Newspaper of Evening Star, September 17, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 17, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, (EXCEPT 80NDAY>) II tU Stmt ?/ Pi ?*nM Ma MUwmtk ilrnl, By W. D. WALLACE, Will be ?rnr*?d to subscribe;* by ?emer? at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Arrets; papers served In r*ck*g*> at 37 Jf oeou per month. Te mall subscribers the sub scription prleels THREE DOLLARS AND PIP TV CENTS a year t? ?<f?anc4, TWO DOLLARS fir six mostlM, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for lees than three months at the rate of li% cents a week. IZT SINGLE COPIES ONB CENT. VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBBR 17, 1856. NO. 1,126. THZ WEEKLY STAB. alalnj ? greater variety of ?** be fouad la any ??y moral Af. Slagle oopy, per aaaon. .?1 M Plve ooptes..., T? to et ???????*e????ee??????????e? ? ii ~ ??????? ? ??? ???* ? ? ? ??????? ? C W * ? ? ?????? ee? a ??????.?????????? e e IS ^Casb, uniuaiT ti adtahcb U7* Single copies (la at the counter, lrumMl .. i) can be procured r-rwr lhm l""U? 01 tfc* paper. rrtee?Taaaa Caars PosTMasTaas wbo act as ijrenu will beallowed aoommlseloB of tvuitv i^* OFFICIAL. """Tim, Miy?, 18?. Notice Is hereby given to the holders of the atock Issued pursuant to the aet of Congreaa of Sid July, lsW, that such stock It redeemable by Its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificates thereof, on the l?th of November next, when Interest thereon will eea?e. This depart meat will continue to purchase such stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pe> therefor the following premium, In addition to the in'>ve?t accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In elusive, one-half of one per cant, on the amounts specified in the oartl flea tee ; On such stock received between the 1st and 3tst days of Augqat, one-fourth of one per cent; Aad on such stock received after theSlst day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one diy's additional Interest only, will be paid. CerUfioatea of such stock transmitted under this notioe must be duly assigned to the United Putea by the party entitled to receive the pur* cfcve money; and when sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's Interest mu<talno be as ?Un<*i by the present stockholder, otherwise such interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice is further given to holders of other ?to*-as of the United States that this department will purchase th- same between the 1st day at June and the 1st d*y of December ne*t, unless the sunn of 81,4?0,W>0shall be previous!y obtained, and will pay for the same, In addition to the in terest accrued fr>ra he day of the last dividend of Interest, and on day's additional Interest for the rnoney to reach the vendor, the following rates of ^reaiura: On stock of the loan of 1943, a premium of 10 per cent; On st >ck of the loans of 1347 and IfTHI ? pmHiHi of 16 per c?it ; And on stock issued under the act of <Kh Sep tember, 1350, conra^nly called Texan indemnity ?tck, a premium of 6 per cent. Cntlfie ites transmitted under this notice shmild be duly assigned to tbe United States by the par ty entitled to receive the money; and if sent pre *lo-n to the 1st July, the current half-year's la tere <t mist also be aligned by the present stock holier, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Pavmeit for all the foregoing stocks will he made by drafts 03 the assistant treasurers at Boa ton, New Vork. 01 Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, tn89-dtl*Nov Secretary of the Treasury. OFFICIAL. T*e i*e*y DarAarmvr, August*), MM. Where t the following joint res il jtion of Congress has b com ' a law: H'siot-eno* extendins the time fir the credi tor" 01 T?-xa> to prea nt >h?-ir t la m< Re?o.'r>/ *v Seriate ami House of HspresenLi tice* of the Crriod State* of merit 1 in Con *rc** at i-mMe-i, Tta: a?, ajre. ab y to the p'tv?-io.i of the t.Mi'ih oecii'in 01 tie an 01 the 5i6 h ot Kcbrua y, W'? *41(> profile f ?r the reym nt of such credito.k o? th1} la e repnb ic of Texa' a? are romp ehended in 1 ho a of Uo igreM of deuiemb z 9ib, 185*," no tire, by pub ic a *v rciscm 'nt, wa? duty *tv*n for th* -e .if ninety'lays by th? r?? y ot the Trea my. of fie urn* a*, which payment of the *ra 'unt aipropria ed by the ifth m of >a.<i a 1 w ml i b - ma le, pro rata, on a y b nd, certibca e, or tv.4*-a^j of deb. of rat i Hia shorn.1 b : pr j-nieJa: the Treauuy Departm nt thirty <!ay< pr -cwl.n? the 13th tay of Junf, I80S. tie Inn t of pa-d not ce; aid ai u is represented by the said S *etary >?f tne Treasury, that of sail b ?nd?, eer Uica es. a id evilences ot ueb , winch bav* b *-a reaog ?i2 d by the duit; of Teia', th* ?dn ?, t-qsal to th 1 sum of threw qu idred a id eiithiy nine then - a id six huudred ani ainety three doila < aid sev. n c-iut? were a >t printed to the Trf a ury D *(a ?mri.t p to.-to the -aiJ 13.h of Jan--, iVtefarr, in utin to d ? full yuticv to tfce h dier* of a d deb., th-? f*ecr?? ta y ol ths^Trnk ury i< hereby a 1 hor.aed to ray to fie hollers of a .y ot tn.; sa d b nd', certificates, or ev; ten ?*?, of deb , not presented b f ire ihe l3^h day of, wn ? may oresent a d prove ths s* tea- th^ Trt-a ury [Vpa m m, b twei nthr 13 h day f Jaie la-i aid th i 1st day of Ja >ua y iinxt, a >d micuts toe proper rel^nvts 10 the United dia ^s a id the 4t?-n of Texa', their fro rata >ba'e of the ?a. I s^ven m lliou s?-v -n hundred a id fifty thoiuaud d?ilar?; aid a<ter thereot, tb? tad 8ecre ta'y of tne Tn-amry is a uhona-d and required to ! Sisiribite a id pay the restdae of th" . a d srvm m l lions -even bun ir*i aa<1 fifty thou<?id dolla's, tn* n rema| in treasury, pro rata, am >nj#t all the sa 1 a iMers who may havd proved tneir cla m , and n ?u'.wi ths p-oper releaies on or befure the 1st day ot Jaaua y next. Approv d August 18th, 1S50 Njhmu Hsaaar oivss to the hol&ra of bonds, cert Ileaan J ev. donees of debt of ths la's repub lic f Texa^, which were n.->t presented at this de par:m -nt on ?r b t*e the \^th day of Jun? la t, U.a: the sain ? wll'. bs settlel a id th : fro raf 2 am mnt lUnsu will b; pa^i to the la vful holders thereof if pr^otod the firn day of Jaiuary next, ae com^amnd with the nocea ary ev d?nce of their gen uia -ness, wuh a*uguca ;nts to the United States, re quired to glwa thu d<*? tm.-nt the oustody of such b ?nis, oi- itfica'.es, and eviienres of deb^ and witii reltav-* o the Unitad Sai^ ail Texts, iu a:eoril ai> wih Ihe proViji'Mis of the act of Congress of ?5ih FLb uary, 1S36. Tins d*; aumsnt will not require ? vidence of gen uiaeaets to ?>e pr?^entrd with the certiflontei issued byiheaalit r a id oxnp'r >ller of Texas node/ the I* n of ths .-^a'-e. Out it pos.eseee no man is of ver >f)'in< the certiflca'.os, b>ads aad prom^nory notes i<?ie4 by the republic of Texas, a id not pn*eaied nor a idi.ed by, the ofllcers of th* State. The y aid pr>per proof of the g'nuin neas of in" latier m th" aerufl ate of the comptroller ol the j K * t of Texa*, who has the oih uti charge of the Of >g '?ai ar; iv..'-* r ilating ft th?i debt of the late rej pub |j of Tcxai Thi a< Ij^.m-M and relea^s may bs execatod a ui a * 1 . s>l<.d;ed in the presence of the As-i?ta<il Secretary ?t the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereo', m :h- j of a notary public, a id be witnessed b? tr\* .vsnjra it rlewe a y, or chief clerk a d nota ry * 1 . h ? eril3 1 by the note y under bis no*a tu s^ai, bat waea toe holder* das:re U) make the - *nm-nt an i e*"eutr the nienses out ?f the city *A VVa'hingtoo, it may b: done in the presence of mi av?ir ? it tr- s'urtr, o. c-dlei-tor, cr ?urv. y>rof the custom , la the presence of a uota y public, a id be w.ta^ss-U by the ^olleeter or surveyor and the no ts y pibV, ani b: certified by tbe notn y uud?r his M-ta lal sea ; a id if t ?ere bi n > collect .1 ortU'sr<*y o? ofrte chtnni at the p a e where Um p*r'y re ???!-?, ih i^tuin ni and releaics iuay be exeeut d b t<H? a vy court of record, in the preMenoe of the judge .nd <1 fh thereof, a id he witnessed by thMu, s -I ixrtirtfi by the clerk under his * al of offlo. ; aid ;f the h%td?-4r b: oat of the UnK?d ^atca, the a* :nt .1 ai r^.siiei may bi executed b f^re a .y U^iva Ht* re >nsul, and be wanesied and certified bv hitn naler hi.s -oneu ar r m\ All p :rsuns rie cuiiof such a?*%Mii?al* ail reli aics ni wt al?? do r's e. uod-'i oath, b -fere the ri<ifa<fr, clerk, or tou sal, si the <*??. may bs, that tr>*y arc the rea' own e. h "f t^e etruficatea or otticr evidences ef d b? ,r that the iaai bavs b?eu assigned to th* in, bona JUt, fjt eollec iou ; a:id the m*ry, clerk, or c il.uI m 1 a iaclnde the fit ot tha'.Jocra ation la thalr e?iw bfl ate ofarki ?wlat'ginen'. ffa<sijt?.l) r : i.'i et: >1 , or in plslgr, the mm. o! ths {.any hoidiog iho b or realdua<y ia tweet la the daiaa must ha stated ia the afixavit and a r*J? nv to the United States and release to Texas must be duly execut'd by oaoh p*rty. to gether with the assignment and releases lrom the person In whose fevor settlement and payment is requested One or raxe audited certiftoat<v?, or one or mo'e ? vidence of the tam? character of debt, may be in clad<?d in the fameawignment, reita-tes, a id affida ?It of ownership, if earh certith ate is correctly de? scribed by number, date, amount, a id ram 5 of the original payee. It should also appear whether the certificates were Issued by the authorities of the Stateof Texas, on amount of the d? b: of the repub lic, or wore issued by the republic of Texa<, accord ing to the facts of each ca?e. The Mjugr.m^ut to the (Joiled States may be made in er mm>n (b?m ; the rel< a^es should be drawn ac cording to the foimn subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Secretary of the T?faaury. fWm A. Know a'l p?r?oc? by these presents that ha<retfa?ed. and h-reby rel< a-i'?, the United 8 a es of Am rice from all further liability or c'a m for thi payment of certificate or ?v.otnce of d-bt number , for the sum of $ , issued by the late republic of Texa*, (or by ihe authorities ut the State of Texat, a< the case miy b;,)and re tiermed by the United Sta es in accHrdaici; with Ihe provisious of *1 act of Congress entitled "An act to provi e tor the payment of such creditors of ihe late rrpub'ic of Texa< a* are comprehended in the act of Coiiarress of Septemb-tr nine, eighteen hundred anJ fifty," approved the 28th day of Fedruary, 1865, and an act of the tate of Texa?, approved the 1st of Februa y. 1856. As witness my baid and seal. Form B. Know all p-rson* by ihme prevents that ? ha? rHea??d. a mi hereby relra-es, the S a eof Tela* fr<m all further liability or claim ?"or the pey m >nt of certificate or evidence of H bt number ,f>>r the sum of $ imuea bv the late re pubic of Texa?,(or by the a-illioiile* of the rt a'c of T xaa a? the c ase may be,) aid redeemed by ih Unifd 8tatr? in a.;cor?*a t? e with the of an act of Congees, entitled " in act to provide for 'h-> paym-nt of such creditor.! of the la'e republic ot T^xa.i'a" are comprehended in the act of (VigreM of Sepumb^r nin?*, eighteen hundred a-id rifiy," approved the 23?h of February, 1853, aid an act of th?* diate of Texa?, approved the 1st of February. 1856 As witness my band and seal. ThefoM iwin^ is a list of the audited certificates still ou'sta -ding: No Iitu?<i to. No- ftsue-1 to. 8 T h T<>m?kins 16-19 Oscar EngNov lb iiukmai Ca ittHd 1675 Timt' es ef Austin 31 John A Clifton Ollegc ;,t II K Mim 1H82 O il Mounriai At Co 53 R Q Hobbi 16 K) John Ka^ner 54 J Be Cord va 1704 Daniel Carl 92 John Burnlr.g' am 1733 ) .. v 135 Phinea. I)eCordova 1733 J 11 * W?,C0W 176 E "a'dwiu 1746 John W Portia 111 Jam^s Tilehmai 177(1 I K Elliott 192 Machiai Clark 1807 Harriet Gt orge Etha i Earle 1816 Mile* 8 Bennett 20 I ElDa "r,e '829 Na'l aniH Kudder 3# O Rlinrau iB3I ( L< vi Tyler, adm'r 344 J C Wa le 1833 ] of W H Kelly 368 Peters Si Booth 1*38 J-'amuH Wildey 395 Lott Hunted 18:59 Georga Sutherland 404 8 King?ley 1841 J p Henning* 427 J Pa ker. foi Eli*a 1841) , f, bnh Pa ker.ex'x 1841 f1 C Bcc,ea 437 Ben-diet Bayley 1844 Cdmund Ballinger 445 Leander B<aion 1851 J II Koran 466 Wm Odlin 1856 C P Green 467 John W King 1865 f'avid Avrea 509 T B W-bb 1869 Thomes F inni'is 51? A S Thu nnnd 1878 C rt'-ln^dh mantd 518 Ttios W Marshall 188 I J F Jevrett 6 !5 Itavid S Kaufmai 1897 F Emma 013 Geor?- W Pa.-k?-r 1899 Par il'a Lee 641 Crutcher8tMcEavenl929 f ?v Gro^.m^yar 651 i Wm Flower ,y29 Gl,b^t Johnson 6?; Wm riower 19>8 Robert Lusk 6^3 J ASimpeon 1929 R W ' awthern 6">9 Wm H llelcher 19 0 V\ in Cochran 677 II II Williams li?33 F aici Moore jr 701 Felix Rieder 2071 An.irew Daley 'J*) Rr b,rt Dale ^ St^'1 774 Wm Jones } C W Vlckery 779 Wm Wa ker l-08^) r_?, 793 Dyer pf*rl 1719/ r*ul Bremon<l 8 2 Isaa? L Hi*l 2106 ) . n _ 863 lleim>iLai Brown 1S10 < ?*vid G Bur"?t 871 John W Bower 2108) ? D M M _ 879 Jam -s McMa.ler V93 f * F ?c?*'tCT 9i4D>vrP. a I 'J 136 f 0 ? 915 Ma y Elen Hcden-1858 J F P Ge"lry 930 jVlis 8 W Fisher 93J Mrs Ma y BelTille 2104 ?f _ . 1010 Anwin Ciaiwa 1601 < Loai<,ara Da*is 1012 R M Forb s 2;?3 E Fr<Mt I0i5 Jam n N Hosan VJ b Tliumai Reed '04J Th ma< Ltnd<ay 2316 llavwon C Bryant 104? Jam-*s L Green 2330 J ct McDonald 1047 Jewse Diniel 2(40 Arthur Ga'ner 1048 J B Daniel 2311 J F March'tt 1050 Charles Vinccat 2341 Andrews k Grover ,05fl J S D Gervais? p " Me ritt 10A7 \ ? D Oervaise w p,nkne 1058 Willis Millican 2350 J D Oiddings 1059 J D Millicen 2354 J Crawford jr 106J John Davis 23>8 A P Edgerton 1065 Wm barton 23'.9 Thomas Warnerlr 1079 W A Lo:kha*t 2-**63 George K Swtare 10?0 R Morton 216? Francis Brichta 1135 James Kil'am 2332 ElixabMh Carter 1196 C H Taylor 2383 Wm Lavis 1241 Youngs CcIeman 2 <87 Ji?,? ph T<'tnlin^on 1148 Rob :rt McNutt 239J Hnefd h. Turner 1249 John W Cloud, per 2390 Wm Kimbro a:fy I H Raymond 2400 H H Uaynie 1361 E De Pon 01s S401 R W Milhuk 12C9 C P Green 2401 I'atherlne Allen 1275 G W Sinks k J B 2405 llenry Kring Shaw 2413 J W Lawrenoe 1237 Jclin Kendrick 24 8 Htephen Smith 1298 Samuel Bid en 2434 A 0 Horton 1300 John Jotinson 24 -8 Eia^ha'et Flauon 1301 Su>an Ma-sitx 2442 Lemuel B Dic\enson 1W2 Thomas H Forrester 24M) Wm II Thompson 1385 B R Warner 2452 Z Wm Eddy 1423 William Frels 2471 J E Herron 14*4 G W Osborne 2474 A B Hemphill 1125 John A Rutherford 2477 Aa-on Ha'i<h?on 1427 Cornelius Vannoy 2479 Heirs of John Jones 1128 Joseph rates ?4*0 " Joel Hi I 147J Ann B R<*?-se 8481 u Warren A burn 1515 Lumbard M ms 2482 M John L Monks 1521 J C Moore 2483 " Peter AldricU 1523 John Jam ? 2490 M A Dooly 1554 K H Douglas 2501 George C Day cashier 1570 E M Fish 2501 F Kennett 8t Co 1572 Wm Kerr 2503 John W Bchrimpf 1580 J a me. A Moody 9504 W C Blair 1581 I' Bickford 2512 M Rorberttallle 1612 John Lam**.r 2513 Henry B Brooks 1615 John Cam rou 2514 Gabriel Trumwilt 1823 Ioh? D Taylor 25*1 H S M >rRan 16 il Levi Mercer 2529 Fur bur & Bran 1625 Eii Mercer 2534 Sarah Newman The out<a~v)'ng evidence of other classes of ?h? Ji-bi of the republic of Tccannot be specified by this Detriment. nu '.aj-diDtJant CUAUNCET WARaiNICR, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, A!fD DI&LIR III Pine Watches, Jewelry, and Silver Wire. Billing mt a txrjr libiral rcdsdiM from cus tomary priett. No 379 Pa. avenue, betweed 6th and 7th streets, an 9 3m (In Browns' Hotfl bu!ldl->^ GCRTLeviCII'S DRESS SHIRTS?WE have Just received a large assortment of best quality white and colored Also, Undershirts, Merino and Cotton Drawers, Hosiery. Collars, Haakerohlefs, Ac, which we will Mil at lower rates than the usual city city prices. WALL ? STEPHENS, _?e9- 322 Pa. ave , bet. tth and 10th atre#l. NE W CLOTHS, CASinBKEB, DUE Skins, rich Velvet, Silk and Satin Vestlngs of a 1 the fashionable grades and colors, which we will make to order in the most superior man* ner at our usually low prices WALL * STEPHENS, ? *e 9 3? Fd ave , bet. 9.h and 10th streets. WOOD AND COAL. WE ARE DAILY RECEIVING LARGE supplies of WOOD and COAL, which we caa sell from the boats at very low prices Per s >ns desirous of laying In their wlater fuel would do well to give us a call before purchasing else where. BOGUEA O'NEILL, se 9 No. 108 Water street, Georgetown. SCHOOL STATIONERY.?THE CHEAP est place to buy School Stationery Is at TAYLOR A MAURY'S se 2 Book and Stationery Store, near 9th ?tr. SOFT CRABS ANO OREEN TlK^Lk SO UP are served every day at C.GAUTIER'S I OLD ESTABLISHED Washington Stove Depot! Southeast corner Penna. avmue and lit* strut N STORE AND RECEIVING WEEKLY, A large stock of the universally admired and unsurpassed Cooking Stove, THE INTINCIBLE! TUBULAR OVEN, which, for economy In consumption of fuel, sim plicity of constru tlon, easily managed, easily re paired at a trifling cost, Baking, Roasting, Broil ing, Ac , defiles competition. ?00 Reference can be given who will testify to the above qualities of this, THE COOK STOVE ! All 1 ask is an examination to satisfy the great eat economist. J AS. SKlRVlNG, '267 Pa. avenue. The fbllowlng is one of the many recommenda tions sent to me by a very popular gentleman of this city, the original of which may be seen by any one ealling at my store: Washington, July 2d, 1856. Mr. J as. Sxirvihg : Dear Sir?The " Invlnclb'e" Stove purchased at your establishment last foil has been in constant use in my family since that time. Its advantages seem to me to be very decided Fir?t, Its ex treme simplicity of construction end management render repairs almost unnecessary Secondly, tbe facility with which it may be changed from a word to a coal burner Ana lastly, tbe perfect manner in which it performs l's duties. The peculiar arrangements of its flues, keeping an even temperature around the loaf, 4c., render it, by ftir, the best bread-baker in the market. i have, therefore, every reason to express my satisfaction with it Very respectfully yours, an 30-lm STOVES! STOVES!! STOVE* III IN ADDITION TO OUR VERY LARGE stock of Stoves for Parlors. Dining Rromi Chambers, Kitchens, Halls, Stores, Sa loon*, Ac , we are now daily receiving sup f>llts of the best and most approved recent'' ntrcduct'.on Our "New Parlor Hkatir" Is very superior artl-.le, and, like the Latrobe and Felnour, Is in tended to be set in rbe flre-place, warming the rooms above as well as the room in which It is placed, is highly ornamented, and of such capa city as to ensure success; it needs bti'. to be seen to convince any one of its superiority over all others of the kind, and that there reed be no risk to the purchaser, we will warrant it in all cjs^s "Nkw Radiator."?This is an entire n*w article, d">se not take up as much room as tbe old style, is of greater warming capacity, for one or more rooms, far more handsome, and cannot fall to give satlefactlon. " Liberty Htar" Cooking ' tove, (new,) one of the best double oven Cooking Stoves in the market; castings verv heavy, the doors made to swing on hinges, and is in every way tbe most peifect stove of the kind we have met with '?Morbiso Star" Cooking Stove?Tht", though not h new stove, Is of well known good qualities, as many of our customers can testify, It having been introduced b7 us four yetrs since Portable Furnaces nut up lu the best manner at prices from to #125 Persons wishing to purchase will find our as sortment of stoves as varied and complete as is to be fonnd in this city. Stovrs delivered to any part of the city or Georgetown, and put up free of charge. Great irducrment efTered for cash. Call ar d examine our stock before you purchase elsewhere W. H HARROVER, Seventh street. 5 deors north of i'ennaie., *e 15-6t opposite FaUlotic Bank. mawtblsT NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. ManBfactar<*d <r?ui Mate Stone, Ly the West Castleton Slate t ?? pony, Vt. THESK MANTELS ARE ENAMELLED IN imitation of the richest and most expensive KGYP riAN, LISBON, VKKD ANTIQUE, PUKPHVRY, PYRENEES iJKOCATElLA, AGATE, SPANISH GALWAY, and other rare and desirable MARBLFS The imitations are so perfect that they chalengethe closest --crutlny They are so highly polished that they retain their beauty mu h longer than marble ; are not Injured by smoke, coal gas, or acids, and can be sold much cheaper thai any ethera In market. Price ranging from f l'25 to S1'2 Architects, Builders and others are Invited to call and examine samples at No. 51*2 Seventh rtre-*t, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Ha'l, up stairs. T. M HANSON, se 1*2-ly Agent. LIBER ?i Sioo REWARD. RANAWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER living in the village of Nottingham, ~ Prince George'scountv,Maryland,on Mon day night, the 8th Instant, NEURO GIRL MARIA, who calls herself Maria Chew ^ She is about eighteen years of age, about lour feet tea or eleven Inches high, tthe is very like ly, and h-is a pleasant smiling face. She has a remarkably A"? salt of hair for one of her color, and is, altogether, a line looking girl. 1 will give the above reward of one hundred dollars for her apprehension?no ma'ter where taken?provided she is brought home to me or si cured in jail, so that 1 get her agsln THOMAS G TURTOR Nottingham, Sept 10,185ft?se 11-tf ANTHONYBICHLT, UNDERTAKER, Shop tud Bosidence 7s. S03 Penn'a avenue, ?oath tide, bstweoa 9th and 10th sti. Having provided himself with an ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences for properly conducing hie business, would resoectfuliylnform the public that he is fully pr-f ar?d to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the shortes notice, and in the best manner. A large irapplv of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sizes, always on hand, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms. Aa heretofore, no pains will be spared to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. N. B.?Resid nr on the premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hour* feb 7-ly J. CON NELLY, Undertaker, SitisUilntl, will ndi, tut. O and H, WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of Washington and??r; y \ the adjoining counties that he Is^^mBBSSBC' prepared to attend to all orders at the shortest notice and on the most liberal terms* He will sparo no pains to give entire satisfaction on ail occasions. He guarantees to preserve the dead In the warmeil weather for any length of time. A large supply of ready-made COFFINS of all sizes and qualities, always on hand. Shrouds, Carriages, Hearses, and every other article furnished of the best quality. A share of the public patronage Is respectfully solicited ^ mar 'M-tf MRS. n. E. HARVEY, (SfCClSSOR TO JaMIS F. HaRVIT, PBCRABRD,) UNDERTAKER, No. 410 Stventk strut, betwtn (i and H, Begs leave to inform the public that she has in her employ the?tj ?, same persons that were formerly In the establishment, who are fully competent to conduct the Undertaking Business; and that every attention will be given to calls, day or night, aa heretofore. m 19 MEDICAL CARD. DR H. PKRABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO- j pathic physician, has the honor to offer his services to the Inhabitants of Washington and viciulty. . office and Residence on I street, No. 188, be tween *20th and 21st streets. N. fl ?Homeopathic medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with ihe greatest cere, For Fever and Ague, for Biloua and Howel complaints, Ac , fcc. w ** JOHN W. MYERS k CO. DEALERS IN

Whi e and Eed A?h, Ekk, Stove, Transition, Nut, Cumb. Lump, & iJlaclumith ? Coala. Also, HICKORY, OAK. AND PINE WOOD. PERSON8 LAYING IN FUEL FOR THE winter will ind it to their advance by send ing us their orders, orleavlr g them at P. J bieers store, No 4887th ' treet, between D and h, es they will te promptly Siled with the beat article and at low price?. ""fSKrw MVKRB* CO., ???, Vud corner of6 ju-tjj se i-im SCHOOL BOORS^AWD^SCMOOli BEQUI A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF ALL THE School Books used ln theDl?trlct^d?v?ry thing wanted by Scfcgoja 1? ^ iX-SESW" 'nltj&N?'Vrr TJSr ^ Ne. 191 Bridge street, ?oe^etown. Educational. SCHOOL NOTICE. A8ELE0T SCHOOL, THE NUMBER OF pupils llmJtfd, will be commenced at the house, now In course of erection, on the corner of 10th and G streets, on Monday, the 14th of Sep w1"**' Particular attention will be paid to Mathematics. There who wish to study Survey lng will bare a good opportunity, a* I haw a line instrument, and will give field pra^tlre weekly. For terms apply to SAMUEL KELLY, at Mr. John Seosford's, on Penn. avenue, between llth 12th streets ail 99 The commencement of the above schrol is un avoidably i ostponed to MONDAV, Sept 2?th, in order that the building nhouid thoroughly completed and dry ere its duties are entered upon sp *5 SAM'L KELLY, Prln ipil. TOVNOLAOIRS'lLiSICAL INSTITlTE T_? Ho. 490 E Mrtet. ^1. EXERCISES OF THIS SCHOOL W*B be resumed on Monday, the I5'.h instant. A few boarders will be re elved. The number of pupils is limited, both In the k*gLer and the pre paratory departments se_8 gw? STEPHEN H. M1RICK, A. M J(W n MRS. H, H. SMITH, D. Xr"l*! bet wen Or A and 7 tk, e wfcu.VE TO INFORM THE LADIES ?V . ?C Washington, Georgetown, and vicinity that she is pr -pared to pive instruction, In clashes p. 'n theart of MAKING WAX J" LOWERS and VASES. Al8?? Wax Fruit and Ornamental Leather work Ladles wishing to avail themselves of this op portunity of acquiring a most beautiful aecom Rllshment will please call as early as possible, as tneclt DOt remaining long in tkrms: Wax Flowers In Classes, per term of 12 les sons * ^ Wax Fruit In Classes, per term of 12 lessons..55 Leather Work In Classes, per term of 8 lessons #3 Private Lessons #1 each?Vases #10. Boauets and Vases, WTreathR, Single Flowers, ac , for sale, or made to order. au 26 6m 1 FAIK HILL BOARDING SCHOOL FOR OIHLS. ? MIK TENTH TERM OF THIS INSTITU tion will commence on the 8th of the ninth montli (September; next Circulars containing further information In re gard to the School will be furnished to persons who desire them on application to R S KIRK, orW.M.H FARQUHAR, at Olney Post Otfl e, Montgomery county, Maryland au 7-??w MRS. BURR. NO. 391 H ftMVRT, IN forms her pupils that their studies will r^roir menre on Monday, September2id. se ?-eo6t* ST. JOSKI'll S SCHOOL FOR HOYS. THE SISTERS OF THE HOLY CROSS ie*pe< tfully announce that th??y will open a School for Boys of at'es from four to ten years, on or abcut the 15th of September, st St Jopeph's Male Orphan Asylum, S. W corner of 13th and H streets Terms for tuition exceedingly moderate, the maximum charge being ?3 per quarter. This school in for the support rf the orphan boy s who will be receded and provided for in the Institution, for whose support also charitable donitlons of clothing, furniture, money, Ac., will be gratefully accepted Refer to Rev. Mr. O'Torle, pastor of St Pat rick's church, Rev Mr. Byrne, pastor of St. Mathews, and the Catholic clergy generajly. au 29 eo3w CENTRAL ACADEMY. SILAS MERCHANT, ? ? KhV O W DORKANCE, ( Rincipals. 11HE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS Academv will commence on Monday, Sep tember 1st. 18??. For terms see circulars at the principal Hook Siores au 1-tf THE UNION ACADEMY. Z. Richards, Mas. Z Richards, Pr!n. r A. Prlu. I. P. A. r|>HE NEXT ANNUAL SESSION OF TLIS ? Institution, and of the UNION FEMALE AC A DEM V, will commence on MONDAN Sep tember 1, 1856. Jy23-3a\ NATIONAL ntDKAL COLLEGE. W A SHI \ ('TON, D C. The thiri y-fifth annual course of Lectures will commence on Mondiv, the 27th of October, and terminate the 1st of March, 1857. The Lectures will be delivered on Anatomy, by Taos Millkr, M. D. Obsletrlcs and Diseases of Women and Children by Wm. P Johnston, M D Materia Medtca, Therapeutics and Hygiene, by Joshua Riley, M D. The Principles and Practice of Surgery, by J. F. Mat, M. D. Pathology, Practice rf Medicine and Clinical Medicine, by Grafton Ttlkr, M D. Chemistry and Pna uacy, by Lewis H. Stein - he, M. D. I'hysiolegy and Microscopical Anatomy, by Jas. J Waring, M D Wm H Taylor, Prosector and Demonstrator The entire expense for a full cour*e of Lec tures ...? $95 Ou Practical Anatomy by the Demonstrator ....10 00 Mat-lculatlng Fee, payable only once 5 CO Graduating expenses 25 oo Admlrsion to the medical and surgical clinic free of charge For further information address WM. P. JOHNSTON, M. D , Dean of the Faculty. Washington Infirmary, Clinical Depart ment Like most similar institutions in Europe, the desks from which the public lectures are given, and the wards for clinical instruction are inc tided under the same roof. Daily clinics are given. N it ?Medical students desiring situations as residents in this Hospital are requested to make application by letter to THOS MILLER, M D.. Curator, who will give any lcforination that may bedesfied. Six residents are to be chesen on cr , about the 1st of October. I THOS. MILLER, M. D. se 8-2awtNovl Curator of the Infirmary. NEW FALL GOODS JOHN H. SMOOT, NO 119 SOUTH SIDE of Bridge street, Georgetown, D C., has re ceived his First Instalment of FALL GOODS, suited to the early demand, viz : 30 ple< es Fall Style Muslin da Lalnes, 25 < ts. 100 do English Prints, at 12jtf cts. 8 do Black Silks, best makes 350 do 8hlnlng Cottons, comprising of all the most approved makes 50 pieces Bro and Bid Sneetlng Cotton 20 do Irish Linens, good and eheap 30 doxen Damask NapMns, from 81 50 to S3.00 Table Cloths, and Table Damasks Birds Eye, Huckaback, and Board Towelling Allendale and Marseiles Spreads English Fnr'd Chintjes from l*Jf to 1*3,' eta. Wight Colore (all woo.) Muslin ue Lalnes Black Alapacas and Muslin de Lalnes 50 pieces White, Red, and Yel'ow Flannels Cassi meres, Black French Doeakins and Sattinetts Tweeds, Checked and P'ain Jeans Checked Muslins, Cambrics, and Nainsooks White and colored Canton Flannels Hem-s'lched, Emb'd and Plain Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs Gents heavy Ribbed and Plain half Hoae Ladles* and chlldrens Cotton Hose or ail kinds Gents Merino and Cotton Shirts Ladles Merino and Silk Vesta, Ac , Ac. To which largo additions will be made socn from the large Auction and Importing Houses of Philadelphia and New York. Customers are in vited to call early. se 11-tr JOHN H SMOOT THE STEAMER GEORGE WASIUMi. TON will depart at the follow- ?? tng hours: Leave Alexandria 7jtf, 9, 11, lj Leave r~ " " )e 28-d CHANCE OF HOURS. ON AND AFTER MONDAY, THE 30th cf Jnne, the 8teamcr GEORGE PAGE will run at the following^ hours: Leave Alexandria ai 4#, 8,10,18, 2#, 4#, and 6M o'clock. Leave Washington?, 9, U, IX, 3*, 5*, and 7 o'clock. Je29-tf ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain^ ? oa MOUNT VERNON. N TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?FARE, VJ ROUajD TRIP, Slj_ FROM ALEXANDRIA75CENTS.-The^S5SBj&i steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washing - Ion at 9and Alexandria att# o'cloek. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat it 8J{ o'cloek. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their r?'ldence witnBeorre ft Thomas Parker Refreshments on the host. ap%-ti SAM'L GEDNEY, Osptala. Alexandria 7*, 9, 11,IK, 3*, 5* Washington...8,10, US, 2K, 4*, 6* JOB CORSON, Captala O EVENING STAR. [Prom Dr. Kane's '* Arctic Exploration*,'' now in press by Messrs Child* & feterson, of adelphta j A Brush with Death. The next day gave a* admirable progress. The ice opened in leads before us, somewhat tortuous, nut, on the wholo, favoring, and for sixteen hoars I never left the helm We were all of us exhausted when the day's work came to a close Our allowance had been small from the first; but the delays we seemed fated to encounter had made mo reduce them to what I then thought the minimum quantity, six ounces of bread dust and a lump v>f tallow the size of a walnut; a paste or broth, made i f these before setting out in the morning, and distributed occasionally through th? day fn scanty rations, was our only fare. We were all ot us glad when, running the boats under the lee of a berg, we were able to fill our ket tles with snow and boil up for our ?reat res torative, tea. 1 may remark that, uuder the circumstances of most privation, I found no comforter so welcome to the party as this.? We drank immoderately of it, and always with advantage. While the uicn slept after their weary labor McOary and myself climbed the berg for a view ahead. It was a saddening one. We had lost sight of Cary Island; but suoreward. up Woeteuholme channel, the ice seemed as if it hid not yet begun to yield to the influences of summer. Everything showed how intense the last winter had been Wc were close upon the 1st of July, and had a right to look for the North Water of the Whalers where we now bad solid ice or clo c pack, both of them al most equally unfavorable to our progress ? Far off in tl>e distance?how far 1 could not mca.-ura?rose the Dalrymple rock, projecting from the lofty precipice of the is'and ahoad; but between ui and it tbe laud of ice fprcad itself from the base of Saundcr'.-' Island un broken to the far south. The next day's progress was of course slow and wearisome, pushing through alternate ice aud water for the land belt We fastened at last to tho great floe near the shore, making our harbor in a crack which opened with the changes of tide The imperfect diet of the party was showing itself more and more in the decline of their muscular power. They seemed tcarcely aware of it themselves, and referred the difficulty they found in dragging aud pushing to some thing uncommon about the ice or sludge rather than to their own weakness. But, hp we endeavored to renew our labors through tho morning fug, bolted in on ail sides by ice fields so distorted and rugged as to defy onr efforts to cross then, the truth teemed to bunt upon every ono. Wc had lost the feeiing ot hunger, and were almost satisfied with our pasty broth and the large draughts of tea which accompanied it. I wasacxious to send our small boat, the Eric, across to the luiume hill Appall, where I knew from the Esqui maux we should find plenty cf birds; but the strength ot .the party was insufficient to drag her. We were sorely disheartened, ar.d could only wiiit for the fog to rise, in the hope of ?ume tmoother plattorm than that which was about us, or some lead that might save us tho painful labor of tracking I had climbed the iceberg, and there was nothing in view except Dalrymple liock, with its red brassy face tow ering in the unknown distauce. But I hardly g<*t ba?k to my boat before a gale struck us from the northeast, and a floe, taking upon a tongue of ice about a mile to tbe northeast of us, begau to swing upon it like a pivot and close slowly in upon our narrow resting place At first our own floe was driven before the wind ; but in a little while it encountered the stationary ice at the foot of tho very ro.-k it self. On the insUnt the wildest imaginable ruin rose round us. The men sprang mechan ically each one to hi- statioD, bearing back the boats and stores; but I gave up for the moment all hope of our escape. It was not a nip, such as is familiar to Arctic navigators, but tbe whole platform where we stool, aud for hundreds of yards on every side of u.?. crumbled and crushed and piled and tossed itself madly under the pressure I do not be lieve that of our little body of men, all of t'lem disciplined in trial?, able to measure danger whilo combating it?I do not believe there is one who this day can explain how or why?hardly when, in fact?we found our selves afloat. Wc only know that in the midst of a clamor utterly indescribable through which the braying of a thousand trumpet-1 could no more have been heard than the voica of a man, we were shaken and raised and whirled and let down again in a swelling waste of broken hummocks, and as the men grasped their boat hooks in the stillness that followed, the beats eddied away iu a tumul tuous skreed of ice and snow and water. We were borne along in this manner as long a the unbroken remnant of the inshore floe continued revolving?utterly p >werles3, and oatching a glimpse every now and then of the brazen headland that looked down on us through the snowy sky At las' ths fl>c brought up against the rock?, the looser fra, ?ments that hung round it began to sepsrat-, and we were able by our oars and boat hooi a to force our battered little flotilla clear ot them To our joyful surprise, we soou found ourselves in a stretch of the lar.d water wide enough to give us rowing room, and with the assured promise of land close ahead. As we neared it, we saw the same forbid ding wall of belt ice as at Sutherland and liakluyt We pulled along its margin, seek ing in vain either an opening of access or a nook of fcholtor. The gale rose, and the ice began to drive again ; but there was nothing to be done but get a grapnel out to the belt and hold on for rising tide. The Hope stove her bottom and lost part of her weather boarding, and all the boats were badly chafed. It was an awful storm ; and it was not without constant exertion that we kept afloat, bailing out the scud that broke over us. and warding off the ice with boat-hooks At three o'clock the tide was high enough for us to scale the ice cliff One by one we pulled up to the boatf upon a narrow shelf, tbe wholo sixteen of us uniting at each pull. We were too much worn down to unload ; but a deep and narrow g?rge opened in the cliffs almost at tbe spot where we clambered up; and as we pushed the boats into it on an open keel, the rocks seemed to close above our heads, until an abrupt turn in tbe coursc of the ravine placed a protecting cliff between us and the gale. We were completely enoaved. Just as we had brought in the last boat, tbe lied Erio, and were shoring her up with blocks ot ice, a long unused but familiar and unmis takable sound startled and gladdened every ear, and a flock of eiders flecking the sky for a moment passed swiftly in front of us. Wc knew that we must be at their breeding grounds ; and, as we turned in wat and hun giy to our long coveted sleep, it wus only to dream of eggs and abundanco. We remained almoet three days in our orys Ul retreat, gathering eggs a the rate <f twelve huudrcd a day. Outside, the storm raged without intermission, and our egg hun ters found it difficult to kcop their feet; but a merrier set of gourmands than were gathered within nover surfeited on genial diet On the 3d of July tho wind began to m> d erato, though the snow still fell heavily ; and the next morning after a patriotic egg nog, liquor borrowed grudgingly from our aloohil flask, and dilated till it was worthy of tern perauce praise?we lowered our boat*, and bade a grateful farewell to " Weary Man e Rett." A clergyman in Salem, Ohio, in a die coarse on christian charity, told his bearers that on occasions when they were called upon to aid in benevolent enterprises, many af them were " trying to hide their souls behind a Area oent pieoe!" Lilt Of Patent! issued from the United States Patent Office for the week ending Sep tember 16, 1856?each bearing that date : Wm Bros well, of Newport, R. I.? F?r im proved chimncy cap Win M Bullock, of Marcy lad ? For im proved machine for dressing felloe*. John Broughton, of Chicago, III ?For im proved feed motion for shingle machines Ebeueser Colecnan A Philemon Coleman, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in bead ing bolt Jobd G Coatee, of Big Liek, Vn ?For im provcment in dentist* forcepe Abraham Casey, of New York, N. T.?For improved <aw net Joseph 8. Foster, of Buffalo, N. Y.?For im provement in reefing ahipc tails upon extra js rds. John Feix, of San Francisco, Cal?For im provement in granulating metals. Kdmucd 11. Graham, of Manchester. N. H. For improvement in fire-arms Wm Gage, of Buffalo, N Y.?For improve ment in harvesters. Oea W. Hatch, of Princeton. Ill ?For im pr tveinent in the preparation of hides for tan ning Ueirge Kenny, <jf Milfcrd, N. 11?For im proved m?de of attaching shafts to sleighs. Harvey Lair, of New York, N. Y ?For ma chiLc for cutting paper. J. W. M thau, of Lexington, III.?For im proved carpenters bench. A. Newbury A B. Newbury, of Windham Centre, N Y ?For printing press. Albert Pease, of Weston, Vt?For improve ment in churns. Wm. B. Parrott, of Boston, Masr?For im provement in locomotive and s earn boiler furnace Edwin A Palmer, of Ciayville, N. Y.?For improved glevis. Pascal Plant, of Chicag), 111.?For improve ment, in ridinig saddles Chas H. Reynolds, of Lewistot^ Me?F??r improvement in variable eut-efffc f?r steam engines Uenj n G. Shields, of Marlin, Texas?For improvement in ootton pickers Phibo 0 Sberwin, or Jamestown, N. Y-? For improved shingle machine Geo. W Tolhurst, of Cleveland, Ohio ?For improvement in hanestiag machines David D. Tupper, of Boston. Mam ?For im proved shingle machine. Johu B Wickcrsham. of New York. N. Y. For improved construction of iron ience post? an i ties Jesse Whitehead, of Manchester, Ya ?Far improvement in Belt acting rakes for harvest ers lit sum ? JC Locher, of New York, N Y. For improvement in folding life boat*. Pat ented January 2. 1855. Designs ?Garrettaon Smith, Henry Brown and Jus A. Head, of Philadelphia, Pa , as signors to Cox, U&gar & Cox, of same place For design for stoves. Antoine Glominski, of LansingWurch. N Y , assignor to Deborah, Albert E. and Nathaniel B. Powers, of s;.me place ?For design for floor cloths. Antoine Glominski, of Lansingbur*. N T. assignor to Debjrah, Albert E and Nathaniel B. Powers, of same place.?For designs for flcor oloths. Ad<t itin ,ial Improvntnt ? Frederick D. Newbury, of Albany, N Y , assignor to Rich ard V a rick DeWitt. of same place ?For im proved fire arm. Dated August 12, 1S56 The Great Rsrt blic ?This monster ship, the pride and boast > f the American mer chant fleet, not only on aocount of ber great itise and beauty of model, but also for ber un surpassed sailing qualities, has arrived back h<>me, after an absence of nearly two years, during which time she has been employed, together with a large number of other Ameri can ships of all site*, in the French transport service, during the war in the Crimea &am<) idea of her capacity may be gathered from the fa:t that ou one of her trips from Mar seilles to Kamiesch she carried 497 cavalry horses, for whose accommodation the entire length of tho two between decks were par titioned into stalls, besides over 500 troops, and the provisions and forage necessary for the voyage. On her last return trip from Se bastopol she brought to Marseilles over 3ti3t? infantry besides her own crew, and a large corps of cooks, servants and waiters, required for the Commissary department, and tfiis too with her hold full of guns of great size, shells, baggage, and the necessary water and pro visions. In every port she has visited, she has been thronged with people of all classes, whose wonder and admiration at her enormous site and beauty have been expressed. Yet it would be unfair to contend that to this ship alone is due such a favorable idea of our merchant marine. Other ships such as the Monarch of the Sea, Titan, Uueen of Clip pers, Ocean llerald, Guantlet, White Falcon, and a host of others, all of great site, beauty and speed have been engaged in the same scrrice, and by their superior efficiency havo supplied immensely the pressing wants of the peculiar trade in which tbey have been en gaged . To their officer* and orews, the hor rors of war, without its m<>re immediate dan gers, it is true, have bean too familiar, and lung may it be before another occasion arisrs to employ these splendid ships in a similar ecrviee ?Nf te Fori Erprtst. Power or Cab Brakes ?Brakes cannot stop a train of cars instantly If applied too ligntly they 'lock the wheels,' but they can not prevent the whole from slipping along on the smooth track. A writer in the Boston Railway Times has figured out the result of locking the wheels at various speeds, and finds that at a speed of 6 miles per hour a train would aliae 0 feet; at 20 miles, 100 feet; and at a speed of 60 miles per hoar a train would slide, in ordinary condition of the track, a distance of VO0 feet, or over one-sixth of a mile, in spite of all that brakes or even run ners or drags under the wheels oould do to prevent it. This is assuming that every wheel is braked or locked, which is never the ease in practice ?the locomotive, the heaviest mass in the train, being without brakes, although if the looomotive was reversed, the effect would not be much less in diminishing the momentum. He ooncludes that, from the very nature of the case, brakes cannot ever be relied onai? safeguard against accidents. Aocidents must be avoided mainly by suitable arrangement* iu running tho trains, and brakes are at best only a means of softening?very rarely of averting entirely?the collisions which occur from defective management. Magnetic Iboh.?A correspondent of the New York Scientific American, writing from Biooinfield, N. J , says that on a railway near t^at town there is an uphill grade, running north-west of eighty or ninety feet to the mile, on which eash of the individual rails is a mag net, the upper end being a South pole, and the lower end a North pole He presume* that on all inclined railway grades the case the same, no matter what may be the di rection, or from what mine the iron oame, as there is a law of magnetism, that all bar* of iron become magnets the moment you raise them from a horiiontal position This mag netio law, he thinks, has not been eonsidered enough on board of teasels, in relation to lucal attraction, and he adds, that it has doubt less been the oause of their running on shore sometimes Clear a* Men ?A writer says that traa soendentalism is the spiritual oognoseenoe of psychlogical irrefragibility, connected with ccmcuitant ademption of onoolumnient spiritu ality and etherialised contention of subsultorj concretion.