Newspaper of Evening Star, October 1, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 1, 1856 Page 2
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FV vNlNfi STAK. WASHINGTON CITY* WEONtlUAV ? cteber 1, 1956. Ad*frtl?rii:i'Di* tkould fcf handed In by U o'clork, m.t otherwise they nay aot appeal ttatll the next day. Pi ill 0> THE MQKHIKG PRESS The Trff{bn replies to the Intelligencer's article of yesterday, and invites the attention of that journal to the Fpetch ef Mr. Fillmore made at Albuaj in Jure, 1S5G, where, allud ing to the possible election of a sectional can" did ate. he scouts the idea that ** oor Southern brethren would submit to be governed by such * Chief Magistrate" aa " madncm" and il folly V The Union thinks? ?? There are rapsaze." in Mr Fi lmore .? re marks which the editors of the Intelligencer might study with profit, especially that noble declaration in which he says : u I might, by soft words hold out delusive hopes nnd there by win votes; but I can never cogent to be one thing to the North and another to the South" and that other equally noble re mark : " Law and common sense hold a man responsible fcr the natural con^equcnccs of his acts ; and must lfot those whose acta tend to the destruction of the government be held equally responsible?" Impelled by such sen timents. Mr. Fillmore gave the highest evi d<nce of his patriotism by fearlessly warning his countrymen of their danger These warn ir gs the Intelligencer Condemns in unmeasured terms when repeated by democrat, but has no fault to find with them when coming from Mr. Fillmore. That journal thinks it would be better for the democrats to fellow the rule *? fufficient unto the day is the evil thereof,"' and not to have declared in advance what ought to be done in the event of Fremont a election. Unfortunately, however, the Intel ligencer make* as bad uso of Scripture as many others who quote it with facility, but tail to follow its teachings Upon this rule why could not the editors wait until the con tingency should happen, and then come for ward with their ponderous counsels ? If they can violate the scriptura' rule by declaring in advance that they ari// submit, we fee no reason why others may not with equal propri etytavow their determination nut to submit The only difference is. that the Intelligencer, by making proclamation to the sectionalist? that they wi'l have its influence to sustain them, give-* them encouragement to git <n; whi!?t those who warn th^m of the danger mnj ciu e them to psu?e in their mad career. ' The IntrUigenctr is devoted to wows. Bay field, Wisconsin.? This enterprising town, on Lsko Superior, we notice, is attract ing the attention of capitalists. It is situated cn tho southern shore of the Lake, in Lapointe county, about eighty niles catt of the town of Superior. Ihechannel is two tuiles wide, with an average depth of sixty feet, and is so en closed by the group of islends kn?>wn as the Apostle's LsIaLds, thai it is protected from any and all directions. On the 20th ult , a severe storm prevailed on the Lake, and the steamers Manhattan tr.d Superior sought this harbor for protection. They started out once or twice, but had to return until the stoim abated. The latter steamer tried tc lie at several other docks, hut b und the water t *> low f<?r the swell?, and returned to Bayfield Win. M. McAboy, civil engineer, says that " the chan nels of entrance into the bay are wide and deep, nakicg it one of the safest and most commodious natural harbors in the world " Its geographical position for eommercial ad vantages, as wwl be seen by referenco to a map of the eurn ucding country, is equalled by few, and excelled by cone of the most fa vored locations in the Northwest Owens, in his geologic*! surveys speak? of the harbor in the same tavorable manner. Corgrcs?, at the last cession gave a grant of land for the con struction of a railroad from the bt Croix Falls to this place, thus p'a-ii.g it indirect communication with St. Paul Minnesota, on one side, and liilwaukie and Chicago on the other. " PERSONAL .... The Boston Times says: "Mr George W Morgan, the celebrated organist, on bis last visit to this city, while walking in the garden belorging to a friend, was bitten by a spider. The poison of the insect was so se vere that it diffused itself all over his ."ystem, and he was confined to his room several days. He ia noW improving " ....John A King, the Republican candi date for governor of New York, boasted in his speech at Syracuse of the purity of bis blood The New York Picayune thinks this may be accounted for upon the ( resumption that King has, within the last lew years, demolished several packages of Brandeth's pills. It is suggested that Brandeth should claim the merit of the fact in bis next advertisement .... Mr J U. M Mrdoch will probaldy play an eagageineut at the ilayniarket Theatre, London Tho Ktrakosch "l roupe, comprising M lie Parodi, Tiberini, Bernardi, and Paul Julien, the wonderful violinist, will give three erand concerts in Bcwton this week Mr <i?o Payne i- giving an entertainment in England? *? Brother Jonathan ; or. a Tour through America " At the close, be distributes, by lottery f'kets. upwards of one hundred gifts, includn ?* \ g ?ld watch and chain, service of plate, v i.rk-boxef, writing desk.3, blotches. Tings, bracelets, Ac. .... " I was amused," says the biographer of Montgomery, " with the poet's statement to the effect that the bouie in which Moore was born is now a whisky-shop , that Burns's na tive cottage is a public house ; Shelly s house, at Great Marlow, a beer-shop ; the spot where Scott was born occupied by a building used for a similar purpose; and even Coleridge's residence at Nether St^wey, the very bouse in which the poet composed the sweet 4 Ode to the NVhtingale,' is now ua ordinary beer homse. * . ....The N O Delta rays- " Wa noticed about a week since, the arrival in the city of Prof. Mowre, of Iowa, on his way to South | America, to make a scientific exploration of the Andean regions ? !' Kuuador Wo have now the pleasure W> note the arrival of Prof E C. Francis, *4 Keokuk, Iowa, who joins Prof. Mooro and will go out with him on the same mission They expect to start on the fifth of next month, and to be occupied in their investigations about eighteen months. In addition to their xooiogical researches, we are informed that they intend to make instru ment measurements and examinations o! some of the mountain* and volcanoes of the Andca a!" ut wLich little is now accurately known .We anticipate very valuable and in tereating results from their labors f ' |y* There were ?-ix yellow feveT deaths at Charleston, 8. C , for the 24 h^urs ending on Saturday evening Conditio* or thb Woumdkd.?Col J Ms bury Turner continues to improve, and there is now very little doubt of his ultimate recov ery. With a return of reason, he Is now quiet and compoMd. Mr Tbos. Woollen ws> bet ter yesterday ? Bait. Fun IF" Mr and Mrs Fisher "had some words, which resulted in separate beds for the night, Juring which the lady bung herself by the codcl<,toes from ber chamber window, and was found dead They lived ip Chicago, and * teamster, was somewhat addicted to drink tyA Paris letter saya that a remedy has bet,u at laat loucd for the oidium, the dis ease whieh has done euch extensive damage to the grapes in Europe the laat few years This remedy i, sulphur lightly diatributed over the diaeased plants. Ita success has been more marked this year than last r*r. haps because the disease ia less initliirDiiiit in }ts character. ? WA*HIttQTOH N?W3 AND GOSSIP. Peace in Kansas ?The gratifying fact (to all law-abiding citiiene* istesordad of the restoration of peace?confirmatory of previous similar accounts of that Territory. Governor Cleary, it appears, is no temjffrixer I Jle stands straight up to bis duty, not Jftaning to either of the late contending factions. The inhabi tants, generally, becoming acquainted with bis character for impartiality, respect him, in upholding the lairs. The quieting influ ence of his presence, wherever he goos, is felt; and his success in dispersing the unlaw ful armed hands, is a matter of.sincere con gratulation The Fremont newspapers, how ever, are extremely grieved that the intestine war is over; and this is natural, considering ihat the olood of the slain H? Kansas served the purpose of political capital. The waitings of such papers as the New York Tribune, are unmistakable evidences that they wished for the continuancc of civil strife, and even mur der, for base and selfish purposes. Governor deary, it appears from a letter in the Baltimore Sun, had visited tbe famous town of Topeka, and the inhabitants thereof, we are informed, were remarkably fastidi ous and precise, disposed to be quite intracta ble ; aud one man, In a bold manner, gave the Governor to understand that he might sup pose himself to be the legal Governor, but he (the speaker) considered Mr. Kobinson as the real Governor, and that he conscientiously felt that he owed fealty to no other Many others wished to interrogate the Governor, and others desired to commit him to their own line of policy. To all these persona he had bat one reply : " Gentlemen, I come not to traat tnth, but to govern you. There is now in this Territory no other Governor than John W. Geary I will protect the lives and property of every pcace-loving and law-abidiug citicen with all the power committed to me I will punish every law breaker. I will not for a moment tolerate any questioning of my authorily r. very person in favor of restoring peace to this distracted Territory can range themselves uu,ier my banner; all others I will treat as landits and robbers, and I will extirpate all ?uvh at tho point of the bayonet. Don't talk to me about tlavory or freedom?freo State men or pro slavery men?until we have res tored the benijtn influences of peace to this beautiful country?until we have punched the murderer and driven out the bandit aud rabble, and returned tl.e industrious citizans to their homes aud claims. Don t, I pray you, embarrass me with these political mix tions. liu shall all. without distinction of party, be protected This is not a time to talk about party, when men, women and children are daily murdered and driven from their i.omes. In God s name, rise for a moment above party and contemplate yourselves as men and patriots I am your friend, your fellow cituen, moved by noother impulse than the good of the bona fide inhabitants of this Territory, and the protection of their lives and property. When peace shall b? restored, I will see that every man of you is protected in his political rights." The response was instant and enthusiastic A vote was immediately passed to sustain the Governor, and when be left the town of Topeka the people assembled en masse and gave six enthusiastic cheers for Governor Geary. This whs another great moral triumph, was delight ful to contemplate, and is a bright leather in the Governor scap. What a change a week's energetic impar tial administration of affairs has produced here Instead of the reign of terror, with every man thirsting for the blood of his enemy, Confidence is being restored, squatters are re lurniug to their claims, and hope is aV'aiu dawning upon this country. ? ' One Cat Let Out cf the Bag!-Our truth ful, ingenuous, etc. neighbor, in bis issue cf Monday, publishes the latest edition of the obligation* and lecture of the third or I'nion decree of " The Order of the Star Spangled Banner;"' Le having been absolved from the affirmation (for it is to be presumed he never swears) to keep them secret. Having relieved himself of this load which bad so long been pressing upon his conscience, he proudly ahd defiantly exclaims, " If this bo treason, make tbe moet of it." Ihe object of the obligation was, we arc In formed, to " uphold, maintain, and defend" the Union, as if the Union had not been up held, maintained, and defended long before the seed of Know Nothir-gism was sown and germinated! All we have to say at present, on this point, is, that if the members of that or ganization cannot bo patriots without taking the prescribed oath, the lore of liberty has but a weak hold upon their hearts. But all Know Nothings have not taken the third degree. They, then, aro not genuine Union-savers, unless they can claim redemp tion on the ground of having passed through the initiatory cercmmy; the particulars of which our neighbor cautiously conceals, for tbe reason that ?? the chief oouncil of this bis trict' ha? n'?t yet given this ardent patriot the privilege to reveal them ! 44 The first degreo (before the third was con ferred, ns we learn from Ihe 'charge' as given in tho paper of our neighbor) pointed out the source and nature of our most imminent peril, and indicated the first measure of safety. The second degree defined the next means by which, in coming time, such assaults may be rendered harmless." As " the chief council of this District ' au thorised the publication of the third, why does it not extend a similar official permission for the revelation efthe two preceding degrees' 44 the source and nature of our most imminent peril,'' and "the means by which such assaults niaybe rendered harmless," being very im portant matters to knew. " Open confession is good for the soul," auU hence we suggest U our neighbor that he at once proceed to himself of the benefit wbich such a course would confer. Exclusion 5 The editor of the National Intelligencer, a few days ago, expressed his belief in the truth of the assertion of a North Carolina contemporary, to the effect that not CD9 of the delegates to the late National Whig Convention was known to bo connected with the "American" (or Know Nothing) party. And, therefore, the idea put forth was, that these Whig?, though endorsing Millard J il mure for the Presidency, still preserve the distinsti ve features of their own organisation ! ?h !Ty Wtil' take fur granted. In werVit? does it plCCe them, were u , Ll Mf Faimon ^ ^ s 0r. 7 Cro"k " " -""Id ?0luJ. farmciit; t" uTkLw'n l "!m?i???? 'Mr* or bers in preference to all others " ih. ai.iiDg?i.h.a whig, m th? co?venUon not being members of the Know Nothing par ty?and, therefore, never haying taken the third degree?would be excluded from " all political offices." Award.?A contract ha# beon awarded to John W. Hall, of Cincinnati, Ohie, for 4hec?e itruntion of so much of the Marine Hosf It .1 at Cincinnati (authorised by a late a;t of Con grew) aa 4*-'"ombra:ed in the excavations, 1 cellar wall; cut ?Ufce work, brick work, car penter a work, andiron work. The remaining portion# of the-work are re-adreTtised. ?? Lift of J?ten:s issued from the United ! Btates Patent Office for the week ending Sep--; tember 30^18M?each bearing that date : Jos Adams, of Cleveland, Ohio.?For im^j proved fire-arms. Henry Brad, of Greencastle, lnd.?For im provement in brick machines. Win. Bennett, of New York, N. Y ?For im provement to fftftfqp* ,< , < J George W. Coppernoll, of Ohio, N. Y.?For improvement in locks Wm. D Cummings, of Washington, Ky.? ' For improvement in aelf-heaUng smoothing " irons Mills B. E?py, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improved mode of hermetically sealing bot tles David 11. Fowler, of Niw Orleans, La.?For improvement in steam boilers John Fidler, of New Albany, lnd ?For im- . provement in journal box alloys Marcus Frisbee, of Hecnselaerville, N. Y.? For improved wind mill Isaac Gattman, of Philadelphia. Pa.?For improvement in mixing wheat fl >ur with paints. John Greenleaf, of Lowell, Mass ? For im provement in machines for softening leather. Jos A. Hill, of Grecncastle, lad.?For Im provement in brick machine'. Daniel J Kellogg, of Roobester, N. Y ? For photographic Instrument B Kuhns, of Dayton, O , and M. J. Haines,' of Dataware City, Del ?For impro-.eaicLt in deed planters Sam'l J Lewis and Wm. Alston, cf Berdeo town, N. J ?For improvement ia saw gam mers. G. K Mcllroy, of Oakdale, lnd?For im proved portable fence. S. G. L. Morrow, of Lian, Mo.?For im provement in excavators. M M. Manly, of South Dorset, Vt.?For improved machine for sawing marble in taper form. John Percy, of Albany, N. Y.?For im proved steam wagon. Jos. Pyle, of Wilmington, Del.?For im provement in machines for finishing leather. John M Kiley. of Newark, N. J.?For im provement in means for lubricating the sheave pin of ships' blocks. John M. Kiley, of Newark, N J.?For improved mode of attaching hubs to axles. I.uther Rebirson, of West Cambridge, Mass. For improvement in cultivator John Robingson, of New Brighton, Pa ? For improvement in locomotives for road* 1 j Benj. D. Sanders, of llolliday's Cove, Va ? For improvement in many wicked candle* John F. Seauian, of Waieutt, N. V ?For improvement in seed planters. Isaiah Rogers, of Cincinnati, 0.?For im provement in bridges. Amos Siocker, of Home, N. Y. ? For im- 1 provement in tailors' measures. Asbury M Saarles, of Cincinnati, 0.?For improvement in steam boiler grates Stephen F Summers, of St. Loub, M For improvement in trunks. _ Samuel Thomas, of Allentown, Pa?For improved ore washer David B. Tiffany, of Xenia, O.?For im provement for putting pillows and bolsters into their cases Thos. Varney, of San Francisco, Cal ?For improvement in hydrocarbon vapor lamps Samuel Wetherill, of Bethlehem, Pa ?For improvement in furnaces for xinc white. D. Wilcox, of Kaston, Pa ?For improve ment in artificial legs. Richard Wells, of Baltimoie, Md.-For im provement in furnaces Juab Buck, of Fitchburgh, Mass., assignor }? Buck, 11. S Buck, J. W. Kimball, and D. 11. Thompson ?For improvement in dis connecting railroad cars, an<i applying brakes. Henry 1 Staw, of Woburn, Mass , assignor to H. 1 Shaw, and George F. Shaw of same ?luce ?tor improvement in regulating valves or steam engines. Henry W alsh, of Philadelphia Pa, assignor to lleLry \\ alsh, and M. N. Espy, of same place ?For improvement in machines for separating green corn from the cob. James Wallace, Jr , of Glasgow, North Britain ?For improved use of the iJash whuel for washing and bleaching Patented in Eng land June 26. 1S55 lit issue* ?Chas St John, Henry A. Burr, Albert 11. Wright, and James M. Riblet, of New lork. N Y , assignees to Henry A. W ells, dte'd ?For improvement in machinery f<r making hat bodle?. Patented April 25 lh4fejj John Broughton; of Chicago, 111?For im provement in rotary pumps Patented June 10, 1856, Additional Improvement ?John W. Trus low, of Lewisburg. Va ?For improvement in fire places and tenders. Patented June 15, 1856 The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 30th September, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of tho Department? Texas debt warrants ?6 434 82 For the Treasury Department... 25,485 1 0 For the Interior Department Jo.Gv ; 64 For Customs .. 61,679 2V War warrants received and en tered 32,#34 04 War repay warrantereceived and entered 11,18V 32 Interior repay warrants received nndentercd 8,664 18 From miseellaneouj sources 6,yrt4 75 From Customs 1,006 00 On account of tho Navv 45,050 39 POLITICAL ITEMS. Mr. Spinner, a Republican camliJato for Congress in New York, says in a lettor : "I am in favor of abolishing the negro race." He doas not explain the process by which ho would accomplish this object, hut he would probably do it by tho Banks' plan of absorp tion The Pittsburg (l*a ) Post says : "The Fre mont party is losing ground fast in all the southeastern portion of Pennsylvania. It is the third party there. In Centre county, and from thenco to Philadelphia, the contest is be tween Buchanan and Fillmore. Such is the opinion of candid mon who have an opportu nity te know." The Boston Chroniclo finds fault with the Boston Pott and Washington Union for print ing Mr. Fremont's name with the Frencn ac cent over the letter. Why does not the Chron icle find fault with Mr Fremont himself, for tho P< st and Union print it just as he writes it himself? He prefers tho "foreign accent," Know Nothing that ho is. In a political discussion between G. W. Pratt, Democrat, anl a Mr ILinsel, Republi can, in Bureau township, Illinois, a few days since, Mr 11 became so greatly excited that he struck Mr. Pratt on the head with a black smith's hammer, thus closing the argument in favor of Fremont and free speech Mr./ Pratt was seriously injured by the blow, as may be supposed Some wieked wag. having sent a communi cation to the New York Express, announcing that the inmates of a house in Green street wero unanimous for Fillmore, that sheet pub- , 11shod it with a c^ptinn, "The ladies all right " The residents ifl the vicinity of the described mansion were somewhat startled at this pub j lie commendation of the rectitude of the ladies, 1 who occupied a notorious den of ill fame ! Hon Howell Cobb addressed a large meet ing of the Democracy at West Chester, Pa , on Friday evening last. During his remarks, questions were put to him by saveral Repub licans present, which were replied to with great courtesy and telling effect Attheoloee of his addrees. members of all parties erowded around bim-4o take him by the hand. Gov. Cobb's influence is great wherever he goes. The New York Journal of Commeroe says: "We have not allowed ourselves to expect that the twenty-three electoral votes of Ohio will be given for Buchanaa, but it is by no means certain that they will not be. Th? Democrats are thoroughly roused, all over the State; and their numbers surpass all pre vious expectation. The Cincinnati Enquirer says: 'Such has been the vigor with which tho campaign has been prosecuted, and such the t'nion feeling which actuates its popula tion, that if all the signs in the political ho risen do riot fail she will' tftffelv vote' ftfr Jas. Buchanan ' '' , A STATKD MEETING OF THE , Apothftirki Asportation of the District will be held o:i THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, atrh?r 1st, at 8 o'clock, In the Aldetmtn's iejtti>er, Ctty Mall. A full atteafan ? 1i re? qurtfcd. W. H GIL.MAN, lg. Recording S.gre'arv NATIONAL CLUB?AT AJAegU M." laMneetlag of th? Natloial (%. held on Wedneofcv vfmlng, Septembers, tl* follow ing persona. werA electe44s oi4h ofTDe Clufcs for the ensuing term: faesldeat?CHARLES T BARRETT. vice President?J OS. H. SEW A 1.1,. ?Secreta-y?ALEX. M FLOWERS. Taeasurer?WM HUTCHINSON It* PAKESrEARFAN READINGS ('HAS. NEWTON announce*tot? citizens of Washington, that agisted by Mr J. G. PORTER, he wtH give an evrntng's enter tainment, to consist of Soliloquies. Ac., from Shakespeare's Tragedies, at the Columbia Kngli.e 1 House, New Jersey avenue. Capitol Hill, THIS (Wednesday) EVENING^ October 1st. It ?^2S?NO'I ,CK ?THK MEMBERS OF VCS the Buchanan and Breckinridge Club No l,of Georgetown, beg leave to laforra the'r nomerohs friend* and the public generally, they Intend ghrtng their first Grand Ball at For e*t Hall. Geotgetowii, D C , en MONDAY, Oc tober v<?t h. 1810. Set future advertisement. oc 3-2tW MONTGOMERY GUARDS. ATT EN - TION ?Yon are hereby not!led to attend a f"r?vulaf monthly meeting of the company on <n WEDRBBDAt EVENING, October "Sat Punctual attendance U called f r, as business of ImportattDOWlHke transacted - . Bcx>r3*raf Capt*In Ket : - 'W ee 2tf-3t* ^ Tfl O M AS McFNUlY.fcee. ATTENTION, ?EVENTH WARD PCff IiEto0C?ACY.-O,he Seventh Ward Drmccratlc Atsoclatlon ?Te hereby ordered to meet at Potomac Hall, (Island) on VVEDNES-J DAY. the 1st October, at 9 e'clo As bus ies* of Importance and the election of otBcers U to t>e acted" Upou, It 1* hoped there will be a full altendarce By order: 8 S. TAYLOR, President JOHN F C OFFUTT, Sec ee 2W at* .THE FIRST COTILLON PARTY Of the Washington Highlanders WUT take place at Harmony Hall on THURSDAY' EVENING next, the 2d of October. Tickets. FIFTY CENTS; admitting a gentleman and ladles-to be had of any of the member* and at the door. Manager* Mr McKay, Mr W. Flood, Mr Jno. La ey, Mr. R. MlddMon se 2V-3t rp? HIRE-TWO NEGRO MEN, (-laves,)

1. one a good oyder opener, and the other ac customed to ninnlng a steam enplne Apply at this odce. * ' oc l If NKW MUSIC RKl'MV KU THIS MORR. lng from New York, Boston, and Philadel phia, at the Mnslc Depot of I W. O MEZKROTT. / 1 A~(J TION .?THE PAPER ACAINST which I dwlre to caution the public fr<.m tra?llmr, t* dated on or abont the l?th <>r*fKh rupteniber. and In favor of A. or Ale>. Lei* Not 'having hid value received I shsll refuse payment of tue same. JOHN lAYl.Ub. oc i-3t Of Virginia MRS. WILLI A 'IS THD IS TO GIVE ifJL you and Su?Hii Hoban lawful notice to leave my house and pjemlses as soon as potslble, and n t to let it exceed one month, for, If >ou do. I will tut you in the street by a lawful Jury. I hereby igrtlfy that If you move o e cartlcleor piece of furniture out of ray house I will strlctiy put the law In force against ycu. I hereby forewarn any person or persons owning vehicles from moving anything from off my prem ises, betwetn Sixth and Seventh afreets, where Mr* Wil.laras and Susan Hoban live, for if they do, I shall enforce the law against them. CHARLES SCRIVNkR. Washington, October 1st, 1P5Q. It* NOTICE. The business connection here tofore existing between tl.e undersigned In the "Eagle Iron Works," In the ctty of Wash ington. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All aconnts due the late fllrm will be paid to W. M and J B Ellis, who ere authorized fo receipt for the same W M. ELI.IS, J H ELLIS, October 1st. Ic53 W E HOWARD, The undersigned will continue the business of the " Eagle Iron Works," and are leipouslblefor all debts due by the iate eonc rn. Thankful for the patronage heretofore Extended to them, they respectfully solicit a continuance of the public favor. W. M ELLIS, J B ELLIS Under the firm of W. M. ELLIS A BKO. on I -3t NEW EST A L IS HM E!iT T. B. DWYKR'R RESTAURANT. H E UNDERSIGNED, HAVING TAkEN that well known and popular t-Und, (Ca-tparls's Hotel.) on Capitol IItil, Is pre pered to accommodate those who may glveJfcil^ him a cal', In the ino^t agreeable maaner* His Bar will l>e furn1?brd with the in^st choice old Wines and Liquors His Oysters and other de llcaceR of the season, will always be of the very best quality. He Is determined to devote his own personal attention to the wants of his customer*,and hopes to merit arid receive a fair share of the patreeage of the community. His Ten Pin Ally is In complete order, and he bas reduced his price from 2u cents per game to 12)% cents. * There Is also a Billiard Saloon attached to the premises. oc 1 3t THE SECOND GRAND BAIL or T HK American Hook & Ladder Co. WILL Bg lilVKN AT ODD FELLOWS' HAI.L. NAVY YARD, ON Tl'KSDAV, October 7lh, 1Mb. t^VERV EXERTION WILL BE MADE ON J the part of the Company to make this an ?veiling of unalloyed pleasure and enjoyment to all who may honor them with their presence on the occasion Tickets ONE DOLLA R- admitting a jjentle m -n und ladles ; to be had ?>f any memb?r of tte Compuny and ut the doi.routhe evening of the ball. Omnibuses wl'l leave the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue every ten minutes until quarter often o'clock. oc 1-lW FRUIT, OK NAM K NT A I. TREES, kc. 'HUE UNDERSIGNED HAS THE PI.EAS X ure of ?IT ring to hla patr ns and th^g^K public In general a very large assortment of^Mr FRUIT, SHADE, EVERGREEN-^" TREES, Ac., comprising? Dwarf Pear Trees, in great variety, among which are all the finest native and fortigu sorts; splendid one year old trees are offered at the low price of 825 per 1U0 Apple Trees, large and vigorous, and varieties best suited to this region, Sib per 100 Peach Trees, fine and thrifty, the ciiolceat kinds, S>0 per M.O. Apricots, cherriei, Plums, Standard Pears, (Quinces, Ac , large, vigorous and thrifty. Gooseberries, Currants, Raspberries, Grape Vines, Ac , an Immense stock of all the chol.eet kinds. Strawberries, the large fine new varieties, as well as the old popular sorts. Rhubarb and Asparagus Roots, strong and good. Hoses, the choicest and ever blooming varieties. Evergreens, an extensive collection of the rare and well known kinds. Shade, Ornamental Trees, Ac. Dutch Bulbous Roots, Garden Seeds. lu fact, every thing pertaining to the Nursery and Seed business, warranted of the best quality, choicest varieties, correct to name, and as low as they csn be purchased In the United States. Catalogues can be had on application JOHN SAUL, Seed Store, 3MS 7th street, corncr H street, oc l-eol8t Nursery, on 7th street road. GEORGETOWN COLLEGE. Medical Department. Washiugton 1 ityt Corner of F and Twelfth Urtets. SESSION, 1855-'57. ru-viT oi HiDiriii' Nohi.b Young, M. D , Professor of Theory and Practice of kledlolne, (and President of the Fa culty ) Flotioaano Howaid, M D., Professor of Obstetrics and the of Women and Child ren. (and Treasurtr ) Joh son Eliot, M.D., Professor of Anatomy. James E. Mo roan, M. D., Professor of Medl- , cal Jurisprudence and Hygiene. J . M Sntdi*. M D., Professor of Su;gery. Bksjamin F. Craig, M. D , Profresor of Ckemlstry end of Physiology. GaoHGB C. Schabtf.r, M D., Professor of Materia Med lea and Thereapeutlcs. J. V D. M i nDi.iTON, M U ,and J as Hamnib Jmrdan, M D , Prosectors and Demonstrators of Anatomy The Session will commence an the 80th of Oc tober. and end in March following. The Lectures will be delivered at the College Buildings, No 303 F street, during the hours of the afternoon aud evening The time of lartnriog has been customary in the College since Its estab lishment, and Is fonr d to be advantageous for the student The Fee for the fulleonrse ls......S*0 00 Matrtenlation (paid only oaee).... 5 00 Demonstrator's ticket. 10 W Graduation 25 M) I cr further Information address JOHNSON ELIOT, M J).. Dean of the Faculty, <x l-2awtOct20 No 4VJ 7th street West ?a? T~rr Sharing r%arno potitarir$<t amount wktek subjttt t0 draft. or ttrr i bf the Stertt ? r IJ TREASURERS StATKMBKT, > ifdtt III (A' Treasury, vilk timlaW tiMUtftr* amJ 4*?tgnntrd d? inSgmJ branrkts, bf return* rtctirtd f Momdsp. Stpttwliar it. I956 lh? t*%wd. b*t wtc r4'* mmpaid, **d tk? amooal tKrm iir, <*!??. mmommt ?' fbturt trant/trs t? and from AfMtote, >i? f lb Tr'fl'H'Jf la what jlOce Treasury of the United States. Washington. DC.... Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts ^psaiftanf Treasurer, Mew Yortat fcfW York'..... .1... Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania AmIiUuI Treasurer, Cbarlntoa. South Carolina Assistant Treasurer. New OlMv, L? Assistant Treasurer. St. Louis, Missouri Assistant Treasurer, San Franc'sco Depositary* at Buffalo, New York Depositary at Baltimore. Maryland Depositary at Richmond, Virginia Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia ? Depositary at Wilmington. North Carolina Depositary* at Savannah. Georgia l>epo?itary at Mobile, Alabama Depositary at Nashville. Tennessee Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Depositary at Galveston, Texas Depositary at Cincinnati, (late) Depositary at Dubuque, Iowa Depositary at Little Rock. Arkansas .... Depositary at Chicago, Illinois Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee. Florida Depositary at Talla>?a?see. (late) Assay office of the LnUed Plates, New York :. Mint of the United States, Phlladejihia, Penn. Branch mint of the United Mate*, Charlotte, N C Branch mint of the United States. Dahlonega. Ga .. ? Branch mint of Unite* State*, New Orleans, I.a Branch mint of the Uuiud States. San Francisco, Col Drafts hereto fore drawn, on De- l bat not yet paid, though r.-payable. to draft ?a* m 3.196.2M 67 9.262.40I 95 2f9.552 49 41.79U (ft i,orr.??i n 1,3t4,59f< M 1,3H 15* *S 192,039 74 266,797 5* 51 169 13 48,971 ? 1 tHJO 51 1U8 630 1(1 98,719 7? 6.944 70 99,631 03 Ti 64*2 17 5.197 SO 20 3? 66,453 39 76 003 61 i*3 orr II 111 169 ? 2 976 4t 631 25 2 M4.54MI U i 2.W47.354 16 32,W<? 0U 27 950 U9 t ,*50 177 43 1,510 000 00 ?19.431 "5 123.658 57 6S5 3?f it j(9t si *1 9** 79 91t 941 *1 Mb 000 It 7*.170 6t 496 16 JI,?M 59 112 99 16,990 00 35 6.252 3S 15."94 H5 ? 536 53 193 33 4.219 71 3 ,663 5V ? ? ? # e ? 10 *. 63 36 71,9*9 96 41,1*- 5.1 132 344 94 600 00 11 75 5* 97 ? 9ti N? ttt 93 17 ? ?????? Add difference In transfers. 926,912,021 45 #3,470,011 54 ?431.0*9 ?3 3,9 2 601 in 9 567 lit* 37 272 99? S3 Mi,991 IV t?n.TP46 02 77*,?ft- 32 6)2 ?-l 06 191 60S 2J5.9 >5 51,096 39,174 I 09U 109.377 9.134 3,10(5 39.437 79 IJ*,4"2 40 1,53> 21 90 39 56,199 *? 4.123 73 f 1,919 14 8,913 44 1.570 42 619 50 2,364.996 . o 3.947 354 19 32 U0U 09 2? ,950 03 2<3o,177 49 IJlO.OOt) UU f23 472,009 ?.?l 29.090 00 Netaaount subject to draft. *23,4 9 j,0*9 91 Transfers ordered to tfoasury of the United Sta'es, Washington. D C 100,000 (V) Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of th? 1 tiled States, New York, N. Y 540.0UU III Transfers ordered to -satstant treasurer of tbe ?"iited State*, Charleston, S C...... IKf OOOlu Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the I nlted States, New Orleans, I a ?2?,UOO (*? Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer at tbe 1 nlted States. St lx>nls. Mo <?16,096 CO Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the I nlted States. San Francisco, Cala .. 237.500 U> Transfers ordered io depositary at Baltimore, Mar>laud luo.uuu uu Transfers otdered to dei*oeHary at Norfolk. Vj , 25<muiU Transfers ordered to depositary at Mobile, Ala 1UO,uwo oo Transfers ordered to depositary at Cincinnati.Ohio 100 9*0 uu 92,902 SOU 0) Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, Bo*-on, MassacbusHta Transfers tO-1 990 on ordered from assistant treasurer, New York, New York 1,572.599 <9 Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer ?t l'<ill>-de|pbla, Pa 100,000 on Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer. St I .milt. M issouri u-J ?mmi (iu Transfers ordered from depositary at Dubwqae. Iowa 25.0 0 (?> Transfers ordered frontUej>ositary at Chicago. Illinois J.9UU ts? Tran?ferv ordered from depositary at Detroit. M rhigan 45.<?iu ?<u Transfers ordered from mini of the United Stat -s. Philadelphia. Pennsylvania . ... I9?M?? Transfers ordered from branch mint United Su tea at .New Orleans, La 4?iinto i* Oct I?It *2.y:iy.5<K) to Proposal* for luroisiuik# the Paper for the Public Printing C Fri< E S?CHIKtNT*.NMMT PUBLIC PHHTIMG. Wa?hlngt*n, Uct< ber t, l;5d IN PURSUANCE OF THK PROVISIONS ,of tl?** '' Art to provide for executing the public printing ?' &c., approved Augustuses'*, sealed proposal will be received at this oMce, In tte Capitol, until the first Monday (IstdaV) cf De cember next at twelve o clock, n. . forfiirulahlng the paper that may be required for the public printing for tb? year commencing on the l?t dav Dec?mlwi? [8*7 *n4 ettdlnK on the 1,1 d?y of The subjoined list specifies, as nearly as can be SSSSSL'&.<?***' <Jual,tJ' and descrlp each kind of paper thst will be required : Class I 10,<>OO reams fine prlntl** paper, uncalendered, to measure 24 b* ? lnct?< aad to weigh i forty-five pounds to the ream of 4e*> sheet* Clam ||. 4,1 l*> reams fine printing paper, calendered. to measure fit by 3B Inches, ard to weigh flf.y-slx pounds to the ream of 4W sheets i < ?*.*> Class III. 5,0.0 jearns superfine sixed and calendered, printing paper, t? measured by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty-two pounds to the ream of 4s0 sheets. ' Class reams, *"f*rflne hard-sized and calendered printing paper, tomeasuiesaby 3* inches, ar.d to weigh forty-eight pounds to the ream of 48u tbtets. Class V. IJ?U0 reams superfine sired and calendered map ' paper of irach sites as inay be reoulred ' corresponding In weight with paper 1 mwurlng IfbyW inches, and weighing ? twenty pounds per ream of 4**beei?!^ ' Class VI. 2*0 rtans superfine plafe paper, (calendered or i uncalendered. as may be required.) 19 by . r 1 Ted*' * ?'*UC'1 we'J?hl as may be, The fibre of the paper of eich of the above classes to be of linen and cotton. trtttromZu. adulteration with mineral or other substances, of a fair whiteness, and put up In qutres of twentv feur sheets each, and In bundles of two reams ???)# eaf. V5*"' ,to conu1,1 pe.fett sheets Uniformity In color, thickness, and weight will bu required; and no bundle (exclusive of Wrap pers) varying over or under five per cent from tie standard weight will be received, and the gro-s weight will In all cases be required Mix lag of various thicknesses In the same bundle to tfcfn ^'gbt will be considered a viola tion of the contract. m , , Class Vll. no ta'SiJ ,?*m" iggir* wi!u?s ?".r No 3? 500 " demy << <? No. 4 a,(wo " folio post No 5- Sou ?? media? " ?? No. t)? 50 " royal ?? t? N? 7? 5o *? superroul 44 ?? C? 50 %< Imperial ?< I*?- *' colored medium, (assorted) ( Class VIII No -5,0i>0reaiiM? writing paper, 19by96 inches, J rea?T ^euty eight pounds per No a 3, llio reams wrllfng paper, 18 by25 Inches < to weigh twenty-six pounds per ream. ^ , no. 3?lno reams writing paper, IS- by 22 Inches ' to wei-h twenty four pounds per ? ream No 4?reams writing paper, 1* by i? inches to weigh twrnty-two pounds per ' ream No 5-400 reams wrttlnp paper, 12 by IP Inches to weltrh twelve pounds per ream" All the papers designated In clashes 7 and b are to be made of the best materials, free from cdul tcration, and finished In the best manntr The pipers In class 7 are to be white or blue of tb? regular standard slz s of the respective klr.ds 1 flucb weights as may be required by this otfiLe, thoee In ciaas b are to be white, and of the Th^ Tf'P kPetJ]lP- '? "he schedule. I he right Is rese.vtdof ordering agreater or tess quantity of each and -very kind contract** for, at such times and In such quantities as the puollc service may require tach class will be considered separa'eiv, and he subject to a separate contract; but bidders may Offer lor one or more of the classes In th? ssme S'ffi'"1Plltoge I. JlfiJS! Ing a bidder who may have more than one class hu i|Dkf* to take all such classes, or forfeit his right to any class Samplei (not less then one quire) of each kind of paper bid for, and but om* $ampU for tma *?*!/. must accompany each bid, and. In classes ? and 8, be numbered to correspond with the ?H!r r1r.uf proposed for in the schedule and, In the first six classes, to be properly desiK. nated on the sample, or It will not be considered All proposals acd samples must be transmitted to this otl;e free of postage or other expense. Each proposal must be signed by the Individual or firm making It, and must spteffy the price pei pound (and but one price for each) of eveiv kind of paper contained in theclass proposed for All the paper In the several classes must be de livered at such place or places an may be dr*iv nated in Washington city, la good order, fre<> of all and every extra charge or expense, Mil i ft to the inspection, count, weight, and measure ment of the Superintendent, and be In all resneria satisfactory. ?.cprcia Blank forms for proposals will be furnlsked at this office to persons applying for then - sn/t WIU ta lOwi-M. "JSSS ally agreeing therewith osianrI. uonds, with approved securities, wm be r. quired; and the supplying of an inferiorartMe I in any of the classes, cr a f llnr? u> J quantity required at any time win v- ???}% 2 violation of the contract Considered ? <ii3*?swaRsa?aRsa ? I Amusements. NA TIONA L THE A TK E. . Xcxiii h Co , l?e*.iee<( | J T Foil'. Manager. [Also, of Baltimore and Richmond Theatres ) l'hlrd and positively final appearance but two of the beautlfal and ?lft?-d VES LIZZIE WKSTOH DAVEHPO&T. And tb? popular young actor MK. A H DAVENPOET TM ll) KUNIKW. To commence with ShWa exqulaite I'lay of E V ? D N E. Coloou Mr A H Davenport Lndovlco Mr H A Lang a View tie Mr W H Brings Kvadne Mrs Ltxzle We?ton Davenport Olivia .....Miss Ellin Morant Danoe Mia? K WAKRKN To conclude with tbe celebrated nautical Diami termed Black Eyed Susin. William MrH A Langdon Sown Mrs L W Davenrort Delly Miaa iosepbloe Parktr Incidental to the lirama. a Country Djnoa Engagement of the great and world renowned KELLER TROUPE Who?e exquisite, lovely, and frubllmely grand Tableaux Vlvants and Living Picture*, totalir unlike aught heretefrre presented, have exclud throughout the world a wonderful unanimity r f pr-lse, and intensity and earnestness of dtllgL' without parallel In the hiitory of amueem'ntA. Ample notloe will be given of their Irst appear ance. _ rnrt ef Admitiitm?Boies aird Parquctte 5? osita; ?e*r?Kl seats, 75 rents: Family Circle -rid bailer lee, M rents. Box oAce open dally from V to 6 O'clock or 1 PROP. WTMAR, The Kii| of Wizards aad Prince of V?b trllsqulsla. WTLL GIVE FO l~K OF HIS LAUdHTER*rKOTUILINU AND II0K> iPLnrrinn entertainments AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL, ~tk Street, commencing WCUHKIDAV KVK!?lNtilUct.llla?M, coaststiar of tXTRAORDlNARY 4t IM'R EOEDHN 1 EO MAGICAL ILLUSIONS. VKNTKILUMUUH, and tbe LIFE-MOVING FfftUHES. 1CT6RAND AFTERNOON EXHIBITION r>a SATURDAY at 3 o'clock. All particulars In tbe small bills. ?e 30 5t Wants. WANTED?A WHITE WOMANTOCOOK wa?L and iron in a private family Apply iit 3to* ti street, bttween 3th end 14th It* WAN TED-BY A BOY 15 YEARS OF age a situation where be can make hlmmif useful Add ress - Hoy'' at this oflca It SITUATION WANTED?BV~A RkTpkC table woman, aschamtierntald nd eam-tr<s* Hood refiners can be glv. n Addms Box ", Star <>flce tt? WANTED-BY A KEXPECTABLE Yonng woman a situation to do v-wlng and rham lierwork, or to wait upon the tab e Address Box Mo 6 at this oflc? It* iyANTKD-A TIDY SERVANT FOR A vr family of two persons B>?; wages viveu o one that will suit Apply at *?l I, strtet, he ? ^een^Sth a'd l#th. Two roorrs tolet cc1-3to pOLORED COOK WANTED?TO LIVE v with a arna'l family about 3 mile* in tberoun ry Any one wanting a permanent and eood iomc wlil ault best. Parties having a woman to lire will Rnd a good place, where :bey wTl be well oared for. Address Box No 5 Star Offlce oc l-3t WANTED ?A FIRST RATE MILLINER one who fully understsnda Iter business. \pplyatMrs CA8SIDV8, penn avenue, **twH*n I (Kb and 11th street se 30-31 WAN TED -A GOOD COOK AT HIE Institution for the Deaf, Dun.b and Hllrd, J street, between SrOih ar d tlst ^roets.'soutb fclde se 10-31 WANTED -?100 FOR THIRTV DAYS far which It percent a month wlli be allow d. which will be promptly paid. Addrvss ?Johnson" at thlsoftce. se 3u *:? WANT ED.?A UOOD BREAD BARER Also, two boya to learn the business Ap plication to be made at this ofice between in and 2 o'clock In tbe morning se 3U-3t ? iy AN TED-TO ATTEND IN AN ICF ? v Cream Saloon, an active colored eouth t?or ? years of age. One who can lead aud write i:eftrr**d 'losnchaone bringing good reoom iie .datlons, liberal wag** will be paid Enquire t K1CHARD DAI LEV's Ovsterand Ice Cm ra 'aloon, Bridge atreet. Georgetown te 30-3i* A WET NURSE WANTED.?APPLY TO '? Dr W P. JOHNSTON, 7tli street, bet wet :? i and F streets se 3t* II/'AN TED? A COOK. AND WASHER K< >K f ? a amall famUy. The work la light aud rages liberal Apply at No 310 V:h atreet, be *ew K and L, east aide, two doors from L. LIT ANTED.? A WET NUKSE TO ?0 IO ?* Alexandria, Va. To one that can rell recommended will bear of a good sltuatiou ror further particular! inquire at tbe Auctun Horecf A. 6REEN- se r~ ?( 1A/ANTED ?FORTV TAILORS AND Til " loreaaas. None but < omprtent rvrsoos m ed PP>ly WALL 4k ?TfcllHKNrf, sej^>t_^No. M2 Pa. ,bet Vthand lttb sts [ [NDKRBUIRT1, Uft AW KKk, ARM U HOSIERY ?Theae three an ideal 1 a^o <a >? ie .t palna to aelect, and have tbe uiosi c?>a>| 1* e saortment of allk, merlao, lambs wool, tM at r aaael.and easkmera ftklrta. Drawrr*. mS t ? f oae ever oRWed at the Bazaar corn<v of i?M and Ponuaylvaala aveaiue ?eatk-oodtw HOPKINS.