Newspaper of Evening Star, October 3, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 3, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAS If 1 NGTO N CITY: FRIDAY t'rtober 3, 196?. Uir Advertisement* ahould be handed la bj fet o'clock, m., otherwise they may BOt appear onMI the next day. ( SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS The Union quotes from the speeches of Messrs Seward, Hale and Wilson, and up?n their testimony lays it down as established troth that the Republioan organisation hM for its ultimate object the abolition of slavery In all the Southern States, and that its par. pose is to be accomplished by first getting possession of the several departments cf the government, snd thereby making it sure that no more slay* States are to be admitted. The Union lays: 14 Surveyirg the field from thisstend point, we think we discover evidences of * settled fturpose on the part cf a portion of the Fremont eaaers either to practise a fatal fraui upon the conservative portion of the North, or to consummate a scheme of treason upon that Krtion of the black Republican party which j given it its vitality and strength If the objects of the black Republican organisation, as distinctly laid down by its great leader, Mr SewaTd, are to be carried out in the event of the election of Mr Fremont, then the late development? indicate a fraudulent purpose to quiet the apprehensions of disunion which have taken-possession, with great propriety, of thousands upon thousands of the northern people. If the developments to which we allude are honestly intended as foreshadowing the administrative policy of Fremont, then Sewaid atd his wing of black Republioans are to be cheated by the rankest party trea ?on " The Union proceeds to comment upon the faot that Fracoir P. Blair and Speaker Banks> acknowledged leaders in the Republican army, have both come before the publio within the last few weeks for the avowed purpose of de claring the objects of thtir party, and that utterly repnJiatc the programme of Messrs. Seward, Hall, and Wilson Mr. Blair affimS that he holped to instal Repub licanism for the purpose of adding to the sc cwity of sUrery in the southern States. Mr BanVi says that whoever intimates that his paiiy intend* to interfere with h'avery in tho States is guilty of a bold and ba^ele^ slander. He goes still further . htf adopts and .endorse3 the Lon-interveation prlMij)!e of the juansas bi!l, and says that his party #?nts ns? i>;-her legislation for the settlement of the difficultly? in Kansas. The Union urges that tbe^ cir oumitances and others give plausibility to tie idea thatMes-rs. Blair, Banks, Bennett, miM Fremont have conspired together to betray the originators and founders of Republicanism; and 3 et, it add3 : " It is so difficult for us to believe that so bold an act of treachery could be resorted to. even by men who have proved traitors to their former political associations, that we still in cline to cur first impression, and conclude that the change of programme has been made with the knowledge and approval of all the leaders, and for the purpose of avoiding the charge of dkunionism which threatens their overthrow. As Republicanism has existed and prospered *>7 a succession of fraud*, it is the safer con clusion tba* *t has determined to seek its final triumph by the means." The Intelligencer, alluding the mtional boast about the progress of the counirj, says : " Certainly, its growth in all branches of induetry acd in all departments of develop ment and wealth is truly marvellous. We oould wish that its progress in moral growth was one halt or even one quarter as rapid or great. But let that pass Our aim in this paragraph is in a different direction. We perceive by the official tables just publisbed that the revenues of Government during the last fiscal jear, in spite of all the efforts of the Government to keep them down, amounted, in round numbers, to seventy-four millions of dollars , and its expenditures (what na tion was there ever under the sun whose ex penditures did not keep pace with the increase of its income') amounted to fifty-sevtn mil lions of dollars' Here is a proguss to " give as pause " PERSONAL ....George Peabody, Esq., is on a visit to Boston .... Herr Standige, the celebrated singer and instructor of Jenny Lind, died in a mad house at Vienna last month. .... J. H. Green, the reformed gsmbler, is said to be building, at Jacksonville, Iowa, cue of the beet saw and planing mills in the northern portion of that State ....Jlon. Robert Lowe, of London, Mr. Daniel LaBoy (and family,) United States Consul to London, and Professor Salisbury, of New Haven, were among the passengers for England by the Asia .... The New York Day Book says ?"It is clearly evident that a month's tuition in Wall street would vastly improve the * product ' of Mr. Speaker Banks's knowledge in political economy. At all events he would find out that the cotton gin did not create cotton, nor McCormick's reapers create wheat." .... The Dublin correspondent of the Lon don Time^ r ays that a respectable professional man, recent y returned to Dublin from New Orleans, is ready to aver on oath, if called upon, that .luring his residence at the latter place he bad seen John Sadlier bodily striding through the streets of New Orleans. There could be, he insists, no mistake, as be had been for many years familiar with the marked features of that never to-be-forgotten coun tenance .... The health of Dr. Kane, the distin guised Arctic explorer, is much impaired. He intends to take a trip to Europe for the pur pose of restoring it, and will leave this coun try on Wednesday next, the 8th inst Dr. Kane will find as many warm friends in Eu rope, among the admirers of his generous en thusiasm in the service of humanity and of science, as he will leave at home, wishing him a perfect restoration to health and all the happiness which should reward his acts of noblo self devotion and generous sacrifice to the causc of knowledge. ....The New York News asks: "Why was Bennett sa tender-footed when he pub lisbed Thomas Addis Emmet's letter to Rufus King ? lie left out a note that was appended to that letter in allusion to Sir John Temple. See the American Citizen, published in 1807, by Dernison and Chatham, now in the City There is an asterisk, near the name of pit John, and tho not? at the bottom of tho Pstfe explains what Mr Emmet meant by ?il?- J,f foUuo?.' The note reads a , ?r Rufus King in early lite was a Ttmplc. a'near rSSUft Mr# Emmet' ? ' Andrew s Ch orch^TlhnJJud"''buS^Is?lam! died of a very protracted sickness^Tu.SuJ' He was the son of the lat, Bi.hop M^te ^f Virginia, and Reeded that eminent divine m the parish of St. Andrews. Fa,bor and rm have officiated in the same pulpit f?,r more than seventy years The Dr Moore ju?t de ceased, was settled in this parish nearly half* century. No man labored more ardently in the service of bis Master. His two churches being about six miles apart be preached iu th alternately, morning and afternoon, for th? whole period of his ministry, inrcagh mow, rain sunshine and shade, he was sure to travel to and from the two churches vJIry tVi ,b*in8 .th# *od for many *1-1 a d * ii ? * ?ne'il extended ow the whole inrh'V'ochial labor, have been many comnaon,7 to the lot ol fflsny, even of the most devoted pastors. wo^n^n*bUck^al?ap ac a hubu U?kKnow.n merino hose, and kid'S^Ti": f1?jyL,h*,f1' in^vepji^t Riy,r> Dorcheater, Mass , siidaj WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP. The Late Duel in eouth Carolina ?1The recent duel has occasioned mnoh comment in the public press throughout the country, and hence every thing connected with the tragedy ie of general interest. The duel, which re suited in the death of Mr. Taber, took plaee, it is stated, in conseqnence of a peremptory challenge to that genUeman for alleged offen sive matter published in the Charleston M?r. enrf, the name of the author of which was not demanded. It now appears that on the 27th of Septem ber, Edmund Rhett, jr., addressed to the Hon# A. G. Magrath the following note : " Sib : It has just come to my knowledge, that your brother, ?. Magrath, Esq., has sent a challenge to the editors of the Meroury, on account of tho publication in that paper of the articles signed 4 A Nullifler.' With a view of preventing a collision between our mutual friends, I hereby avow myself the author of those articles I trust, sir, that you will see the propriety of relieving others from the probable and painful consequences of vindi cating your honor, by vindicating it yourself " My friend, Dr. Furman, will make the ne cessary arrangements." To this Mr Magrath, under date of tho 30th ultimo, replied as follows : 14 Sir :?Your note of the 27th iost , was handed to me, on Sunday, in Aiken, by Dr. Furman, to whom I stated, I would return an answer in Charleston 44 Tonr communication gave me the first in timation that any difficulty had grown out of the publication of certain articles of which you have avowed yourself the author. 441 took the most effectual means, circum stanced as I was, to put a stop to the proceed ings of which you notified me. 441 had hoped that these means would have proved successful; that they were not, was entirely beyond my control. I came to the city the day after the receipt of your note in Aiken : I then for the first time learned that definite arrangements had been made for a duel between Mr. Taber and my brother, the time for their meeting having been fixed at an hour prior to the arrival of tbe cars. 44 Your declaration of being the author of the articles w'lich have appeared in the Mer cury, addressed to myself, is of no interest or consequence to me. Should I deem it requi site to take any step for meeting the unpro voked charge* and aspersions, 1 shall follow the dictates of my own sense of duty and pro priety, aided therein by the counsel of friends, and not regarding tho suggestions of my as sailant. To the public as well as myself it is due that this correspondence should be known." Mr. Magrath has now formally withdrawn as a candidate in the pending election for member of Congress from the Charleston dis trict. Dodging !?A custom prevaild of 44 taking the vote" on board of steamboats, railroad cars, etr, confined principally to the Fillmore , and Fremont supporters, who thus manage to make it appear ths t, on an averago, Buchanan is'ewasiderably in the minority. To let them tclt* tho story, ha oan scarcely, anywhere, mus ter a corporal's guard ! Recently, in " accordance with this prevail ing mania of tho time*," a vote was proposed to be taken on the train in which Presi dent Pierce wss a passenger, between New York an i Stamford, when, according to the Evening J'ot t, the President refused to vote v whereupou, that paper remarks: 41 This 41 dodge' ' of the President will hard ly satisfy the pa blic, for the locality had nothing to do wit a his simple expression of opinion, and wc m ay naturally conclude that Mr Pierce, though a tried member of the Buobaarer party, cannot swallow eitber its platform or aaiididate?in other words, oven Franklin Piesce is unwilling to vote for James Buchanan. Iti?;forthe friends of tho latter gentleman to d^te.-mine whether this ebould be matter of rejevo ing or of sorrow. *' We merely alif do to the remarks of the Post to show tte contemptible shifts to which it and kindred journals are now reduced, to strike a blow at a President who scorns such petty contrivan ces as voting in the cars, to bolster up theca aseof Fremont The "dodge,"' as it is called, of* tbe distinguished gentleman was right and pjroper, as he was unwilling to make himself a party to this (4 mania of the tinea." The people will settle the question at the ballot-b ox. Pension OHlce.?In the Pension Bureau for the month ot September, under the act of 3d March, 1855, the following business was trans acted : Applications Teceived? 2,) G 0 ?' ex uuined, or re-examined. 15,483 44 allowed <V24ft Warrants or ce rtifleates issued 6,955 The number of acres required to satisfy these warrants is 932,770, as follows : 3,864 warrant for 160 acres each 613,240 1,711 " *? 120 44 44 205 320 1,344 44 " 80 44 44 107,520 14 44 44 60 44 44 840 2 1 44 4 4 4 0 4 4 4 4 840 I ?4 ?4 10 44 44 10 6.955 932 770 The total number of applications received was 253,100; number allowed, 173.800; num ber of warrants or certificates issued, 172,911. To satisfy these warrants it will require 20,758,510 acres, as follows, vii : 43,764 warrants of 160 acres each.. 7,002,240 86,145 4i 120 4 4 44 ..10.337,400 2 44 100 44 44 .. 200 42 312 44 80 44 44 .. 3 384 960 317 44 60 44 44 .. 19 020 366 41 40 44 .. 14 6 40 5 44 10 44 44 .. 50 172,911 2u,758,jj0 As frequent inquiries are made respecting tbe date to which applications have been ex amined, or to what number reached for adju dication, we learn that to the 30th ult tbe examination of claims for additional bounty lands had reached to 257,000. Original claims, army service, (date of re ception Oetober 1, 1855,) 215,000. Original olaitns, naval service, (date of re ception July 18, 1855,) 191,000 Original olaims, teamsters, war with Mexico, (date of reception May 1, 1855,) 112,000. Xaval.?Tke United States sloop-of war Vandalia arrived at Portsmouth, New Damp shire, on Monday, forty-two days from St Helena, having been in commission three years and seven months on tho East India station She visited successively, during tho oruise, the ports of Rio de Janeiro, Mew bay, Singapore, Macao, Dong Kong, Watapoa, Cumsingmoon, Nappa Kiung, American ancborago, Sauiodi, Urequa, Yokohama, dakodadi, Shanghai, (Juaham, Foo Chow, Amoy, Manilla, Angter Point, uni St. llelena. Tbe United States steamship Niagara will probably make her trial trip on the 28tb inst. ?""be ie at New York, and has all her maahinery completed. The I nitad States steamship Mississippi is still on the dock, but the work is progressing rather slowly, for tbe alleged reason that the greater number of hands in the Brooklyn Nary Yard are employed board the Niagara and the Resolute. The last-named vessel will be ready for sea by the 1st of November. This bark it will be reeolleeted, was found by Ameriean whalemen in the Arctic seas, having been abandoned by the British expedition in search of Sir John Franklin. Oar Government par chased her from the salvors, to be presented, in a repaired condition, to the British govern* ment. A Whopper!?We notico the following going the rounds of the press, and it is on a par with the falsehood that Mr. Buchanan will with* draw aa a candidate for the Presidency : " The Pittsburg Journal says : 1 Robert J Walker has admitted openly and freely his opinion that John C. Fremont would be elected President of tbe United States at the next Presidential election .' " We happen to know that Mr. Walker en tertains a precisely contrary opinion, and is more oonfident than ever that Mr. Buchanan will win the day in the approaching contest Let the Munchausens try again. A oontin ual resort to falsehood, in the absence of faots, is now characteristic of the journals opposed to the Democracy. Land Wer/an? s, owing to a large order having been filled hero a few days ago, im proved a cent or two. To-day, tbe demand is less active, and the market may be quoted as follows : Buying. Helling. 40 s si OS SI 10" 160 s and 80 s 92a93 94 120 s and 60 > 89 91 Better prices arc not looked for before Jan* uary next. The Currant Operations of the Treasury Department?On yeitcrday, 2i Ootober, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of tho Department? Texas debt warrants S329 74 For the Treasury Department... 18,697 48 For the Interior Department....* 6,360 22 For Customs 30,925 20 War warrants received and en tered 2,200 00 From miscellaneous sources 5,926 57 From Lands 1,599 94 POLITICAL ITEMS. A Fillmore electoral ticket has been nom inated in Michigan. Senators Stuart and Cass addressed a large Democratic meeting at Detroit, Michigan, on Thursday. The Demccratsof tho 12th district of New York (Dutchess and Columbia) havo nominated William Chamberlain, of Redhook, to repre sent them in Congress. Judge Benjamin Nott, son of the venerable Dr. Nott, of Union College, is stumping it for Buchanan and Breckinridge, with great effect wherever ho goes. A vote for tbe Presidency, tnkon among two or three hundred Cadets at West Point, a few days sinje, resulted as follows : Fillmoro. 40; Fremont, 7; Buchanan, all the re mainder Frkmont's Position ?He don't want to offend the Catholics, becauso he wants their votes. He don't want to offend the Know Nothings, because he wants their votes " You eeo," said he, " how I am situated." It is related that when Col. Fremont stood upon tbe top of tbe Rocky Mountains, there beyond the level of organic life, a beautiful bee lit upon his arm ?New York Post. Two B's will light on him in November? Buck and Breck.?Albany Atlas and Argus. Ex-Oov. Floyd addressed an immense con course of citizens from tho steps of the Mer chants Exchange, N Y., on Thursday after noon. His remarks were listened to with marked attention, and continued for two hours a fervent strain. One of the mo3t prominent points of bis speech was his argument to prove that the Republicans were clearly and solely responsible for a perpetuation of the wrongs and outrages committed in Kansas by their refusal to pass the Senate bill of Mr. Toombs. S >rce half a dozen steamboats left New York on Wednesday morning, csrrying crowds of Democrats to join a great Buchanan and Breckinridge mass meeting of the ocean and river counties at Poughkeepsie. The steamers were beautifully decorated with banners and flags, and made a very imposing show as they went one after another up the river. Their departuro was signaliied by the discharge of cannon and other demonstrations of enthu siasm on board and on shore The meeting was a great gathering, and speeches were made by Senator Hunter, of Va , Col Pres ton, of Ky.. and others The Republican authorities of Pennsylvania have made a " requisition" upon Mr. Hamlin, our governor elect, to go to that State and en list in the Republican cause there They wish him to tell the Pennsylvanians how the thing was done so handsomely in Maine, and no man can do that with better effect than he who has borne tbe Republican banner on to such a glo rious triumph in the "Dirigo State." Mr. Hamlin will, we learn, leave for Pennsylvania in a few days ?Bangor Jeffersonian If Mr. Hamlin makes a clean breast of it, and tells exactly " how the thing was done," he will own up to the Pennsylvanians a pic ture of fraud, bribes, and double voting by the black Republicans such as they never dreamed of. Let nlm tell all the truth about the elec tion, and the Democracy will pay the bills ? Portland Argut. Tbe Maryland Stat* Agricultural So ciity ?The ninth annual exhibition of this respectable and popular society will commence on Tuesday, tbe 21st inst , and continue until Friday, the 24tb, within the enclosure on North Charles street extended It is oocfi dently expected that a large variety of pre mium and other cattle will be exhibited, and tbat in this respect tbe show will far surpass any previous one gotten up by this sooiety. Many of the prize animals from the show of tbe United States Society at Philadelphia are expected to be pro.-ent. The annual meeting of the society will bo held on Monday even ing, the 20 ih inst , and the other meetings cf the members will betaken up with discuss iocs of interest to agriculture by practical men. Applications for stalls and pens will be re ceived up to the 14th inst. On Tuesday will take place the examina tion in the cattle pens of all short horn and Hereford bulls, cows, of native and grade cows, and of all Aryshire and Holstein bulls, cows, Ac , and an exhibition ou the horse track of heavy draught horses, of trotting horses in single and double harness and trials of speed. On Wednesday an examination cf Devon and Alderney bulls, cows, quick draught and saddle horses upon the horse track, imported cattle, working oxen and fat cattle, a trial of speed and a grand cavalcade ot all horses and colts upon exhibition. On Thursday an examination of mules and j icks, a trial of *peed upon the h<>rse track, and an exhibition of trotting horses under the saddle and in double harness. Oa Friday a grand trial of speed upon tho horse track, including trotting horses in single harness In the meantime, a large force of men will be en gaged in preparing tbe extensive enclosure and grounds lor the reception of visitors, and ? should good weather favor the exhibition, it will doubtless prove a grand and imposing I demonstration of our agricultural farming in j terests ?Baltimore Sun California, by the votes oast in the State, is the eleventh in the confederacy, but taking the population is only the twenty-fourth State in tho Union. This is caused by there being inoro full grown men in proportion to popula tion than in any other State. Tho Cali&rutans are disposed to grumble at this condition of affairs, because it reduces tbe influence of the State in tbe Electoral College, where it has only four votos ; but they can alter the condi tion themselves much more readily than the Constitution can do it for them. Instead of running away from their wivos in the Atlantic States, as many of them do, they should take them with them, and thus contribute to de stroy the inequality which exists between the voting population of tho State and its ropre : .entation ? ? Shaving madb East.?Wet your shaving , brush in either warm oroold water, pour on two or three drops of " Balm of a Thousand Flowers," rub the beard well and it will make ' a beautiful soft lather much facilitating the oparatlbn of shaving. Price only Fifty Cents. ( For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washing i toa> aad all druggists. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Uborcktoww, Oct 3 1856 We learn that the Georgetown Advoaate hu changed bauds. Mr E Hughe?, who hss for maoj years presided over it has sold out to Mr Colgate Parker, formerly of Roekviile, Md., who will in future preside over its edito rial department. Mr. Shoemaker, flour inspector, makes the following report as the result of the labors of himself and deputy. Mr. Clabaogh, for the quarter ending September 30 In July num ber of whole barrels inspected was 13 001 half do. 655; August, 23,620 whole and 893 half do , 100 bbls. corn meal; September, 33 244 whole and 283 halves; making a sum total for the quarter of 75,783 bbls of flour and 100 do corn meal Nothing new in the markets this morning They remain steady at our quotations of yes terday. Spbctatok Every Mother ib Proud of a Good Look mo Babt, and nothing will make the little pets prettier thai Fontaine's Solidified Cream of Wild Flowers, combining, in a solid and more economical form, virtues superior to those of the Balm of Thousand Flowers Its peculiar mcdicinal qualities are calculated to prevent eruptions, chapping, and to give to the skin a beautiful velvet-like appearance. For shaving, cleaning teeth, removing offen sive breath, &c , it cannot be exoelled. Be ing solid, it may be used like a soap, and car ried anywhere. It is remarkable for its de lightful fragrance, which, together with its elegant manner of preparation, make it well worth the price of fifty cents. Taylor A Mau ry, General Agents. Sold by all druggists. ,GOTILLON PARTY ?THE COTIL lon party which was to take place on MONDAY, the tth Inst , at Carusl'a Saloon It postponed until further notice It* ,NOTICK.?THE BOARD OF Di rectors of the Washington Building Association will hold their regular monthly meet Ins: THIS EVENING, at Flint's Hotel, at8

o'clock. J. P. DICKINSON, It* Secretary. MASONIC -A REGULAR COMMU jw nlcatlonrf Lebanon Lcdue No. 7, will be held THIS (Friday) EVENING at Ma sonic Hall, at 7 o'clock. Visitation of the Gratd Lodge will take place. Wester Marons In good sianalng are fraternally Invited. By order: T. F. MAGI7IRE, It Secretary. I. O.O.F.?COLUMBIA LODGE No 10.?The Officers and Member* "^^^7-"of this Lodge are requested to attend a fcpecidl meeting on THIS (Friday) ETgNINS, at 7 o'clock, to make ar rangements for the funeral of Permanent Sc :re tary ?.! d P. G Lyndb Eliot. Funeral to'aks place ou Sunday, at 2 o'clock p. m., to which members of sister Ledges are fraternally Invited. It I. S. BARKER, N. G. .WOOD AND COAL ?THE UNDER signed having asfoelated themselves In business under the firm of CHAFIN A BRO , ?re prepared to furnish their friends and the public with the best article of WOODandCOAL Of 11"* on the east side of 7th street we?t, between G and H north We solicit a share of the patronage of the public. E. M. CUAPIN, Be5-eolm H. L. CHAP1N. ,NOTICE?THE SUBSCR1BERbees leave to call the attention of tbe public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENSWARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower thin the lowest at 309 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets je JMlm JOHN McDEVITT L "RIMER. L1TTLE900D, KSQ, A young gent'eman wbo wished to st e life and saw It accordingly. Chirm from Uncle Sana's Jack Knife. Just received at FERGUSON'S oc 3 next to Lammond's, 7th st , near E. Orion the uolb beatkb?a work of uneqOaled power and ra*ho?, by A Cobb, Jr , just commenced In the New York Ledger, a New York dally and weealy piper FERGUSON'S, oc 3 next to Lammond's, 466 7th st , ?. LOST.?YESTERDAY AFTERNOON ON the south sldeof Henaa. avenue, between 13 ^ and Tth streets, a POCKET BOOK containing a h uia 11 snm of money and a Charm TheMnd^r. by returning it to this otB~e will be suitably re warded, or If be returns the charm cm retain the money If he wishes. It* SMOKED BEEF?ENGLISH CHEESE. Breakfast Beef, freshly cured and smoked in choice pieces also F.ngllsh Dairy Cheete of re cent Importation, just received by KING A BURCHELL, oc 3- Corner of 15th and I strtets FANCY HATS FOR CHILDREN. A FINE ASSORTMENT OF CHILDREN Fancy Hats of every variety and style together with Mlstej Beaver Flats, at M \ STINEMETZ'S. | oc 3 3t 233 Pa. av., be:. 12th and 13th sts. F)R NORFOLK?THE FINESCHOON er Dorothy Haynes, Win Reeves mas ter. Is now loading for the above port, to^jg^B sail to-morrow (Saturday evening ) For bai&nce of freight, apply to HYDE A DAVIDSON, It* 57 and ?9 Water St., Georgetown, D.C. GEO. H. VARNELL, PAINTER, No 51 % north tide La. are., bet. fttk and 7fA sts. WISHES TO SAY TO 1113 FRIENDS AND the public generally that he is prepared at all times to execaie work In his line at the shortest notice. oc 3 1m Notice.?whereas, on the 23d of O tober last, I .and Warrant No. 2i,*40 for 1'Jttacres*l?sued to Z tcharlah Shaw, under act 3d March, H55, was milled at Woodsflsld, Ohio, to H G. Fant, Washington, D C., and was not re ceived by him, and lb supposed to be lost or stolen from the Malt, notice Is hereb7 gl?en that appli cation will be made to the Commissioner of Pen sions for a duplicate of said warrant JOHN S EDWARDS, oc 3-F6w Attorney for Zvharlah Shaw. REMOVAL. MISS A E. DAVIDSON WOULD INFORM her patromsand friends that she has reopened on D Btreet, near 6th, her Fashionable Dress and Clo-k e<tabllshmer:t. And also, teaches Mrs. Sltben's system of Cutting,?all wishing to ieun the same would do well to give me a call, as 1 have e f *w charts left. Patterus also for sale, oc 3-ei2w District of Columbia, washiagua Conntf, t? wit:?I testify thatiQHhf John Connor brought before m*, a jsstice of the peace In and for said County, a. small RED COW, with white face, the tops of the horns cut off, both eari split, as an eatray tresnasslng onhlseni-losures. Given under my h?nd and seal this 21 day of October, 185?. PAUL STEVENS, J. P. The owner of the above described Cow Is re quested to prove property, pay charges, and take bar away. JOHN CONNOR, oe3-3t* No. 70, corner td and ? streets GAS FIXTLItfcS.?WE HAVE JUSTRE cclved from tbe factory of Cornelius A Ba ker a well-selected stock of OAS CHANDE LIERS and BRACKETS. Our selection comprises all the new patterns, several of them being Imitations of the European ores, so perfect as scarcely to be distinguished from Imported fixtures, and can be sold 100 per cent less. Gas Tuhlng Inserted by competent workmen and at the lowest prices. Call and examine. J W. THOMPSON A BRO oc 3-eolm 2iU Pa av ,bet. 10th and 11th s'a a CCOKDEONS?150 FINE FRENCH AND L a. German Accordeons, assorted sizes, and prices from Si to S37. Just opened st our Mnsic Store, oc9 JOHN F. ELLIS. t^UITAKS AND VIOLINS A NEW F stock juat opening at our Piano Store. Cg 2 JOHN F. ELLIS. For hi re.-a servant bov be tween 13 and 14 yearsold inquire at No. 80, Six bul dings, between and 23d streets, First Ward ' oc 2 3t? I OST ON OR NEAR PENN AVENUE, a-i vesUrd^y afternoon, a Ladies' LEATHER PORTE MONA1E, containing a sum of money. 'I he finder will be rewarded by leaving it at Box No DM) City Post oftce. ?c*-St STELLA SHAWLS?STELLA SHAWLS: A LARGE AND VERY HANDSOME STOCK A of black oentre STELLA SHAWLS just opened, at FRANK A MeGEE'S Store, oc *-3t 219 I'aave, bftw 12th and 13th ate. Notice.?i herewith forewarn every person not to receive any promissory notes payable to myself by Fred*rlck Behrna, dated on or about tue 10th day ef t-eptember, 1850 The said notes have beea stolen frcm me and I have stopped payments. qc i-3t LOUIB HOH1NG. piAAOa.?OOTO ELL19*SriA.rrO STORK 1 tor Mule ud Maiical Instruments of tftrv kind 906 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th ih 10th street*. oc 1 UT1CK ?1 FOREWARN ALL PRE N ton* from employing or harboring n colored Boy, 16 or 17 ran of age, by the name of H EN BY DUNBAR. He has been reoently liberated from Jail, Under sentence for larceny The said Bov la bound to me until he Is SI rears of ace oc2-3t* ISAAC BEKK8 C LADIES ! ALL AND BEE THE HANDSOMEST itock of CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, SHAWLS, Ac , that have ever been brought to this eitv, at FRANK A McGEK'S, Ne * MantUla and Cloak Establishment, oc *-3t 244 Pa. are , betw. 12th and 13th sts WAR HI MOTOR, D. C. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MR CROUCH'S CLASSES FOR OENTLE tlemen will commence at the Academy on Friday evening next. October 3d, 185?, at 8 o'clock precisely. Classes 1 and 3 will be pane teal. oc 2-41 SELLING OFF TO CLOSE BUSINESS.? As we have determined to continue onr present business no longer than to the 1st November next, we will until then con'lnneto offer our st?ck of FANCY GOODS, PERFUMERY, JEWEL RY,Ac at cost, and less than cost, when we will dispose of the remainder to our successor. se 20-Kt T GALLIGAN A CO. ?AS FITTING. WE ARE NOW PREPARED TO INSERT Uas Pipe in dwellings, stores, and public buildings at low prices. Please give u? a call. MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, ae IVlm No *48 Pa a*.. bet itth and 13~.h sts. CLOAKS AND TALMAS, SCARFS, AND SHAWL*. OW OPENING A VERT ATTRACTIVE - . stock of CLOAKS and TALMAS in Black. Brown, and Grays; all the lateat Paris styles, and at exceeding low prices. Also, a large assortment of SHAWLS and SCARFS, in new designs? some Black Centres In the lot, which are scarce and desirable. COLLEY A SEARS, re 29 6t 523 7th st , 3 door* north Fa av. UNDER-SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. STEVENS, IN OFFERING HIS ASSORT ment of Winter ?' Wrappings," believes It'he largest and most varied ever offered at retail la this city, via: Silk Shirt* and Drawers, all aires Merino do do Cotton do do Woollen do do Shaker Flannel Shirts and Drawers, all sixes Canton do do do. Buying exclusively for cash, we are enabled to off.r Under-shirts and Drawers of the beat quall tlei at the lowest and uniform prices. STEVENS, oc S-3t Sales Rorm, Brawns' Hotel. L. J. M1DDLRTOR, DEALER IH ICI, Qfctmnd D?fsi?Southwest comer of F and Twelfth streets feb 27-tf N< I1" U TV ST RECEIVED AT THE MUSIC DI ' pot, W Miller's Grand Squsre PI ANOS, the most magnificent Instru ments now manufactured A large stock of Pianos for rent on the most reasonable terms. se?- W G. METZEROTT. NOTICE. THE BUSINESS CONNECTION HERE tof >re existing between the undersigned In the " Eagle Iron works," in the city of Wash lngton, Is this day dissolved by mutdal consent M Md?J Dh ?nithC tlrm wlU ** J**1*1 to w - * *nd J B lu,8? who a r^authorlifdto receipt ?paid to ?d to rec for the same W. M. ELLIS, J R KI I IH October 1st. 1^56. W E HOWARD, The undersigned will continue th< business of the " Eagle Iron Works," and are ie sponsible for all debts due by the la'e eono rn. Thankful for the patronage heretofore extended to them, they respectfully solicit a continuance of the public fsvor. W. M ELLIS, J. B ELLIS Under the Irmof W.M. ELLIS A B&0. oc l-3t THE SECOND GEAND BALL or THE American Hook & Ladder Co. WILL BS OirgJI AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. NATY YARD, ON TUESDAY, Octsber Tth, lS3b. EVERY EXERTION WILL BE MADE ON the part of the Companv to make this an evening of unalloyed pleasure and enjoyment to all wbo miy honor them with their presence on the occasion Tickets ONE DOLLS R?admlttlrg a gentle man and ladles; to be had of any member of the Company and at the doer on the evening of the Omnibuses will leave the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue every ten minutes until quarter of ten o'clock. oel-lw (CAUTION .?THE PAPER AGAINST J which I desire to caution the nubile from trading, is dated on or about the 16th or 5R?th of September, and In favor of A. or Alex. Lee. Not having had value received I shall refuse payment of the same. JOHN TAYLOE, oc l-3t Of Virginia. NOTICE -MR JOHN TAYLOE, OF VIE glnia, having cautioned the public through the new papers or this city, not to negotiate anv paper drawn by htm In my favor, and dated about the l?th or 20th of September, 1656, 1 uke this method of Informing him and the public that 1 have no knowledge of any such paper, and that I have bad no recent tranaactlons with Mr. Tayloe in no shape whatever oc 2-2t? ALEXANDER LEE. FRESCO FAINTING. SCHUTTER ?t KAHLERT, ARTISTS, FRESCO DECORATIVE,and every desc rlpHon of ORNAMKNTAL PAIN TIN8. 381 E strett, btlwttn lliA and \ttk sireeft, se 16-lm* Washington, D. C. yEW ESTALJSHME\T T. B DWYIR'S HESTAUKANT. THE UNDERSIGNED, HAVING TAKEN that well known and popular stand, (Casparis's Hotel.) on Capitol Hill, Is p e- fS? pared to accommodate those who may glvew^L blmacall,lo the mo?t agreeable masner Hi* Bar will be furnished with the most choice old Wines and Liquors His Oysters and other de licaces of the reason, will always fre of the very best quality. He is determined to devote his own personal attention to the wants of hi* customers, and hopes to merit and rec- ive a fair share of the patronage of t*>e community. Ju7"HisTen Pin Ally is In completeorder. and he lias reduced hl? price from 20 cents per game to 12X cents There is also a Billiard Saloon attached to the premises. oc I 3t EW GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN.?MY stock of new and desirable pocdi Is now com plete Gent'emen supplying themselves with clothing will find my selections worthy of atten tion No pains will be spared to give satisfaction READY-MADE CLOTHING of flnequaiity always on hand, of my own make. Also, a general supply of the newest and beat quality Fn nlshlng Goods. AH.} OUNG, Merchant Tailor, ae 29-Sw Browns' Hotel, Pa avenue C ?W STRAY ED. ?LEFT THE PREM of the subscriber lsst week, aar^srW small white COW. short horns. In goodR order. No particular marks recollected L_. A suitable ieward will be given for information of her whereabouts. J AS ADAMS, ae 30-lw 296 Sooth B street WOOD AND COAL. The subscribers have on hand, are constant! ? receiving supplies of the very beat qualities of every description of WOOD N are constants receiving supplies of the very "ptlon of Also, every variety of the most superior qualities of COA L, all of which will be sold on as reason able terms as they can be had in the Dlatrlct. Now atioat a cargo of superior Coal. Thoee In want would do well to call and leave their orders so as to be furnished from the vessel. Of corner of 1 and 21st streets, Washington, and Green street, opposite Gaa House, Georgetown. se '23-2w barron a stover. H BAD QUARTERS FOR POLITICAL Flags and Streamers is at 30-? LAMMOND'S, 7th street QEFITLENEN ARE INVITED TO CALL & and examine a model of a gentleman's i DRESS HAT, fall style, 1856 For light ness, tneness and elegance these Hate can- < not be surpssted. LANE'S Fashionable Hal, Cap and Genta Furnishing Store, 424 Penna. avenue, between and 6th streets. ? ae H MEDICAL CARD. DR H. PERABKAU, GERMAN HOMBO pathlo physician, haa the honor to offtor Ma services to the Inhabitants of Washington aad vicinity. Ofioe and Realdenoe on 1 street, No. S| be tween 20th and flat streets. N. B ?Homeopathic medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with the care, For Feverand Ague, tdv Bifcous amfRow oomplaints, Ac, Ac. ae I ks NEW WORE BY THE AUTHOR OP the " Wide, Wide World.*'?The Hills o# the Bhatemuc: by the author ef the " Wide. Wide World.'' Price SI,2* Just published, and for sale at TAY LOR A MAURY'S NA TIONAL THE A TUB. Ivilll 4k Co , Lmtn I J T Pot*. Mutccr [Also, of Baltimore sod kit Lmood Theatres ] THIS KTKNIW8. Farewell bencft and Last appearance of the gete tal talented favorite MM LIZZIE WE8T01 DAVIWPOET, Whea auatalned by the popular young actrr HE. A H. D A VENPORT, She will present a bill of rare att active merit The performance will oommence with the ce'c brated P reach Drama of THE D?VIL IN PARIS fa tan Mra Lizzie W eaten Davenport Prima Donna Mra Lizzie Weston Davenport Caitooche Mrs Lizzie Wes*on Davenport Prlnceaa Mrs Llxxie Weston Davenport Llest Pnvteux Mra Llzrie W?im Davenport Claris*It DelvlUe. .Mia Lime We?len Davenport Count Varsllle Mr A H Davenport Incidental to the play, a Fashionable t^uadnlie by Characters The entertalaneata will conclude with the adml ? inb'.e and exciting dramatization of Charles Dickens' popular novel, termed NICHOLAS NICKLEBY. Smile Mra Lizzie Weston Davenport Fries of Admtui? ? Boxes and Parquetfe ? oeat?; Reserved seats. 75 cents; Family Clrrls and trailertes, S3 cent*. Bex uBce open dally from t te 5 o'clock ec 3 NATIONAL THEATKE. The Manager Is pleased la announcing to his patrons of W ssblngtoi. a brief engagement wltb the world-renowned KELLER TROUPE, comprlala* twenty-aeven artists, who, aided by a complete Dramatic Company, will rend< r those wonderful aad mla<l enchanting TABLEAUX VIVAHTt, Living pictures, and Dramatic Illustrations of the world-ramed '*?? f d"a arret of rOKTKY, FAIN TIN" AND NtlLPTtIK, which have fascinated with " beauty's spell'' the reftned tastes of both hemisphere*. creating at the leading Theatres of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia a tmron of un re-train able delight aad earnest entbasla^m which LOVE FOR THE HKACTIFCL alon? excites. W berev-r they havr yet appeared, the world of literary and Imitative art have vied la warmth and fullness with the Intuitive prai ses of the People, declaring In effect that the Intnng b e spirit of beauty bad been canghtand rendered incarnate with a vitality of pov> r, Bamear ef Effect* aad Stntnaaqne Wrnce, never before thus realized. The Illustrations and Tableaux are Incidents', to a aerie* of Fecmllar Drams* sad Dramatic Vis en*. Their lalt'a' perfoim*>nc* will be given on MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER ?, 1*44 oc ?-at PROF. WYMAN, The King ef Wizards aad Friace of V??. t r I I # ? t ? . WILL GIVE FOLK OF HIS LAUOHTER-PKOVOKINO AND BII)E' SPLITTING KNTKKfAINTIKNTS AT ODD FELTXJWS' HALL, 7th (ommenclng W EDN Ef DAT F VENI ? W, Oct. 1, l?4b, consisting of EXTRAORDINARY A UNPRECEDENTED MAGICAL ILLUSIONS, VENTRILOQUISM, and the LIFE MO VI N(i FIG UK ES. IXT-BRANP AFTERNOON EXHIBITION on SATURDAY at 3 o cbck All partlcnlara In the small bills. a; 30-it Wants. Board wanted-for three ladip* and two children, of the agea of 5 and IV, commencing the 1st November, until May nezt, and perbap? longer Terms SMI per month Ad dresa ?'U' PostORce. sc 3 2* A WET NURSE WANTED? APPDY To Dr W P. JOHNSTON, 7th etreet, betw#en E and F. or 2 Jts Rooms wanted?by a family of permanet residents, having no *mall chil dren. 3 or 4 pleasant rooms, furn!?hed or unfur nished. They are desired in a retired location, but not fnr from Penn avenue, In the eastern pa't of the city Two cf ?be rooms, at lfast. to be on the second fl^r. Address " A Bat tbib ofli e. o:? tf WANTED?A TIDY SbRVANT FOR A family of two persons U*s* wages given to one that will suit Apply at SSI L street. b*> ,ween '5th aed Idth. Two rootrs to let cc 1 Jt* (COLORED COOK WANTFID-TO LIVK * with a sma'l family about 3 miles In theconn try Anv one wanting a permanent ar.d good home will suit best Parlies having a etnitu to hire will And a good place, where they will be well cared for. Address Box No 5 Star OS^e oc l-3t WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED-TO Ind persona In want of the foUeerlag ar tides: French or Berroaa Looking 6lasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oral ersqaara OU Paintings, large and smail -topBn "7 Looking Glasses, or other worh la the gliding Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold All kinds of Pictures firmed, aad nny alas spat Also, a lot of cast-iron Brackett*. suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to salt the time*, for cash. N.B?Old Work Regllt.and Locking 6 list Plates Inserted. *55 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dealt JOHN WAGNER Boarding. PRIVATE BOARD?TWO GENTLEMEN and their wlvrs, cr one small family, could be accommodated with board and rooms inn private family, near the Department, for toe winter. Terms S5tl per month Address "Private Bond' Box 4 at this cRee oc 3-jt B OARD AND ROOMS.?FOUR OR FIVE Patlemen can be acoommodated at N o 533 12th street, between C and D Those ~hk log meals at 1 o'clock. oc l-3tWF?* Boarding?fEVKRAL large room* with tingle ones attached, baxdson-ely fur nlahed, can be rented either In suits for fam'lie*, or to single persons, with board if de*lr*d,oa the most reasonable terms. A large yard Is attached to the bouse, making It desirable for a family with children. Apply at No 4t8 10th street, he ween D and K. se 17-3w* MRS G. ANDERSON CAN ACCOMMO date several boarders with or without rooms. Penn avenue, No. V78, between 11th and 19th streets. se ie-lm Board, Ac ? mrs bate*,on thes w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and tth street la prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms with or without board Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may fhv r Let with their patronage Transient or table board can be obtained. ap 6-tf '|H> MIRE?TWO NEGRO MEN, (slaves,) a one a good oyster opener, and the other ac customed to running a steam engine. Apply at this office oc 1 3:* FALL MILLINERY ^RAIRS M A HILL WILL OPEN ?*2Sg?on Saturday. October 4th, ber usual ^QBiwell selecUd stcckof Fall Mlllnery,.^^e to which the attention cf the Ladles !? Inviud Pennsylvinla avenue, between 9th and 10th su oca-at MILLIN EKT. MI?S THOMPSON WILL OPEN f Kail and Winter Millinery, on Satur- C day, October 4th. at Hutchlason A^r Munro's F ancv Store. No. 3 0 Pennsylvania ave n e between w>i and lwh street* cc ^-St DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Ceaaty si Waaht sgten. ?I hereby certify that J AM K? KRl.hHER, of Washington County brougLt Wfore me, the Subscriber, one of the Justices rf ? he Pence In and fer the snid County, this 2d dar of October, 1*46, as n Stray trespaaslng upon hi* Incloeure, a Bay Hcrse, about 10 years old. 1* hands high, spavlntd In both hind legs. Given under my hnnd. JOHN S HOLLINGSHEAP, J P The Horse can be fou< d at tbe ??b f of R?ls ber ft Pvwell, 6th street, between r ? id E. oc*-3t? _ COURSESIR FRENCH. MON8 STADBLY,PROFESSOR OF M01J ern Languages, w?u opes hi* rooms at Ns. 46t Twelfth street, on the flirt of October, for the purpose of forming Classo in French. The icholaatlc year will embrace foity-foui weeka, divided into iwo Session* of twenty tero weeks each The course of lnstiuctloa will la? elude an elementary, an advanced, and a rhetor! oal Class. The aoethod of lastructh a Invariably tecurei rapid progrvas ^ twmt:~twc !refh EW MUSIC RECRIVED THIS MORN lag front New York, Boston, and Phlladel phi i. si the Musfc Depot <>f Pol W. 0. MEZEROTT N