th* '^qual pSymenti 18 ro^nJhT A deS given and a do, d of ^^, ? -? sell-arts* Executor cf rpRt ftTfcl'S SAL IK KoFAkCic?^LiIkm * Household " FaViiulrV."'o"**???* *"d MORNING, September 16th ai lu front of tbeAucuon Recms e.f J c J? shall sell, by virtue of a d/ed if Aujnjst 8th J855, and duly re. orded ?n "b^r . * V ' '' ^'os 318, 31#, 3A), and 321 nn ? the lai.d recoidi for \\ asbitgton couatr 'the fo? lowing described property * ,o1* Rosewood Pianoforte Walnut and mahogany S-fas, Card Tsb'es Mahogany Rocker, 6 cane seat Chalis Fren n bedstead*, Wa*hstai.ds Looking Glass. Clock Bureaus Dressing Table, Corner Chair* Carpet*, Stove*, Ac. .. also, On/u-tif ?r^>uHork?. kind and well broke IZZniZS""' ? credit of 60 7oV\U?l7^oVlKU?n dortefl notes, baring latin-st. ' en re 11 d A-^ KKESE. Trustee fC 11 d JAS C M.GUIRE. Auct'r. /1H V^SS^IS?* Auello??., (y P,.h?i i CABTLE >IA>OK K4H>1 AT u iMe f!1 rl I t?WUtCrt' S',e ofa VBl h.?t L'U undersigned, executo s of the 11 fnd 'es,Lament of the late W ra E*sby wiL sell at public auction, onSAI URD AY B*n 'he hjcrhest bidder, that va'uable farm ivlnv jn Washington and P,L ce Gec^e eoan* \L Sv: Cut!, Manor 1-hJ. J ?1 vtv- two acres cf land, m re or less ibis farm contains a fair proportion of wood ??w Sh TK-VIl choice lot cf yonrg fruit trees The improvements consist of a small frame Dwell Bar'n "rh/nf & ldfge W,e!1 bllIlt *nd luarlV new Barn rhe pUr? is well watered, with a r ump Th7 ^ ^**1 al tbe dror cf the dwelling t ^ farm ,s distort ahout three miles feadlnl fn enl- t"* l' *ih excellent ,^d leading to U, and offer- great Inducements to per sons desiring a small farm near the cily ii 1r-sm*io fi0h cas',; tbe re*'^ue in 3 fi, 9 I. 'w ' ' atld 21 months, with inUrestse cmd by a de; d of trust on the'premise. .1 V 'erms of sale are notcomplied with within 1 ii* (e.ifa rr tbe **ecutors iwerve the right to resell, at the risk an4 expense of the dtfsuiting purchaser, upon one week's notice. H.N.EASBY, J W.EASBi! AGNES M EASBV, ,, Execiitorsof V\'m Easby. deceased se 11 JAS. C. McGUIRE Auctioneer PB&r??^?AJ^ARU * CO ' Auctioneers ERKMPTUKY SALE OFA VERY Inr-e asurtmeBUf Walnnt, >1ah?'nny and ether Earniiure, Cottage heis. Olass W are, nad Toilet Ac , at TuMic Acc ti?B?On TUESDAY MOKMNG . J^ptemb^r ' t coTmenctnj; at ft* o'clock, we wll sell at store No 16 Pennsylvania avenue, between 6th and 9th streets, north side, a large assoitment of r urnitare, Hou^efurnishing Gowls. Glass Ware Ar.., to close consignments We naire !n part Walnut and mahogany Tete-a-tete and Sofas Bo marble-top Centre Tables, Woikj.tands Do extension and other Tables Maho-anv spring seat Chairs, Ro<k-rs adfiv Chairs Walnut, tak, cane ar.d wood-seat f flice Ch'lr* Ornainectal, offlco, and okher Ciocks Walnut and m?ih?gany Jenny ciher Bedi-tends 6 fets Cottage Furniture. diflerent patterns " alnut, Oak, and xMaple cane-teat CI airs and Rockers Walnut and Alahcgany marble top Bureaus, plain Bureaus r W alnut ar.d Mnhogany Bookcaf^s, Eteg< res Loi'kii^ Glasses \V alters iind Lamp a Hnir and Sbu< k Tdattresses. and rlll-jws Lar?e variety of blassware ail Toilet Sets To^ethf r wub many oth?-r articles in the house line. All of the above gocds are of excellent Qiialiry a il will be told without reserve. I rrm* : $30 and tinder, ca b ; over that sum a creditor sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bferlng Interest. WALL BARNARD, A CO.. we Auctioneers '~WzJ*A.HSAHti 4 ro ? Auctioneers. l)Kjl^,?rw,u SALE "F VALURIE I Balding Eols at I'nhlic Anctlsn ?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, the 16.h ins'ant, we will sell, In front of tbe premises, at 5 o'cJoc*, Lots numhtred 5, 6, and 7, in subdivision of tqu ue asl, on the corner of M and 13tb streets rorih, fronting 7*2 feet 9 lnche? on M street, rv.n n'.ne bick 120 feet on 13th streot to a wide a'ley '1 hose lots are valuable ar:d must be sold, end oiler rare inducements to persons in want of a desirable location, and in a rapidly Improvin" part of the city. Title indif p.itable Tenns liberal, and made k own at sale. WALL, BARNARD A CO., ** Auctioneers. T [By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. lRL'MtES' .SALE OE BEAUTIFUL Country Seal.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Geo T Massey, as trustee,and Ann Brown, b?-:irinjf date on the tuirteen.h day of December, 1*53, and recorded in Liber J. A 8 . No 6? folios 5<?5. 506, 5?7, SO**, and 510,one of the Land Re cord; for Wafhlneton county. In the District of Columbia, the ur.d' rsi^ned will svM at public auc tion at the auction store of J C. McGuire, to the highest bidder.ou THURSDA Y AFTERNOON June 26th, 1S56, at6 o'?-lock p. m , the following blghly in.proved and beautiful country property, vl7.: All that piece or parcel of ground lying in the cuuntv of Washington and Dls rlct aforesaid, be ing a part of the land whereof Anthony Hoi mead, senior, died seiied, and part of the tract called u Pleasant Plains," ::nd part of the land which Antiiooy Holmead. Jr., conveyed to Boltiell and Maybew, which they '?onveved to John Plckrell, the piece or parcel e f land aforesaid. Iving on the east of ihe Washington and Koekvllle turnpike road, containing 5 acres and one sixteenth cf an acr^, more or less, belne Lot No. 2 of Geo. Taylor's subdivision, and r??glnning for the same on the e;.st side e?f the said turnpike read, at the end of 76 12 perches measured southerly from th?* inter section of said road with the Hock Creek chinch r>ad, to a toad or private way called Tayler's road, le&dlpg from the said turnpike road to to other part of the said trart of land owned by said George Tai lor, and running thence with the said Washington and Rockville turnpike read north three degrees, west 28 46 perctes to the l et sold to J. C. Lewis, thence at right angles with '.he said turnpike road 26 >0 perches, thence at right angles with the said last line, and parallel with tbe said first line 46 perches, and thence at right angles with the said last mentioned line and parallel with tbe siidsecond line 2"* 46 perrhes to the line cf the said turnpike road and the place of bejflnniiig, beta*; tbe same land and premises which was conveyed to the said Ann Brown by John F. r?hanette by deed dated April 191h 18.t3, and duly reco;ded Togsther with the improve ment and appurtenances, which may be seen by visiting the premises. Terms: One-fourth cash; tbe residue in 8, IS, 18, and 24 months: to be secured by deeds of trust on the premises. Unless the terms of sale be com plied within five days from day of sale the Tru?-, tees reserve the right to resell at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyances at the purchaser's expense ERASMUS J.MIDDLETON,) Tri, . RICHARD H CLARKE, '{Trustees. m2l-2awts JAS C. McGUIRE Auct'r. LT7"The above sale is unavoidably pvst poned until SATURDAY, July28th, Lour and plare. ERASMUS J. MIDDLETON.) ? HICHAKD H. CLARKE, < Trustees. je 27-2awts J.C McGUlRE Aurt'r. ITT The above sale is further ptstpsned until TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Au<u?t i6th, same hour and place. ERASMUS J. MIDDLETON.) T . RICHARD H. CLARKE, < trustees. Jv 28 2awAds J. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. CTTIlf above sale is farther psstpsaed uutil FRIDAY, September 2dth, ?t 4 o'clock p. m , came place au<28 2aw&d* J C. AlcGUIRK, Auct'r. TO E STEAMER GEORGE WASHING. TON wlUdepdrtatlhefollow- ^ ?* >, lng hours: Leave Alexandria 7*, 9. 11, IUT3 Leave Washlrgton. ..8.10 12, 2u," 4u, 6 w Je ^d JOB^U^S^VTCauUI* CHANGE O? HOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, THE 30th of June, the Steamer GEORGE _ JF*" PAGE will run at the following hours: ? J^V,e Awle"ndrla ?? ?*, 8,10, It, t*.?X. and om o'clock. Leave Washington 8, 9, ?, 1*. 3*, 5*. and 7 o'clock. Je29-tf BLL18 L. PRICE, Captain. OORPORATIOH tiTOC*.?#?,000 Corpo V ' ralioa of Washington Stock for sale at tf OHUBB BROTHERS, TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. BY HDtkl I'Kl >TI.1H TBLBOEAPlt AERI?4^ OF THE CAMBRIA THRBe da YS LATKR FROM ErKOP V. Caiabn a * f.*^f'i j 12 ~Tbe Cunard steamship I rirZS ??**?, S In E"g??n<TtLe <??*rBOOn 1?8 tk* ^''ITiT '""L making a rrm.nH .,.Hcr*Doe* with a View of .d-i.to5a;10 *? ?uiptm "viZL*1" T*i S""'1': family bare gone to Sootl.nd * t rom Franc? the political t . tant The tmp^ror ?Dt?r,d< ?P<>r K need stay at Binriti Whir L * * ^ of members of the secret society in/ at Dijon A Berlin paper authoritative'? contradicts the recent ?tat?BWu relative to the proposed Orleans manifesto. Earthquakes at Algeria on th* 21?t d,. atryeJ several Tillages. ahi,iT,Ma<ir'J ^P#? decreet are a^ut to appear dissolving the Cortes, regula ?5. -i**"*' the C"hoc11 of llA t th? Constitution of b-rkcjlrR rn-oceri had bees em Uoveriur, rrCeIjD& f,'r C?ba. Sixteen civil aDd theT,u ,pr?T,tiCe# h4T* di??i^d I^esaia^ anYiTTr'? aPP?^ted half from Pro ? ?nd half from the Moderado parties Authentic advices ,ay that Lhe M^ie?VcoT Orand maneuvres of thai Pmwiaa troon-.r. jpurg oo at *Jo:r. on .h. Khi0.. mSTSTIT p.rltd erection of ? l1B? of Eerlin u confirmed. ? he Austrian journals repeat the denial of any u,crea?e of the An.tri.n f.rcea in l?j, but admit that the troops already there wUSk the war strength. The M.Ian Ga.ette denial that Ciceruachis wan shot by the Austriana averting that he was drowned in attempting J? cross the river Po It is reported that thf disaffection in the Neapolitan army i* eon railway" ordered to work upon toe A irunkfnrt letter professes to give an ana fc8? *llet'?r ?* th? of Kaplea to the u pCft ow#" The KinS considers their in h encr^hl"*nton hii indepeo dr**DOt the sugge-ted re ??rm; .bat considers the Neapolitan Oovern - za :":^tjad^ ?f tL?matur <*<*? not aay (as has been reported) that he will repel force by force, bat hinu that if real oauae^if crirt-anoe ?x,8t? on the part of tha Western J^.eri1|,c 18 91'?? to *n European Congress. I he Porte is taking measures for the ohM tiscment of the Montenegrins for their recent fanaii *a! outrages It has a|M ^iren renewed a ?urances to the Western Powera that the concession to Christians will be obaerred ItZtm JLIZ*upon U)l"cco 10 The rumored expedition by the Russians a-aiost the Abasynians is discredited, and not a single soldier ha? croMed to Ingoar. ,_Te|egraphic adrices fr??m Calcutta of tbe lab aud Bombay of the 2'Uh Jaly have been r( eivel The heir of the Burman threne has been assiosinated. D*tesfrom Hong Kong of the loth Jn'y and Shanghai ot the 2?:b June had been receive! The insurrection was progressing. Dr Par Ker, I nited States Commissioner, had (rone norui ward on a diplomatic mission. Mr Har ris, the American Consul at Simoda, left Uonr Kong for Japan in the steam fnrate 6an Jacinto. THE MARKETS. L:\krpool. Aug 29 The cotton market wis unohargtd. excepting the grades of fair Orleans andtair Mobiles, which had advanced id. Stcriny weather had cau?ed a slight advance in breadstuffs. Flour was one shilli: g higher fhe better grades of wheat had advanced , ; *bl1? ta? infenor kinds were dull with a als 6JDK t?LdeaCJ' C,,rn hfcd ?dranced la. ?b<- provision market was unchanged, lhe money market was without ohanee. Consols for m<>ney closed at 85<. Amer.j\n stocks were firm, with an anive demand aud large transai-tivns Two Days Later from Europe Halifax, Sept. 13 ?The Cunard steamship Arabia, Liverpool 4th Inst., arrived this morning. The L >n Ion Stsr aaeerts that the GovernS nient? of > r-inoe and England have each pro: po.-ed terms relative to Spanish affii.s aid comuiunica'ions are underdUKid to have basae i between them of an unfriendly character The Star further says that an opinion haa found its way t-j the otLsr side of the Atlantic that England is ready to make every conces jion in older to obtain tbe friendship of the I niUd States, and that this decision bad been come to in the event of a possible rup'ure with France. lhe improved tone of the London Journals i? interpreted in this sense, and the New Yutk Herald makes much of the topic. We have hitherto hesitate! to aay to because these are matters ol great importance. Cotton was firm, and a full nrerage bin - ness was doirg. The weather continued fine. Ereadstnla were less firm. Provisions were unchanged. Consols had declined to V4^a94f. Planing Mills Burnt Boston, Sept. If?Two mills belonging to the Norway Planing Company at Rochester, W. U were burnt this morning. Loss S100 00? Baltimore Market*. Baltimore, Sept. 13 ?Flour is firm, sales of Howard utree', Ohio and City Mills, at S7. W teat is better; sales of good t*> crime white $1 G0e?l and red SI 50aSli^3 Corn , sal*3 of white *tft2a?5c., aud yelkw at no !68 j. Whisky?Sales of City and Ohio at 34iafS*#, I?v York Markets New York. Sept. 13.?Plonr has ad t a iced i sales of 7 000 bbls ; State SO lOaSO 4o; Ohio SO 50aSO 75; standard Southern S7.45aS7 70 cxfra do 57 75aSS * Wheat has advanced; sales of 50 000 bushels. ..^ ^aSl 00; Southern white - j .OaSl i5; Michigan white SI 74. Corn is higher; sales of 150.000 bushels; mixed 7Jtc ? white 80c ; yellow 75c. ia ^Mier; ,Um 1 000 b*>i?; S19 8<i. Beef, Lard, and Whisky are un changed. L. J. >11 DDL ETON, DEALER I* ICS, Ojtcs and l)qp?i?Southwest corner ot F aad Twelfth atreeta tobtl-H TVOTICK ? ALL PERSONS ARK HEREBY ?L " forbidden to trust any one In my name, or on my account without m> written approval WM J. SMITH, ssS-lwe Washington Sept 8th, 1980. F. S. MfER| MAGISTRATE. OFFICE OPP03ITE THE TREASURY DEPART.MKNT, corner rf F and 1Mb stie-u, under Chubb's Banking House. ?85 *w MATS?MATS?MATS ! BEEBE'S NEW H)RK FALL STYLE HATS for 1856. Abo, Philadelphia and other fdahlonable shape* now recelTlng at LANE'S Frablonahl-Hat. Cap. an 2b-tf and fieaU Fnnilahlrg Siote VOH MOUNT VEEMOi. ON TUESDAYS ANU FRIDAY#.?PARE, ROUND TRIP, ?li FROM ALEXANDR1A?CENTS ?The^KPlifc steamer THOMAS COLLYER lc? Waaklng lea at 9 and Alexandria *t?M Coachea leave the Capitol for the boat etBJg o'clock. Coafb fare If cento. Persona wishing the coachea wUl leeve their residence with George A Thomas Parker. Refrenliirento on tbe bodt. SAM'L OEDNRY, Captain. P~u^tita ?l.AST WEEK WE RECEIVED two new PIANOS, which with ? J*f usnil well aborted stock makes our as TT I M ' aortment the largest and mo?t oomrleie,1 a u. e?y- JOHN F KLLI^. aeB 3U6 Penn. ave., ?eai tfUareft PLATFORW AND COCNTRR ALM ^ \f U*DOCR*S PATENT PLAT ^?^02$?' "SgvjT* Q'^L, eet Anaals, No. "