Newspaper of Evening Star, September 27, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 27, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, rCBLIIUKD EVEKT IK/kKMOOR, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At ?*? Stmr rfmlAMi.mwr ?/ P?MMyie?Ma M Kl*m?mtk ItTMf, By W. D. WALLACH, wni** *rre?i to subscribers by curlers at SIX AND A HUAftTRft CENTS, payable weekly to Che Agents; papers serreU In packages at 37# cents per month. To malt snbacrtbera the rob scrlptlon price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year %m ndr?*ft, TWO DOLLARS fjr six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months , for leas than three months at the rate of 13)4 cents a week. ITT SINQLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VIII. WASHINGTON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1856. NO. 1,135. THE WEEKLY STAB. I This ex oe LI eat Family uU News Journal?eoa Hslaft ? uraiia TTlrry trf lamtlat i?ilaj ihs ? aaa be fraa4 In aav other?U pabltshad or Wt :r? 4ay moral af tlUI. ?lagle copy, pa awn M ?. ?? ?? Five copies...... Ten copies Twenty oo ft IZT" Casa, lavaftiiBLT m a**?c? Single ooplas (la wrappers) t tt<? center, isiswilatelt aftn - - w%?? ?' it PosTMAsraa* wboa<'tasa*eau will a commission of tweaty per ml - . ' --??lately afUr the Price?Taaaa Cants of the orriouL Tmaivbt Daraarmur, May ?, 185*. N vi<-* is hwby given to the holder* of the stock Issued pursuant to the sot of Congress of *jd July, 1846, that such stock Is redeemable by Its urras, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificate# thereof, on the 12th of November nat, when Interest thereon will cease. This department will continue to purchase inch stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the fallowing premium, In addition to the lowest accrued to the <Uy of pnrehase, with one day's interest for the money to reach tba vendor: On aoch stoek received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In duslv-, one-half of one per cent, on the amounts specified tn the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and 31st d lys of August, oae-fourth of one par eent; And on such stock received after the31st day of Aigust, the Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notise must be duly assigned to the United 9*ntes ky the party entitled to receive the pur chase m >nsy; and when sent prior to the 1st J uly tbeourreitf half year's Interest nra-t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department wHl puKihase the same between the 1st day of J me and the 1st day of December neit, unless the ino of ? 1,300,000 shall be previously obtained, and will pay for the same, la addition to the In t er?M accrued from be day of the last dividend of latexest, and on? day's additional Interest for the money to reach the vendor, the following rates of premium: On stock of the loan of 1848, a premium of 10 per cent ; On st >?k of the loans of 1847 and 1848 a premium of HI per oent.; And on stock Issued under the act of 9th Sep tember, 1?S0, commonly called Texan Indemnity stock, a premium of 9 per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should b* du'y assigned to the United States by the par ty eatttled to receive the money; and if sent pre vious t? the 1st July, the ourrent half-year's ln t.Te?t m ist aMo be a*?*l*ned by the present stock hold-r, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that dtr will be payable to him as heretofore Pay meat for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Boe toa, "lew Vora.or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, m W-dtUN ov Secretary of the Treasury. orricuL. HarAseav DsrARTMsirr, Aug?t20, 1856. Wher?astbe following joint resolution of Congress has brom" a law: Joist Rssoirnoa extending lb* time fee the credi torsoi T^xas to present iheir cla ms Rwo'r'd hy lb* Senate and of Rfprnmta t ee? of the C* vttd Stale* of Jfmerita in Congre*> ax IM, Tba a*. urMib'y to the p*c*vi-1in of th I'Wth action <i# the a*t of the 2* h of Pfbruay, 1"C7>, ?? to prori l?> f ?r the paym nt of such creditors ol the la'e repnb'ic of Texa> a< are comp*e)iended i?j th- a?, of Ooagress of S"t>temb'r 9:h, no nee, by pub'ic a 1v-rti*m-nt, was duty riven for ibe sp*:e of nin ly days by the He nia y of the Twa?ury, of t*ie tim- a? which pevm-'nt of the am .ant ajpropna ed by the llrth seen >n of Faid art w mid b<- ma le, pro rata, on a?y b nd, certiricae, or evll-n ?-= of ?ieb of nd *ta r, wh en shoui.l b ? jr^sv'iiel a' the rrea*ury De|?r;m nt thirty <lav prec ? lrng th- 13 h ?!ay of June, 183". the Innit oi saw! nouee: a id ai u is reprinted by the said H-er-'ay oi tue Treasury, that of *ai 1 binds, cer tifies es, and evidences ot d-b", which tavr- bren rec^'goix-d by th?* titut-s of T?xa*, tks ram*, Pfjuai to th* sum 4 three hundred aid ? i*h;y nine thous and ?j* hundred ail ninety three dolla-n and 6cven cenfc wer j not pr^-teuted to the Trra ury Depanm-nt pel >* to the ,J 13th of Jun , tk' refor??, in orlrr to do fall Jiwtic- to ihe hoi lers of a 1 deb , th^ Secre U y of in- Trvaurv u hereby aaborired to ray to in- hi>!1^r< oi a .y 4 the raid b ?nd?, certificau-?, or errte^?, of deb:, not predated b A j/e ihe 13Ui 'Sty of Jane ta*t, who may i>res^nt a d prove th ?a .?e a the TV-muTr l?epa ?m nt, b tween th^ 13ih day / Jne fast aid the 1st day of Ja iua-y cert, and ?-t^ Tts the p<op*r reb-a?es io the Unit u Sta'e* a H the Slate of Tera?, their yro ra/a thare of the ia. 1 s*vcn rri liiou ?-v^ii hundred and flUy ihourand dollars; and a\er pay nent thereof, the ta?d decre t*ry ot the i rea-^ury is authorised and required to d^siiibite and pay the residue of th^ satd s^ ven mil ir?aj neve a huairej and fifty th .u^an^l doiia-s, th? n rerarnlni tn the uea<ury, pra rata, uamgri all th' *d a >ldw who may hav? proved tbeir cia.m , ant! Cf^-uiod the proper releasee on or b^fbre tbe 1st <iay el Janoa y neit. Approrod August 19th, 1356. Ntucbis asaxsr ervss to the hot4ers of bonds, c.r?rtaa*?, a id ev^lences of debt of the late repub li: '4 Texa*, which were not presented at dt> jkrtn >rt on er btf ?re the 13th day of Jane la?t, that th- sains wlil be settled and the yro rata amnuni tf.orwoo wui ui pa d to the Lawful holders thereof r pras?>stsd b^ft>re tbe firtt day of January next, ae caupa'u-d with tbe ne:e??a'y evidence of their gen mini ess, with attgnm -nw to the United States, re ?4Buad to jur* mis de,atm?nt the etistnrfy nf sack b ?'.u, m wlsa'ss, an 1 eviJea^fs of d"bt, aod with r*hM?-s to the United Stales and Texas, iu aroord anae wi^i ihe provisions of the act of C mgre?a oi -*ih Psb sail, 1S56. This de,-?rwuent will not require ?vidence of gen j unease* tn be pr^-ent-d with tbe certifica'ej Issued by tfte a^lit a a~.d 'x.-mptrjiief of Texat under the la vs of the dm.e. Hat it poe e^ees no means of ver tfy;ng the oerhftsates, b aids and pmmissory notes issued by lbs republic of Texa.*, and not pr*-?e<ilei: ts, nor ndhed by, the oSccrs of Qm Slate. The nerasury and prnper proof of the gennln nemol t*?s lafver is the c-rtifi^ate of the comptroller of the Sm?e of Texas who has the oA^ai charge of the o'#m; arsMvs) relating tn the debt of the late re patois of Teoas Th? a" ?'? and ir1eas<*s may be executed and acknowledged io the presence of the Ao^rtani B' :r?sary ol the Treasury, or the chief clerk thereot, la ibe fw?eei>c? >4 a noucy public, and be wUneooeil by ?*e AfrHsrsnt Sncrea y, or chief clerk a id no?a rv, enl bi esrtiAed by the notary under bisnota ria. seal; bit w i<n toe holders Issirs o, make the a sr {'.si *u and execute the roiease* out of the oity of Washington, It may b? done In the presence of an aw*"*?nt treasurer, or cWl'Ttar, or suareyor of the NflKjmsin the presence of a nota y public, aad be ?ilu*'d by the collector or suiveyor aad the no '<i~y pub'ic, an 1 be certified by the nota-y under bis n*ta?4al sea" i and if tkere bs no collector or survey, or of me cu??oin? at the plaoe where the party re skIa*, tb< aisicmiient and relea<es may be exeeateu biixe any court of record, in the preseooe of the fudge aad ci^rk thereof, and be snueoscd by them, aid certified by the dark ander his s?*al of offle?; a id if the holder bs out of the United States, the as ?t<nm ml aid releases may be executed b-fcre any Unttsd rtta e* oosul, and be witnessed aad certified by him under his-ooaatar s?al. Ail p?:rsons exe e'lting sueh awt {nin?nts ail reiaases m ist also de dare, irnder outn, b-frwe the notary, eierk, or oon ral, at the case Jiay b?*, that t.'icy are the real own ers of Ihe certifl-a:es or uthw evidences ef d< bt, ci that the same have bsen a?stgned ro theni, bona ftd*, ttr ooUee'Joa ?, and the notary, clerk, or o>nsal in ist laclude theUct of that leclararion ia tksireer Ufi ate cf s'knewledgtuas'. ff aastfsed tor eoileetios, or ia pledge, the naoi of the {amy boMlng ihe b n-fl^al or revMua'Tlk la the flalm ?urt bs m 144 La Qie aflArft <nd a release to the United States and release to T?xas must be duly erecut'd by such party. to j-Uier with ths alignment and rslea*es trom the person in whose favor settlement and payment ta iequfittd. One or m ir'? audited certificate*, or one or mete evidence of the warne character of debt, may be 1a <jl'id?*d la the eamettsaignuanut, releasee, and affida lit of ownership, if each certificate to correctly do scribed by numb*, date, amount, a^d nam? of the Sriginal payee. It tboold start ?ppn> whether tl? ^nifiuair* were issued by (he authorities of the foateof Te*as>, on amount of the rti<bt o< (be repab ic, or were issued by the repabbc of Teia<,aceord mg to the facta of each case. The aMifsment to the United States may be made in common form ; the releases should bo drawn as ?ording to the form* subjoined?A and B. JAMES GUTHRIE. Sccrewy of (fin Treasury. J- orm 4, Know atl p>-r?ons by these pr^aeuts that ? basr'ilfta'ed.andinreby r?J?a?*s. the United (a w of Am-nca from all further lialrtuiy or claim for the payment of certificate or e.viuesics of d/b? aiHnb^r , for the sam of $ ,, ismicd by for l ite r?p iblic of Teaa*. (or by the authorities ?t the State of Tm?i, a< ine case m>y b-,)md re d-rn-d by the United Sfa es in accordance with the provisions of an ??t o4 Covgrw entitled "An act to provi e t*r tbe payment of such creditor* of the late republic of T?iai a* ar ? compreocnd?>d In the aruof Conrress of 8e??ewib<r nine, eighteen hundred and flIVy." approved tne 28th day orPedn^y, 1853, and ai a^t of the 'tatc of Texm, approved tte 1st of Februa-y, 1856. As witness my hand and seal. Ftrrm B. Know all persons by theee presents that has released, a j<1 her. by retraces, the Sia e of Te*a? frrm all ftirihrr liability or claim fl>r the pjjy m^nt of certificate or evidence of d-bi number ,for the sum of S ?, l?u>w by the late re publ c of Tsxa?,(or by ibe auitiondo of the S a:e of T xa*. a< the raw may be,) and redeemed by ths United States In a:c<>r.<a >ce with the provision* of an a;t orCon^rcAs, entitled " In act tn provide for ?lie paym-nt of such creditors of the la'e republics T?*ra? a-? are comprehended in the act of Co.ibtm of September nine. ei*tit^n hundred and fifty," approved ihe 29ih 0( February, 1835, and an act of ?he g:aie of Teaa?, approved the 1** of Ftbrua v. 1856 A? witness my hand and sea'. Tli? fbllowing is a list of the audited certificates otill ou cm diuR: So Li-Led to. 6 T D Tom;kin>? 18 Uukmai CaofiHd 31 John A Clifton >1 K Mas* 33 R G Hcbbi 61 I De Cord : va 9 2 John Burning* am 135 i'iiinea< Dc Co 176 E **a dwin 1^1 lam ? Tilghman 193 Mathla^ Clark J??} Eiha. Earle 328 O Rlineau 344 J E WaJe 368 Peters & Booth 395 Lott H listed 404 8 Kingttley 427 J I'a k>T, for El tea b'lh Pa-k?r, ei'x 437 Bern diet Cayley 445 Leander ll? a-^'ti 466 Wm Odlio 467 John W King 509 T B W. bb 510 A 8 Thu m utd 518 Tr.og W Marshall 625 David S Kaufman 613 Georg* W I'ark*-r .Vo. fuued to. 1639 Oscar Engiedow 1675 Tiuct'os of Austin C"lle?n 1^81 G H Monearrat h. Co 1010 John Karaer 1704 Daniel Carl roriova 1783 | ^ ^ Walcott 1746 John \V Portis 1770 I K Elliott 1807 Ha'rtet George 1816 Mile, 8 Bennett 'S?9 Nathaniel Rudder 1831 / Levi Tyler, adm'r 1833 \ ofVVH Kelly I838 t-amu<*! Wildey 18'W George Suiherland 1S41 J P HenningB 184d } J C 1844 Edmund Balllngfr loM J D Logan 1856 C P Green 1WS Dav-d Ayrea 1869 Thomes F James 1878 C S^hiedU mantd 18HI J F Jewfitt 1897 F Emma IW9 rarilla Lee 641 rrutcherfcMcRavenigQO ? ?V Gro?,m?yer 1922 Gilb-rt Jonnsou 1928 H?Wi Lusk gJ}wmnow? 6'3 J A Simwion 6VJ Wm H ftelcher 677 n H Williams 701 Felix Rieder ? Robert Da'e 77.1 VVm Jon 779 VVm Wa'kcr 793 Dyer P?arl 8 9 l?aa: L HIM "63 (lermiaa'i Brown 671 John VV Bower "?79 Jam s McMa?4er 9t4 Dyr P' a I 915 Ma>y E len Heden-1858 b?rz *30 J Ellis t#32 Mrs Ma-y Belville 1010 An?m Ciatson 1012 R M F.irb -s I0i5 iamts N lto;an 043 Tb imai Ltudsay 104^ James L Green 1047 Jesse Daniel 1048 J B Daniel lOjfl Charles Vuiceat 1057 | 8 ? GerraiiM) 1058 Willis Milliran 1059 J D Milliran l06i J ihn Lavis 106? Wm Barton '079 W A Lock hart 10^0 R Morton 1136 Jam *.s Kiilaro l'W C J1 Taylor 1-241 Youngs Coleman 1-248 Riib-rt McNuit 1929 E W ' awthern 19*) V\ m Coehran I93J Fianei' Moore jr 2071 Andrew Dal? y 8072 I.-aan Stewart 2086 r? 117 vi L. 1501 (C W v?ckery Lf)88 17 i9 9106 1610 2108 i?3> 2135 2145 aw ; 2104 1501 2303 fanl Bremond David O Burnet R P McMastcr F P Gentry 8 W Fuller LouL'ia^a Davis E Fro>u 93-6 1 h -ma? Reed 2316 Ha-rii-on C Bryant 23^3 J a Mr Dor aid ?340 Arthur Gamer 2311 J F March* tt 2341 Andrews h. Grovr 2*45* P G Me ritt 2319 W Pinkney 2350 J D Giddings 2354 J Crawford Jr 2358 A P Edgi-rton 2359 Thomas Warner jr ??<83 G<or^e K Sintare 23(11 Fran Biiclua 23^2 Eliaab :ih ( aritr 2383 Wm Davis 2J87 Joseph T?>mluison 2390 8need Sl Turner 1249 John W Clond. p. r 2390 Wm Kimbro atfy I H Raym jnd 2400 U II Iiayoie ? n.. D ajai *? ? a * .. / . I*2fi1 E De Pon on 1269 C P Green 1275 G W Sinks fi 8ha?r !2S7 Jirfin Kandrick 29? Samuel Hid'en IJiKt Joan Johason 1301 8u-an Ma^iez 2401 R W MflJiank 2tft2 Catiierino .Mien B 2405 Henry Krlng 2413 J W Lawre.nce 24'8 Stephen Smith 343-1 A C Horton 2418 Elapha'ct Fa .ton 2412 Lemutl B Dickenson 1362 Th .ma* II Forrester 2450 Wm II Thompson rx" " " "" 2462 Z Wm Eddy 2471 J E Herron 2474 A B Hempbhl 9477 Aaron Iiau?liion 2179 Heirs of John Jnoe.1 24?0 ? Joel III l 9481 " Warren A bum 9482 " John L Moukt 2483 " Peter Aldxich 2190 M A Dooly 2301 George C Day cashier 2301 P Kennett 8i Oo 2503 John W Schrimpf 2504 W C Blair 9519 M Korbwttaille 9513 Henry B Brooks 23M Gabrif l Truma-clt 2521 H 8 Morgan 2329 Furbur k Bean 1385 B R Warner '423 William Frcla 1421 G W < irb true ' 495 John A Ratherfbrd 1427 (Cornelius Vannoy 1198 Joseph Hates 147'd Ann U Reef* 1515 Lumbard Mims 1521 J C Moore 1523 John jam<M '551 K II f)ouiti.< 1570 E M Fish 1572 Wm Kerr 1580 Jamei A Mcody 1581 P Bickford 1612 John Lamer 1615 John Cameron 623 Joh<? D Taylor 1624 Levi Mercer 1625 Ell Mercer H' ? ? ? ? ? 2534 Sarah Newman The oaut^din* cvtdenoee of other classes of the debt of the republic of Texas cannot bs specified by Uiis Department. au 22 -dtMJanl ANTHOHT BL'CHLT, UNDERTAKER, Shop And Bwidence lfj. 803 Fsuh'a avanao, ?oath side, betWMa 9th and 10th ?tg. AVING PROVIDED HIMSELF WITH aa ELEGANT HEAKSE, r tad all necessary convenienses properly conducting his buatoeaa, would reepectful>v inform the puWle that he 1* fully prepared to ill all orders entmsted to him, it the shertea- nolioe, and In the best manner. of READY-MADE COFFIN* . uL!I*e8<.,"w,>,, 011 hand, which will be fur aish? on the meet reasonsble terms. _?Y..iJ1)brtaker, Xo. 410 Stttmk sirssi, botwtom O ami H, _ 1?.* .^t?".Thi,llF1i,0*?k.TH? PU"L,C aomnetent to conduct ih* ?? - - ia loeHBuiigsmsBi, who are full v competent to conduct the Undertakimr k^u.. ind ?hat every attention wl' day or alght, as heretofore 66 IP^CTACLII, AN KXTEN8IVE ASSORTMENT <ip Gold. Slivfr, Llaht Steel, and SnS Wlw Spectacles, suitable for 01 age*. Every one who wish to Improve their sight, would do wen to call hates purcbaalag elaewhere. Jut raeetwd and foratlehy E. K, LUNDY, B STOVES, GRATES, &c. ^lHB SUBSCRIBER BROS LEW8 TO inform his numerous patrons, and the public generally ot WaKh'ngton, Georgetown and sur roondlng country, Chat hs has ]u#t revived the stoc* ? f BTO*K8. G R A T K S, RANGES and HOT-AIR FtJKNACKS ever fce I ore C/flWfti in this market of which he asks i n examination, feeling assured that fordurabHlty MfoastlMs, economy In consumption of fail, ?*at>' of design, and simplicity ef construction, they are not equalled. ^Havlpg personaHy selected this stock from the most celebrated Northern and Eastern foundries !/.v a ".?** ?7* 10 the use, not merely the sab ef thr article, customers can rely upon fair deeltmr tnd Ifcir prices In all oases. * | I name In part? Chllson's Hot air and Veptllailng Pomace Hayward, Bartlett A Co.'s Portable Pot Fnr Q&C6 Rang^ Mott'a "Invincible" Tabular Oven Union Doable Oven Raage ; ueeb#'* Range. Latrobe, Feinour, Hot Air Parlor wSJ?!?. "2?" ?loveB fjr beating the room In wnilch it Is set, and the room above, a very beati i^\.??merit tor the Parlor, taking npVib room, and consumes no more fuel than a common Radi fnr Tabular Ovens, ?\ WOOd' Wh1rh *? ?u*bllty of castings ^ .mVn consumption of fu*i ,nd the superior I ?^ SL.Qn Jf performs lu duties, l7 the terv beat Cooking Stove extant I ask an ex f ray list of refereaces and letter* of nuEnber,nS flve hundred real store ln u-ie ? ? hav? tWs un*u'P?*s*<1 Cook'' r,,",r" ",d '"?*? Blue RWge. a heavy article and good baker. Victor cooi, Flat Top, for coal or wood, a f^Itn U| ?P*4.teril'f;Dd hesvy; 8 n*w cook, manu factured in T/oy, N. Y , lust received Morning Star, for coal or wood, with suamer arraJitfsoM-nt la hearth and roaster behind Light Street Complete Star, for coal or wood, without summer arrangement In hearth, very V letor Complete Cook, Cook's Favorite, Kitchen Companion, Planter, Km port urn, Fannv Forres BLov^f * nnmber 01 patter us'of Cook Parlor, Cook, and Dining Room Stoves dlffwUt^yles0?' 0P*n and Cl?* Froot> ln 30 Hall and Oi&oe Cannons, all sizes and qualities, Russia Sheet and Cast-iron Radiators, Ac., for Parlors, all patterns. ' ' Parlor and Chamber Grates from the very best manufacturers ln New York Builders will do well t" examine this department eenernl ?wortment of all re qnlslt's for the Kitchen and Dining room .1 ' e!,?ered fTee of charge to any part of the district at ir.y risk Tin and Sheet Iron work made to order by com petent workman. ' ^Old a> counts will be settled before opening new S5or""'""b*rwlw 'e1*" Mv store will l>e kept open until 10 o'clock p ra , fur the special acoommodt tlon of tLn?? who cajrinot make it convenlf ntto call during the d?v wbeTe the same assiduous attention will be paid in giving all information required JAMES fKIRVlNG, N? .J?7 - tf w "Kington Stove IVpot, .* iff ? ^ . f7^.Pa av 8nd llth (Intel A Organ ) NEW STOVE H 0 U 8 E ^ MORNING STAR. SUNRISE. THE GREATEST C00KIITG 8T0VE EVES INTRODUCED INTO THE UNITED STATES FOR COAL OR WOOD. 13,000 In Use. Fear ilus : N?, 6, T.8, 9. SALLAOllER'8 CRLIBHATRD morning star, DOUBLE OVEN VOOKlNii STOVE. Best, the Cheapest, mo#'. Substantial and inost Perfect Cocking Stove In toe Uulon. 13,0t0 of these Stoi-es are note tn successful operation This splendid Cook Stove has now been thor oughly tested daring the last four year*: they operate In the best and most satlnfattory manner. I hare fully tried them with wood and ccal, ar.d strongly recommend them. They are heavy and very du able, and the design Is neat and benuti. ful. >V 1th a moderate Urn. th s Stove will Bake three loaves of Bread. Roost a Turkey, Boil two Dinner Pots, Broil a BeeMeak and heat the water for washing, all at the same time. You are rwf ectfully invited to call and eiamlne th? above splendid cooking Stove, " GALLA GHER'S MORNING STAR." Patentee: A.J. G ALLAGHEIL, Philadelphia. ?ALLA?11EK'S SUNRISE AIR-TIGHT, Patented, I960. A New and Splendid Large Oven FLATTOP COOKING STOVE, FOR COAL OR WOOD fr*,? ??*??: If*. 6, 7, S, 9. It Is osly necessary to say, that after very many

Vr?* exP*rtence and being fully conversant With all of the various kinds of stoves which have been invented on the down-draft principle, tbat I have taken advantage of every well known Improvement t*at has from time to time b en made, particularly in ft-fere,nce to the formation and construction of the flues, which a-e always necessary to bs large and I h*ve fully applied every improvement and oomblned them ?U In the Sunrise Air-Tight Cooking >tore " This Stove Is tiade very heevy and is a good *ubetan tlal article; 1 hsve made them ertrm, hearty in all the parts where long experience has pr .ved It to be Important and I can assure my customers that I have spared neither pains nor expense in net ting it up; and it will not be excelled by any stove now known, of a similar character; I am convinced that it will at onoe become a standard Stov?. I have Ailly tried thera In every way, with Wood and Coal, and strongly recommend them to the public. They operate In the most ratistac torv manner PateutcR: A. J. GALLAGHER, Philadelphia, For sale only by C.WOODWARD A SON, Nest door to C Woodward's old stsnd Pa. av.. between 10th and llth sts , No. 3l&. lnDLt * TerTJUr?r wortment of the ates and most approved patterns of Grates, Par &JL .nlB^:R 00,11' ?fflc? and Store if *ot wood and coal, that the N?Th "n?fu.rnl"h' "ulted to this market You will do well to call and examine our a* j^rtment of goods. We will take great p)?s"re ?,r K 0ur dJTortau'Jlt- We are sire that ouiGooda are vary low, as we buy for cash. ?s*ms cash. au 39 am OLD ESTABLISHED ~ Washington Stove Depot! eonMr Ptnna. avenue and 111* strut IN STORE AND RECEIVING WEEKLY A ,tOC of ,he universally admired jL and unsurpassed Cooking Stove, T mk invincible: ?51 TUBULAR OVEN Ml whtch, for economy in consumption of fuel slm pllolty of const? tlon, easily imanaged easAo rm at ?LlL1,<lln? ???t' Baking, Ratine BroU lng^jke , defile, competition. 000 References ean be eiven who umii ? ?_ the above qualities of this 1U 10 THE COOK STOVE ' AU I ask Is an examination to satlsfv it.* est economist. j as. SKIR vYng, ^ 887 avenue. The foil owing Is one of the many reoomnvmi. tlons sent to me bv a very popular aenS#Sf?nT/ thl?alty,Uieortgla*l of wffi J* any one calling at my store: wn?' WASHIHCTOlf, July 2d IW Mr. Jas. Sx.evins : ' ^ lw Dear Sir?The "Invlnelb e" Stove oarrh..^ at your aetabllshment last flail has been ffSSSSt um In my fkmlly since thatUme. its advantages seem to me to be very decided First lu e^ treme simplicity of conetructlou and management render repairs almoet unr.ecenary Seeondlv the facility with whleh It may be ohanired tvotn a wood to a eoal burner And lastly, the ner*rt manner 1a whleh it performs its duties P"*" The peculiar arrangements of Its fluss, keex>lnv m even temp?tare around Uie loaf, to., render 1*9^7 to, the twit brmd-baker 1b th? intrtet J&Z;-^aSw' *TCTT""""to -t i-nJfpniPVttWy ywr? ?? ?yry Educational. . A CAM D. M N?*iiP,tTEACHEI1 OF VOCAL lOthimlu bV E.'treet, between Orb and *"? h t*\ n *?a,lS- "? H. SMITH, OBG8 I RA Vfitnl teneitnGth and 7 tk, B8SS?S?J^*? " TU B, LA,D' ?? " ?w?miu TADM OiuiDMtal L^itbrr work ava11 themselves of this on. I pHsb^It wiTC12llR m08t beautiful accom pnsnneatwui pleas* call as early *? possible u th7cl^. contemplate remaining long'la ^sons^!??!?? ln Clas"<*> P?* terra of 12 lrj I^thCT^Vorkf.l'r'ul; *** *r? 01 '2 ??Vo*m:;Jf i^xh,*' sl?*">j?zr rAIR hill boarding SCftOOL FOR T*tlon'^win commmr * W* Tfl [P 1 NffTITD m^^SSS^St ?? the 8111 ?' tb* aiDth or W^B FiSouffi .V?o,t0 R?8 *IRK' Montgomery 8r'n^vorphan asvlom ?i??F&d&V?Sm KfP "SkS", in^t^016 ^ frmili ;.u admljislon must in all ease a be had Mr^ nrfruT J, O'Toole, Pastorof 8t p5 AIl l!f. teY' i .?VBy,"*?tf st Mathews. mniJv^ shall be made to the Sisters lTtto tfokLV!?/1*?* <ln advance' 84 wU1 t-e stated in the tickets of admlsM n. se S^-2w KNnr ku MI8B HEWITT'S OfiLlSH A(*U FRENCH BOARDING v? *o- AI,D DAY SCHOOL, rnHK KruV/r \Vk avtnue and 13f A ,<f lt?i?i?2 ^ T!C YEAR COMMENCES list pfi^ M<jnday In September, and ends the slons Jun?, and la divided Into two ses ?lh" Knc?P?U w!llb<> assisted by the rroat eom ?ferv f r^Ptll8?<?nl? IenCh reMdent ""I"", and the Ur1/i!,Iy^ere? f?r ?ur"',in? Mualr and all ments^ branches of mode.n accomplish 1 aw M ^v2J?T iCUla.r"iferm"' i ^ce Clrcu law at bookstores, or at the residence of tfc#? Prin Clf>r; an 2ft-3t&eotf CENTRAL ACADEMY. HI LAS merchant, > RKV G W DOR RANCH { * rJ1H.E ^KXT ANNUAL SESSION OF THIS A Academy will eonrcmcnce on Mondiv Son 1ggBfogjJS.'"" - THE UNION ACADKMT. 7s. RtmiHD,^ ^ ^ Mr.. 7. Richards, rJ^^K ."^E^r ANNUAL 8ES8IONOF THIS ACAiTkmy'^h of lhe unj,>n female i imk UCPmniW1Ceon MONDAV, tMjp temrxtf 1, 1?36 Jy 23-3^ ' JOHN W. MYERS fc CO. nKAI.HBS IJf Whi e and Red Aah, Egg, Stove. Transition, Nut, Cumb Lump, ft Blacksmith's Coals Alto, H1CKO RY. O AK JtND PIXF wrmi i PERSONS LAYINGIN FUKL FORTHK * WllV*! wlLl fl"d 11 to lhfclr advantage by send ing us t.ielr orders, or'eavi: gthero at P J Steers' WJ!b;frrW '^^"D.nd E.aathi SSSSr*0' Wl(h thC ^ artlcl,> Bnd^ 2,WO iba. given to ton. ^ J?"N W MVKK8 A CO., Office and \ ard corner of G ondSM str4ta, 8P e~lm First Ward. FRESCO PAINTI N^~! ?C1IUTTER A- KAIILE&T ARTrSTiS, h RESCOinRCORATITE,andevenrdworlpuon of ornamental FAIN HNS. J64 K street, betumn llih and li?4 streats selft-Im* WAimsgTog, D. C. LATKOBK. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A FEW OF Stanley'* Double Radiating Fire Kleoea, patent improved i.pou the Latrobe, for heating Pari n and Cnamben above The Radiator U no constructed thntthe ^ ? tiea radlatcfltorou^h?e%encolnmn^heX^repa^elng i)fl up the chimney, thereby throwir:g a strong lieat ln the Parlor where the Radii tor will set: none of the heat Is taken from the Parlor to h-at lhe Chambers above Tfaey will be put up bv C. WOODWARD A SON, No 318, l^tnnsvl*an!a ivenue, on thirty d*ys trial, and If It does pot prove satisfactory ln Its heating, the Radiator will be takea away, and the money returned A TES and S rOVES of all kinds ?nd sizes it No 318 Pennsylvania avenue, next door to C Woodward's old stand C. WOODWARD A SON. se lt)-6t (Organ) medical card. DR II PERABEAU, GERMAN HO.MEO pathlc physician, has the honor to offer tils lervices to the Inhabitants of Washington and vlelnlty. Otflca and Rerldence on I street, No IfcS, be- , I ween *tth and 31st str?eN. | i N. B ?Homeopathic medicines for sale, which ln? Doctor prepares hiuwelr with the greatest 'are, For Fever and Aj^ue, for Blloas and Bewal somplaints, \e , Ac. re 3 3m r|R MUNSON. AT 33R PBNN'A AVENUE. making those beautiful ^ i continuous GUM TEETH, Ciilkd/Sjfe* Allen s Patent, for the excellency of^QJfQx which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing them la this city, will cheerfully vouch There is one l)eutlj.t ln this city who ha* been Infringing the Patent, and made a bad imitation m ' aKalMt w*?om 1 hereby caution the public ? P ?Whenever a Dentist speaks agnlnst Allen's Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when properly c*n*truct?d, it is because he Is ignorant t>f the process, Incompetent to make the work, or ? unwilling to pay for the patent. Je 16-1/ MANTELS. NEW AND BEAUTIFUL STYLE. Manafactnred trmm Slate Stone, by the West Cnstletsn slate Cevsany, Vt. THE8H mantels ARE ENAMELLED IN imitation of the richest and most expensive egyptian. LISBON, VERD antique, PORPHYRY, PYRENEES. BKOCATElLLA AGATE, SPANISH fiALWAY,?ud other rari and desirable MARBLES The Imitations are so perfect that they chalengethe closest ?crutinv They are so highly pollshrt that they retain their beauty much longer than marble; are not injured by smoke, coal gas, or acids, and can be sold much cheaper than aay others ln market. Price ranging from ti35 te tlS Architects, builders, and others are invited In call and examine samples at No. 51t Seventh Hreet, 3 doors below Odd Fellows' Ha'l, up T. M HANSON, " ??-!7 Agent. The steamer georoe washing. ton wiiidepartat the follow- ?*? ing hours: Leave Alexandria 11. Ik. 3K, 5U i ^*T? WMklngton...b, i?. ia, 2^, 4^) Je?*d ^ job^ORSQN, Captala O CHANGE or HOURS. N and AFTER MONDAY, the 30th of June, the Steamer GEORGE. Jf"? > PAGE will run at the followingiirfSBkSs boors: #KL*J5Alexaa4rta al x*'8| l0, w> a* ?4*and els? w"blng,on 9>*' U' **? 3^?5*' ,nd T BI/US L. PRIOE, Captain. 0 IOR MOUNT VERNON. ??V.E8J,iyB AND fridays ?FARE *v?OND TRIP, fl: FROM ^ _ Jt**- . AL.EXANDRIA75 dEN'ts.?The^tfffigtl ???amer THOMAS COLLYER leaves Washing' len at 9 and Alexaadilaatt^ o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at s w o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. * Persons wishing the ooaehes will leave (bait roridence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on fhe boat. ?ps^tf 8am*L 6EDNEY, CaptaJi T*ttwr EVENING STAR. THE FAIEY CIBCLK A poor Iriib cobbler, in order to try hit luck, goo* to sloep in a woioh tradition make* the haunt of fairies, and where, it ii believed, wealth may be had for the seeking He hadn't been asleep, a* be thought, an in stant. before he felt an innumerable quantity of tiny feet traveling him all over; with reg ulsr step thev marched ap his throat and scalped biscbin ; making two divisons up hi< cheeks, they arrived at hie eyes, where they o mmenced tugging at the lid* until thej were forced open ; the sight which met hif view filled him with dreadful wonder. The circle of meadow in which he bad barely room to stretch himself out, formed all he could tec of earth Churoh, village, country, all had vanished; he rubbed hi.* eyes and looked again, but there was nothing. With an in expressible sensation of awe. he turned round, aLd creeping cautiously to the edge of the oir cle, gated downward and could just discover the village he had quitted ubout a mile be low With still increasing dread, he was not aware that he was gradually meuuticg high er and higher. One more look?villages, cities countries, were blended into one undis tinguishable ma?, and soon the globular form of the earth appeared thoroughly defined swinging in the air. He then became sensible of a tremendous heat, which increased in intensity, until he found to hi? dismay that he was rapidly shrink ing in sixe?bis flwh dried up, shrivelled, cracked, and clasped his diminishing bones tighter, until at last he was not bigger than a respectable fly. ' This is mighty quara," thought C.mey, there's a great lot ot thinga like me frolicin about. I feel as light as a feather. I wonder if I couldn't inake one among thein " So saying he bounded up, and to his great ainaxement found that he had literally jumped out of his skin He perched up his own head, which had resumed its nat ural size, and flying off, found himself floating securely in the air, while the carcass he had just deserted fell, fairy circle and all, rapidly towards the earth and finally also disappear ed. Oh ! the pranks that Corney played in the first delight of being able to flj; he* dived down, he careored up, he threw mad sum mersets like a tubler pigeon-so light ard buoyaut had be become that the passing va pors served him for a resting place He was happy, intoxicated with glee, thousands upoa thousands of atomies gambolled arcund him like gnats in a summer beam, the whole sur rounding expanse was instinct with joyous life And they knew 0orney, and saluted him as be passed by with a compliment ktHallo !' said they, "here's Corney O'Car rol?how are you, Corney ' It is well you're looking " And Corney was astonished at the extcnuve nature of his atmospheric acquaint ance. " How do you like a fairy's life, Coraey ?'* said one slim midge wuisted chap. "Illigant, your fairyshir. illigant," said ? Corney. "Then, I'd advise you to make the most of it while it lasts. Yoflfe soon have to appear before our king, and if you don t give a satis factory reason for seeking him, woe betide you "Din't be frightened, sir," said Corney; 4 I've rayxon enough tor comin' to satisfy any dacint disposed fairy." " Doubtful,said the good natured elf. and eff he flew "Stupid spirit," thought Corney, a?<i over he tumbled in maA-recklessubss. enjoying ac tually that delicious sensatiou which some times occurs to people in dream??the ability to skim througn the air with the speed and safety of a bird. What struck Coruey io jcl particularly was the universal expression of ^lee that prevailed ; nothing could he hear j )>ut a universal hum, that rose and fell en the ear with a purr-like undulation, such as one might imagine would proceed lrcrn a paradise A remarkable happy cats. While Corney was thus reveling in his new found element he was suddenly accosted by two very genteel fairies. '? Mr. Cornelia** U Carrol, wo presume '" said they. 41 There s not a doubt of it, gintlemen," re plied Corney "We have come to have the pleasure of icnducting you into the presence of our king, ikey continued. " With a heart and a half," said C ?rney ; ?' where mignt his magesty domesticate?' " In yonder gold-tinted cloud, a !<rw ses ond s fly from this; follow us." Upon nearing the regal abode Corney ob served sundry email substances, like buek^hou. dropping downward. "What a thiia7'' in quired he of his conductors. ?4 Oh !" answered one, " only a few discon tented souls, who, like you, h ive sought our king and haven't given sufficient reason for troubling him with their complaint*." Corney began to feel nervous, tut coming to the conclusion that he had as good a right to be enrichcd thrtugh the lairy agency a* ever PLil Biake had, ne put on a bold front, and was ushered into the presence of the lairy po tentate. There a sight of such dazzling splen dor preseuted iteeit to his view, that, ae be said himself, 44 You might well try to count the stars of a frosty night, or look right into the san s heart of a summer s day, as to give the slightest notion of the grandeur that sur rounded me " All he could compare it to was a multitudoof living jewels of every variety of hue sparkling and flashing in perpetual lig.t. As soon as he could collect his scattered senses, he heard a voice exclaim, 44 What, ho ! soul of O Carrol, approach !" " So 1 ui thravelin' without my trunk this time, any way," thought Corney, as he ad vanced towards the voice It continued, 44 Soul of a mortal, why ba t thou sought our presence ?' 44 May it plase your majesty," Corney be gan to stammer cut, '? bekase I wa3 a trifle unasy in my mind " ?4 What about?" 44 In regard of scarcity of money, piass your reverence." il What is your trade ?" 44 A shoemaker, sir " 44 Cobbler, you mean," said the voioe, se verely 41 JSo lying here ; recollect your poor, miserable, naked soul stands before us. Corney thought of the height he'd have to fall, and trembled 41 You can't get work, I supjose," the voioe returned. 44 Too much of it, if it plase yer honor. 1 never have a minit to 6pare ' 41 For what"' ' " Why yer honor, to?to? 4-Remember the punishment ot prevarica tion " 44To what?" 44 To take adhriok-' 44 Then you have no homo ?'? 44 Oh, yes but 1 have, sir." 44 But 'tis pleasanter to lounge in the tap room-" 44 A trifle, may be, your honor." 41 Perhaps you have no wife to make your home comfortable ?" "Haven't I though; the best that >r drew the breath of life.'' cried Corney, with a loving remembrance of Mary. 44 Poor fellow," continued the voice ; ,4your situation is deplorable, it appears. You na?e a good trade, an excellent wife, a comforta ble home, and yet you are discontented.' Corney felt himself resolving into a leaden pallet. 44 One question more,'' said the voice;4'when did you flrst feel dissatisfied 14 Why, to tell the truth, yer ho?or, as eeon as. that fellow. Phil Blake, ooauseDCwi to bulla his big house opposite to my little mu'i cobtn. Before that, 1 was as gsy as a lark. batiiBtood like a great cloud between nee Envywii the ?loud; envy, that ?f All ?artblj paasiona. Why do yon cover Ibis rain's fortune*'* " Because, fir, he always looks F0 smilin'. aud j nks his money about. and deepbes tte poor boy a be used to he friendly with. ' 44 Foolish, foolish aool!' said the voiee, it accents of commiseration, 44 but not yet whol ly tainted " TLv lore of h( me baa partially redeemed thee Listen to me Doat thoa see yonder piled op maw of rainbow tinted a ouda. Do they not look gloriously, a* the riaiug tuin fliugs bia beam* through theo, aa though revelli: g in their embrace * VouMst thou *?*t like to behold such magr.iflocnce oloeer V 44 N.,tiling in life better, your majesty," ?aidCoruey 441 Hen away ; a wish will place you io IL ir midst, a. thought return you here ' So with the wish and thought Corney went and came back "Well, what didct thou see 7" inquired the Fairy King 44 ibe divil a haperth" replied Corney, ?? but a m.gbty black and most unwholesome ly damp cloud '* " What should that teach you " Never to tbravel without an umbrella, yer honor, I suppose," answered Corney, who, to say the truth was a little obtuse *? Fool," said the fairy, "since I cannot lea son thee, go to thy kindred earth, and learn experience from realities Proceed to the chamber of the man whose good fortune thoa enviest; then to thine own, and if thou art not satisfied with tby condition, seek me again, ?r.d meet with thy reward Away !" As if by magic, the brilliant assembly dis persed like clouds of gold dust floating on the win i, and C >rney was left alone 41 That's a mighty high sort o' chap, said Corney, 44 but I supnose I'd better do what he told me for fear ho d turn spiteful " So Corney wiahed himself within the cham ber of Blake, and there he saw the most pite ous sight earth can produce , a youug mother weeping tears cf agony over her first born. A man stood beside ber with features set and hard, as though turned to stone by boneless grief ?4 My GoJ,'' thought Corney, 14 and these arc the people whose lot I hare envied and my own blue eyed darling, is he safe ? Home, home, cried he and with the wish was there. In his little cradle lay the angel boy steeped in the angel watched, the holy sleep of infant innocence, while Mary, on ber knees, mingled her prayer for ber absent husband. Corney was rushing towards ber. but suddenly re mcmberirg himself: "What a fool I am," thought he, 44 I forgot I was a srerrit, at all events, I can kiss the baby." With that be bounded into the cradle, and nestled on the boy's lip Mary, soeing the child smile in bis sleep exclaimed : ?' Good angel* are putting sweet thoughts into your head my ble?evi babe," and she softly kissed him too. 44 Oh! murtber," thought Corney. *? this will never do; I must go and look af'er my body sod bring it home Thanks to the goofl fairies. I've learned a lesson that shall laet ray lifo and mv boy's too, if I have any influ ence over him " 8o paying. Corney wishel bim?e!f in tbe lweadew where hia tangible proportions wera extotided, and having kicked and (rot. in. shook himself carefully to see if be bad obtained ab ?olu'c possession ?4 It s all right." said he 41 I've corns back " Looking up and around htm. he wae surprised to see tbe bright sunlight of morn ing. and still more so t> observe Mary trudg ing through tbe churchvard to meet him 4 Oh, well," said Mtry anxiously, when they encountered. 44 wnat luck V' 4i A power of knowledge, but no money,' said Corney, sectentiously. Ratticf Oblivious ?At a revival excite ment, in Connecticut, ft respectable old lady was struck with conviction, became a convert, and was proposed for membership of tbe church There wss a meeting held for exam ? ining the candidates, of whom there were sev eral in attendance ' Well, my dear sister Rogers," said tbe Rev examiner, addressing our venerable fnend, 4' please relate your ex perience " Tbe old lady, on being thus ad. dressed, lifted up her voice 44 Well," said she. 44 I don't know what to say, as I told my husband Mr Rogers, before I came here; but I believo I have experienced a change, a? I told Mr Rogers, my husband, after I eame home from meeting, when 1 be:ame con vinced that I was the most sinful creature m the world, as I told my husband. Mr R^ge? and says he, 441 think so " Then I told Mr. Rogers, my husband, that I was going to lead a different life I was going to trim my lamp, and have it burning agin tbe bridegroom come Then Mr R >gers, my husband, said be didn't know what I wasted of another, but he made no objection Then I told Mr Rogers, my husband, that I would join the church, and prepare my*elf for the place where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched , and my husband, Mr. Rogers, told me ha thought I'd better " The good old l*dy ?topped, and tbe minister, turning to Mr Rogers, her husband, said, ? Well, my brother, this seems to be as it should be. well consid ered am< ng yourselves; you have given it full thought, and now I should like for you to tell u* what you please In regard to your wife's change " 441 ve been hearing it all, sir, but it's news to me " Iler evidence, how ever, was admitted without the endorser, aid she was taken in. Labob awd Food j* Gkbmanv.?The wage* of labor are still very moderate, and have not jet Increased in any proportion with the in crease in the price of food Tbe following rates of wages and food may afford useful comparisons with those in England; Daily wa#es, without food, in Germany?oommon laborer, la.; carpenter and mason, la Sd. to 2s ; domestic servants, with food?coachman, groom or footman, with livery, ?6 a year ; housemaid, ?4 a year ; price of meat. 9d. per lb ; butter, Is per lb ; rye bread. 1 1-Ad. per lb.; eggs in summer. Sd perdoaen; sugar, bett loaf, 7d. to Sd per lb ; coffee, la per lb , price of a pair of very good 5 year old ear riage horses ?60; price of a superior farm h^rse, ?2b?Letter From G?rt Smvbd Right ?A gentleman. Mr George W. Stell, residing near Petersburg Va , cangbt a neighbor in a beaver trap a few mornings since. Mr 6 bad experienced con siderable difficulty in keeping his watermelona Quietly 44 at home of nights and bit npon a beaver trap to solve the mystery of their dia appearance, Accordingly he set one upon the plan of a steel trap, though larger and without teeth. In the morning, instead of a thieving negro, he found an neighbor fearfully crouching over it?fa*t Imagire that neigh bor's feelings1 tip? The Knickerbocker is accountable f*f theTollowing .?4 ? A friend of our who reside in North Pearl street, went a fishics the othe day, and among other thinjr* that be hauled in was a large aiied turtle Toenjov tbe sur prise of his servant girl, he placed it ini ber bedroom. The next morm: g the first thing that bouaoed into the breakfast mon was Biddy, with the exclamation of'Bejabers, I've got the devil ' What devil exclaim ? ed the bead of tie hon*e feigning surprise - The bull bedbug that haa been ateing the children for the last month ' Aa this is a new nime for tbedomeaticated assassin, we thought we would let it out. Bull bedbug ia good '' EST 44 Good morning !" said a gentleman to a round, twinkling eyed son of Enu, whom he met riding on the road; 44 your nag ia in good order." 44 Indade ye may aay that, and whit 'tfir makes he eo, 'tis meself doeer't know, Lr aha kaa nothing in thia hleesed world t'ate but wheat straw, and that ntmm ***' ?</" .umM - *4'