Newspaper of Evening Star, September 30, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 30, 1856 Page 3
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EVFNTNO STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Board or Almshks.-The Qoard met and wu called to order yesterday at the usual hour. A communication vai received from the Mayor announcing bia approval of the aot to pay for extra same** in the offioe of tha tax clerk Also, one enclosing the hack account to the 22d instant; referred. AUo, the twelfth annual report of the trus tees of public school*; ordered to ba printed in pamphlet torn and referred to publio achoala committee. " Mr Clark nresstrted the petition of M. C. Belt; referred to claims committee. Mr Pearson presented the petition of George Miller; referred to finance committee. Mr. Kiggs, from finance committee, a;ked to be discharged frcm tbe consideration of the petition of Kstber Hunt; discharged. Mr Bayly, from improvements committee, reported a bill for laying a gutter on G street n>rth, to the east side of Fourteenth street; passed. Also, a bill for grading G street north, be tween New Jersey avenue ..nd Tiber creek; passed. Also, the bill from the Council to amend an act for grading C street south. Mr Bu-ey moved to amend, by providing that no contract shnll exceed tho amount ap propriated ; passed. Mr Smith reported a bill regulating the disbursement of m>">ney appropriated for olean itg out gutters and alleys ; passed. Also, a bill from the Council authorising the improvement of Twenty fifth street west; passed. Also, a bill to grade and gravel F street, from Second to north Capitol streets; passed. Also, a bill to impr0T0 Second street east; passed. Also, a bill providing for paving a gutter across Second street to Massachusetts avenue; passed Mr Bayly reported a bill to open and grade an alley in equare No 102; passed Mr Bayly, from the olaims committee, re ported a bill for the relief of Ann Dunlap ; passed. Also, a bill for the relief of Thomas Welch; passed. Also, a bill for relief of Morris Uolloran; laid over. Mr Pearson reported a bill for the relief of Robt Devereux; rejected Mr Smith, from fire department committee, reported a preamble and resolution in to a memorial from the Metropolitan ilook and Ladder company, relative to a location for an apparatus house for tnat company ; referred to a joint comUiiltee of five. Mr Miller, from special committee on the preposition to annex Georgetown to this city, reported a resolution asking for information ; passed. Mr Smith introduced a resolution asking the Mayor for information relative to fines and forfei ures collected by the police officers since tbe first M aday in June l&at; passed. Mr Bayly offered a jokt resolution to pro vide for taking a census of the f'roe colored population ot tbe eity of Washington ; parsed. 24J1 from Common Oouncil for laying a gut ter on Virginia avenue was referred to im provements committee. Bill relating to officers of tbe city w&? re ferred Bill for improving Eighth street east, from G street to Pennsylvania avenue; parsed. Bill for grading and gravelling Eighth street west, between D and F streets south ; referred Bill for opening and grading 0 street, from Four-and a balf to Water streets , referred Bill for relief of G VV. Uttermuhle; referred. Bill for relief of Jno B Lord ; referred Bill for relief of Corbin Baker was ruled out of order. Mr Emery introduoed a bill providing for filling washes in M street north, at the iuter seeti->n of Delaware avenue ; referred Bill for placing a gutter across Nineteenth street, at the interjection of C street; parsed. Mr Pearson introduced a resolution a<?kii.g infortualK'n relative toc^st of certain grading ; pas-cd. BUi for gra lingaad gravelling M street, fron. Sixth to Water street; referred. A bill making appropriation for filling and grading a lot between G street south Jiud Sev e;.th street west, was pa?ed?* Mr litueton gave notice that he should move to cako up the nominations of the Mayor on Monday next Mr. Pearson reported a bill for rolief of Jno B Lord; pa**ed Mr. Moorr,from asylum committee, reported back the bill for the support of the poor, aged and infirm, with a substitute therefor, laid on the table and ordered to be printed. Communication from the collector in rela ti'rn to taxes due on benevolent and other as sociations was received; referred to finance committee. Also, one fr^m the Commissioners of the A.?ylum ; referred to aayluw committee. Also, one from J. S lloilingshead, police magistrate of the Third di:'r ct. Mr. Dove moved to print it with the pro ceedings. The whole matter was postponed, Mr. Dove withdrawing his motion to print. Ihe bill relating to tae grade of G street north was parsed. The Bjard then adjourned until Monday evening next at 7 o'clock. Almost a Homicide was enacted last even ing in the chamoer of the City Hall occupied by the Board of C maun Council, and during toe session of the same Mr D. A. Watter pton, a member of the Council from the Fifth W *rd, had offere d a petition on the subject of abating a nuisance in an alley in bis Ward, which Mr John Id Peters, a member of the preceding Couneil, then within the bar, char acterized aloud as containing falsehoods Mr. Waiterston turned upon him and seised him by the two cheeks, scratching them consider' ably This brought other members around the parties and caused their separation But Mr Watterston said that the two could not occupy the same room, and he would retire. | In so doing he was followed by Peters, who, it is aaid, when outside of the chamber at tempted something like an apology, but im mediately followed it by a blow with the fist. Thereupon Mr Watterston drew a sword cane and Lursaed Peter', who retreated with great rapidity into the chamber. When just within the gate at the bar Watterston made a lunge with his cane, and with such determined vim that every member of the Board represented Peters's life to have been in tbe most immi nent danger. The blade of tbe weapon ap pears to have touched Peters on the right side, and ben ling round his body so as to pro duce the illusion, happy as it fell out, that Watterston had completely run bis antagonist through. Peters was not armed- Captain Mills of the Auxiliary Guard, being in the chamber at the time, arrested the combatants, and took them beforo Justice Thompson, who was also casually in the building. On an in vestigation of tbe case tbe J ustice deemed it bis duty to bind both parties over to answer at the next term of tbe Criminal Court, and also mutually to keep the peace for the next six months. The Counoil took the matter up, and a committee ef three was appointed to examine ink) and report upou the matter ? Inttlhgtnrer. * I'jriAWPFL AasFM?i.AO?. ? On Saturday night, the members < f the Auxiliary Guard on duty in tat Fourth and 1 ifth Wards, made a desoent on a bou*e near the "Old Depot,'' and captured some five or six colored persons there assembled after hoars and for doubtful turp<*es They were taken to the guard bouse, and in the morning were released on raying the fines and oosts. The guards in formed us that the house is kept by a white man, and has been suspected a long time as a rendecvous for colored persons of this eity and the adjoining States Cbstrb Miaaar.?The fruit dealers who have been so much disturbed at the Centre Market by persons robbing tbeir wagons sod stands, have come to the determination to en force the law against every one arrested here after. Last night, a young man was arrested on this charge and taken to the guard house; but he wa? dismissed by the complainant with a lecture from Captain Mills, which he will be likely to remomber. Tea most Ludicrous and Laughable Carica tures of sll political parties, only 12* cen's e*ch For *ale at Alex Aiamson's, Seventh street, oppoeite to the Poet Oflioe. * Natiokal Thbatrb.?Despite the inclement state of the weather last evening a large and intelligent audience greeted Mr. and Mrs. Davenport upon their re-appearance, whose effort* excited general and entbusiasticjatten- . tion The leading members of Mr- Ford s excellent Baltimore company were also made the recipients of deserved applause. To-night, the play of " Camille" will be performed, with an agTeeable oast?the unfortunate ooquetto being represented by Mrs. Lixzie Weston Da venport, and none of our play-goers, familiar with tha qualities of this beautiful aotress? har irresistible fervor, her power, and her mental discrimination?can well doubt her surpassing ability to render this famous char acter with an excellence rarely equalled. An amusing|farco, introducing the popular yonng vocalist Misa Ellen Morant, concludes the performance*. M arxians.?Brown's Hotel has become pop ular for wedding parties. Last week we al laded to the fact that a couple from Virginia were there made one. and now place on rccord t h it, yaaterday, Mr. R. N. Green was married, at the ' same establihment, to Mis* bus in Cruuip A large company witnessed the in teresting coromony, in the ladies' parlor; the Rev. Mr. Cumraing^ firmly tying tho knot. We would merely say, in this connection, that if there are others in this neighborhood con templating matrimony, they will always find accommodations at that popular hotel, and a minister convenient to consummate the bands. Sewing Machines ?Persons visiting Balti more, whote business is in any way connected with sewing, or who might wish to have the sewing of their families performed ia an agree able way, instead of tho drudging of sewing by band, would do well in calling at William Broderick's office, 105 Baltimore street, where the machino (Singer's) will be courteously ex hibited The machines will sew all kinds of fabrics, and are the best and most durable be fore tho public, according to tho various cer tificates which we And in Singer A Co.'e Ua xette. Habbas Corpus ?Sometime sinoe a young man, who called himself John Rush, was ar rested by Ofllcer Fanning as a deserter from the UniWd'Btates eervice The case was laid before a magistrate, and he was discharged from custody. He was again arrested by Of ficer Watfon, and we are informed that the legality of his enlistment will be inquired into by the Circuit Court. It is faid ho being a minor, his enlistment is not binding without the consent of his parents or guardian. Vbto ?The Board of Common Council last night received from tbo Mayor a veto of the annual appropriation bill upon the ground of the omimion of the bill to provide for the pay ment of the services of the Commissioners of the Third and Fourth and Fifth and Sixth Wards, of the Intend ant and Physician of the Washington Asylum, and tho interference of sote? of its provisions with the chartered pre rogatives of the Miiyor. Comb, why will you suffer all tho ilia^f bed bugs, cockroaches, moths, ants, and every other ppecies of insects when Lyon's Magnetic Powder will surely rid your bouse of all *uib pcstllenre. For sale at Shillington's Book selling and Stationery Lstablishment, Odeon Building, corner Four-and-a-half street and Penn'a avezue. T, j, Co*$ Captain of the Auxiliary Oaard beard a verbal complaint la<t night relative to crowds of men and boyB collecting about the engine-house at the Centre Market, on the evenings previous to the mirket days. It is probable that the City Councils will give the Mayor authority to prevent these assem blage*. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. GjOReBTOww, Sept. 30,1^56. We have heard during the last few days quite a multitude of inquiries from the oppo sition as to what our council* had done with the poll tax atd suffrage bill. We would in form all suoh inquirers that tley have dis posed of it in ju*t such manner as the Mayor directed, viz : referred it to Recorder Ould, whoro we will guarantee it receives all the consideration its merits may entitle it to. Wc presume, however, that if the Recorder should propose an ordinance for carrying out the pro visions of the bill, that it will be labor for nothing; a*? the very party whose petition was instrumental in securing its onactmcnt by Congress, must necessarily, if they would mako anything like the slightest show of consistency, vote against its ever going into effect, if it should bo again submitted to the pooplo, for it is a fact known to every man in our commu nity, that when our councils, only two years ago, prepared a revised ehartcr for our citv embracing identically this provision, and sub mitted it to the people for their decision, that the very party which now appears so arxious for it, almost to a man came to the polls and voted egaicst it. And that too, if we are cor rectly informed, after they had solemnly re solved to do so in their secret council meetings. The garden farmers in attendance at our market this morning arc rejoicing over the fino shower3 of last night Nothing could have been more opportune; and from present indications we are destined to be blessed with a considerable quantity moro before it stops. We loam from some persons that the drought in some sections southwest arid west of us (con tiguous to tho District) has been almost un precedented Many stroams, which have never been known to fail, were recoutly on tiroly dry Many farmers also found much difficulty in carrying on their seeding opera tions in consequence of it. A fracas occurred on Market street, near I Bridge, on Sunday night about twelve o'clock, between a party of young men, who had doubtless been dealing too freely in something stronger than water, which resulted in one of the p irty, a young man from Baltimore, by the name of Douglass being considerably cut by a knife in the hand" of another individual I named Thornbury. Youn^ Thornbury is rep resented as a very peaceablo young man ; and it is aaid that he used tho knife after his as sailant had thrown or knocked him down and was on top of him. Thornbury was held to bail by Justice Reaver, in the sum of $266, for his appearance at court. Keep better h .>urs. youug men, and you will avoid all such scrapes. Tuo auction sale of dry goods by E 8. Wright, at the store of R W Smoot, to mor row, offers a rare opportunity to the heads of fmnilies to obtain a supply of every species of seasonable goods Tbo winter Is rapidly ap proaching, when many of the artioles adver tised must necessarily be had, and as the sale will be peremptory, many of thorn will doubt less be Knocked off at less than cost The revival of religion at Tennalytown, from all we can learn, is increasing in interest The church edifice is nightlv crowded with the citizens of the village and the Eurrounding country to hear the ablo uiscouaes of the pas tor, the Rev. Mr. Gotwalt, who is indefatiga ble in his efforts to promote the good work among them On laet Thursday night, seven teen united in chnrch membership. The chills and fever prevails to a consider able extent among families living contiguous to the Canal basin and Some other localities oi our city. We hear nothing of moment from the flour and grain markets. Both articles are in steady demand, and prices gradually tending upward. Spectator. 1ET Hew eftea da we hear the inquiry ?'??? c*# I *et t? cure this eloleut < r*ni(> 1 am utrfiitly miijncl W ? I ??li kaon mi cttu4 to t>e uiy too frf'juvui 1 u luifc.'i.ce 111 aatjijc the ??<ei&Diea au<l fiuiM"' the bt Mdoa taking ft doaeti or more glaim of let Vkt?r daring til6 caitaa^uamly, mail the lenillf. Uor adelee to K> *e?P ? bottle or HOSTKTTIB'S CCLIBRATkil nTOMACU HITIKlw la the buuM, M II will ?flora iiiimi teller to any (,*reou< Cramp*, bpaama, ("fco!er? Horbaa, Ar which axe generally the reauitoforer 1nduUen<e in eagetabla it* |. f>oC> wf?D tntaraat la eia ? ulted, ne family cam afford to be without tlieaa Blttari. Tliey can be bad af aay at our driuMKta for one dollar par hottla, cantatniai a full iaart, which will i?t tha -tun a. S. !<J by ?U drajjIeU and daalare generally. aa It-lw Q^lUsdard Silver Ware?I have Just flnlatiad (IB my ??? manufartory a One a?i rtmeut ot Tablr. Taa Hpoout; Soup, Gravy and Cream La, OII*e SpoOtia, Fieh, Pie, Caka and butter Km tea, kf. AU ot whUJi I will aail aach lower than the earn* artlrlee era uaaally told for la tbU market, aud eopei lor la .j.iallty to NorUurru manoCtrtara. H. O. Moon, M H-tr No IN raana. araeua, aaar ?th ? treat ir^Cltrate of Ma?eeela, aa agreeable refr iterant aaS la* ? -Te, now axtaoalealy need on tha conU ntauel StriwaM America, manufactured dally. Soda w t u* aad afprcead coi.etrucilQB. A Haraaa Ctnara. ?with ? full ei?rp>r o* ?i?e??r. '< / Heir Uraah-a, tjouitx, huavltc Hruaaei, and Toilet it.. >.!? iriierai:/. Joat recalead, of dlract Importation, at OIL* a* a Maw Oros Btort,SM Paon.ylraeU artaa*. I?7" Ceate, P?it?, and TmU, Dfts Skill, Emmets Suits. NOAH WiLRIIiOO., Htuu Hall Oi.oniNa K?'** urn, Brown*' H<>U1 BalMiof, reepeelfolly mnoonce thai tUelr annsal display of FALL A*D WllfTKB CLOTHING It now readj for iQeptcUrQ, romprUIng to aeeortmeut of Ohtlkim awt> Yue fna' OL<rrni w? of tie newest and rlch eat deelrfne. In material, trimming, s n d worr meuealp- to tb< ae who atady exr-elleore, with economy la f*a?lca?W* ar ticle. of dreaa, an opportnmty la n<>w offered flnr 'ele<-t1 ng from one of I he most attractive atock of g<v4? Id this <4ty, at very redvred prices. ap 1?If tf^Feveraad ague eared wilhtat a slug QnlDlne, Araenlc, Mercury, Opium, or any of (he pdaoaous ? ihnta, or dancarona componnl', generally r?t"rl?i to by | sufferer* from thla lonj drawn, in?et afflicting. end annoylnK ' of all dlaeaae*. by rea-irtiog to Carter'a Spanlah IWxtnre, J which contain* none of the above deleterlona aiibatenrea, hot I cure* effe'-toally and fully by acting ape-lflrally on the Liver ' aud Skin, PnrtfyiQg the Hiooil, and tiie ramami <>f "lit medicine* with which the ay*teni baa b-en dossed, optiiliig Uib jiores of tl>e body, and allowtngnxture t^ a?al.t ttaflf 1n breaking up the dlaea.e, aud rernperallng Its en ?rffss. See the cure of Mr. Joha Lonndou, of Ta ; hell**! fixed and chronic Ague and Fever; cbllla twice a diy for throe year*, ffothlng permanently cured him, uutfl ne tried Carter'* Spanlth Mlxtnre; three bottle* of which perfectly r*?tored him to health; nor haa he had a chill alnce. He I* only ona out of a thousand who ha* experienced the life renwwlr* ef ecta of thla valuable patlBerof the blood. aep l-ltn U7 Astonishing Care with enly one Bet TLK.?Joa. U Hall A Co., eaya : PtHgnii lai,K, Ar ontonk Co., Me , April 21, 1*54. We herewith send yen a c.?rtlrtcj?|i? of ? cnre performed by the nan of oniy one bottle of the (ierman Bitter*; we think Mr Claik to te a man of vurarity, and have no doubt of the ' -nth of hi* atory." Meaara. JoS. H Hall A Co.?Mentlemen?1? enawer to ynr Inqatrtee, I will six la that my dangli ter, agal about li> year*, haa been complaining r.f a rain In h?*r aide for fix or aeveu year*, and xboui the firat ><f January laat, waa taken down an<! confined to her bed. Th* pain In her aide w*a very ?e vere. beeldee beingf ronhled pain* between her ?houlde: * and Id her brcaat From reading a uunlier of curea pr forme1! by "Hootland'a Werinan Bitter*," I waa 'ndttcfd to try It in her caae, and aent to yonr atore and porchaeed ona bottle. She had taken It bnt a few day* when alie began to Improve, and now, aft?T taking only one b- ttle, alie 1* enjoy ing better health than ahe haa for yeara. She ferl* no palit la her aide or In any part of her body, and attribute* her csre entirely to the Oe.maa BHUri. Biilmon Brook, Arooatook Co., Me. WM. CLARK. Bee adverttasasebt. 8*j?7-lmr f . MiRRiKD, On the 24th Instant, by the Rev J*rees B Don elan Mr. HEN RY Mr.CONVKY to Mls?KLLEN M., second daughter of John L. Burck, of Fair fax county, Virginia. Oi| the *7<h tlfstant, by the Rev. Mr. Bovle, Doctor W. A WILLIAMS to Miss SUSANNA J. W1LUAM3.... OIKOt On the 29 h Instant, Mrs. SltSANNA J , wife of Doctor W. A Williams, and youngest daugh ter of the late Alexander Williams. At9)< o'clock last evening, JOHN T. TUCK ER , son of Thomas and Margaret Tucker, aged 6 \oiaaid 5 months. onfrHends and relative* are respectfullv In. ..ted to a'tend his fnneral from No 13 Bridge street, Georgetown, at 2 o'clock oa Wednesday. * For Sal6 and Rent. For rent a delightful cottage, the summer residence of Rev J W French, situated near Llnnean Hill, and residence cf John Fieice, Esq , about two milesfrotu the city, with stable arid about 12 a:re? of land. Also for sale, oa the premises, an excellent family fcors^. a-ru^l micd to th? sadd'e or eairlag?; two g od cows; carriage; crt, and various fuming utcr? s'ls Forinfurmatiouaf>p y toR C JOHNSON. 512 I2th street, near the Klrkwood*'. se !><) 1*? Mrs nevins has two fine front Kooms, which she would Rent with rrwlth out Biard. E street, between 7th and 8:h, No. **<?5, Immediately opposite General I'ott Oflice. se29-3t* &'>"? asiis pOR KENT. WITH BOARD.-A LARGE comfortableKoom,justvara??d Thrs\tu Kitrjsr. u?r S'PP?rlea realdenre of Li!t. lnrr^?K? v. *N*Vy' aod 1,1 a Mpldly imt.rov lag nelgaborhood. It oflersa rare ,!htnre to :,er so^wuowivh to nil re ha e hnnuire of \<M >?ALL, at \?all & Stepliens's, No. J22 Penn aveane, between Oth and 10th streets. ?? I7-2w T> OOMS FOR RENT.-TWO ROOMS OVER mystorefuRrblf. for an efflre of almost any Mud, will lie rented low to a permaren' irn-nt I o?s-spion ^i?en imnietliaiely. L F.CL\p.K north side, Penn. avenue, between'2th ird Vt:h' 8tfe^ 4r-Vf pOR KENT.?FURniSHKD OR UNFURN e<1?a bouse situated on tne north sideof Penn avenue, in the rentral n?it of the city, containing la all fifteen rooms, which are comfortably fma Ished ; g?u? fixtures Ihrough the hou.-e Will be rented to a <iareful and responsible tt-nant if ap pil"d for soon; or the rooms wi lbe rented sec arately. Board can l>e obbiined In the immediate nel-ihoorhood. a s-ivant will be left to attend ke charge of the room, if required Apply at this ctttce. ?e lft-1m 1 P o K SAL E?A CONVENIENT SMALL House, on 10th street, oaly two or three doors from la avenue. Its central location renders It a very desirable dwelling for persons engaged In business. The front room might be used as a Show room for a Millinery, oi fitted up for a La dles' Shoe Store, or Far.ey Trimming Stora it* proximity to th? avenue would make It a good s'and for any neat business. App'y to \V. LEN OX, or at Mrs. Lenox's, on E, between loth and 11th streets. au27-tf FOR RENT?8EVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. ht?nHl.rntb04rd I?qnlreatMr? SMITH 8,3331* street. novSI7?tf E*OR SALE OR RENT-THAT DESIRA . J** rfM,,d'"nr? on F street, l^twwn iNuh p.nd . Vi ,r,tb'* 1"*t eight years oe^npled by the late '* "? Chubo, Esq Po?*?e?sion given ihelUof November next. Inquire of RIGGS A CO. au la-eotf jVOTlCE ?FOR RENT, AND POSSESSION *? v given on the first day of October next, thne of those fve thrte ?tory brick Dwf ling Houses fronting on Massachusetts avenue, between 0th and 7tb streets, occupied at present resi>eetiv^ v by Messrs. Suit, J. E Herd, and Thorrns C Ha d??n Terms for each: Bm per annum, rent to be paid monthly. JKDW. OWEN, 212 Penn aTenue- se 18-eotf ' p*OR SALE OH RENT -TWO OF THOSE ?- e egant houses on C street, betwi en 1st and 2J, containing all the modern improvements, such as gas, water, Ac. Rent ?55 per month, or they will be sold very low, and on easy terms. Inquire en the premises of JOHN B. WARD (IntelAOrgan) pOR SALE ?A TRACT OF LAND, CON ?- talnlng about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a nart of the Valley View rarm, the residence or the late John H King, deceased. This is one of the most desirable sites In the District for a fine privAte residence: about 20 acres of this tract Is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and in a high itateof cul tivation. The summit of this tract Is from 3.50 to 100 feet, above tide water, and has a fine view of Washington, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entire or In lots Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. ' View Farm, or to Dr. II. King, ?' ? foapectstreet, Georgetown, D. C. Jel8-tf iIntel] E. J. KING. PB?L*A.fUIO'*AHl'E BAaOIM. roi- . H. \v. MUNUER TAKES GREAT pleasure in announcing to his former /?f patrons and the public generally that be wilt resume the duties of his school on iuesdav October 7th, In56, at the huge, Hall corner of 9th and D streets,(former- J ly Palmer's Academy of Music ) herenf-" ter known as 1 Munder's Metropolitan Hall. Days of tutlon on Tuesday and Thursday after noons, at 3^<o'clock, and at 7)f for genUemen He well Introduce a variety of new and fashiona ble dances, better calculated to lint rove the car riage and grice of the most unskillful pupil than any other style that has been introduced He p-rticularly Invites all the scholars who paitlci pited in the Fancy Dances laM May, to be p esent on the day of opening, as Prof. M. haa something of interest to communicate He will continue his classes at the College and Convent as usual. All those having children here whom they desire to receive Instruction will please enter their names early. Private instructions will be given either to lam or small classes All persons wishing to consult with Prof. M un der will please leave their address at Mr John F Ellis's Music Store Penn. avenue, near loth street se 2?-tf WOOD AND COAX.. The subscriber having on hand, and Is constantly receiving supplier of Wood. Suck as Hickory, Oak and Pine; also every va riety of the most superior qualities of Coal, all of which wlil be sold on as reasonable terms us they can be had in the District OAce, corner of 10th street and Canal. ? R. E. SIMMS, se U7-Jt (IatJ JVKW WORK BY THE AUTHOR OP 7u 'Jl? Wide World."?The Hills of l.?"^bferanc: by the author of the "Wide, Wide World'? Price SI,25 Just published, and forsaleat TAYLOR A MAUR Y'fci M *7 Bookstore, near Oth street. AUCTION SALES. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers Portable saw willatauctioi*. On SATURDAY MORNING, October ?cb, it 10 o clock, we will sell, la front of our anctlo* stnr*. one Portable Saw mill. The mill has been but little used, is in flret-rate order ; can be run with water, steam, or horse-power; can easily b?? removed from one location to another, and is capable of cutting a large amount of lumber per diy- Terms at sale WALL, BARNARD a CO., 39 A nctloneers Bv JAS. C. mcbuire, auctions. rprostktsi SALE OF HOUSE AMD

1 Lot ?On FRIDAY atternoon, Oct 17th, l?n, at4^ o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of sd>ed of trust dated October 2l?t, ltft7,*nd duly iecorded In Liber W. B , No 1J7. folios 319, Ac , and of the land records for \Va?blngton county, the subscribers will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidders, par's of Lota No 6 and 7, commencing at the northwest angle of Lot No. 7 in Sauare No. 5ft5, and thence south with the line of 'id street west 19 feet 7 inches to the dividing line bttwi-en the two fram? House', on the north part of Lot No. 7, thence due ea>t 63 feet, thcnce du^ ncith 19 f.;et 7 inches, and thence due west to 2d street, the place of beginning, together with tb? improvements, consisting rt a two-story Frame he use. Terms : One fourth caoh; the residue in ft, 1*2, and 18 months w!:h Interest, sccurcd by adeed of trust on the premises. hiciiakd WALLACH, trustee, se 30-coids JAS. C. McGUIKE, Auct. leech1!1(; AND t'CPl'iki). JACOB GUVERNATOR, NO 56 high street, Georgetown, keeps the beat Spanish Leerhes, ??.nd respectfully Informs the medical facultv and public that he is prepared to execute all ordsrs promptly, and uoon moderate term*. se2t> w4 w* An estray horse i'amu to the premises of c mmodore Jon**, near Prospect hlil, Virginia, on the night of/o^ Tuesday, the 23d instant. He Is tuonght to te from one of the neighboring cities. The owner is requetted to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him away. r,e 27 celw Lout ?on Thursday, either on Penn avenue to the President's Houre, or from that place elong I street to loth and E, from a child's neck a small GOLD CHAIN wkh a gold Clasp, and made in live strans The Under wlil be sul'ably rewarded by leaving It at this office se *7-eo3t entlttmen's SHAWLS, marde9, AND MUFFLfcRS.?a large st- r.k just open d, ?ome extra sire, and verv cheap, at the Gentlemen's Bazaar corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. se 27-eod2w HOPKINS. BOOR BINDING. Corner Eleventh street and Maryland avenue, war the Smithsonian Institution. Edward lycett respectfullyin forir.s the subscriber.# to Brown's Bible and Sbakspeare, now just completed, that be is pre pared to bind those works in a superior siyie <?{ tlcgance, streng'.h ard solidity, aud upoi n.uch mere reasouub^e terms than can be drne ir Lalti inore, Phlladt lpblu, or Niw York. A ietter ad d to him (p -r post) will enable him to ex hibit to the Mibtctibers srec'mens of l is style of Llnding. Every kind of Book Binding neatly ex ecuted ?e?7-cm 322 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. BOYS' FALL AND WINTER CLOTHING. WALL A STEPHENS HAVE RECEIVED their lmnrer<*e assortment <f Hoys' Dr?-?-?. Jnrkels, Boys' School Ja- kets Boys' Dress Vests, Boys' School Vest Boys' dr^- s Pants, hoys' fc^hool i <:rt< Boys' Frock Coats, Boys' Sack C.-ats Boys' O ver Cr,i.u, Boys' Talmas Boys' Whl'e Shirts, Boys' Urder^hlr's Boys' Mlreno Drawers, Boys' Cotton Drawers, ac M akl rig our asp or t ment of boys' wearic g apparel the moet complete in this city, wtich we will sell at New ^ ork prlcrs WALL A STEPHENS, 322 Penn. avc., bet. 9th and 10;l *tuets. se 33 next to Iron Hall. 9100 REWARD. HANAWAY FROM THK SUBSCRIBER ? V living in the village of Nottingham, prinze George's countv,Maryland,on Mon day nlglit, the hh Instant, N EGRO g1k i. MARIA, who calls herself Mnrla Chew J She is about eighteen years of age, about four feet ten or eleven ln<*he* high. Sne is very like ly, and a pleasant smiling face. Srhe h;is a rnnarkaMy fine su'?. f>f "air for car of her co'cr, and 1*. altogether, a f coking ^frl i wl'l give th" *b"?ve reward cf one hundred dollars I' : her apprehension?no m.v't wbere taken ?provided she is brought home to me or se cured In jail, so ?hat 1 get her ag tin THOMASG TUKTOR Nottingham, Sept 10, lc5ft? ce 11-tf new AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORK. BO NT'/ A COOMBS, no 3'i* SEVENTH streets, between I and k streets, return tbeir gratef ul thank* to a generous ;nblic for the liber al patronage extended t?? ih^m sincj they have been engaged in the Bou^e Furn'sh'ng busteess In the Noithern libertlo* and now leave to announc* to the public that at the earnest solici tation of many citizen* they h*vc. been Induced to connect with their pre.-erit trad" the Auction and Commission business They pledge tbein?**lves to leave no effort un tried or snare no trouble to give sa!lsfac'.l?n in all cs^es to taose wuo may co-.fl Je their bu?lne-s to tlu-m or favor tbein with thHr patronage All g.v>ds consigned to them will besold to the be^t advantage and prompt returns made. attention will be given to the sale of real ai'd personal property of every kind ard liberal cash advances made on the same whenev er required. bontz A COOMBS, Commission Merchants. T "9 a CHEAP FURNITURE. Our large warehouse is filled to its* *?1 utmost capacity with every de-_ * 1 iscrlptlon of Parlor, Chamber,ard?s Kitchen Furniture, both new andV^cond-hacd, which we will sell at a small advance over manu facturers' prices. it is useless fo,- us to Itemize j Mitilce it to say w" are are prepared to furnish out en Jre houses at such p-ices as cannot fail to g've satisfaction to purchasers A rail is respectlull) solicited BONTZ * COOMBS, Auction and Commission Merchants, se 20-1 in no : 69 Seveuth street. mkuh AL CAKD. Dr h. perabeau, German homeo pathlc physician, has the bonor to otl'er hi! services to the Inhabitants <'f Waskiiurton and vicinity. Oflice and Residence on I stieet. No 188, be tween 20th and '21st streets. N. B ? Homeopathic medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares blQUtf-lt with ti.e greate?l care, For Fever and Ague, for HUous and Bowel complaints, Ac , Ac. "^ai CAUTION. HE PUBLIC IS HEREBY CAUTIONED and forewarned against receiving, trading for, or buying any note, check, or other paper bearing miy signature and dated between the l<th and 20th of September, except It be held by M. W. Gelt it Bro., or Heniy Janney, as I shall re sist paying any other. sc27-3t JOHN TAYLOE. iyimknse ATTRACTION. j^on MONDAY NKXT. the29th 43j?lln8t will be opened at vvilllan's; /HQrthe largest and best assortment cf .? Frenck BONNETS, French FLOWERS, and FEATHES ever bad on exhibition in thlscoun try. The subscriber defies competition M willi an, bc 27 3t Market Space bet. 7th and "tb sts, openinh DA* ! W EDNEttDAY. OCTOBER 1st, 165*$, Of C L O A K S . MANTILLAS, SHAWLS, fc. AT FRAN*. A. McbKlt's STOKfc, No.211 Pa. avenue, between lab and 1:3th sts., n few doers west of " G.ui!ier's." The largest and best sefc-cted stock to be fonnd anywhere in the country Call and >oe for yourselves on the above-men Honed day: se 27-3t KOSTON CREAM cake*, FRENCH Cieam Cakes, and a variety of Fancy Cakes freaii everyday. Also, firit rate he Cream at per gallon. Call and try It at U H. r1denour A CO >?, ?e 27-3t No. 501 Penn. ave. near 10th street. French novels and romances.? By Balzac: Jean Lculs, Le VlcalredesAr dennes, Beatrix,Dom Glgadas. Les Celebatslrts, Le Cure de V lllage, Le Pere Goriot, Le Cen ^en nalre, Honorlne, un debut dens la vie, Seraphic. L'Interdiction, De Vautrln, and others. By Damas: Pascal Bruno, Don Martin de Freytes, Lea Marlages du Pere Ollfua. La famine an collier de Velours, L? Trou de 1 enfer, and By Eugene Sue : Jean Cavalier, Les St pl Capitaux, PUk et Plok, thercm Dunoyer, Arthur, ana others. ? By George Sand . Isidore, Joan Zlaka. Con suelo. La Comtea;e de Rudolstadt. Aid many others by the same anlmrs ^;, by Ber'.het, De GDadla, Constant, Paul de Kock, Karr. Paul Feval, and other writers, at prlcw ranging from fifteen cenu upwards. 1 mported direct from Paris by 8ea9 franck taylqr FIRST ward MARKET, NO. 114 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 1 WILL OPEN ON tuesday,september 1 in b, and keep constantly 011 hand. i- resw MEATS and VEGETABLES at the above place ^ uww? WM. chabs AUOTIOty 8ALB8. THIS AFTERNOON AND TO MOBEOW By E. 8 WRIGHT. Georgetown VERY DBS1KABLE STOCK. OF DRV Utodt mt Ant tisn.?The subscriber declin ing bu lness. will sal without reserve at public Auction, on W KDKESDA Y next the 1st of Oc tober, at lOoViodt A. M., at his store room on Bridge St., his entire stock of Dry Goods, beirg fresh and of recent purchase. Consisting of Clothe*, Cassmiers, Casslnets and Ve tings, Su per French and English Meiinoes; Figured and plain Utf? Silks; Ifombazlne*. Alpaffi*, I'f Iaincs, Uin^bams, Calicoes, l>rage?; Irish Linens and Sbe*etlnga ; Blear hid uid Brown Cottons; Flannels, Tickings, Din t*t"; f Cents and l.adles Kid, 311k, Woolen and Cotton Gloves ; Linen, Cambric,and Silk Handkerchiefs ; Under Garments; large assortment of Woelen. Silk, and Cotton Hosiery*; Cambrics; I ares; Insert ing*; Ribbon* ; Tares ; Buttons; Fins; Needle*; Skawls; Collars; Cravats; Thread*, Ac., Ac Terms of sale: $50 t nd under, cash; over ?.?*>, a credit of sixty and ninety days, for approved endorsed note*, with Interest R. W. SMOOT, Georgetown, D C se2?-d K. 9 WRfuflT, Ane'r. By WALL. BARNARD tc CO , Auctioneers" Hakdsov.i: ruaruTi hf at Aa?ti?n. Ob WKDNiSllAV MORNING, October 1st,> o'cl?x:k; we will the residence of W. M Corcoran, Esq , No. 43J Seventeenth at , the entire Household FuraltuiC.. s? Rosewood Fiaio, Cover and St-ol Do Tete-a-tetra, rrarole-top Tab es Plush and hair Rocking Cfciir* Walnut and plush Reception Chairs Mahogany Parlor Chiirs. Hat-rack Rosewood Beatifet. K'egere Farlor, ball, sta'r, and chamber Carpets Parlor Curtains, painted and cH? Shades Gilt Mirror, C.ra-'dolf ?, Candelabra* Mahcgar.y *nd oth*r W'ardrooes Do arid r".ew^od Dressing Eureans Do and other Bedsteads Best quality Beds, Pillows aad Bolsters Hair ard hnsk Mattresses, Bedding Mahogany imrbie top enclosed ard other Wash stands Sideboard, Dining Tables, Walters Cane-scat Chairs, Oil Cloth, Matting Lounge, Stair Rods, Toilet Sets Knives and Forks, Walter*, Tray*, Mats China and Glass Ware With agrod slock of Iron and Tin War*, Kit chen Articles, Ac. Terms: All sums of and under ?30 cash ; ove# that amount a credit of tw and 90 (lavs, for notes bearing Interest aad satisfactorily endorsed. WALL, BARNARD & CO., se 17-ts Auctioneers. By BONTZ A COOMBS, Auctioneer*. LAROE AND /*TTRACTIViK SALK OF FurnOiire, Dry ('ooiii, Fancy Article*. Jewelry, Ac?On WEDNESDAY, the 1st of October, at ls> n-clocka m . we shall sell, In front t?f cur Auction Kcoma, on Tib str??t, between I and K streets, a lar^e and extensive assortment cf new and se ond-hand Furniture, Dry Good-, Fancy Articles ard Jcwtiry, consisting In part of? Mahogany Chi'rs and gefas Marble top and plain Dure us French eicte LylP Mirrors Beautiful Cottase S;t% L'cddU ada W ardrobos. Tao'.es, \Vashstand.s Beds, Mattresses, and Comforts Carpeting, Oil Cloth, ard Matting An assortment of d> sirabie Dry Coeds Tcgtthir with a ttock of Jewt.ry and useful Fancy Articles, Ac Terms mrtde known at s?le BON1Z A CO? ?MBS, Auctioneers. ?c29-2t [Intel] By A. GREEN.Auctioneer. | tO N i'El T 1 O N EK k, ULAkS J A P. 5, V.' .Store Fixtures, Uakiu^ Apparatus, Ace., at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY , the 1st Octc. ber, 1 shall eeil, at the corner of Louisiana dv nuf and 6th street, at 10 o'clock a ra., a jarge lot of? Caudles |FreuchlConfoctlonery, Frul's. Rai?ons Almonds. Cocoa Nuts. CKeren, Currants, Ac. A.s"1, Candy Jars. Counters, Gia-s Counter Cases Scales and Weights, Ice Cream Frtcaers, aud Buckets Bakipg Implements Such as ftloitos, Pyiauiids, l'ans. Ac. Teiuis cisb. A. t?REEN, ee 27-7t (Intel) Auctioneer. Fy J C. McGUlRF, Auctioneer. LJI PKKIOH (AiH.IKT FUKNITt HE, O tar pels, < urta- us, and lisuaeheld Effec;s nt kublic Anctivn.?On THURSDAY mo.n ing. <Jct" t>er 2d. at in o'clock, at tLe re- Wlen< e of T Kilby Smith. Esq , In the centre bouse of tbe Detn'-n^u Buildings, on H str^t. b<*twe*n Uih aid Mt!i *?re<t, 1 sba i sell ail of h;s excellent furniture and housekeeping ? d?-ets. consisting of Suit* of natidsonce carved walnut parlor Furni ture, via ? Fair of .Medallion Sofas, two cottage arm Chairs Two e*sy t'Lairs, two ^(.tblr eceptlon Chairs And parlor chairs, all furnished In tine silk broc atellr Handsome Hrt?cateile Curtnins, Corn'.ce, I^ice Curtains, a: d Fiilurt? Elegant velvet, Brussels and thre? ply Carp? t* Handscmecaived wainut centre and side tables Beautiful s( lid ro ewood carved dressing Tables Bronzeand gilt Chandeliers, mantle Ornaments Solid Odk moiocto covered Chairs, Ft?gere leather covert-d < tiiie cuilr. writir.^ Lertk Superior solid walnut lu.lan Bedsteads Wardrobes, ir arble top dressing Bureaus Full mart.l^d Withstands Spring and hair ,Mattrcs>es. feather Beds Excellent Blankets, Comforts, Bolsters and Pillows Lounges, Kucker*. cane-seat Chairs, Curtains Toilet Sets, Mirrors, Clocks, Shades Fine Oilcloth, Straw Matting Kugs Walnnte.nd trnho^any eiteriRlondining Tables China, glass, at.d crockery Ware, tab's Cutlery plated Castors, tea Set Supfrlor cooking Stove aud Fixtures. Together with a general assortment of house keeping articles P. S. The above furniture i? of a superior quality, having been made to order by Mr.Cilpps, of thiscity. Terms : f 30 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of thirty, sixty, and ninety days, for satis factorily endorsed notes, bearing interest se'26-d JAS. C Met*LIRE, Auctioneer By A. GREEN, Auctioneer TWO liASOSOMK liOLStS ANI> LOTS at t^e Navy Tard at Auetisn.?On W El) N KSDA V, tl e 1st of October. 1 shall sell, in front ef the premises* ?.t 5 o'olcck P M , a line three story m-w fr >.me House ard Lot. situated on Tth street east betweeen G and 1 streets south. The House contains seven conveniently arranged rooms, with other necessary out building*, beirg f?art of Lot No 10, in sqnare No. IHsl, fronting *21 eet on Tth street by ltK feet 1 inch deep, with side alley Also, at half past 5 o'clock, I shall sell part of lot No. 4, in square 00?>, with the improvements, which are a good three-story brick House, con t ining eight good and conveniently arranged rooms anil passage, with necessary out The House fronts on Tth street east, between south L *rd Virginia avenue. Terms: One-fourth cash ; balance in 6, 14, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. se-26-d A GREEN, Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF FRAME HOUSE, Jfakery, and Lat an the Island.?By vir tue of a dfed in trust, bearing date onthe??d August. lt?54. recorded in liber J A S , No w, fs'los 141, et seq., the subscriber will sell, at {?ublic sale on MONDAY, the 4 th day of August, f5?, at 6's o'c'ock P M , on the premises, parts of lots Nos. 24 and 25, in *auare53?, fronting 45 feet on south F street, by ?6 feet 6 Inches on 3d street west, with the improvements, which con sist of a well-built and comfortable two-story frame Dwelling-bouse ai?d Bakeiy. The above property Is situated fn a rapidly Im proving part of tbe city, and offer* a very favora ble oppaytunlty to persons desiring to obtain a residence or place of business, or to Invest. Terms : One third cash, and the balance In <1, 9, and 12 months, for notes bearing Interest, se cured noon tbe property, and if not complied with in live days after tie sale the property will be re sold, upoi one week's notice, at the rl*k and ex pense of the jwrchaser. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser. CHAS S WAl.l ACH Trustee Jy ll-2awAds J C. McGU IRE, Aurt'r. Q^The abort rale Is postponed an ac connt of the rain until FRIDAY", August S, same hour aid place. CHAS S W ALLACH Trustee, aug 5-eoAds J. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r |fT The pare baser at the aktvi aale hav ing failed to comply with the terms thereof, the property willbe resold on MONDAY, the Gthday of Octoberi 165? at 4^ o'clock P. M., on the premises. CHAS. S. VVALLACH, Tiustee se 27-eoAds J. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. ByJAU. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TT^whu^8 iff? OF 4 desirable Penn?wL^.*o H#*i# street, near AFTHKR\?mIn WEDNBSDAY th# ?' "ctobe' f'th, ?t4l% o'clock, on Nn??mi F e ?' a deed ot trust, dated November 5 *ttd duly recorded in Liber >.No\}r*i 288, Ac , oae of the land ?fn ii W**hlngton county, the rubscrlber will sell the north half of Lot No. I#. In Square ?83, fronting 23 ftel 4 Inches on l*th street west, between C and D streets north, running back ltw feet to a 25 foot alley, with the improvement*, consisting of a convenient and well-built Brick Dwelling House. Terms: one half eash; the residue !n 9 and 12 months, witn Interest, satisfactorily secured. M JOS. B TATE, Trustee, settf.eod i. C. McGCIRE, Auct TELEGRAPH NEWS. FE(>ir THE A^OCIiTED PftMt ur iiocakc raiNTina tcluritb. The Preeident'i Journey. Balti*or*, bept 30 ?The Prmidmd *r rirM here in th? early train this morning, sad w*.? received according to previ"U? nr r?DgcmenU He breakfasted with the Major and City Council?, and deputations from the military Subsequently, in obedienee Un pented cells from the crowd, he appeared oa the balcony of the hotel, and made a brief complimentary ad drew, returning thanks for his reception The m lttary rt?et, formed in line, received him with a aalute, and then escorted biui to the cais. The whole aCair was we!l managed, and the military display wa< quite imposing The marine bund and military officer* of Washington, escorted him as far as this citj. Fatal Duel Charlksto*, S. C. Sept. 29?W R Tabler, K?<| . Otic .1 the Kditon of the Mercury wm killed this xflern'ioB in a duel, by Edward M^rsth. He fell mortally wounded at the tlitd fire. ?? Paltimora Markets LUbTmoaa, .SO ?H??ir is unchanged. How ud street and Ohio fd 73, and City Mills 2^ W\ Tho v'ews of sellers are generally .khovo theso rate<*. Wheat ha?e!ightly advanced, but prices aro unseUleJ. Corn is steady; tales of white at ? . and yellow at 62a6jc Wh'sky ia fir in; City .'J"o -, Ohio 34o. Jfpw Tork Marka'a New Yohs. Sept. 30 ? Fl^ur is firm; sales of A,000 barrel?, "state Sft 2<>aS6 40; Ohio ?6 TO ***> yO; stiadarJ Southern 57 10 si" 45. IV1 eat is unchanged; sales of 1* 500 bushels; red H 51. white $1 .fiiaSl 70 Corn is steady; 'ale* of 12 4H>?? bushels, mixed fiHtc. Pork is dull ; sales of rae?s nt ?20 121 Beef it quiet; Chicago repacked $11. .LardIitery du I; sales in bbls at 14i \Yhi ky is buoyant; Ohio 33c. Financial. New Yore, Sept 30 ?Stocks are generally unchanged. Chicago and R'<ek Island 99; Cumberland Coal Company 171; Illinois Cen tral shares 11R; Illinois Central bonds 94f; Michigan Southern s>i>i. New York Central rti; l'erir-ylvaria Coal Company 94i; Reading K lilrosd 82; Virginia 6'?97; Missouri 6's 8? J. Sterling exchange is firmer ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria. Sept M, 1S56. Am -rg the rcccnt appointments of Stato stu dent- t?the University of Virginia are Mosora (W. T M rrtll and Edgar ?. Harper, of this ci j- Both aro young gentlemen of fine tal ents, and promise to sustain the honor of their natfve county In the University. Ihey left on Saturday t" j >in their clashes Tfco know Nothing elector of this distr.ct, Mr. It H Shackelford, addretaes the people ?.f this city to-night Mr. 8. hu been favor ably known to the puhlio fur the eighteen months past as the most prominent champion of Know Nothingion in this vicinity, and yet, jrefcterday, the Fillmore organ here announce* hiin as the W big elector ' Religious revivals continue with marked fuccess in beveral of our Metbodiet churches. <^uite a number of converts have been made, and seekers for religion yet crowd the altars. The regular meeting of tbe Young Men's Democratic As*o:iation takes place at their rooms, third story Relief buildicg, to-nigh'. Wc are requested to desire the attendance of all who wish to unite in the go<*d work Quite a number of improvement* are in pro cess in the various sections of the city Sev eral new building? have just been c-tamenced, 'and altogether Alexandria is l->ok ng up The xuarkcU continue unsettled, and it is impossible to give reliable quotations. A REWARD.-RAN away FROM my fr.rm near Beantown i'o*t Office, Charles county. Mary'and. o.i tb? loth Instant', my NKGRO JHAN-Hcnrv fljr, aly>n' 37 ?e?r? o( aye, of dark e.oriip>iion, hes a noted cut on one or his legs, jiikf a'xive tbe aaklc, ai.d a Hale grry just al?ove hi ?? forebeid I will give the abort re gard If Uken in the District of Columbia, or 9W If taken in Charle* or any adjoining county of the State in either ca?e to be delivered to me In par GEO H. G AltDINER se 30-S6w* NOTICE. 1? OWEN A SON. MILITARY ANDNAVAL -*? Merchant Tailors, No 212 IVnn avenue, have just re.urned from the North with their fail supply of good*, consisting of Cloth*, Caslmere-?. and Ve?tlpg?. with a variety of gentleman's Fur i ishia- Article*, to which thtv Invite the atten tion of their friends and customers. se *>-dl wJteolw DRAWING AND OIL PAINTlIiO~ JOSEPH WALL HAS TAKEN A STUDIO at Forrest Hall, (ieorgetowm, v here te pro poses to o{<en olaases in the at-?ve as soon a^ he obtains a sufficient number of puplla Ladies or gtntlemen wishing to learn DRAW ING, us a language, a mean* of repteeentlng what they see, and expre<sing ideas and not merely to copy a lithograph or engraving, will please enter name and addreas at Lundv'a Book More, Georgetown, or Tayior A Maury'a, Wash ington . i enna :?per quarter, to be paid in advance. ttt<orgetown, September 27. 1 ??. ae 27-lw NEW CLOAK AND !*1 ANT1LLA STOKE. MrtiKK WOl'I.II MOST KKSPtCT ? fully call the uttenilon mt tho ladles to tbe fact that he has just returned from the North, whtre be has selected, from the l>e*: ttocka. the newest and handsomest styles of CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, SHAWLS. Ac .that Lave ever been brou. ht to this city. He Intends to keep on hand, at all uutes.the newest and moot recherche styles can behsd, having midenucb arrange ment* that every week he ran sh w something new On Wednesday. Ortober 1st, bin stock will be open for the intpection of customers, at Lis Store, just newly and I andsoinelv fitted up, No 244 1'ennrv avenn^, be.ween 12tb and 13th streets, a fe\*- d^or* wesl of Gantlcr'a. Call and see for vo in*e!vfi> se id-4t COAL?COAL?COAL. C^OAL ON THb WAY?WARRANTED A ^ No 1 article 1 catgo Furrace Coal Do Kt-d Ash Cooking Coal which will be delivered In a few days. 1'ersons lying in winter supplies should tend In th~lr orders immediately. Coal kept under cover. 2.240 lbs. to the ton. T. J A W M. GALT, se 2S?tf N. W. cor. 12th and Cats, No. 547. JUT KBCKIYED AT THE MCSIC UL not, W Miller's Grand Squire Pl-< ANos, tbe mo?t magnificent inctru-| ments now manufactuied A large stock of 1'lanos for rent on the moat reasonable terms. se W 6 METZEROTT. WOOD AND COAL. THE SUBSCR1UERS HAVE ON HAND, are c^nstantl* receiving supplies of the very best qualities of every description of WOOD Alro, every variety of the most superior qualities of COAL, all of which will be sold on as reason able terms as they can be had In tne District. Now afioa'. a cargo of superior Coal. Those la want wnuid do well to call and leave their orders so as to be furnished from the veasel. OAom corner of I and 21st stmts, Washington, and Green street, opposite Ga^ House, Georgo^own se 23-2w BAR RON A STOVER. AT THE CLOAK AND MANTILLA Emporium. CLOAKS, Talmas. ? ? _ MANTILLAS, rail and winter styles, now opening at the Wash ington Cioak and Mantilla Emporium MAXWELL A WRO , se2o-eo3t 3*6 Pena avenue. CLOtkS?I LVt KS?CLOl'hl. 1HAVE JUbT RECEIVED A LARGE As sortment of Clocks?60 different styles, which will be fold lew, and warranted to go well T hose who buy to sell aga a would do well to giya me a Mil before purchasing eisewhere Also, Clock Materials of all kinds. Oils, Balls, Keys, Cerds, Hands, Ac , st J. ROBINSON'fc, se 2S-Sm 3*9 Fa ave., oppo. Browns' Hotel rrWUATOEl, GREEN fORN, PEACHFa J. Ac . can be preserved for any length of tl by the Improved Self SeuJlng Cans that sre ? by ? FRANCIS, se W 490 Sveath nwd HHHE LARGEST PIANO FORTE, Ml A ale and Musical 1 astro meat establistmeet bouse In the District Is at 30b Peon, avenue, be tween IKh and 10th streets se 26 JOHN P. ELLiS. L. J. MIDDLETON, DEALER I* IC I. OJles and D?psl?Southwmt oomer of F U4 Vweiith streets. ?-?