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Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 29, 1856 Page 2
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evening star. WASHINGTON CITY: M03BAY September *0, lMr>. ItT" Advertleementa should be hude4 1b by U o'clock, m., otherwl* they may not appear vatlt tfc* nomt day. SFIRII OF TBI XO&XIIQ PEKBP Tbo Union again applies the scalpel to Mr. Speaker Banks, and In regard to the sugges tion of Mr. Backs as to the substitution of a military despotism for the present Constitu tional Union, says: "? When properly understood, there is noth ing new in Speaker Banks'* position ; it is but the legitimate and practical conclusion de duced from the well-known purpose of the Black Bepnblican organisation. The avowed object of every Fremont leader i3 tbat the North shall rule the South , and this purpose is boldly justified up< n tbo ground that the North is numerically stronger than the South, and ought t# govern upon the priaeiplo that the majority in a republic has a right to rule. It is by the perversion of this sound Demo cratic maxim that lilrck Republicanism eovers its warfare upon fifteen Southern States It commence* by laying down principles whieh cannot bo carried out without ruin to the Southern State?, and, therefore, effectually excludes All these States from its organiza tion. No Black Republican will deny that the object of his organization is to combine the public eentiment of the sixteen free States, and secure a President, Congress, and judi ciary, which Will administer the goverc^nent upon principles that are hosttte to the institu tions of the fifteen Southern States. That the constitution ever contemplated such an ad ministration of the government", no one of can dor will pretend. We suppose that Speaker Banki wa?ovatemplating the ultimate trinmph of his party When be said he could conceive of a time when this constitution will not bo in j existence. That time will have arrived when I the Presidency, Congrew, and the Supreme Court ihail be filled by Black Republicans " The Intelligencer, in doelining (in answer to the request of a correspondent) to publish fhe Richmond speech of John M Botts on ac count of its great length, adds: 41 Nor would any fragmentary extracts from the speech do justice to theoonsecutive logic and distinctive trafti of the distinguished speaker, with the general soundness of whose political views, as presented in this speech, we fully concur, aa we have done on many former occasions, when, as it seemed to us, he brought no less of truth than of admitted bold ness to the declaration and defence of hia po litical sentiments. Mr Botts is emphatically one of those men who, in a quaint butexpress ive phrase. ?? have the courage of their opin ions, ' and never hesitates to give the reasons for the faith that is in him. Indeed, with superior ability, his striking feature is manli ness. No one, we are sure, could read the speech before us without admiration for the political intelligence of its author as well as tor the earnestness of that "ignited logic" which manifests the presence of orofound con victions. as honestly entertained as they are resolutely defended." WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. A Bcformcd Enow Nothing.?At a political meeting held in Carroll county, Md., we see that one of the principal speakers was an ex Kn ;W Nothing by the name of Eraus, (surely not our own French S. trans') who mado a clean breast of his recent principles and prac tices, and. in so doing, stated his belief that he was justified in making an exposure of that organization by the example eet him by our forefathers?the men of the Revolution?who, after swearing an allegiance to King George III., found it necessary, by a series of acts of oppression passed upon them, to prt cJaim that they owed no further allegiance to his Majesty, and hence dissolved the political bonds that associated them with his govern ment. For six months he had met privately and in secret the Order of Know Nothings, tbe original design of wbich was that none but those who were members should know of the existence of the Order; but, failing ti effect that object by strength of numbers, the project was abandoned. He had read in ih* Penn*yU;aiiian*n<i other kindred prints in politics, the rituals of the Order, which were correctly reported, and wherever mch bad been mado public, to the evident shame and disgrace of the Order, it was found necessary to change or modify these rituals, or substitute new ones in their stead During his membership of the Order, be was often suspected, interrogated, and set upon with a view to obtain a knowledge of his mem bershif, or pursued with a \ iew to ascertain tbe Ordor's whereabouts, but from frequent disguises which he had to assume to escape the recognition of even his own offspring, he had deluded their dotection. He was ashamed of himself, and he believed that the ethers who were associated with him were equally ashamed. He was taught to pervert the English language?to lie to his neighbor and family when questioned upon the subject It* principles he clearly saw, at last, were de structive of the chief ends of government, and that everything done sought to deprive bis ne-ghbor, and perhaps his dearest friend, of equal political rights with himself. He could not, when a member, vote for bis own father, to binding was the obligation they had taken, unless he perjured himself Ho regarded a true member as much a slave as that of the veriest aJave of tbe blaokest de spots of Europe. He had no rights. They were virtually sworn away. To add to the ignominy of their acta, this same Order was opened wit'a prayer! Finally, he Would venture to say that, ere ten years should roll round, every man who respected himself would be ashamed to ao knowledge that he had ever been a member of the Order. Such is Knew Nothiagism, as painted by a disciple * Newt!?A telegraphic dispatch in tbe Bal timnre papers says: "The President will leave here (Washington) on Tuesday morning, for New Hampahire lha mounted guard will escort him from the White House," etc This is the first time we have heard that the President ha, a mounted guard ! Fortunately, such a period in our hi.tory ha, not yet arrived, and we trust never will come. The error in the announcement arises from the fact that there is a dragoon corps christened bv th*m selves "The President's Mounted Guard '? I and they have declined to change the nun. ^though Colonel Hickey, the ?ommatider of the regiment of tho District of Columbia, long ago euggested to them the propriety of so doing. The President has no more to do with these Mounted Guards than he has with the German Yagers, or any other voluntocr militia * ttl-auy. The name of ? The President's oun ed Ouard is merely complimentary to the Executive effic?. The only <jUard ereatcd for the protection iJ ?T T""?uL." ? iltV" ?h"g'? v*' ">? ???? of Pntldut Tjl.r, (who w? UHUU* b, . i . f<" hi* P"1'""' oondoe,, - u,. <ub.u. wiU Ib0. CPKWi lh, look!,, ? ,7^ the germ of a praetorian band, to be strength ened in time to come and threatening the over throw of our liberties* But iht boiiow of tl ie guard is merely for the protection of pub lit' and private prcporty, and relatively, to ar rest disorderly person? and take them to the watch house. ?? Greeley Gives It Up ?The Now York Tri butes, of Saturday, is despondent. It makes a survey of the political horiion, and tho re- | suit is not satisfactory. Hear its joremiade : " H e do not wish our readers to believe the election of Fremont a fixed fact. We do not ourselves believe it, and should not desire to diffuse tho unpre;sion if we did. We wish it generally understood that the struggle is ar duous, and that the result depends on work yel to be done. In spite of many cheering assurances, we consider the States of Penn sylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois, and California still doubtlul. We may carry all of them by large majorities, but we may also loso enough of them to beat us in the contest We consider our chance in the House, should the election go thither, of very little worth. We must succeed, if at all, by the votes of the people; we cannot count on a einglo slave State ; snd wo must either carry Pennsylva nia, or losing it. carry all the rest of tho free States. We strongly hope to carry Pennsyl vania?we feel sure it can be carried for Fre mont?but, if ho wero all to stop working now, and full to shonting over our anticipated victory,-we should have no victory to husza over. This is the naked truth, and the truth is just what should be eel forth and realized. Should we lose Pennsylvania, w# may possi bly succeed without her; but that, like the choice of Fremont by the House, is only a chance If we carry Pennsylvania, it is bare ly possible that we shall fail to carry States enough to gives us the victory." Does not this look like a purpose on the part of tho Tribune to let itself down eo9y in view of coming defeat7 We took occasion lately to Bhow from the files of the Tribune prior to the Presidential elcotion of 1.S&2, that its political prophesies, however unreliable* were not uharactcrized by timidity. The Tri bunt evidently sees that the pacification of Kansas has taken away its political capital* and that tho Fremont bubble which Went up like a rocket is now coming down like a stiok. Bogus Dispatches ?The Southside (Va.) Democrat of Saturday sayt: " A dispatch waB published in the morning papers yesterday, announcing that letters hai been received at Washington to the effect that the cause of Puchanan being hopeless in New York ; the Democrats intend to fuse with the Know Noth ings and give the State to Fillmore." And remarks : "This was too big a bolus for an or dinary throat to swallow." We would warn our friends throughout the country to be on the lookout for political dispatches, as, doubt less, from now untH the Presidential election, tho newspapers opposed to the Democracy will teem with them. It is due to ray, however, that tho dispatch alluded to by the Soutkside Democrat, according to the result of our in quiry, did not emanate from the agent of the Associated Press of this city. The President of the United States, in his letter of the sixteenth instant, to the officers and members of the New Hampshire Agricul tural Society, (who say that they will bo happy to welcome him to the city of his resi dence, and receive him as the guest of the Society,) remarks that ho expects ?? soon to bccome a farmer, and to devote the residue" of hid " days mainly to agricultural pursuits within" the "comparatively hard and sterile, but nevertheless" to him " attractive and be loved State." 7 he Editor of the Star was in Philadel phia on Sunday, and left that city this morn ing for Bclf jnte, Contre county, Pennsylvania in continuation of his political movements, under the direction of the Stato Democratic Committee. Appointments ?Geo. A Gordon has been appointed by the President U. 8. Attorney for Georgia, vice G. S Owens, resigned. Leonidas Be wen has been appointed JusWco of the Peace for the District of Columbia. Resignation cf an Army Officer ?The resignation of second lieutenant CuTtis Dun ham, Tenth Infantry, has been accepted by tho President, to take effcct October 1st, lb5fl. Ihe Current Operations cf th* Treasury Department.?On Saturday. 27th September, there wero of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? Texas debt warrants $13,594 79 F??rthe Treasury Department... 52795 12 For Custom 07,081 War warrants received and en tered 50,(100 00 From fits, &U6 Pennsylvania avenue, wo have rcceivcd "The Evening Star was Shining," dcdicuted to Nelly, by C. II. Kehr, and a beautiful echottiiob, entitled "Holly Spiiog." Shaving made East.?Wet your shaving brush in either warm or oold water, pour on two or three drops of " Balm of a Thousand Flowers," rub the beard well aud it will make a beautiful soft lather much facilitating the operation of shaving. Prioe only Fifty Cent.?. For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washing ton, and all drc^gists. The II Ki'GKTKL) FitOST AND THE COTTOM Crop.?Reliable private di3patches received from New Orleans and Charleston, deny that thoro has been any thing like a black frost in tho States named, while despatches from Mem* phis, (Tenn ,) in which State tho tobacco crop is reported to have suffered, aro entirely silent upon tho subject of a frost. A Mobile dispatch of Thursday (25th) sim p'y eayp, 41 we have had a very light frost." Every Mother is Proud or A Good Look i?o Babv, and nothing will make the little pets prettier than Fontaine's Solidified Oream of Wild Flowers, combining, in a solid and moro economical form, viitues suporior to those of tho Balm of Thousand Flowers. Its peculiar medicinal qualities are calculated to prevent eruptions, chapping, Ac., and to give to the sVina beautiful velvet like appoarance For shaving, cleaning teeth, removing offen five breath, Ac., it cannot be exeelled. Be ing solid, it may be used like a soap, and car ried anywhere. It is remarkable for its de lightful fragrance, which, together with its elegant manner of preparation, make it well w:>ith the price of fifty cents. Taylor A Mau tj, General Agents. Sold by all druggUts. The Burning or the Niagara.?It is now estimated that the number of lives lost by the burning of the Niagara was sixty-six ! The schooner Dun Marblo saved thirty, aud the schooner Mary Grover saved eleven, but they J"" Dfot ,YMTed jet. The following, in ad ?> be ."^vrd06* reP<>rted, are known UrnfPhJ' N-?i)efrmK' of Boeton, J M:l ler, of ChUago, Edward L%ne, J. Collins, D. Lyons, Cornelius Bryer, of Montreal, A A McKay, residence unknown. *.Thiif?U2Wi?? "rt*<n,T lost: Almon Atwood and wife, of Vermont; M J Clark stewsrd, of Buffalo; Hon. J B. Macy, of Wis consin ; Harvey Ainswortb, of Royalton Vt lost his wife and three children, his father and rister-indaw. The haU of the Niagara sank a mile and a half from the shore, in seven fathom of water. Sht WW TtlMd M ?;6,aou. 1 IHC IATX8T FROM CALIFORNIA. The steamer Illinois arrived at New York on Saturday afternoon from Aspinwall, with San Francisco dates to tho 5th instant. She brought nearly two millions in specie. The Illinois left Aspinwall on tho evening of the 19th. She connected with the Golden Age, which brought do^rn $2,300,000 in specie. The steamer Sonora was passed on tho 10th, and the steamer J. L. Stevens on the 17th, both bound up. The Panama dates are to the lftth. Some excitement existed at Panama The Legisla ture was disorganized touching the Governor ship, and for a time there was fear of a general conflict. The citizens tied ; houses were bar ricaded and the U S. ships Independence and St. Mary's were held in readiness to protect American eitisens Mariano A use Mena, the President of the Assembly, who was the ring leader of the opposition, soaght refuge aboard the St. Mary's, but the affair finally ended in amoke The health of the Isthmus was good. The sloop-of war Saratoga was at Aspinwall ? Adviocs from Nicaragua to Aug. HOtb, state that President Walker remained quiet. St. Leon had been abandoned to the invading army, which numbered 1,500 troops. Dr. Livingston had been released, and sent to San Salvador The people of Sei rito had i iseu against th e Leon faction, nnd assassinated several promi nent partisan?, including Joaquin Chamoro and Augustiu lleruandez. President Walker had issued several de crees?one modilying the Transit Grant to Mr. Morgan, and another declaring the property of the Accessory Transit Company forfeited to tho State A rumor had reaohed Aspinwall of a revolt among Walker's troops, fvrtyof whom refused to do duty. Walker gave them twenty-four hours to rcconsider, at the expiration of whieh, they still refusing, wero led out and shot. lion Pierre Soule has purchased a Ranche at Nicaragua for $50,000. He was to return to tho States by the next steamer Col Schlessinger publishes a letter to the army, denouncing Walker as a traitor, accus ing him of dishonesty, and offering protection to all of Walker's troops who aill join him. Sch'essinger was at Matagalpa, in the inter ior. By a decree, dated August 26, Walker, in consideration of $400,000, transfers all the property and right of the Accessory Transit Company to Charles Morgan and Cornelius Ganison. Tho dates from Valparaiso are to tho 10th of August, and from Callao to tho 27th. A revolution took place in Lima, headed by General Castillo Some fighting occurred in tho Plaza with the Government troops under the President. The engagement lasted for several hours, but the revolutionists were final ly subdued. The Vigilance Committee quietly disbanded, and, on the 21st of August, threw open their rooms to the public At the Democratic primary elections at San Francico, all tho successful candidates were known opponents of the Vigilance Committee. Judge Terry took his feut on the bench of the Supreme Court on tho 26th of August. The Republican State Convention non?:nated Ira P. Kankin, merchant, and Mr. Thomas Cox, a miner, for Congr3B4 A fire had occurred at Martinez, involving a loss of $25,000 John L. Durkeo and Charles Rand, who took tho Stato arois from a vessel by order of the Vigilance Committee, has been indicted in the United States Court for piracy Bail was refused. The American State Convention had nomi nated B C. Whitman and A B. Dille for Congress The Indians wero still committing depreda tions in various parts of the State. Capt Ju dah has despatched a body of troops from Fort Jones, to chastise the Belt River Indians. General Ous!y of tho volunteer forces wa. about to send a dctatckment on tho same ei rand. PERSONAL. ....Mis3 Maggie Mitchell ij plajlng in Wheeling, Virgmin. ....S.W.Glenn, the unrivalled i;Du','h" comedian, is starring it in Norfolk. ....Miss Avor.ia Jones, daughter of Mrs Melinda Jones, has been engaged and will shortly appear at the Richmond Theatre. .... Messrs. John Wiley Si Co , proprietors of tho " City Despatch Penny Post" in this city, have establisncd a "Penny Post" in Bal timore, to be conducted on the same plan as the one in this city and "Blood's Penny Post" in Philadelphia. (.~*The London Athcna)um devotes }f? psges to Irving s delightful life of Washing ton, which is highly extolled. It Is termed u tho best memorial that has been devoted to the name of Wasbiugton, tho plainest of heroes and the most magnagimous of men?the one great general of America." ... .Mario, the great tenor singer, has been engaged for tho season at the Paris Italian Opera, at a salary of 55 000 His real name id Giovanni Uuilistu M i> iu tli Candid (John Baptist Mario, of Candia ) His father was Governor of the island by that name. Mario has the field to himself at present, and may continue for many years yet to sing as he does now; that is, sometimes in voico, and generally not, but always leaving a wide margin be tween himsell and his competitors for the pub lic applause. He owes his luoceg] partly to Madame Grisi, who took h'm 44 under her wing" when sho was supreme in the musical world, and has guardod h'm there ever since. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, Sept. 20,1856. Tho colored pople's (Mount Zion) Metho dist church was dedicated to tho worship of God yesterday. The cdifice wai crowded at each hour for service by attentivo audicnoefi to hear the able discourses of the ministers (Messrs Lanahan, Rogers and Brown,) who addressed them. The services were of a sol emn and impressive character, and was at tended in the afternoon by a large number of white persons. This venerable temple was first dedicated forty years ago, but so thor oughly has it been modernised, both internally and externally, that if some of the old saints who firct woi&hippcd in it could now take a peep at it they would not recognize it as the same building. The collections during the day amounted to tho handsomo littlo sum of $275. We would ndvise all the readers of tho St ir who may wish to lay in a winter supply of fuel, to call at onco on Barron Stover. I heir yards are literally teeming with the m<~>?t superior hickory, oak and pine wood, and al most every variety of coal. They are a' o now landing some of the most superior Lehigh coal we have seeu for some time. Their prices are regulated to Buit the times Christ church Sabbath school bad a delight ful time on Saturday At an early hour thoy repaired to Muunt Auburn, in somo of tho Union line omnibuses, where they spent tho day in the most agreeable manner imaginable The flour and grain market continues firm, with an upward tcndetcy. Wheat has ad vanced 3s. since Saturday Arrived?Schrs. Grace Watson, Edwards, Philadelphia, to Barron A Stover; Sarah Bur ton, Kelly, Boston, to T. M Kidwell; Caroline Hall, Clendaniel, Philadelphia, to Dickson, Gordon A Co ; Joseph Horsey, Stowe, Eliza beth City, N. C . to Libby A Son S. Conditio* op Col J M Turner.?We are ? leased to be able to state to day that Col. J. [aybury Turner is much better, and that there is again hope of his ultimate recovery. About one o'clock on Saturday morning ho became composed and slept comfortably until moraing, being the first sleep he has had for noarly sixty hours. Throughout yesterday he continued to improve and was moro rational than at any time since the injury was inflicted upon him. A very large number of persons oalled to see him yesterday, but the attend ing pbysioians are determined to keep him as much composed as possible, and will not per mit him to again become excited by the visits of his numerous friends ?Balt. American. Interesting to Firemen.?On Saturday last in Cincinnati, the steam fire engine Wash ington made the best throw ever made by any machine. Forcing water through four hun dred and forty feet of hose, she threw through an inch and a quarter noxzle, "two hundred and forty-four feet*1" The WuhisgtOQ Is on? of ib? null steam snginer POLITICAL ITEMS. Rev. A Willita, of Philadelphia, is adver tised to take the stamp for Fremont. The New York Post has a puff for "Fremont Stationary." It is pretty Hear the truth. J> C- Bullitt, Esq., an old-line-whig of Philadelphia, made a Buchanan speeofc at German town on Wednesday evuaing. Hon. Alexander De Witt, who reorMents the Ninth district of Massachusetts in Con gress, has declined a re-election. The Democrats of the Third district of New York have nominated Uon. Hiram Wal bridge fir Congress. Ex-Governor Cleveland, of Conneetieut, has backed out of his challenge to Dr. Olds, of Ohio, to canvass Connecticut with him. At the Republican Convention which assem bled at Springfield, lion. John Woed, Mayor

of Quincy, was nominated for Lieutenant Gov ernor of Illinois, in place of Mr Hoffman, who declined. John G. Montgomery, Esq , of Danville, Pa , has been nominated for Congress by the Dem ocrats of the Twelfth district of Pennsylvania. The counties of Luserne, Columbia, and Mon tour compose the distriot. The Newport (R. I.) News, which endorsed the nomination of Mr. Fillmore immediately after it was mrde at Philadelphia, but refused to extend the right hand of fellowship to Mr. Donelaon, has filially concluded to go the whole ticket. It ij denied that lion. Theodore Freling huysen haa come out for Fremont Mr. Frelinghuysen has not avowed his preference for Fremont, but on the contrary he Iiot said to Prof. Theodore Strong, of Rutgers College, that he cannot support him. The State elections yet to oome off prior to the Presidential election are as follows : Georgia Get. 6 Ohio .Oct. 14 ? Oct. 6 Indiana Oct. 14 Pennsylvania..Oct 11 South Carolina.Oct. 14 The municipal cloction in Baltimore takes place on tho 8th of October. Mr George D. Gray, President of the Fill more and Donolson Club, of Culpepper, Va., has written a letter to the Club, resigning bia office, and stating that he is now thouroughly convinced that there is not the shadow of a chance for the election of Fillmore, and that he intends to vote fur Buchanan. A new skctch of the life of John C. F rem or. t has b?an published in Illinois, as spoken by Mr. Carpenter, of Chicago, at the great Dem ocratic gathering in Springfield, the capital of that State, January 18th. It Is as follows : "Fremont was in Congress, indeed. He served in the Senate twenty-one days?mace two speeches?said once yes?once no?and that's his political history." Emigration from Virginia ?We regret that several of our Western exchanges announce a considerable emigration of Virginia farmers to the West. Our emigrants arc generally men of substance, and carry with them a cor ? siderable amount of worldly goods, which, with their personal enterprise and fine intelli gence, goej to enrich ana build up other com munities Their departure is a serious loss to the good old State But unless our system of improvement is pushed on to the Ohio, or s tme guarantee afforded for its prosecution, we may expect this emigration to be vastly incroased ?Richmond Dispatch. Thk Burning of the Mount Vernon Ho tel?a Paintvl Rumor.?The Philadelphia Inquirer says that they have had an interview with a gentleman who resides at Cape May, who informs them that it is now the general impression thero, that Mr Cain, the father of the Cain family, who were burned up by the destruction ot the Mount Vernon Hotel, wan murdered and robbed before the hotel wis sot on firo. The jewelry of all the mem bers of the family was found near the chared remains, but not a dollar of gold or silver coin has been recovered, and there is every reason to believe that there aas considerable in their posies*ion. Young Cain, who escaped from the hotel, bat was so badly burred that he died soon afterwards, Rlleged that he saw a man in his room when he left it The remains of the girls were found near those of the father, and it is inferred, from their peculiar position, that they were alto murdered, This portion of the family could not have retired to their rooms, as the contents of their pockets, Ac , wore found near them. ^SCHOOL AND MISCELLANEO VS Books, second band, as good as new, for sale at half price at the No'tbcrn Liberties Bookstore, 327 7lh stnet, a few doors above the Northrrn Liberty Market. N. B ? Halm of Thousand Flowers, only J5 cents ite Aj l MONTGOMERY GUARDS. ATTEN I ION ?You are hereby notified to aVnd a (if TT regular monthly meetln ' of thecompaav on Pi A WEDNESDAY EVENING, October 1st Punctual attendance is called fsr, as business of linoc-rtance will be transacted. by order of Captiln Kat : ae29-3t THOMAS McENIRY, Sec. ,RALI.Y, DEMOCRATS ?THERE will be a meeting of tha You*g Jackson Democratic Association at Demcsiatic headquar ter*. I'enn avenue bftween 9th and 10th streets, . n TUESDAY EVENING, the Gotb of Septem ber, at 7# o'clock. Every member of the associ ation Is particularly reqnested to attend. B A. JAMISON President T. O. C'.IESTNEY, Sec. pro tein. se2y-2:? ATTENTION, SEVENTH WARD DEMOCRACY ?The Seveath Ward Democratic Assoc.atlon are hereby ordered to meet at Potomac Ua?l, (Island) on WEDNES DAY, the 1st Octobsr, at 6 o'olo kp. m. As bus iness of importance and the election of officers Is tu l?e acted upoa, It is hoped there will be a full altendaace. By order: 8. S. TAYLOR, President. JOHN F C OF PUTT, bee ?e 29-3t? ?THE FIRST COTILLON PARTY T of the Washington Highlanders will tske plae<- at Harmony Hall on THURSDAY EVENING next, the 2d of Octolwr. Tickets FIFTY CENTS; admitting a gentltman and ladies?to be bad of any of the members and at the door. Managtrs Mr McKay, Mr. W. Flood, Mr J no. Lacey, Mr. K. Mlddlt-ton. ?c 29-3t NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER having disposed of his stock and fix tures, wishes to close up his business as esrly as possible, and he gives notice to those Indebted to him, that their accounts must be settled. He will be at his old at&nd to attend to all who may call A TATE, se27-3t No 314 Pa av.,bet. 10thand 11thsts. jlJALTIMORE*NS IN WASHINU ton are rentier ted to meet at Junnlman's National House, NfW Jersey avenue, on MON DAY EVENING, September 20th, al7% o'cl'k, ft r the purpose of rormlrg a Buchanan ana Breck inridge Club. It Is earnestly desired teat all who are In fav<<r of " Buck ana Breck" will at tend the meeting. tu 27. St .NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and l?V FENS WARE before purchailng elsewhere, as by ao doing they will save from Li to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than Che lowest at 309 Pa. avenne, between Vth and l<tth streets. Je 0-flrn - JOHN McDEVITT FOK BOSTON?THE PACKET?CHOON er Searsvllle has arrived, sad will have oulck despatch for the above port. ForjSjS freight anplv to. hartley a brother, Agents, se 29-3t Ml Water street, Georgetown. JUST RECE1VID.-A BEAUTIFUL As sortment of Chamo's Skins, for dome?Uc pur poses. Also, Congress Water in bottles, Just from the spring. For sale at ELLIOT'S Drug Stoie, se ~>9 3t corner F and 12tn streets. POTATOES.?ONE HUNDRED BUSHELS 1 of very superior POTATES for sale Apply at Locust Hill Farm. 7th street road, near tho first tollgate. se 29-3t* ^JTRAYED OR. STOLEN?ON WBDNES ?3 day evening,September 24th a REDi COW' with white feet, and white spot] on her breast, a<id another on her rump. Had a yellow pine yoke on her seek. reward will be riven for her return to JOHN VAN SKIVER, en Uth street, near the Steam boat Wharf ee29-4f CLOAKS AND TALMAS, SCARFS, AMD SHAWLS. NOW UPKNING A VERY ATTRACTIVE stock of CLOAKS and TALMAS in Black. Brown, and Grays; all the latest Paris styles, and atexoeedioglowpirloss Also, a large assortment or SHAWLS and SCARFS, In new designs? : soine Black Centos In the lot. which are scarce i aod dsairable. COLLEY * SEARS, I se 99 ft fB37th at., 3 toon north Pi. a*. CjRLLINe orr to clou iiiiirkii. w?. determined to continue oar pre* en ?2?? "?A?Her **** to ,h* ??? November next mov ?o, w^JJS1 caott*a''lo offer our stock oj ? v a buod8' nnvmbtt. JEWEL ?.T? A *?*lrm* then coot, when we will dispcae of the remainder to oar successor ^"^lrt T GAH.1GAN A CO. \<W e()0>? FOR ?KNTLBMRN.-MY ,'V,fci0f meW Md ?????*? good* !? now coat f,1**;.?"PP'flBR themselves with clothing will And my selection* worthy of att?a -A0.p>'ng ^lUbeepaied to give satisfaction READ\ -MADE CLOTHING of loeqiullti always on hand, of my own make. 5 i?*?**1 ??PPlF of Uxe newest and be it quality Fu nlshing Goods. A H. > OUNG. Merchant Tailor, f ?-tw Brsrwna' Hotel, Pn evenue. |)UTAacT or coLoasu, counvv ^OF WA8BINOTON,lowlt: W as b rough I tte snbwriher, a Juetlee of the peaoe la .nd for Mid County and Dlstiici, a red milch COW, lftLX,r??piLi!lL,orkw!ilrfl w blfi tWo s^Sismk?' Tauwlsc. SoNN^rV.** for^TfH W!!er #f lke abovs named Cow will eom? herTwav. ^ P"P^?y hjW, ?k, , do 0# ]\uw afloat? H,.r"e,hr- W. W. Ma rev, 9t0 tons Red Ash Ret JSchr. Louisa Stewart, 76 tons White Ash E? Jobn Cole, 175 tons broken and acroer.4 Schr. Emily Murray, SI toK blt?? White Ash ... 3? tona Range Coal. A1 of the above will arrive within a few dars 2rtvfTT2."i". ^ntlne CoaI froin ? teasel upon li pirMe ***** tbeir order* at nVcttirl without delay and thereby save expenses a imo lbs cor I to the tan. F l biimb p sejO eo3t Wed side 9tb st. bet. D aod E. Proposal! for Erecting a Marine Hospital at lew Orleans, Louisiana. o. i/ TVi'l** ??**????. Sept- *7, 1896. sE^J^JSSSsSS f?r the whole building, or separate for the tbe department * gh? !o 1 KE*?'jrvT!r Sfa^ VJT .en ll.dwrn" the Interest of the United States requires it j the department also r??rw? sons^hom* ?hlUdTthe blda of *n7 person or per BalAtvihf^ jy* J,Ult c*"*to oellrre will not faithfully perform the coniracts. or which they *fj ^tempted to obtain by indirection: and all 4^Mohrbn.ntSlf^11 be^rtW ,B vr'ko ?o act join in the bids, and all bids that, upon ln ^lf? ??'i4? ,w 8 fa,r Pr,ce for fke work. ih? hw7 received In gross, at the option of tho bidders; but no contract wlU b?*aw?r<t<wi fn m?tbif Ih"1 d<>ftlN are furn,?hed tbedepart m . tbe.Prlc*" ?f the different kinds of work SC?o^rf*/h!-H WhLCh "hal1 ** object to the re Jh-u department, ao that the ptom bid ?ha 1 be equitably apportioned upon tfewnole rnSta 8 the dePartm?nt In making pay. ?N ineiy per cent, of the amount of work <(nn? de,,vere<. eccorilng to contract amc'int to be ascertained by the estl th.i ? *" *ge,nt ?f the department, appointed for S * WUI ^ P?14 from tlm? ^ lime u progrfiises, and ten percent retalced ^nIi-i^wCoinple ,on ?' the contract, and accept ^aX5^nrk;K*C 'by ^eaKenta^l?T^d contracT cvrnt ?f non-fulttlment of. be awarded only to master-build ? '^?mer^harries and the assignment tberrof P ^ consent of the 86cr#Ufvnf r^p t,. 9 willV a forfeiture of the Sme 7 Trea, ury, into a contract and boni, with pro^Jtnd faf flcient securities for Its pfrfeJSa^e 1 lans, speclfcatlons, ar<d workini? drawlncra can be examined "f.<r'thirty daJf afd o?heJ .r formation obtained on appllcatlon'to the depart p.tX. u*"3oitMii',7 '''t"""tb*'Mlled f?'^r ?dULSTo,?'si5?S? ,!ihJ'h,leE?"n'?<. (indorsed t( Proposals for the^New OrWui^* ",?8P>'V ") and wlU beopen^7l^'5Kk^r? * 1 of the last dav named for receiving the same In the presence ofthc bidders, if anv c/ooi tSSeii se 27 2aw6'id ^ JAMEtf 8UTHR1K, ? ^6(>d Secretary of the Tjegyy botcj ?Si 1 ^fSvSfSK sawr-c~-5 re 27-3t No" .S pRlDENOOK * CO je -/'-it Ho. .CI Penn. ave. war IQtb street. N*? WOlk BY TUB ACT1XOR or the " W ia., Wide World.''-The HilW - Bookstore, near ?tb street. wood and COuT Ti!?5 ,aUUHC?*?K?l HAVING on hand -?? and Is constantly receiving supplleu of Wrwwit ee 27-ut flBtl SIMMS. cautioiT T*HE WJRLJC IS HEREBV cautioned # *"4 f?*?w?rned against receiving trad I no for. or buying any note, check, or other pap^r bearin* my signature aud dated between thJi^l *e<7'3t JOHN TAYLOB 131MENSR attraction. ' i^lPN MUNDAY NEXT, the 28TH >4^. ^llnst, will be opened at WILLI AN'SWK. the largest and best assortment ot^^S FKATMK^ FrPnoh F^t>WER8,^S ?. S*" 1,51,1 on exhibition In this ooan try. fhe subsorlber competition at w-.o M willi AN, . oe 27-3t Market Spare bet. 7th and *th ate, OPENINU DA* ? Of C?5iic"?tob,i* 16m' mantillas, At FRANR a. NctiEB'a STORt No.24I Pa. avenue, bttween Utb and 13th ats a few doors west of ?' tiautlor's." '* ?y-??rjs<^s1^toc"4 ?**>u ??"????? drawing and oil. PAiNTine. IOSEPH WALL HAS TAKEN A STUDIO ^ at Forrest Uail, Georgetown, where he pro pose* to open classes in the above as soon as he obtains a sutBeleat number of puplia or KenUemcn wishing to learn DRAW ING, as a langoage, a means cf rep esentlnp what they see, ana expressing Ideas, and not merely to copy a lithograph o? engravl^wlU please enter name and address at Lundv'JT Book Store.Oeorgetown, or Taylor & Maury'i, Wash 1>rms ?per quarter, to be paid in advanr* Georgetown, September ?7,1H?6. g7_|W E Pifn" 1 " * ILL,#f| 1 * O C R OF ? n jj Tutors, urekn corn, PRACH^t , ,J*C.? *** l>ej,re** *ed for any length of tlm<> by the Improved Sell-SeaUng cins tSat JrVeSd ?? ^ Sventh street. JTURtR AND POCRRT CUTLERV na ?a tifi Q1-RANCI8 Tii' f't?o fortr, wu. house taX ^-?vb?iIaL,, tween 9th end 10th streets. aeenne, be JOHN W-. R^r-m thurrday evening the -U. W MM NA TTONA L THE A TK E Krmmi * Co , II. T. Font. Muttf, [ Also, of Baltimore and n 1 rb moad Theatre* ] D MAMATir WEMT m ?? Engagement of the charming actre* MBS LIZZIE WESTOI DAVEHFOBT, ARB MB A H. DAVEFTOBT. Supported by ttejutfr* rompanv of the HolMdsy H A. Laagdoa, F Bun. W.H.Brlgge, W Taibott. ?. E Bruww, W H Bolter, J. B Phillips, Wm Kllta, Jot Parker, M Chsreh, Jno OeiBOD, J. Van Oaten, Mm J. MTrbl::;r>?. Mrs O C. Geemon Ml*a Ellen Moroat, Miss Jos Parker, Mra Parker, Mn Bills, ON MONDAY~ SEPTEMBER ?TH, V\ lii Ls prevented la Ree acta THE ACTRESS OF PADUA. La Tithe Mrs L1771K W DAVENPORT To conclude with THE YOUNG WIDOW. Sipla?h Mr A H DAVKNPOUT Amelia....? . Mrs LIZZIE W DAVENPOKT Pries ?/ idmtuiM -Boies aad Parqnette. tt? cent?, Reserved seats, 75 centa, Family Circle and Galleries, ?5 cects Box old open dally from t to 5 oMock *e ST _____ Wants. A WET NURSE W ANTED.?A PPLY TO Dr W P JOHNSTON, 7?a etreet, betwe, ? b and F atr< eta se to 3t* W ANTED -A FIRST RATK COOK -TO one fully oonape'enf, trmt rate wa?es will be gives. Apply ia>niediare<y at LLOYD'S UNION HOTEL. k W ft WANTED ?A COOK AND WAS*HER FOR a mus.11 family. Tbe wo k ia light and r?ges liberal. App r at No 310 9tb street, be tween K and L, eist side, tao dorrs from L. ae W 3t? WANTED IMMFDIATELY ? A B L A C K woman to do tba work of a small family. Apply at :'31 E street. __ ae t7-jte WANTED ?? WET NURSE TO ?0 TO Alexandria, Va To one that can <oira well recommended will bear of a food s!taat|<n. For further particulars Inquire at tbe Aocti?a Bjaaaaf A. GREF.N. ae 17-dt WANTED ?FORTY TAILOUP AND TaI loresaes. Note but?ompeteat re/sons need apply WALL A STEP H ENS, No.SM .bet >tb and lltb ?t? WANTED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO Cnd persons in want of ike following ar tides: French or Oeroaa Looking Bias sea Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or shears Oil Painting*, large and small Marble-top Hrsekett Tables, In broate or irold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any site Looking Glasses, or other wck la tbe gliding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot cf cast-Iron Bracketts, suitable for ahelvicg, Ac., on band. Terms moderate to suit tbe times, for cash. N B-Old Work Regllt,aad Locking Bless Plates inserted. Penna. avenue, opposite Elrkwood Bouse, dec It JOHN WARNER. iji ? i i ? Boarding. Boarding.?several newly fur ni?hed rooms for rent, either alugty or la auits, with board. In a t>n all family where there are bat few boarders, at 401 F street, in Union Row, and the immediate vicinity of the Patent OEce se?7-3f? Boarding ?several large rooms wtlh single ones attached, band?omely fur nlshed, can be rented either lu suits for families, or to single persons, with boaid if deslnd. on the moat reasonable terms A large yard ts attached to the house, making It de*lrnble for a family with children. Apply at No 10th street, be ween D and E. ??* 17-tw* MRS G. ANDERSON CAN ACCOMMO date several boarders with or without room*. Penn avenue, No 270, between 11th and 12th streets. ae 10-lm Board. Ac.?mrs bates,on theh w corncr of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street 1* prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be mede to reader tho?e comfortable who may hm ber with their patronage Transient or table board can be obtained. ap 6-tf GREAT ' Si BOOR BINI>l Ntt. Corner Eleventh street mnd ar?s*>, mear tk? SsiiUimms /aimatita. Edward lycett respectfully in forms the subscribers to Brown's Nlbie and Shakapeare, now just completed, tbat he is pre pared to bind those works In a superior stvle of elegance, strength and solid I tv. and upon mn h more reasonable terms than can be done la Balti more, Philadelphia, or New York. A letter ad dressed to him (per post) will enable hlmtoei hlblt to tbe subscribers specimens of his style of blading. Even- kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted ne t7-4m FASHIONABluE DANCING. PROF. ? W MUNDER TAKES GREAT pleasure In announcing to bis former 0^ patrons acd the public generally tbat be will resume the duties of his school on Tuesday October 7th. IM6. at the large Ball corner of 0th and D streets (former-_ ly Palmer's Academy of Music ) hereaf ter known as " Blunder's Metropolitan Ball. Days of totlon on Tuesday and Thursday after noons, at 31 o'clock, and at 7)f for geotlemen He well Introduce a variety of new ana fashiona ble dances, better calculated to improve the car riage and grace tf tbe most unskillful pupil than any other atyle that haa been Irtroduoed He particularly Invites all the scholars who (artlcl pated in tbe Fancv Dances last M a?. to be pre*tnt on the day of opening, as Prof M has somethir^ of interest to communicate Ho will continue his classes at tbe College and Coavent as usual. All those having chl.dren here whom they deal re to receive lastructloa wi'.l please ejiter their names early. Private inductions will be given either u> large or small classes Ail persons wishing to consult with Prof Mun der will n:eaae l?ave their addieos at Mr John F. Ellis's Music Store Penn. aveLue, noar 10thstreet wM-tf NOTICE. EOWEN A SON. MILITARY ANDNAVAL ? Merchant Tailors, No Sit Penn avenue, have just returned from tbe North with their fa l supply of goods, conslstlagof Cloths. Casimeres, and Vesting', with a variety of gentlemaa's Fur nishing Articles, to which thev Invite the atten tion cf their friends and customers. seat dlwAeolw HATS: HATS! CONSTANTLY ON HAND A FILL > supply of BEEBE'S - NEW YORK STYLES. together with TAYLOR'S HATS, of BALTI MORE. The best black dress HATS got up In the latest style for S3 M. as good as those usually aoid at : and a good fashion- < able Hat at S3, worth S4; and a first-rate Hat, St U Tbe be?t materials and the best workmanship Is * ~ed to produce a S3 Hat, which Is sold for We do a cash business, meet with no los but give each customer fall value for his money. Felt Hats unoaually low. N. B Agent for Driacoll's Balm of a Thouaa&d Plowers. Prteets cents per bottle. ANTHONY,7U? street, near Pa a?eaae. Agent for a New York Hat Compaay. se *Utf NSW CLOAK AND MANTILLA STOKE. FA. McGEE WOULD MOST RESPECT ? fully call the sttaatloa of tbe ladles to tbe 'act that he has just returned from the North, where he has selected, from the best a tacks, the newest and bandsosiest atyle ? of CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, SHAWLS, Ac , tbat have ever been brour ht to this city. He Intends to keep on hand, at all times, the newest aad mftst recherrl styles tbat can be bad, having mads such snange inents that every week he can show semethlrg new On Wednesday, October 1st, bis stock will be open for the inspection of ru?tomers, st ?o gloyed i Inspc Ttiaa __ his Stote,just new ly ?ad Uaads<mel? fitted up. No. t44 Penna. ?venue, between lvtfc and 13th atreets, a few doors west of Bantler'^. Call and see for ye-asalvea ss B-tt COAL ?COAL?COAL. f^OAL ON THE WAT-WARRANTED A V No. 1 arucls I cargo Fvraace Coal Do Red Ash Cooking Coal which will be delivered In a few davs Person* lying In winter supplies should send la th?ir ciders immediate!v. Coal kept under cover 2A?0 lbs. to the ton. _ T J A W M GALT, na?S?tf W. W. at. l*h and C ats.. No. M7. UNDKEIRIRTt, O RAW B IS, AND HOSIERY ?Tbeae three articles I have takes great pains to select, and have tbe moat complete assortment of silk, merino, lsmbs wool, Shaker tannsi,aad cashmere Sbiits. Drawers, and Balf Boaa ever ofered at tbe Basaar. corner of <Kk alroet aad Peaasylvaala avenue IOPIWI,