Newspaper of Evening Star, September 24, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 24, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Thk Board or Commok Council met on Monday, and was called to order bj the Presi dent All the members present except Mr. McCutchen. On motion, the reading of the journal waa dispensed with. Mr Hutchinson presented the petition of Joseph Huff, prajiDg for the remission of a fine. referred. Mr Lloyd reported a bill for the relief of G. W. Uttermnchle; passed. The bill from the Aldermen for the grading and paving of the alley in square No. 252 was taken up. read twice, and referred. The bill from the same Board making an appropriation for grading and gravelling I street north, from Connecticut to Vermont avenue, and for other purposes, was taken up, read twice, and referred. Mr. Lloyd introduced a bill making an ap propriation for laying a gutter across Vir ginia avenue, on the west side of Tenth street south, and fer other purposes; passed. Mr. Turton reported a bill making an ap propriation for repairing the gutter on the south side of I street north, betweea Twenty - third street west and Virginia avenue, passed. The Aldermen's bill making an appropria tion for extra clerical services in the office of the Tax Clerk was passed. The Board then proceeded to theconsidera tion of the amendments of the Aldermen to tho bill making appropriations to defray the general expenses of the Corporation for the year ending Juno 30, 1857, and for other pur poses The first amendment, striking out lines 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 55. 58, 57, 58, and 59, was concurred in?yeas 10, nays 9. The following amendments to the first sec tion of the bill were concurred in : '-In 109th line, striko out'ono' and insert ? two ' " In 110th line, strike out 'twenty' and in* gert ' forty.' " At the end of line 117 add ' one hundred and seventy-five dollars ' '? In line 118, strike out the word ' and1 and the words ' including printing, stationery, A>?., three,' and insert the words ' for defraying the contingent expenses of the.' " In line 119. strike out the words ' hundred and fifty dollars' and insert the words 'one hundred and seventy five dollars, which sum! shall be disbursed by oach Board respective* 41 In line 134, insert the ward* 4 and Ameri can,' and strike out ' seven' and insert ? eight.' " In line 1SS, strike out 4 two' and insert 'four,'and add the words 'provided a de tailed statement be presented to the two Boards quarterly.' " The next amendment was by adding at the end of line 140 the words : *' Provided, That no part of the money herein appropriated shall be expended for any other purposes than those specified." On concurring in this amendment the yeaa and nay? were demanded, and, being taken, it was concurred in. The next amendment, adding the words " unles the same shall be subsequently con firmed by the said Board" at the end of the socoml ?ection, whs then read and also con curred in. The amendments having been all read, the question was taken by yeas and nays, on con curring therein as a whole, when the amend ments were finally concurred in. Mr. Knight from the committee on Unfin ished Business, reported a bill to abate a nuisance at the west end of the alley running tarough square No 732;" referred to im provements committee. The President laid before the Board a com munication from the Mayor, in reply to a res olution of thii Board of the loth inetanl. transmitting a communication from the Ci^ Surveyor in relation to tho grade of the alley on the north front of square No. 454 ; laid op the table. Mr Hutchinson introduced a bill for repair ing G street south, between Twelfth and Thir teenth streets east; passed. Mr. Knight presented tho petition of Wash ington llall, praying the payment of an ac count against the Corporation; referred to claims committee Mr. Fisher presented the petition of Ter rence Keenan, asking the remission of a fine imposed by Justice Uollingshead ; referred to o Aims committee. Also, the petition of T. W. Green, Treasurer of Columbia College, in relation to taxes er roneously paid ; referred to claims oommittee Also, the petition of Samuel Jones for cot? per>ation for removing the dead body of a colored pauper; referred to claims committee. Also the petition of John Fitzgerald, asking for tne remission of a fine ; referred to claims committee. The B.ard then took up for consideration the bill relative to the officers of the city. Mr Jefferson moved to amend the bill by prefixing thereto a preamble. The Cnair refused to entertain the preamble, pronouncing it out of order. Mr Jefferson appealed from the decision of tie Chair. The auestion waa then put, " Shall the de cision of the Chair stand aa the judgment of the Board V and the yeas and nays being de manded thereon, it waa decided in the affir mative?Yeas 10, nays 8. Mr Lloyd moved to amend the bill by chang ing its title so as to read " a bill to provide against any public officer expending more than amounts appropriated which was agreed k>. The bill was then read a third time and passed. Mr. Abert moved that the preamble pro posed to the above bill by Mr. Jefferson be printed with the proceedings. The Chair rulea the motion out of order. Mr Abert appealed from the decision of the Chair The question was then put, " Shall the de cision of the Chair stand as the judgment of t ",e Hoard 7 and it was decided in the affirm live. Mr. Gordon offered a joint resolution giving the trustees ef the public schools authority to cc;upy a room in the Northern Liberties en gine heuse for school purposes ; laid over for further consideration until Monday next. Mr. Walker reported a bill authorising the improvement of Eighth street east, from G street south to Pennsylvania avenue; passed. A ?o a bill for opening and grading O street s u:n, from Four aud-a-half street west to Water street; passed Alio a bill for grading and graveling a por tion of Eighth street west, between I) and F streets south', passed. Mr. Turton reported with an amendment tLe bill from the Board ef Aldermen for gra ding and graveling I street north, from Ccn ne<*;icut avenue to Virginia avenue, and for otber purposes; parsed. A message was received from the Board of Aldermen requesting the return to that Board from the files of this Board of the bill entitled " An act for the relief of Corbin Baker " which request was acceded to. The Board then adjourned. . Washington. September 22, 1856. / " the Editor of the Star : Sik We tho undersigned would respect fully request you t.? oblige us and those whom w?j io part represent by publishing the follow ing statement in connexion with the proceed ings of the Boirdof Common Council, of which W> are members A bill making the officers of the Corporation P?"oni*||y responsible for exceeding appro priationi* neing before the Board for considera tion on Monday, the 22i instant, Mr. Jotter- j ?on, of the Second Ward, moved as an amend merit the following preamble : VN licreai for the lact two years previous to" the first Monday in June of the present year the expenditures for various objccta under the government have en a number of occasions, in violation of law, exceeded the appropriations lor such objects: Therefore be it enacted, Ac " The President of the Board decided it to be out of order, and from his decision an appeal was taken, but the decision was sustained by a party vote. Subsequently the member who introduced the bill asked of the President whether the motion made by the ^entlezam from the Second Ward would bo entered on the journal The President replied that, having been decided to be out of order it would be excluded from the journal. After the bill had passed Mr Abert, rf the First Ward moved that the motion ot Mr Jeff- rsin be printed wiLh tLe proceeding* which tuo;jon the President decided oat of order, and on an First Ward. Second Ward. Fourth Ward. appeal being taken from the deeision it was sustained by a party vote Our city charter requires that the Board shall keep a journal of its proceedings We the undersigned consider that the motions as well as the action thereon are of eourse part of the proceedings, and, as such, should ap pear upon our journals Our journal will now only show that two motions wore made, which were ruled out of order, an appeal taken thereon, and the decision sustained , or per haps there may be no notice taken of the sub ject whatever Without expressing at this time any opinion upon the preamble, we ara desirous that the subject-matter thereof should fully appear, that the public may judge as to whether tho motions wero in order or not, and not bo left to all sorts of conjectures and perhaps^ unjust reflections on those who made the motions, John B Tuetow, Charles Abbrt, D. C. Lac, William Orkb, Tros. J. Fishkr, E. Edmonston, J. A Kbnnbdy, , Before the proceedings alluded to in the above statement took place I was called una voidably from the Council room; but upon the questions of order raised and decided I am convinced the Chair and the majority of the Board erred in their decision, and the journal would be illegally mutilated by ex cluding therefrom the proceedings Richard H. Clarkr National Theatre ?The final concert of Strakosch's great company tako3 place at tho National to-morrow evening, and none of our citiiens claiming the possession of a musical taste will, we presume, willingly absent them selves. Both the illustrious names of the ar tists and the programme selected guarantee high musical enjoyment Parodi stands the unquestioned queen of th? lyric stage in this country, while Tiberini, whose exquisite tal ent is rapidly becoming familiarto the Ameri can public, ranks second to no tenor alive. Strakosch is the perfeot master of the piano, and little Paul Jullien may well court com parison with the best violinists now before the world. IJenzcle Light.?Captain Levy, opposite to the National Hotel, has his store lighted with the beutule gas, which affords a fine, and, compared with tho usual kind of gas, a cheap illumination. All persons interested in the subject, and especially those who want a portable apparatus, will find the Captain always ready to exhibit tho machine and to explain the mrde by which the eras is gener ated by the simple anl beaut fu! arrange ?lent. ? Gettino Ebadt for Winter.?1Owing to the recent change of the weather, which makes light summer gear unsuitable for oomfort, we notice that housekeepers were out in strong force to-day, looking for stoves and for such other articles as are necessary to blunt or soften the severity of winter. That's right; act promptly, cur merchants can accommo date you all. Tou have no need to send else where for what you can as accommodatingly and as reasonably procure at home. Lodgers?Tho usual applicants for corpo ration assistance are beginning to arrive ard take lodgings at the Central Guard House. Persona who apply thrice in succession for lodgings at that station are now questioned ?s to their means of support, and if it apnear that they have none they are committea to tho workhouse as vagrants. This rule will probably prevent the rush of paupers to thii city during the fall. Organ Grinders in III Repute.?Yester day those two itinerants who have been ex hibiting puppets in the streets, attracting crowds on the side walks and obstructing the footways with their organ grinding and shows, were arrested by Officer Reynolds and takon before Justice Uollingshead, who committed them to the workhouse for tho violation of law. Grand Larceny ?George Lee, colored, was arrested on Sunday last by Officer Callahan for stealing SlftS from Mr. Hugh Ragan. About 6ixty dollars of the money whs found upon him Lee is said to be a slave ; ami after a trial before Justice Donn he wai sent to jail for a further hearing. Parodi's Grabd Concert Book.?A new edition of M'lle Parodi's concert book, ar ranged expressly for the present grand concert, has just been published in an unequal style, containing the French, Italian, an<l Engli>h words Also, the music arranged for the piano forte; for sale to-morrow evening at the theatre. Price twenty-five cents. National Guards Excursion.?Wo learn that the National Guards have decided to leave the city for York on the morning of the 18th October at 8 o'clock. Letters have been re ceived through Capt. Zeigher from tho Worth Infantry and York County Artillery, of York, extending a cordial invitation to the Guards, and promising a soldier's welcome. Religious ?On the re-opening of the Charle3 street Methodist Episcopal church, Baltimore, on Sunday last, the Rev. Dr. Doggett, of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, of this city, was among the several ministers who de livered eloquent and appropriate sermons. Third District Police Oppice?This of fice, in which Justice Hollingshead officiates, has been actively engaged in the disposal of Corporation business. Violations of the city laws have been numerous, and the arrests have been in proportion. The most Ludicrous and Laughable Carica tures of all political parties, only 124 cants each. For sale at Alex. Adamson's, Seventh street, opposite to the Pott Office. * Pockbt-Book Lost.-?Attention is called to the advertisement of pocket-book lost in ano ther column. * Watch RrrcBNS.?Samuel Wyvill, vagrant; workhouse 30 days. James Conuor do; do.? Matilda Wade, disorderly conduct; no witnetS appearing she was dismissed by Justice Hol lingshead ?7* Read this.?For all Bowel Disease*, Cholera, Diarrhea, l?y*pep*la, Platnlanry, Constipation, ami Oeneral Debility, we know of nothing better than Dr. Ho? tetter'* Celebrated Stomach Bitter*. One nine gla-? taken three tlruea each 'lay, before luea'i, w'.ll be a sure cure for all the above dlaeaaes, will remove nil heaviness from the ?to?a>-h; keep yon free from coetlvene**, assist dlge*tlon, give a </'"! appetite, aii'l Impart a healtUy tone to the whole *vstem. Bvery family should keep these Bitters on hand <tarln< the *umm?r se*e?'ii a* a family medicine. For Bale by all principal druggist* and dealer* generally. *ep 15-1 w [?"DeGrsth'l Klectrlc Oil. ?Tain Is the premonltor o' death. Believe tke pain, and you rbe<-k tli? disease. Prof. Di OiiTH'H Kt k<tbi< Oil la tbe marvel of thl* age, fur the following. uot everything.) Care* Rlsamstlstn often In a day; cure* Neuralgia, Toolb arhe, i minute*, rnree Cramp In stomach, 5 minute*; cure* Bum, Brnlsea, Wound*. 1 to I daya . cure* P.ilne 1n Bark, Breast. 1 day; rnree Headache, 16 inlnutea. <-urea laiache, 8'iff Neck, Agne, i night; cure* Pllea. Swelled Gland*. 10 day*, cure* Pslons, Brokeo Breast, Salt Rheum, 3 to 6 daya; cure* (Jnlusy, Palpitation, Plenrisy, 1 to 10 daya, cores Asth ma, Paley, Oont, Bryslpelas,5 to 10. care*Hemorrhage,8?ro fBla, Ab*<-*?*, ? to 10 day* _ , Large bottle* ten times cheapeot. So.d by 8 B. HAM,*, 10* Baltimore street, Baltimore; and STOTT A Co. and J. SCHWA RT7, Washington. bb? l?-lw I and s|?? cared wltheut using Juinlue, Araenlc, Mercury, Opium, er any of the poisonous mi, or dangerous compound*, generally re?nrle'I to by eofferwra from th>s long drawn, n> >*t afflicting, and anurylng of all dls.'a***, by re* Ttlng to Carter'* Spanish M'vlure, whb h contain* none the above de!eter1on* substance*, bnt cure* eflartaally and fully by acting sperMnally on tbe Liver and Skin. Purifying the Blood, and expalllcc Iha remain* of old medicines with which tbe system ha* been clogged, 0| enlc* the |w,ree of the body, and allowlngiature to a*?1*t ?t?elf lu treaklug up the dl*eaae, and rtcnperatlng It* en ergl-*. hee the core of Mr. John Lo?gdon,of Va ; he had fixed and ?Jironlc A^ue and Kever, rhlll* twice a day for three year*. Nothing |>?rrnaneutly curcl Miii, nritil kt liifcd C*rtfr*A >pan1sh Mixture; three bottle* of which perfectly restored i t" he\lth, nor l.aa ha had a chill *lnce. He I* only dus out of a thou?*nd who ha* exp?rleiir?l the life renewing ef ecu of UUa valuable pa lOerof the blood. *ep I- IB Silver Warc Alanaf&cteryI am new mailnfijturtug V*ry auperlor article* In the way of 8t?rliug , , wabk, vl' Pork*, Hpoona, Goblet*, Cup*. Ac, wnlcb c.nuot be e?c? |*<j tD tUta *e. lion of country. Also, lor sale, every variety of Una Watchea, of the moat celebrated makers and a complete a??ortment of rich Gold Jewelly. Pino Watch repairing of every deecrlpilou done In the beat isrAvcvrar* ??" No. Ul Pa. avenne, b-twesn ?th and loth atreeta. Hlgn of the Large Spread Kaglo, J' H. O. HOOD teat a, ruti, and Vasts, Drttt Suits, Buumst Smitt MOiH WALK IB A OO., If akblb Ham. Olotiii* I*ro an>?, Browne' Hotel Building, reepectfnlly acnonuce (hat th^ir annaal dlaplay of KALL AND WljlTKB CLOTH1NO la new ready for luapacUon, coioprUiag an aa*ortm9Ut 0f OnrrLiikw a*d Totrrn' CbOT?ni? of the newaat and rtrfc. ?at daalgu*. In matertai, trlmatmg, and workatanahlp To thjsa who stcdy aiceileuca, with economy In faahloaaole ar ttclea A d. ea?, an opportanlty la Bow oflhrad tor *-l*ctiB| fro SB MS ef the moot attraottT* Block H ffooda 1b this d.y, t OlKDt On Tuesday, September 23d, LOUISE LIO MEN, wife of Henry Preaot, In the 48th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family are re sote'fully Invited to attend the funeral on Thurs day the 25th. at 3 o'clock p. m , from her late res idence, No. 999 4th street. For Sale and Rent. F(?oi?E1V5L?E?*OBTOWN -A TWO tion o^Or^n vS .*e g1od ten8n,able condi D union Fn^J* L?? inear e residence of Judge TH1C UM F?SJ^SJS\ RKNT -A NEW THREE rooms with k House, containing eight large S Z ?v^emeSt,and a spacious yard at orDMvst?n a Re,ffclory. Boarding House, owner whn^fl? f*' 18 now occupied bv the or will wmMi f ?" at private sale, Forterm??nH JL Panctnal and careful tecant. No 5? h?vp?I? . U^!,f'n!'u'rt0" Preml e9t se2l?3tr street, between D and ti, Island! K?nL.n^NT?A tWO-STORY BRICK CaDltol i-W* ,Caplto1 HI11' corner of EMt attfo.ill Jif W rtreet ea*t< containing 6 rooms, o!w .a,t?ehed. with wood house and T.? 8 careful ,enant the rent will or terin8 lnq?*r? at No. 48 on the premises. M 23-5t? 8ALE.?I OFFER FOR SALE Beltsville, Maryland, on the mtnutM'' Jl?! ie Vv .n^?n raUroa(1 within five fromw?Jhi0?2 ?V epot and twelve "lllcs dredarri A? i !. c?nta,n8 about two hun snbstantlni' i?n!i timber;) house nearly new, ?L^L?C?nytnIentl/bu,,t'twelv"?oms' houses '? n?? Porchea, with all necessary out welT7*,.?' ,?ne water? ?d orchards of neari'v i ? , ?ne hundred acres (forming will he ?oiS"are' ^ ib tbe buildings amidships) JTerf Juv li.?FntelZ' " desired The place Is SKlde1 liS? i.y?.P^d,,Sctlv?2 WfI'-watered, a*d everv dennmin #? ?e'd8 Churches of almost denomination convenient, varying In dl^ a d?ofnhi i?,h?pnIn!?i8VC. mUe8' and R Publ,c school Jain !!*??* ,!t 7rl11 ?>? 8<>ld a great bar IfW ^ m 1 ned t0 "?? at once elven ? itwin?^i(?^ wh,ch due notice will be on WEDNFhCJ <Sy ? u0ld at Public auction 10 ,e"' "" w,? jett-lw THOS. T. HUNTER. F h?us??.mT Tt-wo MEDIUM SIZED 7th streeJ? pJI?ry J aTenue- between 6th and iZivTi'rsfi&T'z jo" ixZJSW"'' ? SJ$l ? ? - ? ? AC 19 ^ LOT ON THE CORNER * c . ? streets, BO ft>et 9 inches bv 1-28 feet inches deep. This is one of the best fora Ier^fvannnne!Rb h00d8 ,n the c,tVr? being dl W?JiShuTu ? n? elePa"t^sldence of Lfcut. ? . , ' ? ?* Navy, and In a rapidly lmprov ng neighborhood. It offers a rare chance to ne NVALLa7w.il0 i>?ThtCe EnT,lre rf Wall ? Stephens's, No. 322 Penn avenue, between ?th and 10th stiW re 17-/w Dooms for rent-two roomsover f0ra" ?ffiCe of ^moatany kind, will i>e rented low to a permanent tenant Eosswion given Immediately. L F CLARK atreiti? nn' aven,1<?, between 12th and 13th - se lT-tf F?Z njBNT-rPWBNWHED OR UNFURN fv?_ .dJ ^nh?'18e ?1 tinted on the north side of Penn nV^ > " h^n*ral P?r* of the cltV, containing j?,a! flfteen rooms, which are comfortably fum Ie# through the houre Will be 15!^ careful and r?'sponslV)le ten?nt !f ?p {11 d for soon; or the rooms wiil tie rented se*? SetLhLn o?!i ? a" 66 ob,ained ^ the Immediate nelghborho'^l. A servant will be left to attend, sSffasr*^ "e room'" re,"",2 ,ATr 0 O R g A L E?A CONVENIENT SMALL f-nn. pUse> ?n "treet, only two or three doors ['"P"1 avenue. Its central location renders it a ery d'sirable dwelling for persons engaged in KhowTonmT ro?m ,T,leht be as a hILTwk ? a M,1"nery. or ,ittpd up for a La rioTim^fCP? it'? ncy Tr'mm'ng Store. Its y avenue would make It a good nefl h:,"i,neM Apply to W. LEN. 11th'streets 3 enox ' pn K? between 10th and F'.^> ?!'NT ?U.VELLIN? HOUSE, NO. n.u j'w ennsylvanla avenue north side between 9th aid H'th streets. One of the best locations In tbecity. Immediate passessiongiven. Apply to ?? WHJ'TE A. CO , on the premier Lr.\1 LANE, Gent s Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue. au a. ^OR KENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Fax ? lora and Chambers, with board. transient board Inquire at Mrs. BMi in fc.?333F street not 27?tf OTOREFOR RENT ?ONE OF THE MOST ^ desirable places of business on Pennsylvania avenue for rent, and fixture;, for sale Apply at No. 844 Penn. avenue, between the hours of 2 and 6 o'clock. au 8-eotf 8ale or rent-that desira JL ble residence on F street, between 20th and 1 "it fc/,the last eight years occupied by the late J M. Chubb, Esq Possesion given the 1st of November next. Inquire of RIGGS A CO. au 12-eotf (VOT1CE -FOR RENT^AnI) POSSESSION M given on the flrct day of October next, three of those five three story brick Dwelling Houses, fronting on Massaehusetts avenue, between 6th and 7th streeU, occupied at present respectively by Messrs. Suit, J. E Herd, and Thomas C. Ba den Terms for each: *400 per annum, rent to be paid monthly. EDW. OWEN, 212 Penn. avenue. se lg-eotf pOR SALE.?A TRACT OF LAND, CON a- talnlng about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley Vltw Farm, the residence of the late John H King deceased. This Is one of the most dpslrable sites in the District for a fine private residence: aboul 20 acres of this tract Is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and In a high state of cul tivation. The summit of this tract is from 350 to 4(H) feet, above tide water, and has a fine view of Wathlngton, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entire or In lots Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and 11 streets west, Wash ington city. ' Apply at Valley View Farm, or to Dr. II. King, No. 80 Prospect street, Georgetown, 1). C. Je 18-tf [Intel] E. J. KING. For rent?a furnished country Dwelling, with lawn, orchard, garden, and stables?5 rooms on first floor?hot and cold baths, hlghlv romantic and healthy situation, 8 inlles from Washington, In Prince George's, Md Re fer to Sweeny, Rlttenhouse, Eant t Co , and Ed itor of the Star. Possession given at any time af ? ter the 15th October. au25-lm" SEW AUCTION AMD LOJiaUSlION STOfi fC* DONTZ A COOMBS, NO .369 SEVENTH L* streets, between I ar.d K streets, return tfceir grateful thanks to a generous i ublic for the liber al patronage extended to them slnc? they have bren rngagi-d in the House Furnishing busiaess in the Northern Liberties, and now bey; leave to announce to the public that at the earnest solici tation of many citizens they have lieen induced to connect with their present trade the Auction and Commission business. They pledge themselves to leave no effort un tried or spare no trouble to give satisfaction In all cases to those who may confiic their bu?iness to tliem or favor them with their patronage All uoods consigned to them will besold to the best advantage arid prompt returns made. Particular attention will be given to the sale of real and personal property of every kind, and liberal cash advances mads cn the same whenev er required. BONMZ ft COOMBS, Commission Merchants. fj\ CHEAP FUR NIT IRK." Our lerge warehouse Is filled to its' nri utmo"t capacity with every de '"caption of Parlor, Chamber,and SiuK h Ur.?.,tUr?' bo,b new a"d second-hand, which we will sell at a small advance over manu I iUre.r.8. PrlceB- 11""less for us to lieml!'? ^ say we are are prepared to furnish out "UCu prlre<l 88 cinr>ot fall to g've ii ^ i t0 Purebasers A call is respectfidlv ?elicited BONTZ A COOMlff Y Unction and Commission Merchants, _?e 5J0-lm No ;,09 Seventh street. CHOICE GROCERIES, IUST RECEIVED, A SU PERIOR LOT OF J all the purest kinds of family ?rocer^ Wines, Liquors, and Segars, White and B%wn Sugars, at the usual low prices. JONAS P. LEVY No. 307 Penn. ave., opposite the National -Ely? Hotel. FOR QOSTON. The packet schooner Juliette Cant Baker, has arrived and will hnve >?*>' quick dispatch for the above port HARTLEY I BROTHER ?< 101 Water street. SCHOOL BOOKS.?TO BUY A VATIETY ot School Bocka, at cheapest rates, call at FERGUSON'S ge '6 No. 4frfi Seventh street. L. J. ffllDDLBTON, A DEALER IN ICE, ??<!Df0t?Southwest corner of F aad twelfth streeu(_ f* b tg *w A1VMC RECK1VID THIS MORN* |(at!7> ELLIS'S. N AUCTION SALES. Bv JA8. C McOUIRE, Auctioneer. yiLCABLK BUlLDINti LOT AT PI B " l?cA?ctU? -On KB I DAY AFTERNOON, September 5?th, at o'clock, on tte premises. 1 shall sell part of lot No. 11, In square No 514 fronting 20 feet on 5th street west, between L and M streets north, running back 1X0 feet to a*30-feet alley.

Terms: One half cash; the reeldue in twelve months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premise s. JAS C. McCUIItE, se -d Auctioneer. By urdek of the navy aoknt there will be sold at public auction nt two o'clock p m , on the 25:h day cf October next, at the 0 n. Nary Yard, Washington, from one to ten tons, as may berffered.of copper scale, the analysis cf sample of which have given from R 2-10 to fe2 4-10 per rent, of metallic copper It can be examined at any time previous to the day of sale, upon application at the Navy Yard. Terms of sale cash ALSO? 3 eefs of Tin Scales, with weights 1 set of Wood Meat Scales. A. GREEN LEAK, Navy Agent. >e21-lw1w (Union A Intel) By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome improved property at Auctlsn?On MON OA V, the 20th Inst , I shall sell, in front of the premise*, commenc ing at 5 o'clock p. m , the following mentioned property, viz; Two two-story brick Houses on the west side of Eighth street, between N and O streets north, in Norment's subdivision of Square No 399 Each house contains four rooms and kitchen. Also, at half past 5 o'clock. 1 shall seii Lot No. 8, in Square No "01, at the corner rf Ninth and M stree's, with the improvements, which area good cottage frame House, containing eifcht con veniently-arranged rooms and passuge; exc* Lent water in front of the door Also, a line three-story brick House, with back building, adjoining the above, fronting cn M street, having nine rooms and passage. Persons wishing to make a good Investment w'll do well to attend th~ sale, as the property Is handsomely located and the owner ab^ut to leave the city. Twins: One-fourth cash; balance in 6, 12, and 1R month--, for notes bearing interest f-om the day of sale A d cd given and a deed of trust taken, se 21-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'SSALEOF BL'II D1NC LOTS at Aoctisn.?On THURSDAY, the 2d day of Cctober, lb56, I shsll sell, at 5 o'clock 1*. M in f;ont of the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing date the 24th day of December 1K>5, and duly recorded In the land records for Washington county, in the District cf Columbia, tLe following mentioned property, lying and being in the city of Washington, Dis trict of Co umbla. viz: L?ts Nos. 6 and 0, in Square No 653 And on FRIDAY, the 3d day of October, 1 shall procetd to sell, on the premises by virtue of the same authoritv, at (o'clock P. M., Lot No. 19, In Square No 3*1; also, Lot No. 21, in Square No 51; also, Lot No 2. in Square No. ?, con tai' in-j in ail about 31,022 squaie feet of ground Terms cj*h All conveyancing at the cost of the purchasers. The sale will commence for the last named property on Lot No 2, in Square No. tt, fronting on Vi.ginla avenue, next to the corner ofSfitE street west. HAMILTON G. FANT, Trustee, se21-eo&ds A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By J AS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ."U'RNITIRE AND HOt'EfcRLEHNr. Effects nt Puhllc Auction.? On MON DAY MORNING, Septe mber 29. at 10 o'clock, o;t the premises, 1 sbill sell the furniture ef fect.* of .i family dco.llaing housekeeping, oa the east sld? of ;id sired, between Pennsylvania ave nue and C street, comprising? Mohogany hair-spring Softs and Parlor Chi!ri Mahogany marble-top Centre Table Walnut What-not, fancy Tdtles Damask and Lace Curtains, C- rrl e. A.c Th'ei-jly and Im/rain Carpets, Oil Cloth Stair Carpet, Stair Kods and Eyes \Va<nut 1- xtenslon Dining T*?ble Chi ta, l?la*s, and Crc< kery-ware Si ver-plated Castors, Table Cutleiy Handsome V.'tlnut Wardrobe High and low-i?ost Bedsteads Dressing and Hain Bureaus, Washstauds Ftather Bed? Bolsters and Pillows Hair and Husk Mattresses Walnut Rocker, Woik Tables, Lounges Enamelled Cottage set Cane and Wood seat Chairs, Chintz Curtains Together wlih a general assortment of Houte kf-pinn Effects not nece-sary to enumerate. Terms: *25 and und^r cash; over that sum a credit cf 00 or 90 days, for satisfactorily eiidur&ed notes, bearing interest sei4-d J. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. I JOHN KULINSKI, \VA TCII \ CLOCK MAKER, Latk of Warsaw, Poland, ALL WORK WARRANTED FOR TWELVE MONTHS ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. ?k The above is also the Inventor of a Patented Apparatus for preventing the disastrous effects of collisions on Kai'roads Information on the sub ject eiven on appiicatl' n Seventh street, No. 391. se 19-Pt* CHARLES WALTER, JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, NOTARY PUBLIC AND GENERAL AGENT, No. 307 D street, between :Jd and 4)< street*, OPPOSITK CITY fl ALL , se 19-lw* WASHINGTON. D C. I? FASHIONABLE DANC1NO. ROF H. W. MUNDER, MOST RESPECT _ fu'ly announces to bis former patrons ~ and the public generally, that he will resume tlie duties of his school In a few dayr?due notice will be given of the, place and tlmeof commencing He will] introduce a variety of niw and fashiona-" ble dances, better calculated to Improve the car riage and grace of the most skillful pupils, than any other style that his been Introduced. He has entirely altered his style of teaching for advanced pupils, and Invites all tho-e who wish to take a final course of Instructions to avail them selves of this excellent opportunity. It Is earnestly requested that all who have a de sire to join the above classes will irake lminedl applieatlon at JOHN F. ELLIS'S music ftore. where they are luv, ted to leave their address, se 17 GENTLEMEN'S EMPORIUM. CiEORGE W. H1NTON HEREBY RE * turns his than es to Ids old and steadfast customers aid the public generally for the increasing patronage bestowed upon bim \VA at his EMPORIUM OF FASHION, on-IE Pennsylvania av^rti . between Gthend 1 * streets, and next door ea>t or Frank Taylor's okstr-re, where may be found a lartje assortment of rich, tasteful and valuable Goids, French. English, Italian, Chinese, and American of all kinds for gentlemen's wearing apparel. Said goods wih be cut and made up in the most tas eful, fashionable and durable style, agreeably to orders, and at the shortest notice, and upon the most reasonable terms. Please call and examine the richness and style of the goods and the faithful and durable manner In which they are made up to suit cus tomers tieorge W. Hlnton embraces this occasion to announce to the public that he lias formed a co partnership In business with Mr W illiam S. tkkl, foimerly of Virginia, by whose aid, cs slstnnce and constant attendance at the *toie, the business of the Emporium will be greatly faclii ? i/4 N B?George W. Hlnton hopes that such of his former patrons as have uncancelled bills at the store will soon be pl- ased to call and se .tie the same, as the season Is changing and short settle - ments make long friends WOOD, COAL, AND SAND. NOW AFLOAT. AND FOR SALE FROM the VewcU* 100 tons White imd Ked Ash COAL, for Furnaces, Grates, and Stoves, war ranted to be of the best quality; 2,210 pounds to the 'oa In all cases . Always on hand as good an assor men or WOOD AND COAL as can be found in the J'.s trlct, and on a* good terms No. 518, Northeast corner of 12th and C streets, one square south of Pa. avenue. ? vo se 'JO-'Jw L. M. KEY P. Jt'ir RECEIVED AT THE MUSIC DJE? pot, W. Miller's Grand Squire AN??S, the most magnificent lnstrn-f| ? ments now manufactured A large stock of Pianos for rent on the in-'st r-asonable terms. ?..-??DrtTT seS2. W G. METZEROTT. BROOKE VI LEE ACADEMY, MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND rOHK SYSTEM OF INSTRUCTION IN 1 this Institution embraces thorough training In the Classics, Mathematics, Sc.snces, a^ ordi nary English branches. Terms for board and tuition, $160 per annum. Catalogues containing further Information may b? obtained by addressing the Mnc. pal at Broile vllle, Maryland E. B. i'REfT\ AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTKBNOON AND TO-MOEEOW^ By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer THEATRICAL KFFECT8 ATU'CTIOH. On THURSDAY' .MORNING, September 25:b. at 10 o'clock, 1 sha'l sell at lion Hail, all the Theatrical Et'Cts In ibe building, embracing a lare lot of Scenery. Ac. A rare opportunity Is presented to Thespian Companvs, or Academys to obtain at a low price a very compl- te \arlety of Theatrical requisites. Sale peremptory. se*3 C. W. BOTELKR. Auct'r. Bv JAS. O. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. E'JC KLLKNT FURNITURE AND * HonsehoM fcffertsnt Pnklic Auction? On THURSDAY MORNING, September 2Sth, at 10 o'clock, at the re*idrn.e of M. Snyder, Esq , In "Corcoran'* Building " on I street, between 15tb and 16th street*, 1 ?.h*ll sell all his Furni ture and Housekeeping F.lTerts, comprising? F^xcellent Mahogany Pianoforte, Stool,ana Cover Mahoganv hair-spring scat Softs Arm and Parlor Chairs Handsome rosewood marble-ton Centre T.ib'.en Guilt-frame French Plate Mirrors, S'.ate and Brackets Beautiful broniP ard jilt Gas Chandeliers Fine Damask and Lace Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Walnut Whatnots. F*ancy Chair* Handsome Marble and China Vases Elegant Velvet, Parlor, and Stair Carpel* Ollclcth, Matting, Rugs Brussels, Three plv and Ingrain Carpets High and low post Bedste?.as. Bureaus Washstands, TolietSets, Tables Feather Beds. Bolsters, ard Pillows Hair and Husk Mattresses, Comforts, Ac. Mahogany Sideboard, Extension Tables Dining Chair?. Window s!:?des, Lo ;npe? China Dinner and Tea Service, Glass \\ are Castors, Sllvcr-platf d Ware. Table Cutlery Refrigerator. Stoves. Kitchen Utensils. Ac. Terms: $30 and under, carh; over that mm a credit of sixty and ninety davs. for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. selO-d JAS C McGUIRE, Auct'r. Bv WALL. BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers HAftlDKOmK FtRNITURK at AlctUl. On WEDNLSDAY .MORNING, October 1st, at 1H o'clock, vre will sell, at the re-idence of W. ftl Corcoran, FIsq , No. 433 Seventeenth at., the entire Household Furniture, t?? Rosewood Piar.o. Cover and Stool Do Tete-a-tetes. marble-top Tables Plush and hair Rocking Chair* Walnut and plush Reception Chairs Mahogany Parlor Chairs. Hat-rack Rosewood Beaufet, Eteyere Parlor ball, stair, and chamber Carpe's Parlor Curtains, painted and plU Shades Gilt Mirror, Glrar-dol? s, Candelabras Mahcgany ind oth-r Wardrobes Do and rcsewood Dressing Bureaus Do and other Bedsteads Beit quality Beds, Pillows and Bolsters Hair and husk Mattresses, Leddlnjr Mahogany marble top enclosed and ether Wash stands Sideboard. Dining Tables, Walters Cane-seat Chairs. Oil Cloth, Matting Lounge, Stair Rods, Toilet S< Is Knives and Forks. Waiters, Trays, Mats China ar d Gl???s Ware With a gi-od stock of Iron ar.d Tin Ware, Kit chen Articles, frc. Terms : All sums of and unde r .?30 rash ; over that amount a credit of 69 and 9J days, for notta bearing interest and satisfactorily endorsed. WALL, BARNARD A CO., se 17-ts A uctloneers. By A. GREEN.Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTSON MIS sonri avenue awl north K street at Auc tion.?On FKIDAV', the 23th Instant. 1 shall sell in front of tb<* premises, at 5 o'clock p. m , part of Let 6 in Square or Reservation A front ing on Missouri avenue, between :?d ard 1% sts , adjoining the propertvof Mr Lrownlrg Also, at half-past 5, or Immediately after the sale o' the above, I shall sell, on the premises, two handsome building Lots, situated on the south side of north K. be'ween 1th and 5th streets west, being Lots Nos 18 and In Square No 516 No 18 has a front of fit" feet; No. 51 feet 7 Inches on K street, running, with a side alley, to a 30 f> et aib y. 142 feet * inches All the aoove mentioned property is handsome ly located, a id the ale will be worthy of the at tention of persons wishing to purcLa*e a hand so ne build ng site or tnakd a g"?>d Investment. Title Indisputable. Terms: One third''ash ; ba'ance in 6, 12, and 18 months, th?- purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing Interest from the d .y of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken se22 d A.GREEN,Auctioneer rpRUS' A Cam ByJAS. C. McGU I RE. Auctioneer. USTEES' SALE OF BEAUTIFUL I onntry Sent. ? By virtue cf a deed of trust from Geo T Massey, as trustee,and Ann Brown, bearing date on tne thirteen.h day of December, 1*53, and recorded In Liber J. A S . No #8 folios 5<?5,5<sG, 507, 50-^, 500, and 510, one of the Land Re cord - for Washington county. In the District of Columbia, the undersigned wills#'I at public auc tion at the auction stcre of J C. McGulre, to the highest bidder.on THURSDA \ AFTERNOON, June^fith, 1856, at 6 o'r lock p m .tie following highly Improved e.nd beautiful country property, , viz: All that piece or parcel of gToun'1 lying In the I county of Washington and Dis rict aforesaid, be ' lag a part of the land whereof Anthony Holmead. senior, died seized, and part of the tract calleu "Pleasant Plains,'1 and part of the land which Anthony Hoimead, jr., conveyed to Boltrell and Mayhew, which thev conveved to John Pickrell, the piece or parcel cf land aforesaid, lying on the east of the Washington and Rockville turnpike road, containing 5 acres and one sixteenth of an acre, more or less, being LotNo 2of Geo.Tayltr's subdivision, and beginning for the same on the e.^.st side of the raid turnpike road, at the end of 76 12 perches mea?ured southerly from the Inter section cf said road with the Rock Creek church road, to a road or private way called Taylcr's road, leading from the said turnpike road to an other part of the said tract of land owned by said George Taylor, and running thence with the said Washington and Rockville turnpike read north three degrees, west 28 16 perches to the Lot sold to J.C. Lewis, thence at right angles with the [ said turnpike road 26 46 perches, thence at right 1 angles with the said last line, and parallel with the said first line tfc pcrches, and thence at right angles with the said last mentioned line end parallel with the said second line 28.46 f erches to the line of the said turnpike road and the place of i beginning, being the satm land and premises which was conveyed to the said Ann Brown by John F. Sbanette by deed dated April 10th. 11:53, and duly recorded. Together with the improve ment and appurtenances, which may be seen by visiting the p/emises Terras: One-foarth cash; the residue In 6, 12, 18, and 24 month* ; to be secured by deeds of trust on the premisea. Unless the terms of sale be com piled within fire days from day of sale the Trus tees reserve the right to resell at the coit and risk of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyances at the purchaser's erp-ense. ERASMU8 J. M IDDLETON, ) Trtls.??s RICHARD H. CLARKE. ) *ru.tees m21-2awts JAS C. McGU IRE Auct'r. H7~The nbarn aale ia unavoidably post poned until SATURDAY, July 26th, siiue Lour and place. ERASMUS J. AIIDDLETON,) Tr,1K.(,ps U1CHARD H. CLARKE, J rrnaieea. Je27-2awts J.C McUUIKE, Auct'r if^The above sale is further postponed until TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August 20th, same hour and place. ERASMUS J . MI DDI ETON,) T f _ RICHARD 11. CI ARKE, ^ * rust es Jy26-2awAds J.C. McGl'IRK, Auct'r. \rr The nhove sale is farther postponed until FRIDAY, September 26th, at 4 o'clock p. in , same place. au2ti2awAds J C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. SUCH AS GUITARS, VIOLINS, FLUTES. Fifes, Accordeons, Flutinos, Ac., Ac , just received and will be disposed of at lower prices than they can be had for at any other establish ment In the country New Music received seml-weekiv. WM G METZEROTT, successor to Geo. Ililbus. Music Depot, southwest corner? f Penn. avenoc, and 11th aud D ttreets. cc IT ?AS FITTINO. WE ARE NOW PREPARED TO INSEHT Gas Pir?e in dwellings, stores, and public buildings at low prices. Please give us a c.t L MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, se 15 No. 248 Pa. ave , bet. 12th and 13th sts. NOTICE. EN WALTER JONFIS AN!) CHARLES * LEE JON E9 have removed their oifice to No. 501, FI street, between 3d?.ad 4th streets Charles Loe Jones will practice in the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts held in the District of Columbia. Gea. Walter Jonas, though mostly retired from general prac t c<J, will unite with him and do his best to ad vance the successof clients by writtenst?V6*?rU and arguments, and by all other needful and pr. per exertions. jy FIRST VTAKO MARKET, IyO. 114 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. WILLOPEN ON TUESDAY,SEP rEMBER lflth, and keep constantly ou hand.FR^SH MEATS aud VEGETABLES attbeaV?ove pl.*ce re 13?WM. CHASE W WOOM AND COAL. E ARE DAILY RF:CEIVING LARGE - supplies of WOOD and COAL, which we can sell from the boats at very low prices Per sons desirous of laying In their winter fuel would do well to give us a call before purchasing else where. BOGUE A O'NfclLL, . iet No. 106 Water stroM, Georgetown. 7 j. ' o -v TELEGRAPH NEWS. FROM TOT ASSOCIATED P2E9S. MY HUlbK fHINTINtt TKi^RAPH. Departure of the Arabia. Boston, Sept. 24. ?The Arabia railed at quarter before ten this morning, taking oat about $750,000 in specie. State Fair in Ohio, 4c. ClrVBL.AHD, Sept. 24.?The State Fair opened yesterday and the attendance was large Cafsius M- Clay addressed an imntense meeting of the Kepublicani last evening. Cotton Crop Damaged by Frost. Columbia, S. G., Sept. 24?A heavy froet occurrcd hero (art night, which it is feared has done much injury to the cotton crop. American Convention and Nominations in How York Rochester, Sent. 21?The Fillmore Con vention completed its labor? st 3 o'clock this morning, and adjourned after having com pleted the rumination of the State and Elec toral ti-kets. lions. Daniel Ullman end Jesse C Dunn were nominated for electors at large. The Convention was unanimous in its busirees, ai.d clo?cd with three cheers for Fillmore and the American party. The Northern American* in their evening t>e??io i advipted resolutions cheerfully respond ins f-he Fillmore Convention for a fusion on the Fillmore ticket, reaffirming the principles of tho Northern Americans and declaring tie National Committee discharged The Con* vention then adjourned time die. Baltimwe Markets. D/tLTiifORK, Sept. 24 ?Floor Is unchanged. Sales of Howard etreet at $6.75, and City Mills *6 50. Waeat bus declined 3*j-. but prices are on settled. Corn is a shade lower; white eoldfor 57a5Vs, and yellow 57a62c Prices, however, arc irregular. Whisky i* flrm at yeserday'i quotation#; Ohio odjc; City ITew York Markets w York, Sept. 24 ? Flour is unchanged Sties of N?0 bushels; State f5.70*56 15; Ohio :?? 2i>a5rt 30; standard Southern S6|*?sft7 25 Wheat has declined 2a3j Sales of 26 000 l uthels Southern white 51 52aSl 53; red $140 J.S1 46. Corn is firm Sales of 40 000 bush el.- Southern mixed 65ic Fork is dull; sales of 500 bbls. mess $20 50. Beef and lard are unchanged Whi.-ky is buoyant; sales of Ohio at 37c. N*?v York, S^pt 24?Stocks are generally lower Cticag) acd Kock Island >7 ; Michi gan Southern H9^; New York Central ?7i: P? Coil Co. 95i; Heading 84J; Missouri 6'e SH. A CARD. UJ E HAVE THE PLEASUR E TO An nounce to our friends and the publics* that we have ju-t received our fell stock of%BB CLOTHS. CAS1MF.RES, and VEST- 1} INbS of the very bc?t French. Am ricaa, JL and English manufacture, to which w* respect, fally .".sk to call their attention Visitors and strangers la tl.e city can have their o der> filled by as at the very shortest notice, at f?lr prices, and In style* equal at least to any ee tab l-hment In the city. 6RUBB A L"7.AMO, Merchant Tailors >-c 6-1 tn 41*3 6th st . near Penn avenue. TifiRYV.r-VB THOUSAND DOLLARS. T? Capitalists tecklai Investment! J NO. S ftK.H G A LLAHER, TODD'S MAR b e Building, adjoining Brown's Hotel, have ftrsale, cn commission, Thirty Ave Thousand i'r-U.irs r.t Six percent, COUPON BOND#,se cured by mortgage* upon real estate worth double the amount of ?ald b.->nds, acd Interest payable ???rr:l annually at the Bank of the Valley, Win chester, Virginia, or at the Bank of Metropolis, Washington, D C. These oor?d? atfrd a s fe ard judicious tnvo.t tnenl. a: d, whilst they are quite- as safe as Corpo ration stock, cau be had for ie*s money, yet pay lug the same amount of Interest The bouds are each Five Hundred DoA arc. sc J-tS EVENING COMMERCIAL AND MATHEMATICAL IN^T'TCTE. TO MEET A NECESSITY AND A DK in the city, t*>e Principal of tbe Union A ademv. has conclude i to open, in the very pleasant Rooms of the Academy , corner of I4fh str?*t aud New York avenue, recently i'ted nn for the purpose, a thoroughly organized EVENING SCHOOL, fortuch young men, otherwise em ployed during the day, a* wUb to spend tbclr evenings u nttlng tLetateives thoroughly f r successful buMntsi Tn?- Institute will be opened October 13th. e evenings each week, fr m 7 toQ% o'clock, wFa two or th*ee lessens in each study, each week Classes will be formed in Book Keeping. Pen manship, and various Branches of tbe Higher Mathematics; and also in Foreign Languages Fur t?*rits snd further particulars, see circulars at the Book Stores, or call on the Principal nean-lm Z. RICUARDS, Principal urpis-erNft-ouNA. rpHESL'BSCRlBER HAS JUST RECEIVED I dlree! front the celebrated manufac tory of Mr. Chance A Son, t b e _ _ best and cheapeat lot of Double and Single Shot Guns ever before offered In this market Each Gun has been priced and will be warranted per fect throughout, or no sale. We have also Powder Flasks, fbet Belts. Ufme Bags, Cleaning Rods. Baldirsn Wads. Percussion Cap*. Povedev and Shot, all of which are offered as low as can be purcbcaed in this city, by JOS. L SAVA0B, Sign of Gllt?aw, Penn. avenue, bscween sc *'2 1m (News copy) 10th and 11th sts RECEIVED.?A LOT OF WILLIAM Penn COOK STOVES and new ? Parlor Heaters W.H HARROVER, Seventh street, 5 doors from Penn. re'Jo-fit avenue. n New maoazines for october at Shlllln"ton's Bookselling and Stationery Establishment. Fenr.syivanla avenue, corner 4){ stret? Harp?r's Magazine for October Godey'a Lady's Book Arthur'* Home Magazine. ALSO aBCKIVBD? The Hills of the tfhatemue, a new novel by tie author of the" Wide, Wide World'' Fred, by Mrs. S*towe Magdalene Hepburn, by the suthor of " Zaldee " Ai; the new books. Mag.-rlnes, and every thing In the stationery line for sale at SHILLINGTON'S, se23 3t Oden Building. 322 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'B. SOYS' FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING. WALL A STEPHENS HAVE RECEIVED tlMr immense assortment of Foys' Dresa Jsckets. Boys' School Jackets Boys' Dress Vests, Boys' School Vests Boys' Dress Pants, Boys' School Pant* Boys' Frock Coats. Boys' Sack Coats Boys' Over Coats. Beys' Tslmas Boys' White Shirts. Bovs' Undershirts Boys' Mirrno Drawers. Boys'Cotton Drawers, Ac. Making our assortment of boya" wearing apparel the most complete In this city, which we will sell at New York prices WAl-L A STEPHENS, 322 Penn. avc., bet 9th and 10th streets, se 23 next to Iron Ball <fe*>nn REWAKU?KAN AWAY FROM / the sub.-crlber, living near Upper Marlboro', Ptlnce George's county Md . NEGRO .MAN LEN, who calls h?m?elf LEN HAKROD; he Is a dark mulatto about thirty one yeara of age, five feet seven I cs high ; he has a scar on the right knee caused by a cut; half of his head shaved, and very grum when spoken to. t I will give the above revrard If caught out of tbs State of Maryland or District of Columbia, or oee hundred dollars If caught in the State of Mary land or DlaUlct of Columbia, and secured n JaJl L?rae "? thCt 1 l'*" ^ B B*if LL. FRANC IS HCfi'HIgS, S 'AVENGER OF THE FOURTH WARD. District?from the south side of New York avenue to the west side of E street From tbe east side of 7th street, as far east as tbe boundary line All erders left at Mr Caton's, corner of G and 5th streets, at the Centre Market, and tbe resi dence of tbe subscriber No 624 K street, betwten 4 th 5th will be prcmptly attended to se 20-lw* F HUTCH1NS DEXTXR'S HOTEL TO BE CLOIK^i ? On Saturday, the 20th Instant, 1 shall e'. my hotel for the purpose of giving it a thcrcL^'a cleansing, painting, and renovating, ?-nd wilt open on Monday, tbe 17th of N<>vemhar i ex . whea I shall b,? prepared again to entertain my frlenis and the public generally. M A DEXTER