Newspaper of Evening Star, September 16, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 16, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A S II JNGTO N C I T Y: TIIIUAV Feplrinber 16,1Mb. |T^ AdverttneioraU ahould be handed la bj II o'clock, ni., otherwise they may act appe*> a it11 the ofi! (lay. fPIBIT OF 1HK MORKIKe PRESB The Union is its leader, urges all good patriot*, however humble their station, and bj whatever political name or creed they bare been guided, whether whig or democrat, te unite as brotbera in one solid p halanx to sup* port the constitution and save the Virion. It says . ?4 We do net over estimate the import?*"? of the baC^Jt history. A time such as tn.?s is at hand TuC m6D w^? W'M come after ai Will look" back, ana ;.?,htr that it was not earlier felt and underfunded prelaimed. The conspiracy of which we again warn the people wiH then stmnd out in*ts full propor tions. History will hare written it. It will l>6 as ft ricturc of fb? past, at onf? pcrccivcd in all its hideoa? for*" Its veil will be off and it* mystery gone Od? countrymen h&yo been si >w to believe it. Nearly seventy years of uninterrupted rrosperity and secure re pone ? upen the foundation of that go?4rmncnt e? tablisbad by our ancestors had made an im pression upon the public mind that it tPsrita potsible a traitor would dare to enter for tho purpose of destruction?to change peace inH domestic war, the happiness of the millions Into [misery, their prosperity into adversity, ond their fidelity to our institutions into hatred of their existence. But that time Las come. It cannot be concealed?it cannot be denied." The Intelligencer pays a handsome compli ment to the ability displayed by Mr. Marcy in his reply to the declaration concerning Maritime Law adopted bj the Plenipoten tiaries of the Seven Powers in April last, but cannot yiekl full concurrence "to the senti ment cf the President as expressed in his an nual message to Congress of December 4.1854, and reproduced in the body of Mr. Marcy's present despatch, to ?he effect that " the pro position to enter into engagement* to forego a resort to privateers, in caae thia country should be forced into a war with a great naval Power, ia not entitled to more favorable consideration than would be a proposition to agree not to aeeept the aervicea of voluntoera for operations on land." The Intelligencer is none the less decided in its conviction that every consider ation of reason, humanity, and morality calls for the adoption of the principle now com mended by the United States to tho maritime nations of the world. EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE. Naw York, September 14, 1&>?. mw von*. i Nothing strikes the observing traveler with g 1 ater fnrce^th*n the ever-changing f?c9 of an American ci'y, nor is that an observable olsewbere within my experience as in this city cf Gotham. I bad cot been here pre vioualy for eighteen months, now a long time for an active business man in this country to be absent from New York, our great centre of commerce and enterprise. In that timo alter ations have taken place in the appearance of tiny of the city'a well known features and in cot a few of ita customs and manners I Cannot step to note here many particulars, yet I may mention the improvement on the Jersey side of the landing from which one crosses the North river from the New Jersey railroad. The docks of the railroad company iave been extended cut into the river hun dreds cf feet in lergtb, at a coat of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thia had evidently beocme necessary thrcugh the great increase of interccurae between the two fides of the river, and thus illu'tratea the progress of the business of New York city. A change in the manners cf the runners for backs who are al lowed on the ferry boats, too, formed quite an agreeable feature of my entrance into the city. They were all extremely civil and aeemed to vie with each other in giving as little anoyance to travelers as possible. This is a capital change, indeed, bo far as the pub lic's comfort ia concerned. Heretofore I have fcund them aa great a nuisance aa those exer cising a similar calling in other American cities usually are. On Friday morning last nil orthem appeared to content them3elve3 with offering to accommodate the traveler in few and respectful words, and scrupulously t-> abstain from pressing themselves upon such cs did not aecm to bo gratified with their atten tions. It will be well indeed for tho tribe to i iiitate their example universally. There is an evident great decrease r,f street pauperism in New York I an# not now suffi ciently familiar with the statistics of the city to knew the exact causes of this decrease which is ao apjarcnt throughout all its great thoroughfares. Indeed, in tbo three days I have been here, I have not been accosted by a single beggar. Formerly they beiet me at ?very turn and coincr. Ihe poorest class of laboring people who formerly wore an air of tie mo t atject misery, se?m greatly to have im proved their condition. Indeed, the very apple women of New York now wear an air of con tentment and comparative independence, to which they formerly appeared, to nie at least, to be etrsngera. The general business of the eity waa never before ao prosperous ; and to that fact do I, in the absence of a familiar knowledge of the details of their histoVy for eighteen months past, attribute the remarka ble change that seems to have occurred in the status of th'ss who perform the hardest and meanest labwr hero. run orkra MareUek, the indefatigable, has com meneed hia season at the Academy cf Mu-ic, with La Grange, Amodi, Brignoli and a Mia* Phillip#, aiJ English or American girl. I at tended their representation on Friday night ThC hou.**-13 th? moet gorgeous, and evidently the Orgeat theatre in tbo United cont,r ues bis system of compura tively lew charge.fcej Ms ^ ^unng as <c?d a w.t ? tho house aff.rJs, I u h kh* Cb*rK* U but tw?ntJ-five cenU which enables the lover of ine mio of m mean" to e?joy it, tboUgh 8#ein_ precious little of the magnificence with whi^h be puts it upon the stage. II, evidently studies to represent opera here correctl>, with ?ut undertaking to strain after astounding mu. steal effects, which ba< been the rock on which the enterprises of all his predecessors have gone down. Thu?, bis chorua is cot very ^rge, nor is his oreheatra a monster one. In proferrifcg ? leasorable Dumber of good sing ? * and in-trumonUJiats to a3 army of them, battalions who are worse than In liferent, he has manifc.ted capital judg ment, and h?e evi<*?r ?i j J ft _.k- ... uent'* done much towards *D (P*r* * permanent insUtu ? ifnd.jni(b> 1?, wat Verdi', ? _ " ?o ? (Tb. Tnmbxhir) In ,|,;-h U. W, will " some months since in Washington citj. While I hare heard mop ? astonishing vocal isU than either of them ?n <?P?r*< 1 flue5" ton whether wo hare *ad anj others in this country more likely to la* among ?. They are bath correct and pl??>?S fingers, while La Orange has been in her day one of the ve-y first w Europe. 6 he is advancmg in age and as a matter of <* -urse her voice is not as flexible as when sh. > was regarded as perhaps at the very head of her profession. I could never tire onde.T Aiaodi's vocalization, for his evident study is t? render but his score, with faultiest correctness, . simplicity and good taste. On the whele, wo V*ve had no other baritone in the United Sta* Vs who has pleased me so much. I may say a Jmost as much of Brignoli, the tenor, who thot'fb not a great one, is on tho whole a most satisfactory vocal ist; as was testifUd by the immeme audience of discriminating people filling1 the house on Friday evening lust. Miss PhHlipt', though inferior professiomilly to the little French woman (whose namo I forget) who rei tiered the role of Azucena in Washington, svng it with much success. For an English or Ameri can woman she is s (great vocalist doubtlc.if; but not for an Itattaf or French woman. While the latter appeer born fcr singing and dancing professionally, it is exceedingly rare to find a female bom either in the United .'States or England bcoome really great in eriher of those branches of artistic life. Miss Pyfit' T*as only great, comparatively, llad she b?n an Italian she would never h^ve risen above mediocrity in professional fame. Though he? JMrd Song is to my taste better than that of Jtnmy tind, she is great only in that single piece of music:, as though she had devsied her professional lite to mastering it alone It is singular that7 Englishmen are more apt to become gteat operatic singers, than English women. Suchr however, is the admitted fact among those abroad who know the details of tho history of opera. I predict for Max Maretsek a profitable seaeou. Though a German, he is every inch an American in the tenor of his mind and charactci, resem bling us in those elements of his nnture more strongly than any other foreigner engaged in any such business I ever knew. lie seepts to have made American public opinion, Ameri can tasto. American habits and Americas sympathies his profound studies, and to have profited amazingly by his labors first to ap preciate their peculiarities, and next to avail himself of them. rnc politics or the hour. The result of the Maine election has com pletely turned the heads of the Republicans here. The mass of them know little or noth ing about politics, and imagine that popular sentiment every where is identical with pop ular ?ent:scent in New England. They are anticipating the jr(mpt formation of Fremont and Dayton olectoral tickets in Virginia .u:d Maryland, and loragine that they have a fair chance of carrying those States in November next. The very recont -peech of tuo inevita ble Botts, in Richmond, is already being in stanced as proof that their hope for southern States is a reasonable one. It is useless to tell them that Botts, though a mau of talent, is universally considered a deranged man (at home) upon politics; and that however much a crowd may shout over hia points abusing or misrepresenting their opponents, he could not be elected to be a constable arn^ng those who know his political idioeyncracies; and further, that in the whole State of Virginia tbero are not ten men to the manor born, except Qua kers, who sympathize with him up?>n the slavery question; that it is mo&t unsafe to judge of southern purposes, southern views, &o . as prosented by Botts in his singular spccehc s, Ac., Ac. They are as crazed as he is up- u the slavery question, and will hearken only to those who follow hi3 example in practically pandering to their insane determination to de stroy tho Union In attempting to force tho South to submit to tho abolition of African slavery which is the ultima t/nt/e of their po litical movements I confess that I have lost all patience with them, and am prepared to await the issue of the approaching presiden tial election patiently and with unrutlled tem per. The Union, as made by our fathers, is as dear to me as to any man living. With the government in the hands of thoso holding to the doctrines of the Republican party as cnun ciatcd in their speeches and newspapers, I bc lievo it will bo a far greater curic to uiy own section of the Confederacy than anything that can possibly grow out of the prompt and firm exercise (f tho right to go out of the Union when that may be necersary for tho self-pres ervation of tho South. Knowing well that the South will not dream of continuing a national existcnco in connection with the North when tho government is in the hands of those ob taining power only on the northern popular prejudice against hor, who at the same time acknowledge no constitutional, legal, or moral obligation that cctflicts with their ha tred to her, I have not the least idea that the i United Statej will hold together in case of the election of Fremont. It is unfa?hion able to tell these truths in priut. They am truths, however; and I feel it to bo my duty to aid in making them known. Not caring the snap of my flrger for the prcjudicos of any one in the discharge of a publb duty, I am prepared to find those who pandor to abolitionism rolling up tho whites of their eyes at what I am now writing Should Buchanan be defeated, however, thoy will prompt'y appreciate the warning I ntn giving them. They will Cnl Georgia leadiog off. Governor Johnson will instantly convene the Legislature of that State; which will as promptly call a convention to determine hor duty in the crisis. One by one every South ern State will follow her example. Th^ir con clusion will bo to repnrato from the North, peaceably if possible?forcibly if necessary. That determination will bo carried out. I anticipate no war to follow it. The South wishes no war. The North will loso enough by a termination of the Union, without risk ing more through eivil war. Direct taxation and favorable commercial treaties with for eign governments that may make it to the interest of the South to form them will be her certain policy. The exclusive possession of the four great agricultural staples of North American exportation?Cotton, 8agar, Tobac co and Rice?places it within her power to malie any treaty with England the msy de sire. The seeret of Northern prosperity has been the fact that the South hss up to this time sacrificed all her advantage, arising from the exclusive agricultural character of the pursuits of her people (including her ex elusive possession of those staples) in her com mercial intercourse with foreign nations, in compliance with her obligations under the Constitution of tke United States. Without tho South to supply as at present with nearly all laanufactares she requires, from pins up to iron houses, of which tho North has enjoyed a practical monopoly up to this time through our duties on imports, and without the prac tical bounties to tho North at the expense of the South involved in our navigation laws, the condition of things at the North must at once change. Her wealth and power will vanish without them, in an hour as it were Her lease upon them expires with the defeat of James Buchanan, should that take place. I do not anticipate Buchanan's defeat. Yet I am prepared to stand where every men living south of Mason and Dixon' line should b? f und on the Instant tho present General Government must be surrendered into the hands of the Sewards, Hales, Burlingames, Greeley*. Giddingscs, and Wades of the land, if the Union is to continuo W. D. W a. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP The Number of Slaveholders in the United States ?The Abolitionists make if one of the laost frequont of their points of attack upon slavery that the actual number of slavehold ers, as given by the census, is only about 350, 000, or one-seventeenth of tho entire white population of the South, and that this "oli garchy," while it does not represent the in terests of the great mass of the people, con trols the action both of the State and Federal Governments. In the first place, the 350,000 slavaholders represent nearly an cquil nam ber of families, all the members of which have an equal degreo of interest in slavery. Now, makitg the ccmus estimate of 5 7 to a family, the result will be 2,000,000, or about one-third of the ti-ta! whito population who havo a direct interost in the institution. Of the remainder a large number are indircetly interested, in somuch. as though, at present, they may be too poor, or other circumstances may prevent them from owning slaves, yet they entertain the h??pe and reasonable expectation of being able, at some future period, to possess them selves of this species of property. There is another class of persons who, possibly without the desiro to own slaves, yet regard slavery it self as a valuable political and social institnt'on, and therefore feel tho same desire for ita preser vation as it they were pecuniarily concerned. There is vet another class, st ill more numerous, who from motives common to human nature, such as we cannot approve, yet at tho same time canuot severely condcmn, as man is con stituted, ettceui their own freedom, in the language of Burke, "ma privilege and an enjoyment," contrasted with tho condition of the servile class below them. The humblest white man feels, and the feeling gives him a certain dignity of character, that where there are glares he is not at the foot of the social ladder, and his own stains is not tho lowest in tlie community. Thii feeling does cot make him regard labor generally as degra ding, but only menial labor, such as a free man could not perform without loss of pelf respect. No Southern man could be induced to black bis employer's boots or attend at his table, while he might not have the slightest objection to work in the field or in the shop even by the side of the negro. It wiil be perceived, then, that although tho actual cumber of slaveholders is only about 350.000, the entire Southern commu nily is, directly or indirectly, pecuniarily or for Eocial, moral or political reasons, interest ed iu tho preservation of slavery. It may be that slaveholders influence and control the policy of the local, and, to a certain extent, of the (ieneral (iovernmeut, but we do not perceive that this is a disparagement to th:m un]er3 it be proved that they acquire or use their power unjustly. On the contrary, it is creditable to them that they have the char acter to acquire and tho talents to wield this influence. If they rule their fellows, it is not by divine right, or because they are privi leged by tho laws so to do, but because they bavo honorably won thoir positions by the gifts of nature, or by superior culture. The road to honors and preferment is closed to ncno to ar\j greater extent in the South than in the North, and humble talents may there, as elsewhere, securo their appropriate reward Slaveholders of the South have not been the lea^t distinguished of the great men who bavo illustrated the annals and conferred glory upon our common country- They may lairly claim to havo contributed their full sharo to the national reputation, whether by deeds of arms or by peaceful achievement ia the legislative hall, the forum, the cabinet, or tho mcro retired walks of literaturo. Nicaragua.?Somo day3 ago we woro in formed by several gentlemen, who had ar rived from Nicaragua direct, that General AValker's prospect* woro growing brighter and brighter, and that there was no doubt what soever of his ultimate triumph over enemies within and foes without tho borders of that Central American military republic. The newspaper accounts, however, as lato as the ISth of August, are not so encouraging to the friends cf the enterprise in which Walker is engnged, an J now it i3 said ?? his fate is soon to be decided by a battle." At Greytown there was no scarcity of rumors, which, wo are informed, 41 must be received with extreme caution and among them arc the following: "Guatemala is said to bo advancing with 4 000 men under Carrera, and Costa Rica has notified her intention of again trying her for tune under tho tamo commander Rivas still holds his position at Loon with 700 men, and is fortifying its outposts. If deserters aro to be believed, Walkor a position at the prososit is veiy critical, to say the least." It is stated, with much parade, that General Walker is from time to time receiving recruils from this country, and now an agent of his, Colonel Young, is in cur neighborhood Alexandria?for the purpose of encouraging emigration to and eccuriDg material aid in behalf of Nioaragua-iu continuation of his mission in other cities. From this it is res ronable to infer that the native population are either unfit for soldiers, or are not enthusias tic in the support of the measures which he has inaugurated ; hence the military powe* necessary to uphold his cause must be drawn from the United States, which, owing to the divisions of the inhabitants, places his move ment in tho light of an attempted conquest men from this country against the|Rivas party of the republio, for the mastery. Colonel Wheeler, the United States Minis ter to Nicaragua, has recognised Walker's new Government, as the newspapers vveeks ago informed us ; and in consequence of this fact, Walker has appointed another envoy to this Government, in the person of Mr. Smith, of New York, who, if rumor tells the truth, is not even a citisen of Nicaragua?he being a substitute for Padre Vijil, who was received ia the capacity of minister in May Uat We are satisfied that our Government will not. at present, receive a minister from Nica ragua, owing to the unsettled political condi tion of that country, if for no other reason. I Ih# Current Operations of the Treasury Department.? Op yesterday 15th September, there were of Treasury warrants entered OB the books of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt.... $1,885 9* For the redemption of Stocks... ? 2 025 43 For the Treasury Department,.? 2 889 61 For the Interior department....* 6,777 92 For Cnstoms 22,095 92 War warrants received and en tered 42,013 35 War repay warrantsreceived and entored..... 31.604 14 From miscellaneous sources 1,635 39 From Lands 58 From Customs .. 7,132,119 51 PERSONAL. .... The renownod Drs. Swift and Wistar, of Philadelphia are atWillards'. .... Mayor Wood, of New York, has not sufficiently recovered from his illness to re sume the duties of his office. .... Hon. D. A. Smalley of Vermont, (lor. Floyd of Virginia. Hon. Jas H Birch of Wia oonsin, and Dr Nutter of Philadelphia, are stopping at Willards'. .... Mrs. Rives, the accomplished wifa of our late minister to France, already well known in letters by a volume descriptive of an earlier residence in Europe, has in press ?4 Homo, and the Ways of the World,'' which will not fail of a good reception. .... Greely and Bennett recently dined to gether. What the bill of fare was on tbis in terestin;; occasion, or what transpired, is not stated. The next day, however, the Herald came out for Greeley as the Republican can didate for Governor of New York. .... The Right Hon. Robert Lowe, member of British Cabinet, and one of the editors of the London Times, with Captain Douglass Galton one of the Royal Engineers, and Sec retary to the Board of Trade for the Railway Department of the Government of Great Bri tain, aro in thi3 city on a tour of inspection For the past six weeks, since their arrival in tbis country, they have been traveling north and west studying the industrial developments aad internal resources of the country kRALLY, YOUNG DEMOCRAT3 ? The regular meeting of the Young .lark-on Democratic Association will be held at the Headquarters THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, at 8 o'clock. A punctual attendance is requested. B A. JAMISON, President T O CHESTNEY, Sec pro tem. If .NOTI CP. ?THERE WILL BE A meeting of the sha ehoiders in tbe Rappahannock Farm and Building Lot Enter prise. on WEDNESDAY, tbe 17th Instant, at 4 o'clock. Rooms have been obtained at No. 260 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th street^ second floor. L# E BAUDER. NOTICE ?THE MEMBERS OF the Boon Club are requested to at end a meeting of tbo Club on TO MORROW, WEDNESDAY, tbe 17th Infant, at7* o'clock, at Pioneer Hall. The presence of every member is requested as business of importance will be b-ougnt before the Club. ll* R. L MA ST IN, Secretary. ,A CARD ?THE PERSEVERANCE

Fire Company return their most sincere and hearty thanks to the Uev Mr. Flakel for the bountiful supply of Hot Cc-ff.-e and other refresh ments, so generously furnished by him to tbe company, oq the occasion of thefli'e which oc curred on tbe corner of Penn avenue, ar.d 20th street, on the miming of the 14th instmt JNO. McD-RMOl'T, President. JNO. Y. DONN,8ec 1? ,THE PERSON ALLUDED TO BY Mr Allen Is no other person than Mrs. Allen, his wifc, who w^s obliged to seek a friend ly asylum for her personal safety. With regard tT having in her possessloi >:oods acou'red dis honestly, the statement is untrue, as all who are acquainted with the lady will believe When Mrs All* n was compelled to l?ave her former home, many article* of her wearing apparel were withheld from her by hlin who shouia h*re b?e,i her protector and friend This statement being susceptibleof pr<)of, no further notice will be takeu of any add! lonal slanders which mav be promulgated ibis estimable lady. It .CARDS, BILL-HEADS, CIRCU LARS, CHECKS, PAMPHLETS, LABELS, and every description of FANCY PRINTING executed at the CAPITOL t I TV PRINTING OFFICE, corner of Rth street and Pennsylvania avenue Entrance on 6th street, se 10 Sf fc-^S^RALLV WHIGS, RALLY?THE Old Llue Whigs of Washington favor able t? the election cf Buchanan ard Breckin ridge, are invited to attend the Barbecue, tole held at Rocfcville on THU RHDAY next, tnc Hth Instant. TLe proccston will 1< ave in tbe morning at 5 o'clock to avoid the beat of the day Whigs and Democrats deslrlous of j lining in the pro ce dings, as the band passes up Penn. avenu". Esputa's F ull Band has been engaged f ?r the oc casion. sr 10-2t ? THE COMMITTEE APPOINTED-, by tbe Boaid of Aldermen end Comma' * Council to meet and confer with a Committee appointed by the Corporation of Georgetown on the subject of the annexation of Georgetown and Washington will meet In the chamber of the Bo*rd of Aldermen, In the city of Washington, on W EDNKSDAY, the 17th Instant, at 7 o'clock p in. All the members of said committee are requested to meet punctually. se 16-'it THOS. MILLER, Chairman. EIJUAL DIVISION, NO 1 S?ONS OF TEMPERANCE ?Members srenartlc u arly requested to ultend the meeting oa TU ES DAY E v ENING, the 16th lust., as the proposi tion to unite with George Washington Tent, 1 O. Recabites, wlil be taken up for final action se 15-2t? ROBERT WR1K11T, W. P . THE POTOMAC CLUB WOULD respectfully inform their friends that their first Cotillon Partv will take pJace at Har mony Hall on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Sep tember 17th Tickets .00 cents?admitting a gen leman and l:dies?to be cbtalned of the commit* tee and members of tbe Club Committee. John Eberhart, T J Myers, Thos Williams. se 15-3t? .PIONEER ASSOCIATION OF THE FIRST WARD ?There will be a me t Inir of t'tls Association on TUESDAY EVE NING, at?# o'clock. Business of Importance claims the attention of every member All per sons in the ward going to Rockvllle are rrqnested to attend to make the necessary arrangements. By order of the President se 15-2t* WM. D SERRIN, &ct. OTIC E ?THE WASHINGTON Highlander respectfully announce that th"lr first Cotillon Party for the season will be plven at Harmony Hall, en THURSDAY EVE NING, the 2d of Octob r. For particulars see futuv advertisement. se 15 3t THE ECHO CLUB TAKES GREAT ;eature in announcing to their ft lends lly. that thev will give their First Granu BaU on TUESDAY EVENING, September the 16th Tickets ONE DOLLAR scl2-3t* COM OF ARRANGEMENTS. 'leave to call the attention of tbe public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENS WARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing ?hoy will save from 15 to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 300 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. je 9-6m JOHN McDEVITT POLITICAL FLAGS AND STREAMERS 1 for the boys, at re 10 LAMMOND'B. Magic lanterns, building Biecke, BJ'ooa*, Dissected Pictures, Toy Tea Setts, Gr^ccs, Battledocrs, Ac , at se 16 3t LAMMOND'S. IOST.-ON SUNDAY, THE 14th INSTANT, J a child's white merino embroidered CAPE and COLLAR. The finder will be suitably re warded by leaving the same at the Washington Stove Depct, southeast corner of Penn. avenue and 11th street. se 10->t Lost?on Saturday night, on oth street, between D and Penn avenue, a white SPENCER and two shlit COLLARS As tbe artioles were being taken home by the washerwo man, the finder will be doing an act of kindness by leaving them at this cfice It* HAT.?THEIR pi and th< public sent ra . _ young patrons. . Feshionable Hat, Cap, and Gents. Fumlshlni Store, 494 Peana. avenue, between 4% and ' streets. 86 " STRAYED FROM THE ST ABLE OF the subscriber, 347 Fifteenth street, on fiV or about tbe 0th Instant, a saall sorrel >QV MAKE. The Mare Is about 1< hands high { the mrrks by which she may be known is the saddle mark, and a st*r in ber forehead; she has a small sear on the right thigh, from a cut recen ly. A reward of five dollars will be given to any one who mav find the same and return her to me Ml?-*f BAZIL PATTERSON. U Ittiti & OPERA OLAIIK8?A A?SO*T meat of flu* Opera claJ*T*-fji**co'S as?3at T. GALLIOAN A CU P. se 16 2t _ SUPERIOK 9l'OAR*CURlO KAMI; PICKLES by the hundred !*?**?*?; B'aclbeny and Wild Cherry BRAND* : BRANDY PEACHES and <"HKP RIES, God BR<?WN SUGAR fct?, Flour3#.4,?. lit JOS W. DAVIS, cor Ptb A t. sts. JMIlYcO PAIHTIKO. SCHVTTER * RAHLERT, ARTISTS, F R ESCO DECOR ATI V F, and wnr description of ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. 361 E strut, IK* a?d ,e l?-lm? WasstWQTon.PC. Gentlemen areistitedto call and examine a model of a * i DRESS HAT, fall style, 1956 For llibt ?Mi, ineness and elegance 1 not be surpassed. LANh 5 Fashionable Hat, Cap and Gent* P0?4***1)* Stoie, 424 Penna. avenue, between 4* and dth ttreeta. *" l*~ WKLLS AND PtWP*. THE UNDERSIGNED ARE PREPARED to take all orders for digging well* and set ting Pumns, or to do either separately They u?e the various klndc of Pumps now In service, such aw Force, Lifting or Chain Pumps All orders left at Reese's Plumbing Establishment, corner ofdth street and Penn. avenue, or at 595 8th street, near the Navy Yard, se 1# HUGHES A ROWLEY. FRENCH MILLINERY. u^MRS M. L.DAVISON HAS JbST-vJffi^ ^^^'eturned from the North with aPpjall ^^rRplendld assortment of FRHNCH HATS, RIBBONS. FLOWERS. FEATHKHJ*, LACES, and a general assortment of KILI.I N ER Y GOODS,and will open on THt'Ri'DAY, the IRth Instant, at her Show room, over Messrs. GaltABro's Jewelry Store, Pa ave., between ?th and 10th streets, and also at her Store, oppo site, No 303. se 16 -3 ? French dramas at ten. fiftae*, and twenty cents each, many of tliem numer ously Illustrated : Victor Horo, Marlon Delorme ; Victor Hetgo. Buy Bias; Victor Hugo LeRols'amuse; Victor Hugo, Les Snrgmves ; Victor Hugo, Marie Tu dor : Victor Hugo, Angelo ; Scribe. Phllllne ; Scribe, Estelle; Herlbe, D'Arranda ; Scribe, Sal voisev ; Scribe, Bsrtrondet Raton; Meuriee, Pa ris; Ma'son, Aimer et Mourler ; Dumas; le Malbler; Barriere, L*s Grand* Sleclee ' Dupeu ty. Les Garleres de Montmartre; Prebols ; Bay ard, Hortense de Cerny. And many ethers, oy the same and other au thors. just Imported by se Id- FRANCK TAYLOR. STOLEN PATRICK COLLINS, IN MY employ, was ?ent to Baltimore city on fiV-_ Friday morning last by me for the pur /Ov pose of procuring a load of Manure, since which time I have not seen him On his return he turned the manure out, left the rart standing, and turned one horse loose, which found his way home; the other horse I have notseen since He Is a gray fleebitten, with a sore on the left shoul der and a scar on the right hip. 1 will give #?0 for the recovery of the horse, aid if he has been stolen for the detection of the thief if Information be Jeft at tie Farmer's Hotel. Sth street. It* JOSEPH HUGHES. PRIZE OF A SILVEL HIUH! A BEAUTIFUL SILVER MFG WILL BE given to the gentleman making!. | j? the best games of Ten Pins, between J ? > 11 now and Christmas by the proprle- v * tor ft the Bowling Sal<>on on U street, between Eighth and Ninth streets The Mug can be reen at the Saloon The Proprietor would Inform his friends that he has just completed two new alleys In the base ment, 75 feet long, and which are pronounc-d he l>est in the city. Gentlemen fond of this amuse ment are respectfully invited to call. A book will be kept public t > register names of those contending for the prize. se 16-2w stoveVorates, &c. fflHE SUBSCRIBER BEGS LEAVE TO a Inform his numerous patrons, and the public generally of Washington, Georgetown and snr rounding country, that he has just reeelved the very largest stoca of 8 T O V E S, GRATES, RANGES and HOT-AlK FURNACES ever he fore offered in this market, to which we ask and an examination, feeling assured that fordurabllltv of castings, efionomy In consumption of fuel, beauty of design, and simplicity of cons ruction, thev are not equalled. Having personally selected this stock from the most celebrated Northern and Eastern Fouidrlos with a single eye to the use, not the sale of the article, customers can re*y upon fair dealing and fair prices In all eases. I name In pait? Chilton's Hot air and Ventilating Furnace II avward, Bartlett tc Co's Portable Pot Fur nace A S Mod's "Invincible'* Tubular Oven Range. Improved Latrobe. Felnour, Hot Air Parlor and Gas Burner Stoves for heating the room in wlii"h it is ret, and the room ab^ve, a verv beau tiful orn-mcnt for the Parlor, taking up no room, snd consumes no more fuel than a common Radi ate ?? Invincible" Cooking Steve, Tubular Ovens, for coal or wocd, which for du'abilty of castings, economy In consumption of fu*l ?-nd the superior nrnnner in which it performs IU duties, makes it tbe tcm best Cooking Stove extant I ask an e* arr.ffHMon of mv list of references and Jitter* of "Tocoinir.endatlon, numbering ive hnnJVed resl dents of this city, who have this uaaurpnssed Y-ove in use. New World Cook, %f?tty rsttern and excel* lent operator. Blue Ridge, a heavy article and good baker. Victor Cook, Flat Top, for coal or wood, a beeutiful pattern, aad heavy; a new cook, manu factured In Troy, NY, just received. Morning Star, for coal or wood, with surmer arrangement In hearth and roaster tehlnd. Light Street Comp ete Star, for coal or wood, without summer arrangement in hearth, very h?av?. Victor Complete Oook,Cook's Favorite, Kitchen Companion. Plan er. Emporium, Fanny Forres ter. ar.d a number of other pa'terns of Cook Steves. Parlor. Cook, and Dining Room Steves Chamber Stoves, open and closc Front, In 34 different ntvlcs Hall and Office Cannons, all sizes ard quali ties Russia S' eet aid Ca?t-lron Radiators, Ac , for Parlors, all pitterns. Parlor and Chamber Grates from the very best manufacturers In New York. Builders will do well to examine this department Together with a general assortment cf all re quisite for the Kitchen and Dining mom * 11 goods delivered free of charge to any part of the district at my risk. Tin and Sheet Iron work made to Older by com petent workmen. Old a-counts will toe settled before opening new onee. Terms prsltlvely cash ; unless otherwise aft reed upon at the time of sale. My store wll! be kept open until 10 o'clock p m , for the speclsl accommodation of those who cannot make it convenient to call during the day, where the same assiduous attention will be paid In giving all information required JAMES SKIRVIN0, Washington Stove Depot, No. 267 S E. cor. Pa. av. and llth street, se 16 -1 m (I ntel A Organ ) OYATERS.?THE UNDERSINGED IN f ?rms his fi lends and the clt tens of Washington that he Is ree.elvlng\ daily f.uh OYSTERS, of the beat quality, and will sell by the measurs, _ at the most reasonable prices Orders left at his residence, or at any of the City Dispatch Offices, will be attended to immediately ROBKRT SCHWARZE, se l5-3t* Corner Ilk aad E streets A; REWARD.?LEFT HIS HOME about two weeks rgo, a spMgh ly < olored Boy, about 17 yearsold,nain?d JOHN A. DINGS. All persons are hereby forewarned against employing or harboring him in any manner The law win be enforced against all such offenders Any per son returning said boy to me in Georgetown near Mr. Dean'* ropewalk, W est street, will receive the above rewerd. se 15-lw WILLIAM D1GGS. CLAIM general collection agsvcy No. 351 Fifth street, north of G, WASHINGTON, D.C. THE SUBSCRIBER WILL DEVOTE HIS attention to the collection of HOUSE and GROUND b ENTS; MERCHANTS and TR A HERS'BILLS, and FEE BILLS OF ATTOR NEYS; purchase and sell REAL ESTATE AND STOCKS of all kinds; post, write up, balance, make Balance-Sheet of the Books, and settle the Estates of Insolvent ana Deceased rer sons; and with the asaistanc- of a legal friend he will draw Deeds, Leases, and allkinds of Instru ments of writing. Peraons living at a distance hailag claims against the Government, or other business requir ing the attention of a tellable agency here, It en trusted to the cere of the subscriber, may be as sured It will k? faithfully attended to Addrens JOHN W. WELLS, General Ageat, Box No 397 Poet Office, Washington, D. C. All orders left at Taylor A Maury's Book Store, No 331 Pennsylvania avenoe, will ke promptly attended to. Ri/(rM?it. Charles B Calvert, teeq., G S Gideon, Ikq , GAT Parker A Co., Rev A O Orothers, G W Rltgs, Esq , Taylor A Maury, J R Bradley, Esq , . of Washington And Col Jvhn S Glttlng , cf Baltimore. JOHN W. WELL?', se 14-31 No. 3b4 FIftk street, north of b. Amusements. NATIONAL THEATRF~ r.irAKAi Lfci,r? toMinuioi. The Management unf>*u< ? an engagement wna KAUBICE BTFAKOSCH'S GRAND | OPERATIC AND CONCERT COMPANY Comprising several rl the m ??II*n?tiio ?and f*. mo m vocalists knnwn (a (be musical wot >4 . M'llLLB TKRKIA PARO0I, Sigasr Id. TIBKIIINI? tkftmt Trw, (his flr?t appearand lit \\ ashlagt.u.) ?l|MrOIWALU iKH^ARDI, tli* emir.ent Harlttrtr. (hi* J!rut appearance in \V?sb1r>m???) IHAIRKI ITRAK<<R< II, (be world-renowaed Plailm Aud I be fame 4 fAI'L Jt'LLIKff, who hasconsert-d to delay his departure to '.fet Court of Franee for a brief period. This unprecedented combination will appeal a! THK NATIONAL TRKATHK, POSITIVELY F\)R BVT TWO NWNTS. WEDNESDAY A THURSDAY EVENING!*, Septetr.ber 17th aid ibtb. The Programme will prevent varied and delightful OPERATIC, RAI.I.AD. MldCKU.ANROUe. AND INSTRUMENTAL SELECTIONS. tr.V? Ck**g< in fA? Prices ?/ Aimiuis* me 15 DAW RICE'S GRKAT SHOW! THE ONLY DULY HBCOGXIZBO AND LEhlTlHATK MtOW HAVING ANY CLAIM TO GREATNESS Iff AMERICA W1U exhibit in Washington on FRIDAY At a AT I RU AY, #fpl. **> and CT, FOR TWO DAYS ONLY! AFTERNOON A>D EVENING. DAN RICE respe-tfully announce* t at It 1* bli intention to afford the mn?t dHlch'ful and In teresting Entertainment t ver bef re held urder a canvas In this country. THE TALC1T OF HIS COSPANT, AND THK tHTILLISISCI OV HIS WONDERFUL HORSES, MILES AND ELEPHANTS! Ju?tife* h'm In the b?U<*f that h?? endeavor* will be crowned with success, and that thedtl zens of this citv will award him the same meed of praise that other commnnl tles have so universally bastowed. IfT* A Grand Afternoon Performance, for 'he accommodation of fam!lie? *r.d rhlldren. will ?-e given oa fATL'KDAV, commen'irg atilo'eCk. ICT AdmlsMon to Boxes FIFTY CENTS. Pit T WI4NTY-FIVE CENTS Doors open at 7; performance 'ocmmw* tt 'X o'clock se :5 -Hw Wants. WANTED-A TIDV YOUNG GISL To t*ke care of children, or Ao sewing, at */?i south R street, Capitol Hill It* WANTED?BY JUDGE SCAR BURGH, A ccmfortahle house In this cfty at a fair rent Apply to J H W1LLARD. Esq ., or ct ?lr clerk's Office of the Court cf Calm* se W-:t WANTED ?A SITUATION AS AN OVER seer, by a man with a smMI family, who |* willing to make himself useful Kefer^nrpglT. n Any note ad tressed to " W " at thl* effi e will be attended to. se 16 ?it WANTED ?A NURSE AND CIIAM 31- R maid for a small family, who must brln.; pood reommenda'toas. Apply bclwecu tb? hnnr'. of 9 a. m. and I p. iu , at No N? w Jerseyavenue,Capitol iitil WANTED -A WOMAN It) DO GEN ERA I. bouse w? k in a small family, consisting of but three persons ? he must be a p'.zin good ccofc washer and iron^r Also, a girl between l!*nd IS Tears of age, to do chamber work N .ise ne- d apply who cannot bilog go. d r?<r ommcndat'nai Apply at No. 395 New York avenue, near lit* street. se 15 ?? WANTED.?A GENTLEMAN Wl!>Hkli TO purchase a woman that cau do hou?e ??-rk. snd a man capable of working on a farm, for bl< own use, for which the cash will be paid I-or further Informellon address ?'11," through fit.' Post office. se 11-1 ws A"NT E D -A H7TU ?E~tTf. AD V~F U R - nlshcd, of medium sire, re?ptctable sp pearancc^ and central situa Ion Applyr> O. PECK, Esq , 39 Louisiana avenue. re li lw N EXPERIENCED TEACHER OF~ENG~ llah end Music desires an engagement in a erst- family Best references given Addre ? COMLY, Georgetown se IM if WA N TKD ? WANTED?WANTED?TO ?ad pcrsoas Id waat of the follow lag at tieles: Freach or German Locking Glassea Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oral at aaoara Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Braekett Tables, in b?rnsr or gold. All kinds of Pictures fnured. and any site Looking blasses, or otter work in the gliding lire done to order wltk d is ^atck Alao, a lot of cast-Iron Brac-kcUs, suitable for shelving, Ac ,on hand, Term* mr>derate to aclt the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regllt.ard Locking Clin Plates inserted. *55 Penna avenue, opposite Klrkwood Rouse. dec 19 JOHN WAGNEE ? i' Boarding. DOARDING.?SEVKRAI. LARGE ROOMS D with (ingle ones attached, bard^o-. elv fur nished, can be rented either in suits for fm !le?, o- to single persons, with board if i*e*lr?d. on the most reasonable te rns A large yard Is attacked to the house, making it de<irabtc for a family with children. Apply at No 4?5 10th ?t e 1.1> ween D and E. m K>-lw* Boarding.?several newly fur nisbed rooms for rent, either singly or In suits, with board. In a smtli famll* ?l.<"e the e are but few boarders, at F street, in Union Row, aud the immediate v'.cinity of the Patent Office. se 13-lw* MRS. O. ANDERSON CAN ACCOMMO date several boarders with or without ronw-. Penn avenue, No 27*, between 11th and l*'b atreeta. se l(t-lm BOARD, Ac?MRS BATES, ON THES W corner cf Pennsylvania avenue and 9tb street Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with ro??n.? with or wit ho it beard Every effort wl'.l be made to render those comfartable who may fsv r her with their patronage Transient or tab!e bo*?d can be obtained. ap ft-tf PIR BALK.?A HORSE. HASNES-. AM' Caniige The Ca-riage and Har n?sa are nearly new. They will be sold ctcap a* the owner has no further ase for them For further particulars inquire at the stable cf KUBLER A PV W ELL, 8th stre t sa 15-3t OAS FITTING. WE ARE NOW PREPARED TO INSERT Gas Pipe in dwelllrgs, stores, and public buildings at low prices. Pi? a?- give us a call MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, ae IS No. 948 Pa. ave , bet 19th and 13th ? ?? \OTItat.-THK ATTENTION OF M R 11 chasers are invited to tiie sale of valuab e Bulding Lets, corner of 13th and M streets, rn TO-MORROW (Tuesday) AFTERNOON, at S o'clock, on the premises Theac lota offer rsr< Inducements to persons In want of a desirable location WALL, BARNARD A CO , se 15'Jt Aoctioneer WEDDING PRBSENTS M W GAIT A HRO open to-day a large invel ccf rich goods suitable ler weddlri<r presents. They enumer-te in part? Ladiea1 richly engraved Go!d Watches of sort101 workmanship, Geld Ckalaa. r-cals. Ac Diamond Cioksts, Brooches, 9va.r Rlns*. Braee leta, and Finger Kings Silver Tea Seta. H'xbeia, Gob'e's. Salt Cellar* Desaart Knlvea, Soup, Cnam, a'dGravy Lad'? Sugar, Preaerve, and Epg Spoons Pie, Cake, Fish, and B-.tter Knives :Migar, Ice, and Salad Tongs Pickle Knives and Forks, Crumb Scrapers Fruit Shovels, lee Cream Ksives And every other variety of Fancy Sliver W arc. M W GALT A BRO , ael?6t *M Pa av , bet 9th a->d It tk s're^- _ FIRST WARD MARKET, NO. 114 PENNSYLVANIA AVMNVE 1W1LLOPEN ON TUESDAY,bF.Prt.^l-' ? 16 h, and keep eonstantly on hand. Fit ? ME AY'S and VEGETABLES at the above p *cf. ? ?? *? WM* 4JRA?fc