Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. THE BETTER WORLD. There Is a land where death casta not her shade? A land where gold eyed flowers ne'er fall asleep, Where o'er Life's lyre, no more by Time's hand God^s living music like a fawn doth leap. There Is a land where coals responsive meet Where, shoonless, the tried pilgrim ftn'deth rest; reposes, lest In reveries sweet, With his head pillowed on an angel's breast. There Is a hrly land beyond the stars, By Jesu*' smiles Illuminated by seraphs wended, W'hlch men may rea:h when this life's passion wares 'Tween lofty spirit and low dust are ended I've dreamed of this bright land, and when I woke I sorrowed that It only was a d'eam? Ah ' when the iove-links of life's chain are broke, Iton Is less eartk-bound than the many dfem. When the last dove hath left our wave-lashed aik, And eometh back again to ns bo more ; We learn to drift more fleetly o'er the daik Waste of wlid waters to the heavenly shore. The green sp ts In the deserts of this life Are few snd far tatween ; and bitter tears From proud eyes fall, unnoticed 'mid the strife Man w^es with the unconquerable years Heads wreath^ with laurels, or bright dlad?ms May ache wltu hearts in all save sorrow poor: ' Hearts rich to-day in Joy'* most precious gems' May stand to-monow, beggars at love's door.* The folded wine may Side a wound that bleeds, A careless smile coneeal a cruel care ; ?Yfe, God's eye only, undeceived, reads The sccret records of a proud despair. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS Nniional Hotel ? wit COT. C Walters, Md F M Miles, Va 9 9 Benton, do Mrs Garrett, do J Ollvo. do Miss Garrett, do J McDowell, Pa Fa Peyton, do J Young, do q M Goodwin, Pa N Tan Gies?i, Va B.N Harnett, Miss T P Shalleness, do G Brlchett, do Mrs Murphy, do W Gerrisfc, |TT Miss Cox, do J K Moot head, Pa R H Kingsbury, NC J L Cochran, Va F C Kingsbury do Mrs Matthews, Ala E 8 MeNalr, SC Mrs N Matthews, do R Bsrnrtt, 6a J W Lapeley, da M Ke!fT-?, do J H Scott, Md E Saulsbury, do Col J Logne, do T ? Lipscomb, 8C EE Talbot, do J R Justus, La D D Richardson, Kv L Shield, Ala W Claiborne, Miss * J R Crensnaw, Va Brswas' Hotel.?*. p. A m rrowm. J ^ Roollng, DC Mr Magargee, Pa J S Bowcan, Md J Mailt ry A ly, do J M Goggln, Va B a Stonesfrut, Md Miss J Goggln, do Dr Hageboone, do Miss H Williams. Kv Mr Pleasant, Va H a Macon A ly, Va HP Vernon, do J H Heath, CC H Leary, Pa H Jasper, NJ A E Maxwell A fv, Fla A Harper, Mo Mrif W L Dewy A child , Miss J Harper, do do Ml*s E Snow, do M a Plummer, Md R H Mitchell, Md R K Osborn, do A Litton, Mo H Marshall, La W T Hepp A fy, La C G Hall, SC Cape Cormiek A dan.Ya Miss H L Hall, do W H Godfrey A ly, do Miss 8 M Haley, do W G Carry lv, do Mies R Dois?y, Md J Wllner A ly, 111 Miss E Doursey, do Willarda' Hotel?j. c. A a. ?. willard. W Heckert A ly, Pa Hon N P Banks, Ma*s Miss Heckert, dc G W Myers, Pa W A Wrlns A ly, Va F M Wyncoop, do J L Green, MJ A P .Mclgir, Ma>s a G Durrand. do R R Kent, do W J T&lkdorf, Mich E H Falrcbild A ly, La 9 D Norrls, do E ..I Benson A ly. do E E Ceeh er, Cal T H Loolker, USN C C Rows, NY f Taylor & sou, Va Ml*s Rcwe. do Dr J U V?n Wyck, Md It Davis, Ten Miss English, do J T English A ly, Va Hlrkwosd Hobm -j. 4 A. H. KiRKWOOP. J no Levy, Cal EL Barnes, Pa B P Baliy A ly. 8C Mr Edrllns A ly, A M Haladay, Mass J D Maxwell, N Y D O Mills, Cal D Collier A fy, O 8 Welton, N V W H Mitchell, Md J M Smith, Va Miss Ramsey, dj C B Ramsey A ly, 8C Miss Brighton, do MOVZMXirTS OF OCE AH STEAMERS. X?m$. Linii fir Dm f. Niagara. Boston Liverpool. .Sept. 10 Eriesson New York....Liverpool..Sept. 13 Fersla New York....Liverpool,.Sept. 17 F niton New York....Havre Sept. 20 Bsreelr>ne New York....Havrr Sept 21) <C unarder).... New Y ork.... Liverpool. .8ept iM Atlantic New York....Liverpool..Sept. 27 PRO U RVROPB Fulton Havre New York.. Aug 27 Canadian Liver pool.... Quebec Au*. 27 City cf Bait....Liverpool.... Phlla'phla. Aug. 27 (Cunarder).... Liverpool.... Boston Aug 30 Glasgow Glasgow New York..Aug 30 Atlantic Live/pool ...New York..Sept. 3 Asia Liverpool....New York-.Sept. fi \\ ashLsgton ..Southamp'n.New York..Sept. 10 Canada Liverpool... .Boston Sept. 13 Baltic Liverpool....New York..8ept 17 Africa Liverpool....New York..Sept 20 Havre New York..Sept. *4 Niagara Liverpool....Boston Sept. 27 The California steamers leave New York onthe ?th and 20th of each month. WOOD AND COAL. WE ARE DAILY RECEIVING LARGE sapclies of WOOD and COAL, which we can sell from the boats at very low prices Per sons desirous of laying In their winter fuel would do well to give us a call before purchasing else where. BOGL E A O'NKILl, ** * No. 1U5 Water street. Georgetown. " THE LAKES ! fancy bazaar: SOI Ftmniylzania avenut. Gold, silver, pearl, ivory, pari an Marbe, Tortoise Shell, Papier Mache, Ros"wood. Leather, Moroco, China, Biscuit, Porcelain. Alabaster, Bohemian Glass, Ebony, Bteel, Berlin Iron, and evervklnd of Fancy Goods may be had at THE LAKE8. They have also? The most choice American, French and German Perfumery and Cosmetics Fngllsh Cutlerv, Mathematical Instruments Drawing Materials ard Stationery and Combs and Brushes of every description. Wo?1^.7oa * presont, adorn voar person, or embellisa tout bomef Consult Kcnnmv ajid taate, and call at *u THE LAKES. RECEIVING OI'R FIRST FALL. bl'P FL1ES. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING VERY many new and desirable DRY GOODS suitable for the^>re>ent and coming season. 90 pieces superior black Silks, some at Si well worth tl 23 A large lot fancy plaid and stripe Silks, verv de sirable for fill dresses, which we will sell very cheap "5 piece* r lain and plaid French Merinos ** r,ch ?nd new style Mousselin DeLalns ?l! 5? P.1*10 *n<l plaid sa- k Flannels do \\ bite and Colored Flannels, some very flne ? ioxon L^dk^^aad Misses' Corded and Hoop 5 do Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs at fl 50 per floten Wipl.;? few Brr wn^ Coilon, ?f |ke 1? boo,,. i? 4? '?r[;;io;,8t"'t'?t.? ??>. 10 " '"cii'J"' 1,4 c"?*? ?"?>'?>? A large lot ot superior Table Diapers, Napkins Towel., Scotch Diaper, arxi Blid Eye Dlipert ?0new style Fall Shawls and Searfk W doxen Ladles' Kid and Beaver Gauntle's *0 do White and Colored French Corsets do more of thOM White and colored ribbed X Hose 4o Sentlemen'a and Boys* Linen Shirt Bo soms faml^rtetT Mother Goods for general b.(P"remuISnK KUJum'S 1?. ... vkw JJCHBOL ?TATiomsiTirrVHE ??.? " ? Boob N'lif ? AND GKKEjf tVhti ar P are Wved every day at C G A (J Tl Hi Miscellaneous. Sale Of United State# Land near Richmond, Virginia, known a* Bellonna Arsenal. Oeehamce Orwica. > Washington, September 9, 18M $ NO mtlrfactory offer having been received for the above mentioned prop*rty, under the ad vertisement from this office, of the 23d June last, proposals In writing are again invited for the purchase of the property, and will be reeerved at this office until 1* o'clock, m , on the 9th day of October next Should a satisfactory bid be made the bidder , will be informed of it, and will be required to I vjsss ssfcsass: , &A7S SKES!" "e ????? ,nTh* to b?*old consists of twenty-se?ea rivir ?n land located on the Jamm mil<* aboTe Richmond; part of I Sr - ?lil5OV"fv Wl^ia *TOVC ?f valnabfc tim ? I ^ und#T cultlTatlon a* thP ? in.'i k C?ii? another part is covered with ine arsenal buildings, among which are: A brick and'hll. l00!^ 8'ateroof. three stories .? bripk barr,"k. 100 by 30 feet, slate roor, two stories and basement; two b'lck bulld 0??e?' quarters, each 40 by 29 feet, slate roofs, two stories, besldescellsrs and garie s; two brlrk store houses, each by 9? feet, slate roofs, two stories and cellars; two brick work shops, cach 41 >4 by 2fi feet, elate roofs, twostorles; one armorers and smith's shop, brick, 74 X by 'if feet, slate roofs, two itories; n brick wall, IP fe?t ! nigh ar.d 3 feet thl-k, connecting the e bui dln^s and enclosing tbe arsenal square. Tterelsalso 0!J the property a magaiine, of ?tone, 81 by *28 feet with a slate roof, surroueded by an enclosing stone wall 113 by ?8 feet, and SO f ? high ; and a brick stable 37X bv SO* feet, slate roof two stone* high All of the foregoing buildings are said to be in gord condition, with the eiceptlon cf the armor er s shop and stable, which require repairs. They [ were ended in a very substantial manner, and would yl#>ld a large quantity of brick stone slate lead, and other metenals, should tbe purchaser de sire to take them down, which msterlals could be boated down to Richmond at a small cost. Persons disposed to bid will please apply to Mr McArthur. on the premise?, who will give all the neoesfary information Proposalsto be sealed, and endorsed "Proposals for Bellons Arsenal." H K. CRAItt Colon? 1 of Ordnance. Th?N?,tlonal Intelligencer and Star, Watliing '?v*4 V?? En<l,,lrer and Examiner, np"bl 9h tbe BboTe twice ? ^*eek till 9th October. se 0 2awt$)thUct. PUBLIC NOTICE. OMNIBUS FOR THE CARS! (\N AND AFTER MONDAY, SEPTEM BER l8t',n OMNIBUS will leave the Union Line omnibus stand, in4?ijP5SSfc Georgetown, at Solclock a. m and Wininr*F* Vv ar Department at 5jtf : arrive at the depjt In i time for the 6 o'clock train of cars. Also, leave Georgetown stand for ea^h and eve I r>rir?,n; one bour before the starting of the cars ??ln &ttenda 106 Up0n the ar,,val ot every in P"V? a?4 from the wr,F train 25 cents; all . oh rstoorfrom, 12# cents; Baggage extra, the | charge according to weight and bulk. By tbe present arrangement of the cars the coach I p.- T^k Geor*ftown 5 7*. 2, and 3% oM'k. .v- ! car* anv ?' tne regular Union Line | iocents, [au 31] G VANDtRWKRKEN. Removed to 367 Fenn'a avenue, South side, Opposite thi National Hotel. NEW GROC ERY, WINK, AND LIQUOR T STORK. H E SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE TO Inform his friends and tbe public, that he I has opened a new store, No 3?7 Penn. avenue between 4 W and ?th streets, five doors east of 6th street, where he Intends to keep constantly on Ja?? n* and T*'ied assortment of Foreign and Domestic WINES. LIOUORS. CIGARS and 1*1 NE GROCERIES, consisting of fine pf?' a^J^A*'^' ^?ap, <>llves. Raisins^ An?hovles. otard, Marrett A chm'J MtuV an ^ol-cbadard?s Brandies in ^ j ?Vind ?Mk? ?'d Jamaica ff??at?."? Waderla> Port of various descrlp Awn Chateaux Margaux, in ensw, Champagne Cider, Brandy Fruits, Rey iAnnfsettl, Maraschino, . of "Sr.5nT 'Sr!iS?r;d F""ud < , ?. ? JONAS. P LEVY, se 4-ly No 3B7 Pa av , bet. 4)j ard fiih sts. JOHN W. mTKKS A CO. TDK DEALERS IK v ?6n ndi?^ Stove' Transition, Ant, Cumb. Lump, & iilacksmith's Coals. mLs.0' HIVKORY. OAK, .INI) PIXE WOOD IJfcRSONS LAVINti IN FUEL FOR THE winter will find it to their advantage by send ing us their orders, or leavl.g them at P J S'eeiV ^TUNn? l:h .tr^1' D and E, ,.Th?y Ifw P^omp y fllled wlth the ^ artlclii and a' 2,24o lbs given to ton JOHN W.MYER8 4CO., Office and Yard corner of G and 22d streets, *?i"lm First War?. T. J. k W. M. OALT, " DEALERS IN LEHI6H AND SCHUYLKILL COAL. All?i HICKORY. OAK, AND PINE WOOD 3 SaSSH"? ?N 'lHE WAY?ONE OF White Ash, one of Red Ash, one of Lehigh. Persons laying in their coal for the winter, by ?!!! ^g,n*iVC,lr 0rd'>n' w111 flad th"n fllled with be^' a^lcl? a moderate advance on prime e0?.^ of the best quality Always on hand. Coal kept under cover. 2240 pounds ta the ton. au 29-tf N. W. cor. 12t *and C^sts"No.'sn. SINGER'S improved Sowing Machinoe. 1-0 which was grranted the Highest Award of ^ hereby receiving tha World b Verdict of SuDeriority. I*P*?VKMENT8 IN THIS MA anHtxi ha>4ltnpilfled them In unny respects, It^ Vk'f execi,tin^^twtce the amount ?f *ork they did formerly in any given time They are without question th?- only .Yfa-.hlii^ Ca k' ?*wln? ?Tery variety of goods perfect; a ?hWt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be rta^y,*aL?J 'bese machines by a simple change e'os^Tt thread,l? 8uch a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. thk^SCt?m,iPlanters and families will find -f y Machines to purchase, as they g/t out of order" * dUrable' and n?l llkely to ,01 ?n *c in??v??auideMrouaof 1 n'or,natlon regarding Sew ing Machines will please address * , SINGER A CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baitirnore. .JJCR to "change these ma Chi nes for o4d machines of any kind Term Mb. iSLS^ri Tko tave P?? inferior rrwchlae* !i,id?r the pretext of d tWs * b?0?*1 indeed. mar ii>?tx su. 811 buy and sell FORSien AKD DOMESTIC EXCHANGE* _ FURNISH DRAFT"? ' On all Partt of United States and Earop.; COLLECT DRAFTS 0a til part, of United State, and Karopt: URAW BILLS I*WjAND FOR xi on CrWAILS BUT AND SELL U JND8, 8TOCK8, \ OTII fR SECURITIES NEflOTIATE 7IMa TAFiirt. lavMtafEt payfc, lov- and ?y?r, f.r sate. LAND WABBANT8 am? at til timen PHTCbuslnir hr(i _ Land v. arrnnts located In lowa Wi?n.i? Jan <Q-tl Bankers, opposite the Treasury. LOUIS XiV, KT SON HIECLE- par ,% dr? Damis. 1 vol; lllustraied. Price, luh?tl{t'!8?2 ^ou?qaetair?; par Dumas. 6 vols 11 wv!?gtAns Apres; par Dumas 3 vols; illustrated Vffa?*J0Rne' 1 vol; lll^ratS!*1C>Monte Chrl,t?i P*' Dumas. 1 vol; vol*; Illustrated' ^uln?; ra' Dumas. 'J vob^ Jalson Rouge; plr Duinas. 9 f La Heine Margot; Dunu, , ^ moMtrnUd. tr?t^Trf|de 1 En,iw' P*r Duma, ? T0ls; mu-. (<QlBze Jours au Slcal; p*j hBB11. , tratrd si. P?riiumas. I vol; lllaa Le Chevalier d'llarnaenui ? n ill unrated ?2 ? pu D.u"?*s. 8 voi?; potiJ ST' *?*"tt* *?""???<??, ^ lm. FRa^CK_IAYLO*. OKT ALL THE NKlV UOUU> ~vTT* \S?[a"> F'SVl> 40 ? ca" at tt*OU?ON'8,4*Bm?th.L | Miscellaneous. HATII HATS! JUST RECEIVED A FULL SUPPLY OF line drab Beaver ventila ted HATS, which I offer at S3 50; they are the best Hats for the price In the United States. The best black dress Hats got up In he latest style for S3 50. as good as those usually sold at S5; and a good fashion able Hat at S3, worth S4 ; and a first-rate Hat, S3 SO. The be?t materials and the best workmanship is employed to produce a 85 Hat, which is sold for S3 50. We do a cash business, meet with no los ses, but give each customer full value for hit money. Felt and Straw Hats unusually low. N. B Agent for Driscoll's Halm of a Thousand Flowers. Trice25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa avenue, Agent for a New York Hat Company. m21-tf NEW STOVE HOUSE, Morning Star and 8unrite Cook-Stoves, r. WOODWARD * SON Have opened a new stove, orate AND HOUSE-FURNISHING ESTAB LISHMENT, next door to C. Woodward's old stand, No. 318 Pa. avenue, between 10!h and ilth streets, where they will keep constantly on hand all the latest and most approved patterns of STOVES and GRATES best suited to this mar ket Al*o, a large assortment of HOUSE-FUR NISHING ARTICLES. The'.r leading Cook ing Stoves for this Fall are the Moriisg Stab, andScxaisK They are so arranged a* to burn wood and coal. The Star has an excellent oven, ventilated through the pipe, a Summer Arrange ment attached, and a cast iron Roaster, wblrh makes the stove so complete that there can be nothing more de?lred In a first class cook stove. None of these Stoves a*e ge an I ne except Oe above named advantages are attached, and Morning Star Cist on the front of the Mcve, ard five stars cist la the rear of the ham boll r They have, also, the Sun ti*E, (fHt top,) never before offered In this market 'I hey burn wood and coil. None genuine expert the bottom p ate In the bake oven Is fluted; which Insures good baking in the bottom of the oven, which Is *eitl lated through the pipe, and ha* a'so attached a Summer Arrangement In the front of the stove. Flu'ed bake ovens and summer arrangements are the Stove. They have a'so a very large assortment of the latest and most approved patterns of Urates, Par lor, Chamber, I) ning-Room, Office and Store Stoves of all sfies, for wood and coal, that the Nor'h can furnish, best suited to this market You will do well to call and examine their as sortment of goods. They wtll take great pleasure In showing their assortment We are sure that our Goods are very low, as we buj far cash. Teems cash. au 29-Vm GREAT REDUCTION 119 THE PRICE OF BOOT8 AND GAITERS I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL a adelphla manu- _n_ factnrer. a fl-st rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at S3 <?2. full as good as these usually sold at S5 or Stf; a d a French Calf Patent LeatherG AITER at W1 S3 5(1, as good as any at 5*5; a flr?t rate Calf Oalterat 92 50, the*e are the best goods that ls(oreverwere) sold in the District for the price; for the proof, come and see for yourself. Terms positive y cash. No extra p oflt charged to oJtet bid debts. Call at the NEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventh street near Pennsy.vanla avenue, m 24 It ANTHONY, A^ent. TO ALL THAT VALUE TUEIIISIGUT T03iA8/\ "ISHES TO CALL THE ATTENTION to all that suffer with defective slsjht, caused by age, sickness, and particularly from ? lasses Injudiciously selected, to his ?iperW PECTACLES and G LASSES carefully ground by himself to a true spherical accuracy, and bril liant transpa'ency, suited precisely and benefi cially to the wearer according to the concavity o' convexity of the eye. Very numerous a-e the ill effects caused to tne prec'oits organ of sight from the commencement of using glasses In not being precisely suited, by the use of an Ot tomner; and the practice of many years enables him to meas ure the focal disease of the eyes, and such glass es that are absoiately required will be furnished with precision and satisfaction. JOHN TOBI AS acknowledges the very libe ral encouragement already obtained, and further solicits the patronage of those that have not yet availed themselves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, t.y send ing the glasses in use, and state how many Inch es they can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such as will improve ihelr sight. Innumerable testimonials to b? seen; and ref erences given to many who hav^? derived the greatest *-as? and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to be h?d gratis, nt his offic*. No 512 SEVENTH STREET, three door* from Odd Fellows' Hall, cp stains. Norfolk, September 7, 1*54 Sir?The Spectacles you made for m* suit very well, and seem to havo Improved my sight more than any other I have lately tried LITT. W. TAZEWELL 1 have tried a pair of Spectacles ob'aloed from Mr. Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my siuht, and corresponding with his description of the focus. I recommend him as a skillful op tician HENRY A. WISE. Having been Induced by a friend to vlsitthe es tablishment of Mr. Tobias for the purpose of try ing hit glares, I was furnished by him with a pair slightly colored blue, which have aflorded me more relief and gratification than any ! have j ever tried. My sight, originally very good, wa* 1 Injured by writing and reading at sight, fre , n>:eatly to a very late hoar; but with the aid of the?e glasses I can s?udy almost as late as ?ver and that too without the pain 1 have previously suffered. JOHN WILSON. Late Commissioner Uen'l Land Office December 11, lt>55. I have used Mr. Tobias's Spectacles for three or four months, and take great pleisure In say ing that 1 am much pleased with them. 1 have been much benefitted by them. May 5th) lsofl. GEOR. P.SCARBl'ROH. 1 was recommended to Mr John Tobias as a skillful optician; n-.das I have eyes of ml" !r able peculiarity, 1 was gratified to^nd tha?Mf 7>mpreheid them by Inspec tion and some slight measurement, and he has m!^blyeaPe 01 ^Ctac!ee suits me a? July 11, ls5fl. A. P BUTLER. W IL M! Hgton , N. C Jan V*7 iqu tbatVhe Sp^tieles wificVi ftXn ?2 week are entirely satisfa< torv. Froman l.>o??i lty in the visual mntf? of .n; eveV i l.ave found ml dtacult, in proper focal distance 11 affords me pleasure to state that, by the aid of your optometer thl* diffi culty has been happily oU.f^soihat heglis? you furnished me are dec dedty the beit adarnwi to my eyes of any 1 have ever yet used ada'n'cd Very respectfully, yours, R B DRANK Rector of St James' Parish Dbpaktmsnt of Intbhiob, May 7, 1855 From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for several years. I have trTed different opticians Without obtaining glasses nerfe tly fltteif to my eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for me, which I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enab ed to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye I moat cheerfully recommend Mr Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses and bear my testi mony as to his skill as an optician. HENRY E. BALDWIN, Aaalat. Sec'y to sign Land Warrants. P. 8? OPERA GLASSES of great varletv TELESCOPES A MICROSCOPES, WATC& thii?* CLASSICS, and many other articles in Jy ItMy Ve'y luW prlcea coast*Q ly on haad. THE CHEAPEST i to b iy School Books is at ,eil TARLOR A MAURY'S Book and Stationary Store. Information for Trivilifi. 0BAVG1 * AL1XAWBKIA RAILROAD. Or oat Southern Mail Lina 1 ?T TW1CI DAILY (SUNDAY NIGHTS SICEPTED) Between Washington City and the South! VIA: ALEXANDRIA, ?ORDONSVILLE, RICHMOND, DAN VILLE GREENSBOROUGH,N. C. AND DAILY TO TBI VIRGINIA SPRINGS. Leave Washington at 6 o'clock, A M. Leave Washington at 7 " P.M. Leave Alexandria at.... 7 " A.M. Leave Alexandra at ...6 " P M. Travel ers will find the Morning Line In con* nectlon with tte Virginia Central Railroad, the Cheapest, mwt Pleasant and Expeditious Ruote to THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS, Greenbrier White tfulpbur and Fauquier White Sulphur, Warm, Hot, Alum and Capon Springs, Weir's Cave, Natural Bridge, Lexington, Ac. OMNIBUSES and BAGGAGE WAGONS will he at the Washington Railroad Depot to con vey PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE, Pr?$ of Ck*rg?i to STEAMER GHORGE PAGE, for ALEXANDRIA, a a nee of six mllas, allowing ample time for Fare from Washington to Richmond 95 5?> Fare " " Danville 11 ?? Fare '? 44 6reensborough...l2 00 Ticket*procured on the boat. Expedition and Comfort are secured by thW Route,asltisa Linsor first class railroae VBOM ALEXANDRIA TO DANVILLE THROUGH PASSENGERS and BA68AGK carried without cost tothe Depot of tbe P??w*burg Railroad. JAMES A. EVANS, ?c 1 Agent, Alexandria, Va. FOR HARPER'S FERRY, Via Ckesajieakt { Ohio Cmnal THROUGH IN TWELVE HOURS! The new and splendid packet boat ARGO, Capt. Chas. H Merrill, will commence making Regular Trips between GEORGETOWN and the above Point, on Mon day, March 27th, 1858. The Boatwlllleavethe wharf of W. H A H. G Rltter. Georgetown, D C , e?ery Mondav, Wed nesday, and Friday morning, at# o'clock Returning, she will leave Harper's Ferry every Tuesday, Tnursday and Saturday morning, at n'rlock

Thrsngh Tickets, 92.25. To Lttsburg ?1 , m inding tin Stsg? from Edwards' Ferry. Families Intending to vlsltthe Virginia Springs the coming season will find this by far the mo*t safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Berkeley Capon, Sbanondale, White Sulphur and Warren. Meals served on board at moderate rates. A coach will always be In readiness In George town to convey passengers to and from the Boat. For further particulars inquire at the store of W. 11. A H. G. RITTER, Georgetown, and JOHN V. AVIS, Jr, Harper's Ferry, Va. mar 18 ?tf fTASHiNWYor-t railroad. ? : ? >?V: * . ml- ?? _ - - C^HANOE Ot ?i;?URS.?< n and after Me* J day, the21d Instant, the Trains will Leave Washfngt-a -16 a. r?., aid l ant ** p. m Oji 3-viday at 4 ?; r. oa. f.ea*r Baltimore at j - Ad i H r. ini. 3 aai S* p. rr On Sojday at 4 m a. est. a?l^-4' ^ Ar*it. AND LIVERPOOL LINK TH>' JEW * ORK UNJTKD STATES M A * I. t, A N riftS.; ^il^ -HIP." Cv .* N? THIS . arc * C*nl Eldridge. .... Comstot t f ap" Jas. West having t>ee-? butit,oy contract ex rei.i.aen'. every care has t? i *:oas -uct /n,as also in their ur-_ ->.renj;:i :? .d speed, and their ?? are unequuled for fV. AT L A NTI BALT-C .. APR I VT't T!?8e -h' prtn'.y ; .-r V been' i aocomr.io4r.?1?*cs a,: pas- ea: eleer ncv jr?u corr." 't p-.r;of pa*iu(" fro raj \rv. Vork 'O Ltverpoo' in ?.i">t c.' !!i. in or \ do.. S?5. From Livi'ijxia! to \i'jr exp :n-"~C f'rgt t p 'erl f, Ulil or ? j* Y.'?rV. :)<i jeon attached ber* ?cn if.e. jred ur of tils i!i.a hi?*e t.T?n li<. ids,uu Lo avoid daa^' the U i s u^rrh of 42d 0i A'lgivt PROPrB*D CATV F: en Ntw fc1 185A Saturday Apf S*Vjr;ia'/ May i? Sat ird .? Hay S! Saturday Juiic 7 Saturday Jane -'I Saturday J;;!v & Saturday Ju'y 13 Saturday An^. a Satarday Aug 16 Satoida j Aug. Saturday Sv pt. 13 Satuidav Sfpt. 27 Saturiav t>ct 11 Saturday.... ....Oct.25 Saturday Nov. H Saturiiy Nr?v.2"i Saturc \y .......l>t-o 5 Satuku Dec. i i g'llneaa An < ? *h ship. No T1 e ships rr tight buli ? w'll notcros? ai after the 1st ILINS. Frort 1836. ey....May 14 ay....May 28 ^....June 11 . ;....June 25 if ....July 9 .July 23 .Aug. 6 VWdlne W.-ar. Wed. - Wedne Wedae Wr-dtu-^uay. We 1 .^day. We '. iesday....Aug, 20 Wee! 'lesuay... .Sept. 3 Wed#iesd.-,y....Sept. 17 W ednesday ....Oct. 1 Wedn^day ....Oct. 15 Wed day .... Oct. 28 Wedme? '.i " ...Nov. 12 Wcd.TPt-1?y .Nov. 2ft ...Dec. 10 \\ /?.'??{?.-dity ....Dt-c. 24 For freight or i a^sage v to fclOWAR !l K. C? >*Lt.i>. ? * CO., tfo Wallfctrett, New ^V.-i. BROWN, SHlPt.EY A CO., Liverpool STEPHEN Kfc'rMRl) A CO., 27 A'.:stlx Friars, London B.G. WAINWRIGHT A CO , Paris. The o wners of the^e ships will not account able for ^oid, silver, uu'llon, spc-le,Jewelry, pre cious stores, or metals, .i^lefr, bills of '^dlng are slgntd thertfor, and ta -v Lne ther-of expressed therein. m 1-tr BY RAILROAD D'RrXT TO THE WE8T. Time between Wa.'in r.n and Wheeling but 171 b .tirs ! Running Tims between Washington and Cincinnati 27 hears!! THROVflH TICIKT1 AMD BACtiaci CUtCKB TO SB t(Ab lit WASKIN?*TO!t. THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having greatly im..roved its Wefir.n connections, now ofia?rs the fullest Inducements to Travelers between washington, BALTI MORE, and a'l portions of the WEST. NORTH WEST, and t!ie SOUTHWEST. The onne tion between the Trains from Wash ington and the Trains bound West from Balti more Is always promptly made at the Washington Junction (lately called the Relay House) 9 ini'es from Ba'tlmore. Tfcla Is the only change of <vars required between Washington and the Ohio river Baggage Is checked tliroogn to Wheeling at the Washington Station, and re rhe- ked and trans ferred there, (with the .lasnengerO without charge, for those ho'alng Through Tickets for rolntsbe yond The onne llng trains leave Washington daiiy at 8 a. m and ,>. m. On Sundays at the later hour only. At BEN WOOD, 1 mllrsfrom Wheeling, Airri conn* tion !? ma'de 'vitii the trains of CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, running from Dellalr, on the Ohio, through Cambridge, ZanesvlMe, and Newark, to COLUMBUS. These trains connect nt Newark with the cars of theNewark, Mansfield and Sandneky Railroad for Handusky, Toledo, Detroit. Chicago. 8t. Louis, etc. At COLU'lBUrt the C O. Railroad trains enn nect with thef?st trains of the Little Mia'ni Rtil rntii to Xenla, Cincinnati, Loulsvllie, etc. AI XENIA (on Lltt'e Miami Railroad) connection la formed with the trains through Dayton,to lndlao n:toils, Terre Haute, lofayette, Chic ago, Rock ls'and, St. Louis, Carlo, etc \ZJ" PasBor.gers holding Through Tickets foi Memphis, Hrles/turf,, New Orleans, et?., which are also sold at Washington?arc trans ferred at Cincinnati, to the Mall Htesiners on the Ohio. Tickets for Evansvlllr, Carlo, and St. Louis are sold by the river route JET For CLEVKLAND, ard via C eve'and to To edo, Detroit, Chi< ago, etc , tickets are-so'd, when the Ohio is navigable between Whee lng and WellsvlMe (forty mTies) where a connection with the C eve and and Pittsburg Raiiroad is made. I. Travel'r* are requested to notice that whl'e this is the only route atfordlng Through Tickets and Checks In Washington, it is a'so the shortest, moat speedy, and direct to near y a I the leading points in the great West. The distance trom Washington to Cincinnati Is but 853 mlias, being about 100 miles shorter than by any other reute! FARE, HY THKOUGH TICKET, FROM WA8HINOT ?n To Whee lng, S9 50: Colum bus, *13 85; Dayton 915 50; Cln lnnatl,tl8 OA; Loulsvliie, by ral road, fl8 65, by steamer from Cincinnati, 918 00; Indiana o ls. 917 50; Cleve land, 912 50: To edo, 9<5 80: Detroit, 915 20: Chicago, 65and 910 50; St Louis. 928 50 and 925; Memnhis, 9'^6; NewOr'eans 931, etc. ID* for FREDERICK AND HARPER'S FERRY. MARTINSBURG.CUMBERLAND, BERKLEY SPRINGS, BEDFORD8PRIN6S, PIEDMONT, OAKLAND, and FAIRMONT, passengers may leave Washington at 6 a. m or 4j p m. Por the minor way stations between Baltimore and Whe. ilng, take 6 a. m. train from Washington icr For trains to and from Baltimore, An nap 0:1s, etc., see special advertisements. lL^ For further information, Through Tickets, et^.. apply to THOMAS H. PARSONS, Agent at Wasnlngton Station WM. S. WOODSIDE, march 1?tf Master of B.*0. of Trusportatlon, lUllroik, Baltimore, Medicines. THE IREATIiBf MEDICAL DI8C0VEBY OF THE AGS. Dr. KENNEDY, ?f Rtihiry, ?as Aleoorered 1b one of out 00**0* riirvu wnia a remedy that ram 8 ifER Y KIND OF HUMOA; rui til vout iciovfu ??w? m a eea HON ri*PLB. HE EA8 TRIED IT IN OVER ELEVEN hundred cum,and Merer felled exoept la twe mini, (both thunder humor ) He hu now In his possession orer two hundred certificates of It* vir tue, all wUhln twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to ?ore a nursing mi ?outh _ ^ ^ One to three bottles will erne the wesst klad at pimples oa the face. ? Two ts three bottles will ?Uar the system ef biles. Twe bottles are warranted te tare (ha wets canker In the month and stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted U eve the worst case of Erysipelas. One to two bottles are warrantfd te aara all hum la the eves. Two bottles are wairanted to ears raaalag of the ears and blotches among the hair. Four to six bottles are warranted to atn aarrap* ??d running ulcers One bottle will cure sealy eruption of tha shin. Two to three bottles are warranted to care th? worst case of ringworm. Two to three bottles are warranted ta aara th? most desperate care of rheumatism. Three to four br.ttles are warraatad ta aara th? salt ihrrct. Fire to eight be riles will a are tha want aaaaa af atrefala. A benefit is always experienced from tha lrst battle, and a perfect care la warraatad whaa ins abore quantity Is tahea. Reader, I peddled orcr a thaasaad battles of this In the rlclnlty of Bostsn. I know the effret af it In ere77 ease. So sure aa water will extln fvlsh Ire, ao sure will this care hamcr. 1 nerei sold a bottle ef It bat that sold another; afters trial It always speaks for itself. There are twa things about this herb that appears te ass sarpris lag; frit that it ctcws la oar pastures, la asms alaew qalte y;e*i!ial, and yet Its valae has aare> book kauwa aatll 1 discovered it la 1M4?eeeead that It she?M tare til klads ef haaaer. Ia order te gire some Idea ef the aaddea rls? and great popularity af the dissovary, I will stats that In April, 1MJ, 1 pel died It, aa* aeld a beat I botties per day?la April, ISM, I said over l.aat bottles per da? ef It. 8o??of the wholesale Druggists who hare bees la buslsws tnenty and thirty years, sar that aa \pntwfmedle'liSJK eii, like It. There Is a UBlvtrsal praise of It from all quarters In my owa practice I always kept It atrlctly for humors?but since Its Introduction aa a genera, family medicine, great and wonderful virtue* have been found In it that I never suspected Several cases of epileptic If??a disease which was always considered Incurable, hare been cured by a few bottles O, what a mercy If It will prore esrctual In all cases of that awful malady there ar% but few who have seen more of It thaa I hare I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of then ag. d people cured by It For the various diseases of the Liver, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, Asthma, h ever and Ague. Pain In the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly In diseases of the Kld I ,the dlscoJ"ry h? d0?e more good thar ar.y medicine ever known. No change of diet ever necessary?eat tha besi you can get and enough of It. Dirt axons for Us*.?Adults one table spooafu) Kr d^'rr.Chlliren over tpn y*n deosarTapooa ful?Children from Ave to eight years, tea spooa ful As no directions can be applicable to allcon r tltutions, take suflclent to operate oa the bowel* twice a day. MANuracrBBBB ar DONALD KENNEDY, Jrs. 120 Wnrrtn tlmt Roxbutm, Mm Pbicb.OwbDollab. rnfiffwSS Agents?New York City, C. V w ^ i . Barclay street: C. H. RING. T Broadway; A C.4D. SApJdS. 1U0 Fultos street. Philadelphia, T. W. DYOTi A BON8 Balf'more, BROWN A BROTHER, CANBY A HA rCH Alexandria. PEEL 4 S'fiiVENS -A.1. b* 411 ""sp^teble Druggists la'tis ? njtpd State* and BrifLh Provisoes, asd alas bi >h*Dref7l*t< n??. ?ias_t? Carter's Spanlab Mixture THK T PVK IFIF.RO FTHF BLOOD BEST ALTERATIVE KNOWN*! A. .5^T...Vr4RT'CL* of M*RC?? ir !!! ab Ja alHh remedy for Scroft'ia, King's Evil ?be??inatlsri. Obstinate Cutaneoiai Eruption* pimples or Poshxles on the Face, Blotches, ho!!*. Auue and Fever. Chronic Sore Eves, Klr.srwo,m or Tetter, y?ald Heald. Enlarge ment and pain of the Bones and Joints, Salt Khcum.Mabb,? Ulcers. Syphilitic Dividers, arwl al. dlse^es arising from an Injudicious use of Mercury, Impudence In Life, or Impurity cf the -Mood. remedy, which has become so rap * *nd.*? celebrated for Its extraordl UTiJ. ^Jertng and curing man^ of the C?vbstinate and terrible forms of disease with which mankind Is afflicted . Is now offered to the public, with the confident assurancethat no Mid ical nii?covBaT ever made has bean so eminently successful lncurlng Scfovpla. and all dysbasbs TUk"e OOD,as CARTER'S SPANISH MIX* FroPrletors are receiving by every mall most flattering and astonishing details 0/cures tbe count'7? *nd In most cases Tied'n vain ? thC b?*t ^b>'slc,UB P0^*1 OTfr the Blood is truly remarkable and all diseases arl from Impurity of the great j !'!n, e 1 relStT^t andcured wlth ? ?L?f. taV;' out?f the thousands who have vd it. Carter 3 Snanipb Mixture contains no ilircunr, Opium, Arsenic, or any danperous !^S' ,!'Ufr,oinPosp<l "f Roots and Herbs, com Waed With other fiisrredler.ts of known virtue, and Mhf.i/i,WD Wh? >'nun^p?t '"'ant or most d^ tatloa a wllboul the least possible hesi recia for short extracts from the r?, ,7 tt<,ilry0ny in our poftsesslon. and all kn/w/ein lm."" ? tht" hi?hest respectability, w u youraelves localities. Please read fo ?t1 ^ ""al P,?'a'u'e lo camag the attentlo% J,"''"?'?d^r-to the merits of Carter's Spanish RS a r,en?ed?r toT diseases of the blood. It enjoys a reputation in this city unequalled bv an? otfier preraratlo* DispmJ^uk JJtu' ?rJuS-,^0a,, Joii* M Va.,8ays hecoasid ! c^4iuy 'o a?ld his testimony to the rlrtuos of Carter's Spanish Mixture, rao* IctVai raasoMAi, ob?xevatiob of lt? remarkable cura 11 ? PwvtstoT the diseases In which It la used Liver 5Srb^ci^^S^SfxK^^t man In our employ was cured of Scrofula ofa vtr n fevr botUes of Carter's 8pa? ir ciii^ w'n?'w^:ereT"ylhlnseUe h&dfhlle^ Oth er cures wulch tave come under our own observa. u ^ILJS.?1 have seen a bumber of eurM m 1 Performed by Carter's Spanish Mixture i'e dia10 U 3 aalldete for that horrl bledlsoase^ E BURTON, Com af Revenue lor city of Rlohmoad. DISEASJT.?Samuel M. Drinker m m?^?rv0'i)r,a*er & MorTl*' Bookl,?ll?n, Rl'ch was eared of Liver disease of several EfflS#,lly Uree botu-of c^'' OLl) SOKH-S, 9LSMRS AND OBSTIHATW ?1* THB SKIN?See t? c" of Mr. Htrwcod, aad others, detailed la ourAl ""??? ??? ??*!>? ??. CO,i5 iy ci,: ter s 8paalsh JVtlxture, preclodes the poadhllltr of ln*crtlng them in aa adrertisement EFFECTS OF MMRCPRr.-8ee the ccra at could obtain n^eE unm 11 SSf a?A??iS2ifirv';ii S3&JSXS' etor of the Exchange Hotel, RlchmoBd, waa cured hundred cases of the disease In whieb^t Ho never falls to recommend It to the aHlited RHEUMATISM-Mr. Joha W uVZ. of Martlnsburg, V? writes o' tbl ^ oared him. A **" ^^a eattraly (pwS c?"/spgr-!" y?? t ? E'iisizxss her. bix bottles aaade a cure of tOB.^^^fo^f^*"1 ?*Bdle, of Washlaa Us iy Carer's l?^tlnite case of Sypfl dally oa the BIo^mJ^ Y^?!.*** 11 *?u "P?* ?ad iolSf iT^iilj;."* okln asd Is prompt Richmond nowrf<?SS2ly " tk* Clt7 H<**> WMmmeads it aa "the nSSUcfe'S'alSttre^i Jo*AiZLt RHSDM AltJD SCROFULA? Mi * ^ o. BEBKa A CO., Proprietors n f _?, M^ty cfAS trow. wSE,?.i* B u ?""?Uf ? a eel 1?lj Medicines. DOCTOR HOOPLAHD'B CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS PliritIS BT Dr 0. M JACKSON Philadelphia, Pa., WILL ITVtCTViLLT rcn LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, CHRONIC OR NKR VOL'S DE bllltr. DIvimi of tbr Kidneys, and til Dli ?*?'?arising from a Dlrordered Liver or Stomach. Tb? proprietor, In calling the attention of the public to tkti preparation. Im so with a (nltai of the utmost confidence in Its virtue* and adapt a lion to the dlst-asr* for which It la recommended. It la no new and untried article, but one that ha* stood the teat of a ten years' trial before the American people, and Its reputation and sale Is unrlvaUed by any similar preparations evtant. The testimony in its favor gives by the mort (?rotr Inent and well known physio Ian* and Individuals tn all parts of the country Is immense, and a care ful perusal of the A manic, published annually by the proprietor, and to b<- hrd gratis of any of his agent*. cannot but satisfy the mo?t skeptical that this remedy Is really deserving the great oel ebrlty it has obtained Principal oflce and manafhetory No. M Arch ?treet. Philadelphia, Pa. K FA D THE FOl LOWING: M0I6ART0W!<, Va , Ang:ist ?, I?55. Dr C. M. Jacisok?Dear Sir:?The sale* of the Bitters are lneree*Irg and what *|eak* vol ume* In tbelr favor Is th> tall who have used tb? in speak highly cf their effects No medlclre tbat I sell gives such g-neral aatlafretlon, and the de mand for It exceeds all precedent; and 1 a**t:re you It affords me pleasure to sell such a remedy. Our physicians no longer scowl at It, but are rcrr - pelled to acknowledge Its Intrinsic value, ard the I renter pait of them have had n agnartmlty anf clent *o lay aside their prejudleiessrd prescrioe it in their practice. Respectfully yours, F. M. CH ALT A NT. For aale by ftorekeeper* and druggists in every town and village In the United States. Price "1 cents per bottle Z. D OILMAN, Washington, and JOHN P. KIDWELL. Georgetown, Agents )e 7-< m OR TIB PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OP MABE1A6I, ?T m. B. L A CROIX. D., ALBANY. N. Y? Kl Pjutt mmd 190 ftai, Pl*im,mm4 CeJeead Lit!. igrmfk* and Plant. PlT?B ONLT IWMTT-FWl C**T?. Bent Free of Postage to all parts of the Vatoa. C CHEAPEST BOOK EVER PI BLIt*B EP ? J and containing nearly double the quantity of read ing matter In that of the FIFTY CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS It treats on the PHYSIOL OGY OF MARRIAGE, and the Secret Infirmities, and Disorder of Youth zed Matr.rlty, resulting from ex cesses. which destroy the physical and mental povi era. with Observations on Marrlsgc, Its duties and dlsqcalilcatlona, erd their remedies-with Lithographs,lllortriitlr^ the Anatomy and Physiology, and Diseases of fhe Re productive Organs of both sexm, their structuie, uses, and funetlona. A popular and cempreb?a slveTreatise on the Dntles end Cansaltles of a n. gle and married life?happy and fruitful alliance*, mode of securing them?lnfclloltons and Infertile ones?their obvlatlon and removal ?Import; nt hints to those contemplating matrimony. that w 111 overcome objections to It; none, however, should take this Important step without first consulting its pages?commentaries on the diseases end medical treatment of females from infancy to old age. each ease graphically Illustrated by beautiful Htkogra Shlc plates?nervous debility, its causes and sure, ye process at once so simple, safe, and effete-a I that failure la Impossible?rules for daily maragc ?ent?an r-s?v on Spormntonhma, with en?et\ cl obsefvatlona on the safer and iff sr?3??arful mode of treatment?precautionary hints cn the evils re sulting from empirical practice? tin - ssay on all diseases arising from Indiscretion, plain r J simple rules by which all persons can cure am selves without mercury?remedies f r tho*? Mtf. lnfiloted rrl-er<?* and disappointed here* so un fortunately prevalent In the yortng. It Is a truth ful adviser to the married and tho*ccor*"inplatin? marriage. Its perusal Is partlcularlv r<rocrirr.end ed to person* entertaining secret doctti of their rHbvfticalcondition,and who areconrclcus of hav bp hazarded tlu1 health. happiness. and privileges to which every human being is entitled Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per copy, or Five Of pies for Ore Dollar Mailed, free cf post age, to 111 parts of the United States k N. B ?Those Vho prefer may consult Dr. LA C#OIX upon any of the disease* ugen whlch th.s book treats, either personally or by m;'1. Medi cine sent to any part af the Onion according tc di rections, safely packed and carefully secured fioaa all observation. Address Dr MB LA CFOlX, No 31 M aide a Lane, or Post Oftce Box S79 Albany, N. Y. CP 0?ce open dally .from 6 a a to ? p ? and ?n Snndav from 3 until 5 p. in. irr Ofilce REMOVED front No. M Bearer at. t*TT tfst^s Lent, Albmnp, JVus T?rk. dealt?lv AYERo PILLS. FOR ALL THE PL'R>OPE8 OF A FAMILY PHYS'C. There has long existed a public demand for an effective Purgative Pill which could be relied cn as sure and perfectly safe In Its operation. This has been prepared to meet that demand, and an extensive trial cf its virtues has : conclusively sLown with what sreeees it accom I pllshes the purpose designed. It Is easy to make I apbysicn' Pill, but net so easy to make the best or all Ptll'? one which should have none- of the objections, but all the advantage* of every other. This Las been attemj ted heie,at d with what auc cm we would respectfully submit to the public decision. It has been unfortunate for the patient hitherto tbat almost every purgative medKlne la acrimonious and lr Hating to u.e boweis This Is not Manv of them produce so much griping pain and revulalon in the system as to more than counterbalance the gocd to bf derived from them. These Ptllt produce no Irritation or pain, unle<s It atlses fro:ns^ previously exlsilng oL-tructloe or derangement In the bowels Being l urely vege table, no harm can arise from th**lr use In asv quantity; but It 1* letter than any medicine t houli be taken judiciously. Minute directions for tkelr use In srveral dbeiees to which they are ap plicablen* given on the box. Among the com plaints which Lave been speedily cured by them we may mention Live r Complaint, in its various forms of Jaundice, Indigestion, I ancuo* and Loss of Appetite, LMlessness, Irritability, B Uoue HeadacPtot Fever, Fevrrsr.d Ague, Pain in the Side and Loins, for in truth, si 1 these are but the consequence of diseased action e>f the liver. As an aperient, tbev afford ( itRnpt and snre relief In Costlvene^-s. Piles, Colic, Dysentery, Huroore?8crofu!a and Scurvy. Colds, with sacs' new cf the b dv, Ulcers end Impurity of the blood ; In short any and every case where a purga tive la required. Thev^ave also produced some alngularlv suc cessful cures In Rkeumatism.Gout.Dropsv,'Grav el, Erysipelas, Palpitation of the Heart. Pains la the Back, titomaeh and Side. They shoi Id be freely taken in the spring of the year, to purify the blood and prepare the system tor tne cban^e of seasons. An occielonal dose stimulates the stomach Into healthy actlcn, and restore* the appe tite and vigor They purify the blood, ana by their stimulant action on the circulatory aysiem, renovate the strength of the body, and restore the wasted or diseased energies of the whole organ ism. Hence an occasional dose Is advantageous even though roserious deiangement exists; bat unnecessary dosing should never be carried too far. as every purgative medicine reduces the sufngth, when taken loexcess The thotaand casta In which a piiyalc is required cannot be enu merated here bit they suggest themselves to the reason of every body; and it Is confidently be lieved this plli will answer a better purpose thaa arfy thing which ha* hitherto been available to mankind W ken their virtues are known the public will no longer doubt what remedy to emi ioy when in n?ed of a cathartic medicine Being sugar wrapped th< y are pleraant to take, and being purely vegetable, no narm can arise from their use in any quantity. For minute directions see the wrapper on the Box rilFAIBE BY OA. JAMES C. A YERi PRACTICAL * ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, LOWELL, MASS. Prioe 25Cemtaper Pox- Five Boxes for $1,00 Sold by Z. D. G1LMAN, Washington, and all rescec'able druggists. sub-tin JUST RECEIVED? Scotch Herrings Fresh Peaches and Aprlcota Prune Cordial Levy'a celebrated Bitters Vermaoelli and Macearonl Bweet OU Fresh Tens, for sale by JONAS P LEVY. 47V Pa. avenue, Wine, Liquor and Segar Store Jel?-tf |>UUHANAN SCOTTISH! ? Fillmore do W heatland do Just poMiehed at our Piano at d Music M? re MM JOHN F. ELLIS.