Newspaper of Evening Star, September 23, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 23, 1856 Page 2
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fvfning star. WAS 111 N G TO X c ITY: TVBftiiAV 23. 1M6. try AdTrrttaement* itoald ee handed la ky It o'clock, m., ntberwiae they may a?t appear mat 11 th^ r>?i> 'lif gpiBIT w HK SdOBHIHO PRESS Tbo Union applies a wet blanket to the ex. ?1'at cos of the New York Fremont organs oyer the discovery of a document which they pre'end to suppose furnishes strong evidence t> relieve tbeir presidential candidate of one of the numerous charges of official malfea aance connected with his governorship in California. The document is a deposition of Mr. Buchanan given in 1851, in ? cm* pend ing in London, jn which Co'. Frem mt was toed on fur drafts, amounting to ?19,500, drawn by him in March, 1847, as Govenior ef Cal fomia," on the Secretary of State, (Mr Buchanan,) end by him protested for want of authority in " Governor ' Fremont to make the drafts The Union demonstrates con e'nively from the official records that the specific charge agaitstCol. Fremont, in con Motion with the transaction referred to in Mr. Eucbanan's deposition, is in no respect affected by his proof, and that the Tribune either igtorantly mistakes the charge, or it wilfoUy seeks to escape from the force of the official eridenoe. Quoting from these records the Union proves: ?'That Mr. Buchanan's evidence has not the remotest bearing upon the charge that Colonel Fremont received from the govern ment SI9.500. which be failed to apply to the payment of draft#. The sequel of the matter ahowa bow mach the government suffered in the transaction In the suit, judgment was rendered against Colonel Fremont for nearly $ SO. 000, embracing interest, costs, and dama ges. Our government, in a spirit of great liberality, although it had already paid the amount of the drafts to Colonel Fremont, in terposed by special act of Congress, and not only paid the amount of the judgment, but alto tbo amount of Colonel Fremont s pergonal expenses, making a sum exceeding $50 000. To all intents and purposes this was Colonel Fremont's individual debt, and afterwards, upon the settlement of bis accounts with the government, he refunded the amount of the drafts leaving him now equitably indebted in the turn of $35,000. This result has followed from his failure to make the application of funds which it was his duty to make Mr. Buchanan's deposition leaves Colonel Fremont to stand upon the official records, which fix upon him the charge beyond all possibility of ?scape/' The lnttlligmc?r, in undertaking to define ita political position, teems fully and painfully aware of the difficulty it labors under in sup porting a candidate for the Presidency und at the eatne time repudiating the platform upen which that candidate stands. It says : ?l If political proscription and religious in tolerance arc, as is charged, a part of the rit ual of the order which bas placed Mr. Fillmore at ita head, the Whig party, in adopting him as ita nominee, can assume no complicity with eucb an uncharitable and anti-republican po litical creed " But if Mr Fillmore i3 elected will it not be eti.umph of this same '? political proscription a:d religious intolerance and by what po litical casuistry will the Whig party evade the charge of 14 ccmplicity" in this triumph ? The Intelligencer expresses the hope that no one I Will understand it in anything it has written M intending, either directly or by implication, to reflect aught of censure upon those of ita politic a1 friends who, in the absence of a Whig eacd date, and before any National Conven tion of the big party had been actually held or w a regarded by many as even probable, have already committed themselves to the support of another caniidate than Mr. Fill in re. It say;: *' It is not for us to judge whether the re oommendationsof the Wbig Convention would have wrought any change in the final deter- I m mat ion oi such Whigs, patriotic as wo know them to be, bad they withheld the format.on of their decision and the expression of their I deliberate opinions until the present moment I But it ia not too much to say that to many of I them it eeemed the part of wisdom and patriot- I i?m to throw their voices and votes tor Mr I Fillmore's Democratic competitor, not so muck I from any distrust of Mr Fillmore himself, < r I of his high capacity for the exalted atation to I wb'.oh be aspires, as becauso hie prospects of I ?access were deemed too slender to render him I an available candidate at a time when, ac- I cording to their judgment, the prevalence of I a party opposed alike to Mr Fillmore and to I Mr Buchanan is most of all to be deprecated. The conclusion et which they arrived is vin die a ted no leas by the purity of their motives than by the peculiar circumstances of tho time in which they were called to act.'' i Til Know Notiihgs or Baltimore, last I night nominated Ihomas Swann as their car- I didate for the Mayoralty of that city. ! I. O. O. F.?The (irand Lodge of the United I States adj urned in Baltimore yesterday, to 1 meet next September is the same city Til Nicaragca Acckssort Transit Com Cornelius Vanderbilt, the presiJeatof I the company, has brought suit in the supreme I court, New York, to obtain redress fr in the | republic of Nicaragua for tho grievances sua I tained by the company " since the invasion of I that repubiie" lie rates that '* negotiations I are now pending between the government of I the United States ani the de faeto govern- I ment of Nicaragua, bearing in view the ret to rati n to the said company of their properties I upen the Isthmus of Nicaragua unjustly seized, I and the annulment of the pretended decree of February lb, 1656/ and that he " confidently believes that such negotiations will, without much delay, result in the restoration to the company of their properties unjustly taken from their possession, by means of the mili tary usurpation of Walker and his confede rates, and the revocation of such pretended decree.'' Qovrrror (jgart's Isaccural Address. We hate received a c<"-py of the inaugural address of Governor Geary, delivered at Le compton, Kan? is, on the 11th instant We have already given an extract from this brief but comprehensive d.cument, and here is another : "Let us all begin anew L?,t the past be buned in oblivion. Let all atrife and bitter ness cease. Let us all honestly devote our selves to the true interests of Kansas?develop her agricultural and mineral resources?build up manufacturing enterprises?make public roads and highways?prepare amply for the ?ducation of our children?devote ourselves to the arta of peace?and make our territory the sanctuary of those cherished principles which protect the inalienable rights of tho individual, and elevate states in their sovereign capaci ties. "Then shall peaceful industry soon be re stored?population and wealth will flow upon us?'the desert will bluesom as the rose'? and the *tate of Kansas will soon be admitted into the Lnionthe peer and pride of her elder sisters.'* ' The Churchman, a Protestant Episco pal paper, cornea out in iavorof dancing as an ' innocent recreation, und as healthful as it ia graceful '* WASHINGTON NEW8 AND G08SIP. 8tatnary for the Capitol Extension ?In | ! ft roughly constructed frame building in the immediate neighborhood of the Capitol, a number of artists are now at work, rendering in marble exact copie? of piaster models, the result of the genius of our distinguished coun trymen. Crawford, the sculptor. Prominent among these models is the Genius of America, represented as a female of giant proportions; her dress, not hooped, but loose and Mowing; nor is her waist wasp like, under the assumed compression of a corset! Her breathing apparatus being free from exterior pressure, sbe exhibits in her countenance no symptoms of pain from obstructed respiration. Her starry robe is carelessly hanging from the shoulder. On her right are sunrayi, and on her left the famous bird, the name of which is Eagle, with a plentiful supply of darts in his talons, as a threat or warning to those who may offend the liberty ot which he is an emblem. In such an event, should the provo cation oome from a foreign foe, he wonld find republican legions to assist him with the most approved military pyrotechnics. This figure of the Genius of Amerioa, with its embellish ments, is for the centre of the tympanum A figure is to represent War; not in the Romany costume, as of him who is seen in a niche on the eastern portico, grasping a sword^ but in the dress of a Continental cfficer. He has his hand upon the hilt of bin long-knife, as much as to say. " If I draw it I shall fling away the scabbard, and at once 1 go in' for hard fighting." Such is the expres sion of the countenance as "done" in marble, according to our reading of it. We must con* gratulate the artist on giving his model a re spectable physiognomy?and not a visage which might be mistaken for that of a bandit. The face expresses earnestness, or determina tion, such as was becoming our patriotic fore fathers. Commerce is another good figure. A thought ful, venerable, "sttid and steady" looking gentleman is seated on a bale well-roped ; in his right hand is a roll?which, if unfurled, would, probably reveal the fact that our ton nage and number of trading vessels excoed those of any other nation of the world?his left hand rests on a giot>e, which has another bale as its ba.-e. Near this are two small bags one numbered 30 000, and the other 35,000; and as if to convey an indisputable fact as to their eontents, one of them has burst from the inside pressure. The wand of Midas would not have been amiss, had it been convenient to us, to transmute the marble money into the auriferous substance. The Mechanic is represented reclining as if to rest himself from the fatigue of his honest toil. A wheel is near him, to typify machinery> while he holds in his hand a hammer. His sleeves are rolled up, exhibiting a profusion of muscle, and his face expresses honesty, and I contentment of mind ; in fact, a fair develop- I ment of that indispensable class of commu- I nity. The Woodman is incorporated in the artistic I programme, and there are many good points I about the statue It seems to be generally I thought that he has made his cuts rather too | high up the trunk ; but this apparent defec1 I may vanish after it shall have been placed in I its appropriate place, and viewed from a point I more favorable to the effect designed. That 1 " venomous sarpint" rearing its saucy head I near the aforesaid trunk is in danger of being I injured ! Of the larger figures, there are to be an In- I dian Chief, a Hunter, and an Indian Family I The Schoolmaster?an institution essential I to republicanism and good government?is I here seen, " teaching the young idea how to I shootin other word*, instructing the pretty I little fellow from a book. The tator has his I arm around the waist of his pupil, which in- I dieates kindness and affection. The cowhide I and lash, and dunce-cap, are not visible. I These are abandoned to more refined and mer- I oiful instructors! The idea is teaching, not I flagellation and juvenile mortification Two Youths appear in the expressive mar- I ble. The smaller carries a book under his I arm, while his companion delights him with I bright pictures of the future, pointing away, I as if to encourage the listening juvenile. I There is no '? show" whatever of the whisky I bottle, brickbats, clubs, and other emblems of I rowdjism in connection with these young gen- I tlemen. I In addition, there are other marble and I plaster figures in the workshops ; among them I tiio bead and thoulders of an Indian ; an II- I dian woman resting a water basin on her bend- I ed knee; a male Indian with a similarly con- I i.ructed vessel on his shoulders, sinking under I its weight and making a crooked face ; sheavo8 I of wheat, etc. We learned, on inquiry, that the workmen comprise natives of Switzerland, Ireland' America, Germany and Italy. They maka exact copies in marble of the plaster models; a businecs which requires extreme care and a steady hand. Political In genuity?For months previous to the late so-called Whig National Conven tion, our neighbor, the Intelligencer, was in a dense fog, and to such a degree was the vision of the editor obfuscated that he could see nothing whatsoever "attractive" in any one of the three political parties ; on the con trary, there was more to " repulse " But th? convention, compcsed of political doctors, pro vided a remedy for the defective eyesight and, as the result of the labor* of these ocu lists, he now professes to behold in Mr. Fill more?not in Andrew Jackson Donelson?the leader of the party that " carries the flag and keeps step to the music of the Union," and this, too, in the language of a resolution of the Convention, " without adopting or referr ir g to the peculiar doctrines of the party which had already selected Mr. Fillmore as its candidate;" which " peculiar doctrines," it is well kn^wn. would exclude even the senior editor of the Intel! ig?nce> from ?' ^tate, Federal, and municipal office or government employment," among tbe other "uncharita ble and anti-republioan" features of the Know Nothing " political creed." The ingenuity of our respected contempo rary lie3 in the fact that the Intelligencer supports Mr. Fillmore as a Whig, notwith standing the Know Nothings, in the language of that paper, broke down the Whig party, and, upon its ruins, according to the assump t on enunciated in the original Know Nothing platform, raised the proscriptive organisation upon the ruins of that and of the Democratic party ! " Consistency thou art a jewel." A Myatery of the Plain.-We are in debted to a friend for the following extract from a letter by Coote Lombard, C. K , in the employ of the Topographical Bureau, written from Camp Haley, Saline fork of Kaw river, forty fire miles weit of Fort Riley, Kansas Territory, September S 18*6: ?J Whilst up at the K?w Hyer, last week, (thirty-seven miles from here, eighty-two from Fort Riley.) some of the esoort found the wreck of an ambulance in a little creek tmp* tying into the Kaw about half a mile from camp It had been broken up and thrown into the creek It wm of the larger class, such as is used by the hospital department, but may haye been one of the Salt Lake mail atages. It had an iron sten behind, and swin gle-tree for six animals llow it came there is the mystery, for where it was found is at least forty miles from any heretofore traveled road?oars being a new read, and, bofore we explored it last summer, supposed to be im practicable for wagons on account of the rugfedneas of th? Smoky Hills, but oyer whfoh our guide (a Delaware Indian) took us through a beautiful pass in the hills or moun tains. 141 expect there has been suae foul play connected with this ambulance. The soldiers put some parts of it together. The hind wheels, which were broken off from their proper axle, they pat upon the fore axle. With these and the coupling pole we have brought it this far down, and will take it into Fort Riley. Where it was found id the hunt ing ground of the Kiownys, Arrapahoes, Oheyennes, and Pawnees. Judging from the tires, it appears to have been iu u?e but a very short time." Alarm!?Mr. F. P. Blair writes along let ter to the editor of the New York Evening Post, complaining of the recent Democratic demonstrations in the neighborhood of Silver Spring. He is particularly displeased with the pole raised in honor of Buchanan and Breckinridge; and, as if sensibly impressed with the doom of the Republican party, fancies he sees in the buck's head and horns the scull and cross-bones which ornament the apothecary's label of poison, to which Mr. Blair now appears to be as averse as he is to the Democraey. Decision?Attorney General Cushing has decided that the additional per centage given to navy agents under the act of March 3,1855, commences on that day, but is to be appor tioned over the whole official year, and not credited to any part of the year, in case of death or resignation. Resignation of an Army Offiear ?The res ignation of First Lieutenant William P Trow bridge, corps of engineers, has been accepted by the Prcbtdent, to take effect December I 1S5G. Migratory ?Senator Wilson arrived in this oity on Sunday and left on Monday, carpet bag in hand, for the North He came on bu siness connected with the Fremont movement. What'd in the wind ' Panama.?The Northern papers are specu lating as to the Government's movements rel ative to the Panama difficulties ; but we are satisfied that no oonclueion has been arrived at in the premises. The Current Operation! of the Tr.aisrj Department.?On yesterday 22d September, (here were of Treasury warrants entered oa the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants..... $010 02 For the redemption of Stocks.... 4,575 42 For the Treasury Department... 6,323 68 For the Interior Department 28,824 lf? For Customs V 010 00 War warrants received and en tered 105.818 82 3n aoeount of the Navy....?...? 5,123 71 Repayment on account of the Navy 1,045 89 From Lands 51.926 67 From miscellaneous sources...... 2,653 84 Shaving made East.?Wet your shaving brush in either warm oroold water, pour on two or three drops of " Balm of a Thousand Flowers," rub the be'ard well and it will make a beautiful soft lather much facilitating the operation of shaving. Price only Fifty Cent'. For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washing too, and all druggists. Driscoll im Harper.?"For the kitchen maid or the toilet of a queen."?Take a look at Harper's Magaiine for the present month and you will find a capital illustration of the way in which Driscoll's " Balm of Thousand Flowers" is esteemed in high and low life The kitchen levies on the lady's toilet, and Biddy affects the charms of her mistress. To be had of all druggists, perfumers, and fancy goods dealers throughout the United States and the Canadas, at only 25 cents per bottle. D. C. Driscoll, Toilet Chemist, Proprietor and Manufacturer, Nos. 97 and 97a Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md. Am Improvement upon tub Balm or Thou sand Flowers.?Fontaine's ream of Wild Flowers?combining, in a solid form, the choicest virtues of the Balm of Thousand Flowers?imparts a delicious softness, white ness, and fragrance to the hands and face I prevents chapping; removes tan and freckles, and is an antidote against eruptions. It cre ates an emollient lather in shaving, and is the best article for washing infants and children in use. Being solid, it Is used like a soap may be carried anywhere?and its effects are warrant:d to be satisfactory. For sale by Tay]?r A Maury, and by drsggists generally. The Late Stabbing Case?Condition or the Wounded ?At a late hour last evening we visited Loudens]ager's Hill, for the pur po^e of inquiring after the condition of the wounded who were so ruthlessly stabbed by the Italian Antonio, on Saturday night last. We found Col J M-iybury Turner much more composed and with less pain, though bis phy sician says he is yet in a most critical condi tion The left side of the chest is somewhat swollen bv the air which has penetrated through the wound. Mr. Thomas Woollen was ultK) easier, though the blood is still upon his lui gs, and the air passes through tho wound whenever he speaks His condition is not thought so favorable aa that of Col. Turner Mr. Peter Pfclta is doing very well, though his injury is of a painful character A large num ber of perions are constantly going to tho houses of the wounded and great excitement revails in the vicinity. Frederick Pinkney, sq , the assistant prosecuting attorney, visit ed the wounded this morning, but we could not learn if he took the deposition of Mr. Woollen The favorable condition of Mr. Turner did not render it necessary at the time. The elder of tho prisoners, after being taken to jail, gavo his name as Antonio Faupaier, and says that tho other is his son He states that they have been in this country but little more than a year, and reuched this city from Philadelphia on Friday night lait He al leges that he paid for the privilege of sleeping in the ice house, but we are assured such is not-the fact. He also says that some five or six persons beat him before he used the dag ger in self-defence. That statement, too, is untrue, as be Uabbed all three of the parties a half hour before he wan beat, and he could then have escaped had he not returned to gain possession of his organ. Both of them are extremely unprepossessing in appearance. Baltimore American. Where he BBLONas.?Ex-Qov. Roeder, who tried to make pretensions of neutrality while delivering Kansas speeches and begging money to raise a oivil war in the Territory is out openly for Fremont Mr. lieeder is now where he belongs. The Kansas speculator 13 the supporter of the California speculator, and the only difference on this seore between them is, that Mariposa was a partial success, while th? Kaw lands and Pawnee eity were a dead failure ?TV. Y. Day Book. PERSONAL. .... B. F Butler, Esq , who hu bMt lent in Europe for the last three months, re turned on Thursday last in improved health. .... A man named L. J Brown, from Stock- , bridge. Vt, was ?uff >cated with gas, at Chi oago, on Thursday last. On retiring, he blew out the light. .... Cbanfrau and Madame Albertlne ere starring U in Boston. Miss Heron, and Mr. and Bliss Hitching are at St Louis Miss Davenport if in Philadelphis. ....Yesterday's New Tork Times says: Hon. Mike Walsh is again in town, and looks finely He has been absent in Europe for some time, and visited St Petersburg, where he made a long stay. .... A gentleman having been asked on his return from a party the other evening whether he had seen Mis* A.?a young lady noted for her deeolete style ef dress?replied that he had seen a good deal of ker. .... The Albany Statesman intimates that John A. Kins, the Republican candidate for Governor of New York, owns, in right of mar* riage, a " negro plantation in Georgia." .... Mr. Irving's third volume of his life of Wasb.ngtin receives earnest commendation from the London Morning Poet. Fortunate ly for the public,?observes the reviewer,? Mr Irving found that ho could not wind up the history of the Revolution in his third volume. .... In noticing the organisation of the statistical branch in the Department of State, the St. Louis Evening News savs: " Mr. Flagg, who was for some years a cftisen here, ij well known to the people of St. Louis as a gentleman of fine talent and great industry, tic is known in the literary world as the author of the 'Howard Queen,' 'City of the Sea,' and other works. He is now in a position to give full scope to his abilities, and will no doubt do honor to it. Already pome papers of much value on commercial subjects have been pre pared by Mr. Flagg and issued from the State Department " POLITICAL ITEMS. The Hon Geo. P. Marsh, of Vermont has

taken a decided stand against Republican diiunionism Hon ilowell Cobb, of Georgia, addressed a Democratic meeting at Kimberville, Pa , on Thursday. He has now five appointments to ?peak at different towns in Pennsylvania the present month. The Boston Post says, tho Young Men's Christian Association, while waiting for the pn-cession to more on the 17th, took a vote for Pretiident. which resulted : for Buchanan 55. Hremon 10, undecided 4. It is rumored that Hon. S. G. Haven, Mr. Fillmore's law partner, who now represents ihe Buffalo district in Congress, has declined are nomination. He has been looking around Ihe district since the adjournment of Congress. Among the speakers at a political meeting at Parkersburg, Va , a few days since, were B W Jackson and W. L Jackson, on the Democratic side, and Gen J J. Jackson and J J Jackson, jr , on the American side Hon Wm. H. Seward writes to Detroit to siy that if he shall be in the United States on the 2d day of October, wiih strength enough to appear as a man among men. he will speak to as many as will honor him with their attend ance at Detroit on that day. Hon. John Walworth, of Green county. Wis consin, president of the convention held at Madison. July 13tb, 1&54, whioh formed the "Republican" party of the Badger State, I has repudiated nigger-worship, and come out for Buchanan. The New York Herald, the organ of tho Frtmonters, in speaking of the great Demj ocratic torch-light demonstration in that city, says the procession was composed for the most part of "unwashed Irish laborers." The saeer at the Irish citisens is as pitiful and con temptible as the source is degraded and base from wbonce it er.amates. I Thus far, in Massachusetts, they have for Governor, and other State officers, the Demo- I cratic ticket, the Whig tioket, the Fillmore " American" ticket and the Gardner or Fre- I mont "American" ticket. John H Clifford is on all of them exoept the Democratic Ho mer Foot is on the Fillmore 41 American" and Whig tickets for Lieut. Governor. ) Tho Democrats and Fillmore men of Bote toart county, Va., have united in a barbacue, I to take placo at Buchanan on the lfilh and 17th of October. Among the distinguished speakers to be present, are Hon. A H H I Stuart, Ex-Gov. Floyd, Hon. John M Botti, Hon. John Letcher, John M. Speed, Esq , and Qen. Chapman. A gentleman who has just returned from I South Bend, Indiana, informs the Adrian I Watchtower. that three hundred Germans of I the town of South Bend, who have hitherto I intended to vote for Fremont, abandoned the I fortunes of that aspirant on the day prior to that on which the Watchtower's informant 1 left, and hoisted a Buchanan flag. i A bill has been introduced into the Legis lature of Texas setting apart a valuable tract of land as large as the State of Tennessee, the northern boundary of which is within thirty I miles of Kansas, in which land bounties are I offered to slaveholders who will settle there. I The object of the bill is to interpose the staunch I barrier of a slaveholdingoommunity between the influence of the possible free-State institu- I tions of Kansas and tho slaveholding counties I of southern and middle Texas. : The Baton Rou^e Advocate (Louisiana) paid I the following complimentary tribute to Mr Buchanan : "The word 4.s?/<' is synonymous with the I name of J amee Buchanan He is a Bafe man Great interests may be confided to his keep- I ing, with that same sense of security that they I would be faithfully guarded, which would in spire the private citisen who had deposited his private wealth in the iron chest of the I national treasury." Mr. Joseph William, a planter, of Louisiana, writes to the editor of the Memphis Eagle, that while on a visit to the North he oalled on Mr. Fillmore, and in reply to questions Mr F. stated that be was decidedly opposed to the doctrine of squatter sovereignty, as advocated by C ass, Douglas, Buchanan and Van Buren; that he believed that a Territory, until its inhabitants were sufficiently numerous to au thorise the formation of a State constitution. could only be regarded as in a condition of pupilage, possessing no sovereignty whatever ; and referred to the Utah and New Mexioo Territorial bills, sanctioned by him, as a cor rect indication of his opinions 1ST A crasy man was found riding on the cow-oatoher of the loeomotive on the arrival of a train of cars at Waukegan, Wis , on the 15th inst , but how or where ho got into the position he occupied was a mystery to every one. On attempting to remove him, it was found that one of his legs was broken, but he made no complaint, and would answer no questions?maintaining complete silence, ex cept when any one offered to touoh a small trx in which he had a small sum of money, i The man was taken charge of by the officers of the poor, and his wounds properly attended py The New York Evangelist eloses an editorial review of Mrs. Boecher Stowe's new anti slavery novel " Dred" with the following remarkable criticism : " The fault we find with the work is not to much that a larg' if- tiou of the Church of Christ is CAAt"A TCRED and misrepresented by a singular per version or pacts, as that art has been sacrificed to passion, and that prerogative of the poet has been made secondary to the teal of the partisan." A servile insurreot^u, it is stated, was lately fortunately discovered in time at Co lumbus, Texas, among some four hundred slaves to rise against the white population and murder and rob them. They would prob ably have completed their design had not a slave informed his master of the fact. A num ber of the negroes were in custody, and some two or three were to be hung. Kansas Election.?On the 1st of October a new Territorial Legislature is to be elected in Kansas. The National Kansas Committee in a recently published statement estimates the real Free State inhabitants of the territory at the present time at 30,000, and the Pro-slavery settlors at 5.000 The number of Free State inhabitants is no doubt put down much too high. 3S ATTENTION BALTIMOR I AN? - AU inMfiti of -Ti'f sow la this city are requested to rrrrta' Jun<man's Hotel, near the Railroad Dep t, TO MORROW NIGHT, the 94th last , at 7# o'clock Friend* of Back and Rr*ok%* at your poet, an matters ap pertaining to the costing election will be before you. By order. ie?>l I. O. R M?THE MEMBERS OF Mokawk Tribe No 7, Improved Order _ of Red men, are requested to be punctsil in tnelr attendance on TUESDAY the ?d Inst at 8 o'clock, aa busiresa of vital importance will be subpilttai for their consideration By order se n-H J F. W1NNALL, C R. FIRST COTILLON PARTY or TBI LIBERTY CLUB, ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMB ERiitk, AT THE ARMORY Ca Loutttana avenue, betwetn t k and 7tk itt Tick eta FIFTY CENTS, admitting a gentle man and ladles; to be had of any of the m? mbers, ?rat Uie door ? 17-8f NOTICE ? 1 HE MEMBERS OF the Western Hose Active Association September 85th, at the Pioneer Hall, corner of K and 84th streets Scott's Band b- en enjrased DTD>?ltr ? . ... . Tickets FIFTY CENTS?admitting a gentle man ud ladles. Committtt of Artaugtnuntt. John R. Spalding, W. 0. B. Tborne, JohnCarr. se*J-ec3t ?-^=^NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of 6LASS and ItUEENSWARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing tbey will save from Ik to SS per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 909 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. Je 9-Orn JOHN McPEVITT. Lost.?a few days ago. in an om nibus to Georgetown, a bunch of KE>8. The flnder of which will confer a favor upon the owner by leaving them at tbla oBce. It Lost?a check drawn by mrs. r. D.Cutta o? RlpgsA Co, payable to F. L. Moore, or bearer, for teventy-one dollars and twenty-five cents All persons are foiewarned against receiving the above check, as payment has been stopped It F. L MOORE. 1>1 FERIAL, OCN POWDER AND BLACK TEA CHEAP.?A fresh supply otfgSXk t ioae superior Teas Just received, iuclud lag 25 chests of that ucequalled SO cent Black Tea. Brown Sugar 9. 8 %. 10. and 1 ? rent*. JOS. W. DAVIS, It* corner 9th and E airerts. REWARD?WILL BE PAID A a R E W A R D?WILL BE %P 1UU for the apprehension and deliv ery to me of a SERVANT GIRL, named A I Deliiah, who left my houae in the Navy Yard oa Saturday morning, the 8l?th lust ^ Said girl is a light mulatto, with regular features, and is small for her age, which is aocut 14 ?e 23-eolw GEO. B. BALCH . SPtfTACLES. 4N EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF Gold, Silver, Light Steel, and German Si ver B jectacles, suitable for all ages. Every one who wish to Improve their slpht, would do well toca'l before purchasing elsewhere Just received aud for sal'by E. K LUNDY, se 23 No. 1S8 Bridge street, Georgetown FRENCH MILLINERY. ;\1RS M L. DAVISON, OVER MESSRS. l-'l Gat A Bro.'s Jewelry Store, ar.d at,\A her store, oppo-ite, No 393, has novwQK opened a splendid assortment of French 2/55 Hat Flowers, Ribbons, and Feathers. and la ready to accommodate her customers and the pualic with theiatefct fall and winter Fashions. Hats altered and trimmed at the shcrtest notice and moat reaaoc&ble terms. se 81- 5;? CLOCKS?CLOCKS-CLOCKS. HAVE JU?T RECEIVED A LAR6E As sortment of Clo ks-50 different styles, which win be sold low, and warranted to go well Those who buy 10 sell aga n would do well to give me a call before purchasing e nevabtre Also, Clock Materials of all kinds. Oils, Balls, Keys, Cords Hands, Ac , at J ROBINSON'S, se 23-8m 349 Pa. ave , oppo. Browns' Hotel. WOOD AND COAL. THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE ON HAND, are constants receiving supp'iesof the very beat qualities of everv description of WOOD. Alio, every variety of the most superior qualities ?f COAL, all of which will be soid on as reason able terms as thev can be had in the District Now afloat a cargo of superior Coal. Those in want would do well to call and leave their orders so as to be furnished from the vessel OlBces corner of I and 81st streets, Washington, and Green street, opposite Gas Hons*, Georgetown ?e83 BARRON A STOVER. New magazines fob october at Shilling ton's Bookselling and Stationery EstabUahment, Pennsylvania avenue, corner 4K street? # Harper's Magazine for October Godey's Lady's Book Arthur's Home Msgsz!ne. ALSO BBCBIVBD? The Hills of the Shatemue, a new novel by the author of the" Wide, Wide World" Dred, by Mrs. Stowe Magdalene Hepbom, by the anthor of " Zaldee " All the new Books, Magazines, and everv thins in the stationery 11 ne for sale at m _ shillington'S, * Oden Building. 383 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. BOYS' FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING. tlfALL A STEPHENS HAVE RECEIVED v r th?-lr immense assortment of Boys' Dress Jackets, Boys' School Jackets Boys' Dress Vests, Boys' School Vests Boys' Dress Pants, Boys' Schsol Pant* Boys' Frock Coats, Boys' Sack Coats Boys' Over Coats, Boys' Talmas Boys' White Shirts, Boys' Undershirts Boys' 1 Mlreno Drawers. Boys' Cottan Drawers, Ac. Making our assortment of boys' wearing apparel the most complete in this city, wnich we will sell at New York prices WALL A STEPHENS, 32-2 Penn. ave , bet 9th and 10th streets, M 'a MB to Iron Hall. J 1ST RECEIVED AT THE MUSIC DE< pot, W. Miller's Grand Square PI-^CS^H ANos, the most magnificent Instru-rT rfr ments now manufactured A large stock of Pianos for rent on the most reasonable terms. W G. METZEROTT \IKWLAW BOOKS.?CURTIS'S digest m 4;8 ?upreme Court Reports, 1 vol; Bennett and Heird's Leading Criminal Cat**, 1 vol; Howard's U S Supreme Court Reports vol 18: Latrobe-s Justice, new e-tUlon, 1 vol; Sudden on Powers, 2 vols ; Halste-d's Law of Evidence, 1 vol; Patton and Heath s Reports of Csm>s de cided in the Special Court of Appeals of Virgin ia, with Index to Gratun's Reports, vol 1; Dun lop's Laws of the United States, 17S9 to lhflB. 1 (?e22) KKANCK TAYLK. BROOKE V ILL L ACADEMY, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND' rpBE SYSTEM OF INSTRUCTION IN ?fi- this Institution embraces thorough training in the Classics, Mathematics, Sc'ences, and ordi nary English branches. Terms for board and tuition, S160 per annum Catalogue* containing further information may be obtained by addressing the Principal at Brooke ville, Maryland E. B PR ETTYM AN, A M se 22-2w Principal. OUNS-OCNS-OUNS. ^PHESUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED A dlrectfrom the celebrated inanufac t o r y of Mr. Chance A Son, the^ _ best and cheapest lot of Double and Single Shot Ouns ever be fere offered In this market Each Gun has been proved and will be warianted per fect throughout, or no sale.* We have also Powder Flasks. Shot Belts, Game Bags, Cleaning Rods. Baldiron Wade, Percussion Caps. Powder and Shot, all of wblch are offered as low as can be purchased in this city, by JOS. L SAVAGE, Sign of Gift Saw, Penn. avenue, between se22 lm (News copy) 10th and 11th sta. POLITICAL STREAMERS AN D FLAGS for the boys, for sale b> ?ejiO 3t LAMMOND. LADIES' SEWING BIRDS, BELTS Clasp?, Hair Brushes, Combs. Parses, Ac ,at ?e 20-31 LAM MOLD'S. NEW YORK HATS 1?THE THIRD SUP plv of HATS from " Beebe" this day *-\ opened at STEVENS'S ? \ se 20-3t Sales Room, Browns' hotel. u Received.?a lot of william Penn COOK STOVES and new - Parlor Heaters W. H HARROVER, Seventh street, S doors from Penn. se 80-flt avenue TFOK BOSTON. HE PACKET SCHOONER JULIETTE, Oapt Baker, has anlved and will have quick dispatch for the above port HARTLEY k BROTHER, ?e20-4t 191 Water strn I LOST.?ON the 17TH INST , A SPtCl fl cation for b illdlng a honse for Z MP King, the finder will be suitably rewarded by leavlng It at Mr. KING'S Store, corner of I stret and Vermont avenue ?e?u-3ta Amusements If A TIONA L THE A TH E KvffKBL A *'o . L**oee? |i T Fom?. Manager. [AIm, of Bdtlmonand Rlrbmond Theitrw ] THURSDAY EVENIN6, SEPTEMBER tf The ?ompiate success alter di: g the two previous ^ of tgy. LllBN, MAURICE 8TRAK0SCHS GRAND OPERATIC AKD CONCERT COMPANY Coupled with his earnest dislre to gratify Us liberal patron* of Wsshlnglon has Induced tha Mansger to yield compliance to the genffnlly exprewwd wisbo* of THK MUSIC LOVERS Of Washlngto ?, and announce 'hat favoring clr rtiiMtiiK'N haw ntaWH hli> to ?fwt an ar rangement for positively hat On* Night addt tl-nallr, when the ever-welcome and world rt n own ad vocalist. n'DLLE TERBIA PARODI, Sustained by the great Terror, Blgaer M. T1BERINI, And the eminent Basso, Signer OSWALD BKRNAKDI, Aaalsted by the famed youthful prodli FACL JUL! And the celebrated Pianist, MAURICE 8TRAK0KH, Will rer der an entirely fresh and carefully selec Ud programme of Operatic Moslc. M'DLLE TERESA PARODI WU1 reader on the o caslon her Inspiriting and soul-stirring execution of our Nation's A nthen, the " Star Spangled Banner," received aver with the wildest enthusiasm and Moor's ex quisite balled of " The Last Roaa of Bummer ?? The Prices wilt reaala tit ?>??. P**44 ?/ Admttti? ? Boxaaaad Paraoette M cents, Reserved wets, 7S cexti; Pamlly Circle and Galleries, 25 rents. Box oAce open dally from t to ? o'clock ee tM GREAT NOVELTY! AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 7/A Sirtt, TteiUAV EVANIN6, Sept. 9S. PROFESSOR WILSON would inform the citizens of Washington that he will give One Exhibition of hla wonderful KALEIDOSCOPIC TIEffS! Phantasmagoric Figures, &e. on which occasion everv person vlslMng the fc x hlbttlon will have the opportunity or oranl festlng hla or her choice for the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Fillmore,Buchanan & Fremont Tickets will be ready, snd bcxe? under tte charge of gentlemen from each polltlcil partv, for their reception. XT' LADIES 11CKETS WILL BE KEPT ShfARATE JfT The vote wil be annoan'~ed at the clow of he exhibition, nnd itltgrapk?d to mil ikt pn?t? )'?/ tin t Comrmnc-; at* o'clcck. Admittance li# certs only ae it It* DAN RICE'S GREAT SHOW! THE ONLY DULY RECOGNIZED AND LEUIUMATI; ?HOW HAVING ANY CLAIM TO GREATNESS IN AMF RICA .' WIU exhibit in Washington on f'KIDAY A AATl Ki)AY. Kept. U6 nnd >17, FOR TWO DAYS ONLY: APTERNOON a>d evening. DAN K1CE respectfully announces that It la his Intention to anoid the most delightful and In teresting Entertainment ever before held under a canvas In this country. THE TALENT OF HIM COMPANY, ud tri iSTiLLioawca or bis WONDERFUL HORSES. MULES AND ELEPHANTS! J milles him In the belief that his endeavors will be crowned with saccess, and that thecltl sens of thia cltv will award him the same meed of praise that other communi ties have so universally bestowed. icr a Grand Afternoon Performance, for the accommodation of families and children, will be given oa SATURDAY. commencing atSo'cl'k. tnr Admission to Boxes FIFTY CENT?; PltTWENTY-FIVE CKNTS Doors open at 7; performance to c< mmence at 7Jf o'eloci. ae l5-?w Wants. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPEC table young girl as cook, washer and lroner. or chambermaid, washer and lroner in a small ftmlly The keat of city references given. Ap p'.y at No 9018th street. between L and M. it* WANTED?A NURSE WBO CAN COME well recommended. Inquire at the corner of E and 8th streeta. se KS-St* WANTED-BFA RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl a situation as chambermaid, or can do good plain sewing, or nurse Good r< foresees will be given Pleaae call at Oregon street, be tween 6th and 7th, No 38. se ? *?_ WANTED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO And persons In went of the following ar tides: French or German Looking 61er*es Portrait or Picture Frames, round, ova? or sqver* OH Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Teblw, Is brenre ct gold All kinds of Plcturea framed, and ai y sire Looking blasses, or other work in tic gliding llae done to order with disrateL. Also, a lot of cast-iron Brae kctts, sultoble for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate ;o suit the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regllt.acd Lcoi'.ar Gltts Plates Inserted US Penaa. avenue, opposite Rlrkwood Rous*. dec It JOHN WAGNER Boarding. Boarding? several newly h r nlt-hed rooms for rtnt, either slrg y or lu suits, with board. In a sn all family where ibe it are but few boarders. at 403 F street. In Unl n Row, and the Immediate vicinity of the Paten: OMce se l'i-wwo Boarding ?several large rooms with ain^le ones attached, hai.d>on ely fur nlshed, can be rented either in suits for fem,!!*?, or to single persons, with board if desired, on the most reasonable ?e*ms A large yard Is attached to the house, making it desirable for a family with children. Apply at No 46S lotfc ?tjo.t, b? ween D and E. m 17-1 w* MRS. G 4MBKBMDI ('AN ACCOMMn date several boardmiwlth or without rccrr s. Penn avenue, No 276, betwten 11th end ltiih streets. lb- 1m DOARD, Ac ?MRS. BATES, ON THKS \N A3 corner of Pennsylvania avenue and ?ih street is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rocm* with or without beard Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may fkv. r her with their patronage Transient or table board can be obtained ap b_ lf iOAfj MEWAR1I?RAN AWAY FROM the fcub^crlber. living near Upper Marlboro', PiInee George's countv Wd NEGRO MAN LEN, who calls iimself LEN UARROI); he Is a dark mulatto about thirty one years of age, flvef^ct seven'', arD. fs high ; he has a war o . the right knee cswed by a cot; half of his head shaved. ai?d ??rv rr, u. when spoken to | I will give the above reward If caught out ofih State of M arvlaud or Llstrlrt of ColumM*. er < no hundred dollars If caught In the i*irte of Mary land or District of Columbia, and iwcured ic luil or brought hene so that 1 ian get hlaj ataln a R B ft A LI.. W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANOFORTE CI ASSES. Apply at acadamy ok mum.-, corner of 11th and Pennsylvania avenue ? r at Mr. Palmer's residence Ml F str?et. neer '11 . Terms per quartfr. M. v?i FRANCIS HUTCH I NK, SCATSNQER OF THE FOURTH WAhL?. DISTRICT?FROM THE SOUTH SIDE ?-E New York avenue to the west sld? ?f E street. From the east aide of 7th aUeet, a? f. r cast as the boundary line All crders left at Mr Caton's earner of O .-t 5tn stresta, at the Contra Market, and tte ?? deace of the subscriber No Wk vtMrt, Ik :? n 4th and Sth will he promptly atler.dtd tu | sesh?-lw? F UUiCHlNa