Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. ?.nr,AL INTELLIGENCE. Rbttrn to Wim? Qtabtbbs ?There are certain beings who endeavor to act the part of trae philosophers by making 44 a rirtus of a necessity " Too poor to keep house, and not sufficiently well off in cnh to quarter at * regular boarding bouse?and not postering such a respectability of appearance as would ccminand an invitation to dinner !?they "live by tbeir wita," and, in*ead of Anding fault with their food, are glad to procure merely the means of subsistence from any source whatsoever. They da not turn up their noses at a smoked chicken or an overdone potato! In the rammer time, some of these persons, for the benefit of tbeir health, visit the coun try?the pure air and the fresh fruits being among the rwTal attractions. They make their beds in clover-fields or in baruhouses. and have the happiness to be aroused from tbeir slumbers by ths music of birds?thus blend ing the rapport of the animal with the love of the haraaneous outpourings of the feathered chorister!. The few who remain in the city, less fond of nature's orchestral arrangements, and being less poetic, resort to the lumber yards, converting the premises into huge chambers, and during tne day take a sitstd in the market-house or on some retired hilN side Let politicians wrangle, and merchants engage in stimulatiag traffic, these loafers are indifferent They will live in Issiness, and nobody oan reform tbem from the errors of their ways Since tbe coming of eool weather, we notice that a Dumber of the ruralixers have returned to this city, and the first thing they did wa4 to call at the watch-house, where they have a kind of prescriptive right to the cells. There they obtain lodgings without expense, but gratuitous breakfast is not included in the rules of that establishment! And here we may say, for the benefit of similar character! yet abroad, that the stove has been put up and the apartments comfortably heated. A visit to tbe watch-house, anv morning^ will afford an opportunity to see the descrip tion of persons who resort thither for theii night's repose. ?? National Theatre?Tbe final concert of Strakosch'scompany transpires to-night, when Parodi?splendid, fascinating, whose name is the synonyme of enjoyment, and whose ores* enee is redolent of toe spirit of melody?sings, a* the promiuest brilliant amongst a selection of vocal gems, oar soul stirring national song, " The Star Spangled Banner," an effort whiehi we gather from our exchanges throughout th# country, has. wherever sang, evoked tho un? mistakable applause of active sympathy. Ti? berini, of whom a New York paper says, " hS has no equal in the eoncertgroom," announces several of tbe leading arias Trom the most p pular operas Bernardi, Strakosch, xnd brilliant little Pan! Jullien, present other adieus in a programme which cannot fail of being remembered with abiding delight. Assault and Battsry with Intbmt t| Kill?Yesterday, Officer Ross arrested two colored individuals. Win Chase and Jame| Garner on the charge of assault and battorji with intent to kill Puilip llughes They werf taken before Justice 11 ollingshead, who sent them to iail for trial, in two oases each, at the December term of the Criminal Court. It appears that a number of colored person! have formed an association for the purpose of 41 sitting up with the body'' wheo any of theif acquaintances have died, llughes's wife died, and this committee went to the wake. In the course of the Dight, the watchers be? came rather too noisy, and Hughes undertook to dismiss them, when the attack wa9 mads on him. and his jaw broken in two places/ The chairman of the committee, or the " Capi tain," as they call him, was not in a conditio* 11 restrain them. SERENADE!??OSD, BAD, AND INDIFFERENT. Many of our love-strickea musical amateur! have availed themselves of the fiue nights, lately, to compliment their fair acquaintances by serenades. Some of these achievements have been performed in creditable style, but in too many instances, alas! the music ha! been of that description which puts the teeth on edge, startles the nervous, sets dogs te barking and children to crying, causes ths neighbors to call the watch and kick up a row generally ! We hear that in one instance ths berenaded parties have expressed a particular desire thst the serenade should not be re* peated They consider ths music a most grafc? ifying compliment and a treat of a high or? der, but in future would prefer to take ths will for the deed, as there is a sick child it the house. ?-? Pink Coaklby, a bla^k man, seems deter* mined to do bis part toward supplying the po* lice with business No sooner out of a scrape* or out of jail, than he again conducts himself in such a way as to oocasion a constabulary visitation, and t return to that blue-washed institution, from tbe windows of which a fins view is obtained of the scenery and improve* ments in that neighborhood This morning Pink amused himself by assaulting and bat tering somebody. He is not a tetotaler. that ! certain. Officer Cooper arrested him, and hs was committed to jail by justice Donn An' other policeman was at the time waiting to arrest Pink, in case be had been dismissed from the former chaage. , Fob Requisition.?The colored man Geo. Lee, who was committed to jail for a bearing by Justice Donu, was brought out for triad yesterday, and it was shown that he had beea concerned in the robbery of a gentleman ia Montgomery county, Maryland, where he ob? taioed *185 and a silver watch About ninety four dollars were recovered, he having dis posed of the remainder Lee was committed to await a requisition from the Governor of Maryland. - Cob ?*cr s Isqubst ?Yesterday afternoon an ioquert held iu a house near the canal be* tween Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets west, over the body ot a colored man named John Harris who died suddenly yesterday. It was shown that be had been subject to hemorrhage of the lung?, and from the appearance of ths body it was believed that was tho cause rf death, and tbe jury returned a verdict accords ingly. Dan Rice s obbat siow will exhibit in this city to morrow and Saturday?for these two days only. " Daniel" is universally celebra ted for bis humor as a clown, while his troupe of equestrans and tumblers, gymnasts, etc , astonish all beholders. In these dull tirnes-* and as inhabitants of this metropolis are not in the rear of their neighbors while seeking for novelties ?we can promise that " Daniel will be abundantly patronised. A bPILL !?Yesterday afternoon, near J ud^ Douglas's resi lence, a cart was upset by it* hav iig been drawn to a declivity by an im prudent horie Tho boy-driver, ot course, was not tn blame He rn-ty, at the time, have been employed throwing stones at bullfrog! The result of the ditnago was a broken shaft, and tbe bruising of the horse The load Of wood was spilt, as miy be supposed. Malicious Mischief, lo ?Barney Carroll was charged with maliciously breaking a oar riage bel>u*ing to Peter Creagh. The evi dene* was heard by Justioe Donn, who dis missed the owe Th ?s Welsh, for breaking in the door of Henry O Shea's house ami threatening Mrs O'Shea, was held to bail for court by the same Justice. Is the Account of the Agricultural Fair st Kockville. as taken from the Sentinel ami published in yesterday's paper, we noglected to state that the fastest trotter upon the courS" on Thurslay, the 11th instant, was a sorrel mare, owned and driven by our worthy fellow-eiussn, Win. ? btubbs. She oirclod the traek, upwards of 409 yards, in thirty six seconds Tub FIRST COTILLON FARTT OFTHB LlBBRTT Clds will take place this evening at the ar mory, on Louisiana avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets. They who love dancing have a fine opportunity to gratify themselves Tub most Ludicrous and Laughable Carica tures of all political parties, only 12) oeofts wacb. For safe at Ales. Adamson's, Seventh street, opposite to the Poet Oflfee * Hoosbkbbfebs in want of bargains should attend the sale advertised to take place to morrow morning at nine o'clock, by Bonis A Coombs, auctioneers. A A BiTffeKT !?Elisabeth Bailey was tbis morning irreiW by Officer Burr and brought before Justice Donn, charged with having com mitted a violent assault upon her husband She, it appears, struck him on the head with a stone, fracturing the forehead bone. 8he save security for her appearance at court. I be twain hare frequent quarrels which, as a family matter, might be tolerated; but as tobatleries the law interposes its veto, and very properly. ? Watch Kittens.?The cells at the Central 8tation, last night, were occupied principally by lodgers; the only cases for trial?before Justice Hollingshead?were Lucius Culver, drunk in the street, workhouse sixty days ; Henry Sim ma, (eolored,) out after hours, dis missed. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. GBonaBTCWft, Sept. 25,1856. Quite an extensive revival of religion has been going on in the Methodist church atTen allytown under the pastoral charge of the Rev. Mr. (Jotwalt. The altar is nightly thronged with soekersof religion, and the num ber of converts have been quite numerous. Mr. Wm. Holding, a very respectable atd aged citisen of our city, and well known throughout the District, died yesterday morn in^nf an attack of paralysis. Frust in considerable quantities made its appearance this morning in and round about our citj. We have never, in all our experience, seen so much betting upon elections as there is now going on Almost every knowing one you meet with, of all parties, seems to have some thing to risk upon the result, or upon some particular State. The Democrats have been betting freely upon Maryland?that Fillmore will not carry four States, and against large odds upon the final result. Mr. Joseph F. Birch had both of his hands badly burned last night, while saving one of his children from injury by fire. A lamp had been oarelessly left sitting upon the floor, and as the child was passing by it, the flame was communicated to its outer clothing. Fortu nately, however, its dangerous situation was discovered by Mr. B to save it from any in jury The flour market continues rather inactive. There seems to be hut little speculative de mand. Held at $6 75 for good standard brands. Wheat has slightly declined under the late foreign news, tlood red is selling at SI 30a* 1 SS, and white at f 1 35aM 40. Corn; white and yellow SrtaWc. The packet schooner Fairfax, Captain Mutt, which cleared New York some four weeks since, reached Alexandria on Tuesday Shu is bound to F. A A ii Dodge, of our city. H^avy weather and bead winds kept her so l>og on the way Tbe schooner Norfolk Pack et, Captain .Belell, bound to our city with a full cargo of gu .no, is also at Alexandr a Spectator. Rr sm:ia thc Uachtlkt ? Several thousand cords of w:od on the Watertown and Rome railroad. N. Y , took fire last week, and a freight train had to rush through the flames ; the hands, engineers and firemen aboard were obligod to seek shelter in doors, or a* best they could, while the train thundered through the fiery element. Escape amd Rktcrn ?A letter in the New York Herald, dated Havana IJOth inst., men tions a spirited but fruitless effort made by Chauncey and Winn, tho American seamen, to escape from their confinement on tho Isle of Pines. They were re-arrested and roturned to prison after wandering for forty threo days through swamp* and woods Read this.?For all Bowel Diseases, Choi"-*, Diarrhea, t>y-pepa'a. FI?tnlso<-y. CoDStlpaUon, and UrDirtl DeWllty, we know of nothing betwr tban Or. Hos leUer'* Celebrated Stomach Bitter*. On* ?vlne gla-e taken threw tiiuee each day, before mea n, will Le a aura cure Tor all the a bo re disease*, will remove all hsavlue** from tb* ?locwk; keep you free from a*?1?t digestion, give a icoo.1 appetite, an'I Impart a healthy ton* to tbe whole vystam. livei y family should keep lhe<e RItter* on hand during tbe *i.iam*r *ea*on an a family mejiiue. Kor *ale by all principal druggists and dealer*generally. seplS-lw ?"OeWrsth'i Electric Utl.?Pain Is the premonltor of death. Relieve the pain, and ynn rheelc tbe dll'*i?. Prof. Da Grath'b Klsctbic Oil I* the marvel of thla age, fur tbe following, . aot everything:/ Curaa KheumatUm "ft?n iu a day; cures Neuralgia, Tooth acl.e, a niiiiiitee, rurea Cramp In stjmach, & minute*, cures Harts, UnilMf. Wou"d*. 1 to 1 day* . cure* p?in* In Bark, Hre?*t. 1 lay, curea Heartache, 16 minute*; cure* Karache, Stiff Neck, Ague, 1 night, cure* file*. Swelled Gland*. IS day*: ritvei Pelon*, Broken Breast, Salt Bheum, I t-? ? 'fay*; curat* yuln?v, Palpitation, FUurlsy, 1 to 10 day*; enre* A "th in a, K?Hf, Svu, Kr vtlpela*, & to 2S; cate* Hemorrhage, Sure fula, Abccsa^Sto is days l.arge bottle* t?u time* cheapest. Hold by 8 8. BANC?, IS# M?lt'm?re street, Baltimore, abd STOTT A Co. and J. SCrfWARTZ. WaaLlagtou. aeplS-lw ID*F??r ssd ague cared wlthent aging yulMlne, Arsenic, Mercury. Opium, ?r any of tbo poisonous drug*, or daagerosa compound', generally rgsorted to by ?uflerer* from th e long drawn, most afllctlug, aid a:.;ioy!?ig of all disease*, by resorting to Carter'* Spanish Mixture, which contain* coue of the above de'eterlou* nb?t?nce?, but care* effectually and fnliy by acti:>; SfMclScaliy sa the Liver and MXlu, Purlfyiag tbo iUx?l, an.l erspelilr.g tbe remains of old m sd k.nee wltli which tbe iy*tem haa been clogged, opening the pore* of the body, and allowinglAture to a**l?t Iteelf in breaking up tbe disease, and recuperating IU en ergtea. See tbe care of Mr. John Lougdon, of V? ; be bad fixed and chronic Ague and Fever; chill* twlre a day for three year*. Nothing permanently enrtd hlin, until he tried Carter'* Spaulah Mixture; three brtttlaa of which perfectly reatored biiu to b<ullii; nor haa be had a chill since. He Is ouly one out of a th amend who baa experleu'-ad tbe life renewing rf ecu of this valuable pa IHerof tbe blood. sap 1 lut Wns. A. Batchelor'sHnir Dye.?Gray Red. <>r Ruity Hair dyed Instantly to a Beautiful and Natu ral Brown or Black, wtliont the leaat Injury to Hair or Skin. Fis-tsbn llir>?Li mn Dumomah have u-en awarded toWiu. A. Bawnelor siara 1MW, and over M.OM applications have b?eu uiade to the Ha r of hi* patron* of hi* faoioUH Uye. Prejudice agalnat Dying the Hair at. 1 Wbi*ker* I* unjust, as It would be against covering a bald bead with a wig. W*. A. BarcaaLoa's Hatu Dva produce* a color not te be distinguished from Data re, and Is ViBlAiTiu no; to Injurs in the leant Imwever long It may be continued. Sold In ail cities and towns of the United States, by Drag H*t? and Pancy Wood* Dealer*. *S~ I he Uenalae baa the uame and address apnn a steal plate engraving, on four ?ldee of each bottle, of WILLIAM A. UATCHKLOK, i!3 Hroadway, New York. ?TKor sale by CHAS. STOTT, Pennsylvania avenue, ap 7??o?m I. jT (. Itrate v( >lagne?ia, au s|r?Mble refrigerant and lad Ive, now extensively o*rd ou the coall oeuta of Kurope an AUierlca, manufactured dally. Soda Fountains, of a aew aai highly approved coustructlcD. A cbo'ce lot of Havana Cigars; witli a full supply of tine Per fumery, Hair ilraabea, Combe, Shaving Bruabe*, and Tolls! O .od* geuerally. Juat received, of direct Importatioa, al OILMAN'S New Drug Sloaa, Rt i'euaeylvanla avauae. Je J?-lr y^lMdigeetleM?Dynpepela ?If the ito* ? a' n l* enfeebled from Ditrrhoa RKOWN'S AKOMATIC ES SBNcaoP TC'KKI-iH HUl B A BH, taken o caatoually for a few day* id small do*?a, regulate* tbe bowe<*. It t* pieasnut to t'?? taste, a go id toatc aud stcmachtc, tuvig iratlug tlie proc> s? of ligaatlon. aud will be fouutl beneilcial In Oyapep *'a or Indigtation, Coitiveneaa, Bliioas or Netvou* He.d ache, FlstaUuee, or aay disorder of the Mtooiacb Sold by all Oruicglata. Ag-uts for Baltimore, (XJLKUAN ABOOUKBS, Fhiladalphla, F. BROWN , Washington, J. N. CALLAH. *eiulw {j^Astoniahiog tare wltn ealy one Bet TLK. -Jo* B Hall k Co., *ays ; Paaewua lai.a. Ar-ontook Co . Me , April 31, l-M. *'We hei ?wllh leud you a certlilcate of a care perronn?<l by tbe ose of ouly on* b >ttie of tbe Oeiaien BI tier?, we tbluk Mr. Clark to be a man of veracity, and have uo douttof the I atb of hi* atory." Mee*rs. Jos B Hall A C ? ?Oentlemen?In anewerto y ur Inqnlrte*, I will state that ray daughter, aged about It year*, b beeu complaining cf a i a'u in her ?Id* (or *lx or aaveii ye.ri, aed about Uie Qrst of Jauniry last, wa? taken down an 1 <- mftuvd to her bed Tbe palo in Ler aide waa very ae vere besides bslsg troeblsd with psln* between hei shoulder* au 1 la htt t r-a?t From reading a number of cure* par firmad by "Hoottaun'* Urrtuan Bitters," I was induced to t- y It in her case, aud sent to your store aud purcbaee.l one bottle. She bad taken It but a few day* when she began to iiuprova. and now, after taking ouly oae bottle, aba is enjoy lug better health tliaftshs baa for years. She feels uo pain lu her side or ia a.iy part of Iter body, aud attrihataa bar cure sutireiy to tbe Uertuaa B.tters. Salmon Il.ook, Arwostook Co., Me. WM. CLARK. See sdv-rueaaaent Sep T luir 1T7* Impartaat te the Ladlni-Dr. Uu f'l.sto s PRMALR PILLS ?Tbe combtuatiou of Ingredt ?nts In tbs Fill* are perfectly harmless. Their elllraey and oarlta ars baeel apon an ?gteaaive practice I f over thirty years, and, wbere tbe directive have boeu atrlctiy fol lowed, tliey have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve palnrul and difflcult menstruation, (particularly,) at ti?e mange of Mfe. Tbey will core the Whites, and reutove all o'uatructlon* artaiug from cold, expoenre or any caaeea ; and maybe used eu< ceasfully as a Prevent! ve. Call upOD tb? agent, aud get a Circular for parlUataie free. Pi??e tl pw hot. With fall directions. Sold wholesala au I SlOrT, Urugglst, Peunsylvaula avenue, j il ? WaITK, tu Seventh atreet, W aehington, D. C.; aud K I CISSKL, Ueorgetowu; to wb' in all order* tmet f M>? w"l beaai t ^ouHdeullally, by mall, to Udlea who enclose tbem one dollar. N. B.?Saa algaatare oa tba bos; to co?ntarfstt It is far Je 1-tf, faata, ?Bu Vests, Urtts Swift Skitgijj Suits NOAH WALKKB A 00., Mamli Uall UboriiWtf ImpO ato?, Brawaa Hotal Bulidlag, raapacUan* aunoaa e that their annaal dlaplay of PALL AN^> wixttR CLOTHING Is now ready for luapectlon, c isspruing an aaaortmeut of ?srru?? amu Voirr js" Cuotui?? ?f tba aewwtaud rich est dssigus. la msVrUl, trimming, aad workmanship To tboee who stady excellence, with ecuuomy in faehk>uabl* ar ticle* of draas, an opportunity U ??>? offered for aeloctlac from one of the moat attractive stock of gooda lu this city at very reduced prleaa. a?*?if* OIKDi On the Til Inst., at the residence of 9 limine, MARY Kt?BECC\, adopted daughter of Ki?d rrlck and Lucy Heffl>?f, In the 7th year of berate. Klrhmjud pipe-s eoyy. In Oeirg>?town, oa the *24th lnuiast, WM. R. OOI.DING , ag<*d ?? years.) For Sale tad Rut. FOR SALE?THE FRAME DWELLING adjoining the Wot Georgetown Methodic Church, aouth side. The house Is neartv new, and contal as ftrar large rooms and an excellent oeUar The lot fronts W fe* on Payette street, running back 173 if Immediate application Is be sold at a bargain. For terms ap ply to WILLIAM OREASON. ae35 3t tVJR SALE OR RENT ?A NEW THREK Story Brick Honse, containing eight large room^ with ba*eraeat and a spacious yard at tached, suitable for a Refectory, Boarding House. or private Dwelling, it Is now occnpled by tbe owner who is desirous of selling at private sale, or will rent It to a punctual and careful 'eoant. r?* Particulars,enquireon the preml es, No. 5W Seventh street, between D and E, Island. se9U3t* BH)R RENT?A TWO-STORY BRICK A Dwelling on Capitol Hill, comer of East Capitol and vd street east, containing 8 rooms, attic and kitchen '.attached, with woodnouse and other buildings. To a careful lenantthe rent will be moderate. For terms Inquire at No 48 on the premises. se23-5t? Farm for sale ?i offer for sale my farm near Beltsvllle, Maryland, on tbe Baltimore and Washington railroad within five minutes' walk of that depot and twelve miles from Washington. It contains about two hun dred acres, (thirty In Umber;) house nearly new, aubstantial'y and conveniently built, twelve rcoms, passage, ana two porches, with all necessary out houses, a pump of fine water, and orchards of well-selected fruit. One hundred acres (fbrming nearly a square, with the buildings amidships) will be sold separately, If desired. The piace Is perfectly healthy, productive, well-watered, a?d dlvldei Into eight fields Church's of almost e*?ry denomination convenient, varying In dis tance from ene to live miles, and a public school adjoining the land It will be sold a great bar gain, as i am determined to sell at once. If not sold before, (of which due notice will be R ??^,^r?rJLllPOM,tlV4;^ybe <?nld at public auction OB WEDNESDAY, the 15th of October at noon For terms Inquire on the premises of Fred. Hun ter, who Is authorized to sell, and will take plea sure In showing it. M23 lw THOS. T. HUNTER. FOR RE NT.-TWO MEDIUM SIZED Houses on Maryland avenue, between 6th and 7tfc streets Rent moderate to good tenants. For particulars Inquire of T. GALLIGAN A CO, under Browns' Hotel, or to Mr. BRAY, No 232 street. Island. se 18 For sale ?a lot on the corner of G and 21st streets, 80 feet 9 Inches by 123 feet 0 Inr-hes deep. This is one of the best loca tions and neighborhoods in the city, being di rectly opposite the elegant residence of Lieut. Woodhull, U 9. Navy, and In a rapidly Improv ing neighborhood. It offers a rare chance to per sons who wish to purchase Enquire of WM. WALL, at Well * Stepbens's, No. 322 Penn avenue, between tth and 10th streets. se 17-2w Rooms for k knt.-two rooms over my store suitable for an olllce of almost any kind, will i.e rented low to a permanent tenant. Possession given immediately. L. F. CLARK, north side, Penn. avenue, betwef-n 12th and 13th streets ?e i: -tf For rent.?furnished or unfurn ed, a house situated on the north side of Fenn avenue, In the central part of the city, containing In all fifteen rooms, which are comfortably furn ished ; gas fixtures through the house. Will bj rented to a careful and responsible tenant if ap plied for soon; or the rooms will be rented sep arately. Board can be obtained In the Immediate neighborhood. A servant will be left to attend, and take charge of the room, If required Apply at thla ofllcc. selO-lm FO R S A L E?A CONVENIENT SMALL House, on 10th street, only two or three doors from Pa avenue. Its central location renders it a very d'sSrable dwelling for persons engaged in business. The fror t room might be used as a Show room for a Millinery, or fitted up for a La dles' Shoe Store, or Fancy Trimming Store Its proximity to the avenue would make it a good stand for arv neat buMness. Apply to W. LEN OX, or at Mrs. Lenox's, on E, between 10th and 11th street*. au 27-tf POR RENT? DWELLING HOUSE, NO 332, Pennsylvania avenue north side between 9th and 10th streets One of the best locations in thecity. Immediate passesslon given. Apply to GEO. H B WHITE A CO., on the premises,or to CHARLES H. LANE, Gent's Furnishing Store, 424 Penn. avenue. au 2 FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board Also, table and transient board Iaqulreat Htl. SMITH'S, 233 F street nov27?tf FOR SALE OR RENT?THE TWO NEW three-story Houses with back building ar.d cellar, on 12th street, the first square south of Penn avenue, Is offered for sale or rent. They contain ten rooms each Inquire of J. W BAR KKK, on H street, next to the Lutheran church, between llth and 12th street. au 1-eotf For sale or exchange for city PROPERTY ?A very handsome Farm above Fairfax Court House, Virginia, convenient to the Orange and Alexandria, and the Manages Gap Railroads, containing zOO acres, about BO acres of which Is In very fine timber. The whole U well watered, well fenced, and well improved A portion of It Is fine meadow land, the remsln der Is well adapted to wheat, corn. Ac. For terms, apply to W A HARRIS, No 510 L, near 10th street, Waahlngton, or A. MOSS, ksq., Fairfax Court House se l?-ec6t# POR SALE ?A TRACT OF LAND, CON talnlng about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley Vlrw Farm, the residence of the late John H. King, deceased. Thla is one of the most desirable sites in the District for a fine private residence; about 20 acres of this tract Is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared aud In a high state of cul tivation. The summit of this tract Is from 350 to 400 feet, above tide water, arid has a fine view of Washington, Georgetown, and tbe adjacent val ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entire or in lots Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city Apply at Valley View Farm, or to Dr. II King, No bt) Prospect street, ??eor?etown, 1) C. Jelb-tf [Intel] E. J. KING. FOR RENT-A FURNISHED COUNTRY Dwelling, with lawn, orchard, garden, and stables?5 rooms on first fioor?hot android batbs, hlghlv romantic and heiltby situation, H miles from Washington, in Prince George's, Add Re fer to Sweeny, Rlttonhouse, Fant A Co , and Ed itor of the Star. Possession given at auy time af trr the 15th October. au 25-1 m NEW AUCTION AND COMMISflON STORK. BONTZ A COOMBS, NO. 369 SEVENTH atieets, between I and K streets, return their grateful thanks to a generous ; ubllc for the liber al patronage extended to them sines they have been engaged In the House Furnishing business in the Noithern Liberties, and now le^ leave to announce to the public that at the earnest solici tation cf many citizens they have been induced to connect with their present trade the Auction and Commission business. ? They pledge themselves to leave no effort un tried or spare no trouble to give satisfaction In all cases to those who may confile their business to tlietn or favor them with their patronage All goods consigned to them will besold to the best advantage and prompt returns made. Particular attention will be given to the sale of real and personal property of every kind, and literal tasn advances ncad?i fit the same whenev er required. BONMZ A COOMBS, Commis-slc;; Men LatiH ciuutt* muTVKs. V^^Our large warehouse Is filled tciU* utmost capacity with eveiy de-__ ' " 'scriptionof Parlcr, Chamber,and-J Kitchen Furniture, "both new acd second-hard, which we will sell at a small advance over manu facturers' prices. It is useless for us to Itemise; suffice It to say we are are prepared to furnish out entire houses at such prices as cannot fall to g've satisfaction to purchasers A call Is respectfully solicited BONTZ A COOMBS, Auction and Commission Merchants, se 20-lm No C09 Seventh street. tHORK OflOCKKIKS. JUST RECEIVED. A SUPERIOR LOT OF ail the purest kinds of fimily groceries, Wines, Liquors, and Segars, White and Brown Sngais, at the usual low prices JONAS P LEVY, No. 387 Peon. av*\, opposite the National ??18-w Hotel pKNTLKMEN AKKINVlTICUTO CALL ' * and examine a model of a gentleman's DRESS HAT, fall style, 1856 For ll> ht ness, fineness and elegance these Hata can-, not be surpassed. LANE'S Fashionable Hat, Cap and Gents Furnishing Store, 424 Penua. avenue, between 4# and 0th streets go W ft SCHOOL BOORS.?TO BUY A VA'l'IETY ol School Books, at cheapest rates, call at FERGUSON'S ? 6 No. 468 Sevnth utrtst. L. J. MlDJPLlCTOft, DEALER IN ICE, QAct ?>?<* Di?ot?Southwest corner of V |?d Twelfth stsaet/ <Aft -tf plAFIOS ?LAST WEEK WE RECEIVED I two new PI AN OS, which with usual wetl assorted stock makes our as-| j f ~f I ,sortiA<>nt Mn? kspst sod most oompleteln this

JOHN F. ELLIS, 3o? Penn. ave , ne? luth street APOTIOW 8ALB8. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rpRUSTEES SALE OP A DESIRABLE ? Dwelliaa llsass on 12th street, near PrniiTlvult avsaae.- On Wfe.DNr.8nAY AFTERNOON, October 8tb,at4* o'clock, on tbe psemlses. by virtue of a deed ot trust, dated November S h, 'SM. and duly recorded In Liber J A. 8 . No 15, folios 888, Ac , one of the land rfcords for Washington jobnty.the subscriber will sell tbe north half of Lot No. 19, In Square ?293, fronting 23 feet 4 inches on l*th street west, between C and D streets north, running back UN) feet to a '25 foot alley, with the Improvements, consisting of a convenient atid well-built Brick Dwelling House. Terms: One half cash ; the residue io 6 and 12 months, with Interest, satisfactorily secured. JOS. B TATK, Trustee se:?-eod_ J O. McGUIRE, AncL By BONTZ A COOMBS, Auctioneers. Extensive kale or household Parnitare.? On FRIDAY, (to-morrow morning) at 0 o'clock a in , we sha 1 sail In front of our Auction Rooms, No. 869 7th street, near the Northern Liberty Market, a large and general assortment of Household Furniture, the effects of a gentleman declining housekeeping We narr.e in part only a few of the leading articles Mahogany Jennv Llnd Bedstead Mahogany spring-seat Sofas and chairs Cane and wood seat Chairs Marble-top, Centre, and Dining Tables Mahogany-top and other Bureaus, Wardrobes, W ahstonds Ore Beautiful Gilt Mirror Cotton and Shuck Msttresees WrshPtatd, Writing Desk Toge'.ht r with many otter articles too numerous to mention. BONTZ A COOMBS, it Auctioneers. By E. S WRIGHT, Georgetown VERY DESIRABLE STOCK OP DRY <J?ods at Anctlsa.?The subscriber declin Ing bu lnets. will se 1 without reserve at public Auction, on WEDNESDAY next the 1st of Oc tober, at 10 o'clock A. M., at his btore rcom on Bridge St., his entire stock of Dry Goods, being fresh and of recent purchase. Consisting or Clothes, Cassmiers, Cassinets and Ve tings. Su per French and English Meiinoes ; Figured and {tla'.n Dre*s Silks; Bombazines, Alpacas, De alncs, Ginghams, Calicoes, Berages; Irish Linens and Sheetings ; Bleached end Brown Cottons; Flannels, Tickings, Dlap_ is;JGents and Ladles Kid. Silk, Woolen and Cotton 61oves ; I inen, Cambric, and Silk Handkerchiefs ; Undir Garments; large assortment of Woolen, Silk, and Cotton Hosiery; Cambrics; laces: Insert ing* ; K ibbons ; Tapes; Buttons; Pins; Nredlcs; Shawls; Collars; Cravats; Thread", Ac., Ac Teimi of sale: $50 and under, cash ; over a credit of sixty and ninety days, for approved endorsed notes, with Interest R. W. SMOOT, eometown, D C. se '25-d E. S WRIGHT, Auc'r. A ?an JOHN KULINSkl, K2| WA TCH \ CLOCK MAKE 11, HI Latk op Warsaw, Poland, ' ALL WORK WARRANTED FOR TWELVE MONTHS ! ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. i Tbe above Is also the Inventor of n Patented i Appara'us for preventing the disastrous effects of i collisions on Kal roads Information or. the sub ject yWen on application Seven*h street, No. 391. se 19-9t* CHARLES WALTI'.Hi JUSTICE OF THE PEACll, NOTARY PUBLIC AND GENERAL AGENT, No. 3*7 D street, between 3daud 4% streets, OPPOSITE CITY BALL, se 19-lw* ? WASHINGTON. D C. IV El i UENTLEJIEN'S EMPMtll'M. (GEORGE W. HINTON HEREBY RE f turns his thanks to his old and steadfast j customers and the public generally for the' i Increasing patronage bestowed upon him at his EMPORIUM OF FASHION, on. ! Pennsylvania avtnn-, between 6th and 4)^ streets, ? and next door east of Frank Taylor's Bookstore, | where maybe found a large assortment of rich, , tasteful and valuable Goods, French. English, : Italian, Chinese, end American of all kinds for | gentlemen's wearing apparel. Said goods will be ' cut and made up In the most tasiefal, fashionable j and durable style, agreeably to orders, and at the ' shortest r.otlce, and upon the most reasonable terms Vlease call and examine the richness and style of the goods and the faithful and durable manner in which they are made up to suit cus tomers George W Hlnton embraces this occasion to | announce to the public that he lias formed a co. i partnership in business with Mr William S. i 1'kkl, formerly of Virginia, by whose aid, as j si stance and constant attendance at the store, the ; business of the Emporium will be greatly faclll tated j N B?Gtorge W. HIntoa hopes that such of his former patroas a? have uncancelled bills at the store will soon be pleased tocall and settle the .-am**, es the seai<>n Is changing and short *<?'Ce ments make lon^ frlead3 sc 19-tf NEW AND SEASONABLE GOODS THE SUBSCRIBER WOULD CALL THE attention of p-rsons refitting thtlr houses to i his new stock of PAPER HANGINGS, WIN ' Do W SHADES, COR NIC*;, PICTURE CORD i and TASSEL*, Ac. WINDOW SHADES of , every description on hand, or made to order. To my many friends for tbeir literal patronage and > fa?crabie recommendation, I return my warm ac knowledgemeiits, and trust by strict attention to buslne s. punctuality, and dealing, to merit a contlnua .ce of their ronfldence and patronage. JOHN MARKK1TER, 7(h st , be 18-eoGt* next door to Odd Fellows' Hall. | _ _ SOFT HATS! New styles for fall a winter We have Just received a large ar.d com- <a""\ plete assortment of FELT HATS, for men ! and boys, of all styles, colors and prices, fo which we respectfully invite the attention of pta ! chasers. Please call at GEO H B WHITE A CO.'3 Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, ai'2 Pa averae, between 9th and lO.h streets N B ?We are prepared to me t all fair com petition, and sell at the lowest prices for ca?h se lS-eotit ANOTHEROPPORTUNITY l&OPPKtt - ed to purchase COAL at extraordinary low prices. The eubscrlber will rec? lve within the next two weeks si* hundred tons of Coal for Furnaces, GraUs, and Oooking Stoves Persons wishing to lay la their winter supplies will do well to give nlm a call before purchasing else where. WOOD of nil kinds on band Coal ?2 '210 pounds to the ton. F L. MOORK, se22-eo3t West side 9th st , bt. 1) and E. WOOD, COAL., AND SAND. NOW AFLOAT, AND FOR SALE FROM the Vessels, 400 tons White and Red Ash COAL, for Furnaces, Grates, and Stoves, war ranted to be of the best quality; ?,'240 pounds to the oa in all cases Always on band as good an as~or ment of WOOD AND COAL as ran be found fh the Dis trict, and on as g.?od terms No 549, Northeast corner of l'Jih and C stieets, one square south of 1'a. avenue. se3o-2?r C. M.KLYS REWARD.?RAN AWAY FROM the subscriber, living near U pper , Prince George's counly Md , NEGRO MAN LEN, who calls hlm>elf LEN HARROD; he is a dark mulatto,/ about thirty one years of age, five feet seven f s high ; he has a scar o-i the right knee caused by a cut; half of his head shaved, and very gram when spoken to. 1 will give the above reward if caught out of th? State of Maryland or District of Columbia, or one hundred dollars if caught In the SUte of Mary land or Dlstrlet of Columbia, and secured in jail or brought home so that I can get him again. aa*8-tf Z B BEALL. #200 SPECTACLES. An extensive assortment of Gold, Sliver, Light Steel, and German Silver Spectacles, suitable for all ages. Every one who wish to Improve their sight, would do well ta call before purchasing elsewhere. Just received and for sal* by E. K. LUNDY, se %i No. 12b Bridge street, Georgetown. Just receTved at~tiie music DE Pot, W Miller's Grand Square PI-^sSM AN?'S, the most magnlfloent lnstru-pf | f|l ments now manufactured A large stock of Pianos for rent on the most reasonable terms. se?. W- 8. METZEROTT wood and COAL. THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE ON HAND, are constantly receiving supplies of tbe very beat qualities of every description of WOOD Also, every variety of the most superior qualities of CO A L, all of which trill be sold on as reason able terms as they can be had in tbe Dlstrlet. N ow afloat a cargo of superior Coal. Those In want would do well to call and leave their orders so as to be furnished from the vessel. Offices corner of 1 and Slst streets, Washington, and Green street, opposite Gas House, Georgetown, se'H BARRON A SiOVER. AUCTION 8ALBS THIS AFTERNOON A1CD TO-MOBROW. SALE OF LAND.?BY VIRTUE OF All iborlty vested In me I will ?ell, on the rrsmi ses, in Alexandria county. Va . at auction, at 4 o'clock on THURSDAY, September Kth, a valuable Lot of 48 acres of land, part In wood and part cleared, and Is remarkably well adapted to gardening purposes. It is Joined by the farm* of Mrs Hamilton. R. Crult. and Rev. A. Hays, about mile from Georgetown There arc two excellent soring* of water and a comfortable log house on the premises, which are enclosed by a Ine fence Persons wishing to purchase mtrget anT Infer matlon in regard to the place by calling on Robert Hall, sr , near Ball's Cross Roads, or on ;he subscriber at Mti G street, near 3d Terms of sale: ft.- 00 rash ; th* balance In fbioe eoual payment* of *, is, a-d ig months. A deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure the piy """"W ? ROBERT BALL, Jf. sell-oofeO Executor of Wm Ball, dec'd By J AS. C McGUIRE, AuctlOMvr ~ VALUABLE BUILUINU LOT AT PIB lie Anctlsa ?On FRIDAY AFTER NOON September t?th,at5^ o'clock, on the prem'.s?s! 1 shall sell part of lot No. 11, In square No 5!4, fronting 20 feet on 5th street west, between L and M streets north, running back l?0 feet to a*30-feet alley. Terms: One half cauh; the reeldue In twelv? months, with Inte:eet, se-ured by a deed of trust on the premises JAS C. McGUIRE, se 24-d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auotloneer. Handsome improved property nt Auction?On MONDAY,the29th Inst., 1 shall sell. In front of the premises, commenc ing at 5 o'clock p. m , the following mentioned property, vlt: Two two-story brick Houses on the west side of Eighth street, between N and O streets north, in Noim^nt's subdivision of Square No 399 Each house contains four rooms and kitchen. Also, at half psst 5 o'clock. 1 shall sell Lot No 8, In Square No '01, at the corner of Ninth and M streets, with the improvements, which area good cottage frame House, containing eight con venlently-itTar.ged rooms and passage; excellent water In front of the deor Also, a fine three- story brick ILousr, with back bnlldlng, adjoining the above, fronting on M street, having nine rooms and passage. Persons wishing to make a good Investment will do well to attend the sale, as th? property Is handsomely located and the owner about to leave the city. Terms: One-fourth cash: balance in 6. IS, and IP months for notes bearing Interest from the day of sale A d?cd given and a deed of tnut taken. sejil-d A. GK EEN, Auctioneer. I By J AS. O McGUIRE, Auctioneer d housekeeping ^ Effects at Public Ascti?n. (in Tlim. DA\ MORNING, September 30. at 10 o'clock, on the premises, I shall tell the furniture acd ef Ll ? ?,a ^ deollnlns^ housekeeping, on the we t tide of ,(d street, between Pennsylvania ave nue ucd (. street, comf rlsl?g Mohcgany Lair-spring Sof. g and l arlor Cba'rs Mrfho^tny marble-top Centre Table W jlmt What-not, fancy Taoles i' and i^auj Cnrtjin*, Con Ifr Jtc an? 'cVrr*in Carpets, UUCIorh d'Fet> Stair Rods and Exes U a nut Extension Dining Ttble China, Glass, and Crockery-ware Sliver plated Casters. Table Cutlery Handsome Walnut Wardrobe lli^h and low-post Bedsteads ^ain Bureaus, Washstands ?? iath'r Bed1* Bolsters and Pillows Hairar.d Husk Mattresses Walnut Rocker, Work Tables, Lounges Enamelled Cottage set W.??d **** Cha'?. Chlntx Cur ains Together wiih a general assortment of House ni>t nec/ ^Y to enumerate. Terms. U end under cash: over that sum a credit of 6ti or 90 days, for satisfactorily endt rsed notes, bearing interest 1 seM d J. C McGUIRE, Auct*r. By WALL. BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers HAMDKOME FURM1TLKE at Anctlsa On WEDNESDAY MORN 1NG, Oetl^Ier w'm ? clork> sell, at the residence of vv M Corcoran, Ksq , No. 49-3 Strtnte^nth it the estire Household Furnltu.e, as- ' Rosewood Piano, Cover and Stool . x? 'fete-^*tetes. marble-top Tab es Plush and hair Rocking Chairs Walnut and plush Reception Chairs Mahogany Parlor Chairs. Hat-rack Rosewood Beaufet, Etegere Parlor hall, stair, and chamber Carpeis !aln"' painted and gilt Shade* Oilt Mirror, Girandole, Candelabra* Mancgany ?r.d oth<r Wardrobes Do and resewood Dressing Bureaus Do and other Bedsteads ????. Pillows and Bolsters Hair and husk Mattresses, Bedding Mahogany marble top enclosed and ether Wa?h s fands Sideboard, Dining Tab!?s. Walters Cane-seat Cbsirs. Oil Cloth, Matting Lounge, Stair Rods. Toilet Sets Kr Ives and Forks, Waiters, Trays. Mats China a:.d Glass Ware With a good stock of Iron and Tin Wars Kit chen Articles, Ac. ' Terms; All sums of and nr.der ?30 cash ; over that amount a credit of tio and 90 days, for note, bearing Interest and satisfactorily endorsed . WALL, BARNARD A CO., 18 Auctioneers Bv A. GREEN,Auctioneer VALUABLE BDILDINO LOT Ik ON MIS ? souri avenue and north H street at Aac JTm"-#*011* F"iUAV? tfae 26th Instant I thall sell In front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p m, part of Lot#, in J^nare or Reservation A front Ing on Missouri avenue, between 3d ar.d 4 V sto adjoining the property of Mr Browning ' Also, at half-past 5, or Immedlate.y after the f,aJ? <L^e<,bovt' ,*ha11 >el,r 00 premises, two hmdnome building L#ot*, Hifuated on the south side of north a, between ith ar.d5th streets west, being Lots Nos 18 and 1??. In Square No 5lr> No IS has a front of 6o feet; No. 5i feet 7 inches on K street, running, with a side a'.lev, to a JO feet alley, 14*2 feet 7 inched All the above mentioned property Is handsome ly located, and the sale will be worthy of the at tention of persons Wishing to purchase a hind S0.?.e.,bu.I1<Vnkr slte or raak- a g luvestn ent l itle Indisputable Terms; One third cash ; in 6, IS, and lf? monihs, the purchaser to give notes for the de frrred payments, bearing interest fr? m the day of vile. A d^ed given and a deed of trust ?akrn ^ A GREEN, Auctioneer LUEUANr cmkpetinus.-IJubt rk x^colved and on sale a superior and elegant stock of Wilton, Velvet. Tapestry, Brusself Imperial i i J?'y- double ingrain. Dam.isk. Twilled arid pla n Venltlan, and wool Dutch Carpotlngs, all a f ,very Importation and in the newest and richest colors and designs. In the finer varieties we have some In superbly rich medallions, (single uirdallion to a room,? and barderlngs to mat. h, style of Loul. XIV. Also elegant square ar.d oblong Rugs to match V\ e do not hesiutf to as-ert that the stock of Carpeting and other Furniture Dry Goods now In our store is more extensive and varied and more superior In excellence and betuty than any other ever cifered for sale to the cltizeus ?.f Wahhlnt;ton, Gvorgetown, Alexandria, end environs htnetofore; all of which we will at as low tigure* as the same can be had in any other house In the Union and may be le?s. selS-eolw CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Su^i? GUITAUS, VIOLINS, Pi DTES ^ Fifes, Accordeons, FluUncs, At; , Ac , lust received and will be disced of &t lower prices than they can be had for at any other estaoli t ment in the country. New Music received send-weekly. WM.G ME1ZEUOTT, ? , _ . successor to Geo. Ullbui Music Depot, southwest corner ef Penn. avenue and 11 th and D streets. 17, ' ?AS FITTING. WE ARE NOW PREPARED TO INSERT Oas Pipe in dwellings, store?, and public b indings at low prices. Please give us a call MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, se 15-1 m No. V48 Pa av , bet 12th and 13th sts NOTICE. /"^EN WALTER JONES AND CHARLES LEE JONES have removed their otfice to No 5tS, E street, between 3d and 4th streets Charles Lee Jones will practice in the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts held in the District of Columbia. Gen Walter Jones, though mostly retired from i,:a tloe, will unite with him and do his be*t to ad vance the success of clients by written statement* snd arguments, and by all pother needful and proper exertions. jy 5.3m FIRST WAKU iVlAHMET *O.U4 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 1 16thL^?/vN ?N TUESDAY,SEPTEMBER mP j on hand. FRESH VEGETABLES at the above place ^ WM. CHASE W_ WOOD AND COAL. E ARK DAILY RECEIVING LARGK supplies of WOOD and COAL, which we can sell from the boats at very low prices. Fer sons desirous of laying In their winter fuel would do well to give us a call before purchasing else where. UOGCEA O'NEILL, se2 No. 105 Water street, Georgetown pOllPON BONDS FOR. SALE?OF THE ^ Alexandria Water Company, drawing* per cent interest, payable semi annually. Apply to FOLLARD WEBB, No. 51* (*d story) 7th?ue<t, betw*?n D and E. se?-eo3t* ??? TBLEfiRAPH NEWS. f ROM TBS AUOCIATIS P1UI HV HOI'SB rftlRTIIIM TKLBQt&Pll. Senator Fiih'i Letter Nbw Yobk, Sept 25?Tbe Courier and Enquirer publi?he s a long letter thia Morning from Senator Fish, giving hia rtwou for wp portirg the Kc{ ublican ticket. Steamboat Burnt-Awful Destruction of Life Milwaibbb, Sept. 24 -The itHOin Niag ara waa burnt laot evening near Fort Willi ington on Lake Michigan by which one huc dred lives were pr.b?My toet; and It is sun posed that Hon John B Mary, late member of Congress from this Sta?a. was luat, he having been on board Cant Miller was aavad. We have yet no particular* The New York Academy of Mna.e?L'I toils du Ford Saw Yoaa, Sept 25?The Academy of Mu?ic opened last night with M avert** r a new opera of L'Etoile du Nord, (The North Star ) The house was crammed to overflow ing, with the mo?t fashionable auiience of the seat on. The opera was received with the m st -iverwhe'niiog upplauae Marctack (the le.i-ee of the Aoad<-Wy) in* i?i.d? to opeu a new opera houae in Philadel phia abuut the fitst of January next, and from thence will open for a short seaaon In Balti more and Washington Ppreparations for the President's Beceptioc Comcobu, N. 11 Sept 25 ?The Patriot of t'.iis u.vjrniag etateatbat the Preaident is to ar. rive here on the m >ining of Oct 22, and in view of the fact that the cftiaena have daeli ned to extend him a public welcome, tha De mocracy of the whole State are oalled upon to mako arrangements for a proper reception af the distinguished visitor. Boston, Sept. 25.?The Keystone slab laet evening appointed a ?? mmittae to make ar ran^emen s to give the President a fui'able welcome to this city. Charleston News Charlsstoit, Sept. 24.?The yellow fever i< ?riii lingering here, but io se mild a form to excite no apprehensions The eases gen erally yield to medicine There have been n? deaths reported to-day. Deaths during the woek froin fever twouty-four The weather is very cold. There waa froa' near the city la?t night, and the change in the weather ha* bad a" visible effect upon the hei'th of tho city. Baltimore Markets Daltimubb, Sept. 25 ?Flour has declined 25c ; Uoward street and Ohio sold for ?<> 50, and City Mills *6 25. Wheat?Sales of reds at $1 35*fl 40, and white a* ? 45s$l 53 . Corn is irregular, white m?IJ fcr 57a02o , and yellow 60at?3c Whisky baa advanced; salea tf Ohij and City at :j6a36|c New York Markets New Yore, Sept. 25 ?Flour has an advan cing tendency Sales of y (too barrels State S5 M>a>6 30; Ohio at %f> 2*?a$rt 40, atandard Southern Sft VOa$7.25 Wheat is higher Salea of 71 000 bushels white SI 53afcl 60, red SI 45 Corn is firm Sales of 40,000 bushels Southern mixed 654c. Pork is firm; salea of meu at $20 Beef and lard are urchunged Whisky is quiet and uncharged; Ohio 37c Finansial. NawYoRB,Sept 25 ?Stockaareuncharged, Chicago and llock islai d 9C| ; Cumberland Coal Company 14; Illinois Central bonds 93{; lll'.noia Freelands 107; Michigan Southern New York Central 864; Pennsylvania Coal Company 95*; Reading S3 J Sterling exchange is dull. 4 t ' KU. WE HAVE THE PLEASURE TO AN i.ounce to our friend* and the safclts ^ tha? we have juat recelvt-d our fill atock of^H CLOTHS, CASI.MERES, and VE*T- Q INtiS of the very beat French. American. " and English nunufScture, to which w- reepeot? fully ask to call their attention Vlaltora and strangers In Uie city cwn have tbelr o*ders fl:'ed bv us at the very rL> rtwt notice, at fair prices, ai?d In styles Kjuai at least to any (* tab l*hn.?>\t in tbe city GRU BB A LOXANO, Merchant Tailors sef-lm 4m*th at , near P?nn avanee. T?lKTV-FlVtt THOLMND DOLLlfS. Te C apitalists aeeklug Investment! J NO. S A K H. GALLAHER, TOUU'S MAR b e Building, adjoining Brown's Hotel, have for sale, on commission. Thirty lve Thousand Dollar- cf Six percent. COUPON BONi^,? c 'red by mortgage* upon real estate uorth drub.. the an.our.t of ssid bonds, and lntereat pevabit semi aanuallv at the Bank of the Valley, Win chester, Virginia, or at the Bank of MatrepoJl*, Washington, D C. Then- bonds afford a a fe ard Jadlcleu. Invest ment. ar.d. whilst they are quite as safe as Corpo ration ttocE, can be had for less money, yet pay ing the same amount of Interest 1ET The bonds are each Five Hundred l>ot aw^ m $~ij EVENING COMMERCIAL AND MATHEMATICAL INITITITE. rrtO MEET A NECESSITY AND A DE 1 mand In the cltv. tbe Principal of the Union A<rdemy. hss conclude* to open. In the verv pltassnt Rooms of the Academy, corner of 14ih street at.d New York avenue, recently fitted up for tbe purpose, a thoroughly organiied EVENINo SCHOOL, for *uch voung men. otherwise em ployed during the day, as wish to spend tbelr evening* 1 a fitting them elves thoroughly for miccessftil business Th' Institute will be opened October ISth tve each week. *t m 7 tofc# o'c'ock, with two or th'ee lessons In each study, each we?-k t'laHsea will be fo'tned In Book Keeplnx. Pen manship, and vnrlous Branch's of the Higher Mathen atlcs; and also in Foreign Language* Kor tef?r s ?nd further partlculara, tee circulars at the Book Stores, or call on tbe Principal se 20-lm Z. RICHARDS, Pilnclpal QLHS-ttCNS-GUNS. I^HKt L BrCRlBER HAS JUST RfiCEl V ED direct from the celebrated manufac tor y of Mr Chance A Son, the'^ w best and cheapeat lot of Double and Single Shct ?i:ns ever before offered in this market Each Gun has le*~\ pro'ed ar.d will be warranted per fect throughout, or no sale. We have alao Powder rinaks, Mot Belts, ticme Bags, Cleaning Rod* [{aldircn Wads, Percuaslon Caps. Powder and Shot, all of wMch are offered aa low as can be* purch: aed In thle city, by JOS. L SAVAGE, Sign rf Gilt t'aw, Fenn. avenue, between sevi lm (News copy) loth and lltb sta. SLLLIKQ OPE AT COIT TO CLOSh HCIINKIS. i ^ K EAT BARGAINS IN SHOES. Aa ? IN * ? u t.d inn to retire from the Shoe buil-^jL| nr'ss. I Khali commence, from on and afterBHil .. t-diu^dtv, tn?- 17th lustant. t< run offf my entrre sto? k of Boou, Shoas, and Trunks at prime cost for cash Said tale will continue for ten days only, nntll the S7th Instant All who are in want of tbe above named articles, i.i>d desire great bargains In the same, are Invttad to call as the sale will be unreserved and peal* tlve ' D. R WALL, Ix>uls'ana ave , bet 7th and 9th street*. se 17-eo5t Oppoalte Centra Msrkal. MOH.K RICH SHAWLS AND SCARE*. WE HAVE JUST OPEN ED A LARGE LOT of very handsome Shawls and J*carfS, man v of them In black middle*, which ara scarce and desirable. We would here suggest to the ?adl?? to call early if they want a bandaome tshawi < r Scirf We have also, a good aaacrtmentef fla.o bl ck Thlhbet, Merino, and Cloth ****** WtU opea on Saturday, (-wTT)T!i n,lo wWch we Volley A hears ^aiTe-St SO 7th at., 3 doors north of Pa. av _ "iTTaw BOOSS.-CWRTI8 8 digest N U s supreme Court Keporta, I vol; Bennett K*>rds Leading Criminal Casea, 1 vol; fi ^ird'1 U S Supreme Court Meporta, vol If; * juaUce. new edition, 1 vol^Sufden on ' vols ; Halsted's Law of EvjJaaK^ 1 vol - Patton and Heath's Reporta of Caaas de clded In tha Special Court oT APPe^*frf1T^Pu! l* wlih Index to Urattan'a Reports, vol 1 ? ^n" lop* Laws of the United Stat-? Jrol (seftt) FRANCE TA^LR_ DElTKK'ft HOTEL TO ?* " On Saturday, the *Rb I-*"*'* ^Sw^jjb my hotel for the purpose of R*1)11* cleansing, painting, and open on MrndayT the 17th ^.N^2?llnmv | when 1 shall be prepared airaln to friends and the public generalH ufcXT 1 ae l?-lw