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Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 22, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHING TON CITY: ??NDAT S?ptf?b?f 39, 1P#6. trr Advert!aeir*nt? should be handed la bj 11 o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appeal until the next day. HP1KIT OF THE MORHIKe PRESS. The Union continues its merciless dissec tion of Mr. Speaker Banks and of his late speech, and says, in concluding its article : 11 We would say to Speaker Banks and hi* brother managers of the Black-Republiean party : unwavering teal, unflinching courage, a daring soul, unscrupulous ambition, unti ring energy, a callous heart, and a nerveless conscience, are each and all necess?ry ele ments which go to make up the character of a successful traitor to the American Constitu tion. These qualification? you may possess , if you claim them we will not deny your claims ; but you, sirs, must remember that more than all these is necessary to the com C" te success of such treason : a corrupt, an orant, and a debased people?such as you cannot find in America?such you never will find here?such you never can make the Amer ican people You have taken the first step in treason, and fear alone will deter you from further progress?not any upbraidings of con science ; with you that time has psssed. But that step which attainted your souls with trea. ?on has sealed your fate and that of the party to which you belong It has aroused the sen* sibilities of the people, and for you and yours all is lost beyond redemption. The time you conceive of will never come." The Union. in shuwing up the late Know Nothing trick and in allusion to one of the resolutions passed, a?ks those grave and re spectable gentlemen of the lata Fillmore con vention at Baltimore by what process they per vert history and facta to make the Democratic party ?* It stands, says the Unions upon their platform a? a mere dictum, unaided by one iota of proof. The Inttlhg'ncer, In presenting to its read, ers tbe letter of Mr. Choate, (given in another column of the iftar,) administers the following rap ever the knuckles to malicious and un scrupulous partisans of the Organ kidney : " Party spirit, we know, is prone to degen erate into ia'oleraice; and the number of heated, if not unscrupulous xealots in all par ties is suffic ient to impart to them this malevo lent character. As a consequence, no man, however pure or patriotic,, in * heated political canvass, take a position al variance with a supui^ed party fealty or consistency without the risk of having bis independent ac tion ascribed to some unworthy or interested motive. In a letter published lately in our paper from Mr. Senator Pearce that gentle man had occasion to defend himself against an act of thi9 soit of injustice; and we find since, in the Boston papers, a letter from tbe Hon. Mr Choate repelling a similar impu tation, which we think it due to that dis tinguished gentleman that we should copy, although no one acquainted with his unim peachable character would deem it neces sary/' New Publications The North British Review for August (re ceived from Taylor A Maury,) contains an artiele upon " Christian Missions," which, (bough written in a more candid spirit than the one on the same subject in the July num ber cf the Westminister Review, is yet calcu lated to create something of a stir in the Mis sionary world. The article headed u The Crimean Campaign" betrays the rapidity with which the cordial understanding between the allies (English and French) has dissolved, now that peace has been declared, and the allies have no further need of each Othor. The other articles, " The Ottoman Empire," ,4 Literary Tendencies in France,'' " Holland ; its Martjrs and Heroes," '? Samuel Rogers and his Times," ?' Tbe Microscope and its Revela tions," and "Memoirs of Frederick Perthes," are all interesting and instructive. DiDirAno* or Odd Fellows' Hall ?Tbe Norfolk papers contain accounts of the dedica tion of the new hall in that city, whioh took place last week A brilliant procession march ed through several of the streets; and, on reaching the hall, tbe ceremonies were opened with prayer, when Rev. J. C. MoCabe deliv ? ered a glowing and eloquent address. He was followed by Grand Representative Edward Barry, of Indiana, and by Grand Representa tive F. E Woodbridge, of Vermont, each of of wh?m delivered appropriate orations. Af ter the oeremonies of the day were over, tbe large assembly of the Order, with numerous guests, adjourned to a sumptuous and plentiful collation spread out in another apartment of the hall, and did ample justice to the good things set before them. A> ItfPKOVBMB.VT UPON THE BALM OF THOU SAND Flowers ?Fontaine's Cream of Wild Flowers?combining, in a solid form, the choicest virtues of the Balm of Thousand Flowers?impart* a delicious softness, white ness, and fragrance to the hands and face > prevents chapping ; removes tan and freckles, and is an antidote against eruptions. It cre ates an emollient lather in sbaving, and is the best article for washing infants and children in use. Being solid, it is used like a soap? may be carried anywhere?and its effects are warranted to be satisfactory. For sale by Taylor A Maury, ani by druggists generally. PERSONAL. .... Rossini will scon return to Paris. .... Mr W. J. Allen, associate editor of the Norfolk American, died in Norfolk, on Thursday, of consumption. ,... Mr. Tom Tavlor, the author of 41 Still Waters Run Deep" ha* written a new play, entitled 44 Retribution." ....Meyerbeer has returned to Paris, but it is said will not be induced to give bis long promised 44 Africsine" at the Opera this sea son. .... At Lexington, Ky., Wm. L. Jones has received a verdict of S3 000 datasge* against Wm. P Hart, for whipping him while bathing iia pond .... M. Scribe is said to be composing a new come-ly for the coming season, ordered by 'he Emperor for representation at the Theatre Franc ais .... Late English papers record the death of the venerable Arctic explorer. Rear Admi ral Sir John Ross, and of M: William Ysr reil, the eminent naturalist. ....The Norfolk booksellers return paok ages of Mrs. fetowe s new novel, " Dred a talo of ths Dismal Swamp," to the Northern pub lishers as fast as they receive them. ....Mrs H. B Stowe and daughters left Glasgow on the 23d ultimo, by the Lochgoil steamer, en rout? for Inverary?Mrs Etowe on a visit to the Duke and Duchess of Argyll, and ihe rest of the party to ?< jjourn either at Locbitoil Head, or some other Highland water ing-place .... Rev. J. A Shanklin, late pastor of St. Peter's church, Charleston. 8. C., died in that city on Thursday, Sept 11. He was the se nior editor of tbe ' Southern Episoopalian," highly esteemed for his piety and evangelical labors. .... M _ de Lamartine, who for some time has been m Macoa, France, where he is suf fering from rheumatism, has received from the Emperor of BraaU one hundred tbouaand francs as payment of five thousand subsorip tious to the Familiar Course of Literature of the illustrious and hard working author. WASHING TOlf HlWg AlTD GOSSIP. Another Organ Roorback Exploded!? Really, we should imagine that even the rhi noceros hide of oar talented, truthful, and ingenuous neighbor would ba suffused with a blush of shame as iu silly, malicious false hoods are successively exposed and branded. Its absurd story that Rufus Choata and Sen ator Pearce refuse to support Fillmore be cause they ware disappointed in obtaining judgeships under his administration, met with a prompt denial, it will be remembered, on the part of tho distinguished Maryland Sena tor, aad ha, at the same time, expressed his belief that tha assertion was equally untrue in regard to Mr. Choate. We stated of our knowledge that when friends suggested to Mr. Choata the propriety of permitting his name to be presented to Mr. Fillmore for the 1 nited States Circuit Judgeship he promptly and firmly opposed the idea, because be could not afford to relinquish bis practice. But the following letter from Mr. Choate himself, pub lished in the Boston papers, affords a flat, downright, and conclusive denial to the Organ roorback. What silly tale will the Organ try its band at next? Bostox, September 15,1856. Dear Sir :?Your letter informing me that Mr. Davis asserted in a public speech that the secret of my opposition to Mr. Fillmore was disappointment, created by not receiving from him an office which 1 sought or desired, was received a little out of time. I thank you for affording me an opportunity to answer at the first moment of hearing It a statement so groundless and so unjust. There is not a par ticle of truth in it, nor is there any thing to color or to suggest his informant's falsehood. I authorize and request you, if you attaoh any importance to the matter, to give it the most absolute and comprehensive denial. I never sought an office from Mr. Fillmore directly or indirectly, and never requested or authorised any other person to do so for me ; and never believed for a moment, or suspected, and do not now believe or suspect, that any one has done so or has ever mentioned my name to him in connection frith nn office. Mr. Fillmore never had a place in his gift whioh I desired or which I could have afforded to accept, even if I had thought myself compe tent to fill it, or for which 1 could under any circumstances have exchanged the indispen sable labors of my profession. Personal complaint of Mr. Fillmore I have not he slightest reason to make ; and he who thinks it worth his while to conjecture why I shall not vote for him mud accept frein me or fabricate for himself a different explanation. With great regard, your servant and fellow _ Ruros Choatb. To Jobs Carroll Walsh, Esq., Chairman Dem. Cen. Com., Hartford county, Md. Kanaae.?Governor Geary,having been duly installed in his office, has commenced his la* bors in a manner and with a spirit which should secure lor him the co-operation of all good citiiens of the territory of Kansas, de claring that in his official action he will ?' do justice at all haiards." From tbe antecedents of this gentleman we cannot doubt that his pledge he will honestly redeem. In the course of his inaugural address he says : "I cheerfully admit that the people of this Territory, under the Organic Ac', have the absolute right of making their municipal laws, and from citiiens who deem themselves ag grieved by recent legislation, 1 would invoke the utmost forbearance, and point out to them a sure and peaceable remedy. You have tbe right to ask the next legislature to revise any and all laws; and in the meantime, as you value tbe p<?ace of the Territory and the main tenance of future laws, I would earnestly ask you to refrain trom all violation of the present statues. '? 1 am sure there is patriotism oufficient in tho people of Kansas to lend a willing oVcdi ence to the law. All tbe provisons of the Con stitution of the United States must be sacredly observed, all the acts of Congress having refer ence to this Territory must be unhesitatingly obeyed, and the decisions of our courts re spected It will be my imperative duty to see that these suggastious are carried into effect. In my official action here I will do justice at all hazards. Influenced by no other consideration than the welfare of tho whole people of this Territory, I desire to know no party, no section, no North, no South, no East, no West?nothing but Kansas and my country." The Governorship of Few York ?Tho N. Y. Herald is engaged In the vain attempt to rule Mr. Buchanan off the Presidential track in the Empire State, by strongly condemning the nomination of John A. King, by the Re publicans, for Governor, and proposing that Mr. Parker, the Democratic nominee fbr that offica, be run on the Fremont ticket; remark ing, in thii conneetion, " there is every ap pearance tow that James Buchanan will be almost universally abandoned by the Democ racy of New York." We merely alludo to this freak or effort of tbe llerald as another of its political idiosyncracies. Resignation ?The resignation of Lieut. James S. Biddle has been aocepted to take effect on the 25th of September. Lieut. George T. Sinclair bal been ordered as 1st Lieutenant of tho steam frigate Wabash, at New York. Appointments*?Nicholas Quackenbuib, of New York, and Imti Kelly, of Ohio, have been appointed to $1,400 (temporary) clerkships in the Indian Bureau. Award.?W? learn that Mr. Sidney De Camp was awarded to-day the binding of the Congressional Globe for the Senate. 7 he Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, 20th September, thera wera ef Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department... $44 500 00 For the Interior Department 148,735 53 For Customs 3^475 76 War warrants reoeived and en ? 149,600 86 From Customs 309,333 17 From miscellaneous souroes 3 088 00 From L*ad8 163^741 98 QT Don Vincente Hemandes de Agala, arrested in Mobile, Alabama, recently, for for gery and swindling, is spoken of by the Na tional Intelligencer of this morning as tbe rRETE.tDBD Minister Plenipotentiary and En voy Extraordinary from the Republics of Ven esuela and Grenada, etc. The important word "pretended" did not appear in the article which we, on Saturday, copied from the Mo bile Tribune ; and hence the correction should be made in our columns on the authority of the Intelligenter. A BxAC-rircL Complexion may easily be acquired by using the " Balm of a Thousand blowrg. ' It will remove/a?, Dimples, and freekle, from the skin, leaving it "of a soft and roseate hue. Wat a towel, poor on two or ree drops, ^ Wa#h iU f#fl# ^ morning. For sale at Shillington's, agent for ?Washington, and all druggist*. ? math., i. Mid to J?'" tb. manufacture of Turiou. UNftl mental articles, now made from ruttaL-f. or papier mache exclusively. Of course th.' pnea of such articles would by this means be 1 greaUy reduced, the value of old leather bein? j Lawlessness ix Baltimore ?There has recently been a series of lawless ecu in the oitj of Baltimore, come of them resulting in fatal oonsequenoes. The last is thus described in the Baltimore Sun of this morning : "Mirderous Assault ?Threatened Fa* tal Termination ?The utmost excitement existed during yesterday in that seotion of the city known as Loudenslager's Hill, in oonse quence cf a murderous assault having been committed upon two well known citiseTis of that place, Col. J. Maybury Turner and Mr. Thomas Woollen. Various rumors were afloat during the day as to the circumstances attend ing this sad affair, and upon inquiry of per eons witnessing it the following statement was detailed to as: Between 12 and 1 o'clock in the morning, as these gentlemen were approaching the ~tesi denoe of Col. Turner, t^ey discovered that some parties were secreted in his iee-boose, when he approached to the door and enquired who they were, and ordered them to come oat. Immediately two men ran out, and separating, one of them ran towards the city, and the other oat the road, parties who were present following them and calling out " stop thief." The one who rau out the road was met a short distanoe beyond the place by Mr. 1 Augustas Pfeltx, who hearing the cry of his pursuers, seised and conveyed him back to where Turner and Woollen were standing. As soon as they reached the spot the man drew a large knife, and making a thrust at Turner, the blade passed through his left arm into bis breast He then quickly turned upon Wool len before he could be secured, ana plunged the knife into his breast to the depth of some five inches. He next made a thrust at Pfelti, who had hold of him, and inflicted a wound of a painful though not of a serious character upon one of his arms, at tbo same time break ing his hold upon him and effecting his escape. The several blow* were struck so rapidly that the parties could neither overpower him or es cape from his reach After breaking away he again ran out the road, and although a number of persons start ed in pursuit he eluded them for an hour or so, when he was discovered secreted a short distanoe by a negro, who reported the fact to the watchman in pursuit, who took him in custody, and in a short time threafter the companion of the assailant; and it was with the utmost difficulty that the officers could convey them to tbe eastern station house, the infuriated crowd demanding that summary unishment should be inflicted upon them, and aving so far succeeded as to plaoe a rope about the neck of the one making the assault, for the purpose of hanging him upon the spot They were however taken to the station house and committed to jail. They were Italian or gan grinderf, their organs being afterwards f jund in tho ice hou?e. Their names have nit as yet been ascertained Professor Smith and Dr. Clendenin were promptly summoned to tho aid of the injure! parties, who were immediately conveyed to the residence of Col Turner, and upon an examination of their wounds they found them to be of a nature threatening a speedy fatal termination from hemorrhages which ensued. Throughout the whole day the vicinity of Col. Turner's residence was thronged with his numerous friends, though they were both so low that but few were allowed admission to their rooms. Deputy States' Attorney Pinkney proceeded there in the afternoon to tako their deposi tions, but they wore in such a condition as to fireclude that being done. At a late hour ast night tbe physiciacs in attendance pro nounced both ?f them hopeless; thoy have sank so fast during the day as to render their surviving throughout the night as exceedingly improbable. Meeting of the American Guano Compa ny?This company held a meeting iu New York city (Georgo Wood, E.<q , of this city, presiding,) on Thursday Inst, at which tho following resolutions were adopted : Whereas, By affidavit of Captain Edward W- Turner, it appears that in December, 1855, he visited one of the islands belonging to thi* company, in the schooner " Kaluua, ' which vessel remained at anchor there for five days, and that during said time he took soundings in different places on the lee side of said island, finding good anchorage in from Itt to 45 fathoms of water, as per map submitted, and, Whereas, The said Turner found deposited on the said island, a large quantity of guano, of which he brought samples to this company, which samples contain more than double the fertilising qualities of the best of Peruvian guano, as appears by chemical and agricul tural tests submitted to our inspection, and Where**, The affidavits of Captains Theo dore Lewis and Thos D. Lucar, who subse quently visited said island as agents of this company, confirm the statements of the afore said Turner, and Whereas, Both said Lucas and Lewis re turned to the United States in different ships, and each brought samples of guano taken from said island ta this company precisely like that brought by sail Turner. Kesolv*a} That the President of this Com pany be and hereby is authorised and em powered to take the earliest measures to in troduce said guano >nto the United States, by offering the same for sale at the island, and by chartering vessels to import cargoes thereof to the several Atlantic States, New York, Bos ton, Philadelphia and Baltimore. By the Secretary? Resolved, That the trustees of the company make iinmedia'.o application to tbe Govern ment at Washington, requesting that the or ders to Commodore William Mervine, bearing date October 20th, 185ft, and which he failed to execute, be re-issued to some other officer, and that the service? of Captain Michael Ba ker be engaged, if possible, to accompany such vessel, as the agent el'this company. How an Economical Individual Saved Two Cents ?Yesterday an economical gen tleman attempted to save two cents by driving his wagon through a gate on the Germantown turnpike without paying the toll. In tho effort to accomplish this feat the economist ran into a slop cart and damaged it badly. Between the indignant driver of tbe slop-cart and the savage toll-gatherer, the bolter was fetched up with a short turn, and he was afforded an interview with a magistrate. The remit of this was the following bill : Dr. To fine for misdemeanor $10,00 " damage to slop cart 15.00 " costs 3,00 S2S.00 Cr. By two cents toll saved 00 02 Balance against economist $27,1)8 This amount was paid and the saving genius left the office with a stupendous flea in his ear and impressed with the conviction that in at tempting to save at tbe spiggot he had let it out at the bung-bole.?Phil. Bulletin. ^ Case or a Deaf Mute.?Adelia Perry' daughter of Jas. Perry, of Alden, in this oounty, is a SDrightlv girl 12 years of age. When about 12 months old she was observed to be deaf and dumb, but whether she was born iu that oondition, or lost tho power of speech by some external injury prior to that Eeriod of hor life, could not be ascertained, at it is a fact attested by her family, that she was a deaf-mute from the time she was a J ear old up to the day she was operated on by >r. Turnbull, of Buffalo, some two weeks ago. She can now hear without much difficulty, and speaks words and sentences so as to be easily understood. In faot, her articulation, now clear and distinct to an extraordinary degree, is rapidly improving, and there seems to be no roason'to doubt that she will be thoroughly cured at an early day. The child, a very bright one, with a quick, apprehensive mind, is iu ecstacies at the relief she has obtained, and expresses her satisfaction and gratitude in a very lively and pleasing manner.?Buf falo Commercial English Counsel Fees ?In the esse of Dove, the prisoner lately tried in England, Mr. Overland had $1,500, with "refreshers" of $50 per day, and S175 on the day of reply. Mr Hardy had $250, with "refreshers," and Bayley $225. The cost of getting up the case and of witnesses were about $4,300. For the defence the counsel fees were $1,500. Mr. BliM receiving $350 exclusive of ' refreshers" and consultation fees. Sergeant Wilkins had $250 with "refreshers," and Mr. Hall $200. The other expenses will not be less than $5,000, making a grand total of the "profes sional" ooet or the trial of orar ?12,000. POLITICAL ITEMS. The Cocheco Print Worka are making Fre mont and Dayton calico ! Hon Galusha A. Grow has been nominated unanimously for a fourth term in Congress by the Republicans. The Fremont clnb of Bralntree, Massachu setts, ended its career on Monday last. A few members met, and adjourned sins die. The Oswego county Gaaette, heretofore a Fremont paper, has become disgusted with that party, bucked out, and hoisted the flag of " Buck and Breck " On Thursday, there was a large meeting of the Democracy at Whitehall, Pa , which was addressed by Hon. Charles Brown and (Jan. W right. After a recant discussion in Wilmot's dis trict, one hundred roters left the disunion party in a body, and asked to be reseired into the Democracy. William Carey Jones, son-in-law of Col. Benton, and consequently brother-in-law of Fremont, publishes a letter in tha Pennsylva nia of Friday, which shows that he considers bis country's interests paramount to family ties or personal friendship Mr. Jones is an ardent supporter of James Buchanan. A writer in the Progressiva Age, a Fremont paper in Belfast, Me , says : " I affirm (and I do so with honest convictions of the truth) that the North will not submit, if they are de

feated.'' And yet the Republicans tell us they are not disunionists; Dut they charge these same sentiments upon the South. A Fillmore ratification meeting was held in Philadelphia on Saturday night at National Hall, wbioh was largely attended and very enthusiastic. Alderman Thompson presided, and addresses were delivered by Messrs. Banks, of North Carolina; David Paul Brown; Wm Hasbrouck, of New York; Cooper, of Tennessee; Sanderson, of Florida: Grimsby, of Missouri. Hon. Linn Boyd has twenty-nine appoint ments to speak at Democratic meetings in Kentucky, during the months of September and October Hon. Elijah llise has seventeen; and Col. J W. Stevenson nineteen?all in the same State. Fifty-four Democratic meetings are called in Ohio, between the 19th of Sep tember and 13th of October. Beecher's New York Independent boat's of having 25,000 subscribers, yet from thorn all it has only been able to collect S202 thus far, for tho distribution of Fremont trncts in Penn sylvania ; being lass than one cent per head on the whole list. This does not speak well for the liberality and zeal of Sharpe's Rifle Christians. A letter from E T. Brandon, of Kingwood, Preston county, Va., denies that thore is a Fremont electoral ticket in Virginia. He says :?" I happen to know all the gentlemen named as the Virginia Black Republican elec tors, and there is not a man among them, but will vote for Buchanan and Breckinridge, if he lives till November. I theretore pronounce the whole thing an unblushing, unmitigated falsehood." We are told, over and over again, by the biographers of Fremont, that his father, after his marriage with Mrs Pryor, visited the va rious tribes of American Indians for 44 ethno logical researches " Now. what has became of all these " researches?" Why hare Aey not been published to the world f From 1807 to lrfl3 we have no account of Mr. Frein6nt and his wife (perhaps,) except that ho was en gaged'in studying the character of the Amer ican Indians Here is six years' labor lo-t to the world, at least we have no account of it. Will not some enterprising Fremonter find out something about this matter ? The Democrats of Hartford. Connecticut, held a large meeting on Friday night, to wel come Senator Toucey on his return from this city. Large delegations from the adjoining towns were present Touro Hall was filled to overflowing, while outside meetings wero ad dressed in the street. Mr. Toucey made a speech, giving a history of Kansas affairs, and the bills and laws passed in relation to that Territory An immense torchlight procession was formed to march to Mr. Toucey's resi dence, and saluted him. About five thousand people were in attendance at the mooting, and the greatest enthusiasm manifested The Vigilasc* Committee ?Much has been said of late about the adjournment and disbandment of the Vigilance Committee, on and after Monday next As there seems to have been some misapprehension about the real designs of that body, we have taken some little paius to ascertain their real objects. We are assured that their intention is not to ad journ or disband, at present, at ail events, but on Monday next, to give up a large por tion of the space of rooms they have been oc cupying, and go into their original quarters, in one building, which they at first occupied and where their arms are located. Much of tho time since the organisation, they have been compelled to occupy two or three adjoin ing buildings, on account of the large number of prisoners on hand and the necessarily large guard continually at the rooms. A small guard will now be engaged for the protection of the Committee's Head Quarters, and the Executive will hold its regular meeting, and as often ae emergencies require it, but not so continuously as formerly.?Alta Californiav. Will Mr. Buchanan Withbeaw ??For a satisfactory reply to this oft-reiteratad inter- 1 rogatory, the pious editor of the Evening Bulletin, for some days past, has evidently b**en on the "anxious bench." Again and again is the question asked, and an answer demanded It it be any relief to the editor of that journal, we will stale that we are au? thorited to reply to his question in the affir mative. Mr Buchanan does intend to " with draw." In obedience to the call of the Ameri can people, on the 4th day of March, in the year of our Lord 1857, it is his purpose to " ivit/ulruw " from his calm and peaceful re treat at Wheatland, to take possession of the W hit* House, at Washington, in the capan ty of President oj the United Statts This is the only withdrawal, however, that Mr. Buchanan has in contemplation. Is the editor of the Bulletin satisfied, or does he repeat tha silly question in his prayers??Pennsylvanian No Volunteers Required in Kansas.? It seems to be very well understood that no volunteers will be required by Governor Geary or General Smith, under the order of the President for a requisition upon Kentucky or Illinois. The regular troops under General Smith, with the Katsas militia mustered into service, will constitute a force quite sufficient for all purposes of tho government in restoring quiet to the Territory.?<S>*. Louis lit publican Sept. 19. I. O. R M?THE MEMBERS OF Mohawk Tribe No 7, Improved Order _ _ of Ked men, are requested tobepua luil in lutlr attendance on TUESDAY tbe'23d lust., at 8 o'clock, as business of vital Importance will be submitted for tnelr consideration By rrder J F. WANNALL, C. K. k^,VVASUIN6TON LIGHT INFANT R^ , AT rtN riON ?A meetln ' of the company will be Iteld on MONDAY EVEN! NO, September 22d, at b o'clock. By order B. F. BE ERE, flee. NOTICE.?THE STOCKHOLDERS of the Washing on City Savings Fund Building Association are Invited to attend their regular meeting on MONDAY EVENING, at8 o'clock, (the 22d lost.,) as buslnss rf great Im portant will be transacted. German Hall, 11th street, between F and G. se 19-3t* CHAS. WALTER, tec. ?FIRBT COTILLON PARTY or the LIBERTY CLUB, ON THURSDAY. SEPTBMBEK J6tk, AT THE ARMORY Cn Louinana arenme, between ?'A and 7th sts Tlekets FIFTY CENTS, admitting a gentle man ard ladles; to be bad of any of the members, or at the door. *e 17-6t* ?-3^WOOD AND COAL ?THE ONDER signed having associated tfcemielwi In business under the Arm af CHAPIN A BRO , are prepared to furnish their friend* and the public with the best article of WOOD and COAL Of fice on the east aide of 7th street west, between ? and H north We solicit a share of tbej?troBage of the public. chapin' aef-eolm H. L. CHAPIN. ?-3^NOTICE -THE SUBSCRIBER ten ?Cflk leave to call the attention of the public tohiTstoS of ?LASS and Q UE ENS WARK before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing IJtof will save from lb to >8 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowett at 300 Pa. avenue, between #th and 10th streets Je**m JOI*K McJMTriTT. .J T POUPON BONDS FOR iale-OP THE ^ Alexandrta Water Compuy, drawing* per 2r!i *Mn1 annually. Apply to POLLard WkBB, No 51*(Xd story) 7th street, betwewDudg. P'**?*? AT TUB MUSIC DC 7J7& ^. nw*B Gran4 fin,r* "' r^TT ANOS, the most Hugnlflcent instru-fY?^M Bents now manuftetured w A large stock of Pianos for rent on the meet r?a?onabJe terms. Mt1' W- Q. METZEROTT. A MOTHER OPPORTUNITY IS OFFER* ed to purchase coal at extraordinary low prlws The subscriber will receive within the next two weeks sU hundred tons of Coal, for Furnaces, Orates, and Cooking Stoves Persons wishing to lav in their winter supplies will do well to give him a call before purcht?1og rise where. WOOD of all kinds on hand Coal ajttO pounds to tke ton. F L. moors, sew-ecSt West aide 9th st , bt. D snd E. New law boors.?curtis's digest U. 9 Supreme Court Reports, 1 vol; Ben&ett and Heard's Leading Orlmlsal Cases, 1 vol; Howard's U. 8. Supreme Court Reports, vol 10; Latrobes edition, 1 vol; Sugden os Powers, a vols ; Halsted's Law of Evidence, 1 vol; Patton and Heath's Reports of Cim de cided In the Special Court of Appeals of Virgin ia, with index to Grattan's Reports, vol 1; Dun lop's Laws of the United State-. 17?9 to 1891,1 ?Q' (aett) FRANCE TAYLR. BROOKET1LLE ACADEMY, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND The system of instruction in this Institution embraces thorough training in the Classics, Mathematics, Sciences, and ordi nary English branches Term* for board and tuition, SI60 rer annum Catalogues containing further Information may be obtained by addressing ths Principal at Brooke' vllle, Maryland E. B. fKKTTYMAN. A . M. se 22 Principal ? GUNS-GUNS-GUNS. HE-SI' BSCR1BER has just received direct from the celebrated manutac tor y of Mr. Chance A Son, theV w ^ best and cheapest lot of Double and Single Shot Suns ever before offered In this market Each Gun has been prated and will be wananted per fect throughout, or no sale. We hsve also Powder Masks, Shot Belts, Grme Bags, Cleaning Rods. Baldiron Wads, Percussion Caps. Powder and Shot, all of wblch are offered a* low as r*n bf purchased in this city, by JOS. L. SAVAGE, Sign cf Gilt Saw. Penn. avenue, between *e*'2 1 m (News copy) 10th and 11th sU. POLITICAL STREAMERS AN D FLAGS A for the boys, for sale b> *>20 3t LAM Id ON L). LADIES' SEWING BIRDS, BRLTS Clasps, Hair Brushes, Combs, Purses, Ac , at 'C20 M LAM MONO'S NEW YORK HATS I?THE THIRD SUP plv Of HATS from " Beebe > this dty gC\ opened at STEVENS'S lJ se 'Jft-at Sales Room, Browns7 hotel. Received.?a lot of william Penn COOK STOVES and new Parlor Heaters W. H HARROVER, Seventh street, 5 doors from Penn. se 20*61 avenue FOR BOSTON. THE PACKET SCHOONER JULIETTE, Capt Baker, has arrived and will have aA quick dispatrfa for the above port ,W?LS? HARTLEY A HROTHEll^ se 20-41 101 Water street LOST ?ON THE 17TH INST , A SFECI fic&tlon for building a house for 7. M. P. King, the finder will fee suitably rewarded by leaving it at Mr. KING'S Store, cirner of I street and Vermont avenue. se tf0-3t* W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANOFORTE CLASSES. Apply at academy of mu*ic, corner of 11th and Pennsylvania avenue, <r at Mr. Palmer's residence iM F street, near J3th Terms S5 p?r quarter. se *> FRANCIS IIUTCHINS, SCAVENGER OF THE FOURTH WARD DISTRICT?FROM THE SOUTH SIDE OF New Vork avenue to the west side of E street From the east side of 7th street, as far east as the boundary line All rrders Ie:"t at Mr Caton's, corner of G and 5th streets, at the Centre Market, and the rest dence of the subscriber No 524 K street, betwten 4th and 5th will be promptly attended to. se 20-1w* F. HUTCH1XS. NEW AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. BONTZ A COOMBS, NO 389 SEVENTH streets, between I and K streets, return their grateful thanks to a generous public for the liber al patronage extendi to them sines they have been engaged In the House Furnishing buslsesa In the Northern Liberties, and now be* leave to announce to the public that at the earnest solici tation of many citizens they ha?e been induced to connect with their present trade the Auction and Commission business. They pledge themselves to leave no effort un tried or spare no trouble to give satisfaction in all cases to those who may confide their business to them or favor them with their patronage All goods consigned to them will besold to the best advantage and prompt returns made. Particular attention will be given to the sale of real and personal property of every kind, and liberal cash advances mads <~n the same whenev er required. BONMZ A COOMBS, Commission Merchants. f\ CHEAP FURNITURE. \3-L Our large warehouse is tilled to its I^R utmost capacity with every de ' 1 'scrlption of Parior, Chamber, ardS Kitchen Furniture, both new ard second-hand which we will sell at a small advance over manu facturers1 prices. It is useless for us to ltemlz*; sufiice It to say we are are prepared to furnish out entire houses at such prices as cennot fall to g've satisfaction to purchasers A call Is respectfully solicited BONTZ A COOMBS. Auction and Commission Merchants, 20-1bi No 269 Seventh street. AO REWARD.-STRAYEDAWAY J\J on the I(1th instant, a, large KED COW, with a large bag of milk, large wide horns, and about 11 years old The above r? _____?. ward will be given if returned to the owner on K street, between 3d and 4th. seiy-3te THOMAS CONNOR DEXTER'S HOTEL TO BE CLOSEO ? On Saturday, the 20th Instant, 1 shall c'.o*e my hotel for the purpose of giving It a thorough cleansing, painting, and renovating, and will re open on Monday, the 17th of November text, when I shall be prepared again to entertain my friends and the public generally l?-lw M. A. DEXTER. ? ? EVENING COMMERCIAL AND MATHEMATICAL T INSTITUTE. O MEET A NECESSITY AND A DE mand in the city, tbe Principal of the Union Academy, Ins conclude ? to open, In the very plr&sant Rooms of the Academy, corner of 14th I n n <i N' .... \' __l_ .? _ _ _ ?, y vuu^ tt*m, viunwii?c cm ployed during the day, as wish to spend their I evenings in fitting themrelves thoroughly for 1 successful business The Institute will be opened October 13th, five evenings each week, lu m 7 to 9X o'clock, with two or three lessons in each study, each week. Classes will be formed In Book Keeping. Pen manship, and various Branches cf the Higher Mathematics; and also In Foreign Languages For terms and further particulars, see circulars at the Book Stores, or call on tbe Principal se20-lm Z. RICHARDS, Principal st7joseph s male ORPHAN asylum CORNER OF13TH AND H STREETS. DAT SCHOOL FOB B0T8. ri'HE SISTERS OF THE HOLY CROSS JL having taken charge of the above institution will open in connection with it their schools for small boys on Monday next, the22d lnst. Tickets of admission must In all cases be had from the Rev. T. J. O'Toole, Pastor of St Pat rick's, or the Rev J. B. Byrne, of St Mathew'r. All payments shall be made to the Sisters msnthiy or quarterly In advance, as will be stated in the tickets of admlssi n. se f0-2w COAL AND WOOD. NOW AFLOAT, A LARGE CARGO OF ?uperior Furnace Coal, which will be deliv ered from the vessel at a reduced prloe. Constantly on hand a general assortment of Red and White Ash Coals, Cumberland Coal and Wood. CASTLEMAN A BRU , corner of 6th and B streets, * 17-lw opposite the National Hotel. Life and public services of Millard Fillmore; by W. L. Bane, of Ken tucky. One volume boand, with portrait, one dollar. J ost published, and this day received. *1> FRANCK TAYLOR. Gold crois lost.?two dollars reward wlU be given to the finder at a plain solid GOLD CROSS, about one and a quarter laches long, lest on Sunday last, the 14th instant, between the Congress burying ground and 8th street eaat. It is highly valued by iheowner, be ing the gift of an esteemed friend Apply to Ser geant JAMES BYRNE, Marine Barracks, ee 19j?? 1\TBW MUSIC RBCR1VEO THIS MORN. tag St (MIT) BLU81. Amosemftnts. NA TIONA L THE A TH H IfmiLtCd . L'?(J T Ford. Manaeer. (Also, of Baltimore aod Rlcbrnoad Thntw ) THURSDAY EVEN 1 NR. SEPTEMBER ta The comply soccew atterdlrg the two previous ?AUEIcT STEAEOSCB'S GRAND OPERATIC AND CONCERT COMPANY Cooped with his eerneat desire to gratify his liberal patrons of Washlagtoa. has iadoeed the Manager to ytod compliance to the generally expreiwd w1*be* of THE MUSIC LUVEII Of Washington, and announce that fa wing dr. mmstanc** have enabled Mm to eject aa ar rangement ft* positive!? hot On* Night addi tional! r, whoa the o?oi odein Mi world* rt nowred vocalist. M'OLLE TRRKtA PARODI, Suatalcel by the great Tar or, * ? Signer JR. TIRERINI, A ad tha anatamt Bamo, Signer OSWALD BKARULVI. Assisted by the famed youthful rrodlgy. PAUL JULLIEN. And the celebrated Flaalst, MAI RICK STRAROS* H, Will feeder aa <atirely fresh and carefully soler - ted pr->p-amine of Operatic Music. hi 'DLLE TKRfcSA PARODI Will render on the o caslon her lasplrltlng and ?onl-stlrrlng eierotionof ourNarlon*s Anthem, the " Star Spangled Banner," reoelved ever with the wildest eaiLu?ia?m and Motr s n qalslte balled of " Tbe Last Rose of Sammer ' The Prlcea will rraala the aaaae. Pttct ?/ Admiitiou:?Boies aad Parqnatte.? cents, Reserved KSti, 75 cents; Family Circle and Galleries, *3 cents Box oRce opea dally from t to S o'clock ** '-** GREAT NOVELTY! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 7tk Street TIEIDAT BTINITO, Sept. OS. PROFESSOR WILSON would Inform theclttz-ns of Washington thst be will give One Exhibition of his wonderful IAL1IIISCIFIC HITS! Phantasmagoric Figures, &c. oa which occasloa even- persoa vlaltlng the Ex blbltlon will bare the opportunity of mani festing bis or her choice for the next ! PEE8IDEHT Of THE UNITED STATES Fillmore,Buchanan & Fremont Tickets will be ready, sod hexes under the charge of gentlemen from each political party, for their reception. 1X7-LADIES TICKETS WILL BE KEPT 8h?* ARATE. JThe vote wil' be announced at the clone of the exhibition, aad flifrapkU to mil tkt ptturt pal citt i Commenc? at & o'clock. Admittance ltk cents only se ft #t* DAN RICE'S GREAT SHOW! THE ONLY DULY KECOCyiZEl) AND LEMITI1ATK SHOW BAVINS ANY CLAIM TO GREATNESS IN AM F RICA' Will exhibit In Washington on FRIDAY k MTCHPAt, Sept. aad HI, FOE TWO DAYS ONLY! A FTERNOON A> D EVENING. DIN KICE respectfully announces that It Is bU Intention to afford the most drt1gh' and In terestlng Entertainment <wr before held und?*? a canvas In this country THE TALENT OF HIS COMPANY, AMP TH* I5TKLLIGEJIC* OF HIS WONDERFC1. HORSES. MVLES AND ELEFHAHT8! Justlles him In the belief that his endeavor* will be crowned with socce?s,and that thecltl zens of this cltv will award him the same meed of praiae that other commiml ties have ?o universally bestewtd A Grand Afternoon Performance, for the accommodation of families and children, will given oa SATURDAY, commencing at3o'cl'k. irr Admission to Boxes FIFTY CENTS, Pit TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Doors open at 7; performance tocrmmence at o^clocs. se 15-*w Wants. WANTED?A NURSE WBO CAN COME well recommended Inquire at the corner of E and 8th streeta se *l-2t* WANTED?BTA RESPECTABLE Y"OUNG girl a situation as chambermaid, or csn do good pJala sewing, or nurse Good nfereices will be given Please call at Oregon street, be tween Aih and 7th, No C9. se 2i it* WANTED?A GOOD COOK -ALSO A *ma*t bov to open oysters. Applv at 'be ELDORADO HOUSE Penn avenue, between tbe United Statfs Hctel and Jackson Hall. BC*X) Sf WANTED?BY TB E 29TH INfcT -THRKK rooms, furnl*hed or unfuraUhed. wnh board, in a private family, by a family at three grown persons Unfurnished rooms In the vicinity of a boarding houae from which meals could be sent migbtanswer. Addrets " S. S H .,"statlrg term*, location, Ac , at this effioe, or ihrooeh the PoetOftc*. seS?*t* CARTMAN WANTED ?A GOOD, ACTIVE colored man who perfectly understands clean ing and managing l.ortes. and who can bring good re'orr.niendatlons as to character, disposition, *e , rill hear cf a permanent sltratlon, with fa r wages, In a Coal and Wotd Yaid. by addrts' lrg Box 546 Prat Offlce t-e 17-tl WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO And persons In want of the following ai Moles: French or German Looking Glaasea Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or aqcan , Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-topBrackett Tables, In bronxe er gold All k'nds of Pictures framed, ar.d any s!? Looking Glasses, or other work in the glldlx>| line done to order with dlrratch Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable fot shelving, Ac , on band. Terms moderate to snlt the time*, for ca*b N.B.?Old Work Refllt,&nd Looking 61im Plates inserted. iW Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood Bouse, dec IB JOHN WAGNER i Boarding. Boarding ?several newly fi r nished roams for rent, either alug'y or la auita. with board in a axrall family where there are but few hoarders, at UO F street. In Unl<? Row, and the Immediate vicinity of tbe Patent ORce k lV*w* Boarding ?sevfral large rooms with single ones attached, handsomely fur nlshed, can be rented elthtr In suits for families, or to single persons, with board If desired, on the most reasonable teims A large yard Is attacked to the houae, making It desirable for a family with children. Apply at No 46S 10th street, be tnDsndR. ae 17-lw* MKS. ti ANDERSON CAN ACCOMMO date several hoarders with or without room* Penn avenue, Ne 27S, between lith and 12tk ?tree La. ae 10-lm OARD, Ac.?MRS. BATES, ON TH E S W corner of Pennsylvania avenue and tth street B la prepared to accommodate gentlemen with room* with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favr r her with their patronage Transient or table board aan be obtained. ap S- tf GbntlewkK^s" "dress" sh7kts STEVENS will cff?r this *asea a much larger aa* mere complete >?aortaaeat of Genu' LINENS than heretcfoie, and will eff'er Induce m-nta to families to buy of us In ptefertnee to having them made up st home. bTEVENS'8 Saleroom se l?-3t Browns' Hotel GSWTS' TRAVELING SHAWLS?WE have opened a superior aas? rtmenf?f (i(nt?' Travelling MAUDS, nome verv uperior, at STEVFNS'S Salerocm. ?a IS-St Browne' Hotel SCHOOL BOORS.?TO BUY A VAT1K ot School Books, at cheapest ra<es, call at FERGUSON'S Mis No. 4M Seventh atrtet El Y